Chapter 14
(May 14, 296AS, 1100)
Asheer looked around at her team, consisting of Helaine and Razia, and said, "Alright girls, lets go bag some ferals. Master has promised a reward to the team that brings back the most, so let's be that team."
Geno grinned, Tiria and Mayuan beside him, his guards for the day, and flipped the channel to the other team, Lendysa leading Bellezza and Sara. The mission was to defeat and return with as many ferals as possible, and he was going to hang back, letting the two leaders get some more experience leading groups. He noted that Lendysa had skipped the pep-talk, instead opting to inform them as they moved out. In fact, team two had already engage one feral, all three of them working together to bring the feral down quickly and without injury. He had given Lendysa and Asheer a backpack with twenty pokéballs in it and the first team that filled all twenty would win. He had not decided yet what the winning team would get, but he figured he could figure that out later. He leaned back and listened through the radio as the two teams drifted in different direction, Asheer using Razia and Lendysa using Bellezza as scouts to find the ferals.
He grinned at his two guards and said, "This is going to be a productive day."
Tiria slid closer to her tamer, and grinned at him as his wing wrapped around her, pulling her close, before she said, "Perhaps, but I thought you had wanted to get the badge first."
Lendysa reported, "Cunnydew captured, no injuries, moving to next feral."
Geno grinned back down at Tiria, and said, "Yes, but after looking at the public information about the gym and the ratings of the tamers, I decided that a bit more training would not hurt. Besides, Sara and Helaine should evolve soon, and their evolutions are much stronger, if quite a bit more horny."
Mayuan looked up, and said, "Master, when are you going to evolve me?"
"Are you ready to be evolved now?"
She nodded, and Geno shifted uncomfortably, Tiria was kissing his neck and rubbing his wings, being lusty minx she was. He glared at her, before saying. "What would you like to evolve to? According to the ‘dex, you can evolve into..."
He paused to pull out the pokédex, opened it up, and brought up the information about Drow Zee's, before continuing. "You can evolve into a Dark Elf and a normal Elf. If you choose Dark Elf, you will not be able to evolve further; the Bondage Elf or Queen and the Dark Lady are all not to my tastes. If you choose Elf, you can them evolve further, into a Grand Elf, High Elf, Elf Queen, Gardelfwhor, or Avariel... Actually, lets not choose the Avariel, she is evolved using an Angel Stone, and I would rather avoid any celestial influences, if at all possible. The last one left a bad taste in my mouth for some reason."
He sighed before looking up at Mayuan, who was looking slightly dazed, and grinned. "You can think about it for a while, if you want. There is no hurry. You can take as long as you need, since you have leveled out. You will have a home here as long as you want."
He glared at Tiria, who was rubbing herself against him suggestively, and said, "Would you behave? We are working here."
Tiria started to offer a retort, but Mayuan said, "Master, feral!"
Both tamer and Nursejoy">Nursejoy turned to where she was pointing, and Geno grinned at the large breasted female that had collapsed just inside the clearing that they rested in, before saying over the radio, "Good job, whichever team just chased the feral into my clearing, Mayuan will pick her up."
There was a silence on the radio, as Geno flipped open the pokédex again, and was scanning the female, when Asheer said, "Team one is nowhere near you, love."
Lendysa reported, "Team two is moving away as well, master. No one is near you."
Geno froze, as he heard the pokédex beep, and said, "Mayuan, collect her, but be cautious, that feral looks pretty beat up."
He glanced at the pokédex, as Asheer said, "Should we dispatch a fast mover to support, Master?"
He did not answer immediately, busy reading the pokédex entry.
BLESSED MILKTIT, the Holy Dairy Cow Pokégirl
Element: Normal
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: herbivore, can digest almost any plant material
Role: milk producer, emergency food provider, luck bringer, celestially chosen
He shook his head, realizing that Asheer had asked a question, and said, "No, I should be fine, it is only a Milktit."
Gesturing for Mayuan to go, he tossed her an empty pokéball, and watched the busty female try to stand up, her left leg refusing to support her weight any longer. The tattered remains of a dress hung from her shoulders, marking her as a domestic gone feral. At least, that is what Geno thought, until she turned to the approaching Drow Zee, and said, "Help me, please. They attacked my tamer, and killed my harem sisters."
Mayuan froze, as Geno cursed. He then said, "We will help, let Mayuan put you in a pokéball for the moment. Asheer, Lendysa, capture mission abort, report back to my clearing ASAP, Milktit is domestic and claims her tamer was attacked. Hostiles might be inbound."
The Milktit said, her voice so soft he barely heard her, "They are already here."
He looked up and swore a foul enough epitaph that it should have burned the grass at the three other females entering the clearing. All three of them were strangely similar, though they looked nothing alike. One had rock-like skin with spikes sticking from various points, and a long tail with a wicked looking scythe on the end of it. The next seemed to have flesh that was pale blue, and almost seemed to flow about her body, darker blue patches slowly moving from one place on her body to another in time with her movements. Her movements were strangely fluid and graceful, and while she lacked the wicked tail scythe of the one beside her, her tail was longer and more flexible, perfect for choking the life out of someone. The third one looked like a normal girl with gray hair with neon orange tattoos all over her form. Her tattoos would shift from one runic design to the next, and four small balls orbited her head, one red, blue, green and brown.
He shivered as Mayuan collected the Milktit, and began to back toward Geno. He stood up as Tiria rolled clear, before saying, "Girls, the attackers are here, and assistance now would be greatly appreciated."
"Little late, don't human think?"
He turned at the voice, and froze as he spotted two more pokégirls behind him, one similar to the other three, but the last one was the scariest of the five, despite also being the most attractive. He scanned the obvious leader, who actually posed for the scan, her hands above her head, and said, "Terrors outnumber human nearly double. Do human think that going help?"
DAIMON, the Schemin' Demon Pokégirl
Element: Magic/Dark (Infernal)
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: fear
Role: Legions of Terror strategist and planning
Not good, but it is the other four I am worrying about. He finished reading the entry and then turned the pokédex to the one beside the leader, and then scanned others. He noted that all four of them gave the same entry.
YOUMA, the Default Demon Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human - Inhumanoid
Element: Magic/various (Infernal)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: special: energy consumption, varies
Role: Soldier of the Legion of Terror
Really not good. "Girls, help needed NOW!"
The Youma beside her leader snapped her fingers, and a scythe like weapon appeared in her hand, completely composed of what appeared to be shadows. She gave him an evil smile, fangs flashing as she shifted, her pale gold scales gleaming attractively in the noon light. The Daimon finished showing off, and said, "We will offer same deal we offer other human, before human try to fight us. Human can tame Terrors until Terrors tire of human, or human die."
His head tilted to the side, and he said, "Can I think about it for a few minutes?"
"Human choose death. Kill the traitors, take human, we get taming and meal."
The four Youma charged at Tiria and Mayuan, as the Daimon gestured at Geno, and a chunk of rock broke free of the ground to hurtle toward him. He rolled to the side, and drew his claw weapon, attaching it to his right wrist, and said, "Position compromised, requesting immediate assistance. Sooner being a HELL of a lot better than later."
He did not bother using the one for his left hand, the arm was still not strong enough to hold its own in a fight, still weak from the previous feral shattering the shoulder. Especially not against as many girls as were before him. He would have to dodge until the rest of the harem arrived. He cursed as he found the Daimon in his face, her claws lashing out at his throat, and threw himself backwards. Why does EVERY FUCKING FERAL that attacks me in particular have to be faster than me?
He quickly realized that the Daimon was playing with him, as she easily kept up with his dodging, but she was not landing any attacks. All she was doing was wasting time, forcing him away from his harem members. Tiria screamed in pain, and he flipped backwards, pulling her pokéball out. He blanched when he saw her holding the blue Youma's arm, buried to its elbow in her stomach. Blood oozed down from the corners of her mouth to drip onto her nursing uniform, and he recalled her, knowing that he was going to have to abort another feral capturing mission due to casualties. He could not see Mayuan, as he clipped the pokéball back onto his belt, and was sent flying as the Daimon grabbed and then tossed him.
Slamming his wings out, he twisted and landed on his feet, skidding to a stop instead of flying into the tree she had threw him at, as he spotted Mayuan, desperately Shadow Teleporting as the three Youma chased her. Suddenly realizing that he could not see one of the Youma, he ducked and rolled to his right, barely dodging the blue Youma's blood soaked claws. He yelled into the radio, "Girls, assistance needed NOW or you will need to find a new tamer!"
Lendysa replied, "I have sent Bellezza ahead, the rest of us will be there in a few minutes. Just hang on!"
Asheer replied, "Razia should be there, I am less than twenty seconds."
He looked up, and rolled left as the Daimon resumed playing with him, her lazy, almost casual attacks forcing him to dodge for his life, while his few counter attacks were contemptuously blocked, usually accompanied by a fast jab at a joint that left that limb numb for a few seconds. He grinned as the blue skinned Youma was hit in the back with an errant lightning bolt, smashing her into the ground, and then gave the fuming Daimon an indifferent shrug, trying to piss her off. In later retrospect, he would realize that that move was like calling a Dragoness a greedy, flying scaled packrat.
The Daimon hissed at his apparent shift to blasé about his predicament, her meal suddenly denied. Her hand lashed out, as Mayuan screamed in pain, catching his wrist. His eyes widen as she quickly grabbed his elbow, and then began to slowly bend the arm opposite the direction it was supposed to go. Dropping to his knees as his body began to protest the unnatural movement, he noticed a blur in the corner of one tear filled eye, and suddenly the Daimon had released him, though only after Razia had rocket tackled her, and dislocated his arm in the process. Another day, another injury. OUCHIE!
Rolling to the side, he grinned around the pain as he watched his Cheetit savage the feral, claws rapidly tearing huge gashes in her flesh, making the Daimon scream in pain, before lashing back with an elemental burst, a large arc of electricity throwing Razia back off of her. Razia jumped back to her feet, hissing in anger, "You hurt my tamer!"
Geno was distracted by Asheer muttering, "So she can talk... Sara, you owe me a taming with you as submissive."
Sara made an impolite reply, as Bellezza arrived, orienting on the nearest Youma, which happened to be the blue skinned one, who was busy trying to literally disarm her tamer with her shadow scythe. The BuzzQueen flew up behind the Youma, and grabbed the arm holding the scythe with two of hers, while the other two arms grabbed the infernal's neck. Bellezza's tail stinger slammed into the Youma's exposed side three times, using three thrusts in rapid succession., pumping paralyzing poison into the Youma's system, stopping her cold as the poison quickly went to the feral's heart, and then spread to the rest of her body.
She gave the paralyzed pokégirl a quick kiss on the cheek, and murmured, "Don't run off now, love, I want to talk to you later about what you tried to do to my tamer."
Turning around, she missed Geno pegging the feral with a pokéball, searching for another victim. She noted that both Razia and Mayuan were fighting multiple opponents, two apiece, the gold scaled Youma moving to help the Daimon. Considering the fighting, she decided that Mayuan needed help more, letting the cat fight by herself, having still not forgiven her for turning down her advances. Charging the one with the spikes, she slammed her spikes into the feral's side, only to scream in pain as her stingers flexed, before skittering along the Youma's side, not expecting the skin to be that hard. "Not good."
She flew back and up, staring at her chosen opponent, wondering how to get at the softer tissue under the hard exterior. The Youma turned away from Mayuan, as the other one continued to fling mana bolts at the Drow Zee. The BuzzQueen sighed in frustration as the Youma ripped several stones from the ground that were as big as the BuzzQueen's chest, and muttered "Really not good."
Her unknowing reiteration of her tamer's words were marred as she began to desperately dodge the large rocks, wincing as an unexpected toss behind the Youma caught Mayuan in the gut, as the tattooed feral slammed her backwards with a lightning bolt. The Drow Zee was out before she hit the ground.
Geno glanced up, and swore as he realized that Mayuan was out, wishing that his battles against ferals were not always so hectic. Just once, I want a nice 1 on 1 match with a harem member and feral, and not this multiple person brawl crap. I cannot keep up and get to watch my harem get taken apart a person at a time. He yelled into the radio, "Primary guards down, tamer injured. Bellezza and Razia are being pressed hard. Move ladies!"
Even as he finished his announcement, however, a sudden lance of flame shot from the forest, followed by a blur of red and a scream of rage. Ah, the sights and sounds of my delta bonded alpha finally arriving.
He grinned as Asheer hit the back of the rock Youma hard; her flamethrower attack having knocked the infernal off balance. Her tackle finished the job, sending her opponent sprawling. Asheer followed her attack up with what Geno thought was a fireball, until it exploded, the massive ball of fire too large to have come from a normal fireball. The explosion encompassed Asheer, her target, and the blue tattooed Youma. Bellezza flew up, barely able to avoid the massive blast, and muttered something unkind under her breath, though the radio transmitted it faithfully, "Fucking lizard, watch what you are doing. That nearly hit me, you incompetent slut."
As the fireball died, Asheer glared at Bellezza, and then grunted as a tail slap slammed into her gut, the spikes on the tail puncturing her scales. She responded by slashing her claws multiple times across the ferals back, and then once across the infernal's hips, nearly tearing the tail off. Turning, she threw herself at the tattooed Youma, and said, "Bellezza, help Razia, and we are going to have a talk later."
Geno lobbed a pokéball at the spiny Youma, before looking at Razia, and winced in sympathy at her appearance. Her beautiful golden fur was covered with mud, blood, and a few burns, and now that the golden scaled Youma and the Daimon had adjusted to Razia's fighting style, they were working her over. She was being forced to resort to her rocket dodge to stay a half step ahead of the attacks and sometimes even that was not enough. She screamed in pain as the ground beneath her suddenly turned to mud, sinking down to her thighs, unable to dodge that deep in the mud. She took a mud slap to the face, whimpering in pain as the thick, gritty mud got in her eyes, before taking a Thundara spell to her chest. She swayed slightly and then fell backwards. She landed half out of the mud, and Geno was horrified as he realized that she was no longer breathing.
He ripped her pokéball from his belt and tried to recall her, and relaxed just a touch when his motionless Cheetit vanished into her pokéball. She was still alive, and he was able to turn his attention back to the battle in progress. Asheer was taking the tattooed Youma apart, multiple slash wounds clear on her flesh, and several minor burns. He watched for a moment, and then yelled, pulling another pokéball free, "Asheer, stop playing with her and finish it, Bellezza needs help. You deal with the Daimon, she can deal with the scaled Youma."
He tossed the pokéball as Asheer hit the tattooed Youma in the face with flamethrower, before turning to the Daimon and scaled Youma, not seeing how the tattoos flashed and then disappeared from her unconscious opponent. The third Youma vanished into the pokéball as Geno turned back to the fight, and grinned at what he saw. The scaled Youma was not a fire or dragon type as he had guessed from her scales, but was apparently a ground type, judging from how easily his Queen Bee was knocking the feral about, using flyby attacks to keep out of range of the feral's ground attacks. All the Youma could do was fling spells at the BuzzQueen, and she avoid most of those with almost contemptuous ease. After a moment of dodging the spells and making attacks that did little except to annoy the feral, Bellezza suddenly dove at the Youma, intent on impaling her opponent on her stingers, and ending the fight. The feral waited till the last minute, and as Bellezza flew close, she flung a handful of mud straight at the BuzzQueen, hitting her full in the face, and blinding her as the mud got in her eyes.
Bellezza continued the attack, and took a fireball spell to her chest, but not before hitting the Youma with her stinger, nearly killing her as the tail punched through the soft tissue in the feral's throat. Her life blood pumping from the wound, the remaining Youma dropped to her knees as she quickly began to lose her strength, until Geno pegged her with a pokéball, capturing her. Recalling his downed BuzzQueen, he muttered, "This was a little closer than I liked. Asheer, ware, you are all that is left. Everyone else is down or not here yet."
Asheer ignored her tamer‘s warning, all she needed to know was that it was between her and the feral in front of her. She said, "Any particular reason for attacking my tamer, or are you just a mindless feral?"
The Daimon hissed, and spat, "Daimon will eat lizard's breasts!"
Asheer snarled in fury, and readied a fireball, her anger causing her to use more power than needed, before hissing, "I am NOT a lizard! I am a dragon!"
Spitting a fire blast at the Daimon, she paused it is engulfed the area, and murmured, "Oh, that is how you do that!"
While she was busy being so pleased with herself for figuring out a new attack, the Daimon responded with an ice spell, several magical shards of ice streaking out of the rapidly dissipating fire attack, and slammed into Asheer's gut. Grunting in pain at the attacks, even though they only did minimal damage, Asheer bolted forward, lunging, intent on ripping the Daimon's face off with multiple slash attacks. But even as her claws slashed for the feral's throat, the feral murmured another spell, this time unleashing a short ranged but incredibly powerful electrical attack, making Asheer scream in pain as the current ripped through her. Focusing around the pain, she lashed out with her claws, tearing the shoulder of the feral open.
Both combatants began their next attacks, the Daimon trying to glare the Flarebra into submission, but screaming in pain as Asheer bit the feral's wounded shoulder. Digging her fangs in deep, she shook her head, tearing the wound open even further, causing the feral to drop her intended attack as the pain stunned her. Both pokégirls then attacked each other with fury swipes, though Asheer had a considerable advantage as the feral could barely use her left arm. Both of the attacks tore open long and deep tears in their chests, before Asheer backed off slightly, wanting a little breathing room.
Or so she pretended. Once the feral had backed off slightly, she tossed an ember attack to both sides, bracketing the feral in. She then blasted the dodging feral with a flamethrower, catching her in the shoulder and slamming her back into a tree, stunning her again. A pokéball flew past her, and hit the feral, absorbing the stunned female, and then settling to the ground. She heard Geno yell, "Get on top of her before she gets out, and then bite her again on the neck if she does. Squeeze until she passes out!"
Muttering to herself about questionable tactics, she still complied, dashing up to the violently rocking pokéball. But even with her superior speed, she was not fast enough to get to the pokéball before the feral shattered it, breaking free. The feral looked up, hissing in fury, before trying to cast another spell. Asheer tackled her, slamming the feral back into the ground, and then buried her fangs into the feral's throat. The feral panicked and recast the lighting spell from before, but lost any interest in fighting when the spell back lashed into her, arcing from the Flarebra. Now fighting only to get loose from the fangs in her neck, the Daimon unexpectedly wrenched her head around to the side, tearing open her own throat.
Tasting blood, Asheer let go and jumped to the side, allowing her master to collect the Daimon if he wanted. The pokéball speeding past her proved her theory correct, that her master wanted to collect as many ferals as possible. Turning to her master, she gave him a small grin as she planted her hands on her hips, and said, "Why is it nearly every time I let you out of my sight, you get in trouble?"
Geno had to admit that, while his alpha was slightly battered, she was still absolutely adorable, her legs slightly spread, hands on her hips, and a worried expression on her face. He grinned, and held his good hand out to her, saying, "You look absolutely adorable, now come here and help me up. The Daimon dislocated my shoulder, and Tiria had one of the Youma stick claws into her gut. So we need to find the Milktit's tamer, and then get back to town. So, find the six pokéballs, the Milktit's should be... over there."
He pointed to where Mayuan had stood when collecting the domestic, and hissed as he shifted his bad arm to do it. Asheer stepped forward, ignoring his command, and said, "Let me see that arm, I can reset it. I was trained in first aid."
She came forward to kneel in front of her dragon blooded tamer, unaware that the look on her face, and her posture communicated her concern, and made him fall in love with her all over again. She touched his arm, and hissed in sympathy, before saying, "I can set this."
Making a decision, he let her gently move his arm, and heard, "Now, I am going to have to set this now, otherwise the muscles will continue to swell. If the muscles continue to swell, it might be a few days before they can set it, let alone in relative painlessness. Now, relax. I am going to count of five. One... TWO!"
When she started to count, she got a good grip on his arm, getting ready to set it. Getting to two, she popped the ball of his arm back into its socket, before he could tense up. He cursed in pain, trying not to thrash about, and partially succeeded, only moaning in pain. He panted for a moment, before shoving himself back up to a sitting position, having fallen down when his shoulder was relocated. He glared at her as he realized that she had continued to count to five, and said, "Funny. Now find the Milktit's pokéball, and collect the Youmas and Daimon, they will hopefully give us enough credits to buy a PPHU."
Asheer kissed his cheek and murmured, "Of course master. Don't forget the Arachnea and the Cunnydew we caught before you got attacked."
She rubbed herself against him, and stood up. He caught her arm, and said, "Asheer, you are my alpha. You are allowed to use my name, or even a nickname you have for me, though I will ask that you not pick one too embarrassing. And I am pretty sure I have asked this of you before."
Asheer turned and gave him a grin, and said, "Why are you embarrassed by my acknowledgement of you as my master? I find calling you master to be reassuring to me. It is better than being feral, having a master, especially one as undemanding as you."
Geno gave her a small shrug, and let her arm go, letting her collect the six pokéballs. He considered her question before shrugging, and stood up to help collect the ferals. Finding four of the five, he looked around, and spotted the last one off to one side, where the combatants had kicked it. Collecting the last Youma, he turned to Asheer, and said, "You can release the..."
A blue blur hit him in the side, tackling him, and he grunted in pain as he landed underneath Helaine. His Cuntnaw smothered him in kisses, while he tried to get his breath back, and eventually said, "Helaine, can I get up now? We need to find the Milktit's tamer, see if they are still alive."
Helaine gave him one last lick, and then helped her aching tamer stand back up. He gave her a mock glare, and said, "Asheer, release the Milktit please. Once we find the other tamer, we are heading back to town. Once we get everyone healed, and a few supplies purchased, we are coming back out. Hopefully we can afford a PPHU after everything else."
He watched Asheer release the Milktit, as Sara and Lendysa walked into the clearing. She reformed, and looked around, fear in her eyes, her hands trying to conceal her considerable bust. He gave her an admiring once over, the long, silver hair framing her face, silver eyes scanning the clearing fearfully. Her hair was split by two tiny horns that barely poked out of her waist long hair, and her tiny muzzle gave her an innocent, almost pure, expression. He nodded to her, as she shied away slightly from the Cuntnaw, and asked, "Do you remember how to get back to your tamer, ma'am?"
She looked at him with a slight suspicion, and said, "Yes, but I thought..."
She did not finish her thought, but he understood it well enough. As a blessed pokégirl, such a rarity, she had probably been expecting to come out of the pokéball in a taming room, if not put through a conditioning cycle first. Shaking his head again, he said, "Your tamer? You said they were injured."
She nodded, and Geno spent a second wishing that she did not have a tamer as she turned away. She started back into the forest, causing Geno to say, "Wait. Lendysa, stay with her. Your name please?"
The Milktit did not turn back, but said, over her shoulder, "My name is Tamara."
Tamara, nice name, wonder if she is as nice as she acts in front of strangers. He shook his thoughts away, and followed her, his harem protectively around him, off to find the Milktit's harem sisters and master.
(May 15, 296AS, 1345)
Stretching, Geno then reached over to snag the blue tail to his side, and tugged. Helaine turned around form the aquarium she had been staring at, almost drooling over the size of the two bass in the tank, and glared at him. He grinned, and hefted his bag, before saying, "I was ready to go five minutes ago. Let's go, unless you want Asheer to use you as a punching bag?"
The Cuntnaw shook her head, the whole harem having witnessed her beating the snot out of Bellezza again for being called a lizard, and stood up. He waved to the Catgirl that minded the item store, and stepped out. Chatting with Helaine, mostly about what she wanted to do after they got back to the pokécenter, they ambled along, taking their time. He passed several tamers, but though he received several measuring looks, the fact that he only had one pokéball on his belt deterred the others from offering fights, especially since the pokégirl they assumed the ball belonged to was so common. He paused to put the four items he had bought using the money from selling the Youma and Daimon, as well as the bounty money for collecting them, into his poképack, before continuing toward the pokécenter that also doubled as the main hospital for the town.
He glanced at the gym as they approached the ‘center, but did not move toward it, instead wanting to finish his business in the pokécenter/hospital before doing anything else today. He stepped into the building, and then stopped when he saw Tiria, and could immediately guess the news, judging from her expression. He walked toward her, waiting until he was close before softly asking, "Lain died, didn't he?"
Lain Malcolm was the tamer of the Milktit, and had been nearly dead from blood loss when Geno's harem had found him. He had had one leg nearly ripped off, and had been unconscious when they had found him. Geno had sent Asheer and Bellezza back to town ahead of them, with the Milktit in a pokéball, carrying Lain, hoping that the speed of the two would be enough to save his life. Tiria's nod to his question, however, told him that their attempts to save the tamer's life had not been enough.
He sighed, and handed Tiria his poképack, before asking, "Where is Tamara? I don't think she should be alone right now."
Tiria took the pack, answering, "Asheer and Razia are with her now. Did you get the PPHU?"
He nodded, before turning and punching the wall, and snarled, "Yes, damn it, and if we had had it before, we might have been able to save Lain's life. Damn it; that is no way to die. Did he ever wake up?"
Tiria nodded, tears in her eyes. "Yes, right before he died. He told Tamara he was sorry and then just... slipped away. Two Nursejoys">Nursejoys doing everything they could, and we still could not save his life."
He gave Tiria a hug, knowing that the barely known tamer was the first patient she had ever had that had died on her, and whispered, "I know you did everything you could. How is Tamara doing?"
"She is... distraught, both at his death and losing the bond they had. Not delta or recognition, but probably a strong alpha bond, judging from the fact that he died right after you left, and she is still crying."
He gave her a pitying look, before murmuring a soft rebuke, "Tiria, we were gone maybe two hours. That kind of grief can last a long time."
He started down the hall, having been in the room across from where they had put Lain, at Geno's request, so that Tamara could still have someone she knew, even if only just, nearby. Now he was glad that he had done so, she would need to get all the support she could. Part of him was wondering who would get the poképack that the tamer had owned, as well as Tamara, but he firmly kicked that part of his mind quiet, before slipping inside the room.
The first thing he became conscious of was the sense of something being absent in the room. The covered form still on the bed was enough of an explanation for him, and he looked to the side at a muffled sob. Seeing his alpha still holding the mourning Milktit, he walked over, and placed his hand on the furred shoulder, letting Tamara know he was there, before he said, "Let's go somewhere else, otherwise you will never finish mourning."
He spent a moment wondering about his apparent blasé about the dead body, noting how even his pokégirls shied away from the body. Tamara did not move except to try and shrug his shoulder away, almost involuntarily. He looked at Asheer, who shrugged, causing him to sigh. He wished he knew what to say, something, anything would be better than not saying a word, he was sure.
He sighed, wondering why this was so hard, and then slipped his hands under her arms, before gently pulling up. A hand on his shoulder stopped him, and he turned to meet the soulful brown eyes of his Cheetit, who shook her head at him, pushing him to one side. She then lifted the small pokégirl, who struggled briefly, before allowing Razia to carry her to Geno's room and moving toward the bed. Geno stopped her with a hand on her shoulder and pointed to the couch. Razia looked at him strangely for a second, before suddenly understanding, and placing the Milktit on the couch. He did not want Tamara to think he was going to force himself on her, especially not so soon after her tamer died.
He cursed softly, looking at the shuddering form beside him. He turned to Tiria, and said, "Stay with her."
Turning to his alpha, he continued, "Asheer, you will be helping Mayuan, Helaine and... lets take Lendysa. She will be the fall back combatant for the gym battle."
He glanced at Lendysa, who shook her head, and said, "No, take Sara. I am vulnerable to flying types, and the gym here specializes in them. She would be more useful than I would."
Nodding, he collected Helaine and Sara's pokéball before offering Mayuan his hand. He said, "Mayuan is my guard for the treck to the gym, Asheer, you will be my opener, so you will be in your pokéball for the trip. I want them to think Mayuan is my primary."
His Flarebra nodded, as he recalled her. He clipped all four pokéballs onto his belt, before saying, "You girls get to hold down the fort, and try to help Tamara. Don't leave the pokécenter for anything other than my expressed scream for help. I don't want to have to slit someone's throat to get one of you back, alright?"
Tiria gave her tamer a weak grin, as Lendysa laughed. Bellezza rolled over on the bed, spread her legs slightly and said, "Very well, my liege. I will eagerly await your return, and hope we can celebrate your victory."
Her lower left hand rubbed her thigh, and her golden eyes gleamed with amusement as he admired the view, before she spread her nether lips open. Grinning at his obvious reaction to her actions, she then deliberately shut her legs and purred, "When you return, my liege."
He laughed, and then walked out of the room, and bumped into Mayuan. He grabbed her arm to steady her, and said, "Good, I was about to go looking for you. You are my secondary and I have the item you wanted. Do you want it before the gym fight or after?"
She looked at him as she stammered an apology for him bumping into her, slightly dazed by the information he had bombarded her with. She shook her head, and asked, "Would you please repeat that? I was not expecting you, much less for you to start issuing commands, master."
He laughed, as he started walking toward the main entrance to the pokécenter/hospital, and said, "We are going to attempt to get a badge from the gym, and you are going to be my secondary combatant. I also got you the evolution stone you wanted, and wanted to know if you wanted to use it now or later."
Mayuan nodded as she was able to process the information this time. She considered the question for a moment, before saying, "Do you have time to tame me before the match? If so, then a Dark Elf would be more useful than a Drow Zee, but the libido jump will be distracting if you don't want to tame now."
He grinned, and suddenly pressed his dark skinned elf against the wall, his hands on her thighs and his wings around her shoulders. He growled playfully at her, and murmured, "I always have time to tame one of my family, especially if she is trying to make herself more useful."
She panted, her eyes almost glowing with lust, her chest heaving as she rubbed herself against him. She undid the only tie for her robe, around her waist, and then she wrapped both her legs around his waist, rubbing herself against him. She purred, "Taming room, Master?"
She gasped, and then shuddered as his hands ran up her thighs, to knead her firm buttocks. She groaned in pleasure, her arms pulling her closer, to meld her body against his, and she whimpered, "Master, taming room, please."
He finally stopped, and nodded, before looking around, and stepping down a nearby hall. Recalling her to her pokéball, he headed to the front desk, and got the key to a taming room. Quickly heading to the room, he pulled out the Dusk Stone, and then released Mayuan onto the bed, and grinned as she meeped in surprise as she bounced and fell back. She gave him a glare, and then smiled as he dimmed the lights, and said, "Your Dusk Stone, my lady. I will take your Everstone in exchange."
She removed the small, unremarkable stone on her necklace, and handed it to him, before holding both her hands out for the Dusk Stone. He held it above her hands, but pulled it back as she reached for it, and said, "You are sure this is what you want? To evolve into a Dark Elf? I don't think there are any evolutions for that breed that would fit in the harem."
She started at his statement, and then asked, "I understand about the Dark Lady and Bondage Elf, but what about an Enchantress? Why would that evolution not be welcome?"
He started, before sitting down on the bed beside her, and pulling out his pokédex. Pulling up the entry for the Dark Elf, he murmured, "Wait, when did... I don't remember that evolution being listed before."
She nodded, and then hugged him, shedding her robe and saying "I noticed it when you bought the new pokédex. I don't know if it was in the first one they issued you. Perhaps it is a new discovery, and they are adding it to the pokédexes as they go?"
He shrugged, and then shut the pokédex down, tossing it onto the nearby table. He stripped off his shirt, and then pulled his Drow Zee into his lap, kissing her deeply. They ran their hands along each other's bodies for a few minutes, before Mayuan broke the kiss, panting heavily, and shifted, her legs straddling his hips, and wrapping around his waist. She guided his face to her small, perky breasts, and murmured, "Master..."
He kissed the valley between her breasts, and then purred, making her gasp as the vibrations ran through her. She shivered, whimpering, as he pulled away, and said, "Now, you have an hour with me. Let's evolve you first and then tame. You will probably need the hour to adjust to the new body."
She gave him a needy nod and let go of his head, though her legs remained wrapped around his waist. Reaching over to the nearby table, he snagged the Dusk stone and asked, "Are you sure this is the evolution you want?"
She nodded, and then closed her eyes, as he pressed the evolution stone against her chest. The expected explosion of light as her body reacted still blinded him, even though he had ducked his head, and closed his eyes. He waited a minute for the glow to die, and then sighed as he opened his eyes and saw... nothing. Wondering what had happened, he looked around, as his night vision began to return, and the first thing he saw was two red eyes just above his eye level. He grinned at Mayuan, and said, "So, how do you feel?"
She removed her arms from around his shoulders, and said, "Much more... aware of my surroundings. But I will let you decide if you should get that Mana Crystal now or later."
He snorted, as she murmured something, to softly for him to catch, and retorted, "You mean when we can afford it. We got the supplies as well as the extra items for now, but we have exhausted our store of cash, little..."
He stopped as a glowing, disembodied hand appeared by the dimmer switch, and pushed it up a bit, allowing him to actually see what he was holding. He stared for a moment, and then said, "Okay, maybe not so little."
She laughed, the same one she had done countless times as a Drow Zee, but the Dark Elf she had become made that same laugh into so much more. Her body had filled out completely, no longer the slim but still curvy female, but no a luscious little minx, a bit taller than five feet, and an overly endowed body that begged for a long, rough taming. Large and full breasts, at least a double D, were just the beginning of her changes. Her dark, almost obsidian colored skin had darkened, turning completely black, and her bone white hair hung loosely down to her waist. Her soft flesh was a pleasure to stroke, and he murmured, "Maybe an hour and a half..."
She grinned down at him as his hands rubbed her breasts, and whispered, "Of course, master."
(May 15, 296AS, 1620)
"So, did you two have a good time?"
Asheer was glaring at Geno, who watched her with an amused expression on his face as they waited near the entrance of one of the stores in town, being stared at by several other people on the street, a couple crossing the street, rather than pass by the tamer. Mayuan was finishing her purchases, using some of her saved credits to get herself some new outfits, as the ones she had worn as a Drow Zee no longer fit. What she was currently wearing was extremely flattering, as well as distracting, and going to earn him a lot of challenges for her. A leather bodice, and a leather skirt, both almost too small to contain her considerable assets, and yet left just enough to the imagination to be tantalizing. He looked back at his alpha, and murmured, "If you are worried about her becoming my favorite, remember you are my alpha, and delta bonded to boot. It will take more than a beautiful body to make me forget that."
Asheer suddenly relaxed, and rubbed herself against him, before kissing him, saying, "I did not forget, but I was worried that you might have, especially with her in that outfit."
He smiled down at his alpha, as Mayuan came over, and said, "Don't worry, I bought a couple of extra items earlier that were for only a select three in the harem. They will get their items after the battle, however. I got more for the rest of the harem, but they have to be earned."
Mayuan looked at him curiously, and asked, "So, who has yet to earn the surprises?"
He shrugged, and said, "It is less of earning, and more of me being able to trust them absolutely. Most of the harem is quite close, but a bit longer is required before I am sure of it."
His girls glared at him, before Asheer threw up her hands, and snapped, "Fine, be deliberately vague. Ball us so we can get to the gym."
Geno turned to his alpha in shock, before nodding sadly, and returning both pokégirls to their pokéballs. Waving to the Kitten at the register, he stepped out of the store, and jogged down the street, moving quickly to get to the gym, hoping there was not a line. He stopped for a moment as he rounded the last corner, and sighed in frustration as there was a few tamers standing around outside, which did not bode well for the wait inside. Weaving through the tamers outside, he stepped into the gym's reception area, and cursed softly at the six dozen tamers hanging around inside, most of who looked dangerously competent. Wondering what was going on, he made his way to the press to the receptionist, and said, handing him his pokédex, "What is with all the tamers?"
The man behind the desk looked up, seeing if Geno was being serious, before saying, "Three weeks until the Ultima Melee, freak, and they are just now noticing that they are a few badges short. Press won't let up until the day before, mostly because all the gyms close down that day. Your name is on my list, though the wait is nearly four hours right now. Name will be called once for you, after which your position is forfeited and you must get back on the list before you can challenge."
Nodding, Geno spotted the receptionist was missing a leg, and part of his hip, which explained why he was helping up here, rather than being a tamer in the back. Making his way back outside, he looked around, not seeing anyone else with a pokégirl out, and sighed in frustration. It was going to be a long and lonely wait.
Four and a half hours later, Geno was sitting in the reception room, one of the last six tamers left, when the receptionist finally called his name. Standing up, he was told to go to gym four, and that it would be a one on one with two replacements for his battle. Nodding, he walked to the indicated gym ignoring the hostile stares from the remaining tamers, and stepped inside, heading to the closest box, before he stopped, staring at his opponent. No freaking way.
The youngest gym leader in the Johto league looked up and waved to Geno, before saying, "Come on, you are my last opponent for the day. I figured someone who trounced the gym in Cherry Grove as badly as you did would be able to at least give me a run for my money."
Realizing that he would be facing off against the gym leader, Geno nodded, trying to plan with what little he knew about the gym leader's harem, which was not much, only that the alpha was a Skarmory. He stepped into the box, and pulled his first pokéball from his belt, half listening to the referee for the match. "This is a gym battle between Gym Leader Falco Diver, and challenger Geno Rathin. It will be a one on one battle, with two pokégirls in reserve, substitutions are allowed only upon the defeat of the current pokégirl. The first tamer without any pokégirls left to battle loses. Toss in your first pokégirl on three. One! Two! THREE!"
Geno tossed out Mayuan, wanting to keep Asheer in reserve for the Skarmory, knowing that her endurance and elemental advantage would hopefully counter her greater combat experience. His Dark Elf appeared in the ring, holding a staff that he did not remember her buying, as the Gym leader released his opening pokégirl. A female in full, form fitting armor appeared complete with steely looking wings, which looked like it had feather designs on it. Her face was half covered, showing that she looked to be a young woman or teenager, but he was not going to decide anything on that. He murmured into his radio, "Mayuan, unknown type, gym leader pokégirl, probable flying, more data incoming."
Scanning the pokégirl, who had thrown herself into the air, and was moving in an evasive pattern, he muttered something uncomplimentary as the data came out.
BATTLE ANGEL, the Flighty Knight Of Steel Pokégirl
Element: Steel/Flying
Frequency: somewhat Rare
Diet: varies, but mainly human-type food
Role: armored warriors
He quickly read the accompanying data, and said, "Careful, speed type evo of steel PG, use electricity or fire spells as she dives. Likes hit and run tactics."
Mayuan clicked into her comm. once, indicating she understood, most of the harem having started using Razia's signals when unable to verbally answer. Even as she clicked, the Battle Angel dove at her, preparing to unleash Feather Shuriken as she sped by. At the last instance, she swerved left, pulling up and away, releasing the attack to continue on and into Mayuan's magic barrier, which harmlessly absorbed the attacks. Mayuan yawned, and leaned on the staff, looking bored, making Geno grin, knowing what she was doing, trying to get her opponent in close for a halfway decent chance of hitting. It was a good idea, since the opponent was incredibly fast, flitting from one spot to the next, almost randomly, making an aimed attack almost useless at range.
Suddenly realizing a weakness, Geno murmured softly, "Fast, but not too agile. Wait until the next attack, then cause an explosion above. Might drive her into the ground."
Mayuan click once, and then set herself, like she was willing to take a hit to give one. The Battle Angel sneered and then dove, her speed increasing until she was a blur, using Mach Breaker to body check her opponent. Mayuan gestured and a small red dot soared from her finger to a point above the magic barrier, and waited, the red dot barely noticeable in the lighting. The Battle Angel flicked her wings down, rising to pass just over the magic barrier, when Mayuan let the fireball explode.
The plan worked, as far as it went, but they both had forgotten to correct the plan to account for the Battle Angel's speed. The explosion drove her into the ground, to slam into the arena floor hard, but instead of sliding to a stop, she bounced, and slammed into Mayuan before she could get out of the way. Both pokégirls bounced out of the arena to slam into the wall, before being recovered and handed off to a nearby attendant. Falco looked a bit worried, and said, "Is that your normal strategy? Take a hit to give one?"
Geno glared at him, as he pulled Sara's pokéball off his belt, and snarled, "Hardly, I thought Mayuan would be able to get out of the way faster."
Falco did not respond, instead tossing in his second pokégirl, a hawk looking girl with white and gray feathers. Scanning her, he muttered to Sara through the radio, "Ignite, both versions, and then use long range attacks. Don't let her get close."
He noted with concern that the gym leader's pokégirl was staring at his Charmelons like she was food, and then looked down at the pokédex.
FALCONGENTLE, the Air Fighting Falcon Pokégirl
Element: Flying
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: carnivorous
Role: aerial fighters
Crap, another slug match, though this one is liable to be long and ugly. He glanced up as the Falcongentle got into the air, and muttered into his radio, "Falcongentle, very dangerous. Her claws and beak can rip metal. Be cautious, uses hit and run tactics."
The Falcongentle was surprisingly maneuverable, and had excellent control over her speed and direction, as Sara used flamethrower but could not touch the faster pokégirl. The flying type did not retaliate, seemingly content to let weaker pokégirl beneath her wear herself out. Geno looked around, and grinned slightly, before muttering into his radio, "Use blur, then strength drain through the Falcon's shadow."
Sara nodded softly, and stopped wasting attacks, timing the Falcongentle somewhat erratic circles, before she blurred forward, and slammed her hand into the enemy's shadow as she flew overhead. The Falcongentle screamed in shock as cold suddenly began radiating from her left wing, not understanding what had happened, but quickly turned and dove to the side, taking her shadow out of Sara's reach. At least for a moment, until Sara blurred again, her arm reaching into the shadow once more. Geno laughed softly, for it was rather comical, as the Falcongentle could not seem to understand how the Charmelons was still hitting her, even though she was nowhere near her. Falco finally got a scan of Sara, and called out, "Damnation, it's a charred! Sierra, get higher and near one of the walls, she is striking you through your shadow!"
The Falcongentle complied, as Sara watched the shadow climb up out of her reach. Geno could hear her thinking all the way from over in the tamer box, and while he had an idea on what to do, he wanted to see how she would react. Sara considered her options for a moment, and then puffed out a small gout of flame, before smiling evilly. He watched her take a deep breath, and then was slammed into the ground by a well aimed gust attack. The Falcongentle followed the gust attack up with a feather shuriken, which was met in midair by a flamethrower, destroying most of the feathers, though a few continued on to hit the prone Charmelons. Sara did not bother getting up immediately, instead she began to form and spit fireballs up at the Falcongentle, as fast as she could, burning the energy she had stolen from the Falcongentle.
The Falcongentle easily avoided the first one, and flew directly into the second fireball. Now doing some fancy flying to avoid the rapid fire explosions from below, she dove, twisted and banked, focusing on not getting hit, retaliating with only a few gusts, which only buffeted Sara around, as the Falcongentle was not able to aim properly. Finally tiring of the game, the Falcongentle went into a dive, using Mach Breaker, and dove through a fireball, to slam Sara into the ground, nearly making a crater in the hard floor. Geno winced as he heard several of Sara's ribs crack, as the Falcongentle pulled up, and circled once, noting how badly hurt her opponent was.
Sara was on the ground, holding her chest, and crying in pain, a trickle of blood oozing from the corner of her mouth. She was panting, around her gasps of pain, "I can still fight. I can still fight."
He wanted to cry himself as she forced herself to her feet, one hand still holding her ribs, as she looked up at her opponent, and spat, "Lucky hit, try it again, tweeter!"
The Falcongentle screamed in fury at the insult, and dove at her opponent, as the gym leader tried to get her to abort the strike. Sierra did comply, starting to pull up, but it was too late, as Sara put all of her remaining energy into a flamethrower attack, nearly a foot wide, and slammed the flying pokégirl back into the wall nearly thirty feet beyond where she had been hit. Even as the Falcongentle hit the wall however, Sara suddenly dropped back to her knees, and began to glow, evolving.
Falco recovered his beaten Falcongentle, and said, "Good show, that battle. I was not expecting a charred pokégirl, or a flak bombardment. You caught my Falcon flat footed, and me. I did not think a fire type was capable of using that much energy in one battle that fast."
Geno nodded to the tamer, as Sara finished evolving, and tired to stand up, but she was weak from the evolution and fighting, and could only remain upright with the help of a hand, on her knees. She panted weakly, her large wings dropping, and her shoulder length hair swaying as she gasped for breath. Her tail curled about her legs, the fire on the end looking a little puny, as she looked at Geno, and said, "Sorry, love, but I am out of fire. Recall?"
He nodded, and recalled his former Charmelons, now a Whorizard, as Falco said, "I don't suppose you would be willing to trade your Whorizard would you?"
Geno laughed, as he tossed Asheer's pokéball into the arena, and said, "Trade my starter? No thanks; go raise your own."
Grinning as he saw both his alpha, and Falco's Skarmory in the arena, he struck a dramatic pose, used his cheesy announcer voice, and yelled, "AND NOW! The highly anticipated, but entirely cliché, battle between the opposing Alphas!"
The referee looked at Geno, annoyed, as both the pokégirls groaned and Falco started laughing, before the referee said, "Can I do my job please? Or would you like to ref?"
Geno grinned at the gym leader, who was still having hysterics, and said, "No, I'm good now, thanks. Asheer, give Falco time to recover, he might be doing that for a bit."
A few minutes later, Falco had recovered enough to continue, though he still started laughing every time he looked at Geno. He finally said, "Mida, you have the ball."
The referee nodded, and then said, "Ready? Continue!"
Mida exploded into motion, shooting toward Asheer, her claws extended, ready to end the fight in the first attack. Asheer responded by igniting herself, though in her haste, rather than simply sheathing herself in flames, the flames exploded outward from her like an explosion, though she remained unharmed. Mida pulled up, hissing in frustration as her feathers were destroyed, almost evaporating in the heat, before she began to use speed storm, moving in a circle around her opponent.
Asheer watched for a moment, reusing ignite, though this time it only sheathed her in flames, not exploding outward again. Waiting a moment, she spat a pair of fireballs, hoping to catch the flying pokégirl in one, but misjudged the speed of her opponent, both fireballs exploding behind Mida, who effortlessly corrected for the sudden disturbance in the air, before turning away from the Flarebra, and then using Mach Breaker to increase her speed further. She finished her turn, and dove toward Asheer, who sighted carefully, as a sudden mist seemed to appear around the Skarmory, corrected for the speed and lashed out with Fireblast. The Skarmory took the attack in the chest, and blew past the Flarebra, using both Steel Feather Darts and Iron Tail to smash her backwards, before the sonic boom slammed her into the ground.
The Skarmory pulled up, her wings flared to burn off speed, and circled the Flarebra once, smirking as she saw her opponent lying on the ground, unmoving and bleeding badly, before Geno recovered his Flarebra, as the referee announced, "Geno's Flarebra is down, and he has no substitutions left. Match to gym leader Falco."
Mida circled downward, looking decidedly burnt. and said, "A weakling, barely worth my time."
Falco recovered her before she could say anything else, and turned to Geno, who was handing his three pokéballs to an attendant to take to the pokégirl healing unit. He released Helaine, and turned to Falco, before saying, "Not entirely sure that was a fair match, as I am nowhere near gym leader levels yet, but I am sure my girls learned something useful. Yes. Helaine, we lost. Now wait."
Falco shrugged, and said, "According to Nicky, you are gym leader potential."
Geno snorted, as Helaine stepped back, and said, "Me and Nicky get along like a BuzzQueen and Wasp Queen. She was probably hoping you would wipe the floor with me, and got it. Maybe I should head back and have a talk with her. In fact, I think I will."
He cursed softly for a moment, before shaking his head, and saying, "Well, I guess this means that my pokégirl battles are just going to be that much harder, because knowing her, she called every gym."
Falco raised an eyebrow, and said, "I think you are overreacting. It is just a sport."
Geno glared at Falco for a moment, before taking a deep breath, and saying, "You just beat one of my pokégirls until she forfeited, and my delta bonded alpha is unconscious and in extreme pain."
The phantom pain he had been feeling from Asheer disappeared even as he mentioned it, and he rolled his shoulders, finally able to relax. He nodded to the gym leader, and said, "My apologies, I was taking my frustrations out on you when you did nothing to deserve my anger."
Falco looked at Geno levelly for a moment, before saying, "They are weapons, to be used to fight. Not people."
Geno snorted, his wings rustling as his opinion of the gym leader suddenly dropped, and said, "I cannot help but notice you said that when your harem is not around. I doubt you really believe that. Anyways, good day and goodbye."
Geno took the three pokeballs containing his harem members from the gym assistant as he left. He sighed as he walked back to the pokécenter. His brisk pace was a strain for his Cuntnaw to match, her waddling gait making her struggle to keep up, but she did not say anything, knowing that Geno was furious about something, his wings and tail unnaturally stiff. He got back to the room they had issued him and took a deep breath, trying to expel his anger, before looking around.
Tamara was asleep on the couch, her head against Razia's chest. Lendysa was not in the room, and he suspected that she was training. Tiria and Bellezza were sitting at the table, playing cards until he walked in. He took another deep breath, before saying, "We are heading back to Cherry Grove Town, and having a long talk with Nicky, using harems, when we get there. No, we did not get the badge. We leave the day after tomorrow."
Tiria looked at the BuzzQueen, shaking her head slightly as the BuzzQueen started to say something, silently warning her that now was not a good time, more used to her tamer's moods, and she knew how to deal with them. She looked at him, and asked, "What did Nicky do?"
Geno ground his teeth together, and said, "She told Falco we would be able to give a gym leader a run for their money. So we got to fight against the local gym leader, and I got to watch Sara, Mayuan, and Asheer get taken apart by his harem. We took two of his three with them, but..."
He shrugged, before releasing the three pokégirls still in their balls, and hugged each of them, trying to dispel his bad mood. Asheer returned the hug half-heartedly, distracted by how easily she had been defeated, and then left, heading to the training rooms, hoping that Lendysa wanted a training partner. Mayuan and Sara, however, returned the hug with much more enthusiasm, and Sara murmured, "Can we get a taming for our valiant effort against superior foes, and going above and beyond the call of our tamer?"
Geno shook his head, and said, "Later. I have something to do that probably should have been done earlier, but I did not think about it."
Sara tilted her head to the side, silently asking what he was talking about. He grimaced, and said, "Call the Malcolm family, and let them know Lain is dead."
Sara winced, and said, "Oh."
Geno gave her a nod and a grim smile, before heading over to the room with the deceased tamer. The body had been moved out while he was gone, though, so he went to the front desk, to ask where the tamer's possessions were. The Ingénue behind the desk gave him a look, before asking, "Why do you need Lain's pokédex?"
Geno sighed, and said, "Would you like to call and let his family know he is dead, or should I do it? If I do it, I can answer questions they might have as to how and why."
The pokégirl behind the desk started at his offer to let the family of the deceased know, before she nodded and sent a message requesting Lain's pokédex. A few minutes later, a Kitten came to the front desk with a box that held the pokédex and Lain's poképack. Geno took the pokédex from the box, leaving the poképack, and asked, "Is there a room nearby where I can make this call from? This is not something that needs to be done in public."
The Ingénue gave him a bland look before pointing to a door to his right, and said, "That room should be empty."
Wondering why she had given him a look, he nodded in thanks, and went to the indicated room. He entered it, and noted that it looked like a break room, and went to the only terminal in the room. Taking a deep breath, he turned on the pokédex, and went through the personal information, pausing at the list of pokégirls in the dead tamer‘s harem. None of the listed girls, other than Tamara, had been found, so he reluctantly continued deeper, and found the emergency contact information. Punching in the number, he noted that the listed address was an Indigo League address, and winced, realizing that it was probably night time over there. This was going to be ugly, he though, as he hit the send button.
It rang a few times, and eventually went over to a voicemail system. "This is the Malcolm residence. Please leave your name, contact number, and the reason for your call, and we will get back to you when we can."
The machine beeped, and Geno took a deep breath, before saying, "This is Geno Rathin, a tamer in the Johto League, calling to inform the Malcolms about Lain's... death."
He paused, looking down, trying to think of a way to continue, when he suddenly heard the other end pick up, and a woman's frantic, "Lain is dead!?"
He looked up, and saw a middle aged woman wearing a night gown and looking very scared. He nodded, and said, "Yes, ma'am. He died a short while ago, after being attacked by a pack of feral infernal pokégirls. I was the tamer that found him after being attacked and got him back to a hospital and felt it was my duty to inform you."
The woman stared at the screen, and the pokégened tamer on the other end, before she burst into tears, and a man said, "Erin, let me."
The woman did not move, but someone gently picked her up, and moved her to the side, and a man sat down, looking to have a good deal of fighting pokégirl heritage. The man shifted, and said, "I am John Malcolm, Lain's father. Where are you?"
"Azalea city, sir. Only one of his harem survived the attack, a Milktit."
The man sighed, looking much older than he was, and said, "Tell me what you know."
Geno managed to not bristle at the order, and said, "He was in the Ilix, catching ferals, when he was attacked by a group of Youma being led by a Daimon. They killed his harem and then attacked him, before the Milktit managed to distract them and lead them away from Lain. I was in the area, and hunting ferals myself when the Milktit ran into the clearing where I had set up base camp. She asked for help, and I managed to put her in a pokeball, before the Youma and Daimon arrived. My harem dealt with the Youmas and Daimon's, but not before they managed to disable my Nursejoy">Nursejoy."
"Once we had taken care of the ferals, the Milktit led us back to where Lain had been attacked. When we arrived, I knew we had to get him back to civilization quickly; he was unconscious from blood loss and shock. My two fastest harem members ran him back to Azalea Town. He was taken to the hospital, where he did not regain consciousness until right before he died. His last words were that he was sorry, and then he just... slipped away."
He mentally was yelling at himself for lying, but he felt that he had needed to edit the story. They did not need to know that the ferals had been captured and put through a L5 rather than killed, or that the apology had been to Tamara, rather than a general apology. John Malcolm sighed, sorrow clear on his face, and said, "Thanks, son, for avenging Lain. Is his body being kept there?"
Geno nodded, as John looked up, Erin crying softly in the background. John said, "Can I get the number of the hospital from you?"
Geno nodded, saying, "I called from the hospital. If you have a caller id, it should be on there."
John nodded absently, before saying, "Thank you, both for trying to save Lain and for calling us. Some people would have just taken the blessed Milktit and left him there to die."
Geno flexed his wings, and said, "I, sir, am not some people. And I am often reminded of that fact."
John nodded, and murmured absently, "I guess you would be, human nature being what it is. Anyway, thanks for calling. I don't think the Milktit would be welcome back here, so you can have her if you want. Consider her our reward for helping him, even though you did not ask for one."
Geno was not sure if he should be angry that the Milktit was just being thrown away or glad that he was getting her, so he simply nodded, and said, "Thank you, sir. I will let the staff know you will be calling about what to do with Lain soon. Goodbye."
John nodded, as both parties turned off their monitors, killing the connection. Geno rolled his shoulders and stood up. He paused for a moment, before walking out of the room, and handed the pokédex back to the Ingénue and said, "Lain's family will be calling soon to make arrangements about what to do with his body."
The Ingénue nodded as she took the pokédex, placing it back into the box. Geno walked back to the room, and stepped inside, wondering why he felt so drained. He looked around, went over to the couch, and gently shook Razia's shoulder, waking her. Once she realized who it was, he indicated that he would take her position, letting Tamara get used to being near him. Once he got comfortable, he made a list of things to do tomorrow, and once he dealt with Nicky. Let's see, get supplies for the two month hike and visit the Conservatory so they can get that DNA sample they wanted. Once that is done, come back here, officially welcome Tamara into the harem if I don't do that tonight. After dealing with Nicky, well, let's wait and see if I have to run out of town ahead of the law first.
He leaned down, his head resting against Tamara's, feeling tired and drained. It had been a long, mentally exhausting day, and sleep seemed like a damn good idea, regardless of whatever else he might have wanted to do.
(May 16, 296AS, 720)
Waking up, Geno winced as his muscles protested the long rest on the couch. He stretched carefully, forcing the cramping muscles to move, most of them popping as they began to warm up. He spotted a few of his harem spread out throughout the room, but the pokéballs on the table suggested where the others might be. One pokégirl, however, was missing; Tamara. But a brief moment spent listening suggested that she might be in the kitchen of the small apartment, as opposed to the bathroom or on the bed among the other girls.
Standing up, he quickly changed into some clean clothing, tossing what he had been wearing into the cleaning pocket of the poképack, a new feature that he had discovered the other day while perusing the owner manual. Just toss whatever you needed clean into the pocket, and it would be sterilized/cleaned in ten minutes. Finished changing, he grinned at Sara, Mayuan, and Asheer, all of whom were tangled on the bed, suggesting he had missed quite a show while he had slept. Heading toward the kitchen, he stopped when he heard Lendysa say, "So, what will you do now, Tamara?"
Oh, a chance to be sneaky... He stopped at the door, only a quarter of the way open, and saw that both Lendysa and Tamara were sitting at the table, having breakfast together. Lendysa had her ever present axe on her back and a dagger on her hip, meaning she was probably making conversation while waiting for her morning training session with Geno. Tamara was just sitting down, and she shifted, before saying, "I don't know. It depends on what the Malcolms want. I was supposed to guard Lain like the rest of the harem and yet I could not even do that. I would guess I will be sold to a ranch or to some other tamer."
Lendysa took a bite of toast, and then rested her head on her fist, watching the Milktit carefully, before saying, "I think my master fancies you. Of course, he could just be reacting to the whole ‘damsel in distress' thing that always seems to make him plunge headfirst into danger without considering the consequences first."
Tamara looked away, and bitterly said, "Of course he does, everyone wants a blessed pokégirl, even if it is a useless Milktit."
He heard the amusement in his Kishi's voice. "Actually, I think it was the Milktit part he likes more. He does not care for Celestial pokégirls. He said he had a bad experience with one of them, though he does not speak of it much. And I quote ‘I prefer the infernal pokégirls, at least they are honest and admitting of their nature.'"
Tamara flinched at the mention of infernal pokégirls, and Geno decided to enter before the situation could devolve further. He said, "Considering the first celestial I met tried to strip me of my free will and force her way into my harem, can you really blame me?"
Both girls jumped at his voice, and he grinned at them as he walked over to the counter and said, "Morning ladies. So, Lendysa was trying to talk you out of asking to join my harem, I take it?"
Tamara shook her head as the Kishi glared at him, and said, "No, she was just making conversation."
He winked at Lendysa, and said, "I figured as much, and was just teasing her. Anyway, I called the Malcolms yesterday, and told them about Lain and what happened."
He grabbed some toast and eggs, poured himself a glass of milk, and then turned to see both girls looking at him expectantly. Giving them both an innocent look, he asked, "What?"
Tamara blushed and looked down at her chest as Lendysa grumbled. "Geno, I love you but if you keep trying to be a smartass, you are going to get a beating."
Tamara looked up, her jaw dropping as she looked at the grinning tamer, and then at Lendysa, who was torn between saying something, and laughing. She started laughing, and said, "Story please?"
He nodded, and said, "Well, they were distraught at the news of Lain's death, and are making arrangements to retrieve the body."
He could feel the question on Tamara's full lips, what about me, but he took a bite of his toast first, after smearing berry jam on it, and said, "Oh, forgot the most important thing. Tamara, would you be interested in joining my band of reprobates? We could use someone who actually has a sense of respect and decency. The Malcolms have released you to me, if you want to join."
She listened, torn between shock at how this tamer treated his harem as equals, and a feeling of betrayal at how easily she had been cast aside by the family. She looked down, and started crying, overwhelmed by all the conflicting emotions. She sobbed, "I am s...sorry. It is just..."
She found she could not continue, as the tears fell faster, until she felt an arm and a wing wrap around her. Thinking the Whorizard she had seen last night had come in, she turned and buried her face against the offered shoulder, sobbing her heart out. She cried until she heard the tamer say, "I think I can understand. Your family has left you, and did not even ask what you wanted."
She flinched back, her eyes wide as she realized that she had been crying on the... no, her tamer's shoulder. She looked down, and said, "No, I... I will be alright."
She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Geno to give Lendysa a significant look, as he finished his breakfast. As they left to head to a training room, he said, "I don't think she will do well here. Not enough independence."
Lendysa snorted, retorting, "Most tamers don't want their harems to think, let alone decide if they want him as a tamer. Small wonder she is confused now."
He nodded, and said, "True. Anyway, it is her decision now. So, any ideas on how to improve the harem? Since we are heading back to Cherry Grove, the last thing I need is to run into that monster again, but knowing my luck..."
She grinned, and said, "Asheer and I have an idea we want to try, but it would work better if you were not present during the first week. Use that time to welcome Tamara into the harem. Or milk her; she was doing that when I walked into the kitchen."
(May 16, 296AS, 1420)
Geno stepped into the main entrance to the Meek Conservatory, and looked around, before heading to the front desk. It did not look that different from any pokécenter he had ever been in, other than looking a good deal nicer, and more spacious. Terminals were scattered throughout the large hall, with enough room to be private without seeming to have just sprawled. Several pokégirls were working at the counter, an Espea, a pair of Ingénues, and a Growltit, and all of them looked extremely competent, both at paperwork and at restraining any rowdy tamers.
He walked up to the Growltit, who looked the most friendly, and said, "Hi, I was told that I needed to come to the Conservatory at some point and get some kind of ID work done."
The Growltit looked up and smiled, before saying, "The genetic work to ensure that you are who you claim you are. Your name, please?"
"Geno Rathin."
She typed in his name, and then frowned at the computer, before saying, "A representative will be down shortly to escort you to the room where they do the testing."
He gave her a bland look, wings flexing and tail swinging, displaying his unease, and asked, "Is there a problem?"
She looked up, and returned his bland look with one of her own, and said, "No, should there be?"
"I hope not. Thank you for your help."
"Also, Mr. Rathin, I am afraid you will be required to leave any pokégirls you have here with us, as well as your pokédex."
Lendysa, his guard for the day, gave her a look that suggested that the Growltit had damn well better be afraid if she was going to try and enforce that decree, but glared at her tamer when he said, "Alright. I will get them back, correct, when I get done?"
She gave him an amused look, before returning her attention back to the screen, and said, "Of course, in the same state you left them in as well, if you want."
"Less attitude, more respect please. I enjoy my harem's company, and don't want to have to hunt anyone down to get them back."
She nodded absently, as Geno handed her his pokédex, and then returned Lendysa who gave him a look of shock as he recovered her. He handed her and Mayuan over to the Growltit, and then sat down on a couch, waiting for the representative. He was not looking forward to the ‘talk' they were going to give him when they got out, but he needed to get this done. He had no idea when he would next be in Azalea town. After a moment, he heard, {Mr. Rathin, if you will come with me.}
He glanced to the side where the ‘voice' had come from, and started to stand up, until he saw what was waiting for him. An Alaka-Wham, in a white lab coat stood a short distance from him, and the moment he saw her, not recognized what she was, saw her, his mind froze, terror freezing him in place. She stared at him for a moment, before her head tilted slightly, and sent, {Is everything alright, Mr. Rathin}
He took a deep breath and then nodded tensely, before saying, "Yes, everything fine. And call me Geno, please."
She stared at him for a moment, as he walked forward, wondering why part of him was thrashing about and screaming. He walked forward, and flinched as she placed a hand on his shoulder, and teleported them to a sterile room, and sent, {Your examination will take place here. Please remove your shirt, and wait for the Night Nurse.}
He sat down on the table, and stripped off his shirt, waiting for the examiner. After a moment, he heard the door open, and the Night Nurse walked in, and said, "Good evening, please hold out your arms, and open your mouth, this should only take five minutes."
The next five minutes were... disturbingly familiar, though he could not place why, as the Night nurse got blood samples from his arms, measured his height, weight, length of his tail and wingspan, and got a DNA swab from inside his mouth. After she finished she said, "Lie down, we need a mental sample from you as well."
"A what?"
"A sample of your brain waves. An Alaka-Wham will have to put you to sleep, using hypnosis, and then we get the base scan. We wake you up after the base scan is complete, and then get another scan from you at your waking level. Won't take more than ten minutes."
Geno stared at her, before tersely nodding. She then left, and a minute later an Alaka-Wham teleported in, and sent, {Relax.}
He started to make a retort, but he looked into her eyes, and then felt something pull the rug out from under his mind, dropping him down into darkness.
He wandered through the halls of his mind, noting the familiar tunnels, and made a turn, wanting to remember his first taming with Asheer. He paused, ‘halfway' down the hall, and stared at a new passage, one he did not recognize. He turned down it, curiosity driving him, and followed the twists and turns, noting with unease the tunnels going from rough, natural tunnels to smooth, finished tunnels, like someone had built them, instead of forming naturally. Something was very wrong here...
He suddenly ‘heard' other voices, and turned down one of the tunnels. {...And here he breached our seals. His mind is naturally tearing down the barriers.}
{Yes, and faster than expected. Though as the last survivor of batch 34, and the project already to 39, perhaps we should terminate this aspect now?}
{No, too many people would notice his disappearance, or rather that of his harem, except that Megami-sama. She would...}
He rounded the corner, and glimpsed two Alaka-Whams, before one turned and gave him a mental ‘back hand', knocking him unconscious before he could do more than process that they both had completely white eyes...
He woke up, his head feeling fuzzy, and wondered why he felt so... funky. An Alaka-Wham was helping him sit and sent, {You had an unexpected reaction to the scan, and went into shock. You were unconscious for nearly an hour.}
He whimpered in pain, as his head suddenly started pounding, and grabbed it, before trying to lie back down. The pokégirl, however, touched his forehead, and sent {Relax, I know a few healing techniques. This won't take but a moment.}
He snorted, and said, "Magic does not work as well as it should on me."
The Alaka-Wham replied, {This is a psychic technique, not a magic one.}
Even as she sent her thought, he felt some of the pain receding, not completely, but better than it had been. He nodded in thanks, head still a bit fuzzy, as the Alaka-Wham teleported him down to the lobby, and had him sit down. He looked up as a Growltit approached, and offered him two pokéballs. He looked at them in confusion for a moment, before taking them, and opening them. He sighed in relief as Lendysa and Mayuan formed, before frowning, and saying, "Wait, when did I leave you here?"
Mayuan and Lendysa exchanged a look, before turning to the Alaka-Wham. The psychic sighed, sending {He had a reaction to the scanner's mind, and is suffering from psychic backlash. It should have passed in an hour, if not sooner. While not common, it does happen occasionally. We have the samples we needed, so he will not be required to do this again.}
Lendysa glared at the powerful psychic, and said, "I would hope not."
Mayuan was helping her master stand up, and murmured softly to him, a healing spell, and while it did not affect him as much as it should, it still helped. He shook his head gently, and then stood up, before saying, "Len, back off. I am fine, just a bit dizzy and have a headache."
He was feeling a bit better, getting out of the cold room, and having his warm girls rub against him was doing wonders for his headache. He made it outside with the help of Mayuan, Lendysa standing nearby, making sure they were not disturbed. He kissed his harem members, before saying, "Well, lets see if I can get back to the pokécenter."
(May 17, 296AS, 820)
He stared back at the town, as he left the city limits with Sara and Tamara out, Sara flying overhead, Tamara beside him. The rest of his harem was asleep in their pokéballs, though Tamara was looking a little uneasy at being ‘alone' with her new tamer. She had not been interested in taming the night before, so she had not been officially welcomed into the harem yet. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, wondering if now was a good time, as well as admiring her.
She was watching him, her expression torn, conflict plain in her silver eyes. Her shoulder length white hair bounced as she shook her head, brushing the shoulder straps of her dress. Her over large breasts strained against her clothing, and she winced as they jiggled, making him frown slightly. He thought about what he knew about Milktits, before suddenly smacking his forehead, and said, "I am sorry, Tamara, I completely forgot that you need to be milked. Let me have Sara go do something productive, and then I can attend to that."
She stuttered, her pale skin flushing with embarrassment, as he waved off her apology. He clicked into the radio, and pulled a backpack from the poképack. Sara glanced back, and then flew down to him as he waved, landing heavily a short distance from him. He brushed a few leaves from his face, and said, handing her Razia and Asheer's pokéballs, "Here, you take Asheer and Razia, and go fill these pokéballs. I will stay right here, and try to stay out of trouble."
She looked at him, and then at the blushing Milktit, who stepped behind Geno at the Whorizard's look, before nodding, and asking, "Two hours?"
He thought for a moment, and then looked at Tamara, before saying, "Make it three."
The busty Milktit made a wordless noise of protest, before Sara stepped forward, dropping the pokéballs and backpack. Tamara scrambled backward, but Sara only took her tamer in a hug, one leg wrapping around his waist, grinding against him, kissing him. After a moment, she broke the kiss, her eyes bright, and said, "I will do this for you, Master, but I need you. Soon."
One last kiss, and then she bent over to grab the backpack and pokéballs, her tail waving in the air, displaying herself for her master. She glanced coyly back, making sure he was appreciating the view she was giving, and purred in pleasure as she saw he was watching with a hungry expression. She straightened, before blowing him a kiss, and walking into the forest. Tamara looked at him, and softly said, "It is not my place to correct you, sir, but you do know that it is illegal for her to use, or even carry, pokéballs?"
He grinned, and turned back to her, offering her his hand, and said, "This far in the wilds? They can damn well come find me if they want to arrest me for it. In the wilds, anything goes. But I have my mind on doing something, or rather, someone else."
Tamara took his hand blushing, and stepped forward, rubbing her cheek against his. She flinched as he kissed her, before saying, "I am sorry, Lain did not like us showing affection in public."
"Do I look or act like Lain?"
She blushed, and started to stammer an apology, but he cut her off with a kiss, and made a lovely discovery, that she was entirely kissable, even with her small, cute snout. She jumped at the kiss, as he moved around to stand behind her, his hands running along her side, and then across her stomach. She gasped in pleasure, twisting to stay with the kiss, and placed one hand on his, her stomach muscles fluttering beneath his hand. He smiled at her, his hands sliding up to cup her breasts through her dress, making her gasp in pleasure, the front of her dress darkening with moisture as she began to leak milk.
He paused, and then moved his hands to her shoulders, before pulling the straps of her dress down, his mouth moving down the curve of her neck. He grinned at the sight of her bra, stretched as much as it would, and her breasts still spilling over the top. She whimpered as his hands rubbed her arms, rubbing against him, and then gasping in pleasure and pain as he undid the catch for her bra, her huge, over filled breasts sagging. He winced at the sheer size of her orbs, and murmured, "Tamara, if you are going to stay with me, I want you to tell me if I neglect you. The others certainly don't hesitate to let me know. Usually by pinning me to the wall or something equally scandalous."
He caressed her swollen mammaries, turning her apology into a gasp of pleasure as her nipples spurted milk, her body shuddering in orgasmic pleasure. He released her chest, pulling her dress off and tossed it to the side, her bra quickly following, leaving her only in her panties. He stripped his shirt off, the garment quickly joining her dress. Hands on his pants, he stopped when she grabbed them, and moved then away, quickly pulling his pants and boxers down, and rubbing her face against his cock, before licking it from base to tip. He stepped out of his clothing, his tail rubbing against the back of her head, and groaned as she swallowed the tip of his cock.
He instinctively thrust as she bobbed her head, and then grunted, "I thought you needed to be milked?"
She ignored him, her head bobbing, making small noises of contentment, her rough tongue sliding along his length. He let her suckle a bit longer, before he pulled her away, and pushed her down onto her back, ignoring her wordless protest. She silenced quickly when he knelt down, his cock rubbing against her swollen, dripping nest, and squealed in pleasure as he shifted her panties to the side and impaled her. He leaned down to pin her beneath him, his hands rolling her huge breasts around, grinning as she moaned in pleasure, the thick, rich milk pumping out of her teats. Leaning down, he swirled his long tongue around the outer edge of her nipple, and purred softly in pleasure at the taste of her breast milk, sweet, but not overly so.
She moaned in pleasure, a low, long noise, that almost made him stop, but he swirled his tongue about her nipple, and then pulled it up into his mouth, making her buck against him. She wrapped both of her legs around his waist, moaning his name over and over, one hand rubbing the base of his tail, the other holding his head tight against her breast. He squirmed at her touch, as she had found a spot that was very ticklish, and then grabbed the base of her breast, pulling up as he sucked hard, making her scream in pleasure as milk flooded his mouth, spilling out around his lips. He swallowed, thrusting hard and fast, the Milktit squealing and bucking, begging for release, for him to cum, fill her, and make her his.
Neither heard the soft moan, or the murmured reproach from the nearby forest. Time had lost meaning to the pair, as Geno finally released her breast, almost half the size it had been, to slam himself against her hips. He hissed in pleasure, Tamara screaming in pleasure as her pussy tightened about his cock, their orgasms simultaneous, her cunt pulling him deep, his seed burying in her womb. Spent from her incredible climax, Tamara shifted beneath him, panting in pleasure, and cooing as he shifted his attentions to her neglected breast, suckling and pulling, draining the excess milk from her body. He drank what he could, but most of it ran down the sides of her breast, already full from trying to drain her other breast.
He finally broke away, and groaned, completely full, and reached over, rubbing Tamara's cheek. He grinned softly at her, and said, "Feeling better?"
"Milktit feels much better, Master. Will Milktit get a new name?"
She looked vaguely worried, but relaxed when he shook his head, and said, "No, Tamara is a good name, it feels good to say it, perfect for a pokégirl that feels good to be inside."
She blushed, before she forced herself up, and kissed him, a hand rubbing his cheek, and murmured, "Thank you, Master."
He started to respond, but a soft growl made him turn, angry at being interrupted, thinking it was his harem members back from hunting already. He said, "I thought I told..."
He stopped, his body tensing as he saw a half familiar form, hunched slightly, hulking. It was day this time, though, and he could actually see her this time. Bulging muscles and she was not as big as he had thought, standing maybe seven, seven and a half feet tall. Large breasts, as large as Tamara's had been before he had milked her, adorned the feral's chest, a bit out of place, but he had to admit, as the black dragon hissed at him, she was incredibly beautiful. She dropped further down, into a crouch, and hissed.
He looked at Tamara and sighed, before saying, "Well... Shit."