Chapter 13
(February 20/21, 296AS, time unknown)
Pain. Geno was not sure where it began or ended, not with the damage the feral had done while using the tamer as a living dildo, but he knew for a fact that it probably was strongest in his shattered left shoulder. An errant squeeze of the huge muscles on the feral had crushed it like a dry twig, and only luck kept him from being worse off. Just thinking made the damaged shoulder send lances of pain up his spine, wing, and arm, and that was probably not the full extent of the injuries. He was not sure as to how long the monster had raped him, but the moon was halfway up the sky when he had woken up after the long, strenuous taming. He paused for a moment, mind numb from pain and exhaustion, before remembering that Tiria's pokéball was the reason he was still moving about, making his shoulder worse. She could take care of them, if he ever found her pokéball.
His foot hit something small and round and he numbly looked down at a pokéball, one that the non-traumatized and still functioning parts of his brain recognized as Tiria's. He nearly blacked out from the pain of his shoulder, ignoring the way it flopped about when he was not holding it still and snagged the errant pokéball, tears streaming down his face at the pain, before he released his Nursejoy">Nursejoy. He screamed once, as she threw herself into his arms unaware of his injury, and then lost consciousness.
He woke up, his shoulder as immobile as his Nursejoy">Nursejoy could make it, and looked around, fear returning at what might have happened while he was out. Idly, he thought that he would never look at the wilds again quite the same way, and knew that he was always going to be terrified of any pokégirls in black scales or fur for a long time. Whimpering as his shoulder shifted, he looked up at a hand on his chest, and nearly passed back out in relief as Lendysa looked down at him, concern painting her features. Opening his mouth to ask how the rest of the group was doing, all that emerged was a croak. Swallowing, suddenly realizing how hungry and thirsty he was, he tried again. "How is everyone else?"
Lendysa kissed his forehead, and said, "Sit up, I can feed you and tell you at the same time. Be careful with the shoulder through, Tiria said it is completely crushed, and we need to get back to town, before it can start healing. Unless you want to have the bones thoroughly shattered again."
Forcing himself to sit up, he could not avoid jostling his shoulder, and whimpered in pain, his vision going black for a moment. Forcing himself to stay conscious, he found Lendysa holding him upright as his vision returned, tears trickling down her face at her inability to help her tamer, and grinned at her, before croaking, "While I am not fine, okay, or even tolerable, I think I will survive. Water?"
His Kishi held the canteen for him, slowly letting him sip the water, which immediately helped, some strength returning as his body eagerly took the liquids in. Some dry rations, interspaced with more water, and he felt well enough to listen to the damage report. He took the slightly more robust food from Lendysa, and then nodded, indicating that he should feed himself. She took a deep breath, and then said, "What do you want to hear first? The bad news, the horrible news, or the not so good news?"
Geno rolled his eyes, and took a bite, before saying, "All of it, from worst to best, so I know I can survive the shock of nearly losing my harem to a single feral."
Lendysa's eyes widened and she made a note to talk to him about that later, before saying, "Alright, worst first. Athyra is missing, and the brief search I allowed myself after Tiria released me revealed no traces of her. Asheer is barely alive, the feral ate parts of her, and she is going to need considerable down time before she is ready to fight again, if ever. Helaine had a lung completely destroyed, and is nearly blind from the damage of whatever attack nearly burned her face off. Mayuan has a shattered rib cage, and at least four cracked or broken vertebra, and is in a coma. Sara is up and moving about, her only wound was a slashed lining for her stomach, which had spilled her intestines out. Tiria is fine, whatever attacked her did not harm her before you recalled her, and I was in my pokéball during the attack."
She took a deep breath, and then continued, "You have a completely shattered shoulder, or better to say crushed, the bones in your shoulder are pretty much powder. You are going to need the regenerate spell, and Tiria does not know it, which is why most of the harem is in such bad condition. All of our supplies were raided, whatever looking through them taking all the fresh food, leaving only the rations and emergency stores in the poképack."
Geno sighed, and set the food aside, his appetite completely shot for some reason, before asking, his tone exhausted, "Any idea how far we are from Cherry Grove City? And what was the somewhat good news?"
His question was answered, not by Lendysa, but by Tiria, who had come in during the report on harem status, and said, "We are about a day and a half at normal travel, so call it twelve hours hard travel, according to the map in the pokédex and our best guess at our location. The good news is that you can travel, you have two combat capable pokégirls for protection, and your healer can keep everyone alive, provided whatever that monster was does not come back or something equally powerful. Also, Sara found Athyra, or rather... what is left of her. It looks like the feral... ate her, after dragging her off. I am sorry, Geno, she was dead before we found the trail to her. I think she was unconscious during it, so the only blessing was that she was not aware of what happened."
He sat unmoving for a moment; his brain refusing to process that Athyra was gone. He had promised to evolve her, so how could she be dead...
Taking a deep breath, he stood up, and said, his tone flat and emotionless, "It is not your fault, Tiria, and it is not anyone's fault. That feral was simply too powerful, she went through the entire harem like an Amachamp through a bunch of Geogals. There was nothing any of us could do. Nothing..."
Looking down, he said, "Get everything ready to go, we are heading straight back to Cherry Grove. I wish we had a flying type, but we don't so I am not going to waste anytime on wishes. We leave in a half hour; anything not packed by then is left behind. Sara has guard duty; you two get everything put up. I need to say..."
He stopped, anguish at the first loss of a harem member overwhelming him for a moment, before he forced himself to continue, "I need to say goodbye to Athyra. Move."
Looking up, he watched both his girls' nod, before he stepped out of the tent, his bad arm resting loosely in its sling, and he turned, casting about before he spotted Sara standing a short distance away from the tent, looking out into the forest. He coughed softly, and she whirled, before crying out and running over to him. He stared to call her off, but she stopped just shy of him, and threw herself on her knees, babbling for forgiveness for not being strong enough to protect him and the others. Realizing that the entire harem was likely going to do this when they got back to civilization and healed, he simply placed one hand on her head, and she silenced herself immediately, trembling violently. He said, "As I told Lendysa and Tiria, it is not anyone's fault, little flame. Now, you have guard duty, and I need to say goodbye to Athyra."
Looking up, he noted it was not even dawn, the sky barely coloring as the world started to wake up. Sara stood up, tears still falling, and nodded, before turning and leading the way to a nearby clearing. Geno took one look at the remains of the once shapely Ivywhore, before turning and retching. There was barely anything left that identified her as his Ivywhore, other than the black bulb on her back and her face, permanently caught in a grimace of anguish. Almost all the other soft flesh had been removed from her corpse and most of her bones had been carelessly tossed about the clearing, a testament to the feral's lack of intelligence. Taking a moment and a dozen deep breathes to settle his stomach, he slowly turned back, and handed Sara his knife, asking, "Would you get me a lock of her hair, to remember her by?"
Slowly entering the clearing, he knelt down beside the mangled corpse, and whispered, "I am so sorry, Athyra. You did not deserve this. No one does."
Kneeling down beside her, her cold head in his lap, he grieved, tears slowly falling down onto her face, before he heard a very quiet cough. Distracted, he looked up, anger suffusing his features at the interruption of his grief, but stopped when he saw it was Lendysa, and realized that more time must have passed then he thought. Looking down, he noted absently that Sara had already removed the lock of hair, and carefully placed her remains back on the ground, before standing up. Walking toward his harem members, he stopped a short distance from them, and turned back, whispering, "Goodbye, Athyra. Thank you... for everything."
Turning to Sara, he took his knife, and put the lock of hair into a belt pouch before saying, "Sara, would you... We don't have time to bury her, so..."
He stopped his head bowed, unable to complete his thought, but Sara understood. Turning back to her fallen sister, she took a deep breath, and lashed them with flamethrower, immolating her sister. As flame seared the body, suddenly the realization that Athyra was really gone hit him like a sledgehammer, and he started openly crying, before turning and burying his face against the nearest shoulder, who turned out to be Tiria, and simply could not stop the sudden grief. Lendysa let him cry for a moment, knowing it would help him, before she placed a hand on his good shoulder, and whispered, "Geno, we need to leave, this much split blood is drawing things, ferals and worse, and we are not strong enough to defend you against them all. We must leave, now."
Sara turned and started to say something, but Lendysa cut her off with a slash of her hand through the air and pointed to the far side of the clearing, where the shadows shifted and three pair of golden, glowing pairs of eyes gleamed. Sara blanched, and then nodded, before Geno managed to straighten, and said, "She is right. Sara, she is acting alpha until Asheer can take over again. Do not fight with each other, please, not now."
Turning, he started to reach for the poképack, but Lendysa stepped back, before she handed it to Tiria, after removing three empty pokéballs from the pack, and clipping them onto her weapon's belt. She then turned and started off, heading toward civilization, before Tiria started as well, carefully pulling Geno's hand. He resisted, and Sara started to say something, before she got a good look at his eyes, and then stopped herself. He stared at the now smoldering remains, of which only a few charred bones remained, and murmured, "Good bye, my flower. Good bye."
Turning away, he followed after Lendysa, Tiria and Sara beside him, and began the long hike back to Cherry Grove City.
(February 21, 296AS, approximately 2215)
Stumbling toward the city limits, Geno was certain he had never been so glad to see city lights before. His shoulder had swollen to an impressive half again the size it should be and now every step was laced with agony. Stumbling once again, Lendysa managed to save his shoulder any more damage before saying, "Geno, let Tiria out, she can remove the pain. She must have had enough rest by now."
He looked at her blankly, his mind so fogged with pain that he was barely conscious of how much he hurt. He knew that he was in serious trouble, that forcing himself to keep moving had not been a good choice, but it was the only one he could have made at the time. Lendysa swore to herself, and picked the pokéball off her master's belt, and released the Nursejoy">Nursejoy, who looked much better after a good four hour rest, having collapsed at the pace they had been forced to set to get back to town. Staring owlishly at his harem members, trying to prod his brain into working in such a way that did not hurt, all he could do was teeter in place, trying to not fall over. Tiria stared at him for a moment, pity clear on her face, and reached forward, carefully holding her hands above and beside his shoulder, before she started to pour healing energies into it, making the swelling go down.
He leaned against Lendysa, and was so out of it that he barely heard a semi-familiar voice call out, "Well, we have found you again at last. This time, knave, there will be no pokébitch, wannabe law enforcer to save your pathetic hide from my unstoppable harem. We challenge you to a salvage battle."
Turning about, he stared at the idiot behind him, wondering how he had gotten there, and why the tamer sounded somewhat familiar. After staring groggily at him, Geno sighed, and said, "Thomas, go away. It is late, I am injured, and right now, I need medical attention. I will deal with you later."
Thomas Yarrick took a long, measuring look over his rival, before he grinned evilly, and said, "No, we will deal with this now. We have challenged you, so either call out a pokébitch, or hand over your dragon."
Feeling his anger slowly coiling in his gut, Geno glared at Thomas, before trying to be reasonable one last time, before unleashing Lendysa on the fool. "Thomas, my harem just got done taking a beating, and losing one of their own. If you try to force the issue now, while I am injured, I may not be fast enough to save the girl you send out."
Thomas sneered, and stalked forward, and in Geno's current condition, with Lendysa behind him, he did not realize what Thomas was doing until he grabbed his shoulder and dug his thumb into it. Lendysa had not been expecting the attack and was shocked into immobility as her tamer collapsed, not even having time to scream as Thomas released him, letting Geno drop to the ground, writhing in pain. Thomas pulled a leg back to deliver a kick, but was body checked by an enraged Lendysa, who then threw him away from her master before dropping into a combat crouch, axe at the ready. Geno whimpered from the ground, as Thomas picked himself up and screamed, "YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH US?!?!"
He ripped a pokéball from his belt, but froze as Geno gasped, "Challenge for one on one salvage battle accepted. Lendysa, kick his ass."
Sneering, Thomas tossed out a pokéball, and said, "Cunt, I screw you."
Lendysa bit her tongue, but after a moment turned and said to Geno, "Do I have to stop fighting after the pokégirl is down? Can I rough him up for being criminally stupid?"
Geno snorted, as a Tigress formed up, at least he thought she was a Tigress, but she had such striking silver fur, as opposed to the normal orange and black striped fur, and it was total, covering her entire body. Shaking his head slowly and carefully, he called out, "Lendysa, be careful, I am not in the mood to lose another girl."
Thomas sneered, and retorted, "You are going to lose more than that, freak!"
Snorting, the dragon blooded tamer countered with, "And you talk too much."
For indeed, as soon as he had stopped telling his Kishi that he did not want to lose her, she had thrown herself at the Tigress, attempting to catch her by surprise, but the Tigress threw herself backwards, dodging the strike of the axe, but did not attack back, not wanting to act without her master's orders.
Thomas stared in shock at the pokégirl that seemed to be attacking by herself, before he yelled, "Cunt, bite the bitch!"
Geno grinned, before grimacing again, for Thomas had made three tactical errors with that one statement. First, he had insulted the Kishi, who was already angry at her inability to prevent her master's pain. Second, he reminded her that he thought pokégirls were beasts, without thoughts or feelings, and third, his order brought the Tigress within attack range of her axe. He wasted a second of pity for the Tigress, and decided that she would be his salvage, she needed a better tamer than this idiot. The sound of crunching bones made him wince, clearly remembering the noise of his own shoulder shattering, as the axe connected with the Tigress' shoulder, making her scream in pain, unable to complete her attack. Thomas screamed curses at the Tigress, before ordering her to use slash.
Lendysa wrenched the axe from the bones that had held it, the blade exiting the wound with a spray of blood, and ignored the slash attack, the weakened Tigress' claws skittering and scraping off the Kishi's rapidly appearing scales, to use hurricane kick, her foot catching the Tigress in the wounded arm, knocking her to the ground. She lay on the ground in a daze, before shoving herself to her feet, and Lendysa put her axe away, her hands moving to a defensive position, readying her attack. Thomas screamed in fury at the Tigress, cursing her weakness, and promising all sorts of punishments if she lost, before ordering her to pummel Lendysa into the ground. The Tigress struck once, her fist slamming into Lendysa's stomach, before Lendysa struck back, using cross shield to break the rest of the attack, and struck back, not at the center of mass, but for the massive wound on the Tigress' left shoulder. Her fist connected, and Geno suddenly noted that Lendysa had mirrored her strike to give the Tigress a wound to match his own, even matching shoulders. He winced in sympathetic pain as her body crumpled, collapsing on the ground, unable to do anything but writhe in pain.
Thomas screamed at her, but stopped after a moment, even in his anger realizing that she could not fight. Geno said, "I will take the Tigress."
Thomas glared, as he recalled the Tigress, before he shrugged, and threw it at Geno, aiming for his bad shoulder. The Kishi caught it before it hit him, however, and gave Thomas a flat, hostile stare, that promised a long, painful talk if he ever tried that again. Thomas however, sneered, and said, "You have not seen the last of us, freak."
He turned and walked past them, ignoring the Kishi that moved to keep herself between the snob and her tamer, not trusting him to not try anything else. The pureblood, however, completely ignored the other tamer, struggling to his feet with Tiria's help, and after he was gone, the Nursejoy">Nursejoy muttered, "Is it wrong of me to hope he comes to a bad end?"
Geno snorted as he tried to hold back a laugh, before whimpering as his shoulder moved. Lendysa finally snarled, "Enough is enough."
Easily picking up her tamer, despite his protests, she said, "Tiria, lead us toward the city, and carry the Tigress' pokéball. Are you going to keep her master?"
Geno stopped protesting and simply glared for a moment as he was carried down the trail, before he had to admit that it was rather comfortable, his head resting against his Kishi's shoulder. After a bit of shifting, he was much more comfortable, his head against her breast, and he grinned at her, before closing his eyes and enjoying her body heat. Strange, he thought as he drifted off, she is much warmer than I remember...
(February 25, 296AS, 1445)
Darkness all around him...
Darkness surrounded him, begging for him to join it...
Something was behind him, but no matter how he twisted and turned, he could not see it. Screaming in fear and fury, demanding that it show itself, he twisted again. And finally saw it. The first thing his mind noted was the smell. Coppery and sharp, blood. Next were the claws, huge, foot long scimitars, perfect for rending flesh, black liquid dripping from them, never ending, forming a lake at the being's feet. The fangs were third, just as sharp as the claws, but only daggers, with globs of flesh hanging from them, blood flowing in a river from the corners of the mouth.
The eyes...
His mind shuddered in fear, trapped in those crimson vortexes, trying to draw him down, feeling something deep and primal responding to the hate, anger and hunger in the deep pits of the other. Then the other features registered, and he realized what was in front of him. It was a dragon, but something else at the same time, something worse, and something that this world had never meant to exist...
Geno woke with his mind aflame with the dream, trying to remember what he had seen, the dream, vision, whatever it was already slipping away. But the fear remained. He struggled to sit up, see where he was, but something held him down. Forcing himself to calm, he tried to think. The last thing that he could recall was Lendysa carrying and then...
He checked his shoulder, and noted that the arm had a cast on it now, making moving the shoulder impossible. A careful test revealed that while there was some pain, it was not nearly as much as it had been, but without moving the shoulder, he could not tell for sure. Suddenly remembering the harem, he cast about, desperately looking for the pokéballs, and saw his equipment on a nearby table. Looking down, he saw that he had been strapped to the bed, probably to prevent him from thrashing. But with a little wiggling, he managed to partially free an arm, and undo the top strap, which released that arm, letting him get the strap off completely, and then went to work on the other two, one about his waist, the other keeping his legs from kicking. Once free, he slipped from the bed and found that he had been stripped completely bare. He carefully stretched, his joints protesting and popping so loudly he was surprised no one came, put his boxers and pants on before limping over to the table and beginning his search. After a moment, he sighed and flipped open his pokédex, wondering what had happened. He normally kept a log of everything that happened in it, but he wanted to update his log, figuring he must be in either a hospital or pokécenter.
He started to quickly enter the log entry and after a moment, he hit save, and stared at the date as the information was saved. Wait a minute; we were attacked late Friday or early Saturday, which would have been the twentieth or twenty-first. This says it is the twenty-fifth! Crap, four days, where the hell is my harem?
Shutting down the pokédex as fast as he could, he pushed himself up, and walked to the door, reaching for it with his good hand, when it suddenly flew open, surprising him. He stepped back, as a Nursejoy">Nursejoy stepped into the room, carrying a tray, and looked up, surprised herself to see him up and about. Noting that she was not Tiria, he asked, "Do you know where my harem is?"
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy looked at him for a moment before she sighed, and said, "Yes, most of them are in storage, as we had no idea when you would awaken from your injuries. They are all fine, and your Nursejoy">Nursejoy is sleeping at the moment, after spending the last four days pouring her energies into you, sleeping only long enough to recover her energy, before starting again."
The glare she gave him indicated that she did not think that Tiria's behavior was a good thing, and Geno silently agreed. However, he simply nodded, and said, "Alright, but was the rest of the harem healed?"
An exasperated sigh issued from the Nursejoy">Nursejoy, and she set the tray down, before turning toward him, hands on her hips, and asking, "Do you honestly think I would ignore your harem to focus only on you? If so, then you have a horrible ego, and do not deserve the harem that you do have. I swear, tamers are so..."
He cut her off, interrupting her tirade, "I do not doubt your dedication, or your priorities. It is just that they were badly torn up, and I need to know if they are alright or if I have to... to..."
He paused, Athyra's memory floating up in front of him, before he forced himself to continue, "To say goodbye to any more of my harem."
The Nurse sighed, before giving up, saying, "Yes, your harem is fine. No, none of them are dead, or even permanently injured, though the Flarebra and Cuntnaw will need a lot of rehabilitation before they are combat worthy again. And you are nowhere near healed enough to tame them, so they were placed in storage to prevent them from going feral."
Geno nodded, and then rubbed at his shoulder, as the Nursejoy">Nursejoy continued, "Now, if you are done panicking, back in the bed, so I can see what else we can do with your shoulder. Most of the bone has been regrown already, but it is still weak, and almost any stress on it will snap it again. Please sit down, so I can get started. Hopefully today will be more productive then the last four days."
The next sixty minutes were... uncomfortable, as the Nursejoy">Nursejoy poured healing energy into him, and his body fought the magic, though this time he actually felt something fighting the magic. Not painful, not really, but it felt like he was trying to force a part of his body into a space about four sizes too small. Nearly an hour passed before the Nursejoy">Nursejoy stopped, wiping sweat from her brow, and gave him a look, expression bland, before saying, "I wish you would stop resisting the magic, it would make this much easier."
Geno shrugged, before gasping in pain as his shoulder moved. Waiting for the pain to pass, he said, "That makes two of us. Can I see my harem now?"
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy gave him an exasperated glare, before walking over to the end of the bed, saying, "Your harem is in long term storage while you heal up."
She pulled a small series of papers out of a holder at the end of the bed, and glanced at it, before continuing, "Your pokégirls are fine, only two needed the Regeneration spell, your Flarebra and the BuzzQueen. The Flarebra was hysterical when she came too, and we were forced to put her back in her pokéball. The feral BuzzQueen has had both of her missing arms and wings restored, and are also in stasis. The Drow Zee and Cuntnaw requested being put into long term storage once it became clear that you were too badly injured to tame them anytime soon. Your Nursejoy">Nursejoy and Kishi are, however, helping around the pokécenter, waiting for you to awaken. The feral Cheetit was put through a standard healing cycle, as was the Charmelons and the Tigress, and were also put into stasis. If you absolutely must pull any of your girls from stasis, please refrain from taming them, as any stress on your shoulder will result in your time here increasing. You should know that the normal time for rehabilitation and healing of a wound such as your own is from three to five weeks. With your body fighting my magic, however, it will take at least twice as long, if not more."
She pulled a pen from her dress and scribbled down some information on the top page, before returning it to the packet. She then bowed to him and said, "If you will excuse me, sir, I have other duties to attend to. Enjoy your meal."
Turning, the Nursejoy">Nursejoy left the room, leaving Geno to settle down and eat his meal, suddenly feeling famished. He quickly finished his meal, and looked around hopefully for some crumb he might have missed, but sighed in sorrow when he realized that he had completely consumed his meal. The door opening made him look up, and he grinned at the face that peeked through the door, with an expression of hope and trepidation, perhaps hoping that he had awakened, and the fear that he had not showing on Tiria's face, but when she saw him sitting on the bed, she uttered a soft cry, and pushed open the door, and threw herself against his good side, crying softly. Wrapping his wing around her, he rubbed his Nursejoy">Nursejoy's back, letting her cry herself out, and simply made soft, soothing noises.
The soft sound of the door opening made him look up, and he smiled at Lendysa, offering a wing if she wanted to hold him. She shook her head, however, and knelt down on the floor in front of him, her head on his knee, making him grin down at both of them. This is paradise, except for the hunger...
Grinning down at both his girls, he pulled Tiria up into his lap and kissed her forehead, before asking, "So, how are you two doing?"
Tiria sniffed as he transferred her, but snuggled against him anyway, as Lendysa moved up to where Tiria had been and said, "Nothing much, just waiting for you to wake up, and helping around the pokécenter. Tiria has been fretting nonstop since you passed out, though I have tried to not worry as much. After all, if you were going to die, it would have been after the feral finished with you."
Geno grinned, and said, "Not quite what I meant, but that will do. I meant how close to going feral are you?"
Tiria kissed his neck, and said, "We tamed each other yesterday, so we are good for about a week, master."
Geno grinned down at her, and ran his hand along her side, before asking, "Any idea how long before I am able to travel again, and how long before my body can handle the stresses of tamings?"
Lendysa laughed, before her hand captured his own, and she chided him, smiling, "For shame, you act as if you have tamer's disease. You will not rampage if you do not get laid often enough, that is our job."
Tiria rubbed herself against him suggestively, and gently ran her hand over the cast, before replying, "Actually, this cast is meant to totally immobilize the limb. So you can actually tame now, if you wanted. Just not with any of the harem members with strength greater than your own, unless they are in restraints. Sorry Len."
The Kishi gave the Nursejoy">Nursejoy a ‘look', before saying, "As to your first question, Geno, the other Nursejoy">Nursejoy that works here said that normally it takes anywhere from three weeks to a month, but with your magic resistance, or whatever it is, you have anywhere from two to three months."
Tiria giggled, and her hand traced up along his chest, and was becoming very distracting, but he forced himself to stay focused, if only for a moment longer. He asked, "Any particular reason for the Nursejoy">Nursejoy treating me so... so... not sure if unfriendly is the proper word, but that is what I am going with."
His Nursejoy">Nursejoy giggled, before saying, her tone one of tragic regret, "She is just unhappy that she is more powerful than me, was better looking as we grew up, and is the same age as me, and yet I, plain, unattractive Tiria, have a permanent tamer, and the gorgeous, divine Ulsa has been forced to languish in this bug infested hell, where none may admire or even note her perfection."
 She put her hand on her head, the picture of classical mourning, before laughing aloud, and then returning to her snuggling, while her tamer and harem sister processed the information that she had just revealed. He asked, "So, this is where you lived, before going to the Academy?"
Tiria suddenly froze, and shivered, before pulling herself closer, and said, "Yes, but I would rather not think about that. My... father," the way she said, or rather spat, the word father revealed much to her tamer, but she continued, "Was an alcoholic, and abusive. I got out of there as soon as I could, as well as my younger sister. Can we please talk about something else?"
He nodded, as Lendysa suddenly stood up, and said, "You two try not to be too noisy, I am going to go train. Is it all right if I pull Asheer out of storage? I think the entire harem is going to want to train like there is no tomorrow, especially after what happened. Don't be too surprised if you finish rehab and find your harem has gotten much more powerful. And we will be much better at teamwork as well."
He looked up at his Kishi and said, "I don't blame any of you."
"I know, but that does not stop us from blaming ourselves."
She turned and walked out of the room, leaving him alone with his Nursejoy">Nursejoy, who promptly pushed him back onto the bed and planted a long passionate kiss, as her hands undid her top. Her much larger bust fell free of her clothing and into her tamer's waiting hand and mouth, making her coo in pleasure. He groaned into her breast as her hand brushed his manhood, already hard, and hoped that Lendysa had bothered to lock the door on her way out; this was going to take a while.
(March 2, 296AS, 825)
Geno looked down at the two pokéballs in his hand, and sighed as Lendysa repeated her lecture again. "Master, you are barely healed enough to tame your own harem, and that is with us in restraints. I don't know why you feel the need to add both of the ferals now. Wait a bit longer, it will not make a difference to the ferals. You certainly did not care about waiting until today to send off the other ferals and that Tigress you got from Yarrick."
He sighed, and repeated his earlier retort, "And I am still waiting for you to answer my earlier question of would you want to be stuck in a pokéball for months on end? They have already been feral for so long, who am I to ignore them for a while longer?"
Again, she had no answer, but she sighed, and said, "How long are they going to be disoriented from the Level 2 taming cycles?"
He shrugged, and said, "Might be twenty minutes, might be two hours. Which is why we put the Cheetit through first, and the BuzzQueen will go through after I am done making sure the Cheetit is a functional part of the harem."
He gestured to the restraints, and said, "You know, I hate this part of the job."
The Kishi gave him a strange look, before asking, "What part?"
Grimacing, he replied, "The initial taming of a feral. Feels entirely too much like what I expect raping her would be like. I got a taste of that with that Buzzbreast, and now I am doing it again."
The Kishi turned to him, and said, "Would you rather her stay feral, an unthinking beast for the rest of her life, concerned only with survival, no future or past?"
"No, but I wished there was a better way to do this. Well, misgivings and wasted time are not going to make this any easier. You know what to do?"
She nodded, and he released the Cheetit, and had to stop himself from lunging forward to catch her, as the first thing she did when she materialized was collapse onto the ground. Firmly reminding himself that she was still feral, and might take a swipe at him if he surprised her, he let Lendysa carefully pick her up. When he saw scales form and deflect a half-hearted swipe from the Cheetit, he was glad for his caution. Catching both of the feral's hands, she led the dazed Cheetit over to the stand, and secured her hands to the restraining stand, before taking herself from the room. Geno stripped off his pants and boxers, all he bothered to wear in the pokécenter, before moving forward and sliding one hand down her back, his expression sad as he gazed at her beautiful, golden fur. His hand idly ran between the black spots, making the Cheetit gasp as he stroked the beautiful muscles on her lower back.
She whimpered, still dazed, and tried to turn around and see what he was doing, but froze when his hand slid further down, and rubbed over her impressively muscled buttocks, making her whimper again, though this time there was a hint of desperation in her voice at his touch. Silently wishing that he could use both hands, he moved closer, molding his body against hers, his hand sliding around and up her sides, feeling the taunt stomach muscles fluttering as he drifted over them, before cupping her generous breast, the Cheetit panting, her eyes wide as she looked at him, trying to understand the feelings assaulting her body. She squirmed as he kneaded her breast, rolling the large, full breast around in his hand, before softly pinching the nipple, making her back arch against him, as she repeated her breed name over and over.
His own groan joined his Cheetit's, as her hips rubbed against him, and he felt his loins tighten, ready to impale her and claim her as his own, his earlier concerns forgotten in the pleasure of taming. Releasing the hefty breast, his hand slid down and rubbed against her clit, making the Cheetit gasp in pleasure, the sudden stimulation both powerful and unexpected, and she whimpered, grinding her hips against his hand as he slipped to fingers into her already wet depths. She moaned her tone begging for release as his fingers explored her virgin depths, the velvet walls gently gripping his finger, squeezing and pulling it deeper. He kissed her neck, inhaling her scent, before removing his finger, and sucking her nectar from it, shuddering in pleasure at her taste, as she whimpered again, her hips pressing back against his own, instinctively seeking the release she knew he could give her. Not one to keep a woman waiting, he shifted, pressing his manhood against her vent, and cupped her breast, before pressing forward, shattering her hymen.
The Cheetit cried out in pain as he took her virginity, and again as he slowly pushed deeper, spreading her netherlips apart as he slowly hilted with in her depths. She moaned, tears falling at the unexpected pain, her eyes filled with shock as she gazed at him, not understanding what was going on. After a few more thrusts, though, she was gasping in pleasure, her pain forgotten in the pleasure of her taming, her body rocking with each thrust, her breasts bouncing beautifully with every movement she made, his every thrust and caress of his hand making her moan in desire. She suddenly threw her head back, crying out in pleasure as her pussy convulsed, gripping his cock and milking it, her nectar flowing down her fur and coating his manhood, as Geno grunted and hilted himself against the Cheetit's hips, his own orgasm quickly following hers. She collapsed, her legs giving out as her orgasm passed, leaving her weak and helpless, draped over the stand. She moaned, shifting, as he reached over with his one hand and slowly, clumsily undid the restraints, and then carefully pulled her to him, and guided her to the couch, before lying down on it, and guided his newest member down onto the couch beside him, resting her head against his chest, as she slipped into taming shock.
Looking down at his Cheetit, he admired how peaceful she looked, resting against him, gently rubbing her face against his chest, before leaning down, and whispering, "Your name will be Razia."
Her only reply was a sleepy and content, "Cheetit."
He grinned down at her, his hand stroking her soft fur, and, completely without meaning to, dozed off himself, lulled to sleep by the heat and gently breathing of his newest harem member, who snuggled against him, and with a content, "Chee", dozed off beside him.
(March 22, 296AS, 1200)
He had been in the hospital for about a month, and still had the damn cast on, something that irritated him to no end. He wanted it off, and he wanted it off now. Sighing, he scratched at the shoulder, digging his fingers under the cast, but the really annoying itch was on his elbow, and he could not reach it. Trying to ignore it, he watched the brawl going on in the center of the training room, with the entire harem going at it, Tiria included. He had divided the harem into two uneven teams, with Asheer leading Helaine and Tiria in defending a dummy labeled tamer, while Lendysa lead Mayuan, Sara, and Razia in trying to defeat the other team.
The BuzzQueen he had in her pokéball, as she had difficulty in being subservient to anyone, despite Asheer easily beating her to a pulp twice, the second time not even bothering to use fire based attacks. It had been a week since he had tamed her, during which she had tried four different times to take over the harem, twice by directly confronting Asheer, and twice by trying to force the rest of the harem to submit to her. He had eventually decided on Bellezza for the BuzzQueen's name, something that seemed to please her to no end, even though he was not entirely sure why. He shook his head as Lendysa yelled at Mayuan, and pointed at the dummy, ordering her to shadow teleport and then attack the dummy, but Mayuan froze, staring at her in shock, and letting Helaine smash the Drow Zee back with a Water Spear.
Sara blasted at Tiria with a flamethrower, making the Nursejoy">Nursejoy throw herself to the side, right into a speed punch from the Cheetit, knocking her sprawling and stunning the Nursejoy">Nursejoy, as the Cheetit obeyed her ‘alpha', moving on to savage the dummy with fury swipes and slashes, until a flamethrower threw her off the dummy, and Geno yelled, "ENDEX! ENDEX!"
Asheer snarled in frustration as everyone got up, allowing Tiria to begin healing, and said, "Razia is damn hard to keep from killing the dummy, Geno. It would be better for her to learn how to defend a target, since she is the one that keeps killing the dummy."
Razia flinched at the snarl from Asheer, which made the alpha sigh, and said, "I am not frustrated at you, Razia, but Geno and I have had this conversation four times already."
Geno sighed, before saying, "Asheer, I told you I have a reason for putting her on the offensive, and I was hoping you would figure it out yourself. Especially considering that we HAVE had this conversation four times, and I told you why. I am a legal target in a match against a feral, or against someone that does not care about the laws."
Moving over to the center, he pushed the dummy out of the ring, and said, "Same teams as before. Lendysa, you command the offensive, Asheer the defensive. Same objectives as before."
Everyone but Razia froze, who flipped up to her feet, and rushed him. Asheer screamed, and threw herself between the Cheetit and her tamer, who rocket dodged and then tackled Geno, knocking him down, and then began to purr, rubbing herself against him. He laughed, and rubbed his face against hers, before looking at Asheer, and said, "Now do you understand what I was trying to do? She avoided you like you were not there. You panicked, my alpha, and I died."
Asheer was staring at him, and flinched with each word in his last sentence, and when he said died, she collapsed and burst into tears. Gently wiggling free of Razia, he walked over and pulled his Flarebra to him, and said, "Girls, you have the rest of the day to yourselves. I think she needs some time to yell at me for a bit."
He looked back down at his alpha, curled in a ball, not realizing that she had blown what he had said completely out of proportion to what he had meant, not until she had pulled a bit free of him, and asked, not looking at him, "Are you replacing me as Alpha?"
He froze, and looked at his alpha, not understanding for a moment why she would ask that, before he suddenly shifted his perspective to how she would have taken his last sentence and then pulled her in close to him, his good hand rubbing her back along her spine, as he carefully considered his words.
"No, I am not going to replace you. I took Razia aside today before the fight, and explained what I wanted her to do, that was why she was so effective at winning. I was using her to make a point, since we talked three times yesterday, and you did not understand that in the wilds, the tamer is a viable target. You believe that everyone follows the rules of legal battling, including the criminals and ferals, the latter that don't know the laws, and the former who don't care. I was just as guilty of it, until that feral had me pinned beneath her."
He kissed his alpha's forehead, his hand rubbing the base of her tail, and grinned slightly as she pressed back against his hand, not even realizing what she was doing, as she rubbed her face against his shoulder. She finished wiping away her fears, and then glared at floor, whispering, "I hate the thought of failing you, master. I would rather die than live with the knowledge that I failed you."
Geno sighed, and tapped her chin with his fingers, forcing her head up and to meet his eyes and said, slowly, "I am not sure if I should be glad or scared that you depend on me that much, but frankly, if your failure does not involve me being killed or permanently maimed in some significant way, I am sure you can convince me to forgive you. After all, you are willing to forgive my own. Now, if we are done with the touchy, feely, soul searching and what not, I intend to get out of here, and go get some REAL food for a change, and you are coming along to make sure I don't get into trouble. Also, you get to share the meal with me, and once we are done with the lunch date, I intend to come back, and spend a long time apologizing. You, however get to decide what form that apology takes, but if the Tiria asks about wounds or injuries later, you get to explain why to her."
Asheer's grin did not get any smaller with his last statement, still as large as it had been when he said she could pick how they would tame, and for some reason he doubted that he would be enjoying it as much as she would.
(March 22, 296AS, 1430)
Geno sat down on the park bench, and sighed in contentment, and scratched his wrist. He had finally convinced Tiria to replace the heavier cast with a lighter one, that only protected the shoulder, but he could use his elbow and hands again, so he was not going to complain. Asheer glanced around the park, but it was fairly empty, with only a feral BuzzBreast flitting about, which made her grin for some reason, her entire demeanor shifting subtly, before she slid into his lap. He looked down from the branches as she straddled him, his hands going to her hips, as she gently ground her body against his, her breath hot on his neck as she growled, "Well, now that I have you where I want you, I believe you said I could lead?"
Her hands slid up his chest, pulling his shirt up to reveal his taunt stomach muscles, the abs not as defined as they had been before the feral, but it was still impressive. She looked up at her tamer, who was looking at her, amused but confused as to what she wanted, and she grinned, before saying, "You are wearing entirely too much. So am I for that matter."
She reached and pulled her dress off and gave her head a good shake, bouncing her shoulder length hair about, before coyly looking at her tamer. He was busy being torn between interested, and slightly shocked. He had thought she was different from the pokédex entry, as before she had been affectionate, but not like this. She growled down at him, and rolled her hips, as she pulled his shirt off, despite his sputtered protests, even though he did not truly try and fight her. He did ask, "So, what is with the sudden change? I mean, I am not protesting, yet."
Asheer gave him a level look and then kissed his neck, before saying, "I am tired of being proper and respectful, hoping you would start indulging me. You are not willing to properly tame me, so I hope this will give you ideas. I enjoy making others jealous of my master, Geno. My first master enjoyed it, and I did as well."
 She tossed his shirt onto the bench, and then nipped gently at his neck, before purring, "Pants, off, now."
He raised an eyebrow at the order, and said, "What if someone comes by?"
"Then they are going to get a show. Master," her voice changed, becoming a soft, seductive purr, "you did say how I wanted..."
Shrugging, he removed his hands from her waist, and began stripping his pants off, feeling decidedly self-conscious as he so. He did not get far though, as Asheer growled in frustration at the slowness of her tamer, and pounced, her hands quickly pulling down both boxers and pants, and she slid back, before sliding her tongue down her master's cock, and then sliding around the base, her muzzle rubbing against him, and then slowly traveling back up, her tongue tip flicking across the head, gathering the pre that had beaded there, and purring gently in pleasure at the taste. Looking up at her master's expression, she wrapped her tongue about the base of the head, before kissing, and then swallowing her master's cock, sucking harder as he groaned in pleasure, his hands on the back of her head, running through her hair.
Her tongue twisted and whirled about his cock, as she slowly bobbed her head, her hands stroking his thighs, before one of her hands cupped and caressed his testicles, teasing the already hard balls, making him dig his hands into her scalp, his hips bucking as she suddenly deep-throated him, fighting back her gag reflex to take him further. She purred in pleasure again as she felt his testicles press against her lips, and she slowly rolled her tongue about, making sure he was ready for her, before pulling her head back, and kissing him with all of her passion that she could spare, as she moved forward, her hips sliding along his legs to meet his, only breaking the kiss to shift his lips to her breast, and cooing in pleasure when he eagerly inhaled her nipple.
The sounds of their coupling echoed through the empty park, and soon Asheer's moans joined them, and her body bounced, her movements speeding up until she squealed, her loins tightening around his cock, desperately milking his shaft for his essence. After her orgasm passed, she gave him a half-hearted glare, and said, "You did not finish me."
Geno grinned back, and said, "No, because I was not done. First, lets gather up everything, and then go find a stand of trees, I have very evil plans for you, and you will beg for mercy before I am done."
He comically waggled his eyebrows at her, before sliding free of her and gathering their things, then pointing to a nearby stand of bushes and trees, and said, as he took off running, "Last one to the trees is a wanna-be dragon."
With an indignant snarl, Asheer took off after her tamer, intending to do horrible things to him for that comment, as he looked to be able to beat her, if only just barely.
(March 22, 296AS, 1830)
Finally back at the hospital, the dragon winged tamer sat down in the chair in his room, alone, and stared at the pokéball in his hands, before shrugging, and tossing it onto the floor, releasing the source of his current troubles. He watched the beautifully shaped BuzzQueen materialized before him, her wings flittering as she looked around, trying to spot him, as she had formed with her back to him. Her gossamer wings fluttered twice, before settling in their sheaths, and then she turned, her breasts gently bouncing with each movement, and her almost equally generous ass making nearly equal movements as well. And that is half the problem right there. She is entirely too attractive to let go of, isn't she? Dip shit, thinking with your balls instead of your brain.
Rolling his eyes at his own thought, he looked at Bellezza for a moment, before gesturing to the bed, and said, "Sit down. You have been a problem, and we need to discuss what you are going to do about it. Provided, of course that you want to stay with me."
The BuzzQueen buzzed softly, before moving gracefully to the bed, and sat down, her pleasantly plump and over endowed body not quitting for a moment. Shaking his head again, he leaned forward and said, "I have told you several times, stop causing problems, and yet, twice you tried to directly challenge MY choice for alpha, and twice you indirectly tried for it, demanding the obedience of your fellow harem sisters. And today, upon returning, I found out that you tried to rape Razia."
The pokégirl buzzed to herself softly, her mouth opening to say something, but he cut her off, continuing, "You have broken the basic rules of a harem, and the only reason I am even THINKING about keeping you is because you are useful and attractive. But Razia has indicated that she told you to back off, she was not interested, and yet you kept pushing until she had to attack you to get her message across. And in doing so, you broke all three rules of my harem. First rule: If someone says no, they mean no. Second rule: The alpha is appointed by me and only me, will be replaced as I see fit, and she speaks with my voice. Third rule: When I say something is done, IT IS DONE."
She stood up, and angrily retorted, "I am a better leader than Asheer could ever be. She keeps letting you get hurt, and can barely arrange acceptable taming times. I ran an entire hive better than she has run the harem. I certainly could not do a worse job than she could. You should make me alpha."
He glared at the BuzzQueen, feeling his irritation and anger climbing as he realized that she was challenging him, of all people, and decided that perhaps he had coddled her too much so far. He bared his fangs and said, his voice deceptively calm, "Sit down, now."
Something in his voice brought her up short and the look in his eyes made the BuzzQueen shiver in fear, and not the delighted fear at the prospect of a long, rough taming, this fear reminded her of the chamber. She sat down immediately, her hands going to wrap around her sides, and whimpered in fear, as the tamer stood and walked over to stand before her. She looked away from him as he stared at her, and for some reason her sudden obedience angered him more, making him hiss, "Get up and follow me, now. You get one chance to become alpha, and if you fail, you NEVER speak of becoming alpha again. Your punishment second part of the punishment for making demands of me will start after that. Two days of absolutely no taming."
Turning, he walked to the door, and headed down to the training room that the harem was in. As he approached he, heard the sounds of fighting, and figured from the noise that most of the harem was there. Good, that means we can do all three parts of this at once. Letting a hint of his fury show, he slammed the door open, the sound of the door connecting with the wall making the four, no five girls turn, their training forgotten at the intrusion. Looking around, he said, his voice tight with suppressed fury, "Razia, where is Asheer?"
The Cheetit looked uneasy at his tone, and took a second glance at the BuzzQueen behind, before shrugging to herself, and then pointing behind him, at the table beside the door, and then indicated she was asleep. Turning he saw a pokéball, and grabbed it, releasing his alpha, and then said, "Bellezza has officially challenge you for alpha, I am permitting it on two conditions, the first is that she never speaks of becoming alpha again. The second is that the rest of the harem can help either you or Bellezza. This will be a full harem fight."
Turning to the others he said, "Asheer will be on the further end, Bellezza on the closer. Pick and go."
Helaine and Sara immediately turned and walked down to the far end, but were quickly joined by Mayuan. Lendysa shook her head, and moved to stand next to Geno, giving him a raised eyebrow, to which he gave a slight shrug. Razia looked around, before giving the BuzzQueen a second glare, but then moved to join Geno. Bellezza looked around, suddenly realizing just how empty her section of the room was, before moving up to the part where she would stand, as Asheer nodded to the three joining her, entering her own part of the arena.
Turning, she gave the BuzzQueen a smile that revealed just how much she was going to enjoy this. Geno gestured for the two with him to move to the side, and once they were at standing beside the center of the arena, next to the wall, he said, "Begin."
The fight never really was in doubt, not with three girls on Asheer's side that could perform fire based attacks. Bellezza never even got to a quarter of the way to the other side before someone clipped her with a flamethrower attack, spinning her about in mid air, a perfect target. All four of the follow up attacks struck the BuzzQueen squarely, smashing her into the ground and back almost into her starting box. She lay on the ground, weakly moving, trying to get up, and the other team split up, thinking the fight was done. Which it would be, normally, but Geno was trying to make a lasting impression. He said, "Where are you four going, your opponent is still conscious."
Every pokégirl in the room froze at his voice, and six pairs of incredulous eyes turned toward him, and one pair of terrified eyes did as well. He raised an eyebrow, and said, "I was planning on combining several things with this fight. If you think it is done, then Asheer, I want you to beat Bellezza into unconsciousness."
Lendysa was the first to speak. "Geno... Why?"
He snorted and said, "Because I want her to understand she has made several very serious mistakes, and telling her that seemed to make no difference. This is the step after that one. Next is a level four taming cycle. After that is a level five and being sold. She continued to try and tame Razia after she indicated that she was NOT interested, she has tried to usurp the alpha position, four different times, despite me explaining that only I am allowed to assign someone to that position. And today, she tried to tell me what to do. The third I can ignore, the second is her just being stubborn but is not acceptable, the first, however, what convinced me that she needs to understand exactly what being in a harem means. Asheer...?"
Asheer nodded, and Geno turned to Razia and Lendysa, as Tiria entered the room, and looked around curiously, until she saw how badly hurt the BuzzQueen was, still in a heap on the ground. She started forward, and started to yell at the other harem members, until Geno grabbed her arm, and said, "Razia, you and Tiria are coming with me. Asheer, don't kill or permanently damage Bellezza."
Practically dragging Tiria out of the room, he held the door open for Razia, shutting it behind her, and then turned to Tiria, and said, "You have an issue with what you just saw?"
Tiria fumed, but said, "I am sure you thought you had a good reason for it and I am dying to hear it."
He shrugged, and said, "She has been making multiple attempts at the alpha position, tried to force Razia to tame her, and then told me to make her alpha. Needless to say, the second was what pushed me to using a harem beating to try and get her in line, the third simply killed her chance to try and explain why she has been such a bitch lately."
Geno wanted to continue, but Asheer opened the door from the room, and said, "She is no longer resisting master, would you like to have Tiria heal her, or just confine her to her pokéball for the while?"
He shook his head, and said, "Tiria, your call, her pokéball is by the door. Razia will be with me, as today is her day."
Watching their tamer walk off with their harem sister, Tiria shuddered slightly, and said, "I do believe that is the first time he has ever put his foot down like that."
The Flarebra sighed, and said, "I hope she learns, he hates himself enough right now for ordering this. He is not going to tame Razia; he just wants someone to hold him and tell him he is not an evil bastard."
Seeing the Nursejoy">Nursejoy give her a questioning look, she tapped her forehead, and said, "Delta bond, remember?"
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy shook her head, and then went into the gym, wondering aloud at her own lack of concern over what she had just witnessed, and knew had happened.
(April 14, 296AS, 930)
Geno stepped out of the hospital/pokécenter. and then stretched, his muscles protesting the sudden strain, having been unable to properly train for nearly three months, though his harem were protesting at the near constant level of training he been putting them through. Though they had all admitted that they liked their new, slimmer, leaner bodies, their bodies having shed as much fat as Tiria would let them, and all of them had more energy now, and could fight for a much longer period of time than they had even thought possible. Razia still refused to say a word to the other harem members, pretending to be mute, though she screamed his name loud enough when they tamed.
Grinning to himself, he sighed, remembering what he had to do now. Get out of town and start collecting ferals, for this three month rehab had nearly exhausted his funds, along with the payment he had made against his education loan. The rest of the money had been spent on supplies, and on getting radios for everyone, along with enough to fill out another full harem, in case the first set ended up damaged or broken, like Helaine had done to her own, not twenty minutes after buying the things. Luckily the radio had come with a warranty, and was supposed to be strong enough to resist an Amachop trying to destroy it. The store had gladly replaced the defective unit, and had checked the others, finding one of them had also been defective and replacing it as well.
Shaking his head, he checked his new pokédex, with a much better range of functions, such as a GPS tracker, a better communications link, could store data on dozens of individual pokégirls, monitor all of the radios he had purchased, and had several more functions that he was trying to figure out how to use. His personal favorite, however, was the automatic update of the Feral Incident Report, so now they knew about the problem ferals as they entered an area, including the ferals with bounties on them. He sighed, wishing that Tiria had been able to learn Regenerate while he was there, and that he could have bought the portable pokégirl healing unit.
Shaking his head, he made a mental note to buy a PPHU as soon as possible, and turned to the edge of town, wanting to get out and run for a while. Razia looked at him, and asked, "Master, are we going to leave now?"
He grinned, settled his poképack, and then said, "Race you to the edge of town? You have to go slow enough to stay in my sight though. Many tamers would be more than glad to steal you for their own harems."
Razia grinned, and dashed to the end of the street, not realizing that her tamer was stretching his legs out, not wanting to pull anything. He was just standing up to start moving when Razia skidded to a stop beside him, and said, "Let's go master. I want to get out of town to really run."
Laughing, he started moving and said, "Fine, let's go."
Finally back out in the wilds, he released Lendysa, and said, "Razia, stay in radio contact with me."
A wave was the only reply he got back before she disappeared over nearby hill, and Lendysa said, "She never talks to us. Why did you get her a radio?"
He simply shrugged, before heading down the path, and said, "Because she can click the mike to get my attention. She knows the codes for it."
"One click for 'repeat', two for 'understand', three for 'trouble', and a burst of static for 'need immediate rescue.'"
Lendysa grinned, and said, "Not sure if that is a standard code or not, but it seems to cover the range of needs on her end. And we can scream what we need."
He grinned back at her as a single click came over his comm, and he sent to her, "Not talking to you, Razia, just Lendysa, have fun exploring and running, but be sure to be with me when I get to the forest. I will give you a five minute warning."
A pair of clicks answered his order, and he grinned at Lendysa, before collecting the Kishi's pokéball, and heading down the path to the forest and mountain range that lay between Cherry Grove and Azalea Town.
(April 30, 296AS, 1950)
Flipping his wings down onto his back, he glanced around the camp, and laughed as Razia tackled Asheer to the ground for the fourth time that evening, and hugged the prone Flarebra, who was busy plotting revenge. Geno laughed, and said, "Razia, while I am sure that Asheer is glad that you are so friendly, perhaps you could not tackle her into the ground when thanking her?"
The Cheetit gave him an innocent look, and then growled softly, still rubbing against her alpha, while Asheer wiggled about trying to get free. She muttered, "Last time I save her from a feral. I will let the Vinebra finish with her next time."
Another laugh from the tamer, as he pulled Razia off of Asheer, before saying, "No, you will, I will just make sure that she gets put into her pokéball before you charge in and play hero. Though Sara was also helping take down that feral."
The Cheetit purred in pleasure as she trapped Geno in a kiss, stopping only when Helaine growled at her, "Tonight is my night, Razia. Back off."
Geno fought free of the kiss, and said, "HEY! Everyone needs to relax, take a deep breath and remember that we are all family here."
He gave everyone a half hearted glare, before saying, "However, Helaine is correct, Razia, you need to control yourself. Even if you are horny."
She gave him an incredibly innocent look, and chirped, her hand running through her hip length hair as she searched for horns, and Geno sighed, "It is an expression, Razia. Now calm down, please?"
The Cheetit gave him a more chaste kiss, before helping Asheer up, who glared and said, "You and I are going to have a talk, now. Away from the camp. Let's go."
Turning, she walked out of the camp, followed by a much more calm Cheetit, and the tamer sighed, before saying, "Note to self, see if Razia will at least pretend to be calm around Asheer."
Lendysa walked into the camp, and asked, "What was all that about?"
Geno snorted and related what had happened earlier that day.
Asheer had been out with him while Razia had been running through the forest, enjoying the chance to stretch her legs out. He had been talking about possible hunting spots for ferals, as so far all they had caught in their two-week journey was a pair of Catgirls and a Pidegette. Needless to say, he had not been amused at all with the scarcity of ferals in the area.
He was so engrossed in the conversation with Asheer that he barely heard the squeal of static from the radio, and it was not until the AI in the new pokédex announced that Razia's comm was no longer receiving or sending signals that he realized that something might be wrong. He glanced up, and then sighed, before pulling the pokédex out, and releasing both Sara and Helaine, and then Bellezza as an afterthought. He quickly explained that Razia's radio had been either destroyed or turned off, and pointed everyone in the direction that the last signal had come from. He let Bellezza and Sara lead, while Asheer and Helaine had tamer guard, as they headed off into the wilderness, not that far off of the direction they had been traveling to get to Azalea town by going cross country. They traveled in the direction of the last signal, moving quickly, Geno hoping that he was not going to lose another member of his harem to a feral so soon after starting again.
As they approached the area where Razia's signal had been lost, he pulled Sara and Helaine back, so that everyone would enter the area at the same time, instead of piece meal, and get picked off. So, everyone was together as the carefully entered the valley along the streambed, moving around the curve, and all of them had an excellent view of Razia. She was suspended beneath a tree, about five feet off the ground, her arms above her head, and her legs spread in a straight line from her hips, and several long, thick vines had somehow been wrapped around her body.
It was not until Razia shuddered that he noticed the vines were moving, thrusting away into his Cheetit's sex, ass, and mouth. Frowning, he pulled out the pokédex, and pointed it at the vines, wondering if it was a pokégirl. The ‘dex beeped, and he glanced down, skimming the text that it displayed for the important information about the feral.
VINEBRA, the Naughty Grass Pokégirl
Element: Plant/Poison
Frequency: Unknown (All Leagues)
Diet: Water, sunlight, soil, sexual fluids
Role: Unknown
Reading through the entry, he looked back up, and said, "Hm, I think Razia has the situation well in hand. Let's just watch for a bit. I want to see how she handles an amorous feral. She seems to be doing excellent so far."
The rest of the harem turned and stared at him in shock, as he turned on the recording option for his pokédex, and then said, "What? She seems to be enjoying herself."
Helaine was the first to turn back to her fellow harem member, and said, after a moment of watching, "True."
Asheer looked at both her tamer and the Cuntnaw, and said, "Maybe she is, but that does not mean we should just leave her like that."
Geno gave her an ingenious grin, and said, "Ah, so you are going to deny my fun of watching my Cheetit get mercilessly ravaged? It is not nearly as much fun to watch when I do it, as I am a bit more interested in pleasuring her. This way, I amuse myself, without needing to exert myself. Instant gratification, if you will."
Looking about, he spotted a nearby tree, and set up the recorder so that it would have a steady view of the spectacle in front of the tamer. He sat down under the tree, and watched Razia writhe as a tentacle deeply buried itself in her swollen pussy, making lewd slurping and sucking noises as it blindly pistoned away. She whimpered as the one in her ass joined the first, alternating so that one filled while the other withdrew, rolling her body as it rhythmically violated her. She squealed around the tentacle in her mouth as she came, her nectar staining the tentacle in her pussy, but it was quickly absorbed into the vines, which continued to ravage her, several smaller vines wrapping around the Cheetit's breasts, holding them still and squeezing them making her thrash harder, seeking release. He watched hypnotized by her movements, and it was not until his watch beeped at him, that he realized that he was not paying attention anymore. Glancing around, he checked his watch, before sighing, and standing up.
Realizing that he had recorded ten minutes of the Vinebra tentacle raping Razia, he moved over to the pokédex, turned off the recording option and said, "Alright ladies, I think I have enough for future amusement now. Lets capture the feral, and see if Razia has been tamed enough for a day."
Sara and Asheer were looking decidedly uncomfortable, and Helaine had been playing with herself, which had been three of the reasons that he had decided to end this now. The other was the Razia had just had a dry orgasm, and that could not be comfortable for her, being raped so hard, for so long, that her body literally could not take any more. Sara and Asheer immediately moved about, getting around Razia, who was whimpering in pain now, and hit the spot they thought the Vinebra was hiding in, as the Vinebra had never shown herself to the observers. The Vinebra's scream let Geno know that at least one of his two girls had hit the feral, and he watched a portion of the tree suddenly turn into a green skinned female, and fall out of the tree, nearly landing on the senseless Cheetit.
The feral thrashed as the tamer returned Razia to her pokéball, and both the Charmelons and Flarebra began to mercilessly pound the Vinebra with flamethrower and fireball attacks. After a minute of hitting the plant type with fire attacks from two sources, he figured the feral had had enough, and threw a pokéball at her, while yelling for his pokégirls to stop attacking. The feral slipped into the pokéball so easily he thought she must have been relieved to get away, and the capture chime sounded almost immediately. Sara grabbed the feral's pokéball, before turning to the tamer, and asking, "Are we going to keep her?"
He raised an eyebrow as the rest of the harem began to laugh, and said, "Why, hoping for a taming with her for yourself?"
Sara blushed, and stammered, "No, but I thought you might want to watch Razia with her again. I know I would."
Geno laughed, but shook his head, and said, "No, I am not going to keep the Vinebra. Come on, lets move on. Razia can enjoy her after glow for a bit before Tiria heals her. Now lets keep moving, and someone peg that Kitten on that tree over there."
Helaine whirled toward the indicated tree, and spotted the crouching Kitten, and smashed the feral off the branch with a water spear, and then hit her with another one as the feral hit the ground. Geno lobbed a pokéball, and said, "Alright, lets keep moving people, we will start encountering more ferals, with any kind of luck. Asheer, please grab the pokéball, and then catch up."
Lendysa was giving him a look of skepticism, and said, "Two questions. The reason that you did not bother to let me out to watch? And how do you plan to make it up to me?"
 He looked down at his pokégirl that was his companion for the night, and grinned, flippantly replying, "The first was because I wanted a ready reserve to defend me incase I needed to commit my two guards. The second is easier to show rather than tell. If you will follow me into my parlor, my little fly, I will be glad to demonstrate."
She returned his flippant reply with an arch look, and said, "For that, we shall see who the fly, Geno is."
She squealed when his hand smacked against her ass, and her glare was spoiled by the fact that she blushed; betraying the fact that she actually enjoyed it. He grinned at her and murmured in her ear softly, "And if you want me to do it some more, you are going to have to beg convincingly after that little declaration."
She could not hide her blush, and the scales that formed across her breasts and covered her womanhood did little to hide her arousal at the thought of him dominating. She rubbed against him, and then began to pull him toward the tent, much to the rest of the harem's amusement.
(May 12, 296AS, 1800)
Rounding the final hill, Geno sighed in relief, and started putting up his harem, promising to let the out after he got a room in the pokécenter. He was planning to stay here at least a week, and was planning on getting some of his pokégirls some equipment, if the small number of ferals they had caught would cover it. Three weeks, and only a dozen and half or so ferals, and of them, only three were going to provide him with the credits needed for his purchases, a Thundrix, a Sparkanine, and a Growltit, most of the rest of his catches being Growlies and other common types. Pausing between Helaine and Sara, he eventually decided on the Cuntnaw, and said, "Helaine you have tamer watch today. Hopefully not having a rare harem member out will keep me from being challenged to a pokégirl battle."
He paused, waiting for what had become an expected occurrence, being challenged the moment he said that he hoped to avoid it. He was therefore pleasantly surprised when no one immediately jumped out from behind a bush or tree, and challenged him to a duel, and then shook his head, realizing he was becoming jaded. Helaine looked at him in surprise, her head slightly tilted to the side, before asking, "Something wrong, master?"
He shook his head, and said with a small smile, "No, not yet. Give it a few minutes, though, as I am sure something will go wrong. This is me we are talking about, after all."
She grinned and then rubbed against him, before asking, "When do we tame?"
He waggled a finger at her, as he led the way to the city, and gently chided, "Behave, I know you are horny, but it can wait until we get to the pokécenter. I promise to tame you until you pass out when we get there."
He rounded the corner, his Cuntnaw trailing along behind him, and noted the layout of the town as he wandered through, glad that he had arrived before sundown, letting him get a good look at the town before he went out tomorrow, knowing that if he stepped out with any of his rare harem members out on bodyguard duty, he would be beating back salvage challenges with a stick. And with Sara on guard duty tomorrow, that would take all of six seconds.
Shaking his head, he spotted the pokécenter, and made a line toward it, and breathed a small sigh of release as he made it inside without a challenge. Looking around, his tail flicked in irritation, noting at least two other tamers in the lobby, as he recalled Helaine. Handing the attendant Ingenue his pokéballs, he turned around and froze as he spotted a flash of dark fur in the corner of his eye, though after a second glance he noted it was a small feline who was moving toward one of the tamers at the computer terminals, not the monstrosity that had destroyed his harem. Trying to get his heart to slow back down, he idly scanned the pokégirl, nodding as he read the entry.
SHADOWCAT, the Fickle Feline Pokégirl
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human style foods
Role: espionage, spying
Attractive, but I already have a kitty. He snapped the pokédex shut, not really interested in adding another ‘girl to his harem at the moment, and looked up as the attendant handed his harem back to him. He thanked her, and released Helaine again, who shook herself and then licked him, much to the amusement of the Ingenue. He growled softly at Helaine, and said, "Would you behave?"
She shook her head, and said, "You said we would tame when we got to the pokécenter. We are at the pokécenter. Its time to tame."
He gave her a look that suggested exactly what she could do with that notion, before shaking his head, and grumbling, "Has Asheer been giving everyone tips on how to pin the tamer against the wall?"
Helaine's nod at his rhetorical question earned her a glare, but he did not comment, instead asking the amused Ingenue for a taming room key, as well as one for a room. Helaine grinned as he pocketed the room key, and snorted as he turned to gently tap her on the snout with the key for the taming room. He grinned at her glare at him, before asking, "Are you going to behave?"
She quickly slipped into her 'I am innocent, don't look at me' act, and said, "Of course master."
Not decieved in the least, he shook his head, and led the way to the back of the center, commenting, "You are lucky you are so cute, else I would not put up with your sass, little lady."
She stuck her tongue out at him, and meeped in surprise when he grabbed it, and pulled it down, forcing her head lower until he could look in her eyes. She looked absolutely ridiculous staring into his eyes with her tongue stuck between two of his fingers, so much so that he started to laugh and kissed her forehead, before saying, "can you at least pretend to behave until we get to the room?"
"Mut we art dere now."
He glanced at the door, and then said, "You are right, we are there. Now, the question is who do I get to spend time with?"