Chapter 12
(February 15th, 296AS, 0800)
Geno flexed his wings, and then began to do his morning stretches, reminiscing on the previous two days as he did so. The gym badge had been simple to get, as his two fire girls had gone through the various bugs that had been sent against them easily. Sara and Asheer had made him immensely proud of how well they had done, and Geno had decided to give everyone a free day, letting them have some R&R outside their pokéballs. The next day had been a long one for him, as most of the girls had wanted at least a little time with him, except for Tiria, who had spent her day getting to know the Ivywhore, and had discovered something interesting about her.
One of the Ivywhore's eyes could not dilate correctly, and a scar on the back of her head showed where the damage might have come from. Tiria had had to do some checking, and found that the healing machine used here in Cherry Grove was an older model, so it was not as good at fixing injuries as the ones in other cities were. Putting Athyra back through the machine in a more intensive healing level, usually reserved for those that had received mortal wounds, had nearly cured the problem completely, but Tiria had wanted to make sure that Athyra was truly alright, and had spent the day with her, something that he had secretly been pleased about. He hoped that his Nursejoy">Nursejoy would help the Ivywhore get over her painful shyness, but it might take a while before anything resulted from the two keeping each other company.
Turning around, he wondered when Nicky Llaler would show up. She had accosted him yesterday as he had been doing some more shopping, and had asked if she could ask him for a favor.
Asking her to come back today, and tell him more, he had then bought both extra non-combatant slots for his harem. Now he just had to figure out what pokégirl breeds to add to his harem. He continued to stretch, and grinned as his muscles strained, enjoying the feeling of relief as muscles relaxed and loosened up. Finishing the stretches, and he looked around the room, with its training equipment, and smiled, wondering whether Asheer would yell at him for wandering off without one of the harem with him.
Shrugging to himself, he walked out of the room, glancing at a wall chrono, and noted it was a little before nine in the morning, and stopped, staring at the clock for a moment. Thoughts idly wandered to and fro, casting for the reason he was always awake at eight in the morning, regardless of how late sleep had come the night before. Like today, staying up until nearly four in the morning, and yet here he was, forcing himself to keep moving, until the hunt for some caffeine was successful. Shaking the disturbing thoughts away, aware that the missing memories must be why he did so many odd things and had so many unusual habits, he continued onward, toward the room with his pokégirls.
Returning to his room, he grinned at all the women flesh, most not wearing a stitch, his Nursejoy">Nursejoy the only exception, a nightie that left damn little to the imagination. Kissing his alpha, who started awake at the sudden sensation of flesh against her neck and glared at his slight sheen of sweat, before asking, "What were you doing?"
Grinning, he lazily replied, "Morning stretches. I did not even leave the hallway."
He pulled out his poképack, and asked, "How long would it take everyone to get ready to go? They can continue their beauty sleep in their pokéballs. I would like to get moving, and see how much distance we can cover today."
Asheer grinned evilly, but stopped at his gently waggling finger and admonishment of "Gently wake them. No screaming to bring them awake."
She pouted and then rubbed herself against him, before seductively purring, "When do you want to leave?"
Not allowing himself to be distracted was an exercise of will power, and nearly took more than he had, but he managed to push her back, and said, "Sooner is better than later. Nicky wanted to ask me a favor, and she knows I am leaving early today. I would rather not find out that she wanted to share my bed. So the sooner we leave, the less likely she is to ask that. I doubt she is as soft and cuddly as my harem is, especially my alpha."
Asheer blushed slightly as he complimented her, before turning to get the harem up and ready. Most protested, until they learned that Geno planned to let them sleep in their pokéballs, in which case they quickly got ready, most yawning the whole time. Geno returned all but Asheer and Lendysa, before asking, "So, who wants tamer guard?"
Lendysa looked at Asheer hopefully, and Asheer laughed, before giving her permission but adding, "Lendysa can watch you for a while, since all she did with you yesterday was weapons practice. Lendysa, if something happens to him while you are watching him, I will be displeased with you."
Lendysa grinned at her alpha as the Flarebra was returned, before sighing, and commenting, "She is to quick to offer threats for your well being, and that is not productive. As if I would willingly let you get hurt in the first place."
Geno grinned at her, before she was gathered in his arms, and said, "I will talk to her about it. Now, less gloomy thoughts, and more on what we are going to do while we wait for Nicky to show up?"
She grinned, and drew a wooden sparring axe that she had purchased from the spare poképack, before tossing the wooden axe to her free hand, while Geno drew his staff. Once prepared, the half-dragon led the way to the lobby, where he informed the Eva that Nicky would be by to see him, and that he was in one of the training rooms, the same one he had been stretching in. Leading the way back to the room, tail rubbing against Lendysa's side, he grinned down at her, enjoying her company. Entering the room, he dimmed the lights a bit, enough they could still see, but not enough to hurt the eyes before setting himself into a defensive stance. As he flipped his staff around, he suddenly remembered something, and said, "Remind me after we are done sparring to send a message to Kaigan. I promised to send him one when I got my first badge but forgot. Besides, I have not heard from him in a while. And might as well send one to Selene while I am at it, I miss her."
Lendysa flipped her wooden axe around, and nodded at his request, as she twirled her wooden axe toward him. Geno blocked the lazy blow with his staff, sighing and lashing back at the Amazonwu, snapping, voice testy, "Don't hold back for my sake. That blow you pull now might be an echo of the one a feral pulls, and I don't think the feral will pull her blows, no matter how nicely I ask."
She laughed at his joke, and did not immediately comply, still holding back, before slowly increasing the force of her blows, so that he would not get hurt if a blow suddenly broke through. She grinned as her tamer managed to hold his own, though he was constantly giving ground, forcing her to fight as he moved away from her attacks. She quickly realized that that kind of opponent was damned hard to hit, as Geno was not fast enough to block a few of her blows, but he managed to back out of the way before they landed. He grinned at her frown of irritation, and then laughed as he dodged her latest strike, and then managed to land a hit on her wrist, making her drop her axe and cry out it shock from the hit, though he was not strong enough to actually hurt her. She stood frozen for a moment after he managed to connect with her wrist, and he asked, "Lendysa? Are you alright?"
As he stepped forward, she suddenly gasped, and stiffened, her body suddenly beginning to glow with an inner light. Jumping back with a startled curse as his Amazonwu began to evolve, he looked away, blinking as she suddenly stopped glowing, rendering him blind as the light disappeared. The first thing he noticed as he rapidly blinked, trying to restore his vision, was the sound of something soft, formless, and light hitting the ground, before he was suddenly encased in strong arms, and a soft, loving kiss was planted on his mouth. As he blinked away his light blindness, he saw Lendysa looking at him, amusement on her face, as she rubbed against him. He stepped back and held her at arms length, studying her, and trying to see how she had changed. Other than slightly fuller breasts, an extra few inches of growth or so, and some more muscles, she had not changed at all. Looking at her again, he suddenly frowned, and asked, "What happened to your necklace?"
Lendysa giggled, eyes bright in the dim lighting, before purring, "I used the scale to evolve, Master, just like the pokédex said I would."
Her words washed over her tamer, who shuddered slightly, feeling like a bucket of warm water had just been dumped on him. Mind wandering, his tail slowly traced up the side of Lendysa's thigh, which used to make her gasp in pleasure, and noted with disappointment that she simply shifted slightly to try and get his tail higher. He looked at her, and said, "So, are we done for the day then?"
She sighed, and then reached for his hand, which he eagerly offered her, until she barely flexed. Geno went to his knees in pain as she underestimated how much her strength had increased, for her grip on his hand was grinding the bones together. She immediately released his hand, and stammered, "I am sorry, Master, I did not realize how strong I had become. I just wanted to show that I can not train you until I am in full control again of my abilities."
Taking a moment to recover from the pain of the overpowered grip, and then shaking his hands a few times to make sure it was functional, Geno then asked, "How long will that take, and are you going to need restraints for taming? I hope not, I rather enjoy you being able to move as you want."
She, however, nodded with sadness in her eyes, and said, "That would be best for you, Master. And I would like to get more weapons."
"And some new clothing, perhaps? And Len, I know I have given you permission to call me by my name, so please do so. I like it when others treat me as an equal, instead of an inferior or some sort of tin god."
Lendysa smiled softly, and shook her head, before frowning in concentration, before she
suddenly was sprouting scales, which covered her chest, stomach, and hips, and said, "No, I have no need for clothing now, Mast...Geno."
She looked a little uneasy about using his name, but he grinned at her, his hands moving to rub her sides, still treating her as if she was the extra-sensitive Amazonwu, not the new pokégirl that she had become. He eventually stepped back, pulled the pokédex from the poképack, scanned her, and tossed her his wallet, idly commenting, "Don't spend everything, alright? Just get what you need, and come back. I will wait in the lobby until you get back or Nicky shows, whichever happens last."
She nodded, before heading back out, her armor vanishing as she became distracted by her own thoughts on what to get, as Geno glanced down to see what his Amazonwu had become. Staring at the name, he wondered if he had seen it become, after viewing the ‘wu's entry, and then shook his head, focusing on the entry.
KISHI, the Armored Amazon Pokégirl
Element: Fighting/Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human style foods, especially rice
Role: warriors, bodyguards
Humming softly to himself, he walked out to the lobby, and sat down, committing the entry to memory, and waved off the Eva when she asked if she could do anything for him, not really paying attention. The door sliding open made him look up from his pokédex, and he waved with one wing to Nicky as she looked around, getting her attention. She nodded to him, and wandered over to the pokécenter desk, and gave the Eva her harem, asking for a full healing, cleaning, and checkup. The Eva nodded, and gave Nicky a quick kiss, before bounding into the back room, leaving Nicky to turn to a snickering Geno, who tried, and failed, to compose his features into an expression of innocence. She gave him a glare, but headed over to him anyway, and plopped down onto one of the other couches, and asked, her tone dangerously soft and loaded, "Yes?"
Geno tried to look even more innocent, even though he was shaking with suppressed laughter, and eventually lost control of it, and howled with amusement. Nicky simply waited until he was done, before saying, "What was so amusing?"
Geno cheekily retorted, "The look on your face when that Eva kissed you. Like you wanted to do more, but not in front of me. Now, about what you wanted to talk to me about?"
Nicky stared at him flatly for a moment, before she reached into her pocket, as Geno released Asheer. Nicky looked up, and then snapped, "I am not going to attack you."
Geno raised an eyebrow, but Asheer replied, her voice carefully neutral, "He gets into trouble the moment he is without one of his harem members, so all he is doing is making sure that we don't have an excuse to yell at him and administer spankings."
Geno felt his face color at Asheer's final words, as Nicky started snickering herself. He turned to Asheer, his eyes flat, and said, quite calmly, "Are you done exaggerating?"
"About the fact you get into trouble at the drop of a hat?"
Nicky was laughing softly as Geno glared at Asheer, and decided that this battle had already been lost, so he said, "You are trying to get me to revoke your right to be a guard, aren't you? Nicky, the job?"
She grinned at him, and said, "Your secret is safe with me. Anyway, the job is simple. Something has been killing or stealing members of the local hive, and I want to find out what, before the BuzzQueen decides to send the entire swarm in. That will be messy, if she does that, for she has no idea what is attacking her swarm, so she will probably just kill or convert everything in the area."
Geno raised an eyebrow, and said, "So, you want me to head into an area that the BuzzQueen plans to attack soon, knowing damn well that the queen might decide to clean it out while I am in there, and either kill me or turn me into a mindless drone."
Nicky's mouth twitched, and she nodded, "Yes, but while we are at least appearing to try and deal with the problem, she will not do anything about it. However, the queen will not wait much longer, as the last tamer who went to try and deal with the problem was nearly two weeks ago."
Geno raised an eyebrow, and asked, "What happened to him?"
Nicky shrugged, and said, "We have no idea, his pokédex was found in a clearing about a half day west of town, but nothing else. No blood, supplies, bodies, nothing. We think it is another swarm, but the Queen cannot feel them without going herself, it is too far. So, that is what I want you to do, find out what has been taking the Buzzbreasts away from the hive, and report back. If you can deal with it, great, go for it. If not, just get back to town. Here is my comm. number."
Geno looked at Nicky with amusement as she tried to hand him a piece of paper, and then looked around, as if startled, and said, "Wow, when did I say I was going to do this?"
Nicky frowned slightly, and said, "If you are a real tamer, and not some Sunday tamer, then yes, you will."
Geno stared at her, before saying, "Are you trying to convince me to do this job, or trying to get me to not do it? Because you ask me to do it, and then attempt to insult me."
He looked down, forcing the irritation at her insult away, and then asked, ignoring her fuming, "What is the pay?"
Nicky stopped frowning, and leaned back, leaving the paper on the table between the two couches, and said, "Fifty thousand standard league credits, along with five high potions, and five great balls. That is both the first and only offer, and is take it or leave it."
Asheer was looking at Nicky in surprise, and Geno felt the same. Nicky was appearing to ask for their help, and yet she was being very rude about it, maybe because she could not fix the problem herself. He considered the offer, and said, "Can I get enough antidotes for the tamer and his harem that vanished? The antidotes for the Buzzbreast mutation poison, I mean. If I get there, and you are right about it being another swarm, then I might be able to rescue the other tamer. And if he has to wait until your group gets there, he might be unamused about becoming a pokégirl."
Nicky tilted her head slightly, and said, "I did not hear you accept the job."
Geno felt his lips pull back, and bared his fangs, before asking, "Are you always this pissy, or is today an exception? You have been increasingly rude since you got here, and you are trying to hire me. You can have either an attitude or my help, now pick one."
Nicky stood up, and said, "We are done. Good day."
Watching her turn and storm out of the pokécenter after collecting her harem, Geno turned to Asheer, and said, "So, do we help or ignore her?"
He glanced down, and noted with amusement that she had left her comm. code, and idly contemplated putting her number out as a listing for a pokégirl whoring company. Asheer shrugged, and said, "They are probably not going to pay us for dealing with the problem if we do that. But it would be a good opportunity to train myself, Sara, and Mayuan in team tactics. The most we have done is two to a team. Eventually, we need the entire harem working in harmony. I think we should go for it. Also, where is Lendysa?"
Geno said that the Amazonwu had evolved and was now a Kishi, before continuing with, "If you want more information, I will give it to you in a minute. I want to talk to the Eva for a moment."
Leaving his poképack by Asheer, he started toward the front desk, but turned when the front doors opened, allowing Lendysa to walk in. Geno was forced to do a double take, before he sighed, and said, "I am glad that you decided to get everyone in the harem a weapon, but was that really necessary? Asheer wants to talk with you."
Lendysa gave him a long, amused look, and shouldered her new weapons before walking over to Asheer. She still had her battleaxe, but had added a dagger, a spear, and a short bow to her arsenal of weapons. She also had a bag with some other items in it, and began to place them in the poképack, talking to Asheer. Heading over to the Eva, he asked for a copy of the conversation with Nicky, just in case, he thought, and handed his pokédex over to the Eva, who nodded, but asked, her voice sultry, "Alright, but what is in it for me?"
Geno considered it the question for a moment, an honest one he had to admit, and let his eyes wander over the Eva. Her bushy tail flickered as she inhaled, trying to make her small but beautiful chest seem larger, and she pushed her chair back to let him view her slim hips, long, graceful legs. He hummed to himself, before saying, "Perhaps a full night of taming once I get back as a reward for being so incredibly cute and helpful?"
The Eva giggled and stretched, before saying, shamelessly using her aura of cuteness on him, "Promise that you will come back this way?"
He barely managed to resist the overpowering urge to give the Eva a hug, or take her into the back and tame her now, and purred," Of course I will, I want to rub Nicky's words back in her face. That alone will bring me back, and the thought of you eagerly waiting will make me come back that much faster."
She giggled at him, before scooping up his pokédex, and scurried into the back room, where the recording equipment for the cameras scattered about the lobby were stored. She closed the door behind her, and Geno heard Lendysa say, "And you could not keep him from mouthing off to the gym tamer?"
Asheer snorted, and replied testily, "I was about to reply similarly, but he beat me to it. She was very rude, for all that she was asking for our help. Master, are you done yet?"
Geno turned to reply, when the Eva bounced back out and presented him with his pokédex, and said, "The recording you asked for is stored under the official records, titled ‘Lobby Meeting'. Thank you for visiting mister, and come back soon."
She gave Geno a wink, still projecting her Aura of Cute, and Geno grinned back, taking the pokédex, and nodded in thanks. He then headed back to his harem members, and asked, "So, are we ready to go, and can I have my wallet back?"
Lendysa shook her head, and said, "No, Geno, you wanted to send a message to Kaigan and Selene, remember?"
"Oh right, let me go take care of that real quick."
Heading to an empty room, he sat down on one of the chairs, and keyed up pokédex recording option, before resuming his seat, and smiled at the camera. He said, "Hey Kaigan, it is Geno. Have not heard from you in a bit, and I just remembered that I was going to send you a message when I got my first badge. Well, I forgot, so I am sending you this message after getting my second badge. Other than that, things have been pretty normal, and boring, capturing ferals, having my harem members evolve, and dealing with all the problems, excitement, and explosions that are normal for tamers to deal with. Give me a call when you get this, I would like to hear from you. Geno out."
He switched off the recording option, and saved the movie, before setting it back up again for his message to Selene. He started recording, and said, unable to stop smiling, "Hello Selene, thanks for sending me everyone's messages, Tiria and myself really enjoyed them. Things have been pretty dull and normal, what with ferocious ferals, team terrorist attacks, and the various problems that having a full harem causes. I was just calling to say hi, and see how everyone was doing. I would talk longer, but you know how much I hate doing recordings, and I have something else that I need to do that will take three or four days. If I have not heard from you by then I will call you back, and accuse you of not caring about me. Oh, and tell Masaki not to feel bad about the recorder, we both know that her brains were never meant for complex mechanical devices."
He winked, and turned off the recorder, saved the video and then closed his pokédex. Heading out to the lobby, he downloaded the two messages into the message program, and sent the two messages off, double checking to make sure that they went to the correct people, before turning to his two harem girls, and asking, "Okay, now are we ready to go?"
Lendysa sighed, and nodded, holding his wallet out for him, and said, "Yes, we are now ready. I take it we are heading out west to see what has been taking Buzzbreasts?"
Geno nodded, and put the wallet into his pocket, before shouldering the poképack, and said, "Then lets head west, save the day, and rub it in Nicky‘s face that she would not know a decent tamer if he came up and kicked her in the ass."
Ignoring the giggle form the Eva, the groan from Asheer, and the sigh from Lendysa at his theatrics, he whirled toward the exit, and said, "FORWARD! MARCH! HHHOOOOOOOO!"
Lendysa sighed again, but moved forward to walk behind him slightly, as she asked Asheer, "Why could we have not gotten a sane tamer?"
Geno retorted as he started to act a bit more normal, "Because sanity is boring and dull, while insanity is refreshingly disturbing."
(February 16th, 296AS, 1000)
Geno looked down into the clearing and grinned to himself, as he pulled out three pokéballs, and released Asheer, Lendysa, and Tiria. Sara had been out since they had broken camp that morning, and he gestured for them to be silent, as a scream echoed from the clearing below them. He glanced back down, and saw one of the graceful cats rolling to her feet, and snarl, "PURRSIAN!"
Another, larger cat hissed softly from nearby, "Cat cat wildcat."
He looked around again, and spotted another Purrsian near the fourth and final feline, who had a nasty slash on her thigh, and he recognized her as a Cheetit, same as the one that had visited him in the hospital while healing from James' thrown rock. She hissed at the three ferals, which were carefully moving back into a position around the wounded Cheetit, hoping for an easy meal since the Cheetit obviously could not run with her wounded leg, and since the hills were unusually steep on the other sides, she could not get away by trying to run up the hill, even if her leg was not hurt. The Cheetit snarled at the two Purrsians and the Wildcat, all three of which hissed back at her, as they stalked closer, forcing the Cheetit deeper into the blind gorge. Looking at the others, he said, "Sara, take the Wildcat, Asheer knock out the Cheetit. Lendysa will deal with the two Purrsians. Remember ladies, captures are the aim of the game, so try to not kill them. The Cheetit is the primary capture target, the Wildat secondary, and if we can get a clean sweep, I will let each of you pick your own rewards for it. Lets go ladies, that Cheetit is not going to last much longer."
All three of the combat ladies grinned at the mention of picking their own rewards, and Tiria said, "And my job is to keep you safe?"
Geno nodded, and then watched all three of his girls move toward the lip, and began to hunt for a way down, before Asheer pointed to a ‘path' down, mostly clear of rubble, but a few large rocks to help slow their descent. Tiria moved and slipped into Geno's arms, and kissed him, before resting her head against his chest. He grinned down at her, and asked, "So, you got Athyra to use permanent bloom powder on you, I noticed."
He looked down again as she sighed in frustration, and all three of his pokégirls began moving down the hill, and the Cheetit began to move backwards, slowly and hissing at her attackers. He said, "What is wrong?"
She grabbed both her breasts, and said, "Athyra accidentally used too much. I wanted a bit more than a handful, not boobs the size of my head."
Geno kissed her forehead, and said, "I wondered, but was not going to ask. I have no problem with," his hands gently stroked her larger, fuller breasts as he continued, "large, full, beautiful breasts. Bigger IS better, in that regard and in my opinion. To a point, at least. I think you look positively ravishable."
She snorted gently, but rested her head against his chest again, before they both turned to watch the unfolding battle. Asheer had hit the Cheetit with a tackle right as the left Purrsian leapt, and screamed as the Purrsian used fury swipes, raking her claws along Asheer's back, though her scales caught most of the attack. Sara blasted the Wildcat as she dashed forward with a flamethrower, catching the shocked feral completely off guard, and hitting her full in her chest. Lendysa shot an arrow at the further Purrsian as she formed her scale armor, and swore as the arrow hit the feral in the arm, instead of her gut, where she had been aiming. The blow still knocked the feral down, however, and gave the Kishi enough time to use Dragon Dance, and then twister, knocking the feral back onto the ground as she was caught off guard. He cursed and activated his pokédex, recording the battle so he would not miss anything.
Asheer cursed at herself softly as the Purrsian raked its claws across her back, and whirled, before returning the strikes with one of her own, her claws ripping through the skin and muscle of the Purrsian's shoulder, as her slash attack connected. She hissed in fury, and then used firespin, trapping the feline skank in a whirlwind of flames, before turning around and screamed as the Cheetit bit her, the feral's fangs ripping through her thigh's scales, and tearing at the muscles. She snarled in fury, that this whore had actually damaged her, and snarled, as she blasted the wounded Cheetit with dragon rage, "That had better not leave a scar, bitch, or I will personally take it out on your hide."
The Cheetit responded with a slash to her gut, and the claws punched through the scales, tracing long, burning lines across her gut, while the fangs in the Flarebra's thigh dug deeper, and then ripped free, taking a chunk of Asheer with it. Asheer lost it at that point, and raged, before hitting the pinned Cheetit with multiple slash attacks, trying to turn her into a stain for DARING to hurt her, and make her less perfect for her tamer. The Cheetit screamed with each slash, though after the fourth slash her scream turned into a gurgle, but all Asheer could see was a red mist, and the dim outline of her opponent. Suddenly something small and round flew past her shoulder, expertly pegging the gurgling Cheetit, and sucking her into it. Asheer pushed herself up, still enraged past all sense, and turned toward the Purrsian as the feral finally fought free of the whirlwind of flame. Her primary offender was gone, so Asheer was going to settle for turning the Purrsian into a steaming, bloody pile of torn flesh and muscle. She rushed forward, and blasted the struggling Purrsian with a flamethrower, and then slashed, throwing the Purrsian backwards, onto the ground, leaving her open to the attacks of the enraged Flarebra.
Sara grinned as the Wildcat was thrown backwards, the flamethrower hitting the sensitive breasts of the feral, and for a second she wondered if perhaps she shouldn't have aimed for the center of mass, as Master might want to tame her later, and burnt breasts were not nearly as much fun as swollen, bouncing tits. Seeing Asheer use fire spin to keep the attacking Purrsian at bay, while dealing with the Cheetit, Sara grinned and copied the move, trying to trap the feral in the flaming spiral, but the Wild Cat dodged out of the way, and rushed forward, as the Charred Charmelons used ignite, setting her body aflame with black energies, combining the dark and fire elements to double the damage. The Wild Cat had already started her tackle, and screamed in pain as the black flames burned her, searing her flesh, as the Charmelons scratched, wishing she had bothered to pay attention when Asheer had shown her how to properly slash with her smaller claws.
The Wild Cat slammed her hand against Sara's ass, making her squeal in combined pain and embarrassment, before she shoved her suddenly chilled hands, stealing away the considerable strength of the feral, and making her stagger backwards, trying to get away from the sudden weakness. Sara used the break to use flame sword mark 2, her claws suddenly glowing with the same energies that coated her body, but they were much thicker on her hands. She grinned, and rushed forward, and unleashed her fury swipes, an attack that she had learned at the ranch from another pokégirl, the flames searing the wounds shut behind her flashing claws. Still grinning, she used burning hands, pouring the flame sword's heat into the technique, making it much worse than it normal would have been, causing the Wild Cat to let out a long, despairing scream, before she backed away. Sara hit the retreating Wild Cat with a fireball as she backed away, and relaxed slightly, knowing that it was over.
She let out a startled snarl when the flames cleared, though, and the Wild Cat was still standing. She snarled her frustration at the damn feral, urging it to just go down, as the feral took a few steps back, but the scream of one of the Purrsian's halted it. It glanced at its pride sisters, and something in its face changed, hardening, and suddenly she started to glow. Sara cursed and backed away, and stood watching, wondering what had happened and why now the Wild Cat was evolving. The glow stopped as quickly as it began, and Sara felt her heart drop at the sheer size of the muscles on the new girl.
Sara spat a flamethrower at the evolved Wild Cat, and felt her heart stop as the feral leapt over the attack, and seemed to be trying to land directly on top of her. She threw herself into a roll to the side, and looked up just in time to take a head butt with her face, and then felt claws that must be as long as her hand ripping through her gut. She desperately lashed out with fury swipes, and felt the world stop as the feral grabbed her right arm, snapped it in three spots like a twig, and then pulled her arm back, before slamming her fist against Sara's head with a punch that must have started a mile or so behind her. Her last thought as she felt something break was that she had failed her Master yet again. Then the second strike landed, and she was gone.
Lendysa had rushed forward, angry at how much slower she felt in her new body, and slid to a halt beside the feral Purrsian, wanting to get a clean sweep. Asheer would just have to deal with the extra Purrsian. She was almost to the feral when the Purrsian ripped the arrow out of her shoulder, and threw it at the Kishi, before throwing herself forward in an attempt to claw her opponent. Lendysa grinned at the feral, and almost insultingly dodged the blow, and then bonked the feral on the head. Another attempted scratch, and this time she countered with cross-shield, stopping the blow cold, and then retaliated with another axe attack, this time backhanding the feral away with another strike from her axe.
Disappointed at how easy it was to counter the feral, Lendysa decided to switch to her spear, wanting some more practical experience with the weapon, instead of the instinctive skill she currently had with it. Stalking toward the Purrsian, who had slowly climbed to its feet, shaking their head to clear the fuzziness from the last strike, she gestured for the feral to come to her, and set herself into a pose of relaxation, as if she did not have a care in the world. The taunt worked, enraging the Purrsian, who rushed forward, good arm raise to deliver a slash to the Kishi's throat. Lendysa waited until the feral was in perfect position, before quickly dropping the spear tip, and set the butt of the spear on the ground as the weapon leveled with the Purrsian's gut. The Purrsian could not stop in time, and the spear tip entered its belly, and ripped out her back, before she finally stopped on the cross guard, that was nearly two feet down the pole from the tip.
Shrugging to the stunned feral, who was staring at the weapon buried in her belly, she coughed blood once, and then looked up at the Kishi, before screaming once as Lendysa used the butt of her axe to knock her unconscious, ready for her tamer to capture. Turning, she blinked at the sudden explosion of light from the Wild Cat, and cursed as her eye sight returned, drawing her axe and dashing forward to assist Sara, realizing that the situation had just got a whole lot more dangerous, judging from the muscles on the feral. And her guess was proved correct, as she watched with horror as the evolved Wild Cat closed, and then slammed Sara backwards.
Screaming to try and distract the feral, she watched in terror as Sara was backhanded hard, her head rolling backwards loosely, and then took a straight punch to her face, before she completely stopped moving, the Kishi too slow to stop the feral from snapping Sara‘s neck.
Geno was shocked into immobility by the sudden evolution, but the sound of the feral cracking Sara's head made him move, his hand pulling the Charmelon's pokéball from his belt, and recalling her as the feral pulled back for another strike. He handed the badly hurt pokégirl's ball to Tiria, who pushed away from him with Sara, and took a deep breath as Geno turned back to the fight, throwing pokéballs toward the two downed Purrsians, pegging the one that Lendysa had impaled, but Asheer threw her already unconscious feral to the side, making him miss, and accidentally peg her. She turned and hissed at her tamer, before turning to the remaining feral, as he threw a third pokéball at the Purrsian at the base of the hill he was on, this time catching her easily.
Turning back to the fight, he pulled out the pokédex, as he heard the sound of a pokéball releasing its contents, and scanned the feral, and read the entry, cursing as he saw her strength rating, twelve times that of a human, more than enough to kill his fighting vulnerable Charmelons.
WARCAT (aka BATTLECAT), the Powerful Pussycat Pokégirl
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare
Diet: carnivorous
Role: protecting her Tamer and Harem-sisters, tracking opponents
Cursing his luck and Sara's, him for sending her against something that would evolve into a fighting type under stress, hers for being the one to make it stressed enough to evolve, he looked back up and watched both of his dragons closing in on the Warcat. He yelled, "Asheer, support Lendysa. Lendysa, use cross-shield and deflect. Both of you beat that feral until it stops thinking conscious thoughts."
Returning his attention to the now, he quickly released Helaine, Athyra, and Mayuan, and said, "Alright girls, a Warcat feral nearly killed Sara, we are going to return the favor. Ranged attacks against the shit head, but be careful, the opponent can jump like a son of a bitch, so hit her hard, and take her down fast. Hold nothing back, and all that crap. Mayuan, you have lead for this group."
Leaving Mayuan to get everyone set up, he turned to Tiria, and flinched when he saw his Charmelons, lying down with part of her head caved in, and her chest barely moving as she desperately gasped for air. She was blessedly unconscious, not aware of the massive damage to her. Or at least, he hoped she was. Kneeling down, he gently took Sara's hand, as Tiria continued to pour her healing energies into the wounded pokégirl. He asked, unable to look away from Sara, "Is she going to be alright?"
Tiria did not answer, her entire focus upon her patient and Geno heard a scream from within the small gulley, and stood up, forcing himself to move back to the fight, which had turned remarkably one sided now that the Warcat was being smashed from in front and behind by ranged attacks, and every move she tried to make was counted by Lendysa, his entire harem coldly furious at the near death of one of their harem sisters. Only Asheer burned hotly, and the Warcat was obviously on her last wind, staying standing only through a sheer bloody-minded determination to not fall. She roared her defiance, dropping her attack as she desperately tried to stay standing, and Lendysa whirled around, her foot lashing around in a hurricane kick, catching the Warcat right in its chin, and throwing the heavy pokégirl back a short distance, before she collapsed. Geno debated with himself for a moment, before reluctantly throwing a pokéball to collect the Warcat.
Recalling Asheer and Lendysa, he then released them at the top of the bluff, and said, "You two set up camp, and protect Tiria. We are holding here until I know that Sara is healed enough, that should be tomorrow at the latest. Helaine and Mayuan will be with me while we collect those ferals, with Athyra on Tiria guard."
Athyra blushed slightly in pleasure at her assignment, before shaking her head, as one of her eyes unfocused slightly. Not much, but the sudden dilation and then expansion of her eye was obvious since he was looking for it. He sighed, wondering if he was going to have to get rid of her, for that problem might be a liability in a combat harem such as his own. Shaking his head, he began to scramble down the hill toward the captured ferals, and picked up the two Purrsian and the Cheetit, wondering about how such a varied group of such rare pokégirls managed to get feral. He idly considered keeping one of the Purrsians, the second one had a body to die for, but shook his head, as he paused over the Warcat's pokéball. He debated with himself for a moment, before forcing himself to pick it up, and stored the three ferals he would not be keeping in his belt pouch, and replaced the pokéball that had missed completely on his belt. Adding the Cheetit to the arrangement of keepers on his belt, he turned to his two guards and said, "Alright, lets head back up, and see how everyone is doing."
(February 17th, 296AS, 200)
Geno woke up and looked up at Tiria, who stared at him in utter exhaustion for a moment, before she shook herself, remembering why she had woken him up. She said, "Sara is up, but she is having memory problems. She will need to get a full healing when we get back to a town. I am going to sleep now, but no taming."
Geno refrained from glaring at his Nursejoy">Nursejoy, and rolled out of the bedroll and Helaine's arms, who muttered a sleepy protest at the sudden loss of his body heat, though she stopped when Tiria curled up in the spot Geno had vacated. He quickly dressed, shivering from the slight chill, and went out to the smaller tent that they had pitched for Sara and Tiria, as it had started to rain shortly after he had collected the ferals.
The harem had been angry about what had happened to Sara, nearly as much as he had been at himself. Damn it, he thought, as he entered the tent, what kind of tamer keeps nearly getting one of his harem members killed. First that damn Amazonlee, then this Warcat...
Kneeling down beside Sara, he gently rubbed her hand, and whispered her name, not wanting to wake her as she was already asleep. She shifted slightly, her head healed, but she was obviously suffering from a concussion, as neither of her eyes could focus properly. She shifted at his touch, moaning, and he said, "No, little flame, sleep, you need to rest."
Pulling out her pokéball, he kissed her forehead, and then absorbed her into her pokéball, where she could rest in peace until they got back to a pokécenter. Tiria was exhausted, so his healer was out of the fight for at least a day, until she had had time to recover, and now one of his powerful harem members were down for a good while, if she was ever able to get back up. He swore, and slammed his fist into the ground, cursing himself again, before he stood up, and went back to his tent, and put Sara's pokéball into storage in the poképack. Lying back down on one side of Tiria, he stares at the top of the tent, his mind wandering as he tried to decide what to do now, continue onward, or call it a wash, and bail. Pulling himself closer to his Nursejoy">Nursejoy, he grinned at her, already completely asleep, and rested his head beside hers, enjoying the feel of her body against his. He lay there, trying to sleep, but he could not, his mind too distracted by his own worries.
(February 17th, 296AS, 1200)
Geno rubbed his eyes again, trying to stay awake, and looked around. He had been unable to drift back to sleep, and around six in the morning he had given up, and spent the rest of the morning going through the pokédex, memorizing what he could, mostly the names, pictures, and types. It had been a nice distraction, until he had realized that he had spent three hours looking through the pokédexes, and decided that they had slept long enough. Those who were still tired could continue sleeping in their pokéballs. Now, he was irritable, and trying to not take his lack of sleep out on his harem, which was not that hard, as only Lendysa and Helaine were out at the moment. Lendysa was his current guard, and he was toying with making that her permanent job for the harem, and Helaine was just ahead, scouting the way.
As if his thoughts had summoned her, his Cuntnaw appeared around a tree up ahead, and was walking back toward them, her face set in an expression of... Geno felt his mind stop, and he shook his head again, not seeing Lendysa's look of concern, as he tried to get his brain going again. Helaine got closer, and called out, "Master, I saw some Buzzbreasts flying around up ahead, near a building in a valley. The building does not look abandoned though, which I thought was strange for something this far into the wilderness."
Geno stared at her owlishly for a moment, before shaking his head again, and saying, "You are right, that is strange. Lets go check it out."
Lendysa, however shook her head, and said, "Geno, you are exhausted, and need some rest. How much sleep did you get last night?"
Geno turned, his expression dangerous, and said, tonelessly, "Enough."
"Ma... Geno, how many hours?"
He turned toward her fully, and hissed softly, before saying, "Two or three. Enough to take a look at the building."
Lendysa, however stepped forward, and carefully grabbed his arm, exclaiming, "Master, that is not enough. You are going to make a mistake with that little of rest. Just rest for a few hours."
She took in his expression, and his anger at being babied, before continuing, "Do I need to get Asheer and Tiria out as well to back me up?"
He threw up his hands in disgust, and turned to Helaine, before asking, "Do you want to get in on this?"
Helaine looked at him for a moment, and then said, "Only if you will not listen to good sense when you hear it, master."
He was staring at her with shock and anger on his face, and did not feel Lendysa's hands on his belt, removing a pokéball, and then releasing one of his girls. The sound of a pokéball releasing its contents made him half turn, and stare owlishly at his Ivywhore, as Lendysa said, "Athyra, use sleep powder on Geno."
Geno opened his mouth to snarl a response to Lendysa, but the world suddenly whirled. When it finally stopped whirling, he was lying in Lendysa'a arms, shock on all three girls' faces, before he gave up, and nodded to Athyra. She pulled a small handful of powder from her black bulb, and then carefully dumped it on his face, sending her master into a deep slumber.
He woke back up in a sleeping roll under a tree, and looked around in irritation, before noticing that Tiria was lying beside him. His Nursejoy">Nursejoy grinned at him, before handing him a jar full of dust, and said, "Next time you can not sleep, just inhale some of this. I wish you would think sometimes, Geno. It would make taking care of you much easier for all of us."
Geno snorted and then asked, "How long?"
Tiria sighed, and said, sounding exasperated, "Three hours. You need more sleep, but I know that expression. We have been looking around, and noticed that the swarm is definitely living in that building that Helaine had found. But there is at least two people living in that building as well, and the Buzzbreasts give both of them a wide berth when they are outside. That is definitely not normal for ferals, and that is what the Buzzbreasts are acting like the rest of the time."
Geno would admit that he felt much better, and took the jar of sleep powder, before storing it in his poképack, while wondering if anyone had ever tried to market it as a sleep aid. Probably, but he could not remember. He pushed himself up, and then got out of his bag, before rolling it up and shoving it into his poképack as well. Looking around, he said, "Where are the others?"
"Lendysa is in a tree nearby, and Mayuan is watching the building. The rest of the harem is in their pokéballs, knowing that you are probably going to want to figure out what is going on out here."
He nodded, and said, "Did anyone bother to record what they have seen so far?"
Tiria shook her head, and then hugged him, before saying, "Please Geno, ask us for help if you cannot do something. I could have hypnotized you last night before using self-hypnosis to put myself to sleep."
Geno sighed, before nodding, and said, "Fine, lets find Lendysa and Mayuan, and then figure out what the hell is going on here before deciding what the hell we are going to do about it."
He nearly jumped out of his skin as Lendysa spoke from directly behind him, "Well, you only need to find Mayuan, then we can decide what we are going to do."
Turning, he refrained from yelling at her, and then nodded, before following his two pokégirls off to where Mayuan was. Arriving where she should have been, though, Geno could not help but notice the broken limbs, and burned foliage, and said, "Let me guess, she is not here, is she?"
Tiria gave him a look that said now was not the time to try and be funny, but Lendysa said, "Yes, Geno, she is not here. I suspect that the Buzzbreasts captured her, and are taking her to the BuzzQueen to turn into a Buzzbreast. The good news is that we have two weeks to decide what to do before she is permanently changed by the poison."
Geno sighed, and said, "So, how should we do this? I am in favor of the me and Helaine going up to the door, and knocking, looking for directions to Cherry Grove City. That will get us inside, but then what?"
Tiria glared at him, and said, "Not only no, but a resounding no. That is far too dangerous for you."
Geno sighed, and said, "So, we go in, attacks blazing, and then later figure out it is a super top secret project or some similar thing like that? That is just about as good an idea. Or are you suggesting that we abandon Mayuan?"
Tiria blushed at the last comment, and shook her head violently, before Lendysa said, "Um, master, how about we just capture one of the Buzzbreasts, and use a language T2 on her, and then tame her? That will give you a way to figure out what is going on, and you can then present the Buzzbreast to the hive at Cherry Grove, since we are going back at some point, correct?"
Geno turned to his Kishi, and opened his mouth a few times, but nothing came out. After a few moments, he gave Tiria an embarrassed shrug, and said, "That would work. Lets get too it."
(February 17th, 296AS, 1800)
They had finally found a solo Buzzbreast, and capturing her had been child's play for Asheer, especially as it let the Flarebra blow off some of her anger at losing a harem member to the swarm, and nearly losing another harem member to a feral. Her flamethrower had been severely overpowered, nearly killing the Buzzbreast, but quick work by Geno and Tiria had kept the feral alive. Taming the bug type had been strange, as she had to be restrained by Lendysa and Asheer to keep her from attacking, and Geno did not enjoy the act of taming her. It had felt far too much like what it would be like to rape someone. Now they were waiting for her to finish assimilating the T2, and Geno would let the dazed Buzzbreast out occasionally to see how she was doing. He let her out, and she looked around, seeming a bit more focused than before, and asked, "How are you doing?"
He had decided against naming her, as he was not planning on keeping her, unless she spontaneously evolved into a BuzzQueen on the spot. Capturing the BuzzQueen of this hive would definitely be worth it, however, and he would most assuredly keep her if he managed that, as he suspected she would be a very good healer if Tiria could teach her, as she would already know several honey techniques, at least according to the pokédex. The Buzzbreast looked at him, and then said, her voice buzzing slightly, "Fffine, massster. Are massster going to keeeep me?"
He looked at her, and leaned back, before answering, "I am not sure yet, but I would like to know about your former hive and BuzzQueen. What can you tell me about them?"
The Buzzbreast nodded, and said, "Buzzzzbreassst knowsss much about hivvve. It isssss ssstrong, and has many dronesss, enough to capture foolissssh intrudersss, unlessss they are sssmartsss like massster. But evvvil ssssoftssskinsss have queen, and hurt her. Hive wantsss to hurt them, but they hurt queeeen more when we ssstart buzzzzings. Sssoftssskinsss keep queen away from hive, and hive needsss queen. You hurt sssoftssskinsss massssster?"
The Buzzbreast tilted her head to the side, and looked at Geno with one compound eye, as he tried to understand her buzzing speech. After a moment, he said, "So, some humans have captured the queen, and use her to control the swarm? And they hurt her to keep the swarm in line?"
The Buzzbreast looked down and considered his words for a moment, before suddenly smiling, and saying, "Massster sssmart. Yessss, sssoftssskinsss are humansss, and they hurtsss queen to make hive hunt for preysss for them. You hurt evvvvil huuumansss?"
So,the two humans the harem saw earlier must be the evil softskins, and they pain techniques to keep themselves from being killed by the swarm, and to make the swarm hunt for ferals for them. Most they probably sell, but some they must give to the Buzzbreast swarm to keep its numbers up. Which meant Mayuan might be alright, but the other tamer that Nicky hired was probably dead or being turned into a Buzzbreast, along with the unwanted members of his harem. He decided it was probably not a government operation, which also meant that he could crash it with impunity. The two humans probably have...
He flipped his pokédex out, and looked up to see what Buzzbreasts were weak against, and smiled as he saw that they were weak against fire, flying, and rock. Flying would be useless inside a building, so they probably have only fire and rock, which Helaine could take care of, especially if Lendysa was working with her. The swarm would move aside once they learned that Geno and harem were trying to help them, but until then, Asheer would have her hands full, as she was the only combat worthy pokégirl in the harem still with fire attacks. He looked back up, and asked, "Can you describe the hive?"
The Buzzbreast nodded, and said, "Yesss, massster, I can."
She fell silent, and Geno waited a moment before he realized his mistake, that he had asked if she could describe it and not to go ahead and describe it, and said, "Very good, describe the hive."
Tiria giggled as she caught on to his mistake as well, but the Buzzbreast was speaking, "The ennntrannccee is many clawsss long, and the next room is many many clawsss long before opening into a tunnel. The many many many few clawsss long tunnel then divides, and..."
"Wait, what? How long is a claw? And how many is a many?"
"A claw isss asss long asss a claw, massster. And a many is a few few."
Several snickers from behind him let him know that the harem was listening, and found his current problem amusing. Typical women, they would laugh as a ‘helpless' feral mounted me. He tried a different track, "How many feet are in a claw?"
"Yes, more than one foot. It is about the length of your forearm."
"No, massster, a foot isss on the bottom of yourrr leg."
Helaine was having hysterics behind him, and the rest of the harem did not sound much better off, as they tried, without success, to restrain their laughter. He turned and leveled a glare at his harem, which only made them laugh that much harder, before he gave up, and asked, "From the entrance of the building, can you lead us to the Queen?"
The Buzzbreast nodded, and Geno returned her to her pokéball, before turning to his harem, and asking, "Something funny?"
The harem, which managed to at least partially get their laughs under control, took one look at his face, and they all lost it again. He watched them laugh so hard that several of them were crying, and even his normally restrained Lendysa was laughing, silently, but he could tell by the way her shoulders shook. Though he had to admit that her body did bounce in distracting ways...
Shaking his head, he said, "Well, if you are all done being amused at my expense, lets go rescue Mayuan."
As they got themselves under control, Asheer asked, "Master, would it not be better to wait until the morning, when everyone will be refreshed, including you? And that way you can call Nicky up, and see if she can send us any support. I would think that the Buzzbreast Hive would love to get in on this, at very least."
He looked at the harem members, and saw that they all agreed, before he sighed, and nodded, and pulled out his pokédex, and said, "Fine, Lendysa you are my guard, everyone else, get the camp set up. Tiria, see what you can do for Sara, if you can get her healed enough to help tomorrow, that would be outstanding."
Pulling out Sara's pokéball, he handed it to his Nursejoy">Nursejoy, before walking off a short ways, and sitting down under a tree. Pulling out Nicky's comm. code, he punched it into the pokédex, and then took a deep breath, before muttering, "Well, this is going to be fun."
Hitting send, he did not see the amused looks the harem gave him, before they all had one last snicker over the conversation, The pokédex screen displayed a connecting message, before it connected, and Nicky appeared on the screen, sounding pleasant until she realized who it was. "Nicky Llaler, how...What do you want?"
Geno sighed, and said, "I was hoping to talk to someone who has enough authority to mobilize the Buzzbreast hive. I have found the problem you mentioned, and need to coordinate this if this going to happen."
He quickly described the building and location, what his harem had observed, and what the captured Buzzbreast had told him, but the look on Nicky's face told him that he was wasting his time. Once he was finished, she looked at him for a moment, before she said, her voice disbelieving, "So, a feral Buzzbreast claims that two humans have found a way to control a feral hive, by using pain and threat techniques to control the BuzzQueen, despite the considerable strength of the hive that you have witnessed."
He silently nodded, and mentally began to count, but he did not have to wait long for her response, "Geno, you are wasting my time. Don't bother to call again. Ever."
Geno closed the pokédex after she cut off his call, before sighing, and rubbing his forehead. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Getting back up, he headed over to the harem, to deliver the bad news. Now they had to make a plan with only... He froze, an incredible idea running through his mind, and he ran through it twice, convinced that it was just too impossible to work. But he had to admit, if they did not know that he had pulled the Buzzbreast from the hive, it just might work.
(February 18th, 296AS, 1000)
An alarm sounded in the facility, and the human at the control station looked up, and then up at the camera. He saw a human male being carried into the facility by a Buzzbreast, and sighed, before keying his comm. up, and said, "Doctor, the Buzzbreasts have another capture. Human tamer it appears, what do you want to do?"
The comm. was silent for a moment, as the Doctor considered the report or woke up, before saying, "On my way down, and turn the frequency of the electrical pulses up by two. That bitch knows she is not supposed to bring anything in before noon."
Twisting a knob on the control panel, he glanced up and smirked as the two Buzzbreasts in the room just outside screamed, and feel writhing on the ground, as they echoed what the Queen felt. Turning to the glass, he watched the BuzzQueen thrash on the ground in her cell, and rubbed his crotch, wondering if he had time to tame one of his girls. Returning to the chair, he noted one of the Buzzbreasts forcing herself to her feet, and put his hand on the knob for the electrical pulses as she buzzed at him. The Buzzbreast froze, and then bowed her head as the pulse knob slowly turned itself to the left, lowering the electrical current that arced through the cell with the BuzzQueen.
Turning his attention to the screen, he turned as the Doctor came in, and said, "Sir, the Buzzbreast has a pokégened tamer. Level two, I believe. He might be the tamer of the Drow Zee the Buzzbreasts brought in yesterday."
The Doctor stared at the screen, his mind slowly turning the situation over, as the Buzzbreast waited outside the building entrance, exactly as they had been trained to do. Something was not quite right, though, and the Doctor stared at the screen, trying to figure out what it was. He shook his head, and said, "Something is wrong. Tell the BuzzQueen to send a squad to the entrance to ensure that everything is under control. And figure out where they caught him."
The second human nodded, and put on a headset, before slowly forcing himself to relax, and then activated the headset, which allowed him to issue commands to the BuzzQueen, via telepathy. As always the feral whore tried to fight him, but his hand moving to the knob quickly squelched her rebellious attitude, and soon he said, "Doctor, the Buzzbreasts are moving to the entrance as you requested. The test subject appears to be learning that hesitation and disobedience earns her pain."
The Doctor snorted, as he watched the camera for the entrance room and as the Buzzbreasts entered it, he said, "Of course, even a feral will learn, though it took her nearly two months to do that. Of course, tearing her wings off might not have been the most productive of choices."
The other human grimaced and said, "The test subject had stung one of your harem, and three of mine. She needed to learn that attacking them results in immediate... What?"
The Doctor had just hit the button to start opening the door, and idly asked, "What what?"
The assistant tilted his head, and suddenly grew alarmed, and yelled, "Abort! The test subject is saying that is not one of the hive Buzzbreasts!"
Outside, the Buzzbreast had just moved up to the slowly opening door, when she said, softly, "Massster, there are ssswarm sssissstersss inssside."
Geno grinned to himself, as he palmed one of his pokéballs, hidden in his sleeve until now, and said, appearing to not move as his Buzzbreast carried him toward the door, "Can you get us inside?"
As he asked, suddenly the four Buzzbreasts buzzed threateningly, and an alarm sounded, before the door began to close. Coming up, he threw the pokéball into the room, just on the other side of the door from him, and yelled, "Get in there and defend Asheer!"
The Buzzbreast immediately dropped him, and flew inside, barely getting in as the door slammed closed, trapping his alpha and the newest addition to the harem inside the building. Cursing as he pushed himself up, he released Lendysa, and said, "See if you can rip that door open. If not, we have to use Sara to melt it a bit."
The door cut off all sounds from inside, so he could only stand and try to appear calm, which would help his harem do better, or so he hoped. After a moment, Lendysa gave up trying to grab the door, and said, "My apologies, Mas... Geno, I cannot get a proper grip to do anything about the door."
Nodding, he released Sara, who wobbled, and kept her eyes closed, and he took her hands, hating himself for having to force her to be useful, but right now they needed her help. He said, "Little Flame, listen, we need you to burn a hole in a door. I will place your hands around the spot I want you to burn, and you torch it as well as you can. Asheer is trapped on the other side, and Lendysa can not get a grip."
Sara winced several times as he spoke, but she carefully nodded when he finished. Moving her to the door, he carefully picked where she was to burn, knowing the door moved from left to right. Placing her hands so that the thumb and index fingers touched while against the cool metal of the door. Stepping back, he said, "Alright, Little Flame, right between you thumbs and index fingers, burn there."
She took a deep breath, wincing as her headache intensified, and then used a small and intense version of flamethrower, barely three inches across. For nearly a minute she blasted at the door, before she stopped and said, "How is that, master?"
Geno grinned, for she had burned clear through the door, and they could now here the sounds of combat on the other side, between Asheer and the Buzzbreasts. He carefully hugged her, mindful of the huge headache she must have from the concussion, before saying, excitement and gratitude in his voice, "Beautifully done, Sara. Lendysa can get the door open from here. You get to go back to resting until we get back to Cherry Grove. I am not losing you just because of some little headache."
She giggled, and then winced, before saying, as she was returned to her pokéball, "Not so little, master."
Grinning, he released Helaine and Tiria, as Lendysa got a better grip on the door, using her scales to ignore the heat and sharp edges of the hole on the door. Throwing her strength to the side, the door sparked and screamed, as the metal and hydraulics fought her superior strength for a moment, and the sounds of combat died, before they suddenly failed, allowing the Kishi to force the door open, and then dive through, drawing her spear as she did so. After a second, she called back, "Clear for the moment, master, but there are more Buzzbreasts coming. I can hear them."
Stepping into the room, he blinked as the lights were out, and then said, "Asheer, you and the Buzzbreast have point, Lendysa has tamer guard, Tiria stick with Helaine."
Asheer sighed, and said, "Master, the Buzzbreast is dead, she charged the drones, and they took her apart."
Cursing under his breath, he glanced at the bodies, before spotting one that looked nearly taken apart, with great gaping holes in the chitinous armor, and sighed, before saying, "Helaine, move her a bit apart from the others, we will bury her when this is over. She was not with us long, but she was one of us for that time."
Wondering at his lack of feeling over the Buzzbreasts' death, he watched Helaine move the ruined body into a corner, chalking up the lack of feeling to not knowing her well. Once she was apart, he said, "Alright, we lost our guide, so we are going to have to do this the hard way. Asheer leads into a room, Helaine following, then myself, and then Tiria, with Lendysa holding at the door to the hallway to keep us from being taken from behind. You girls might like that occasionally but not me."
Helaine snickered at his weak attempt at humor, before Asheer said, "Alright master, lets go girls!"
About an hour later, Geno was about ready to start using words as a weapon against the Buzzbreasts, suggesting positions improbable, and sexual partners that most certainly would have been illegal in most leagues. Every time they turned around, they were attacked by Buzzbreasts, and his desire to not kill the pokégirls that were simply defending their Queen, and consequentially, the humans that had enslaved her, was proving to make this much harder. He knew from the pokédex that their honey could heal minor wounds, but this swarm was not being healed at all, the wounds on several of them enough to surely kill them without healing, but they still kept attacking. And talking to the drones had not got results, the drones had ignored him to throw themselves at his harem. Most of the harem was tired, but with Tiria healing them, they were able to keep moving. Mentally adding a PPHU to his list of things to get, along with radios, identity collars for the few that had earned them, and poképacks for the harem members, he had to admit that they had seen most of the facility, except for what was along this particular corridor.
Looking down the corridor, he admitted to himself that getting down this corridor was going to be an interesting trick, as it was literally wall-to-wall with Buzzbreasts, at least forty. Though most of them were badly hurt, they were thick enough that Asheer was unwilling to use her rapidly dwindling internal supply of flames to try and just burn through them, lest they find more on the other side, unhurt and ready for a fight. So Lendysa and Helaine were using their ranged attacks to try and thin the crowd, while Asheer slowly sipped an elixir, resting for the moment. Geno leaned against a nearby wall, and shook his head, before saying, "Lets get a pokégirl that knows teleport next, alright? This is pointless battling, that should be avoided if possible."
Asheer sighed, and handed the half full potion back, and said, "Here, save the rest of that, it is our only one right now. And this is hardly pointless, master. Helaine is getting to learn about working with others now, and that is hardly wasted time. Besides, you knew that the swarm would be unlikely to simply stand aside for us, regardless of why we are here."
Geno nodded, still unhappy, as Lendysa and Helaine continued to pound the swarm, when every last Buzzbreast suddenly stopped, and Geno clearly heard someone yell, "YOU IDIOT, YOU KNOCKED OUT THE QUEEN! WITHOUT HER, NOW THE BUZZBREASTS ARE GOING TO DO NOTHING UNTIL SHE WAKES UP! Delay the intruders, and kill them if you can."
"Where are you going, Doctor?"
"To get the irreplaceable equipment ready for travel. After you deal with the intruders, kill the Queen and her swarm, we are leaving. We have enough raw data to move on."
Geno gestured for Lendysa and Helaine to go, and said, "Feel ready for more, Asheer?"
Asheer nodded, and dashed up, all three pokégirls bravely moving between the immobile Buzzbreasts, and then threw themselves into the next room, followed immediately by the sounds of combat starting right back up. Steeling himself, Geno carefully followed, threading his own way through the immobile swarm, his heart in his mouth the entire time, knowing that a single blow was all that was needed to take his life. He made it through the immobile Buzzbreasts, wondering what the final command of the BuzzQueen had been, that had rendered them immobile, and wiped his forehead, his nerves shot for the moment. Wishing they could get something easy next time, like hunting Panthresses, or rogue G-spliced pokégirls, he stepped into the room, and looked around.
Lendysa was fighting a Gravelgal, and doing a good number on the slow but powerful pokégirl, and Geno figured that she had her fight well in hand. Helaine was wrestling on the ground with a Whoretortle, and while she seemed to have some difficulties getting a good grip on her opponent's shell, her opponent lacked the inherent viciousness of the Cuntnaw, and was trying to fight defensively. Asheer was fighting against a vicious looking Flarea, who was missing one eye, and had several scars crisscrossing her stomach, and Geno grinned as Asheer body checked the Flarea, before using slash, cutting her opponents forehead, and causing blood to blind her remaining eye, before Asheer suddenly grabbed her head and screamed. Turning to the side, he saw a Ka-D-Bra, and cursed as the Flarea bit Asheer's neck, trying to bite through her throat scales to tear off his alpha's head. Quickly releasing Sara, he murmured an apology to her, before stepping behind her, and saying, "When I say to, use flamethrower, as powerful as you can and combine it with your shadow strike, if you can. I will aim."
His Charmelon's whimpered in pain, but nodded, wrenching her tamer's heart at having to use her so, but Athyra was weak against psychics, and Tiria was useless in this fight. Carefully tilting her head back, he whispered, "Now, and then sweep to your left."
He did not aim directly at the Ka-D-Bra, not wanting to move, but at her shadow, so that the sudden pain of the attack would stun her for a split second, long enough for the attack to then sweep left over her. Sara did as he asked, but his aim had been off slightly, so that the flamethrower attack merely clipped the psychic's shadow. But it was enough, albeit barely, as the Ka-D-Bra screamed and the left side of her gut suddenly smoldered, the heat from the attack transferring to the pokégirl, and then screaming again as his Charmelons swept her attack over the Ka-D-Bra, burning her horribly. The Ka-D-Bra shrieked as she grabbed her gut, and then teleported away, appearing next to a human, who stood beside a door leading even deeper into the compound. The human tamer yelled something, and the Flarea jumped backwards, ripping open one of the veins in Asheer's neck, before dashing to her master. The Gravelgal tried to move around Lendysa, but the Kishi kept blocking her, until the human recalled the rock pokégirl.
He said something to the Flarea, who turned and ran out of the room, and he returned the Ka-D-Bra to her pokéball, before looking at the Whoretortle, thrashing underneath the Cuntnaw, who had the turtle's throat in her jaws, and was squeezing, not enough to kill, but enough to choke her. The Whoretortle's legs thrashed, as she hit at he opponent, blindly seeking to get free, hoping that her tamer would save her.
The human merely snorted at his pokégirl's predicament, and ran out of the room, leaving her to her fate, as a room separate with a large, clear screen suddenly roared with flames, and something inside the room screamed in pain, a loud, helpless scream that revealed that the person inside expected to die from it. Recalling Asheer, he released Tiria, handed her Asheer's pokéball, and shortly explained her wound, before yelling, "Lendysa, go and get whoever was inside that room!"
Lendysa nodded and flipped her axe into one hand, and caught the pokéball that Geno lazily tossed her, before running down the corridor to find the door leading to the observation room. Geno walked over to where Helaine was slowly crushing the neck of the Whoretortle, and said, "Your tamer has abandoned you, do you surrender?"
The Whoretortle was barely conscious, but she managed to nod, tears running down her face at being abandoned, and Geno said, "Fine, don't fight the pokéball."
Tapping the Whoretortle with an empty pokéball, he watched her absorb into it, and then tossed it into a corner, just in case the pokégirl decided to go out fighting. But it simply rocked once, and then sounded the successful capture chime, as Geno allowed himself to relax a bit, thinking that the day's fighting was finally over. Glancing toward the door where the human had disappeared into, he shook his head, feeling tired, though he had done damn little other than tersely issue orders, before hugging Helaine, and said, "You did great, Helaine."
Helaine blushed in pleasure at his compliment, before she suddenly yawned, and said, "I am hungry. When do we eat?"
Geno laughed at her, and said, "When we get out of this building, and the Buzzbreasts decide to leave us alone."
Lendysa walked into the room, and nodded to him, before handing him the pokéball, and said, "The BuzzQueen was in that room. She has been badly burned, and was barely alive when I got to her. She is in that pokéball, and I would suggest keeping her in their until we get to a pokécenter. I suspect she had been tortured, as two of her arms and both of her wings were missing. She is supposed to have four arms, correct?"
Geno stared at Lendysa in horror, before shaking his head at the stupidity of humans, and replied, "Yes, she is supposed to have four arms. And yes, I will leave her in the pokéball until we get back to town. So, what should we do about them?"
He jerked his thumb back over his shoulder at the immobile Buzzbreasts, indicating that he was talking about them, and Lendysa gave him an amused look, followed by a quick kiss, before saying, "Even after they tried to kill us, you still can not just forget about them."
Ignoring his half-hearted glare, she looked at the swarm, before asking, "Shouldn't one of them be evolving into a BuzzQueen right about now? I thought if something happened to the Queen, one of them evolved."
Geno shrugged, and said, "Don't know, don't care. Soon to be someone else's problem, if I have any say in it."
Heading over to one of the nearby consoles, he sat down, and said, "Lendysa, take Helaine and go find Mayuan. See what else you can find while you are at it."
Lendysa nodded, and motioned for Helaine to come with her, as they walked out the door that the human had taken. Geno figured that the two humans had already fled, so he was just going to sit down and try to get his shoulders to untighten, if only for a moment. Sighing, he remembered something, and pulled out his pokédex, and hit the send button, autodialing the last number called, and waited for Nicky to come up. She brought up her end of the line, her face set to one of anger, but before she could start her tirade, he cut her off, saying, "I have a terminally injured BuzzQueen with forty badly injured Buzzbreasts. Someone figured out a way to control a feral swarm, and my harem and I had to fight our way through them. Now, you can either insult me, and I can kill every last Buzzbreast here, saving me from having to guard them until the Cherry Grove swarm arrives, or you can be polite, say thank you, and get a commendation. Pick one."
Her eyes flashed at his lack of respect, but he was tired, and wanted this over with now. She said, "And you have a bit more proof them a bunch of wild stories?"
Geno turned the camera so Nicky could see the immobile Buzzbreasts, still waiting for their Queen's next order, before looking back into the screen, and said, "How about that? Is that good enough, or should I break the dying Queen out of her pokéball, and let you see her too?"
Nicky had blanched when she had seen some of the wounds on the Buzzbreasts, and said, "Give me a day to get help out there. And use some potions on those Buzzbreasts for the sake of the Thousand Gods."
Geno nodded, and then added, "Fine, but bring some of those mutation antidotes. I suspect we are going to find a goodly number of pokégirls and tamers in need of them in here. And if you can, bring a PPHU, my harem had the shit kicked out of it."
He then closed the pokédex, and rested his head on the consol, intending to rest only for a moment, just a moment...
(February 20th, 296AS, 1200)
Politely refraining from giving one of the two Hunters that had accompanied Nicky, her father Paul Llaler, and several other tamers from the town, a glare, Geno was trying to decide how irritated he should be with Nicky. She had brought in the cavalry like she had promised, but she had been claiming the entire time they had been traveling to the building that she had hired Geno to do the job, not that she had irritated him into doing it. Then the two Hunters had arrived at the building, rudely kicked Geno out, told him to get lost as they were investigating the incident now, and that they did not need a freak to help them.
Geno stared off into the distance, and said, "Well, we can either head back to Cherry Grove, or move on, cross-country to Azalea City, which would take about... three weeks or so, at our normal pace. Asheer, have the powers that be decided we can leave yet?"
Asheer gave him an amused glance, and said, "I thought the hunters told you to leave after they found Mayuan in one of the cocoons, and then learned that you intended to keep the Queen?"
Geno smirked and said, "They did, but Paul, Nicky, and Inigo Llaler came out with the town BuzzQueen to take over the remains of the hive here, and Paul wanted to talk with me before I left. Probably about the BuzzQueen."
Asheer shook her head, and leaned against him, the slightly off color scales on her neck the only sign that she had had her throat nearly ripped out. Mayuan had been cleansed of the mutation poison, and rested against her tamer against his other side, enjoying her tamer guard duty, before suddenly saying, "Paul is coming up here with Nicky."
Rolling his eyes, Geno shifted, but found that he could not get Mayuan or Asheer to move off of him, and then decided to just stay sitting. He waved to the gym leader and his eldest child, and said, "Am I free to go on my way now?"
Paul laughed at him, and said, "Actually, you were free to leave once we got here."
Geno shrugged and said, "Was not leaving without my entire harem, and that PPHU you brought with you saved two of them. So, my thanks for letting me put my worst two through the healing. The BuzzQueen decided to take in the survivors of the hive that was here?"
Paul nodded, and looked at Nicky expectantly, making her shift uncomfortably, before almost throwing the backpack she was carrying at him, and said, "You were a right bastard, but you still did the job. Here is the price we agreed on."
Asheer caught the pack before it hit the ground and hissed at the human female, before Geno said, "Right. Thank you, was there anything else?"
Mayuan was muttering to herself, and Geno could only hope she was just muttering to herself, and not casting a spell. He really did not want assault charges to be brought up against him. But Nicky turned and stormed off, muttering curses at him, and Paul watched her go, before saying, "My apologizes, she is my only daughter that did not threshold, and she was spoiled a bit more than she should have been."
Geno shrugged, and said, "She needs to be more respectful, she is not endearing herself to my harem, and they have a tendency to move to protect myself without me needing to instruct them."
Paul's face went still, and said, his voice disapproving, "Then they need to be better trained."
Asheer hissed at his tone, and Geno placed one hand on his alpha's hip, and said, "You have your harem trained as you want them, and I prefer my harem to be able to act without my needing to direct their every move. Time will tell which is better. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a long way to go, and the day is wasting. Perhaps when I come back, we can continue this discussion."
Paul nodded, a bit stiff, before walking off, and Mayuan giggled, and said, "You do have a way with people, master."
Geno snorted, and said, "I don't like humans. Especially males, they think that a dick gives them the right to do what they want, when they want, however they want, and that the pokégirls they depend upon are mindless and witless."
Standing, he offered both girls a hand up, and then said, "Asheer, you want to go up for a while?"
Asheer looked at Mayuan, measuring her for a moment, before nodding, and said, "A nap would be good right about now."
She gave Mayuan a meaningful glance, before letting herself be absorbed. Geno turned to his Drow Zee, and asked, "So, want to tell me what happened in the hive while I was taking my nap? AFter the Buzzbreasts captured you, I mean."
Mayuan shook her head, shivering at the memory, before replying, "No, master, I would rather not. It was...unpleasant."
He could tell from her expression that she was brooding, and decided to leave her alone for the moment, just keeping one wing about her shoulders, and his left hand rubbing her side, trying to distract her, gently. She smiled up at him, and then impulsively kissed him, before saying, "I never did thank you for giving me another chance."
Geno grinned down at her, and gently nipped at her neck, before purring into her ear, "You can thank me in a while, after we are alone out in the wilderness."
His tongue flicked across the point of her ear, before tracing the inner curves of her long, sensitive ear, making her suddenly grasp him as her body shuddered, and her legs lost their strength. She gasped, and begged, "Master, unless you plan to tame me immediately, please don't do that."
He grinned, and growled playfully, "Oh, or you will do what?"
He licked her ear again, and she moaned, one leg sliding up to rub her thigh against his hip, her body begging for attention. He grinned, and purred, "Shall we press ump!"
She cut him off with a kiss, on hand grabbing his head and pulling him into a deep, needy kiss, her hips pressing against his, begging for some time with him. His hands stripped off her top, as he sucked on her ear tip, making her half moan, half scream in pleasure. He put her back up against a tree, as his shirt joined her bra on the ground, as his Drow Zee panted, her hot breath against his ear, softly begging for him to tame her, and claim her again and again as his own. She shuddered at the sound of tearing fabric, her shorts no longer concealing her nether-lips as his tail ripped a hole in her clothing. His own pants he stripped off with a bit more care, as his were not as form fitting, and soon she was pressed against a tree, and he rubbed himself against her need sex, his tongue playing across her ears, moving from one to the other, her cries growing more desperate, until he suddenly impaled her, making her scream in satisfaction as she was roughly taken. She dug her fingers into her tamer's shoulders, begging for more, and her cries of pleasure echoing louder through the forest as he purred into her neck.
A blood covered muzzle looks up, and sniffs at the air. Something... prey was close... interesting prey... a new scent, one she had never followed before, and it was... She shuddered slightly, her powerful muscles rippling as her body reacted to the scent, and she turned casting about for the source. Leaving the prey corpse that she had been consuming, the feral wrapped the nearby shadows around her, stalking off toward the sources, hunting for... something.
Following the scents, the huge feral eventually arrived at the edge of a clearing, with many buzzing prey, and several others that she had not seen before. Or had she, everything was so murky, hard to focus... Growling softly, the breeze shifted, and her body tightened strangely, making her whimper as she gazed at the pale prey below. But there were too many below, and if she tried to take one, they would... The breeze shifted again, slightly, bringing a new scent that made her whimper again, her long, powerful tail moving to rub against her, her wetness staining it, as she smelt another pair of prey, a bit of a distance away, but alone.
Turning toward them, her muddled instincts smelt something else, something sharp that made her feel weak, needing to feed her other hunger, and knowing somehow that the prey she smelt could feed it. Quickly orienting on the scent, she dashed off, quickly moving toward it, trying to find the source before the wind stripped it away from her. She was silent, stealth and death incarnate, and passing by several ferals without them knowing she was ever there. She had no sense of time, having been feral far too long, but when darkness started to fall, her body declared that she needed to find something to ease her second hunger. And worse, the scent had been lost, of her prey. She had found the clearing where they had been, but they had not been there when she arrived. She had followed them for a long time, before growling softly, and began to turn aside, to find a prey for her ‘not hunger' hunger, when the trail suddenly became fresh, and she heard the noises of nearby prey.
Hissing softly to herself, she approached the clearing and growled, spying several preys moving around, and the male... She snarled to herself, as her body reacted to his presence, he was male, and therefore, to her feral addled mind, perfect. She noted that one of the other preys had turned toward her spot, and darted forward, wanting to claim her male prey before he tried to flee.
Geno grinned at his harem, as they finished setting up camp, and settled down to eat for the evening. Athyra was in his lap, making eating a bit difficult, and Tiria was right beside him, both of them rubbing against him, and he figured he would probably be taming both of them tonight. Not a bad thing either, he thought, as Mayuan stretched and went out to check the fish lines they had left out for tomorrow's lunch.
This campsite was perfect for staying a few days and that was exactly what he planned to do. He finally set his meal aside, his hands exploring his Ivywhore, making her shiver in delight and gently pant in pleasure, as her vines slowly stripped off his clothing, before she leaned down, and slowly licked his shaft. She quickly finished undressing her tamer, before moving around, her butt up in the air, as she continued to slowly lick Geno's cock, and then, almost shyly, she put her lips around his shaft, her head slowly bobbing up and down. She stopped for a moment, her hands stroking him, and asked, rubbing her face against his stomach, "Will you evolve me soon, master?"
Geno looked down at his Ivywhore, and then nodded, but before he could reply further, Mayuan suddenly screamed. Geno looked up, as did the rest of the harem, who had been enjoying watching their master tame one of them, as a black form exploded from the nearby forest, covering the distance between the trees and Mayuan in a heartbeat, and then slamming both of its wings into the Drow Zee, throwing her backwards into a tree, which she hit with a sickening crunch. Asheer and Helaine quickly stood up, but the creature was already among them, as Athyra shoved Geno onto the ground, and he promptly lunged for the pokéballs the moment Athyra had released him. Sara was the next victim, as Asheer tried to hit the feral with a flame sniper, but the creature did not seem affected by the attack in the least, using body slam to knock the Charmelons to the ground, and then ripping her belly open with a slash attack. Geno made it to his belt, and grabbed a pokéball, as Tiria screamed, the feral orienting on her.
He turned, and brought his arm around as the feral lunged, another slash barely missing the Nursejoy">Nursejoy as Geno returned her to her pokéball.
Dropping the now full pokeball, he grabbed another one, trying to keep some of his harem from being killed, as the feral paused in confusion, allowing Geno to get a good look at her. She was as powerfully muscled as an Amachoke and was moving in a half crouch, which made her look much larger than he suspected she actually was. Taller than Asheer, crouched as she is, Geno thought, so probably a good nine and a half, ten feet tall. Beautiful black scales and ...fur? A double check, and he noticed that that was definitely fur on her chest, as the feral oriented on Asheer, blurring forward and slamming his Alpha into the ground with a body slam. Asheer refused to go down without a fight, and spat a flamethrower into the face of the feral, as she slashed desperately, trying to take her attacker down. Athyra and Helaine used razor leaf and water spear, respectively, hammering away, but the feral ignored them both, and reared her head back, power gathering in her mouth, before her head snapped forward spitting a beam of pure energy, point blank, into his Flarebra.
Hyper beam, he thought, his mind going numb as he watched what was probably the death of his alpha, and realized that there was nothing either of his two still standing harem members could do against such a monster. Dear gods, he thought, barely a minute since it attacked, and I am already down more than half my harem. The feral threw Asheer's unresisting body against a nearby tree, several of his delta-bonded alpha's bones snapping at the impact, and Geno cried out as the phantom pain lanced down their bond, immobilizing him. He tried to fight back the pain, to give Helaine and Athyra orders, but as he looked up, the feral slammed its massive wings down, throwing herself skyward. He realized that it must be a dragon type, with its muzzle, wings, claws, and sheer inability to stop, not realizing that the creature had thrown itself into a dive, until it slammed into Athyra, combining a body slam with a dive attack, slamming the Ivywhore into the dirt, and even creating a small crater from the force of its impact.
Helaine threw herself at the feral, and used her bite attack, latching onto the monster's neck, as Geno shook himself, and returned Sara to her pokéball, and then tried to return Asheer to her pokéball, but the feral had thrown her too far, and several bushes hid her anyways, making recovery impossible. Dropping the pokéball, he heard a wet tearing noise, and heard Helaine whimper in pain, as she released the feral. Looking at her, he saw to his horror that the thing just would not die, its neck had been savaged by his Cuntnaw, but it had buried its claws into Helaine's torso, punching through her ribs, and was looking at her with almost detached curiosity, noting the pain and the weak whimpers she made, before slowly rearing its head back.
He grabbed Helaine's pokeball, as energy began to collect in the feral's mouth, readying another hyper beam, and he snapped his hand up, right as the creature's head snapped forward, energy blasting out as the capture beam tagged her. The explosion was close enough that it threw Geno a good ten feet, and he landed on his back, stunned, before suddenly realizing that he could not feel his left leg below the knee. Suddenly his view was blocked by pure darkness, and it was not until the creature hissed from above him, its fangs, bared not four inches from his face, that he realized that the feral was above him, straddling him, and was softly hissing at him. He froze, wondering what was gong to happen now, but those fangs, each as long as his middle finger, at least a good four inches each, gleaming whitely above him, gave him a good indication as to what was about to happen. Shit, he thought as the feral's head darted forward, fangs flashing, going for his throat.