Chapter 11

(January 31st, 296AS, 1500)
Geno stretched, and looked down at the small valley stretched out before him, before saying, “I would have thought we would have reached Prune yesterday, but those Spinnertits were a bit tougher than I thought.”
Lendysa turned to grin at her tamer, her battleaxe on her shoulder, and replied, “I don’t know, I found fighting the three of them rather fun, especially when the one leader stripped and bound Mayuan. She looked good not wearing anything but that silk.”
Geno laughed at his Amazonwu’s cheeky remark, and grinned at the memory, replying, “Yes, she did look good in silk only. Makes me glad that I saved that rope for possible uses later.”
Lendysa gave him a startled look, before it turned calculating, and said, “Hmm, perhaps I can find out how she felt.”
Geno grinned at her, and then nodded. As Lendysa turned to keep moving forward, Geno darted forward, his hands sliding around her sides, to cup and caress her breasts, making her gasp and arch her back as he attacked her unexpectedly from behind. His tail slid up her thigh, rubbing at her cloth covered nest, making her whimper as her body responded, her sports bra and shorts not concealing her arousal at his treatment in the slightest. Her nipples stood out against her sports bra, and her swollen sex begged for attention, as his tail tip slid between her flesh and the fabric of her shorts, to stroke her nether lips directly making his Amazonwu shudder as he slowly pleasured her. His fangs brushed her neck, completely driving her mind into a need to tame. Her suddenly numb fingers released her axe, dropping it onto the ground as she surrendered completely to her tamer’s will.
Geno grinned as Lendysa shuddered as he stopped kissing her neck, and whimpered in need, half turning toward Geno, her eyes blanked in need. He went back to grazing at her neck, as he removed the silk rope from his belt pouch, and rubbed her arms, before tying them together at her wrists, more of a gesture toward binding her and rendering her helpless, as her superior strength would bust the ropes, if she truly wanted to. She moaned as she rubbed against Geno’s tail, begging for more, her breath quickening as he stripped off her shorts with his tail, enjoying the power he had over such a beautiful and dangerous woman. He gently bit her neck, his fangs sinking gently into her silken flesh, as gently as he could, not wanting to hurt her as his hands slid up from her wrists, up her arms, to rub against her shoulders, and then pulled the last of the clothing off of her, to hang from the bindings on her wrists, completely bare to his desires. He released her, leaving her suddenly without support, making her whine in desire as she twisted to see why he had released her to suffer from her needs.
She panted as he stripped off his clothing quickly, dropping them on the ground, before he stepped forward to turn Lendysa to him. She cooed in pleasure as he embraced her, wrapping one leg around his waist as his wings wrapped about her, pulling her forward to silence her coo with a kiss. Her other leg moved up to join the other as Geno grabbed her thighs, running his hands up to stroke her ass, holding her off the ground as he took two steps forward, his wings unfolding to press Lendysa’s back against the smooth bark of the tree. She cried out in pleasure as his hands caressed her buttocks, and moaned as he kissed her neck, his fangs brushing against her artery in her neck, demonstrating his ‘power’ over her. She bucked slightly, seeking to impale herself upon him, but he held her aloft, denying her the pleasure of taming for the moment. His hands played with the powerful muscles within their grasp, as he leaned down and slid his tongue across her breast, before purring in satisfaction, “Enjoying yourself yet, my pet?”
She nodded in response, but was busy tying to get him to take her entire breast into his mouth to verbally respond. He grinned as her back fully arched, enjoying that he had such an effect on her, as his tongue lashed against her swollen nipples, heightening her desire even further. After a moment of his tongue flicking and slowly swirling about her breasts, she desperately whimpered, “Master, please…”
Her desperate plea brought him back from his own enjoyment, and he was horrified to realize that she was writhing, an expression of pained desire and need on her face, and he shifted her lower, his mouth covering hers, and his penis pressed against her swollen sex, making her face shift to one of relief as he entered her tight passage, assuaging her desire to be filled. She rocked back and forth as he filled her, and moaned in pleasure as he hilted himself against her. Lendysa cooed as he began to thrust, rubbing against her in just the right spots, and soon was panting again, her body bucking along with his thrusts, her gasps echoing his own. He kissed her, before his lips trailed down her neck to her breasts, her back arching again to bring them within easy reach of his lips, and he grinned, as he took them into his mouth again, always careful with his razor sharp fangs.
The sounds of their couplings echoed through the clearing and continued for several minutes, before Geno grunted and hilted himself again, his seed gushing into Lendysa’s depths, filling and claiming her as his own yet again. He grinned as his orgasm caused her to climax, her walls gripping and pulling him into her as deep as he could, before he kissed her neck, and said, “Feeling better?”
Lendysa giggled slightly, and tested her bounds, and playfully pouted as she easily slipped free. She stopped pouting as she snuggled against him, but groaned in protest as he unwrapped her legs from his waist. He grinned and said, “That was a quickie only. The rest of the harem would be most unamused if I spent the rest of the day taming you. If you want, perhaps you can borrow the rope, and amuse yourself and Mayuan tonight, as I believe it is Sara’s turn. Besides we are supposed to arrive at Prune Village today.”
Lendysa kissed him, and rubbed herself against him suggestively, hoping for more, but he shook free, and said, “Behave, or I will tell Asheer that you are trying to get around her taming schedule.”
That made Lendysa unwrap her legs from his waist, and start getting dressed again. She still took a few moments to pick up her shorts, and Geno grinned, saying, “You know I enjoy the view, but lets go. Also, question.”
She put on her shorts, and then grabbed her axe, tisking as she realized that she had dropped it on the rock, and said, “I will have to spend some time working that nick out of the axe. What was the question?”
“Why did everyone get the same outfit for traveling?”
They turned to continue along the barely discernable path, and Lendysa laughed at his question, before coyly looking at her tamer walking beside her, and said, “Because we enjoy teasing you, and the sport bras allow us to display ourselves to you, and still keep our bodies from hindering us if we have to fight. You can not seem to resist us when we wear them, and the extra tamings are fun.”
Geno grinned, and said, “Note to self, work on self control.”
Lendysa laughed again, before asking, “So, what was the Byte Bitch like?”
Geno snorted, and rolled his eyes, before replying, “A true bitch, in every sense of the word. I can not wait to sell her to the Conservatory. She was confrontational, verbally abusive, and acted like I should be fawningly grateful to tame her. Needless to say, we got along almost as well as me and Gisela did.”
His Amazonwu looked confused for a moment, before asking, “Who is Gisela, a pokégirl from before I joined the harem?”
“No, I have yet to turn a pokégirl out of the harem, though I am beginning to worry about Mayuan. No, Gisela was the Megami-sama that gave me my tamer rating. After it was done, she asked if she could join the harem, and tried to use psychic powers to ‘encourage’ me to accept her offer. I might have accepted her offer, if not for the fact that she did not trust me enough to make my own decision, but instead sought to ‘help’ me make that decision.”
He grimaced at the memory, the doubts about the ‘goodness’ of celestials that the action had raised returning in force, and distracting him. Lendysa gave him a look of concern, and asked, “What is wrong with Mayuan? She seems to be a functional member of the harem.”
Geno snorted, and said, “She acts like it, but Tiria recently asked me to tell her that she was not interested in taming with Mayuan anymore, as she was tired of never being the dominant one. Helaine and Sara have also mentioned the same problems to me, that she takes what she wants and leaves her partner’s desires unfulfilled. She also has not alpha bonded with me, and we have been together for longer than six months. I really hope she loosens up and settles down, I don’t want to turn her out of the harem. But if she…”
He suddenly gave Lendysa a sharp look, and said, almost accusingly, “And you are far too easy to talk to. You just give me that concerned look, and I open up my worries to you, in a way that even Asheer can not, and she is delta bonded to me.”
Lendysa nodded, and said, “And that may be the reason why, because I have not delta bonded to you. Yet. But if you want me to stop, I will. I do not want to pry, but I think you should have someone to talk to without concern of judging. I think that was what my last tamer had me do, before he was ripped apart by a feral Skarmory.”
Geno turned back to her, his concern showing, and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”
She shrugged, and said, “He was not very good at being a Tamer. He did not really care about those of us in his harem. He infrequently tamed us, and we had to tame each other to keep from going feral. I don’t think any of the girls other than his alpha managed to bond with him at all, but I can barely remember what he looked like. So talking about him is not a problem for me.”
Geno sighed, and said, “The problem with today is that so many tamers don’t care about their harems as people, with hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns of their own. I try, but sometimes it is hard to remember that in the heat of the moment, and I just hope that I can continue to be worthy of the harem’s… Damn it, there I go again.”
He sighed, and looked at her, before saying, his voice uncertain, “I don’t know why, for I have not known you that long, especially when compared to Helaine, Mayuan, and Tiria, but I know you would never hurt me through your own actions. I wish I knew why.”
Lendysa turned back to him, and then stepped forward, resting her head against his chest, and once again he was surprised at how small she was, for her head rested even with his heart as she stood at her normal height, since she always seemed bigger. She said, as she leaned against him, her axe slung across her back, and her arms about his waist, “I feel like I have known you for a long time, and that you will always be there for me, even when I don’t think I need you. Maybe we should just accept the fact that we trust each other, and keep moving forward. I would never betray your trust in me master, if you want me to be your confidant and advisor.”
She grinned softly, and snuggled against him, before continuing, “Asheer is going to be furious. She wanted to be your alpha and confidant, even though the two positions really can not be held by the same person.”
Geno laughed aloud, and said, “Alright, but she will not find out from me, I promise.”
Lendysa grinned up at him, and replied, “Your secret is safe with me, master.”
(January 31st, 296AS, 1800)
Geno sighed, and took off his hat to run his hand through his hair, and complained, “You know, I knew the town was going to be small, but I at least thought that they would have a pokécenter. But this town is far too tiny to have one, and I don’t see any building big enough to serve as one.”
Sara nodded, and stepped up to look down at the town, her tail wrapping around his, and said, “Perhaps you are right, I don’t even see anything that looks like a store.”
Lendysa grinned, and said, “We are a quarter of a mile from the town, you two. Don’t complain until after we have gotten into town. But you are probably right about it not having a pokécenter master. Should we pitch camp on the other side o this hill master, or go see if there is a pokécenter hidden somewhere in the town?”
Geno sighed, and looked around, putting his hat back on, and said, “Lets set up in that stand of trees on the hill behind this one. There is a stream in the valley between these two hills, and the ground looked a bit soggy.”
He let everyone out of their pokéballs, and explained the situation, and the plans to camp for the night, and then head in tomorrow to town to see about replacing the spent supplies. He grabbed a change of clothes, and went to the stream, intent on taking a bath, feeling grimy from all the hiking. All the pokégirls but Helaine went to help set up camp, who went with him to do some fishing to help supplement their supplies with her catches. When they got to the river, he waved Helaine in, saying, “No taming, or else Asheer is going to feel the need to make an example of you, and pull you from the taming schedule. We both don’t want that, so behave.”
His Cuntnaw pouted for a moment, before diving into the water, and disappearing into the current with her net, gathering fish as Geno stripped down, and slipped into the water, rolling his shoulders to release the tension between his wing blades. He took a covert look around as he did so, for he only ever got that tension when someone was watching him and not feeling very friendly, but he could not see anyone nearby. Staying on his guard, since just because he could not see anyone did not mean they were not there, he began to clean himself off, not being particularly thorough since he would be getting sticky again rather quickly with Sara. He grinned at that thought, and wondered if she would be interested in bathing with him, before returning his attention to his surroundings, and froze when he finally spotted his watcher.
She was gorgeous, nearly five and a half feet tall, with breasts that begged to be stroked, full and heavy. Her light green skin was broken in small places by lighter green spots, and her bulb had broken open, the first layer of her bulb spreading, revealing an interesting black coloration to her flower. She had several areas of even lighter green than the rest of her skin, and realized that they must be scars across her arms and belly, but strangely, they only added to her already hypnotic beauty, instead of detracting as he half expected they would. He grinned to himself, and then felt a thread of fear lace through his mind as he realized that she must be feral, judging from her erratic movements toward him, and how she could not seem to keep her attention focused on him, her eyes constantly scanning her surroundings for predators. He relaxed a bit as Asheer sent back a feeling of worry, and he tried to convey his need for her with emotions, and was glad for the delta bond yet again with his alpha. Now all he needed to do was survive until she got here, which would not take very long, or so he hoped. He backed away slowly, moving toward deeper water, his movements slow but fluid, trying to not startle the feral and cause her to attack him.
Her head oriented on him the second he moved, and she dropped down into a crouch, and snarled, “IvyWHORE!”
Thank you for identifying yourself, he thought sarcastically, and continued to back deeper into the river. He cursed aloud, and yelled for help when the Ivywhore lashed out with her vines, but the water slowed his movements, allowing her to wrap her vines around one wrist and his waist, before tugging him forward, throwing off his balance and causing him to fall into the river. He thrashed under the water, not having taken a breath, trying to surface for air. He quickly was dragged from the river, and the Ivywhore growled threateningly at him, standing above him as he choked and spat up the water that had gotten in his lungs. After clearing his lungs, he had to admit that the view from where he was lying was excellent, the virgin sex of the Ivywhore clearly visible, and the huge mammaries equally visible and arousing. He looked up at the Ivywhore, who glared at him, her teeth bared, and said, “Hi. I don’t suppose we could settle this peacefully, could we?”
The vine whip caught him across the chin, stunning him, and he felt something crack as she connected, slamming his head into the ground. He watched dazedly, and as the feral pulled the vine back for another strike, he noted something red entering the clearing, and was relieved when a flamethrower attack hit the feral directly in her back, throwing her forward to land on him, thrashing in pain. She pushed herself up, and ran toward the river, as Asheer skidded to a stop beside him. He shook his head, trying to clear the pain, as the Ivywhore threw herself into the water, quenching the fire that burned above her bulb.
Asheer knelt down, and said, “Don’t talk, the rest of the harem is coming. I think she broke your jaw when she hit you. Where the hell is Helaine?”
Geno rested in Asheer’s embrace, but at her question he pointed to the river, as the Ivywhore pushed herself up, the fires out from her dunk in the river. She snarled in fury at Asheer, and suddenly screamed as something dragged her down under the water. Geno started to grin, but stopped as his jaw suddenly sent a lance of pain through his skull, making him grimace. He settled down, as Asheer ran her hand through his hair, and said, “I am not letting you out of my sight again. Every time I do, you get into trouble. Could you possibly stay out of trouble for longer than five minutes when I am not around?”
Geno glared at his alpha, who grinned down at him, and stroked his hair again, holding him against her, “Oh, this is nice, me able to make any comment I desire, and you unable to say anything. Perhaps you should hurt your jaw more often?”
Geno’s gaze went frosty, and the Ivywhore thrashed to the surface of the river, screaming in fear, as Helaine suddenly surfaced behind her, and then dunked her back down. Asheer grinned and said, “I found Helaine.”
Geno sighed and rolled his eyes, as the rest of the harem arrived. He poked Asheer and pointed to the empty pokéball holder on his belt, and then to the Ivywhore. Asheer’s face went flat, and said with a voice equally flat, “You are joking, right? That bitch tried to kill you, and you want her in the harem.”
Geno’s eyes suddenly burned, and he tried to roll clear of Asheer, intent on capturing the Ivywhore himself, but Asheer put her hand on his shoulder, and said, “Fine, I will capture her for you. Just let Tiria heal you.”
Geno’s eyes narrowed, and he stared at her for a moment, before he slowly nodded, but the set of his eyes and the hardness of his mind let her know that he was not done and that they would be discussing this further, later. Asheer waved the rest of the harem forward, and said, “Geno has been injured. Again. Lendysa, Mayuan, guard him. Tiria heal him. Sara, with me, we are going to capture the feral. His orders.”
The others looked to protest, but her last sentence silenced all but Mayuan, who said, “Why do I have to guard? Put Sara on it.”
Asheer turned to Mayuan, and hissed softly, but Geno cut them both off, and said, careful to not move his jaw, which slurred his words, but they were still understandable. “Mayuan, do what you are told to do. Now. Asheer, deal with this later, after the feral has been captured.”
Asheer nodded, but Mayuan said, “No, we will deal with this now. I am tired of her bungling up everything she touches. She is not worthy of the position of alpha.”
Geno sighed, and saw Lendysa staring at Mayuan in horror. He moved his hand slightly, getting Lendysa’s attention, and pointed to Mayuan’s pokéball. Lendysa nodded, and moved forward, ignored by the Asheer and Mayuan, until she picked up the pokéball, and returned Mayuan to her pokéball. Asheer stared in shock as Lendysa acted, and then nodded in thanks, before taking Sara and a trio of empty pokéballs, going for the river. Both Sara and Asheer stopped at the edge of the river, their tails swishing from side to side as they watched the river, neither wanting to get in the water yet.
Tiria moved forward, and said, “What do you plan to about Mayuan?”
Geno shrugged, and placed his Nursejoy">Nursejoy’s hands on his jaw, and said, careful to not move his jaw, “Heal please?”
His back was to the river, so he missed exactly what was happening at the river, but Lendysa said, “Helaine is holding the feral out of the water, and your two fire types are using her for target practice. She is looking decidedly burnt now, and should be willing to go quietly into a pokéball soon.”
Tiria was carefully probing his jaw, and eventually said, as Geno heard the sound of a pokégirl being absorbed into a pokéball, “You are going to be alright. Your jaw is not broken, per say, it is just cracked slightly. On anyone else, you would get a cure spell, and be fine, but with you, it might take a while. Say… five heal spells and a half hour of work. I really need to learn more healing spells.”
She placed both hands along his jaw, and then kissed him, as she began to channel healing energy into her tamer. She blushed slightly after the kiss, as his arms around her waist, and she said, “So, what do you plan to do with Mayuan?”
Geno sighed, and rubbed her sides, as the Ivywhore broke free of the pokéball, and the two fire types resumed pounding her with fire attacks. He considered it for a moment, and then said, “I guess she leaves, with the Byte Bitch, to the Conservatory. She is apparently the source of the problems that the other tamer had, and it was not the tamer, like I had hoped.”
He sighed, and heard the Ivywhore being pulled into another pokéball, and after a few seconds, he heard a successful capture tone. He sighed, and said, as the pain began to slowly recede, “I am willing to give her one last chance, and if she blows that one, she is out. But if the rest of you want her gone now, she is gone. But lets wait until everyone is together until we start talking about it.”
He leaned against her enjoying the warmth spreading from her hands, as the spell went its course, and eventually she said, “That should hold you until we get back to camp. Now get dressed, unless you want to tame someone. Or want someone to tame themselves using you.”
She snuggled against him, and he looked around at the rest of the harem, who were scattered about the clearing. Asheer was next to him, Lendysa was meditating on a nearby rock, Helaine was playing merrily about in the shallows, and Sara was sunning herself on another rock near the river, protesting sleepily whenever Helaine splashed her. Geno grinned at how peaceful his harem looked without Mayuan causing problems, and said, as he carefully tested his jaw, “Alright, lets get back to camp. We all need to discuss what nearly happened today.”
(January 31st, 296AS, 1930)
Dinner had been finished, the tamer’s jaw had been healed, and Sara was his companion for the night, but Geno’s mind was on his alpha. He stared at her, trying to decide if he was proud of her for trying to work around the problem that Mayuan had been becoming, or annoyed that she had never bothered to mention it to him. According to the others, Mayuan had been acting as Alpha until Asheer had taken over, which is when she had become a problem. She wanted power, and the respect that she had demanded from the others was slightly disheartening, as it showed that she had a superiority complex. She had to be first, or she would make everyone’s life a hell, except for the tamers, for he had never noticed the problem until Tiria had mentioned it.
Asheer fidgeted slightly, and Geno sighed, before holding his arms out for her, and saying, “Come here.”
Asheer came forward, and he pulled her into his lap, before resting his head on her shoulder, and saying, “So, you get a reward for dealing with Mayuan by your lonesome, and a punishment for not telling me sooner. So, by way of reward and punishment, you get a long, leisurely taming, while being spanked most horribly.”
Asheer perked up, and said, “If that is your idea of a punishment, perhaps I should be bad more often.”
Geno shook his head, and said, “No, please don’t. Next time I will not be so nice about it. This is more of a gesture. Now, was everyone in agreement about what to do about Mayuan?”
Asheer sighed, and rested her head on Geno’s shoulder, replying, “Get her out of the harem before she does something that gets someone killed? Yes, that was the general consensus.”
Geno sighed, and nodded. “Once we get back to a real town, she is gone. Now, is anyone going to kill her replacement, the Ivywhore, before she gets to prove herself?”
Sara embraced Geno, and purred in his ear, “No, I don’t think anyone will. She was feral, and that means she is not truly in control of her actions. She might not be as warmly welcomed as Lendysa was, but in time we will accept her. Or not, as her actions prove. Besides, if she is willing to share her permanent bloom powder, she might find a good friend in Tiria and Helaine.”
Geno turned to Sara, and said, “Tiria I understand why, but Helaine as well?”
Sara grinned at him, and said, “Of course, she had the largest bust before you added the Ivywhore, and now she is tiny compared to the newest addition. She was complaining about her fear of how you were not going to spend as much time with her any more.”
Geno laughed and said, “She is more than just a pair of breasts, all of you are. I am not going to spend any less time with any of you then I have too. All of you are family, and the only thing that can change that is what Mayuan did. Try and force her will upon others.”
He sighed in frustration, and said, “She should have been a Domina instead of a Drow Zee, she certainly has the personality for it.”
He looked down, his eyes closed for a moment, and therefore missed the look that Sara gave Asheer, and the startled, then hungry look she returned with a nod. He looked back up, and said, “Is there anything else I should know about or that we should discuss?”
Asheer shook her head, and said, “No, I cannot think of anything. So I believe you have several some ones to take care of?”
She suddenly moved, moving from sitting in his to straddling him, and he grinned at her as she kissed him, her hands sliding under his shirt. He broke the kiss, and said, “Sorry, Asheer, but tonight is Sara’s turn. You need to wait.”
Sara gently nibbled on his ear, and then murmured, “Actually, I asked her to join us. You don’t mind, do you?”
“After you already offered to let her join? Isn’t it a bit late to be asking me that?”
She grinned innocently as Asheer finished pulling his shirt off, and purred, “Oh, I don’t know, I thought I timed it perfectly.”
His response was lost as Asheer caressed is crouch, and then pulled down his pants, her tongue running along the pulsing shaft, before sucking the shaft into her mouth, making him groan in pleasure as she suckled his cock, purring in pleasure as she sample his pre-cum, and finding it acceptable. Sara slipped around, and brought her tamer’s face to her breast, and purred herself as he suckled hungrily, her hands running through his hair as he teased her. Sara gasped as she felt fingers stroking her sex, and looked down to see Asheer’s hand caressing her pussy, and she groaned as the agile fingers slipped between her folds. It was going to be a very long night.
(February 1st, 296AS, 800)
Geno kissed the breast that he had been using as a pillow earlier, and grinned at his Charmelons. She looked so content and pleased, lying there. Of course, he thought, as he rolled from the bedroll, they had been busy until after midnight, him and his two lusty fire types. He grinned at down at her, her completely black skin and scales looking particularly beautiful in the pale sunlight of the new dawn. He felt his grin widen even more, and thought that if he continued to write bad poetry in his head, and his girls found out, he would never be allowed to live it down. He kissed her forehead, and gently fondled her breasts, watching her expression as she slowly woke up and realized that her tamer was harassing her.
She moaned as she fully woke up, and looked up at him, before leaning forward to kiss him, and said, “Thank you for the delightful awakening. What are the plans for the day?”
She pressed her chest against his hands, cooing as he tweaked her nipples, and she purred suggestively, her thigh rubbing against his side, “You really should not do that. There might be… consequences.”
He grinned down at his Charmelons and pressed her breasts together, and rubbed his manhood against her nest, and then said, his voice full of promise, “Oh, consequences. Those might be… fun.”
He kissed both her nipples, and then her neck, his fangs brushing her tender skin, making her gasp in pleasure. She wrapped her leg about his waist, trying to get him to tame her again, her lusty nature surfacing at his treatment. She cried out as he slid his penis into her, and wrapped her other leg around him, her voice softly crying out his name, begging for release. He moved slowly, letting her body warm up to his advances, but his hands moved to rub her cheeks, and brought her face to his. She suddenly darted forward, and rolled to the side, trapping him in a deep, passionate kiss and pinning him beneath him. Her mouth moved against his, and she locked her fangs with his, and pulled gently. He broke the kiss and looked up at her in confusion, but she dived back to continue the kiss. Her hips bucked, her body impaling itself again and again, and she panted as they tamed, her pussy eagerly gripping his cock, begging for release.
She turned and hissed in fury at being interrupted as the tent flap opened, Asheer walked in, and said, “If you really want to fight me, go ahead and be belligerent.”
Sara ignored Asheer’s remark, her movements even faster than before, the noises of their taming loud in the tent, and the sounds of their bodies meeting almost echoing in the confined space. Her breathing was erratic, her eyes wide and pupils dilated as she rode her tamer, her chest bouncing enticingly as she moaned, begging to be released. Her tongue hung out of the side of her mouth, and suddenly her eyes rolled up into her head, as she screamed in triumph, her pussy tightening almost painfully around Geno’s penis, her nectar pouring from the seal as she climaxed. She screamed in triumph again as her tamer filled her.
For nearly a minute his Charmelons trembled, and then she finished died. Geno caressed her breasts, enjoying how much fuller they seemed after taming, as Sara giggled and stretched, saying, “Why do you find our breasts so fascinating?”
“Because they are so perfect.”
His Charmelons grinned down at him, and said, her voice much more sultry , “Hmm, but you do look good beneath me. Perhaps this should be your customary position.”
Her tone made him shiver with delight, and he replied, “Perhaps you are right. But we do have things to do, and a badge to earn. I had hoped you would have evolved before we headed back, but I am not counting on it. But I know who will represent us in the gym battle. You and Asheer. You two are to work together on teamwork. Sara, Asheer is alpha, I don’t want the same problems from you that Mayuan has been causing. Am I clear?”
Sara nodded, and said, “Of course, master. I am quite content with my current position of harem member. Alpha is far too much work with not nearly enough reward for such tasks. Asheer has my respect for the tasks see does, and my support, but even the reward of extra tamings is not enough to entice me to take that position.”
Asheer gave Sara an amused glare, and said, “Should I be thanking you for your support, or beating you for saying I was dumb enough to take a job that gives a few perks for an ungodly amount of work?”
Sara gave her alpha an innocent grin, and said, “Thanking for the support?”
Geno laughed, and kissed the valley between his Charmelon’s breasts, and said, “Can I get up now?”
Sara looked down, and pretended to consider the question for a moment, before rolling her hips, and almost tentatively saying, “No?”
A shocked silence descended in the tent, before Sara started to laugh, and slowly stood up, gasping in pleasure as her walls gripped her tamer’s cock, refusing to willingly release him. But she eventually pulled free, and groaned as her body begged for more, but she forced herself to help him up, with only the comment, “I hope we are not done for the day?”
She looked so hopeful that Geno laughed at her, and said, “Okay, we need to replace the supplies, and then we can start back to Violet City.”
Asheer grinned at him, and said, “Actually, Lendysa and I have already gone in and got them, so we can start back now. Hopefully we pick up more ferals than just that Ivywhore on the way back.”
Geno nodded, and started to get dressed, and said, “Then we have nothing to do here for the moment. So lets head back. And Sara, you need to start learning how to fly. I don’t know if you already know how or not thanks to your evolution adding information to your brain, but find out. And try not to hurt yourself learning, alright? We want Tiria to get more powerful, but not be having to heal unnecessary injuries.”
Sara nodded, and walked out, stretching herself out, as Asheer stepped forward, and massaged Geno’s shoulders, between the shoulder blades, getting some of the knots out from sleeping on his back. He leaned into her hands, and went limp with relief as several muscles released immediately. He was so relaxed that he did not even hear Asheer’s comment the first time, and only her gently thumping him on one shoulder brought him back to the present. He turned to Asheer, who repeated her question. “Are you really going to get rid of Mayuan when we get back to Violet City?”
Geno considered the question seriously, before shaking his head, and saying, his voice a tad uncertain, but he felt that it was the right thing to do, “No. I am going to give her one last chance, and if she screws up, she is out. You, me, Sara, and Helaine are going to sit down and explain to her the new rules, and that we no longer fully trust her. She will stay with us until she either screws up, requests to leave, or shapes up. Hopefully it is the third, for psychic types are hard to find and keep.”
Asheer grinned at him, and countered playfully, “Only for those who have abysmal empathy ratings. I saw your rating for empathy, and it was rated as being ‘counter productive’ it was so high. You can’t not consider the other party, according to the person that scanned you, and will always try to move to help the most people possible.”
She hugged him, and said, “And that is one of the reasons I love you.”
Geno turned as she admitted her feelings for him, and looked up at her since she was slightly taller than him since her evolution, before asking, “Was that so hard, to admit that our bond is a bit more than a mere affection? I have readily admitted to loving everyone in my harem. You are all my family, which is why I want to give Mayuan one last chance to save her position in the group. Once she is out, she is out for good.”
He sighed, and then rested his head against hers before asking, “Am I being too forgiving to her? That is something I have often done that is taken advantage of, though I think I got better about it since my first attack of the rage curse.”
Asheer considered his question for a moment, looking down at him, and was shocked by how open to her he seemed. She stared at him in surprise for a second, before shaking her head, and saying, “No, I don’t think you are being too forgiving, if you are serious about having her leave if she screws up again. If you try to give her another chance after this one, without cause, then yes, but otherwise, I believe you are simply trying to be fair.”
Geno nodded, and then kissed his alpha, before saying, “I am going to take Lendysa with me for a short walk. Would you see to getting the camp struck and ready to go?”
She nodded, and watched him walk out of the tent, following after a moment, her expression speculative. Sara stood nearby, and noted that Asheer was watching their tamer, and waited until he and Lendysa disappeared into the forest, before saying, “Credit for your thoughts?”
“Is it me, or does he sometimes almost seem to trust us too much?”
Sara turned toward her alpha in shock, staring at her uncomprehendingly, before turning back to where Geno had disappeared into the forest. For a long while, she did not respond, but eventually she nodded, and said, “You are right, he does seem to trust us far more than most humans would. I wonder if it has something to do with those blocked off memories?”
Asheer looked at Sara curiously, and said, “Get Tiria to wake up, and then help me strike camp. He wants to be as close to ready to go when he gets back.”
When Sara came back, Asheer looked up from the tent, having pulled everything out of it and was storing the bedroll and lantern in the pokepack. She asked, “What did you mean, it might have something to do with his blocked off memories?”
Sara simply shrugged, and replied, “Perhaps because he cannot remember why, or perhaps it might be what he cannot remember what. It might be both, neither, or either.”
Asheer stared at Sara for a moment, and said, “Okay, now you are confusing me. Can I get that in a language I would understand?”
Sara, however, simply shook her head, before hesitantly responding, “I am not sure I understand, but I get the feeling he was never allowed to be a child, so he never learned the lessons most do as children. But I might be totally wrong. Anyway, there he is. Is everything out of the tent?”
Asheer nodded, and Sara pressed the part of the tent frame that made it collapse and fold back up into a small cube about six inches to a side, and then handed it back to Asheer, who placed it into the pokepack. They finished loading the traveling supplies into the poképack, and then both of them stood up and turned toward Geno, moving toward him. Asheer said, "I talked to one of the Officer Jennies down in town, asking about ferals, and she said that there was a particularly nasty group of them about a good three hour hike to the north of town. Water and rock types, as the land gets rough up there, since the Moltit Mountains die out in those foothills."
She shifted, and then continued, "I am not sure what to make of this, but she also said that there was several unconfirmed rumors of a particularly nasty feral up in the low hills, raping tamers and nearly killing several pokégirls. The Hunter in town did not comment when I asked him about it.”
Geno raised an eyebrow, and said, “He had nothing to say about a feral that has been attacking tamers? That is strange. Are the attacks in the same area, or have they been spread out?”
Asheer shrugged, making Geno sigh, and look up, considering his options. He took the poképack from Asheer, and then said, “We head north, you, Sara, and Lendysa out with me, picking up ferals. You and Sara are to deal with the ferals that we encounter together, and remember to work together. Teamwork is what we are going for, not a lot of captured pokégirls. Captures are good, but a badge is much better. Now, lets go find those ferals, and see if we can find out if those rumors about a feral hunting tamers are true.”
Asheer sighed, and said, “Yes, master. Are you going to be wise and let us lead this time?”
He grinned at her, and then gave her a hug, before saying, “Oh, I guess so, since you seem so concerned about me.”
(February 1st, 296AS, 1300)
Geno looked down at the small valley, and said, “I thought you said it would take three hours, not five.”
Asheer shrugged and replied, “And if that Tigress had not attacked us, or that Digtit, or the two Buzzbreasts.”
Geno laughed softly, and scanned the valley, saying, “Yes, a pity about the Tigress getting away. She was surprisingly fast. And that Digtit’s earthquake did not help the trail in the least. Sorry for being so waspish.”
Asheer rubbed against him, and asked, “Is Helaine going to be alright? That boulder nearly crushed her.”
Geno nodded, and pointed to a large pokégirl, saying, “Yes, Tiria got to her before her ribs had time to do more than flex. Is that one of the ferals?”
Asheer and Lendysa both turned to examine the small valley, barely a quarter of a mile long, and only a few hundred feet wide. It was beautiful, with a small waterfall feeding a pure lake with several pokégirls in it, and several more were seen climbing around the slopes. The one that Geno had pointed out was nearly twelve feet tall, if the Cuntnaw climbing into the lake nearby was a good indicator of size, and her body had a medium gray color to it. He pulled out his pokédex, and began to scan the various girls in the valley, slightly surprised at the variety and relative peacefulness of the valley, for none of the ferals appeared to be fighting each other. Of course, the water types would eat the fish in the lake, and the rock and ground types were more interested in the soil nearby, so food was not an issue.
His pokédex pinged softly, and he read the entries on the four pokégirl types he could see.
ONYX, the Rock Giantess Pokégirl
Element: Rock
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: omnivore
Role: found in a variety of jobs where high strength is needed such as construction
That was the large one, he thought, pointing it to another pokégirl, and waited for it to finish scanning, and then read the entry that came up for her.
GOBLINA (aka GREMLINA), the Crafty Cavern-dwelling PokÈgirl
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Cooked Meat, Tubers
Role: Miners, Pranksters, Ambush and Trap specialists
Humming to himself, he scanned the third girl, and then the fourth, carefully reading their information.
NAIAD, The Water Spirit Pokégirl
Element: Water
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: humanoid standard, strong hankering for fruits and vegetables. Also enjoys ingesting sexual fluids (either semen or vaginal discharge) as a "special snack"
Role: intimate companion, general servant anywhere where fresh water is a daily factor in life
SQUIRTITTY, the Titillating Turtle Pokégirl
Element: Water
Frequency: Common
Diet: vegetarian, seafood
Role: water bearer

Geno bit his lip in vexation, before saying, “Well, that is a lot of uncommon pokégirl types. Not sure what we are going to do about the water types, but the rock and ground types we can deal with without many problems... Wait a minute, cavern-dwelling? Can any of you see any caves or something similar? That Goblina is supposed to live in the mountains, not outside of them.”
The cast about for a moment, and watched the Goblina fill a bucket with water, before turning and trudging up the mountain with the bucket resting on her shoulder. Geno looked at the others, and said, “Is that a normal behavior for a feral?”
Asheer shook her head, and said, “She is acting like a domestic. She may have a tamer nearby.”
Geno shrugged before deciding, “We will avoid the Goblina unless she attacks one of us. Lendysa, the Onyx is yours, think you can take her?”
Lendysa turned and watched the Onyx for a moment, before nodding, and replying, “I will have type advantage, and I am not feral like she is. She will probably try to just pound me into the ground. I can avoid her strikes, I think.”
Geno turned back, and counted the ferals that he could see, cursing softly as he told his harem. “One Onyx, the Goblina disappear, two Naiads, and four Squirtitties. We can either wait for the Ivywhore to get over her taming shock, if I tame her now, or we can talk to Mayuan now. Helaine is the only one that will be able to fight the water types if they dive into that lake, and she and Lendysa are the only ones without type disadvantages, or advantages. Mayuan would also be useful, but if she decides that she does not want to be helpful...”
He shrugged, and looked at the others, saying, “Alright, lets get Tiria and Helaine out, and then discuss how we are going to do this.”
A few minutes later, they had a tentative plan laid out. Asheer and Sara would provide ranged support, and try to keep the water types from getting into the lake. Helaine would get into the lake, and deal with any of the ferals that get into the water. Lendysa would engage and defeat the Onyx, while Tiria would provide healing for whoever needed it. Now they argued about letting Mayuan in on the fight. Their biggest concern was that they would extend, and then she would abandon them, leaving the harem overextended. On the other hand, having her supporting the offensive would greatly increase the odds of success, as well as decrease the time spent fighting.
Geno sighed, and said, “So, our concerns are her betraying us, and that she would increase the odds in our favor. So, should we put her in, or leave her out? We will vote, count of hands.”
Geno took the vote, and sighed. Helaine and Sara wanted Mayuan to have nothing to do with the attack, but Lendysa, Asheer, and Tiria were for including her, albeit reluctantly in the case of Tiria. Geno had refrained from voting, since his vote might have made it a dead lock. Rubbing his eyes, he nodded, and said, “Alright, Asheer, Sara, and myself will explain the situation to her. Lendysa, if we think she can control herself, she will be supporting you. That way everyone but Helaine will have some sort of direct support. And Asheer and Sara will be able to indirectly support her.”
He stood up, and pulled Mayuan’s pokéball off his belt, and gestured for Asheer and Sara to accompany him, while he walked a short ways from the others. Once they had about forty feet or so, he gestured for Sara and Asheer to get comfortable, and then released Mayuan. She reformed in the soft shadows of a tree, and turned and looked at him, before gazing at the others, and taking in their expressions. She sniffed, and said, “So, I am finally allowed to explain myself?”
Geno’s eyes narrowed at her tone, and he said, “Don’t get snippy with me, Mayuan. I found out that you have been causing problems for everyone in the harem, and I am not amused about it. But we will discuss this later. Right now, we have a small valley to clear of ferals, and we need your help”
It was the slight smirk on her lips when he said that they needed her help that made up his mind. His expression tightened slightly, and then he shrugged, before saying, “Actually, I lied. We don’t NEED your help. It would be useful, but from how you have been acting lately, I can not help but wonder if I should even be giving you one last chance. That report from the tamer about you being willful, belligerent, and a pain in the ass was apparently correct, and not the result of her being incompetent. They were the truth. I... want to give you one last chance to prove that you CAN be a team player, but there are those with doubts that you can, myself included. After all, you have had more than six months to learn to be a team player, and yet, you challenge my alpha, whose position is NOT decided by general brawling, but by myself alone, the moment I am down.”
Mayuan’s smirk had vanished, replaced by a look of dawning horror, and she started to stutter a response, but Geno’s hand dropped, and his voice snarled, “Do not say a word. I am not done yet. I am... going against the will of some of my harem, in that you are getting one last chance to prove that you will work with the harem, and not try to advance yourself by confronting and challenging those who are in positions of authority. Authority and power in this harem are earned when I give it to you, not by beating the shit out of the person with the authority you desire for yourself.
I retain the right to appoint positions of authority. Is any part of that sentence unclear?”
Mayuan gave a terrified shake of her head, not trusting her voices, her eyes wide with fear, and her arms wrapped about her. Geno gave a mental sigh, but did not show his dissatisfaction with the current situation to his harem members. He instead said, “Good, now, today is either going to convince me that you still deserve a place in the harem, or that you deserve to be removed from it. You will be supporting Lendysa as she attacks an Onyx, and then helping to capture several water types.”
His eyes narrowed, and he asked, “Are you strong enough yet to shadow teleport with another person?”
She nodded, no longer trembling, and Geno hoped that she understood how delicate her situation was. She had royally screwed up, and the only reason she was standing here was because Geno did not want to turn her out with no where to go but a ranch. She looked down, and then nodded, before Geno sighed, and said, “Alright, lets get this party started.”
The attack had gone about as good as it could have, but they had not been able to locate the Goblina. Which was a pity, Geno thought, as she would have done well in a harem, as smart as she had been while feral. The Onyx had never known what hit her, Lendysa and Mayuan shadow teleporting until they had literally appeared in the shadow of the Onyx, and the fighting type had been devastating against the feral, and Mayuan’s power bolts knocking chunks out of her hide. Easily capturing the Onyx in a pokéball they had brought along, they had then jumped to try and cut off the water types. However, by the time they had gotten there, that fight had already been over. Geno had underestimated the strength of his fire types, enough to overcome their type disadvantage, and the ambush tactics had confused the ferals, causing them to mill about rather than dash for the water. One Naiad had managed to make it to the lake, and had literally dived in on top of Helaine, who had savaged the retreating feral, and then caught her for Geno.
Cleaning up the rest of the ferals had been child’s play, as they had been cut off from the water, and their liberal use of water attacks left them without any water reserves, and they had been forced to rely on close combat attacks, leaving them at a severe disadvantage. Capturing them had been simple, as simple as finding the Goblina had not been.
He sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, before saying aloud, “Alright, lets start back toward Violet City. We are not going to waste any more time looking for that feral. Lets go!”
His girls looked up from where they had been checking an unusual spot on the hillside, and nodded, before climbing back down toward him. He put the extras up, and said, “So, I guess Mayuan gets to stay.”
Turning to Asheer, who would be making sure that he stayed out of trouble until they camped for the night, he said, “Alright lets get moving.”
(February 5th, 296AS, 1300)
Arriving back at Violet City had been anti-climatic for such a long trip. The ferals and Byte Bitch had been sent to the Conservatory, the girls had been healed up, supplies restocked, his harem members had spent their portions of the funds on whatever they had wanted, and all that was left was getting the badge. He grinned to himself at some of the items purchased. Sara had purchased a choker necklace for herself, Tiria had gotten a pair of datapads with stories on them, one of which he had laughed at when he had found out what it had been called, Breeder Beginnings. How cares about how they start, he had thought, but he had read the first chapter, and had to admit now that was actually pretty interesting, so much that he had downloaded it into his pokédex. Sadly, it was a works in progress, so he had to keep checking to see if the latest chapter had been published, but at least it gave him something to look forward to.
Mayuan had saved every credit of hers, so she would have something to fall back on if she got kicked out, but Geno was not going to do that since she seemed to have eased up. Asheer had not said what she had bought, but she had seemed entirely too pleased with herself, so he made a note to find out. Lendysa, however, had bought a necklace with a scale on it that changed color depending on how the light hit it. She said that it was a dragon scale, but only ten thousand credits for one seemed a bit cheap, so he did not comment on it. Helaine had bought a few doses of a type of dust, but she refused to say what it did. He figured it was lust dust for an intensive taming session, and made a note to put a lot of time for her next one. The Ivywhore was still in her pokéball, and he figured he would tame her after he either won the badge, or got his butt handed to him.
Looking up, he entered the large building that was the Violet City Gym, and looked around, his tail and wings twitching as he spotted several other tamers waiting for battles. A very near human female sat at the desk, and smiled at him as he entered. Her eyes flickered over him, and her smile became a bit more genuine before she asked, “Can I help you?”
Geno grinned at her, and walked to the desk, before making a small show of checking her out. And she was rather attractive, being about the same height and build as Tiria, but a little smaller in the chest. Deciding to be cheeky, he grinned at her and said, “God I hope so. I would like to challenge the gym for a badge.”
She laughed at his cheeky response, and then held her hand out for his pokédex, which he handed over. She looked it over, and then punched some information into the machine, and said, “Alright, your tamer proficiency rating puts against Rachel Ulysses. It will be a two on two match until one side can no longer continue, with the challenger being allowed one substitution. Do you agree to the terms?”
He nodded, and said, “Alright, take a seat, she is in a match at the moment, and has another scheduled before yours, so you will have to wait about forty minutes before your match. I will call you name three times, and if you have not come forward, you spot will be forfeited and you will have to wait until tomorrow to challenge the gym.”
Geno nodded, and sat down, not releasing his girls yet. He ignored the sneers from two of the other tamers waiting for their matches, and tried to relax, saying that this was not going to be that hard. He waited and watched several tamers come from the back rooms, either exuberant and clutching a badge, or either sad or mad at failing to earn one. He waited for nearly a half hour, before the pokégirl at the desk called his name, and said, “Rachel is waiting for you in Arena 6. It is the second door on the left in the left hall.”
Geno stood up, and thanked her as he walked by her, and followed her directions to the requested arena. He entered and looked around taking in the room and his opponent. The room was fairly large, nearly sixty feet to a side, with a rectangle taking up most of it. A human female stood in the far box of the arena, and waved when Geno entered, saying, “You must be Geno Rathin. I will be your opponent today, so if you would get in the other box, we can get this match started.”
He nodded, and studied his opponent as he entered his box, and decided that she must have feline ancestry, probably Purrsian dominated. Long, graceful legs, and an athletic build, shown off with her blue jean shorts and a tank top, she was definitely attractive. He entered the box set off to one end of the arena, as a male stood up from the judges box, and said, “This is a two on two match with one substitution for the challenger. This match is between Geno Rathin and Rachel Ulysses, and will continue until one side is unable to battle. You will both release both your pokégirls on my mark, and the match will commence immediately. Ready? MARK!”
Geno pulled Asheer and Sara’s balls from his belt, and tossed them into the ring, as Rachel tossed her two. He watched Sara and Asheer form, and pulled his pokédex out to scan the two opponents, grinning as Rachel cursed at his choice of pokégirls. Her choices pinged, one of which he figured would go down quick, being a steel type, but the other was a girl with beautifully developed legs. He scanned the girl, and then obviously steel type girl.
AMAZONLEE, the Kicking Fiend Pokégirl
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: any human style food except high sugar foods
Role: Scouts, Fighters
He grinned and snuck another glance at her, admiring how she bounced from one leg to another, and scanned the other, as Rachel called orders to the Amazonlee and the steel girl, named Chung-Li and Stalla respectively.
BRONZE, the Metal Statue Pokégirl
Element: Steel/Fighting
Frequency: Extremely
Diet: special
Role: ambush, surprise attacks, defense
Asheer was already blasting away with flamethrower at the Bronze, and Sara copied her alpha’s attack, the two flamethrowers hitting the bronze full in the chest, and throwing her backwards, screaming in pain as her body began to develop a heat mirage around it. The Amazonlee dashed forward, trying to distract the two fire types, but was too slow to stop the second volley from the fire types, which silenced the screaming Bronze, knocking her unconscious as she literally glowed from the heat. The Amazonlee jumped, and slammed Sara in the head with a kick that enveloped the 'lee's leg with blue energy, and released it into Sara, covering her with water as the energy dispersed. The attack slammed Sara backwards, to slide, unconscious from the one attack, out of the ring, and Geno cursed as he remembered too late that she was a dark type as well as fire, and that dark types were weak against fighting. So the water kick had played strong against both types of his Charred Charmelons, hitting her with more energy than her body could handle.
Cursing himself for forgetting something that simple, he recalled her, and released Mayuan, as the Amazonlee turned toward Asheer. Geno yelled for Asheer to use Agility before the 'lee could close, but was surprised as she did it even as he called it. Murmuring for Mayuan to use confusion on the 'lee, he watched the Amazonlee size up both opponents in a glance, before going for Mayuan. Noticing Rachel's moving lips, but not hearing her say anything, he decided that she must be using a radio to talk to her, and made a mental note to get one for his harem battles as soon as he could. He watched the Amazonlee close with Mayuan, who was desperately trying to find calm as the fighting type charged so she could use her confusion attack, when a dark red blur slammed into the side of the Amazonlee, knocking her down as Asheer slid to a stop a good ten feet beyond the Amazonlee, just barely staying within the arena. Chung-Li turned to deal with the sudden appearance of the Flarebra, and then collapse to her knees, holding her head and screaming as Mayuan got her confusion attack off.
Asheer moved in front of Mayuan to keep the Amazonlee from attack Mayuan, and Geno relaxed at that point, figuring the match was in the bag. Asheer was faster than the Amazonlee, and Mayuan knew a psychic attack, which played against the fighting type's weakness. Then the Amazonlee jumped back, and a look of calm descended over her face. Mayuan hit her with another confusion attack, and a grimace of pain was the result of her offensive. Geno frowned, and yelled, "Asheer, take her out, she did something to reduced the effectiveness of psychic moves."
The Amazonlee's mouth quirked in a small smile, before she set herself, and let Asheer come to her, the next confusion attack that Mayuan sent at her not affecting her in the least. Geno looked at Mayuan and noticed the frown of trepidation on her face. He grinned at her, and winked, before saying, “Try again, but don’t doubt yourself. Just try your best, and you will not be punished for her having nullified your attacks.”
Asheer was in close against the Amazonlee, trading slash attacks for kicks, and seemed to be holding her own fairly well at the moment. Mayuan’s next attack broke the Amazonlee’s rhythm and made her stagger backwards in pain, allowing Asheer to use Fire Spin to trap the Amazonlee in a spiraling vortex of flame. The Amazonlee screamed in pain as she spun, trying to get her feet placed so that she could do get out of the vortex, but screamed as the Flarebra used Flame Sniper, and hit her in her gut, burning the Amazonlee enough that that she collapsed, panting onto the ground, barely holding onto conscious. Asheer looked back at Geno, who said, loud enough for Rachel to hear him, “Would you like to surrender? I don’t believe your Amazonlee can continue fighting.”
True enough, the Amazonlee looked like she was game for more, but she could not get her feet placed, movement from the burn causing too much pain for her to do more than writhe about on the ground. Rachel sighed, and spoke softly into her radio, as Chung-Li stilled, before nodding reluctantly. Rachel sighed, and withdrew her, before walking into the ring toward Geno. Geno moved toward his two girls, giving both of them a kiss, and rubbing their sides, and whispering into their ears, before recalling Mayuan. He left Asheer out, and turned toward Rachel, and said, “Your Amazonlee is well trained.”
Rachel smiled, and shook her head, saying, “You did well to train your Drow Zee in psychic techniques. Anyway, from the looks I am getting from your pokégirl suggests that if I don’t hurry this up, she might encourage me. Here is your badge, but some advice. Your Charmelons needs more training if she folded after one hit.”
Geno took the badge, but shook his head, and replied, “She is charred, which made your Amazonlee’s kick more effective. I completely forgot about dark types being weak against fighting, and that was entirely my fault. I am going to spend the rest of today having to make it up to her. Not a completely unattractive thought though.”
She laughed, and said, “Very well, my apologizes for judging before I knew all the facts. Anyway, your pokédex has been updated to include your victory here, so if you will excuse me, I have another battle to complete before I am done for today.”
Geno nodded, and then bowed slightly to her, and then wrapped a wing around Asheer, and said, “You behave. No glaring at the opponent after the match.”
Asheer glared at him, as they walked out of the arena, and said, “If she had spent less time admiring your wings, she might have been able to mount a better defense against us.”
Geno grinned at his alpha as they walked toward the exit, and replied, “Oh, so what is alright for you is not for anyone else?”
“If she was in the harem, then I would not be complaining.”
“No, you would find something else to complain about.”
The stepped out of the gym, and Asheer stuck her tongue out at him, and said, “So now what? You have your first badge, but you never did say what...”
A voice cut off whatever else she was about to say. “We challenge you to a salvage battle, pokéfreak!”
Geno sighed, and turned around, and stared flatly at the human male standing behind him. He was about average height, just shy of six feet, and normal weight. He really had nothing distinctive about him, which meant that the most flattering thing Geno could say was that he was normal. Not that he was inclined to be forgiving have just been called a pokéfreak. He stared at the human for a moment, hoping he would have the sense to walk away, but the other did not move, simply looking at Geno with a slightly superior expression on his face, before saying, “We challenged you, freak. Will you accept, or forfeit your dragon to me?”
Geno smiled evilly, and said, “Actually, since my harem and myself just got done with a pokégirl battle, we are exempt from challenges for the next twelve hours. Do you have a name?”
The human sneer at him, and said, “We are too important for a human with such diluted blood to know our name, but since you have sullied our honor, we want you to know so you can inform the authorities as to who taught you to respect your betters. Our name is Thomas Yarrick, second son of the great Yarrick family from the Sunshine league.”
He turned around, and waved to a Officer Jenny who was walking nearby, as Geno looked at Asheer, and said, “I have never heard of them.”
Asheer gave him an amused look as Thomas turned a glare at him that should have killed him, and then turned back to the Officer Jenny. He said, “We wish for your justice, officer.”
The Officer Jenny gave him an odd look at his request, before she nodded, and cautiously asked, “What is the problem, citizen?”
“This knave has refused our challenge to a salvage battle, quoting some ridiculous rule about not having to accept if he just completed a pokéwhore battle.”
Geno desperately bit his lip to keep from laughing at the look on Asheer and the Officer Jenny’s face as he managed to insult the woman he asked for justice, but that arrogant twit did not seem to realize what he had just done. While the Officer Jenny tried to recover her aplomb, Asheer leaned over, and asked, in a normal tone of voice, completely serious, “Would anyone protest if someone suddenly came down with a case of extreme mortality?”
Geno had to bite through his lip to keep from laughing out loud, as the Jenny turned her glare from Thomas to him, before saying, “This tamer has correctly cited the law. Any tamer that participates in a pokégirl battle is allowed to decline any challenges for the next twelve hours, or until their next visit to a pokécenter, provided they can provide proof of having to participate in such a battle.”
Geno smiled at her, before licking the blood off his lip from where he had bitten it, and handed her his pokédex, and saying, “I literally just finished fighting Rachel Ulysses in the gym when he challenged me.”
She made a cursory glance at the pokédex, before handing it back to him, and saying, “You have correctly invoked the law. If this tamer continues to harass you, please report it to us, and we will detain him for the next twelve hours. Have a nice day, Geno Rathin.”
She turned toward Thomas, and said, “Why are you still here?”
Thomas glared at both of them, before he turned and stormed away, loudly cursing pokébitches without proper respect for their betters, and cowardly pokéfreaks. Geno watched him walk off, and said, “How much trouble would I get in if I beat some respect for others into that idiot?”
The Officer Jenny turned and looked at him levelly for a moment, before she, almost as if reading a script that only she could see, “I would of course have to arrest you for assault and battery, as well as attempted murder against a tamer. But since we are only discussing a hypothetical situation, I don’t have to do anything about that, and I know that you are too smart to do such a dumb thing after mentioning it to an Officer Jenny. Have a nice day, citizen”
Turning, the Officer Jenny gave him a nod, before heading back off to her patrol, and Geno turned to Asheer with an exaggerated expression of innocence, but Asheer shook her head, and said, “No. Lets get out of town before something goes wrong. Like it normally does with you. I know I might be flailing against the wind, but damn it, I have to try, because all it takes is you losing one salvage battle before you are not my tamer any more.”
Geno gave her a hurt look, but nodded at the wisdom of her words, before saying, “Alright, lets head off to Cherry City, or whatever it is called, the one to the south. Tiria can heal everyone after we get out of town.”
Asheer gave her tamer an amused glance that spoke volumes about her thoughts on his inability to be serious for longer than five minutes, and said, “It is Cherry Grove Town, master. I swear, I don’t know what you would do without me.”
“Thrash about and pretend that I knew what I was doing, winging everything as I went?”
She gave him a playful punch on his shoulder, and then snuggled closer, and said, “Well, lets get out of here before that Yarrick idiot comes back and attacks us. I don’t want to do anything more strenuous than you for the rest of today.”
Geno laughed at her announcement, and said, “Why don’t we discuss that on the way out of town?”
(February 12th, 296AS, 1900)
Geno glanced at Athyra, his Ivywhore, and said, “Credit for your thoughts?”
The Ivywhore turned and looked at him confused, not understanding what he was asking of her, and asked, hesitantly, “Master?”
Geno sighed, and reminded himself yet again that while his feralborn Ivywhore was smart, and the T2 conferred basic understanding of English, that did not mean she knew the language like someone that had grown up knowing it. He said, “Never mind, little flower, I was just wondering what you were thinking.”
Athyra blushed, and shook her head, but did not reply to his question. He sighed again, and wished she was not so withdrawn inside of herself, that was not healthy. She rarely ever spoke, and was always flinching at loud noises. He hoped it was just a symptom of being feral all the time, and having to watch her surroundings, but it had been almost a week since he had tamed her, and she had yet to say more than a score of words. He sighed, and said, “Well, Athyra, I am going to put you up for a while, this is bug territory, and they would love to see you, probably more than you would care to see them.”
Her almost frantic nodding filled him with pity over how pathetic she seemed, but he kept that thought firmly hidden, and made a note to get her examined by a psychic type at the pokécenter as soon as he could. Something was very wrong with her, but he would be damned if he had to name what it might be, other than her extreme and almost painful shyness. He returned her, and then let out Sara, and grinned as she stretched, and then rubbed against him, and said, “Are we there yet?”
He laughed at her, glad at how out spoken she was when compared to Athyra, and said, “Yes, we are. Lets head into town, get everyone healed and cleaned up, and tomorrow we can challenge the gym. Right now, I want nothing more than a real bed with a certain female in it.”
His hand stroked her tail, playing with the limb where it connected to her spine, making her shiver in pleasure and desire, before she said, “Alright, but any idea who it might be?”
Geno grinned, as he led the way down to the town, his hand holding hers, and said, “Oh, a few, but why don’t you try and convince me on who I should focus on?”
They walked down the path to the town, and glanced to the side as a Buzzbreast flew past, but she did not stop, instead focusing on her task for the hive. Geno gave her a half interested glance, and said, “The town of flowers and bugs indeed, if they let a hive live that close to town that a feral treats a tamer as a normal thing, instead of an intruder.”
They entered the town shortly, and entered the pokécenter, where an Eva sat behind the desk, and looked up with a smile on her face. Geno felt a smile forming on his own face at the sight of the Eva and she practically bubbled with joy as she said, “Welcome to the Cherry Grove City pokécenter. How may I assist you?”
Sara looked at the Eva with an amused expression, as Geno handed his harem over, and said, “Healing and cleaning cycles for the group please. Also, a taming room for a day please.”
The Eva nodded, and happily gathered up the pokéballs, and turned to head to the back room. As she closed the door behind her, Geno started to laugh, and said to Sara, his tone as amused as his expression, “If she was anymore happy and bubbly, she would be carbonated.”
He grinned as his Charmelons kissed him, and eagerly returned the kiss, which quickly turned heated. The return of the Eva made Sara calm down a bit, but she practically glued herself to his side, her body conforming to his, and purring, wanting him, now, if not sooner. The Eva smiled brightly, her natural attitude making her seem to glow, as she said, “Room 121, right hall, last door on your left.”
He started to reply, but Sara grabbed his arm, and took the key with a quick nod of thanks, before pulling him down the hallway, toward their room. He waved to the Eva, and then the door slammed behind him, trapping him in his room with Sara, who pinned him to the bed, and growled softly, before tracing a claw along his chest, before asking, “Are you going to remove your clothes, or should I?”