Chapter 10

(January 26th, 296AS, 1000)
Geno woke up, and said, “I need to stop passing out. It is a disgusting habit, and needs to stop.”
Looking around, as he was not inclined to move much, the first thing he noticed was that he was in the pokécenter, and decided that it must double as the town hospital. That, he thought, or they did not have space at the hospital, and they had shipped him back to his room. Tiria was nowhere to be seen, but Helaine and Asheer were asleep at the table, and Mayuan was lying in the bed beside him. He smiled at his harem, and made a silent promise to try not to worry them this badly anymore. He kissed Mayuan, who protested sleepily, not waking, but Asheer did.
She looked up, and when she saw him moving to the side of the bed, she sighed, and said, “You are lucky, you know that right?”
Helaine snapped upright at Asheer’s voice, and when she saw who the Pyrona was talking too, she threw herself at her tamer with a muffled cry, burying her head against his shoulder, and alternated between yelling at him and being relieved that he was right. He endured the barrage from her, simply stroking her back, and making soothing noises, slowly calming her down. He looked up at Asheer and said, “I am sorry for worrying everyone. Does anyone know where Tiria is, and how Sara is doing?”
Asheer nodded, and yawned, before answering, “Tiria is at the combination hospital and pokécenter, as some of the tamers at the station were badly injured and her skills are desperately needed for the injured. As for Sara…”
Asheer sighed, before continuing, “She as cycled through a healing machine after you put her in her pokéball, but when they released her, she was completely black still, as if still scorched. They then hustled her off into the observation room, as she was still unconscious. I don’t know what happened to her since, but asking the Iugenue still here at the pokécenter just gets a shrug, and her response has been, ‘The Charmelons is being observed. When we know more, we will tell you.’
It is irritating, and I don’t even know if Sara ever woke up, let alone what happened to her. I am hoping you can get a more definite answer then I got, because I am seriously contemplating violence to get more information.”
Geno grinned at her, his hands still stroking Helaine’s back, aware that his Cuntnaw was rubbing against him and purring in pleasure at the attention. He grinned down at Helaine, and said, “Well, I guess the first order of business is to let Tiria know I am alive and mobile, so that way when we get everyone together again, you can all yell at me for not being careful.”
All three girls got equally innocent expressions, and, as one, asked, “Now, why would we do that?”
Geno looked at all three of them, before saying, “Oh, quit the acting innocent before I decide to spank you all.”
Mayuan looked even more innocent, impossible though it was, and said, in a soft voice, “Promise?”
The others laughed at her question, before Geno tossed her robe at her, and said, “Get dressed. I swear, you are impossible. Adorable, but impossible.”
Soon, everyone was dressed, and Geno turned to Asheer, and asked, “So, I guess the police decided to believe my recordings of the bombings?”
Asheer shrugged, and said, “Perhaps, but there is an Officer Jenny outside your door, so perhaps they just want to ask you some questions before letting you go. “
Geno shrugged, and opened the door, and saw the Jenny in question. He gave her a polite nod, and asked, “Morn…Morning officer, can I help you?”
The interruption had been him checking the chrono on the wall, making sure it was still morning. The Jenny gave him a not quite hostile, but definitely not friendly nod. The only way he could describe it was professional, but she was saying, “Yes, you can come with me to answer some questions. The Chief is in the hospital, so Yerra will be asking you the questions.”
Geno nodded, and recalled Mayuan and Helaine, leaving Asheer out, and said, “Alright, but do you know anything about the condition of Sara, my Charmelons?”
The Jenny shook her head, and said, “No, but you can leave your pokégirls out, we know that you are not a member of Team Apocalypse. You would not have bothered to have the Charmelon’s save the Chief’s daughter if you were. We also reviewed your pokédex recording, and that is what most of the questions are about.”
Geno nodded, but mentally shrugged, he never considered not helping the child he had heard. He did not respond, but did suddenly frown, and then turned to Asheer, and said, “Were the Nursejoy">Nursejoy’s not letting anyone stay with Sara? And if not, why were all three of you with me, and none with her?”
Asheer gave him a slightly guilty look, and said, “Because we were all so worried about you that it did not cross our minds.”
Geno sighed, and simply shook his head, and said, “Can we check on my Charmelons before seeing your officer? I want to make sure she is alright.”
The Jenny nodded, but did not change her course, replying with professional detachment, “Of course, that will not be a problem, as we are currently basing out of the hospital until more of the Jennies are up and able to resume their duties.”
The rest of the five minutes of brisk walking were made in silence, as Geno collected his thoughts, trying to snag a thought that was bugging him, but he could not pin it down. After trying for about half the walk there, he gave up, and began trying to think of names for the two new pokégirls in his harem. That mental exercise lasted until they got to the hospital, and when Geno walked through the door, he returned his attention to here and now. Not a day ago, he mused, this place must have been a mad house, but for the most part, one could not tell by the way the few Nursejoys">Nursejoys on duty went about their jobs. He recognized one of the Joys behind the main counter at a computer, but frowned as she suddenly swayed in her seat, resting her head in her hands for a moment, before brushing her hair out of her face, and then hitting a few more keys on the keyboard. Geno walked to the counter, and said, “You know, Tiria, if you pass out, you will not be able to justify yelling at me later.”
Tiria was so tired that she simply turned and stared owlishly at her tamer for a moment; so exhausted that it took her a moment to process who was in front of her. Geno watched her, his amusement turning into concern, but she eventually said, with a tired smile, “Geno? Sorry, they have been running all seven of us into exhaustion. So, how are you? Other than the hastily mended shattered wing and full body bruise?”
Geno reached for her pokéball, and said, “Feeling like I was thrown into a wall, forced my bruised body through a fight, and then got partially burned at the end of it all. But I am here to answer the police officer’s questions, and since you are about to drop, I think I will be collecting you BEFORE the interview, instead of after, since you have worked yourself to the bone.”
Tiria nodded, and said, “That will be fine, I was about to be released.”
Geno felt his expression hardening, and said, “Released? Tiria, you don’t work here. Did someone order you to exhaust yourself? If so I am going to have something to say to them. I understand you wanted to help, Tiria, but allowing yourself to be worked until you collapse is not part of a volunteer‘s job.”
Tiria turned and gave him an exhausted but very reproachful glare, and said, “You are a fine one to talk, charging off like an idiot into situations that might get you killed.”
Geno felt his back stiffen, and he started to offer a retort, but Asheer said, “Enough! Tiria, you are tired, but that gives you no right to speak to your tamer like that, true though you statement is. Geno, leave off, she is tired, and has worked herself to the point she is about to drop. Give her a little leeway. Why don’t you put Tiria up, and both of you rest and cool off before deciding to continue this or not?”
The glare she gave him was perfect, so he said, his voice a bit higher than normal, like that of a child, and said, “But mother…”
Asheer, bless her, caught onto the joke immediately, and straightened up, and tried to look Strict and Adult, and said, her voice firm, “Don’t ‘But mother…’ me, young man! You either behave, or spankings will be administered later.”
Geno grinned, and said, “Oh, that sounds interesting. Promise?”
The Jenny was watching all of this like he was crazy, and the other Joy in the room was laughing so hard she was crying. Asheer purred, her voice making him feel like he just took a warm shower on a chilly day, “Possibly.”
Both Geno and Asheer looked at each other for a moment, before they started laughing at the same time, and Tiria said, shaking her head, “You two are crazy, but I knew that about Geno when I joined the harem. Sorry for snapping earlier, I am so tired…”
Geno lunged at her, and caught Tiria as her legs suddenly buckled, and returned her to her pokéball, and said before recalling her, “Apology accepted, but only if you forgive me for being an idiot.”
She nodded, fighting to keep her eyes open, and then she disappeared into the pokéball. Standing back up from his leaning over the counter, and said, “Once I see my Charmelons, I will be ready to talk to your questioner, Officer Jenny.”
She nodded, and then went off to inform her superior that he had arrived and where he would be. Geno followed his guide, one of the Nursejoys">Nursejoys that had been called in to deal with the sudden influx of injuries. The silent Nursejoy">Nursejoy led the way through the hospital, and Geno nodded to the various police personnel that were moving through the hallways, checking up on friends or talking to their officers. Geno wound his way through the press, and followed the Nursejoy">Nursejoy into the observation section of the hospital. She pointed him to one of the doors, and said, “As your Charmelons is still recovering, there is to be no taming.”
Geno nodded his understanding, more interested in just seeing Sara than in taming her at the moment, and entered the room. The room contained a single bed, and a figure that strongly resembled Sara was on the only bed. But were Sara had had a striking dark red tone to her skin, this Charmelons was completely and utterly black. He said, “Excuse me, I…”
He did not finish his sentence, as the pokégirl sat up slightly and said, “Master, you are alright!”
Geno stared at her, as Asheer entered the room, the confusion on her face matching his own, and said, “Sara, is that you? What happened to you? You were supposed to get healed and put through a cleaning cycle.”
The Charmelons, held one arm out for Geno and said, “I don’t know, no one has told me anything, and the Nursejoys">Nursejoys are the worst about it, saying that they want to not say anything until they get my blood work back from the lab.”
Geno walked forward, and took her hand, and said, “Well, if they try and pull that crap on me, someone is liable to get hurt.”
[I hope you don’t intend to beat one of the Nursejoys">Nursejoys that are trying to save my people.]
Turning at the sudden mental intrusion, Geno nodded in greeting to the Ka-D-Bra, and said, “Morning, ma’am. Are you the one who is going to be questioning me?”
The Ka-D-Bra nodded, and sent, [I was hoping you would answer my question, Tamer. While we are grateful for saving several of us and my Master’s daughter, that will not allow you to do as you please.]
Geno snorted, and retorted, a bit hotter than he intended to, “If they keep my Charmelons in distress, then I am willing to do what it takes to remove that distress. Hopefully all it takes is a tamer insisting to know what is wrong with his harem member.”
A raised eyebrow, and Geno felt the psychic’s mind more fully, as she directed a private thought to him, [A noble sentiment, you are as protective of your harem as they are of you.]
Geno snorted and said, “They are my family. Now, you have questions for me?”
The Ka-D-Bra nodded, her antennae twitching, before she suddenly blushed, and sent, [Thank you for the compliment, Geno. Especially since I am a pokéwoman.]
Geno felt his cheeks heating as he realized that the Ka-D-Bra had ‘heard’ him admiring her, and said, “Well, you are very beautiful. And I would offer a place in my harem if you seemed even slightly interested.”
Asheer turned and glared at him, and said, “Behave, you harem is already full, Master.”
Realizing that the conversation was fast spiraling out of control, he took a deep breath, ignored Sara’s giggle, and said, as he sat down on the chair by the bed, “You had questions for me?”
Asheer sat in his lap, and curled up, burying her head against his chest, and purring contentedly, as the Ka-D-Bra sent, [There are two ways we can do this. The faster way is where you drop your impressive mental shields, and I go through your memories. The other way, I spend the next two hours or so asking questions, and both of us hoping you haven’t forgotten anything important.]
Geno ‘listened’ to her description of the two ways, and said, “Alright, you can go through my mind. What do I need to do to make this faster?”
[Relax, and just think of nothing in particular, if you can. My name is Yerra.]
Geno took a deep breath, and then released it, before burying his head in Asheer’s hair, enjoying the scent of her body, and trying to find a moment of peace.
Slipping inside his mind, Yerra found herself standing in his mental construct, and cast about, wondering what she was viewing would tell her about the young tamer. She stood in what looked to be a cave, and casting about revealed dozens of different passages, rather haphazardly distributed about the ‘cave’, and a single chest in the middle of it, labeled ‘Academy’. Casting about, she drifted through his mind, occasionally have to backtrack as the passages dead ended, some of them looking like a natural tunnel that ended, others looking like someone had built a wall across it, keeping anyone from accessing it.
After finding herself staring at a ‘wall’ for the fourth time, Yerra placed her hand against it, and began examining it in detail, when she heard a voice behind her, “If you manage to break through that, let me know please. I am as curious as to what is on the other side as you are.”
Turning around, Yerra found herself staring at the mental projection of the tamer and felt her eyes widen in shock and admiration. He stood as tall in his mind as he did in reality, and was about built the same way, but he did not ‘project’ clothing around his mental form, so she had a very good view of him.
Instead of the pale flesh and sky blue scales on his pokégirl parts, he was completely covered in pitch black scales, with a gold highlighting around each scale, perfectly outlining each individual scale, making a striking figure. His eyes alternated colors between pure gold and blood red, and he had a good-natured smile plastered on his face. He leaned against the wall, hands folded behind his head, and tilted his head to the side, before asking, “What?”
Yerra stared at him a while longer, before asking, “Why do you think of yourself like that?”
Geno shrugged, before asking, “Are you here to answer questions about the attack, or do a psyche evaluation?”
Turning he started off down the tunnel, and then glanced back at the Ka-D-Bra, and said, “Are you coming?”
Muttering to herself, Yerra floated after the mental version of the human, and quickly lost her sense of ‘direction’ even though here in someone’s mind, direction was mostly relative. Geno eventually stopped, and opened the large chest labeled ‘Terrorist Attack’, and said, “That should contain what you need. If you need to get around, let me know, this place is such a maze that I get lost sometimes.”
With that, the mental image faded away, leaving the somewhat amused Ka-D-Bra alone in the cavern, before going through the memories in the chest.
Geno can back from his jaunt through his mind with Yerra at about the same time the Ka-D-Bra did, and she stared at him for a moment, before nodding and sending, [Thank you for cooperating with us. We have made a copy of the recording on your pokédex, and will be returning it to you shortly.]
She stood up, and walked out of the room as Geno turned back to Sara, his hand squeezing her reassuringly, and after a few minutes said, “Perhaps the Nursejoys">Nursejoys will be willing to answer questions when they come back.”
Almost as if his words summoned her, a Nursejoy">Nursejoy entered the room, and said, “Geno Rathin?”
At his nod, she handed his pokédex to him and continued, “Your Charmelons is ready to be released as we have completed her blood work and she is still basically a Charmelons but with an extra set of abilities. You might notice she has no shadow, and that the cleaning cycle did not remove the ‘burned’ look to her? The fire at the station charred her. If you want more information, consult your pokédex.”
Geno glared at the casual way the Nursejoy">Nursejoy announced such a profound change to his harem member in front of her, like she was not even present, and nearly snarled, “You concern for your patient is overwhelming me. You truly are a credit to your breed and calling.”
Flipping the pokédex open, he ignored the contemptuous glare the Nursejoy">Nursejoy gave him as she left, and scrolled through the pokédex, looking for the status that she had mentioned. After a few minutes of looking, he finally just scanned Sara, and read what the pokédex spat out about her.
Charred Charmelons, the Ashen Hot ‘N’ Heavy Pokégirl
Element: Fire/Dark
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Plants, small animals, pokéchow
Role: igniting things, combat, fascinated with fire
He read the new addition to his Charmelons, before asking, “So, if you are fascinated with fire now, does that mean all you need to entertain yourself is you tail?”
Both of his pokégirls stared at him for a moment, before a very confused Sara said, “What?”
Geno smiled, and paraphrased the quote from the pokédex, “…acts mostly the same, but now has a respect for fire in all forms. She tends to stare at open flames, remembering their power as they burned her shadow away, and flame is now a very serious thing for her, almost akin to a religion.”
Looking back up, he grinned at her, suddenly looking impish and said, “Well, would you care to make a comment, or should you summon your tail so we can see it for ourselves?”
The glare she gave him made him smile, and continue, “Sorry, I could not resist. I guess that was mean of me. So, should we head back to the pokécenter, and let the tamer give his harem a full physical examination?”
Sara had been slowly standing up, but his statement made her head snap up, and shyly smile. Asheer looked at him at him, licking her lips in anticipation, before asking, “So, why are we still here?”
Geno grinned, and threw an arm and wing around both his girls, and purred, “Dunno, I am waiting on you two.”
Geno kissed both of his snuggling pokégirls, as they headed back to the pokécenter, glad that his harem had come out of that fiasco with all of their limbs attached, and still alive.
(January 27th, 296AS, 1200)
Geno rolled carefully free of his exhausted harem, and grinned at the five passed out females, thinking that he did good work. The harem had thrown themselves into the idea of a group taming with gusto and enthusiasm, and he had gotten to enjoy taming all of his girls, as well as watching several of the girls tame each other. That had been the most erotic thing he had ever seen, watching his Drow Zee and Nursejoy">Nursejoy entwining on the table. Shoving that line of thought away, he glanced at the chrono, and saw that he had slept for nearly six hours, his harem and himself passing out scattered about the bed around six in the morning. Feeling fully rested, he grabbed the pokéball for the Amazonwu, intending to tame her into the harem while the harem rested.
Putting on minimal clothing, he got a key to a taming room, and asked the Nursejoy">Nursejoy about get an English T2 delivered to his room, as he would need it for the feral once he tamed her too him. Patricia gave him the comm number of a store that carried T2 and delivered as well. Making the call from a computer in the pokécenter, he asked for a list of T2s in stock, and purchased three, grimacing at the price, but the three he was purchasing would be useful. Sending the 135,000 SLC to the merchant, he gave him his room number at the pokécenter, and said that his alpha would take the deliveries, when they arrived around two in the afternoon.
Finished with his purchases, he closed the computer down, and grabbed the printed receipt, before returning to his room, and dropping off the receipt and leaving a note to the girls, explaining he was taming the Amazonwu, and that some T2 purchases he made should be arriving around two or so. Wondering about the abundance of energy he had, he headed to the taming room, eager to get started. The room was fairly plain and tame, several cushions scattered about, a table, a few chairs. Satisfied that the room was what he needed, he released the Amazonwu, and grinned as he remembered the name he had picked out for her, Lendysa.
Releasing the Amazonwu, he watched her form from the energy the pokéball released, and was mildly surprised to see that she had lost her rotten armor. He had intended get it replaced anyways, but now he was not going to have to get rid of it, at least. She turned back to him, her body in a ready but somehow relaxed position, and she finished looking around, before finally spotting him behind her. She turned around to partially face him, curiosity on her features, as if she was wondering why she was not in her ‘home’ anymore. Geno stepped forward, and the Amazonwu looked at him as if trying to remember something, but she gasped when he cupped one of her full breasts. Her body quivered as her feral instincts fought against the feeling of enjoyment that he was giving her, and her hand slowly drifted up to rub against his, her body shuddering a the unfamiliar feelings going through her body.
Geno grinned as the pokégirl responded to his gentle caress, and moved around to stand behind her, his free hand moving to tweak her nipples, and he gently kissed the back of her neck, as his tail stripped off his pants. Stepping out of them, he flicked them to the side, returning his attention to the pokégirl in his hands. He grinned as she arched, his tail brushing against her swollen sex, and her moan of pleasure made him grin. He purred in her ear, “You liked that, little fighter? Then you will like the rest of this as well.”
(January 27th, 296AS, 1315)
Geno stepped out of the taming room, the now VERY tame Amazonwu in her pokéball asleep, and strolled down to hall to his room. Entering the room, he saw Asheer sitting at the table, her head on her arms, asleep, while the rest of the harem was still asleep on the bed. Grinning at the beautiful sight his harem made, he thought, I do good work, before quietly releasing the Amazonwu, and placing her on the end of the bed, so not to disturb the others in the harem. Turning around, he saw that he must not have been very silent, as Asheer watched him from the table, and said, “Were we unable to satisfy your need to tame, master?”
The disappointment and hurt in her voice cut him, and he cursed himself for not thinking of the harem’s reaction sooner. He shook his head, sat down beside his Pyrona, pulling her close, and said, “No, Little Flame, it is not your fault, I did not think again and the fault is wholly mine. So don’t you dare feel bad, or else I will have to do many evil… nasty… horrible things to you until you feel better.”
The pauses were because he was busy kissing her neck, his fangs brushing against her satin skin, making her shiver in desire. She purred, “How can you possibly still be interested in taming right now? You should be passed out still after that group taming, not adding the feral to the harem, and then trying to get more.”
Geno frowned at her question, and said, “I am not sure, but I feel completely full of energy at the moment, and have since I woke up yesterday after the attack I have been completely energetic. And I am damned if I had to name why.”
Shaking his head, he sighed, and said, “I… am hungry. Want something as well?”
Pulling out some of the remaining supplies from his poképack, he made a quick list of the things they needed, and said, “So, do we want to head back into the wilds for training and gathering ferals, or try for a badge now?”
Asheer ate her meal slowly, and Geno enjoyed her simply being near him, her body heat keeping him warm, but snapped back to reality as she said, “Depends on what you want to do. Honestly, I don’t think the harem is going to complain either way, unless you want to add yet more pokégirls to the harem.”
Humming softly to herself, she snagged his pokédex, and brought up the information about the gym, and muttered to herself before flipping through to the page that listened the harem members. Examining it, she nodded, and said, “I would advise going into the wilds for a few days, and letting me train along side the Amazonwu, as the gym here is listed as preferring Steel and fighting types. Since we don’t have a flying type ourselves, we will have to chance the Amazonwu, as Mayuan is not robust enough yet to be able to survive against a fighting type that got close to her. She is improving, but I don’t think she is ready yet.”
Geno nodded, before turning to the bed, and saying, “Anyone have any objections?”
Asheer snapped around, not realizing that the entire harem, minus the Amazonwu was awake, and blushed, wishing she had been more diplomatic. The entire harem agreed, but Geno caught the glare Mayuan gave Asheer, and made a note to have a talk with those two, before they went out into the wilds. Suddenly remembering the messages, he flipped open the pokédex, and said, “Tiria, Mayuan, Helaine, we got a message from the Academy, and I thought you would like to watch it with me.”
All of the girls on the bed but the newest harem member scrambled out, Sara getting something to eat, while the others crowded around his chair. Once the three girls were situated, he played the message, and smiled as Selene appeared. She grinned at the recorder, and said, “Well, Geno, it has been about two weeks since you left and already I miss you. Mostly the lack of your mental screaming for my help, me having to clean up your messes, and the constant mental ‘Whys?’ that you were so fond of having float around in your head.”
Mayuan hit the pause button, and leaned around to look at her tamer, and asked with a sickeningly sweet voice, “Is that a story about you that we have yet to hear?”
Geno snorted, and gently shoved her back, saying, “Hush, the others and myself would like to hear the messages.”
Starting the message again, Selene unfroze, and continued, “However, I do miss you coming by for company. I hope everything is going well for you, since you are away from the Academy, you should not be getting into too much trouble.”
Tiria leaned forward, her breasts resting against the top of his back, and whispered in his ear, “She does not know you very well, does she?”
Geno rolled his eyes, and said, “Tiria, behave.”
Selene continued, her message not pausing for his harem’s antics, “Anyway, all of the staff wanted to say hi, but I pointed out that would take too long, so I promised to tell you for them. Also, Maskai sent a message from Taki, Kaito, and herself, and it should be attached to the end of this message.”
Helaine leaned forward, and licked his ear, before saying, “Aw, that is so cute, you are the campus pet!”
Geno paused the movie and turned to glare at the three pokégirls behind him, and said, “Are you three quite done, or should I watch it later by myself?”
Blushing, the three girls realized that he did not appreciate their teasing, and nodded. Grumbling to himself, he started the message again, and grinned as it suddenly jumped, showing the dojo ceiling, and he heard Masaki saying, “How do you work this damn thing? So simple a Bunnygirl can work it, my muscular ass!”
Taki’s voice came from the side, and Geno heard Kaito choking as he tried to not laugh, “Oh, give me that before you hurt yourself.”
The recorder was suddenly righted, and Taki was smiling into the camera of the pokédex, and Geno had to admit she was rather attractive when she smiled. She said, “Well, I guess I am going to get to say hi to you first, Geno. Masaki wanted to, but could not figure out how to work the pokédex. Proof that just because she could beat you senseless with two hands behind her back, you have nothing to be envious of.”
Masaki cursed fluently in Japanese at Taki, who ignored her alpha, and continued, “Anyway, we found out that Selene was going to send you a message, and we all wanted to send you our best wishes, and hopefully the beating I am going to get later from Masaki is going to be as gentle as the ones she gave you.”
Geno laughed at Taki’s comment, as the camera panned around, showing a glowering Masaki and a very amused Kaito, who waved, and said, “Greetings Geno, just letting you know that your teachers at the Academy missed you, and that nothing has really changed much now that you have gone, other than that I seem to have lost my sanity somewhere, and neither of my pokégirls can find it. Of course, I doubt that they are really looking that hard. So, if you find the time and inclination, send me a little sanity, and some news as to what you are doing, how things are going, and the like. Take care, student.”
The message ended, and Geno smiled, before storing the message in the pokédex archives, and started to put the pokédex down when the message from the Meek Conservatory appeared at the bottom, asking if he wanted to view the message. Closing the pokédex, he hummed to himself, as the harem began their meals, and said, “Going to the lobby, and going to send a message.”
He left the room with his pokédex, and went to the pokécenter lobby, where he sat down at one of the computers, and turned it on. Pulling his ‘dex open, he typed in the comm code for the Meek Conservatory, and hit send. He waited a moment, and then a near human pokégirl answered his call, and said, “This is the Meek Conservatory, how may I direct your call?”
Geno shook his head, and then said, “Yes, I got a message from the Conservatory, about making an arrangement about captured ferals, and was hoping to talk to someone about it.”
The pokégirl nodded, and said, “Name and reason for receiving the message please?”
“Geno Rathin, and I had graduated from the Johto Academy.”
The girl typed in his name and information, and stared at the screen, before asking, “Geno Rathin, you said? Birth date please?”
Wondering about the sudden change in her demeanor, he said, “February 27, 278 AS.”
Entering his birth date, the pokégirl nodded to herself, and said, “One moment while I redirect you.”
His screen went blank, with an hourglass endlessly turning on the screen, and a message asking for patience while he was transferred. After a moment, another female appeared on the screen, and she was either a human female, or a very near human woman, like the pokégirl before. She smiled at him, and said, “Geno Rathin, correct? And you are calling about setting up an arrangement for transferring ferals and unwanted pokégirls to us as well?”
Geno nodded at her question, and she said, “Alright. Our standard deal for Johto Academy Graduates at the moment is that we take all ferals that are captured alive and not permanently damaged in some way, unseen, and give you a standard capture fee for the pokégirl, based upon her rarity and relative power level. After you send us a certain number of pokégirls, your can start trading the pokégirls you trade to us for credit, which you can then use to purchase either a pokégirl, or equipment, which we then teleport to you. Will that be acceptable?”
Geno shrugged, and then asked, “How much do I get for each feral?”
The woman glanced at her screen, hit a few keys, and said, “Initially, you will get 35% of the average selling price for the feral pokégirls you send in, and 45% for any domestics that you send us. However, after sending us a certain number of pokégirls, I believe the number is seventy-two at the moment, the price we pay will increase by 5%. For each lot of seventy-two you send us, the price we pay increases by 5%, until you have sent in your second lot of seventy-two, for a net increase of 10%. Is this acceptable? It is more than most ranches will offer for pokégirls, and selling them individually rarely results in that price for an individually seller.”
Geno considered the offer, before asking, “Is it open to negotiation, or is it a take it or leave it offer?”
The woman’s expression suddenly got harder, not much, but it showed in the flesh around her eyes, and she said, “Only if you sign a contract offering us exclusive rights to the pokégirls you don’t want, in which case we add 5% to the starting offer. However, if you sign it, that means you can only send your unwanted pokégirls to us.”
Something in her expression warned Geno that something was off here, and after considering the problem a moment, he said, “How long, and what are the conditions of that contract.”
She smiled, her expression making him wary, and said, “The more leeway you get in disposing of the ferals, the less our offer will increase. The standard length of time for the exclusive contract is ten years.”
Geno leaned back, trying to see the catch in the deal before shrugging and saying, “Sounds fair enough. Where do I sign?”
The woman nodded and said, “Sign and send back the forms that I am sending you now, and you will be part of our capture program. Do you have any ferals to send to us right now?”
Geno was only half listening to the woman, and was looking at the forms that he had just received on another part of the computer screen and said, “Yes, ten.”
He read through the forms, and found that his misgivings appeared to be unfounded, nothing in the two forms he had received seemed to hint at any deception, the first simply a deal to exchange ferals for cash or credit with the Conservatory along with a requirement to swing by the Conservatory at least once a year to ensure that he was really the one sending the girls in, and the second was an agreement to a ten year agreement to send captured ferals and other unwanted pokégirls to the Conservatory, for an increase in the amount each pokégirl was worth. Signing both forms, he sent them back, and said, “Anything else I need to do?”
The woman shook her head, and said, “Other than at some point before January 27 of next year you need to come to the Conservatory to let us ensure that you are who you claim you are, no. Any other questions?”
He nodded, and said, “How do I send them to the conservatory? I have ten of them already.”
The women spent the next five minutes verbally walking him through the handshake procedures with the Conservator computers, and soon all ten pokégirls were in the Conservatory computers, and as all but two had been common pokégirls, he was only a little less than three hundred thousand SLC richer for the ten pokégirls. He thanked the woman, and grinned at that thought, only two hundred eighty thousand SLC for ten ferals. Not bad, he mused as he stood up, and stretched, but without Tiria, he would have to replace more than just food supplies. Pulling out his pokédex as he walked back to the room, he glanced over the inventory mentally going over what they would need before heading back out into the wilds, after getting the badge. 
Looking up as he neared his room, he saw one of the nearby doors had been left open, and he glanced inside as he passed, but quickly backtracked as he saw that Asheer was inside it. He stood at the door, and watched her, wondering what she was doing. After a moment of her standing in the center of the cleared room, she said, “Play.”
As music began to play, her body swayed, and then began to dance. Geno felt his jaw drop as she glided across the floor, almost seeming to fly. She was suddenly far too perfect a creature to be merely mortal, and though he felt he was intruding on something very personal, he could not for the life of him move. His mind was not entirely in the here and now, as he admired her graceful movements, absently noting how her eyes were closed, her entire focus upon each step she took, crafting each one to perfection, her whole body a show of poetry in motion. He glanced at the clock on his pokédex, before slipping into the room, and quietly shutting the door.
For an hour, his alpha danced, and every movement only made him fall even more in love with her. He was lost in her movements, each one perfect, unfaltering and unhesitant. Asheer soared from one move to the next, some of her movements strangely formal, others almost sexual, and still others that had no purpose than to express her love for dancing. Her breathing never faltered, nor did it become labored. The songs blurred and melded together in his mind, as Geno watched his Pyrona dance.
After what felt like an eternity, he suddenly became aware of the world again, as Asheer's dance started to close, her breathing slightly labored, but it did not distract from the glorious conclusion. His Pyrona finished her dance exactly where she started, and stood, as the last song soared into silence, her eyes closed, as she simply existed, savoring the last moments of the song. Geno stood up as silently as he had entered, and slid forward, his arms encircling his Pyrona's waist. She must have been aware of his presence, for she did not jump as he embraced her, only turning slightly to kiss him, purring in pleasure at the light exhaustion she felt at the end of her flight.
The tender kiss quickly grew heated, as Asheer turned around to face him fully, her body responding to his gentle caresses, and she groaned, "Dear Gods, how can you still be interested in taming?"
Even as she asked her rhetorical question, her hands quickly stripped him of his clothing, little whimpers escaping as his hands explored her already familiar body, tracing random designs in the light sheen of sweat that still coated her form. Her tail twined about his own, as she finally stripped off his boxes, and he gasped in pleasure as her fingers brushed over his testicles. She wrapped one leg around his waist, pulled herself up, and impaled herself eagerly upon his shaft, cooing in pleasure as their eager bodies merged. Geno walked forward, and pressed his alpha's back against the walls, his manhood deep in her body, making her squeal in pleasure as he hilted again and again. He kissed her deeply, before lying down on the ground, her beneath him, and slipped from her treasure, and slid down her beautiful body, trailing kiss along her neck, the valley of her breasts, and the flat muscles of her stomach. He ended the trail of kisses right above her swollen and needy sex, and smiled as her thigh rubbed against him and wrapped around his head. Inhaling her scent, his tongue slid across her outer lips, making her stiffen and gasp with pleasure, and then whimper as his long, agile tongue expertly parted her netherlips, sampling her essence. Purring in pleasure at her taste, he froze as her back unexpectedly arched as he purred, and she whispered, her voice taunt with desire, "Gods, master, more please..."
Grinning he murred into her sex, making her whimper in pleasure, as his long tongue slowly pressed into her sex, moving ever deeper, leaving no corner of her vagina unpleasured. He grinned as both of Asheer's legs wrapped around his shoulders, and then she forcefully pressed his face against her vagina. The smell of her nectar and sweat nearly drove him wild, and he corkscrewed his tongue around her inner folds, the nine inch muscle roughly caressing the velvet walls, making her shriek. Her shriek spurred him to try and get her even louder, and his tongue undulated as he withdrew it partway, and then looped his tongue around. He winced at the uncomfortable position that he forced his to assume, and then straightened it out, as the forked tip wiggled free of her depths, dripping with her juices. Wrapping the two tips around each other, and then flicked them across her swollen clit, making her stiffen at the roughness of his tongue. He unwrapped the two tips, and then wrapped them around her clit, making her scream as he slowly moved his tongue up and down her clit.
After rubbing his tongue against her, he removed his tongue from sex, and the unwrapped the forked tip of his tongue from her clit. He moved up from her sex, after sucking his tongue for every drop of her delicious nectar, a cross between honey and sugar, but paused to harass her breasts for a moment. Asheer panted softly as her master fondled and suckled on her tits, before placing one hand behind his head, softly pressing him forward, and her other hand helping his hand with her other breast. Geno groaned into her breast, and sucked harder, as he slid his penis back into her womb. He released her breast from his mouth, quickly moving up to capture her lips with his own, and their tongues entwined, their bodies moving to match. Asheer suddenly rolled, and pinned her tamer beneath her.
Grinning down at her tamer, she purred in pleasure as his thrusts altered to accommodate their new positions, moving to longer, harder thrusts as she bounced above him. Asheer moaned louder, and rode with him, panting his name again and again, until she suddenly stiffened and screamed in pleasure, her pussy tightening about his cock, milking it as she climaxed. His own quickly followed, his seed pumping into her wet, warm depths, and she lay down on her tamer, cooing in pleasure at the after-glow of their taming, while Geno held her close, his energy finally exhausted. He wrapped his wings possessively and protectively around her, and kissed her.
Asheer looked up at him at the kiss, and kissed him back, but her mind was clearly elsewhere. Geno kissed her forehead, and asked, “Credit for your thoughts?”
He was not sure what he had expected her to say, but her question stopped his mind completely. “Promise that you will never willingly leave me?”
Geno stared at his alpha in shock, and said, “I would never leave willingly any of my family behind. That was a silent promise I gave everyone the moment they joined my harem. And it goes double for you, beloved.”
The last was a spontaneous add on, something he did not even think about, but the sudden delight as he called her a beloved was more than enough of a reward. She snuggled against him, almost purring as she rubbed her entire body against his, and whispered, “Could you just hold me, master?”
They lay on the floor of the empty taming room, bodies entwined, Asheer snuggled against Geno’s chest, and Geno’s face buried in her hair, both of them unaware that even as their bodies remained entwined, their minds and souls entwined as well.
(January 27th, 296AS, 2100)
Geno woke up, and stretch, not disturbing his dozing Pyrona, and then grinned at her, thinking how incredibly innocent she looked curled up against him. Looking around, he frowned, noticing that they had somehow gotten back to their room, and spotted Helaine at the table, and raised an eyebrow at her. She nodded, and came over, kneeling by the bed, and said, “Need anything, Geno?”
Geno grinned at her low voice, making sure that they did not wake Asheer, and said, “Yes, something to eat, and to know where everyone is. Also, how did we get back?”
Helaine smiled, and flexed her arms slightly, and said, “I carried you. As for the others, they are in the training room, as they were bored. The Amazonwu is in her pokéball, and I was left behind to make sure that you did not get into trouble. I can fix up something from the rations if you want.”
Geno nodded, and then snuggled back against his Pyrona, but dozed off before Helaine had even stood up. His Cuntnaw smiled at him, and then slid into the bed beside him, and rubbed her body against his side, wrapped her tail around his left leg, and then fell asleep herself.
(January 28th, 296AS, 1215)
Geno stormed back into the room, and snarled something unintelligible at no one in particular, before setting the Naga’s pokéball down with exaggerated care on the table, and then turning to punch the wall as hard as he could. Asheer, who had entered right behind him, grabbed his arm before he hit the wall, and said, “I know you are not happy about the Naga, but if you break your hand, you are going to be even madder while it heals.”
The rest of the harem was scattered about the room, Tiria giving Helaine and Mayuan a lesson in reading, and Lendysa, the Amazonwu, was mediating on the bed. Helaine looked at Geno, and said, “What happened?”
Geno glared at her, his eyes burning, before he turned and walked out of the room. Asheer turned to the Amazonwu, and said, “Go with him, and keep him out of trouble. Don’t let him leave the building, Lendysa.”
The Amazonwu nodded, and bowed to her alpha, before flowing to her feet and quickly moving after her master. She was still in taming shock, but she understood English, even if she could not speak in anything other than her breed name. Asheer turned to the rest of the harem, with an amused grin on her face, and said, “The Naga is a lesbian. She had absolutely no interest in Geno whatsoever. She ignored him completely, and tried to tame me.”
The rest of the harem was silent for a moment, before Tiria suddenly giggled, and said, “Oh, dear, I think I had better go after him as well. After all, this is the first time he has ever had a pokégirl turn him down.”
She took off as well, before Helaine said, “What, exactly, happened?”
Asheer sat down at the chair at the table, and smiled, amused at the sheer absurdity of the situation, and said, “Well, as Lendysa was doing so well with integrating with the rest of the harem, we decided to go ahead and try to add the Naga as well. He asked me to be there with him, just in case, and I agreed, since we are trying to protect him from himself, as things just ‘happen’ to go wrong whenever he is around.
Anyway, we went into the room, and I sat down in the corner, intent on just making sure he did not get eaten alive. He released the Naga into the center of the room, and she showed up, in all her big-breasted glory, and completely ignored Geno. At first, we thought she just did not notice him, though how I have no idea, but when he moved to start it, she moved back and hissed at him.
He waited a moment to let her calm, and I thought she was just put out by the surroundings, after all, she was feral born. But after she calmed a bit, he tried to approach again, and this time she actually tried to attack him. He backed up again, and she settled slightly, this time though she was actively watching him, and hissing softly. I growled to get her attention away from Geno, and when she saw me, she immediately forgot about Geno, and became VERY friendly with me. I ended up nearly taming her, but Geno returned her to her pokéball.”
Helaine leaned backwards and considered the entire thing, but Mayuan said, “Did you want him to return the Naga?”
Asheer turned to the Drow Zee, and said, “I am Geno’s alpha, and that big breasted snake had little that interested me. At least not until I found out if she had a brain.”
Mayuan snorted, and went back to the pokédex computer screen, her expression changing to one of frustration as she tried to puzzle out what the words meant. Helaine, however said, “Well, what happened?”
Asheer stared at Mayuan for a moment, before turning back to Helaine. “Well, Geno did not recall her immediately, so I actually ended up in her coils. I will admit that the Naga did know how to kiss and use her tongue in very… creative ways. Of course, if Geno had no used his tongue similarly the night before, I might have been more impressed.”
Helaine looked up, suddenly even more interested, and Mayuan looked up confused. The Drow Zee said, “Wait, what? I thought that Naga’s were supposed to be very good at that, especially with their tongues. No human can compete with tongues that long, which was why my previous mistress had two.”
Asheer grinned, and said, “Do you let him lead, or do you?”
Mayuan shrugged, and said, “I do, I know what I want.”
Asheer grinned even wider, and said, “He has a tongue that is a good nine inches long, Mayuan, and has a forked tip. And he is EXTREMELY skilled with it. You should let him lead, he has some idea on how to use it.”
Mayuan shifted as Asheer described his tongue, and said, “Perhaps I will…”
Helaine looked at Asheer and licked her lips, before saying, “So, was that all that happened?”
Asheer nodded, still remembering her night before with Geno, and shifted as her body responded to her memories. Helaine started to say something else, but Geno returned to the room, and said, “I am going to get supplies and then we are heading out into the wilds, toward a small town about two days south south-east of here. We will be clearing out ferals from around there, and then coming back for the gym badge. Any questions? We leave in an hour if you are all ready to go.”
The girls all nodded, Tiria and Lendysa as well, as they had returned with him. Asheer asked, “What about the Naga?”
Geno sighed, and said, “She gets sent to the Meek Conservatory. I want to be out of the city before 2pm, so get moving girls, we don’t have a lot of time.”
(January 28th, 296AS, 1350)
Geno kept one arm around Asheer, as they navigated the crowds toward the edge of town. He grinned at her, and said, “Guess what, we are going to make my ‘not very serious’ desire to get out of town before 2.”
Even as he said that, he heard someone yell out, “Hey, pokéfreak! I challenge you for the draco!”
Geno turned, and say another tamer staring at Asheer, and a young, near human pokégirl standing beside him, with light blue skin and hair, and cold eyes, staring at his Pyrona, and a slight smile, as if she had already won.
Geno turned back to him, noticing that they already had a circle, and said, “Alright. Challenge accepted.”
The tamer looked to his pokégirl, and said, “You’re a fucking retard. That draco is not going to be able to stand up to my Ice Maiden. Tundra, you know what to do. Make it painful for him.”
The Ice Maiden did not smile, she simply nodded, and said, “Of course. This will not take long at all.”
Geno grinned and said, “Asheer, you’re up.”
Asheer grinned and entered the circle, and grinned evilly, and said, “Who is officiating?”
An nearby person stepped to the edge of the circle, and said, “I will officiate. I am one of the gym assistants.”
He looked at the Ice maiden, looked at the Pyrona, did a double take at the dragon, and then grinned at Geno, and said, “This is a one on one salvage battle between …”
The gym assistant looked at the unknown tamer, who replied, sneering at Geno, “Elliot.”
“Elliot and…”
Geno flared his wings, and said, “Geno.”
“Geno. This battle will continue until one side is unable to continue, with no substitutions. Ready…BEGIN!”
Elliot yelled, “Tundra, finish this with an ice beam.”
Geno ignored the yelling of the crowd, and said, “Asheer, you have the ball.”
Asheer nodded, and said, “This is going to be fun.”
The Ice maiden raised one hand, and sighted at the evilly grinning Pyrona, and said, “Good night, draco. You will learn to worship me.”
 Asheer simply grinned, and watched as the Ice Maiden’s hand began to glow with blue energy, and the air began to mist around her. Asheer simply stood there grinning, and her grin got even bigger when the crowd began to murmur, wondering what Geno and Asheer were doing, giving the Ice Maiden the first attack. The Ice Maiden grinned as her ice energy finished collecting and she smiled, saying as she released the energy, “Say good bye to your incompetent master.”
Asheer’s eyes flashed with anger as her tamer was insulted, and sudden she felt Geno’s anger in her head at being insulted. Asheer grinned, and sent back through their delta bond her own anger at the insult, plus a bit of smugness at what she was about to do to the ice maiden. The ice beam was released, and as it streaked toward her, she felt Geno’s surprise, and then his approval for her.
The crowd saw the beam hit, and suddenly steam exploded from the Pyrona, as she ignited herself right before the ice beam hit, minimizing the damage from the attack. But the crowd did not see this, as the fog quickly covered the field. The Ice Maiden used mist, chilled as much as she could, trying to remove the fog, when she suddenly screamed as a flamethrower attack roared through the air beside her, missing her by centimeters, and dispelling the fog.
The Ice Maiden stepped back at the sudden display of power, and Asheer grinned at the fearful Pokégirl. She puffed out a small flame, and said, “Now, who is going to worship whom?”
Elliot, and the rest of the tamers in the crowd where looking at Asheer with surprise, though Elliot had an element of fear added in. Several pokédexes were chiming out information about Pyronas, but Asheer had already started advancing toward the Ice Maiden, using ember to force her to move around, destroying the dignity of the Ice Maiden. Geno did admit, however, watching the Ice Maiden try to counter with an aura attack that made Asheer pause, but since Geno’s pokédex was recording the battle, he would check to see what it was later.
The Ice Maiden used Asheer’s pause to put a bit of distance between the two, and then threw a ball of wet snow at Asheer, as large as the Ice Maiden’s chest, which was thick enough to punch through the ignite aura, and hit Asheer in her face, making her stumble backwards and try to wipe the wet snow from her face. She screamed in pain as a chunk of ice the size of a fist hit her in the face, knocking her down, and stunning her for a moment. The ice maiden grinned evilly, and Elliot regained a bit of his attitude, and sneered at the Pyrona, before saying, “Tundra, hit the bitch with a big iceball.”
Geno watched the Ice Maiden begin to form another iceball, and mentally screamed for Asheer to get up and out of the way. Asheer managed to finish clearing her eyes as the Ice Maiden finished summoning her ice ball, and raised it to throw. Asheer’s eyes widen at the size of the ice ball, and she used flamethrower, her desperation giving it more power than she had used before. The flamethrower blasted into the Ice Maiden’s chest, burning her badly, so much that she grabbed her chest, forgetting about the iceball above her. The iceball dropped, crashing into her head, and she dropped soundlessly, to lie unmoving amidst the chunks of ice.
Elliot cursed Tundra, when Asheer gasped, and pushed herself upright, glowing. She flared brightly, growing a few more inches, and her hair sudden lengthened, growing down to her lower back. When the glowing stopped, Geno felt his jaw drop, and stared at his much more attractive alpha. Noting the admiring looks the other tamers were giving her. He had to admit that her formerly tight clothing was now nearly form fitting. Asheer grinned at him, and then turned in a slow circle for him, displaying herself for him, and he wrapped his arms and wings about her, and rested his forehead against hers. He did not say a word, but simply put all his affection into his eyes, as he looked into hers. His alpha shivered at the emotions contained in his eyes, and purred, before Elliot startled both of them. “If you are quite done…”
Turning back to the tamer, who was sneering at him, Geno flipped his wings onto his back, and said, “Of course, your pokédex.”
Elliot handed it over, and Geno flipped through the pages until he found the listing of pokégirls that he had on him. And sneered in disgust at the list. An Ice Maiden, a Jigglyslut, an Amachop, and a Byte Bitch. Nothing work collecting, as the only thing he had that would be even slightly useful would be the Byte Bitch. And he did not care for what the name implied. Flipping out his pokédex, he brought up the Byte Bitch’s data, and was not impressed at what he saw on the pokédex. And she was a canine, which was another strike against her. Sighing, he considered the choices, before shrugging, and said, “The Byte Bitch.”
The tamer sneered, something he seemed to do well, and tossed the pokéball containing his choice on the ground in front of him. Geno stiffened at the insult, and said, “It is considered customary to hand the pokéball over, showing a bit of …décor in defeat.”
“Why should I be polite to a freak?”
Elliot turned and walked off, returning his Ice Maiden to her pokéball as he left, and Geno bent down to pick up the ball, and said, “Let’s go Asheer. Do you want to go back to the Pokécenter?”
Asheer shook her head, and replied, “No, let’s just get out of town. If you get me healed, you can be challenged to another battle.”
Geno nodded, and said, “Alright, lets go. Off to Prune Village we go.”
Asheer giggled as they walked out of town, and said, “You are sure that little village that you want to go by is actually called Prune?”
“That is what the map said.”