Chapter 6
Geno decide as he was startled awake on the eighth day of survival training that he was personally going to castrate the commander eventually, if only for being an asshole. He had been taught how to navigate with a compass and map, no map, and again without any sort of navigation aid other than what he had made and found, which in his case was a stick and his own tracks. He had learned which plants were edible, and which could be used for purposes other than eating, like helping a wound heal, and one berry with a particularly nasty scent could be used to disguise his scent if he was being hunted. He had learned where to set fish traps, where to set rabbit traps, and two different types of each. And he had not been the idiot to say to Stanford, “Why should I learn this? My pokegirls will do it for me.”
Listening to Stanford chew that maggot’s ass out had been both a treat and a learning experience, for he did not think a few of the described positions were anatomically possible, not some of the suggested couplings. That boy still smelt of slightly singed flesh, and the others made a point to ignore him, just like how the rest of the camp ignored Geno. He pushed himself up as the Titodile growled at the person screaming for everyone to get up. He kissed her, making her purr in pleasure, before snuggling closer. He gently untangled himself from her arms, before saying, “Helaine, we need to get up.”
The Titodile looked up at his name from where she had been rubbing herself against his chest, and asked, “Titodile?”
“Yes, little on, we must get up.”
Helaine made a noise of sleepy protest again, but she forced herself to her feet, and then stretched sleepily. Geno was glad that the bastard was not a complete and total bastard, as he had allowed Geno to use his T2 to teach Helaine English, but for some reason she refused to speak it. She understood him just fine, but he figured that she might just still be in taming shock, as he had tamed her yesterday, and some pokegirls took almost a week to come out of taming shock.
 Geno sighed and shoved himself vertical, before quickly dressing, and stepping outside. Looking around, he saw that the person hollering for everyone to waken was the Mini Top, and that Commander Stanford was already awake, and had his entire harem out, waiting for the other victims, sorry, students, to stumble out. Being the first person up, he turned and recalled his Titodile, and heard Stanford say, "Well, glad you could join us, Mister Pokefreak. What the fuckin' hell took you so long?"
Geno refrained from glaring at him, both of them knowing that Geno was the first and fastest to respond to the awakening call, while the other students began to stumble out of their tents, and said, "Had to convince my Titodile that biting the person that woke her up was a bad idea."
Stanford snorted, but did not comment further, simply watching the other students stumble out of their tents complaining about the ungodly time to be waking up. Stanford sneered, and roared, "Move, ladies, it is seven o'clock in the morning, the perfect time to get you ladies off into the final part of your survival training. Now listen up, and heres how we gonna do this."
As the other students finally shut up and began to pay attention, as Stanford continued speaking. "Alright, we are going to be taking two students off in two different directions, and they will have to survive for a week on their own, using only their pokegirls and their wits to survive. Be glad, ladies, that I am in a good mood, because I am going to let each student take up to four items with them! First week will be Geno and Terry. Second week is Alrad and Kyle. Third and final week of survival training is Proth and Barry. When not on your week of survival training, you will be here at base camp, where you will be tested over the various things you have learned, as well as learning more survival techniques. When you are not doing that or maintaining our little slice of paradise here, you are free to explore the surrounding areas, be it for supplies or ferals.
Now, you might have noticed that I picked you in the order you awakened. Those who got up first are actually going to have an easier time, because their guide will actually provide limited help in the survival training, as well as letting you pick their brains for ideas on survival. The ones going after the first week will have to survive using only their brains, as my harem members that accompany you will only help if you are dying.
Geno, my NightNurse Aleka will be with you, and since you were up first, you get to pick your campsite, which must be at least ten miles from base camp, but no more than twenty miles."
Geno raised an eyebrow at Stanford, wondering if maybe he had misjudged the bastard. Looking at the impassive visage of the NightNurse, he decided he had not. He took the map that Stanford handed him, and glanced at it, before saying, "There is a small clearing about nineteen miles to the north of base camp alongside the river. I will set up there."
Stanford nodded, and said, "Alright, get your four items, not counting pokegirls and pokeballs, and get moving!"
Recognizing that he had been dismissed, he turned and headed back to his little makeshift shelter, and looked over everything he had. After placing his two still empty pokeballs on the right side of his belt, he put his two full pokeballs on the left side, and idly stretched his wings, as he selected his handaxe, the berrypouch, the tarp and a backpack, as then dragon blooded tamer was going to doubt that he would be allowed to take a compass with him. He finished pulling apart his lean-too and storing everything where it should, the tarp in the backpack, the berrypouch hanging down over his ass, and the knife between the two empty pokeballs and the berrypouch. He returned to the center of the camp, where the Commander was still talking with the other students.
He waited for a moment, until Stanford noticed him, and said, "Ready sir."
A look of disbelief and surprise crossed his face, but he did not say anything to him, but instead to the NightNurse, "Aleka, the freak is ready to go, move out."
The ever present but always silent NightNurse simply nodded, and turned toward the tamer and tilted her head. Geno sighed, and oriented himself by the sun, remembering the map, and started toward the river, intending on following it toward the campsite, as the clearing he had selected was right alongside it. Aleka simply followed along, watching everything he did, and he knew that he would be graded based on his performance. He hiked toward the river; still moving silently, and idly was amused at how natural moving silently was for him now.
He made it to the river quickly, and then turned to the north, and while he wanted nothing more than to simply start running all out, and cover the distance, the odds were that he would have a demerit for leaving the NightNurse behind. He sighed, and stretched his wings, before heading north toward the campsite he had selected.
An hour later, he froze as he navigated the rough area alongside the stream, and turned slowly toward the soft growling noise he heard to one side, his hand full of berries from a bush he had been removing them from. And sure enough, off toward the forest was a Hound, no, two Hounds. He cast about or the NightNurse, but did not see her. He stared at the two Hounds, his mind trying to remember what he could of the breed. All that he could remember was that they were EXTREMELY territorial, and that they were loyal to a fault. Which meant that if he tried to fight, he was screwed, as he had one combat pokegirl, and while the Hounds where not as muscular as the few examples of the breed he had seen before, he did know that Helaine would be in for a hard fight against one of them, let alone two.
He slowly tried to back up, but the two Hounds growled threateningly, and moved to flank him. Cursing under his breath, he stared at the Hounds, trying to remember anything useful about them, something he could use to get an advantage over their numbers. As he watched the two Hounds move to flank him, his mind drew up a few more facts about them, that they were dark types, used their noses to track prey, and they were fairly intelligent about...wait, he thought, as the two Hounds suddenly dropped into a crouch, a plan springing into his mind.
Turning to the feral on his left, he dropped the pokeball containing Helaine and his hand dove into his berry pouch, pulling out some of the berries with the strong, horrible scent, and crushing them in his hand, waiting for Helaine to finish coming out of her pokeball. He rubbed the berries on her chest and back, and ignored her incredulous stare, before pointing to the Hound on the left, and said, "Helaine, Bubblebeam the Hound."
She turned and looked at one Hound, then the other, before turning and asking, "Dile tit?"
Geno rolled his eyes and pointed to the left Hound again, saying, "That one, goofus. Go."
Turning to the other Hound, he took a deep breath, and began to circle her, his wings unfurled and his movements sure, trying to keep the second Hounds, attention on him. He trusted in his speed to keep him safe, no matter how much stronger she was, as long as she did not hit him, he would be...
The Hounds suddenly rushed forward, and Geno felt his heart stop when he realized that the Hound was actually a bit faster than he was. Shit.
She lunged forward, using takedown, and Geno responded with the only thing he thought would work, giving him the space he needed to get Tiria out, as well as to help Helaine. He fell backwards, his legs curling up, and as the Hound started to fall toward him, he pushed up with his legs, catching her in the gut, and throwing her into the river with a large splash as she was no longer in a controlled lunge. Quickly releasing Tiria, he whirled, and saw that Helaine was battering the Hound with her Bubblebeam attack, the sticky bubbles coating her opponent’s body and slowing her down. He nodded, and yelled, "Helaine, another bubblebeam, and then tackle and bite her!"
Helaine nodded, and again blasted the Hound with another bubblebeam, this one catching her opponent full in the chest, knocking the Hound on her butt. Geno's hand dove into his bag, and he grabbed another handful of the powerful, scented berries, pulling them out and then crushing them, before turning back to his hound. The scent from the berries was enough to make his eyes water slightly at the horrid smell, something between a cesspool and a trash bin. The Hound he had been fighting got out of the river, and rushed toward him, and again tried to attack him, but instead of throwing herself into the air, she hurtled along the ground, intending to tackle him. At least, that appeared to be her plan until she got about ten feet from Geno, and she finally got a whiff of the berry juice that covered his hand, making her eyes widen in shock at the smell, before she sneezed violently, and shook her head trying to get it out of her nostrils.
She lost her balance as she sneezed, but ended up slamming into Geno, knocking him down and making the two of them fall down in a pile of limbs. He ignored the explosion of pain in his chest as the stronger and faster pokegirl body checked him, and his hand that dripped with berry juice lashed out, and smeared the juice all over the Hound's face. She bit his hand, but did not dig her teeth in as her tongue brushed the juices, the taste of which was probably as bad as the smell promised it to be. Then she finally tried to breath through her nose, and the stench of the berries made her scream, before she reached up and began to try and claw the juice from her face. The Hound turned and threw herself into the river, trying to get the horrid smell off her face, where she could not help but smell it, and she looked green in the face as she hit the water.
Turning back to Helaine, he noted with pleasure that his idea for her had worked, as her opponent was pinned down by the Titodile, and was not fighting back, but instead the Hound was trying to escape from the stench of the berries on her opponent's chest. Helaine gnawed on her opponents shoulder, her teeth tearing at the powerful muscles, and the Hound suddenly howled, shocking Helaine into letting go. The Hound turned and dashed off toward the woods, her tail between her legs, and Geno yelled, "Helaine, water gun!"
His Titodile stopped her pursuit of the fleeing Hound, and launched a perfectly aimed Water Gun, catching the fleeing Hound square in the back, and causing her to lose her balance and slam head first into a tree. Geno threw his empty pokeball, and turned back to the Hound in the river, and noted with amusement that Tiria was dragging the Hound out of the water. He decided she looked good with her outfit clinging enticingly to her body, and said, "What happened?"
Tiria grinned at him as she dropped the Hound in front of him, and pulled his last spare pokeball off his belt, and caught the hound. She said, "This darling was so busy trying to get that crap off her face that I managed to walk up behind her and tap her shoulder. When she whirled around, I used hypnosis and the feral passed out."
Geno grinned, and turned back to Helaine, and said, "Did you have fun?"
Helaine grinned at him, and handed him the thrown pokeball, now with an occupant, before replying with an impertinent, "Tit dile tit."
Geno grinned at her tone, probably a complaint that the fight had not been harder and said, "Don't worry, I am sure that we will have many more pokegirls to beat up later. I just wish I had more pokeballs, so we could get these pokegirls to the Academy as we defeat them. Good prices for ferals, especially if they are starter quality. And the good ones we could trade for others that would be better for a combat harem."
Tiria looked at him curiously, and asked, "You are not going to keep either of them?"
"No, I know a bit about them, and while they are loyal to a fault, they like to defend one place, not wander around. They would not be happy in a traveling harem. Come on, we can discuss this on the way to the campsite. The NightNurse can meet us there."
In the trees nearby, the NightNurse Aleka turned off the recording device, and waited for him to get a bit further ahead. Accidental, she thought, was not going to happen, the boy is simply too lucky. She considered her problem for a moment, before heading off after him, staying close enough to see how he did when he thought he was alone and not being watch, but far enough away that he would not notice her.
Geno made his way alongside the river toward the campsite; letting both his girls stay out for a bit, enjoying the company. Several hours later, he arrived at the campsite, and said, "Helaine, do you think you can catch us some fish? Tiria, you have firewood duty. Try not to get attacked."
Helaine nodded, and went to the river, diving into it and disappearing from view. Tiria giggled at his comment, and said, "You know what? I will try to not get attacked, but only because that is your job."
Geno rolled his eyes and swatted her behind with his tail, and said, "Get, saucy wench."
Tiria giggled again, before jumping and yelping at the swat, and then disappearing into the trees, looking for firewood. Geno began to set up another shelter, wanting as much done today as he could, and figured that Aleka would simply observe, not interfere, unless he was in trouble, regardless of what Stanford had said. He found a tree that seemed to be able to serve his needs, and began to set up the shelter. He tied two of the tarp corners around the tree, and used branches to make another wall of the shelter. The third side was secured with rocks and heavy branches that were unsuitable for the branch wall, which was simply a bunch of fallen limbs that were driven into the dirt, and the cracks filled with mud. Again, rude, but serviceable. The fourth side was open, and the entire area of the 'tent' was a good six feet by ten feet, more than enough for his tiny harem and himself.
He finished setting up the shelter as Tiria returned with her fourth load of wood, and Geno moved about half of it under the tarp, in case it rained. The rest was placed under the tree, while Tiria began to clear out a fire ring, lining it with stones and scraping away the loose leaves and pine needles, before setting up the kindling and limbs for the fire. Geno finished moving the limbs into the shelter, and arranged his bedroll on the ground, when Tiria suddenly said, "Geno, do you really like me, I mean as a Nursejoy">Nursejoy?"
Geno looked up and turned around to stare at Tiria, wondering where that particular comment had come from, before asking, "What caused that question?"
He watched her shift uncomfortably, and said, "Today, fighting those two Hounds, I was not as useful as the NightNurse should have been. And I think that the evolution into one would make me more useful to the harem."
Geno snorted, and said, “Maybe, but I prefer a supporting Nursejoy">Nursejoy with a personality over a more dangerous NightNurse with one. I like you just the way you are now, and would not trade you for the most powerful NightNurse in the world.”
Tiria watched him with a bit of concern in her eyes. Geno stepped forward, his arms wrapping around her waist, and he continued, “And besides, you are much more cuddly than the NightNurse.”
He held her close, for a moment, and then said, “I will go see what is taking Helaine so long. Try not to get in too much trouble while I am gone.”
He sighed as he trekked off toward the river, thinking that he was going to be very glad when this month was over.
Three weeks later, Geno staggered into his room, and released Helaine and Tiria, stretching and collapsing on the bed, not wanting to move at all. The three weeks had been hell, as he had not forgotten about the NightNurse, but he did not expect her to take a hostile role in his survival training, sabotaging his traps in the river, and destroying what supplies he left outside the tent. He had not been attacked, as he had been sleeping with his pokegirls around him, and Helaine would have tried to kill the NightNurse had she tried to enter. At least she had gotten over her taming shock the third day of the survival training.
That week had passed quickly, as he had been too busy trying to fend off the ‘feral attacks’ by the NightNurse, and from an overly amorous boobisaur, to really enjoy his week. After surviving that week, he had stumbled back to camp, and set up, intending to enjoy the break, but Stanford had other ideas. He had been in charge of gathering supplies. That had taken the rest of his time, and he had barely had ever gotten to break.
Now he was back in his room, and enjoying the warmth, and the ability to relax. He sighed, wishing that the need for a warm shower would go away, before he rolled off the bed, and said, “I am going to take a shower. “
He pushes himself fully to his feet, and tosses his belt with the two pokeballs with the Hounds in them on the dresser, and glares at them, not wanting to have to make the hike over to the pokecenter to post the trade information for them. He idly considers asking Tiria, but decides that he will do it after he gets out of the shower. He gets into the bathroom, not bothering to shut the door the whole way, and gets the warm water going, intending to work up to a full heat. He tosses his filthy clothing into the clothing hamper, and made a note to put the other changes in there as well. He stretched slowly, and stepped into the large shower, enjoying the feel of heat soaking into his tense muscles, and the feeling of relaxing.
He was so relaxed that he dropped his guard, and why would he keep it up? He was in his room, the door was locked, and Tiria and Helaine would let him know if someone tried to get in. So he dropped his guard, and did not hear the door open slightly, nor did he notice the shower door opening as well. The first clue he had that he was not alone in the shower was when a long, rough tongue suddenly wrapped around his balls, and slid along the side of his now rapidly hardening cock to flick across the tip.
Geno gasped in surprise and pleasure, and looked down to see Helaine kneeling in front of him, and groaned as her tongue ran across his hard cock a second time. He shifted, his hands gripping the fixtures on the sides of the shower stall, and groaned as his Titodile wrapped her tongue around the tip of his penis, before drawing it into her mouth with a purr of pleasure. She drew his cock all the way into her mouth, her tongue flicking out to rub across his testicles, before she began to slide back and forth, her tongue and teeth brushing over his hard member, making her tamer groan in pleasure.
A feeling of flesh against his back made Geno turn his head, and he turned right into Tiria’s kiss, and her breasts across his back made his crotch tighten further. She suggestively rubbed herself against him, and her hands rubbed against his testicles, coaxing his semen from its hiding spot. He rubbed his tail against Tiria’s nest, fighting to hold back his orgasm from the skilled coaxing the two pokegirls were giving him. Geno strained, his hips moving in time with Helaine’s movement, and his tail rubbing against Tiria. Geno gasped as his two girls worked him in tandem, and soon he was nearly helpless, trapped between his two pokegirl's grasps, and they were working in tandem to coax him into an orgasm. He groaned again, knowing that this shower was going to take a while.
Two hours later, Geno lay on the bed, next to his harem, enjoying the afterglow of their threesome, and gently stroking Helaine's head. Tiria was lying behind him, sleeping with a contented look on her face, while Helaine snored softly, with her face buried against his chest. He stretched slowly, enjoying the pleasantly drained feeling, and yawned. Glancing at the chrono on the wall, he saw that it was just past noon. Sighing softly in vexation at the world for forcing him to move away from his harem, he wiggled carefully free, being careful to not wake the girls.
Once he finally got free, he fully stretched again, working out the kinks, and got dressed, throwing frequent, longing looks over his shoulder back at his harem, but he fought down the impulse to return to the bed, as he needed to get the two hounds onto Pokebay, so he could figure out what he could get for them. Hopefully noone would offer him another pokegirl, as he was not sure that he could afford to feed three pokegirls. Hell, he thought, I am not sure I can afford two right now. I know that when I graduate, they give you a starting account if you are not from the pureblood families, but how much could it really be?
Shaking his head, he pushed himself to his feet, and headed to the outer room, where he finished getting dressed, and left Tiria a note, saying that he had gone to say hi to his friends around the Academy, as well as swing by the pokecenter and put the two Hounds up for trade. He left the note on the counter, and stepped out of the room, heading toward the pokecenter, wanting to get the two Hounds up as soon as possible. Arriving at the pokecenter, he rolled a shoulder, the muscle refusing to relax, and sat down at the computer terminal for trading. He set the two pokeballs up in the tray, which slid into the computer, which then scanned the Hounds information, and sent it back to him. Looking over the data, he nodded, almost regretfully, as they were fairly strong, and if he had not used the scent berries as a weapon, he figured that he and his harem would have been toast. Or at very least Hound food.
Pulling up Pokebay, he set up the page for the two hounds, and idly looked over the rest of the site, sighing in frustration as there were several dragons up for bidding and trading, though the lowest possible bid was several hundred thousand SLC. Even as he watched though, that bid was replaced by one from another tamer, exactly one million SLC, and Geno sighed, before contecting his wrist computer to the trade computer, so he would be notified the moment that someone placed a bid. Standing up, he quit the system, readying it should another student need it soon, and walked out of the pokecenter, giving the Nursejoy">Nursejoy on duty a wave. He idly flexed his wings, his tongue in cheek, and looked around, wondering what he should do now. He decided to go on a walk, but less than five minutes after starting down his chosen path, he got a beep from his wrist computer. Thinking someone had placed a bid on one of the Hounds already, he flipped open the computer, but was disappointed to learn that it was a message from Masagi, asking for him to come over to the dojo, as she was offering to give him a lesson in using weapons. He sighed in disappointment, and sent back a message, saying that he would be along shortly.
Turning around, he froze when he saw who was behind him. He said, "James, such a pleasure to see you again."
His least favorite human in the world froze at the sound of his voice, and turned back toward, his eyes darting to Geno's belt, before he grinned, and said, "Geno, it has been such a long time since we last met. While I would love to see you unconscious again, I have better things to be doing. Freak."
The last was said with a nod of his head before he turned and continued along his path, while Geno walked along the path to the path to the dojo, idly imagining him ripping open James' throat with his teeth, and liberally splattering the stand of trees he was in with that prick's lifeblood. Geno was so amused with that thought, that it took nearly five minutes, and him arriving at the dojo, before he remembered that James had been expelled. Pausing at the entrance to the dojo, he turned back around, and stared back at the path he had folowed, unease filtering through his mind.
"Well, are you going to enter, or just stand there all day?"
Geno turned back and saw Masaki, and said, "Did you know that James Smith was back on campus?"
The Amachamp, who had turned to the dojo she was going to use with Geno, paused, and said, "No, but I thought he was expelled, and had taken everything with him when he left. Are you sure it was him?"
Geno simply gave his teacher a flat look, silently asking if she knew who she was talking to, which made her mouth twitch in amusement. She said, "Well, for whatever reason he is here, he still had to sign in with security, and they would be discretely watching him. So put him out of your mind, and focus, for Kaito has given me permission to introduce you to Taki, his Armsmistress, and she will be teaching you armed combat."
Geno suddenly looked up, forgetting his worry over James, and said, "Oh, you mean someone else will be beating the snot out of me for a change? I am hurt, for I thought we had something special between the two of us. I make smart ass comments, you beat me up. Does that mean you have no concern for my feelings for my combat instructor?"
He would have gone on the same vein for a bit longer, but Masaki was glaring at him, and he said, "Alright fine, I will suffer in silence!"
Masaki grumbled as she turned back to the dojo where Geno's new instructor await, "About damn time. Annoying little gaijin."
Geno laughed as he followed, and entered the dojo, stripping off his shoes first, and then followed her inside, saying, "Do I need to change first?"
Masaki let him proceed him into the dojo, before firmly and quickly shutting it, trapping him in the room with the Armsmistress. The Armsmistress was kneeling in front of the small shrine that was set up in each dojo, and did not turn as the door clicked shut behind Geno. Geno waited near the door for Taki to acknowledge his presence, and took a moment to look around. The wall to his left was covered with weapons, real ones, the sharp and point kind that were meant for killing, while the right wall was covered with practice weapons, and they had weights on them to make the practice weapons as heavy as the real ones, or in some cases, heavier.
He waited for five minutes before he coughed once, politely, but the Armsmistress never moved. After waiting another ten minutes, Geno was just about ready to kill Masaki for this, or find something even worse to do with her, when the Armsmistress suddenly flowed to her feet, startling Geno, who had nearly convinced himself that she was a statue. He watched her stare at him with steady, unflinching eyes, and waited. He matched her gaze, trying to be as steady as she was, but his wings refused to remain still, no matter how much he tried to remain as impassive as she was. For five long, gut churning minutes he tried to match his gaze with hers, but he found that he could not do so for long than a minute, his eyes sliding off of hers. He felt part of his mind trying to get him to submit to her, and he fought hard to not instinctively submit to her. But it was very difficult, as she had that kind of personality that demanded everyone to submit to her, almost like she was royalty.
Five minutes was an eternity to him, before Taki finally softened, and said, "Very well, let us begin."
Geno relaxed at her slight smile, and said, "Gladly, Instructor Taki."
The next two hours were spent with Taki determining his natural abilites, and not once did he touch a weapon during that time. He spent it dodging her almost lazy attacks, and once even landed a blow during the first ten minutes of sparring with her, as she was reacting as if he had the speed of a normal human, landing a solid blow to her shoulder, trying to numb her arm and claim a 'victory'. That had been a mistake, as not only did she not drop her sword, her free hand grabbed his wrist and with an almost insultingly easy flick of her wrist, he found himself lying on his back, her swordtip resting against his neck, and an amused look on Taki's face. He finally managed to get his lungs working again, and said, "So, did I pass?"
She gave him another slightly amused look, and said, "You failed to mention that you are faster than an average human."
Geno, for some reason, suddenly got the impression that Taki could take anything up to a flight of raging Whorizards in stride, and instead of panicking, she would calmly order water and rock type pokegirls to the front line, and the rest to get to stations and prepare to defend the location. He shook his head as she pulled her bokken's tip away from his neck, and said, "Forgive me, Instructor Taki, I am so used to everyone knowing about that little ability, else I would have informed you."
The remaining portion of the workout was a living hell, as he was chased around the room, allowing only to defend and dodge, no longer allowed to attack. Not that he could have, because while Taki was still holding back, she was also moving a bit faster than he could, and still using all her considerable skill. His only saving grace was the fact she was not trying to kill him, because he had a sneaking suspicion that if she wanted him dead, even the fact she was using a bokken or her full abilities would not save his life. She moved with all the grace of the most agile Purrsian concubines.
Even though she was turning Geno into one big bruise, he could not help but admire the way she moved. Then her bokken cracked against Geno's head again, reminding him why the battlefield was not the best spot to be admiring one's opponent. After spending a moment on the ground, trying to get his eyes working again, he forced himself back to his feet, and spotted Taki standing in a battle ready stance, sword to the front, and said, "Alright, you have some skill at avoiding an opponent’s attacks. How do you deal with a hostile pokegirl that wants to eat your brains?"
"I have to deal with a Zombabe first thing? Ah man I wanted something easier. Put a bullet in their head from a good distance."
Taki glared at Geno during the first part but nodded at his responce, before asking, "Alright, but what if they are not a Zombabe, but a 'normal' feral pokegirl? Or a hostile domestic?"
"Stay the hell out of the way, and let my harem deal with them if they can. If for some reason they cannot, use my weapon and speed to stay alive, until my harem CAN deal with they. I am no match for a pokegirl, unless she is a very low line evolution, like a bunnygirl, or possible a Charamanda."
Taki raised her eyebrow at the display of hubris, and said, "That is dangerous, a Charamanda. One fire attack, and you are down, possibly for good."
"I am fire immune, basically a superior version of heat resistant, as I am not a pryo. That does not mean I don't enjoy a good fire, it is just I pick very carefully what I set on fire. But I do need to watch out for any ice types, as even the most basic ice element attack could very well kill me."
He glanced back at the Armsmistress, who was looking at him with a skeptical look on her face, and said, "What, did you really not do any research about your student before meeting him? That might have been...unwise."
The Armsmistress shrugged, and said, "I did not want any pre- or misconceptions clouding the air between us, Geno Rathin. Now, I believe, judging from how you move, and your natural ferocity, that a bladed staff would be best for your fighting style."
Geno looked at the Armsmistress, and said, "...Um, why?"
Taki's mouth twitched and she said, "Because you are too hot blooded to hang back like most sensible tamers. It allows for defense and offense in the same weapon. Your speed will be your greatest asset in a fight, so light, unresistive weapons and armors would be your best option. For the next six months, you are mine, but be glad. I will be a bit more forgiving than the Hunters were for survival training."
Geno groaned, as the Armsmistress stood up, but she was continuing, "Every morning, for ten till noon, you will be here, with me learning. Bring your harem, they will also receive training. See you tomorrow morning."
Geno pushed himself to his feet and groaned again as his bruises protested the sudden movement. He knew one thing was going to be for sure though. He was going to be in much better shape once this particular course was over. And as he left, he reflected that he was actually lucky. He only had this class for the next six months, while some of the other students were taking as many as six. But that is the price for slacking off, he mused, as he staggered back to his quarters, James quite forgotten for the moment.