Chapter 2
The next three months had been horrible, as everyone tried to increase their GPA for the finals, content to simply try and snare the rare types of pokégirls up for grabs. Geno snorted in disgust again, before returning to his studies. He dropped from second in school to sixth, but did not care truly, as long as he stayed in the top ten. And that was easy enough for him, his instructors where mostly pokégirls and pokéwomen, who he treated like they had a mind, and they were willing to help him when he asked for help.
Geno sighed, and having finally finished his last class for the moment, and decided that Tiria could deal with any problems for a moment, he wanted to meditate for a while, and enjoyed the feeling of calm. He keyed up his comm on the wrist mounted device, and sent a message to Tiria, saying he was not coming over tonight to help, instead meditating, and readying for the survival training.
Once it was sent, he smiled and moved to the center of the room, his wings cupping around him, and fell into a meditative trance, trying to enjoy the calm that he usually found in a trance, but this time it eluded him. He felt strange, and wished that he knew what was wrong with him. He tried to calm his mind, but nothing worked, his mind refusing to relax, and he decided to study, rather than waste time on calm that would not come to him. He pushed off from the bed, and stood, carefully stretching, and then flexed his wings, before sitting at the desk, studying for the history exam tomorrow.
 He finally turned the light off at around two in the morning, and stretched, before tumbling into bed, and stripped down. Geno stared at the ceiling, letting his mind wander, and wear itself out, and he found his thoughts trying to intuit the types of the three rare pokégirls. He snorted at the thought, his doubts ambushing him in the dark, and rolled over, wondering if he even had a chance for the girls. But at the back of his mind, thoughts kept whispering, you’re a pokefreak, why would a pokegirl not want to claim you? You are likely to be sympathetic to them, and care about them as people, instead of as a pet and something to fuck and then forget. He sighed, before finally dozing off, his last thought wondering what their types were.
The next day was nearly as bad as the previous three months had been, and he knew for a fact he had bombed the history exam. He sighed, and stretched, before suddenly ducking at the sight of something coming toward him out of the corner of his eye, before watching a rock slam into the wall where his head had been. Whirling toward where the rock must have came from, he saw and heard nothing, and figured one of the boys with a teleport capable pokégirl must have tried one of their ‘pranks’ on his again.
He sighed, and figured that he needed to get over to the dojo for his last exam of the day. He shuddered, wondering if Masagi was going to be his opponent today. If so, he was in for a beating, again.
As he walked across the open area listening careful in case of another ‘prank’, when he heard the sound of whining engines. Stopping near a tree, he leaned back against it, and watched as a full half squad of Johto VTOL assault and landing craft came in for a landing in the middle of the Academy. He sighed, watching pokegirl hunters un-ass the landing crafts in record time, noting that each VTOL had left three humans each, and each human had their own harem of pokégirls. There were several Shadowcats, a Grizzlar, a handful of Pumaras, a few Lionesses, a trio of Gun Valkeries, two Gun bunnies, and one Marowhack. All in all, Geno thought, a very interesting collection of pokégirls. He suddenly fell over as a rock connected solidly with the side of his head, dropping him with a cry and stunning him, his wings flailing before he hit the ground. He heard a laugh, and made a note to beat the crap out of James Smith after he got to the pokécenter, which doubled as the hospital for the campus. He noted with some detached amusement that his head did not hurt nearly as much as it should, and that some of the military personnel were running toward. Then he passed out from the pain as it hit him like a fist from an Amachamp.
He was not sure how long he was out, but he opened his eyes in the pokécenter, and looked around, trying to decide what to say first. Usually a exclamation of pain was traditional, so he decided to be traditional. “Ouch”.
Since he decided to be traditional for a while, he needed to ask the next question that people asked when they awoke after passing out from pain, “What happened?”
The door opened, and Tiria entered the room, and looked at him, before saying, “Well, it is about time you woke up. How do you feel?”
Geno tried to laugh, but that made his head hurt, and he said, “I think I already answered that question, since I have decided to be traditional today. And the answer was ouch. How long have I been out, and where the hell is James Smith, I am going to kill that turd.”
Nursejoy">Nursejoy Tiria looked at him, and said, “So James did this? One of the pokégirls with the military saw someone teleport away, but several of them saw you collapse with a spray of blood from your head. They nearly leveled that small stand of trees you were nearby. I swear, there is such a thing as overtraining. And since you asked, you have been unconscious due to a concussion for two days. The instructors were told what happened, so you can make up your missed exams. That rock broke your skull, and I used heal on it to speed up the healing, but the concussion did not respond as well as they normally do. Strange for someone with as many blood gifts and curses as you do.”
Geno blinked as the room began to swim in and out of focus, and then asked, “So, how long before… Wait, the military people saw me collapse? Crap, they are not going to think much of a guy that takes a single hit and folds.”
Tiria gave Geno a disgusted glare, and used heal on him again, before she said, “Well, I am going to go inform the Head Mistress that you not only survived, you happen to be think that you know who tried to kill you. Try to stay awake for a while longer, I am sure she will want to ask you some questions.”
Geno watched the shapely Nursejoy">Nursejoy sway out of the room, and once she had left, he cursed aloud, swearing to castrate that bastard James the moment he got his hands on him, with a rusty fork if he had any choice in what he would get to use to do so. He was still plotting revenge aloud, when he suddenly heard someone say, “If you are quite done, I got several someones here who would like to see if their charge is going to live to see survival training.”
Glancing at the door too quickly, his vision suddenly blurred, and he gently shook his head trying to clear his vision. When his world finally settled, he saw one of the sergeants looking at him with amusement, with two Lionesses, a Pumara, and a Shadowcat. He smiled and said, “Well, I don’t know what Tiria would say, but I always thought that having beautiful women show up to see if someone was still alive would help get them back to work sooner. Of course, I might just be saying that because I like cats.”
The Pumara and Shadowcat both started laughing, while one of the Lionesses simply sighed. The human sergeant was laughing with his two girls, and the remaining Lioness grinned, and said, “Just checking to see if our victim, sorry, trainee was going to survive. You are Geno Rathin, correct?”
Geno nodded, ignoring how the room suddenly spun, and the Lioness continued, “Good, then you will be learning with us. And you know, most students wait until they are out in the wilds before making enemies that want to kill him.”
Geno smiled, and said, “I always have been a firm believer of overachieving, and completing things as soon as possible. No reason to wait until out in the wild to make enemies, more likely to survive getting them here in civilization.”
This comment earned a groan from the first Lioness, while the Pumara and Shadowcat continued to have mirth filled spasms, both of them leaning against the wall. The second Lioness grinned at him, as a Cheetit slid to a stop outside the door, and said, “Oh, it’s the cute one I found, can I keep him?”
The sergeant managed to get his mirth under control at that comment, and said, “I don’t know, I am kind of attached to you.”
The Cheetit dashed into the room, and Geno found himself pressed against a soft, camouflage covered breast, and said, “And so is he, see?”
The sergeant rolled his eyes and said, “No, Chelsea, you are too weird for a starting tamer. I am not going to inflict you onto him.”
The Cheetit pouted and pulled Geno closer, and said, “But I want to hug him, and squeeze him, and pet him, and name him George.”
The Pumara was leaning against the doorframe, laughing so hard that she was crying, and the Shadowcat was no better off, leaning against the far wall. The sergeant sighed, and pulled a pokéball out, and returned the Cheetit to her pokéball, and then put her up, saying, “Sorry son, I love her to death, but she is too spirited. Well, I am sergeant Thomas, and will be seeing you this Friday, so try to stay out of trouble. You look like you have potential, and maybe should think about joining up.”
Geno grinned as he lay back down, and said, “No problems. I kind of like Chelsea, at least if that outburst is how she normally acts. See you six on Friday, even if I got to go out there in a wheel chair.”
The sergeant grinned at him, and gestured for the ladies to go, before heading out himself. Just before he left, he said, “You have got spirit kiddo. Keep that up and you might actually get respect out there from us.”
The sergeant turned and disappeared as silently as his feline pokégirls had, leaving Geno to his thoughts. Luckily, Tiria arrived back soon, so his thoughts did not get too depressing. After all, he had no harem, yet, and probably would not get one till he graduated. Plus all these beautiful females all around, and not allowed to touch, or go any further either. It was enough to make a cat scream. Then Tiria came back, and said, “The Head Mistress will be here soon. How did you know it was James?”
Geno sighed, before saying, “He has a very distinctive laugh. I could pick his laugh out of a recording.”
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy nodded at Geno’s explanation, and said, “Any idea why he would do that? Try to kill you, I mean. I know you two have not gotten along since you first met, but still, murder is rather serious.”
Geno snorted, and waited for his head to stop throbbing for a moment, before asking, “Shouldn’t I wait until the Head Mistress arrives before answering questions?”
A voice from the door said, “I am taking notes for her, since she is finalizing the rosters of who is going with whom on Friday.”
Geno glanced at the door, and saw one of the Supe-Bra Geniuses that the Head Mistress employed as secretaries. He nodded gently, before saying, “Partly because we get along like flaming oil and water. But mostly because I refuse to take his insults, and can beat the snot out of him whenever he tries to insult me. I have knocked him unconscious in the dojo several times with Sensei watching, and apparently he decided that he could not beat me in a fair fight, so he decided to try something he thought was crafty.”
He answered several more questions, mostly concerning details of the fights, the insults, and why he had not reported the abuse earlier. Once that was done, the Supe-Bra bowed to him, and took herself out to report back to the Head Mistress of the school, while Tiria said, “Now, you need to sleep, and not move, it will help heal your thick head faster.”
Geno started to protest, but Tiria suddenly glared at him, and her eyes flashed, and he suddenly felt his mind slipping into sleep. His last thought was that he did not realize the Nursejoy">Nursejoy knew hypnotize.
He awoke a full day later, and felt much better, and as he shifted slowly, making sure he was truly healed, and not just feeling better, the Nursejoy">Nursejoy entered the room, with a tray with a steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, spinach, a few slices of bread, and grape juice. Geno immediately started drooling, but at the meal or Tiria was anyone’s guess. He did immediately start eating as soon as the tray was placed n front of him, feeling much better as the full meal began to disappear into his stomach, not realizing how hungry he was until he started eating. In short order he was wiping the last of the gravy off the tray with his bread, and savoring the taste, before leaning back with a content sigh. He glanced at the now empty tray with a sigh of disappointment, before hearing Tiria stifle a laugh. He glanced up, and said, “So, when does this here delinquent get to be released?”
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy smiled at him, and said, “Today, since you have made a full recovery. Three days of heal and it fixed your concussion and caved in skull, with no side effects, it seems. Other than a sudden fascination with the fairer sex, which seems to be a mutual fascination. By the way, we finished analyzing your blood, and we have a list of you blood gifts and curses. They have been uploaded to your wrist computer.”
Geno nodded, not raising to her playful baiting, and handed Tiria the tray back, before moving to the side of the bed, and rolling to the side of the bed, he propped himself up, and looked around for his clothing. Tiria headed out of the room, and Geno stood up, carefully flexing his muscles, which were complaining bitterly about the lack of exercise recently. He finished his stretches in short order, and then proceeded to get dressed. He slapped the wrist computer on his arm, and then secured it, before heading out of the room, and getting a wave from Tiria, he walked out of the pokécenter. He breathed deeply, enjoying being outside again, and then stretched his legs again, in preparation of running to the dojo.
Once his stretches were finished, he started running toward the dojo, enjoying the feeling of his body moving, the wind in his hair, and the sun on his back. The dojo was nearly a half-mile away from the dojo, and Geno made it in four minutes, barely even breathing heavily when he slid to a stop outside the dojo. He entered the dojo, and was in luck as Masagi was heading from one training room to another, and smiled when she saw him. “Geno, you are up and about! Ready for your exam?”
He pretended to look around for an exit, ignoring the one he was standing in, and said, “Depends, do I have to fight against you?”
Masagi grinned, and said, “I will get Sensei Kaito. Go change and prepare yourself. Hopefully you have not regressed too far while rehabilitating.”
Geno sighed as he headed to the locker room to prepare, and said, “I’m doomed.”