What is memory? For most, it is a chemical bond inside the brain that allows the brain to recall a certain ‘event’ or ‘history.’ And very few question this, as it is something that everyone does almost from birth without any real effort. But occasionally there is someone that is slightly different, whose brain has found some other way to remember, be it through a different chemical or magic or some other, unknown means. And for most that have this unusual way of remembering things, it never really makes a difference, because there is never anything that happens to cause them to doubt their memories all the way to their most fundamental and held true memories and beliefs. However, for one such person, he is about to learn that while he might be barely different from the others, it is going to make a LARGE difference to him, for better or worse.


Aaron Meek stretched, and then rolled out of his bed with a thump. Cursing the dorm room yet again for having too small of a bed, he pushed himself to his feet, and rolled his shoulder, cursing softly at the forming bruise. At the Houston University for a Bachelor's degree in applied sciences, he was still in his basic classes, not sure yet of what to do first, degree wise. Rolling his shoulder to get some of the stiffness out and sat down at his computer, knowing that he had class in about three hours, and wanting to play a game for a while.
First going to the bathroom, he cleaned up and took a moment to admire himself in the bathroom mirror. Six feet and two inches tall, two hundred pounds, a slightly muscular build and soulful brown eyes, he thought he should be a chick magnet, but for some reason he was still single. Mostly because he didn’t have any interest in wasting his time on something that could be more profitable, like video games.
He sighed, glad that he had sprung for the single student suite, as he only had to deal with his own mess, then moved and sat down at the computer, switching it on. He stared at the background once it loaded, because it had changed to a completely different picture over night. No longer a supermodel wearing a swimsuit that was best described as ethereal, it now had an ungodly endowed female, with green skin and a red flower bulb on her back. For some reason, the background brought back memories of one of the games he had wasted his childhood on rather than deal with other people. “Strange, I would almost call that a Bulbisaur, except for the tits. Wonder where the picture came from?"
Pulling up his game files, he started to select one of his ROM games, but froze, staring at two of the folders on his desktop. One of them was labeled ‘Family Pictures' and the other was named ‘Research X'. And he knew for a fact that neither of those had been there when he went to sleep. Closing the games folder, he wavered between the two folders, before selecting the ‘Research X' folder and opening it. Nearly two-dozen documents were inside it, and all of them were fairly large. Opening the first, he felt his cock harden at the sight of the gorgeous female at the top of the page, a tall, yellowish red skin woman with tits as large as the green skinned girl on his desktop background. Two graceful antennae rose above her head, and her frail body seemed far too delicate to support a bust that large. He stared in shock at the title, before shaking his head in disbelief. "Alaka-Wham? What the hell? This is like a pervert's pokémon."
He started to close that page, and froze when he heard the door open behind him. Someone said, in a voice that made him even harder, "Morning, master, I made breakfast for you. Still trying to decide on which pokégirls for your harem?"
The page closed and he spotted a name on the corner of the screen, Hlal, as he turned toward the voice, and saw the woman from his computer standing before him with a tray, complete with unbelievable hooters, a bulb on her back, and as nude as the day she was born. He said, hoping his luck was with him for once, "Well Hlal, one needs to make sure that all variables are accounted for so an informed decision can be made."
The Bulbisaur giggledat his statement before stretching for him. "Well, master, you need to eat up and get dressed, Professor Yalim's class starts in an hour, and he is announcing who he is taking on field research with him to the Dark Continent, remember?"
He sighed, and then cursed, making Hlal laugh, and say, "Guess not. So, I will get everything ready for class, while you get dressed and eat."
Aaron nodded and took the tray from her, his eyes lingering over her body, and she suddenly looked down shyly, before leaning forward and kissing him deeply on the mouth. He groaned at the sudden kiss, and felt her relieve him of the tray, and heard it sliding onto the table, but he was to busy enjoying Hlal's kiss. His hands wrapped around her waist, but he nearly jumped as she stripped him of his boxers, and her hand gently caressed his raging hard cock. He felt something grab his wrists, and guide his hands to her ass. He eagerly molested her full buttocks, as her hard nipples pressed against his chest, and she groaned in pleasure. "Master, if you want to tame me, you are going to have to hurry."
Her left leg wrapped around his waist, and she groaned as he rubbed his penis against her swollen sex, "Master, please, tame me..."
He started to slowly slide into her, but she had other ideas, and quickly hilted herself, crying out in pleasure as she pressed herself against him. He pushed forward, until her back touched the wall, though he stopped when she suddenly gasped in pain. "Master, please, no. The bed."
Looking at Hlal confused, Aaron nodded in understanding when she explained in a tone that told him they had had this conversation many times, "My bulb, master, you know pressure hurts it."
Carrying the busty pokégirl to the bed, he lay down, her full breasts dangling in front of his face, and he licked one of the turgid nipples, before suckling one it, making her cry out in pleasure. She began pumping herself up and down faster and faster, her breasts swinging which each movement, and he grabbed them to keep her from hurting them with her eagerness. Her moans steadily grew louder, as did his own, until she suddenly screamed in triumph, her sex griping his rock hard cock like a vice, and her nectar gushing out to soak his loins. Her climax triggered his own, instinctively hilting himself against her hips, his seed spilling into her depths, claiming her as his own. Hlal stiffened as he climaxed, and then slowly leaned forward to rest on top of him, slowly sliding her back and forth, before glancing at the clock.
Smiling to herself, she moaned as she moved forward, his cock sliding from her depths, and grinning as her master grumbled at her withdrawing. She pulled her breasts free from his hands, eliciting another grumble, and slid down his body, stopping as her face came level with Aaron's cock. She licked his still hard shaft, and giggled at his groan of pleasure, before licking its length, cleaning him of their mingled fluids. Once she had that was done she  "Come Master, you don't want to be later for class, or Jennifer might choose someone else to work with over the field exercise."
Aaron lay weakly on the bed, and groaned at his slave driver's comment, and said, "Yes, I would not want that. God forbid I take a moment to recover."
Hlal giggled, and then stretched, before kissing her master. "Up, master, you were quite firm last night as to my punishment if you did not make it to class on time."
The student snorted but rolled to his feet, and stood up. "Don't have time for a shower, do I?"
Another glance at the clock, and then Hlal shook her head.  "No, master, I am afraid not."
"Could you get my things ready, while I eat and dress?"
Hlal nodded, and swayed off, distracting him as he her shapely body bounce in the most distracting ways, before he shook himself, and then forced himself up, and sat down at the computer, desperately eating while looking for a notes file in his school folders, something that would help him for a test that he did not know a thing about. He found one that looked likely, and skimmed through it, trying to take in all the new terms, threshold, taming, ferals, pokégirls, so many new terms that he knew he was screwed, and not in a good way. Finished eating, he dressed as quickly as he could, still trying to cram in all the new information. He had a ways to go, when Hlal came back in, and said, "Master, we need to go if you don't want to be late."
Waving to her, he stood up, and glanced at the last page he had gotten too, though his notes said it was only the tenth page of seventeen, he sighed, and then stood up. "Lead the way."
The Bulboustits, according to his notes, glanced at him strangely for a moment, before shaking her head slightly. "Of course master."
“What, I want to admire the view.”
She giggled at his explanation, her confusion vanishing as she put some extra sway into her stride.
Aaron leaned back, and sighed as he filled out the last short essay, trying to conceal his surprise at how easy the test had been, most of the questions had been from the ten pages of notes he had managed to skim through, and the rest had referenced the notes at least in passing, allowing him to make an educated guess. Glancing about he noted that about two-thirds the class were still working on the test, and most of them had some sort of female in the cubicle with them, almost all as nude as Hlal. Fighting back his natural response to such a bounty of beautiful and diverse woman flesh, he followed the example set by the rest of the students, and headed down to the teacher's table, handing him his test, before turning to leave as had the other students. The professor suddenly looked up as he turned away. "Aaron stay until the rest are done with the test, I need to talk with you."
Looking at the professor for a moment, he nodded. "I will wait outside, then for the others to complete it."
The professor, whose name was Hodges something-or-other, simply nodded absently, and took up the next test, while the female beside him, which looked like a human sized ladybug, again with a rather curvy figure, picked up another test, and began to flip through it marking down correct or incorrect answers with a speed that left him impressed. He shook himself, and headed outside, where Hlal was lying on the ground, sunbathing, a picture image of striking beauty, one that made him pause and admire her. After a moment though, she seemed to realize that he was watching her, and she rolled to one side slightly, yawning. "Time to head back master?"
Aaron, however, shook his head. "No, Professor Hodges wants to talk with me."
He sat down on the ground next to Hlal, who murmured something, and then squirmed over to rest against him, enjoying his presence. He gently rubbed her back, his mind trying to absorb everything that had changed overnight. He grinned down at Hlal, and then turned at the sound of footsteps, and suppressed a glare when he saw who it was. Richard Kinston, whose father was a close friend of his own father, and both parents had expected the two sons to get along just as well as they did. So, of course, both boys politely detested each other, though both took pains to conceal their dislike of each other from their fathers, to avoid both of their heavy hands. So he was surprised to see Richard walking to him, with a pleasant grin on his face, and was nearly shocked senseless when he sat down on the other side of Hlal.
He looked at Richard, curiosity plain, though he felt his face freeze when Richard caressed Hlal's ass, and then slipped his fingers down between Hlal's legs, openly spreading her sex, ignoring her whimper. She looked up at Aaron, her large, violet eyes pleading, and he nearly snarled, "Is there something you wanted, Richard?"
The other human looked up at the tone in Aaron's voice, but didn’t comment on it. "Yes, me and Troy were going to skip Economics, and head over to that bar you showed us last week. We were wondering if you wanted to come with us, and see that Boobcat poll-dancer they have again. I know your dad sent just you a good chunk of change, and we thought maybe you wanted to share the wealth, and get some of that delicious cleavage at the same time."
Richard tilted his head slightly, and Aaron could not help but wonder what the hell had happened while he had slept. It was as if the world had been completely rewritten while he slept, and now he was trying to play a part that was completely different from the one he remembered. Hlal's whimper brought him back to reality, as Richard's hand spread her netherlips, and rubbed a finger against her wet folds.
Aaron shrugged and shook his head. "No thanks, you two go on ahead, the Professor wanted to talk with me about something. So, why don't you and Troy go ahead, and try to have fun without me?"
The other student looked at Aaron in anger and surprise, before snidely retorting. "What the fuck is your problem? Bombed the test and don't get to go on the outing with the professor?"
Aaron immediately grasped the excuse, he had no better explanation.  "Maybe not bombed, but I did bad enough to have concerns. Now, if you will excuse me, Hlal was about to do to me what you are doing to her, so leave. Please."
Richard looked at his ‘friend' in surprise, then shrugged, and started to stand, though he took a moment to caress Hlal's ass again, wiping her fluids of his hand. "Whatever, when you stop being so pissy, come find us, Tul'kala was asking when you would tame her again. I would really like to know what you did."
A piercing look stabbed Aaron, who grinned and cheekily replied, "And become unnecessary? I think not."
The student laughed. "Later."
As he walked off, Aaron glared at his back before looking down at Hlal, and  rubbing her bulb. "You okay?"
Hlal nodded, but looked at him strangely for a moment, but someone called his name, distracting him from continuing the conversation. He looked up, and saw the female ladybug from before, and stood up, as she said the professor would talk with him now. He looked at Hlal, looked around and then had an idea. "Why don't you head back to the room, and wait there?"
He absently waved to her when she stood up, and headed back to the dorm room, while he followed the teaching assistant back into the auditorium, wondering what the professor wanted to talk to him about.
Aaron walked back to the dorms, and tried to straighten his thoughts out. Everything that he had known in the world had suddenly become distorted. Take the professor, a stuffy old bastard before, now he was actually likable, if a bit of a sarcastic maggot. He had been startled to find he actually liked the old coot now, though he looked nowhere near as old as before, though perhaps getting laid more often had kept him from aging so quickly. That Ladyien, or so the pokédex that the professor had given him had called her, was certainly extremely affectionate to the old guy.
He examined the pokédex, noting its light weight, but was very advanced for such a small computer. The smallest laptop he had ever seen was easily twice its size, but this thing was much more advanced, if more purpose specific. GPS, capable of recording audio or video for nearly three days or one day, respectively, tuning into radios, managing radios communications, recording information on specific pokégirls, and also had the ability to locate any kind of building or utility on a map. He also learned that the USA had been renamed Johto and Indigo, depending on which side of a nearly arbitrary line one was on.
Near as he could tell, he was in Indigo, though the line neatly bisected the city of Houston. Shaking his head, he looked up as he realized that he was at the dorms. Shaking his head, he climbed up the stairs to the second floor, and heading to his room. Still shaking his head slightly, he thought back to the talk the professor had had with him, mostly technical details, but the general gist had been that the professor had planned on taking a pair of students, their harems (which apparently meant the collection of pokégirls each student had), his own harem, and himself to the north end of the Dark Continent. He wanted to do some research on a pair of pokégirl types called Bandames and Cheetits.
They would travel by something called an airship, paid for by the government apparently, and then spend nearly three months in the boonies, tracking, studying, and maybe even capture a few of them if the possibility arose without jeopardizing the studies. He pushed open the door, and looked around, wondering again what the hell was going on. Not seeing Hlal anywhere in the main room, he headed to the bedroom, and sat down at the computer. Placing his head in his hands, he wasted a moment hoping for a bit of clarity, before powering up his computer. Remembering Richard mentioning something about a message from his father, he pulled up the net, or started too, until he realized that he could not find either of the two web browsers.
Pausing, he reviewed what was on the desktop of the computer, and noted that their was a new icon, which resembled the pokédex when it was closed. Clicking on it, he got a messenger, saying the computer was linking with the pokédex, and a small loading bar beneath it. It quickly changed to an error message, and asked that he check the connection between the pokédex and computer, and make sure the pokédex was on. Doing as the computer asked, he then clicked the retry button. This time the loading bar moved across the text box, and soon displayed a successful uplink message, followed by another that said he had three new messages and two pokégirls being transferred to him. It then asked if he wanted to accept the transfers, listing what he recognized as his parents address as the sending location.
Accepting the transfers, he brought up the three messages, and played them. One was from Richard, asking if he wanted to go with him and a few others to the strip joint that he had mentioned. Deleting the message, he brought up the second message, from the professor, or rather, his alpha, who gave him a list of things to bring with him, warning that everything had to be carried, and he would be expected to help if the poképacks, whatever those were, could not carry all his extra items. The third, however, was the most interesting of the three.
It was from his father, but the warm smile on the old bastard’s face hinted that their relationship was among the many things that had changed while he had slept, since he never made his father smile, much less one that was so pleased. He shook his head in shock, rewinding the message back to the beginning to make sure he heard it all. “Well son, I heard that you made the grade, and will be going with the professor to the Dark Continent. Since I lost our bet, I am sending you the two pokégirls that you wanted when you went to the University in addition with your Boobisaur, along with a reward for proving me wrong. You will find it with the travel items when you pick them up at the on-campus pokécenter. Be sure to capture a few of the Cheetits and Bandames while you are out in the wilds, son, we could use the exotics on one of the family ranches. After forcing them through parthogenisis a few times, the pokékits will turn out a pretty credit when we sell them. Oh, almost forgot, I pulled a few strings with a friend in the government, and got you listed as both a watcher and a tamer, so you can have a full six girl harem, but do not have to take any pokégirl battle challenges if you are not interested. Also, your mother wants to talk with you.”
The old man stood up, and moved off camera, and the woman Aaron assumed was his mother sat down, as he dimly heard a door open and then shut in the message. Though the woman he remembered as him mother was a slight, small woman, with the lean figure of a dancer, this woman made him stare in awe before feeling embarrassed, it was, supposedly, his mother after all. She had a pair of foot long antennae waving above her head, was as nude as all the other nonhuman females he had seen lately, with breasts that had to be at least F cups. The student estimated a little less than six feet tall, but her slight her frame could not possibly support boobs that glorious. Shaking his head, he smiled back at the smile on the Alaka-Wham’s face, remembering the research document he had pulled up that morning. Her smile had all the affection and love that his other mother’s never had, and he started to like this world a bit more as she just talked to him. “How are you doing Aaron? I heard you got one of the two slots for the research trip. I hope you enjoy yourself, and will remember to call and let me know how you are doing. I know you are an adult and don‘t enjoy my ‘mothering‘ as much as you did, but I miss having someone around, especially when your father is not. I might come visit, and offer my personal congratulations, so call me when you can, It will definitely be a visit to remember.”
Wait a minute, is she offering what I think she is? He felt his eyes widen at the thought of having sex with his own mom, as the figure blithely continued to talk, mostly about how all his ‘friends’ were doing, though he did not recognize most of the names. He shook his head, coming back to reality, as she said, “Also, a few facts about the pokégirl your father sent you. She came from our San Antonio ranch, so they are likely to have a few habits that you might not like, but as they are part of our ‘enhancement’ project, you should not put them through a level 4 for it. The girl is the final result of the Giglamesh project, and should have magical powers more in line with those of a level 3 or even level 4 tier evolution, instead of her current evolution. Be sure to let us know about how her powers change when she evolves. I love you, son, and call soon.”
He sighed, and then leaned back in the chair, staring at the ceiling as he tried to figure out what to do. He realized that she, of all people, might be able to at least tell him how he had acted before everything went pear shaped, but he did not know how she would react to the questions. He agonized for a few moments, before deciding to try it, the worst thing that would happen is that she thought he was crazy. Pulling the message window up, he typed in the number for his home, and waited as the call was sent. The call was quickly answered by a female he had never seen before. “This is the Meek residence, how may... Master Aaron! What can I do for you today.”
She looked like a normal human girl, except for the bright green hair. Shaking his head, he quickly tried to bull his way through the unexpected secretary.  “Sorry, I am scatter brained at the moment. Can you connect me with my mother please?”
She nodded brightly, her smile going from slightly brittle to completely honest at his politeness. “Of course, Master Aaron. Give me one moment while I connect you.”
She vanished from the screen, and he leaned back, eyes widening as he realized that his family must have moved up in the world, if they had a receptionist at their home. He recalled his father being a successful business man, not someone that needed a person to handle calls at his home. They would call his office if they needed to talk to him about business. Feeling uneasy, he reached for the off button, but stopped when the Alaka-Wham from earlier appeared on the screen, her body covered with water, and she was toweling herself off, as she sat down. She smiled when she saw him. “Hello Aaron. You wanted me to come visit?”
She shifted slightly, giving him a better view of her, as she gave him a coy smile. He shook his head, wishing he had been faster with the power button. “Yes, a visit would be nice. I have some questions, and was hoping you could help me clear them up.”
She looked at him, the coy expression vanishing, becoming serious as she stared at him, before she nodded. “I will be there in ten seconds.”
She flicked the screen off, and he was unable to ask the obvious questions of what and how. Turning the computer off, he stared at the ceiling, mentally counting to ten, but stopped at nine when the air to his left suddenly popped, and his mother appeared in the doorway, nude as she had been on the screen, though now she was dry. She stared at him in confusion for a second, before her antennae flipped forward, and Aaron found himself slammed backward out of his chair. Bouncing once off the floor, he slid to a stop, found he could not move, and then was raised into the air. His mother stared at him, before she spoke very slowly, “Who are you, and what have you done with my son?”