“Aaron, look at you! You’ve been fighting again, haven’t you?”

“Now come on Lina, lets not get upset. I would rather not have to replace all the lights in the house again”

“How can you be so calm? It’s a miracle the boy hasn’t lost teeth yet.”

“Getting upset won’t change a thing. And he’s not a boy anymore, he’s nearly eighteen.”


Tuning out his parents’ argument, Aaron waited patiently for them to finish. More then anything he wanted to just go to his room and rest; he was worn out and aching. However he knew better then try and slip away while his mom was in such a mood. The one, and last, time he’d tried that was when he was ten, and she had lit him up like a Christmas tree for his efforts; she was a moody Oni on a good day.


“Why don’t you ever do anything about this? Don’t you care?”

“Lina, you know I care...”

“Then do something, anything.”

“Alright, alright.”Aaron turned his attention to his father as he walked over. “Aaron, go get some sleep.”Holding up a hand to cut off Lina before she could complain, he continued on. “We’re going to have a talk in the morning, before breakfast. Understand?”

“Yes father”, Aaron replied with a sigh. As he made his way down the hall, he could hear his mother already starting back up.

“That’s it? Talk in the morning? I swear, the boy is going to have a face like an Ogress at this rate...”


Aaron wasn’t too surprised to find Morgan waiting for him in his room. His mother’s harem-sister often talked with him after he’d been out picking fights, seeing as the Amachamp was the one who had trained him. Their lessons had come to an end however at the request of his father, though Aaron suspected it had been Lina who had made the decision.

“Did you at least win?”As she waited for his response, Morgan checked Aaron’s injuries, her four arms moving with practiced speed, her touches surprisingly gentle considering her enormous physical strength.

“Eight hundred credits”, Aaron answered, turning his gaze to the side. Right now his neck did not feel like tilting back far enough to allow him to look at the near seven foot pokewomen’s face, and he didn’t want to stare at her chests.

“Eight hundred? You don’t even have that much. At least you didn’t”

“Yeah, good thing I didn’t lose the fight then, huh?”


“Oh, it was a sure win. The guy they put me up against was about as quick as a Slowboob. Probably about as smart too”

“Seems he was fast enough to lay a few on you”, Morgan pointed out as she examined a rather nasty bruise on the side of his face.

“Ah! Careful. Yeah, he got in a few hits, but that was more luck then skill”

“Yeah well speaking of luck, you’re lucky to still be able to talk. If the blow that caused this”, she explained, tapping the bruise on his cheek “had been a bit lower it most likely would have broken your jaw”

“Eh, it’s risks like that which make the fights interesting”

“Lina would much appreciate it if you didn’t take such risks”

“Why?”Aaron finally looked up at Morgan despite the flash of pain it caused in his neck. “I don’t see what she has against me fighting. Hell, she’s been in more fights then I have. Dad’s got three gym badges hanging in a plaque on the wall thanks to her and you.”

Morgan sighed heavily. “I know Aaron, I know...”

“Then what’s her deal? She is the only one who throws a fit about what I do. I know you understand.”


“I know it was her doing that made dad stop you from training me. Really stupid too if she’s so worried about me getting hurt. I swear, I wish you were my mother instead”

Had he not been looking up at her face, Aaron might have seen Morgan’s hand move; not that it would have mattered. With a slight flick of her wrist, the Amachamp smacked him in the chest with the back of her hand. Although still using only a fraction of her strength, the blow was more then enough to knock the breath right out of the young man.

Collapsing backwards on his bed, Aaron struggled to keep from doubling up. He looked up to find Morgan staring him down with steely eyes.

“Don’t, ever say that again”, she warned. “Wether or not you can understand or even see it, Lina loves you, more so then she does me, or even your father. Yes she is overly protective of you, but it’s just cause she cares so much.”Before Aaron could recover his breath enough to reply Morgan turned and left, ducking to get under the doorway.

Suppressing a fit of coughing, Aaron kicked his shoes off. Not feeling up to getting undressed, he just laid down in his clothes to go to sleep, trying to convince himself that the tears in his eyes were nothing but a result of having the wind knocked out of him.


The next morning brought with it the usual stiffness Aaron had come to expect from the injuries he routinely acquired. Ignoring the pain as best he could, he managed to stumble to the bathroom for a shower he should have taken the night before. He did take a moment to check out his bruises in the mirror. The one on his cheek was rather impressive, but it was nothing compared to the dark, discolored mark on his chest where Morgan had slapped him.

As the warm water helped wash away the worst of the stiffness, Aaron found himself considering what to do with the money he’d made. Briefly he toyed with the idea of visiting Henry, the local pokegirl breeder. However Aaron knew he’d never be able to buy a pokegirl. Not because of any moral issues, or because he didn’t want the responsibility. The problem was, girls scared him.

It’d been a problem for him ever since he hit puberty and started taking an interest in girls as more then a good target to annoy. Unfortunately, he quickly found this interest to be a curse. Around any girl he found attractive his whole body would go weak, his brain shut down, and his mouth would babble nonsense that barely even formed sentences. In short, he would panic.

The few times he’d worked up enough courage to ask a girl out had ended in rejection, which only made things worse. He’d felt rather embarrassed and ashamed, and those were not emotions he was good at dealing with. Those few early attempts had been his last.

Anger though, that was one emotion he could handle, either his own or others. It made him feel good in a strange way. It was the reason he went out looking for fights. Granted, the money was nice, but even if there was no prize, the fight was worth the effort itself. Getting good and riled up. He suspected it was most likely a result of his genes; his family had more then a few pokegirl ancestors, most of them from rather short tempered types like his mom.

Turning off the water and grabbing a towel, he set himself for the talk with his father. He knew it wasn’t going to go well. His dad rarely showed much in the way of emotion, which was rather frustration at times. With his mom things were easy. She’d yell, he’d yell, they’d both end up pissed and he’d feel good about it. With his dad, he’d yell and the old man would just sit there and listen, waiting for him to finish, then say what he had to. Got right to the point and once he’d made up his mind it was final.

Maybe he should try being more like that. Try and keep his emotions in line for this talk, maybe he could throw the old man off his game. After all, there would be plenty of time later to be angry.  


And afterwards, there was plenty to be angry about. Kicked out, one more fight and he’d be gone. And as he was turning eighteen in just a week, it was not an empty threat, nor a bluff. His dad never bluffed. Apparently both his parents had just had enough and were giving up.

  He’d have to get a job then, and quick. While he knew a few friends that would put him up for a while, Aaron knew he’d never be able to ask them for help. He couldn’t stand looking weak and needy like that.

With a dull thud the rock bounced off the tree, ricocheting off in a direction vaguely heading back towards his house, now lost from sight by the thick woods around him. Another rock followed the first, knocking off the chunk of bark his first throw had dislodged. Out of rocks and still feeling no better, Aaron trudged off through the underbrush, moving further away from his home.

It wasn’t until a good half hour later that he paused in his trek, and only then because of the stream that cut directly across his path. Feeling a bit grimy after crashing through the woods for so long, Aaron took off his shoes and socks and waded out into the water a bit, bending over to try and wash the worst of the grime off. Feeling somewhat better, he turned back for his footwear, and promptly froze.

Sitting on the stream bank, holding one of his shoes curiously, was a pokegirl. A feral pokegirl at that from the looks of her. Turning the shoe over a few times to examine it, she let it drop when she realized he had noticed her. Her bright yellow eyes locked onto his with an intensity that brought goose bumps raising across Aaron’s skin. Girls of the normal variety freaked him out enough, a wild and potentially dangerous pokegirl; now that was really scary.

Having done very little studying of pokegirls, Aaron was totally unsure what type she was. Clearly a cat type from the ears and tail, but that wasn’t too helpful considering the literal dozens of cat types there were.

When she placed a hand firmly on the ground before her and gathered her legs under her body, Aaron decided that he could worry about figuring out her type later. Running would be useless at this point; she’d chase him down in a few strides. Not that fighting her was really much of an option either. Regardless of what she was, he knew better then to think he could beat any cat type. Standing his ground in the knee high water, he only hoped the half assed idea he had come up with had any merit at all. More then likely though, he was in for a world of hurt.

When she finally pounced, her leap didn’t take her as high as Aaron had expected. She flew in a very flat trajectory that gave him almost no time to react. Barely managing to twist to the side in time, he didn’t even bother to wait till she hit the water. There was a loud splash, and he felt his back sprayed with heavy drops as he hauled himself up out of the stream. With luck the water would be deep enough to slow her down slightly. Wether it would end up making a difference was something that would be clear in the next few seconds.

For whatever reason he grabbed his shoes as he took off, despite the second it cost him to bend over and pick them up. Running as hard as he could, Aaron followed the path he had cut through the woods earlier so he wouldn’t get tangled up in the underbrush.

It wasn’t too long before he had run himself out. With his feet aching and lungs burning, Aaron collapsed on the ground. The leaves did little to cushion his fall from the hard rocks underneath and the bruise on his chest complained loudly.

He rolled over just in time to get the most amazing, and heart stopping,  view as the catgirl came down right on top of him, her feet landing heavily on either side of his waist. Before he could even gasp she had seized and pinned his arms down above his head. He tried to jerk free, but his attempts didn’t even faze her. She just looked down at him with the same intense glare as before. A few drops of water ran down from her white mane of hair and dripped across his face.

As her lips parted to reveal her fangs she bent down towards him. Aaron closed his eyes and just hoped it would be quick. He was rather surprised when he felt a soft pressure against his lips, followed by something slightly rough and wet sliding across them. Opening his eyes, he found her face pressed against his, her eyes still staring intensely at his. Aaron jaw went slack with surprise, and the pokegirl responded eagerly, sliding her tongue past his lips.

Aaron’s body was still in panic mode, and his brain was having trouble readjusting to the fact that she was kissing him instead of inflicting bodily harm. Feral catgirls were suppose to be territorial, with a low tolerance for intruders.

Even though his brain was starting to accept the fact that he was apparently not going to get mauled, he was still close to passing out. He was kissing a girl! Well, she was kissing him, but all the same he was freaked. On the other hand, she seemed rather eager and what she was doing did feel very good. 

When he started to kiss her back, the pokegirl’s eyes lit up with excitement. She let his arms go to grab his head and hold him for an intense kiss that made Aaron feel weak all over. His body felt so light, and hers rather pleasantly heavy on him. He was suddenly very aware of the large breasts pressing against his chest and the leg that was sliding gently along the front of his pants.

His fear of girls started to flare up again as he worried about what he should do next, but it was quickly put out of mind as the pokegirl latched onto his neck, nibbling softly at his skin as her tongue made quick passes over the flesh. She grabbed his earlobe in her teeth and played with it for a moment. Seemingly unable or unwilling to focus on any one part of his body for any length of time, she quickly came back around and kissed him again.

At this point Aaron’s arms had wrapped themselves around her body, his hands sliding gently if hesitantly along her skin. If she even noticed Aaron couldn’t tell; the feline girl seemed intent on exploring his body with her mouth. She was pulling at his shirt, obviously having trouble figuring out how to get the fabric off him. With a good yank the cloth split and ripped, the sound drawing her attention down. Apparently finding the solution she was looking for, the pokegirl ripped the shirt right off him.

Sitting back a bit, she traced the bruise on Aaron’s chest with a finger. The skin was still tender and sensitive and her touch got a deep intake of breath from him. He took the moment to get a better look at her.

The girl was generally human in appearance, though no one was likely to confuse her with one except maybe at night from a distance. Tan cat ear poked up out her thick white hair. She had a tiger stripe pattern that ran from her face down the length of her body. A patch of soft, white fur ran from her collar bone all the way down the front of her, covering the inner side of her breasts as it narrowed like a arrow pointing downward.

Her fingers found the sides of his face, her touch bringing his eyes back up to hers. As she trailed her claws lightly down his neck she bent back over, her mouth opening slightly. As her lips came closer Aaron lifted his head slightly, only to have her change direction on him suddenly, her eyes shining with a playful light before they dipped out of view.

Soft kisses were trailed down Aaron’s chest, extra gentle around his bruise. As she moved further south, Aaron managed to have the foresight to undo his jeans before she ripped them apart like she had his shirt. She seemed to have a much better understanding of how the pants were suppose to come off, as she hooked her claws under the waist and pulled. His boxers went with the jeans as she tossed them aside.

There was no hesitation, and no time to prepare for it as the pokegirl engulfed Aaron’s manhood entirely with her mouth. His fingers dug into her shoulder as his vision lost focus for a moment. Her tongue slid down his length smoothly. As she drew it back though the rough barbs across it’s surface caught his skin, tugging at him in a painful, pleasurable mix that caused his hips to jerk off the ground.

She let him go for the moment, seizing one of his hands and sucking on the fingers in much the same way. Her hand wrapped around his moisture slicked shaft and slide up and down a few times while she did this. Her eyes shone with excitement seeing the reactions she was getting out him. Through waiting any longer, she moved to position herself over Aaron, still holding onto him as she sat back. 

Rocking her hips side to side a bit to get him fully nestled inside her, the pokegirl leaned over, placing her hands on either side of Aaron. Pulling herself forward with a slow motion, she then pushed back, sliding him back into her hard. Her eyes squeezed shut as a blissful smile crossed her face. Her breath moved in time with the motion, long intakes of air followed by a sudden rush out as she slammed back home. Deep, throaty moans and catlike purrs started to slip past her lips as her speed gradually increased.

Aaron for his part was just trying to hold on as best he could. There wasn’t overly much else he could do as the catgirl rode him. His hands did slide up her flanks and cup her breasts, his thumbs sliding over the tips of her bright pink nipples. This got a long, sustained purr out of her that Aaron assumed meant she liked it, so he continued, rubbing the nubs with small circular motions. It wasn’t much longer though that the feeling shooting up from between his legs simply overrode all over thoughts entirely. His hands fell away and white flashed before his eyes.      

The pokegirl barely noticed when Aaron stopped playing with her breasts. She had stopped focusing on anything other then the motions that were sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. When she felt a sudden liquid warmth erupt inside her she cried out loudly, feeling a quick rush of pressure building up. The new wetness added another sensation to the sliding shaft inside her. With an almost roar like scream, she tossed her head back, spine arched.

As the rush faded the pokegirl shuddered briefly. She half fell off Aaron, her arms pulling him in close so she could nuzzle up against him. The fur across her chest was still slightly damp, but very soft and warm nonetheless. Aaron’s own arms found their way around her. Feeling very tired all of a sudden, he just laid there by her, feeling her warm breath spill against his neck. He quickly drifted off to sleep without even realizing it.


Asleep, Aaron had an odd dream. He kept trying to find out the pokegirl’s name, even though rationally he knew she didn’t have one, and that she couldn’t even talk. He kept pressing though, tapping himself on the chest and saying his name, then gesturing towards her. The whole time she just watched him with curious and amused eyes. When he finally gave up, she just smiled sweetly at him before fading away.


Aaron awoke suddenly, his eyes snapping open. He was alone. Sitting up, he looked around for the catgirl that had ‘attacked’ him, but could find no trace of her. Despite being all alone in the middle of nowhere, he suddenly felt rather awkward about being totally naked. He quickly snatched up his clothes to get dressed. He noticed two things right off. One, his shirt was completely ruined, and two, his left shoe was gone. Slipping into his boxers and jeans, he tried to locate the missing sneaker, but with no luck.

“Great, just great. Well, at least she took that and not my pants.”With a sigh he looked around a bit until he was sure of his orientation, and then headed towards home.


“Aaron!”He had almost made it to his room when his mother’s exclamation started his ears ringing.

“What!?”Turning around, he found her staring at him with fire in her eyes.

“Did you even listen to a word your father said this morning!? Huh!?”

“What? What are you...”Upon catching sight of himself in the hall mirror, Aaron’s heart sank. He was carrying the ripped remains of his shirt and his one shoe, smudges of dirt across his face and arms. His hair was badly messed up and his bruises from the day only completed the look. “...oh no, no no, mom, it’s not what you think!”

“Oh save it! Be glad you still have a week left or I’d throw you out on your ass myself right now!”With a disgusted growl the Oni turned and stormed off.

“...I wasn’t...didn’t...I...crap”Seeing a slight movement out of the corner of his eye, Aaron turned to find Morgan looking down at him with disappointment. “Morgan, please, you’ll listen to me right?”

“Aaron, just....good luck.”

“No, come on...Morgan!”Aaron tried pleading with her before she walked off. “....I do not fucking believe this shit!” Tossing his shirt and shoe into his room, he shuffled to the bathroom for his second shower of the day.


That night Aaron woke up around one. Slipping quietly out of his bed he made his way through the house to his dad’s study. Inside the topmost drawer he found what he was looking for; his father’s old pokedex. Opening it up, he brought up a list of all known cat types and scanned through the pictures until he found one that very closely matched the pokegirl he’d met. The hair color was different, but besides that, it was a near perfect match.


WILDCAT, the Frisky Kitty Pokegirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish, eggs, milk, and similar products
Role: Taming other pokegirls in a Harem, public sex
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost, sex attacks
Weak Vs: Fighting, domination attacks
Attacks: Slash, Fury Swipes, Tackle, Earlobe Nibble, Tongue-In-Ear, Ear Blow, Spank, Sex Attack 1, 2, 3, Butt Wiggle, Sexy Hug, Go Down, Purr Vibrations
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Sight (x3), Enhanced Strength (x5), Enhanced Speed (x2), Endurance, Night Vision
Evolves: Boobcat (normal), Warcat (battle stress), Werecat (Moon Stone)
Evolves From: Purrsian (battle stress)
Wildcats are the only known evolution of Purrsian. This evolution tends to happen during an intense battle, when it seems the Purrsian can’t win. The odd thing here is that where most pokegirls would evolve into a form better suited for combat, the Wildcat that is the result of the Purrsian’s evolution is a strong sex fighter. A Wildcat has large breasts, not quite D-cups but close. Her figure becomes more human, with joints that only bend as a human’s would. Most Wildcat’s are a solid tan color, with soft, tawny fur. Her underbelly has white fur, running in a large patch from her collarbone, down her chest (covering the inner halves of her breasts) to her belly, over her cunt, and ending just under her tail. Her personality changes, making her much more sexually playful. A Wildcat will often rub against others around her, letting her tail just happen to brush against certain areas, and will make teasing comments and innuendos. Wildcats never wear clothing, unless it’s an extremely sexy get-up.
While a Wildcat has the potential to be a powerful fighter with her great strength and resistance to fatigue, she eschews combat, having only a small selection of martial techniques. Instead, she focuses on sex attacks, and virtually always fights to bring her opponent to orgasm. She has very few inhibitions, and is willing to do almost anything to bring her opponent off, something that is possible for her to do with her wide range of sex attacks. Her favorite finishing move to use is Purr Vibrations. After using her Go Down attack to begin licking and sucking her opponent, she will purr, letting it vibrate her rough tongue as she licks their crotch. Most opponents have little hope of fighting off orgasm from this technique. Wildcats tend to throw sex matches against sexually dominating pokegirls though, and make a bad choice to use against them. The only times a Wildcat will refrain from using sex attacks are when she absolutely loathes her opponent, and cannot stand to give them pleasure.
A Wildcat lives for Taming, and presses for it every chance she gets. She does understand that there are times and places that she shouldn’t try to put out for her Tamer, but she feels that such times and places are very few and far between. She is constantly looking to try new ways of Taming, with only the most outrageous of ideas being beyond what she’s willing to do. Her favorite Taming activity is doing it in public. Little excites her more than having sex where people are watching, and the naughtier the act, the better. She, like most cat pokegirls, loves attention, and is willing to work to get it. When she is being Tamed, especially in public, she likes to talk dirty, knowing it gets more people to stop and look at her. Wildcats make a great choice to keep a Tamer’s other pokegirls sexually satisfied when he needs someone to fill in for him.
Feral Wildcats tend to avoid civilization, which is odd, given how lusty they are. They prefer to stay in mountainous areas. They become rather territorial, and will attack trespassers. These attacks are almost always sexual in nature though, so a Tamer who finds himself being assaulted by a Wildcat will usually end up Taming her out of being Feral and adding her to his Harem. Threshold girls generally don’t transform directly into a Wildcat. When that happens though, they have initial trouble dealing with their new, heightened libido as it clashes with their previous moralities about how they should conduct themselves. Their families usually ship them away before their sense of decency completely erodes.


“Wildcat huh. Yeah, that seems about right. Well thanks for screwing up my life. “With a sigh, he slipped the device back into the drawer and headed back to his room

The moon was full and high in the sky. Sitting on a high tree branch, holding a shoe, a white haired pokegirl watched the shining orb. Her eyes shone brightly with the light, and a gentle smile tugged at her cheeks. From her perch, she could look across the top of the expanse of woodland before her, just barely able to make out the edge of the suburbs just beyond the tree line.

“....Aaron...”she spoke slowly, carefully. With a slight giggle she dropped down to the ground and started making her way through the woods.