Chapter 3

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"..." Speech
'...' Thoughts

Tobias had barely made it into the kitchen, just a step behind that last of three identical, blue haired, green eyed, trouble loving catgirls, when a piecing scream echoed through the room. The source of the noise was standing on the other side of the kitchen, wearing the typical blouse and skirt combination that marked apokegirl on her work day, with the addition of a pure white apron protecting the front of the clothing. The pokegirl from whom the impressively loud vocal outburst was coming from was of average height and build, a bit shorter than Tobias, with bright pink hair that was pulled back in a tight ponytail. The hair style readily showed off the pair of small, rounded horns that grew from either side of her head, with a slight curve towards each other. Behind her, a slender tail swayed vigorously, the black and white spot pattern a blur as the fine white tuff of hair on the end rocketed around. Her face was very round and her eyes were big and blue above a cute little nose, and her mouth was open wide in complete horror and outrage.

The cause of the noise was the first two of the triplets who, having entered the kitchen a handful of seconds earlier, had been helping themselves to the impressive buffet of food that was set out over a large, wide table off to one side. In those handful of seconds, the two of them had managed to knock over the silverwear container, drop what seemed to be half the pasta salad into the fruit salad, and spilled what Tobias guessed was fruit punch on the floor. He also guessed that the catgirl's state of uncleanliness, the dirt and dust on their clothes and in their hair, did little to appease the cook, if that was indeed what he figured she was.

"YOU THREE!" the pink haired girl bellowed.

"Hey, I'm still over here," the triplet closest to Tobias tried to argue. If she heard the protest, the cook gave it no mind. Her hand darted out, snatched up a large wooden spoon in a most threatening manner, and with a yell worthy of being called a battle cry, hurled herself at the offending intruders.

"Oh shit!" the two closest girls to the table echoed each other as they dove for cover. Their attempts were unfortunately, for them, woefully inadequate. With a display of speed and skill to rival a samurai's swordwork, the enraged pokegirl rained a furious and unrelenting serious of blows about the triplets, berating them the entire time.

"How many times!? *SMACK* I've told you over *SMACK* and over *SMACK* wash up before you come to a meal! *SMACK* Use the damn silverwear *SMACK* like a civilized person *SMACK* Bring the plate to the food *SMACK* not the food to the plate *SMACK* I'm sick of trying to separate everything back *SMACK* into it's proper dish and bowl!"

Before the overwhelming onslaught, the triplets had no choice but to make a hasty retreat, leaving Tobias alone in the kitchen with the now grumbling cook who was waving the spoon about as if sorry not to have any more targets for it. Finally taking a deep breath to calm herself, the pokegirl tossed her weapon on the nearest counter and crossed her arms in a huff. As she did so, an odd look came over her face, and she dug a hand under the apron over her chest. With a vexed sigh, she quickly pulled the garment off.

" Damn it, broke another button," she muttered, fingering the gap in her blouse. And just as he was starting to come out of his moment of stunned immobility, Tobias was kicked right back in for another round. Between the screaming, the apron, and the catgirl beating, he hadn't really had a chance to notice before, but the pokegirl before him...

' Holy shit, I didn't know they could be that big.' To call the pokegirl's blouse tight would be a pathetic understatement. The fabric strained to hold back the pokegirl's breasts, struggled even. Tobias could imagine he could hear the buttons groaning under the pressure. ' That's just too big,' a part of his brain told him. Another part of his brain told the first part to shut the hell up and that there was no such thing as too big. His eyes seemed to agree with that second part, as they were doing their best to fall through the gaping opening in the pokegirl's blouse and drink in the vast expanse of silky soft looking flesh it showed.

Apparently noticing him for the first time, the pokegirl let out a started " Eep!" and stopped inspecting the damage to her clothing. Her face, which had been slowly changing from beet red back to a more normal flesh tone, went scarlet. Her light blue eyes went very wide.

"Sir, I'm so sorry you had to see that," she almost whispered, clasping her hands down at her waist as her gaze fell to the floor.

'Nothing to be sorry about with those...' that second part of Tobias brain started up, but the first part broke in.

'Not about her top you idiot.'

"It's alright," he told her, doing his best to ignore the dueling thoughts in his head, as well as keep his eyes on her face. "To be honest, I'm surprised those three don't get that kind of treatment more often."

"Yes well..." the cook said, her voice still in surprisingly soft tones. "They probably would, but one is suppose to hit anyone else in the house. If Keri finds out what I just did..." she shuddered. "I might be able to make some excuse about punishing them for breaking the rules, but..." she trailed off and looked hopefully at Tobias. For his part, he had no idea what she wanted from him.

"Uh, you don't need to worry about me telling anyone," he offered, taking a guess. She nodded slowly, then seemed to realize she had lost him.

"I'm sorry, I haven't even introduced myself," she said, giving him a low bow.

'How the hell can she stay balanced leaning over that far with those...'

"I'm April, kitchen mistress," the pokegirl continued, oblivious to the thoughts running through her new master's mind. Or maybe not, as she seemed to hold the bow for a moment longer then was really necessary. And was it his imagination, or had she purposely pulled her blouse down tighter when she bent over?

"Kitchen mistress..." Tobias repeated, trying to get his mind running in a direction other then all over April's oversized chest. "So, you have some authority in this house?"

"Yes," April nodded as she straightened back up. "I set and enforce the rules for the kitchen and dinning areas. Technically, physical punishment is allowable for certain transgression, though smacking someone about the head with a spoon is a bit..."

"Extreme?" Tobias supplied when the pokegirl hesitated.

"Yes, thank you."

"Well, if it becomes an issue, I'll talk with Keri," he told her. "You didn't really hurt them, more like startled and embarrassed."

"Oh thank you, thank you," April gushed, bowing low to him again. "So, are you hungry?"

"Starving," Tobias admitted as he started to survey the food. The fruit salad was a hopeless mess, and even as his eyes passed over it April pulled the bowl off the table and just dumped it in the trash. There wasn't much pasta salad left, though it looked unharmed. A plate with various sandwiches piled on it sat next to a tray of toppings.

Tobias paused in his examination of the food as he noticed something odd about the sandwiches. Grabbing one, he opened it up, staring in puzzlement at the irregularly shaped filling.

"What is this?" he asked.

"It is ham," April answered cautiously, uncertain about Tobias's bizarre reaction to the selection.

"Ham?" Tobias asked, eying the meat for a moment before it hit him. "You mean, real, actual, from a pig ham? Not processed, stamped into a block, whey protein ham?"


Tobias could only gap in amazement. Like most of the world's population, he had never eaten real meat, as far too few animals larger than a house cat had survived the war as it was. Almost all "meat" was actually reprocessed plant protein substances, artificially flavored and pressed into blocks that were cut into neat little slices and packaged.

Slowly replacing the top slice of bread, he took a careful first bite...and nearly dropped the sandwich as the flavor hit his tongue.

" so good..." he managed to mumble around the food in his mouth "The processed stuff has nothing on this." In four more huge bites, he polished off the sandwich and reached for another, only to have April lay her hand over his before he could pull it back.

"You shouldn't," she told him.


"This is your first time eating real meat?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Soooo, your body isn't adjusted to digest real meat properly yet. You probably already ate more then you should have for a first time. You'll make yourself very sick." She gently guided his hand over to the other side of the plate of sandwiches. "These are more what you're used to." With a disappointed sigh, Tobias picked up the first thing under his hand. Sure enough, he could see the unnaturally straight and uniform shape of the "ham".

"How long does it take to get used to meat?" he asked.

"Varies from person to person, a few weeks should be all you need though."

Nodding, Tobias started in on his second sandwich with much less enthusiasm. "Where you get real meat way out here?"

"Off the farm" April answered. Seeing the question on his face, she added, "Out back, we have our own farm land. It takes a good deal of pokegirl muscle to keep the woods from reclaiming it, but we grow almost all our own food there. We're too far from the nearest town to manage otherwise."

"And you have your own livestock?" he asked between bites.

"Yup, pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, a few turkeys, not too many really, but enough for an occasional meal with the real stuff in it, we have to be careful to keep enough alive to breed."

"Wow, where did you get them all from originally?"

"Who knows?" April shrugged. "They were here before we were."

"What do you mean?"

"This property, the farm, the animals, it's all prewar."

"No, that's not possible, this house can't be more than..."

"Not the house," April interrupted as Tobias paused to estimate the building's age. "The land, the animals, your family line, all pre-war, in fact, the ruins of the original farm buildings are still around, in the woods just off to the side of the current farmland. This house though, was built about fifty years back. That's when your family made its fortune."

"Yeah? How'd they do that?"

"Real meat," April explained. "Somehow, they had managed to keep their farmland and all the animals on it safe through the war. No one is really sure how, even given the relative isolation of the place, its still an amazing feat."

" I'll agree with that."

" So once things were settled down and civilization was getting stabilized, your...I guess it would be your great grandfather realized the gold mine he was sitting on. Real meat, a true luxury, something people would pay outrageously for. He was right, made enough in ten years to last the rest of his life, his son's life, and his grandson's, and now..."

"There is me," Tobias finished. "But, what about my parents?"

"I don't know," said April the pleased expression she had worn while showing off her knowledge of the household's history slipping from her face. "I'm sorry, but that's all I know about it. I wasn't around when your uncle took over, in fact almost none of us were." The pokegirl looked thoughtful. "It is something I've wondered about on occasion. This house was built to accommodate a lot of people and pokegirls. Almost all the living quarters have a main bedroom with two or more secondary. I don't know how or why it ended up with only one man and an unheard of number of pokegirls living here, but I'll agree it is odd. I never even knew he had a brother, or a nephew until a little bit ago."

Tobias nodded noncommittally, but said nothing, and the silence in the kitchen grew heavy as the conversation died. After a few moments of standing around not talking, April cleared her throat softly.

"If I may be excused master, I should be getting back to work."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, go ahead. You don't need to ask my permission."

"If you say so," she replied, bobbing a quick bow, and heading back towards the business end of the kitchen. Tobias watched her walking away, a slight sway to her wide hips.

"A bit stocky, but she's built right in the proper places...perhaps a bit over built in one area though." Shaking his head as his brain once again tried to argue out whether he thought she was too stacked, or if he should just start drooling, he grabbed up another sandwich and peeked out of the kitchen.

There was still a sizable gathering of pokegirls in the dinning hall, and surprisingly most were still gathered at the far end of the dinning hall. The reason for this became apparent as he spied Miko, still stark naked, carrying a shredded pile of cloth that looked to have once been clothing. From the smiles on a lot of crowds' faces, and the fake smile on the bluepokegirl's , she wasn't getting away without getting an earful for her display. With the crowd likely still wound up, Tobias let the door close and took the back way out of the kitchen.

Gathering up what remained of her clothes, and her dignity, Miko did her best to appear at ease as she made her way through the crowd of pokegirls who had gathered for the show. The triplets had managed to vanish completely once they were done with her, and Miko found herself wishing the rest of the pokegirls had followed them. Forcing a smile, she edged her way out of the room, ignoring the general conversation. She was stopped a few times during her trip by offers for a repeat performance, but she quickly turned them down.

Finally making good on her escape, the blue skinned pokegirl did her best not to break into a run down the halls. She was getting enough looks from the girls she passed already, walking along in nothing but her skin, carrying the shredded remains of her clothing, and for those who had the senses for it, smelling strongly of sex.

'Just act natural,' she told herself. 'Nothing unusual, nothing to remark on, plenty of girls walk around nude here.' The truth of that last thought did little for her confidence. While she could be bold indeed when with her partners, Miko never did feel all that comfortable around crowds at the best of times.

Her self control straining, Miko let her pace increase to a brisk walk, and nearly ran over Keri as she bounded around a corner. More accurately, she nearly got herself run over, as Miko doubted she would have budged the house's head mistress even if she ran full tilt into her.

"Miko," Keri greeted the blue pokegirl with a hint of curiosity, her golden eyes quickly taking in the sight of the nude pokegirl.

"Head mistress," Miko responded, edging sideways to get around the warcat.

"Keri," the taller pokegirl told her. "I am not on duty today." She gestured at her clothes, not the usual blouse and skirt, but a pair of very snug shorts and a halter top, both of a green to match her hair.

"Keri," Miko repeated, her efforts to get around the head mistress stymied for the moment as her eyes traveled up and down the warcat's body in amazement. She'd never seen so much of Keri before, in fact she couldn't remember having seen her in anything other than the standard work outfit. While she was certainly used to the sight of the warcat's strong, toned arms and legs, she took a moment to properly appreciate the slender hips, shapely ass, flat stomach, and generous bust that were new to her eyes.

When her gaze finally moved back up to the warcat's face, Miko found Keri looking at her with interest, an eyebrow arched almost questioningly. The aquatic pokegirl's blue skin darkened and she hoped Keri wouldn't recognize it as a blush.

"I would ask you how your day was, but from the looks of things, and your scent, I would say you have been enjoying it," Keri smiled at her.

"Uh...yes?" Miko replied softly, feeling nervous under the head mistress's gaze. The warcat topped her by more than half a foot, and looking all the way up into those bright golden eyes made her feel like she was being sized up as a potential meal, especially when Keri's smile revealed the sharpened points of her canines.

"That is good." Taking another sniff of the air, Keri's looked turned questioning. "The triplets, I thought you were into the plant girls?"

"I...well..." Miko stuttered, caught off guard much more by Keri's comment than by her ability to identify her latest partners. There were plenty of pokegirls with the nose to match people to their scents, but Miko hadn't thought the head mistress had ever paid that much attention to her. That she knew Miko's preference for taming partners shocked her.

"Expanding your experiences perhaps? Was Tobias the first man you've ever been with? I do not recall if the old master ever got to know you, what little health he had was fading when you came to the family." She looked a bit sad for a moment, but quickly shook it off. "I know a few pokegirls who started venturing outside their normal preferences after their first time with a guy."

'She knows too!?' Miko was too stunned to speak, or catch more than the second sentence. Did everyone in the house already know she'd been the first tamed by their new master? Her mouth opened, but nothing came out.

"Are you okay Miko?" Keri asked, putting a hand on the shorter pokegirl's shoulder.

"I...good," she managed to squeak out.

"...okay," Keri replied after a second. "The girl's weren't too rough with you were they?" She eyed the torn up remains of Miko's clothing.

"No, no, they...they were fine." The look in Keri's eyes suggested she didn't really believe Miko, but she didn't make an issue of it.

"Okay. You know, if you are looking for some new partners, I know of a few girls who are interested in you." Keri's smile returned in full, and she moved her hand from Miko's shoulder to rest a finger on the girl's blue cheek. "If you think cat types might be your new interest, you can always come to me."

"I..." Miko's mouth just fell open, and she realized Keri's eyes were most definitely not on her face. The headmistress was checking her out, and her smile turned into a grin. When Keri's gaze returned to Miko's face, there was a heat to them that sent the aquatic pokegirl's heart racing. "I..." Miko repeated dully. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but Keri intimidated her, and not just because of the difference in their size and strength. The warcat had a commanding presence, a force of personality that could overwhelm a person, and it certainly overwhelmed Miko.

"I understand," Keri replied as the smaller pokegirl just stared back at her. "Go get dressed sweetie, we can talk later." Her hand slid from Miko's shoulder to her back and gave the lithe pokegirl a gentle nudge down the hallway.

"K..." Miko bobbed her head in a not quite bow, her voice barely above a whisper. "Bye." With that, she turned and quickly hurried off.

Keri chuckled to herself as she watched Miko dart away. The girl was cute, especially when she was flustered. The warcat never got tired of surprising the pokegirls in the house with just how much she knew of them all. She wasn't head mistress just because she was strong enough to overpower the vast majority of the family. Keri had an eye, and nose, for detail, and was smart enough to fit everything together to get a complete picture of the state of the house hold. Very little happened that she didn't find out about, and she knew at any given moment who was hooked up with who, who was upset with who, and everything in between. Making a mental note to keep an eye on the Miko/triplets situation, the aquatic pokegirl was clearly keeping quiet about something the three catgirls had done to her, Keri continued on to her original destination.

It was a beautiful day, mostly sunny with only the occasional cloud that drifted by on the calm breeze, a bit warm but the wind took care of it well enough. As she came out of the back door, Keri waved to the group of plant type pokegirls clustered about the pool, their feet dangling in the water as they soaked up the sunlight, and got a few waves back. Most of them however had their eyes closed, falling into a trance like state as they enjoyed what was basically their lunch.

The grass felt good under her bare feet as she made her way across the backyard. The lawn spread out over a good three acres, twice as wide as it was long, with the vine and creeper covered fence a nearly invisible barrier against the ever encroaching woodland. Aside from going through the house, there were only two exits to the yard, a pair of gates on either end of the width of field, the left lead to the farm, which spread out in patches across several dozen more acres, and where about half the house's pokegirl population spent their work days.

Keri however, headed for the right gate, her long legs covering the distance quickly and effortlessly. The door was of the same black iron as the rest of the fence, though it was in better condition, it's frequent use preventing it from becoming hopelessly entangled by plant life. The path beyond it was little more than a dirt track, unlike the stone tile pathway that lead to the farm, this trail was only used by a handful of pokegirls.

The dirt track became a dirt field, a more or less squarish patch of cleared space, two hundred yards to a side roughly. The field contained only two things besides dirt and a few weeds, rocks and logs. The stones were roughly rounded, and spaced out along one edge of the dirt patch, lined up by size from just bigger than a human skull to a monster of a boulder twice Keri's height. The sectioned remains of the surrounding trees were more uniform in size, a rough ten feet tall and a foot or two in diameter. Most were piled up neatly in one corner, three however were standing upright in four foot deep pits just a bit wider than the trunks. The first two were mostly whole, if one overlooked the missing bark and chipped wood on one side. The third was split right in half, its upper portion laying in the dirt with a bare few splinters trying to hold the two pieces together.

Over all, it was a very crude training field, one that became a horrid mess any time it rained. Compared to the general level of comfort and sophistication of the house, it was squaller; feral fighting pokegirls constructed training pits that could compete against it. Keri however, loved it, it made her feel more in touch with the animal genes that were a vital part of her DNA. While her feline side had its uses in managing the household, it was her human side that made it work. As headmistress, she needed her human patience, logic, and organizational ability. Out here however, she could let that all go and give in to her animal side.

Keri took a moment to replace the broken striking post, easily tossing the remains of the tree into the woods and setting a replacement into the hole. She rarely used the make shift punching bags, the wood broke too easily for her. Now ripping up fresh trees out of the ground and dragging them back to the field to be cut up into new posts, that was a decent challenge for her strength. Seeing that the pile of replacements was well stocked however, she settled for the stones.

The first pair the warcat chose out were waist high to her, a more oval shaped then most of the other rocks. Bending her knees to reach down, her fingers sought out the neatly drilled holes in the stone. While the general level of sophistication of the training field was barely above feral, a few exceptions existed, and decent handholds for the weights were one of those exceptions.

With little effort, Keri stood back up, and began a few curls with the rocks. They were light, only four or five hundred pounds, but made for a good warm up. It was enough for her feel the stretching of her muscles as the uniquely designed physiology of her body adjusted to the strain in ways no natural creature ever could have. Her muscular and skeletal system followed a set of plans that had never evolved in nature.

Unlike a human, whose muscles were attached to their bones in such a way as to make heavy lifting much harder, Keri's connected further away from her joints to maximize the effects of her already unnatural strength. While still not ideal in terms of leverage, it was a vast improvement over a normal person, whose muscles needed to generate enough force to move seven times the weight of any object they wanted to lift to compensate for the inefficient set up of their limbs. By contrast, Keri muscles only needed to be strong enough to lift twice the weight of anything she picked up.

Her muscles themselves were as much as improvement over typical humans as was the way they worked with her skeleton. While the basic material for their construction was protein as in all creatures, a large percentage of their mass were semi-metallic fibers formed of thousands of tiny, fluid filled filaments. In many ways, her muscles had more in common with spider silk in terms of design, and just like the thin threads they were modeled after, Keri's muscles were, pound of pound, stronger than steel several times over.

Add in the increased density and strength of her skeleton, and Keri could easily lift objects that would crush a human flat, providing she could get a grip on them. More often then not, it was the size of an object, not its actual weight, that made it too big for her to lift, which was why the weight stones each had several hand holds drilled into them.

Dropping the oval stones, the warcat stretched her arms over her head as she walked a few strides down the line. Her next choice was one of the few rocks that did not have grips, in fact it was the closest of all the stones to being perfectly smooth, only a barely noticeable series of bumps and dips marring its surface.

The ball shaped stone was a good deal bigger than the oval ones, and much heavier, being made of a far denser stone. Still, it would have been only a decent weight for the warcat, except for the lack of any easy place to get a solid grip on it. Keri had to bend nearly double to get her arms under and around the stone in order to pick it up, quickly but carefully transferring the awkward load smoothly to one shoulder.

Once she had the weight balanced, the warcat took a moment to set her stance, and then started to roll the stone across the back of her shoulders. Ducking her head in a way that would have risked spinal injury for a human with a comparable weight on their back, Keri lowered her shoulder so she had to push the stone up the incline formed by her arms and back. Once it was across and secure in her other hand's grip, she lowered that shoulder, and repeated the transition.

It was on the stone's fifth trip across Keri's shoulders that she realized she had an audience, a shift in the wind bringing her a scent that, while still new to her nose, was all too easy to identify. She almost lost the stone as her body tried to come upright by its own accord and she couldn't help laughing silently at herself.

'I really have accepted him as my new master; just the smell of him is enough to set my body to trying to hide any weakness.' She laughed again at the absurdity of that thought, she was balancing a stone over her back that he probably couldn't roll along the ground, but all her pride registered was that she was bent over as if struggling.

Completing a sixth roll, she let the rock slid down into her arms and set it down, unable to help making the entire process seem perfectly effortless. Turning to look behind her, she found Tobias standing a dozen paces back, his eyes just a bit wider than normal. She could almost hear the thoughts going through his brain, she had gotten that look enough times to know what it meant.

"It is one thing to read or hear about what some pokegirls can do, it is another to actually see it yourself?" she asked with a smile.

"Yeah..." Tobias nodded, slowly crossing the distance between them. Keri couldn't help but notice as he stopped just a bit out of her reach, and she caught a fresh whiff of his scent. It wasn't quite fear, not really, but his body was definitely in a state of heightened readiness. Then again, so was her's, she was hot, her heart was beating rapidly, and she had a sudden urge to pounce upon the young man standing nearly beside her.

Not sure whether it was a predatory response or her pokegirl needs, she crushed the desire either way. Keri doubted he was in a state to take such a shock at the moment, and even if he was, there was no way she could not hurt him if she tried. Even if she controlled her strength, she weighed too much to be jumping on anything as fragile as a human.

There was a price to pay for her enormous strength, her body was much denser than normal for a living creature. At six and a half feet tall, she would have a big girl by any measure, but with her warcat physiology she topped the scales at around four hundred pounds. It was more than any person would like to have come crashing into them, even if they were into being pounced on.

Finding herself at an unusual loss for words, and not seeing Tobias being able to contribute to a conversation at the moment, Keri headed further down the line of stones. Coming to the end of the line, she tilted her head back to take in the entirety of the boulder standing before her. She tried to tell herself she was being silly, but she couldn't help it. Her master was here, and she wanted to, no, needed to impress him. As much as the design of her muscles and skeleton, her need to prove herself to her master was part of her genetic make-up, even if she hadn't had the chance to properly bond with him yet.

"You can't really lift that, can you?" Tobias asked, his voice an odd mix of doubt and awe.

She meant to reply with a light hearted "Of course not." It was enough of a challenge just to get the massive rock rolling. So when a calm and confident "yes" passed between her lips, Keri was glad she wasn't looking at Tobias, because her eyes went wide when she realized what she had said.

She tried to take it back, but the words wouldn't form on her lips. She couldn't make herself say the truth, and she realized her pokegirl programing would only allow for one way out of this mess. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.

'Oh fuck it.' she thought. She didn't need to be calm, she needed to be pissed, she needed the anger and the reckless strength she could draw from it if she hoped to do anything but embarrass herself. As she had gotten herself into the situation simply by being unable to control her own impulses, finding the anger she needed wasn't hard at all. 'This is so stupid, what am I trying to prove? He knows how strong my species is, he does not need more proof of it. Besides, he is nearly to the point of being scared of you as it is, this will not make it better. Turn around, and tell him you were just kidding.'

Her jaw actually quivered as she tried to force the words, her voice finally emerging as a full throated roar as her hand darted forward, claws piercing into the side of the boulder. Having never been meant to be lifted, the largest of the weight stones had never had hand grips drilled into it, so Keri was forced to make her own.

Her other hand jammed into place and she stepped up next to the massive rock. With a deep breath, she planted her feet, and lifted. Her joints creaked and popped as her muscles wound up to their full power, and the boulder rolled, slightly. Pushing down, she rocked the rock back the few inches she had moved it, and then a bit beyond. Reversing direction again, she rolled it forward until her fingers just wouldn't bend any more to go further, and she jerked down with all her might.

The boulder rolled into her as she got her hands somewhat under it. Knees bent, her fingers tightened until Keri felt the rock between them crack, and she heaved with the direction of the stone, trying to get the rolling motion to continue up her body. The weight of it made her limbs quiver as her muscles struggled against the incredible mass, even with the help of the inertia it already had, the boulder was heavier than anything the warcat had ever tried to lift.

And then it was up, only an inch, and it felt as if it would rip her arms off if she held it up for even a second, but it was up...and then it was down, her body maxed out. Keri felt the tremor of its impact, and heard the pile of logs a hundred yards away shift. She leaned against the now inert boulder, gasping for air, her arms too tired to even pull her fingers free.

When she finally got her breathing under control, and the feeling returned to her limbs enough to free herself from the weight stone, Keri turned her head to regard Tobias, and felt her heart sink. He hadn't moved at all, but his face was somewhat paler than it normally was, and his mouth was hanging open in dumbfounded shock. Keri wished she could get the scent of him, but the wind was blowing the wrong way now. Besides, it would probably have just confirmed what she was afraid of.

'It was too much for him, he will never have any interest in me after that. He will be too scared to try to tame me.' She didn't blame him really, her first owner had been too scared of her after she evolved to touch her, let alone tame her. 'So what was all that for?' she asked herself bitterly. 'Way to impress him right out of any desire he might have had. Stupid, stupid, stupid...'

"Wow," Tobias finally uttered, and the small smile on his face made Keri's heart leap into her throat, though she squashed the hope that tried to flare inside her. It was too little, too soon, to get her hopes up over. When he started to approach though, her self control had as much chance of keeping her emotions in line as her arms did of lifting the boulder again at that moment. The only consolation she had was that she still had enough control to keep her face from broadcasting everything she was feeling.

Tobias stopped right before her, tilting his neck back slightly to look her in the eye. This close, his scent was almost overwhelming her senses, and she had to fight down another urge to jump on him. Fear started to worm its way into her as Keri realized how close the situation was to becoming very dangerous for her new master. She was too worked up, her emotions unstable, and her body was responding to his on its own, her pokegirl biology screaming for sex. She had impressed him, shown him her worth, now she wanted her reward for her efforts, she wanted him...

Her master reached towards her, his hand stopping just before touching her arm. He looked at her with that just barely smile. "Could I?" Not trusting herself to speak, Keri just nodded, and shuddered when she felt his skin brush her arm. He felt along her bicep, and his smile widened. "Incredible," he finally commented.

"So glad you approve," she responded with a calm and a touch of sarcasm that belied the torrent of emotion raging inside her. Still, his touch was helping, giving her something to focus on, easing the pressure of her desire to toss him to the ground and...

"Sorry," he answered back with a slightly embarrassed grin. "I didn't mean to...well uh...I'm just kind of amazed I guess." He laughed. "This wasn't what I followed you for, I was planning to finish our discussion from earlier."

"Yes, that..." she replied, stopping herself from grabbing after his hand when he pulled it away.

"I don't suppose Sapphire forgave you?"

"No, she would not even talk to me. It will be a few days at least I think."

"I'm sorry."

"Do not be. She is a bitch like that." At the open surprise on his face, Keri had to laugh despite her feelings. "Well she is. Our relationship is purely one of mutual pleasure, I cannot stand her otherwise."

"Then how, I mean, sorry, I shouldn't pry."

"You are not. She is simply the only other pokegirl in the house with the same...tastes as me. Well, not the same, but more complimentary. She will never take the submissive role, not unless I forced her into it, and that she would never, never forgive."

"I can imagine, if she's not going to talk to you for a few days just for not obeying her every word."

Keri nodded and sighed deeply, still trying to get a hold on her emotions. "I really needed it too." Seeing the look that sprang onto Tobias's face, she quickly amended. "As stress relief, I have days more before I need to worry about going feral."

"Right, of course," Tobias replied, doing a poor job of hiding his relief. "Plenty of time to find someone else."

"Yes, plenty of..." Keri's words ground to a halt when she caught the newest addition to Tobias's scent, and she wanted to scream in joy and frustration all at once. Even as the smell of his growing interest in her registered, she saw the way his eyes changed, no longer just looking at her, but looking over her.

"You know, I really feel I need to make it up to..." Tobias started, but she didn't let him finish.

"No, do not say that." The shock on his face was like a physical blow, but she plowed on, having to make him understand. " Not here, not now, you can not."


"You need to go, it is not safe for you to be near me right now."

"What are you talking ab..."

"I want you," she nearly sobbed in frustration. "But I can not have you now, not here. I would hurt you. I would not mean to, but I would not be able to help it."

"I don't understand."

"I am too strong Tobias, I could hurt you, I could kill you by mistake if I flinched the wrong way, or grabbed you too hard, or...I am too strong for you to touch me, touch me like I want you to, unless I am held down. You need to leave, now, so I can regain control over myself." Keri had to shove the words out one by one, fighting her surging desire, and a good bit of humiliation at admitting she wasn't in full control of herself. But he had to understand why she was turning him down, when what she wanted more than anything at the moment was to take him up on his offer.

"We could go back to the house," Tobias offered, but Keri cut him off with a snarl as she slammed a fist into the boulder beside her, sending a spider web of cracks along the surface.

"You need to go! You can not understand, the desire a pokegirl feels, trying to fight that. I would never make it, walking beside you, with your scent and..." she made herself stop before she launched into a full accounting of everything she found pleasant about him at the moment. "please..."

"...alright" Tobias finally, reluctantly agreed.

Keri watched him go, every instinct in her howling at her to go after him, while her mind told her over and over again it was the right thing to do. It might hurt, but it was a far lesser pain than she would feel if she injured him, or worse...

When he finally vanished from sight, Keri sagged, leaning against the boulder to keep herself upright. She was more exhausted from fighting her emotions than from lifting the massive stone. Tears swam in her eyes, but she refused to cry.

'He did not reject you, he was interested, he was...' she told herself. 'There will be another chance...but it has been so long already.' Wrapping her arms around herself, Keri sank to the ground. She thought she'd overcome the need years ago, but she knew now she was wrong, it had merely been hiding, waiting to come back. Another pokegirl might be able to keep her from going feral, even make her feel wonderful and sated, but only a human could fill her need to be bonded, to forge that deep, almost spiritual connection to another living being. She had experienced that sense of utter fulfillment once before, with her first owner, but it had all fallen apart when she had evolved.

Her second owner hadn't had any more desire to risk himself taming her then her first, and had let his other pokegirls take care of her. That had been the worst, feeling her bond fading away from her original tamer, sucking away all the happiness she had felt with him, and having nothing to fill the void that was left in its place.

Her third owner hadn't shared the opinion of her first two, but in a cruel twist of fate, he had not been fit enough to tame her. His health had been poor most his life and it would be more accurate to say his pokegirls tamed themselves with him, rather than him taming them. And there was just no way Keri could have been properly restrained and yet able to do the work for him.

'Just a little longer, be strong, be patient. He was going to offer, he is interested. Gods please, do not let this have made him change his mind.'

The trip back to the house was a blur for Tobias as he tried to sort out his feelings over what had just happened. He wasn't sure if he considered Keri frightening or attractive, or some odd combination of the two. After seeing what she could do, after feeling the strength in her arms...

His fingers twitched in memory of the brief contact they had made with Keri's arm. Her skin had been warm, pleasantly soft and smooth, but just under that was iron. He didn't think she even realized he had given her muscle a firm squeeze, and had failed to even shift it. It had been like grabbing a steel cable wrapped in silk cloth.

An involuntary shiver ran through him as he really started to realize what she could do to him, even by accident. And yet, the thought of it also excited him. The risk, rather than reducing his interest in taming her, increased it.

'I must be crazy. If she wrapped those legs around me, she'd snap me in half like a twig, she's so solid. I wonder if all her muscles are that strong? They can't be, otherwise a guy would lose anything he put in her.' That thought killed the mood for a moment, but only a moment. It might be more difficult to tame a pokegirl as strong as a warcat, but it had to be doable, or they would all be feral.

'Fuck, who was the first guy crazy enough to try and get it on with a feral warcat? Talk about balls...' From there his thoughts drifted into the gutter of his mind, trying to picture it. Of course, his imagination made use of Keri to stand in for the feral warcat, and he saw no reason not to fill the role of the crazy tamer with himself. The restraints holding the warcat down interestingly enough became the triplets and Miko, one each holding tight to a limb in such a way as to rub their chests along Keri's hands and feet whenever she shifted. Not that he really thought any of those girls were strong enough for the job, but his imagination went ahead and over looked that detail in light of what it added to the scene. It had also overlooked the fact that a feral pokegirl shouldn't be wearing clothes, even something as minimal as the workout outfit the imagined Keri had. Well, that would just have to go...


Started out of his day dream, Tobias needed a moment to realize where he was, and more importantly, who was talking to him. The latter proved to be April, the kitchen mistress looking at him with a slightly worried expression . She wasn't wearing her apron, or her work clothes for that matter, but rather a sun dress of bright yellow with an alarmingly deep, plunging neckline.

With that distraction, it took Tobias longer than normal to notice he was in a hallway somewhere in the house, but with no idea just where, or to recall that she was trying to talk to him.

"Uh, yes?"

"Are...are you okay?" April asked timidly, biting her bottom lip. "You didn't answer the first two times."

"I was just...thinking. I'm sorry April, I wasn't trying to ignore you."

'As if that would be possible with her wearing that dress.'

"Oh? What were you thinking about?" the pink haired pokegirl asked, a smile forming on her rather cute face. Managing to tear his gaze away from her expansive rack, Tobias noted that the girl looked much younger than her body would suggest, especially when she smiled like that.

"Stuff?" Tobias offered weakly as his mind spun in circles without getting anywhere.

"Stuff?" April inquired, blinking in confusion.

"And things." Tobias added.

"Stuff and things? Okay..."

'A cow' Tobias's brain suddenly shot at him.

'What the fuck?'

'She's a cow. The horns, the tail, the giant tits...' was the explanation his mind gave.

'I just now figured that out?'

'You've been distracted.'


"What!?" Tobias said, a bit louder than he meant to, making April flinch. "Sorry, what?" he repeated in a softer voice.

"You weren't answering again."

"I'm sorry, I'm...I'm having trouble keeping focused right now."

'Idiot! Why not just admit you're looking down her dress!?'

"Oh?" The puzzlement in April's voice drained away with that one simple word as she eyed Tobias, her smile returning with force. "Why ever is that?" she asked in sudden mock innocence, leaning closer as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

"Uuuuuuh," was all Tobias's mind was able to supply him with.

"Stuff and things?" April volunteered, and Tobias nodded dumbly. "Good." With that, she took him by the hand, and started leading him down the hall with a very pleased smile on her lips.

"Where we going?"

"My room," the kitchen mistress answered lightly.

"How come?"

"Stuff and things," she answered with a far too sweet smile.

They practically fell into April's room when the door opened. She had barely waited long enough for him to turn the knob before jumping at him, her arms wrapping him up in a fierce hug. Tobias made a half hearted attempt to kick the door shut with his heel as they stumbled in, but whether he was successful or not he never had a chance to see.

How she had gotten his shirt off without him being aware of it until he noticed her tossing it to the side, Tobias could only guess at. Likewise, his pants practically vanished and he found himself on his back in April's bed with the pokegirl on top of him, her dress as quickly and efficiently removed as his own clothes. Her mouth covered his as she molded her body against him, wiggling and squirming as she tried to touch as much of him as possible.

Tobias was at a momentary loss as the pink haired pokegirl had her way with him. She was more aggressive then any girl, poke or otherwise, he'd ever been with, and it threw him for a loop. He hadn't expected it out of her, though thinking back on her explosion upon the triplets, he decided it didn't seem to out of character for her.

Thoughts of anything other then what was happening to him vanished as the pokegirl suddenly slithered down his body and he felt her pulling his hardening cock out of his boxers. Her tongue darted up either side of his shaft in two quick licks before she took the tip into her mouth and sucked hard.

Letting him go with a resounding pop, April sat up and tossed her long, bright pink hair back. Any protest Tobias might have made at the quick, almost teasing treatment his member had gotten was lost as he finally got the chance to determine once and for all if he thought the pokegirl was just too busty. Propping himself up on his elbows, he stared unabashed at April's chest as she smiled at him and cupped her hands under the twin mountains of flesh.

The frilly pink bra she wore must have been just for show, for it seemed far too tiny to actually be able to offer support. Tantalizing curves of milky white skin peeked out from all sides of the top, straining against the fabric at every breath. Her breasts weren't just big, they were huge, enough to fill both his hands each with some left over. Part of his mind told him it was just too much, while another, more perverse part, told him it was just perfect.

The perverted side of his brain won out with the first squeeze as April guided his hands to her chest. Firm but soft, warm and silky to the touch, with the hardening tips of her nipples pressing against his palms through the thin cloth of her bra, Tobias couldn't see any reason why he ever thought she was too stacked. When she pulled the bra down to expose the light pink of her tits, he took a moment to just gaze in amazement at the sight.

April however, wasn't about to sit around doing nothing. Pushing him flat and crawling over him, she placed her knees to either side of Tobias's head and leaned over, bringing her lips back to his cock, her tongue flicking out and pulling it into her warm, wet mouth. Holding herself up with one hand as she slowly bobbed her head up and down in his lap, April reached between her legs with her other hand, running her fingers over the front of her panties.

Staring up between the smooth flesh of the pokegirl's legs while she lightly played with herself, all while feeling her mouth sliding up and down her length, Tobias nearly let go right there. Breathing deep to steady himself, he wrapped his arms around her legs, his hands resting on her rump. He gave her ass a squeeze, finding it just as nicely soft and smooth as the rest of her, and her tail whipped about and smacked his hands lightly.

Fully taking her master's cock into her mouth, the pokegirl spread her legs wider, lowering her hips over his face. Sliding her fingers over an edge of her panties, she pulled the cloth aside, exposing herself to his gaze. Her fingers stroked along the edges of her pussy as she slowly lowered herself towards him.

April's moan of pleasure ran down into Tobias's balls as he took her up on her offer and ran his tongue along the length of her opening. Giving her ass a firm squeeze, he pulled her into position and pressed his tongue up into her. She responded by trying to cram even more of his length into her mouth, sliding the tip of his cock into her throat.

The muffled moans and grunts of the human and pokegirl as they orally attacked each others most sensitive parts were a subtle accompaniment to the feelings jolting through each. April seemed to almost be taking it as a challenge, sucking and licking faster and harder every time Tobias changed tactic or pace. She would pull back until just the tip of him remained between her lips, her tongue swirling furiously over it for a second before she thrust her head forward until he jammed against the back of her throat. All the while she practically manhandled his sack, groping and foundling almost roughly.

For his part, Tobias was just trying to hang on and remained focused enough to do something for her. Long, firm strokes with his tongue from the top of her pussy down until he slid into her opening seemed to get the most result from her, but it was hard to keep any control with her practically swallowing him. More often then not, he just latched onto her, his cheeks pulling in as he applied suction to the firm knot of flesh that peeked out from her folds.

Letting her partner's swollen member fall from her mouth to gulp large mouthfuls of air, April propped herself on her elbows to wrap both hands around Tobias's shaft, sliding them up and down as fast as she could manage.

"Come oooon," she practically whined. "I want to taste you already, give it to me!"

"Only if I get to watch." Tobias responded before he realized what he was saying. He had no idea what made him say it, but he certainly wasn't about to take the words back as the pokegirl instantly scrambled off him to readjust, pulling at his legs until he half slid, half let himself be hauled to the edge of the bed where she knelt, waiting, her eyes blazing with lust.

As soon as he was in reach, April latched back onto his cock. Sucking firmly on the tip, she pressed her generous breasts up around the shaft, her hands rubbing the smooth mounds up and down. Her tongue was a cyclone of warm, wet caresses around the head of his dick, tugging at him invitingly.

Tobias's hands found their way into her hair, his thumbs hooking around the small horns sprouting from the pink tresses. Finally in a position to take some control of the taming, he gently but firmly pressed her head down, and she eagerly gave in, sucking up more and more of his length as she let her breasts fall out of the way. Pulling her back up took a bit more urging, she seemed very reluctant to let go of any of him, but she allowed it. When he pushed her head back down, she moaned happily and he joined her as the vibration ran down his length.

"Move your hair," Tobias half asked, half ordered as he ran the pokegirl's lips along the length of his cock. She immediately obeyed, pulling her hair back so he could see as he forced himself into her waiting mouth over and over again.

It didn't take more than a few seconds of the combined stimulus of the feel of April's warm mouth and the sight of her cute face inhaling his cock for Tobias to reach his limit. With a quaking groan he exploded into her mouth, and she gulped it down greedily, her tongue darting along his shaft to collect every drop.

The feel of her swallowing around him sent a shudder through Tobias, and the strength went out of him. As he fell gasping back onto the bed, for the first time, he realized that they weren't alone...

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