Chapter 1

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"..." Speech
'...' Thoughts

Riding in a car, a real engine driven car, was not as exciting as Tobias had first thought it would be. Not that he was really disappointed by this, as few things in his life had been worth being called exciting. This was mostly because Mother Alice Tergood, Head of the Altrin city orphanage, considered most things that could called exciting to also be rather inappropriate.

Loud music was inappropriate. Most sports were inappropriate. Parties, staying out after sunset, dancing that was not done in a line or square pattern, and songs that did not praise the Lord were most inappropriate. So of course, something as wonderfully exciting as pokegirls and all things involving them, were very, very inappropriate. This was something that the male, and a few female, teenagers of the Altrin city orphanage found to be very, very disappointing.

Being disappointed had become such a regular occurrence to Tobias that he rarely really felt disappointed, even when he should be. Which was why the lack of actual excitement about riding in a car really didn't bother him. What did bother him were the last hundred plus miles of unpaved road and the less than spectacular shocks that car sported. Cushioned though they were, the seats just weren't up to taking the jolts out of the car's bouncing, lurching, and shaking.

Running a hand through his brown, near shoulder length hair, he shoved the wavy strands that had gotten jolted into his face back. He didn't really like having his hair that long, but he did it because he could. Mother Tergood seemed to think the shoulder was the perfect measuring tool for hair. Boys should never have hair that reached past their shoulders, and girls should never have hair that didn't. So he let it grow and grow as long as he could, just to try and get it past his shoulder for no other reason than to spite Mother Tergood. He never had managed it though, at some point just before it got "too long", she would force him to go to the barber, who would cut it nearly all off, forcing him to start all over again. It was just about time for him to visit the barber again, though given how long this trip was taking, his hair just might make it to his shoulders before he got back.

At least it certainly felt that way. Of course his uncle would live miles out of town, it made perfect sense. Tobias knew this not because he knew his uncle, indeed, he had never met the man, or even known of his existence until he had already passed away. No Tobias knew it made sense because the universe hated him. It was perfectly obvious to Tobias, who’s parents were taken from him when he was just a baby, who had been stuck in what had to be the worst orphanage in the city, headed by a certifiable nutcase who wanted to bring back the pre-war ways, and now he was stuck riding endless miles and miles over dirt roads in a car that probably had trouble on paved streets.

And, just on the off chance that all this wasn't enough, the universe had also thrown Ethan Black into the car with Tobias, just in case he had been able to outlast the ride. Ethan was the single most annoying person Tobias could ever recall meeting. The man was lanky, awkward in his movements and gestures, and spoke with a high, reedy voice that made a person's eardrums want to turn themselves inside out. He had too much hair on his face and chin, and not nearly enough on his head. Worst of all, he was a lawyer.

" Ah, now this area looks familiar," Ethan commented as if ready to give a speech, looking out the window at the densely packed trees that lined both sides of the road. " We're almost there boy."

Tobias didn't trust himself to answer, but he still thought it. ' I'm not a boy, dammit, I'm seventeen. And how the hell could anyone tell where we are, it all looks the same.' Somehow though, Ethan could tell, as just a few minutes later a sign came into view, pointing down a smaller, also unpaved, road that lead off from the first. The sign read: Hemlock residence, eight miles.

Tobias groaned and sank further into his seat, though he sat back upright as the car hit a dip and jolted violently. It seemed to be easier to take the impacts sitting up straight as possible. He could sit up for eight more miles. The question was if he could handle Ethan for that much longer. The man talked endlessly, yet never really said anything. He certainly hadn't told Tobias anything useful about his uncle, other than that he had been Robert Hemlock's lawyer for "many many years" and that while on his death bed, his uncle had "desperately wanted to find an heir to watch over his home and property". Tobias tuned him out as best he could, but though he could drown out the words, the man's voice still stabbed at his ears.

He really found it hard to believe that he had an uncle, or that the man had so desperately wanted an heir that he had hired personal investigators to check into his background and research his family tree for someone, anyone alive who might be related to him somehow. Tobias was waiting for the catch, for that piece of bad news. His uncle had probably blown all his money on the investigators, leaving him with all the debt. If he lived all the way out here in the middle of nowhere like this, he was probably some backwater farmer.

' Too much doesn't add up.' Tobias told himself. ' If he was really my father's brother, why didn't he take me in when my parent's died? This is either some kind of scam, or the bastard just didn't want to deal with raising a kid and figured he could just ignore that I existed. Take care of your home and property huh, oh I'll take care of it alright. '

He was so busy sulking, that Tobias didn't even notice that the car's ride had become very smooth, not until the knot of muscles in his lower back started to relax. Suddenly focusing on something other than his own internal musings, he was amazed to see that they were now driving on a very well paved road, which lead up to a pair of sturdy and impressive iron gates that towered over the vehicle. And, to top it off, behind them stood one of the largest buildings Tobias had ever seen in his life.

" Is uncle's house?" Tobias asked hesitantly, disbelieving.

" It certainly is, or was" Ethan replied as he started digging into his pocket. " Now where did I put that blasted key?"

Ignoring Ethan's erratic shifting and sliding as he tried to reach deeper and deeper into his pockets while sitting, Tobias tried to take in the huge structure before him. It had to be at least three hundred feet long at the base level, made entirely out of brick with stone workings. The second level was only half as long, and seemed to sit on the middle of the roof of the main level, though it was hard to judge how deep the building was from his vantage point. There was a third level, seemingly tiny, until Tobias managed to put the proper perspective on it, and realize that it was as big as most people's whole house. The house was blocky, all squares and rectangles, very simple in design.

' He was loaded. Holy hell, this place must be worth more than a whole city block.' Looking around the house, Tobias took in the yard, neatly trimmed yet plain. The short cut grass ran right up to the woodlands around the house, and looking closer he realized that a tall iron fence surrounded the yard, but it was so over grown with vines that it seemed to blend right into the trees. ' Rich, but very dull. Uncle clearly was not a man of good taste.'

" Ah ha! Here it is." Ethan proclaimed, pulling a silverish key from his pocket. Reaching out the window, he fumbled for a moment before it slid into the keyhole set into one of the brick pillars on either side on the gate. Turning it, the gates shuddered, and then slowly began to pull back.

" He has electricity this far from the city?" Tobias said, mostly to himself, but Ethan still answered.

" Oh yes, has his own generator for that." As the car started moving again, Tobias felt suddenly ill. If things were seeming this good, if this awesome home was really suppose to be his, then something truly, truly horrible must be about to happen to counter act it. It never failed, nothing good in his life came without some bad to balance it out. Not when the universe hated him so. The short drive to the front of the house felt like it should have been accompanied by some suspense building music, the kind cheesy movies liked to use right before something dramatic happened.

Still waiting for something like a bolt of lightning to strike him dead, or an earthquake to level the house, Tobias followed Ethan out of the car after it came to a stop by the stairs that lead up to the front door. His eyes swept up the ten foot flight of steps, and froze in place as they came to rest on the shapely, well rounded individual waiting at the top.

" Head Mistress Keri, what a pleasure it is to see you, as always." Ethan called ahead, making Tobias want to flinch as the man's voice scaled up, becoming nearly worthy of being called shrill.

" Mr. Black," Keri replied simply, her voice strong and smooth. And her smile was completely fake, though Tobias was certain Ethan didn't even notice. The thin man's eyes really weren't focused on her face. For that matter, neither were Tobias's.

Head Mistress Keri was the most beautiful woman Tobias was sure he'd ever seen. She had an athletic build, and very nicely filled out the sleeveless blue blouse she wore, especially across the chest. Though modestly cut, the top clung to her so well that it was almost too easy to imagine what it hid. Well toned legs swept out from the tight, red skirt her blouse was tucked into. Smooth flawless skin, and a truly lovely face even with the faux smile that did not touch her eyes. Her bright, gold colored, vertically slit eyes.

Tobias nearly tripped on stairs. Once he noticed her eyes, he started to notice the other little things about Keri he had missed. Bright green hair with yellow tiger stripes that just came down to her jaw, a pair of cat like ears sitting on top of her head, and a long, swaying tail. As he came to the top of the stairs he also noticed that she was a bit taller than he had first thought, topping him by a handful of inches. Tobias himself was just a inch over six feet, and he had never met a woman who was taller than him. Then again, he'd never met a real pokegirl before.

Those golden eyes flickered towards him, and Tobias almost took a step back. There was a strength in those eyes that was like an physical force pushing against him. He felt weighed and measured in the space of a second by her gaze, and it was to his great relief, and amazement, when her smile seemed to turn true, touching her eyes and softening them.

" You must be Tobias," she declared. " Welcome sir." She bowed her head towards him.

" Uh, yeah. Hi, nice to meet you," Tobias managed to reply without tripping over his own tongue, too much.

" Well then, shall we head inside to discuss the matters at hand?" Ethan suggested, making a move as if meaning to take Keri's arm, but the pokegirl smoothly avoided him by stepping closer to Tobias, taking him by the arm, making Tobias tense from the way her hand slid over his skin.

" Mr. Black, I am afraid you do not have time to," she told him, a hint of glee in her words.

" Another client of yours needs you." She handed the lawyer a short piece of paper. " Your secretary called and asked me to give you this when you arrived."

Taking the paper slowly, Ethan read it over hesitantly, sighing deeply when he finished. " It would seem I must be on my way. Pity, it's been a while since I last got to visit."

" Well you have important duties," Keri told him, and Tobias couldn't believe how completely the man missed the sarcasm.

" Indeed I do," Ethan agreed. " Well I guess we can handle the legal issues over the phone." Tobias doubted the man could have sounded more disappointed if he was crying.

" We will do that," Keri said, sounding very pleased by the idea. " You take care." Without waiting for a reply, the pokegirl swung Tobias around towards the house and started walking, forcing the young man to walk with her or be dragged along. He could feel the strength in her arms, and he doubted he would even be able to slow her down if he tried. The car door slammed shut and the engine started back up, and Keri let out a sigh of relief.

" Thank god he is gone." she muttered to herself.

" Yeah," Tobias agreed. " I'm surprised my eardrums are still intact after that long ride."

" You should be glad you do not have ears as sensitive as mine. His voice makes them itch terribly." She smiled at him, and Tobias couldn't help smiling back. He also couldn't help but notice the way her arm was still twined around his, or that her hand was resting on his. " I must admit, I was rather nervous about you before I met you." Stopping before the main twin doors to the house, she turned to face him. " Your uncle was special to us, and I know I speak for everyone when I say he will be missed greatly, and that no one will really be able to replace him. However, I see something of him in you Tobias, something I like. I do believe we will be happy to have you living here, and I think you will be happy as well."

" Well, I'll do what I can." Tobias replied uncertainly. " I don't know anything really about my uncle though."

" That is okay, I would be happy to talk to you about him."

" Okay, I'd like that." Tobias figured he was only half lying. He really didn't care about his uncle, but getting to spend time with Keri would probably be enjoyable. " I do have to ask though, who all do you mean when you say we?"

" Why the rest of the family of course." Turning to the doors, she pushed them both open.
" Everyone, please say hello to Tobias."

" Hello master" a choirs of voices came spilling out of the doorways, and if he hadn't been frozen solid, Tobias was sure his jaw would have dropped onto the top of his shoes.

The doors lead into a huge hall, stretching a good fifty feet on either side of the entrance. The floors looked to be made entirely of marble, and the walls were a dark wood that shone with a clear finish. A grand set of stairs began at the rear of the hall and lead straight back up the second floor. A large dark blue rug with gold trim dominated the center of hallway, and chairs clothed in the same blue sat on either side of dark wood, low tables that sat against the walls.

Tobias barely even noticed all this though, as his attention was on the literal crowd of pokegirls that were gathered, lined up in several rows. There were too many to readily count, though if his brain had been up to the task, Tobias might have figured on a number between forty and sixty. As it was, all he could really do was stare, taking in the group. Skin and hair and eyes in every color imaginable, some so near human it took a close look to know better, some with an obvious give away, tails of all types, wings, ears of various sizes and shapes and positions. It was just too much to all take in. Finally, his mind managed to make sense of the greeting.

' Master? Did they really just say...' His brain refused to believe it. No one could be that lucky, least of all him. It was a hoax, or a mistake, or, or...

Keri's hand at the small of his back propelled him forward gently but firmly, and only his body's unconscious effort to keep upright prevented him from falling flat on his face. " Tobias, meet the family. There will be time for individual introductions later, but you can say hello to the group for now."

" Hi, it's nice to meet you all," he managed to force out, feeling relieved that he was even able to say that much. Every last one of them was as lovely as Keri, though at least they didn't seem quite as intense. Still, it was almost enough to make his knees fold up and his stomach turn, with all those beautiful faces watching him so.

" Alright girls," Keri spoke up. " Break time is over, get back to work. Those of you who are off today, find some way to stay out of trouble." Slowly, reluctantly, the group started to break up, various pokegirls heading off in different directions, some in small groups, some alone.

" Come on," Keri said as she took Tobias by the arm again. " I will show you to your personal rooms. Your belongings were delivered to us yesterday and I had them stored there."

" Okay," Tobias managed to say as he was lead along towards the stairs. He was aware of passing through several different hallways, of various pokegirls managing to come up and personally introducing themselves before Keri chased them off, but it was just a blur and a fogged memory by the time they reached the door leading up to the third level.

" The top level is all yours," Keri informed him. " It was your uncle's, but we cleaned it out for the most part and put his personals in storage. We weren't sure how you'd feel about using his furnishings, so we just moved in all new stuff."

" Alright." Tobias was glad they had, he certainly didn't want to touch anything of his uncle's. Well, with one possible exception. " Keri, just how many pokegirl live here?"

" Sixty two," Keri answered proudly.

" Sixty two? Geez...I didn't think it was possible, or legal, for one person to have so many."

" Normally, it is not. However, your uncle was very good friends with some people in high places. That, and our living so far from anyone, made it possible for him to gather such a large harem."

" Incredible." Tobias found himself changing his mind about his earlier opinion of his uncle. The man was still a bastard, but he did have good taste. " But, now that he's...gone, what will happen to you all?"

" Nothing at all." Keri told him. " Because of you. We are why your uncle wanted so desperately to find an heir. To make sure there was someone to take care of us, legally. With you inheriting this house and all of us, the family gets to stay together." She smiled fiercely. " Not that we would have accepted anything else. We have more pokegirls here then most large city's police forces. I pity the damn fools who come to this house looking for trouble." Tobias just nodded in agreement, unable to really respond to that. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed someone approaching.

" Head Mistress Keri," the slim, near human pokegirl bowed slightly. " I'm afraid you are needed. Iris requires help."

" Okay," Keri sighed. She turned to Tobias. " This is Mistress Hinata, she helps me keep the house running smoothly. She will show you around." She turned back to Hinata. " I will find you after I am done with Iris."

" We will be waiting. Good luck with Iris, Keri. It's one of those times."

" Figures." Keri rolled her eyes as she started off back down the hall.

" What was that about?" Tobias asked.

" Nothing really sir," Hinata answered. " Shall I show you to your rooms? Or perhaps elsewhere?"

" Hmmm, well..." Tobias thought about it. Or tried to think, but much more of his attention was focused on Hinata. She was a tiny pokegirl, a full head shorter than him and very thin. She wore the same outfit as Keri, though she didn't fill out the blouse nearly as well. Still, she was very lovely and very cute. Her hair was a deep brown with a reddish tint to it that hung down almost to her legs in a thick braid. The only thing about her that marked her a pokegirl were her eyes, which were bright purple with what seemed to be some kind of swirling pattern to them. Looking in her eyes was hard though for some reason, like trying to stare at the sun. Tobias kept averting his gaze no matter how hard he tried.

" Shall we start here then?" Hinata suggested. Her hand swept out towards the door directly opposite the one that lead up to his rooms. " Keri's quarters are right here." Her hand motioned over down the hall a bit towards another door. " And those there are mine."

" So you two are always going to close on hand huh?"

" It is our duty. You're the master of this house. We are here to serve."

' I still have trouble believing that. It's just too unreal ' Tobias thought.

' I can imagine. ' Hinata's voice spoke in his head. ' Fate is not normally so kind. But it is the truth.'

" The hell?'re a psychic type?" Tobias exclaimed. Hinata nodded.

" You need not worry." She told him. " What you think of your uncle. You just don't know yet."

" Know what?"

" Who he really was." She smiled. " You will find out in time though. The truth about him." Tobias stared at her for a moment, trying to think of something to say, something at least a bit tactful, but then reconsidered. She could read his mind after all, so she clearly knew how he felt about his uncle.

" Look, right now, I really don't care to learn anything about my uncle. As far as I can see, he left me to rot. Maybe he had a reason, maybe not. Hell, I still have trouble believing I had a uncle, or that any of this is real."

" I can understand." she looked him in the eyes, but this time, he found it impossible to look away from her. Her gaze drew him in, and he felt as powerless to resist as a leaf caught in a whirlwind. His only choice was to let the force guide him along. " Perhaps you should go and rest. Your view might change then." He could have sworn her eyes flashed.

" Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Tobias agreed. " If you'll excuse me." Hinata bowed her head, and swept off down the hallway.

Opening the door, Tobias climbed up the flight of curving stairs to the third floor. He felt suddenly very tired, and was having trouble focusing on the room. There was a couch by the window and some chairs, but he really didn't notice them. He found the bathroom, and a closet, and then finally located the door to the bedroom. He noted the suitcases he had been given for his few belongings were there, next to the largest bed he had ever seen. The rest of the room didn't even register, and he barely took the time to kick off his shoes before he fell on the bed. Sleep over took him instantly.

Tobias woke suddenly, as if sleep was a blanket someone had snatched off him. He sat up quickly, trying to look around, but the room was far too dark. Through the window, he could see the bare sliver of the moon hanging in the night sky.

' How long was I out? ' Getting out of bed carefully, he slowly began searching for a light. After bumping into what he thought was a dresser, and tripping over his own luggage, he finally found his way back to the door, groping around the edge until he located a small knob. Pushing it, he blinked as the ceiling light came on. Looking around as his eyes adjusted, he found a clock on the wall above the bed that let him know it was two hours past midnight. ' Geez, I must have been tired. Well, first thing's first...'

After a quick trip to the bathroom to relieve himself, Tobias sat down on the couch in the living room, trying to decide what to do. He could try to go back to bed, but he doubted he would get any sleep. He was wide awake and just a bit restless.

' I guess I could go explore the house. ' he figured. It might be a little tricky in the dark, especially not knowing the layout at all, but he was used to finding his way around new places. He had become rather adept at sneaking out of the orphanage for late night jaunts, or to meet up with one of the girls for some time alone. Mother Tergood was of the opinion that boys and girls should never be together unsupervised. Not that Mother Tergood's opinion mattered at all as of right now. Tobias found himself smiling about that.

Leaving his shoes and socks behind, bare feet made less noise then shoes and gripped better than socks, Tobias crept down the stairs and into the hall. He was pleased to find that several dim lights were left on in the hallway, giving enough light to see easily. Taking a moment to consider, he headed towards the stairs that lead down to the first floor. He was amazed at how well made the house was, not a single floor board squeaked in the slightest.

Once he reached the first floor, and got his bare feet off the cold marble floor and on the slightly warmer rug, Tobias started picking directions at random. He had no idea what he was looking for, or where he was going, but he figured he'd know when he found it. The hallways were all mostly the same, though at least only the front main hall was bare marble, the rest were carpeted. The more he looked around, the more impressed he became. The house itself might have been simple in design, but its rooms held plenty of things of interest. There was a decent sized library, holding easily over a thousand books of all kinds, including a complete set of pre-war encyclopedias protected inside a metal and glass display case. Across the hall there was a billiard room with three pool tables and a wall dedicated to darts. He found a back door that lead outside to what looked like a large swimming pool, though the darkness made it hard to be sure. There were various sitting rooms, and enough bathrooms spread out to make sure a person didn't have to scramble to find one.

When his feet hit cold, solid floor again he first thought he'd managed to somehow get twisted around and was back in the main hall, but the lack of light suggested otherwise. The main hall had been well lit, even at night, and this room was near pitch black except for the light coming in the door. Tobias frowned when he couldn't find a switch, but there was enough light to let him know he had found the kitchen. A long island sat in the middle, complete with several burners and at least two stoves set in it. With so many people living in it, the house would need an impressive kitchen. As well as an impressive fridge, which it most certainly did, the appliance in question being almost eight feet tall and at least five across. It's depth was impossible to judge as it was set into the wall, but Tobias bet it went back far enough to have to stretch to reach for items in the rear. He also bet there would be something good to be found for a snack, which he realized he could use right then. He hadn't eaten for well over ten hours.

The door swung shut behind him as he walked in, obvious weighted to do so. Moving slowly, he managed to find his way to the fridge and was just about to open it when he heard a scuffling noise behind him, the kind of sound like a chair scooting over hard floor. His first impulse was to hide, a reflex developed from years of dodging Mother Tergood during late night jaunts.

' Just calm down, it's not Tergood, and this isn't the orphanage. Remember, this is your house now...' Almost half believing his own words, Tobias stood rock still, straining to listen. Holding his breath, he realized he was not alone in the kitchen. He could just barely hear it, but the sound was perfectly obvious. Someone was trying to sneak very slowly past him.

Stepping to the side a bit, Tobias pulled the fridge wide open, the light inside clicking on and illuminating the other individual, who squeaked, actually squeaked, in alarm and dropped something that clattered loudly on the floor. The person in question was crouched down low, actually moving on all fours. With the harsh light and deep shadows it was hard to get a clear look at her, but a few things did stand out clearly to Tobias. Besides obviously being a pokegirl, her skin was a light blue shade with darker spots that ran across her arms, up her neck, and down her back to her legs. Her hair was an aqua green and hung down to her shoulder, though at the moment some of it was caught up in the four points of a crest that swept up and back from her temples. A red gem sat in the center of her forehead, glinting in the light. Behind her, a long, tapering tail curled up in a tight spiral.

She stared back at him for a few seconds, catching her breath, before finally exclaiming,

" You're not Keri."

", no I'd say not." Tobias replied slowly.

" Oh thank god, I thought..." Sighing in relief, the blue skinned pokegirl stood up, reaching above her head. She grabbed something and pulled, turning on the ceiling light by the hanging chain. " Well then what the hell are you doing up so late?"

" Well I was..." Tobias trailed off for a second as he shut the fridge. He could see her much better now, and what he saw was starting to affect his ability to form coherent sentences. She was just barely shorter then he was, and thinner, almost streamlined really with slim but toned arms. Her hips curved just barely in at her waist, right below her very flat stomach, which he could see clearly due to the scrap of white cloth that could just be called a tank top. The shirt was stretched firmly across her chest, which while not big enough to call impressive, was of decent size and still did it's job of drawing Tobias's eye towards it, especially with the fabric pressing in to create some deep cleavage. Her yellow shorts were equally minimal, hanging tight around her hips and barely reaching to quarter thigh, showing off her powerful looking, long legs.

" I wasn't tired, so I was just having a look around," Tobias finally managed to spit out.

" What about you? What were you doing up, and sneaking around in the dark?"

" Uh..." The pokegirl sputtered, the stern look she had been giving him vanishing.

" And why were you so freaked out when you thought I might be Keri?" he added.

" No reason." she lied, obviously.

" So I guess you guys keep bowls full of fruit on the kitchen floor just for kicks around here huh?" Tobias asked, pointing to said item that was laying on the floor right behind the blue skinned girl.

"...maybe..." the pokegirl sighed. Her tail suddenly uncurled, the end wrapping around the bowl and lifting it up to her waiting hand. " I was hungry, so I snuck down here for a snack," She admitted.

" So?" Tobias asked. " That's what I'm here for, kinda."

" Yeah but, you're the new master, you can do whatever you want."

" So let me get this straight. You are not allowed to just grab something to eat when you're hungry?"

" That's the rule. Meal times are set, and Keri firmly enforces it." She bowed her head slightly, her shoulders sagging as she hugged the bowl to her. "'re not going to tell her about this, are you?"

" Actually, I think I am going to talk to her." Tobias said, making the girl cringe. "I'm going to have to tell her it’s a silly rule and that it needs to be changed."

" Wha...really?" she asked in disbelief.

" Hell yes, being hungry sucks, no reason a person shouldn't be able to eat when they want to." Tobias found himself smiling, and was glad to see her smile back warmly. " What's your name?"

" Miko."

" That's a cute name. Well Miko, you think you have enough there for two people?" He asked, shocking himself that he was able to get the words out.

' This isn't so hard, it's just like talking to any other girl. Another other girl with blue skin, and a tail, and things coming off the side of her face, who is very cute and shapely and not really wearing all that much...' Tobias shook off that train of thought. That was not going to help him any, dwelling too much on such things.

Miko's eyes went wide for a split second at the question, but her shock passed quickly and she smiled even more at him. " I think I might. Want to go find somewhere to sit?"

" Sure, where do you think would be good?"

" This way," Miko said, taking him by the hand. He was amazed at how utterly smooth her skin was, and how soft it felt. Despite Mother Tergood, he was no stranger to holding girls by the hand, but no regular girl ever had skin like Miko's.

The pokegirl lead Tobias down the hall a bit and around a corner, stopping before a door just a few steps down the next hall. Tobias was about to open it, seeing as her one hand held his and the other the bowl of fruits, but he was too slow. Her tail whipped up, curling around the knob and pushing the door open.

" That thing is rather useful isn't it?" he commented as she pulled him into the room, which seemed to be a small sitting room, with a pair of chairs and a couch.

" Oh I love it. Honestly, I don't know how I ever got by without one before." Miko told him as she took a seat on the couch, patting the cushion next to her.

" Then you're a threshold case?" he asked, sitting down by her with a few inches between them.

" Yeah, just turned about a year ago." she answered, shifting towards him till their arms touched. She smiled slightly. " It's funny, I've only been a pokegirl for such a short time, yet I find it hard to remember ever being normal."

" It doesn't sound like you mind it very much."

" I don't, not really." Miko sighed lightly, possibly a tiny laugh. " I do miss my old family sometimes, but I have such a great new one now, and I get to live in this wonderful house. And quite frankly, I rather much like having all these cool new abilities." She smiled fully at him. " Hell, I even like being blue. I think I look good like this."

" Yeah, I think you do too." Tobias said, amazed at how naturally it just came out. ' Just like talking with any other girl…you can do this…'

" Thank you, " she said. " So come on now, before it gets warm." She held the bowl up to him, and Tobias grabbed out a handful of grapes. Pulling out an orange for herself, Miko shifted the bowl to her tail to leave her hands free. She pressed her sharp thumbnail into the skin of the fruit and deftly started to slice the outside right off. " So what do you think of the house so far?"

" Well...I..." Tobias popped a few grapes in his mouth as a stall while he tried to think of the right words. " Honestly, I can't bring myself to really believe it's real. I've lived in an orphanage all my life, had to share a small room with five other guys, and obey the inane rulings of whacked out woman who thinks the solution to the world is strict discipline."

" Wow," Miko said, ripping a piece off the orange and popping it in her mouth. " You sure make that sound terrible."

" It was," Tobias told her. " And I'm just waiting for someone to pop out and say 'gotcha!' right before they send me back there."

" I think I know what you mean. I kinda felt that way right after I went through threshold. I kept thinking to myself, 'this can't be real, this can't be real'. But it was, and so is this. And just as I came to love being a pokegirl, I think you'll come to love living here."

" If it is real, I have no doubt I will love living here."

" Well," Miko paused, finishing off the orange and dropping the peel in the bowl. " Maybe I can help prove it's real."

" Oh?" Tobias asked, swallowing the last grape. "How's that?" Miko's smile curved into a grin, and her tail moved to place the bowl on the coffee table.

" Like this," she told him, one hand sliding around suddenly behind him as her other came up to catch his chin, pulling his face towards her in a firm kiss. Shock from her suddenly kissing him turned into shock at how different kissing her was from kissing a normal girl. Her lips hinted at a light, salty flavor that he just couldn't place, and her mouth was cool, lacking the heat he was used to. So close, he could smell her, a light, fresh scent like the ocean. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped into his mouth, bringing the salty flavor strong with it. A shiver ran through him and his arms moved to embrace her almost automatically as he pulled her in closer. Her hand slid up along his face to cup his cheek, then back around to grab his hair and pull him towards her as the kiss deepened, her tongue sliding amazingly far into his mouth.

Miko pulled back slowly, and Tobias reluctantly let the kiss end, surprised to find his breathing had deepened. She was smiling playfully at him, her one hand sliding his hair through her fingers, the other tracing small circles in his lower back. " Did that help?" she asked in a joking manor.

" I think so, a little," Tobias answered, grinning. " Though, I could also use some reassurance."

" Oh really?" Miko laughed lightly, before pushing him back suddenly. Holding Tobias against the couch, she swung one leg over his lap and sat down, straddling him and laying her hands on his shoulders. He seized her by the waist as she brought her mouth down on his firmly, pressing her chest into his and rubbing. As her tongue played with his, her hands slid down and began pulling up his shirt, her fingers dancing across his stomach, forcing him to break the kiss to chuckle. Miko took the moment to get rid of the shirt, and to lean back to look over his now bare chest. He was lean, not too muscular, but not flabby. Tergood enforced a strict diet.

" This seems a little unfair now, don't you think?" Tobias asked playfully.

" Maybe, " Miko replied, leaning over and brushing her lips across his neck. " I suppose we can't be unfair." Running her tongue along his jaw, she sat back up right, taking his hands and guiding them over her sides to the bottom of her shirt. Tobias eagerly slipped his fingers under the fabric, pulling it up. It took a moment to properly get it around the points of her head crest, but he finally got it off her and tossed it aside. He didn't have much time to admire the view though before she pressed up close against him, rubbing her bare breasts over his chest, her perky, violet nipples dragging over his skin. Her whole body was cool to the touch, just like her mouth, and her skin was impossibly smooth, like she was coated with oil. It made for an amazingly different sensation than anything he had experienced, one that had him straining in his pants.

Sliding up his body, the pokegirl brought her mouth to his neck again, but this time it was her teeth that found his skin. Tobias gasped as she bit softly into him, her teeth were sharp, pointed, and he felt a flow of warmth he was pretty sure meant she had drawn blood. Still, it sent a shiver through him, and he tilted his head to make it easier for her as she started sucking on his neck. Tobias let his hands wander down her back, tracing her backbone all the way down to the base of her tail. She gasped lightly against his neck when his hands slid to cup her rear, squeezing lightly. Miko giggled, running her tongue over his skin as her tail came around suddenly and snagged both his hands around the wrists, holding them firmly but gently.

" Its not your turn yet." she whispered in his ear, still giggling lightly.

" Its not huh? And when is my turn?" Tobias asked, a little confused. Smiling at him, Miko started to slide down his body, her back flexing with amazing agility as she slipped out from under his arms, still held tightly together by her tail.

" I'll let you know when." she told him as her hands started to undo the front of his pants. His hands still bound, Tobias could do nothing but watch as she pulled his manhood out, barely pausing before popping it into her mouth. Running her lips smoothly over his shaft, Miko took the entire length of him into her mouth in the first motion, the cool, wet feeling of it making him press firmly back into the couch, pulling the tail holding him captive. The couch gave more then the tail did, and Miko didn't let either interrupt her as her head drew back, her tongue sliding along the underside of his length until just the tip remained between her lips.

His breath coming in deep, long gasps, Tobias grunted as Miko's hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, sliding slowly upwards before pulling back down, building up a steady rhythm as she sucked on the tip eagerly. Running her tongue in circles against him, Miko's head started to bob up and down in time with her hand.

“ Ah holy…Miko you’re….that feels…” Tobias gasped, unable to make out a full thought as the pleasure built up in him. He felt like it was just holding back, waiting to be released, and he wanted desperately for it to be released.

Miko started to hum happily to herself at reducing her new master to incoherent babbling. Sensing him tense up, she doubled her efforts, her hand stroking up and down rapidly as she fixed her lips firmly around the tip of his manhood, her tongue flicking back and forth. Tobias started to say something, but it was lost in grunted gasping as his release came in a warm, liquid rush right in her mouth.

Breathing deeply, Tobias slumped and nearly slid off the couch as his body relaxed. His hands flopped down on either side of him as Miko’s tail finally let them free, the blue skinned girl looking very pleased with herself as she sat down next to him. Running a finger along her bottom lip, she popped the digit into her mouth, sucking on it for an instant before pulling it out with a satisfied sigh.

“ Oh…oh Miko…” Tobias panted.

“ Are you convinced yet?” Miko asked with a smug grin.

“ I am willing to answer yes to that.”

“ Oh, really? That’s a shame, I was only half done really,” she teased.

“ Uh well sorry, but uh…I think I’m about all done…”

“ Oh you sell yourself short. I bet you still have some left in you. We just need to bring it out I think.”

“ And you have an idea on how to do that?” Tobias asked as the pokegirl leaned up against him, trailing her hand along his leg.

“ Just watch me…closely,” she told him before standing up. Her eyes never left his as she backed up a pace, her hands on her hips which were swaying in slow circles. With each gently rocking dip her hands pushed her shorts another inch down on either side, until finally she just let them drop, pooling around her ankles and leaving her completely bare.

“ Whenever you feel ready, at any point, I want you to take me,” Miko told Tobias, somehow managing to smile innocently as she said it. Turning around slowly, she bent down slightly, running her hands over the tops of her legs, up over her rear. She bent over further, spreading her legs and giving her hips a little wiggle as her hands came around her waist.

Flexing her back to bring herself upright, Miko glanced over her shoulder at Tobias as her hands found their way between her legs. Her eyes blazed hungrily at him as first one, then another finger found its way inside her, her lips parting just slightly to let a deep, throaty moan escape.

Frozen in awe, Tobias could only watch as Miko played with herself, his mouth half open. One hand rocking her fingers in and out of her, the poke girl’s other hand slid up her stomach, grabbing her breast and squeezing as she turned sideways to let him watch. Her eyes traveled down his body, bringing a wicked grin to her face when she saw his member starting to rise again.

“ I want you,” she told him. “ I want you inside me, I want you to tame me, to fuck me.” Miko dropped to her knees, stretching out on all fours before Tobias. Her tail waggled at him, before curling back around, brushing against her leg.

' She wouldn’t…' Tobias thought, not really sure if he believed himself. Sure enough, the tip of her tail traced up the inside of her leg, brushing softly along her opening. ' Oh shit she would.' Half of him wanted to just jump off the couch and take her just like she wanted. The other half wanted to wait though, wanted to see just how far she would go.

With a pleasure filled whine Miko slid her own tail deep inside herself, and Tobias’s other half won out for the moment. Her hips swaying, the pokegirl’s tail pulled back and thrust in again, causing her to pant out a soft moan.

Quickly she built up a strong, deep rhythm, rocking her body forward with each penetration as more and more whimpers and moans spilled from her mouth. Her fingers curled against the floor, and she tossed her head back in a wave of aqua green hair that slid over her shoulders and crest.

Her arms folded up and Miko put her forehead to the floor as she rested on her elbows, her tail pumping hard and fast into her. She turned her face towards Tobias, her eyes no longer just looking hungrily, but pleadingly at him. Those eyes snapped shut for a moment as a shudder ran through her body, and when they flew open, they had a desperate glaze to them.

“ Please, master…” Miko whined.

Tobias couldn’t even remember getting up, or how he actually got behind the pokegirl, but he would, for a long time, clearly remember pulling her tail out, and sliding his manhood into her until his thighs slapped against her firm ass.

“ Ah! Master!” Miko called out loudly. Her tail whipped around Tobias’s waist, holding him snug as he pulled back, tugging with his thrust as he slid in with another satisfying smack. His hands grabbed Miko by the waist, pulling her back as he pressed in.

The pokegirl was almost screaming in pleasure now, her voice just barely muffled by her hair as she buried her face in the crook of her arm. She slowly started to roll to her side between thrusts as the strength went out of her body. She almost swore when she felt Tobias slid out of her completely, but it was just for a second before he swung her near leg over his shoulder and lifted her hips to reenter.

Miko’s other leg joined her tail in wrapping around his waist as she lay half on her side, half on her back, and cried out as Tobias fucked her until her vision blurred and burst of ecstasy blew through her, becoming a warm wave of pleasure that seemed to soak into her very core.

Watching Miko writhe and squirm through her orgasm was one of the most enjoyable sights Tobias could have imagined, made all the better as his own tore through him just a moment later, leaving him gasping for air besides her on the floor. The pokegirl still had her tail firmly around him, and showed no signs of letting go.

When he felt the strength to do so, Tobias shifted in closer to Miko, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up close. The floor seemed surprising comfortable, especially with her in his arms. Miko was still cool to the touch, and she felt all the more wonderful against his heated skin. Closing his eyes to savor the moment, Tobias wasn’t even aware he was drifting off until it was too late, falling fast asleep.

Hearing Tobias’s breathing fall into the steady rhythm of sleep, Miko giggled to herself. His arms felt good around her, as did the warmth of his body. While being a pokegirl certainly had its advantages, she was still trying to adjust to being cold blooded. Still, over all, she felt it was a fair trade.

' I can’t believe I did that right in front of him,' Miko thought to herself. ' Not that it wasn’t well worth it.' Finally allowing herself to feel some embarrassment, the pokegirl blushed and laid her head down on Tobias’s arm, closing her eyes.

A moment later, they snapped open as her stomach reminded her of why she had snuck out of bed in the first place. She eyed the bowl, just out of reach.

' Fuck, food or…' She sighed, and started to consider how she might slip free of Tobias’s embrace without waking him.

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