Chapter 8
Part 1

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"..." Speech
'...' Thoughts

It was silent in the room, the kind of intense quiet that hovered just above the point of utter silence, where any sound at all seemed to thunder in a person's ears. It was enough to set one's nerves on edge all by itself, to wind them up like a tightly coiled spring, ready to erupt at the slightest provocation. It was more than enough to make a nervous wreck out of Raas by itself, never mind the fact that she and her sisters were treading on dangerous ground.

Moving with utmost care around the bed, foot falls and breaths washed out in their own ears by the deafening booming of hammering heartbeats, the three catgirls nervously made their way into position. A sudden clinking rattle nearly made Raas try to climb the wall, and she and Aras shot venomous gazes over at Sara, who frantically tried to silence the chain in her hand. Her normally bronze face had instantly turned a pale white at the sound of the metal links, and was now taking on a rosy glow of shame under the glares of her sisters.

The triplet's attentions were quickly pulled from each other and to the bed when it's occupant let out a fitful moan and shifted in her sleep. All three pokegirl's faces went somewhat pale as Keri rolled over, but thankfully she did not wake. Sneaking into the head mistress's room would have normally merely rated as foolish, sneaking into the room of an irate warcat who was turning feral however more then crossed the line between foolish and outright crazy.

Not even daring to breath sighs of relief as Keri continued to sleep, the three sisters carefully opened the heavy locks on the impressively thick restraints that were actually built into the bed. The four poster piece of furniture had been designed with more than just sleep in mind when it was built, and it had been built solid. Coated and painted to look like a dark wood, the bed was really a composite of high grade steel, harden ceramic, and ultra dense rubber. Reinforced and containing multiple redundancies, the bed frame had been specially built with the ideal mix of strength and flexibility to stand up to the absolute roughest handling.

It was a bed custom made for pokegirls like Keri, who's massive strength was such that even a negligent swing of a limb could break furniture made of more common materials and designs. It was also custom made for the safety of tamers who owned such pokegirls, a powerful and adjustable series of straps, cuffs, and restraints built right into the framework. It was these restraints that the triplets nervously and slowly manipulated, preparing for what would no doubt be their craziest stunt yet.

Aras and Sara's eyes fell on Raas. She had been given the dubious honor of calling the shots for this bit of insanity, which meant mostly that she'd be responsible for anything that went wrong. Holding up a hand, she gave a silent count down, fingers dropping one by one until...

The triplets moved as one, Aras and Sara seizing hold of an arm each, while Raas was left to tackle the warcat's impossibly strong legs. Her sisters quickly pulled their chosen limb taunt and slapped the restraints on. Raas was not so smooth, the sudden motion partially rousing Keri, who tried to roll over. It took everything in the catgirl's body to hold onto just one of Keri's legs as the head mistress shifted in her sleep, and it was with a straining heave that Raas managed to pull the limb over to the edge of the bed. Sara quickly joined her sister, grabbing up the restraint and locking it around Keri's ankle.

"Whasis," Keri muttered in a sleeply daze, starting to sit up, only to be brought back by the thick chains attached to her wrists. The warcat's eyes snapped opened at that, blazing golden orbs quickly falling on the triplets, taking in the situation in a heartbeat.

Sara and Raas launched themselves across the bed, landing heavily on Keri's free leg and trying to pin it down. Their efforts had little success though, even with the pair of them holding on for dear life the head mistress was able to lift the limb, along with the desperately clinging catgirls, and kick.

Sara went flying across the room, her body leaving a fair sized dent in the drywall as she hit. She fell to the floor in a dazed heap, just barely avoiding landing on her head. Raas had just managed to hang on, though she had little doubt that she too would soon be shaken off. She felt the impossibly powerful muscles in the limb she was clinging to tense, readying to send her for her own short ride.

And then Aras was there, hands wrapping tightly around Keri's ankle, her arms coming around on either side of one of the posts. Bracing against the bed, she pulled, putting her whole body into fighting against the warcat's leg. Straining, every muscle in her body pulling for all it was worth, Aras slowly began to force Keri's leg down, drawing it towards the corner of the bed where the restraint rested, already open and waiting.

Raas dropped off of the limb, hitting the bed and rolling over the mattress to grab up the cuff, pulling it taunt and into place. All Aras had to do was maneuver Keri's leg down just a few more inches, and then she would snap it shut and the warcat would be completely restrained. Just a bit more and...

Keri jerked her leg back hard, her arms tensing as well, her powerful upper body pulling her the few inches of leeway she had. Against the leg alone, Aras might have prevailed, but adding in the strength of the warcat's arms, the catgirl didn't have a chance. She slammed into the bed post, her shoulder connecting with the faux wood surface with a terrible cracking sound. Amazingly, Aras's hold held, though that only prompted Keri to give the catgirl a good hard shove with her foot, sending her across the room to land on her sister, just as Sara was swaying to her feet.

With a derisive snort, Keri turned her attention to the remaining triplet. Raas growled lightly to herself, trying to figure out what to do next. They had the head mistress restrained for the most part, one loose leg was not going to let Keri free herself. That free limb however clearly was enough to make getting near the warcat dangerous, and that just wasn't going to do.

Seeing that Raas wasn't about to try to finish chaining her down on her own, Keri's gaze turned to her bonds. With a low snarl, she wrapped a hand around each length of chain running to her arms, and looped her free foot through the length holding her one leg, and then pulled.

Raas felt her throat go dry as she watched the warcat's muscles bulge, her limbs going from merely looking well toned to outright hulking. The force Keri was applying to the chains actually lifted her bodily from the bed as she took in all the slack. The frame groaned ominously, and Raas took an unconscious step backwards as she noticed the posts starting to bend inward under the strain. She was starting to worry about the single chain that was fighting both the warcat's legs, if anything seemed likely to give, that was it, and at that moment the links seemed much too thin for the triplet's taste.

When her limbs started to shake from the effort, Keri finally gave in, letting out an angry growl as she plopped back down on the mattress. She gave the chains a final, sharp jerk that rattled them loudly, but nothing more. Raas let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, and heard the same from behind her as her sisters rejoined, the eldest of the three holding her abused shoulder.

"She pulled my damn arm right out of the socket," Aras managed to hiss between clenched teeth.

"Here, I got it," Raas offered, taking hold of the limb and giving it a quick, popping twist.

"Ah fuck!" Aras growled as her sister expertly reset her arm. She'd first dislocated the joint falling out of a tree when she was younger, and it had been prone to coming loose ever since. Given the normal amount of rough and tumble the triplets got into, Aras's sisters had plenty of practice in popping the arm back in.

"Well, now what?" Sara asked, looking at the mostly restrained, yet still dangerously loose warcat with a troubled expression. Keri just stared right back with a silent fury, and it was her silence that really started to make the girls nervous. The head mistress was not one to let any sort of chinanagins pass without a rebuke, and trying to chain her down to her own bed far surpassed even the triplet's normal mischief.

"She is freaking me out right now," Aras whispered. " She's not looking at us as if she's thinking what kind of punishment to give. She's looking at us like she's plotting revenge."

"Let’s move on to phase two," Raas suggested.


"Now? But she's still loose, somewhat," Sara protested.

"Trust me, just do it," Raas snapped back, and her sisters both sighed and shrugged, though Aras was brought up a bit short in the motion.

"Fine, your call," Sara told her, falling in step behind Aras as both girls left the bedroom.

"Make you deal," Keri suddenly spoke up for the first time, and her words sent a shiver through Raas. The head mistress's voice had always been a bit deep, with her size it couldn't be helped. Now though, the normally strong, smooth tone had taken on a rougher, almost guttural edge, and the choppy, clipped sentence gave further testament to how far Keri had fallen.

"What's that?" Raas asked, hoping she didn't sound as unnerved as she was.

"Untied me, and you get go free."

"What about my sisters?"

"They not untie me, too bad for them."

"Sorry, but I have to decline," Raas told her somewhat hotly. As if she'd sell out her own sisters.

"Last chance"

"You can take your last chance and shove it Keri."

Keri exploded, a bestial snarl coming from her throat as she lurched forward, the chains on her arms snapping tight with a crack like a gunshot. The next thing Raas knew, she was all the way across the room, her back to the wall and her heart thundering in her chest.

"You braver earlier," Keri half growled, half laughed at her. " Stood up to me unbond. Now you run?" The ugly smirk on the warcat's face quickly faded as Aras and Sara returned, bringing with them the critical component of phase two.

"You chained her to the bed? That was your big plan?" Tobias asked, his voice straining with barely controlled patience.

"Hey, big doesn't have to mean complicated," Aras said as she and Sara directed him over beside the bed.

"Okay fine," Tobias said, his voice still tight. " Since it's not complicated, maybe you can explain why I'm tied up?" He gave a slight grunt as the two triplets set the chair he was lashed to down. The question hung in the air, only to be answered by a metallic click as Raas snuck the final restraint onto Keri while the headmistress was distracted by sight of their owner bound and tied. The warcat gave an indignant cry, but said nothing, and Raas suspected that she was too embarrassed by her currently limited vocabulary to try speaking while Tobias was in earshot.

"It's to keep you out of trouble," Raas informed him as she turned from the bed, which got a very sarcastic laugh from Tobias.

"Me out of trouble?" he asked incredulously.

"It's because we don't trust you to remain impartial," Aras told him. " Now are you going to let us get on with it?"

"Do I have a choice?" Tobias growled at her.

"" Aras answered after a brief pause, the word coming out as if forced, something that did not go unnoticed.

"You didn't sound too sure of that," he pressed, and Raas let out a low hiss as she saw the doubt enter her sister's eyes. She'd been worried about this, ever since he'd tamed them, tamed them and made them submit to him, her feelings towards him had shifted. Where before he'd merely been interesting, mainly for being the only available dick for miles and miles, now Raas found her thoughts drifting to dwell on Tobias far more often than simple interest would account for, and often about aspects of him above his waist.

She'd been fairly certain what it had meant, but now seeing it first hand, seeing Aras actually looking nervous and doubtful at the words of a human after they'd just tackled a Warcat, she knew for sure. They had bonded with him, and while a good part of her wanted to jump for joy at the idea, the rest of her just groaned at what it meant. He had a hold on them now, and after the way he had made them dance to his tune while taming them, that hold spelled disaster for their hopes of maintaining any sort of independence from his rule of the household.

Keri was one thing, she kept the three of them in line by brute force, which was a less than perfect method. They had always been able to skirt the edge with her, just because it was too much effort on the head mistress's part to try and keep them from causing any trouble. At best she could just hope to minimize the impact of what they did and make sure they never went too far with their mischief.

Tobias though, he was going to be a serious threat to their fun. He had already shown himself capable of circumventing their efforts to have things their way when he'd tamed them, now that he had bonded with them that kind of authorities display from him would be almost impossible for them to resist. How much longer did they have before all he had to do was crook a finger at them and they would come sit at his feet with big happy grins like good little pokegirls?

"Move on to phase three," Raas interjected into the silence that had filled the room as Aras tried not to squirm under Tobias's gaze. She was amazed at how stiff the words felt in her throat, nearly choking her in coming out. She refused to meet Tobias's eye when he looked over at her, not trusting her resolve as long as he had that demanding look on his face. She needed to do something about that look, with their bond, he was practically radiating authority, and it was beating down her ability to keep control of the situation.

Her sisters seemed to feel the same way, as neither of them even looked at Tobias once his gaze was off them, nor showed any hesitation about moving onto the next part of the plan. Instead they rather promptly moved to the bed, crawling onto the mattress with Keri almost eagerly. Putting Tobias out their minds, the catgirls flashed smug little grins at Keri as they began to peel off her clothing, cutting much of it off with their claws to remove the fabric from around the restraints.

"Hey! What are you..." Tobias started, and Raas knew she had to act quickly. He was ramping up to give them an ear full, and if he got any momentum going he'd likely run right over them with it. She needed to distract him, and figured there was only one good way to do that.

Stepping directly between the bed and Tobias, Raas swiftly discarded her top, leaving herself bare from the waist up. The young man's protests cut off in mid-sentence as the catgirl thrust her chest in his face, bringing her tits a mere inch or so from his widening eyes. With an obvious effort Tobias managed to pry his gaze from her chest and look up at her, at which point Raas gave him her very best sly smile.

"It's alright master," she told him, working quickly to take control of the situation now that she'd derailed him. She twitched her ears in amusement and watched his eyes practically vibrate as they darted from her face to her ears, back to her face, down halfway to her chest before pulling up short and finally locking back onto her face. " We're only getting her ready for you."

"I..." Tobias started, but Raas cut him off by grabbing the back of his head and mashing his face into her cleavage.

"I know you wanted your first time with her to be a bit more...romantic maybe? Then this, but unfortunately, you're just going to have to settle for fucking her brains out...or perhaps more accurately, fucking her brains back in..."

"Mmphhh..." Tobias replied from within his soft, fleshy prison.

"You really shouldn't have let her go so long without getting tamed you know, going feral is not pleasant."

"Now just a second..." he managed to get out as he turned his head enough to speak freely. "Are you saying this is my fault somehow?"

"Of course it is," Raas told him sweetly, the sugary delivery of the accusation knocking him off balance before he could be rightfully indignant about it. She kept talking, not giving him an opening " You were so caught up in trying to be nice and treat her like a person you forgot that she is a pokegirl. So while you were busy trying to find the right moment to sweep her off her feet and into your bed in some sweet and soppy romantic moment, you completely missed the fact that what she really needed was a good hard taming to keep her sane."

Raas gave him enough room to raise his head to look at her, and she grinned as she saw the doubt enter his eyes this time. She'd definitely managed to get him off balance, and the compulsive tug to submit to him was nothing more than a faint memory at the moment. A loud yelping moan drew her attention behind her, and Raas felt her pulse quicken and her body flush.

Her sisters had not settled for merely stripping Keri down for Tobias, but were busy warming her up as well. Their hands were freely roaming the warcat's body, rubbing, tweaking, caressing, but always on the move, never staying in any one place long enough to do anything but tease. The head mistress was pulling at her restraints, trying to squirm away from those hands, her mouth clamped shut as she tried to deny the feelings shooting through her, but to little avail.

Keri was too close to feral to really care who was giving her attention, it was enough for her body that she was getting touched at all. A few more minutes and she'd be willing to be tamed by anyone, even Shayla would probably look good to her at that point. She wasn't going to be getting just anyone though, not one of the household girls, but the person she really wanted.

Of course, first he needed to be ready as well. Raas giggled to herself as she slid onto Tobias's lap, letting him finally see what was going on behind her. She absolutely adored the way his eyes widened at the sight of Keri being ravaged by her sisters, and she leaned against him heavily, bringing her mouth close to his ear so her breath caressed his skin as she spoke.

" You like what you see?" Raas asked softly, delighting in the shiver that ran through the man under her. " I bet you do, though maybe I shouldn't be asking you..." Her hand drifted down, coming to rest on the bulge in the front of Tobias's pants. " Mmmm, I thought so. How long have you been wanting to get a good look at her body? Since you first laid eyes on her I wager. Just look at her; that is one fine pokegirl, isn't she?"

" Raas..." Tobias groaned as she continued to fondle him through his pants while delivering her sultry observations. For a second the catgirl was taken aback by him correctly identifying her from her identical sisters, and she found herself wondering if it had merely been a lucky guess, or if he had really knows for sure who she was, possibly some side effect of the bond?

" Oh, I'm sorry," she giggled, putting the question of his choice of names out of mind. " You must be getting cramped in there." Slipping off his lap, Raas quickly pulled down the waistband of Tobias's pants, a hand fishing out his hardening manhood. " There, that has to be better." His only response was an incoherent grunt as she rubbed her thumb over the swollen head of his cock. " I'll take that as a yes."

Raas was suddenly finding it harder to keep her thoughts focused. She had known going in that it was likely she'd get distracted, after all the plan basically revolved around getting Keri and Tobias as worked up as possible. The musky scent of her master's arousal though hit Raas with far more force then she'd expected. She felt her knees tremble and her mouth actually watered at the thought of her lips sliding down his length. She didn't think she'd gotten worked up this fast when he had been about to tame her, and all she was doing was holding his cock in her hand.

The catgirl groaned, the burning desire running through her threatening to overwhelm her. She couldn't believe how wet she suddenly was, or how very pleasant her master's member felt in her hand, or how very much she wanted to take him in her mouth.

' Just a taste,' she told herself, ' that can't hurt anything.' Leaning forward, Raas slowly took the head of her master's cock into her mouth, trying to quell the insistent urges building inside her. The first roll of her tongue over the tip brought a pleasant groan from both of them, and Raas couldn't stop herself from sucking down as much of him as she could fit in her mouth. Her head jerked forward and back once, twice, three times in quick secession before she forced herself to let him go. ' I'm going to lose control if I stay down here.'

Tobias groaned a complaint as Raas removed her mouth from around him and moved to stand behind the chair he was tied to. The catgirl felt like groaning herself, the taste of him still lingering in her mouth was driving her wild, and it was all she could do not to go back for more. They both needed a distraction, and unfortunately the only thing available wasn't what either needed at the moment. It was all they had though, and Raas stubbornly made herself use it.

Draping her arms over Tobias's shoulders, she ran her hands across his chest as she leaned over to whisper in his ear again. " You ready to fuck her?" she asked, drawing his attention back to the bed. Keri had given up trying to resist Aras and Sara, indeed she seemed eager now for their touches, and was having fits at their teasing. The warcat kept trying to push her body into their hands wherever they touched, but the catgirls just kept moving, not letting Keri enjoy the feeling for more than a second.

" Yes," Tobias answered, his voice heavy with desire.

" Good, cause she's nearly ready for you," Raas told him.

" Damn it Raas, just untie me already!" he growled at her, and the pokegirl had to grab hold of his shirt to keep her hands from slipping around to the knots.

" Not yet," she said. " This is a rare opportunity you..."

" I said get these damned ropes..." Tobias's words speared through Raas, and she knew if she let him finish the order she'd obey it.

" Please, master!" she interrupted, her voice straining with the effort of resisting his will. " Patience, you have no idea what you have before you." Her next actions were something she could only attribute to desperation, and perhaps to the burning desire boiling up inside her. Swinging around to the front of the chair, Raas threw a leg over Tobias's lap and, pulling her skirt out of the way, plunged herself down on her master's waiting manhood.

" Holy fuck!" Tobias gasped as she drove him into herself to the hilt, squeezing down hard.

" There, much better, yes master?" Raas crooned, molding herself to his chest as she tried to fight the screaming urge to start screwing the man's brains out. " Will this help you wait?" When Tobias didn't offer any coherent response after a second, she pressed on. " We're trying to give you a gift here master. You might not get to have your first time with Keri be sweet and romantic, but we are going to give you something almost as good."

Pushing herself back with her hands on Tobias's shoulders, Raas risked looking down into his face. It took him a second to get his eyes to focus on hers, and when they did she saw he was willing to listen. Rolling her hips, she fought back the moan that wanted to pass from her mouth as his cock moved inside her.

" As she is right now, Keri would happily screw anything that still had a pulse," she told him, giving her hips another wide roll to make sure he was focused on her and her alone. " And she'd get off hard too. But she's not going to get just anyone, she's going to get you. I promise you that you are going to take her to heights she's never even dreamed of, between the state she is in and the feelings she has for you." Raas lifted herself up and slammed Tobias home again. " Not only that, but it's been years since she's been tamed by a guy. That poor girl needs a dick in her in the worse way possible. Wait, just a bit, let my sisters take her right to the edge, and then when you take her, I guarantee it'll be the best she's ever had."

"...okay...okay..." he managed to gasp out. Tobias wasn't sure if he was in heaven or hell at the moment. Even passing over the general indignity of having his own pokegirls tie him up, his current situation was nearly unbearable. The sight of Keri, her lovely body gloriously exposed to his eyes at last, squirming and moaning feverishly under the ministrations of Aras and Sara was in itself enough to make him absolutely rock hard.

Having Raas barely riding his lap on top of that was making him ache from desire, his cock throbbing painfully with the need to be used. The catgirl's slow, gentle movements were doing nothing for him but making the need worse, his body far passed the point of being able to enjoy a soft fuck. He wanted to slam his cock into her snug, wet pussy, hammer into her over and over again until she screamed.

Tobias wasn't here for her though, as much as his body tried to tell him it didn't care who he screwed as long as he got started immediately. She didn't need to be tamed, and Keri did, and she needed to be tamed badly. And he wanted to tame her, wanted to fuck her so badly it was all he could do not to try and yank his arms free, even knowing it would be a futile effort. Choosing that moment to trust the triplets was something his brain just couldn't make sense of, but he made himself wait. He knew they meant well, and that they really did know what they were doing.

How he knew that he really couldn't say, just as he had no idea how he had known without a doubt which one of the triplets was currently riding him. She didn't look any different to him then her sisters, but she might as well have been wearing a sign with her name on it. It was almost like being in her head, a slight, nonspecific feeling that buzzed at him when he looked at her now. Her name was simple, and even knowing that she was being completely honest with him, knowing it without a doubt took nothing.

Like most people in the world who knew anything of pokegirls, Tobias knew of bonding, and to some degree had thought he understood it. Actually experiencing it however, was something entirely different. Knowing about and experiencing a bond were a far cry from each other, as much as knowing about and actually having sex was. No amount of reading or imagination could really make a person understand what it was until they experienced it themselves.

Even allowing himself to trust them though, the wait was torturous. Tobias practically wanted to shout with joy when he felt Raas's hands fall to the knots holding him, her claws ripping his bindings loose. His hands were finally free, and they came up of their own accord to grab the catgirl by the hips and slam her down on his manhood. The lust filled gasp that tore from her through brought him a fraction of an inch away from using her to find some relief from the ache in his loins.

It was with an inner, tortured cry that he lifted her off him. Raas didn't look anymore eager to abandon her position then he was, and Tobias knew it would take just a word, just a nod even, to get her to toss away her plans and ride him into oblivion. The temptation to give that word, that nod, was close to overwhelming, but he held out. Tobias at least had something else to look forward to, Raas unfortunately was the one who was going to be left unfulfilled at the moment. Seeing his determination, the catgirl took a deep breath that seemed to steel herself, and she flashed him a waspish smile.

"Just promise me you'll come get me the next time you want to have some fun, k?" she nearly begged.

"Promise," Tobias told her, reaching up to stroke her cheek. The pokegirl melted into that touch, her eyes closing as a rattling purr came from her chest.

The other two triplet's left the bed as Tobias made his way over to it, Keri letting out an almost child-like cry of dismay at the sudden lack of groping hands. Neither catgirl looked nearly as wound up as Raas was, but each one still caught him in a heated kiss before letting him by, and Sara gave his manhood a firm squeeze as she let him go.

Climbing onto the bed drew Keri's gaze to him, and the glazed look in her eyes as she tried to focus on him managed to cut through some of the fog that had settled on his lust addled brain. Her whole body was twitching, her arms and legs jerking involuntarily as she panted heavily. However bad he thought he needed to get off, Tobias realized Keri was a hundred times worse off than he was.

When she finally seemed to realize who he was, the head mistress sucked in a deep breath through her teeth as a spasm passed through her. Her hands tried to reach for him, but they were brought up short by her restraints. Still she tried, her hands waving and grabbing at air as if she hoped to somehow pull him into her grasp.

"Master..." The word came out slurred, and the Tobias nearly lost the mood all together when he heard how weak and tiny her voice had become. Visible effort crossed her face as she slowly pieced together the rest of the sentence. ""

'I'm really going to have to thank those three,' Tobias thought, swallowing hard at the lump that had formed in the back of his throat. See Keri like this, just barely holding onto her sanity, the strength and force of personality ripped from her, Tobias doubted he'd have been able to get it up to tame her if the triplets hadn't gotten him so raring to go. Like with bonding, there was a world of difference between understanding what going feral meant, and actually seeing it firsthand.

Eager to get her back to being the Keri he knew and loved, Tobias crawled over the warcat, sliding his knees into the space between her legs. For just a second he let his mind drift towards how he was putting his life in the hands of whoever had made the restraints holding Keri down. She could snap him in two completely on accident with the strength in her legs, and the only thing making sure that didn't happen were the dozen or so chain links and the metal cuffs about the head mistress's ankles.

Pushing that less then helpful thought out of his head, Tobias took his cock in hand and guided himself into Keri's waiting pussy. Even as riled up and wet as she was, he had to force his way into her, and as he sank all the way in her hips gave a spasmic jerk that actually lifted him bodily. He had a moment of near panic as he felt her insides squeeze down on his intruding member, feeling the strength of her crushing down around him and remembering a much earlier worry about her inner muscles being as powerful as the rest of her.

When her pussy didn't squeeze his cock into mush, but merely held it firm and tightly Tobias let himself relax. It was then that he noticed her eyes were rolled back in her head as she shuddered around rapid, gasping breaths. Keri's sweat slicked body was locked up tight, her arms pulling hard at her restraints. He'd expected her to be wound up, but Tobias had never imagined she'd get off just from him entering her. Seeing Keri trapped in the throes of the orgasm he'd given her prodded Tobias towards giving some thought to his own desires.

As she slowly started to relax he pulled back and thrust into her, and she seized up around him again, her body shaking as another orgasm rolled through her, and Tobias could only stare in amazement. Buried into her to the hilt, he pressed his hips firmly against hers, and Keri let out a throaty scream that ended in a rumbling roar.

Watching the pokegirl under him getting off to his every little action was quickly starting to get Tobias's libido back into the driver's seat. Knowing that she was enjoying herself pushed most of the concern he'd had for her aside, as did the knowledge that she was most definitely no longer going feral. Allowing himself a moment to savor just being with her, Tobias firmly planted a hand on either side of the warcat, and began to thrust in and out of her with some real force.

Keri had died and gone to pokegirl heaven, there was no other way for her to explain the overpoweringly incredible sensations thundering through her body. She could hazily recall seeing Tobias about to plunge his cock into her, but that was the only thought of any kind other than that she felt better at this moment then she had ever felt in her life.

The first orgasm that had crashed into her as if the entire world had fallen on her had never really finished, it had merely joined up with the one that had followed, and each one after that, becoming a rolling wave of pure physical bliss that left her completely unable to do anything but have the time of her life.

After what seemed like hours she slowly became aware of a constant, steady pressure that kept smacking firmly but lightly into the front of her hips. Her eyes opened, but it was several seconds, or maybe whole hours, before she managed to focus enough to see anything but a blur. When she finally did, Keri felt her body tense as another orgasm stole through her, though this one came with as much emotional pleasure as physical.

Tobias smiled down at her when he noticed her attention on him, and she smiled back so hard it hurt her cheeks. She hadn't been delusional, lost in some feral day dream hoping to be brought back by the man she desired. He really was there with her, taming her, taking care of her needs and making her body sing on top of it all.

How long that moment really lasted Keri couldn't even guess at, but it was both as long as she could have hoped for and yet too short simply because it ended. The ending though was enough to have been worth it just for that as she felt her master lose himself in her, his hot seed pouring into her body, and her vision went white as an electric surge shot up her spine.

Even as her final orgasm played her pleasure centers like a well tuned instrument, Keri felt more going on in her mind then just simple, if esiquisit, pleasure and the reawakening of her full consciousness. If she hadn't felt it before she might have missed it, but the sensation was something she remembered, even if it had been years since the last time it had gone through her. It was like a void being filled inside her mind, something that had been torn away but was now being replaced.

Keri forced her eyes open, blinking back tears of joy to let her look up at the man she'd just bonded with, at the master who had made her his and with whom she was now connected. She had been longing for this feeling for so long now, wanting desperately to reclaim the near spiritual connection between herself and someone she cared deeply for. And now that she had it, now that her broken bond had been fixed, she didn't think she could be any happier. And with that, she broke down and wept.

Raas felt like she might explode as her sisters practically had to drag her out of the room to give Tobias and Keri some privacy. After how far she'd gone with him, after as close as she'd come, she was barely able to wait until they made it into the hallway before she jumped on Aras. She nearly drug the identical pokegirl to the ground as she mashed their lips together, her hands running all over a body that perfectly mirrored her own.

Her sisters must have been expecting it though, as Sara quickly peeled Raas off her sister, and Aras gave her a wicked smile.

"Someone deviated from the plan," she told her, trying without much luck to look stern.

"Someone got herself a rather nice taste of the master for herself, and didn't share with her sisters at all," Sara giggled into her ear, not even trying to pretend she was actually upset, but still teasing Raas for it regardless.

"You two put me in charge, and I was only doing what I needed to in order to keep him..."

"Oh bullshit," Aras interrupted, smirking as Raas tried to squirm out of the hold Sara had her in. "Admit it, you were enjoying yourself."

"I was just..."

"You know you can't lie to us," Sara whispered into her ear, sending a shiver through her body.

"I...please just..."

"Admit it..." Aras repeated.

"Fine, yes, some of what I did was just for me, now pleASSSEE!" Raas cried out as Sara's hands went from holding to foundling her, and she tried to spin around to return the favor, but Aras grabbed her, restarting the kiss she'd begun earlier, her sister forcing her tongue into her mouth.

The two catgirls quickly manhandled their third triplet over to the wall, crushing her against it as they took liberty with her body. Raas tried to respond in kind, but her sisters captured an arm of hers each and held her to the wall, their free hands busy roaming her body while Aras continued to violate her mouth with her tongue. Sara bent over and Raas was suddenly reminded that she'd left her top in Keri's room as she felt her sister's warm, wet mouth on her bare chest, and she jerked her head aside, breaking the kiss with Aras in order to draw a ragged breath.

"Ooooh fuck don't tease me..." Raas wailed as the two catgirls started to repeat the performance that'd given to Keri. "Please please please don't, just get me off! Pleeeease!"

"I don't know..." Aras said, biting down playful on her sister's neck.

"You really did bring it on yourself," Sara mumbled around the nipple between her lips.

"I'm sorry! I'll never do it again just please do something to get me off!" Raas moaned. "Eat me, finger me, I don't fucking care just do something!"

Her sister's must have believed her apology, or perhaps they were just feeling sympathetic, because the next thing Raas knew Aras had hooked her arms under her legs and was lifting her bodily. Raas's back slide up the wall until her sister could drape her legs over her shoulders, and get her head under her sister's skirt. Raas shrieked as she felt Aras's rough and oh so wonderful tongue caress the entrance of her womanhood.

Grabbing Aras by the hair, Raas urged her sister on as she wrapped her legs around the catgirl's head. From her perch on Aras's shoulders, Raas could just see Sara as the third triplet sank to her knees in front of Aras and started to hike her sister's skirt up. Then Aras pulled her tongue firmly over Raas's clit, and the catgirl's eyes snapped shut and she didn't see anything for several intense, mind blowing minutes.

Feeling immensely better as her orgasm slowly trailed off, Raas sagged in her sister's grip as her body relaxed, a pleasant after glow suffusing her. She could feel Aras tensing up as Sara continued her own oral assault, and Raas started to play with her sister's ears, gently rubbing up and down the sensitive outer edge of the furry points. Aras shuddered, the vibrations running up into Raas and eliciting a soft cooing out of her as the sensation sent a soft wave of pleasure through her.

When Aras came Raas was momentarily afraid she was going to get dropped on Sara's head, but her sister managed to keep hold of her through the orgasm. Raas was about to climb down from her sister's shoulders when a high pitched voice came at them from just down the hall.

"Honestly you three, you couldn't even wait to find a room?" Sissy shook her head as she eyed the triplets, the tiny mousegirl somehow seeming to look down at them even though they had almost half a foot of height over her. "If you have to insist on being freaks and taming each other, you could at least find somewhere private to do it." She walked on by them without slowing, apparently having said all she wanted to say to them.

"Mousey..." Raas half whispered to herself as her gaze fell on the tiny pokewoman's full, round ass as Sissy walked away from them. She had thought Aras's tongue lashing had sated her desires, but now that she had her eyes on the peekabu, Raas found herself wanting more.

"Mousey?" Aras asked, looking up at her sister.

"Mousey," Raas responded, suddenly gathering her legs up out of her sister’s grip. She planted her feet on Aras's shoulders, crouched down, and leapt. "Mousey!" Sissy's head snapped around at the yell, and her eyes went wide as she saw the catgirl flying through the air at her.

Keri's gentle sobbing completely caught Tobias off guard, leaving him staring at the tears running down her cheeks in complete shock until his brain managed to kick his libido out of the driver's seat and let his rational mind take over. His thoughts now uncluttered by sex, his rational side did the first thing that came to mind, and panicked.

"Keri? Keri! I...what's...oh fuck what did I do? I didn't mean...I...I was just...stupid Tobias why the hell did you let those three..."

"Master," Keri's soft voice cut through his tirade as firmly as if she had screamed the word at him. " It is okay."

"It's okay? No, but it can't...why are you crying if...?"

"I am, just overwhelmed," she explained, trying to turn her head to wipe her tears on her pillow.

"Here, let me," Tobias told her, running his thumbs gently over her cheeks. His efforts however were completely futile as Keri's eyes just began to leak even worse. "Ah! What did I do? God, I'm just making everything worse aren't I?"

"No! Master, please, calm down," Keri begged.

"'re all...I'm just..." Tobias sputtered. " Fuck, and we're still..." With a pained sounding groan, Tobias pulled out of Keri and removed himself from between her legs, sitting down slowly on the very edge of the bed. " I...I'm sorry, I were...I..."

"Master," Keri interrupted again, this time with a smile starting to spread across her lips. When she started to shake slightly Tobias first thought she was crying again, until a chuckle escaped her mouth, followed by another, and then turned into a full belly laugh. " Oh I am sorry Tobias, but you are just too adorable," Keri managed to get out between laughs.


"Oh where to begin?" Keri asked herself. " Okay, first off, thank you," she told him, looking him right in the eyes.

"For what?" Tobias asked slowly.

"For saving me from going feral of course."

"Ah, pleasure."

"Mmmm, I know," Keri grinned at him. " It was most certainly mine as well."

"Yeah, about much as I would love to claim full credit, really most of it needs to go to the triplets."

"I know," Keri said. " I was not so far gone that I cannot remember." The humor went out of her eyes suddenly, and the smile faded from her face. " I am sorry master."

"For what?"

"For the way I behaved in the dining room. I was completely out of line, and I would not have blamed you if you had just let me go feral and sold me after such a shameful..."

"Keri, stop that right now," Tobias ordered, amazed at himself for how strongly the words came out of him. His tone must have shocked Keri as well, for the warcat immediately clamped her mouth shut, and her eyes widened.

Keri nearly missed Tobias's next words over the odd yet wonderful mixture of surprise and joy running through her. The bond between them, freshly forged though it was, had lit up like a fireworks display in her mind at hearing the authority come into her master's voice. She had obeyed instantly, unconsciously, and yet entirely willingly.

"That was not your fault, and you are not to blame yourself for it..."

Keri found herself nearly giddy with delight, she had a master again, a real master, someone she was bonded with, who could exercise real authority over her. Part of her knew that her delight was a programmed response that she was made to feel joy at the idea of being owned, of being made to submit, but she just couldn't care. She was happy, deliriously happy, and she didn't give a damn if she was suppose to feel that way or not, she just wanted to enjoy it.

" were half feral, and it's my fault you got that way..."

He hadn't run away from her, hadn't been afraid to tame her like her first two owners had been. Well, maybe he had been a bit afraid, after all who wouldn't be at least nervous about taming a half feral warcat? But he hadn't let that stop him, something that made her opinion of him absolutely skyrocket. That he'd had the balls to give it to her when she had been in a mood where she could have ripped his head off and not even blinked about it, that was something that not only boosted her opinion of him, but also made her hot just thinking about it.

"...I'm the one who should be sorry, and grateful that..."

"Tame me," Keri broke in.

"...what?" Tobias asked after a second, his brain taking a moment to get back on track after Keri's comment had derailed his monologue.

"" she repeated slowly, insistently. " I want to feel you inside me again master. Tame me, screw me, fuck me!"

The intense look that suddenly came into Keri's eyes startled Tobias at first, the overwhelming fierceness of her gaze nearly made him want to go hide under the bed. The smokey, sultry tone of her voice however snared his interest as she demanded another taming, and her words showed her intensity to be a blazing desire for him that stroked his ego and had his body quickly working to be able to give her what she wanted.

Hoping to help himself along, and just because he wanted to, Tobias slid on over beside Keri and grabbed a double handful of her generous bust, getting a deep, rumbling sigh out of the warcat. The sigh turned into a drumming purr as he squeezed and fondled the soft, pillowy flesh, delighting in the near growling exclamations he got each time he ran a thumb firmly over the hard, pink tips.

"Enjoying yourself?" Keri asked, her gaze blatantly staring at his now stiffly erect manhood.

"As much as you are at least," Tobias replied with a grin.

"I bet, after all the times I caught you staring at my chest..." That knocked the grin off his face, and doubled the one on hers

"You...I didn't think you noticed," Tobias admitted.

"Every time, you were good about it, but not that good. And I wanted you to keep staring, so I did not say anything about it," she confessed.

"Sounds like you liked me looking as much as I did."

"Very much so, but looking is not nearly as much fun as feeling, is it?"

"Not even close."

"I was hoping you would see it that way. Because I want to feel you master, deep inside me. Enough playing around, fuck me!"

Tobias was feeling more than ready to do as she asked, and nearly did just before a tiny voice in his head told him to wait a moment, to properly enjoy this. It was the same part of him that had demanded that the triplets submit to him, the part that got it's thrill from knowing that the girls really belonged to him, that they had to and yet wanted to obey him. And hearing Keri call him master, with the ever so enticing sultry edge she gave the word, was driving that part of him wild.

"Tobias..." Keri whined slightly as his hands slowed on her chest, yet he made no move to retake his place between her legs. He just smiled at her and shook his head, which turned her expression puzzled. "Master?" When he gave her breasts a firm squeeze she quickly caught on. "Master..." she purred, putting such desire and longing into the word she might as well have still been screaming at him to fuck her.

"Mousey!" Sissy was so surprised that she nearly just stood there and let the catgirl pounce on her. At the last second her instincts kicked in and she ducked the triplet, rolling out of the way as the pokegirl landed right where she'd been standing. Popping back up to her feet, Sissy spun to face the catgirl.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded, her voice calm despite the hammering of her heart in her chest. The sight of the cat type pokegirl in mid pounce had instantly put her body on high alert as her instincts screamed danger at her. Even though Sissy knew she could easily handle all three triplets if it came down to a real fight, her body was still trying to tell her that she should be running for her life.

"Mooouusseeey..." the catgirl crooned at her in a sing song voice as she dropped to all fours, her tail swaying frantically behind her.

"Don't you dare," Sissy threatened as the girl looked to be gathering herself for another spring.

"Mousey?" A questioning voice asked from behind her, and Sissy glanced over her shoulder at the other two catgirls.

"Mousey," the one answered the other, a smile growing on her face.

"Stop calling me that."

"Mousey mousey mousey mousey..." all three catgirls took up the call, spreading out quickly until they had her surrounded.

"I'm warning you, knock it off right now," Sissy told them, though with a bit less force then she'd managed before.

"Mousey mousey mousey mousey..."

"What are you three, feral or something? Go bother someone else." Unable to completely ignore her instincts any longer, not when she was being so obviously stalked, Sissy tried to push her way passed the catgirl blocking the way she'd been going. She'd barely taken two steps though when the triplet lunged at her.

"Mousey!" Sissy quickly sidestepped the pounce, her hand slapping aside the grab, though the impact knocked her off balance. Hand to hand had never been her strong point, and unlike Keri she didn't train regularly anymore. As it was she was amazed she'd managed to deflect the catgirl at all.

She didn't have long to admire her luck though, as her legs were suddenly yanked out from under her. Sissy landed flat on her back and the wind went out of her. While such a short fall wouldn't hurt even the frailest of pokegirls, the surprise of it stunned her for a second, which was all the triplets needed to pounce on her.

Sissy hadn't realized it was possible to be undressed so quickly, but it seemed almost that her clothes were simply gone before she'd even hit the floor. Her arms and legs were swiftly pinned and she was startled to find there was a second tongue in her mouth that was eagerly rubbing against her own.

The peekabu tried to fight off the catgirl's advances, but she'd have been hard pressed to match strength with just one of them. Against all three she had no chance at all, and the triplet's grasping hands and exploring mouths were quickly driving her to distraction. Her body was bouncing between being scared witless and borderline orgasmic, two sets of dueling instincts fighting for the right to determine how she should be feeling about being thrown to the floor and pretty much raped.

On top of it all was the rather irksome knowledge that she could, if she absolutely had to, she could fry all three catgirls in a second if she just unleashed her full power on them. Unfortunately Sissy knew she could never bring herself to do that, not unless they were really trying to attack her. And with her body starting to submit to the feelings running through her, she knew she only had one shot to shock the girls off her without actually hurting them. Her control was slipping away too fast to manage a second moderated burst if the first one failed.

Trying to ignore the sensations that her body was insisting her should be enjoying, Sissy concentrated on the energy stored within her. She only needed a tiny fraction of her power, enough to startle the triplets, and perhaps give them a good sting to make them see the wisdom of keeping their hands to themselves. In her current state though, trying to gather such a small bit of her energy was like trying to sew on a button while wearing snow gloves.

The electric current raced around her body, and Sissy could see the triplets’ bright blue hair starting to stand on end just before she released the burst. The results, were rather lackluster. All three catgirls jumped a bit, but rather then scamper away or fall over on stunned limbs with twitching muscles, the girls actually laughed.

"Mmmm, mousey," one of them chuckled before diving back in between Sissy's legs with her mouth. An entirely different kind of shock ran up the pokewoman's body, and she wanted to curse herself for being so distracted.

'Stupid! ' Sissy chided herself. ' That charge would have stunned one of them, but you spread it out through all three of them. Probably only tickled, oh damn but that feels good...'

Closing her eyes, Sissy just gave in. She was too wound up anyway, she'd just be tormenting herself at this point if she made them stop. Keeping that thought firmly in mind, that she wanted to let the triplets play with her, she let herself relax and just enjoy the taming.

"Master!" Keri shrieked as Tobias slammed into her again, their hips coming together with a meaty smack as her owner drove himself fully inside her.

"Scream that a bit louder and I'll start to think you mean it," Tobias teased as he pulled back slowly. He had fallen into a pattern of slow, long withdrawals, until just the tip of his cock remained inside Keri, at which point he'd slam his full length back into her, to her vocal delight.

"Ah...oh you would love that, would you not master?" Keri gasped, offering him a wicked smile.

"Yes I would," he told her, driving home the final word with a powerful jerk of his hips. "And so would you, you get off on it as much as I do. You think I've forgotten about your little session with your mistress?"

"I do not know what master is taAALKKKING AAABBBout!" Keri moaned as he drove into her.

"Bullshit," Tobias laughed. " I have to admit, if I hadn't been so surprised by the whole thing, I would have been tempted to join in. What was that she called you, her pet was it?"

"Mmm, does master want Keri to be his pet too?"

"I don't know, I think you might like that too much."

"But master, Keri is such a good pet. She is very obedient."

"Except when she wants to be punished"

"Your pet promises never to be bad and make master punish her."

"Well what fun is there in that?" Tobias asked, and Keri's eyes practically glittered as she smiled at him. " And you've already been a very bad pokegirl."

"Nuh uh"

"Oh yeah, the way you behaved in the dining room..." Keri was rather shocked at first that he was willing to make light of that for their play, but seeing the smile on his face, and where the game might lead, she quickly got over it.

"Your pet did not mean to..."

"That's no excuse." Tobias paused in hammering his pokegirl, his eyes following the chains that ran from her wrists and ankles and around the bed.

"Maaaasteeeer," Keri whined at the lack of movement.

"Shhhh, be patient." When she bit her bottom lip and pouted at him, Tobias couldn't help but laugh. " Oh stop it Keri, and help me with this." Reaching down, he started to undo the connection that held the chains to her wrist restraints.

"Tobias, what are you doing?" Keri asked, the playfulness dropping from her voice as her arm came free. " Stop that, it is not safe for you."

"Come on Keri, unless you're planning on clubbing me over the head, it's not going to kill me to have you loose for a bit." Undoing her other arm, he tossed the lengths of chain over either side of the bed. Keri immediately placed both hands flat on the mattress, looking suddenly very uneasy. Seeing her expression, Tobias reached out a hand and gently stroked her cheek. " It's okay Keri. Trust me, like I'm trusting you."

"Tobias," Keri nearly broke back down in tears at that. After being through two owners who had been too scared of her strength to tame her themselves, his willingness to be so close to her, to still be inside her with her arms free, went right to her heart. If she'd been able to without crushing him she would have grabbed him in the tightest hug she could have managed.

Slowly, carefully, Keri lifted her hands up, and ever so gently wrapped her arms around the young man on top of her who was willing to put his life quite literally in her hands.

"You're leaking again," Tobias said softly, brushing the tears from her eyes.

"It is your fault, you keep being so nice to me," Keri whispered. Tobias's response to that was to kiss her, and Keri was amazed to find herself so enjoying something so soft and gentle. Slow and easy had never done much for her before, hard, fast, and wild was her preference, or at least, she had thought it was. The gentle sensation of her master's lips on hers at that moment though was a thrill that sent a shiver down her spine.

"So were doing something?" Keri said slowly when Tobias finally pulled back, leaving her nearly as dazed as when she'd first come out of her near feral state.

"I think I was punishing you."

"Oh, is that what you call that? I might have to misbehave more often."


Keri whined a bit when Tobis pulled out of her, but he clearly had something in mind and it had sparked her curiosity. She was reluctant to let him go, but when he reached behind himself to grab her arms she let him free himself from her embrace. Propping herself up on her elbows, Keri watched as he undid her ankle restraints, tossing the chains off the bed.

"Up here," he told her, giving the footrest a tap, and she eagerly did as he said, crawling around on her knees to rest her hands on the frame. " How do I secure you to this?"

"My restraints will hook right to it master," Keri informed him, giving the thick cuffs twitch that caused the sturdy metal latches jingling. She did her best to hold still as he fumbled a bit with the connectors before the locks clicked shut. The second restraint went faster, now that he knew how they went, and Keri found herself nearly quivering with anticipation. She gave her restraints a good, solid tug to test them, and smiled happily as they didn't even budge.

"Now then," Tobias's voice suddenly came from behind her, and Keri gasped lightly in surprise as she felt his hand come to rest on her rump. She'd been so absorbed in her restraints she hadn't even noticed him moving. " As I was saying earlier, you were a very bad pokegirl..."

"Yeah," Keri said breathlessly. " So what are you going to do about it?" The hand on her ass pulled back, and a second later came back down on her cheek with a solid swat that made Keri positively coo with enjoyment. Of course the blow didn't hurt in the slightest, not to her, not with Tobias being just human, but the idea behind it was enough for her to enjoy it.

"You were disobedient," Tobias chided, giving her other cheek a hard smack.

"Uh huh," Keri agreed, giving her butt a wiggle at him.

"And insolent" Another solid slap rang through the room.

"Very much so," Keri groaned.

"And just generally not nice," Tobias added with another smack, which made Keri snort as she tried not to laugh.

"Master..." she accused playful, looking over her shoulder at him. " That is the best you have, not nice?"

"Give me a break, I'm new at this kind of play," Tobias told her, shaking his hand out a bit.

"If your hand is getting sore, I have you could use instead, in my dresser," Keri offered.

"I might take you up on that. If I hit you any harder, I think I might break something." Tobias shook his head. " Did you even really feel any of that?"

"I knew you were doing it," Keri confessed. " Sorry master, I cannot help it."

"I know," Tobias sighed, but with a smile. " You got a cute ass Keri, but damn..."

"Go grab one of my whips, you might have more luck with that." Tobias nodded and slipped off the bed. His feet had barely touched the floor however when a rather insistent knocking sounded on Keri's door.

"Oh come on, can't this house run itself with you for a few hours?" Tobias sighed. "One moment Keri."

"Just send them over to Hinata, she can deal with it," Keri called after him as he left the room. " And hurry!"

Sissy stared up at the ceiling as she waited for some of the strength to come back to her limbs. Between the manhandling she'd received and the body racking orgasms the triplet's tongues had put her through, the little peekabu was feeling perfect content to just lay out on the floor for a while.

"Birdy!" A voice came echoing from around the corner of the hallway, a startled shriek followed, and Sissy knew the triplets had caught themselves another playmate. They had abandoned her with a hunting cry of " Fishy!", and Sissy had just managed to get enough of her wits back to catch sight of Miko dashing off down the hall. The catgirls had been right behind the aquatic pokegirl though as she had rounded the corner, and her yell of " Not again!" had come a mere second after all four had vanished from sight. The sounds of the triplet's enjoying their freshly caught prey had immediately followed.

Wishing luck on the next household resident unfortunate enough to stumble across the overly excited catgirls, Sissy wearily drug herself to her feet. She huffed a bit when she realized the triplets hadn't left her clothes behind when they had run off, and she was half tempted to go after them, but decided against it. She really didn't mind being naked all that much.

She took a moment to recall just where she was, her mind having been very much occupied just a bit ago, and when she realized which hallway she was in she hesitated. Part of her was just fine with letting the triplets run themselves down, they weren't really hurting anyone, and it was just a matter of time before they got bored with their game. However, they were being particularly troublesome at the moment, even for them, and Keri's door was right there.

With a sigh, Sissy figured it would be proper to at least let the head mistress know what the three trouble makers were up to, and let her worry about dealing with them. Making her way over to the door, she gave the wood a sharp rap with her knuckles.

When the door opened a moment later however, it was not Keri who greeted her.

"Sissy?" Tobias said, his gaze taking a quick rundown and back up her nude form. She nearly missed it as her own eyes did the same to him.

"Master, I didn't expect...that is, I was looking for Keri, though I'm guessing she's busy right now?"

"A little bit, yeah."

"Ah well, it can wait," Sissy gave him a small smile. " I take it you two worked things out?" When Tobias nodded, she gave a small sigh of relief. " Good, that'll make everyone feel a lot better. I can't imagine what got into her to make...well, that's none of my business. I'm sorry master, I'm sure you have something you'd much rather be doing then listening to me prattle. I'll be going."

"Wait," Tobias told her, laying a hand on her shoulder.


"You doing anything right now Sissy?"


"Think I could get you to help me again?"

"You want my help? With Keri?" Sissy asked a bit incredulously.

"If you don't want to..."

"I didn't say that," Sissy told him, trying to keep her voice calm.

"Good, come on then," he said, opening the door wider for her and sliding his hand from her shoulder to the small of her back, sending a tingle down her spine.

"Yes master."

Keri was doing her best not to drum her fingers on the footrest as she fought down the impatience boiling up inside her. Every minute that passed seemed to drag by painfully, and she was regretting each one that passed without her being able to spend it with her master. She finally, finally had her turn with him, and she wanted every second she could get with him.

'What the hell could possibly be taking so long? Whoever it is, just get rid of them already.'

When Tobias finally reentered the room, Keri felt her heart leap and her ears perked up happily. Then Sissy followed in behind him, and Keri's joy gave way to a brief flash of jealousy.

'What the hell is she doing here? This is supposed to be my time!' Keri quickly squashed the feeling though. After the tenderness and care Tobias had shown her, what right did she have to get upset if he wanted to bring someone else in on the fun?

"Hello Keri," Sissy greeted her with a rather knowing smile.

"Sissy," Keri replied, her ears twitching in confusion. She glanced over at Tobias. "Master?"

"Sissy is going to be helping me," he told her, giving her a wicked smile. "I told her you've been a very naughty pokegirl, and she agreed you need to be punished." Keri suddenly felt the peekabu's hand on her ass, and she snapped her head around to find Sissy had snuck up on the bed behind her. Then she felt Tobias's hand in her hair, and she nearly purred as he used the grip to turn her back around to face him. "Now if you be a good girl, I might let you off easy. If not..." He nodded to Sissy, and Keri gasped as she felt an electric shock sting her cheek. "And it'll get worse every time," Tobias promised.

"Mmmmm," Keri groaned, her eyes sparkling up at her master, and all feelings of jealousy completely forgotten. He hadn't brought Sissy in on their taming for himself, but for her.

"Now, are you going to be a good pokegirl Keri?" Tobias asked.

"No," she told him flatly, and adored the smile that played across his face despite his efforts to look stern.

"Sissy," Tobias commanded, and Keri gasped as her other cheek was stung by a spark of the peekabu's power. "Are you going to be a good girl?"

"No," Keri repeated, and moaned deep in her throat as another jolt ran through her, setting her skin to tingling.

"Keri..." Tobias warned in his best would be threatening voice.

"No!" she half giggled, and cried out at her punishment, the snap crackle of the electric burst as sharp in her ears as the sting was through her ass cheek.

"You are being very bad," Tobias told her, and Keri nodded eagerly. " I think you need something else to do with that mouth of yours rather than talk back to me." Keri quivered as she felt him push her head down, excitement running through her at the authority in his voice. Granted she did have to let him push her down, he just wasn't strong enough to force her, but even still, Keri was nearly ready to cum right there as he brought her face down right by his waiting manhood.

"No," Keri said, shaking her head and doing her best to sound like she really didn't want to, even if her tail was twitching in excitement.

"Take it."


"Sissy." The jolt that shot through her made Keri tense all over, a delicious prickling stinging her butt long after the shock had passed. With a lustful moan she opened her mouth and inhaled her master's cock,

"Ahhh, good girl," Tobias's groaned praise set a fire running through her that made her ache with desire. Bobbing her head up and down his length, Keri purred delightly as she felt his hand running through her hair, brushing against her ears ever so pleasantly. " Very good girl, and good girls get rewarded."

Keri's body tensed up again, though this time it was for the orgasm that shot through her as she felt one of Sissy's fingers slide into her pussy. The electric spanking, along with Tobias demanding obedience from her, even it was with a smile, had her so wound up all it took was a single touch to set her off.

"Oh f-f-fuck" Keri shuddered, pulling her head back and letting her master's cock fall from her mouth as she shook from the feelings running through her.

"Keri..." Tobias smirked at her as she came down from her sexual high. " I didn't say you could stop."

"...oops?" she tried, and smiled as he just shook his head at her.

"You are impossible Keri. What am I going to do with you?"

"Punish me some more?" she asked hopefully, at which Tobias laughed.

"I think you enjoy getting punished too much," Tobias told Keri as he made his way around the side of the bed. He took his time at it, rather enjoying running his gaze up and down Keri's body. She was stunning, tall and long limbed, athletically built with perfectly toned arms and legs. ' The stripes definitely add something too.' he thought as his eyes climbed down each wavy black marking across her back.

"I cannot help it."

"I know, but how am I ever going to keep you in line if you love it when I punish you?" Tobias asked, climbing up on the bed and waving Sissy off to the side. "Maybe I'll have to start punishing you for being good instead?"

"Ooooo, promise?"

"Will you be good?" Tobias laid a hand on Keri's butt, and smiled as she flinched. While his own blows had done nothing but redden his palm, Sissy's spanking had turned Keri's ass a nice rosy pink, and left it a bit sensitive as well it seemed.

"Maybe..." Keri teased. When he gave her a firm swat, she gasped loudly, the breath coming back out in a sultry sigh. "Again"

"You going to be good?"

"Spank me again, and I will think about it." Keri told him, and Tobias gave her what she wanted.


"Mmmm, I guess..."

"Difficult," Tobias complained, and Keri giggled. Getting his knees under him, Tobias laid a hand on each of Keri's hips and shuffled up right behind her. "You're going to be a good girl for me Keri."

"I am?" she baited.

"Yes, you are," he informed her, putting as much authority into his voice as he could as he slammed home into her. His hips smacked hard into her abused ass cheeks, and Keri shrieked with pain and pleasure. "You are going to be a good girl." He pulled back and slammed into her again, making her shake as he felt her pussy squeeze down on his cock. When he felt her starting to loosen up, he thrust into her again. "You belong to me Keri." She screamed hotly, a gasping explosion that rocked the bed as she jerked at her restraints. "And you love that, don't you?"

"Yes!" Keri cried out, and shuddered as Tobias hammered into her.

"Then you'll be good, and like it!" He told her, ramming his hips into her backside.

"Yes!" Keri screamed again.

"Yes what Keri?" Tobias demanded, pausing in his movements

"I will be good!" she exclaimed, and he rewarded her with another ass pounding thrust.

"You won't talk back to me?"

"Never!" He plowed into her.

"You'll do what I say?

"Always!" Another powerful thrust.

"You'll be mine?"

"All yours master, Keri is all yours, whatever you waaAAANT!" Keri squirmed in her restraints as Tobias drove himself into her as hard he could, and didn't slow down after that. He couldn't have if he wanted to, hearing her so eagerly submitting to him had finally pushed his self control passed its limit. Knowing that she got off as much from it just made it all the better, and the wild, screaming moans tearing from her throat as he fucked her as hard as he could had him aching to cum in her, his body demanding satisfaction from hers.

Sissy was staring in open mouthed amazement at the sight before her as she watched Tobias screw Keri into a fitful shrieking mess. She'd tamed Keri a few times, and thought she had known what the warcat was like in bed. This side of Keri however was something she'd never suspected.

She'd known Keri enjoyed a bit of S&M with Sapphire, but she had no idea that the head mistress enjoyed being abused this much. She'd been a bit reluctant to administer the final few shocks she'd given Keri, she had been building up to some pretty serious voltage, but the warcat had been told each one would be worse than the last, and she had kept asking for it.

And then there was her apparent love of being able to take the submissive role. She had teased and poked fun at Tobias's authority, but when he had really started acting the part of the master she had all but tossed herself at his feet. She probably would have if she hadn't been chained down.

Sissy just shook her head as she shifted on the bed, trying to resist the urge to run her hands over her own body. After the work out the triplets had given her she hadn't expected to get too excited in helping Tobias with Keri, but the scene before her was starting to warm her desires back up.

When Tobias slammed into Keri one last time and pressed hard into her, holding himself in her as his body tensed, Sissy couldn't help but picture herself in Keri's place, wanting to feel the young man's hot seed spilling into her. She also admitted that she wouldn't be sorry to swap places with Tobias at the moment as she watched Keri throwing an absolute fit of orgasmic enjoyment, her breath coming in explosive gasps as her body thrashed and writhed from the overwhelming stimulation, the mixture of pleasure from his cock sliding in and out of her pussy and pain from his hips slamming into her bruised rear having sent her for a hellacious ride.

When the warcat finally started to calm down, her head dropping to rest on the footrest as she gasped and panted for breath, Tobias pulled out of her and less then gracefully slid off the bed, stumbling a little as he tried to get his legs to support him. Swinging around the bed, he leaned down in front of Keri and gave her what Sissy thought was the most caring smile she'd ever seen.

"You're a good pokegirl Keri, and an even better friend and lover," he whispered, and Sissy suspected he didn't think she could hear him. If not for the large and extremely sensitive ears she had, she probably wouldn't have. She almost tried to tune him out, if he wanted to have a moment just between him and Keri she should respect that...but her curiosity got the better of her. "I care about you Keri, more then I would have thought possible considering how short a time we've really known each other. Please, please don't let yourself go like that again. If you need to get tamed, come see me, any time. I couldn't stand the idea of you going feral again..."

Sissy had to fight down the gasp that tried to climb out of her throat. Even as the shock of it hit her, she suddenly felt everything click together in her mind. Of course Keri had been going feral, what else could possibly have made such a well behaved and obedient pokegirl rebel against a master she adored? Keri's display of insolence in the dining room suddenly made perfect sense.

'And yet even after that he came in here and tamed her?' Sissy thought unbelievingly to herself. 'Holy hell, he's lucky she didn't rip his fool head off. Of all the stupid, moronic, thick headed, brave...noble...' Sissy's thoughts quickly started to go downhill as her common sense started to get pushed aside by her admiration. As stupid as it had to have been, the idea of her master daring to come into the room of a half feral, rebellious warcat and taming her back into submission impressed her beyond all reason. It also turned her on something fierce and she knew she couldn't leave without getting herself some action. Whatever Keri was saying back to Tobias was lost to Sissy's ears over the thundering of her heart, and when he gave the head mistress a tender kiss and stood back up she figured it was time to get his attention on her.

"Master..." she cooed, crawling forward on all fours. Her bright blue eyes stared coyly up at him, and she gave him her best enticing smile. "Was I a good pokewoman for you master? Do I get my reward now?"

The look he gave back to her told Sissy she definitely had his attention, and she was about to move in for the kill when his gaze flicked over to the head mistress.

"What do you think Keri, she's earned something nice wouldn't you say?"

"I think so. What did you have in mind?"

"Weeeellll..." With a rather loud click, Tobias suddenly unhooked both of Keri's restraints, freeing her. She hesitated only a second, looking up into her master's face, then spun quickly to face Sissy.

Sissy froze, suddenly finding herself in bed with a loose and, from the look in her eyes, still wildly lusty warcat. Her survival instincts screaming at her again, Sissy squeaked as Keri pounced on her...

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