Chapter 5

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"..." Speech
'...' Thoughts

Keri had to pause outside her door before going in, resting her forehead against the cool wood. The day had her stretched tight, her emotions running all over the place. Between nearly losing her self control in the training field, the incident with Aras, and then bringing together a third of the house for an orgy she couldn't join in, Keri's nerves were feeling rather frayed.

It had been a mistake to pause outside the dinning room, she should have gotten herself out of earshot of the activities within as quickly as possible, but a sense of responsibility had made her wait. It had been her idea after all, and she had wanted to make sure things stayed orderly after she left. Pushing the door open just a crack, she had watched with satisfaction as Tobias had tamed Sara, finding herself rather pleased with him getting her to call him master.

Watching him tame Raas however, had been entirely for her own pleasure, though she wasn't sure it had been the best idea to do so. The way Tobias had handled her had filled Keri with both pride and a longing for her own chance to submit to him. He had rather masterfully countered Raas's attempt to subvert his authority, showing a certain cunning Keri hadn't expected out of him. He had also made the head mistress want to barge back into the dinning room and demand for her turn with him.

The temptation had been almost overwhelming. It had been a few days since she'd gotten any, given that her last taming session had been interrupted halfway through. It had been an exercise in pure will power to turn around and walk away, her body wailing at her to get her ass back in the dinning room and get Tobias to fuck her.

Taking a deep breath, Keri carefully opened the door to her quarters. She had learned quickly after her evolution that handling anything when she was not calm and collected tended to end up with her breaking them. Doorknobs in particular liked to come off in her hand, so much so that she actually had several spares, and the tools to install them, kept in the small cabinet that stood just inside the room.

Closing the door just as carefully as she had opened it, Keri quickly crossed the small sitting room, discarding her clothing and tossing the top and shorts onto the couch as she passed on through to the bathroom. She needed something to take the edge off her nerves, and she could think of only one thing that was likely to help her unwind at the moment. Turning the shower on, she crossed the short hall over to her bedroom.

As she approached the mirrored door to her closet, Keri paused a moment to look at herself. Even though it had been years ago, she still found herself occasionally wondering at the changes her evolution had done to her body. The extra inches to her height and more than a handful of additional pounds of muscle to her weight had been the biggest changes, but far from the only, or even the most obvious.

Keri often found herself missing the patch of creamy white fur that had once run down the center her chest and stomach. It had been warm, soft, and her first tamer had loved to play with it. She still had her stripes though, both in her hair and across her skin. The wavy markings were easily her favorite feature, especially the close set lines that ran down her back and along her tail. Though it might be a bit narcissistic, Keri just loved the look of her own stripes.

The tiger like marks left her front mostly uncovered, wrapping around her body just far enough for the tips to be seen gently caressing her hips, ribs, and the outer edges of her breasts. They thinned out on her arms and legs, covering just the top halves of her limbs. It made for a startling contrast as she turned in front of the mirror, comparing her darker, decorated backside to her smoothly flawless front. It was almost like looking at two different people entirely.

Her body telling her she had wasted enough time on silly self indulgences, Keri slid the closet door open, very carefully, and shoved the clothes inside aside to get at the back shelf. After a moment's consideration, she selected what seemed to be the right tool for the job ahead. Closing the closet again with the utmost care, she had yet to break a mirror and wasn't about to start, she headed back for the bathroom.

The water had raised a warm mist while she had been gone, and Keri let out a deep sigh as she climbed under the steaming spray. One thing that had definitely changed with her evolution was her appreciation for water, damp fur was rarely worth the brief pleasure of a hot soak, but as the only hair of any type she had anymore were the jaw length strands on her head, there was no longer any downside to taking as many hot showers as she wanted.

The sensation of heat running through her body managed to divert Keri's thoughts for the moment as the water spilled over her. The warmth worked its way into her muscles, and a great deal of tension began to just flow out of her. She hadn't even been aware of just how tightly wound she had been.

' Those girls are going to be the death of me', Keri thought, wistfully hoping that Tobias might somehow bring the triplets under some sort of control, or at least that he would help share the burden of dealing with them.

After a few relaxing moments of just enjoying the hot water and the loosening of her muscles, Keri's mind started the slow but inevitable trip back downstairs, wondering how things were going with Tobias and the girls. He was sure to have finished up with the triplets by now, probably even with Dianna. Keri had noticed the catgirl sisters often going after the brightly colored pidgy as of late, and it hadn't surprised her that they had chosen the girl to try and get Tobias's attention with. She was a thin little thing without as much curvage as Keri preferred herself, but Dianna was certainly beautiful with her colorful feathers and delicate features.

Keri soon found herself wondering who the new master was taming at the moment, though she had no way of figuring it out. Still, her mind painted her some very graphic pictures to consider, and the original purpose for the shower started to reassert itself as a light tingling sensation that swept out from between her legs. A new kind of warmth started to spread through her body, and Keri leaned back against the relatively cool tile wall of the shower.

Cupping her own breasts in her hands, she squeezed slowly, a deep sigh whispering from her lips. Giving her nipples a tweak, she felt an entirely different kind of tension starting to leave her as she closed her eyes and indulged in the images her imagination was conquering up.

A picture of Tobias and Miko came into her mind, and Keri smiled at it. She had seen the aquatic pokegirl down in the dinning room, and even though Miko had already been tamed by the new master, Keri doubted she would pass up another chance with him if she could get it. She also doubted Tobias would pass at another go with her, even if he did have plenty of other pokegirls to tame at the moment.

It surprised her a little when the image of Tobias faded from her imagination and Miko took the forefront of her forming daydream. While Keri had never had doubts or questions about her sexuality, she was proudly bi and took equal pleasure from male and female lovers, she had been limited to female only partners for a good while now. A little change up seemed due, and yet her mind was now focused solely on recreating the cute little blue skinned pokegirl as it recalled her from their meeting in the hall, which is to say, completely naked.

A strong, bass rumble of a purr sounded from her as Keri slipped a hand down between her legs while in her mind Miko shook her cute little ass, her tail waving enticingly. Keri always had preferred the less human pokegirls, the exotic features of them added a nice flair. Pushing a finger slowly into herself, Keri made a mental note to figure out a way to get Miko into her bed sometime soon.

Wiping sweat out of his eyes with the back of his hand, Tobias slowly downed his third can of Stamina/Energy +, or maybe it was his fourth. He paused to think about, the can sitting on his lip as his sex addled brain tried to pull enough blood up from his lower half to function properly.

He'd had the first one before going after the triplets, getting through Sara and Raas before downing the second. Then there had been Aras, who had left him more worked up after fucking her then before, resulting in him practically ravishing Dianna. The colorful bird type pokegirl had made some of the most interesting noises, her lovely, piping voice raising to pitches his ears couldn't really hear, but that he could feel pulsing against his eardrums.

He'd felt a bit odd that he hadn't even known her name until after he had started roughly taming her, pinning her down under his body while he had hammered into her energetically enough to have scattered the make shift bed of pillows apart. He hadn't even given thought to what her name might have been until he heard one of the triplets make a comment about the coupling pair, supplying the birdgirl's name for him.

It had given him pause, but not for long. After a trio of explosive orgasms from Dianna without finding his own relief, Tobias had figured he had given the bird type as much attention as he could afford if he seriously thought he was going to get to the remaining fifteen pokegirls today. Part of him groaned in agony at the thought, even with the stamina drinks to boost him, it seemed a hopeless task. Another part of him cheered, though it was a part that Tobias had never credited as representing his intelligence very well. A final part of him just grit its teeth and told him to get going, the girls weren't about to let him give up yet, not as long as he was able to get it up still.

Throbbing with need, Tobias had untangled himself from Dianna while she was still slightly dazed from her orgasms, and just crossed over to the next closest pair of pokegirls, a dark furred cat type and a bright red lupine girl. Both were covered with sleek, soft fur and definitely fell outside the near human category of pokegirls. Not that it had bothered him in the slightest, especially not when they had immediately stopped playing with each other to sit up with eager expressions on their slightly muzzled faces at his approach.

The soft fuzz on their hands had been a very different, very pleasant sensation as they had both seized a handful of his jutting manhood as soon as he was in reach, and his cock had vanished first into one, and then the other pokegirl's mouth. Both the girls had rather long and powerful tongues, and after they had each enjoyed a firm sucking they had given over to a joint effort to caress every inch of his length with those tongues.

After the thorough blow job from April earlier in the day and Raas's coaxing pussy, Tobias hadn't had much left to give the eager pair of pokegirls, but what bit of his seed remained had found its way onto their smiling faces, and they had taken their time cleaning it off each other while he watched. After that show the Lupine girl had finished it off by giving her feline counterpart a lustful kiss, her bushy white tail wagging with enthusiasm.

Tobias had then downed his third can of the drink, and fucked them both into howling fits. The cat type in particular had uttered some truly unique sounds while being tamed, her legs bent back over her shoulders by her lupine partner while Tobias slammed into her. Once the black furred pokegirl had screamed her lungs out and had been reduced to a happily purring stupor, the doggirl had been quick to pull her new master on top of her.

The fire furred pokegirl had turned out to be an entirely different type of screamer. Rather then the yowls, nyaos, purrs, and hisses of the cat type, she had maintained a constant, uninterrupted, and utterly vile utterance of the most foul language Tobias had ever even imagined, let alone heard. The string of swearing had flowed with a nearly poetic grace as the curses moved seamlessly from one to the next, and he had lost his focus for a moment when the complete filth of what she was saying really started to make it through his lust fogged mind. Her silky furred legs wrapping around his hips and firmly burying his cock into her cunt had been needed to shake him out of his surprise, but once he remembered what he was doing, the pokegirl's language had become merely a colorful addition.

He realized he'd never asked and didn't know either of their names, but at the moment he didn't have the energy to care. As it had been his third can that had carried him through taming the two, that made the can he was working on his fourth then. He wasn't sure he actually needed it yet, but his eyes had settled on a group of four that he was getting ready to tackle, and it seemed a good idea to save up for it. Idly he wondered just how much of the stuff was safe to drink at one go.

Two of the four immediately stopped bothering with each other once he made his intentions towards them clear. They were an interestingly mismatched couple, one was so near human that if her eyes hadn't been a startling bright red he never would have known her for a pokegirl at sight. Her strawberry blonde hair and fair skin both fell into a range displayed by normal humans, though he thought that when she smiled hungrily at him that her canines seemed bigger then normal. The other pokegirl was obviously not human, her skin a pale green washed with darker patches of spots, bright sun yellow hair curling around her head with tiny flower buds entwined in the strands.

The other half of the group seemed content to let the two have at him first while they finished with each other. Or at least, the yellow skinned, mouse eared pokegirl who was busy eating out an incoherently whimpering pokegirl with a set of gloriously colored butterfly wings seemed unwilling to let her partner up at the moment, and the bug type was too far gone to give an opinion one way or the other.

The near human pokegirl and the plant type didn't say anything as he joined them. They each gave him a passionate kiss and a groping, after which they seemed to follow some agreed upon plan, turning around and getting down on all fours. They looked back over their shoulders at him, eyes expectant, with wicked little matching grins on their mismatched faces.

Tobias froze, trying to work out what they were up to, but his brain had long ago given control over to another part of his anatomy. Unfortunately, it didn't have more idea what to do at the moment then he did.

' What do they want? I guess they expect me to pick one of them to go first? I mean, I can't tame them both at the same time.' Some part of his brain must have still been receiving blood, because a sudden thought came to him, and it made it clear just what part of his mind had been left in charge. ' Well, maybe not both at the exact same time, but...'

Kneeling down behind the strawberry blonde, he laid a hand on one pale, flawless globe of her ass. She gave him a smoldering grin, her red eyes looking at him with such intensity that he nearly let the plantgirl get away before he realized she was moving.

" Could you come over here honey," he told the flower haired pokegirl, making her pause in the act of taking a seat a short distance away. She gave him a confused look that was amazingly mirrored by the pokegirl who's ass he was gently rubbing, even though their faces were nearly nothing alike. Still, she moved to obey him, taking up a position slightly to his right as he directed her into place.

" Master?" the strawberry blonde spoke in a half questioning, half eager voice.

" Just wait, you'll see," Tobias assured her as he checked the angle between the three of them. ' I hope this works, or I'm going to look rather stupid.' He suddenly realized that he didn't know either of the girls names any more then he did the catgirl and lupine pokegirl. ' Ah, fuck it.' His mind was feeling too sluggish, his body too hyped up on stamina drink, and his loins too eager for a taste of the next pokegirl pussy to care what their names might be. He would have plenty of time to find out later anyway. Lining himself up with the near human girl's waiting opening, he plunged forward.

Keri bit back a groan as the hard, thick, smooth length pressed into her pussy. The metal dildo she had brought into the shower with her had been kept away from the water, and it felt absolutely chilled against her hot insides. Taking a firm grip on the extra durable toy, she gave it a few probing thrusts into herself until she found the right angle to really hit her sweet spots and got a good rhythm going.

Closing her eyes again, the imaginary Miko smiled sweetly at Keri, the blue pokegirl's tiny hands caressing her body while the aquatic girl's amazing handy tail stroked back and forth inside her. That tail of hers was definitely something to get Keri's imagination running.

Miko was kneeling over Keri, her tail curled under between her legs to slide into the warcat. As the flexible appendage pulled back, it would brush against Miko's own pussy as the aquatic girl tail fucked them both. Her light blue hands ran up her own body, cupping her breasts and pushing her perky violet tits towards Keri.

Jamming her toy deep up into herself, the head mistress moaned heavily at the jolt that ran through her. Keri had never had trouble getting herself off, though she rarely managed to trigger anything major, settling instead for a series of rolling, minor orgasms that kept just pushing her over the edge. With Miko running through her mind however, her first rush was a near explosion compared to what she had expected.

Her eyes snapping open in surprise at the intensity of her orgasm, Keri quickly pistoned her toy into herself, feeling her legs start to weaken as the sensation quickly built back up. The next trip over the edge was even more intense, and she half fell back against the wall of the shower.

" Oh fuck, Miko..." Keri groaned out between breaths as she sank herself back into her fantasy. The little pokegirl was practically riding her, tail plunging hard and fast and deep into her, Miko's hips pressing and grinding against hers, a hand each on her breasts, pulling them into her wet, waiting mouth. Keri remembered that Miko was a biter just before the aquatic pokegirl's sharp little teeth pressed against her skin.

Keri hissed as she pinched down on a nipple with her claws, stopping just short of drawing blood. A tremor ran through her as another orgasm racked her body, and her trip down the shower wall ended with her in a puddle on the floor. Her grip on the dildo never slackened though, nor did the pace of the toy until another three racking orgasms finally left her a gasping mess on the shower floor.

" Oh gods," Keri breathed heavily. " I have got to get that girl in bed and fuck her."

" Ah! Fuck!" the strawberry blonde hissed as Tobias pushed into her. Pulling all the way out, he turned on one knee, grabbing the plantgirl's waiting hips, and slid on home into her pussy. She gave a sharp gasp, barely having a second to realize he was about to take her before it happened. His cock left her, and with another turn his attention went back to the nearly human pokegirl, sliding back into her and wiping the confused look off her face.

As both girls realized what he was doing their smiles returned and they made sure to be ready for him each time it was their turn, pushing back eagerly to meet his thrusts. It took a few times switching back and forth for Tobias to get a feel for it, finding the right angle each time slowed him down at first, but the pokegirls were doing their best to help him alternately fuck them.

A trilling wail caught his attention and swung it over to were the mousegirl was having to hold her smaller partner's legs apart to finish her up. The tiny butterfly pokegirl was whining and writhing wildly, her wings trying to flutter, but trapped under her own body they merely beat rapidly against the floor.

" Maaaasteeeer!" the strawberry blonde's pleading tone was at complete odd with the hungry look in her eyes, but it served well enough to get Tobias's mind back to what he was doing.

The two pokegirls made a wonderful contrast to each other, the near human girl's pussy was steaming hot, wet, and slick. It was effortless to slid into her, the heat of her wrapping around his cock. The plantgirl was cooler, smooth instead of slick, and she held him tightly when he pulled out, reluctant to let his cock go.

Even with the pair of different but equally wonderful sensations to keep him going, it only took a minute or two for Tobias to realize he wasn't going to be able to manage fucking them both for very long. It was too much effort to keep switching, and he wasn't doing enough to really get the girls off. The novelty of the twin taming was helping, but that would be wearing off eventually.

Still unwilling to make a choice between them, since that's what they seemed to have wanted him to do and he was feeling stubborn for reasons he couldn't identify, Tobias caught the mousegirl's eye and waved her over. If she has surprised or confused, it never touched her cute little face. She merely hopped up and in two strides was plopping down between the two pokegirls her master was taming.

" Help me with them?" Tobias asked, though his tone made it more of an order then a suggestion.

" Of course master," the yellow skinned girl readily agreed in a fluted voice that spoke of confidence. She didn't need anything more, her tone made it clear she knew exactly what to do, which Tobias was glad for because he wasn't really sure what he wanted her to do.

As soon as he had pulled out of the plantgirl for another switch, the mouse eared pokegirl's hand slide between her lovely green thighs and plunged a pair of digits into her pussy. The flower haired girl gave a happy sigh and smiled warmly at the yellow pokegirl.

Burying his cock into the strawberry blonde, Tobias gave her a couple firm and long strokes before letting her go. His eager new assistant quickly switched pokegirls, taking over for him as he gave the plantgirl a few hard thrusts, and then they both switched again.

The new pattern quickly increased the vocal sounds of pleasure from both pokegirls, the near human girl letting out loud, throaty moans and gasps, while the more subdued plant type maintained a near constant humming whine that scaled up and down in pitch.

The strawberry blonde came first, pounding a fist energetically against the pillowed floor when Tobias entered her, the slick inner walls of her pussy contracting and pulsing around his invading member. He gave her his whole attention while she rode out the orgasm, writhing and thrashing on the end of his cock until she finally fell bonelessly to the floor.

Switching back to the plantgirl, he took a firm grip on her hips and plowed into her as hard as he could. The sharp, meaty slap of his thighs against her ass mixed with the increasing volume of her whining, right until the mousegirl jammed her tongue into the green skinned pokegirl's open mouth and kissed her hard.

She gave his cock a firm squeeze as her whole body tightened up, and the little buds in her hair opened into tiny flowers of purple and red that gave off a heady, sweet smell that made Tobias's eyes flutter shut. When they opened again, his mouse eared assistant had gathered the two pokegirls together off to the side and was busy making him comfortable, propping his head up on a pillow.

" Wha? The hell just...?" Tobias muttered

" You really got Liala worked up," she told him. " She sometimes looses control like that." She gave him a warm smile, and he noted that, though rather tiny and cute, now that he had a moment to really look at her, she looked a bit older then most of the pokegirls he'd met. Her face had a mature beauty to it, and her confidence and ease added to the sense he was getting that this was either a pokegirl nearing her second puberty, or she was possibly already a pokewoman.

Tobias started to sit up, but she laid a firm hand on his shoulder. " Why don't you rest master?" she spoke with a casual air, her tone making it clearly a suggestion but with a feeling that anyone with common sense would listen to it.

" I'd hate to leave you all..." Tobias trailed off at the amusement in her eyes. He was feeling confused trying to read the pokegirl, or woman's expressions. She seemed ready to jump a mile if he told her to, yet at the same time she seemed to know he wasn't about to tell her to do anything. Most of the girls were either too eager to get tamed to listen to anything he said, or else they were almost tripping over themselves to please him. This yellow skinned little mouse type however managed to be well behaved and maintain a great deal of dignity. " What's your name?"

" Sicilla, or Sissy if you like master," she answered with a definite note of pleasure. She went ahead and pushed him gently back down flat on the pillows, and gracefully straddled his stomach. Seeing her sitting on him, Tobias really got a feel for how tiny she was. She was at least a few inches under five feet tall, and her weight was almost nothing. He felt that he could just reach out and lift her up with one hand.

Resting his hands on her hips, Tobias was almost surprised his fingers didn't completely encircle her waist. Her own tiny hands slid out across his chest, caressing his skin under her fingers. She seemed perfectly happy to just sit there and casually touch him, not worked up in the slightest even after getting one pokegirl off orally and helping fuck two others into fits.

Tobias on the other hand, was feeling a bit edgy, and the need for some kind of attention to be paid to his lower region was making itself known. Yet he felt almost reluctant to interrupt Sissy's unhurried examination of his upper body. He suddenly felt very young, and in need of permission to do something he wanted.

Something of his feelings must have gone across his face, because Sicilla gave him a gentle smile and slid herself back along him until his waiting cock brushed against her tiny ass. She laid a hand on either of his where they still rested on her waist and gave them a slight tug up. Tobias rather easily lifted the slender mousegirl and moved her over his ready manhood.

Sissy's slight fingers wrapped gently around his shaft, and she pulled herself down onto it, taking a single deep breath as Tobias settled her down around himself. It was a tight fit, her insides hugging his cock firmly, pressing in on every inch of him he could slide into her, and there was more than a bit he couldn't.

Putting one hand on his stomach and another behind her on his thigh, Sissy gave her hips a slow, wide roll, and Tobias had to bite back a gasp as her snug pussy rubbed all around his cock, brushing firmly over the head. Like everything else so far, the mousegirl did it all with a casual grace, and kept up a slow, gentle rhythm as she rode him, and Tobias knew he didn't have a hope of outlasting her, no matter how much stamina drink he gulped down.

The twitching of her left ear woke Keri up from the sleep she'd fallen into after staggering out of the shower. The sensitive, fur covered, slightly pointed lobe of sound collecting flesh that sat on her head was trying to turn to listen to some noise that was filtering in under her door. It sounded like, voices.

Sitting up and rubbing an eye, Keri gave a bleary glance at her clock, her mind slowly working out that she'd been asleep for nearly an hour. She was tempted to lay back down and go back to sleep, she'd been having some very nice dreams about her newest fantasy playmate, but the voices out in the hall were becoming more and more insistent. With an annoyed sigh, she got up and made her way out into the main room of her quarters, and carefully cracked the door open to peer out.

Tobias was walking somewhat gingerly down the hallway, his process being rather hindered by the gaggle of pokegirls surrounding him and trying overly hard to help. They were so busy trying to be helpful that they didn't even seem to realize all they were accomplishing was to tug, jerk, and push the poor guy back and forth as various pairs of hands tried to get a hold of him.

As she got a good look at the situation, Keri felt a low growl building in her throat. Tobias looked much the worse for wear, his hair mussed and tangled, his boxers wrinkled and skewed to one side, his eyes slightly glazed, and she could smell the dry sweat on him even from across the hall. She'd known he'd be suffering a bit after the orgy, the stamina drinks might have been able to get him through all the girls, but they wouldn't do anything to relieve the delicate state his manhood would be in after such a round of abuse, and there was clearly some lingering after effects from his consumption of so much of the stuff. Yet despite his obvious condition, the girls were still acting like silly little children fighting over a new toy.

Pushing the door all the way open, Keri did her best to set her face into a neutral mask, even though she felt more like giving the girls a scowl that would reduce them to cowering lumps, if it didn't send them fleeing outright. The group made it a half dozen more steps along the hallway towards her before anyone even realized she was standing there.

Even with her expression carefully controlled, her general mood must have been obvious to the girls, as the whole lot of them froze, eyes going wide on some, and then a few smiles started...smiles? Keri blinked hard a few times to make sure her eyes weren't still blurred with sleep, but there was no doubt, many of the girls were looking at her in open amusement.

Crossing her arms in preparation to give them the glaring she had been holding back, Keri felt her control over her face slip a few degrees as the motion made her realize she was dressed only in the towel she'd wrapped around herself after her shower. And as the towel was more appropriately sized for someone who wasn't almost seven feet tall, it didn't cover much more then a few scant inches below her waist, and only that much because it was ready to slide right off her chest.

Hugging her arms to her sides a bit tighter in hopes of holding onto both the towel and her dignity, Keri forced her expression back to neutrality. No one was going to take her seriously in an undersized bath towel, not unless she started picking them up and booting them down the hall. Trying to ignore the amused grins and quite a few appreciative smiles, she refocused her attention on Tobias.

Once again, her self control threatened to slip right out of her grasp. The look he was giving her, the raised eyebrows, the slightly wide eyes, the partially open mouth, was such a blatant eye fucking that Keri felt her face heat.

' Gods Keri, get a hold of yourself!' the head mistress told herself firmly. ' You are going to have enough trouble because of the damn towel, if the girls see you blushing like some fresh thresholder about to get tamed for the first time...'

Luckily for her, Tobias chose that moment to let out a muffled groan and bend slightly over, giving her a moment to get her features under control. This of course brought everyone's attention completely on him, and the girls nearly started shoving each other trying to get him to lean on them for support. At this, Keri started forward to put an end to the stupidity of it all. Even if she'd been completely naked and the girls laughing at her, it wouldn't have saved them from her once she had her hands on them.

She'd only taken a pair of steps when Tobias's eyes met hers, and she paused as a look of consideration came into them. He glanced about the pokegirls surrounding him, arguing over him even though they were barely paying him attention, and his expression became one of sudden determination.

" Alright, that's enough!" Tobias's voice wasn't all that loud, but the tone of it cut right through the pokegirl's babblings. Dead silence followed his words as the girls all stared at him in various states of surprise. " Thank you all, for walking with me to my rooms, I enjoyed the company." Now that he had their attention, his voice was much calmer, gentle even. " I can manage just fine from here on my own. Please, go enjoy the rest of your day."

Keri couldn't stop the slow spread of her smile as she watched the girls pass uncertain looks between themselves, a few taking a step or two back down the hallway before pausing, waiting to see what the rest would do. A few tried to get in some request to stay with him, or make an argument about making certain he made it all the way to his quarters, but Tobias stepped on those attempts.

" I have a few things I would like to discuss with the head mistress, things I'm sure would bore you. You need not worry about me, unless you think she would be unable to insure I make it to my rooms that is." That raised a few eyebrows, and sent more then a few glances Keri's way. She could see them trying to make some argument to get around the gentle dismissal, but none of them were ready to risk questioning the head mistress's capabilities, not right in front of her least of all.

Slowly, reluctantly, almost painfully the girls headed back down the hall, throwing glances over their shoulders every few feet until they finally vanished down the stairs.

" It actually worked," Tobias remarked in a nearly awed voice." It really fucking worked." He swayed slightly on his feet, and Keri reached out a hand to steady him.

" You did very well master," she told him.

" Keri please, use my name, I've heard more then my share of 'master' today, and it makes my balls ache at the moment."

" Of course Tobias." Keri gave him a sympathetic smile. " You got through them all then?"

" Lets not talk about that please," Tobias winced and groaned. " Do me a favor and rip my body in half at the waist would you? It's bound to be more pleasant."

" Now that is not very constructive thinking."

" Yeah well it's the best I've got at the moment. What about you, any bright ideas? You got me into this after all."

" As a matter of fact, I have your solution already waiting for you in your room. It was one of the things I saw to before the orgy even started," Keri informed Tobias in a rather smug tone.

" Oh...well, thanks then." He managed a weak smile.

" You are welcome."

" Really Keri, thank you. This house would have eaten me alive if not for your help. Thank you."

The sincerity and gratitude in his voice made Keri's reply catch in her throat, and she settled for giving him a careful hug instead, which he returned gladly.

" Okay, that's good," Tobias said after a few seconds, letting her go. " I'm way too sore down below to be hugging you with nothing but a towel between us. Those damn stamina drinks have me on a hair trigger right now." Keri couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

" Get upstairs Tobias, I promise you will feel much better once you do."

Nodding wearily, Tobias crossed the hall to the door leading up to his private rooms, pausing to chance a look back at the barely covered head mistress.

" You're too good to me Keri, you really are."

" It is my pleasure to be, master," she told him with a wicked little smile as she bowed deeply, forcing him to make a hasty retreat before his eyes could risk falling down the dangerous slopes of her generous cleavage. " All my pleasure," she said to herself as the door swung shut behind him.

The first thing Tobias noticed as he entered the main living room of the third floor of the house was a pleasant, tangy sweet aroma that drifted through the air. The appealing scent seemed to settle comfortably in his lungs as he inhaled a deep breath of it, and already he felt some of his general discomfort lift. Curious, and a bit eager to find the source, he followed the smell back through the room and the short hall beyond until he arrived at his bedroom.

Sitting near the window in a plush armchair, reading a leather bound book, was one of the most gloriously colored pokegirls Tobias had seen yet. Her hair was the reddish orange of a sunset, with bright green vines intertwining with the strands. The creepers in her hair were dotted with small, tear drop shaped berries of a brilliant yellow hue. Her face was a mask of gold with purple streaks that ran across each eye, over her cheeks, and down the sides of her neck and onto her shoulders. More violet marks wound about her arms, snaking down her body, and wrapping around her legs. She was not wearing cloths, but rather seemed garbed rather revealingly in tiny green leaves and yellow flowers.

Becoming aware of his presence, the plantgirl marked the spot in her book, and set it aside as she rose to face him. She was of a decent height, just an inch or so shorter then he was, and had what Tobias could only think of as a rather ripe figure. She bowed to him, and smiled warmly.

" Hello master." Her voice was a ringing chime, like a dozen tinkling bells at once. "Head mistress Keri wished for me to wait for you here, in case you were feeling sore after having so much fun." Tobias could only manage a nod in response as she came closer, bringing that wonderful, relaxing fragrance with her. " Would you like me to help ease your discomfort?"

" Yes, please."

" Wonderful." Her smile widened, and Tobias felt better just from that alone.

" What's your name?" he asked as she took his hand and lead him to his bed.

" Xandi," she answered as she laid him down and made sure he was comfortable. Once he was settled and propped up with a few pillows, she sat down on the edge of the bed by him, and reached a hand into her hair.

" That's an unusual name."

" Yes, it is," she agreed as she seemed to search for something under her locks. Finally locating what she was looking for, Xandi gave her head a sharp twist, and she brought her hand out holding a small cluster of berries. " Here, eat these please."

Tobias took the offered fruit hesitantly, a little caught off guard. Her reassuring smile however prompted him to take her up on the offer. Twisting one of the yellow berries off the cluster, he popped it in his mouth. The outside skin had no taste to speak of, and was firm and plain, almost glassy smooth. As soon as he bit down on it though, an explosion flavor rolled over his tongue as the sweetly tart juice burst forth. It was like nothing he had ever tasted before, and the rest of the berries quickly followed the first.

As he finished the last of the tiny treats, Tobias felt a rather nice, warming sensation start to spread through him, driving back the exhaustion that had been settling into his very bones, or so it had seemed. The fog on his mind started to lift, and his body began to relax, his eyes drifting shut. His lids snapped back open when he felt Xandi slid his boxers down, and one cool hand wrapped gently around his limp and still smarting member.

" Ah, I'm not really in any shape to..." her chiming laugh cut him off.

" I know, trust me, you will feel better soon." With that she leaned over, and with great care, her mouth engulfed him. Tobias gasped as a sudden tingling sensation ran down the length of his cock and into his balls, and he was amazed to find the attention Xandi was giving him was driving away the soreness of over twenty tamings.

By the end of the orgy, Tobias's body had just given up. The stamina drinks had kept the most vital part of him energized for the task, but his legs, back, arms, pretty much every other part of him had just been done. The remaining pokegirls had settled for laying him out and taking their turns riding him one by one, a process that was just a hazy memory already.

Now though, Tobias was feeling genuinely better and energized. His mind was no longer sluggish but clear and sharp. His body had shaken off exhaustion and while it didn't feel like he should be running any races, he thought he could manage one more taming if need be. Especially with his cock once more standing proud and ready without a hint of discomfort.

If Xandi was working towards getting herself tamed though, she was in no hurry for it. Her lips were snug about his firm manhood, her head slowly bobbing up and down his length. She was careful to insure she covered every inch of it, taking him into her mouth until he could feel her throat squeeze the tip.

When she finally let him slid from her lips, the tingle had become a warm, pleasant sort of numbness. Her one hand held him firmly up and erect as she wiped her mouth with the other, letting out a vexed little chime as a drop of saliva fell from her fingers onto his stomach.

The spot the tiny droplet landed on instantly began to tingle, and Tobias realized just what she had been doing. He had heard that some varieties of plantgirls were able to produce different types of chemicals right in their own bodies, though he had always thought they were just poisons and other effects to use in combat. Xandi however had clearly managed to either alter or add to her saliva some kind of anesthesia. And the berries, and the scent she was giving off, both were acting to ease his aches and relax his muscles, letting his body get comfortable.

" Are you feeling better now master?"

" Yes. So much better I...can barely believe it." Tobias replied, pausing for a yawn.

" Good then." Scooting over closer to him, Xandi worked her jaw for a few seconds a if chewing, then leaned over to kiss him. Tobias hesitated for a moment, while it had been definite relief for his abused manhood, he really didn't relish having his lips or tongue going numb. However he quickly shook that thought away, he trusted her better then that, and if she wanted a kiss, he'd gladly give her one after all she'd done for him.

" Thank you," Tobias's slowly down spiraling brain finally remembered to tell her after the kiss ended. " For...making me"

" You may thank me later, when you awake," Xandi told him, her fingers gently brushing his eyelids closed. " You will sleep now, but when you return to waking, I will be waiting. You will be ready to thank me how I would like to be at that point."

With the musical notes of her voice chiming softly in his ears, Tobias gave into the final medication Xandi had given him with her kiss, and he drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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