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Chapter 6


<13:00, The Town of Plymouth>

Andrew whistled as he walked down the street. He was looking for the Pokécenter and Mart, but he also had to avoid anyone who looked like a Tamer. A hard prospect when he was attempting to locate the buildings where there would be the most Tamers in the area.


“If I were a Pokécenter, where would I hide…” he muttered. The rain had finally stopped that morning, and he and Claire had wandered around for a bit before finding a path. They had followed it until they saw buildings. At that point Andrew had put Claire up so they might make it around unmolested. So far it had worked; the few Tamers that Andrew had wandered into hadn’t given him a second look.


“HEY! You there!”


“Shit.” Andrew resisted the urge to turn around. He knew he was the only one the voice could be referring too, but if he pretended he hadn’t heard anything…


“OI! Old man! You’re a Tamer aren’t you? I challenge you to a battle!”


Andrew sighed and turned around. “Kid, you couldn’t be referring to me. That would be impossible. Right?” He was greeted by what looked to be a Tamer fresh off the test; inexperienced, young, and annoying. “Look. I’m tired, and I’m just trying to find the Pokégirl Center so I can get them to fix my Pokédex. Could we do this some other time?”


The boy skidded to a stop and shook his head. “I challenged you, so let’s go!” He was grinning ear to ear.


Andrew shook his head. “Aren’t you going to at least apologize about the ‘Old Man’ comment? I am not that old, you know.” He stared at the kid. “Are you really reading an instruction manual right now?? Did you challenge me without even knowing what to do?”


The kid extended his hand without even looking up, even though he was at least 10 feet away. “Uhh, sorry about calling you that, I just needed to get your attention. My name is Troy and I would like to challenge you to a Pokégirl battle please!” He looked up with a grin before noticing how far away Andrew was and taking a few quick steps towards him.


“Good to know you have some manners, Troy. Since you have challenged me I provide stipulations for this match; it will be one Pokégirl, no salvage, Grand Melee. Acceptable?” Andrew asked while extending his own hand.


Troy’s mouth dropped. “Uhh, Grand Melee? What’s that?”

“It’s where you and I battle along with our ‘girls. No hold barred. No killing though. You okay with that? If not you can withdraw your challenge.”


Troy’s hand dropped. “You know, I don’t think I could do that. The fact that you’re asking for that means you can fight. I can’t.” He started to turn away. “Sorry again for calling you an old man. Uhm, the Pokécenter is three blocks down and two back towards the center of town.” He waved. “Good luck, sir.”


Andrew nodded and watched Troy jog back the way he had come. “Good to see at least some parents are still teaching manners.” Andrew said before turning and walking towards where Troy had pointed him.





After a couple minutes of walking, Andrew finally saw the sign for the Pokécenter. “And now for the tricky part.” He started walking towards the Center. Right as he got to the door, it opened and two Tamers walked out. They stopped when they saw him. He smiled “Good afternoon. Mind stepping out of the way? I’m trying to inquire about the Tamer’s Test.” He said as he stepped towards the door. They shifted aside and he walked in.


“Hey! You lied! You’re a Tamer! I challenge you to a battle!”


Andrew turned around. One of the two had his Pokédex out and pointed at him. He shrugged “I didn’t lie. I am here to inquire about why my test didn’t fill in my profile information correctly, and how I can get it fixed. Also, I was just challenged a few minutes ago. I can’t receive a new challenge for an hour, I believe. To top it off, I am inside a Pokécenter and cannot receive challenges. Sorry.”


The Tamer with his Pokédex out scowled at Andrew. “Damn you. Get out here and battle me!”


Andrew shook his head. “As you have not issued a valid challenge, I have no need to accept or deny you. Have a nice day.” He said and turned towards the counter, where a NurseJoy stood, watching the exchange. He heard the second Tamer muttering with the first before the doors closed. He rolled his eyes and approached the NurseJoy. She smiled at him. “Is everyone around here so belligerent?” he asked her.


She shook her head. “Those two just like to make trouble. Sorry if they bothered you.” She said. “I heard you say something about trouble with your Tamer profile? I can take care of that, if you wish. Also, do you need your Pokégirls healed?”


Andrew nodded. “Cleaning and healing cycle please. After you get that started we can talk about my profile.” He handed Claire’s pokéball to the NurseJoy. She nodded and disappeared into the back of the Pokécenter. Andrew looked around, noticing the cameras above the door. He looked over as the NurseJoy came back out to the counter. “I’m sorry, but I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Andrew, and you are?”


The NurseJoy blushed. “If you’re trying to tame me, please stop. It’s against the law to tame civil service Pokégirls while they are on duty.”


Andrew shook his head. “No ma’am, I’m merely trying to be polite.”


The NurseJoy’s face reddened, this time in embarrassment. “It’s Amy, sir. Thank you.”


Andrew smiled warmly. “Than you, Amy. What I’m having trouble with is my Tamer profile; it say’s it’s corrupted or something. Could you take a look?”


Amy nodded. “If I could see your Pokédex for a minute I’ll pull up your information, sir.” She took it from Andrew and plugged it into her computer. “That is odd. I can still read your first name and harem information, but everything else seems to have been corrupted. Here-“ She handed Andrew a form. “-please fill this out, and I’ll get your information updated. While you’re doing that I’ll get your Pokégirl.”


Andrew nodded and began to fill out the form as Amy went back to get Claire. It was all simple stuff, name, age, gender, etc. He was finishing it when he heard Amy return. He looked up and handed the form to her. “Here you are.”


Amy smiled and handed him a Pokéball. “And your Pokégirl, sir. Thank you.” Andrew nodded and waited while Amy inputted his information. She frowned slightly and glanced at him. “You didn’t supply a last name. May I inquire as to what yours is?”


Andrew shrugged. “I don’t really have one, but if you have to put one in, please put in ‘Ranger’.”


Amy tapped a few more keys. “Is this acceptable?” She asked, handing Andrew’s Pokédex back to him.



Andrew Ranger

Age: 27




Master Tamer:N





Active Harem:

Hauteclere – Slicer, Level 12

??? – Catgirl, Feral



Andrew nodded and pocketed his Pokédex. “It looks good. Thank you for your help, Amy.”


She smiled at him. “It was my pleasure, Andrew. And, um, about the Taming thing before…” She blushed and turned away. Andrew laughed. She spun around and glared at him. “What?!?”


Andrew grinned. “I usually don’t refuse offers from beautiful women, but I’m trying to make some money and buy some gear right now. How about I take you up on that offer when I have more than, oh, 200SLC to my name?”


Amy smiled. “Ok. I get off duty every day at eight. If you get here at seven-thirty, I can probably help you out with a room.”


Andrew chuckled. “Alrighty then, I’ll be back in a few days. See you then, Amy.”


“Have a good day, Andrew.”





Andrew exited the Pokécenter and released Claire. She materialized and began blinking in the sunlight. “What’s going on?”


Andrew pointed at what looked like a Pokémart in the distance. “I thought we could see how much money Braxton gave us and maybe buy you and I some clothes and supplies. After that we’re going out to catch some more ferals.” He nodded at the tamer making a beeline for them. “And there’s the welcoming committee.”


It was the tamer that had tried to challenge Andrew before. “Ha! Now I have you. Come on, battle me! I can see your Pokégirl is healed so you don’t have any way to refuse!”


Andrew shook his head. “Actually, I’m pretty sure there is a provision that keeps tamers from being challenged for one hour after a gym battle or after exiting a Pokégirl Center.”


The tamer scowled. “Ok, you have to be making that one up.”


Andrew shrugged. “I merely stated what I think is the truth. But since I know that you won’t leave me alone until I accept your challenge, fine.” Andrew activated the recorder on his Pokédex. “As I have been challenged, I say this will be a one Pokégirl Grand Melee. Any objections?”


The tamer waved his hand dismissively. “Yea, whatever. Giselle, you’re up.” He said, and released a Peekabu.


“Master, are you sure about this?” Claire asked.


“I told you not to call me that. Geez. Yes, I’m sure. I’m going to beat this snotty kid. Can you take the Peekabu?” Andrew whispered back.


Claire shrugged. “Probably. She doesn’t seem too strong, and I’ll just dodge anything she tries to hit me with. What’s a Grand Melee?”


Andrew smirked. “It means this kid just agreed to let me beat him up. As soon as I do, get in front of me, because the Peekabu won’t take kindly to me smacking her master around.” He scanned the area, noticing an OfficerJenny watching them from nearby. “We should be fine. The Jenny will come running over and the Peekabu shouldn’t attack me with her here.”


Claire glared at him. “’Shouldn’t’? What if she does?”


Andrew kissed her cheek. “Then I’m counting on you to protect me.” He glanced at her belt. “And we need to get you a weapon. Remind me after this battle, ok?”


Claire rolled her eyes. “Fine.”


“HEY, ARE WE DOING THIS OR NOT?” The tamer yelled. Andrew sighed. “I WANT YOUR SLICER!”


“I will enjoy this.” Andrew muttered at Claire. She smiled.


“Hey hey, hold on a moment!” Andrew heard. He turned around to see the OfficerJenny running towards them. She skidded to a stop. “Were you planning on battling with no officiator?”


Andrew smiled. “Sorry, Officer. Would you please officiate for us?”


The Jenny nodded. “Of course, tamer-?”


Andrew smiled and extended his hand. “Andrew. I do not know the name of my opponent.”


The Jenny glanced at his hand for a second before taking it. “Officer May. And you are, sir?” She called to the tamer now prancing in agitation.


“Hino!” He yelled.


May nodded at him before turning to Andrew. “Who initialized this battle?” She asked him.


“That would be him.” Andrew said, pointing at Hino. “I have specified that this will be a one pokégirl Grand Melee.”


May looked at him in shock for a second before turning to Hino. “Do you agree to these terms?”


“YEA! This is a salvage battle! I want his slicer!” Hino yelled back.


May shook her head and turned back to Andrew. “Do you accept this battle for salvage?” She asked him. Andrew nodded. “Very well. On my count. Three, two, one, begin!” She called, and immediately jumped out of the way.


Andrew smiled at Claire. “You’re up.”


She grinned back. “Just watch me.” She said as she leapt towards the already crackling Peekabu. As she hit the ground she flattened and threw herself to one side to avoid the hastily fired thundershock attack.


“GISELLE! USE THUNDERWAVE! IF SHE’S PARALYZED SHE CAN’T DODGE!” Hino screamed. Andre shook his head and started edging around the fight.


Claire landed, dodged, and darted in towards Giselle, who panicked and fired a thunderwave in front of Claire. Claire stopped short and stuck her tongue out at the frantic Peekabu. “Nya nya, missed me!” She sang and skipped away as Giselle continued firing thunderwave after thunderwave.


Andrew shook his head. If Claire wasn’t careful, she was going to get hit. Oh well. He was almost even with Hino, who was hopping about in a state of rage. “Hey asshole.” He called as he settled into a reverse crescent stance.


Hino’s head whipped around. “What the fuck? What are you doing here?” he asked angrily. “After I beat your damn Slicer I’ll destroy you!” He snapped and threw a punch at Andrew’s face.


“Checkmate.” Andrew whispered. Stepping back, he let Hino overextend himself before grabbing his wrist and stepping inside his strike. Hino’s eyes widened as Andrew hammered his left shoulder, limping his arm and rendering it useless. Andrew then turned inside. “Twist the wrist,” He thought as he twisted Hino’s arm, pulling his head down, “Break the joint,” as he hammered down on Hino’s locked elbow, releasing his wrist as the arm went limp and Hino’s face went white as he tried to scream. “Crack the ribs,” He thought and hammered Hino’s right side, “And shatter the cage.” He whispered as he spun, releasing all of his fury into a back kick that depressed Hino’s rib cage until he heard several snapping sounds. Hino’s eyes rolled back and his scream turned into a gurgle as he flew backwards several feet before smacking into the ground. “Cross over. En Garde. Scan for opponents. Defend, engage.” He thought.


“MASTER!” Andrew heard and whirled around to see Giselle staring at him in horror. “YOU KILLED HIM! I’LL KILL YOU!” She screamed and released a thundershock straight at his face.


“Shit.” He muttered.




Andrew Ranger

Age: 27




Master Tamer:N





Active Harem:

Hauteclere – Slicer, Level 12

???? – Catgirl, Feral