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Chapter 48



         Andrew sat, staring at the staff in front of him. “I told you to bring it here.” Fu called. “You still have work to do today.”


         Andrew grunted, scooping up the staff and walking to where Fu waited. “Sorry. I’ve got some stuff on my mind. What do you want me to do?”


         “Have you used a staff in combat before?”


         Andrew nodded. “I know how to handle one.”


         “Good.” Fu hefted her own, a solid brown bo staff that gave off a dull sheen. “I will attack. Defend yourself.”


         Andrew experimentally swung his staff and nodded. Fu started slow, deliberately placing her strikes and watching his response. Andrew felt his hesitation drop away as he continued to move, the wood in his hands dancing to parry Fu’s assault. Without thinking he took an opening, twisting Fu’s staff aside and jabbing his into her ribs.


         Fu cursed, stumbling back and rubbing at where he had hit her. “Ow! I didn’t say hit me.”


         “I’m so sorry, you were open and I just moved.” Andrew stuttered.


         Fu rubbed at her side. “I was intentionally moving slowly, asshole.”


         “You can move slowly without moving carelessly.”


         Fu stopped rubbing. “Excuse me?”


         Andrew’s heart sank at the look she was giving him. “Uhhh...”


         “I’m so sorry that I decided to start easy.” Fu’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “I see now that you are a master with the staff.”


         Andrew yelped when her weapon blurred out, desperately parrying her strikes. All it took was two more blows before he was on the ground, Fu standing over him with the end of her staff hovering over his face.


         “What do you say?”


         “Forgive me, Sensei.” Andrew gasped.


         “Hmph.” Fu bent down to help him to his feet. “Good enough. Again.”







         “Melody! There you are.” Kuu embraced the Wet Queen, drawing back to beam at her bashful friend. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you away from our training activities.”


         “Well, you’ve been busy.” Melody mumbled. “And I’ve been spending time with Ann.”


         “Too much time, I think.”


         Melody sighed, her eyes casting down. “Probably.”


         “That’s not important now.” Kuu said gently. “How are you doing? What did you want to talk about?”


         Melody shrugged, taking a seat and daintily resting her hands in her lap. “I’ve been feeling the need to rule more and more of late. Ann... Ann recognized that. It’s why she resigned from the combat team.”


         Kuu nodded slightly. “I’d heard rumors. Are you worried that your wants have caused her pain?”


         Melody sighed. “Did I force her away? Is this all my fault?”


         Kuu stood, walking to a nearby cupboard and rummaging through it for a few seconds. “I don’t think so, but I’m not part of your relationship, so what can I know?” She withdrew two mugs, handing one to Melody. “Tea?”


         “Um... sure?” Melody watched Kuu pull out a small pot. “What’s that?”


         Kuu hummed, the dirt between her hands shifting and a small plant making its way upwards. “This is my training plant.” She waited for the leaves to grow to full size before stopping her magic, plucking a few free and beginning to roll them between her hands. “I’ll tell her to go back to sleep in a minute.”


         “You keep a tea plant as a training plant?” Melody looked at her quizzically. “What for?”


         “To practice my command plant abilities.” Kuu tapped her chest. “I keep many plants on me at all times, but she was the one I first grew. She’s a hardy little thing. Keeps coming back.”


         Melody held out her mug when Kuu beckoned, watching the dried bits fall from her hands. “You’ve already dried them?”


         Kuu chuckled, sprinkling her own leaves into her mug. “The first few batches I tried to make were terrible. It’s been a while since then.” She turned back to the plant. “Would you mind filling our mugs with water?”


         Melody nodded, placing her palm over the mugs. She hesitated before focusing, yelling when a stream of water shot from her hands and sent bits of tea flying everywhere.


         “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” Melody glanced at Kuu and frowned when she saw the ElfQueen laughing. “What?”


         “That,” Kuu giggled, “is why I practice fine control.”


         Melody stared at her for a moment before she blinked. “Oh. The tea plant, that’s why you still have it.”


         “She’s a reminder that even the smallest of things are important.” Kuu replied with a smile. “Even the most inconsequential problem should be addressed.”


         Melody gazed at her. “Was this a lesson?”


         “A lesson to rule.” Kuu replied. “Are you sure you’re ready to give every problem the time it deserves?”


         Melody looked around at the scattered water. “I... don’t know.”


         “Good.” Kuu placed the pot back in the cupboard. “That’s the correct answer.”


         Melody accepted the mug Kuu handed her. “What’s this?”


         “I figured you’d mess up the first time.” Kuu teased. “So I prepared a new one.”


         Melody stared into the liquid. “This isn’t brewed.”


         “I’m sure you know how to heat something.” Kuu replied, showing how the liquid in her own mug had begun to steam. “Don’t you?”


         Melody carefully handed the mug back. “I’d like the tea, and I’m afraid I’d just create a flamethrower or something.”


         Kuu chuckled, swapping mugs with her. “As long as you understand what I’m trying to demonstrate.”


         Melody nodded, staring into the depths of her drink. “I’m not ready.”


         “You’re not ready for a court of Wet Eves, no.” Kuu replied. “But that is not the only thing you can rule.”


         Melody had been taking a sip of her tea and quickly lowered it. “This is amazing. What are you talking about?”


         Kuu shrugged, taking her own sip. “Even if you were ready for a court, where would you stay? I would be excited to work with you but there are no large bodies of water on my land. Only the springs to the south. Perhaps in the lakes to our east, but that would remove you from Andrew, and the others.” Her eyes gazed at Melody over the rim of her cup. “I know you do not want to leave her.”


         Melody winced. “No.”


         “It would also place you in the same place he tried to place me.” Kuu lowered her mug. “We stand at his side, do we not? Even though I have my court, my first loyalty is to him.”


         Melody slowly nodded. “If I moved out, I would no longer be in this combat harem he has talked about.”


         “You would not. Not for many months, at least, as you worked to find a second queen who would help you rule.”


         Melody shook her head. “Our courts are not like yours, Kuu. If I left it to be with him, I would not be allowed back. Not without a fight.”


         Kuu nodded. “All the more reason to look elsewhere.”


         “Where else is there to look?” Melody asked desperately. “There is one, or the other. I can not have both.”


         “But you can.” Kuu lowered her voice. “There is a court here for you to take.”


         Melody looked at her in confusion. “Where?”


         “Aella has fallen out of favor.” Kuu whispered. “You would make a fine leader.”


         Melody stared. “You can not be serious. The harem? I’m no Alpha.”


         “And yet,” Kuu mused, “you wish to be a Queen.”


         “You’d be much better as the Alpha than I would be.”


         “I am greedy, Melody, but I am not stupid.” Kuu chuckled. “I would relish holding that position with him but I would not succeed. I would simply fail as Aella did, only my failure would come as I tried to manage both my court and the harem. No,” she smiled, “it is not my place. But it could be yours, if you play your cards right.”


         “What do I do?”


         “You are not in his eye, which is both good and bad.” Kuu replied. “It is good because it will allow you to do what you need to without scrutiny, and it is bad because he is not considering you. Yet. Your first step will be to prove you are as good as Aella is in combat. I’m sure that will be of little issue.”


         Melody shook her head. “You’re delusional. Aella flattens me.”


         “She did the same with Cristina.” Kuu replied. “Until Cristina decided to change that. You have seen her, pushing and judging us as she lays back without the same motivation. She has not grown. We have.”


         Melody frowned. “Maybe, but she still wins in a fight. She can fly, and I don’t have ways to hurt her before she zaps me.”


         “You mean to tell me that in all the spells and techniques you have copied, none can affect her?”


         Melody blinked. “What do you know about that?”


         “I know you practice them in secret, slowly expanding your capabilities. I know you are one of the most keen watchers during our spars, eager to find a new ability to learn. You have the potential to be great, Melody. And, without meaning to be rude, now that Ann is not holding you back you can finally realize your potential.”


         Melody shook her head. “Thank you for your words but I am not ready for this. At all.”


         “I did not say you are.” Kuu’s voice gained a conspiratorial edge. “I will distract them, for months if I must. But only if you want this.”


         Melody returned her attention to her half-forgotten tea. “It would solve my indecision,” she slowly replied, “and I would be lying if I said it did not appeal to me.”


         “You would not be alone as the Alpha.” Kuu continued. “Cristina is an extraordinary leader. Aella’s biggest mistake was ignoring her - you don’t need to make the same one.”


         Melody nodded. “And what do you stand to gain from this?” She smiled at Kuu. “I know you. Everything you do serves your own purpose somehow.”


         Kuu grinned back. “I would gain a better position for my friend. Is that not enough?”


         Melody stuck out her tongue at her.


         “And I suppose I would have an Alpha who would think favorably of the activities an elf court does best.” Kuu conceded. “I am aware Wet Elves have longevity. How old are you, really?”


         Melody chuckled into her drink. “However old I look.”


         “One or two?”


         Melody smiled. “Two.”


         “Not near your second puberty, then.”


         Melody shook her head. “I am not. Perhaps another few decades.” Her eyebrows waggled. “How about you, young one? Speaking to me of your rule as if you are my elder and yet looking like a teenager.”


         “I had never had a reason to evolve, just like you.” Kuu grinned. “I am at least two as well. But I am your elder, because I know my puberty comes sooner than a decade.”


         “It is assumed it happens near to three hundred years into our lives.” Melody peered at Kuu. “You are not that old. It would make you a soldier.”


         Kuu shook her head. “True. I did not fight the war, but I knew of it. I was born when it was still a recent memory.”


         “And I grew up hearing of it in my mother’s stories.” Melody replied. “What makes you believe you are so close to giving him the children he desires?”


         “You are aware we can give him children at any time.”


         Melody scowled. “Yes, but he has already shown his preference for the ones who can give him human children. We do not have that ability. Not yet.”


         “He does not care, Melody.” Kuu set her mug down. “If you want him, tell him. He will respond.”


         “How can you be so sure?”


         “Because I have told him as much, and he has responded in kind. I will soon be his wife.”


         Melody’s jaw dropped. “You’re sure?”


         “He loves us as we are, Melody. I have said the same to Cristina and I will say it to any who think otherwise. He changes for us. He does not want us to change for him.”


         “I don’t know. Can I do this?”


         “All you need to do,” Kuu replied, “is to stop hiding. Again this is the same thing I have said to others. I want us all to be at our best for him.”


         Melody nodded. “I see what you’re doing.”


         Kuu raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”


         “I have seen it before, in a harem I once was in.” Melody smirked. “You are playing us against each other to make us strong.”


         Kuu returned the smirk with one of her own. “I am giving everyone who will listen my advice.”


         “You are a scheming Queen.” Melody laughed. “I will listen to your words, Kuu. They are the words of experience.” She frowned. “Experience that in truth I should have over you. I have grown lazy.”


         “I was feral or nearly so for most of my life.” Kuu replied. “I never had to try to be better. I have so much I know and so little I can use.” She chuckled. “And now I have so much I can use. How about you?”


         “Would you like me to show you?”


         Kuu laughed, clapping Melody’s shoulder. “No. Show him. Show them all.”









         Andrew turned, grinning at Cristina as she ran up. “Good afternoon, beautiful. What’s up?”


         Cristina pulled to a halt, one hand clutched behind her back. “I have something for you.”


         Andrew raised an eyebrow. “Mysterious. Alright, what is it?”


         Cristina slowly held out a folded piece of card stock. “I hope you can make it.”


         Andrew gave her a quizzical look but took the paper, unfolding it and reading the message. “...Cristina?”


         “Is it too soon?”


         Andrew held up the wedding invitation. “I hadn’t even had time to plan this.”


         Cristina had a worried smile affixed to her face. “I- I couldn’t wait. I’ve been planning ever since you asked me.”


         Andrew looked back down, tracing the block lettering. “Who made this for you?”


         “There’s an amateur printer in Texas I got sent to.” Cristina shifted nervously when he continued staring at the invitation. “I’ve been running all around the league tracking down pieces.”


         “I was expecting to plan this with you.”


         “Well,” Cristina took a deep breath, “like you said, you’re expecting all of us to at least consider it. So, it wouldn’t be fair for you to plan dozens of weddings. I figured we could each probably take that responsibility.”


         Andrew looked back up at her with a wry smile. “You’re going to have to deal with the childbirth, and the wedding planning? Those are the worst two things about marriage.”


         Cristina giggled. “I had help, and I’ll help them when it’s their turn.”


         Andrew tapped the card against his palm. “This is this weekend.”




         “I think I can make it.” Andrew chuckled. “I’ll need to get a suit.”


         “Cortney and Lyn are waiting for you.”


         “You’ve thought of everything.”


         “I’ve been planning every moment I’ve had.” Cristina replied happily.


         “The papers.” Andrew grinned. “In the lounge a few days ago.”




         “Well, it appears I’m a guest at my own wedding.” Andrew chuckled. “Although really this is your wedding, isn’t it? I’m just the prize.”


         Cristina was still smiling. “The best wedding gift a girl could have.”


         “We’ll see if I can top it on Sunday.” Andrew embraced her. “You’re lucky I’m ready too. Sneaky woman.”


         “I just couldn’t wait any longer.” Cristina murmured. “The last month has felt like forever.”




         “I know, I know, things got busy.” Cristina tightened her hug for a moment before releasing him. “Sunday?”




         They kissed, lingering for a few seconds before breaking away and Cristina scampered away. Andrew watched her with a happy smile before shaking his head and returning to his walk.







         Andrew let his breath out, gazing into the mirror in front of him. “How do I look?”


         “I think you look incredible.” Rein carefully straightened the cut of his suit jacket. “You clean up nice.”


         “Ha ha.”


         “So do the rest of them.” Rein teased. “Alright. I need to get to my seat, and you need to get to the priest.”


         Andrew waited for her to leave before withdrawing two objects from his pockets. He carefully nested each inside the next before slipping the whole package into the covered basket nearby. He felt what Cristina had placed there but pulled his hand back before he could feel a shape; this was her idea, and he thought it was a beautiful one. No rings for the ring bearer and a surprise for the whole assembly.


         With one last look in the mirror he pushed into the brilliant morning sun. A few heads turned when he walked by, the majority of the crowd composed of his harem. Everyone had come to cheer Cristina on, though their dress was unorthodox to say the least. He came to a halt, giving Constance a small smile. “You’re the only one not in a dress.”


         Constance flashed a smile back, stepping to the side slightly to allow him to take his place. “I’m acting as your best man.” She rumbled, standing proud in her dress uniform. “Lonely man you are. No friends.”


         Andrew snorted, glancing over at where Aella stood as the maid of honor. “I’m still surprised the two of them made up so quickly.”


         Constance smiled slightly. “It was a peace offering. Cristina wanted to make sure she knew she didn’t hate her.” She glanced at him. “And don’t make me sound like the only rebel. There are suits. Nevaeh is wearing an abomination.”


         Andrew choked back his laughter. “It’s a suit.”


         “If that’s a suit, you’re in a full on tuxedo.”


         Andrew swallowed his response when the music swelled, all heads turning to the double doors at the end of the aisle.


         “Wait.” Andrew felt himself begin to panic. “The vow basket. Who brings that in?”


         “It’s fine.” Constance growled. “There’s someone bringing it.”




         “Cristina has planned this down to the second.” Constance whispered. “Just stand there and be a good boy.”


         “I’m just so nervous.” Andrew whispered in a rush. “I’ve done this before and I’m still freaking out.”


         Constance grinned, slapping his arm. “That’s good. I want to see you sweating when I’m the one walking down that aisle.”


         Andrew gulped when the doors swung open and he caught his first glimpse of Cristina since the day before.


         She slowly walked in, Camiel standing proudly at her side. She had donned a brilliant gold dress with a flowing pattern of black lace curling around her body, each pattern vanishing into the next to give a hypnotizing sway as she walked.


         He gasped when he saw what came behind her. Her wings were sitting half spread, sequins and tassels hanging from the feathers. When she saw him staring she smiled, flicking her wings slightly to send the scattered adornments swaying.


         When they got close Camiel stopped, releasing Cristina’s arm. She walked the last few steps, stopping for a moment in front of Andrew before taking her place next to Aella.


         “Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of two strong hearts in glorious matrimony.” The priest gazed out into the small crowd. “While tradition dictates I allow those who have objections to the marriage of these two people to speak now, today there will be no dissent; for these two souls have already pledged themselves to one another, and no man or woman has the right to tear them apart.”


         Andrew stole a glance at Cristina, a questioning look in his eyes. She merely gazed back, a glorious smile on her lips.


         “Andrew and Cristina, as the days come and go, you must remember the strength of your love and the power of your faith in each other. If you are prepared to protect not only yourselves but your family from all those who wish it harm, to stand by each other’s side no matter the storm, please take each other by the hands and reply ‘we do’.”


         Cristina folded her hands in his. “We do.”


         “We do.” Andrew croaked.


         “A ring is the traditional gift, to symbolize your unending love for one another. But we are here today because Andrew and Cristina are anything but traditional. The basket, please.”


         Andrew turned when a figure stepped into the doorway and he felt Cristina squeeze his hands at the same time.


         Yang walked towards them, her pace neither too slow nor too fast. She walked confidently, her eyes bright and full of the life Andrew hadn’t seen her display in well over a year.


         Yang came to a halt in front of them, carefully handing the basket to the priest. “Thank you.”


         Andrew stared at her. She was in her armor but it had been shaped to look like a short dress, coral and pearls inlaid to the seams. She beamed at Andrew for a moment before performing a quick curtsy and stepping aside to take her seat.


         “Cristina.” The priest pulled back the curtain slightly, withdrawing a black box. “I believe this is yours.”


         Cristina let go of Andrew’s hands to take it. “Andrew.” She took a deep breath. “You are my best friend and most everlasting companion. You have brought me the truest happiness I have ever known.” Her eyes glistened with her tears. “I take incredible joy in having committed my life to yours and offer this symbol of my gratitude to you.”


         Andrew watched her slip the lid open, pulling out a length of faded black cloth. “You opened my eyes.” She whispered. “Thanks to you, I will never blind them again.”


         Andrew allowed her to take his arm, wrapping her old blindfold around his wrist and tying it tight.


         “And Andrew.” The priest withdrew a small blue and pink ball. “This I believe is yours.”


         The harem gasped when they saw what Andrew was holding. Cristina recognized it too and the tears she had been holding back began to fall when he raised it, thumbing the lid release to reveal what he had stashed inside.


         “Cristina.” Andrew teased out the two objects that sat inside the maternity ball before placing the ball itself back on the basket. “Without you I would still be trapped in my own despair. Without you I would be lost and alone. In your darkness you give me strength; and in your light you give me hope. I give this to you to remind you of my faith in you, every day.”


         Cristina bent her head down when Andrew picked up the chain, trailing the silver and black pendant through his fingers until he found the clasp. It took him a moment before he withdrew his hands, Cristina straightening and pulling her hair free of the necklace chain.


         “But that is not all you will give me.” Andrew said, slightly louder than before. “Together we will raise our children to be stronger than either of us are alone.” He held out a regular pokeball. “Will you have my children, Cristina?”


         She stared at the pokeball. “This is mine?”


         “A pokeball must be destroyed before the pokewoman can be registered to a new one.” Andrew replied quietly.


         Cristina glanced at the maternity ball and impulsively reached out, taking her pokeball in her hand and crushing it between her fingers.


         “This is now yours.” Andrew smiled, handing her the maternity ball.


         “Andrew and Cristina, prior to today you defended each other but without sharing your path. Today you have stood before these witnesses and declared your intent to all. I hope you will never forget the love and joy you feel today, because these are the values that will keep your family strong.” The priest raised his hands. “And so, by the power vested in me by the Church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now-“


         They hadn’t waited for him to finish, already pressed tightly to each other’s bodies. The cheering crowd barely registered, both lost in the feeling of the kiss.


         Eventually they broke apart, Cristina still clutching the maternity ball in her hand. “Andrew-“


         Andrew wrapped his hand around hers so they were both holding it. “They will come.”


         Cristina’s eyes filled with new tears and she nodded. “I can’t wait.” She turned, Andrew right next to her as they walked back up the aisle.







         “And did I ever tell you about the time she took a nosedive right into a hill?” Constance was grinning, the microphone in her hand weaving as she fought to stay upright. “I’ll tell you...”


         Andrew laughed along with the rest when Constance told her latest tall tale. The reception had long since devolved into a rowdy party and he couldn’t be happier. Most of the random well wishers had left, leaving only the harem and a few strangers still enjoying the food.


         “If she’s not careful, she’ll fall on her ass.” Cristina giggled, watching Constance scramble to keep her balance on the chair she was standing on. “I’m so glad this turned out so well.”


         “So am I.” Andrew leaned over to kiss her for what had to be the thousandth time that day. “I’m surprised so many strangers showed up.”


         “Well, I did ask a lot of people for help finding what I needed.” Cristina said happily. “Carmen was nice to see.”


         “And the people from the church.” Andrew agreed. “Word must have got around fast.” He straightened when he saw a pokegirl approaching them. “Another one.”


         The brunette would have almost passed for human if not for her white eyes. “Congratulations to you both.” She said, bowing slightly with a smile. “It brings me great joy to see a human care for his pokegirl in such a way.”


         “Cristina is my wife.” Andrew replied evenly. “And I am just as much hers as she is mine.”


         The brunette’s smile widened. “As I said. My sisters will wish to extend their own congratulations, but I wanted to be the first.” She extended her hand. “I am Bell.” She waited for him to shake before continuing. “Belldandy.”


         Andrew had barely laid his hand in hers when the name sent a lightning bolt through his body. Belldandy’s eyes lit up at his stunned face and gently released his hand. “I see you know of me.”


         “How many sisters do you have?”


         Belldandy giggled. “Two.”


         “Andrew?” Cristina glanced between him and the grinning pokegirl. “Do you know her?”


         “I am very confused, but yes.” Andrew replied slowly. “You’re a Megami-Sama. I can see that now.”


         “I am.” Belldandy glanced behind her. “Would you like me to call my sisters? They aren’t far.”


         “Urd and Skuld?”


         “Yes.” Belldandy glanced back at him. “Thanks to Iain, all three of us avoided the fate you know.”


         “I’m mostly just wondering why you’d show up to my wedding.” Andrew asked weakly.


         “This is your day.” Belldandy replied firmly. “We came to celebrate the joy of one of our Sisters. Anything more may be said at a later time.” She nodded when two nearly identical women joined them. “My sister on my right is Urd, and my left Skuld.”


         Andrew hesitantly shook the hand Skuld offered him, making note of the bright yellow eyes as her only major defining characteristic between the three. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”


         Urd took his hand next, her lavender eyes glittering with suppressed laughter. “And you, Andrew.”


         “Thank you for your kind words.” Andrew stuttered. “Belldandy.”


         “No, thank you.” Belldandy replied. “I am sure you are aware that we Megami thrive around positive energy.” She took a deep breath, beaming at the revelers around them. “The joy you create is incredible.”


         “It would be nothing without them.” Andrew fumbled, glancing at Cristina. “Um-“


         “We only wished to congratulate you both.” Urd interrupted. “I am well aware of what is meant to occur after this reception.” She waggled her eyebrows at Cristina. “Try not to break him, Sister.”


         Cristina blushed. “I’ll try.”


         “I wish each of you well.” Belldandy bowed, taking her sisters’ hands and walking away again.


         “Who were they?” Cristina asked him curiously.


         Andrew took a shaky breath. “The leaders of the Celestial Alliance.”


         Cristina’s eyes widened before they narrowed. “Those bitches? What business did they think they have barging in here and-“


         “Not the Alliance you know.” Andrew interrupted. “Those three were assassinated on your world and deposed by the leaders that turned an organization for good into one of evil.”


         Cristina stared at him. “The Alliance was good instead of evil? What does that mean?”


         “It was meant to love humanity, to help it after the war.” Andrew murmured. “The ones who killed Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld didn’t believe in that purpose.”


         “So...” Cristina trailed off. “They’re good guys?”


         “I hope so.” Andrew frowned. “They said Iain saved them. That means the assassination was going to happen on this world too.”


         “I didn’t feel any malice from them.” Cristina said slowly. “I think they are good.”


         “How would you know? Your compass is constantly spinning.” Andrew teased. “Always pointing to me.”


         Cristina snickered. “True.” She glanced around, turning fully to face him when she didn’t see any other new faces. “The rest can make their way back as they finish, wouldn’t you agree?”


         Andrew nodded. “Though the real party is supposed to start when the bride and groom leave.”


         Cristina wrapped her arms around his neck. “I think that’s about right. But it’s not going to be starting for them.”


         Constance glanced aside when they teleported. “There they go!” She looked around, waving the microphone excitedly. “THE LOVERS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING!”


         Belldandy glanced back when the cheer broke out. “They have left.” She looked at Skuld. “What did you think, Skuld?”


         Skuld had a vacant smile on her face. “I expected him to be like Iain, but there is something very different about him. His love for her was just as overpowering, however.”


         Urd nodded slightly. “He seemed nice. What did you see, Bell?”


         “He has much of the same darkness as Iain did.” Belldandy replied slowly. “But not quite as deep. I believe I would like to get to know him more.”


         Skuld nodded. “I as well.”


         Urd clapped her hands together. “And I call fucking him first!”


         The three grinned at each other before vanishing.







         Andrew twitched, slowly opening his eyes. Something wet was pushing against his leg and finally he woke up enough to recognize Cristina pressed against him.


         She smiled seductively, her legs wrapping around his as she continued to grind. “Ready for more?”


         He glanced down, nodding at what he saw. “I think I am.”


         Cristina grinned, sliding up his body and positioning her pussy over his cock before slowly working the head inside. “I think you filled me enough last night,” she whispered, Andrew grunting when he felt the remains of their lovemaking squish around his penis, “but I want to be sure.”


         “I’ve never been told I filled anyone before.” Andrew whispered back, letting her work her way down until she was slowly moving in circles with his full length inside her. “You’re sure there was that much?”


         Cristina gazed down at him. “You took control for three hours. Over, and over, long past when I thought you would tire. Even after you took a break you still responded to me until I could move no more.” She smiled. “When I finally pulled away it was everywhere.”


         Andrew reached up to fondle her breasts, receiving a happy moan from Cristina. “That so?”


         “I would be astonished if I did not already carry your child.” Cristina abruptly stopped rotating her hips and began slamming her groin against his. “But I must make sure.”


         Andrew didn’t hold back, releasing as soon as his body wanted and shooting another load deep into her. Cristina sighed with contentment, pressing him as far as she could while she waited for the twitching member to stop tapping her walls.


         “See?” She brushed her lips against his. “That is what you did to me. Dozens of times.”


         Andrew kissed back, lost in the feeling of her passionate advances. “Best honeymoon.”


         Cristina broke the contact for a moment. “Say again?”


         “This is the best honeymoon,” Andrew replied, “that I have ever had.”


         Cristina giggled, drawing him back in. “Better than the last?”


         “My old wife was nothing like you.” Andrew mumbled back. “You’ve set the bar high, my love.”


         Cristina hugged him, every movement she made rubbing her vagina against his still erect cock and sending another jolt of pleasure through their bodies. “Good.”


         “What time is it?”


         Cristina shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I am the training officer, and I have decided there is none today.”


         “That’s favoritism.”


         Cristina shook her head slightly. “It’s my decision to make today. I say the honeymoon will last at least one full day. For all of us.”


         “For each of you?”


         “I will advise whoever you promote of the policy, and hopefully she will listen.” Cristina murmured. “She should. It will help her on her own special day.”


         “Speaking of special.” Andrew chuckled. “Your outfit yesterday was just... wow.”


         “You’re not just saying that because it was showing off my cleavage, right?” Cristina asked.


         Andrew frowned, thinking back to when she was walking down the aisle. “That never crossed my mind.” He grinned. “I have you naked on top of me. Why would I need to focus on what could be when I can focus on what is?”


         “Then should I not have worn those underwear...?”


         Andrew raised his hand to put a finger on her lips. “Cristina, it doesn’t matter to me what you wear. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen you in was a sports bra, because that was the day you turned to me and told me you were confident in yourself.” He thought for a moment. “Alright, I was also staring at your boobs, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.”


         “Is the point you’re trying to make that I would look best with nothing on at all?” Cristina teased.


         “That would be nice.” Andrew chuckled. “Think you can do that instead?”


         Cristina stared at him for a moment before lightly slapping his hand. “You pervert.”


         “Are you kidding? If I were you, I’d be more worried if I didn’t want to see you naked.”


         Cristina sighed, smiling at him. “Fine. But I’m not flaunting this in public.” She leaned down to kiss him again. “It’s all yours, and nobody else will ever get to enjoy my body like you do.”


         “I’m not arguing.”


         “Too much.” Cristina replied with another smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me I really have to pee.”


         “You want to clean up a bit while you’re at it?” Andrew asked as she pulled herself off his penis.


Cristina pretended to think for a moment before shaking her head. “You promised me this.” She wiped a dollop of cum from his leg and waved it around. “You better be prepared to dump another gallon of this into my womb before the day is done.”


         Andrew sighed, watching her walk to the bathroom before hoisting himself onto his elbows and staring at his raging erection. “I don’t think I’m losing you any time soon.”


         By the time Cristina returned the dirty sheets had been removed and Andrew was sitting expectantly. “So what now?” He asked hopefully. “I thought I might clean up a bit and we could get some breakfast...”


         “Do you need a break?” Cristina sat next to him. “I know we’ve been going all night.”


         “I don’t think I need one, but I’ll take one.”


         “Then a break it is.” Cristina kissed his cheek. “In the meantime, you finally put me in my maternity ball.”


         “There’s something I need to explain about that.” Andrew looked around, picking up the boxes from where they had fallen sometime the night before. “Quick question, how am I supposed to wear your blindfold?”


         “You don’t have to wear it all the time.” Cristina blushed.


         “Bracelet or armband?”


         “It doesn’t matter.” Cristina muttered.


         “Bracelet it is.” Andrew dug through the box, pulling out a normal looking pokeball. “Right. Here we are.”


         Cristina stared at it. “Where’s the maternity ball?”


         “This is a maternity ball.”


         Cristina stared at it for a few more moments before looking back at him. “Why not use the one I know?”


         “You’re not going to argue?”


         “Andrew, if you didn’t want children you would say so. You wouldn’t pull a trick to keep me from getting pregnant.” She tapped at the ball. “So why not the pink and blue?”


         “Well, I didn’t want to have something that would single you out. This way you’re just in another pokeball.”


         Cristina nodded slightly. “I understand that, but at the same time... having that special thing was supposed to be the point. You’ve chosen to have children with me. I already have been singled out.”


         Andrew hummed. “Alright. That’s a fair point. How about this? It’s a symbol, that’s certainly true. After the first, we’ll swap to the normal looking one instead.” His eyes twinkled. “For the next, and the next, and the next...”


         Cristina giggled. “Thank you. I can do that.”


         Andrew rummaged some more, pulling out the maternity ball and beckoning her closer. “Ready?”


         Cristina nodded, vanishing into the capture beam. There wasn’t even a pause before it beeped and he placed her right back where she had been sitting.


         Cristina reflexively touched her stomach. “Thank you.”


         “I think break time’s over.” Andrew chuckled, tossing the ball aside and tackling her to the bed.







         Andrew grinned when he saw Cristina sashay back into view. “Has anyone ever told you you’re really fucking hot?”


         Cristina posed, batting her eyelashes. “Is that so?”


         “I want to touch.” Andrew strained his arms against the cloth wraps keeping him restrained. “I should never have let you tie me down.”


         “But then you’d interrupt the show.” Cristina purred, sensually running her hands across the lingerie she wore. “But more importantly,” she grinned, whirling and yanking open the bottom drawer of Andrew’s dresser, “you would be able to avoid this.”


         Andrew gasped when she whirled back around with a shimmering sheet in her hands. “Uh, that’s- how did you know where that was?”


         “I pay attention.” Cristina leered, swaying forwards with her unfettered breasts swinging hypnotically. “I want to have some fun.”


         “If you do that I’ll-“ Andrew tried before Cristina bent forwards to stuff her chest in his face.


         “I’ll let you finish the night by ensuring the deed is done.” Cristina purred, making happy noises when his tongue flicked around her nipples. “Right now, however, I want to do something I haven’t been able to do in months.”


         Andrew grunted when he felt the spectral skin slide up his legs, the feeling cold as it passed but warming when Cristina continued pulling. “I didn’t think you were into this.”


         “Of course I am.” Cristina murmured, using her other hand to firmly pull the sheet past his erection.


         “If I told you to stop, would you?”


         Cristina paused right on the cusp of the final pull. “I thought you said you were ready for me to do whatever I wanted.”


         Andrew gazed at her. “And if I was uncomfortable, would you respect my wishes?”


         Cristina uncertainly looked down at his groin and back up to his face. “I thought you liked this.”


         “That wasn’t my question, but I’ll answer it.” Andrew replied. “This was born out of necessity. I grew to...” he trailed off. “It feels pretty good. I admit. I don’t hate it or I would have destroyed that thing long ago.” He smiled. “If it makes you happy, I’m willing to feel weird for a bit because I hopefully won’t be feeling bad. But if I was. Would you stop?”


         Cristina tugged the skin back so it wasn’t threatening to overtake his groin anymore. “Yes. I’m sorry for tricking you.”


         “Thank you for respecting my wishes.” Andrew’s eyes twinkled. “Now ravage me.”


         Cristina blinked before grinning, yanking the skin up and over his head, whirling in glee when his body began to shift.


         He’d almost forgotten how it felt but the pressure of Cristina’s body on his suddenly slender one chased away any negative thoughts. She had wasted no time, firmly working her fingers past the folds of Andrew’s labia and stroking the twitching signs of his previous erection.


         Andrew groaned, arching her back when Cristina walked her other hand to her breasts, teasing her until she felt a forgotten pleasure well up and release as an orgasm.


         Cristina rubbed her thumb against Andrew’s groin, grinning when she moaned again. “Like putty in my hands.” She purred. “I would ask you to take this form more often, but I think I’d miss your dick too much.”


         Andrew cracked her eyes open, staring at the ceiling while she caught his breath. “I forgot how good that feels.”


         “You make me feel that.” Cristina murmured, absentmindedly fingering Andrew until her eyes rolled back and she screamed in pleasure again. “Tell me, has anyone made you a woman?”


         Andrew panted, raising her head to look at her in confusion. “What? I’m a man.”


         “This man has a very pretty pussy.” Cristina giggled, shifting so she could bring her mouth closer. “A pretty little clit.” She breathed, flicking her tongue against it. “So? Have they?”


         Andrew reflexively wrapped her legs around Cristina’s head and Cristina roared with laughter, the vibrations rippling through Andrew’s body. Andrew yelped when Cristina started sucking, expertly working every inch of her vagina before finally driving her to a shaking, violent orgasm that released Cristina to happily bounce to her feet.


         “I take that as a no.” Cristina leered, ducking beneath the mattress and popping back up with a large pink strap-on. “Recognize this?”


         Andrew craned her neck and paled. “Hey now, that’s too far.”


         Cristina paused from where she was fastening it to her body. “It is?”


         Andrew gulped. “Um.”


         “It’s not, is it.” Cristina slid towards Andrew. “I bet you’ve always wondered how we felt. As we scream and moan on top of your hard,” she tapped the dildo against Andrew’s leg with every word, “thick, cock?”


         Andrew felt her heart skip a beat when the head of the fake penis encountered where her own had been a few minutes earlier. “C-C-Cristina, I-“


         Cristina paused. “Yes?”


         Andrew grit her teeth and accepted it. “I don’t want to beg.”


         Andrew hissed when the dildo penetrated her, Cristina slowly sliding up towards her face and letting the natural movement push the dildo deeper into Andrew’s pussy. “I would never make you beg.” She whispered, tenderly kissing the familiar lips that graced the woman’s face. “Never.”


         Andrew’s mind went blank when Cristina began to thrust, time melting together into a kaleidoscope of forbidden pleasure. Eventually she came down from the high, turning her head to see Cristina happily gazing at her.


         “Thank you.” She whispered. “I wanted to help you feel the same things I do.”


         Andrew took a deep breath, flexing her arms and noticing that she had been untied. “I lost track of the time.”


         Cristina smiled softly. “I know. You were doing nothing but moan and scream. Mostly my name.”


         Andrew glanced at her. “Uh oh.”


         Cristina shook her head slightly. “You’re fine. You were calling for her.”


         Andrew sighed. “Who?”




         Andrew remained quiet, staring up at the ceiling until a twinge in her chest reminded her of her situation. “You don’t get to claim my female virginity. That goes to... Kary, I think it was. But I wasn’t in control then, so in my mind it’s yours.”


         Cristina nodded slightly. “Want to return the favor?”


         Andrew grinned, fumbling for the edge of the selkie skin. “Gladly.” She reached around for a few seconds before twisting, trying to look past her perky breasts at her stomach. “Where’d it go.”


         “What do you mean?”


         “When I want to pull it off I always find the damn thing has slid around.” Andrew scrabbled at her body. “Stupid magic piece of junk.”


         Cristina watched Andrew struggle for a minute before she reached out, firmly groping her as she pretended to search for a seam. “Hmm, not here.”


         “Stop that!” Andrew yelped.


         “You know, if you don’t want to wear the dick for a little while longer, I’m fine with that.” Cristina teased.


         “No, I-“ Andrew threw up her hands. “I can’t find the stupid thing. It’s never this hard.”


         A shadow of worry flashed across Cristina’s face. “You can go back, right?”


         “I don’t know.” Andrew carefully ran her fingers down her body, shaking her head when they encountered nothing but smooth skin. “I’ve checked everywhere. It’s gone.”


         “That can’t be right!”


         Andrew glanced at her panicked expression. “Calm down. I’ll figure this out.” She took a deep breath, thinking hard. “It’s always been right at the nape of my neck.” She slowly ran her fingers just below her hair. “Not there. Alright, so it moved. I’ve checked everywhere, except...”


         Cristina’s eyes darted to Andrew’s groin. “Now I know you’re messing with me.”


         “No, it wouldn’t be there.” Andrew muttered. “Just, let me think.”


         Eventually Andrew nodded. “Okay. I’ve got good news, and bad news.”


         “Bad news first.”


         “The skin is gone. Completely. This is my body, end of story.”


         Cristina clenched her fists so hard her nails started to dig into her skin. “I am so sorry I-“


         “There’s still good news.” Andrew interrupted her. “Want to hear that before you start thinking about how you have to explain to twenty pokegirls that you castrated me?”


         Cristina blinked, relaxing her grip slightly and healing where she had punctured her skin. “Alright.”


         “I’m a shapeshifter.” Andrew looked away. “I created this using my magic and Adria’s abilities. I think when you put it on me today, my magic reclaimed what I had used. That means I should be able to reverse it on my own.”


         “What if you can’t?”


         Andrew grimaced. “I’ll go to Eywa if I can’t. It will put me in debt to her but it’s in her interest to fix this.”


         “So what do we do?”


         “You don’t do anything.” Andrew gave her a small smile. “You can watch if you want, but I’m pretty sure I know what I need to do. I almost did it unintentionally with Kuu a while ago.”


         Cristina nodded, sitting back and waiting. Andrew took a few deep breaths before closing her eyes and looking inwards. The same feeling she had had when Kuu was imagining something different than what she was. What she had been. That’s what she needed to find.


         Cristina watched Andrew’s skin slowly began to glow silver, the flesh bulking and deflating almost at random. With a wince Andrew opened her eyes, staring into the room. “Almost. Give me a minute.”


         “Take all the time you need.” Cristina whispered.


         Andrew let out the breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding, not breathing in until her heart rate had normalized. Closing her eyes once again, she reached for the image of herself... no. She needed to stop that. HE needed to stop that. Right now, he was she. But that’s not what HE wanted to be.


         Cristina watched the silver glow return, stronger this time. It flashed a few times before swallowing the woman on the bed and when it cleared, he was sitting in her place.


         Andrew grunted when Cristina impacted his chest. “That feels familiar.”


         “I’m so sorry.” She cried, clutching him close. “I was selfish and I nearly ruined you.”


         “You don’t think I’m good enough as a woman?” Andrew teased, running his fingers through her hair. “It wasn’t your fault, Cristina. And hey. Now I understand how I shapeshift. So that’s something.”


         “I’m so sorry.”


         “I accept your apology.” Andrew murmured. “Everything’s alright. Now. I believe you deserve a strong, hard, FUCK!”


         Cristina laughed away her tears when he flipped her on her back, his grip surprisingly strong when he grappled her down. “Good to have you back, buddy.” He chuckled, rubbing his stiffening member against her slit. “You’re going to feel this one.” He growled playfully, sliding into her before thrusting as fast as he could.


         Cristina almost cheered at the display, blissfully enjoying when his thighs slammed into her butt. Andrew grinned down at her, increasing his pace until he was moving faster than any human could.


         Cristina was caught up in her bliss so when she felt something tap her insides she didn’t pay it much attention until it happened again. Frowning, she cracked her eyes open before gasping. “ANDREW!”


         Andrew grinned down at her. “Yea? Like that?” He pushed deeper, feeling his dick rub across every fold. “I’m gonna-“


         Cristina yelped again but Andrew couldn’t stop, slamming his hips forward as he felt his orgasm come to a head. He blinked when he felt the head of his penis hit something but didn’t have enough time to question it, warm semen erupting and drenching Cristina’s vaginal walls.


         “Think I got you pregnant that time?” He chuckled, looking down at her. His smile faded when he saw her expression. “What?”


         “You just hit my cervix.” Cristina said slowly. “It kind of hurt.”


         Andrew blinked. “Look, I know you think I have a big dick but it’s not THAT big.”


         “It is now.”


         Andrew slowly looked down, finally noticing the light smoke that wafted from his hands. “Uh oh.” He pulled out, jaw dropping when he could actually see a slight movement under Cristina’s skin. “Oh for fucks sake.”


         Cristina crawled backwards, levering herself up and staring at him. “You need a mirror.”


         “I made my dick grow!”


         “Not really.” Cristina whispered. “Andrew, you made your everything grow.”


         He blinked at her before bolting, sliding into the bathroom and gaping at what he saw.


         He was surprised he was still moving normally because his head almost hit the door frame. His body was what he thought it should be, or was close to it; the black smoke wafted from his pores and it drowned out the silver he had come to accept in his hair.


         He slowly turned to look at Cristina. “Okay, maybe everything’s not alright.”


         “Maybe it is.” Cristina slowly smiled. “You wanted to pound me, and you did.” She flipped over, raising her ass and waving it enticingly. “Take me!”


         Something in Andrew’s mind shut off when he saw the dripping hole in front of him and he lunged back out, surprised that he could easily reach her even while standing on the floor. Cristina actually cheered this time as he buried himself to the hilt in her pussy, feeling him bump against her deepest spots once again. “YES!”


         “I thought you said it hurt.” Andrew asked quickly.


         “IT HURTS GOOD!” Cristina cried, yelling again when he thrusted. “YES! I SINNED! PUNISH ME!”


         “We’re finally finding your own kinky demons, hmm?” Andrew chuckled, giving her everything he had. “You’re not sleeping tonight, that’s for sure!”







         Gale sighed, staring up at the towering man in front of her. “What did you two do in there?”


         Andrew glanced at Cristina guiltily. “Um. Stuff.”


         “Can you go back to normal?”


         Andrew nodded slightly. “I can.”


         “Show me.”


         Andrew nodded and focused. The black smoke slowly dissipated as he shrunk back down to six foot.


         “Back up.”


         Andrew sighed but did, watching the smoke return. “This is hard to control. Can I stop?”


         “I want to take tests.” Gale replied happily, running her hands over her body. “Eight feet seven inches. Big boy.”


         “I already knew that.”


         “You’re the same as when you’re smaller.” Gale mused. “Biologically. What is this?”


         “The smoke. It’s what I used to call my antithesis, the echo of me that had all of my strength to it.”


         Gale glanced at his defeated look. “I see you already understand what this means for you.”


         “I’m absolutely positively fucked and not in a good way.” Andrew sighed. “I couldn’t hide it though. Cristina said it felt too good for me to keep to ourselves.”


         Gale ran her eyes down to his dick. “That so?”


         “It’s still Monday.” Cristina snapped. “If he’s fine, we’re going back to bed.”


         Gale grinned at her. “Yes, Beta. I’m sure you will implement a training schedule for his new abilities.”


         “I’m sure I’ll stick my foot where the sun don’t shine if you keep me from having every second I can with him.” Cristina snarled.


         Gale wisely kept her mouth shut as they left, Andrew back to normal. “Can we actually sleep? Please?” He asked despondently.


         Cristina stopped, pulling him into her embrace. “What happened to ‘you’re not sleeping tonight’? I seem to remember having my poor nethers pounded raw by the man who said that.”


         “He changed his mind?”


         Cristina giggled. “One more go.”


         Andrew audibly sighed when she eagerly dragged him off down the hall.







Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

Maj. Cortney

Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

Cpt. Nevaeh (Ret.)

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira (Ret.)

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann (Ret.)

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova














Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu

Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame

Daria – Vampire

Camiel – (Paragon) Archangel

Albia – (Hunter) G-Splice