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Chapter 43



         After the second day of training, Camiel had stopped showing her where to go.


         Cristina flew low over the trees, her blank helmet blocking out any sensory information. She searched desperately through her blindsight, each possible pokegirl getting a second look before she could move on. They trained in the same area each day, but she had never gotten a chance to learn where exactly it was. Camiel simply teleported there before finding a new spot nearby for Cristina to find.


         She grit her teeth when she caught a glimpse of the Archangel. Finally. If she could just learn to teleport, this wouldn’t be an issue.







         “How is she doing today?”


         Cortney shrugged. “Camiel avoids any sensors I try to place. I’ve given up.” She watched Andrew continue working. “It’s been four days since she started. She hasn’t given up yet.”


         Andrew nodded absently, penciling in another number before leaning back to scan the puzzle. “How has the harem been running?”


         Cortney shook her head. “Aella hasn’t probed as to where Cristina is. The exhibition went well, and overall I think she’s calming down.” Cortney winced. “Unfortunately, I don’t think it was because of anything good.”


         Andrew raised his gaze to her. “Oh?”


         “She’s been playing favorites.” Cortney replied. “Trying to keep Shamira in good standing. But Shamira was worse than a lot of the others and today she made an announcement.” She sighed. “She’s demoted Shamira out of the combat team.”


         Andrew grunted, returning to his paper. “Mira has always been more of a guard dog than a wolf. I doubt it’ll bother her much.”


         “Maybe, but it bothered Aella.” Cortney replied. “It’s what she had to do and she isn’t happy about it.”


         “Good.” Andrew replied. “If she did what was needed for the harem, then she did her job.”


         “It really hurt her.”


         Andrew sighed, placing his pencil back down and looking up at Cortney. “Cortney, you are acting Beta because Aella needs a reality check. I am not celebrating the news, but I feel no need to go find her and return her to the status quo. Her methods haven’t worked the way she wanted them to, and now she’s seeing the results.”


         Cortney gave him a small nod. “I understand.”


         “How are the others?”


         “Confused.” Cortney replied. “We were all celebrating Cristina’s bravery and then she just… vanished. She won’t answer any questions as to what she’s been doing, either. It’s forming a lot of unease.”


         “Am I a part of it?”


         “If you’d start a rumor that Cristina is doing something special for you, it might help.”


         “Or, I could start a rumor that I’ve already plowed her so many times she’s trying to avoid getting near my dick again.” Andrew snickered.


         Cortney giggled at that. “That one might backfire.”


         “I know that her proposal has gotten others thinking about the same thing.” Andrew penciled in another number with a happy grunt. “There we go. I’ve caught Nova skulking around more often.”


         Cortney blinked. “Nova? I would expect Lyn, or possibly Constance. Those two seem like they want a piece.”


         “Constance and I have something special.” Andrew glanced at her. “Between us and us alone. Lyn is already married to her research. Nova, on the other hand, is the youngest here and technically feralborn. She probably has seen how Cristina acts and is curious what getting my attention might feel like.” He shrugged. “She also might just be getting drawn in again because of how I’ve been acting.”


         “Since you had your soul searching session.”


         “That’s right.” Andrew penciled in a final number. “Done. Time?”


         “8 minutes, 41 seconds.”


         “Damn, I’ve gotten worse.” He flipped the paper away. “Speaking of my soul searching, I need to go to my lesson with Daria.”


         “Does she still help you?”


         Andrew paused, one hand on the doorknob. “Daria has given up on whatever I am and has returned to teaching me formal magic.” He shrugged. “It’s something I need to know, no matter what I may be able to do otherwise.”


         Cortney nodded. “Got it. Do I have your permission to act on the idea I had yesterday?”


         Andrew frowned slightly. “Which…? Oh, the backup plan for Aella?”


         Cortney nodded again.

         “Make the call, but I want to be the one to talk to him if he responds.”









         The blow came from her unguarded side, smashing her face against her helmet. Cristina felt blood well in her mouth as she was knocked to the ground, forcing her fall to become a roll that left her with her back against a tree. She gagged as the liquid began to trickle down her throat and she dismissed the lower part of her helmet in order to spit.


         Camiel watched her recover. “What did I do?”


         Cristina shook her head, spitting again to clear the rest of the blood from her mouth. “You didn’t teleport that time.”


         “What did I do.”


         Cristina grimaced, replaying the last few minutes in her mind. “You didn’t do anything. You just hit me where I wasn’t looking.”


         “You see everything.” Camiel was smiling slightly. “So what did I do?”


         “Was it your aura?”


         “Correct.” Camiel set her weapon down, sitting and patting the earth beside her. “Come sit down.”


         Cristina dismissed her armor, placing her own swords besides Camiel’s and taking her seat. “So what did you do?”


         “A pokegirl’s aura is very misunderstood.” Camiel explained. “You yourself have an aura ability, which most believe is what I would refer to when I say your aura.” She cocked an eyebrow. “But you understand that it isn’t.”


         “Our aura is our life energy.” Cristina replied. “I know how to see it, but I can’t do it when my eyes are covered.”


         Camiel blinked in surprise. “You already know aura sight?”


         “I do.” Cristina grinned at Camiel. “I’m watching yours right now.”


         Camiel chuckled, Cristina watching as the heavy, roiling energy retreated into Camiel’s body. “Then how did I get a hit in?”


         “I can’t see it without my eyes.” Cristina repeated. “I don’t know why, since I can use my blindsight when I’m not, well, blind.”


         “Because you haven’t trained with it, that’s all.” Camiel smiled. “We will work on it. I believe I have a good understanding of what you know now.” She glanced at where Cristina’s swords lay. “I am impressed by that technique of yours. I have never seen a pokegirl wield both hell and heavenly fire simultaneously.”


         “It wasn’t easy to do.”


         “I can imagine.” Camiel turned back to her. “What technique do you believe you need the most?”


         “Well,” Cristina replied slowly, “I have one I want. But I have not seen everything that you can do, so I can’t know which one I might need.”


         Camiel laughed. “Is that so. Which one do you want?”


         “I want to learn how to teleport.”


         Camiel blinked. “A good choice. But a hard one. If you learn to teleport, I will not stop pushing you until you are able to use it seamlessly in battle.”


         Cristina looked directly into Camiel’s eyes. “That is the only reason I believe I need it.”


         “The dragon can teleport at will, can’t she?”


         “It’s how she avoided me during our battle.”


         “Very well.” Camiel rose. “Send your armor and weapons away.”


         Cristina didn’t move. “Before I make this decision, I would like to know all of my options.”


         Camiel gazed off into the forest. “And what does that mean?”


         “I still have never seen you display everything you can do.”


         “And you will not, until I decide you are ready to learn it.” Camiel replied, looking back at Cristina. “There are things I can do that would only frustrate you to learn. Teleportation, that is something you can do as you are now.”


         Cristina grumbled, pushing to her feet. “How am I supposed to know that?”


         She froze when Camiel’s aura returned, the energy she had originally seen swelling until it choked out every other source in the clearing. “Trust your teacher.” Camiel replied, her eyes burning. “Do not ask again.”


         Cristina felt the magic behind Camiel’s words and quickly fought back, her own aura pushing back against Camiel’s overwhelming presence. “I will-“ she hesitated when she felt the effects of Camiel’s Aura of Command woven in with her aura. “I-“


         Camiel watched Cristina struggle, her dispassionate gaze fading after a few seconds. Cristina gasped when Camiel’s aura faded, both the energy and the technique snapping off. “You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.”


         Cristina sucked air. “Mom used to do the same thing.” She grinned savagely at the Archangel. “I will fight you until I know the truth.”


         Camiel returned the grin. “Teleport, Cristina. I promise you, I will show you something you are not ready for once you do.”







         The woman hoisted her bag, ignoring the throng of pokegirls taking their lunch and pushing into the large gymnasium. She walked over to where the training dummies lay before dropping her load, sending a crescendo of metallic sounds through the room and grabbing a dummy. She was still for a while before snorting, her hand erupting in energy and searing the dummy’s head.


         She pushed the defaced figure into the center of the room, turning back to her bag and pulling it open, disgorging a landslide of metal onto the floor. Sorting through the various weapons, she picked one up, inspecting it before turning and slamming it into the dummy’s skull.


         A thud echoed through the cave, a few heads turning in the direction of the training room. There was silence for a minute before another thud echoed, drawing a few curious murmurs.


         Fu lifted the dummy, running her eyes over the veritable armory beside her. She finally decided on a large brace, buckling the leather over her arm and curling her fingers over the grip before attaching a set of spikes to their sockets.


         With a roar she slammed the spikes into the dummy’s chest, ripping up with her arm straining to its max. The training dummy surged upwards, pieces of its stuffing spiraling out when the holes Fu had caused split into a wide tear. She brought her arm to a halt when the torso separated, leaping and driving both feet into the tumbling base. She easily flipped, regaining her footing as the two pieces slammed into the ground.


         “Look at you go.”


         Fu whirled, catching her breath. “Who- Andrew?”


         Andrew pushed inside, Constance and Nova filing in behind him. “I think the other side of the room should be safe, girls.” He waited for the two to wander off before turning back to Fu. “It’s noon.”


         Fu blinked, running his words through her head as she tried to remember why that would be significant. “Oh, are you done with Daria?”


         “You wanted to spend today with me, right?”


         Fu shrugged, unbuckling the brace and letting the weapon fall to the floor. “It was on my mind.”


         “Tell me, what have you been working on in response to Aella’s challenge?”


         Fu stopped what she was doing, weapons half-gathered in her arms. “Why are you asking me that?” She continued picking up. “If it’s supposed to be my time, I’m the one leading the conversation.”


         Andrew watched her dump the blunt metal into the bag nearby. “Because I want to be open with you.”


         Fu carefully slid the various blades into their sheathes before laying them in the bag. “Really? You’ve been shutting me out.” She finally turned to him with a scowl. “What the fuck happened? You used to smile around me. Even today you’re standing there like being with me is going to be some kind of a fucking chore.”


         Andrew looked past her at where Constance and Nova were sparring. “Is that really my fault?”


         Fu’s eyes narrowed. “Excuse you?”


         “You’re a very powerful pokegirl.” Andrew looked back at her. “Aella showed you respect when she fought you hand to hand. She’s the only one who has managed to best you at close range, and that was because she threw you off.”


         Fu began to growl. “What of it.”


         “When did I lose your respect?”


         Fu’s growl petered out. “When-“ she blinked, her stony expression fluttering uncertainly. “Why do… How?”


         “Am I wrong? Because I don’t see Fu in front of me. I see the irreverent Dracass that I took in on Sadie Pokens, so many months ago.”


         Fu’s eyes flicked. “How long have you known?”


         “It’s been obvious since Constance showed me what you and she had been training.” Andrew replied. “What was it? Was it when I didn’t stop her?”


         Fu stared at him silently before grabbing her bag and hoisting it over her shoulder. “My room.”


         “You need a shower?” Andrew asked when Fu pushed past him.


         “I have one.”


         Andrew silently followed her through the halls, pushing into her bedroom with her. She tossed the bag to the side, where it joined a towering pile of weapons, some on racks, some simply sitting loose. “You’ve got quite the collection.”


         “Sure.” Fu brushed past him, stripping her top off and sending it flying past his head to land in a small basket. “I’m trained in hundreds of weapon styles.”


         Andrew glanced back to see her push the door closed and slide the lock shut. “Should I be worried?”


         Fu glanced back at him, giving him a small smirk. “Maybe.” She walked up, staring directly into his eyes, almost daring him to look away. “Why do you think I might have, as you claim, stopped respecting you?”


         Andrew didn’t take her bait, openly looking down at her generous perky breasts. “You’d be more threatening with a shirt on.”


         Fu growled, grabbing his shirt and shifting him aside. “Fine.” Andrew grinned when she pulled off her shorts, revealing that she hadn’t had any underwear on while training. “How about now.”


         “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you weren’t threatening me at all.”


         Fu flicked her shorts into the same basket, glancing over her shoulder with a lecherous grin. “I’m just headed to the shower.”


         “Ooh, terrifying.”


         Fu snickered, turning back around and proudly displaying her body. “Want to join me?”


         “I’d be a fool to say no.” Andrew didn’t move. “But before we do anything, we should finish our conversation.”


         Fu’s grin faded. “No dice?”


         “I want to fuck you silly.” Andrew smirked back at the defiant Warvern. “However, that would be rude in the middle of an important discussion.”


         Fu snorted. “Yea, sure.” She walked back over to him, pushing his chest and guiding him into a chair. “Do I get my answer?”


         Andrew shifted so his growing erection wouldn’t show as much. “Before you do, can I get mine?”


         Fu grit her teeth. “It was when she humiliated me, and you clapped.”


         Andrew nodded solemnly, doing his best to catch Fu’s eye. “What should I have done?”


         Fu started, staring back at him in surprise. “What?”


         “I hurt you. How should I have made it right?”


         Fu blinked. “Uh, I don’t know.” She shook her head. “Aella, she… I meant what I did that day. I bowed to her, because there was no longer a question. But she didn’t accept that. I guess, to you, and to the others, she was being nice, but to me it was a slap in the face.” She grimaced. “I offered her my life and she told me I was wrong to do so. Do you have any idea how much that hurt?”


         Andrew frowned. “Where did you grow up?”


         Fu chuckled. “Finally, he asks the right questions.” She sighed. “I’m from a warrior family.”


         “That’s why you challenged me on the first day.” Andrew’s eyes widened. “That’s why you constantly clashed with the others. Why you kept questioning what I did.” He continued when Fu nodded slightly. “Holy shit, when I passed over you for her it must have been the same as if I had struck you.”


         “It was more than that.” Fu whispered. “But you were still my Master.”


         “So when she took your form, she-“


         “She offered direct insult to my name.” Fu spat. “To my family. Both old and new. And you clapped.”


         “There is no way I can make this right.” Andrew replied in a hushed voice. “My god, Fu, I’m so sorry.”


         The anger softened from her face. “You actually understand?”


         “I can try.” Andrew replied truthfully. “I know how important your family’s honor can be.”


         “You can make this right.” Fu suddenly blurted out. “There is a way.”


         Andrew blinked. “How?”


         He jumped when she grabbed his hand, pushing it against her belly. “It’s easy.”


         Andrew paled when he realized the trap she had lured him into. “Oh no. No, no, no-“


         “I’m kidding.” Fu released him with a smile. “Mostly.”


         Andrew scooted as far away from her as he could before responding. “You haven’t hit your second puberty yet.”


         Fu’s smile widened. “Are you sure about that?”


         “Oh no.”


         “I’m older than Cristina is.” Fu purred. “I was a pokewoman before we came to this world, Andrew. Just like Ishara.”


         “Was it all a trick?” Andrew asked desperately. “Were you- you were! I saw you in the crowd. You encouraged her to ask.”


         Fu’s smile dropped. “It wasn’t a trick.” She shook her head. “I pushed her, yes. But a week ago I would not have considered this.” She caught his eye. “I wanted you, have wanted you, for a long, long time. But you were never ready to react. And then you insulted me, and my want vanished.” She watched him. “Why else do you think Cristina and I were coordinating our outfits? We each were fighting to catch your eye, in a way none of the others could. When I began to slow she took her chance, and I couldn’t be happier for her. But you still have things to make right.”


         “I’m not going to-“


         “I was there when you told Cristina.” Fu interrupted. “And I am thankful that that is who you are. I will let her have her chance before I take mine. But in the meantime, there is still something you can do.”




         “I am the last of my line in this world.” Fu stepped away, looking over at the weapons that littered her room. “But I am a master of my art. If I die, it is lost.” She looked back at him. “Let me teach you. It will remove your slight, and I will know that my family’s legacy will not fade with me.”


         Andrew grimaced. “Is this what you were going to get me to do today?”


         Fu shrugged. “I was planning to force you to let me set up a dojo in Texas, but this is better.” She gave him a predatory smile. “After all, any future husband of mine must be able to look over the school when I am away.”


         “I disrespected you.” Andrew replied. “What’s the word Lyn told me? Kisama? Wouldn’t teaching me be a further insult?”


         Fu frowned. “Kisama? Is that Edo? I never learned that language.”


         “It means bastard or something.” Andrew replied. “Wouldn’t it?”


         “If you committed to learning my family’s art, then no, it would be an honor.” Fu replied. “You would be admitting your fault and asking for forgiveness. I could deny you, of course, but I don’t wish to do that.”


         “I don’t have much of a choice, do I?”


         “You do.” Fu shook her head. “You could deny me, and try to negotiate a different way to apologize. I might even be willing to find one. Or you could deny me, and ignore what has happened. If you did that, then I would likely never respect you again.” She ground her teeth together. “I really hope you don’t take that option.”


         Andrew sighed. “I don’t want to lose you. And I have done something that would push you away.” He nodded. “I will be your student.”


         Fu sighed, her smile returning. “Thank you, Master.”


         “It’s Andrew.” Andrew grinned. “You’re the master.”


         “Sensei.” Fu corrected. “But since you have asked that, there is something I must ask you.” Andrew jumped when she fell to her knees, bowing her head. “I have sinned against my Master. Will you take me back, allow me to serve you faithfully again?”


         Andrew rested his hand on her head. “I will.” He waited for her to begin to rise before snagging her hand. “As long as one day, you promise to be my wife.”


         Fu froze, staring at him. “Wha-“


         “You succeeded.” Andrew chuckled at the look in her eyes. “I know it, so I’ve accepted it. Camiel wants a piece, as will the others once they realize what it means. I don’t intend to simply marry all of you, but you are easily on my current list.”


         “Wh-who else?”


         “I don’t really know yet.” Andrew smiled at her. “Fu. Will you take me as your husband?”


         Fu sniffed, dabbing at her watering eyes. “Not today.” She laughed, pulling him up and crushing him against her chest. “But one day, yes. Yes.”


         “Then I hope that day comes soon.”


         Fu gently rocked side to side, her tears staining his shirt. “As do I.” They would have stood there for hours if she hadn’t felt his dick jabbing her thigh. “What’s this?”


         Andrew sighed when she ran her hand down his chest and began pulling at his waistband. “Alright, down girl.”


         He yelped when Fu’s grip tightened and she jerked him forwards, slamming his pants down his legs with an audible crack of the fabric. “No.” She growled in his ear. “The student does not argue with the teacher.”


         She picked him up, dashing to her bed and sending him rolling across the comforter. Andrew just shrugged when she straddled him, matching her grin when she began to work down his shaft. “Weren’t you going to shower?”


         Fu responded by clamping her hand over his mouth, bending down so her face was inches from his own. “Later.” She murmured, slowly sliding his dick in and out of her pussy. “Right now, this is what I want.”


         “Woe be to the man who denies a dragon.” Andrew replied silently, watching Fu’s eyes light up and her motions increase.







         “CORTNEY!” Andrew slammed the server room door shut behind him. “HELP!”


         A screen flicked on to show the Videogirl. “Sir?”


         “Is there anybody waiting to ambush me today?” He threw his arm across the door to brace it. “Say it isn’t so!”


         Cortney blinked and began to laugh, the screen blanking before she materialized in front of him. “You’re asking a pokegirl that question?”


         “Shit.” Andrew looked at her. “Please don’t say that you’re next.”


         Cortney smirked. “No, I’m not.” She gently patted his arm. “And as far as I know, you’re safe. In fact, today there is nobody scheduled to be with you. You get a day off.”


         Andrew dramatically raised his hand and wiped his brow. “Phew.”




         Andrew groaned. “What.”


         “I got in touch with Theodora.”


         Andrew nodded. “What did she say?”


         “She said Iain was unavailable, but she asked Lucy to get back to us.” Cortney shrugged. “She hinted it might be today.” She waited a few seconds. “Maybe right… about…”


         Andrew rubbed the bridge of his noise when a comical phone ring echoed through the room. “How in the hell did you manage to time that?”


         “I told her that you liked to check in with me about this time.” Cortney’s smug smile told him everything he needed to know. “Well?”


         “Damnit, Cortney.” Andrew growled. “Put her through.”


         The screen changed to display Lucy, her smile brightening when she saw him. “Andrew! It’s been a while, how are you?”


         Andrew returned the smile. “Good afternoon, Lucy. It’s actually been pretty normal, which is a blessing.”


         Lucy’s eyes twinkled. “Their definition of normal, or ours?”


         Andrew chuckled. “Ours.”


         They both laughed for a moment before Andrew continued. “I tried to call Iain because I need some assistance on the home front. Doing nothing is terrible for my harem since we’re all veterans in some shape or form. Without external threats, they’ve resorted to infighting, with my Alpha only barely helping the situation.” He winced. “Most days, it’s my Beta doing the work, with Aella only contributing to the problem.”


         Lucy frowned. “I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m not sure how we’re supposed to help harem politics. In fact, it’s usually not a good idea to allow them to show around others.”


         Andrew grimaced. “I know. But I am a military man, looking for a military solution.” He gave her a hopeful smile. “You wouldn’t happen to have a few spare drill sergeants laying around, would you?”


         If he hadn’t met Lucy before, he would have sworn that the Megami-Sama kept her perfect composure at the question. But the faintest of smiles was there when she replied. “You want to borrow some of my people?”


         “Yes please, ma’am.”


         Lucy chuckled. “I’ll see what I can do. We’ll be in touch.”


         Andrew watched as the screen blanked. “Did she…”


         Cortney nodded. “That… wasn’t a nice smile.”


         Andrew took a steadying breath. “What did I just get ourselves into.”


         “Whatever it is, it will be interesting.” Cortney clapped excitedly. “Oh, I can’t wait to have some real soldiers around here again. Ishara is so nice to talk to, but she’s the only one who I can relate to.”


         “They’re not joining the family.” Andrew retorted, half-glaring at the excited Videogirl. “Whoever they are, they’ll be here on business.”


         “Exactly!” Cortney exclaimed. “That’s the best part!”


         “God help me.” Andrew grumbled. “I haven’t seen Cristina today. Is she okay?”


         Cortney winced. “She had an accident.”


         She jumped when Andrew grabbed her arm. “IS SHE OKAY?”


         “She’s fine!” Cortney pulled her arm free of his grasp. “Camiel got her to Gale in time. You would have known if she wasn’t.”


         Andrew controlled his breathing. “Right. I would have known.” He shook his head. “What happened?”


         “She tried teleporting farther than she could. She was too stubborn to hold back, but she was also too stubborn to let it kill her.”


         Andrew sighed. “Damnit, Cristina.” He grimaced. “Well, she’s teleporting. That’s pretty good.”


         “She’s made an extraordinary amount of progress in the last week.” Cortney smiled slightly. “And she’s not the only one.” Andrew gave her a questioning look, prompting Cortney to continue. “Two days ago you were still unsure about what to do in response to our problems. Yesterday you finally found an answer to one that has been bothering you for weeks. And today you’re laughing. Joking. In a way I haven’t heard you casually do for a long, long time.” Her smile grew. “You’ve made wonderful progress.”


         Andrew chuckled, giving her a begrudging grin. “I’m starting to calm down. Cristina started it, but the last few days I’ve been able to interact with them and start to… to believe that the overlying issues are going to be fixed.” He took a deep breath. “I hadn’t thought about how much Aella’s politics had been affecting me. Now that there’s a solution in play, it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”


         “I also noticed you’ve been exercising again.”


         Andrew flexed his hand. “I have. Was I getting depressed, Cortney? With the lack of progress on my magic, Daria’s frustration, Aella’s posturing… Fu’s cold shoulder.” He sighed. “I was. Some of the women I love the most were turning their backs on me, and I was suffering.”


         “I thought you don’t play favorites.”


         “Come off it.” Andrew snorted. “You’re one of my favorites.”


         Cortney giggled. “Maybe.” She nodded. “It sounds like you were, but now you’ve taken steps to move past it. That’s good.”


         “Sure have.” Andrew chuckled. “Alright. So I have nothing else to do today, right?”


         Cortney nodded.


         “Then I’m going to spend some time outside.” Andrew’s smile flickered. “Ugh, Kuu’s out there.”


         Cortney blinked. “I know she’s one of your favorites. What’s she done?”


         “She-“ Andrew grimaced. “She says she’s been treating me like some sort of god.”


         Cortney couldn’t hold back her snicker. “And we haven’t?”


         “Funny.” Andrew grumbled. “I need to talk to her about that.”


         “Don’t.” Cortney advised. “Well, not directly. Go out there, find her, and let whatever needs to be said be said. But don’t go out there expecting the conversation.”


         Andrew nodded slowly. “That’s smart. I’ll do that.”


         “If you want a way to break the ice, you can talk to her about Melody and… What was the Snow Queen’s name? Drifa?”


         Andrew grimaced. “Right. Drifa. I’d almost forgotten about her.” He shook his head. “She’s in such a strange position, accidentally bonded to me and yet not a part of the harem.”


         “Camiel has told me that she wants to extend an alliance with Kuu.”


         “How would that work?” Andrew snorted. “She’s thousands of miles away. Does she expect Kuu’s court to stretch the entire length of the continent?”


         “No, but you once did.” Cortney raised an eyebrow. “Weren’t you talking about sending Melody to India to form a Wet Elf court?”


         “And then I was told how idiotic that was.”


         “And it is.” Cortney replied. “But I’m trying to show how you’re not the only one with delusions of grandeur.”


         Andrew chuckled. “Fair enough.”


         Cortney smiled at him. “Go. Enjoy your day off.”







         He walked. The trees rustled around him, undoubtedly telling Kuu that he had entered the forest. She always knew when he came to visit, no matter how hard he tried to sneak around.


         As expected, he clambered over a rock and saw Kuu waiting for him on the other side. “Good afternoon.”


         Kuu inclined her head. “Afternoon.” She grinned when he walked up next to her. “Gone for a walk?”


         “I figured I’d get out of the caves. I finally found some free time.” Andrew stretched, squeezing his arms back and forth across his body. “How about you? Out for a walk?”


         Kuu watched him keep walking, taking a few strides to match his pace. “Just the usual. My patrols are out and I am enjoying the day.”


         “Anything interesting?”


         Kuu shrugged. “There was a disturbance in the clearing a few days ago, but nothing is hurt. I don’t really know what happened.”


         Andrew nodded, his mind wandering back to the spirits he had seen during his vision quest. “As long as everything is fine.”


         “It is.”


         “Good.” Andrew rolled his neck, his step skipping as he picked up his pace. “I’m going to blow off some steam.”


         Kuu easily matched his new stride, transitioning to a jog as he began to run. “May I come with you?”


         “That’s fine.”


         Kuu blinked at his resigned tone but kept jogging, slowly having to run when Andrew picked up speed. Her eyes widened when he still began pulling away, the forest around them melting back to allow its queen to move unhindered. Andrew didn’t look back, focused intently on his path as he dashed past the green.


         “ANDREW!” Kuu leapt, soaring past an obstacle and landing mid stride. “How are you-“


         Andrew’s thoughts were far away. He was calm. He ran like he had never ran before, each step placed with a meticulous intent. The trees around him blurred, the forest he had walked through to find Bjorn settling into view. He wasn’t dreaming, he knew that. Kuu’s steps echoed behind him. But in this place, he could run unhindered. He didn’t have to worry about the small problems. Things were going to be ok.


         Kuu gasped when she noticed him blur, Andrew’s form flickering. “ANDREW!”


         He frowned at the scream. Why was she interrupting him? He just wanted to run. His legs hadn’t felt this good in years. He just wanted to move.


         With a start he dragged himself back to reality, skidding to a halt and staring at the trees around him. Kuu ground to a halt next to him, her eyes worried. “Andrew? What was that?”


         He stared at the gasping Elfqueen, feeling his own measured breathing. “Kuu? Why are you out of breath?” He felt his chest. “That… wasn’t that fast, was it?”


         Kuu grabbed his shoulders, staring into his eyes. “Your eyes are silver.”


         Andrew blinked, feeling his cheek before reaching up to trace Kuu’s own silver eyes. “They are?”


         “Was that magic?” Kuu grimaced when her breathing began to slow. “I could barely keep up to you.”


         Andrew blinked again, reaching for his belt and pulling out his pokedex. He stared at the screen, carefully tracing his eye sockets. “Silver. They really are.” He blinked, hard, watching the color begin to return to blue. “I just… wanted to run.”


         Kuu wrapped her hands around his. “You did run.” She gazed at him with a barely suppressed joy. “You ran like a being of the forest, without care to your path or stamina. You simply ran.”


         “I-“ Andrew held up a trembling hand, staring at the skin as if he could see straight through to the tendons and bone. “Is this what the other side of me can do?”


         Kuu gazed at him in confusion. “The other side?”


         “Right. I still haven’t made that announcement.” Andrew took a deep breath, turning his hands over and over. “I’m not human.”


         Kuu blinked, slowly beginning to nod. “I know.”


         “You’ve suspected.” Andrew dropped his hands. “But I found the part of me that wasn’t. I’ve been running from it, fighting it for twenty years.” He shook his head. “I wasn’t expecting to be able to just… use it.”


         “Is it some sort of technique?”


         Andrew slowly shook his head. “No, it’s-“


         “You’ve evolved.” Kuu began giggling. “You’ve evolved and grown faster.”


         Andrew chuckled slightly at that. “So I’m a pokegirl now?”


         “Maybe.” Kuu teased. “I was right to call you my lo-“


         “Don’t.” Andrew snapped, Kuu shutting her mouth in surprise. “Don’t call me that. I can’t stop you or the others from worshipping me like a god but I’ll be damned if I’ll become like they have.”


         Kuu stared at him. “Who?”


         Andrew grunted. “I met three beings that are like me.”


         Kuu’s eyebrows rose. “You have?”


         “Arrogant, prideful spirits.” Andrew growled. “They thought they could act as they pleased around me. In fact, their leader responded when I called him by a name my people used to call the bear spirit. He used to be worshipped, and I bet the others were, too. I won’t let myself become like them.”


         Kuu shook her head slightly. “When did all this happen?”


         “About a week ago.” Andrew grumbled. “It really shook me up.” He sighed. “Actually it was the night after I met your court. I must have done something that let them find me.”


         “Was it when you met…?”


         Andrew frowned, replaying the events from that day. “Oh, shit. Didn’t she say she was one of your- my- our ‘followers’?”


         Kuu nodded. “Maple prays to you almost daily.”


         “Did I do something?” Andrew grimaced. “I kind of remember, when she told me about that… I felt the same thing as the day Sylie…” He trailed off, gazing blankly at the trees around them instead of continuing to talk about her. “Do I actually have a connection with these pokegirls?”


         Kuu cleared her throat, glossing over Sylie’s name. “If you do, did acknowledging Maple do something?”


         “They found me somehow.” Andrew cursed. “A beacon. I stepped into the dream, and it led them to me.”


         “The dream?”


         “It’s what I’ve been calling the spirit world I can walk in.” Andrew grimaced. “I did it just now, too. I was running through it, not the forest here.”


         “This is your power.”


         Andrew blinked. “What?”


         Kuu was staring intently at him. “This has always been your power. You have always described it as taking strength from your dreams, speaking with yourself through multiple eyes, seeing the possibilities as they are decided. When I first met you, you fell into a coma. When you emerged, you had been dreaming for a long time, and you had changed. You had taken strength from it.”


         Andrew stared at her. “Their leader asked me how I had learned how to dream.”


         “What is it Daria calls it? One-eye something?” Kuu shook her head. “You are no mage. Not in the way she claims.”


         Andrew felt his knees give out. “Don’t call me a god again.” He said weakly.


         Kuu laughed quietly, kneeling next to him. “I won’t.” Her eyes bored into his own. “But I will not give up, either. I am vindicated, after all. You are more than simply my human master.”


         “I thought I could come out here and force you to stop with the nonsense.” Andrew replied weakly. “I seem to have made it worse for myself.”


         Kuu chuckled. “You may have.”


         “If acknowledging Maple was a beacon, then…” Andrew grimaced. “I just shouted my presence to anything nearby.”


         Kuu stiffened. “You’re sure?”


         “I walked through that dream and discovered the bear spirit looking for me.” Andrew growled. “We found each other that way. Yes, if one of them is nearby, they would have noticed me.”


         Kuu remained silent for a minute before scooping him into her arms. “We’re heading back.”


         “Where even are we?” Andrew asked.


         “Near my borders.” Kuu gently rose, beginning to jog back, her stride growing longer as she focused on her actions. “I need to be closer to the center of my lands if one of these spirits arrive.”


         Andrew didn’t argue, allowing her to carry him. It took longer than the trip out, but eventually they seemed to cross a line and Kuu breathed easier. “There.”


         “I felt that.”


         Kuu glanced down at him. “I knew you would, now that you were looking for it.” She looked back around them. “This is the area Telpëlass can see. Within it, I am more powerful.” She smiled. “And yet you claim not to be what I say you are.”


         “Just because I helped to grow her does not mean anything.” Andrew replied quietly. “You sang her to life, not me. That’s all.”


         Kuu shrugged. “Perhaps.” She let him down, gesturing at the silver that had become her hair and eyes since that night. “And yet I don’t think it is.”


         “I accept now that I am not human.” Andrew replied. “I will not accept being worshipped like something I am not.”


         “They will continue to pray to you. You can not change that.” She cocked her head. “I will stress that you are still material. Perhaps that will keep them from having any crazy ideas.”


         “There has to be some sort of religion that believes their gods are able to walk among them.” Andrew grimaced. “I can’t believe I’m thinking about this.”


         Kuu smiled slightly. “I will ask Cortney. As your first priestess it is my duty to coach the others.”


         “Ridiculous.” Andrew grumbled.


         Kuu laughed. “It may be, but it is what we have chosen. I will try my best to keep them from making you uncomfortable.”


         “You do that.” Andrew pushed away from her. “I’ll see you later, Kuu. I needed to blow off steam and managed to build up more.”


         Kuu nodded. “Of course.” She waited for him to take a few steps. “Love you, Master.”


         Andrew glanced back with a smile. “Trying to get a piece of that, hm?” He chuckled when she unabashedly nodded. “You’re going to have to get in line.”


         Kuu’s smile glowed with her joy. “I know.”


         Unseen to either of them, a large bird soared past, its eyes searching the forest below. He had been here.


         It wheeled back around, its gaze running right over where Andrew was walking back to the caves. Something was hiding him. But he was here.







         “Here he comes!”


         Andrew whistled softly, jauntily walking towards the mess hall. Lucy still hadn’t called back, but he wasn’t in much of a rush to resolve that. Harem morale was up; with Aella finally realizing her tactics weren’t working she’d backed down slightly, allowing the others to do their own thing. Cristina had surprised him the day before by teleporting directly into his locked bedroom as he showered, which had led to a stern talk about privacy. He laughed when he remembered how he had… ‘driven’ his point home. He had a feeling she might show up again soon just so she could get a repeat of the ‘lesson’.


         Feral attacks had steadily climbed, prompting Constance to round up a fireteam and head into the mountains west of them. She had returned with two empty ammo boxes and a grim story of near constant ferals. But her work had relieved pressure on the court, which had Kuu happier. Things overall were looking up.


         He continued whistling, pushing into the mess hall. He hadn’t taken two steps before a body impacted his side and threw him to the ground. He fought for a moment before the figure grabbed his arms, flipping him over and hoisting him kicking into the air.


         “FU!” Andrew roared, craning his neck to try and get a glimpse of the Warvern. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!”


         “My student has been having life too easy.” Fu giggled, hoisting him around so he could see the other two that were waiting for him. “Gale! Here he is!”


         Gale grinned, exchanging a glance with Kuu before stepping forwards. “Andrew! I hear you’re beginning to display abilities beyond human norms.”


         Andrew froze, glaring daggers at the innocent looking Elfqueen. “Kuu. What have you told them.”


         “Nothing but the truth.” Kuu giggled. “I’m pretty fast in my forest. And yet, you seemed like you could outrun me…”


         With a sinking feeling Andrew realized what was happening. “Gale, hey, you don’t have to do this.” He fought harder when Fu began marching him back out the door. “DON’T DO THIS! SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!”


         Gale snickered, chasing Fu out the door before poking her head back in and looking at Kuu. “How much faster, would you say he was running?”


         Kuu gave the Night Nurse a blank look. “How would I know? You should probably just test him from the ground up.”


         Gale’s face split into a grin. “Why, I think I shall, sister.”


         “Oh, don’t forget to test his… endurance.” Kuu couldn’t hold back her laughter by this point. “Strength, endurance, stamina…”


         Gale gave her a mock glare. “There is more than that to these tests.”


         “I’m sure there are many pokegirls who would be interested to hear those results though.”


         Gale smiled back. “Perhaps.”


         Kuu watched her vanish before strutting towards the tables, taking her seat and grinning at the assembled pokegirls.


         “Is he really getting stronger?” Lucina asked eagerly. “Was my mistress correct in sending me with him?”


         Kuu rolled her eyes, grabbing a roll and tearing a chunk off. “All I saw was his speed. And he was fast.” She pondered for a moment. “I really hope Gale tries to test him against herself. He might just win.”


         “I want to test him too.” Lucina leered, bouncing excitedly. “I’m pretty agile, I wonder if he could keep up with me…”


         Kuu covered her smile with her food, glancing around to see similar conversations beginning to form around them. She grabbed a nearby cup, pouring a glass of water and grinning into the liquid.


         He’d never said anything about hiding what he’d done, had he? No. The more that knew of his growth the better. She took her sip, her eyes twinkling with her suppressed laughter. A month ago, he had expressed his frustration at not being seen as an equal. Now she sat, listening to the speculation and praise that filled the air. As was only right. He was more than what they had been treating him as, and now they would see what she had already known.


          “May I speak with you?”


         Kuu placed her cup on the table, smiling into the air. “Good morning, Cortney.”


         “What do you think you’re doing?”


         Kuu rose, making her excuses and beginning to walk back outside. “I don’t know what you’re referring to.”


         “He is our Master. Our Tamer. Why are you spreading rumors that he’s as strong as a pokegirl?”


         “I did no such thing.” Kuu replied haughtily. “I merely relayed to those who would listen that he had outpaced me in the forest. They drew their own conclusions.”


         “I had just started convincing him that we weren’t a pack of idiots and could protect him.” Kuu pulled up when Cortney’s hologram manifested ahead of her. “What’s he going to think now? He’s not a pokegirl. He needs to be protected, not convinced that he doesn’t need us.”


         Kuu shook her head sadly. “I am not trying to convince him of anything of the sort. In fact, Andrew is very aware that he needs us to protect him.” Her eyes grew cold. “But you have been taking it too far. He is not the frail, insignificant thing you have been teaching him he is. He is strong, and needs to understand that his strength is real. Or he will hate himself, more than he showed us a month ago.”


         Cortney growled. “You’ve lost sight of what matters in this harem, Kuu. Out in your forest, disconnected from us.”


         “On the contrary.” Kuu snapped back. “I have been able to remain focused on what matters. He does. Not you, not Aella. Andrew.”


         “I outrank you, captain.” Cortney growled. “The majority of the command-“


         “I don’t answer to you.” Kuu spat. “I never have. I defer to Aella when needed, but I also don’t bow to her. I am the Queen of this forest, and you would do well to remember that.” She raised her hand, vines snaking around her body until she was clad in her armor. “I answer to one man. I act on His interests. Not. Yours.”


         The hologram wavered and vanished when Kuu walked through it.








         Cristina rolled away, cradling her shattered arm. “Good? You fucking broke my arm!”


         Camiel grinned, lunging in and smashing against Cristina’s flagging block. “But I didn’t break your body! A week ago, you would have had no chance to stop that strike.” She whirled, driving an armored heel into Cristina’s side. Cristina’s eyes bugged out, her wards screaming in protest as she was thrown away. Camiel advanced, pointing in glee. “That would have torn through you!” She leapt in, slamming her fist into Cristina’s solar plexus and leaning back when the Ophanim released her breakfast onto the forest floor. “You can withstand me. You are stronger.”


         Cristina gasped, wiping the bile from her mouth. “I don’t feel it.”


         Camiel chuckled darkly, her aura surging. “I am not holding back any more, Cristina. I am not striking with my full strength, but I no longer have to pull my punches. You are stronger. There is no question.”


         Cristina desperately redirected Camiel’s next strike before stumbling. “Fuck.”


         Camiel pulled up short, waiting for Cristina to rise. When she didn’t she reached down, pulling the struggling Ophanim to her feet. “I told you that when I thought you were ready, I would show you something you could not learn.”


         Cristina retched again, coughing to clear her throat. “You said that when I could teleport.” She wheezed.


         “True.” Camiel cocked her head. “And you can. Not perfectly, but it is usable in battle.” She nodded slightly. “Catch your breath.”


         Cristina roared, forcing her lungs to cycle air faster. After a minute she wiped the sweat from her face. “Okay.”


         “Good.” Camiel released her, pointing into the sky. “Fly up there. I will join you after a minute.”


         “My arm?”


         “Pain is the best teacher.” Camiel replied.


         Cristina nodded, taking to the skies. She did lazy circles, her dark cocoon forming and watching as Camiel almost ceremoniously removed her armor until she was only wearing her underwear. She focused when Camiel took off, slowly climbing to meet her.


         “Are you aware of what a Hyperbeam is?” Camiel asked her.


         Cristina nodded slightly. “A couple of the girls can create them.”


         “What about an Energy Blade?”


         Cristina nodded again.


         “Both are extreme amounts of energy, either focused into a blade, or dispersed in a beam.” Camiel raised her hand. “I was crafted for my purpose. This technique is unique, as far as I know. Perhaps one day you will be able to emulate it, but it is not to be used lightly. It is everything I have. It is Judgement.”


         Cristina watched Camiel turn to face the ground. She spread her fingers, small pricks of light forming between them until she clutched what appeared to be a half dozen energy blades. With hardly a sound her hands whipped down, sending the markers deep into the earth. Cristina felt her hair stand on end when Camiel slammed her hands together, blood red lines springing to life across her exposed skin. With a start she realized they weren’t markings, like she saw on Lyn, or that she had once considered having tattooed herself; Camiel’s actual blood was leaking through her skin, forming an intricate maze of lines that began to shine with suppressed magic. Camiel opened her mouth and screamed, the alien words crashing against Cristina’s ears.


         “. . . . מצאתי אותך אשם!”


         Cristina felt the weight of the magic Camiel was weaving multiply and panicked, turning to flee, to find safety from the spell behind her.


         Camiel didn’t acknowledge her flight, focusing solely on the roiling sphere between her hands. Faster than Cristina could blink the light flashed from white to an ugly black. She turned, staring in horror at the ground.


         Somehow, the energy refused to leave the ring Camiel had marked. But it burned, slowly sinking into the ground before finally losing its form, shredding and sending beams of pure magic lancing through the sky.


         She stared as the energy began to fade. She had expected something perhaps on the level of multiple hyperbeams, or a supercharged Megidolaon. She had learned that Camiel was powerful, and had seen the proof from her week of training.


         The destruction below her was far, far beyond that. She couldn’t see the bottom of the hole Camiel’s spell had dug, and the sides of the pit shone with reflected light. Her spell had glassed the edges of where her markers had designated. Inside, there was nothing left.


         Camiel coughed, her wings faltering for a second before her body was suffused with healing energy. “There.” She turned, her eyes wandering to where Cristina had retreated. “I do not blame you for fleeing.”


         Cristina knew her expression was less than brave but she simply didn’t care. “Please. Never do that again.”


         Camiel looked at her sadly. “I can not promise that, child.” She shook her head. “I have only had to use it in battle four times. Each opponent was beyond anything else I could summon. And if I am to protect him, I may, one day, have to use it again.”


         “That’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever witnessed.”


         Camiel snorted. “It is far from the worst that exists. I have seen what a Legendary can do, and my parlor trick pales in comparison.”


         “Still.” Cristina gazed down at the pit. “I could never do that.”


         “Precisely.” Camiel gestured. “I told you that I would show you something you could never achieve. You believed that was impossible.” She raised her eyebrows. “Well? What say you now?”


         Cristina slowly shook her head. “Please teach me what you can.” She gazed at the Archangel. “I trust your… Judgement.”







         “Just keep up with me!” Gale cried, running easy sprints back and forth across the gym. “Come now, Andrew! You can do better than this.”


         Andrew grunted, barely able to keep pace with the Night Nurse. “I can’t.”


         “This is nowhere near what Kuu said you did.” Gale turned, jogging backwards. “Why are you holding back?”


         “I- I’m not.” Andrew sucked air as they made another turn. “I don’t know how I did what I did with her!”


         Fu sat in the bleachers, watching the two run with undisguised curiosity.


         He had outrun an Elfqueen in the forest. He should at least be pushing Gale. So why he wasn’t was as curious as the phenomenon had been in the first place.


         “Stop.” Gale slowed, watching Andrew catch his breath. “You are in prime physical condition for a human. Have you been keeping up with your exercises?”


         “Of course.” Andrew wheezed. “How else would I-?”


         “So stop limiting yourself.” Gale replied. “I can see the difference in you, Andrew. Let it come forth.”


         Andrew stared at her. “I haven’t told you about that yet.”


         “I’m a Night Nurse.” Gale retorted. “What kind of a self-respecting medic would I be if I couldn’t tell when my Master had changed?”


         “But I’m still the same person.”


         “No, you’re not.” Gale prodded his chest. “You’ve already recovered. A second ago you couldn’t breathe. Some part of you wants to stretch, to be free, but you just won’t let it.” She followed his gaze to the stands. “Really? You’re worried that she’ll find out?”


         Andrew shifted nervously. “Well-“


         “FU!” Gale turned, ignoring Andrew’s motions. “DID YOU KNOW OUR MASTER ISN’T THE SAME AS A WEEK AGO?”


         Fu gazed down. “Hm?”




         “ENOUGH!” Andrew pushed in front of Gale. “Fu. I’m only half human.”


         Fu watched him, her slit eyes tracking his face. “That so? What am I, a third?”


         Andrew blinked. “You don’t… care?”


         “I care that you’ll be able to learn my art.” Fu sneered back at him. “Stop holding back, Andrew. I want to see what Kuu saw.”


         “The rumor is already spreading.” Gale stepped back in front of him. “In fact, if you don’t start doing something different, you’re just going to get even more questions.”


         Andrew stared at her. “What rumor?”


         “Kuu has been telling everyone what you did. What you looked like.” Gale smiled at his groan. “Lyn’s refusal to talk about it just made the rumors grow.”


         “Fucking hell.”


         “Why else would I drag you away like this?” Gale placed her hand over his heart. “You are something new to me, Andrew. Master. I want to know what you can do.” Her eyes twinkled with uncharacteristic laughter. “Why wouldn’t I want to know I could love my Master without holding myself back?”


         Andrew grimaced, rubbing at his eyes. “I honestly don’t know how I did it.”


         “Not good enough.” Andrew jumped when Gale’s normal demeanor snapped back into place. “Figure it out. Now.”


         “I’m hiding.” He realized with a start. “Still. I’m still hiding what I am from them.


         He held out his hands, staring at the two different colors. “I didn’t care if she saw.” He raised his gaze, staring over Gale’s head. “She already knew, so I didn’t care.” He waited a moment, reaching deep inside until he found the fragments that he had absorbed.


         Gale’s eyes lit up when the light began to shimmer, flecks of silver spinning around the motionless man. “Incredible.”


         Andrew stared at the fragments. He had made them a part of himself, but he had kept them hidden away. He was still afraid what would happen if he accepted them fully.


         Maybe he knew what would happen. Would he become like them, the spirits who had visited him? What were they even like? He hesitated, his fear pushing the fragments further away. He didn’t want to be something different.


         Fear. It was fear of the unknown. He didn’t know what accepting his other side would do, and had no experience to draw on. That was what stopped him. He hadn’t been afraid with Kuu. He had embraced it.


         The silver slowly died away, leaving Gale staring eagerly at him. “Well?” Andrew took a deep breath, looking back down at her. When he did Gale almost squealed with excitement, staring back into the silver orbs Andrew’s eyes had become. “This is incredible!”


         He stayed motionless as she ran her hands over his body. “Your vitals are still stable.” She gripped his chest. “Everything is still working the same as it did.” She grinned up at him. “But it’s not, is it?”


         Andrew slowly shook his head, staring out at the room. “No.” He hesitated. “This is as far as I am willing to go.”


         “Is it what you did with Kuu?”


         Andrew silently nodded.


         “Then hold it.” Gale rubbed her hands together. “Run.”


         Fu straightened when she saw him take off after the Night Nurse. Gale hadn’t started slow, quickly reaching the same speeds Andrew had previously been maxing out at. And kept accelerating.


         Andrew focused solely on the Night Nurse’s back as he chased her. He felt her increasing her pace but he simply matched it, blitzing along until the two were traversing the entire gym in a matter of seconds. Finally he felt her begin to pull away and pushed as hard as he could, desperate to stay in reach. With a flash he pulled up, feeling his fear take hold. He had almost gone too far.


         Gale glanced back, slowly returning her pace to his. They ran for another few minutes before Gale raised her hand. “Stop.”


         Andrew slowed, watching Gale do the same. They stared at each other, both breathing heavier than usual but nowhere near out of breath.


         “If you were bloodgifted, I would say you had a high Speed gift.” Gale looked at him critically. “And your lack of fatigue would indicate some level of Endurance to match.”


         “Do you have that?”


         “Enhanced endurance? No.” Gale shrugged. “But I have trained to overcome my fatigue.”


         “So have I.”


         Gale stared at him with a thoughtful expression. “Then perhaps a better test would be in order.”


         Andrew felt his heart sink. “Wait, I didn’t mean-“


         “Later.” Gale replied with a smirk. “How strong do you believe you are?”


         Andrew frowned. “I don’t know?”


         “FU!” Gale gave him a savage grin when she saw the color drain from his face. “Do come test him, won’t you?”


         “N-now hold on a second.” Andrew blustered. “If I can’t match her strength, she’ll crush me!”


         “I’m right here.” Gale leered. “You won’t die.”


         “I really don’t want to break my body just to-“


         “Oh, but you do.” Gale slapped his back, shoving him towards the approaching Warvern. “We have to test to see how durable you are, don’t we?”


         Andrew coughed when Fu wrapped her arms around him, the sudden action compressing his chest. He struggled for a second before gritting his teeth, the light in his eyes flaring up. Fu smiled when he forced her arms open, quickly stepping a few feet away.




         “That was around twice what he should have been able to handle.” Fu rumbled. “I have felt him fight back against pressures a bit below that, but he shouldn’t have been able to break that hold.”


         “Perfect, times two, moving on.” Andrew sighed when Fu shook her head. “No?”


         “No.” Fu grinned, holding out her hand. “Pull.”


         Andrew watched her grab the bleachers. “You’re a strength gauge now?”


         Fu nodded. “Pull.”


         Andrew gritted his teeth, grabbing her hand and heaving. Fu watched him struggle, slowly relaxing her grip until she felt him begin to overpower her. “Is that your max?”


         Andrew grunted, resting his feet against her leg and pulling with all his might. Fu carefully adjusted her grip, waiting for him to give up. “Five.”


         Gale’s eyes widened. “Five?”


         “That was five times what I have felt him pull before.” Fu released Andrew’s hand. “What did you say his speed was?”


         “Around a three?”


         Andrew sucked air, staring at the two pokegirls. “I’m in a lot of trouble, aren’t I.”


         “Pull on me.” Gale reached out, setting her own feet. Andrew yanked, watching in astonishment as he jerked the Night Nurse into his arms. “Wow, that’s strong.”




         “I have enhanced strength, too.” Gale pushed away from him, tapping his forehead. “Yes, mister. You are in a lot of trouble. Because this isn’t your best, is it?”


         Andrew shook his head. “Gale, this is as much as I’m willing to use.”


         “I’m not willing to see how long it takes for your bones to break.” She glanced at Fu. “You?”


         Fu shook her head. “No. He has his armor spell.”


         “Very true.” Gale turned back to Andrew, grinning at his terrified expression. “Oh, please. I didn’t say that because you admitted you were holding back.”


         “I did.” Fu muttered.


         “I suggest you get a very, very good night’s rest.” Gale smirked. “Tomorrow, I will recommend your new training program to our Alpha. There is no reason that you can’t run with the rest of us.”


         Andrew gazed back at her, the silver having faded from his eyes. “B-but-“


         “How long can you hold that power?” Gale mused. “That is the next question, Andrew. I will push you until I know the answers.”







Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova




Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame

Daria – Vampire

Camiel – (Paragon) Archangel

Albia – (Hunter) G-Splice