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Chapter 38


         “Hey Cristina.” Andrew gazed out into the forest. “Are you ready?”


         “No.” She replied. Andrew turned to give the Ophanim an encouraging smile and she responded in kind. “But I can leave.”


         “We don’t have to do this.” Andrew continued. “You can live your life. Your mother allowed you that much.”


         “But I can’t.” Cristina whispered. “She’s out there, somewhere. Slowly going feral. How can I sit here, safe and loved, and know she’s suffering like that?” She paused and shook her head. “I’m not even doing it because of her. I’m doing it because I’m selfish.” Her black eyes sought his. “I never really had a mother. I just want to see her again.”


         Andrew nodded slightly. “Then lets go.” He stood and chuckled when she wrapped her arms around him. “I’m just cargo right now. Please don’t drop me.”


         Cristina laughed quietly and her grip tightened, her larger set of wings folding over to enclose the two inside a golden canopy. “I feel strange.” She confessed, shifting slightly so the harness she wore didn’t dig into his skin. “You wear nothing but your clothes, while I have all of the equipment. Am I the Tamer now?”


         Andrew chuckled and stroked her side. “I’m not looking forward to the next few hours, but I also want to get started as soon as possible.” He tugged at the neck of his sweater. “I’m starting to overheat.”


         Cristina nodded and her wings unfolded, allowing Andrew to turn and begin strapping himself to her. “You can reach the pokeballs?” She called, prompting him to feel back with his hands until he encountered the orbs. “Starting from the outside left is Lyn, Ann, Melody, and Gale, as discussed.”


         “I have it.” Andrew felt the releases. “I’m not straining here on the ground. We’ll see how it feels in the air.”


         “I want to feel the weight first.” Cristina continued. “So I know what to expect in an emergency. Prepare for takeoff.”


         Andrew relaxed, allowing his breathing to even as Cristina tensed her legs. She flapped twice to get the rhythm before leaping into the air on the offbeat and pumping her wings. She immediately caught her stride, winging a hundred feet up before slowing and beginning to test the harness.


         Aside from where the leather had slipped onto her bare skin, neither could find any position where the set up was uncomfortable. Andrew pulled her clothes back in place as Cristina flew inverted, using gravity to loosen the straps enough for him to work the cloth back into place. Satisfied, she flipped back upright and began to climb, quickly passing through the clouds and leveling off.






         Andrew blinked to wet his eyes and pulled his goggles back on to protect them from the bite of the cold Canadian air. The flight north had been sobering. He had flown before, in a plane, and had seen how humanity spread over the continent. But now, his transport a beautiful, winged, angelic woman, he saw almost nothing. Cities still appeared and disappeared with some irregularity, but that was it. No suburbs. No farms. Roads and highways lay broken and abandoned. And as they passed north, into what had already been mostly wilderness, even they disappeared. They had seen a single, half-ruined settlement in the last two hours. Other than a few flocks of feral Pokegirls, nothing challenged them, either. It was as if the world had died, and they alone survived.


         Andrew shivered, not from the cold, and he felt Cristina grasp his hand for comfort. “I am here.


         “Sorry.” Andrew replied wryly. “My nihilism was showing.


         Cristina laughed, her pure joy washing over the bond and chasing the dark from his thoughts. “I enjoyed the part about your beautiful angelic woman.” She replied. “You should keep that for when we find Camiel.


         “Yea? And who would I be thinking about then?” Andrew muttered to himself, earning another laugh from Cristina as she picked up her pace.


         Another hour passed before she slowed, dipping her left shoulder and gliding towards the distant coastline. Andrew shivered as they entered the cool currents that fought with the warmer ocean air, pulling his sleeves down and popping his collar to fend off the gusts of wind.


         “She made a base here.” Cristina muttered, more to herself than to him. “The little sisters.”


         Andrew glanced up and into the bay, nodding slightly at the island chain there. “You recognize those islands?”


         “There’s too many.” Cristina replied, disappointment in her voice. “There should be three at the mouth of the bay.”


         Andrew glanced at the scattered islands and shook his head. “I don’t see that at all. Further north?”


         Cristina nodded her assent, turning and continuing along the shattered coastline. They paused twice more before finding what they were looking for.


         Andrew was watching the water and land flash by when Cristina shouted, twisting to dive for the ground. Andrew craned his neck in time to see a blue and grey blur zip by, the pokegirl slowing enough for him to identify it as a Frosttits before lining up for another dive.


         “BRACE!” Cristina screamed and she smashed her wings open, sending a jolt through Andrew’s body. She gently fell the last few feet to the ground and he quickly unbuckled, falling to the frosty grass with Lyn’s pokeball in hand.


         “I’m sorry, I saw her too late.” Cristina babbled, scrabbling for the other pokeballs. “I think this is the bay. Look, three islands.”


         Andrew spared a glance and nodded. “Definitely three islands. Whether or not she’s here is a different story.”


         “Yea, well, I’ll take care of this one.” Cristina tossed him the pokeballs and took off, her sword appearing as the two pokegirls prepared to clash.


         Andrew marveled at her form for a few moments before turning back to the cliff. It took him a moment before he realized the movement he had been seeing on the shore was another pokegirl, this one staring directly at him.


         He quickly fell back and activated his binoculars before inching forwards. The pokegirl hadn’t moved, still staring at where he had disappeared, so he got a good look before inching back.


         “The fuck’s a Frostdrake doing this far south?” He griped. “Hopefully she doesn’t come up here.”


         A minute later Cristina landed beside him, the Frosttits flapping away. “She won’t be bothering us.”


         “There’s a Frostdrake down there.” Andrew muttered, reaching to pull her down and cursing when the Frosttits suddenly dove towards the shore. “Oh, hell.”


         The two clambered to their feet and ran to the edge. The Frosttits landed and seemed to be talking to the Frostdrake before stepping into the cave behind her. Andrew’s face grew white. “She wasn’t a feral?”


         “No, this could be good.” Cristina grinned. “Maybe they work for Camiel. The bird was certainly skilled enough.”


         Andrew shook his head when the Frosttits returned, flanking a human figure with another Frosttits across from her. “Maybe. Maybe not.”


         “Trespassers.” The magically enhanced voice rolled across the water and echoed around them. “Leave now.”


         “That’s a Snow Queen.” Andrew shook his head again. “If she’s calling us trespassers then we’re on her claimed land. Let’s go.” He turned to the cliff and cupped his hands around his mouth. “We did not mean to trespass. Our apologies.” He gestured up the shoreline. “Let’s keep going.”


         Cristina sighed but grabbed his waist, winging into the air. Suddenly she hesitated, falling back when the second Frosttits appeared in their path.


         “The Gold-wing Angel.” The Frosttits muttered, her voice cracking as she fought to speak. “Carries the human... male.” She made an abortive motion towards Andrew but stopped when Cristina interjected. “See you. You come.” She took one last look at Andrew before tearing herself away. “Come.” She called over her shoulder.


         Cristina hesitated. “Why the sudden change?”


         “Whatever it is countermanded the Snow Queen.” Andrew replied. “Maybe you’re right.”


         “Grab my waist.” Cristina called, releasing him for a few moments while she wrapped her eyes. “There.”


         Andrew kept his grip when she took hold of him again. “You’re hiding?”


         “Let her see me as a golden Angel.” Cristina replied. “If she bares her scars, then so will I.”


         “Her scars will be fresh.” Andrew replied. “And it’s only been about twenty years since Pokegirls were created here. You’re going to be nearly twice her age.”


         Cristina hesitated but continued to drop. “She has longevity. She will look the same as I know her.”


         “Fair enough.”


         They landed in front of the Frostdrake and now that he was this close Andrew could see the wild look that marked her as going feral. “Go.” The dragon pokegirl growled, her nostrils flaring as Andrew’s scent hit her. “Inside.”


         “We brought friends.” Cristina said carefully, staying outside the entrance. “Are they welcome?”


         “Gold wings.” The girl growled. “Male. No other.”


         Andrew stepped forwards, forcing Cristina to hurry to his side as he walked by the Frostdrake. As they passed the threshold the light suddenly changed, an inviting glow suffusing the air instead of the dark of a cave, or the harsh light of the evening sun.


         Cristina took the lead, the two walking past the two Frosttits as they watched Andrew with the same wild look. It took a few seconds before the cave opened up to show two women sitting around a makeshift table.


         Andrew immediately recognized the first as the Snow Queen and he bobbed his head in respect. “We are sorry for the trespass, lady.”


         The pokegirl blinked before slowly smiling. “You respect me?”


         “I acknowledge your claims.” Andrew replied carefully.


         The Snow Queen’s grin widened. “You are smart. Good.”


         Andrew blinked when he noticed her nudity and posture. He knew Snow Queens had a reduced feral state, but hers was rapidly failing, and he quickly broke eye contact in an attempt to allow her to recover. The second pokegirl shared many of the same signs but she also seemed to radiate an aura of tranquility as she watched him. He would have guessed who it was even without Cristina’s sharp gasp.


         “Strange.” The pokegirl had eyes only for him, only looking to acknowledge Cristina’s presence. “You lust for me less than you do for Drifa. Far less, and yet this was decided long before you ever saw me.”


         Andrew frowned. “How do you see this?”


         “It is my gift.” She shrugged, four black wings appearing behind her. “For my life I have judged and meted punishment. To do so I was granted gifts.” She finally looked to Cristina. “You, child. You have suffered long. I sense great darkness on your soul, even though it does not control you.”


         Cristina hesitated but reached for her wrapping. “How did you know we were coming?” She asked quietly.


         Camiel made a sad noise as the cloth fell away to reveal Cristina’s eyes. “Yes, you have suffered. It is wonderful that I saw only your golden wings, and not the black stain on your heart.” She blinked. “I have gifts, as I have told this male. They allow me to see what comes, if I need it.”


         Andrew winced at the skipping in her thoughts. “It is a miracle that you’re still functional while feral.”


         “You speak of my creator’s final wisdom.” Camiel’s wings vanished and she relaxed again. “Is that why you have come for me?”


         “Maybe.” Andrew sat as well. “We come from another future. In it, you are dead, killed by your enemies. Your daughter does not want that to happen again.”


         “Daughter.” Camiel’s face broke into a smile. “I will have children.”


         “You... listen?” Drifa growled in frustration and began speaking rapidly in French.


         “Yes.” Camiel replied simply. “A miracle such as that is no greater than that of our creator. And I hear the truth in their words.”


         “Mother.” Cristina choked. “Let us help you. Let him help you.”


         Camiel looked at her and sighed. “So, you are the daughter I am meant to have. And yet you are older than I am.” She smiled. “In this moment, it is I who is the child, no?”


         “No!” Cristina sobbed, tears beginning to fall. “When I learned you could be alive here, I... you, you died when I was ten.” She whispered. “Ten!” She hiccupped. “And you are sitting there, it’s as if... as if no time is gone, and...” she trailed off helplessly.


         Camiel watched Cristina and slowly shook her head. “I am not your mother, child.” She sighed. “It warms my heart to know that I survive long enough to create such a wonderful beacon of light. But that has not yet come to pass. I am sorry, but I am not who you seek.”


         Andrew gently laid his hand on Cristina’s knee. “She knew.” He started as the Ophanim began to openly sob. “I warned her that she would not find the woman she was looking for here. But we have still found you.” He looked Camiel in the eye. “And on Cristina’s request, I will help you.”


         Camiel hummed quietly. “I know of what you speak.” She tapped her fingers against the floor as she thought. “Some of my sisters have embraced it. They believe they are happy and safe, but I worry. I can see them changing, just as the bear has changed.” She addressed Drifa.


         “She’s fine.” Drifa responded. “She has silly thoughts, yes, but she knows not to act.”


         “We will see.” Camiel swayed slightly. “It is becoming hard to resist. Such was the wisdom of the creator.”


         Andrew silently stood and began walking out, pushing Cristina gently when she tried to follow. “I’ll be fine.” He smiled. “Talk, if you want.”


         She nodded and watched him leave before turning back to Camiel, sniffling loudly.


         The Archangel looked shocked. “He did not act?”


         Cristina blinked. “What?”


         Camiel’s mouth hung open. “He did not act. I saw him do so, and yet when it came time, he refused.”


         Cristina sniffed and rubbed her eyes dry. “What are you talking about.”


         “My future, and his. I am wanting, and he was to give. But he did not.”


         Cristina blinked. “You said you were afraid. Why would he force himself on you?”


         Camiel slowly closed her mouth. “Because I saw it.”


         “Bullshit.” Cristina snapped. “Andrew isn’t like that. He has more than enough of us to keep himself satisfied. And we are all respected. Just as much as he respects you, or Drifa.” Her voice caught as she mentioned the Snow Queen’s name.


         Camiel frowned. “You know Drifa?”


         “You... my mother spoke of her.” Cristina said slowly. “She called her a great ally, and a dear friend.”


         Camiel watched her for a few seconds before abruptly nodding. “I understand. You come with truth and love in your heart, future-daughter. Perhaps it is time I follow my sisters’ example.” She stood, offering a hand to Drifa, who immediately took it. “Yes?”


         “I follow you.” The Snow Queen replied. “But I will not leave this land.”


         “Call back your male.” Camiel addressed Cristina, and then hesitated. “No, he is not yours. You are his.”


         “I call him mine.” Cristina replied with a smile. “He is on his way.”


         Camiel watched in open wonder when Andrew popped his head back around the corner. “You called?”


         “You can mix minds?” Camiel whispered in awe. “How?”


         “We share a bond.” Andrew replied. “What’s going on?”


         “I will give myself to you.” Camiel replied, reaching up to loosen her shirt. “As will Drifa, though she wishes to stay with her land.”


         “Done.” Andrew replied instantly. “My ElfQueen wouldn’t be happy if I brought home competition.”


         Camiel blinked. “You claim one of the earth mothers?”


         “They are more common where we come from.” Cristina replied. “I, uh... I should step outside.” She quickly ran out of the room as Camiel slipped her outfit past her breast.


         “You’re sure you want this.” Andrew asked as she continued to undress. “I will not force you to do anything. But I will expect you to follow me.”


         “I know you will allow me to continue my work.” Camiel replied. “And so, I accept.” She finished undressing and stood proud. “Well?”


         Andrew glanced at Drifa, motioning the Snow Queen forwards. “And you?”


         Drifa gazed back at him and nodded. “I follow Camiel.”


         Andrew chuckled. “I’m asking you to lead. You look warm with your brown skin, but I know how cold your body is.”


         Drifa smiled and stepped forwards, Andrew shivering as she pressed against him. “If you know, then why me?”


         “I wasn’t expecting this cold.” Andrew gasped, hissing as she ran her hands under his shirt and along his bare chest. “FUCK.”


         Drifa laughed as she finished removing his shirt, turning his head back and staring down at him with her soft blue eyes. “You are short, for a male.”


         “You’re tall.” Andrew shot back, yelping when she ran her hands down his stomach and towards his groin. “Holy SHIT!”


         “Drifa.” Andrew felt the Snow Queen’s hand began to warm and he looked past her to see Camiel with one hand on Drifa’s waist. “You are too cold.”


         Drifa nodded slightly but continued pushing her hand into Andrew’s pants. “Thank you, Camiel.”


         Andrew sighed in relief when he felt the bitter edge fade from her touch. “That’s still cool. But I can handle this.”


         “Good.” Camiel stepped around the Snow Queen and pressed her tanned body against his side. “Am I warm enough?”


         Andrew nodded mutely, reaching around to draw her closer to him. “More than.”


         Drifa finished undoing his pants and slid down, gazing unhappily at his flaccid penis. “Do we not excite you?”


         “It ran away because you were so cold.” Andrew tried to extricate his arm but Camiel held him steady. “Uh, can I…”


         “No.” Andrew felt himself falling back as Camiel pushed, the Archangel gently laying him down. “Don’t move.”


         Andrew mentally shrugged but complied, chuckling when Drifa made a few half-hearted attempts at giving him a blowjob before giving up and crawling forwards to engulf him in a kiss, allowing Camiel to break off and begin working him erect.


         Andrew reached up and began massaging the Snow Queen’s generous breasts, earning a happy moan as she shuddered in pleasure. Suddenly she squealed and Andrew glanced up to see Camiel wrapping her arms around Drifa’s legs, Andrew’s twitching erection forgotten as she buried her face in Drifa’s cunt.


         Andrew twisted, slapping his penis against Camiel’s leg and causing the Archangel to shift enough for him to slide backwards. Drifa’s eyes snapped open and she made to follow him but was pulled back as Camiel continued her ministrations.


         Andrew carefully scooted around, absentmindedly stroking himself as he positioned behind the oblivious Archangel. Camiel realized what was going on when he placed his hands on her hips but she didn’t get to do more than turn her head before he placed the head of his cock against her snatch and slowly penetrated her.


         Camiel’s mouth popped open and she moaned, breathlessly scrabbling at the ground beneath them as she tensed in orgasm from his unexpected attack. She gasped as he came to a halt, his full length tickling her insides, and slowly started to catch her breath when Andrew abruptly pulled back and began to thrust.


         Camiel’s head snapped back and she screamed in pleasure, her entire body shaking as she fought to stay upright. She failed when Andrew tightened his grip and increased his rhythm, pulling herself off his cock as she spasmed, liquid squirting from her vagina as she lay on the ground.


         Andrew chuckled, reaching down to continue when Drifa slid over the still cumming Archangel and continued the blowjob she had tried to start. Andrew lay back as she pushed forwards, her head bobbing in time with his heartbeat until she had thoroughly coated his dick in her saliva. She pulled her head up, absentmindedly licking a bit of Camiel’s juices off her hand before continuing forwards, stuffing her breast in his face as she contorted to fit his dick into her.


         Andrew obliged, pulling gently on her nipple with his teeth, earning a low growl from Drifa before she slammed him back and began bouncing her hips, screaming in pleasure as she rode him. Andrew tried a few times to reach up and grab her breasts but she was moving too erratically so he finally gave up, arching his back slightly as he felt an orgasm build.


         Drifa shouted as she clamped down on his dick and he barely managed to hold himself off. She groaned, slowly sitting down and twisting her hips to grind her butt against his legs.


         Andrew was trying his best not to break when he felt something soft against his outstretched hand and he popped his eyes open to see Camiel pushing past Drifa to grab at his face. The Archangel was well and truly gone, her eyes wild as she desperately kissed him, twisting her body and breaking off only for Andrew to find her pussy thrust directly into his mouth.


         The sudden attack dropped his concentration and he shouted in orgasm, the sound muffled while Camiel screamed in pleasure from the vibration. Andrew found himself barely able to breathe as she began to grind, her soaked pussy moving up and down his face until he reached out and stopped Camiel’s movement, reaching deep with his tongue as he pleasured her.


         Camiel fell silent and she gasped for air, her constant screams and moans leaving her breathless and overwhelmed by Andrew’s tongue. Finally she managed to choke out a final scream as she orgasmed, splashing Andrew with liquid before slumping to the side and moaning happily.


         Andrew tensed as her magic faded and he began to feel Drifa’s cold enveloping his cock. He quickly reached up, pulling the Snow Queen down and grabbing her white hair to force her into a full kiss. She cried out in pleasure and he felt her slid off his cock, fully committing to his mouth. Andrew reached up, working his fingers into her cum-soaked folds, slowly twisting his fingers around her clit until the Snow Queen cried out and broke away, her own eyes glazing over from the pleasure until she, too, slid down his body and began to moan happily.


         Andrew waited for her to fall asleep before worming out from underneath her, wiping his groin mostly clean and settling into a meditative posture while he waited for one of them to wake up.






         Andrew glanced up from his meditation to see Camiel stir. He carefully folded his hands in his lap and waited for the Archangel to look for him. “Here.”


         She turned and blinked. “This is a strange feeling.”


         “I promise, I don’t usually have sex in a cave.” Andrew paused. “Wait, I take that back. I do, but it’s a nice cave.”


         Camiel laughed, and Andrew could suddenly hear Cristina’s resemblance. “No, that was quite... enjoyable.” She smiled. “There was a haze on my thoughts, clouding my actions and hurting my judgment. I see now. It wasn’t my sisters who were changing, but me.”


         “That’s the feeling you found strange?” Andrew frowned. “I didn’t expect the Archangel of judgment to be surprised by such a revelation.”


         Camiel shifted, sitting so she faced him but kept her medium breasts turned away. “That was strange, yes, but I had heard of this bonding. How it was my creator’s true final plan. I believe they called it cowslip.”


         “That’s right.”


         “No, it’s something else.” Camiel’s piercing ice-blue eyes sought his. “There is a part of me that feels... content, now. Like I am whole.”


         Andrew hesitated but reached out. “Camiel?


         The Archangel blinked. “Yes?”


         “Son of a bitch.” Andrew snarled, causing the Archangel to jump. “I guess we’re in this for life now.”


         Camiel’s eyes narrowed before she gasped. “Mind-mixed?”


         “We call it a Delta level bond.” Andrew growled. “I assume I’m the first male you’ve had sex with.”


         Camiel bobbed her head. “Yes. I was ordered not to.” She paused. “Ah. I broke that order.”


         “Your judgment was clouded, but this was why you were told that.” Andrew sighed. “You were designed to bond to the first man who fucked you. All part of cowslip, I’d guess.”


         “I see.” Camiel glanced at the still unmoving Snow Queen. “What of Drifa?”


         “What was she? During the war.”


         Camiel shrugged. “A squad commander.”


         “Then she should be fine. Sukebe would have only done this to the important ones.” He nodded at her. “Speaking of. Do all of your sisters share the Paragon template?”


         Camiel cocked her head for a moment before nodding. “If you mean our blessings, then yes, we do. Are they important to you?”


         “They’re very rare.” Andrew replied. “And denote Pokegirls hand crafted by Sukebe himself.”


         “I see.” Camiel frowned. “How do you know all of these things?”


         “We told you. We’re from the future.”


         Camiel’s frown deepened. “Just as I can sense lies, so too can I sense half-truths. My future-daughter is from then, yes. But where from are you?”


         Andrew sighed. “Technically, the future. But not this world’s future. From a world where Sukebe never succeeded in his experiments, or at least, not in the way he did here.”


         “You come from a world without the creator.” Camiel blinked. “This gives you a unique perspective. Astounding.”


         “You can see anything you wish about me.” Andrew continued. “Since we are bonded, I have no way of defending myself against you. The truths of the world Cristina comes from will lie bare before you; though I have no such knowledge of your own world, perhaps it will prove useful.”


         Camiel gazed at him for a few seconds before jolting back to reality. “So much, in so little time?”


         “Much of what happened was a result of what humanity called the first legendaries.” Andrew replied. “They were not allowed to exist here, from what I have been told.”


         Camiel’s eyes widened. “You know what happened to them? Their... extermination sent the upper command into a panic.”


         “They were destroyed by a civilization much farther advanced than Sukebe could dream. I was brought here by another human who had escaped before I was attacked; he is their ally, and I believe wields their technology, though I’m not completely certain.” Andrew chuckled. “I’m really trying to make him my friend, but so far all I’ve done is take. I’m not quite sure how I can start giving back.”


         Camiel seemed to deflate her body, resting her chin on her thighs. “You have a rich story behind you. Filled with pain, but much joy. I would like to meet your joy.” She smiled. “And if you each are willing, introduce you to mine.”


         Andrew raised an eyebrow. “Cristina calls me her light. I’ve discovered this recently, but it was used in the same way you just said joy. You have a lover?”


         Camiel flashed a grin. “You are a very logical male. I can see why my blood would choose you.” She nodded. “She is wandering today. If I call her, she will come, but she does not like the cold. It will be better if we are in your home when you meet her.”


         “That’s fine.” Andrew studied the Archangel for a moment before chuckling and shaking his head. “You’re like a snake. Or a cat. How flexible are you?”


         Camiel smiled and unfolded, Andrew marveling as she seemed to return to well over six feet tall instead of the curled up four or five she had appeared to be. “I remember enough of what we did to know that you have a very good idea of that answer.”


         Andrew laughed, the sound finally rousing Drifa. “I do, but I still wanted to see what you said.”


         The Snow Queen sat up, glancing between Camiel and Andrew. “That... I have not been myself for years.”


         Camiel crawled over and embraced the suddenly weeping Snow Queen. “Do you still wish to stay?”


         Drifa seemed to remember who else was in the cave and quickly regained her composure, Andrew watching as her vulnerable state was ramrodded behind a commanding visage. “Of course, madam. I have a job to do.”


         “I’ll have my mage craft you a sending stone.” Andrew clambered to his feet and began looking for his pants. “If you ever need us, call.”


         Drifa blinked and nodded. “Thank you... Sir?”


         Andrew rolled his eyes and began pulling on his clothes. “That’s what the others call me, mostly.”


         “A sending stone?” Camiel asked curiously. “Who is this mage?”


         “Drifa, your girls are not gone yet. You will need to have a lot of sex, but you can pull them back on your own.” Andrew nodded at Camiel and mouthed an apology. “I don’t want to take them, and you need to enforce your bonds.”


         “They’re all that’s left of my squad.” Drifa muttered sadly. “Thank you.”


         “My mage is outside, with Cristina.” Andrew replied, finally turning to Camiel. “We have the transport technology Sukebe was developing. She and two of my other Pokegirls are here inside of what we call pokeballs.”


         Camiel nodded. “I see. And you call them yours? You claim us?”


         Andrew’s face flicked to annoyance for a second before smoothing. “I tend to be very possessive of the things and people I love. I believe I already addressed that before you agreed to let me take you.”


         Camiel smiled. “You did, but I wanted to ensure your answer hadn’t changed.”


         “Will I ever be able to lie to you?” Andrew growled. “I sometimes need secrets.”


         Camiel gave him an apologetic look. “It is something I can not control. I am sorry.”


         “Sure you are.” Andrew shook his head and turned towards the cave entrance. “Let’s go say hello to Cristina.”


         The three pushed out into the cold to see all four Pokegirls sitting in a loose semi circle. The two Frosttits immediately leapt to their feet, stepping towards their commander before noticing her change. “Ma’am?” They chorused in unison. 


         “Strike 1! Strike 2!” Drifa barked. “Inside! NOW!”


         Andrew watched approvingly as they scrambled into the cave and turned back to the drake. “And her?”


         “Stand guard.” Drifa growled, turning to follow the Frosttits into the cave.


         The Frostdrake bounced to her feet, her path starting intentionally towards Andrew but shying away when Camiel reached out to block her.


         “M- Camiel.” Cristina gazed in wonder at the Archangel. “Are you sane?”


         Camiel glanced up at the cold sky and back down at the Ophanim with a smile. “I am whole, child. Thank you.”


         Cristina seemed as if the world had been lifted from her shoulders; she sighed, then smiled, then began to laugh and finally leapt into the air, flying happy loops overhead.


         Camiel watched her with a joyous smile and suddenly took off to join her, their gold and black wings flashing by as they chased each other through the sky.


         Andrew smiled at the display and turned to where Cristina had discarded her equipment, grabbing the pokeballs and triggering the releases. “Lyn, Ann, Melody.” He called as the three appeared. “We found her. And there was no need for a fight.”


         The three nodded and glanced at the sky, smiles taking over their faces as they watched. “Cristina is happy.” Lyn murmured. “It’s been so long since I’ve heard her laugh so much.”


         Ann reached out, taking hold of Melody’s hand and the four sat back; content in watching the two angelic Pokegirls dance.



         After what felt like hours they finally stopped, Cristina embracing the black winged Archangel before descending and turning to Andrew. “Thank you.”


         Andrew bowed slightly. “Of course, my lady.” He glanced up with a grin. “Camiel, I’d like you to meet Lyn, our Archmage.”


         Camiel turned and nodded to her. “Greetings, Lyn. I am a mage myself; I look forward to sharing our knowledge.”


         Lyn blinked and nodded, glancing over at Andrew after a second. “This is who we came for?” She waited a beat for him to nod. “Fuck. I’m nowhere near her strength and I’m at least a year older.”


         Camiel smiled bitterly. “I was created for war, child. I took my first life when I was two months old. Count yourself lucky that you have grown in a world without constant fear.”


         Lyn’s eyes bugged out. “Two... months? Do... can you even remember that early?”


         “Lyn, Camiel is-“ Andrew started to explain before Camiel turned fully to the Archmage.


         “You were born.” She whispered. “I was grown. My body was aged until it could fight, and then I was released. If I had been ordered to, I would have killed as soon as I was decanted. I was not, and so I did not, and I agonized over my own morality and the job I had been created for. Eventually I was given a target; I found her, found her guilty, and executed her.” She looked down at the shocked Archmage. “You ask if I remember. I remember everything. I remember my target’s face, the arrogance she held until I announced my purpose. How it turned to fear. I was not known yet, but rumors had been spread of my sisters and I. She knew her fate as soon as I revealed myself.” She paused. “She was a mid tier commander. Her squad did not defend her, save one. A blindly loyal Slicer.” She shuddered. “I had to cut her down to get to my target. It had to be done; she had been corrupted and would have spread the evil my target held.” She choked, tears welling in her eyes. “She couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old. She, just like me, was grown, but her purpose was to be a soldier, and so she had not been crafted with the same loving care I received. There was no resistance. She stepped in front of me, and she died. I still hear her choking in my dreams; the sound of blood filling her lungs. I hadn’t yet learned to kill efficiently, and so I shredded her throat. She drowned in her own blood.” Andrew had to brace himself as he felt her pain overflow into their fresh bond. “She followed orders!” Camiel screamed, tears beginning to stream down her face, “and so she had to die!”


         Andrew immediately wrapped the sobbing Archangel in his arms and held tight, grunting softly when she screamed and smashed her hands into his chest.


         “So.” He managed to get out past his bruised ribs. “Do you have your answer, Lyn?”


         Lyn barely nodded, her eyes bulging out of their sockets and her mouth hanging slack jawed in pure shock.


         “Camiel.” He murmured, releasing one hand to stroke the Archangel’s hair. “Hey. HEY. Listen to me.” He waited for her body to shake with a sob and she raised her tear-stained face to his. “Listen to me. I hereby order you to never kill an innocent. Do you understand?”


         Camiel’s breath caught and she started to cough, the tears still dripping irregularly. “You-“


         “I can not absolve you.” Andrew growled. “But I can give you this. Your old commander is dead; his orders are null. If they do not deserve death, then you are forbidden from taking their life.” He carefully pushed her hair from her eyes. “I will continue to entrust that judgment to you.”


         Camiel stared at him for a second before the tears returned and she let loose an ear rending wail, burying her face in his chest as she sobbed in earnest. Gale had pulled Lyn aside and was discussing something quietly, prompting the Archmage to bow her head and walk over to Ann and Melody, the three vanishing.


         Gale stood by quietly until Camiel’s sobs began to subside, at which point she pushed in and firmly separated her from Andrew. “Move, girl. I need to check the commander. You’re stronger than you realize.” Camiel hiccupped but let herself be pulled away a few feet while Gale ran her hands over Andrew’s chest. “No real damage.” She muttered. “Yea, you’re fine.”


         “What about the bruising?” Andrew remarked wryly.


         Gale grinned and slapped his chest, causing Andrew to groan in pain. “It’ll heal. You’re fine.”


         “Great.” Andrew managed. “Where’d the others go?”


         “I sent Lyn away.” Gale replied. “She was hurting my new sister. I don’t like people who hurt my sisters.”


         “Thank you.” Camiel replied, her voice barely a whisper. “But she didn’t know. She couldn’t know. It was not done with malice in her heart.”


         “We know.” Andrew replied, reaching out to hug her again. “Which is why she won’t be punished for it. But she still needed to know the consequences of her words.” He turned to Cristina. “Is there anything else to do here?”


         The Ophanim slowly shook her head. “I’d never heard that story.” She whispered. “I guess details get lost after a few hundred years.”


         “I have perfect memory.” Camiel replied drily. “If I did not tell you details, it was because I did not want to hurt you with them.”


         “Fuck.” Cristina breathed.


         “Well. If Lyn is gone, we don’t have an easy way back.” Andrew sighed. “I guess we fly.”


         “I’m good to go.” Cristina replied instantly. “It feels good to stretch my wings again.”


         “I agree.” Camiel chimed in. “I can hardly remember the last time I flew with such joy in my heart. I would enjoy flying with my... with Cristina to my new home.” She smiled, the pain still evident in her eyes but fading as she focused on the people around her. “I believe it will do me good.”


         “If you’re tired, just say something.” Andrew cautioned. “We can use a pokeball to transport you.”


         Camiel laughed softly and shook her head at his offer. “I hardly sleep.” She explained. “Even the small rest I took minutes ago will be enough to get me through the night.”


         “Alright.” Andrew stepped back, a light flashing and a small object appearing next to them. “What?”


         Gale reached over and snatched it up. “Lyn sent the sending stone.”


         Andrew chuckled. “Not exactly a stone, is it?” The object Gale held was a metal insignia, much larger than the patches they wore. “As long as it works?”


         Gale focused a moment before nodding. “Lyn apologizes, Camiel. She hopes you will hurry home so that she can welcome you with a bit more... tact.”


         “Paraphrased?” Andrew chided.


         Gale laughed and nodded. “I took some liberties. She’s crying like a baby.”


         Camiel reached over to grasp Cristina’s hands. “Then let us make haste, child.”


         Cristina nodded happily before slowly blushing. “Uh, are... are you going to put on some clothes?”


         Camiel glanced down at her nudity and shrugged. “The clothes I wore are stained with blood. I have no use for them anymore - let Drifa do as she wishes with them.”


         “Then we’re leaving.” Andrew recalled Gale and motioned Cristina towards her gear. “Camiel, would you please deliver the stone?”


         The Archangel nodded and stepped past the Frostdrake, reemerging a few moments later with her face glowing red. “We can leave.” She called hurriedly.


         Andrew nodded, glancing back when he heard Drifa call out in French. “Is she alright?”


         Camiel seemed to hesitate, her eyes flicking to the cave. “She’s fine. But...”


         “If she needs us, she can call us.” Andrew repeated. “I’ve accepted her into my family, even though she wishes to stay here. I will do everything in my power to help her when she is in need.”


         Camiel relaxed slightly. “Thank you.”


         “Besides, the sex was phenomenal, and she’s very important to my two angels. I have a vested interest in keeping her safe.” Andrew teased.


         The two wore matching blushes as he strapped himself into Cristina’s harness, giving a tug to make sure the straps were set. “Alright!” She cried, resolutely keeping their link to a minimum in order to avoid Andrew’s mirth. “Off we go!”


         “You haven’t learned to block yourself like Cristina has.” Andrew called to Camiel, reveling in her embarrassment. “If you don’t want me in your head so much, you might want to learn.


         The Archangel turned to give him a look that quickly turned into laughter as she gave him a half-salute. “This is strange.” She called. “But I will endure this small payback for my gifts.”


         Andrew chuckled back and gave her a wink as Cristina launched into the air, Camiel following close behind.


         “She can keep up with your bursts.” Andrew yelled, patting Cristina’s arm to get her attention. “See if she can maintain your top speed.”


         Cristina nodded, slowly increasing her rhythm until her wings were a blur, the land beneath them flashing past at breakneck speed.


         “Are you trying to outrun me?” Camiel yelled as she shot past, her wings flapping at a much more sedate pace. “Give it up, child.”


         Cristina growled when Camiel began doing lazy loops around her, Andrew laughing when he heard her tone shift from angry to playful and she began pushing herself even faster. The two angelic Pokegirls were a blur through the night sky, the rising moon shining off of them as they danced south.






         Andrew sighed in relief when he felt Cristina slow, the green blur below them slowly turning into familiar landmarks. “How long were we gone?”


         “About fourteen hours.” Cristina replied, her wings flaring as they came in to land. “It took us about eight to find her, and since we were pushing each other on the way back, we made the flight in a little over five.”


         “I see.” Andrew kept his legs up until she had landed and jogged to a halt, allowing her to settle and for Camiel to wing in beside them before he set his feet down and began unbuckling the harness. “Even if we say we were searching for an hour, that still means you went only two thirds speed on the way north.”


         Cristina nodded guiltily. “I wanted to enjoy the flight.”


         “Lazy woman!” Andrew laughed. “I’ll remember this!”


         Cristina smiled slightly and shook her head in bemusement. “Why are we stopping?” The two turned to Camiel, the Archangel glancing around curiously. “I didn’t think we needed a break.”


         Cristina chuckled weakly. “I do need a break, but that’s not why we stopped. We’re home.”


         Camiel blinked and slowly turned. “There is nothing here.”


         “This way.” Cristina called over her shoulder, beginning to push down the path that led from the clearing. “Kuu hid it.”


         Camiel obediently began padding along behind her, Andrew pulling up the rear. Camiel started, turning to give him a bemused smile as she felt his intent over the bond, adding an extra sway to her step for the rest of the walk.


         Cristina stopped in front of the main entrance, rapping lightly on the door. “Cortney. We’re home.” She turned and pulled Camiel forwards. “We found her.”


         The door clicked and swung open slightly, prompting Cristina to push in with Camiel in tow. As they entered the low lights flicked on, providing enough light for them to see without destroying their night vision.


         “Captain!” Cortney’s hologram shimmered into view in front of them. “Congratulations on a successful mission!” She glanced past the two Pokegirls. “Do we require debriefing, Colonel?”


         “Formalities are unnecessary.” Andrew replied. “This is Camiel. I don’t believe the pokegirl armies held rank, so introduce her in regards to seniority, not our ranks.”


         “The armies were run mostly by seniority, yes.” Camiel replied, bowing slightly to the hologram. “It is my pleasure to meet you. Cortney?”


         The Video Girl bobbed her head happily. “Yes ma’am. I am Cortney, Video Girl and operator of this base.” She paused. “Well. This home.” She smiled at Andrew. “I assume everything went well?”


         “Camiel has joined our family.” Andrew replied. “Issue her with a dress uniform and two sets of PT clothing. Of course, allow her to tailor them as she wishes.” He tapped Camiel on her shoulder. “This is our home. You are welcome to invite others here, as long as they understand that to see more than this hallway and a few of the common areas, they would have to join our family.” He chuckled. “We can give you the tour in the morning. You may not sleep, but I believe Cristina is exhausted.”


         The Ophanim laughed quietly. “Asleep on my feet, sir.”


         “Are you going to sleep immediately?” Camiel turned to him as Cristina staggered down the hallway. “Or do you still have energy left.”


         Andrew raised an eyebrow. “I napped during the flight, even though the wind was so loud I could barely hear myself think. Why?”


         Camiel turned back to the door and began walking. “If this is home, then there is someone else who should be here.”


         Realization dawned as Andrew followed her back into the night. “You want me to meet her tonight?”


         “I wanted you to meet her in the north.” Camiel replied. “But she hates the cold. This short delay was worth her enduring another few hours without love.”


         Andrew blinked. “You were feral. Is she as well?”


         Camiel nodded sadly. “I thought I was protecting her, and Drifa, by keeping us from following in others’ footsteps. I now know that I was hurting us all.” She sighed. “We were created to seek out love. Why was I so blind?”


         “As you have always done, you did what you thought was right.” Andrew stepped forwards to lay his hands on her shoulders. “And maybe this isn’t right. Maybe I’m not the right person for her to give herself to. But she is not herself until she makes her choice.”


         Camiel nodded and pulled away. “You say that now.” She smiled. “But I think you’ll have no problem taking her once you see her.”


         “I would have no problems now.” Andrew shot back. “She is important to you. You are here because you are important to Cristina. I tamed Drifa and brought her mind back because she is important to both of you. Whoever this pokegirl is, she is important to you. And since you are important to me, so is she.” He paused. “Of course, I would like to meet her, and the choice is ultimately hers.”


         Camiel stared at him for a few moments before blinking, angrily wiping away her tears. “You remind me so much of Zedekiel. She was always my better half.”


         “You were created for a job.” Andrew replied. “You did it, and you did it well. I would assume Zedekiel did the same.”


         “She did.”


         “But that’s not your job anymore. Not really, at least.” Andrew stroked his chin. “Camiel... you said you struggled with how your own morality clashed with your orders. You don’t have to do that anymore.” He looked back to her. “You’re free. If you don’t want to be here, you may leave, at any time. The only one here that was captured, and did not come willingly, is Nova. And, after I woke her mind, just as I did yours, she decided she wanted to stay. You were fortunate enough that you could choose from the start. You can always change your mind.”


         Camiel began laughing and moved back towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Andrew grunted when she suddenly jumped and he threw out his arms to catch the giggling Archangel. “I’d never be able to find another like you.” She whispered, nuzzling his neck. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”


         “Glad to hear it.” Andrew replied, noting how light she was with surprise. “So, uh, are you going to call your friend?”


         “I just did.” Camiel replied, her grip tightening when he attempted to set her down. “No. I like this spot.”


         Andrew grumbled. “Is this wise? She’s feral, isn’t she?”


         “No more than I was.” Camiel replied. “I would know if she had become like the savage ones who roam the wilds.”


         “If you’re sure.” Andrew replied, settling for bouncing his arms slightly to entertain Camiel while they waited.


         It took almost a half hour before Andrew heard movement in the bushes and a pokegirl stepped out on the opposite side of the clearing. She carried a beautifully ornate staff, which she leaned on slightly for support, but the state of her torn clothes and darting eyes betrayed her status.


         “Cami.” She called softly. “Que esta pasando? Quien es el?”


         “Albia.” Camiel replied, letting go of Andrew’s neck and dropping lightly to the ground. “Don’t run. Please.”


         The pokegirl’s eyes darted to Andrew’s face and back to Camiel. “El te ha tomado.” Tears began to form in her eyes. “Te has ido!”


         “Albia, no.” Camiel stepped forwards and gasped when Albia turned to flee. “No!” Her eyes flashed and she raised her hand when the pokegirl took another step. “I SAID NO.”


         Andrew winced at her roar, a dome of force springing to life around them. Albia stopped, her movements erratic as she struggled to find an escape route. Finding none, she whirled, her wild eyes burning with magic.


         “TU NO ERES CAMIEL!” She screamed, her entire body beginning to glow as she prepared to fight. “TU NO ERES ELLA! HUELES COMO EL. DONDE ESTA CAMIEL?” She tensed and Andrew immediately summoned his armor as he felt the deadly force building inside the dome. “DONDE?”


         Andrew felt his hair stand on end as lightning flashed, the power raging between the two pokegirls ionizing the air. There was a snap as the light exploded, sending a streak of energy burning through the ground. Camiel was screaming something but Andrew couldn’t hear a thing over the storm that raged. He flinched as a bolt struck him, the energy playing out over his armor before dissipating. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped.


         Camiel still stood calmly in front of Albia, the other pokegirl’s chest heaving. “I’m one of the only ones who can survive when you do that.” Camiel called, her voice seeming muted through the ringing in Andrew’s ears. “It’s me, Albia. Please. Stop this.”


         The pokegirl looked past the Archangel to Andrew’s armored form. “Quien es el?”


         “I was wrong.” Camiel slowly lowered her hand, the force dome dissipating. “My sisters did not lose themselves. We have been changing, not them. He saved me.”


         Albia glanced back at Camiel and Andrew sighed in relief as he felt her intent begin to fade. “If you don’t want me.” He called, surprised at the tremble in his voice. “That’s fine!”


         Albia’s eyes jerked back to him at his voice and she processed his words. “Puedo ir?”


         “Albia, no, I-“ Camiel started helplessly before Andrew clambered to his feet.


         “Camiel would prefer that you didn’t.” He called. “But that’s not her choice to make. It’s yours.”


         Albia watched him with a strange look on her face before she staggered and Andrew watched with horror as her nose began to drip blood.


         “NO!” He screamed, blitzing forwards. Albia glanced up in surprise and her eyes started to glow but Andrew had caught her off guard; his punch caught her temple and she immediately went limp.


         “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Andrew felt himself lifted off the ground and thrown away as Camiel knelt over the unconscious pokegirl. “WHAT DID YOU DO!”


         “She was reading my mind!” Andrew yelled, keeping his words short so Camiel could hear the truth in them. “My defenses were killing her!”


         Camiel froze and shakily reached down to wipe the trickle of blood from Albia’s lip. “This… This is what you meant?”


         “Anyone who tries to read my mind has their brain liquefied.” Andrew called, rising to his feet and wincing as he felt the new bruises. “It starts with a nose bleed. Then, unless they lose consciousness, it becomes a piercing headache. If they keep going after that, they collapse, brain dead.” He coughed, wincing at the searing pain it caused. “You don’t have to worry, because you have been Delta bonded to me. You have a clear path in.”


         Camiel gazed down at the unconscious pokegirl. “She wanted to see. If you could be trusted.” She shook her head. “She was starting to listen, but she had no other way to be sure. Dammit!” Andrew blinked at her outburst. “You attacked her. She’ll never listen now.”


         “You just swore.” Andrew called.


         Camiel gasped and turned her attention to him. “I… I would never.”


         “Yea, you did.” Andrew walked over and knelt beside her. “You truly feel that strongly about her.”


         Camiel blinked and turned away. “She was not meant to live.” She gazed out into the dark forest for a few moments. “The creator wanted super soldiers, beyond me and my sisters, beyond the stalkers, beyond even the Generals.” She glanced back at him. “He began experiments. Taking one, and adding, twisting, amplifying.” She turned back to the unconscious pokegirl. “She was a failure. Fast, yes, powerful, yes, but so, so frail.” She gestured at Albia’s staff. “She couldn’t even walk. She was thrown aside.”


         “You felt she didn’t deserve death.” Andrew observed. “What did you do?”


         Camiel shrugged. “It was easy. She was more than willing, and the scientists no longer cared. They needed instant results. But all she needed was time. I would visit her, between missions. Train her body. Strengthen her muscles. Allow her to stand, to walk. You can not imagine my joy when I returned one day and she was standing there, at the door, waiting to greet me.” She glanced at him. “It started as gratitude. Our tears of happiness. She wanted a way to give back, to repay me for what I had done.” She shook her head. “I never needed anything back. I was atoning for my sins by giving her a chance at life. She felt differently.” She turned away. “Eventually she was able to walk normally, with some help. I commissioned her staff, made sure it would never break, and gave it to her as a gift. As…” She trailed off.


         “You are human.” Andrew stated firmly. “You have been taught differently. You have been attacked for being different. But at your core you are human. You found a mate. And so you offered her a gift, and she accepted.”


         “Yes.” Camiel whispered. “She did.” She stroked Albia’s cheek. “We began training her to fight, in secret. We both knew that if the commanders knew that she could move, she would be forced to fight. She would not be able to keep up. And she…” Her breath caught. “No. It didn’t happen.”


         “And then the war ended.” Andrew supplied. “And you ran.”


         “We didn’t run.” Camiel laughed sadly. “How could she? We crawled our way out of the wreckage of our lives. Slowly, we began to lose ourselves, but we did not lose each other. We kept each other sane, for as long as we could.” She glanced back at him. “You said it was a miracle, that I was lucid. It was not a miracle. It was she.”


         Andrew gazed down at the unconscious pokegirl. “I can see why you thought I’d like her. All the reasons.” He chuckled and turned away. “But it’s still her decision to make.”


         Camiel made an abortive gesture towards him but sat back, her face neutral. “I know.” She shook her head. “When will she wake up?”


         “I don’t know.” Andrew glanced back. “Cristina took off with Gale. Want me to get her? Or I can get Aella. She can heal.” He paused. “She’s also the daughter of one of the ‘stalkers’. She might be better than Gale. Neither of you have ever seen Gale’s breed before.”


         Camiel frowned. “Is that the dark nurse?” She nodded at his affirmation. “I had not, but I wasn’t surprised to see her. I figured she had been deployed to other battlefields.”


         “Her breed was created by humans, long after Sukebe died.” Andrew explained. “They start as a kind and gentle hospital nurse, but if pushed, turn into the battle medic. Gale is probably the nicest one I’ve met.”


         Camiel laughed at that. “She would do quite well on the front lines. She is a worthy comrade.”


         “I’ll call for her, then.” Andrew clambered to his feet. “There will be many introductions tomorrow. Almost everyone you meet will be from the same future as Cristina.”


         Camiel nodded. “I understand. Please, call your medic.”


         Andrew bobbed his head and jogged back to the door, rapping at the access panel. “Cortney, get Gale out here, please. Cristina had her in her pokeball the last I knew.”


         Cortney’s hologram appeared and she nodded. “Cristina remembered to release her, and she’s currently having a late dinner. I’ll send her out immediately.”


         Andrew waited a few minutes for the Night Nurse to push out the door, a makeshift sandwich clenched in her fist. “What?”


         “You’ve got a patient.” Andrew gestured towards the clearing. “Let’s go.”


         The two jogged back, Andrew skidding to a halt and throwing his arm out to stop Gale. Albia was sitting up and talking quietly with Camiel. As they appeared she turned, her eyes flashing before she quickly turned away from him. “Gracias.”


         “This my patient?” Gale asked, stepping around Andrew when Camiel nodded. “Hola, senora. Donde esta tu dano?”


         Albia looked at the Night Nurse, relaxing slightly when she realized Gale was speaking Spanish with her. “Mi cabeza. Tengo un pequeno dolor de cabeza.” She laughed softly. “El hombre me salvo golpeando.”


         Gale hummed softly as she ran her hands around Albia’s head. “Sir, why did you punch this woman?”


         “She tried to read my mind. My defenses would have killed her, so I knocked her out. It was faster than trying to explain.” He hesitated. “It was also easier. She’s feral.”


         Gale glanced at Albia’s eyes in surprise. “Yea, I was wondering why she looked all spaced out. Thought it was brain damage, but feral makes sense. How’s she talking so well?”


         “I assume she was based on the Starmystic.” Andrew replied, forestalling Camiel’s response. “It’s the vibe I’ve been getting, at least. That breed has a reduced feral state.”


         “Fascinating.” Gale stood. “Well, she’s fine, as far as I can tell. But I don’t usually work on ferals, so I can’t be sure.” She smiled at Albia. “Estas bien.”


         Albia nodded. “Gracias, senora. Eres muy habil.”


         Gale laughed at the compliment and began walking back towards the caves. “You’re taming her, right? I like flatterers.”


         Andrew shook his head as she disappeared and turned to the pair. He glanced between Camiel and Albia before sitting. “I’m sorry I attacked you. I did what I had to do to save you.” He paused. “I have had sex with Camiel. By doing so, I returned her to her right mind. She decided, before I went that far, that she wanted to be with me, to follow me, as her commander. She called you here, because she wants you to be restored, and I assume because she wants you to make the same choice she has.” He leaned back. “I did not force myself on Camiel. I will not force myself on you.” He chuckled. “No matter how much your body makes me want to.”


         Albia glanced at Camiel, pursing her lips at Camiel’s nod. “Tu aura es verdadera. I do not know truth as well as Cami, but I know you speak true.” Andrew blinked at her sudden change to English but let her continue. “Why do you help us?”


         “I… I have a pokegirl, by the name of Cristina. She, like most of my pokegirls, is from the future. Cristina is Camiel’s daughter, and she wanted me to save her. I did, and Camiel wanted me to save you. So here we are.”


         Albia nodded slowly. “Amazing.” She looked back at Camiel. “Cami, it is really you?”


         Camiel squeezed Albia’s hand. “Yes, Albia. It’s really me. Andrew is a good male. Please.”


         Albia gazed down at her lap, her eyes tracing each rip of her dress. “I can say no?”


         “You can say no.” Andrew replied.


         Albia played with her hem for a minute before looking back up at him. “Yes.”


         Camiel released her pent up breath in relief, embracing Albia. “Thank you.”


         Albia hugged back and turned to Andrew. “So?”


         “Well, do you want to do it here?” Andrew chuckled and looked around at the devastation. “I have a nice bed we can use instead.”


         Albia smiled at that and stood, swaying slightly as she did. “I said yes, and now I can’t wait.” She laughed quietly. “Does it feel good?”


         Andrew held out his hand, waiting for Albia to walk up and take it. “I sure hope so.”


         Camiel walked up behind Albia and gave the Starmystic a kiss. “Come on.” She glanced at Andrew with a grin. “I’ll help.”






         Andrew laid back, his fingers tracing patterns along Albia’s body. The Starmystic slept soundly, a blissful smile on her face, so he took the moment of peace to take a better look at the strange pokegirl. She was a Starmystic, or based on one as Camiel had claimed, but she had been mixed with another breed as well. He guessed Alaka-Wham, considering her larger than average breasts and light streaks of red across her body. Camiel had claimed she was fast as well, but he couldn’t see anything that hinted to what breed, if any, had contributed to that enhancement.


         “It wasn’t. It was just tweaking.” Andrew rolled over to look at Camiel, the Archangel gazing back at him. “She’s a Starmystic that was given enough Alaka-Wham to greatly enhance her psychic powers. Then they dialed up her speed, but it dialed down her strength. So much that she couldn’t walk.”


         “I see.” Andrew rolled back to Albia. “Speaking as a horny male, the red on her tan skin is extremely attractive.”


         Camiel chuckled and he felt her hands running down his back. “Speaking as a horny male, what else is nice about her?”


         Andrew laughed quietly. “Well, the boobs are nice. And her butt. I like how she’s just about an inch below six foot. It makes it easier to position her on my cock.”


         Camiel let out a barking laugh but quickly smothered herself so she wouldn’t wake Albia. “I asked.”


         “You did.” Andrew turned back with a grin. “The purple eyes go well with her black hair, too. It sets a nice contrast with her skin.” He reached up and brushed a strand of hair away from Camiel’s eyes. “Just like how your black and blue really pop out.”


         Camiel took hold of his hand and placed it against her cheek. “If Albia is extremely attractive, then what am I?”


         “Is there a right answer to this question?” Andrew shook his head but smiled. “Beautiful?”


         “That’s an acceptable answer.” Camiel gently rubbed her cheek against his hand. “Do you like her more because I’m taller?”


         Andrew rolled his eyes. “I have no problem with a woman being my height. Slightly shorter just means she’s easier to move around.”


         Camiel sighed and pushed at his chest. “You’re terrible.”


         Andrew chuckled and took his hand back. “I am. Sorry.”


         They stayed silent for a few minutes before Camiel spoke up again. “Thank you.”


         “I’d say the same thing as with Drifa, but I suspect Albia will be sticking around. So you’re welcome.”


         Camiel nodded. “I’m here to stay, so she will be, too. What exactly do you do?”


         Andrew smiled and kissed her nose. “We’ll go over that during the tour tomorrow.” He blinked. “Oh, dear. I forgot something.”


         Camiel struggled upright. “What?”


         “Cortney.” Andrew called into the air. “You need to take some measurements. And we need another set of clothes for Albia.”


         A hologram materialized and Cortney bowed. “Of course, Sir. The measurements can wait for the morning, I should hope.”


         “I want them ready for Albia and Camiel to wear in the morning.” Andrew replied. “They can be customized later, but at the very least prepare something.”


         Cortney’s hologram blinked in surprise. “Of course, my apologies. Neither have any clothes, do they.”


         Camiel glanced down and ran her fingers over her breast. “No. I abandoned my old uniform, and Albia’s is…” She trailed off, glancing over at the shredded pile of fabric that had once been the Starmystic’s dress. “Gone.”


         “Ma’am, if I may.” The hologram shifted until a ruler ran the length of Cortney’s arm.


         Camiel held up her own arm, allowing Cortney to take rough measurements. “Thank you.” Cortney walked through the bed, doing the same to the slumbering Starmystic. “They will be ready in a few hours.” She smiled. “Which, sir, is all that’s left until revelry.”


         “Shit.” Andrew slid down, pulling the sheets over his head. “Camiel, make sure you get your full night’s rest. Tomorrow is going to be hectic.”


         The Archangel nodded at the lump under the blankets and settled back down. “Of course.” She hesitated before pushing up against his back. “My Commander.”






Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova







Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame








Daria – Vampire




Matías Miller – Human

Clara – Tengal

Jessie – Sword Dancer