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Chapter 37.5


         Andrew whistled innocently as he got his breakfast, plopping down next to Gale and glancing at the Night Nurse. “Hey.”


         Gale didn’t even turn, eyes only for her smug Alpha across the table. “Where were you?”


         “Doing our exercise.” Andrew replied. “Why, weren’t you?”


         Gale began growling and started to stand before disappearing, Andrew chucking her pokeball to Aella. “Clean her up.” He glanced down and sighed, grabbing a napkin and wiping down where Gale had been sitting.


         Aella popped the pokeball in the PPHU she had been toting and started the cycle. “So. What’s the plan for today?”


         The rest of the table was wisely staying silent until Gale was released, the Night Nurse immediately sitting back down and gluing her eyes to her plate.


         “Tournament.” Andrew responded around a mouthful. “Finish off the matches and then Cristina and I will head out.”


         “What do you expect us to do while you’re gone?”


         “I dunno.” Andrew shrugged. “If Cristina can remember landmarks correctly we might be back tomorrow. Otherwise it will be a few days, at least. And we might never find her.” He pushed his plate away. “I want you to talk to Melody and Kuu. Kuu has her court in the forests around us, but I’ve seen Melody slipping away to the rivers. I think she’s trying to start a colony but hasn’t had any luck, so if you all would scout the area a bit more thoroughly while we’re gone, that should help.”


         “You’re taking Melody with you, right?” Aella frowned at his nod. “How would we scout for Wet Elves then?”


         “With your eyes.” Andrew joked. “I’m not expecting you to find any. But do a survey, figure out where she might be able to look.”


         “I’ll talk with her.” Aella stood. “Well, I need to go change. I think I’m first up.”






         “If you are both ready!” Andrew called, lounging back. “Then you may begin!”


         Constance began backpedaling but was set upon immediately by Nevaeh, the Splice hammering a few blows in before disengaging to dodge Constance’s desperate counter.


         “You can’t win like that.” Andrew muttered to himself, sighing and recalling the Tank Vixxen when she fell. “Nevaeh survives!”


         “At least she tried, Master.” Chorused two voices from either side of him. Andrew didn’t dare move as he felt two pairs of objects squish into his arms, one warm and one cool. “It’s good that you’re consoling the losers.” Ann continued.


         Gale’s power play had had a much greater effect than she had expected. Instantly upon sitting down in the gym he had been pounced on by Lucina and Furia, the two attempting to continue their rivalry from the night before. In an attempt to mimic Gale’s move, Furia had been nude. She had attempted to pass it off as being because her clothes were in her den again, until it was pointed out that the Wolf Queen had been at the morning exercises clothed and that the items in question were hidden just out of sight under the bleachers. It had rapidly devolved from there. Andrew had only managed to get the chaos under control by promising any eliminated pokegirl could snuggle with him however she may choose.


         A lot of tops had come off at that announcement.


         “Nova, Shamira.” Andrew called, desperately trying to ignore how Melody had climbed into his lap in order to make out with Ann. “Your turn.”


         The two stood, Nova’s limbs erupting in flame as she danced impatiently. Shamira growled uncertainly and set up, warily watching the jumping Blazicunt. At Andrew’s call she charged, hammering at Nova a few times before howling in pain when Nova responded with Fire Kicks and Punches. Her fur smoldering she fell back, whimpering as she batted at the smoking patches.


         Nova danced in, pummeling Shamira a few times before smashing her fist into Shamira’s jaw, the blow knocking the Goldina out immediately.


         “That was just as fast as Constance.” Andrew muttered to himself, releasing the Tank Vixxen and raising an arm to allow her to snuggle up to him. “Uh, Cortney, who’s next?”


         “Nami and Ishara.” She replied.


         “Nami and Ishara.” Andrew repeated. “Begin when ready.” He reached over and lifted Lucina out of the way as Ann and Melody toppled off his lap. “At least they’re having fun.”


         Lucina’s cheeks were red and she immediately began rubbing against his body. “They’re distracting.”


         “I should never have allowed this.” Andrew muttered to himself as Nami attempted a grapple but was thrown aside by the Romanticide. “I specifically said I didn’t want this to turn into an orgy.”


         Nami struck a few times, causing Ishara to roar in pain and backpedal, her arms desperately blocking the stronger girl from hitting her core. Nami stayed close, trading blow for blow until Ishara stumbled and fell, successfully avoiding one strike just for Nami to dart in and blast her point-blank with a Hydro Pump.


         Ishara keeled over, gasping for breath and Andrew recalled her. “Nami survives elimination! Kuu. Cortney. Go.” He grunted as he released Shamira and the dog girl happily collapsed onto his lap. “OhgodwhathaveIdone.”


         Shamira laughed and snuggled up under his chin, her ears flicking against his jaw as she began to hum contentedly.


         “Ahhhhh.” Andrew choked out. “Someone help, I’m being buried under a landslide of lovely women...”


         “Hey Cortney.” Kuu called from her position in the arena. “Ten.”


         Cortney blinked. “Ten?”




         Kuu summoned her bow and aimed, loosing a flurry of arrows at Cortney. “Nine...”


         Cortney growled and dodged, lightning crackling in her hands as she fired Thunderbolts at the ElfQueen. Kuu didn’t move, allowing the electricity to impact and flow down through her body and into the floor without dealing any damage. “Eight...”


         “Oh fuck off.” Cortney snarled, racing in to dislodge the rooted ElfQueen.


         Kuu watched her approach, drawing her sword and shifting her feet to break her grounding spell. “Five... four...” she mouthed, parrying Cortney’s first strike before whirling and slicing a clean hit across the Video Girl’s chest. “Two.”


         Cortney screamed in rage and lunged forwards.




         Cortney slammed to a halt, staring down in surprise at the blade that sprouted from her chest. Before she could react the living sword exploded into vines, quickly ensnaring her as Kuu stepped back.


         “Gale, trigger her reset.” Andrew called. “Kuu survives elimination.”


         “Healing please.” Kuu called, jogging over to Gale and allowing the Night Nurse to recall her.


         “Fu and Cristina.” Andrew called. “You’re up.” He shifted his left leg out of reach as Furia curled around his right. “Cats and dogs bloody everywhere.”


         Fu stood and slapped her palms together, sending the sound of the impact echoing around the room. “Let’s go, darlin’!” she yelled at Cristina, the Ophanim picking her way forwards at a much more sedate pace. “I’m itching to stick my fist up your ass.”


         The frenzied activity ground to a halt, even Ann and Melody coming up for air and to stare at Fu.


         The Warvern glanced around and sighed. “Figure of speech?”


         “The term is ‘foot’ up your ass.” Cristina replied. “So no. And I thank you for the offer.”


         “Come on, I was trash talking!” Fu yelled, glancing at the group. “Come on. Really?”


         “Choose your words more carefully.” Aella advised, even as she grinned. “Because now I’m curious to see you shove your fist up someone’s ass.”


         “Fucking shit.” Fu groaned. “Come on, Cristina. Let’s beat the fuck out of each other.”


         Cristina started laughing at her morose look and nodded. “Alright, Fu. Let’s go.” She glanced back at Andrew, grinning at his nod. “Tamer says begin!”


         Fu slid back a half step and summoned her aura, still trying to get her bearings as Cristina bore down on her, the shadows that surrounded her shooting towards the motionless Warvern.


         Fu’s aura flared, the light dissipating Cristina’s attack before it could even get close and the Warvern finally came to life, doing a half-skip before pushing off the ground, her wings flapping to maintain her altitude as she began to spin towards Cristina.


         Cristina dodged the response to her initial probe and fired back, tiny Dark Bombs peppering Fu and the ground around her. None did much damage but they angered the Warvern, who reared back and began charging a Hyperbeam to swat the annoying fly.


         Cristina’s eyes danced and she raced in, sidestepping Fu’s defense and hammering the Warvern’s side. Fu’s mouth snapped shut, the glow dissipating, as she was forced to defend against Cristina’s rush. Light glinted as she twirled her blades into her palms, forcing Cristina to curl her own hands back and begin exchanging blows using her armor, the metal clanging with every exchange.


         Fu narrowed her eyes at Cristina’s strategy and her stance shifted. She stepped half in on Cristina’s striking arm, her main hand slicing up the Ophanim’s armored arm while her offhand grabbed Cristina’s wrist and yanked her down. The Ophanim blinked as she saw the curved blade whistling towards her throat and she seemed to blur as she desperately twisted her head away.


         Fu’s knife caught the strap of Cristina’s helmet, cleanly slicing it and hooking the tip into the metal covering her cheekbones. With a grunt the helmet was torn away, Cristina spinning away and hammering Fu’s grip with her other hand to force the Warvern to drop her.


         Cristina wiped a trickle of blood from her cheek and rolled her neck to loosen it. “Almost, darling.”


         Fu gave her a savage grin and flipped her grip, hop stepping twice to find her stride before sliding forwards. Cristina quickly raised her hand, summoning her sword and whipping it down in a vicious overhead slash that Fu ignored as the sword whistled harmlessly through the air between them.


         Suddenly she screamed, the seemingly harmless strike cutting into her body, the wound spreading without resistance across her torso from shoulder to hip. Fu stumbled, clutching at her body as her blood began to well from the cut. Cristina flicked her sword, symbolically cleaning it of Fu’s blood, before raising it in front of her eyes to reveal the shadows that danced along the edge. “Surprise.”


         Fu glanced up, her face twisted in pain as she strained to keep her muscles tensed before finally giving up and falling to the floor. As she did her wound tore open, splattering the ground with her blood.


         Andrew recalled her, a smattering of applause echoing from the waiting pokegirls as Cristina walked back and allowed Gale to heal her.


         “Well done, Cristina.” Andrew called. “Aella. Lyn.” He glanced at Aella. “Good luck.”


         Aella gazed out into the cave, her eyes flicking back and forth as she measured something in her head. “Yea.”


         Andrew grinned and gently shoved her forwards. “Lyn, are you ready?”


         The Archmage was stretching and she straightened at his call. “Of course.”


         “Aella.” Andrew waited for her to nod. “Then begin!”


         Aella took a step before grimacing and launching herself backwards as pillars of earth erupted from around her. Lyn motioned, the spell chasing the Shinryu as she dodged around the arena. Finally Aella managed to find her opening and leapt into the air, transforming halfway up and roaring at Lyn.


         Lyn smirked. “Are you trying to scare me? You don’t even have the finesse to store just your pants in that form. How can I be scared when all I see is a pair of soft tits?”


         Aella slowed her ascent and began growling, the sound reverberating through the cave. “I am going to crush you.” She spat, her body beginning to spark with power. “You want tough? I’ll fucking give it you!”


         Lyn’s smirk twitched when Aella roared again, loader this time, and a shimmering lattice of scales erupted from the seam between her human torso and dragon body. The Armor Draconis technique surged over Aella’s bare skin as well as reinforcing her regular scales. She glanced back down and Lyn sighed at the look of pure fury in her eyes. “You know what? That’s fair. I poked the dragon.”


         Aella’s body tensed and she surged down, Lyn hurriedly casting her Haste spell to counteract the Shinryu’s oppressive speed. She barely managed to get it off before Aella crashed into her, her hands clawing at the Archmage’s defenses. Lyn quickly teleported away, appearing in midair and slamming her hands together before starting to chant. Aella turned to locate her and Lyn screamed when she teleported as well, appearing directly in front of the charging Archmage and undulating her body until her tail whipped around with a snap, smashing into Lyn and sending her rocketing into the floor.


         Aella turned and was beginning to advance towards the dust cloud when a beam of ice speared out, narrowly missing her chest but spreading over her left arm as Aella tried to dodge. The dust was blasted away to reveal Lyn, the Archmage hanging upside down in the air with a pulsing cushion of force under her. She finished her attack and coughed, a trickle of blood running out of her mouth and along her cheek from the force she had been hit with.


         Aella landed hard, her frozen arm smacking against the ground and shattering. She barely glanced at it before flipping back into the air, the frozen stump radiating intense cold.


         Lyn reoriented herself and landed, dodging back as she began chanting another spell. Aella doggedly pursued, bolts of electricity playing across Lyn’s shield as the two danced around the arena. Finally Lyn finished, throwing one hand down and grasping the air, slowly pulling up to reveal a red and black staff, gold caps on each end. She pulled it free with a flourish, laying it across her shoulders and slamming to a halt, one foot taking purchase from the air as she launched herself towards Aella.


         Aella didn’t let Lyn take the momentum back; twisting, she allowed the Archmage to fly by before rearing back, power playing across her remaining hand as she clenched her fingers and threw a spear at Lyn.


         Lyn turned, raising her staff to block, but screamed when the Lightning Spear dissipated against her weapon to reveal a glowing energy blade that sliced cleanly through the staff and into her shoulder. Lyn’s right arm immediately went limp, blood gushing from the wound even as her staff flashed around the break and vaporized. She glanced back to Aella with fury. “IT TOOK ME THREE MONTHS TO MAKE THAT!”


         “Well then maybe you should have made it more durable.” Andrew muttered to himself when Aella didn’t respond, her Outrage having taken complete control. “That’s a neat trick with the energy blade, though.”


         Lyn cursed and teleported again when Aella closed, her left hand scrabbling at her scabbard. Giving up when it became clear she wasn’t going to be able to wield it with her offhand she traced her finger through the air, three magic circles following her as she continued fleeing. Finishing her third she threw her hand out, the magic symbols glowing as a roiling energy exploded towards the diving Shinryu.


         Aella didn’t even flinch, plowing headlong through the spell. Her scales began to flake away and as they did they revealed raw, red skin, but she still dove. Lyn winced when Aella blasted through the circles, the spell dissipating as Aella finally managed to get in melee range of the Archmage. Lyn tried to raise her hand to form a shield but it was too late; Aella’s horns crackled with power and she slammed into the Archmage, Lyn’s much smaller body unable to resist the fury of Aella’s body slam. She stirred, trying to get her bearing before she felt Aella’s coils tighten around her and she screamed as Aella let loose with the Thunder Flare she had been charging, every point of contact she shared with the Archmage acting as a conduit.


         Lyn coughed weakly as Aella released her and she slumped to the floor, her body twitching as she fought to move. Aella watched the paralyzed Archmage dispassionately and was winding up to finish her off when the recall beam snagged her.


         Aella straightened up, the rest of her draconic armor vanishing as she transformed back to human form. She staggered and Andrew immediately recalled her as well, tossing both pokeballs to Gale. “I believe Aella wins.”


         “Don’t… Make… Aella… Mad.” Cristina mumbled to herself, miming writing a note. “Are we next?”


         “Uh, no. She needs a break.” Andrew replied, motioning at Nevaeh. “Nevaeh, it’s you and Nova.”


         “Understood.” Nevaeh stood and glanced at the Blazicunt. “Fire won’t harm me.”


         Nova grimaced and stood. “Why did I have to fight you?”


         “Because Nami fought smart.” Andrew replied. “Come on, you two.”


         Nova walked into the arena and braced with a sigh as Nevaeh followed. “When you are ready. Begin!”


         Nova immediately attempted to summon her aura as she had versus Cristina but Nevaeh didn’t give her the chance. Nova’s eyes bugged as Nevaeh blitzed forwards, slamming her elbow into the Blazicunt’s stomach before following it up with a double strike to her solar plexus. Nova’s mouth popped open and she roared, the motion cushioning Nevaeh’s blow but still leaving enough force to throw her back. Nova immediately braced, her fists a blur as she fought to hold Nevaeh at bay.


         The Splice attempted a strike but was forced back and so she stopped. Circling slowly she waited until most of the lights around the arena were at her back, her shadow reaching past the Blazicunt. Nova had never seen the attack so she had no reason to defend her back, leaving the Shadow Spears uncontested as they pierced her body.


         Nova wheezed, blood bubbling from her chest. She managed to pull herself forwards, weakly swiping at Nevaeh in a last ditch effort to fight. Nevaeh just shook her head, raising her hand and motioning. Nova let out a gurgling scream as the shadows wreathed around her legs slammed shut, almost looking like a toothy creature before falling away to reveal the Blazicunt’s lacerated limbs.


         Andrew recalled her and nodded to Nevaeh, the Splice wincing as she rubbed at where Nova had managed to connect. “I’ll regenerate.” She called. “Continue.”


         “Kuu, Nami.” Andrew called. “Well, this should be interesting.”


         Nami chuckled darkly and scrambled into the arena. “I will eat her.”


         “Please don’t.” Andrew replied, giving Kuu an encouraging pat. “Go get ‘er.”


         Kuu shook her head and rose, walking into the arena and standing as far away from the Sharptits as she could. “This arena is very bad for me.” She smirked slightly as Andrew began to count down. “I should change that.”


         Nami began running forwards at Andrew’s shout but immediately ground to a halt as grass began to spread beneath Kuu’s feet. The Sharptits gazed wordlessly at the spreading plants before looking back up at the smug ElfQueen. “You fucking bitch.”


         Kuu’s smirk widened and she slammed her hands into the ground, Nami having to dodge back as the ground erupted and thick vines began whipping around her. “HOW YOU LIKE THIS?” She screamed, laughing as Nami was blown off her feet by a direct hit from one of them.


         Nami rolled to her feet and continued dodging, gradually finding their rhythm and working towards the still kneeling ElfQueen.


         Kuu watched her approach and stood, her arms trailing the remains of the vines as she broke off the attack, the heavy plant matter falling away to reveal her hands once again. Fu saw her stand and grinned, beginning to charge but screaming when one of the vines came back to life, snaring the Sharptits and lifting the struggling girl in the air.


         “You know, I could end this quickly.” Kuu called, two more vines reaching out to help hold Nami as she bit at them. “But I’m kind of bored. So I’m going to have some fun.” Her face contorted and she spit an object into her palm, a small vine began to sprout from it that Kuu used as a handle and began spinning the seed, letting go to send it sailing into Nami’s chest.


         The Sharptits growled as the Leech Seed took root, her eyes flickering as she fought the power drain. “Let go of me.” She snarled, managing to get her teeth into one of the vines and tear away some of the materiel. “FIGHT ME!”


         “It’s funny.” Kuu called as more vines erupted from the cracked ground. “Everyone that’s gotten close to you has lost. So no thanks. I’m fine right where I am.”


         Nami screamed in frustration as the new vines each grabbed a limb, pulling tight as the three originals tightened around her body and began sliding across her chest. Kuu watched with a smile on her face before glancing around at the rest of the twisted remains of her initial attack. Slowly the ground closed, the vines withering to dust, and Nami’s scream raised in pitch as the energy Kuu reabsorbed was fed into the vines molesting her. The Sharptits’ bathing suit slowly reappeared as the vines slid beneath, the sturdy materiel stretching but not tearing as one of the vines split, a small tendril snaking under and worming its way down to her clit. The Sharptits’ breathing quickened but she managed to pull her head down, staring down at Kuu with hate in her eyes.


         “You think this is a win?” She forced out. “COWARD!”


         Kuu blinked. “You’re right. I’m so sorry, I forgot something.” She snapped her fingers and Andrew watched as another vine sprouted, the tip sporting what appeared to be a flower bud but quickly grew hardened bumps as it snaked its way up toward Nami. The Sharptits couldn’t see behind her so when it slammed into her ass her eyes rolled back and she screamed in a combination of angry surprise and pleasure.


         Kuu had a blissful look on her face and was stroking herself slowly as she watched Nami get violated, another tipped vine sprouting from the ones squeezing her breasts and jamming itself down Nami’s throat, her screams cutting off as she gagged against the intrusion. Andrew felt her orgasm over their budding Delta bond and she removed her hand, flicking the liquid away and raising her hand to slowly close it.


         The vines swelled, Nami’s struggling form slowly disappearing inside the crushing prison. Kuu kept her hand clenched for a minute before releasing her control, the vines slithering to the floor to reveal Nami, the Sharptits out cold.


         “Well.” Andrew called, causing Kuu to glance at him, her face red. “That’s one way to win.”


         Kuu smiled and stepped towards him, the Grass Floor she had created withering as the ElfQueen left it. As it did the vines slowly shrunk as well, slipping out of Nami’s holes before crumbling away. Andrew recalled the Sharptits and tossed her pokeball to Gale before embracing Kuu, the ElfQueen’s breathing heavy as she stared at him.


         “She was having so much fun.” She whispered. “And I didn’t even get-“


         “Losers only!” Kuu squealed as she was lifted off of Andrew, drops of liquid spraying across the assembled pokegirls as Melody pulled her to the side and pinned the ElfQueen to the floor with a grin. “You like tentacles? I can give you tentacles.”


         Andrew turned away slightly and tried to focus as Kuu’s screams echoed through the gym, watery tentacles sprouting from Melody’s body and ravaging the ElfQueen much harder than she had been with Nami.


         “Uh… A-Aella. Cristina.” He studiously stared out into the arena. “You… You’re up.”


         “It can wait.” Aella replied, her eyes wide as she watched the display. “Like, a few minutes?”


         Andrew grit his teeth and glanced back as he heard Kuu’s screams silenced, taking a deep breath when he saw how thoroughly Melody had her wrapped. “You know, the vines were ok. They were opaque. That water is not.”


         Aella was completely enraptured as she nodded. “That’s a very nice view of her cunt.”


         Andrew tried to formulate a response but had to settle for closing his eyes and crossing his hands over his groin, resolutely ignoring Kuu’s muffled sounds until they finally stopped.


         He cracked his eyes open to see Gale sitting alone, the PPHU running steadily beside her. “What happened?”


         Gale had her professional face on, even as Andrew could see the stain across her panties. “I am running cleaning cycles. You will need to run me as well.”


         Andrew snorted to himself and sat up. “We almost made it. I knew it was too much to ask, putting the entire harem in one place.”


         “How many more do we have?” Gale asked quietly.


         “Five or six.” Cortney replied, her form materializing next to them. “I, uh, ran when they started turning on each other.”


         “Thank you, Gale.” Andrew found her pokeball and recalled her, turning to the Video Girl. “What time is it?’


         Cortney cocked her head. “Just after 8am. Why?”


         “Because THAT is not going to just go away with a cleaning cycle. We need to finish this tournament, and then spend a few hours allowing everyone to relieve themselves.”


         Cortney nodded. “Of course, Sir.” She watched him cycle the last few pokeballs into the machine, providing a shock as needed. “Should we ban sex attacks?”


         Andrew snorted. “Hardly. If anything, they’re about to become more effective. I am going to make sure to recall both combatants immediately from now on, though.”


         Cortney chuckled. “Very good, sir.” She reached down as the machine beeped. “Yes?”


         Andrew sighed and began triggering releases. “Yea.”


         “AELLA! CRISTINA!” Andrew roared as the harem materialized. “IT IS YOUR TURN TO FIGHT!”


         The two remained in the arena as the rest of the group ran to the side, some embarrassed, some reveling in what had almost come to be. Andrew glanced around and intentionally shifted away from the closest pokegirls before turning his gaze back to the arena. “This is the final match of the winner’s bracket. Ready? Begin!” He chuckled as he realized what had happened. “The Alpha and the Beta. Fitting.”


         Cortney nodded slightly as Aella shifted, her armor starting to form before Cristina slammed into her and began pummeling. “I wonder if the Alpha will win?”


         Andrew watched Aella speed away and nodded. “Cristina did well grabbing the first hit, but…” He trailed off as Aella teleported to the opposite side of the arena and started peppering Cristina with lightning. “Cristina’s too slow. And Aella can teleport. She’ll never get in range again.” Cristina chased Aella back and forth a few times before finally succumbing to the constant lightning Aella emitted, Andrew recalling them both. “Cristina needs to work on her magic. A lot.”


         Lyn twisted around to look at him. “There are a few. I’ll begin classes after today.”


         Andrew nodded, looking down at the Archmage in surprise. “You’re surprisingly calm.”


         Lyn gave him a smile. “The show was nice, but I’m too angry right now to have enjoyed it.”


         Andrew chuckled and pointed. “Well, go work that off. You’re against Nevaeh.”


         Lyn stood and blinked into the arena, turning and bowing to the Splice. “Good luck, ma’am.”


         Nevaeh nodded slightly, crouching and whipping her fists through the air when Andrew signaled a start.


         Lyn had been halfway through casting an offensive spell and the flurry of chi caught her completely off guard. She wheezed as the blows pounded her torso, falling to one knee as she fought for breath.


         Nevaeh ran in, her knee cocked back as she planted and drove a devastating kick into Lyn’s head, the Archmage’s neck snapping to the side before her recall beam grabbed her.


         Andrew placed her ball in the PPHU, allowing Nevaeh to return to her seat normally. “I think Nevaeh is angry too.”


         The Splice blinked and looked up at him, flashing a smile before returning to watching the arena.


         “Fu. Kuu.” Andrew called, releasing Lyn and catching her as she stumbled. “Hey, you alright?”


         Lyn worked her neck a few times and rubbed at where Nevaeh had struck. “Fuck. Ow.”


         “Yea, you’re fine.” Andrew chuckled and let her sit down. “Begin!”


         Kuu started by attempting to repeat what she had done with Nami but Fu didn’t hesitate, immediately racing into the Grass Floor and swiping violently at the ElfQueen. Kuu grimaced and drew her sword even as Fu easily outmaneuvered her. “I WISH I KNEW HOW TO TELEPORT!”


         “But didn’t she… against Gale…” Andrew mused.


         “I think that was a phase step technique, or similar.” Lyn called back over her shoulder. “It sure didn’t feel like a teleport.”


         Andrew shrugged and winced as Fu easily parried Kuu’s strike, swinging her blade around and embedding it deep in Kuu’s throat. He grimaced and recalled the ElfQueen before Fu could finish her motion, the Warvern drawing the blade up and through the air before whirling around. “Hey!”


         “Are you really that intent on ripping her throat out?” Andrew growled. “It was a finishing blow when you connected.”


         Fu glanced down at her daggers and wiped them clean. “Sorry.”


         “You were fighting. You are forgiven.” Andrew glanced over and recalled her, tossing the pokeball to Gale in one fluid motion. “Nevaeh, you’re up against her in a moment. Get ready.”


         The Splice blinked but stood back up. “Didn’t she just fight?”


         “You’re all that’s left.” Cortney replied. “Whoever wins your match will face Cristina, and the winner of that match will face Aella for the victory. Good luck.”


         Nevaeh nodded. “I understand.” She took a deep breath, looking uneasy for the first time in the entire tournament. “She is a worthy end to my run.”


         Andrew chuckled. “It’ll be a good fight.”


         Nevaeh padded out into the arena and turned back, waiting for Fu to materialize before bowing. “Good luck.”


         Fu nodded, slipping her kerambits away and taking up a medium stance. “And you. I will beat you and take back this tournament.”


         Nevaeh smiled and tensed, her wings erupting from her back as she braced. “You will try.”


         Fu roared and leapt forwards at Andrew’s call, her aura flaring and seeming to come alive as it struck at the Splice. Nevaeh took the hits, hissing as her skin bubbled from Fu’s strikes. She retaliated, sending her knee towards Fu’s stomach but turning the strike into a kick when Fu leaned back. Her foot impacted against Fu’s knee and sent the Warvern to the ground as the leg went limp.


         Fu quickly rolled aside, avoiding a stomp and blocking another kick before struggling to her good foot and flapping off the ground to gain some distance. Nevaeh pointed, her arm splitting open and sending spears of her blood at the hovering Warvern. Fu growled and dodged, yelping when one sliced open her thigh, the wound immediately beginning to gush with no sign of stopping.


         Fu clenched, her muscles rippling as she slammed her palm against her leg, the wound instantly sealing so only a tiny drip of blood remained. She turned and ducked, avoiding another salvo before diving at the grinning Splice.


         “Well done.” Nevaeh called, tracing her steps backwards and easily parrying Fu’s strikes. “It takes a great understanding of one’s body to seal a wound like that.”


         “Piss off.” Fu growled, her energy flaring as she unleashed the Hyperbeam she had been charging.


         Nevaeh’s eyes widened and she dove, Fu tracking her roll until she finally connected, the energy blasting away at Nevaeh as she struggled to recover.


         “I can’t beat you with my fists!” Fu roared, diving in and smashing into the belabored Splice with a Dragon Rage attack. “BUT I’M A FUCKING DRAGON, BITCH!”


         Nevaeh whirled, grimacing when Fu caught her arm and twisted, dropping and snapping the bone. Nevaeh’s face grew white and she screamed, even as the arm twisted from Fu’s grasp, her regeneration already trying to heal the damage.


         “You can’t outlast me!” Nevaeh screamed, roaring in pain when Fu grabbed her healing arm and bent it in half. “I’M USED TO PAIN!”


         “Not trying to.” Fu chuckled darkly and Nevaeh tensed when she finally noticed the energy building around them. “Boom.”


         Andrew shielded his eyes from the Mega Flare. When it cleared, Fu stood over the panting Splice, a crackling beam of energy in her hand.


         “Well?” Fu growled.


         Nevaeh glanced up at her and grimaced before shaking her head. “I yield.”


         “Smart.” Fu flexed, the energy dissipating as she walked away, suddenly stumbling as the wound tore open. “Shit.”


         Andrew recalled them both, nodding at Cristina. “You ready?”


         Cristina snickered. “She gets a rematch? Guess I get one with Aella, too.”


         Andrew smiled slightly. “Yea, it looks that way, doesn’t it?” He turned to give Aella a glance and his smile grew. “How do you think they would feel if they knew you’ve been holding back this whole time?


         The Hunter Shinryu glanced back at him and she flashed her fangs. “I’m just a cute and cuddly young pokegirl, sir. Whatever do you mean?


         Andrew shook his head slightly. “If Fu wins, which I suspect she will, what will you do? You’ve had plausibly deniable fights so far, keeping at range and even pulling that stunt against Nami. Fu may not be as fast as you are, but she’s got techniques to close that gap, and she’s completely resistant to your electricity. What will you do?


         Aella shrugged. “It’s in my blood to know the answer to that. Just watch.” She flashed a grin as she turned back to the arena. “The Alpha needs to show her harem their place.


         Andrew raised an eyebrow but followed her example when Fu was released, the Warvern making an abortive motion towards the stands before Cortney pointed at Cristina. “You’re back up.”


         Fu turned and slowly grinned. “Well, well.”


         Cristina smirked and drew her sword. “Ready to repeat last time?”


         Fu winked and stepped forwards. “If you say so.”


         Cristina’s smirk dropped and she whipped her sword into place, the shadows she had used to surprise Fu now already in place as the two took their stances. Fu didn’t even wait for Andrew’s call to summon her own aura, the red color swirling with an angry black that betrayed her true emotions.




         Cristina immediately whipped her sword down in a repeat of her earlier attack but Fu raised her hand, the cut appearing across her palm instead as she reached for Cristina’s throat. The Ophanim jerked backwards, her eyes widening as Fu continued to accelerate.


         “Oh, fuck.” She managed before Fu’s hand closed on her collar, the Warvern screaming fury and whipping the Ophanim through the air to impact the ground behind her. Cristina used the impact to fall away and get back to her feet, sighing at what she saw. “I guess you’re taking me seriously now.”


         Fu’s aura was barely transparent enough to show the livid Warvern and Cristina screamed as Fu’s kerambits sprouted from her shoulder and ribs, the Warvern almost seeming to teleport as she struck with a Mach Punch.


         Cristina flipped away, her wings flaring as she climbed to gain some altitude before wrapping herself in her Dark Cocoon. Fu instantly gave chase, tearing strips of the living shadows from the Ophanim before stopping when she realized there was nothing inside.


         Cristina rocketed down from the ceiling, her mouth open in a soundless scream as her skin darkened and the shadows pooled in her outstretched hands. Fu glanced up in time to be smashed to the floor by the Ankoku, the sphere surging over Fu’s aura. The Warvern struggled, managing to fend off the attack, but Cristina wasn’t done. She smashed her fist through Fu’s aura, gripping the Warvern and beginning to drain her energy.


         Fu roared and her form exploded, throwing Cristina away as Fu struggled to her feet. Cristina landed, skidding to a halt and shouted a command, the shadows that had covered her body swelling to fill the arena.


         Fu’s eyes darted to the edge of the growing cloud and she lunged in, the growth seeming to stop for a second before the sound of metal against stone crashed through the cave. The Darkness immediately winked out to show Fu holding Cristina to the floor, her helm smashed and blood running from multiple points around her head. Fu carefully removed her hand, gently beginning to pick up the Ophanim when Andrew recalled them.


         “Fu wins.” He glanced at Kuu. “What was that at the end?”


         The ElfQueen shrugged. “I don’t know. Ask one of them.”


         Andrew nodded and waited for the cycle to finish, releasing the two pokegirls. “Congratulations, Fu.” He glanced at Cristina. “Cristina, what happened at the end?”


         The Ophanim grit her teeth. “Darkness needs a focal point. The very center is always the caster. Fu recognized that and, since she was outside the cloud when it started, was able to judge my position. I wasn’t ready for that.”


         Andrew nodded. “I see.” He turned to the Warvern. “Very well done.”


         She nodded. “Thank you.”


         “So Cristina takes third place.” Andrew smiled. “Fu. Aella. I believe that means it’s your turn.”


         Fu took a deep breath and turned to the Shinryu. “Sorry, my Alpha. I really want to win this.”


         Aella smiled and Andrew shivered at the raw hunger he felt across their bond. “Sorry, Fu. But so do I.”


         Fu followed the Shinryu into the arena before pausing and glancing around. “Oh, uh…”


         Cristina pulled her daggers from her sash and tossed them into the arena. “Here.”


         Fu caught them and shot the Ophanim a grateful look. “Alright.” She turned back to Aella, her aura swirling gently around her. “So. You gonna start running?”


         Aella’s eyes flashed and she grinned, causing Fu to step back as she laughed maniacally. “RUN?” She swept her gaze over the harem. “I am the ALPHA.” She settled low to the floor, scales spreading across her body as her long tongue flicked between her teeth. “And when two dragons collide, the Alpha comes out on top.”


         Fu’s eyes narrowed and she roared, her aura flashing in full force and drowning out Andrew’s shout to start. Aella had been watching his lips and she sprinted forwards, power seeming to radiate from her as she jumped, tensing her legs and driving them into Fu’s chest in a flying kick. Fu staggered back and retaliated, driving her fist into Aella’s chin and sending her flipping across the arena. She began to roar in celebration before freezing when Aella got her feet under her and skid to a halt, her eyes burning with the hunger Andrew had felt her hiding before.


         “Good hit.” She called, twisting her neck slightly to loosen it. “I almost felt that.”


         Fu’s eyes widened and she focused, screaming as her aura flared with energy. Aella’s grin grew and her nostrils flared as she felt Fu’s energy spike. She blitzed forwards, her mouth open as she laughed soundlessly. Fu roared and met her halfway, the two clashing and sending a wall of air and sound blasting from the impact before breaking off. Aella flipped, pummeling the Warvern’s block before landing and sweeping her legs. Fu leapt, avoiding the attack and falling towards the Shinryu with her fists a blur. Aella took two strikes but returned them in kind, blasting Fu’s head back as she carefully pierced Fu’s block and sent one fist each into Fu’s chin and ribs.


         The two fell back, Fu clutching at her side while Aella worked her jaw. Fu was tensing to clash again when Aella suddenly reared back, energy surging through her mouth as she unleashed a Hyperbeam. Fu’s eyes widened and she quickly focused her own energy, firing back. The two beams met a few feet in front of her and exploded, sending the Warvern pinwheeling through the air.


         “Where the fuck did Aella learn Hyperbeam?” Andrew gasped.


         “I… I think she learned it from watching Fu.” Cristina’s eyes were wide as she watched Aella blitz in, two Energy Blades appearing in her hands. “I don’t think anyone taught her, per se.”


         Fu struggled to her feet and her eyes flicked to the glowing blades Aella held. She quickly stepped inside the strikes, blocking Aella’s wrists and throwing her hands away before she could cut in. Aella’s grin widened in approval and she whirled, driving a heel kick into Fu’s already bruised ribs before dancing away to avoid Fu’s Dragon Rage.


         Fu’s chest heaved as she stared at Aella, the Shinryu breathing lightly but noticeably. “Is that all you got?” She yelled.


         Aella’s face returned to a resting smile and she flicked her hands, the Energy Blades vanishing. “You want more?”


         Fu grit her teeth. “FUCK YES!”


         Aella laughed and leapt in the air, her fist glowing with energy as she dove. “THEN FUCK WITH THIS!”


         Fu grunted but managed to block the Dragon Claw, striking back with her own which Aella similarly blocked. They traded simple blows for a few moments before Fu overextended and Aella leaned in. Fu’s eyes widened as she watched Aella’s mouth open, her fangs sparking as she bit down on Fu’s arm, easily piercing her aura and pumping electricity into the Warvern.


         Fu’s body shook but she reached down, grasping Aella’s neck and throwing the Shinryu away. Aella landed hard but rolled to her feet, blood dripping from her fangs. “Had enough?” She called.


         Fu clutched at the wound but shook her head. “You’ll have to take me down. I won’t lose to someone as small as YOU!”


         Aella blinked and slid her tongue over her fangs, wiping them clean before swallowing. “Is that so?” She tensed. “Then why don’t you lose to you?”


         Fu gaped as Aella’s body twisted, growing slightly until she had taken Fu’s form. “How the hell?”


         Aella grinned and rushed in, making full use of Fu’s distraction to pummel the Warvern, skipping away to charge a Dragon Blade which she used to spear past Fu’s block and skewer the Warvern’s chest.


         Fu gasped, clutching at the hole as blood began to bubble from her pierced lung. “You-“ She wheezed. “Monster-“


         Aella smiled and stepped away, the shapeshift fading. “It was only a little blood.” She taunted. “Besides. Why would I want to be a loser for a day?”


         Fu grit her teeth and pushed forwards, managing to score another hit before Aella teleported, catching the Warvern completely off guard and blasting her point blank with a Hyperbeam.


         Fu smashed into the ground, the energy playing across her body before fading when Aella closed her mouth. She waited and nodded decisively when Fu didn’t move. “I told you. When two dragons clash, the Alpha wins.”


         Andrew recalled Fu, motioning to Aella’s pokeball but holding off when he saw her wounds closing, her own healing magic suffusing her body. “And I believe that’s the tournament.” He stood, grabbing Aella’s arm and lifting it high. “Aella is the winner!”


         Nami stood and bowed, a grudging respect in her eyes. “Thank you for the fight, Mistress.”


         Aella smiled and nodded, glancing around and turning to Andrew when nobody else stood. “Is that it?”


         Red light flashed as Fu materialized and she immediately bowed deep, her head almost below her knees. “Weyrmother. Thank you for the honor.”


         Aella turned in surprise and bent down to lift Fu’s head up. “Hey. I’m still Aella.” She chuckled at Fu’s look. “If you would rather call me by that title, then go ahead.”


         Fu grinned and straightened. “Apologies, my Alpha.”


         “Well I am very glad that we have learned things about each other over the last few hours.” Andrew called, stepping back slightly as the harem rose in unison. “Uh…”


         “Hey.” Cortney called, her hologram shifting colors so that her nipples and pussy stood out. “You said this would need to happen.”


         Andrew cursed and tried to run, almost immediately being set upon by the entire group. He rolled, finally resigning himself when he felt at least three bodies fall on him, firmly pinning him to the ground as the arena erupted into an orgy.






         Andrew let the water roll off his shoulders, his ear twitching when he heard the bathroom door open. “I’m completely spent. Go away.”


         “That’s not why I’m here.” Andrew turned and nodded at Aella. “I need to go over some things before you leave.”


         “Shoot.” Andrew turned back and continued scrubbing.


         “Melody said she’s seen signs of Wet Elves in the rivers and lake to the east, but if she was going to make a colony, the closest real water is much too far to the northwest.” She paused, continuing when he didn’t respond. “Which means we’d need to make our own water, if she decides to truly start her colony. Kuu’s all for it. She was very excited to hear that she might have a second Queen to work with soon.”


         Andrew chuckled. “Of course she would be.” He let the water run over his face. “What about the caves?”


         Aella frowned. “What about…” She trailed off. “Oh. The submerged caves?”


         “Yea.” Andrew shrugged. “It’s not exactly a great solution, but there is water down there.”


         Aella pursed her lips. “I’ll bring it up, but I don’t think she’ll like it. As far as I know, Wet Elves don’t like being underground. They’re mostly ocean pokegirls, right?”


         “Yea, they are.” Andrew shrugged. “It was just a thought. We’re nowhere close to the ocean.”


         Aella paused. “We could be.”


         Andrew finished rinsing off and shut off the water. “Pardon?”


         “The outpost in India.” Aella replied. “It’s only a kilometer from the east coast.”


         “I kind of like having my Wet Queen with me.” Andrew growled.


         “We only have one base now.” Aella reasoned. “Cortney runs it, and Kuu patrols the land. What if we build a second base on the shore of India, somehow link Cortney in, and Melody can take charge of patrolling the ocean?”


         Andrew blinked. “That’s… a sexy idea.” He grinned. “It’s going to take quite a bit of set up, but I love it. And it’ll ensure we have a safe place to base operations from.” He paused. “It would be smart to assign Nami to that base as well. She’s much stronger in the water.”


         “Agreed.” Aella frowned. “Wouldn’t this mean Melody would have to be promoted to Captain, the same as Kuu?”


         “Not necessarily.” Andrew began drying off. “Kuu is the defense lead of our home. It’s not really a simple base. If we created something in India, it would be an outpost. Maybe promote her to Lieutenant, since that’s an officer rank, but those ranks really don’t matter in the first place. It’s just how we’ve formalized seniority in the harem.” He stopped. “In fact, no. We’re not messing with them. That’s what they are, seniority in the harem. It just so happens that Kuu was promoted.” He glanced at Aella. “There was absolutely no favoritism with her. Nope. None at all.”


         Aella chuckled. “Alright. I’m sure it had nothing to do with your love of tan, pointy eared goddesses.”


         Andrew blinked. “What would ever give you that idea?”


         Aella snickered and stepped out. “I’ll talk with Melody before you leave, go over our ideas. If we do it, we’ll need a dedicated satellite uplink.”


         “I’m sure Iain has one.” Andrew sighed. “And I’m sure he won’t monitor our traffic and will give us a very reasonable price to use it.”


         Aella laughed. “We’d probably need to contact him for materials anyways. Ishara can work fast, but we just don’t have the raw metal to construct a building.”


         “You’d be surprised.” Andrew replied wryly. “She can do some crazy things when she puts her mind to it. Like forging the hull of a helicopter.”


         Aella grinned back. “She did that in sections and we both know it.”


         “Yea, whatever.” Andrew shooed her away. “Go, talk to Melody. I need to get dressed and meet Cristina. We’ve got a ways to travel.”






Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova







Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame








Daria – Vampire




Matías Miller – Human

Clara – Tengal

Jessie – Sword Dancer