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Chapter 37.5


         “Ready? BEGIN!”


         Furia immediately shifted, growing to well over twice Lucina’s height. The Shadowcat took one look at the hulking Wolf Queen and vanished from sight.


         Furia growled and swiveled, trying to locate Lucina. When she couldn’t she snorted, closing her eyes and sniffing the air.


         Furia staggered as Lucina popped into view and smashed into her arm, but the Wolf Queen quickly shook it off and attempted to grab her.


         Andrew bounced his knee slightly to get Melody’s attention and pointed. “See, that’s a matchup that I’d call unwinnable. Lucina got absolutely screwed in her opponents. First Cristina, and now Furia. She can’t fade effectively, her opponents are too well armored to try for a sneak attack, and they’re much stronger than her in a brawl.” He chuckled. “She doesn’t even have magic to fall back on. I’d say you versing Aella was a good match.”


         Melody bowed her head. “It was. I’m not as afraid of getting hurt now.”


         “Oh, so that’s what it was.” Aella patted Melody’s knee. “We’ll work on that. Can’t have you running away on us in the middle of a battle.”


         Melody winced. “I’m sorry, Ma’am.”


         Aella patted her knee again before reaching out and snagging Lucina’s pokeball from Andrew’s grasp. “Heads up!”


         Andrew turned to see Lucina flying through the air before Aella recalled her. “Shit, what happened?”


         “She got frustrated. Went in head on.” Fu observed. “Furia caught her in a bear hug, broke a few things, then lobbed her at the wall.”


         “Ow.” Andrew winced, smiling at Furia when she padded over. “Congratulations.”


         The Wolf Queen shrugged and sat, jamming her head against his knee. “I won.”


         “Which means you’re still in the running for the grand prize.” Andrew replied, scratching behind her ears and getting a contented sigh in response. “But Lucina gets her consolation prize.”


         Furia nodded, rubbing her face against his leg in the process. Andrew just shook his head and tossed Lucina’s pokeball to Gale. “Next?”


         “Melody and Nevaeh.” Cortney replied.


         Melody immediately slid off his lap. “I know for a fact that I’ll lose this one, but I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my best shot.”


         “ATTA GIRL!” Fu roared, leaping to her feet and pounding the Wet Queen on her back. “GO GET EM!”


         Melody looked stunned at her sudden outburst and staggered slightly from the impact. She gazed around in shock as the harem began echoing her sentiment, their cheers reverberating through the cave.


         “I’M JUST CHEERING BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT HER MYSELF!” Constance bellowed over the noise, a shit-eating grin plastered to her face.


         “It’s good that you believe in yourself.” Rein called, patting Melody’s ass from her seat. She laughed when Melody shied away. “It’s the only thing I could reach!”


         “Alright, stop stalling.” Andrew chuckled. “Melody, Nevaeh, let’s go!”


         Nevaeh was already in the arena and she bowed when Melody followed suit. “I’m sorry.” She called. “But I can not risk losing again.”


         Melody gave the Splice a grin and raised her hands to a ready position. “This won’t take long, but I’m going to make you work for it.”




         Nevaeh’s head whipped up as Melody jumped straight in the air, water swirling from her feet. The Splice backpedaled, crouching and focusing her ki before unleashing a barrage of invisible strikes at Melody.


         Melody cried out in pain and she was blasted backwards, whatever she was trying to do evaporating under the onslaught. She hit hard, struggling to her feet as she coughed up blood.


         “THAT’S what she did to the S-Goth.” Andrew muttered. “Melody’s got to be in a lot of pain.”


         Melody’s body glowed as she attempted to cast Heal and negate her injuries, but Nevaeh quickly chased her down. The Wet Queen barely managed to loose a Thunder Shock before Nevaeh smashed into her, carefully striking at her throat and head to send Melody crashing to the ground.


         Andrew recalled her and switched her pokeball with Lucina’s, releasing the Shadowcat in one smooth motion. “Nevaeh survives elimination!”


         Lucina materialized and instantly sat on his lap, grabbing his free hand and holding it to her head. “Pet me.” She growled.


         “What if I didn’t?” Andrew smirked, hurriedly changing his attitude and stroking her hair when Lucina bared her fangs and started to hiss.


         “I am angry.” Her voice was flat. “Only love from Master will make it better.”


         “Don’t worry.” Cristina tapped Lucina’s thigh with her pommel. “There will be three more who get eliminated without a win. You and Melody are just the first.”


         Lucina glanced down at the PPHU. “Melody lost?”


         “She had to fight Nevaeh.”


         “Oh.” Lucina glanced back, calming slightly. “I understand.”


         “Good, because there’s no excuse for sharing a shit mood.” Aella snapped at the Shadowcat. “And there’s especially no excuse to direct it at OUR TAMER.”


         Lucina glanced at Aella and gave a jerky nod. “My Alpha.” She turned back and leaned into Andrew’s strokes. “Sorry.” She muttered.


         “I learned today not to tease an angry cat.” Andrew replied, giving her a peck on the nose. “I forgive you.”


         Lucina slowly relaxed, even starting to purr softly by the time Melody’s cycle finished.


         Cortney gave the box another zap and gestured to Gale. “I’ve got this, sister. You’re up.”


         Melody materialized and Nevaeh immediately extended her hand for a shake, drawing the Wet Queen into a hug when she took it. Meanwhile Gale entered the arena, Shamira following close behind when Cortney gestured to her.


         “You’re too nice for this kind of thing.” Gale called. “You’re a defender, not an attacker.”


         Shamira shrugged her massive shoulders and took up her stance. “Why don’t you hit me and find out?”


         “I love him.” Gale called back, smirking. “I’d never truly hurt Andrew, or any of the others.”


         Shamira started growling. “You would ruin them.”


         Gale’s smirk grew. “I’m the medic. My job is to keep them alive.”


         Andrew gaped as Shamira spat obscenities and dashed forwards, desperately slashing away at the grinning Night Nurse. “The hell was that?”


         “She was trying to get Gale to trigger her berserk mode.” Rein sighed. “I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that she was unsuccessful.”


         “If Shamira loses, she’s going to feel cheated.” Andrew replied, watching the Goldina unleash a flurry of swipes and kicks that drove Gale back, the Night Nurse barely keeping up with the Goldina’s enhanced speed. “If she wins, she’ll be rightfully proud of winning without it.”


         “I think Mira has the edge, but only barely.” Aella munched on a piece of jerky. “Gale has the edge in durability, but Mira has the edge in speed and strength.”


         Andrew stared at the Shinryu as she took another bite. “Where did you get that?”


         Aella held it out. “Want some?”




         Aella blinked and vanished, reappearing a few seconds later with a bottle of water. “I can teleport.”


         Andrew smacked his forehead. “Right. Duh.”


         Lyn snickered and followed suit, appearing a moment later with a full basket of food. “If anyone wants a snack…”


         A few hands reached out, snagging something as the battle continued. Shamira managed to get a few good strikes but Gale had more damaging hits, her blades slicing any part of Shamira she could reach.


         “You need to teach her some magic. Or something.” Andrew watched Shamira get more and more angry as she fought Gale. “Lucina here, too. Neither have any sort of power hit.”


         “Shamira can’t learn contemporary magic.” Lyn replied. “I did an aptitude test. She’s completely inept.”


         “Shit.” Andrew turned his attention back to the fight. “Something needs to be done, then. Look at her. She’s like a weaker version of Furia.”


         “Furia can’t transform into a behemoth and swat her enemies with a bitch slap.” Lyn countered. “She’s fine.”


         “Uh, Furia can most definitely transform into a behemoth.” Andrew replied, patting the Wolf Queen’s shoulder. “I’m serious. Shamira is probably the weakest member of the harem.”


         “What, because she can’t shoot lightning?” Aella took a sip of her water. “Just watch. Sir.”


         Shamira was growling, cuts covering her body from where Gale had connected. But the Night Nurse was tiring; she just didn’t have the endurance that the Goldina boasted.


         “We’re going to be here for another minute or two.” Aella settled back. “She’s not doing much damage now, but as soon as Gale trips she’ll really start hammering her.”


         “Then how did Lyn…?” Andrew trailed off.


         “I hit her with a hold spell and then froze her entire body.” Lyn shot back. “She didn’t have a chance to outlast me. That’s where Mira shines. You either end the fight quickly, or you slowly fall over from exhaustion.”


         “Man, you two are really defending her.” Andrew chuckled. “Good to know Shamira has such great friends.”


         “Well.” Aella looked uncomfortable. “She is one of… you know.”


         “The originals.” Lyn added.


         A smile flicked on Andrew’s face for a split second before he returned to morosely staring at the arena. “I know.”


         There was silence for the next minute and a half as, just as predicted, Shamira slowly chased Gale around the arena, the blood from her cuts clotting in her fur.


         Finally Gale stumbled. She summoned her wings and tried to wing away, but with a burst Shamira leapt after her, grabbing her leg and spinning her around before letting go and launching the Night Nurse headfirst at the wall. Gale’s wings flared, slowing her flight but not stopping it.


         She hit hard, her head bent awkwardly and she struggled to get her bearings. Shamira was on her immediately, pummeling her a few times before popping open her jaw and biting down on Gale’s wrist.


         Gale screamed in pain and her armor shifted, sending razor sharp blades through Shamira’s jaw. The Goldina quickly disengaged, roaring in pain as she raised both fists over her head and brought them crashing down in a Double Edge.


         “That’s it.” Cortney mimed clicking a stopwatch. “Four minutes, nineteen seconds, Aella.”


         “That’s the longest anyone has sparred with her.” Aella observed. “Gale did very well.”


         “Excuse me, I want my money back.” Andrew chortled. “That wasn’t a very flashy fight.”


         “Mira’s not flashy. Neither really is Gale.” Aella replied with a grin. “By the way, aren’t you going to do anything about them?”


         “Oh, shit.” Andrew fumbled with the pokeballs before recalling both Shamira and Gale. “A little help, Cortney?”


         The Video Girl took the balls and placed them into the PPHU. “Ann, Ishara. Get to it.”


         Ann took a look at the Romanticide and sighed. “You don’t spit napalm, right?”


         Ishara gave her a beatific smile and crawled to her feet. “Nah. This is kinda funny though, we’re the only two with our tits out, and now we’re fightin’.”


         Ann raised an eyebrow and glanced down at her bare breasts. “Huh. You’re right.”


         “’Cept, you’ve got more’n your tits.” Ishara laughed. “Least I’ve still got my panties.”


         “I can fix that.” Ann shot back, motioning to cover her groin before deciding against it and instead adding an extra sway to her walk. “I can own this look, baby. Can you?”


         Ishara smirked and twirled her remaining sword. “I can own it just fine. Hell I’ll smother you with these.”


         Lucina shifted her position in order to decisively block Andrew’s vision of the arena. “I’m right here.”


         Andrew’s eyes refocused on her. “Uh huh.”


         Lucina growled. “Should I take off my clothes too?”


         Andrew gave her a grin and tweaked her nipple through her shirt. “These are pointy enough that it wouldn’t really change much.”


         Lucina moaned at the attention and seemed to melt into him when Andrew resumed stroking her hair. “That’s better.”


         Andrew winked at the handful of disgruntled faces looking back at him. “It’s her turn.” He mouthed before glancing back at the two nude pokegirls in the arena. “Ishara! Ann! Begin!”


         Ishara immediately reared back, her red fur glowing as she unleashed a Flamethrower towards Ann. The Ice Empress raised her hands, the water in the air around her turning to mist and the flames fizzling out a few feet away. Ishara maintained the flames as she walked forwards, her sword whistling through the air as she walked.


         Ann hummed, the mist growing as she extended her aura. Finally Ishara had to stop in her tracks and her body Ignited in order to fight off the deathly cold.


         Andrew had a blissful smile on his face as he watched their standoff. “Naked girls and cold weather. Amazing.”


         Aella sighed and reached past Lucina to smack him. “You’re such a pervert.”


         Andrew blew her a kiss. “Always, for you.”


         It earned him a smile before Aella turned away again.


         Inside the arena Ann had gotten tired of the standoff and dropped her hands, the temperature going up slightly before she stomped her foot and sent a sheet of ice racing across the floor.


         Ishara immediately jumped, the flames across her body intensifying so that when she landed on the ice sheet it melted instantly. She began running forwards, each footstep melting a hole that quickly refroze behind her.


         Ann cursed and leapt away, sliding along the ice and propelling herself faster every few seconds. Ishara slowly fell behind until she was forced to stop and brace, countering as Ann came in with a momentum-fueled Iceblade Kick. Ann hissed in pain and spun away, the fire burning across Ishara’s body returning more than the damage Ann had caused.


         “All I have to do.” Ishara yelled. “You can’t freeze me!”


         Ann growled and took a few steps back, her aura beginning to form again.


         Ishara snorted and ran forwards, causing Ann to panic and try to dodge. She was just too slow for the giant girl and Ann braced as Ishara’s arms and legs burst into flame as she used Fire Spin to careen headlong into the Ice Empress.


         Ann’s scream echoed from the gigantic cloud of mist that resulted from the impact and Andrew could see Ishara’s tail flashing down twice more before the cloud exploded into flame.


         The water vapor flashed to steam, revealing Ishara standing over Ann’s unmoving form. The Romanticide was clutching at one hand; blood gushed from two severed fingers, but she was otherwise unharmed. Ann was well and truly out, patches of her body melted and bubbling from Ishara’s poison.


         “At least she didn’t go down without taking a bit of Ishara with her.” Andrew remarked, recalling them both and tossing them to Cortney to heal. “Although I didn’t expect Ishara to be able to melt Ann’s living ice.”


         “Does that mean Ishara was strong, or that Ann was weak?” Aella mused. “Either way, Ann needs more training.”


         “Agreed.” Andrew raised an eyebrow when Cortney dropped the PPHU in his lap. “What’s this?”


         She pointed at where Gale was basking, occasionally responding to Rein and Kuu, the two other pokegirls set up on either side of the Night Nurse. “She’s busy, Sir. I’m about to fight. Your job now.”


         Andrew rolled his eyes but picked it up and readjusted Lucina slightly. “Your time is running out.” He muttered in her ear.


         Lucina’s eyes were half closed from the pleasure so she just muttered but allowed him to position the PPHU. “Furia!” Cortney nudged the Wolf Queen. “You ready?”


         Furia stood, staggering slightly and rubbing life back into her limbs. “Yes. You?”


         “Yep, you’re fighting me.” Cortney tossed Andrew her life disk. “I won’t underestimate you like I did Nova.”


         Furia winced. “Ok.”


         The two entered, Cortney turning and raising a hand that sparked with current. “Well?”


         Andrew glanced at Furia and nodded. “BEGIN!”


         Furia bulked and stepped forwards, her head shooting up as Cortney shot into the air. The Video Girl’s arm slowly intensified, the current beginning to swirl until Cortney held a roiling ball of electricity.


         Furia seemed to sigh and she braced herself as the ball zipped in, exploding and causing her to seize uncontrollably. Cortney didn’t follow, instead raising both hands and firing a Magna Beam into the motionless Wolf Queen. The explosion of energy knocked Furia away and she stirred, forcing her spasming limbs to move and turn her uncontrolled tumble into a slide.


         Cortney still didn’t move from her height and Furia choked out a roar. “Come- DOWN!” She managed.


         Cortney just shrugged and pointed her finger, the air whipping up around her hand before blasting forwards. Furia shuddered as the Empty Daggers battered her, cuts appearing across her body while the razor sharp wind buffeted her. Finally she managed to force her arms out, shakily pointing them at the still hovering Video Girl and building energy.


         Cortney watched her with interest, nodding when she saw the attack forming in Furia’s hands. She waited for Furia to almost fire before dropping, landing lightly and blitzing in to smash the surprised Wolf Queen before she had a chance to fire her Lunar Bolt. Furia tried to counter but her unresponsive limbs didn’t let her as Cortney pummeled her chest with Gatling Punches before rearing back, light dancing around her fist as she smashed Furia with her Final Strike.


         Furia flew backwards, bouncing along the floor for a few yards before finally rolling to a halt. She managed to raise her head slightly to look Cortney in the eye before her body shuddered and she puked, splattering the floor and herself with her lunch.


         “Yield.” She rasped, coughing as she fought to breathe. “I… Yield.”


         Andrew recalled her and set the PPHU to a combo cycle. “And Cortney moves on.” He picked Lucina up, causing the Shadowcat to protest slightly as he laid her down next to him. “Alright. Who’s next?”


         “Nami and Aella.” Cortney replied, the Video Girl still in the arena. “One sec.” Andrew shielded his eyes as she exploded, a nova of electricity painting the boundaries of the wards clearly before dying down to show a visibly relieved Cortney walking towards him. “Ah, that feels better.”


         “The fuck was that?” Andrew gaped at her. “Where’d all THAT come from?”


         “I had to overcharge to use that last technique.” Cortney glanced around and settled in his lap when she didn’t see anyone else moving for it. “If I didn’t release the rest of the energy I might get a stomachache.”


         Andrew stared at her for a second before shaking his head. “I’ll take your word for it. Nami and Aella?”


         Ishara raised her hand and blasted the arena floor, Furia’s bile washing clean. “Lemme clean the arena first.” She grumbled.


         “Oh, I figured Nami could do that.” Andrew joked. “Alright, you two. I guess that means we’re back in the winner’s bracket?”




         “Then get to it.” He watched the two advance, Nami visibly unhappy. “Well, if you’re ready, begin!”


         Nami made an abortive motion towards Aella as the Shinryu transformed and immediately climbed to the ceiling. “COME DOWN!” She roared, her face twisted in fury.


         “Hey, that looks familiar.” Cortney giggled. “Except Nami actually has some range.”

         Right on cue Nami blasted a barrage of Water Spears at where Aella hovered, most falling short and splashing the increasingly incensed Sharptits with water.


         “Aella isn’t responding.” Andrew frowned. “What’s she doing?”


         “Waiting.” Cristina replied, her black eyes glowing. “She’s charging something. Something big.” She nodded. “She’s aiming to end this in one hit.”


         Nami growled and paced, occasionally spitting a Water Spear up to provoke the Shinryu. “COME. DOWN.” She roared.


         “Make me.”


         Nami’s face contorted and she screamed, water building up before she unleashed a Hydro Pump that rocketed towards the hovering Shinryu.


         Andrew’s eyes widened as he watched the electric halo Aella had been building suddenly surge. “Oh. That was her plan.”


         Aella took the Hydro Pump head on, her face twisting in pain even as she unleashed the power she had been Charging in a supercharged Thunder that flashed down Nami’s attack and absorbed the Sharptits in a nova of multicolored plasma.


         The water she had used as a conduit instantly flashed to steam and Nami vanished from sight, only for the recall beam to streak out and save her from the fury of the attack.


         Andrew suddenly winced at a scream in his head. Aella was falling, having shifted to her humanoid form in order to control the power of the attack but she was struggling, for some reason not just shifting back to control her descent.


         Immediately at Andrew’s command Cristina and Gale both shot forwards, wings unfolding as the two girls worked in unison to slow and then catch the falling Shinryu. Cristina winged down to meet where Gale had successfully caught her, healing magic flowing through Aella’s body even as she continued to spasm.


         “Just get her a cycle!” Gale yelled down to Andrew. “NOW!”


         Andrew hit the recall on her pokeball, halting Furia’s cycle and placing Nami and Aella’s balls in next to her. “What happened?”


         Gale landed and ran forwards, ensuring that he had started the healing cycle properly before sighing in relief. “I’m not really sure. I think she somehow shocked herself.”


         “No, she’s completely immune to electricity.” Andrew shook his head. “I don’t know. Feedback?”


         “She wasn’t damaged.” Gale replied. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was having a seizure.”


         “That might be it.” Andrew rubbed his eyes. “That light show was pretty intense. Could she have epilepsy?”


         “It would have triggered long before now.” Gale shook her head. “If it was a seizure, then it was because she was focusing so much power already. She just hit a limit of some kind and overloaded when she shifted out of her dragon form.”


         “Regardless.” Andrew looked over at Lyn. “I want you and Gale to figure out what happened.” He checked his pokedex. “It’s getting past dinner time. We’ll do the next three matches and then call it for the night. If there’s something wrong, I want you to find a way so that whatever just happened never happens again.”


         Lyn gave an abrupt nod. “Sir. I’ll do my best.”


         “I’m making this an order.” Andrew replied. “I know you’re not happy with her right now. But this goes beyond what has happened between you two today.”


         Lyn blinked and smiled. “Of course. We’re just having fun. No hard feelings.”


         Andrew returned her smile. “Good.” He popped Aella’s pokeball out when the machine beeped, releasing her into Gale’s arms. “Aella. You alright?”


         Aella groaned and blearily opened her eyes. “The world went all fuzzy.”


         “Yea, she overloaded.” Gale waved her finger in front of Aella’s eyes. “She’s tracking fine. Aella, if you’re charging up to full dragon power, never shift out. Your body overloaded on energy.”


         “Ok.” Aella whispered, weakly reaching up to rub her eyes. “Ow.”


         “I mean, I could craft a limiter.” Lyn frowned. “But she was doing very well on her own. As long as you don’t randomly shift out mid attack I don’t think it will be necessary, Aella.”


         Aella sighed and nodded. “I made a mistake. I won’t do it again.”


         “Atta girl.” Gale kissed her cheek and set her upright. “Alright! Who’s next?”


         “Kuu.” Cortney replied. “And you, Lyn.”


         “Wait.” Aella blinked. “I was the first of the winner’s matches, right? And I won?”


         “That’s right.”


         “Shit.” She looked at Lyn. “Uh. Kuu. Please win.”


         Lyn started to grin. “If I win, I get my revenge AND get to knock you out of the tournament!”


         “Son of a bitch.” Aella groaned.


         “I’ll do my best.” Kuu called softly. “Good luck, Lyn.”


         Lyn skipped into the arena and turned with a flourish. “I hope you have a way to counter my ice.”


         Kuu shrugged dejectedly as she followed. “Maybe.”


         Lyn’s eyes narrowed at her response and her clothing shimmered, a full body shift appearing. “I’m not going to let you snare me.”


         Kuu grinned at Lyn’s choice of clothes and her armor erupted, wrapping her tightly in a full body suit of armor. “Let’s do this, sister.”


         Andrew released Nami and Furia, quickly grabbing hold of the Sharptits as she made moves towards Aella. “NAMI. You lost.” He turned back to the arena after she sat down. “Alright! BEGIN!”


         Kuu’s armor immediately began to glow, arcane runes flaring to life across her body as Kuu activated Elemental Ward. Lyn hissed in frustration but raised her hands, hesitating slightly before deciding and forming a ball of fire that she blasted at the ElfQueen.


         Kuu laughed and dove through the fireball, the flames dissipating harmlessly because of her ward. Lyn’s expression flashed to a grin and she thrust her left hand forwards, ice crystalizing before lancing out.


         Kuu raised her arms to block the beam, crystals beginning to form before she wrenched her arms apart, the ice shattering and spraying Lyn with fragments. The Archmage backpedaled as Kuu closed in, carefully calculating their distance before drawing her sword and lunging in.


         Kuu quickly jumped back, avoiding the counter charge and forming her own sword. The two watched each other for a moment before they clashed, embers drifting off of Lyn’s sword in an attempt to burn Kuu’s.


         Kuu quickly dropped the smoldering wood and lunged forwards with a palm-heel strike, her gauntlet glowing blue. Lyn cursed and tried to dodge but only managed to redirect the blow, Kuu impacting against her arm.


         Instantly the rune chains ensnared Lyn’s arm and Kuu’s grip tightened, yanking Lyn forwards before a light flashed and Lyn dove past, rolling back to her feet with the sleeve of her garment still smoking.


         Kuu slowly turned, glancing at the broken links of her chain before dispelling them. “The fuck was that?”


         “Told you. You’re not going to snare me.” Lyn spat back. She stood, eyes flashing as she opened her mouth and mimicked Ishara’s Flamethrower, the flames licking harmlessly against Kuu’s armor.


         “You already know that can’t-“ Kuu started before she realized Lyn was taking a page out of Melody’s book and using the technique as a smokescreen. “Fuck!”


         The Megidolaon tore down the line, the only indicator Kuu could use to brace being the slight glow it emanated as it raced through the flames. She raised an arm to block, watching with detached curiosity as the pure magic sphere ate through her armor and began disintegrating her skin before it exploded.


         The blast seemed to pop and collapse in on itself before exploding outwards, shredding every defense Kuu had erected and sending her ragdoll smashing into the wall, where it was quickly picked up by her return beam.


         “Victory, Lyn!” Andrew called, raising an arm to point at the Archmage. “Well done.”


         Lyn twitched, appearing next to him and triggering her own recall before Andrew could react. Gale quickly plucked the falling pokeball out of the air and dropped it in the PPHU. “She was about to faint.”


         “Uh… Really?” Andrew blinked. “Why?”


         “She was missing an arm.” Gale chuckled.


         Andrew blinked and realization dawned in his eyes. “She broke the chains by vaporizing her arm? So we saw an illusion?”


         “Uh huh.” Cristina glanced back at him with a grin. “You should learn aura sight, sir. You’d see the broken flow immediately.”


         “Why would she...” Andrew trailed off. “Mind games, all of it. Kuu thought she had no chance so when the actual attack came in she tried to block instead of counter.”


         Cristina rifled through Lyn’s basket, popping a chip into her mouth. “Yup.”


         “And Lyn threw all she had into it, so that a block would be useless.” Andrew shook his head. “Nice.”


         “Yea, Kuu wins in the long fight against Lyn.” Cristina swallowed and fished out another morsel. “Seems like Lyn excels at ending things quickly. Wonder how Aella could counter that.” She glanced meaningfully at the Shinryu.


         “By ending it quicker?” Aella asked hopefully.


         Cristina chuckled and shrugged. “Maybe.”


         Gale reached over as the machine beeped and triggered the pokeballs. “Alright! Well done, Lyn. Who’s next?”


         “Fu, Constance.” Cortney replied. “And, no offense Constance, but I know who I’m putting MY money on.”


         The Tank Vixxen looked at her and growled. “Thanks, Cortney. Love you too.” She shook her head. “Bitch.”


         “That was very rude of you, Cortney.” Andrew admonished, lifting the Video Girl and standing up with her in his arms. “True, but rude.”


         Constance glared up at him and rose, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down to her level. “If I lose, I’m hate fucking the shit out of you.”


         Andrew glanced around before turning back to Constance. “And that’s a problem because…?”


         Constance smirked and let go, striding into the arena and bracing herself. “Come on now, dragon girl. Let’s go.”


         “Damn I hate to do this to you.” Fu grumbled, but followed. “Try to keep me at range, ok?”


         Constance scowled. “I don’t need your help.”


         “It’s not going to help.” Fu replied. “But it’ll give you the best chance.”


         Constance snarled wordlessly and her flamethrower appeared, trembling as she waited for Andrew’s signal.


         “If you’re ready.” Andrew called. “Begin!” He turned to place Cortney down before settling back into his seat, gently blocking Furia when she tried to crawl up. “I’m taking my lap back for the last match tonight.”


         The Wolf Queen whined sadly but plopped back down, turning her attention to the arena. Constance was spewing flame in an attempt to keep Fu at bay, but the Warvern didn’t care. She danced into the flames for a moment before leaping, her wings unfurling as she winged above the Tank Vixxen. Constance tried to follow her movement but had to abandon her flamethrower in favor of firing Flame Snipers from her palms.


         Fu grunted as a few impacted and tucked her wings, diving directly towards Constance. As she fell Constance began to panic as she realized her flames were having no effect.


         “There goes Constance’s only hope.” Andrew observed as Fu impacted, bouncing off Constance’s block and immediately whirling with an axe kick that crunched into Constance’s collarbone. The Tank Vixxen seemed to compress from the impact and it looked like more than just her collarbone had snapped. “Ow.”


         “What was her advantage?” Cristina asked. “I might be the next one to fight her, so...”


         “It wasn’t an advantage, really.” Andrew replied, wincing when Fu continued raining blows on the durable Tank Vixxen. “Shit, Constance, give it up.”


         “But it was...?”


         “Keeping Fu away. As soon as she got close Constance was done. She needed to maintain their range and whittle Fu down, but Fu made sure she couldn’t by approaching using gravity. They were equally matched in speed, but Constance can’t outrun that.”


         Constance managed to withstand a few more blows before keeling over after a particularly nasty punch and Andrew recalled her. “Victory to Fu! Cristina, Nova. You’re up.” He grinned as the two stood and immediately started bristling at each other. “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this match.”


         Aella watched in astonishment as her normally calm Beta started trash-talking Nova even as the two walked into the ring. “What the hell?”


         Andrew popped Constance’s pokeball into the PPHU, shutting it when Fu waved him off. “There are only a few here who Cristina sees as rivals. Fu, you’re one of them, as is Nami. I guess Nova is too. She’s been growing more and more excited all evening.”


         Aella frowned. “Not me?”


         “You’re her Alpha.” Andrew chuckled. “Besides, you both know that in a real fight she’d stand no chance. If Cristina can’t get close, she loses.”


         “Depending on how this tournament goes, we might have that fight.” Aella observed.


         “Well then I know who I’ll put my money on.” Andrew grinned. “But you’ve still got to survive until then.”


         Aella glanced over at Lyn and let out a nervous chuckle. “True.”


         “If you both are ready!” Andrew yelled. “Begin!”


         Cristina immediately encased herself in a Cocoon of Darkness and waited, even as Nova dug her talons into the stone floor and rushed towards her.


         As Nova got close the cocoon exploded to reveal Cristina with a sword Andrew had never seen before in her left hand, the blade dancing with Hell Fire. She held a growing Dark Bomb in her right that she immediately lobbed at the charging Blazicunt, forcing Nova to break off and dodge out of the way. Nova continued her motion to avoid Cristina as the Ophanim gave chase, her two sets of wings flaring out of time in order to squeeze every bit of speed out of the movement. Nova feinted, dodging aside as Cristina blasted past. Nova quickly braced, the air around her distorting when she used Focus Energy.


         Cristina landed and came to a skidding halt, turning to face Nova as the air around the Blazicunt seemed to explode, an aura of flame coursing up her body and causing her short hair to stand on end. Cristina grumbled to herself but readied her sword, her body beginning to bleed shadow in imitation of Nova’s aura. “If you’re going that far!” She yelled. “THEN LET’S GO!”


         Nova staggered from the magic in Cristina’s scream but charged, each footstep sprouting gouts of flame. She roared an answer to Cristina’s challenge, her aura spitting and surging before exploding sideways, growing into a wave that bore down on the Ophanim.


         Cristina raised her free hand, runes sparking to life in midair as she focused. The wave impacted, seeming to engulf the Ophanim before passing to leave her unharmed. Cristina lowered her hand, dropping the shield spell and matching Nova’s charge, her sword swinging around to deliver a devastating blow.


         Nova instantly blocked, her aura flaring where the sword connected before shattering, allowing the Hell Fire infused blade to bite deep into the Blazicunt’s arm. Nova opened her mouth in a wordless scream and jerked away, the wound cauterizing instantly from the flames that continued to burn around her. Cristina was forced to dodge as Nova struck back, her swing glowing beyond what her aura provided. The Mega Strike screamed through the air, missing Cristina by inches as she threw herself backwards. 


         Nova immediately gave chase, flames dripping from her mouth before she let loose, spitting fireball after fireball until Cristina couldn’t dodge any more.


         The Ophanim barked a command, her Dark Shield materializing to take the brunt of the onslaught. Nova quickly shifted, her foot twisting under her weight as she rocketed in another direction. Cristina screamed as her shield tracked the Blazicunt, allowing the remaining energy from the Firestorm to get through and impact. She immediately began putting out the fires that clung to her armor, allowing her shield to dissipate as she did.


         Nova quickly renewed her assault, flame still burning from her mouth as she closed in, intent on getting her fangs into the Ophanim. Cristina glanced up in time to block, Nova’s fiery bite finding only her armor. Nova grunted in pain as Cristina retaliated, her free hand wreathed in shadow as she hammered Nova’s head. The Blazicunt quickly let go, avoiding another slash from Cristina’s sword and took a step back. The two took a moment to catch their breath before Cristina raised her free hand and took hold of her regular sword, the blade instantly igniting with Heavenly Fire.


         “Cheat.” Nova growled, skipping back to avoid a cross slash. “You hold both?”


         “I hold both.” Cristina replied, advancing with her swords a metal blur. “I take power where I need it. I have been absolved of my sins.”


         Nova hissed as she kept retreating. “Who are you?”


         “I am nobody.” Cristina replied, aura beginning to build around her. “But my mother was named Camiel.”


         Nova’s eyes widened and her step stuttered, but she caught herself and braced to charge. “WAR-MOTHER!” She screamed, her mouth twisting into a manic grin. “SIN-TAKER!”


         Cristina cursed to herself as the Blazicunt charged, her strikes flowing with more ferocity than before.


         “Cristina.” Andrew frowned. “What was that?


         “Bit busy, my light.” Cristina muttered back. “I was hoping she would break from hearing that name, not go berserk.”


         “My Light?


         “Busy.” Cristina repeated, redirecting Nova’s strikes and pounding the Blazicunt on the forehead with the pommels of her swords. “FUCK she’s strong.”






         Cristina contorted, her eyes growing wide when she saw Nova’s feint, but it was too late. The harmless strike flipped past and Nova’s offhand appeared from behind her body, the aura covering her body getting drawn down into it. Cristina braced, turning away slightly but not enough to fully dodge as Nova screamed fury, tensing her body and throwing every ounce of power she had into the Masterful Strike.


         Cristina felt her heart skip as the punch hit her left shoulder, the shockwave ripping through her body. Something broke in her chest and she heaved, splattering Nova with a mixture of bile and blood. She could feel her muscles seizing up and she focused, fighting back the paralysis.


         Nova staggered, falling to one knee and struggling to catch her breath, just as Cristina had to take a half step to stay standing. Nova gazed up at Cristina, her eyes wild as her chest heaved. Cristina took a moment to regain her composure before raising both swords. “Almost.” She rasped, her left arm barely rising to her ribs. “Not enough.”


         Nova grinned up at her as the blades came down, the weaker Hell Fire blade doing little more than a slight cut and heavy burn, but the Heavenly Fire sword struck true. Nova’s eyes crossed and she groaned, slowly slumping to the ground as Cristina fell to her knees.


         There was an aura of shocked silence as the harem watched them, waiting for one of the two to get up. Finally Cristina stirred, using her right arm to lever herself to her feet. As she stood the stands erupted into cheers, Andrew quickly recalling them both and beginning their healing cycles.


         “My god.”


         Andrew snickered to himself and shoved Aella. “Yea? Was that good enough for you?”


         “I want to know what the hell just happened.” Aella retorted. “What was Nova yelling? ‘War mother’?”


         “Hell if I know.” Andrew replied. “Cristina said something about her mother.”


         “We’ve never asked her about where she came from.” Aella mused. “Maybe we should.”


         “There are quite a few here who haven’t shared their past.” Andrew replied quietly. “It’s their right not to.”


         Aella gave him a frustrated look. “I’m curious.”


         “So am I. I want to know why Melody is so enraptured with Ann, or how Fu learned her fighting techniques. I’d love to know where Furia, Rein, and Yang come from, and Furia especially. She’s Fiendish. That blessing is a conscious one, so is she really a feral? I don’t know.” He sighed. “Nami and Constance are two more mysteries. What were they doing before they found me? Neither are especially social Pokegirls. What’s the story there?”


         The two glanced back at him, Constance shrugging while Nami gave him a toothy grin. “I used to break ships.” She replied. “No mystery. I just liked to fuck and kill.”


         Andrew sighed. “What in god’s name did a pirate see in little old me?”


         “I wasn’t.” Nami grumbled. “I was in it for the fun. When it stopped being fun, I left.”


         “Nice.” Andrew shook his head and retrieved the pokeballs from the PPHU. “Is it fun here?”


         “I don’t think I’d ever leave.” Nami snickered. “The dick’s too good.”


         “Awesome.” Andrew triggered the two releases, falling back when Nova took stock of her surroundings and immediately fell to her knees in front of Cristina.


         “War…Sister.” Nova said carefully. “I am yours.”


         “I am not my mother.” Cristina growled, yanking the Blazicunt to her feet. “I am your Beta, yes. But I am not your Mistress. Respect me. Do not follow me blindly.” She glanced at Andrew. “I’ll explain later.”


         Nova bobbed her head and took a step back, looking expectantly at him as well. Andrew shook his head at the various faces turned to him. “Well. I said we’d take a break after that match. Go get dinner. I’ll be along shortly.” He watched the pokegirls filter out, waiting with Cristina as they left. “Cristina, please explain.”


         Cristina was watching the door as she responded. “My mother had Longevity.”


         Andrew nodded. “Ok. And?”


         “She fought in the war.”


         “Right.” Andrew frowned. “Wait, the timelines.”


         “She may still be alive here.” Cristina whispered. “Back home, she passed away when I was ten years old. An old enemy finally caught up to her.” She glanced back at him. “She was an executioner. Wherever she went, the squads knew death followed. She became known as many things. Though I’ve never heard her called War-Mother, I have heard her called Sin-Taker. She would often show up, single out the commander or, sometimes, foot soldier who had broken Scott’s laws, and she would judge them. If she found them guilty, they would die.” She shuddered. “I thought, since the war is so fresh… Maybe Nova had heard of my mother. That her name would scare her, give an opening I could exploit. I wasn’t expecting her to start fighting harder.”


         “Cristina.” The Ophanim glanced over at him. “Nova is the daughter of a Blazicunt Lieutenant who spent her days cooking and eating humans alive.” He nodded at her shocked gasp. “If your mom did the same here as she did back in your dimension, I would bet she had a run in or two with Nova’s mother.”


         “Her or one of her friends.” Cristina muttered. “Either way, a cannibal would know the name Camiel. And, it seems, would teach it to her offspring.”


         “Yea.” Andrew patted her shoulder. “Are you afraid that you’re becoming her?”


         Cristina blinked. “What? No. My mother was amazing. She taught me everything I know.” She sighed. “I just… I don’t know how to feel. Do I want to see her again? Is she even here? What would happen?”


         “Even if she is still alive here, she’s not your mother.” Andrew shook his head. “Well. Not yet. She had hundreds of years to change before you were born. The Camiel we would find here, now, would be a Camiel fresh from the war. Struggling through whatever she has to as she finds her way.”


         Cristina was silent for a few moments. “She helped me for my entire life.”


         Andrew cocked an eyebrow. “What are you thinking?”


         “This world… She wouldn’t know what to do.” Cristina gazed into his eyes. “She spoke of her war years sometimes, and of the hundred years before I was born. She didn’t speak of what was between. What if… It’s because she was…”


         “It may already be too late.” Andrew frowned. “Wait. You’re asking me to-“


         “I share you with so many already.” Cristina winced. “If it meant saving her from that hell…”


         Andrew groaned. “Ick. You’re seriously asking me to fuck your own mom?”


         Cristina looked away. “But she’s not my mother. You said that yourself.”


         “Either she is, or she isn’t. But you wouldn’t care so much if you didn’t feel that she was.” Andrew sighed. “We’ll discuss this later. Alright?”


         “Time may be…”


         “Cristina.” Andrew snapped. “You just got done with one of the most exhausting fights I’ve ever seen you in. You’re acting completely on emotion. How the fuck would you feel? Even though it wasn’t the woman who raised you, she’d sure as hell look like it. You might be required to have sex with her. Do you REALLY think you could handle that?”


         Cristina winced. “I don’t know. I’m not a child anymore. Wouldn’t she be barely older than me? Would that make it any better?” She asked helplessly.


         “Alright.” Andrew stroked her hair. “Look, we’ll talk about this. Really. But you need to calm down, think of what the consequences would be.” He paused. “Let’s go get some dinner.”


         “ok.” Cristina whispered, allowing him to lead her out of the gym.






         “So if your mom had Longevity, did you inherit it?” Andrew asked as the two walked into the mess, picking past the gaggles of pokegirls as they ate. “Is that genetic, or?”


         “I… think so?” Cristina said carefully. “I’m a few years past where most go through their second puberty… So it’s possible.”


         “If you do, then you’re nowhere near needing to dress like an old woman trying to stay sexy.” Andrew teased, laughing when Cristina began to blush.


         “You’re still on that?” She whimpered.


         “Always.” Andrew laughed, pushing her towards a seat at the main table. “Ladies.”


         The others nodded, Gale sliding a plate of food down for each of them. “Eat up, Cristina. You need the energy.” The Night Nurse urged.


         “Right.” Cristina mumbled.


         “Cristina had immediate family who fought in the revenge war.” Andrew immediately dove into the conversation. “Could any of our other members have had anyone who might still be alive in this world?”


         Aella slid slightly deeper into her seat. “Yes.”


         Nevaeh glanced at the Shinryu in surprise and raised her hand. “Kiana and Kore were decanted a few decades after the war ended. They were part of a run that didn’t make it onto the battlefield.”


         Andrew shook his head. “I’m not messing with them. You’re you, and they would never be you. I don’t want them.”


         Nevaeh gave him a smile. “I like that.”


         “Aella.” Andrew looked over at the Shinryu. “I fought your mother.”


         “She was a Death.” Aella muttered. “I never stopped to think about if she existed here.”


         Cristina blinked. “Your mother was one of the Deaths?”


         Aella looked up and nodded. “She hated talking about that part of her life. But she was. She used to say that the only reason she allowed my dad to breed her was because he was worth killing. I always thought it was a stupid way to talk about papi, but over time I realized it was the greatest compliment she had.”


         “Huh.” Andrew frowned. “That’s an interesting coincidence.”


         Aella glanced between him and Cristina. “What is?”


         “I have two pokegirls.” Andrew explained. “A Shinryu, my Alpha, and an Ophanim, her Beta. My Alpha’s mother was a Death during the revenge war, basically the Alpha of Sukebe’s assassins. Her Beta’s mother passed judgment on pokegirls. I’d say that would be the next tier down, wouldn’t you?”


         Aella blinked. “That’s… An extremely interesting coincidence.”


         “My mom died when I was young.” Cristina whispered. “She might still be alive here.”


         “I don’t know if I would want to see my mother here.” Aella muttered. “She might see me as a threat. And she’s not even MY mom, is she? She’d just be a Hunter Naga with the same name. Right?”


         “That’s right.” Andrew replied. “It will be the same way with Cristina. The pokegirls that became your moms lived through hundreds of years that turned them into who you knew them as. If we walked out and found them today, they’d be nothing like the women who gave birth to you.” He glanced at Cristina. “Either of you.”


         Cristina bowed her head. “I know.”


         “But you’re still considering looking for her.”


         Cristina’s head sunk lower until she was almost touching the table. “Yes.”


         “Aella.” Andrew looked over. “We have our next mission.”


         Aella blinked and nodded. “Of course.” She paused. “Will… will we be looking for my mom, too?”


         “I don’t see why we need to.” Andrew grinned. “I’ve already got my Hunter. I don’t need an upstart.”


         Aella snorted and began to laugh. “If mom heard you call her an upstart…”


         “Well she can’t.” Andrew replied smugly. “Cristina. We’ll need every bit of information you can remember about Camiel.”


         “Canada.” Cristina replied instantly, her voice muffled as she spoke into the table. “Northwest. She always talked about the cold shores and how the cold froze the hearts of the pokegirls that campaigned there against their creator. It was where she spent the most time.”


         “What was she, exactly?” Andrew shoveled a forkful of food into his mouth. “An’ whuh would she look like?”


         “Archangel.” Cristina hesitated. “She had four black wings. She never explained why, just talked about how her job etched a dark stain on her heart.”


         “Cristina.” Andrew stroked her arm. “You are living proof that darkness on your soul is not what defines you.”


         “Find her.” Cristina gazed at him pleadingly. “Show her.”


         “YOU will show her.” Andrew sighed. “I’m still uneasy about taming her.”

         “Whoa, time out.” Lyn stared. “Cristina, you’re suggesting that Andrew should tame your mom?”


         Cristina closed her eyes. “I know.”


         “You’d actually be willing to share?” Cristina’s eyes popped open in shock as Aella cut in. “Yea, I don’t want to go looking for this world’s version of my mom because she might try to kill us, but you never know. Andrew might like her better.”


         “I’ve already got my Naga.” Andrew chuckled. “And I’m very satisfied with her. Now hush. You’re making Cristina even more uncomfortable.”


         Aella glanced between the two of them and rolled her eyes. “How? It’s not really her mom. There’s no blood relation. Yea, she’ll look the same, but it’s not like ACTUAL siblings don’t participate in orgies all the time.” She paused. “Yin and Yang. I know they were never apart. Even when one was riding your dick the other was finding some way to join in.”


         Andrew sighed. “Thank you, Aella. That is enough.”


         Aella shrugged and sat back, returning her attention to her plate as Andrew continued. “Regardless of what happens afterwards, we’re going to look for Camiel. We’ve flown across the area where she normally operated, so we at least have an idea where to start. We should go tomorrow afternoon, after the tournament finishes. Cristina,” he turned to the Ophanim, “you will be transport and will lead this trip. I want you to choose four to take with us. This is a scouting mission, so make sure whoever you choose can move fast.”


         Cristina bobbed her head. “Pokeballs?”


         “Of course.”


         “I want Ann. I know she’s not the fastest, but we’ll need her.”


         “I agree. Who else?”


         Cristina thought for a moment. “Gale, obviously. And Lyn.” She glanced at the Archmage. “Mom was an expert mage. If she’s still sane enough to fight, we’ll need you.”


         Lyn chuckled nervously. “I’m good, but I’m not revenge-war good. If it comes to that I’ll probably be huddling behind a shield with the rest of you.”


         “Who else?” Andrew asked.


         Cristina thought for a moment and smiled. “If I’m bringing Ann, I have to bring Melody too. Plus mom will feel their love for each other. It might help to keep her from attacking.”


         “Then we have our squad.” Andrew chuckled. “I wasn’t expecting Melody and Ann, but your reasoning makes sense. I’ll be waiting for you after the tournament ends tomorrow; make sure everyone knows what’s going on.”




         “Good.” He looked around. “We will finish the tournament directly after morning exercises. Lyn, please try not to kill her.”


         The Archmage laughed and gave Aella a sidelong glance. “It’ll be tough. But I’ll manage.” She grinned. “But now there might be a backup, so the risk isn’t THAT high.”


         “I’m so fucking dead.” Aella breathed to herself.


         Andrew chuckled quietly. “Gale, according to the schedule you’re up tonight. I’ll be in my room.” He glanced around. “Good night, Ladies.”








         Gale bolted upright as the sounds of revelry blasted into the bedroom. Her hands couldn’t find Andrew, only a slightly warm indent in the bed marking where he had passed the night beside her, so she quickly rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to seek the source of the noise.


         As she got close the door swung open, Andrew stepping out with a toothbrush hanging half out of his mouth. “Hey.” He mumbled, grabbing the handle and vigorously scrubbing. “You oughta have time to shower.”


         Gale’s eyes darted down to his erection before back up to his face. “You’re hard.”


         “You’re nude.” Andrew countered, taking a sip of water from the glass he held and swishing it through his mouth before turning around and spitting it into the sink. “It’s strange, I get turned on by naked women in my bedroom.”


         Gale giggled and looked astonished that the sound had come out of her mouth. “Was last night not enough?”


         “This is because of last night.” Andrew growled. “Whatever you injected me with to keep me going has KEPT me going for the whole damn night.”


         Gale smirked and took hold of his arm, pushing up against him to force her 34Bs to balloon across his chest. “Yea? Am I that good?”


         “You’re a dirty little succubus.” Andrew growled playfully, grabbing her ass with his free hand. “But you need to give me the antidote so that we can get to PT.”


         Gale hummed happily and he felt a sting before the Night Nurse grabbed his shaft and slid on, moaning softly as she slowly worked her way up and down. It took a minute before Andrew felt the unnatural pressure fade and he unloaded into Gale. The Night Nurse sighed contentedly and stepped back, pulling off his dick and carefully shoving the last of his cum inside.


         “Better?” She whispered.


         “Hold on.” Andrew replied wryly, turning and looking for a towel. “I’m leaking.”


         He rolled his eyes when Gale slipped around him, immediately dropping to her knees and licking him clean. “Woman, if you don’t get ready you are going to be late.”


         Gale chuckled and bobbed her head a few times, giving up when he remained soft. “Damn, I was hoping I could keep going.”


         Andrew firmly pulled her away from his groin and grabbed a towel, wetting it in the sink and wiping off her saliva. “You heard revelry.” He warned. “If you’re not fast, you’re going to be late.”


         Gale sighed but stood, one hand still cupped under her groin. “Where’s my shit?”


         “Wherever you dropped it last night.” Andrew replied, finding his own PT gear and beginning to get dressed. “Aren’t you gonna clean up?”


         Gale gave him an innocent look. “There’s nothing dirty about me.”


         Andrew massaged his eyes. “That’s one hell of a power play.”


         Gale’s eyes lit up and she seamlessly slid into her panties before removing her hand, licking it clean. “You understand what I’m doing.”


         “You’ll ruin your clothes.”




         Andrew shook his head and yanked the door open, jogging through the corridors before emerging into the pre-dawn light.


         Aella was watching the tree line and barely acknowledged him as he arrived. “Gale alright?”


         “She’s doing something incredibly stupid.” Andrew replied. “Hopefully for her she’ll still make it in time.”


         Aella glanced at him questioningly before sniffing and turning towards the entrance with a thunderous scowl. Gale leisurely jogged around the corner, her shirt still hiked above her breasts to allow them to bounce in time with her step. “Mornin’!”


         Aella glanced down at the Night Nurse’s groin before back to her chest. “Put your shirt on, Gale.”


         “Yes’m.” Gale slowly worked the cloth down until she could turn comfortably without bouncing. “The run already start?”


         Aella wordlessly pointed down the beaten track, grabbing Andrew’s arm when he made to follow. “Wait.”


         He watched Gale jog down the path before glancing at Aella. “Yes?”


         “What the fuck did she do?”


         “You mean...”


         “She fucking stinks of sex!” Aella’s voice was shrill. “Did she shower in your sweat this morning?”


         “She gave me a drug to keep me pent up all night.” Andrew growled. “And made me cum inside her vagina this morning. She never washed it out.”


         Aella’s mouth worked and she immediately grabbed at his groin. “You are fixing this.” She hissed. “Right now.”


         Andrew smirked and kissed the livid Shinryu on her nose. “No. But I’ll fix it after the run. Gale wanted a power play, and she’ll get one.” His grin widened. “When neither of us shows up for a good half hour.”


         Aella slowly smiled. “I don’t know if I can handle that.”


         “Bullshit you can’t.” Andrew laughed and swatted her arm. “Now let go. We need to run.”






Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova







Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame








Daria – Vampire




Matías Miller – Human

Clara – Tengal

Jessie – Sword Dancer