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Chapter 37.5


         Nevaeh’s eyes glowed softly as she scanned her opponent. Furia stood, tense, as she watched the Splice carefully.


         Furia had barely grumbled when Cortney called her name, popping up immediately to follow Nevaeh into the ring. She had only protested when Lucina immediately teleported into the spot she had abandoned and began rubbing against Andrew’s hand. She had only been convinced to keep going when Andrew promised her she could have it back once she was done.


         Lucina hadn’t been too happy about that.


         “This battle will go until KO or forfeit.” Andrew called from his perch. “Do NOT use lethal attacks. Ready? Begin!”


         Furia roared and dove forwards but skid to a halt when Nevaeh shuddered, her body twisting until a strange woman stood in her place. Andrew knew which side it had to be, but it was the first time Kiana had manifested to the harem.


         “Ahhh.” The Warrior Nun breathed in relief. “Thank you for allowing me to fight this one, sister.”


         Furia squinted suspiciously but didn’t bother questioning her opponent. She had used the momentary lapse to transform as well and now towered over Kiana by a good five feet. So instead she struck, driving a massive fist laced with hellfire directly into Kiana’s body.


         Kiana took the full hit, sending her flipping away thanks to the Wolf Queen’s enhanced strength. Furia was just opening her mouth to roar a challenge when Kiana’s rag doll came to life. The Splice slammed her hands into the ground, digging her fingernails into the rock to slow her momentum. She slowed, but it left her hands a bloody mess.


         Kiana came to a stop and Andrew had to close his eyes when he saw the state she was in. It was a miracle she could even move at all - her chest was caved in and blood ran from where Furia’s claws had punctured her chest. He could even see bone protruding from the tips of some of her fingers. He was just starting to scream for a halt when Kiana spoke.


         “That was rather rude.” Kiana called, the sound hissing through her mouth. She coughed, splattering blood across the floor. “Fuck, I think I punctured a lung.”


         “WHAT ARE YOU?” Furia screamed, fear causing her voice to tremble.


         Kiana glanced up and took a deep breath, her face twisting in pain. Andrew could hear her ribs cracking as she forced them back in position. “I’m me.” She forced out. “And you will lose.”


         Furia let out a guttural scream and charged, her entire body lighting up as she fought to protect herself from any counter attack. Kiana let her get close before leaping past the Wolf Queen’s outstretched arms, two swords flashing into her hands which she slashed across Furia’s chest. Furia let out a piercing scream and contorted, attempting to snare the dodging Splice even as she clutched at her wounds.


         Kiana managed to squeeze away from Furia’s grasp and stepped back, whipping her blades through the air to clean them of blood. “Stay down.” She advised.


         “Furia’s being played with.” Andrew looked over to Cristina questioningly. The Ophanim glanced at him and shrugged. “Nevaeh is stronger, faster, and more experienced. She’s taking her time, trying not to show her full strength. I don’t understand why. Everyone here knows what she can do. We saw the recording. We saw what she did to that Chimera Goth.”


         “I don’t think she is.” Andrew replied, snatching his hand back when Lucina tried to bite his finger. “Down, girl. I agree that Nevaeh is faster, but I don’t think she’s stronger. She just shredded Furia’s pectorals, even through those giant fun bags. And yet she avoided a grapple.” He shrugged. “I think she’s respecting her opponent. Furia may have been born a feral, but she’s strong. I wonder who her mother was.”


         On the floor, Kiana stood back, watching the Wolf Queen clutch at her chest. “Stay down.” She said again. “Don’t make me destroy you.”


Furia growled, her fur rippling as she shuddered from the pain it caused. “Kill.” She snarled, slowly straightening back up. “Will not. But want.”


         Kiana cursed when Furia leapt at her again, the deep gashes across her chest completely healed. “So you too can regenerate. Unfortunate.” She threw her swords like knives, embedding one deep in Furia’s leg. “You should have stayed down.”


         Furia snarled her retort, grabbing at the blade but grasping air when it disappeared. She returned her attention to Kiana and dove.


         Kiana motioned and paper burst from her hands, plastering itself across the diving Wolf Queen. Furia clawed at it, freeing her vision but not before Kiana had slipped into her blind spot.


         The Splice held out both hands, taking hold of the shimmering greatsword that appeared. As Furia frantically spun in an attempt to locate her Kiana raised the spectral blade high and brought it down across Furia’s back.


         The Wolf Queen’s mouth popped open and she spasmed, a strange gurgling scream echoing as the blade passed cleanly through her. Furia managed to gasp and take a single step before she fell face down, sending a cloud of dust into the air from the impact.


         Andrew waited a heartbeat to confirm that the Wolf Queen’s battle form was fading before recalling her to her pokeball. “Nevaeh wins!”


         Kiana bowed to the air and the sword vanished. She began picking at the dried blood covering her body as she exited the arena and climbed up to where Andrew sat.


         “It is our pleasure to meet you.” Kiana said, giving a slight bow. “I am Kiana. The meld agreed that I would have fun fighting that wolf. I thank her for allowing me to.”


         “What was that at the end?” Andrew asked curiously. “A spectral blade?”


         “A sword made for the sole intent of teaching demons their sins.” Kiana replied. “It does not cut, but feels as if it did. The wolf could not handle the pain of her sins, and so she fainted.”


         “So, it did so much damage because Furia is Fiendish.” Andrew frowned. “And what did it do to you?”


         Kiana hesitated but showed him her palms. The skin was a bright, blistered red, even as her regeneration healed the damage. “This evil side does cause me harm, but I will endure it if I must.”


         “So what would that do to me?” Cristina asked quietly.


         Kiana glanced at the Ophanim and shook her head. “You have sinned, yes, but you have paid for your sins many times. I do not know whether my blade would affect you. I suspect it would not.”


         “Well, that’s a relief.” Cristina muttered.


         “Don’t relax yet.” Andrew gently shoved the Ophanim. “You’re up next.”


         “Oh, good.” Cristina clambered to her feet and stretched to get the stiffness out of her limbs. “With who?”


         Lucina was purring happily, her head nestled into Andrew’s lap, so when he tapped her nose her eyes shot open with a hiss. “You’re fighting Lucina.”


         The hiss abruptly turned into a groan, Lucina slowly unfolding from her position. “No...”


         “Yes.” Cortney replied. “He’s looking at the bracket, so he didn’t make a mistake.”


         Cristina glanced at Andrew curiously at Cortney’s bracket comment and picked out the tiny text in his eye. “How?”


         “It’s coming in over my visor.” Andrew replied. “I know it doesn’t look like it is, but the spell is up. It is almost constantly these days, just invisible most of the time.”


         Cristina squinted. “How is Cortney getting you the data?” She suddenly started laughing. “Lyn has been pestering for months now to figure out a way that she can stream her scans directly to you, and all this time you’ve had a way with Cortney?”


         Andrew looked down at the unmoving Archmage. “If I helped her find a way, she’d become so absorbed in her work that she’d just send me progress updates when she felt like it. This way, she’s forced to find me. It’s healthy.”


         “I see.” Cristina patted his arm approvingly. “Good job.”


         Andrew pretended to swat at her. “Get down there, wench. You’re supposed to be fighting, not flattering.”


         “WENCH?” Cristina gasped, her wings appearing behind her. “That’s it! I can’t stand being near you anymore!”


         Lucina grumbled but tottered to her feet. “Why does she get all the lovey-dovey.”


         Andrew snickered and scooped the cat girl off her feet as Cristina winged down to the floor. “I’ve been petting you for the last ten minutes.” He chided, holding her up to his face. “So since Cristina didn’t get pet, we tease.”


         Lucina gave him a smug look. “I know. But it made you give me more time.” She quickly leaned in and stole a kiss before vanishing to reappear on the floor just ahead of Cristina.


         Cortney and Kuu began laughing at Andrew’s stunned look, the ElfQueen draping herself across his lap and reaching up to bring his head closer. “She got you.” Kuu whispered. “How much tongue?”


         “That sneaky pussy just got all the tongue.” Andrew replied in shock. “I feel violated.”


         Even Kiana cracked a smile at that, the other two still laughing at the look on his face. Finally Kuu calmed down and gently nuzzled his neck. “I’d at least ask.” She whispered. “But I know that right know you have other things on your mind.”


         Andrew cleared his throat and shifted slightly, causing Kuu to blush. “I do.” He replied.


         “HEY!” Andrew glanced past Kuu’s head to see Lucina standing with her arms crossed and tail swishing angrily. “SHE’S IN MY SPOT.”


         “Actually this was Furia’s spot.” Andrew called back. “But Kuu took it as Queen’s prerogative.”


         “Stop poking me.” Kuu muttered under her breath.


         “I can’t help it.” Andrew whispered back, causing Kuu’s blush to deepen. “WELL?” He yelled. “ARE YOU TWO READY? FIGHT!”


         Lucina growled but teleported away from Cristina. The two sized each other up for a moment before Cristina’s armor appeared and she drew her sword.


         Andrew watched Lucina teleport around a few times before attempting a strike and shook his head at Cristina’s response. “Three.”


         Kuu let off her squirming to look at him quizzically. “Three?”


         Andrew looked pointedly at the battle, causing Cortney and Kiana to do the same. “Wait for it.”


         Cristina lunged, causing Lucina to fall back. The Shadowcat used Fade, slowly disappearing but letting out a frustrated yowl when Cristina’s head tracked her every move. “I can see you.” The Ophanim called quietly. “Don’t insult me.”


         “Two.” Andrew stated as Cristina dove forwards, Lucina’s claws raking streaks across her back. “That’s a clean hit, but it’s the last one.”


         Kuu caught her breath as she realized she was so intent on the battle she had forgotten to breath. “What do you mean?”


         “This battle is over. To be honest, I thought it would be shorter.” Andrew leaned back as he watched Lucina feint in a frontal attack. “And one. Or is it zero?”


         There was a collective gasp and wince from the sidelines as Cristina stepped forwards, turning to look at Lucina. “You really should do more than just backstabs.” She said, shifting her grip on the Dark Spear that skewered the Shadowcat’s stomach. “Or at least don’t make it a habit.”


         Lucina’s mouth hung open and a trickle of blood rand down her chin. The spear had taken her mid leap, so while her legs scrabbled for purchase and found none, her upper body was contorted around the wound. Cristina watched her struggle for a few seconds before shaking her head sadly and dispelling the spear, catching the surprised Shadowcat midair with a Dark Bomb that she fired point blank.


         Andrew recalled Lucina before she had even blasted a foot away from the Ophanim. “And Cristina wins.” He called. “By a landslide.”


         “Hey, you didn’t check to see if she was unconscious.” Gale grumbled.


         “I think we can all agree that she was done.” Andrew replied. “But if you’d like, I can have you provide your medical opinion on every fight.”


         Gale immediately started waving her hands. “Nope. You’re right. She was screwed.” She paused. “Screwed.”


         Andrew sighed. “Cortney, I believe you are next.” He chucked both pokeballs at the beaming Night Nurse. “Get them healed, woman.”


         Gale shot him a quick salute and started the healing cycles while Cortney picked her way down. “Nova.” She called, prompting the Blazicunt to look up from where she was happily chatting with Constance. “You’re up.”


         Nova nodded enthusiastically, only slowing when she realized what was going on. “Wait. I fight you?”


         “Mm-hmm.” Cortney paced to the opposite end and began fiddling with her life disk. “Me.” She activated something and tossed it back to Gale. “Are you ready?”


         Nova’s face set and she nodded, jogging into the ring and taking up a low fighters stance. Cortney nodded at her response and motioned to Andrew.


         “Very well! Begin!” Andrew yelled.


         “How’d you know when Cristina was going to win?” Kuu asked curiously as the two blasted energy at each other.


         “Cristina was baiting Lucina the whole fight. I saw it in her first block.” Andrew replied, glancing at Kiana. “Why aren’t you with the others?”


         Kiana glanced at where Cristina had found a spot with the harem before turning back to him. “Because I want to be with you.”


         “Kuu is with me.” Andrew replied. “Go be with them.”


         Kiana frowned but stood and picked her way down to where the others sat. She was pulled in by Gale and the Night Nurse began an animated conversation while she tapped a rhythm on the lid of the PPHU.


         “Even more alone time?” The Elf Queen gave him a beaming smile. “I knew you liked me.”


         Andrew didn’t respond, instead turning his attention back to the explosions that raced across the protective wards surrounding the arena. “I think Cortney loses this one.”


         Kuu grumbled but squirmed into a sidesaddle position, her extra height allowing her to rest her head on his. “Yea?”


         “Mmhmm.” Andrew wrapped his arm around her waist to secure her before gesturing with his free hand. “Cortney hasn’t moved, but look at her.”


         Kuu squinted through the bursts of flame and static before shrugging. “I mean, she’s just standing there firing electricity. What about it?”


         “Now look at Nova.” Andrew pointed at the much more animated Blazicunt as she dodged around another blast and sent a Napalm-laced Flamethrower ripping across the floor to crash against Cortney’s Thunder Shield. “Cortney is standing there, choosing to clash head on without strategy. Nova is spending a small amount of stamina in order to expend less power, but she has more than enough to spare. I think Cortney believes Nova is weaker than she is, so she can afford to wear her down. But it’s the opposite.”


         Kuu turned back and watched the two for a few more seconds. “You’re right. Why isn’t Cortney responding?”


         “She programmed herself for close combat.” Andrew patted Kuu’s head. “You can’t see it the way I can, so I don’t blame you. She inputted some commands into her programming before the fight, and I can see how they changed her body. If I were to guess, she gave herself enhanced speed and strength, with the intent of closing in on Nova quickly and finishing the fight. But Nova started with her area attacks, so now Cortney is backed in a corner.” He watched Nova take a huge breath before unleashing a deafening roar, sparks of flame flying off her body and thoroughly coating the arena floor. “And Nova’s making sure she can’t get out.”


         The Videogirl still stood tall, even though the only part of the area inside the wards not on fire was her small bubble. Her face was devoid of emotion, a purely calculating visage. She moved as soon as Nova finished her roar, taking the moment when the Blazicunt had to recharge as an opportunity to attack.


         Cortney teleported, her Thunder Shield vanishing as she focused. Nova sensed her immediately and began to turn, but Cortney had more than enough time to smash into her back with a Thunder Impact.


         Nova staggered, screaming her challenge but Cortney had already teleported away, visibly displeased with her result. Nova’s back smoked from the discharge but the Blazicunt still moved freely and she quickly reared back to spew Napalm across whatever she could see.


         Cortney screamed as the liquid washed over her, instantly ignited by the Fire Floor that burned at her feet. Nova staggered, the near constant stream of attacks she had been dishing out finally taking their toll, but her set up was rewarded. Cortney was too distracted by the flames licking across her body to take advantage as the Blazicunt kneeled, allowing the fire around them to reinvigorate her. By the time Cortney managed to put herself out, leaving ugly black patches across her body, Nova was standing.


         “She goes all in.” Andrew observed as Nova charged towards the weakened Videogirl. “I think she was doing the same thing in training?”


         Kuu nodded. “She was, uh, told to distract a building. She burned it to the ground.”


         Andrew snorted. “I assume the order was to distract whatever was inside the building, but that sounds about right.” He winced as Nova’s clawed strike stabbed into Cortney’s hasty block, sending sparking streaks through the Videogirl’s arm. “Cortney is taking constant damage from the fire. Should I call it?”


         “Mmm, Gale didn’t like it when you did that.” Andrew leaned back in surprise at the fear he heard hidden in Kuu’s voice.


         “You alright?” He asked.


         She started and turned to look at him, the fear immediately vanishing from her eyes. “She’s on our side. Right?”


         Andrew chuckled and ruffled her hair affectionately. “That’s a lot of fire, isn’t it.”


         Kuu whimpered. “Yea.”


         “She’s on our side.” Andrew watched as Nova finally forced her way past Cortney’s guard, the Videogirl’s legs nearly black from the constant flames licking at them. “I wonder how she’s still able to move. Those legs must be in agony.”


         Below them Nova connected, her claws ripping through Cortney’s body and causing the Videogirl to slam against the wards before sliding to the floor. Nova waited a few moments, staring at the arcing electricity that surged from Cortney’s wounds before looking up into the bleachers.


         “Is… Is she dead?” She asked fearfully.


         “Gale, trigger a reset.” Andrew called. “Cortney is unable to continue. Nova wins.”


         “Yea, my pleasure.” Gale muttered. “Holy fuck.” She flipped the life disk over and manipulating a recessed switch.


         Cortney’s body dissolved, a stream of data racing through the air and back to the disk. A second later the disk jumped out of Gale’s hands and a new hologram materialized, Cortney staring at Nova in shock.


         “See? She’s fine.” Andrew yelled down at the Blazicunt. “Good job!”


         Nova started to speak but was cut off as Cortney snapped to attention and threw a salute. “I underestimated you heavily. That was a decisive victory.” She held her position for a moment before bowing to the Blazicunt. “Thank you for the match.”


         “Uh, y-you too.” Nova stuttered, the fire around the arena slowly fading. “I thought I had…”


         “Hurry it up, next match, let’s go!” Andrew roared. “Nova, vacate the arena!”


         Gale turned and popped open the PPHU, waving the Blazicunt over. Cortney joined them and threw an arm around the shocked girl as she continued trying to console her.


         “Constance and Ann!” Andrew called. “You’re up!”


         Kuu frowned as the two stood. “Ann’s screwed.”


         Andrew laughed. “Probably. Random bracket.”


         Kuu rolled her eyes. “Sure it is.” She looked down at the two flashes of red. “Uh oh. Here they come.”


         Lucina appeared in front of them, making an abortive motion towards where Kuu sat while Furia charged up behind her.


         “Before either of you say anything, you both lost.” Andrew gave Lucina an angelic smile, even as the Shadowcat glared daggers at him. “While I’m happy to give a consolation prize, since you both lost, it wouldn’t be fair to give only on of you that attention.”


         “Besides, I’m quite enjoying my seat.” Kuu replied, locking eyes with Furia as the Wolf Queen approached. “Isn’t that right, Furia?”


         Furia growled but immediately bowed her head. “Yes, Queen.”


         “Although it’s probably someone else’s turn, Kuu.” She turned with a pleading look. “Don’t give me that.” He glanced down at the rest of the harem. “Let’s see… Mira probably would love this…” He grinned when the Goldina’s ears perked up.


         “She’s twice your size and would never fit.” Lucina countered.


         “Constance would-“ Andrew started before remembering who was in the ring. “Oh right, she’s fighting.” He looked around. “Are you two ready? Begin!”


         Ann immediately began sending a sheet of ice across the floor, just as Constance summoned her flamethrower and began shooting flame. The two collided along a centerline, the flames keeping Ann’s ice from spreading.


         “I’ll tell you two what.” Andrew addressed the two glowering girls in front of him. “You’ll be facing each other pretty soon. Whoever loses gets this short term reward, for a while, at least.” He glanced between them. “I still haven’t announced the award for winning the tournament, though. I’d recommend you still try your best.”


         There was grumbling, but both slowly went to rejoin the others. Kuu sighed and wrapped her arms around Andrew’s chest. “You’re kicking me out?”


         “I told you. You’ve had your time.” He chuckled at what he saw Constance doing in the arena. “Hey, I know you hate fire, but you’ll want to watch this.”


         Ann was slowly circling, looking for an opening, and Constance matched her movement, keeping the two sides at equilibrium. Suddenly Ann screamed as her entire ice sheet lit up, the arena bursting into flames in an eerie echo of Nova’s Flame Floor technique. Constance began cackling and dropped the flamethrower, allowing it to dissipate and soak her clothes with the same napalm liquid she had been spreading the whole fight. Ann looked up, having snuffed out the closest flames, to see a burning fox walking towards her. Constance’s white teeth shone through her grin and she planted, drawing out her power and sending a Blast Burn sweeping over the paralyzed Ice Empress.


         Melody whimpered and covered her eyes as the fires died down and Andrew immediately recalled Ann. The fire had disintegrated her clothes so she was nude but still standing, having negated most of the damage of the attack with her aura, although the strength it had taken had caused her to fall unconscious on the spot.


         “Cortney.” Andrew called, chucking Ann’s ball at Gale. “Does she have backups of her clothes?”


         The Videogirl shook her head. “Not really, but I know what I did to make them in the first place, and we still have more than enough materials. She’ll be dressed for PT tomorrow.”


         Andrew chuckled. “Sounds good.” He snickered at how Constance still stood in the arena, psychotic laughter echoing around the gym. “Ah dear, she’s gone insane.”


         “And you decided to stick your dick in crazy.” Kuu shied away from Aella, the Shinryu having snuck up on them during the fight. “Kuu, you’re up soon. Shoo.”


         Andrew held up his hand and recalled Constance, tossing the pokeball to Gale who added it to the machine before starting the healing and cleaning cycles.


         The Elf Queen pouted, her lip quivering as she gazed at the Shinryu. “My spot.”


         Andrew smiled when Aella started to open her mouth to bark and order before thinking better of it. “I know that I technically don’t command you.” She muttered. “But would you please allow the Alpha to have some time with her Master?”


         Kuu leisurely unwrapped her arms from around Andrew and kissed his cheek. “Sure.” She slid off his lap to allow Aella room but caught the Shinryu as she stepped forwards. “But I’m taking my payment.” She swept Aella’s legs, catching the smaller girl as she fell and crushing her body against the Shinryu’s.


         Andrew felt his face grow hot as Aella returned the kiss and he looked away to see the entirety of the harem watching with various levels of interest.


         Kuu finally let Aella go, both pokegirls out of breath and whispered something in the Shinryu’s ear that caused Aella to begin giggling uncontrollably. She made sure Aella was back on her feet before leaping out, stopping in midair and daintily stepping through the air to settle next to where Furia and Lucina were staring down each other.


         “Well.” Andrew glanced at Aella and held out his hand. “Would you like to take your seat?”


         Aella took it and settled down, her giggles turning to laughter as she did. “So this is what she meant.”


         Andrew sighed. “Is it really my fault if I just had to watch you two make out?”


         “It’s quite enjoyable.” Aella snickered and ground her butt against his erection. “Tournament?”


         “Right.” Andrew coughed. “FU! ISHARA!”


         “YESSIR!” Fu roared back, vaulting past the first row and spinning to face the Romanticide. “Ma’am. Are you ready to experience your craftsmanship?”


         Ishara gave a booming laugh and stood, hefting a set of swords with two of her arms even as her other two buckled a harness over her armor. “You have always talked big for one so small.”


         Fu snorted. “You were shorter than me back when we first met.”


         Ishara grinned and pulled on a half face helmet. “It’s been quite a long time since then, ‘Seras’. I’m not the same Scorpiagirl I was then.”


         “Of course you’re not.” Fu smirked. “And the name’s Fu, baby. Remember it.”


         “IF YOU’RE READY!” Andrew laughed, “BEGIN!”


         Fu roared, her draconic ki erupting and instantly coating her entire boy. Ishara returned the challenge, drawing two daggers from the countless sheathes that made up her harness and sending them whistling towards the Warvern.


         Fu turned slightly, allowing the daggers to embed themselves in the stone behind her before jumping into the air and flying at full speed towards the Romanticide.


         Ishara swung, her swords slicing through the air but just missing as Fu twisted out of the way. Fu’s kerambits glinted in her palms and she ducked inside Ishara’s guard, chasing the Romanticide as the towering pokegirl attempted to regain her distance. She slowly fell behind as Ishara used her enhanced speed to dash backwards, finally having to stop her own momentum to avoid another swing.


         The two stood and watched each other for a moment before Ishara took the lead and charged, egged on by a newly released and cheering Constance.


         Andrew whistled softly as he watched Ishara’s swordplay, her double sword style complimented by the daggers that constantly flashed in and out of her remaining hands. “So, I assume she fought with the two sword before she evolved. I haven’t seen her much outside of her forge since she did.”


         Aella leaned back and stroked his chin, her head nestled in his lap. “Weren’t you there for our last group exercise?”


         Andrew thought for a moment then shook his head. “I was down south with Lucina for one of our jobs. Was this when Nova burned down the building?”


         Aella laughed. “It was. Ishara was an absolute juggernaut during that. Cortney hadn’t stocked anything that could challenge her so she just ran through the entire day like she didn’t have a care in the world.”


         “The way you say that makes it sound as if she’ll win this tournament.” Andrew watched Fu seem to deform, the Warvern’s body flattening to the ground to avoid an overhand chop before shooting forwards to exploit the momentary hole and score a solid cut across Ishara’s side.


         “Nah. Fu will win. Her weakness is her size, just as it is her strength. Fu knows that, which is why she keeps close.” Aella smiled as she watched Fu counter a tail strike, stabbing her daggers into Ishara’s tail’s soft spot and forcing the Romanticide to recoil in pain. “Warverns are masters of close combat. She may not be the fastest, which is her biggest weakness, but Ishara’s not fast enough to get away, so she’ll just keep whittling away until she wins.”


         They were silent for a few minutes as the dance continued, Andrew enthralled by the flowing of Fu’s ki as she stabbed, her movements flowing seamlessly between counters and parries until her foot suddenly shifted further than he knew she had wanted.


         The entire tone of the battle suddenly shifted. Fu had been chasing, even whenever Ishara had mounted a counterattack, but as her foot slid on the patch of water that Andrew realized Ishara had planted, Ishara struck.


         Fu screamed in pain and fell away, bouncing and rolling as she let Ishara’s strike give her the distance she needed to recover, but she was playing directly into the Romanticide’s strength. As she struggled to her feet, wings flapping on her back in an attempt to escape, Ishara wound up and hammered her with a vicious overhand strike from her sword.


         Dust billowed from the impact point of the Fu-shaped comet Ishara created. The immense force behind the strike actually snapped the blade and Ishara tossed the broken hilt aside, shifting her stance and pulling a heavy metal buckler off her back.


         Andrew winced at the sudden turn, noticing how Ishara’s armor was covered in drying blood from the still flowing cuts across her body. “Ishara’s hurt, but she just returned all of that plus more to Fu. I think she might be down.” He paused. “Aella, was that the first hit Fu took?”


         Aella dragged her attention back to him from where Ishara advanced on the dust cloud. “Uh, I think so.”


         “Oh.” Andrew turned back. “Never mind, then. If it wasn’t enough to knock her out, Ishara just wasted her only chance.”


         Aella frowned but didn’t get a chance to ask what he meant. She felt her vision begin to slip and she opened her mouth in a wordless scream before the magical wards shimmered to life, filtering out the ultrasonic sound emanating from the cloud.


         Andrew slowly removed his hands from his ears and snapped his fingers in front of Aella’s eyes, dragging her back. He could see the rest of the harem stirring and doing similar things to recover. “You’ll want to watch this.” He shook the Shinryu slightly. “Hey, come back to me, Aella.”


         Aella’s eyes refocused and she gasped, her chest heaving as she looked around wildly. “Wh- What?”


         “Fu just snapped.” Andrew watched Ishara stagger back before charging in, sword swinging wildly as she sprayed water to settle the dust. “She did this once before. When she evolved. You must have seen the tapes.”


         Aella struggled upright. “I was there. I knew she was working on controlling this but I didn’t think she had succeeded yet.”


         “You were? She has?” Andrew gasped as a red smear burst from the dust and blurred across the arena, away from Ishara. “Holy FUCK she’s fast.”


         Fu landed and whirled, starting to lunge towards Ishara as Andrew’s world slowed. He focused and the spell responded, the artificial haste spell embedded in his visor allowing him to process the world as if Fu was moving at normal speed.


         He noted with some surprise that the counter that indicated the level of slowdown was reading 5.0, indicating that this was the limit of the spell even as Fu still moved faster than he had ever seen her before. The Warvern was nearly indiscernible through her aura, the translucent red now swirling with a deep, angry color that seemed to bleed directly from her flaming eyes. Fu’s mouth was wide open, still emanating the wordless scream as she dove in. His eyes flicked to where Ishara stood in the fading cloud and saw Fu’s kerambits embedded to the rings. She had used them to gain purchase for her initial launch and she now soared on her wings with nothing but jagged aura claws for weapons.


         Ishara grunted as Fu impacted against her shield before screaming in pain when she was pushed back. Fu ripped at the metal of the shield, tearing chunks away and savaging Ishara’s arm with her claws.


         The Romanticide dropped the remains of her shield and grabbed in desperation, managing to snare one of Fu’s arms. She winced as Fu kicked at her stomach, gouging her armor and adding to the already numerous injuries she had sustained but tensed in an attempt to throw the Warvern to the ground.


         Fu’s wings snapped back open and the Romanticide found her quarry slicing through the air perpendicular to where she wanted. Fu swung around, her entire body rigid as she lined up her leg and used Ishara’s own momentum to drive a Revenge-fueled kick into her temple.


         Ishara fell instantly, the blow overloading her senses. She fell like a puppet with cut strings, slumping heavily to the side and sprawling out on the ground.


         Andrew immediately recalled her, not even having to move as Gale sprinted to his side and grabbed the pokeball before returning to the PPHU and slamming it in to start the healing cycle.


         Andrew recalled Fu as well as her Outrage faded, revealing a gushing wound across her back where Ishara had struck. “Gale!” He yelled, throwing the ball down. “She needs it too!”


         “She can wait. Ishara is running!” Gale shot back, her eyes wild as she protected the PPHU. “Do NOT interrupt this cycle.”


         The few around her immediately slid away from the incensed Night Nurse and Andrew stood, causing Aella to slide off his lap. “Gale?”


         “She’ll be fine?” Gale looked up at him and Andrew was stunned to see actual fear in her eyes. “You recalled her in time. There won’t be any brain damage.”


         “That’s why we have pokeballs.” Andrew left his seat, Aella silently gliding along behind him. “Even if there had been a problem, the cycle will roll it back.”


         “I know.” Gale took a few quick breaths to steady herself. “But I can’t stand to see one of my girls hurt like that.”


         Andrew gently took hold of her. “Gale, let go of the PPHU.” He gave her a reassuring smile. “I don’t want it to jostle when I give you a hug.”


         Gale immediately raised her hand off the lid and embraced him, allowing Andrew to hold her tightly as she sobbed. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before she pulled away, eyes already drying as her medical façade took over. “Thank you Sir.” She choked out. “But I should return to my duties.”


         Andrew leaned down and gently tapped his forehead against hers. “You should melt that ice heart is what you should do.” He teased. “I know the real you.” Gale remained stoic until he reached up and tweaked her nipple through her top. “You’re not wearing anything under your shirt, naughty girl. That’s not very… professional.”


         “Should we call a break?” Andrew glanced back to see Aella watching Gale carefully. “Is our medic alright?”


         “I’m fine.” Gale squeaked, pulling as far away from Andrew as she could in the limited space. “Nothing wrong.”


         “There just seems to be a lot of that going around.” Aella smiled. “I think we’re good, but our Master will have to share his lap with quite a few more pokegirls for the rest of this.”


         Andrew glanced away from her and saw similar looks on the rest of the faces around him. “Damnit. I was isolating myself because I didn’t want this to turn into an orgy.”


         “Please.” Nami snorted. “I want to beat someone, not beat you off.” She glanced around as laughter swelled. “WHAT?” She growled. “Not right NOW, at least.”


         Andrew laughed and turned to the PPHU as it beeped. “Get Fu healed, please, Gale.”


         The Night Nurse popped the lid and withdrew Ishara’s pokeball, holding it almost reverently out to him. “Ok.”


         Andrew took it and released the Romanticide. The giant girl staggered at first before catching her balance and glancing around at the worried faces.


         “Oof.” She muttered. “She got me.”


         Gale laughed nervously, quickly cutting it off and placing Fu’s pokeball in the unit. “She sure did.”


         “So. Who’d I miss?” Ishara stretched, gazing down at her damaged armor before shrugging and tearing it off. “Damn. Gonna need a new one of those.”


         Something about the Romanticide casually exposing herself seemed to get Gale back under control and she smiled. “Do you need us to take a break?”


         “Nah. Who’d I miss?” Ishara repeated. “I know my cycle’s been runnin’.”


         “Nobody. Shamira and Lyn are up next.” Andrew toed the still unmoving Archmage. “Hey, wake up.”


         “My fault.” Aella muttered. “She needs a healing cycle.”


         Andrew stared at her in confusion before realization dawned. “She’s been lying there, completely paralyzed, for how long before you decided to tell somebody?”


         Aella flashed him a toothy grin. “She wasn’t talking for that whole time, so I’d call it a win.”


         Andrew shook his head and fished out Lyn’s pokeball, recalling the Archmage and tossing her to Gale to get healed. “She’s going to be pissed. And I’m not going to stand in her way when she comes for you.”


         “Good.” Aella smiled. “I hope it’s in this tournament. I can’t wait to block her.”


         Andrew shook his head in bemusement and gestured at Shamira. “Mira. Get warmed up.”


         The Goldina bobbed her head and rose, skipping into the arena where she began stretching.


         Gale whistled happily as she traded Fu’s ball for Lyn’s and shut the lid again. “Cortney, Aella, one of you mind giving me a charge?”


         “I got it.” Cortney reached over and focused, electricity sparking from her hand to the charging port. “There you go.”


         “Thanks.” Gale triggered Fu’s release and tossed the empty pokeball to Andrew. “Nice kick, Fu.”


         Fu glanced around and raised an eyebrow at Ishara’s semi nudity. “Did I break your armor that badly?”


         The Romanticide shrugged. “More or less.”


         “Cool.” She looked around. “Did someone record that fight? I can’t remember anything after I slipped.”


         Andrew snickered. “You went into a berserker rage and beat the ever living piss out of Ishara. Oh, and your kerambits are over there.” He said, pointing at the two round pieces of metal sticking out of the floor.


         Fu blinked. “Wow. Ok.” She walked over and heaved, the blades slowly sliding out with a screech. “Fucking hell. I really buried these.”


         “Sure did.” Cristina gave her an approving smile. “You did well, partner.”


         “Yea, you still beat me in training, so don’t get too nice.” Fu grumbled. “So who’s next?”


         “Mira.” Andrew nodded at the dog girl. “And Lyn.” He said, accepting Lyn’s pokeball from Gale. “She was a bit paralyzed.”


         Fu snickered. “Yea, I noticed she was rather quiet.”


         Andrew shook his head. “Oh boy.”


         Lyn materialized and immediately ran into the arena, her outfit vanishing and being replaced by a leather bodice with leg and arm straps. She glanced at Shamira and gave a courteous bow before whirling and pointing a quivering finger at Aella. “I’LL DEAL WITH YOU LATER!” She screeched.


         “I will have NO part in that.” Andrew laughed, backing up a few steps but being stopped when one of Kuu’s vines coiled around his leg. “I’m not running.”


         Kuu slowly pulled him back into the center of the gaggle of pokegirls and he sat down. “I would sure hope you’re not.” She murmured, a sultry grin playing across her lips. “You’ve got so many here who want to be with you.”


         Andrew sighed and resigned himself to it as each girl found a position around him. He stared out into the arena and shrugged. “Well. If the two of you are ready, begin!”


         Shamira roared and took a step before freezing. Lyn lowered her finger and drew her sword, dashing in to slice the immobile Goldina across her chest. The magical attack struck true, the ice coating her blade spreading until a jagged sheet of ice covered her chest. The Goldina was just starting to move again when Lyn turned, her momentum carrying her well past her opponent, and held out both hands to unleash a torrent of ice crystals that quickly consumed the Goldina.


         There was complete silence from the harem as Lyn walked over to Andrew’s side and plucked Shamira’s pokeball from his grasp, recalling the frozen girl and levitating the pokeball into the PPHU.


         “I’m fucked.” Aella breathed.


         “Uh. Gale. Kuu.” Andrew glanced at the two. “You’re… You’re up.”


         “I’m sorry, did I win too fast?” Lyn snapped. “I was just feeling a bit pent up from lying on the floor for a fucking half hour.”


         Nobody dared to respond so she just snorted and walked over to plop down directly into Andrew’s lap. Furia had been reaching for the same position and was about to challenge Lyn before thinking better of it and pushing up against his legs instead.


         “Smart bitch.” Lyn muttered, curling up and resting her head against Andrew’s chest. “The only thing saving you right now is him.” She shot at Aella.


         “Lyn.” Andrew’s voice carried a bite that got the Archmage’s attention. “Calm down. You’ll have your chance.”


         Lyn growled. “Fine.”


         “You get cold angry, you know that?” Andrew observed. “You don’t blow up. You are very, very calm when you’re angry. And that’s terrifying.”




         “Gale. Kuu.” Andrew looked up from the fuming Archmage. “You may begin when ready.”


         Gale held up her arm, her armor springing to life and flowing across her body. “I’ll end this quickly.” She called, bladed segments forming and dissolving across her body. “I hate to cause undue pain.”


         Kuu smirked and raised her hand, chanting softly as she cast her spells. Her armor mimicked Gale’s, spreading across her body until she wore a livingwood bodysuit. “Cute.”


         Gale took the first move, her metallic wings sprouting from her shoulders and propelling her towards the still chanting Elf Queen. Kuu waited for her to close the gap before motioning, her chant cutting off as she quickly used Haste and backpedaled away from the Night Nurse’s swing.


         Gale took two more swings before she fell back, dark mist coalescing around her fist as she readied a Dark Bomb. Kuu likewise skid to a halt but did so to continue her chant. Gale growled in frustration and lobbed the Dark Bomb at Kuu’s feet. The Elf Queen waited until the last second before teleporting a few feet to her side. Unfortunately for her the weak attempt left her disoriented and Gale took advantage, winking out of of existence for a moment before reappearing with shadows wreathed around her fists. Kuu managed to raise a weak block but had it batted aside as Gale hammered her with the Dark Holy attack. Kuu screamed in pain as the shadows swarmed over her and Andrew winced as he watched her bright skin begin to fade.


         Gale reared back a second time, her wings sharpening to deadly blades and she swung in an attempt to end the fight. 


         Kuu staggered from the initial attack before whirling, the shadows still flickering about her form as she raised her arms and shouted a command. Gale hesitated before pushing through and finishing her attack, but the timing had been ruined. Kuu barely managed to dodge the uncoordinated Night Nurse as she spun past, her wings turned away.


         Kuu planted her feet and resumed her chant, spitting out a few more words before slamming her hands together and focusing. As they watched the shadows across her body vanished, allowing the magic Kuu had woven to shine bright. Gale struggled back into a fighting stance, her wings vanishing as she braced for whatever Kuu had prepared.


         “Absorb. Avoid. Attack.” Kuu chanted, drawing her hands apart to reveal three glowing orbs. “Activate!”


         “That’s a cute spell.” Lyn watched with interest as the first orb melted into Kuu’s skin, arcane symbols racing along her body. “I wonder where she learned to combine techniques like that.”


         “You didn’t teach her?” Andrew glanced down at the Archmage in surprise. “I thought you were our premier mage.”


         “No. It was probably Daria.” Lyn nodded. “Yea, I bet it was. I doubt the alliteration is needed for the spell, but magic is weird. Maybe it makes it more powerful.”


         Gale had gotten to her feet by this point and chucked another Dark Bomb, this one getting intercepted by the second orb. The energy was immediately sucked up into the spell, causing it to visibly grow before it zipped back and began circling around Kuu at a breakneck pace.


         Kuu reached out and grabbed the third orb. This one didn’t melt, instead growing through her fingers until she held a glowing energy blade that shifted even as Andrew watched. She returned her gaze to Gale and Andrew laughed at the goading smile on her lips.


         Gale immediately took the bait, the Night Nurse leaping forwards with sharpened blades sprouting from her hands. Kuu dodged the first few swipes before beginning to parry, hammering her free hand into Gale’s guard until the Night Nurse was forced to drop her arms and disengage. She yelped when Kuu matched her every move, the Elf Queen forcing the Night Nurse into faster and faster evasions in an attempt to escape.


         Suddenly Gale noticed Kuu wasn’t next to her and she dug in, trying to slow down from her breakneck escape. Kuu stood where she had stopped and mouthed another command, a living bow sprouting from the vines that still twisted along her armor. Gale barely had time to scream in frustration before the arrows struck the out of control Night Nurse head on. The first two sprouted, sending bindings whistling around Gale’s body, while the third struck true, sinking deep into Gale’s chest before exploding, arcing electricity through her body.


         Andrew raised her pokeball and recalled the seizing Night Nurse, carefully placing her pokeball in the machine. “And Kuu is victorious!”


         The magic surrounding her slowly diminished as Kuu walked over to bow to Andrew. “How did I do? Master?”


         “Very well.” Andrew reached a hand out to touch one of the markings before it faded. “What was all this?”


         “Absorption and shielding spell. Agility spell.”


         “Nice.” Andrew grinned. “You’re lucky you finally managed to cast it.”


         “It was tough.” Kuu replied. “But I managed.” She held out her hand. “Can I get healed?”


         Andrew nodded and recalled her, placing her pokeball beside Gale’s and starting the cycle. “Aella! Melody! You’re up.”


         Aella stood and started picking her way forwards but Melody hesitated. “I concede.”


         Andrew turned to look at her. “You what?”


         “I... I concede.” Melody shook her head sadly. “I can’t beat my Alpha. I’d rather not have to get hurt to prove it.”


         “I refuse.” Melody snapped her head up in shock. “You don’t get to concede, Melody. Get in there.”


         Aella waved at the Wet Queen. “Come on.” She called, adding a bite to her voice. “You signed up for combat.”


         Melody quickly bobbed her head at their orders and stood, tripping over herself to get into the arena. Andrew removed the pokeballs while he waited for her to position herself, triggering their releases and patting a disappointed Gale on the shoulder.


         “You did fine.” He soothed. “Kuu just got you good with the change in range.”


         “Yep.” Gale snapped. “I was fucking stupid and it cost me.”


         Andrew chuckled and ruffled her hair before turning back to the arena. He glanced at Aella before turning his full attention to Melody. “Well?”


         The Wet Queen grimaced but closed her eyes and took a deep breath before reopening them. “Ready.”


         “Then begin!” Andrew called.


         Melody immediately clapped her hands together, strain evident on her face as electricity built in the air around her. “me-YAAAAAAH!” She screamed, unleashing a Water Gun from one hand and a Thundershock from the other.


         Aella looked almost guilty as she stood there, allowing the water to buffet her slightly even as the electricity healed her. “Melody.” She called softly. “I can’t be hurt by electric attacks.”


         “No.” Melody called. “But you can’t see me right now, can you?”


         Aella cursed and leapt into the air, clearing the 8-foot torrent of water and angling in on her opponent. Melody was glowing, her mouth open as she sang wordlessly.


         “FUCK!” Aella screamed and shifted, blitzing in and whirling in an attempt to strike Melody with her tail.


         Melody blurred to the side, Aella’s over head twirl crashing her into the ground just next to the still singing Wet Queen. She spun, fear in her eyes as her mouth snapped open and electricity began to dance along her horns.


         Lyn surged to her feet, beginning to weave her dampening spell when Andrew put his hand on her arm.




         Lyn hesitated but allowed Aella to fire, the lightning infused Dragon Breath crackling as it crashed into Melody.


         Melody’s song turned to a scream and she spasmed, her electric typing lessening the damage but not by much. She dropped, skin smoking slightly as Aella landed and began running in with her hands already glowing with Heal.


         “She’s not done.” Andrew murmured, watching the Wet Queen carefully. “Aella, you beautiful idiot.”


         “Freeze. Freeze. Freeze.” Melody rasped. “Fire.”


         Aella was just getting close when Melody’s hands twitched, launching three white spheres into the air. Aella skid to a halt, her initial instinct to help fighting with her fear as she recognized Kuu’s previous technique. Fear won out and she teleported, appearing on the far side of the arena as the spheres exploded.


         The sheet of ice blasted across the arena floor, near instantly engulfing Aella as the Shinryu fought it back. A second later and it was over. Aella stood, shivering, her eyes wild, but still standing, while Melody lay encased in a solid block of ice.


         Andrew raised her pokeball and recalled the Wet Queen. “Aella wins.” He lowered it. “Aella.”


         She whirled towards him, chest still heaving as she fought to warm herself. “Y-yes?”


         “The match hadn’t been called.” Andrew frowned. “Why did you try and heal your opponent?”


         Aella’s jaw worked for a second before she dropped her head. “Because I care for my harem.”


         Andrew chuckled and recalled her, popping both balls into the PPHU. “Silly girl.”


         “That was my technique.” Kuu murmured. “How?”


         “Wet Queens know Sketch.” Andrew replied. “I assume Melody has an enormous variety of techniques that she’s picked up. That one was just the freshest, but if I saw that right she used Lyn’s ice beam spell instead of the ones you used to combo. Bit of a last ditch effort.”


         “Stealing my magic.” Lyn tried to look angry but only came across as impressed. “I want her in my lab after all this. I have some things to show her.”


         “You can ask her yourself.” Andrew retorted, picking up the protesting Archmage and setting her aside. “Now make some room.”


         Lyn motioned to scramble back in his lap but he triggered Melody’s release and instantly swept her up. “Well done!”


         Melody stared at him in shock, not even registering when Aella appeared behind her. “Well... done? I lost!”


         “I was terrified.” Aella muttered, prompting Melody to spin around and face the Shinryu. “I was cocky and you used that to steal a step on me. If I hadn’t taken you seriously, truly, truly seriously at the end, and had held back? I would have lost.” She looked up at the Wet Queen. “It was an honor, Melody. Thank you for the match.”


         Melody sat in stunned silence as Aella walked back to her seat and sat down. Andrew clapped her gently on the back and glanced at Nami. “Hey. Your turn.”


         Nami purred and stood, her sharpened teeth glinting in the light. “Who?”


         “Nevaeh.” Andrew glanced at the Splice, noting that she had shifted back sometime during the previous matches. “You’re up.”


         “Excellent.” She stood and smiled at Nami. “I’ve always wanted to see how this would turn out.”


         The Sharptits’ purring growl grew. “Oh, you have no idea.”


         They would have continued grinning at each other if Andrew hadn’t swatted Nami’s ass. “RING!”


         Nami jumped as if stung, scrambling into the arena and looking back with a deadpan stare as Nevaeh followed suit.


         “Good luck.” Nevaeh called, extending her hand to shake with the taller girl.


         Nami sneered and took it before tensing her body in an attempt to throw Nevaeh.


         Nevaeh snickered as Nami strained. “Thank you for the hand shake.” She said, cheerfully twisting and throwing the Sharptits over her shoulder. 


         Nami hit hard and bounced, her mouth popping open as the force expelled all of the air from her lungs to send a small spray of spit into the air. She immediately turned, twisting Nevaeh’s arm across her body and forcing the Splice to drop her.


         Nevaeh backed off, rubbing at her shoulder while Nami clambered to her feet and glared at her. “You started it.” Nevaeh smirked.


         Nami returned the smirk and charged, mouth hanging half open as she went. Nevaeh twisted, slamming her open palms into Nami’s head and shoulder as she passed. The blow twisted Nami’s entire body, sending the Sharptits cartwheeling into the wall. She quickly rolled back to her feet, shaking her head to clear it and growling low in her chest. 


         Nevaeh settled into a high guard, inviting Nami to charge again, which she did. This time Nevaeh dodged back, avoiding Nami’s gnashing teeth and smashing her fist into Nami’s skull. This time the Sharptits didn’t even fall, catching herself and lunging up to finally find purchase with her teeth around Nevaeh’s arm. 


         “Fucking steel types.” Nevaeh spat, wincing as Nami’s teeth dug into her arm. “What are you going to do, eat me?”


         Nami seemed to grin and Nevaeh felt something building inside her mouth. She glanced down to see the hint of blue and sighed.




         Nami held her grip as the Hydro Pump tore up Nevaeh’s arm and smashed into her head. She bit so hard that her grip began to turn into a crushing bite and halfway through the attack, Nevaeh’s arm tore off. 


         The Splice flew through the air, the remains of the Hydro Pump sending her crashing to the ground, blood pumping from her missing arm. Nami began chewing before her face contorted and she spat out the arm, looking guiltily at Andrew. “Sorry.”


         Andrew’s face was green but he nodded and pointed at Nevaeh. “Your opponent’s over there.”


         Nami turned to see Nevaeh stagger to her feet, clutching at the remains of her arm. She looked at Nami, blood still dripping from the Sharptits’ mouth, and grit her teeth. “You’re a monster.”


         “I’m a monster.” Nami replied happily. “And I’m his monster.”


         “So you are.” Nevaeh grinned back. “And so am I.”


         Nami laughed and charged as Nevaeh’s wound bubbled and split, a handful of blood golems rising to meet the charging Sharptits. She jumped, driving her feet into two before bending to pick up and send the third smashing against the wards.


         Nevaeh howled in glee and jumped to meet her, her good hand reaching out to grasp the air, while the blood from her shredded arm solidified. Across from her water pooled in Nami’s hands, the Sharptits thrusting with a Water Spear as Nevaeh’s summoned sword and Blood Blade took shape.


         Nevaeh parried with her blood, thrusting forwards with the summoned sword and sinking it deep in Nami’s shoulder. The Sharptits lunged down, jaws wide, in an attempt to capture Nevaeh’s remaining hand but missed as the Splice whipped it out of range. Instead Nami got a mouthful of steel as she crushed the hilt of the sword.


         The two exchanged kicks as they started to fall, Nami using her offhand to summon a Water Blade. Nevaeh twisted, growling when Nami used her temporary distraction to roll on top and lock in her position, knees clenched tightly around Nevaeh’s hips to hold the Splice down.


         Nevaeh hit hard, her remaining hand busy as she tried to fend off Nami’s attack, so she was forced to expel her air or suffer the same damage Nami had at the start of the battle. 


         Nevaeh tried to scream as Nami seized her chance and blasted her with more water, quickly filling the Splice’s nose and mouth as she struggled to hold her remaining breath. It took seconds for her to gasp in desperation and begin choking as water filled her lungs.


         Nami tightened her grip as Nevaeh’s struggles grew weaker, maintaining the stream of water until the Splice shuddered and went limp.


         “Nami wins!” Andrew yelled, still a bit green as he recalled the mostly drowned Splice. “Would... would someone clean that up?”


         Nami cackled, actually skipping back to his side and leaning in with a lecherous grin. “I am YOUR monster.” She whispered. 


         Andrew immediately recalled her, groaning when he noticed a few drops of Nevaeh’s blood on his shirt. “Someone remind me why I kept her.”


         “Because you like sticking your dick in crazy?” Fu supplied. She rolled her eyes at Constance’s indignant look. “The fact that you even think I meant you says it all.”


         Constance snickered. “Nah. You’re right.”


         “Yuck.” Andrew scrubbed himself. “Who’s next, Cortney?”


         “Depends.” The Videogirl glanced back at him. “We can do the losers bracket, or the second round of the winner’s bracket.”


         “Let’s give the winners a chance to watch.” Andrew replied. “I think that means its Furia and Lucina.” He glanced at the two with a mischievous grin. “My offer still stands.”


         The two glanced at him and at each other before resolutely stomping into the arena. Andrew giggled at Lucina’s look especially and raised his hand. “Ready? BEGIN!”







Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova





Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame







Daria – Vampire




Matías Miller – Human

Clara – Tengal

Jessie – Sword Dancer