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Chapter 37



         “So, I still don’t really understand what all of these ranks mean, but this is pretty badass.” Fu marveled at her new patch. “I can understand why Constance wears these kind of clothes all the time. I feel good. Powerful.”


         “I hate clothes.” Shamira grumbled back, the Goldina itching her neck. “It crushes my fur.”


         The mess was full as the entire harem got a feel for their new outfit. Some were experimenting with their body armor, Constance in particular slipping in and out of hers as she experimented with the press of her uniform.


         At the head table Andrew sat, his upper command arrayed in front of him. “So. I said earlier that I’d like to start the team competitions again, but I don’t think creating static teams is smart. Thoughts?”


         “That might destroy the unity you’re working so hard to maintain.” Aella replied, fiddling with her cuffs. “We can have team events, but points should be established individually.”


         “And really, the whole thing might be a stupid idea.” Gale lounged back in her own chair, watching Andrew intently. “You just assigned rank to every one of us. I was never in an official military, but I know how these kinds of things work. If we start competitions, and, say, Constance earns more points than I, or, heavens forbid, Cristina, won’t she start grumbling? If she has more ‘points’, then why is Cristina Beta and not her?”


         “I would hope that Constance wouldn’t be that stupid” Andrew replied, “but you’re right. That is something we will have to watch out for. One way around it is to keep any of you from competing.”


         “You tell the strangest jokes.” Cristina tried to keep a neutral look but was betrayed by her angry gaze. “If you really think we’d sit around watching the others have fun without us, you should probably get your head checked.”


         “For some reason I thought you might say something like that.” Andrew gave her a grin. “And to be honest, if you hadn’t said it, I would have been disappointed.”


         “So do away with the points altogether.” Heads turned to look at Rein as she continued. “Call it what it is. Training. Whoever ‘wins’ the session gets a reward. No long term resentment, just individual motivation.” She looked around at the surprised faces and the ghost of a smile tugged at her lips. “Just because I won’t be participating doesn’t mean I can’t come up with a good solution.”


         “In fact, you might be the best person to come up with one.” Andrew nodded. “Rewards can be decided as we go, but I like Rein’s idea. Any objections?” At the lack of a response he stood. “Perfect. I want to start tomorrow. Aella, Cortney, stick around, please.”


         The three watched as the others filtered out into the mess hall, Andrew only speaking up once they were all out of earshot. “Cortney, a major part of my responsibility as Tamer has been mostly neglected lately. How has everyone been staying Tamed?”


         The Videogirl sighed and watched as he paced. “Not easily. But, at the same time, you didn’t fail at doing so. I’ve just had to manipulate who is around you at any given time so the right choice can be made without prompting.”


         “And now the constant chaos of my life makes more sense.” Andrew glanced over at Aella. “This sounds like a problem that needs to be fixed.”


         She bobbed her head in acknowledgement. “I’ll begin creating a schedule immediately. Would you like to see it before it is finalized?”


         Andrew shook his head. “A taming rotation is part of the duties that are entrusted to the Alpha. Create it and have Cortney implement it.”


         “I will.”


         “Good.” He glanced between the two Pokegirls before shrugging. “I’ve got nothing else on my mind. Do you?”


         “I do, Sir.” Cortney gestured around them. “What are our plans for this base? Especially with how we encourage civilians to be nearby, will we be ramping up our militarization while maintaining the tourist facade?”


         Andrew’s response was immediate. “No.” He sighed. “I would love to keep up the front, especially with how much good will it’s created, but the truth is that we’re technically on enemy land. I don’t think we can keep sponsoring the local insurgents, either.” He thought for a few moments. “I think it’s time to go legit. Or, at least as legit as necessary.”


         “Legit?” Aella looked at him quizzically.


         “Legitimate. Open.” Andrew explained. “Like what we do on contract down in Juarez. I’ve avoided Carlsbad because of how close it is to home, but maybe it’s time to show up and reveal who’s moved in next door.”


         “And how you would you plan to do that?” Aella settled back in her chair. “We can’t exactly just march in and go ‘Hello! We’re mercenaries and we want to help you!’”


         “Why not?” Andrew chuckled. “As long as we aren’t too threatening, I’m sure someone there would listen to us.”


         “Look, I’m all for expanding our operations.” Aella leaned back in. “But not an hour ago you were going on about how you have been neglecting us. How’s it going to sound when you run off looking for work?”


         “Are you telling me to suddenly retire?” Andrew sighed. “I have been neglecting you. I’m not saying that we should go today, or tomorrow, or even this week. But we need to start making ourselves known to the locals.” He glanced at Cortney. “Does she know?”


         She shook her head. “Only myself and Nevaeh do.”


         “Know what?”


         “Do you remember Alex?” Andrew continued at Aella’s nod. “He’s still alive.”


         Aella’s expression went from confused to hopeful and then to anger as she processed the news. “Who.”


         “We don’t know. Yet.” Cortney shrugged. “We’re hoping it’s not a government, but no matter who it is we should work to make the local populace like us. That way if someone comes asking around they will hopefully be less inclined to sell us out.”


         “Unless it’s Sunshine.” Aella mused. “In which case they’d just go through one by one until they found a civilian who would talk.”


         “You know, I’d like to think the rank and file aren’t all that cruel.” Andrew replied cheerfully. “But if it comes to that I’m pretty sure public relations will be the least of our concerns.”


         “‘Who’ is not the question right now.” Cortney crossed her arms and glared at Aella. “The facts are that we have a name for ourselves in Juarez. We do not have a name for ourselves in Carlsbad, and it is much closer to home. Sir,” she turned back to Andrew, “I would recommend not using Lucina, Cristina, or Fu for your escort to Carlsbad. They are already well known as being your agents in Juarez, and if word got around that they were doing work on the other side of Texas land the Sunshiners might begin to wonder how we can cross unmolested.”


         Andrew blinked. “That’s a very good point. And who would you suggest I take?”


         “Lyn.” Aella’s response was instant, the Hunter Shinryu openly challenging Cortney with her glare. “Use the time between now and whenever you decide to go in order to allow her to train with Cristina and I. Additionally, take myself and Constance. If this is supposed to be our home front, I need to be there.”


         Andrew shifted nervously at her sudden outburst before turning to Cortney. “Cortney, thank you. You are dismissed.”


         The Videogirl stiffened to attention at the change in his tone and threw a salute. “Thank you, Sir.”


         Aella warily watched her walk away before turning her attention back to her Tamer. “Andrew?”


         “Come with me.” Andrew stood and walked towards the exit, Lyn glancing at him before falling in behind Aella. The three walked through the caves for a minute before the space opened up and they emerged blinking into the afternoon light.


         “What is this about?” Aella finally spoke up. “Why did we come out here.”


         “We’re going hunting.” Andrew turned to Lyn and held out his hand, prompting the Archmage to begin tracing symbols across his palm. “Cortney holds an equal rank to you, Aella. As does Lyn. Yes, you are considered the senior because of your status as Alpha, but I will not let that excuse disrespect.”


         To her credit, Aella didn’t pretend not to understand what he meant. “Cristina is still better at fighting than Lyn is.”


         “When was the last time you truly saw Lyn fight?” Andrew asked as the Archmage finished her preparations and began pulling items from out of thin air. “I want to know your belief.”


         “Just yester... no, I used her to test Nevaeh.” Aella frowned as she fought to find an answer. “With the... in India... no...”


         “Not since Juel was killed. Not since you evolved to Shinryu.” Andrew growled. “Not since you walked in and unleashed enough power to kill everything that was in that clearing. Not since Lyn, realizing the danger, did everything in her power to keep you from going too far.” He turned to see Aella looking at him in shock. “She has been operating in that capacity ever since.” He paused as he noticed tears beginning to pool in her eyes. “Aella, it has been a single day since you were appointed as Alpha. Before now, this belief and your attitude was fine; but you’re a leader now. Act like it.”


         “I... I didn’t...” Aella trailed off helplessly. “I’m so stupid.”


         “What, did you think I made her a Major because of favoritism?” Andrew shook his head at Aella’s silence. “Then you ARE fucking stupid.”


         “Lyn... no. Major.” Aella straightened up and did her best to look the much taller girl in the eyes. “I apologize. I have been cocky and have not attributed my progress to the one who was truly responsible. It is an honor to work with you.”


         Andrew turned away as Lyn leaned forwards, resting her forehead against Aella’s. “It’s ok.” She murmured, doing her best to keep Andrew from hearing. “I’ll just whoop your ass today and you can lead the make-up sex afterwards.”


         Aella blushed a deep red but didn’t pull away, allowing Lyn to hold her gaze for a few moments before Andrew interrupted.


         “If you’re quite done establishing dominance,” He called, Lyn jerking back to see him glancing at them over his shoulder, “there is a nest of dog types nearby that Furia originated from. Kuu has asked for the stragglers to be removed, as any who want to follow her already have joined her court. That means we get to hunt on her protected land.”


         Aella’s look of excitement quickly faded as she realized what he was saying. “Shit. I can’t go dragon, can I?”


         “I’m sure you’ll do more than enough damage as you are.”


         “And for the first time since you evolved, I trust you enough to be on your own.” Lyn replied. “If you were dragon form I might still worry about an accidental overcharge, but if you stay human then I can focus on my own fights.”


         “Right. How do you fight, exactly?” Aella asked, trying to keep her question curious without re-embarrassing herself.


         “With magic, of course.” Lyn replied with a smile. “I can cast conventional spells, or I can fight with my sword.”




         Lyn tapped at the thin sheathe buckled to her hip. “Sword. It’s something special Ishara made for me, and I can cast almost every elemental blade technique through it.”


         Aella looked at it and back to Lyn. “Why haven’t you been training with Cristina and Fu already?”


         She realized her mistake as soon as she closed her mouth and Lyn began to grin. “Because my Alpha hasn’t told me to yet.”


         Andrew chuckled to himself while Aella struggled to come up with a response. Her previous comments had been all but forgiven at this point, which had been the goal from the start. After all, the Shinryu had been acting as Alpha for a matter of hours – growing pains were to be expected.


         He smiled to himself as Aella’s body language slowly shifted from a position of superiority to a much more open and accepting posture. As she accepted that she was speaking to an equal in the harem. Hopefully she wouldn’t relapse once they got back from the hunt and he pulled Cortney back into the mix.






         “Cortney, a word. In private.” Andrew called into the air, waving Aella and Lyn to take the afternoon’s spoils to be processed. “And then we need to assist.”


         “Sir.” Cortney’s voice called and he saw the Videogirl round a corner a few moments later. “Sorry, I was overseeing some… ah… competitions.”


         Andrew started to ask her to elaborate before shaking his head. “I see. Why didn’t you just project a hologram?”


         Cortney blinked at him. “You asked for a private word. I assumed that it would be more respectful to have such a conversation in person.”


         “Hmm.” Andrew looked her up and down before smiling. “I appreciate your efforts to put me at ease.”


         Cortney looked at him quizzically before her eyes widened. “Oh, I-“ She cut herself off by slapping her hand over her mouth, removing it a few seconds later after she had organized her thoughts. “Thank you for the compliment, Sir. I spent the afternoon ‘prettying up’, as the other girls called it. That is, in fact, the subject of the competition I just left.”


         Andrew raised an eyebrow at that. “There’s a beauty pageant going on down that hallway and nobody thought to invite me?”


         Cortney snickered at his look. “Girls only, I’m afraid.”


         Andrew gave her a wink back. “I have ways of getting around… that…” He trailed off slowly.


         Cortney quickly stepped forwards and wrapped her arms around him. “Hurting is good.”


         Andrew struggled to hold back the tears before Cortney’s embrace tightened and he felt them flow unchecked. The two stood silently for a few minutes until Andrew hiccupped suddenly, causing Cortney to release her grip in surprise.


         “I’m –huh- good.” Andrew managed to get out, scrubbing at his face. “She was so hurt when I found her.”


         Cortney nodded. “She died to protect the family she loved.”


         “We’re not a family.” Andrew sighed, spent. “We’re a group of people, just using each other to get by.”


         “That sounds like a family to me.” Cortney whispered back, a smile on her face. “Now. While I’m sure you would love to inspect every minor change I have made to myself, you asked for a word in private.”


         “I –hic- did.” Andrew cleared his throat. “You will hold yourself as Aella’s equal from now on.  She is learning, and she needs peers more than she needs underlings.” He paused and slowly closed his eyes in defeat. “I’m beginning to give these stupid ranks value.”


         The smile turned into a grin and Cortney began chortling. “Have I done something bad, Master?”


         “Can I order you to stop manipulating me?” Andrew gave the Videogirl a begrudging smile. “Even though it’s been working pretty well so far.”


         “I would never be able to manipulate you if you did not wish to listen to my counsel.” Cortney’s eyes were serious as she held her grin. “Is listening to me dangerous?”


         Andrew shook his head slowly. “To me, no. If we were back on your world, that kind of thing would likely get you conditioned at best.”


         “But you are not from that world.” Cortney’s smile dropped and she sighed. “Should we phase the ranks back out?”


         “No.” Andrew patted her shoulder. “It forced me to make some hard choices. And I think it will be a good thing in the future, as Pokegirls like Enya have something to work towards.”


         “Yea. Enya.” Cortney winced. “I didn’t bring it up when you first named her, but I need to. That’s a bad name.”


         Andrew frowned. “It is?”


         “It’s the name of the S-Goth that killed Juel.”


         Andrew stared at her for a few moments before his eyes widened in shock. “How did-“


         “You shared your mind with someone for a time.” Cortney deliberately kept her descriptions vague to keep from triggering him again. “That one used fire, so when you had to name a fiery Blazicunt, it was the first thing that popped into your head.”


         “Am... am I still me?” Andrew whispered. “How do I know that my actions are Andrew, not an echo of that bitch?”


         “I don’t think coming up with a name is something to be scared of.” Cortney hurried. “But the best course of action would be to make sure. You’re always talking about coming to terms with yourself. Your magic. Maybe it’s time you actually did.”


         Andrew shook his head. “It’s been nothing but wake up calls today. Over and over you all have hammered me with ideas, and proof, and warnings...” he trailed off. “Anything else from the peanut gallery?”


         Cortney frowned. “The what?”


         “You just opened a two way radio connection with the rest of the harem. Is there anything else they want to say?”


         Cortney started to protest but relented when Andrew reached over and hooked her earpiece out with his thumb. “I saw the light blink. And why else would you have one of these?”


         The Videogirl gave him a defeated grin. “Have I told you how I like you for your brains?”


         “Every time that you try to change the subject.” Andrew held the device to his ear. “Hello, this is your Tamer speaking. We have reached the end of the q and a session. If you still feel like you have something that needs to be known, please direct it through the proper chain of command.” He smirked at the muffled laughter over the line. “We thank you for riding Andrew. We hope you’ll ride him again.”


         Cortney stifled her own laughter as he tossed her the earpiece and quickly silenced the speaker. “Your sense of humor is weird.”


         “What, you’ve never heard a humorous air...ship announcement?” He grinned. “Go get Nova and tell her that she has a new name. And then send her to the gym.”


         Cortney cocked an eyebrow. “You trust her enough to be alone with you?”


         “Fuck no.” Andrew gave her a look. “But I need to. Besides, she can’t kill me. At least not before someone shows up to kill her first.”


         “I absolutely hate how you just phrased that, but you’re not wrong.” Cortney hesitated. “I’ll send her down. But I’m also sending Constance.”


         “I just told you that I don’t need a guard around her.”


         “And I don’t care.” Cortney stared at him. “There are quite a few in the harem who will let you be alone. I accept that. But I’m not one of them.”


         Andrew stayed quiet for a few moments before shrugging. “If that’s how it has to be, then so be it.”


         “I won’t sabotage any guard rotation.” Cortney whispered. “When Lyn, or... when any of the others who think you are invincible are set to be there, I won’t complain.” She took a shuddering breath, tears threatening to fall. “I will trust their judgment. I have to.”


         Andrew watched the beads slip from her eyes when she blinked, sending trails of moisture running down her cheeks. “If you won’t complain, then neither will I.” He gently wiped his finger across her eyes. “I’ll be waiting for them both.”


Cortney sniffed and nodded, angrily scrubbing at her face as he left.







         Andrew stepped inside the gym and made a beeline for his locker. Pulling it open, he grabbed his change of clothes and stripped, swapping into his shorts but hesitating at the shirt. Putting it back down he grabbed a sweatshirt and pulled it on, grimacing at what he knew was about to come.


         By the time the two Pokegirls arrived he was deep into his exercises, the cotton sweatshirt nearly dripping with his sweat.


         “Hey Sir!” Cortney called cheerfully as she skipped over to her own locker. “What set?”


         “Upper body. I’m on nine.”


         “Roger.” She quickly stripped out of her uniform and pulled on a set of PT clothes emblazoned with the same tridents that made up her badge. “I’ll catch up.”


         “You have some time.” Andrew wiped his face and pulled off the sweatshirt, taking deep breaths as he cooled down. “That’s an interesting position you’ve taken.”


         The Blazicunt gazed back at attention. “You wanted to see me. Master.”


         “Where’d you learn that position?” Andrew waved at her midriff. “To hold your arms like that.”


         “From my... mother.” Nova hesitated. “I’ve been told not to talk about her.”


         “You were a fucking feral. How did you learn-“ Andrew stopped. “No, of course you weren’t. You knew English. How old are you, Nova?”


         The Blazicunt shrugged. “How long ago did I lose myself? I don’t know. Long enough.”


         “How much do you remember.”


         “I remember things I am meant not to tell you.” Nova winced at Andrew’s look. “This was ordered to me by my... my Alpha. Not my sister.”


         “You weren’t this cooperative when I first tamed you. You weren’t this cooperative over the last god knows how many weeks since. What the fuck happened, Nova?” Andrew crossed his arms.


         The Blazicunt was silent for a moment. “The not-there girl called it authority.”


         He frowned. “Yes?”


         “She was talking and I heard her. About how you commanded her. You commanded me. To meet you here.” She paused. “The not-there girl said it made her feel good to listen.”


         “Her name is Cortney.” Andrew slowly twisted his back. “So you learned that stance from your mother. I can guess where she learned it. How much of her do you remember?”


         “I remember until I can not.” Nova replied. “Four hands nights. Maybe less.”


         Andrew glanced over his shoulder as he heard Constance count seven. “I commanded you to be here because I am ready to take you.” He shook his head. “At ease.”


         Nova looked confused for a moment before Andrew mimed relaxing and she followed suit. “Take?”


         “You said I was not the man I was when I tamed you. Look at me now.” He spread his arms, sweat still glistening on his chest. “I am taking responsibility. What is your choice?”


         Behind him Constance rolled to her feet and watched the Blazicunt carefully. She stood in thought, finally focusing back on Andrew. “I wear your mark.” She replied. “I bow to yours. I have made my choice.” Her face split into a crooked smile. “You are like the ones mother spoke of. But you are alive. That means you must be stronger.” Suddenly she stumbled, a low growl reverberating through her chest as she fought to stay upright.


         “You alright?” Andrew stepped forwards and grabbed Nova’s waist, straining slightly as he propped her up. She looked up at him as he did and he sighed at the look in her eyes. “I know I haven’t touched you since the first time, but that’s no excuse to go feral.” He muttered.


         “They... would not say my name.” Nova growled. “It was only the wolf who would mate me.” She leaned into his hold. “Thank you. For a new name.”


         “Hey Constance.” Andrew glanced back at the Tank Vixen while he tried to ignore Nova’s increasingly ragged breaths. “Cortney made your uniform flame resistant, right?”


She blinked. “My old one was, Sir.”


“Good enough.” Andrew shivered as he felt Nova start grinding against him. “We’ll be back in an hour. I want you ready to spar by then.” He carefully began pulling Nova away. “It’ll be with her, so make sure you’re wearing something flameproof.”


         Constance threw a salute before dropping to finish her exercises.






         Aella could hear the sound of running water as she walked down the hallway towards Andrew’s room. “It’s Aella.” She called with a knock, waiting a moment before knocking twice more.


         “Just a minute.” She could hear Andrew moving around for a few moments before he called her in.


         She swung the door open to see him, naked, pelting towels through the bathroom door. One bounced off the shower door, earning a screech and the water snapping off.


         “Uh-“ Aella started before it was thrown open, a very angry and visibly steaming Nova stomping out.


         “Bad ENOUGH that you get my feathers sticky, now-“ she started ranting before noticing Aella. “Oh! Uh, ah, good... afternoon, m- ma’am.”


         The Shinryu cocked an eyebrow at the now blushing Blazicunt. “That’s an interesting change of attitude. What happened in here?”


         “Aella.” Aella glanced over to see Andrew watching her disapprovingly. “I’m naked. What do you think happened here?”


         “I’ve sampled that medicine. I didn’t think it could do this.” Aella sniggered. “But fine. If it’s not my place to know, I won’t pry.” She glanced sidelong at Nova. “Yet.”


         Andrew watched as Nova’s face fully flushed red and noted with some amusement that her already heightened temperature from her anger was being compounded by her embarrassment. He could actually see the water flashing to steam across her shoulders and down her body, and it wasn’t long before the only damp parts that were left were the soft down above and between her breasts and across her groin. And even that was beginning to stand up as it dried.


         “not fair.” Nova was muttering to herself as Andrew brought his attention back to the conversation.


         “I decide what’s fair.” Aella replied cheerfully. “But I’m willing to listen to you. Why do you think it’s unfair?”


         “Because he started it.” Nova grumbled, pointing at Andrew.


         He immediately swiveled to Aella. “I was too busy staring to listen in. What’s going on?”


         “I was saying how this was Nova’s taming for the rotation.” Aella replied. “It seems-“


         “No.” Andrew growled. “The Taming Rotation sets who shares my bed at night. It does NOT control our day-to-day interactions. What if I gave you a kiss, Aella? Is that your Andrew allotment?” He grabbed his clothes and started pulling them on. “What I do, and who I do, in my free time is my own business. It is not harem business. It is not your business. Do not make this mistake again.” He waited a few beats for Aella to start to react before reaching out over their bond. “I had to be firm in front of Nova. I’m not mad. You’re new to this and still learning. It’s ok.”


         Aella quickly blinked away the tears that had started to form and dropped a jerky bow. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. Couldn’t you have told me that before I started to cry?”


         “I still meant what I said.


         Aella turned away while Andrew focused back on Nova. “I will be formally making the announcement soon, but you get to hear it because you happen to be with me. This afternoon will be the first of our new competitions, so go get into whatever you use to fight and report to the gym.” He paused. “In fact, you’ll have some time before we begin. I want you sparring with Constance while you wait.”


         Nova cocked her head and nodded. “Spar?”


         “Pretend fight. Warm up.” Andrew motioned to the door. “Go.” He waited for her to exit before swinging the door shut and catching Aella as she dove into his arms.


         He held her gently as she sobbed, carefully stroking her hair. “I’m not angry with you. Really. I’m not.”


         Aella’s voice was muffled from where she was pressed against his chest. “You sounded like you hated me.” She hiccuped. “It scared me.”


         “I’m sorry. I had to make sure Nova didn’t feel cheated. And you have to admit, that was a pretty mean thing to try and do.”


         “I still think it was right.” Aella muttered under her breath.


         “You don’t sound sorry!” Andrew snagged her arms and wrapped his right arm around her stomach after a minor struggle. “You need to be punished for that.”


         “Wha- no! No, please, don’t!” Aella squirmed against his grip but couldn’t match Andrew’s strength. “No no no no no-“


         Andrew chuckled as he heard Aella’s sobs slowly mix with hiccupping laughter when he hiked up her skirt and caressed her ass. “This is the third time you’ve needed to be punished.”


         “nnnooooooooooo.” Aella squealed, kicking in vain while Andrew groped her butt.


         “What’s this?” He lifted her skirt above her waist and grinned. “You’re not wearing anything under here, you naughty girl.”


         “Anything I wear rips when I-“ Aella tried.


         “Don’t give me that. You and I both know Lyn taught you the clothes spell that makes simple stuff stick around.” Andrew rubbed his hand over her ass cheek and ‘accidentally’ pushed his fingers along her labia. “I think you just like this.”


         Aella’s breath caught at his teasing and tried to push into his hand, even though Andrew’s arm kept her firmly in place. “I did bad.” She moaned. “Punish me.”


         “Sir, I couldn’t reach you over the com. I can’t find Aella, and...” Cristina trailed off as she pushed open the door and took in the scene.


         Andrew’s hand was halfway raised when Cristina barged in. Aella immediately began struggling for real, trying her best to save face in front of her Beta. Andrew merely raised his hand all the way, locked eyes with Cristina, and brought it down.






         Andrew’s helmet popped into place and Cristina had to jam her hands over her ears as Aella screamed. She managed to wriggle an arm free and began pushing at Andrew’s chest as he raised his hand again to bring it whistling down.






         Cristina felt her face growing warm but she couldn’t tear her gaze away from Andrew’s now impassionate visored stare. “Aella needed to be punished.” He stated, raising his hand for the third time. “This is her third such occasion.”


         “NO, PLEASE, NOT IN FRONT OF-“ Aella screamed as Andrew brought his arm down for the last time.






         Cristina quickly turned away as she realized Aella’s screams were not from pain, allowing the Shinryu some semblance of privacy as she shook in Andrew’s grasp. He released her, making sure to keep her skirt hiked up. “I believe the shower should still be warm.” He said, helmet gone. “Make sure you get changed into battle gear.”


         Cristina glanced back and stared at the basically glowing red handprints that framed Aella’s butt cheeks. “Uh, Sir, I-“


         “Aella would have told me to lock the door if she cared about someone walking in.” Andrew replied cheerfully. “She knew this was coming.”


         Aella slipped off his lap and nearly ran to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. Cristina waited until she heard the sound of running water before speaking up. “What did she... What... ... If I...”


         “Cristina.” Andrew kept his voice low so Aella couldn’t hear. “If there is something you want to do with me, you only need to ask.”


         Cristina felt the blush take over her face and begin spreading down her neck. “I will.” She squeaked out.


         “So. You came here for a reason.” Andrew grabbed a towel and wiped off his chest. “What’s up?”


         “Um. Right. Why is the Blazicunt currently getting her ass kicked by Constance?”


         “Because I told Nova to go spar with her.” Andrew waited a second. “Nova. The Blazicunt is named Nova.”


         Cristina seemed to relax slightly. “That’s a wonderful name.”


         “Please stop alienating her because of my mistake.”


         “I can’t force anyone to do that.” Cristina smiled. “But I will make sure everyone is reminded that she is not that person.”


         “Thank you.” Andrew waited until he heard Aella shut the water off. “I’ll be making the announcement soon, but you should get into combat gear. As much as I enjoy that skintight skirt, I don’t think it’s combat ready.”


         Cristina curtsied and flashed him a smile. “Cortney did good work on all of our minor alterations.”


         “Oh, is that what you were doing in that meeting?” Andrew asked. “So should I act surprised when I see all of the ways you have found to ruin some nice dress uniforms?”


         Cristina giggled. “Those weren’t the only things she helped us ruin.”


         “Lord help me.” Andrew shook his head. “Git. Aella’s going to want privacy and you need to change.”


         Cristina threw him a salute and reversed through the door, Andrew shutting and locking it behind her.


         “You’re evil.” Andrew turned and snickered at Aella, the Shinryu poking just her head out of the bathroom. “I came twice.”


         “And you don’t get any satisfaction.” Andrew smirked. “Not yet, at least. Perhaps the winner of this tournament will get some.”


         Aella watched him for a few seconds before ducking back in. She opened the door a minute later, her t-shirt over a leotard that Andrew recognized as being in the new red and black coloring. “Do you tease everyone like this?”


         Andrew pondered her question before shrugging. “More or less. But everyone is unique. Teasing to you could be despicable to another. Their definition of teasing could be a normal conversation to you.”


         Aella nodded. “As long as it’s not just me.” She smiled. “Even though I am just the young, inexperienced Alpha.”


         Andrew took her hand and blinked at the sudden change of light. He turned and was just in time to see Nova land a solid Fire Kick to Constance’s chest. The attack did little more than knock the Tank Vixen back and she immediately rushed back in to smash into Nova with a Double Edge.


         There was a collective wince from the small group of assembled Pokegirls as Nova bounced twice across the floor and went limp. He noticed Gale raise a pokeball and recall the unconscious Blazicunt before popping her into the PPHU.


         “Looks like she drew a crowd.” Aella muttered from their vantage point in the bleachers. “Wonder how long they’ve been going for.”


         “Probably a few minutes.” The two turned to see Cristina sit beside them, her wings vanishing as she settled in. The Ophanim had changed into a tiny halter-top that left her back and belly completely exposed, and Andrew wasn’t even sure she was wearing anything for bottoms.


         Cristina caught him staring and sighed. “Lookie Mr. curious.” She uncrossed her legs to show off her panties for a second before switching to the other side. “Happy?”


         “You’re going to fight in your underwear?”


         “I summon my armor, genius.” Cristina chuckled at Andrew’s look. “Did you ask Aella the same thing with her little one piece?”




         “Well it’s good to know you care about me so much.” Cristina teased. “And you might want to get used to this level of dress. I’d say half the harem does something similar.”


         Andrew turned back to the floor to see Nova rereleased, the Blazicunt sporting a fiery red and black bikini as she jogged back to Constance and abruptly bowed in respect.


         “Nova I can understand. What do you mean by ‘half the harem’?”


         “This will be the first time he’s seen any of what you all did.” Aella stage whispered to the Ophanim. “Stop trying to ruin it.”


         “Ruin what?” Cristina laughed. “Andrew, Sir, while you were out hunting with Aella and Lyn, the rest of us were personalizing our uniforms.      We also personalized our workout gear, some of our casual clothes, and just about anything we could get our hands on while Cortney would let us.” She smiled. “Just about everyone’s had a major makeover. I think they’re trying to get your attention a bit more.”


         “Thank you for doing your job as Beta, Cristina.” Andrew took her hand and raised it to his lips. “I will enjoy whatever has happened to my nice, uniform... uniforms.”


         “You lie quite well.” Aella and Cristina began laughing as Cortney’s voice came through their ears. “Although I do hope you enjoy my alterations.”


         “Damnit, woman, get out of my head.” Andrew groused even as he chuckled. “I have my Alpha and her Beta. I think we’re ready for the announcement.”


         “I will instruct all hands to organize in the gym in PT clothing.” Cortney replied. “Is that all?”


         “Don’t call them in in PT. Call them in in battle gear.” Andrew rectified. “I don’t want anyone in their body armor, but stress that this is a non lethal combat exercise.”


         “I mean, Constance is fighting in her workout gear... Aella is in hers... Nova is too.” Cristina ticked imaginary points on her fingers. “I’m the only one not in regular workout attire.”


         “Yea, but you said it yourself.” Andrew smirked. “You summon your armor.” He gazed over the gym. “Cortney, I’m sure you know the answer to this, so I want a census.” He watched as the assembled Pokegirls made motions towards their earpieces before scurrying off in various directions. “I’ll see everyone’s true PT gear at tomorrow’s exercises, but what were the major alterations to the dress uniforms?”


         “Such as?”


         “Cristina walked into my bedroom sporting the tightest miniskirt I have ever seen in my life.”


         Cristina buried her face in her hands and Cortney began to chuckle. “Well Sir, as I’m sure you must have guessed, the slacks didn’t really do it for everyone. What do you mean by a census?”


         “I assume any alterations to their tops were done without hurting the overall look. Such as wing holes, altered sleeves, or other small things.” He paused. “While I wouldn’t complain too loudly if Nami or Shamira show up to the next dress event with a slashed crop top... did anything like that happen?”


         “No. Something like that was tried, but as I vetoed it immediately and the delinquent relented, I don’t think I need to tell you who.”


         “Now I’m just curious.” Andrew smiled. “Alright. So assuming that only pants were changed, what was done?”


         “Well besides the exceptions, being myself and Ishara, all other altered bottoms fall into a few categories. Ishara has an absolutely giant skirt that reaches nearly to the floor, as, and I quote, she is “sick and tired of you lesbians looking at my knickers”. I of course didn’t need any sort of alteration done as I just shift my hologram to whatever I wish.”


         Andrew snickered at Ishara’s response but sobered up quickly. “Alright. What are the categories?” He eyes widened as Kuu strode into the gym and whistled at her livingwood armor, earning a wink as she changed course to start climbing the bleachers.


         “You like it, Master?” She asked with a smile, posing in front of him before sitting down.


         “It scares me.” Andrew replied truthfully, marveling at the bleeding rose design that sprayed red across the dark ebon wood.


         “I wanted to go with the right colors, even if the emblem itself didn’t fit me.” Kuu explained and settled down into her seat. “I grew it this afternoon so I’m very glad that you like it.”


         “The census.” Cortney urged, a slight laugh in her voice. “You’re distracting me. I’m supposed to be rushing to the gym, battle ready.”


         “Just go ahead.” Andrew replied, nodding when Lucina appeared a few feet from him, the cat girl wearing the basic PT clothes but with a set of gloves that seemed to elongate her claws.


         “Starting with your curiosity, pencil skirts.” Cristina had recovered from her embarrassment by now but at Cortney’s words she rested her forehead on her palm again. “Including your lovely Ophanim, there are... two.”


         “TWO?” Andrew gleefully looked at Cristina. “TWO.”


         “Two.” She mumbled. “Me and Fu.”


         “Two.” Andrew chortled, treating the word like a title. “You and Fu like showing off your ass so much-“


         “I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE UNIQUE.” Cristina cried into her hands. “I thought you’d like it.”


         Andrew reached over and squeezed her free hand. “Where I came from, most pencil skirts were worn by aging women trying to stay attractive.” he started laughing as Cristina began making a strangled whine. “If that was what you and Fu were going for, it wasn’t needed, but it worked.”


         “I very much like it.” He said out loud, keeping a tight grip on Cristina’s hand. “I think it looks very sexy.”


         “You’re just saying that.” She whispered.


         “I wouldn’t lie about something like that.” Andrew replied with a smile. “Although I must say I am very curious to see Fu in a pencil skirt. Does it work with her dreadlock?”


         “She looks like she could kill you in court and then kill you in the streets.” Cortney joked. “So, yes.”


         Andrew’s attention was drawn back to the door as a wall of pokegirl forced its way through, followed closely by a small group. Ishara stretched in the open gym, her joints audibly popping as she worked life back into her limbs. Behind her roadblock Nami, Shamira, and Fu quickly entered and spread out. Contrary to Ishara’s heavy armor and collection of weapons she had slung over her shoulder, the three were very lightly covered. Nami sported what at first appeared to be a full one piece swimsuit, the material the same color as her skin along the edges and slowly shifting to black as it approached the red stripe down her center, but as she turned away from him to make laps around the gym Andrew could see her entire back was exposed, with the material converging under her butt and not covering much else. Shamira didn’t seem to be wearing anything at all, though he couldn’t see her normally exposed areas through her fur so he assumed she had some form of bikini. Fu was clad in what first appeared to be the normal PT uniform, but as she turned to follow Nami he could see extra padding on the shirt, and what appeared to be armored pads on the backs of her arms and legs.


         “So what other categories are there?” he asked, chuckling quietly when Furia dashed into the gym completely nude. Kuu stood to meet her and the two conversed for a few seconds before Furia abruptly turned around and left as quickly as she had arrived.


         “There was only one unaltered pair of slacks. I’m sure you can guess who that was.”




         “Correct.” Cortney’s voice suddenly cut out and Andrew could see her walking through the door. “I figured I’d finish this in person.” She called up to him.


         Andrew stood to greet her and the two settled down. “Kuu, Furia just sprinted past me with her tits bouncing all over the place.” Cortney laughed. “Where’s she off to?”


         “She left her clothing in her den.” Kuu chuckled. “Because it still smelled like her man.”


         Andrew sighed and shook his head. “Of course she did.” He leaned over and gave Cortney a quick kiss on the cheek. “You put a lot of time into all of these. Thank you.”


         Cortney hummed happily. “It makes my sisters happy, which makes my Master happy, and so I’m happy. Would you like to hear the rest?”


         “I’m assuming everyone else chose a skirt of regular length.” Andrew joked. “Am I wrong?”


         “You are.” Cortney giggled. “Lyn, Kuu, Gale, Constance, and Lucina all chose various lengths of shorts. Aella, Rein, Shamira, Nami, Ann, Melody, Yang, Furia, and Nova all chose skirts. As for the sub categories, I hesitated to even call Lyn’s clothes ‘shorts’. It’s basically a heavier pair of panties.”


         Andrew snorted. “Her Enchantress is showing.”


         Cortney snickered. “Quite. Gale, Kuu, Shamira, Nami, Furia, and Nova all have what would be considered mini versions of their respective bottoms, although besides Gale, none are on the level of Lyn.”


         “What did Gale do?” Andrew asked as the Night Nurse in question walked back into the gym wearing an extra tight black PT uniform with a bright red cross over her left breast.


         “She claimed that her armor would slice up the shorts if they were tailored normally, so, well...” Cortney trailed off. “I was feeling generous. Do you know what garters are?”


         “Holy fuck.” Andrew groaned. “You didn’t.”


         “Complete with straps and fishnet stockings.”


         “If she shows up wearing high heels we are going to have a very long and stern talk.”


         “Alone?” Cortney giggled. “Will you lecture her on her poor choices with a long stiff rod?”


         Andrew turned and gave her a deadpan stare. “If I want to dick the sexy nurse, I will. High heels are just a terrible tactical decision.”


         “Whatever you say, Sir.” Cortney turned away to watch the procession of girls continue to stream in. “Is that something you like?”


         “We are not here to discuss my fetishes, and I refuse to give you any ideas. You’ll need to work for them.” Andrew smirked. “Who isn’t here yet?”


         Nevaeh and Lyn walked in as Cortney opened her mouth and she quickly snapped it shut. Nevaeh had on what Andrew could only describe as a two-piece bodysuit that covered everything except her forearms, shins, and head. She was summoning her wings off and on as she walked, deep in conversation with Lyn. The Archmage had on an outfit that he hadn’t seen in a long time, the light silk chest wrap fluttering with her movement and he blushed when he noticed it was all she had on top. Besides the cross-folded wrap she had a billowing pair of pants that thankfully had enough materiel so as to hide her crotch. Lyn caught him staring and posed, a sultry grin on her lips as she played with her breasts.


         “Now that they’re here.” Cortney cut in as the two climbed to meet up with the rest of them, “We’re missing most of the lower ranks. I don’t expect to see Rein or Yang here.”


         “Well we know Furia is going to be late.” Andrew replied, pointedly keeping his gaze away from Lyn and her see through top. “Lyn, why the dancer outfit?”


         “I can wear whatever I want at any time.” Lyn replied, grunting as she tried to lean past Aella to rest her breasts against his arm. “So why not this right now?”


         She yelped when Aella slapped her tit, sending the Archmage careening back into her seat. “Horny little slut.” Aella teased, following Lyn as she tried to escape. “C’mere!”


         “I don’t think she remembered Aella’s heavily bi.” Andrew mused as he watched the two begin teleporting around the room, Aella in hot pursuit. “So while I appreciated her flashing her nipples at me, it was having the same effect on poor Aella.” He rolled his eyes at the loud thud from Aella’s shifting body sending Lyn into the padded wall. “And she’s both in snake form and has caught her. Should I do something?”


         “I’d say let them have their fun.” Cristina replied. “They both need it.” She shot him a look. “Aella especially.”


         “I’m just not looking forward to cleaning up an orgy.” Andrew groused. “But oh well.” He glanced at the door and raised an eyebrow. “Well here’s a surprise.”


         Rein hustled in, closely followed by Ann and Melody. The Myobu was making her non-participation known by being in her dress uniform and he mentally applauded her even having the strength to show up.


         “I believe that’s everybody.” He chuckled at Ann and Melody’s outfits. “We’re sure these two didn’t Recognize, right?”


         Ann was wearing an ice white sports bra with the red crossed tridents on her chest, while Melody sported a complementary aquamarine sports bra with the tridents in black. They each wore identical exercise shorts, save for the trim - Ann had black with her partner’s aquamarine trim, while Melody had black with a white trim.


         “Well you see Andrew, when two girls love each other very much...” Nevaeh trailed off.


         “Very funny.” Andrew chuckled. “Where’d you get all the dyes and fabrics, Cortney?”


         The Videogirl shrugged. “Lyn. We’ve got storerooms full of random materials.”


         “I see.” Andrew glanced around, rolling his eyes at what little he could see of Lyn. “Someone go rescue her, please. Aella’s got her completely wrapped up.”


         “I’ll get her.” Cristina stood and dove forwards, her wings snapping into existence and allowing the Ophanim to glide down to where the two were.


         “Furia isn’t here.” Kuu reminded him. “She’s retrieving her workout gear.”


         “Cortney, how many contestants do we have?” Andrew called before turning back to Kuu. “I know she isn’t. But unfortunately I think she missed her chance.”


         “There are sixteen fighters in the room, since Ishara is here to participate.” Cortney replied. “Unfortunately, a seventeenth would completely ruin my nice bracket.”


         Kuu frowned at her response. “Furia will be barred from participating?”


         “It works out.” Andrew cut in. “After all, she isn’t really MY pokegirl, right?”


         Kuu huffed. “The whole point is that I want her to be. How’s she going to feel when you exclude her today?”


         “Oh, I’m goin to give her a consolation prize.” Andrew cocked his head. “In fact, I think I hear her now.”


         Cristina had finished extracting Lyn from Aella’s grasp and was talking casually with the Shinryu as Lyn lay motionless beside them. Suddenly the door flung open and Furia sprinted in before catching her foot on Lyn’s prostrate form and being sent sprawling across the floor.


         The gym grew silent for a few seconds before bursting into laughter, Cristina hurrying over to help the Wolf Queen to her feet.


         “Furia!” Andrew called, projecting his voice to make it heard through the noise. “Please, come up here and join me.” He glanced at Cortney. “You’ve randomized the bracket, right?”


         “I have.”


         “Pick the first match then, pleas. Without Kuu.” He reached out and took Furia’s hand as the Wolf Queen bounded into range, a blush barely discernible by the reddening of her nose. “Furia, you are my bodyguard today.”


         Kuu straightened and shot him a disgruntled look and Andrew could hear a singsong version of her voice enter his mind. “She wants nothing more than to fight. Why will you not let her?”


None of the other girls around them seemed to react to her words so Andrew didn’t react, instead simulating their conversation in his mind. “I don’t know whatever spell you’re using to simulate this link, but well done. You are my pokegirl, Kuu, and you are Furia’s mistress. She is not my pokegirl. She enjoys certain privileges due to her rank in your life, but she is not mine.” He closed his eyes for a second, visualizing himself standing in front of the Elf Queen. “If you truly want her to be a part of my life, we can discuss the political ramifications later.” He mentally reached out, resting his hand on her arm. “But trust me when I say that I am not insulting you or her. On the contrary, I am trying to protect your position by doing this.”


         He opened his eyes to see Kuu clutching at where he had imagined his hand to be, the Elf Queen’s eyes wet. “Protect my Master, Furia.” She whispered. “That is the first time you have truly called me yours.” She continued without moving her lips. “Use today and accept her, please. She is mine, but I also want her to be yours. Your harem has an Alpha and Beta who enjoy their master equally, so let my court as well.”


         Andrew smiled and shot her a wink, turning to pull Furia into his lap as the Wolf Queen attempted to sit down. 


         He immediately regretted that decision when over 200 pounds of pokegirl lost its balance and crashed into him. Andrew wheezed as he felt Furia’s elbow slam into his gut and he struggled to push the flailing Wolf Queen up enough to get a word in.


         “fUCK!” He coughed, finally activating his armor and easily hoisting the muscular girl to her feet. “Sorry, Furia.”


         Furia started babbling incoherently, every few words coming out as a squeak. “Mas-I-Sorryyyy…”


         Andrew cocked his head and reached out, using his enhanced strength to straighten out Furia’s posture before firmly pushing her into a sitting position at his feet. “There.” He chuckled. “That’s what I was trying to do.”


         Furia’s head still came nearly to his own, and she continued to shy away from his gaze. “I… My… King.” She finally managed to spit out. “Forgive, please.”


         “It’s ok.” Andrew reached out and ruffled her hair, laughing when Furia’s ears flicked and batted at his wrist. “It was my fault.”


         Furia began growling, the sound deep in her chest as a blissful look took over her face and she leaned into his legs, prompting Andrew to use both hands to stroke her. “Good.” She murmured. “Good.”


         “Stay with me, alright?” Andrew gave her ear a scratch and pulled one hand away to wave at Cortney. “Go ahead and begin!”


         Furia straightened and glanced around. “Fighting, yes?” She glanced back, visibly torn but determined. “Me first?”


         Andrew hesitated, Kuu’s suddenly hopeful look in the corner of his eye. “Shit.”


         Cortney shook her head in bemusement. “If she’s got her heart set, I guess I can add a seventeenth.”


         Andrew chuckled. “Alright then. Who’s first?”


         Cortney pointed at Furia. “Let’s make our announcements, and then get her in the ring. I’m sure she’s eager to get back to the pats.”


         Andrew nodded. “Announcements won’t take long.” He looked up and out at the gym before clearing his throat. “ATTENTION!”


         The chatter died down as all eyes turned towards him. “As I mentioned earlier, competitions are back.” He grinned. “Today, we see who is the best. If you lose two matches, you will be eliminated.” He nodded at Cortney. “Cortney has created the bracket for us. Cortney, who is first?”


         “Furia and Nevaeh.” The Video Girl called. “After their match, we will continue with the rest of the winner’s bracket. We will then take a break, and complete the loser’s bracket afterwards. Depending on how long this takes, we may continue tomorrow after morning exercises. The winner of the winner’s bracket will have one point and will go against the winner of the loser’s bracket, first to two points.” She looked around. “Any questions?”


         There was silence and Nevaeh began walking down the bleachers before glancing back over her shoulder. “Then let us begin.” She called.







Smoke Devils Chain of Command

Col. Andrew Ranger

(Tech Ops) Maj. Cortney

(Strike) Maj. Aella

(Logistics) Maj. Lyn

(Advisor) Cpt. Nevaeh

(Defense) Cpt. Kuu

(Beta) Cpt. Cristina

(Medic) Cpt. Gale

(Council) Cpt. Rein (Ret.)

GySgt. Constance

1stSgt. Fu

GySgt. Ishara

SSgt. Nami

SSgt. Shamira

Sgt. Lucina

Sgt. Ann

Sgt. Melody

Sgt. Yang (Ret.)


Cpl. Furia

Cpl. Nova





Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu – Alpha

Cristina – (Blessed, Fiendish) Ophanim – Beta


Cortney – (Upgraded) Videogirl

Fu – Warvern

Lucina – Shadowcat

Nami – Sharptits

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Gale – Night Nurse

Shamira – Goldina

Nevaeh – (Blessed, Fiendish) G-Splice

Melody – Wet Queen

Ann – Ice Empress

Nova – Blazicunt

Furia – (Fiendish) Wolf Queen

Rein – Myobu

Ishara – Romanticide

Kuu – Elfqueen

Lyn – Archmage

Yang – Nereidame







Daria – Vampire




Matías Miller – Human

Clara – Tengal

Jessie – Sword Dancer