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“<<Text>>” Means that it is being spoken in a language other than English.

This is telepathic thought”


Chapter 16



<17:00, Coventry>


Andrew strode towards the gym. The events of the last few days were weighing heavily on his mind, but he wasn’t going to let them slow him down. They had been teleported into Coventry last night, and had spent this morning getting ready to challenge the gym. Grace was still in top form, as she had been working with the PLC force in Un Nouvel Espoir. Claire, on the other hand, had required a bit of touch up work. Lyn had sparred with Andrew, if only to raise her physical endurance; her magic training was something she was continuing on her own. He hoped she wouldn’t have to fight.


Reaching the doors, he pulled them open and stepped towards the receptionist. He smiled. “Hi, I’d like to submit a challenge to the gym, please.” He said, pushing his pokedex to her. She nodded and scanned it, shaking her head as she did so.


“Sorry, but you don’t have the required 500 scorecard points. Please return when you do.” She gave him a bright smile and turned to the next Tamer. “Have a nice day!”


Andrew grumbled as he walked back outside. “Scorecard? What the heck is a scorecard?” Reaching the sidewalk, he triggered Claire’s release. “Claire, change of plans. Apparently we need points or something to challenge the gym, so I’m going to head back to the pokecenter, do some reading, figure out what we have to do, and come back here.” He snorted. “Stupid rules.”


Claire smiled slightly. “Rules are in place for a reason, sir.” She chastised. Winding their way back through the streets, Andrew was reaching for the pokecenter door when his com went off.


“Oh, what now?” He grumbled, unhooking the unit. “Braxton sent us a message? Let’s see what it has to say.” He hit play.


“Hey Andrew, glad you’re feeling better.” Braxton said, grinning at him through the screen. “I’ll cut to the chase. Your Mini-Top was damned efficient back in Un Nouvel Espoir. She sniped a very large number of Zombabes, which earned you a considerable bounty.” He checked a screen. “We credited her with 70 kills, to be precise. So, that’s 420 scorecard points that I gave you, and I dropped a couple of pokeballs into your pack while you were unconscious. The money from their sales ought to be enough for the kill bounty.” He gave Andrew a half-salute. “See you around.”


Andrew killed the message and brought up the attached list. “Huh. So that’s what scorecard points are for. Ferals and league events.” He scrolled through menus until he reached his harem list. “Damn. An Assassara, Dragonqueen, and Foxymaiden. I think I need to go through different channels for these sales.” He pulled open the pokecenter doors and made his way to a terminal, Claire tagging along behind. “Let’s see… Here we go. PokEbay.” He chuckled. “Stupid name. Alrighty, Dragonqueen…… Requests for 300k, not bad. Foxymaiden, only 200k, and Assassara…” He scrolled for a few minutes before sitting back. “One request for 50k. She’s going to the ranch.” He listed the Dragonqueen and Foxymaiden, allowing their sales to go through before signing off and walking up to the counter. He handed the Rapha on duty the three balls, gave her the slips that had printed after the sales had gone through, and made his way back to Claire with a huge grin on his face. “615,000 SLC. Not bad.” He laughed. “And I just got a notice that my scorecard now registers enough points to challenge gyms.” He nearly ran back to the gym. “Let’s go!”






Andrew skidded to a halt in front of the Coventry gym and went inside, making a beeline to the receptionist again. “Hi, my scorecard should now register the correct amount of points!” He said, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. The Ingenue behind the desk smiled at his display, took his dex, and nodded.


“Yep, your profile qualifies you for a challenge with a GA. Is there a certain battle type you would prefer? Say, maybe a 2 pokegirl limit, so as not to involve your Witch?”


Andrew chuckled. “If I’m allowed to ask for that sort of thing, then yes, please. But if I’m not, well, I’ll have to make do with what I get.” He said with a smile, taking his dex back and walking to a seat. “Thanks!”


He waited as a Tamer next to him was called, taking the place of a young man who left with a gloomy look on his face, and after a while stood as his name was called, the Tamer that had been in front of him also leaving empty handed. Feeling a bit nervous, he made his way through the door and into a battle arena that resembled a lush field. The referee greeted him first, who introduced himself as Sam, and then the Gym Assistant.


The slightly older man took Andrew’s hand warmly. “Hi, I’m John. You’ll have to forgive me if I seem overly excited; I’m having a pretty good day with challenges.” He grinned at Andrew. “I also took a look at your tamer profile. I’ll allow the two pokegirl limit, but I’m going to insure our battle doesn’t go easily for you.” He cocked his head. “Fair?”


Andrew nodded and stepped into the challenger’s booth. “Fair.” He tapped his foot nervously as he waited for Sam to raise his flag.


“This will be a 1v1, two pokegirl limit match with no substitutions. Is the challenge ready?” He called to Andrew, who nodded. “Is the gym assistant ready?” John nodded, and Sam dropped the flag. “Begin!”


Andrew released Claire, who immediately winged into the air as a Lamia materialized on John’s side and started sizing her up. “Claire, keep moving! Cocoon!” Andrew yelled as the Lamia began to slowly weave her way towards the mid line. Claire complied, drifting back and forth with her armor covering her before unleashing a quick feather shuriken at her opponent, who teleported out of the way and laughed a long, sibilant hiss.


“Oh ssweety, that won’t do much here. We both know you’re not going to win.” She said, projecting her Fear Aura and Drain Willpower abilities outward.


Andrew staggered and noticed Claire do the same, lowering her guard for a moment, which the Lamia took advantage of in order to teleport behind her and wrap herself around Claire’s body, pinning her arms and searching for an opening in her armor where she could bite. Reeling, Andrew shouted, “Claire! Dive and Wheel!”, shaking off the fear aura as tucked in her wings and plummeted towards the ground, forcing the Lamia off her before she slammed into the ground, sword first. She kneeled for a moment, gathering her strength before plunging her sword to its hilt in the ground and staring at her opponent, who chuckled.


“Given up sso ssoon?” She hissed. “Burying the hatchet will not work with me.” She said, slithering towards Claire. Andrew noticed cuts on her body from where Claire’s bladed armor had penetrated her scales. Meanwhile, Claire was singing softly as her wings began to glow with Focus Energy and she prepared to unleash Heaven’s Wheel. Snapping her eyes open, she streaked into the air once more, snapping her arms out as the blades materialized behind her. John screamed a warning to his Lamia, and she moved faster, winding along the ground to attempt to make herself harder to hit, but Claire laughed.


“There will be nowhere to hide, snake.” She spat, as row after row of swords shimmered into existence. “MY Tamer is more powerful than yours can dream!” She screamed, and the swords fell onto the battlefield in an unbroken wave, skewering the Lamia as she screamed in pain. Claire winged down and held her sword against her opponent’s throat, her helmet disappearing along with the extra swords as she glared at the enraged snake. “Yield.”


John smirked and shouted a command, and the Lamia’s eyes glowed as she unleashed a Psychic attack on Claire, teleporting behind her to sink her fangs into Claire’s now unprotected neck. Andrew, realizing Claire’s mistake, tried to get her to re materialize her helmet, but watched in dismay as the combination of Psychic attack, Cerebral Toxin, and Vertigo Venom dropped Claire to her knees, her armor disappearing as she vomited. Thinking quickly, he waved off Sam’s flag and shouted the only thing he could think; “Hatchet!”


Claire reached out her hand and grabbed her original sword, turning to face the Lamia as best she could. “You have a good burst, but you have not finished me off.” She whispered and unsteadily lifted her katana, her robe billowing as she flapped her wings to keep herself upright. “I thank you for this challenge.” She said, and unleashed the Focus Energy as she darted forwards, Slashing over and over, seeking to do as much damage as possible before her opponent could gather enough energy to teleport again. Ignoring John’s yells, the Lamia attempted to flatten herself against the ground, finally teleporting away and attempting to hit Claire with another Psychic attack, which she dodged by winging into the air again and peppering her with a feather shuriken, which knocked the Lamia backwards against the wall. Andrew opened his mouth, but Claire had already begun to dive, her katana in front of her, intent on smashing into her opponent as hard as she could as the Vertigo Venom wore off.


“HOLD!” Sam yelled, and Claire winged to a stop, hovering above the unconscious Lamia. “Synestra is unable to fight! Point to Andrew and his Valkyrie.” He glanced at Andrew. “Will you be changing pokegirls?” When Andrew shook his head, Sam nodded and dropped his flag again. “Fight!”


John returned the Lamia and gave Andrew a wry smile. “An impressive display. However, I have an impressive backup plan.” He said, and a Thunderbolt shot from behind him, arcing across Claire’s body as she screamed soundlessly before Andrew quickly recalled her. From behind John a Thundnaga slithered out, dropping to the battlefield and giving Andrew a deep grin.


“That was clever.” He said, stroking Claire’s pokeball as he tried not to get angry. “And very legal, I will admit. She is a Pokewoman, I presume?”


John nodded. “Alia is my Alpha. But come now, are you forfeiting? Sam, do your job!” He called.


Sam raised his flag again. “Andrew’s Valkyrie is unable to battle. Point to John and Alia.” He dropped his flag. “Fight!”


Andrew glared at the smirking Thundnaga as he released Grace. “Grace, evade, 11 o’clock low” He spat.


Grace materialized with her AR already at the ready, and at Andrew’s command made a combat roll to her side, narrowly avoiding a second Thunderbolt. She landed and laid down some fire in Alia’s direction, who had to duck before she was shredded. Grace used her opportunity to sprint towards the Thundnaga, laying down fire with one hand while simultaneously charging a Mega Punch with the other. John shouted a warning to Alia, who spread Greased Lightning around herself, forcing Grace to slow as the ground around the Thundnaga began sparking. She quickly jumped over the electrified ground at her opponent and used Bounce to land a devastating Mega Punch while still catapulting herself out of range of the electrified ground. Landing, she turned in time to receive a Thunder Wave to the chest from the battered but still moving Thundnaga, who hissed in pain.


“Commendable, but foolish.” She spat, curling low in the center of her Greased Lightning, letting her Storm Heal ability restore her strength. “My lightning will roast you, rabbit.”


Grace smiled sweetly at her. “Y’know, you really oughta work on your endurance.” She said as her fists both began to glow. “You only rooted me in place.”


Andrew watched Alia, waiting for the electrified ground to discharge. “Grace, use the ground to your advantage! Don’t let it be her friend!” He called.


Grace laughed. “I think this bitch needs a dirt bath.” She yelled, smashing a Mega Punch into the ground at her feet, causing a shockwave to resonate through the arena, knocking Alia backwards. She continued and pulled out a huge chunk of earth, sending it hurtling towards the shaken Thundnaga, helped on its way by the second Mega Punch. Alia screamed in rage and unleashed a Thunderbolt that began to dance across Grace’s body before the flying boulder smashed her into the ground, cutting off the current and leaving Grace panting on the ground. Sam waited a few seconds before raising his flag. “Alia is unable to battle. Match point to Andrew and his Mini-Top.” He jumped into the arena and hurried to the pile of earth where Alia lay, joined momentarily by John, and the two of them began healing the crushed Thundnaga with help from a Rapha Sam released from his belt. Andrew, on the other hand, hugged Grace with a smile.


“You did really well.” He said, brushing at Grace’s singed fur. “She was really powerful, too. We need to diversify the harem a bit; one electric type nearly took you and Claire out.” He laughed delightedly. “That was amazing!” He apprised Alia, who seemed to be moving again. “I meant for you to use some sort of smokescreen so you could get close to her, but I forgot how much damage she could take from Ground attacks. That Mega Punch combo devastated her.” He stopped when Grace hissed in pain. “Shit, I forgot. Let’s get you healed up.”


Sam walked over as Andrew was recalling Grace. “If you’d like, I can take your ‘girls for a healing cycle.” He said, holding out his hand. “We’ve got facilities in the back of the gym.”


Andrew nodded and handed over his belt. “Thanks.” He turned to face John and Alia, who had approached from his other side. “That was a tought fight.”

John was beaming. “A tough fight, and the best one I’ve had all day. Alia and I were just discussing your Mini-Top. That was a very smart move, with the makeshift Ground attack. Caught us both completely off guard.”


The Thundnaga Pokewoman inclined her head slightly. “I concede defeat, sir. Please pass my compliments to your harem.” She grinned. “And my apologies to your Valkyrie.”


Andrew shook his head. “I was pissed when that happened, to be honest. I knew this gym liked poison and electric pokegirls, and I was happy when I saw a Naga evolution, but I forgot all about the Thundnaga.” His lips twitched into a grin. “A mistake I won’t soon forget.”


John nodded. “Well, you won, fair and square. Your profile will be updated to show your new badge, and here is the physical copy.” He said, handing Andrew a metal badge depicting a lightning bolt on a blue field. “I wish you luck In the future.” He stated as Sam returned with Andrew’s belt.


Andrew grinned back. “Thanks.” He said, turning and nearly skipping out the door. Alia waited for him to leave before addressing her tamer.


“You gave away another one of our daughters, didn’t you?” She asked.


James shrugged. “Aela was always wanting to travel. Besides, he’s a good man. He won’t squander her.” He chuckled. “The ranch was the only other option, and then who knows who she would end up with. This way, it’s kind of like an interview.” He smiled and poked Alia’s shoulder. “Anyone who can train his Mini-Top to be that collected can handle her.”


Alia nodded thoughtfully. “You might be right. But aren’t you forgetting something?”


John frowned. “I don’t think so. What?”


“Aela’s a lesbian.”






Andrew whistled a jaunty tune as he walked west away from Coventry, Claire winging overhead. A badge, a heavier bank account, and a heavier… He paused in his musings. A heavier belt? He pulled it off and counted the pokeballs sitting there. Claire, Grace, Lyn… And one other. Had Claire picked something up? She was a Valkyrie; maybe that was it. Shrugging, he continued towards the Ruins of Birmingham. He’d check it out when they made camp for the night.




<20:00, Outside the Ruins of Birmingham>


Andrew lay in the tent and listened to the cries of feral pokegirls emanating from the Ruins while he rolled the strange pokeball between his fingers. He had elected not to camp in one of the charred buildings, not thrilled with possibly sleeping in a feral’s den. Listening to the veritable din, he was glad they hadn’t gone into the city proper.


He had asked Claire about the mystery pokeball and she’d told him she had no idea what it was; she hadn’t had a chance to scavenge for ferals since before London. So he had scanned it with his dex, which told him it was a Naga, and she wasn’t feral. That meant she had come from either Braxton, or the Gym. He sat up. No, it was the gym. He fought a GA, which used only Naga evo’s, and after winning a Naga showed up on his belt? That wasn’t a coincidence. He debated whether or not to have Claire or Grace here for this – she wasn’t feral, and she probably wouldn’t attack him… No, better not to take any chances. He released Claire.


She materialized and looked at him hopefully. “Is it my night?”


Andrew grunted. “You’re the Alpha. You’re supposed to be making the taming schedules, not me.” He shook his head. “Probably later, but first I want to address this Naga.” He said, holding up the pokeball. “She definitely came from the gym. I think she’s a kind of extra gift from John, for beating him.” He sighed. “I would have liked it if he had told me about her earlier, but I’m not going to pass up the gift.” He grinned sheepishly. “I’m hoping she’s ok with me – She wasn’t exactly given the choice of coming along. And to be perfectly honest, we need her. She’ll bring the type diversity we need, and her evolution path is flexible enough.”


Claire sighed. “You’re really thinking of keeping her? I don’t know if you can handle two new pokegirls in a week.” She lay down next to him. “I’m still not happy about Grace. Lyn is alright, I guess, but she’ll become a big part of your time soon, I know. Magic is way too useful, and you’re a very practical person.” He lifted his arm, allowing her to snuggle closer. “I just… I miss that first night.” She looked away, embarrassed. “It kind of felt like…” She trailed off.


He smiled softly. “A honeymoon?” She didn’t respond. “Were you a threshold, too?”


Claire shook her head. “I… no.” She took a deep breath. “I was born on a ranch, and wasn’t sold until I was 20. Four years of feeling like nobody wanted me. Four years of watching my friends disappear, one by one.” She brushed away a tear. “Then Michael came along. The first Tamer who actually LOOKED when they did the lineup. The first Tamer who even asked my name. The first one to actually look at me like I wasn’t a slab of meat, and Sanctuary ripped him away from me.” She punched the ground. “They took my only happiness away, and yet they preach equality.” She said through gritted teeth. “They preach that they want a better world. Fuck them. They’re terrorists, and I’m so glad you saved us that night.” She gazed at him with faith in her teary eyes. “You aren’t going to let them get away with it. I know it.”


Andrew hummed. “That was so sappy, if I was writing us I’d do something crazy to change the mood.” He chuckled and hugged her. “Luckily I’m not. Instead, we’re going to meet this Naga, figure out what John’s gotten me into, and you and I can have our night.” He said, and triggered the release. They both sat up as she materialized. The Naga was lying down, her snake body curled up under her, completely nude and seemingly asleep with her face and chest turned upwards, so Andrew could take a good look at what she looked like. Her scales on her tail were a brilliant emerald shade of green, fading to a softer shade as they approached her human torso. Her skin was a tan color, somewhere between a suntan and a chocolate color, which seemed to be uniform except for her areolae on her generous B-cup breasts, which were lighter. Her hair was jet black save for a small patch of strands over her left cheek, which was a bright pink.


Andrew glanced apprehensively at Claire. “Hello?” He called, simultaneously nudging the slumbering Naga slightly with his foot.


She stirred and yawned, her entire body shifting slightly. Andrew estimated it to be at least ten feet long, and she thankfully kept it mostly wrapped up so as not to hit anyone.


“Dad, I told you I don’t want to go to the ranch. No, I won’t go with that guy you want me to. I’ll just stick around, maybe take Mom’s place in the gym. Someone will come along. Why are you so-“ She said, and stopped. Opening her eyes, she twisted her body around to see Andrew and Claire watching her. “Oh, bloody hell.”


Andrew chuckled. “Hi. Uh, I’m a little put off here – Your dad didn’t tell me he had slipped your pokeball onto my belt after I challenged him today, and you don’t seem to have consented to the same act.” He scratched his chin. “Which means we have a slight problem. There are two real options now: You come with me, we get along, and we have a wonderful time. The other is I put you up for sale on the open market and hope the dice roll favorably for you.” He shrugged. “Personally I think the first option is your best bet. I’m quite liberal, and I’m pretty sure you’d fit in here. Plus, you’d be a welcome addition to the team.” He smiled. “We’ll move onto family later.”


The Naga watched him carefully. “What, not pulling off your pants, ravaging me and good luck for me to get a word in edgewise?” She taunted, thrusting her breasts into the air. “Cmon. I know you want it.”


Andrew chuckled. “Sorry, my dance card is already filled tonight.” He said, pulling Claire closer to him. “And you haven’t answered my question yet.”


She looked at him. “I don’t really have much of a choice. Yes, or gamble.” She shook her head. “I’ll go with you, but I refuse to have sex with you.” She stared him down. “I’m a lesbian. Is that a problem?”


Andrew stared back. “It’s only a problem if you make it one. I’d prefer we had sex at least once, to form an Alpha bond, but if you’re lesbian, well…” He trailed off. “We can talk about how you’re going to get tamed another day.” He said, and reached for her pokeball. “By the way, you haven’t given me your name. Would you like to tell me it, or are you going to make me name you, too?”


She shook her head. “Aella. My name is Aella. And I’d like to keep it, to remind me of my mother.”


Andrew nodded. “Nice to meet you, Aella.” He smiled. “Sorry it was under such unusual circumstance.”


Aella cracked a small smile in return. “That’s alright. But, do you mind if I sleep outside of my pokeball tonight? I won’t run away, I just… Don’t really like being in one of those things.”


Andrew nodded. “I know why. The constant L1 Cycle is pretty annoying, isn’t it. Tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you. You at least try to work with me on tamings – it doesn’t have to be with me, but make sure whomever it is with it’s consensual, and you don’t go feral – and I’ll modify your pokeball so it’s like the rest of my harem’s. No Cycle.”


Aella nodded. “I can do that.”


Andrew laughed. “Good! Now, apologies, but it is Claire’s night, and she needs some attention.” He said, kissing Claire for a few seconds before breaking off and beginning to strip, she following suit. Aella rolled her eyes and rolled back away from them, falling back asleep before Claire’s shrieks of pleasure and laughter echoed around her.






<02:00, Outside the Ruins of Birmingham>


The night had quieted. Claire lay next to Andrew, the two of them fast asleep, with Aella slumbering peacefully on the other side of the tent. Unknown to any of them, a mist began to form around Andrew’s body. After a few seconds, Sarah separated from Andrew’s body and looked around, the Groaning assessing the area around them. Slowly, she picked at the spot on her arm Andrew had, grinning as a sheet of ectoplasm came off. She lay it on Andrew’s sleeping form and giggled before diving back into him. A few moments passed before his eyes opened, but it was Sarah in control – the eyes a deep black. She slowly stood up and made her way out of the tent.





Andrew yawned and opened his eyes. “Oh, bugger.” He grumbled. He was back in his subconscious. “Yo, hello?” He called. “Is there a reason I’m here?”


Sarah poked her head out from a door in front of him. “Oh, hey Andrew!” She said. “Sorry, I was bored, so I started walking around.”


Andrew frowned. “Walking around?” He nodded. “Ah, you’re using my body as your host.”


Sarah giggled. “Yep. That’s ok, right?” She said worriedly.


Andrew chuckled. “Oh, that’s fine. Just be careful what you do with it. I was testing something the other day, when we first met, and if it works it would be a pretty cool ability.” He smiled. “But we can work on it when we’re both awake, ok?”


Sarah bit her lip. “Yea, about that…”






<03:00, Outside the Ruins of Birmingham>


Claire yawned and opened her eyes sleepily. She reached for Andrew, intent on cuddling and falling back asleep again, but discovered Andrew wasn’t next to her anymore. Frowning, she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Had he left the tent? The flap was open, so she made her way out. Luckily the moon was nearly full, so she could see where she was going. Picking her way along the path, she saw Andrew sitting on some rubble with his back to her. “Andrew? Is everything alright?” She called, making her way to him.


As she got closer the figure turned, and Claire stopped in alarm. The figure in front of her was definitely feminine in form, not Andrew. “Hello, Claire.” It said. “Sorry, Andrew’s still sleeping.”


Claire summoned her armor and sword. “Who are you? How do you know my name?” Her eyes narrowed. “Where’s Andrew?”


The figure chuckled. “I’m Sar - Adria? Hold on a second.” It said, turning away slightly. Claire walked closer carefully before the figure turned towards her again. “Yea, I guess I’m Adria now. To make things easier? Anyway, I know your name because I share Andrew’s memories, and as to where Andrew is,” Adria said, and stepped closer to Claire, bringing her out of the shadows, “He’s right here.”


Claire resisted the urge to attack. “I had Andrew’s dick in me a few hours ago. You’re not him.”


Adria chuckled. “Oh come on. You don’t see it?” She asked, turning slowly. Claire’s eyes widened. Barring the breasts, and the… obvious lack of a penis, Adria could have passed for Andrew’s twin.


“How is that possible?” She whispered. “What… What happened?”


Adria shrugged. “You’ll have to ask him. I’m just a Groaning in his body. He’s the one that came up with this, to make me feel better, I guess.” She said, and lowered her arms. “I was a Selkie, and I guess he did something, because…” She trailed off and peeled away a sheet of ectoplasm from her face. “This thing happened.”


Claire watched as Adria pulled the sheet off her body, unwrapping it from her chest and legs. Wherever it came off, Andrew’s body reappeared, until Andrew was standing there again holding the ectoplasm off to one side. “See? Penis and all.” She/he said, quickly wrapping back into her ‘skin’. “You’re going to have to ask him how he did that.”


Claire shook her head. “I’m in a bit of shock, here. Can I speak with Andrew?”


Adria nodded. “Sure. Let me get him for you.” She said, and closed her eyes. A few seconds later they reopened.


“Hey, Claire.” Andrew said, and looked down. “Dangit, she left her skin on.” He groped his breasts and winked at Claire. “Y’know, this pretty much solves Aella’s problem.”


Claire sighed and hugged him. “Adria?”


Andrew nodded. “Adria was a Haunting whose body had been Zombabe’d. After we destroyed it, she possessed me, evolving into a Groaning in the process.” He winced and pushed away from her. “Damnit, we were still passing control back and forth and practicing in each form before you came out here. I’m still not used to this one.” He said. “I suppose this is what you feel?” He asked sheepishly, squeezing his legs together.


Claire glanced down and burst out laughing. “Well thank god for that. You’re still attracted to girls, I see.” She teased.


“Still attracted to what now?” Came a voice from behind them. Aella came into view, the Naga looking at Andrew’s female form with interest. “This is a bit of a surprise, I’ll admit.” She said. “I can still see the Tamer from the tent, but the landscape has changed significantly.” She mused.


Claire stepped back, laughter dancing in her eyes as Andrew backed up slightly. “Uh, hey, Aella.” He said uneasily. “Diiid you make a decision?”


Aella moved closer. “I already told you I’d come with you. This little change just makes it easier.” She nearly purred, wrapping her body around him.


Andrew shook his head wildly. “Hold on hold on hold on let me get Adria, I don’t – I’m not – Stop that!” He gasped, Aella trailing her tongue over his body. “Just, pause, one second!” He squeaked, screwing his eyes shut and frantically trying to find where Adria had gone in his subconscious.


He threw open the same door he had found Adria before and dashed into what he recognized as the bedroom he had tamed her in. Running to the bed, he frantically shook at the Groaning until she stirred. “Hey, listen, please take over! There’s a Naga, and she’s horny, and I really don’t think I can do this!” He babbled.


Adria rolled over and cracked one eye open. “Sorry, I’m tired. Have fun.” She smirked.


Andrew pulled at her frantically. “Come on, Adria, please don’t do this to me~!” He cried, gasping suddenly. “Oh… shit…” He muttered and snapped his eyes open again, Aella taking him in a deep, passionate kiss, her long tongue worming around in his mouth. She broke off and gazed at him, lust and joy in her eyes as Andrew struggled to catch his breath. “Look, Aella, I’m not… That’s cool, your eyes are bright pink too. But, look, I’m not a girl.” He said, trying to explain to the horny Naga. “This is something I worked out with my Groaning, so she would feel more comfortable while she’s possessing my body, I don’t-“ He stopped as she squeezed him tightly.


“Oh my gosh that’s just so precious!” She squealed. “You were willing to do that for your pokegirl, I’m so glad she’s willing to share with me!” She continued, moving towards the tent. “I was all worried, but this changes everything, you’re so kind, you go out of your way to help your harem, even if it makes you uncomfortable, Dad really made a good choice…” She continued, Andrew fighting for breath from within her coils.


“Claireeee!” He cried, as he was carried out of sight. “Help meeee!!!”


Claire was no help, as she was doubled over in laughter at Andrew’s predicament. Struggling to walk, she followed Andrew’s yells back to the tent, stopping outside as Aella’s tail slipped inside and Andrew’s cries changed from panicky to ecstatic within minutes. Settling down outside, she waited with her eyes closed, resisting the urge to masturbate as Andrew and Aella tamed hard the rest of the night.






<10:00, Outside the Ruins of Birmingham>


Andrew opened his eyes slowly. He was lying on the ground, Aella sleeping next to him. He patted his chest and was relieved to find Adria’s skin had been peeled off the night before – he could see it draped across Aella’s back. Taking and folding it, he cringed as the memories of the night before came back in a rush. Aella had been dominant, ravaging him with her tongue and tail, and only letting up once she had passed the baton to him. It had been mostly what he could have imagined; he had attempted to pleasure her with his fingers and tongue, and they had each contributed to the scissoring session, but the sensations he had felt when Aella had been on top… He shuddered. They had been…. Different. He didn’t think he would want to experience it again, but it hadn’t been unpleasant.


He turned when Aella stirred, the Naga smiling at him sleepily. He gave a small smile in return before pulling on his clothes and recalling her. He had already disabled the micro switch that decided the conditioning the captured pokegirl would receive. Hopefully she appreciated it.


Heading outside, he stretched and plodded back along the path, making his way past a slumbering Claire to the overlook that had been the focal point of last night’s activities. Sitting, he stared out into the ruined city that lay between him and Shrewsbury. Charred buildings dominated the landscape, forming a dense urban jungle, with the odd clearing. He couldn’t see much movement, but knew there were hundreds if not thousands of feral pokegirls scattered throughout. It was a death trap. He opened his ‘dex and scrolled through the map, zooming in on the ruined city. Skirting Birmingham to the south would cost them a day, easily, and the experience offered by the city was extremely tempting. But cutting through some of the less dense suburbs to the north wouldn’t lose them much time, and would be much safer. He nodded to himself. North it was.


“Where is that moron now. I swear if he’s wandered off again and gotten himself in trouble I’m going to flip out. The Naga isn’t here, he isn’t here. Did he come this way? Again? Andrew? Andrew!” “Andrew!” Claire yelled.


Andrew paused in his musings. “Claire?” He called, waiting for a response. Getting none, he frowned, wondering how he could hear her, but she couldn’t hear him.


“Wherever he is, he probably wants to get moving. I’ll get the campsite packed up, go find him, figure out what’s going on.” He continued to hear. Slowly a smile spread over Andrew’s face as he realized what was going on.


“Claire, go ahead and finish packing, I’ll be back in a minute.” He projected back, praying for a response.


“Andrew? Where the heck are you?” Claire replied, her surprise clear to him. “I hear you, but I don’t see you.”


Andrew whooped excitedly and jogged back to the campsite. “Our Delta bond finally matured!” He thought, and swept back into the camp with a laugh. Claire was standing there, a dopey grin on her face, and ran towards him.


“That was a Delta bond?” She asked. “I, that felt… I felt you.” She said, grinning up at him. 


He grinned back and held her close. “We went through hell separately. Now everything we go through will be together.”





The man read Braxton’s report thoroughly, frowning at his description of the boy that had recovered Lewis’ pokedex. It was extremely brief, only giving a physical description before moving on to the status of the failed city-outpost. Tapping his desk, he contemplated what to do with the man. His mistress wasn’t happy with Braxton’s actions, and he had to say, neither was he. He was growing much too dangerous to them.


Three days from now was the full moon. A fitting time, he mused, to end a life.






Across an ocean, another figure was waiting for the full moon. A woman stood at a window, watching waves crash against the shores of Vale. Behind her, a student scurried into her office. “Ma’am, the papers you requested.” He said, placing a file on her desk. “And, the latest contact from your assistant in Blue is there, as well.” He bowed slightly and backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.


The woman nodded to herself and strode to the desk, taking her seat and reading the correspondence from her ‘assistant’, in fact a special magical agent tailing a person of interest. 


Three nights to the full moon. A fitting time to begin a partnership.







Andrew Ranger

Age: 27



Tamer: Y

Master Tamer: N

Researcher: N

Watcher: N

Breeder: N





England; Coventry






Active Harem:

Hauteclere – Valkyrie, Level 26 (Alpha)

Grace – Mini-Top, Level 30

Lyn – Witch, Level 12

Aella – Naga, Level 10


Adria – Groaning, Level 25