Oh no, oh no-no-no, I do not believe this. I worked hard to get my tamer's license and equipment. I worked many long hours to pay for everything. Mom helped out by going to the local breeder's to get me a pokegirl, but still...

Did she have to go out and get me a Damsel!?

"Mom! I know you wanted to help, but did you have to get the same girl as yourself?" I was yelling from my door, but she didn't yell back. She calmly walk up the stairs and hugged me, pulling my head into her breasts. As a Damsel herself, she was well-endowed. And I mean more so than even the Bimbos I've seen walking around town. They were so soft and such a joy to snuggle with. I used to sleep with her as much as I could as a child, and not because of bad dreams.

Once I was calm again, she spoke, "I just don't want my baby boy to get hurt is all. All the other pokegirls were so scary. I couldn't let you go off with a pokegirl that could hurt you."

"Mom, if I'm to become a tamer, I'm going to need a pokegirl who can fight! She would rather let get bitten than fight."

"Your father told me to get you a girl and I got you a girl." She pulled my face into her bosom again, silencing me. Damn it, I could never take advantage of her being a Damsel because she would always do this. Kind of hard to make a demand when she's smothering my face. I can't even try biting her because she wouldn't feel any pain.


"Oh, sorry!" she let me breathe again and left me with the other Damsel, who was waiting patiently for me. Of course she would. She was a Damsel, the difference being that she was younger than my mom and had black hair while my mom had brown. The only reason my mom didn't let me have everything I wanted is because my dad taught her before all that. And because of their Delta Bond, it was even harder for me to try to figure a way around that.

But for a man as smart as my dad, he really messed up sending my mom to get a pokegirl for me. The one girl she was most comfortable with was the one with no desire, or real ability, to fight in the first place. A Nymph was probably a better fighter and they prefer the sex instead.

But...damn...she does have nice tits.

Okay, I have to admit this to you. For the past couple months, I've slipped out to see a Bimbo who lived here in town for a while now. Ever since I turned sixteen and my pokegirl blood really started waking up, my loins have threatened to take over every few days. It wasn't something being related to a Damsel would ever do to a person. But because dad never talks about grandma, I could only wonder if she was a breed with a higher libido.

But even with the natural beauty of the Bimbo breed, this Damsel was hot in her own right. I could tell that she was a thresholder just by really looking at her. There was something about her, something that my mother never showed. It was something of a fire in her eyes. Well, I haven't known many Damsels and it wasn't really a fire but more of a heightened passion. She didn't want to do this because of her breed, she wanted to do this because she wanted to be something more.

Right now, I had to wonder, what sort of girl was she like before she thresholded? And was she once a Bunnygirl or an Ingenue, or did she threshold directly into a Damsel? She had a pair of legs to die for, but I couldn't imagine her with bunny ears. Maybe she became an Ingenue then? But she would have had a smaller cup size then. I have no idea how or why Damsels got so big, but like any guy who appreciated breasts, I was turning into a fool and just staring at them. Anyways...

"So, do you have a name?" I had to be smooth or I'd look like an idiot if I already hadn't done that already.

"I'm Damsel. If you want me to have a name, I would gladly accept it." She gave a little bow, revealing some of her cleavage. Oh wow, and mom already had her dressed in her old maid outfit too. Now I was starting to see why dad had mom wear the thing back when I was still young. This girl was going to make me drool at this rate. No, no drool! I won't make a mess of myself here! Especially not in front of her!

"What I meant was, what was your name before you went through threshold?" She surprised me when she immediately went to say it, only to halt all of a sudden. That was a rare event for her to actually go back on what I asked of her. As a Damsel, she should have been ready and willing to tell me. And yet, here she was, wanting to stay silent, and she wasn't panicking about it either. "It's alright. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"It's...it was...Raven. My family called me Raven...because of my hair."

I walked up to her and ran my hand through her silky black hair, "And I'm glad they did. Saves time naming you. My name is Don. So, um, should we do this?"

"What would you like me to do? I am your pokegirl now. I am yours to do with as you see fit." So many thoughts passed through my mind when she said that, but I had to keep a lid on it or else I would never leave my room for the rest of the year.

"Well, I guess what we should do is get an Alpha Bond formed."

"Does that mean...sex?" she was blushing, but why would a pokegirl from a ranch be blushing. Was it because it was our first time together? But when her panties came down and she bent over my bed, it was my turn to blush. Wow, that was seriously easy. Almost too easy. And when that skirt came up, I was damn near floored. She had an ass that nearly blew my mind. Though, it could just be that I haven't had sex in nearly three days. I was trying not to have sex all the time and live my life, but today I slipped up.

"Hey, first, let's get that dress off, we don't want to get it messy."

"Oh, alright." I froze when I saw her removing her clothes. I don't know why I was acting like this. I've tamed many times before since becoming of taming age, but maybe it was because this 'girl was mine after this. Even if she was a Damsel, she's going to be my Damsel. To have such a gorgeous 'girl by my side, ready for sex when I ask.

When I went to kiss her, she was still pulling her dress up, so she didn't see me coming and I ended up knocking her back when I crashed into her breasts. She stumbled and hit my dresser, bouncing off that and smacked my nose with her head before the two of us just missed my bed. She had forgotten to undo a button, so her head got caught in the dress. After we got up, she was able to pop her head out of it, only to lose her balance and fall back into me.

I managed to catch her, but she was trying to turn and catch me instead, so she slipped out of my arms and managed to pull my pants down. Now that I was stumbling about and unbalanced, I started to fall back I tried my best to get my balance back, but I ended up crashing into the door, snapping it in two. I knew the damn thing was flimsy but come on...

I found mom outside, wondering why Raven was on the floor with my pants and I was laying here with what remained of my door. She quickly left us, racing down the stairs in a slight panic. When she came back, she was with my dad. I was already up and trying to get my pants back on, only to discover that the button had popped out and the zipper broke apart.

The sounds my dad started to make confused me. Was he...laughing? Seriously, he's laughing! Of all things, he's laughing. I haven't heard him laugh so hard since I was a kid and I foiled the attempts of a feral pokegirl sneaking up on my mom by falling out of a tree. Of course I missed the girl and landed on my mom, but still, the distraction helped my dad to let off a spell that sent the girl packing.

"You remember our first time in you current form, don't you dear?" Dad looked over to mom and she just smiled. Then he looked back to me, "Sorry, I'm sorry for laughing. It's just, the first time I tried to tame your mother after she evolved, I ended up knocking her down a flight of stairs. After that, we ended up doing a bit of damage to the house when I realized she doesn't have a sense of pain. Ahem." He fixed his glasses when mom started to blush, yet he couldn't stop chuckling.

"You can use our bed for your taming. It will be private." She tried to give dad a look, but she wasn't very good at it. Even when I was young, she would try, but it was possible for me to get out of trouble when it came to her. I tried being demanding and her Damsel and motherly instincts would sometimes kick in. Then she started to find ways of tricking me into helping her with the baking. Took me three years and a ton of cupcakes to figure that out. But by then it was too late and I knew how to bake a good cupcake.

Me and Raven, who was attempting to use one of my pillows to cover herself, went into the other bedroom and sat on the bed. It was cute that she was being shy around my dad, but I guess until I tell her not to, she will cover herself around other people. It didn't help we were still embarrassed by the disaster that unfolded in my room. Seriously, you'd think I'd be able to tame a girl without incident but no, I had to go and make a mess of things. That was just ridiculous.

"Um, Raven, are you alright? You hit the floor pretty harrrd..." when I looked over, my eyes drifted down to how poorly my pillow was hiding her cleavage. I could almost see her nipples trying to poke over the edge.

"I'm perfectly fine, but what about you? Are you alright? You fell just as hard as I did. Oh! What about your nose?" she dropped the pillow and my grabbed my face, only to point my eyes down at her breasts as she examined me. Oh wow, I'm so glad my nose didn't start bleeding or else she wouldn't be taking so long looking at my face. When she realized where I was looking, she went to cover them again.

"You don't need to worry around me. I like your body and I'd really like to tame you." Okay, that could have gone better. Damn it, I'm thinking with my lower head again. "Well, I mean..."

But instead of words, Raven crawled under the covers and laid her head down on the pillow. She was ready for me and I was glad for that. I had her watch me undress, letting her take in the look of my body. I wasn't ripped, but I wasn't a slacker either. As I slipped under the covers, I showed her feet some attention by kissing her skin and slowly made my way up her leg. The Bimbo I used liked to just bend over and be tamed, but I wanted this to be something special.

I kissed her legs as I went up, being gentle with her in the hopes that this would get her excited. Damsels had a heightened sense of pleasure, so each little kiss was simply better to them than it would have been to some other 'girls. Listening to her soft moaning was enough to send my heart racing inside my chest.

I loved touching her body, her smooth skin helped my fingers to just glide across it and the way she writhed just made it more exciting. I found out that she was hairless down below as I got higher. When I got to her stomach, she began to giggle, showing that she was a bit ticklish here. I planted a few more kisses here and I soon made it to her breasts and she calmed down as I gave them the attention they deserved.

Crap, my nose was going to start bleeding at this rate. Keep it cool, keep it cool. Damn, I love her body so much, and I barely even know her. But it was time for me to cut the foreplay and get down to business. I slipped out from under the sheets and just laid there on top of her.

"Is something the matter?" Raven asked and I just shook my head.

"No, I'm just wondering why you're so gorgeous." I smiled when she blushed and clammed up. "Okay, here we go." I kissed her as I pushed my cock into her folds. She was wet from the foreplay and happy to spread her legs for me. I couldn't remember how long we held that kiss, but by the time we separated, we were going at it strong.

"M-My pussy...it feels..."

"Huh?" I stopped mid-thrust. Don't know why either. "You'll have to speak up. I can barely hear you."

"It feels good."

"You sure you're not just being nice because you're a Damsel?"

The look of shock on her face showed that she was being sincere, "I...I-I-I wouldn't!"

I stopped here there with another kiss that we held for several seconds, "Alright, I believe you. Want to be the dominant one now? Or should I keep going?"

Her mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out. That should mean a no. A nice ass and she was fun to pick on. Of course, that could come to bite me in the ass if I kept it up. She wanted sex with me, so why bug her?

I flipped her around, taking a moment to admire her ass before I spanked her, getting a satisfying yelp from her. Because it didn't hurt her, I could do it as much as I wanted and she was only going to enjoy it. After a few more slaps, she was good and ready for more.

One hard thrust and I was inside and she had her face buried into the pillow. Her sensitivity must have had the pleasure blow her mind. It was probably her sensitivity because I'm not that good. I've only got experience with a Bimbo and she'll accept anyone with a pulse.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes! Please continue!" she replied when she could pull away from the pillow.

I found my pace again, holding her hips and enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy. She was just absolutely amazing. I slapped her ass again while I continued to pound her, her pussy tightening when I did. I put my arms around her, hugging her tight against my body when I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm.

"I'm going to...to...ahh!" I released a load of cum as deep inside her as I could. My whole body screamed in ecstasy with every stream I shot. Then I flipped her back over to see a cute smile on her face and collapsed on her. I turned and rested my head between her breasts, using them like soft pillows. "Wow...you were just amazing."

She just nodded her head and pulled the blanket over my chest. She didn't need it, she was plenty warm with me on top of her. Her breasts were so soft that I must have fallen asleep rather quickly. Because when I woke up, Raven was asleep. When I checked the clock, only four hours had passed.

She didn't mind being woken up for a quick taming in the shower. It was difficult to get clean when my head was full of dirty thoughts. But as the water washed over our bodies, we kissed and excited our passions once more. There was nothing that was going to stop us, at least until one of us bumped the valve and the water turned cold. She may not feel pain, but it was hard for me to keep a hard-on when I'm chilled.

I turned it back up and pushed her against the wall, holding her there while I filled her. Because a Damsel had high endurance, I couldn't make her cum when I did, but she was very happy with me anyways. Afterwards, we cleaned up and she helped me dry off. It was interesting to have her so willing to serve, but I felt as though she couldn't stop looking at my body. Once we dressed, we headed out and heard my parents in my dad's study.

It wasn't hard to tell what they were doing in there. But when I saw the drained six-pack of energy drinks, I didn't even want to think about how long they've been at it. And oh boy, dad was going to see if he could outlast mom again...

"Raven, let's head out." I gathered up my stuff into my bag and made sure that Raven's pokeball was on my belt. I left her out because I wanted some company before I left my home. Phallus Town had always been my home, but today, I'm going out to see the world. If I don't come running back because I got my ass kicked, that is.

"Hey Ash, dropping by to see your mom?" I called when I saw a familiar tamer coming down the road. He waved and nodded as he passed us by. I knew him, but he was always out on his adventures and I was usually at work, so we never really got to know each other.

After passing through some sugar cane, we left town and were off on our journey. I stood there for a few moments, taking in the thought that this was it. I was off to become a pokegirl tamer. Now how the fuck am I supposed to do that with a Damsel?

"So, any ideas on how we're going to capture another pokegirl?"

Raven just looked at me and shrugged, "I'm sorry, but I'm not sure. I was kept in a ranch for only a short time and I don't like to fight."

"Ya, me neither. It's something I picked up from my mom. I also picked up my need for sex from my dad too. It's embarrassing sometimes when I find myself hovering around some girl until I'm dragged off and forced to tame someone's pokegirl."

"I don't mind helping with that. I would be happy to aid you. Do you need any now?"

Boy, she was an eager one, "No, I'm good for now. I need to save it for any pokegirls we come across. Besides, it only comes around every three days or so."

"Oh, okay. Can we have sex afterwards though, if you still have energy?" Wow, just who was she before she went through threshold? Did she have Tamer's Disease like me back then? Or was she just that interested in sex?

Out on the road, we came across an interesting sight. A Bunnygirl was in the bushes, masturbating all by herself. Because Raven was a Damsel and I didn't have a weapon or magic, I couldn't hope to actually battle the girl. The most we could expect was one of us being kicked. Even a low-level Bunnygirl could knock me flat with a single kick. I had the blood gift Toughness, so I'm more durable than most, but that doesn't mean I can hold my ground.

I had Raven slowly undress so that her clothes didn't get ruined or dirty. After I rubbed her pussy a bit, getting her horny, I pushed her into the bushes. That caught the Bunnygirl by surprise when a naked Damsel fell into her lap. I stayed silent when she called my name, letting her get nervous.

Damsels had a tendency to lure in feral pokegirls when stressed, but I didn't like thinking I was being mean to her doing this. I knew this because I would see my mom be attacked by a feral when she had to chase me near the bushes. It scared me much of the time, but I was able to relax with the knowledge that my mom was nearly indestructible. No matter what she went through, she simply came out of it with less clothes than anything else.

But for Raven, being aroused and stressed was only going to make the Bunnygirl even more horny than she already was. The Damsel was quickly snatched up and the bushes shook as the two went at it. Raven, being unable to fight or struggle hard enough to cause injury, was at the mercy of the Bunnygirl.

Listening to them was something hot, leaving me with a big boner that was begging for relief. Come on, tire yourself out, my pants are getting so tight. Oh fuck, my pants are tight. I was almost going cross-eyed waiting for them to finish up. With any luck, the Bunnygirl would tire herself out and be an easier capture. But until then, I couldn't waste time stroking myself or else she might hear me and run off.

But I could see Raven's leg poking up from the bushes and hear her moans. Damn, this Bunnygirl must have been pretty horny. She's making me the same way, but now I was trying to hold it down, trying not to make any noise. My heart leaped in my chest when I heard the Bunnygirl cry out and then sigh with relief. I charged out of the bushes, pokeball in hand, only to trip over something and fall into a deep patch of thorn bushs.

"Mother fucker!" I cried. While I didn't have much of a sense of pain, I felt this. This bush was a big one, so the thorns were good and strong. The Bunnygirl heard me cursing up a storm and ran off, leaving a confused Raven to come pull me from the bushes.

We spent the next several minutes pulling thorns from my body. My gifts were Fast Healing, Toughness, and Recovery, but just because I could take it and I could heal fast didn't stop me from getting sick due to infection. And I did not like the idea of being a pin cushion. We had to look around the area for another pokegirl. But I had difficulty focusing because Raven was still naked to save her clothes from damage.

I just couldn't keep my eyes off that perfect ass of hers. But because of that, I found myself falling over several times along the way. If I kept this up, I was going to wear myself out. I didn't want to have to return home because I couldn't find a pokegirl to defend me. The most I could do was push Raven in front of a charging pokegirl to get mauled, but I'd rather not do that.

After wandering around, we found ourselves back where we started after we found the Bunnygirl. But there was another one sniffing around, smelling the scent of sex. I had Raven go after her, presenting herself to the 'girl. I tried to stay close, but the bushes made it difficult to have a straight path that I could throw a pokeball down. once again, the 'girl grabbed Raven and pulled her down.

Sex was an integral part of pokegirls, so finding a Damsel, one of the most harmless breeds, was an easy catch. Raven went down as the 'girl grabbed her and had her way with her. Damn, this time I got a good view of the two. Right now, the Bunnygirl had a hold of Raven's head, holding the Damsel between her legs. Raven knew how to please her, probably from her time at the ranch.

This time I couldn't resist. I had such a hard-on that I had to unzip my pants and stroke myself off. The two were just so hot. And this time Raven looked to be enjoying herself. She noticed me jerking off at the sight of her and lifted the Bunnygirl's leg, giving me a better look of what I could be having. I could almost feel the warmth of the 'girl's pussy, so wet and ready to take me. That was until I looked down and saw a pokegirl sucking my dick.

It was a Titmouse, one of the weakest breeds. But because my dick was in her mouth, she could easily bite it off. Nobody with a brain bigger than two cells would think that she's weak when she has one's dick in her mouth. All I could do was lean against a tree while she licked it.

She had bits of clothing on, tattered and dirty, meaning she was once another tamer's pokegirl before going feral again. Must have gotten lost at some point and was either left or dead or forgotten.

Raven wanted to help, but the Bunnygirl pulled her back down and spread her legs so she could get another taste of her. We were stuck with a pair of ferals and couldn't do anything but hope we got out of it in one piece. Well, she didn't have to worry, she'd grow back whatever she's missing, but I needed my dick for taming.

Oh fuck, this felt good. She was licking my balls and lapping up the precum dripping from my dick. When I couldn't take it anymore, I came all over her face. I was just about to catch her when a flock of bird pokegirls started screeching. The ruckus they made scared off the Titmouse and the Bunnygirl, leaving me with my pants down. I zipped up and me and Raven ran, only for me to trip on something again. At least this time I didn't land among the thorns this time.

Because I didn't want to head home and show nothing for my efforts, me and Raven set up camp. My canteen gathered water from the air, so I used it to help wash my Damsel off a bit. I couldn't have her looking like a mess, now could I?

Somehow I went from cleaning her to bending her over a log and pounding her like mad. I guess I have a higher libido than she does, because I couldn't stop myself. Her body was just so perfect and her skin was soft and smooth. When I looked into her eyes, I just wanted to take her, to make love to her as much as I could.

She took my cum inside her pussy and thanked me before letting me sleep on top of her, using her breasts as pillows. She was so warm that I must have faded out quickly. But once again, like always since my blood gifts appeared, I woke up in the middle of the night, fully rested. For me, four hours of sleep was enough. But I didn't want to move from my spot on her chest.

But after another hour passed of resting, I felt my boner rising up as my hand felt her hip. She was still fast asleep, but I didn't think she would mind if I had a little fun. I slowly slipped out from under the covers and crawled up beside her head. It was dark, but even the little amount of moonlight helped me to see a bit of her face. I couldn't believe I was doing this. She might get mad at me if she finds out. My heart was pounding in my chest.

I poked her lips with my dick, slowly trying to get it back her teeth without either waking her or having her bite down. My skin could probably take it, but still, this was a rather sensitive part of me. She's sucking on the tip of my dick while she's sleeping! Oh damn, this feels so good. I wanted to try to pull away but she sucked me back in. She was trying to swallow my dick and I was almost going cross-eyed in the process.

"Oh, I'm going to-" I couldn't finish as I came in her mouth. She swallowed my cum and licked her lips. She did this all while remaining asleep. Even if she was my pokegirl, I couldn't believe I did that while she slept.

"Can I have some more?" she asked me and I damn near had a heart attack. Had she been awake this entire time? "If you're still hard, I want to be of service to you."

"I-I'm sorry for doing that while you were sleeping!" I cried without thinking.

"But you're my master, I'm happy to be of help to you." She licked my dick and cleaned me off. "Are you satisfied?"

"V-Very..." I replied as my heart removed itself from my throat. "Y-You're not mad?"

"I couldn't get mad at my master if he wants to feel good. Though," she looked away, "you could wake me first so I could enjoy it too."

"Raven..." I almost tackled her and tamed her until the sun came up. She was still tired, but she wanted to help me try and find a pokegirl. That Titmouse was around here somewhere, so I was going to find her. At least if our luck holds out.

But after the first few days, it didn't. We had no luck finding her. To make it worse, we couldn't even catch a Bunnygirl successfully. Every time I came close, I would find myself tangled, tripped, in a hole, or being the sex toy of a feral pokegirl who manages to run off.

I was still trying not to go home and ask for food, but at least mom left me with a hefty supply of pokefood. Raven didn't mind eating it, in fact, she enjoyed it a lot. It was probably because my mom made it. It was just pellets of food, but it was enough to satisfy Raven's appetite.

After another day went by and no success, I felt that it was coming to a point where I should either quit now or kick things up a notch. So when we found another Bunnygirl, I did something rather stupid. I did the one thing that no tamer should do.

I charged at the pokegirl and not away from her. This time, I was going to make a capture!

Then I tripped. My cursing scared her and a flock of bird pokegirls away. Okay, what the hell did I trip over?

After we cleared the bushes away, we found an interesting sight. I had tripped over a curled-up pokegirl made of stone. My pokedex showed that she was a Geogal. Now, these were normally found elsewhere, like around rocky areas. So what was she doing out here in a forest? She could have been a thresholder or a domestic who went feral and got lost here. Well, we couldn't leave her here now, could we?

The problem was that she was basically a rock, and without anything to weaken her, I needed water to soften her up, so that was a problem. Me and Raven had to roll the girl across the ground, something that wasn't fun to do when we weren't close enough to the lake. Even with Raven's help, neither of us had any strength higher than a regular human's. It took us nearly two hours rolling the girl until someone with a Amachop walked by. He was just as surprised as we were but he was willing to help. I paid the guy some money to have his pokegirl carry the Geogal to the lake.

The journey was a lot faster with their help and it would have probably taken us the entire day to roll her over. But now that we were here, we rolled the Geogal into the water, with just her head and shoulders above the surface. I wasn't about to drown the 'girl, only soften her up a bit. Over time the water weakened her body and she yelped when she fell back, the water going over her head. After her little panic, she was active and weak, making it easy for me to tap her with a pokeball. It shook a couple of times, but the ping told me she was good as captured.

Me and Raven were so amazed with each other. We finally caught a pokegirl! I went to hug my Damsel and we hit the sand. But she didn't mind and we rolled about. When we stopped, she was on top of me, looking into my eyes.

"You should probably tame her. I'll bet she'll need it before she dries off." She had a point.

I took the Geogal out to see her confused but interested to see me. After the soaking, she was also eager and aroused, wanting to get it on with me. I was happy to do just that after wasting so many days. It was disappointing I didn't get a Bunnygirl too, but at least I get a Geogal instead.

She quickly got down on her knees as I stripped off my pants and I took my time pushing inside her. She was 'softer' now that she had a soaking, so I wanted to take advantage of that fact and tame her now.

It was a new experience having sex with a rock type, because while her pussy was nice and soft now, her ass had firmness I wasn't used to. But Geogal didn't care about how I felt, she just wanted her taming. It wasn't as sensual as I usually was with Raven, but it was nice and quick. I was pounding her pussy, something a regular tamer would have bruised himself doing against her hard ass.

"And there we...go!" I slammed my cock inside her as I came. I poured it deep inside her and let her reach down and get a taste of our mixed juices.

Now she was my second pokegirl and my first with actual fighting capabilities. With her on my team, I could stand a chance getting to the next place. Because I knew from travels with my parents that it was at least three days down the road. Now I found myself wishing I had those magical running shoes that speed a person up, cutting down on travel time.

Oh well, just means we can get some experience along the way. I named my new Geogal Amber, after the fossilized tree sap because of her eyes. They had the right color, which was very interesting. I used her in my first real battles against some wild pokegirls. Her Harden ability made it difficult for Titmice and Pidgy to harm her, and the Bunnygirls could barely do anything. Though, I did go a little far with the battling and we couldn't get any of them.

Deaths among ferals were common, especially with tamers looking to gain experience for their pokegirls. I slapped myself for not thinking that Amber's stone fists were probably a little too much for common ferals around here. But at least we were getting somewhere.

That was until I found a Pidgy attacking the Titmouse I seen before. Amber charged at my command and grabbed the Pidgy by her leg. She swung the 'girl around and used her to try and bludgeon the Titmouse. The bird pokegirl got knocked silly while the Titmouse squealed and ran towards me.

But instead of attacking me, she wrapped her hands around me and used me for cover. Amber just looked at me and I shrugged. She let me put her in a pokeball before I went to the Pidgy. She was unconcious, beaten, but alive. I gave her a p-med and balled her too. I named the Titmouse Mint and the Pidgy Vicky. I'm not sure why I called the Pidgy that, but for the Titmouse, there was a patch of mint growing nearby.

I took Mint out and she cowered from Amber. But the Geogal didn't have any reason to hurt her as she helped me get the tent set up. Mint just watched, feeling safe enough around me to keep close. When a flock of Pidgy went by, she grabbed my arm and hid her face. She was so adorable this way.

Once the tent was up, I put Amber away and slipped inside with Mint. Her clothes were nothing more than rags that hung on, so I tossed those out. She tried to cover herself as I stripped, but she was soon crawling towards me when she could see my bare chest. She wanted to reach out and touch me, but she stopped herself and looked at me.

I just sat down and held my arms out for her, giving her time to come to me. Instead she turned around and lifted her tail as an invitation. I happily obliged and crawled over, being as non-threatening as I could. When I put my hand between her legs, her whole body shuddered. Her sensitive body made it easy to pleasure her, but it also meant she couldn't last as long as other pokegirls.

It was a pity. She was a cute pokegirl, with short white fur that was very soft and fine. I lined up with her pussy and she moaned as I entered. Her smaller size made her a tight fit, so she was squirming and moaning as moved my hips. I wasn't even able to go very far when she was squealing as she came and flopped to the floor, leaving me with a powerful hard-on.

I took out Vicky, who looked at Mint and thought I caught her a meal. But I smacked her across her ass when she tried to have a nibble and put Mint away. Then I bent Vicky over and tried my best not to simply destroy her pussy with my raging cock. I needed to fuck her so bad that I didn't realize the pun there. I just grabbed hold of her feather-covered hips and fucked her like a wild man.

She took it rather well but she came before I could. She lasted longer than Mint, but I was forced to get Raven out and I fucked her till I came hard enough to see stars. Damn, this time I think I may have overdone myself. The Damsel was happy to let me rest on top of her again, liking how I kept her warm. I don't know how long I slept for, but after I woke up, I was happy to remember that I finally had a small harem of pokegirls now.

But I still wanted to try rounding out my group. I had two more slots and there were still girls around this area that could still be useful to me. I just had to find them. Now that I had some combat pokegirls, I could move around more confidently. But with all the Titmice around, it was hard to get around. Amber and Vicky were able to beat them off, but when we came across a group of Pidgy and they attacked, we had to run for it.

They only stopped when I tripped in the hole that Amber used to rest in and fell into the thorn-bush again. My cursing must have scattered them, I'm sure. It nearly got a response from stoic Amber. We spent another several minutes pulling thorns out of me. I had to wonder if this plant was going to have any thorns left by the time I finally leave here.

To make sure I wasn't going to fall in that particular bush, we headed out further down the road until the sky began to darken. Mint's taming shock wore off quickly and she revealed that she knew how to cook up a small vegetarian meal for us, due to having become separated from her old tamer when a Candy Catgirl attacked them. The 'girl panicked and ran off, only to be abandoned and went feral as a result. She couldn't say how long ago that was but she was happy to have me as her master.

His loss only meant my gain since now I didn't have to train a 'girl how to cook. She didn't mind it either, because now she had a tamer who would keep her from getting eaten. It was good for us both, except for Amber and Vicky. Amber didn't eat some of the foods that we did and Vicky scared Mint something fierce just by her habit of looking around and not paying attention. It made Mint concerned that she was just playing it up so she could eat the Titmouse while I wasn't looking.

After I helped Mint to clean up, I put her, Amber, and Vicky back into their pokeballs. I had Raven crawl into my sleeping bag with me and I was soon asleep with my face against her breasts. She was so cute and soft, making sleep easy to come to me.

But when I awoke about four hours later, I found her cuddled up to my chest, her arms around me, making it difficult to move. I was happy, but things took a turn for the worse when I realized there was a face peeking into my tent. Oh crap! A Boobisaur! Where are my pokeballs? Shoot! They are on my belt!

"Mmm, master...more please..." Raven moaned in her sleep. Oh no, she was holding me too tight! I can't reach my pokeballs! The Boobisaur crawled inside the tent and looked at me and Raven with a weird smile. I finally grabbed a pokeball and pressed the button to expand it...and Raven disappeared...

Oh crap...

Then came the Lust Dust...

In case I don't make it. My name is Don, and I'm about to get fu-



Don's Harem