"We have to find Plussy! Please, we have to go back!"

"I'm sorry, but that way has been overrun with Zubutt. Why are there so many? And what's with that Golbutt? She purposefully went back and gathered so many Zubutt to attack us with."

"I don't know, but we should look for another way, master." Raven went to hug Miboobsy in an attempt to keep her calm. The 'girl was still in a panic and was ready to cry. "It's alright, master will help you find Plussy. Can you walk?"

The 'girl nodded and we kept moving. I don't know where I was and something was blocking the signal in my 'dex. Damn it, where should I go? When I heard the screech of a Zubutt, we took off. We needed to find somebody, anybody. We continued to look around, but with the unusual number of Zubutt around, it was hard trying to find enough cover.

And as the hours went by, we were not doing well. We spent a lot of energy running from the Zubutt, who attacked us on sight. They didn't even care if there were Geogal around, they attacked them too. It would have been useful if I could catch one, maybe use her to get the others to back off.

Terra was still out, she was the only 'girl I could get during the chaos, but she passed out from the strain when she was forced to run. I couldn't command Miboobsy, she wasn't my pokegirl and she needed her sister. She was able to sense something, a signal of sorts from her sister, but it was so faint and we were still lost. We didn't know which tunnel would lead us back to the others and which would lead us farther. Catherine could take care of herself but I was worried about Jaiden and my harem. With so many Zubutt around, I just hoped that they were not alone and lost in this mountain.

When we found a small cave, we laid down to rest. We were tired and my pokedex was saying that it was night time now. Great. I gave my coat to Miboobsy and snuggled up to Raven. We couldn't risk a taming because of the Zubutt that would fly past, forcing us to pause. We could barely hear them fly by, but we could almost feel their echolocation trying to find us. Just how many are there looking for us?

The next day wasn't all that much better. We barely had anything to eat and Miboobsy was becoming rapidly depressed. Raven did her best to try and cheer her up, but the 'girl wouldn't respond to it like we needed her to. Finally, I opted to carry her on my back. We had to keep moving, otherwise we'd only be caught and they'd eat us. Raven could survive an attack but me and Miboobsy wouldn't. There were just too many of them around and I didn't have any pokegirls to protect myself with.

We spent another night in a small cove we managed to find, possibly carved out by a pokegirl. My stomach nearly gave us away when it grumbled while a Zubutt was flying by. She was sitting on a rock, her ears moving about. Somehow, we managed to stay quiet long enough for a second to fly by and take her sister with her.

Oh wow, that was a stroke of fortune. But we would have to hurry soon. Miboobsy wasn't doing all that well. She was feeling depressed more and more and without food she was fading even further. Raven did what she could with her healing magic, but even a Damsel needed food. On our third night lost and hungry, me and Raven were looking at each other with heavy eyes. We knew that if we didn't find somewhere safe, we were probably not going to make it. I could feel it on the edges of my mind, my Tamer's Disease.

Damn it! We haven't had a good chance for a taming because of all these damned Zubutt who keep flying by. We've made it this far by being quiet, but the smell of sex will easily give us away. DAMN IT! I cracked my knuckle when I struck the stone. It was minor, so it would heal fast.

"Master..." Raven held my hand to her chest as the broken skin sealed itself. I found myself staring at her breasts and had to tear myself away.

"Sorry, I'm just so frustrated. Come on, let's get going."

Several hours of searching went by, but I must have been deep inside the mountain to not have been able to find a way out. The more I walked, the more I noticed how my fingers were holding Miboobsy up. I tried my best to distract myself, only to have Raven bend down to grab something.

The curve of her ass under that dress. I could feel myself getting hard in my pants, but it was not the best time for a boner. I was able to resist it, but my Tamer's Disease was still scratching at the edges of my mind. I snapped out of my thoughts when she pointed at something. I took a sharp rock and was able to slowly chip out a reddish-black stone, more specifically, a Dark Stone. It was an interesting find and as I gazed into it, I could almost see a setting sun.

I was actually wanting to lift Raven's dress and see a full moon but I shook my head of those thoughts. I really had to find somewhere safe. I did not want to have an episode and go off trying to tame everything I see. All I could see were Raven and Miboobsy and my gifts only made it more difficult for me to wear out. This was exactly why I never wanted my curse to go off and why I spent so much time with Rita. If I had an episode in town...no man, woman, or pokegirl would be safe. Most people with Tamer's Disease can be knocked out, but when you're dealing with a person who can be slugged by a metal bat and shrug it off...

I hardly ever spent more than two days away from Rita, so right now was getting very uncomfortable as the hours passed. I found myself wishing I'd kept her, because she might have found a way to suck me off without letting the Zubutt know. I was getting closer to the edge, I could feel it. My mind wanted to tame but I still had control over my body. But it was going to erode my willpower over time. It almost happened a few times in the past and it scared me. I almost attacked my mom once, trying to get a taming, but the sudden realization shook me to my core and I ran to Rita's house and didn't come out for half a week. Rita didn't mind it, but it did irritate her parents and Jaiden wasn't sure what to think about the whole issue. I needed the help and I was sleeping with his sister. But as a Bimbo, she wasn't one to turn away from a chance to get a lot of taming.

When we came across a Bunnygirl, I waited with Miboobsy and let Raven do her thing. i was hoping that having a quick taming with this one would help me relax and give us something to fight with. Which got me thinking, I have five Blade Bunnies, why haven't I...wait. We're underground, lost, hungry, and I have five carnivorous pokegirls with blades on the ends of their tails. Plus I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to put my hand over their mouths to keep the noises down because of their teeth. I was more likely to get lucky with the Bunnygirl.

That was until this one simply kicked Raven in the chest and ran off. It was so rare to actually see one of her kind down here, but now there she went. We continued on and came across a Geogal. I was only able to tell because it wasn't hard for me to recognize a smooth stone ass poking out from a pile of rocks. She must have gone feral and shut down, only to be buried in rocks. But without any battling pokegirls or enough water to make her wet, there wasn't anything I could do. My dick was not hard enough to penetrate this one, so we left her there.

This was starting to turn out like the beginning of my adventure. I tried to get more pokegirls, but I was having no luck. Not only that, but we had to keep ducking every several minutes as yet another Zubutt went by.

As my stomach growled again, I smelled something sweet. Me and Raven looked at each other and moved quickly to find the source. When we came across a small bug 'girl, we stopped and watched her. She was sitting on the ground, masturbating and licking a sticky substance off her fingers. A quick scan showed her as a Cunnydue, which would be just what we needed.

I had Raven go first, since she was the least threatening of us. She used Overwhelming Attraction to keep her attention while I snuck up behind her. She struggled as I pinned her to the ground but she couldn't so much as stratch me. It wasn't just because of my hard skin, but also because she didn't have any attacks to use in her feral state. I quickly managed to lift her up and put my head between her legs.

While Raven kept an eye and ear out for trouble, I happily sucked on the 'girls pussy and drank her sweet ambrosia, feeling the sugary substance revitalize my body and sating my hunger. Raven's technique had left her in Lust, so I was able to eat all I wanted while she was recieved some good oral sex. While she was going through taming shock, I had Miboobsy make an attempt and eat some too. She needed it more than any of us because she was just wasting away. Raven didn't have any healing left to keep her body from simply falling apart and my own magic wasn't strong enough.

The smell was able to get her attention and she weakly ate what little she could. We needed to find Plussy, and fast, or else she just wouldn't make it. When it was Raven's turn, I looked around when I thought I heard something.


"Run for it!" I cried and tapped the Cunnydue with a pokeball when a Zubutt came down upon us. From the vocals, she was going through taming shock. Was there somebody behind this? Only humans caused taming shock to happen in pokegirls upon their first taming with one. I wasn't about to find out by letting her grab us. When she swooped in, she aimed for Miboobsy. That's it, I couldn't take it anymore.

I called Gungnir and hit a strong note, pouring all I could into it. She screamed as her sensitive ears ruptured and she crashed head-first into the wall. She wasn't moving but we had to move anyways. That sound would have drawn more to our location.

Sure enough, here they came. I was about to grab Mibooby and run when I saw something looking back at me. It took me just a few moments to see the spikes along her back and recognize the Leomani pokewoman, also known as a Sexslash. She looked at Miboobsy and realized that she had the ice element, and being a ground type, she wasn't going to stick around.

She grabbed me and I disappeared down the hole with her. I couldn't fight her off because of her enhanced strength and durability, not to mention the spikes on her back. Raven screamed my name but there was nothing I could do about it. Sexslash didn't let go of me at any point as I was dragged into her den. She dumped me onto a pile of sand and looked at me with a hunger in her eyes.

It clicked in my mind that she wanted me to tame her. I somehow managed to get my pants off before she leaped on me, her claws slashing my shirt to ribbons as she positioned herself. It was hard for me to grab hold of something because of all the spikes on her back, so I opted to go with her bare breasts.

She must be starving for a good taming from how hard she was fucking me. She slammed her hips on my dick while her claws raked across my chest and belly. She was starting to draw blood, even through my tough skin, but I could only focus on the taming. It had been two-and-a-half days since my last. I needed this, cuts or not.

As she leaned in, I pulled her head down and kissed her, much to her pleasant surprise. Being on the animorph side of the pokegirl body type, her muzzle was much different to kiss than my other 'girls. But that didn't stop me. I pushed off the ground in time with her, pushing her to her limit while she brought me to mine.

When I came, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I finally got the taming I needed and I could think about other things again. And once I was able to nab her with a pokeball, I was able to relax until Raven and Miboobsy entered. Raven nearly screamed my name and ran over to check on me. I knew I was scratched up, but when I looked down, I saw what the problem was.

I had a hole in my gut.

Wow, even with my tough skin, she still put a hole in me. I must have fucked her so hard that I barely even noticed how hard she clawed me until now. Raven was crying because she was starving and had exhausted her healing magic on Miboobsy. She wasn't sure what she could do to heal me. A wound this bad was going to need too much time for my body to heal it and we couldn't stay down here during that time. But we couldn't go out either, as the smell of my blood would draw anything and everything that feeds off it. Hell, it was a risk even being down here.

But Raven didn't stop trying to cast her healing magic. But she had already drained every last thing she had to keep Miboobsy's body from simply falling apart during her depression and hunger. Raven couldn't stop crying as her magic fizzled around her fingers and faded. She was begging it to work, desperate to heal me.

"Ma-Master...Don...I can't h-heal you..." she muttered between sobs. She was breaking down now and I was bleeding out. I couldn't reach out and touch her face one last time to try and ease her pain. "Please...work...please...for master..." she put her hands on me, only for nothing to happen. "Give m-me...the strength to h-heal my master...do it for Don..." she put her hands together and prayed. What happened next surprised us both.

A glow sparked in her hands and slowly grew into a white flame, casting a warm glow over us. Seeing as she was holding white fire and she was a Damsel, she immediately panicked and it dropped on me. I tried to cover my wound, only to guide it to it instead by mistake. But the flame didn't burn as it sunk into my flesh, instead my wound closed up as the holy magic healed my body.

I got up, my wound closed and my Fast Healing gift able to repair the remaining damage. Raven couldn't take it any longer and started to cry. She was so concerned for me and now she was able to relax a bit. I hugged her and she mumbled into my chest.

"Did you say something?"

She tried to halt her sobs long enough to say, "Pokekit."

I looked and found a Loamani 'kit crawling over. Her back was covered in scales, still soft because she was so young. She barely even had any claws yet. The 'kit looked like she wanted to find her mother, who was likely the one in my pokeball now. When the little one smelled her scent on me, she crawled up to me and hugged my leg. When she realized that I wasn't her mom, she clawed at me, but she couldn't do anything with such tiny claws. As soon as she noticed Raven her eyes lit up and she left me to head for the Damsel. She was giggling along the way and looked rather enthusiastic about it.

Raven picked her up and the Loamani 'kit started clawing at her blouse, trying to get at her breasts. Raven had to struggle with her to keep the baby from tearing up her clothes while I just laughed.

"Looks like she's hungry. Don't worry, I know where to get some milk." I took out the baby's mother, who was surprised that Raven was holding her 'kit and went to retrieve her. We let her take a moment to feed her baby while Raven enjoyed some Cunnydue ambrosia. Now that the two weren't feral anymore, they were able to listen to what we needed, to a point. They were still a feralborn and going through taming shock, so they were a bit limited on what they could say back.

I guess I was their first human. But Sexslash did motion that she recognized Mibooby's scent and that there was another 'girl who looked like her. Or at least I hoped that was the case. Cunnydue was too busy being eaten out to even make an attempt at telling me anything. Raven was starved and going down on the 'girl for her ambrosia was giving her pleasure as well.

When she was done, I picked up Miboobsy and took her down one of the tunnels that Sexslash had carved. She was sniffing about, trying to find a certain scent among the many tunnels that branched off this one, making sure that they were safe for us. Last thing we needed was to be coming across one of the Zubutt again. Or worse.

Sexshrew held her baby close and continued on while we followed behind her with only my light stone helping us to stay with her. It was a strange feeling to have another pokewoman, but I wasn't going to complain. The wound she accidentally gave me resulted in Raven learning how to use a new technique. I just wish she wouldn't freak out every time she lit a white flame.

"Ahh!" Raven cried as she dropped the fourth flame.

"Raven, what are you doing?" I asked. She looked up and freaked out when she forgot she was holding white fire. She tossed it about before hitting me in the face with it. I would have freaked out too if it hadn't healed me instead.

"I'm trying to hold it. You think I could attack with it?"

"Are you sure you could?" I asked and Raven frowned. She looked away from me, only to walk into a low part of the ceiling. She got her footing back and caught up with us.


"Huh?" I looked to Miboobsy, who I was carrying on my back still.

"Metal Coat or Shield Stone. They evolve Damsels." She was struggling just to say that.

Raven heard that and caught up with me, "You think that could work?" Miboobsy nodded and the Damsel skipped, only to crack her head into the ceiling.

"You're going to have to stop doing that. You're going to mess up your hair."

"Aren't you supposed to say that I might hurt my..." she stopped and slapped herself. "Of course, hehe, I'm a Damsel. I don't feel pain."

"But you will if you evolve. Are you sure you would want to?"

"I can still be useful to you. I'm still in one of your combat slot. Although, I don't know why you didn't take candy or keep Rita."

"That's because you're my starter and the other 'girls like to have you around. And not just because Terra can punch you. You're a very sweet 'girl and you've done your best to help."

"But Damsels aren't meant for fighting!" she stated.

"I know, but you still helped to beat Brock. At least because they were unprepared for you. I don't know how long I can rely on that. Against a more powerful foe, you may not be enough against them. Especially if she's too strong to wear out having her punch you or tame you."

"I want to help my master! I don't care if I get hurt. I want to make sure I'm of use to you!"

"Raven, I'd kiss you if I wasn't busy carrying Mib-" I stopped when I walked into Sexslash's spiked back. Oh fuck, I think one of them stabbed my dick. And I can't get off because I have Miboobsy on my back. Fortunately, Raven pulled me off and my eyes crossed. That was actually enough to hurt me. Why did she stop like that?

"Can I kiss her for you?" came a familiar voice.

"Penny!" I cried.

"Miboobsy!" came another voice as 'girl's tamer appeared from behind Penny. He took out Plussy, who immediately ran to grab her sister. Their cheeks sparked as they rubbed together and Miboobsy looked lively again. She was so happy to see her sister again.

"Hey, are any of the other's with you?" I asked.

"We found Catherine and Jaiden. But Cindy, Mana, and one of Jaiden's Doggirls is missing. But I did see Mana with Cindy at least."

"Shit. Hopefully they are okay. I'm more worried about Mana. She's not a fighter like the other two. Plus, the Doggirl can sniff her way around."

"Hey, who is this?" Penny pointed to the Loamani pokewoman, who reacted by hugging her baby and growling. I had to quickly step in to calm her.

"It's okay, she's with me." I gently brushed her cheek and she looked at me. She wasn't sure if she could trust a Doggirl, but she knew she could trust me. I could understand why she was acting this way because she was just protecting her baby. The 'kit was pressing herself up against her mother to protect herself. I let her walk behind me while Penny and Jim, the tamer I'd battled earlier, brought us to see a geologist who was studying Mt. Moon.

"Oh, you found your friend. Hey, Catherine, they found your friend!"

Sexslash yelped as the tamer came out of her tent and tackled me. She was topless, with only her bra covering her breasts, and she was covered in sweat. Lily and Tiffany popped their heads out and waved before ducking back inside. Sexslash sniffed the girl a few times before wandering over to see Lavender to see if she could get some of her soup. Feeling that they were safe with us, she sat down and let her 'kit crawl around her.

She was a star among the 'girls, especially Penny and Jaiden's Doggirl. The two played games with the 'kit, using their tails to tickle her until she fell over. Then she But the Loamani 'kit was quick to get into trouble. She was crawling around my new Terra Bird and managed to grab and pluck one of her tail feathers, making her screech and scaring the 'kit.

Before he mother could get up and go on the attack, I picked the little one up and held her in my arms. She calmed down while I rocked her and was soon snuggled up against my chest. Once she started yawning, I slipped her into her mother's arms so she could be fed. Then I went to see Terra Bird, who I still had to name.

"How's your tail?"

She shook it and checked to see which one was missing, "I'll live. If that 'kit wasn't so cute, she may not have been so lucky."

"Well, at least now we know that she likes your tail."

"Don't you?" Terra Bird asked. "It's a great tail, isn't it?"

"Um, are you talking about your tail feathers or your ass?"

"Can't it be both? Hey!" she yelped and turned when Goldy, the blond geologist, patted my 'girl on the ass. "What was that for?"

"If you're going to tame him, you may as well just pick him up, take him to a tent, and do it. I know I would." She licked her lips and I felt like a Titmouse facing a Catgirl. Damn, I could almost feel her hunger for sex. Fortunately, Jim caught her attention while he was talking to her spotted feline pokegirl. She was interested to hear about me from Raven, and I knew she would only speak the truth. Trouble was that I wasn't sure if that was a good idea.

I quickly made my way to my bag and started setting up my tent. Terra Bird was happy to help out and even got Raven and Penny into it too. From what I heard from Penny, it was Terra Bird who gathered up as many as she could and bringing them here. Her natural speed and strength in her battle form helped her to keep the Zubutt away.

And because they were forced to defend themselves for two days, Vicky and Marie, Catherine's Pidgy and Ninjette, were able to evolve into a Pidgette and Kunoichi. Vicky was taller, her curves were more pronounced, and she was more attractive now. She was also a better fighter now too. As for Marie, she went through a larger change. Actually, beyond a height increase, her breasts, which were once an A-cup, were now an E-cup that rivaled Raven's.

She was a gorgeous pokegirl and she knew it. She had even altered her clothes to exencuate her curves and breasts. First time I seen her, I had to do a double-take because I wasn't sure who she was at first. Plus, with her new body, she was more eager to learn a few sex attacks from Jim and Goldy's pokegirls. She figured it would be useful to have now that she could distract any horny man, woman, or pokegirl. I guess being around Catherine for so long as a Ninjette wore off on her because she liked flaunting her new body around me and Jaiden. Though, Jaiden would get pulled away by his Doggirl every time the Kunoichi tried.

Once my tent was up, I went in with Terra Bird. It was nice to talk with her for a bit first, just to get to know her. She had been born a pokegirl while her three younger sisters were all human. She used to give them all rides on her back until it was time for her to be sold off. Jim was the tamer who bought her and had trained her for nearly two years now. The first year gained her the plant element but soon she'd replace that with the dark element from training in Mt. Moon for nearly a year. She had given up her name, but when I asked about it, she revealed that it was Yumi, so I went with that. To celebrate her being added to my harem, she got to know me better as she opened my pants and straddled me. Her feathers tickled as she put her arms around my body and held me to her chest. She was my tallest pokegirl, standing at seven feet. It was nice that she enjoyed holding me this way.

But I treated her good like I did any of my 'girls in return for her kindness. I flicked her pink nipple with my tongue and planted kisses across her breast, making her coo and whisper things into my ear. I knew I had to find Mana, but I couldn't do that unless I was prepared to get out and find her. I had to build my strength and gain the loyalty of Yumi as her powerful legs could help us find my missing 'girls.

We took it slow, but even then she knew how to move while she sat on my lap. She had plenty of practice with Jim, who was probably busy with Goldy. I had to chuckle, drawing a confused look from the Terra Bird.

"Jaiden is probably the only tamer among us who isn't currently having sex."

"How would you know that?"

"You hear that sound? The sounds of hard breathing and slight moans? That would be Catherine and her 'girls. Ooh, that would be Lita, her Domina, spanking her. That other sound, what sounds a bit like grunting, would have to be Goldy and Jim. I'm not surprised she grabbed him. A woman with a body like hers would have drawn my attention too. But I knew the look in her eyes that spoke of a deep sexual hunger that would swallow even me up with ease. But I don't hear Jaiden. He doesn't tame his 'girls as much as me and Catherine."

"Now how would you know all this?"

"I'm used to being able to tell who is having sex by the sounds they make. I learned that pretty quick as a kid because my mom has a high libido, even as a pokewoman. I could tell when it was a good idea to let my parents be. It was a good thing that I rarely had any nightmares because my dad couldn't say no to my mom when she was in the mood."

"Hey, are you going to talk or are you going to tame her? Because I could use a taming too." That would be Penny, my Doggirl who had been sitting outside my tent the whole time. "Should have known. Lily, smack her for me."


"Penny, smack Lily for me."


"Now, both of you, leave me be. I can't stay hard when I think I'm being spied on."

"Fine..." they said together and walked off.

I waited for a bit before saying, "That means you too, Lavender."

"Oopsie!" she took off after I said that.

Yumi chuckled, "You know your 'girls pretty well."

"No, they just can't get enough of me, even when I'm taming someone. Isn't that right, Lilith?"

"Alright already! Come on Joy."

"But I want to...oops..."

"Now where were we?" I asked and Yumi pushed me down. I held onto her hips while she moved her hips, softly moaning and cooing. She slowly picked up her pace, pushing herself until she could feel the warmth of my cum inside her. Afterwards, she had to settle her tail feathers and found another one was missing. Turns out she I plucked one by mistake when I grabbed her ass.

And speaking of missing, where was Penny? I could see everyone but for some reason I couldn't see Penny. It was bad enough to have two of my 'girls missing, I was not going to lose a third. Hold on, just how many of my 'girls are even here? I thought I saw Lavender, but it turns out Lita was...wearing Lavender's apron? Okay, Lita doesn't normally cook. She leaves that to my Iron Chef. Where were they?

"Lavender, Penny, where are you two?" I called but they didn't respond. I heard Goldy and Jim still going at it, did he have the Endurance blood gift or did she drug him with Lust Dust? "If you two don't get out there, I'm letting Terra tame you!" I heard Terra spitting her drink. "Sorry! But if you think about it, they're going to listen."

"If they don't, I'm so going to smack you for that!"

Lavender spilled out Catherine's tent shortly after and Terra grumbled to herself before going back to her drink. Catherine came falling out soon after, crushing the Iron Chef's bulb. The tamer quickly rolled off when the 'girl squealed and she soon apologized to her. Catherine was half-naked, having attempted to throw her clothes back on. She was trying to say something but looked like she was both confused and concerned.

"Catherine, what did you do?"

"Um, I sort of...borrowed your 'girls and..." she looked inside her tent and held up her hands.

"What's wrong?"

"I...um...she's happy and safe!" she cried. "Trust me, she's perfectly fine, but while we were going at it, Lavender helped her orgasm she evolved into a Hound! But when we were about to celebrate, I was reaching into my bag for my favorite dildo and my coin collection fell out and she sat on one and..."

"And?" I had enough of being led around and went inside to check on her. What I found were three pairs of eyes looking back at me. I close the tent, ran to get my pokedex, went back, scanned her, and came up with the Cerberass. I don't know how, I don't know why, but somehow, my pokegirl, my new Cerberass, had all the additions.

She had two extra arms set under her regular ones, but not only that, but she also had two extra heads who were all looking at me. Their ears all went down as I stared at them and she waved at me, the middle head attempting a smile.

"Come on, say something!" the one on her right said.

"No, how are we supposed to explain that we've had sex behind his back with another tamer?" the left replied.

"We weren't going to bond with her! We just wanted a little fun because he was making us so horny taming his new 'girl." The left obviously didn't realize that I could hear her.

"That doesn't mean it's okay, since we never even told him! What if he doesn't trust Catherine anymore! What if he wants to split up after that? Catherine is so much fun! I know I don't want her to leave."

"Neither do I! What do you think?" the left head looked at the middle, who had remained silent the entire time.

From the look on my face, they finally realized I'd heard everything. Though it was kind of confusing because her two new heads were talking to each other while her main head stayed silent this whole time.

I shook my head and sighed, "You, wait here. If you leave this tent, I will not pleased. You can ask someone to get you food but you're not to leave unless it's an emergency. Catherine!"

The tamer ran and hid behind Vicky, her Pidgette. Because she used to be my pokegirl, I gave her a look and she moved, leaving her tamer on her own to have to face me. I grabbed her hand and took her to my tent, where I slapped her ass as she went inside. She wasn't sure what was going on. All she knew was that I still had a serious face. Of course, the reason for that was that she took two of my pokegirls without asking and made one of them evolve, twice, without first asking me about it.

But when I saw that blush on her face under the glow of the light stone hanging above us, I couldn't stay mad. I grabbed her and pulled her close while I planted my lips on hers. For one so confident when it came to sex, I was interested to see her so nervous while she kissed me back.

My heart leaped in my chest and I almost lunged for her but I held my composure, somehow. Even with all the amazing sex I've had, I wasn't going to just turn into an animal that desires sex all the time. I licked Catherine's neck, making her gasp while she was reaching into my pants but I stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

"Did you know that Penny believes that because you made her evolve into her current form, that I would leave you?" Catherine froze in my arms at those words, showing a side I had never seen in her before. She held me tight and didn't let go.

"I...I know I shouldn't have taken your 'girl, I'm sorry! I-" she stopped when I reached up and took down the light stone, covering with a heavy cloth so it only gave off a dull glow. We could barely see each other, but I could smell the sweat on her body, hear her breathing. I leaned in and surprised her by licking her chest.


"Shh, let me take control this time." I ran my finger down spine, all the way to her ass, making her squirm. Then I ran it up her side, taking her shirt with it. She felt confused and aroused, making it easy to get her clothes off. Once she was laying on her back, she spread her legs, presenting herself to me. She wanted me to have my way with her, so that I would forgive her by using her body in return for her using my 'girls.

But instead I dove in, driving my tongue in without so much as teasing her. I sucked on her delicious pussy, which was sopping wet now. It tasted of strawberries, which meant she was still using that ointment I found when I got Mana. I really had to find her. I didn't want to lose any of my pokegirls in this place, especially not to those Zubutt and their Golbutt leader.

"Don, that feels good!" Catherine squirmed about and grabbed my head. I couldn't get enough of her and wanted to drink all that I could. I didn't know if it was the strawberry flavor or her moaning, but I was so aroused now. But I kept going, I continued to eat her out until she came into my mouth. I drank it all down like Cunnydue's ambrosia. Hell, this tasted even better to me.

I was so hard that when I was pushing inside her folds she stopped me. Apparently I was so swollen with the need for this that she felt that I was going to be a little too much for her. She opted to give me a blowjob instead, which I was happy to oblige. As her lips grasped my shaft, I could only sit there and let her pleasure me.

"Catherine, you don't have to try so hard..."

"But, I took your-" I stopped her right there by pulling her head back down on my cock. I wasn't in the right position to be trying anything fancy to silence her and I didn't now what to say.

"Catherine, I'm not going to leave you. You've been a great friend all this time. You could have easily grabbed any man you wanted, and yet you stuck with me, a person with a blood curse that is sometimes feared even more than the Rage blood curse. Heck, when my 'girls aren't coming after me, you make my day better just by being you. Well, when you're being the you that isn't trying to fuck me dry."

"Don. Please be quiet and let me suck you off in peace."


"Don't be sorry, be happy. I'm here with you, doing this, because I like you. Most guys were just willing slaves for the sex. But you, you not only enjoy it but you keep making us love it more and more." She opened her mouth and proceeded to take in my entire length.

"Then you won't mind if I ask you out on a date?"

Note to self, never surprise a woman who's deepthroating you...