It wasn't how she wanted it, but as I removed my clothes, the Joy blew out the candle and leaned over the bed. Her bare ass was almost begging me to take her. I slapped her gorgeous ass and caressed her skin to ease the sting. She wasn't used to such treatment but she'd learn to enjoy it. I just had to ease her into it before I went any further.

"So, what's it like being a pokegirl now?" asked Raven. "I know you'll have an easier time than I did. I became a Damsel as soon as I hit puberty."

"I didn't know that," I was honestly surprised she said that without being asked first.

"You didn't ask." Oh, ah, okay. "I wasn't experienced being a pokegirl, and becoming a Damsel surprised my parents. They liked that I was useful around the house, but my little brother was almost taming age too and he wanted my new body. They quickly sold me to the ranch to keep him from simply ordering me to do something. That's where your mother found me and purchased me from the rancher. I'm so happy it is you who became my master."

"Um...hello?" Joy mumbled. Oh right!

"Alright, we can have our talk later. But first, time for taming."

"Just, go easy on me." She was truly concerned about how much pain she might feel. This would be the first time I've taken a 'girl's virginity before. When we weren't moving fast enough, Raven sat down in front of Joy and opened her dress. When her breasts came out, the 'girl's jaw dropped. I took that moment and her virginity with it.

Raven grabbed her head and kissed her while I slowly pulled back. Joy was making all kinds of sounds that the kiss had muted. So I helped myself to her pussy and pushed back inside. She was really tight, the walls of her pussy wrapped around my cock with a lover's warm embrace.

Each thrust made me want to cum, but the endurance drink I had taken earlier for this held me back. Once again, I was flying in heaven. As I ran my finger down Joy's spine, she broke the kiss with Raven and let out a cry of bliss.

I pushed into her deep and hard, adding to the pleasures I gave her before. Her moans were what I wanted. I loved to hear the voices of my 'girls enjoying themselves. It was a sound that ignited my spirit, driving me to find a way to help them enjoy it as much as I do. Just as I was flying high, Joy had her first orgasm and let out an intense cry before promptly passing out.

Raven put a finger to her mouth, looking so cute as she wondered what just happened. I tapped Joy with a pokeball and she disappeared inside it. She was now officially a part of my harem. But there was still more to be done. The effects of the endurance drink were still in my system and Joy hadn't lasted as long as most of my 'girls.

I was gentle as I laid Raven down and removed her dress. I ran my finger down the middle of her chest and between her breasts and she delicately moaned for me. I licked at her nipple, swirling my tongue around it, getting her to make such a cute face. It was only when I stopped that she noticed how hard I was.

"Master! You're swollen!"

"No, I'm just really happy to be with all of you."

She blushed looked away, peeking my way when she tried to say something but nothing came out. Instead she spread her gorgeous legs for me, ready to have me take her and find my pleasure with her body. I rubbed the tip of my dick against her folds, teasing her for a bit. She moved her hips, trying to make me put it in but I held back. If actions speak louder than words, she was telling me to take her and use her until I was finished.

I leaned in and looked into her eyes. I was surprised when I didn't notice this earlier but her eyes were a steel grey.  I guess I must have mistaken them for silver or something. She let me stare into her eyes, waiting patiently for me. When I snapped out of my thoughts, I found her on top of me, grinding my dick. The look of pleasure in her eyes held me there while she did the work for me.

"Master, you feel so good inside me."

"Keep going, that endurance drink's going to keep me good and hard." I slapped her ass a few times before I pulled on her nipples. She moaned and shifted her hips before finding her pace again. I pinched her nipples while she moved and she grabbed my hands, making me pull on them even harder.

She was riding me so good until Lilith walked in on us. Raven wasn't sure what to do when the Vampire looked at the two of us. Then she whispered something in Raven's ear and she slipped off me. They had me slide up to the edge of the bed and they pressed their breasts together over my cock.

Still slick with Raven's juices, the two started to move together, stroking me with their breasts. My heart pounded inside my chest and I struggled to breath as my cock hardened to its limit. I could feel my climax building up inside me. It was like a dam that was overflowing. Then Lilith leaned in and licked the tip of my cock as it popped up between their breasts and I fell back on the bed.

Before I knew it, the two had separated and Lilith hopped on, riding my dick so fast and hard that it blew my mind. The sex was so amazing that when I came, I unloaded all I had inside her and blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I found the Vampire and Damsel laying on my arms. Lilith looked rather content, meaning she probably fed on Raven while I was out. Warmed by their bodies, I slept peacefully.

A few hours later, only Raven was with me, still sound asleep. When she began to stir I kissed her lips and she snuggled a pillow I passed to her. Lilith was awake and sitting by the window. I put a hand on her shoulder and walked her outside. Summer Flower had given me a copy of her key if I couldn't make it inside after dark. This also meant I could leave with my 'girl.

The moon was out, lighting up the area enough for me, though Lilith had no problem there. We walked down the road, just enjoying each other's company. The city was peaceful, and with no signs of trouble, we decided to go into the park area. Even if it was dark, nobody was going to get away with messing with a Vampire and her tamer.

"You play very well. Did you really learn that for your mom?"

"Kind of. Because my dad moved us around a lot, I picked up on a number of things. I'll bet I could surprise you again."

"I'm sure you could. But what I want to know is where you got all your skill with taming?"

"Didn't I mention that one of my neighbors had a Bimbo? She helped me out all she could. Even let me practise a few things on her. I'm no pro, but so far I haven't disappointed."

"I think that's because you keep going where other people would tire out for a week."

I chuckled, "True, my Recovery gift has been a great help. Without it, I wouldn't have the harem I have now." I closed my eyes and listened. "Hey, I don't hear anybody. Are you-" I couldn't even finish when she had my pants down and her lips wrapped around my shaft.

Her tongue was swirling around the tip and a moan slipped out of my mouth. I gripped the back of her head, drawing a snarl from her, and I found myself smiling. She was hungry again, but she wanted to get me primed for her feeding first. So she satisfied her hunger with the taste of my cock.

I relaxed against a tree and pulled on her hair. Doing so seemed to wake something primal in her and her pace increased. Without warning, she flipped around, using her natural Ashen Wings ability to put her slit up to my face while she held the tree. I buried my face between her legs and drank in her flavorful juices.

She popped my dick out of her mouth and snarled again. The moon was bright and full, a sight that pleased her. She licked my shaft and stroked it while I sunk my tongue inside her pussy. A thought passed into my mind and I gave her a nibble.

"Hey! Who's the Vampire here?" she squeezed my dick in her hand but I wasn't so easily stopped. I bit her, her enhanced durability preventing my teeth from piercing her skin. But it was enough to make her lose her concentration for a second, forcing me to catch her as she fell towards the ground, head-first.

She kicked off the tree and flipped back around, "Oh, so that's how it's going to be?" Lilith swayed her hips as she approached me and raised her leg. "Come on, tame me."

I swatted her bare ass and pulled her close, "Such a naughty pokegirl." I pushed her into the tree and grabbed her by her rump.

"You should spank me if I'm being bad." I did just that and she pushed her ass out some more. "Come on, this is supposed to be a punishment." I wound up and let her have it. She yelped and asked for another, only harder. She started to growl and then she was on top of me before I could react. "Oh, sorry! I just...started to remember..." she started to get up from my lap but I put my arms around her.

"She can't hurt you anymore. I made sure of that. Flint will take care of her, make sure she stays out of trouble. I erased that part of her. There is no way she can ever return to who she was."

"I know, but she left her mark on my mind. So much pain and death..."

"As long as you are my 'girl, I won't let that happen. I don't care if I have the Non-Combatant blood curse, I would use all I can to fight for you. I would even learn magic to stand a chance if it meant I could get to you."

"Thank you." She kissed me and we looked at each other under the moonlight. Just as with Raven, the moon brought out the best of our passion as we made love there in the park. It was slow and sweet, with more love and compassion than lust for each other's body. We lost track of time and how many time we came together, but when it was over, Lilith had to slip into the bushes to let it all out.

"Just how many times did you cum in me?"

"I lost count after the fifth. I don't know what came over me, but my body couldn't stop."

"Maybe some of that recovery drink was still in your system." She stood up and yelped.

"What is it!?" I cried and charged in, only to trip and fall into the bushes. Damn it! At least it's not a thorn-bush this time.

"A Puppy! Ohh, can we keep her! She's so cuuute! I always wanted a Puppy!" Lilith was petting a naked 'girl with dog-like ears and a wagging tail. She barked and Lilith nearly melted as she glomped her. "Can we keep her, can we?"

The Puppy looked at me as I took out my 'dex and scanned her. It showed that she was of taming age, she just wasn't experienced enough to evolve. She looked to be a domestic, though she was still feral. Maybe a lost Puppy? I would have to report this in if there was an owner.

The Puppy tilted her head again and barked. She was rather adorable. I never had any pets because my dad was always moving around. "Here, catch!" I passed her a pokeball, which she immediately jumped for, which bounced off her head and captured her.

I took her to the Pokecenter where a Nurse Joy was yawning just as we came inside. "Oh, hello. How can I be of assistance?"

"We found a Puppy outside in the park. We were wondering if there was anybody looking for a missing pet."

"No, there aren't any jobs of that sort. It could be one of the ferals you see wandering around the city."

Huh, I guess that could explain it. I put the pokegirl into storage for a later taming and went back to Pins and Needles. Lilith helped me phase through the walls so we wouldn't make any noise. But just as we were passing by Lily's room, I heard her moaning. Lilith and me peeked through the wall, still phased, and found her with...Terra! Of all my 'girls for her to be with, she's with my Tomboy? Lily was on her back, legs spread wide as Terra slipped her finger inside her. It was kind of hot. Lilith thought so too.

"Master?" said a voice and she pulled out of the wall to see Mint. She was rubbing her eye, looking sleepy still. I was rather worn out from my time with Lilith, so I left her to join the other two while I picked up my Mousewife. She was wearing one of my shirts, which was a good look on her. She had her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs around my hips as I carried her.

Raven was still fast asleep as I slipped Mint in close, who hugged the 'girl and fell back to sleep. I slipped in beside her and stroked her. The Damsel and the Mousewife looked good together and I was glad I had them.

"Candy! Slow down!" hissed Joy. "We have to be quiet! Don't make me spank you!"

Great, the two were trying to get to the bathroom to have a little fun time. As if I haven't been doing enough as it is. Wait, I guess this was a good thing. It meant that I could just rest here with Mint and Raven. Mint snuggled up to Raven's breasts, making me mildly jealous. I hugged them both and closed my eyes.

My rest was quick because my body recovered from the day faster than most. Hense why I could function on half the sleep. But I certainly wasn't ready for Mint's morning blowjob.

When I was almost ready to climax, she switched to Candy, who stroked me off until I blew. She gulped my cum down and it became a wad in her 'belly'. Now that she'd been fed, I was able to get up and stretch, only to discover that my pants were missing. I eyed Mint and she gave them up. I was surprised she managed to do that because I was usually a light sleeper. How could she be giving me a blowjob and I didn't wake up for it?

She smiled and the two 'girls ran off. I guess I was just tired after what me and Lilith did. After going downstairs and having breakfast, a happy Lily came out. She was happy, but also a total mess. Her hair was wild, her clothes were barely on, and why was she holding a tea cozy? I couldn't ask Lilith because she'd be sleeping now. She would need her rest for now because I was going to be challenging the gym leader here soon.

For the next few days, I was making up my plan of attack while I was getting my ink done and training when I wasn't. I knew the gym here had a focus on rock types, but just how strong were they? I never even seen Brock battle because I was usually playing with the pokegirls at the ranch. When I wasn't planning or training, my 'girls got me into another taming. They knew I could tame them all with barely anything more than a recovery drink, so they milked me when they could.

I didn't really see much of Summer Flowers. She was so busy crafting the materials that I had to wonder what she was up to. Not even Lily had ever seen her work this hard. Lily was able to finish up my ink, at least, and I was quite impressed with her work. She had designed the Guardian Shield on my arm. The enchantment was designed to absorb energy, helping me with my spellcasting. I wasn't very strong with it so maybe this could help?

"I'm done!" Summer Flowers yelled, catching everyone by surprise and causing a shopping Mousewife to run out the door. I knew it was another one because Mint had been sitting beside me the whole time. When the pokewoman came out, our jaws dropped. Our reasoning was because Summer Flowers was no longer an Enchantress.

She was an Archmage!

"I'm sorry for it taking this long. But I knew my regular powers would not work for a project like this."

"Mom. You used them?" Lily asked. I was still confused about what was going on. Did she use something that turned her into an Archmage?

"Yes, I finally used the stones your father left me." She breathed a sigh of relief. Then she saw the confused look on my face and explained that three mana stones charged with her magic and then absorbed all at once could cause her evolution. She had the three the whole time, but never wanted to use them because they were a gift from her late husband. But when she absorbed all the energy she had been keeping within them, she evolved into an Archmage. She then proceeded to use her extra magical energy to craft the materials, weaving her enchantment to the best of her ability, which was now enhanced by her evolution. But first, there was something she needed.

The Archmage grabbed me and pulled me into her bedroom. She had not received a taming all week and she was pushing it now. She needed a taming now or she would risk falling into becoming a feral. She cast a spell around us, one that brought a cooling sensation in my loins.

"I hope you don't mind taming a pokewoman."

"I don't mind." I was slowly losing my voice. I was nervous because this was a powerful pokewoman. One spell and I could be history.

But when her dress slipped off, my fears dropped with it. Even for a mother of two and at her age, she had an absolutely gorgeous body. Her hips had just the right amount of curve and her breasts were a nice D-cup. I don't know if it was magic or just because she was horny, but there was a glow about her.

She flicked her finger in my direction and my clothes faded away, letting my erection to leap up for her. I was hard and she didn't even have to touch me yet. She licked the tip and I felt like I almost blew right there, but when she grabbed hold of my shaft, her hands felt strangely cool and I relaxed.

"You're not getting off so easily. Excuse the pun." She turned around and sat on my lap, slowly slipping my dick inside her. "Ooohh, yeeesss," she moaned. I wasn't that well-endowed, was I? I pulled her down the rest of the way and she chuckled. "Oooh, I haven't felt this excited for a taming since I was still a pokegirl."

As she moved her hips, I held her breasts, teasing her nipples. I guess what aunty Gem said was true, I had a thing for them. But for a pokewoman like Summer Flower, it served to enhance her pleasure. She road me for a bit, just to get herself warmed up before she slipped off and bent over the bed, patting her ass. She didn't have to tell me twice as I got up and slipped in behind her.

I was losing my mind in the pussy of this gorgeous pokewoman. I pushed in as far as my dick could go, but for some reason I felt a strange warmth in my left, right where my tattoo was. But I was barely conscious of it as Summer Flower's voice filled the room.

"Oh yes, oh, ooh! Please, like that! Please, ahh, make me cum, please make me cum!"

I sped up, pounding her endlessly until her pussy tightened around me, driving me over the edge. I wrapped my arms around her waist as my hold body tightened up. I came so much that I dropped to the floor as soon as I pulled out. The Archmage rubbed herself and tasted a bit of my cum that leaked out.

"So much. I might get pregnant from this."

"Wait, what!?" just as I said that, my entire harem, even Terra, spilled into the room with Lily on the top of the pile. "And what are all of you doing? Can't I get any privacy once in awhile?"

"But we couldn't help it!" Mint replied as she popped out from between the breasts of Raven and Lavender, covered in Candy's slime again. She shook her face of the stuff, splashing the two 'girls.

"I never knew you were a mother fucker," Terra stated and everyone looked at her. All except for Mint, who was trapped between the Damsel and Ivywhore. "What? It's true! He fucked Lily's mom."

"But why didn't I get a taming? I made you something too!" Lily exclaimed.

"Hey, you got me and Terra! Be happy!" Lilith replied, somewhere in the pile. Everyone looked at Terra because Lilith was nowhere to be seen. "And will you guys get off me. It's bad enough that it's light out. But I think I've got Candy's head squished between my legs. Wait, it's her hand! Candy, cut it out!"

"I've got her head over here!" Joy cried. "Candy, quit it!"

Mint squeaked and tried to pull herself free from between Raven and Lavender, but even with the slime, she was stuck. "I've got her other hand!"

Everyone kept struggling with Candy, who looked to be taking advantage of the situation until the pile fell apart, everyone spilling off of a very irritated Vampire. Lilith scooped off bits of Candy's slime and stomped off to get back to bed.

"Summer Flower, what is it that you've made for me?" I asked just as I remembered. The Archmage slipped out to clean herself first, tossing out a couple towels for my 'girls. She was hot and sweaty after her taming. She managed to get me to join her for a second taming. I had her against the wall, her arms and legs wrapped around me.

If it wasn't for my Recovery and Fast Healing gifts, everyone would have killed me through sex by now. But damn, I was enjoying myself. To be in the arms and between the legs of such a beautiful pokewoman, who could ask for more?

"Candy, quit trying to eat out Mint! You're scaring her!" Raven cried. A little less chaos would have been nice.

After drying off, I went to check on what Summer Flower had worked on. It was a guitar, but one that was beautifully crafted. The body was silver and the strings felt as soft as an Angel's hair and produced a sound just as beautiful as one's voice.

I played a few notes and the air shivered. Everyone felt it, but none of us knew what happened. Even Summer Flower looked confused. I played it a bit, but when I struck a bad note, there was a sudden burst that blew my hand away.

"WOW! That's some powerful stuff!"

"What?" everyone replied.

Woah, I really have to be careful with this thing. I think I just made everyone deaf. And where was Mint? As everyone's hearing returned, she came down from the ceiling, covered in Candy. Wow, the Slimette Princess must have jumped when I hit that bad note. Okay, I'll have practice on this thing for a bit before I try anything like that. The guitar suddenly disappeared, becoming a sigil on the back of my hand in the form of a musical note.

"This is Gungir. The harmony of the strings can gather energies around it and use it in the casting of spells. Though, I think I may have overdone it." Summer Flower stuck a finger in her ear. "Did you say something dear?" she turned to her daughter.

"Why would I have anything to fear? Though, that was pretty loud."

I looked to Raven and asked, "Can you cast a healing spell?"

"You want a smell? What smell?" the Damsel asked and I shook my head, her ears must be wringing pretty bad because they should have healed by now. I casted a healing spell and touched her ear, showing her what I wanted. "Oh, you want me to heal them! Of course!" She healed everyone's ears, restoring their hearing. It took a little bit longer for her own hearing to recover.

"Thank you dear. Now Don, I must tell you that not even I know the capabilities that guitar can do when played by a human. It could be poor, it could be powerful, but I just don't know. I just know that something came over me when I heard you play."

"Well, hopefully I can figure it out before I blow my hand off."

The Archmage walked up close and bent over, "If you have something that needs to be blown, just come find me. I'll take a taming from you any time. Just remember to bring condoms. I only barely remembered to cast a spell on you to prevent another pregnancy."

"Thank you," I whispered into her ear.

With that, I was ready for my gym battle. I gathered everyone up, making sure that Lilith was inside her pokeball, and that everyone knew what we were up against. I walked into the gym and was stopped by a gym assistant.

"So, you're here for the gym badge? I can help you with that. Brock is busy with his own battle." He pointed to the battlefield, where his Onyx, slammed down a tamer's Bimbo the ground. The 'girl wasn't moving, having been knocked out by the blow. The next 'girl to come out was a Squirtitty, but even though she could do more damage, the Onyx wrestled the 'girl down and sat on her shell.

This was going to be a challenge. But we trained for this. We were going to do this. After the other tamer lost the fight, I took his place and sent out Lavender, her opponent being the Onyx.

"So, let's see if you have what it takes." Brock wasn't being overly confident, knowing that I was a newcomer. He didn't know what I could do, but I barely knew what he could do either. This was my first gym battle, and would show how well we have trained.

"Alright, be careful. I know she's rock type, but she's also very durable. I should know." Memory of Gem's breasts flashed into my mind. "Hit her with Vine Whip!"

Lavender lashed out, but the Onyx blocked the attack with her arms and Hardened. The vines hit hard but the 'girls stone body was harder still. Then she stomped her foot and obsidian spikes erupted from the ground, forcing Lavender to pull them back or risk being skewered. Then she had to move faster when the Onyx punched a rock, sending Boulder Bullets flying in her direction.

"Fire back with Razor Leaf!" Lavender hurled a leaf at the pokegirl and it struck across her shoulder, but she brushed it off.

"Megan, take her down with Quake!" Broke called and the Onyx leaped into the air, bringing her feet down into the ground with enough force to knock Lavender off hers. "Now, Blade Spike!"

"Bloom Powder!" I yelled without thinking and Lavender, in her panic, responded to it. The Onyx was hit by a powder and as she breathed it in, her breasts rapidly swelled up.

They were already fairly big for her size, but now they were beyond rediculous. She was brought down to the ground because of the sudden size and weight that threw her off-balance. But she slapped the ground and the Blade Spike erupted again. Lavender's side was pierced by one of the obsidian spikes and she took a lot of damage from the attack.

The Ivywhore put her hand over the wound to keep it closed while the Onyx was struggling to get up. I ordered her to use Lust Dust and Vine Bondage and she didn't need me to explain why as she shook herself, sending a cloud of dust towards the pokegirl.  As it took effect, she wrapped the rock 'girl with her vines before walking behind her and using her Vine Whip on the pokegirl's ass.

She was big and tough, but she was still weak to plant attacks. After enough hits, the 'girl cried out as she came and looked rather happy. But even in victory, Lavender was hurt. She was bleeding out and the pain proved to be too much for her. But that didn't matter because Brock brought out a Vixxen, a fire type fox pokegirl.

Her red fur showed just how well her tamer took care of her. My 'girls didn't have that kind of gleam, but looks weren't everything. I sent out Terra to be her opponent as a Vixxen lacked the durability of an Onyx.

"Terra, watch yourself. This one is known for abilities in a sex battle. So keep your pants on."

"Then why the hell are you putting me against her?" Terra yelled back.

"For the love of...this is a gym battle! Watch out!"

Terra was shot from behind by a Flame Sniper shot. It was a weak attack, but was made of concentrated flame, so it pierced defenses well. It also pierced her pants pretty damn well too. Furious, the Tomboy used Yell, suprising the 'girl long enough to come at her with a Legsweep, dropping her.

But the Vixxen ignited her tail and spun it about, forcing the Tomboy back or else get licked by the flames. Fire Spin, I should have known! That gave her the time she needed to use Burning Hands and attack with a burning Sabre Claw. She didn't even draw blood as her claws raked across Terra's face. The flames from the Burning Hands seared the wounds shut and the 'girl screamed.


"I'm al-RIGHT!" she Yelled and powered up a Megaton Strike while the Vixxen was surprised. But as soon as she swung her fist, the Vixxen ducked under it and hit with a Quick Attack that knocked the air out of her.

"Shit, Terra!"

"I...said...I'm...okay..." she couldn't stop coughing. The Vixxen patted her back and slipped a hand into her pants. Oh shit! The Warm Embrace combined with a low Burning Hands. Terra was being warmed up for a sex battle!

"Terra, hit her! Do something and hit her!"

But it was too late. A Tomboy was not a sex battle pokegirl. She not only had no techniques, but to be against a Vixxen was just asking to fail! The Burning Hands warmed her loins while the Warm Embrace warmed her body, leaving her defenseless against the Vixxen. She knew just how to pleasure the 'girl, leaving her pants wet as she passed out.

"Terra, return!" the capture beam went out and she disappeared back inside the pokeball. Shoot, she was out. I sent out Lilith, which actually brough a surprised look to Brock, who had been stone-faced this entire time as he commanded his pokegirl.

Lilith yawned and shook the sleep from her mind, "Oh, now aren't you a cute thing."

"Watch it. Lavender and Terra are already down."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure I can-" she couldn't finish when she was hit from behind, just like Tarra, but by a flaming Quick Attack. "Fuck..."

"Fear Aura! Dark Shield!" I commanded her and Lilith put up an aura of magical fear before putting up a magic barrier to protect herself with. The Vixxen responded with a long-range Fireball and several Fire Sniper shots while Lilith took to the air.

"Suck on this!" she pointed her fingers and fired bullets of blood from her fingers. But like her, the Vixxen had Enhanced Speed, but also had Enhanced Agility on top of it. She dodged the attack and the two exchanged shots of Blood Bullet and Flame Sniper.  The Vixxen wasn't going to get close enough for the Fear Aura to work.

"Lilith! Lilith!" I couldn't get her to listen. She was going into a blood rage that was drowning out my voice. This wasn't natural for a Vampire. I think it was because she was remembering her time with the Ursine and it throwing her thoughts into chaos.

Even though a few of the Blood Bullets hit, it wasn't enough to take down the Vixxen and Brock knew it. His commands were quick and simple, letting his Vixxen get into position to fire precise shots at my Vampire while she wasn't listening.

Finally, she took a shot to the forehead and was knocked out of the air. My voice got stuck in my throat as she came down and cracked her head on a rock. I immediately had her return to her pokeball where she would be stable until I could get her healed.

Shoot, I never trained her for a battle this fierce. And her memories would have to be dealt with if we were to prevent this from happening again. This time, I tossed out Raven. Once again, Brock was surprised that I would choose her for a battle.

"Ruby, use Flame-"

"Now!" I yelled and Raven pulled her blouse open, releasing her breasts. Brock nearly dropped and his Vixxen, Ruby, stared. She looked like she was suffering from Lust. But just to add to it, she used Overwhelming Attraction. Brock was almost drooling while Ruby had Raven on her back.

Oh, oh wow, I didn't know a Damsel could bend that way. Oh, now that was hot. Damn it, I just did a pun. But once again, it was fun to watch Raven get it on with another pokegirl. The Vixxen breed was known for being horny, and though they could learn self-control, an attractive 'girl showing herself off was hard to ignore.

Finally, her battered body having enough, the Vixxen fell asleep on Raven's breasts. Brock was forced to put her back into her pokegirl and pulled out his last pokeball. Raven was a mess, but still alright. Her hair and clothes would need a cleaning.

"Gem, I choose you!"

I nearly dropped a bomb when he said that, but I was surprised to see a Geogal. Oh fuck. I nearly shit myself thinking that I'd have to fight my aunty Gem, another Onyx. I called Raven back and sent out my Slimette Princess. But I had a surprise for Brock. As soon as the first blow hit, the fact that Candy hadn't been splattered right away showed that she had the steel affinity with the Heavy Metal inside her.

But the blow did look like it had an effect. The Geogal was a powerful pokegirl after all. I had Candy use Exhausting Venom, but before that could work, the Geogal used Dig. Candy followed after and the sounds of the two struggling could be heard.

When the Heavy Metal flew out, I knew my 'girl was in trouble. Without it, she would be left with just the poison type. She was still strong against rock attacks, but rock types were strong against poisons.

The fight went on outside of our view. There was dust and slime coming up from the hole, but neither of knew what was going on or how to change the situation. Though, Brock seemed pretty calm about this.

Finally, Candy came out of the hole, looking rather worn out. She couldn't form her legs anymore, which had melted into a puddle. Her body slowly melted too until only her head was above the puddle, but that didn't last long. That was my fourth pokegirl to be defeated.

Gem, the Geogal, burst out of the ground, looking rather tired and was rubbing herself in an attempt to get herself off. It looked like Candy used her poisons enough times to get through the 'girls hard skin, though it wasn't enough to win the battle.

I thought about sending out Amber, but my Geogal against a better-trained one, even one who was weakened, had me concerned. So I threw out Raven again.


The Geogal slammed Raven in the face, bringing her down hard into the ground. She didn't waste any time with her. She used Stone Strike again and again, slamming the 'girl, trying to break past her incredible durability. But each blow was already softened by the Exhausting Venom.

When Raven started crying, she got to all of us, who only wanted to comfort her. Me and Brock shook it off, remembering that we were in a gym battle. But Gem stopped and sat by the 'girl and hugged her. Then things quickly got naughty. Even as a rock type, she was still a pokegirl and the Lust Venom was taking hold. Brock lifted his hand, showing the referee that he was done. Our 'girls were allowed to sneak off to take a bath, but only so Gem could soak and soften up a bit.

Brock was laughing by the time I got to him, "Well, I have never seen a battle go like that. And not only did you beat me, your 'girls put on a show, especially the one who just ran off with mine."

"Oh, that's my Damsel." I swear, I think I saw Brock's eyes open, but I only caught it from the corner of my eye as I was looking down where the two 'girls ran off.

Brock roared with laughter now, not expecting a Damsel, "So that's why you didn't pull her back! I was wondering why your 'girl didn't defend herself. Nobody has ever used a Damsel against me like that before."

"I don't think anybody sees any worth in them in a fight."

"Well, as proof that you beat me, I give you the Boulder Badge. I'll also give you this." He handed me an SLC card with several thousand in credits and a Cooking T2. "I'm sure you'll enjoy that T2. I know how to cook, but I think your Damsel can do wonders if she knows how to cook a great meal."

"Hey, thanks. Um, because our 'girls are you have anything to help heal the others?"

"Right this way. I always keep a PPHU." The PPHU stood for Portable Pokegirl Healing Unit. It was a box used to heal a single pokegirl at a time. I was able to put everyone through it, but just as Lavender's ball was going through, I had a thought. If she had vines, maybe she could use them to help Mint with the cooking.

When she was done, I put Lilith's ball into the PPHU and turned it on before taking Lavender out. I explained the T2 and she let me put it to her head. Her eyes flickered a bit as the information downloaded into her head.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, "I know how to cook."

"Perfect. Maybe we should bake a cake to celebrate? Mint can help."

"Hey, I think you forgot your Heavy Metal." Brock pointed to it on the battlefield and Lavender jumped up to get it. Brock tried to stop her but she shot past him before he could grab for her. And before I could tell her to stop, she had already reached out with her vines and touched the vest.

Lavender began to glow and the Heavy Metal was absorbed. In her place was a 'girl that was more human-looking. Her green skin became a human shade and her bulb had shrunk a bit. Her dark green hair was a a lighter shade too, with herbs woven in. Brock started laughing again as he approached.

"I had thought that you'd teach your Damsel, not your Ivywhore. And now she's an Iron Chef."

"She's a what now?" I asked.

"I'm a what now?" Lavender mirrored slightly.

"You're an Iron Chef. You are a pokegirl who is known for their ability to cook. Find yourself a cook book and some ingredients. Heck, I have some extra food and a book you can take with you."

"Thank you!" she bowed and I plucked one of the herbs from her hair. I bit into the leaf and found that it tasted like lavender. The herb, not the new Iron Chef. I'm pretty sure she still tastes the same. Though, I'm going to have to check that out later tonight.

After Raven was finished with Brock's Geogal, she came out happy as can be, even if her clothes were messed up again. I was going to have to get her some new ones and find someone who could repair my mom's old maid outfit. She looked so good in it.

"Master, who is this? Did you get a new pokegirl?"

"It's me, silly!" Lavender chuckled and Raven tilted her head. "Here, let me prove it." She walked up behind the Damsel and lifted up her tattered skirt. She did something and a smile crossed her face. "See? It's me."

"Lavender! Did you evolve?"

"Yep, I'm an Iron Chef now. And I know all kinds of recipes I want to try. Can you and Mint help me? I could probably do all these easy on my own but I'd like to have you guys there too."

"Okay! Master, what would you like to do now?"

"I'd like to go find Catherine. I'll bet she'd love to try Lavender's cooking."

"Alright. I should change first before that."

"You could always go naked."

"Alright." Raven started to remove her clothes and me and Brock looked at each other.  Oh right...

"I was joking!" I told her and the Damsel stopped. "Come on, let's go. What a day this has been already. I can't wait to taste your cooking, Lavender." I put Raven back into her pokeball before I added, "I can't wait to taste you too."

"I have some honey and strawberries."

I was about to ask about that when I stepped out the door and a happy Catherine jumped me.

"Are you done? Did you win? Let's fuck!"

"Help! I'm going to be murdered by sex!" Okay, that wasn't supposed to come out like that.

"What's this about death by sex?"

Oh no. Oh no. Just no. Don't tell me. Don't tell me it's her...