"You could totally use it as a sword, just need to stick a handle in here like-"


"I have several swords. I have no need for something so grotesque."


Zeke came to consciousness to those voices and the hiss of a P-med dispenser. Kneeling next to him was another tamer, older than Vince, with dull violet hair. This new tamer moved back to give the younger tamer room to sit up. "How long was I out?"


"Not long," the purple haired man said. "Minute or two. Xanthe, my Sworddancer, can teleport us to the pokecenter to get your girls healed up. Cam saw them all take pretty nasty hits. Well, except your Jigglyslut." The tamer gestured to where Lalla was standing off to the side, shame deeply etched on her face. "Vince is working on getting a signal to call this in, I'll go let him know you're awake. I'm Evan, by the way. Evan Thatcher."


"Ezekiel Id," Zeke offered as he picked himself off the ground. "I'm eternally grateful for the help but, what were you two even doing out here?"


Evan chuckled. "It's my fault. Vince wants to be retired. But with his harem and the help he's given me in dealing with problem bounties, plus his mom, the Royals tend to call us whenever there's something nasty lurking around. That Mantis slipped through their perimeter when they took down some Limbecs. Had us as part of the call out to try to hunt her down before she found anyone. So you're welcome, I'm glad we made it in time, Zeke." With that they older tamer walked away.


The psychic youth moved towards the pink skinned pokegirl who he had no expectation of seeing again. "Lalla," he started. She flinched and refused to look at him. " Did you find help? Thanks."


The Jigglyslut bit her lip and chewed a little. "I didn't. Their Phoenix saw the whole thing. I ran into them while they were running to save you."


Zeke sighed and nodded. "Lalla. I'm… Me and Cass knew." The Jigglyslut looked surprised for a moment and then angry. She mouthed the word telepath. "We weren't expecting you to still be with us after Sadie Poken's day. So I can't say I'm that mad."


"You're not mad," she asked in total disbelief.


"I'm not that mad." Zeke said with a little bit of edge. "Not enough to let Cass and Raudha get hold of you."


Lalla snorted. "You'd have to keep me in my pokeball for the next few days."


Zeke gave her an unfriendly smirk as he raised the item in question with his thumb on the recall button. "That's the plan."


Lalla vanished into the red glow of the capture beam with a scowl. Once she was gone Zeke gripped the ball containing her hard enough that his knuckles popped, staring intently and imagining she could feel what he hoped was a crushing squeeze. He jumped a little when Vince called out to him. "Zeke, good to see you up." The older, bigger, and stronger tamer threw an arm around Zeke's shoulder after clapping him on the back heartily. "Holy shit, man. Welcome to the 'How am I not dead,' club."


Zeke shook his head and pulled out from under the gesture of comradery. "Is it that obvious?"


"All over your face. Don't need to be a mind reader." Vince's grin faded and his tone dropped. "Seriously though, Zeke. You did great. All of your girls made it, you made it. That's more than I could say… First time this tamer thing got real for me…"


Zeke deflated completely. "I don't think I'm cut out for this, Vince."


Vince laughed and slapped between Zeke's shoulder blades again. "You can join that club too." The pink haired tamer suddenly winced. "Shit… speaking of not cut out for this…" A stunning dark skinned beauty who had been silently standing next to him offered Vince a cane. The tamer grit his teeth and muttered under his breath before taking the walking aid and leaning heavily on it. "See what I mean?"


Zeke looked from the cane, to Vince's face, to all of the pokegirls. "I think so. What happened?"


"Looong story…" Vince answered. "And the Jiffies have the coordinates to pick up their Mantis barbecue so I'd rather tell it away from the smell."


It was pretty bad, and Zeke needed to get his girls healed. Evan had said he had a girl who could teleport them to a pokecenter. So Zeke simply nodded and headed over to the six armed blade bug girl. Vince followed along while shouting out to his pokegirls. "Alright ladies, barbecue's over. Let's get a move on. Mackenzie! Put that with the rest of her, you're not keeping it!"


"But Big Brother," she yelled back in a whining tone.


Zeke did a double take. "Big Broth-"


"Azar adopted her." Vince said in a rush. "She's a Hyperdoll. Some half blind Mousewife saw us getting groceries together one day, thought we were siblings, and she hasn't dropped it since."


"It's because Big Brother likes those dirty comics from Edo," the Hyperdoll teased as she floated over.


Vince recalled her with an exaggerated sigh. "I just had to stare at her tits…" Vince and Evan recalled the rest of their pokegirls, besides Xanthe, and the Sworddancer teleported the three humans back to Allat. A member of the JILF was there waiting to take a statement. Evan and an OfficerJenny who apparently belonged to Vince were willing to provide it while Zeke had his pokegirls healed. Vince only muttered that he'd given enough statements concerning menaces to last the rest of his life.


Zeke then checked out a taming room, because now that he was finally beginning to accept that he was safe on all levels of his consciousness he realized he was hornier than he could ever remember being. He let Cass out in the lobby but she evolved to a Ka-D-Bra on the spot, which only made getting to the room he checked out even more urgent.


Vince called out to the two as they hurried towards the hall with the numbered doors. "Good to see you Cass, we'll handle introductions when you two are done together." Cass turned to wink and then slammed the door shut with her telekinesis.




"Uncle Vince!"


Vince stumbled backwards so hastily he tripped over his own cane. The pink haired tamer was caught by his Dryder, not Arachne. "You?! Zeke, why do you- You know she's- Zeke?"


Zeke scratched the back of his head. "I picked her because she reminded me of Pritha. Turns out there was a reason for that."


"Why would you… Dude! You wanted to tame my mom?!"


"Ye- N- She's a good looking pokewoman, okay? But Raudha's good looking too, so no."


Ezekiel Id, Vincent Trey Flare, and Evan Thatcher were outside introducing their respective harems to one another. They had started with their alphas, and beta for Vince. Constance the luscious dark skinned Ticktock and Reshmi the Dryder for Vince, Cassandra the freshly evolved Ka-D-Bra for Zeke, and Sienna the Dracass for Evan.


Then Vince brought out a girl everyone knew but Zeke and Cass didn't recognize, Ava the Charred Blazicunt. Since Vince's harem was the largest he also brought out another pokegirl. A Flowergirl named Hana, and her pokekit Hanako. Evan brought out another two of his, Cam the sharp eyed Phoenix who had first spotted Zeke and his harem's peril, and Xanthe the Sworddancer who teleported everyone to Allat.


Perhaps it would have saved words to let everyone out at once, but there was a sort of prudent caution in introducing new pokegirls slowly. There was also the matter of everyone present being rather permissive with their pokegirls, so when the first few released all asked some variation of, "who is this," the trend was set.


That was when Zeke brought out Raudha, unintentionally unleashing minor chaos as well. "She's a psychopath!" Vince shouted while pointing an accusing finger towards Raudha.


The AmazonLee laughed from deep in her belly. "Uncle Vince, that's mean. I was only ever playing." Raudha looked at the leg Vince was favoring and the cane he was placing some of his weight on. "But it looks like it wouldn't be fair to play with you anymore," she said with a small frown. She smiled again after sighing. "I guess I can forgive you for beating me that one time, Vince."


"Gee," the tamer with heavy fighting type traits muttered. "Thanks. You're so gracious."


Raudha stuck out her tongue and threw her arms around Zeke's neck. "Hey, I could have gotten obsessed with you the way most Amazons do when a man beats her in a fight."


Vince made a face of pure disgust. "Ugh. I'm dreading you meeting Mackenzie…" Vince rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand. "Well, might as well get it over with. Verse too, she's never trouble." He released the pokegirl with bright and spiky pink hair and brilliant yellow eyes. She had been the first on the scene when Zeke was facing down the Mantis after all of his pokegirls had been critically injured. The other was the OfficerJenny Zeke had noticed dealing with the league personnel on Vince's behalf. Getting a closer look at her let him notice the unusually colorful hair and two-toned eyes."Mackenzie, Verse, this is my friend from school, Zeke. Cass used to be a classmate of mine too, now she's a Ka-D-Bra and his alpha. The AmazonLee who looks like my mom is Raudha, she's from Mom's line so she's like my niece. Everyone, this is my newest girl, a Hyperdoll named Mackenzie, and Verse, an OfficerJenny."


Zeke and his girls welcomed the newcomers and then Evan released Rina the Boobleaf and Cyan the Glance. More pleasant introductions.


"Well, this is my last girl and she's only been with me for a few days," Zeke said. He thumbed the release. "Everyone, this is-"




The materialized Flirt stared at the blackened Blazicunt who had gasped her name as soon as she had materialized. The flying type's eyes widened and danced with wonder and recognition. "Ava!? Vince, Reshmi, Hana and Constance!" Tuuli threw her arms around the fire type pokegirl "Ava!"


Ava pulled the cloud colored pokegirl tighter into the embrace, curling her talons in and pressing her knuckles into the Flirt's back. "Tuuli," she said again in a tight and unsteady voice. "We thought- I thought- You're really not…"


"Why are you crying," Tuuli asked through an equally choked up voice. "Now I'm crying," she stated with a shrill crack as she dabbed her eyes. "I'm crying but I'm so happy, Ava…" Vince and all of the pokegirls Tuuli had named joined in on the hugging and crying.