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Chapter 12





          The return trip through the fog went much differently than the journey to Celestic Town. Nicholas leapt at the opportunity to practice his newly strengthened aura sight and so he was not alone this time – Sohn flit through the woods around him, her flaming tail burning brightly both to mark her location and also burn off some of the fog so she could see where she was going. They made excellent time now that he could keep a straight path and by the end of the first day the dense fog was already beginning to lift.


          Another day and they were free of it entirely. Nicholas breathed deep as they left the mountain valleys, savoring the crisp air while he could, before he and Sohn pushed on.


          It was the third day when the silence between them was finally broken.


          Nicholas watched Sohn weave past him. She was constantly watching for wild pokegirls and, simultaneously, showcasing abilities he did not recognize. It had been… a while since he’d overseen her training, come to think of it. Any of the harem’s training. Since Zisela had taken over he hadn’t felt the need to. “Sohn!”


          The Monferno slowed, craning her neck to look back at him. “Yeah?”


          “Walk a bit closer to me, would you? I want to chat.”


          Sohn shrugged and fell back. “What’s up?”


          Nicholas scratched his cheek thoughtfully. “Hmm. Let’s start with all those moves I’m seeing you do. I’ve had chances recently to really witness Zisela and Sammy’s growth, and, well, Miru is Miru – but I’m realizing I haven’t seen you have a good fight since… well, since Eterna, I think.”


          “Tsk.” Sohn clicked her tongue and looked away. “I haven’t had a good fight since then, no. Wild pokegirls all over the place, and plenty of good time being beaten down by my Alpha, but I was steamrolled in Hearthome. I’d been waiting for you to mention that, you know. A big shadow hanging over my head.” She looked back to him. “I’m still not powerful enough. What was it you told me back then? When I first became this?” She raised her arms, palms outstretched to indicate herself. “You remember. Right?”


          Nicholas nodded. “I told you I would make you strong.”


          “Yet you don’t even know what my moves are.” Sohn’s arms fell. “You’ve been distracted. I get it. That stupid- that-“ Sohn grimaced, her eyes flicking to Nicholas’ belt. “She’s listening, and the others might be too, so I won’t say anything. But FUCK!” Nicholas blinked at the sudden outburst. “Every damn day. I can’t get out from it. Her shadow. The battle in Hearthome stings but her shadow smothers me so much harder.”


          “…It’s not her shadow, specifically, but what it represents, isn’t it?” Nicholas asked after a moment. “From the beginning, you haven’t been my focus. It’s been that.”


          Sohn closed her eyes with a sigh. “Even right now it’s that.”


          Nicholas crossed his arms and gazed into the distance. “I told you from the beginning, you know. I told you it would be hard.”


          “Creator, what is it like?” Sohn whispered. “Look at you. So calm. So composed. When we first met, I… I thought in some way, somehow, we were the same. Then that… that man appeared. And not long after you showed me how different we were. I rallied, somewhat, when it was just the two of us, but then Sammy came and I-“ Sohn stopped, her words catching in her throat. “And now. You’ve… you’ve done it. Gained that aura thing. Gained power. Power I can’t find.”


          Nicholas’ pace slowed. “Sohn?” When the Monferno turned he gestured at a nearby tree. “Let’s take a break.”


          Sohn collapsed in a trembling heap when they reached the shade of the tree, Nicholas finding his seat a bit more gracefully. “Riley said this would happen,” he murmured, gazing at her. “What would happen if you witnessed what you could never have.”


          Sohn bowed her head, wry laughter echoing from her chest. “Gods I was such a stupid little Chimchar.”


          “Hm. I don’t know if I’d call you stupid,” Nicholas replied. “Desperate, perhaps. I’ve seen your desperation since. I’ve also seen your growth, Sohn. Maybe I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should have been, but I am now. I’m paying attention to a Monferno who is as strong as the Alpha she admires so much.”


          Sohn snorted. “Admire? Zisela is a slavedriver. I fear her.”


          “That’s not true,” Nicholas chided. “And don’t you change the subject. I called you strong, Sohn. I meant it.”


          “That’s not true,” Sohn retorted. “Not as strong as Zisela, at least. Sometimes I wonder who would win in a real fight – her or Miru.”


          “Miru,” Nicholas replied immediately, “but not for long, I don’t think. Zisela was smothered by someone too. Her mother. With that shadow gone she is bursting forth. That’s not what I meant by strong, though. Not physical strength, battle strength, whatever you want to call it. I meant your will, Sohn.” He went silent for a moment. “You… can be just as strong as Zisela is becoming, because your will is just as strong as hers. But your shadow is still smothering you.”


          “Nothing helping that,” Sohn said bitterly. “Everything that rabbit represents is here to stay, maybe forever.”


          “I don’t think it is,” Nicholas said softly. “You are still growing, Sohn. Maybe not as much as you’d like, maybe not as much as you are capable of – but if you’re growing, you are getting closer and closer to being strong enough to step out from Miru’s shadow on your own.”


          “How could I even be getting closer?” Sohn asked. “She could still lay me out with a single punch. I’d maybe bruise her in return.”


          “You’re so obsessed with your physical strength,” Nicholas urged. “There’s more to power than that, Sohn, can’t you see? There is technique, skill – there is ability. For pokegirls especially there are so many other things to consider when you think about power. You’ve never been particularly strong, or hardy, not when compared to other pokegirls. Hell I outrun you. I… heh. I outlast you all the time.” He chuckled when Sohn flushed red. “But you know what I can’t do, Sohn? You know what you have? You have speed. You have finesse, and technique, and an excellently honed mind. You are a shining example of your breed. You are not a brawler, not a juggernaut, but you are absolutely a fighter. It just so happens you fight smart.”


          “Where was this talk weeks ago?” Sohn whispered. “The doubt, it’s all just… gone. Just like that. Hearing you, my tamer, instruct me like this- Suddenly, everything will be okay.”


          “Everything will be okay, Sohn,” Nicholas rumbled. “You’re right. This talk should have happened weeks ago. I should not have been letting you struggle with your weaknesses. I should have been coaching you in your strengths. That is my job, as your tamer. I keep making excuses.” Nicholas reached out, drawing her close and stroking the Monferno. “First it was the investigation, then it was Miru, then the reporters, Zisela, and me… I’m rather bad with this, aren’t I? Deflecting. Or I was.”


          Sohn snuggled closer. “You’re saying you won’t be anymore?”


          Nicholas nodded. “I’ve been growing, the same as you or any pokegirl. I think I’m finally fully evolved, now. All that’s left for me is to grow my strength. That means I can devote more to being better, for you.”


          Sohn giggled. “Evolved.”


          “Yeah, laugh it up.” Nicholas adjusted his grip until Sohn wasn’t going anywhere. “Now listen here, you. My question is still unanswered. Your new moves and techniques. Describe them to me so I can help you make them even better.”







          The next day found the two approaching Solaceon. Or at least the first signs of the town. Specifically, the crossroads north of the town where they’d be turning east.


          Nicholas checked the time. Just before noon. “Sohn! We’ve been hiking almost nonstop. Let’s get lunch.”


          Sohn gladly altered her trajectory, bouncing slightly as Nicholas released the rest of the harem and ushered them all towards a small roadside café that sat where the roads met.


          Nicholas was chatting with his harem as they entered, so he wasn’t paying any attention to the greeter waiting for them until she spoke. “Welcome to the Milky Maid Café, master. Are you interested in today’s menu?”


          Nicholas took a second to process before turning to look. And stare.


          The greeter was a shorter pokegirl, somewhere in the five and a half foot range, with bright yellow eyes and long, dark blue hair that spiked up around a pair of quivering lighter blue-furred ears. As she waited for his response a whip-like tail flicked behind her, tipped with a gold star that shimmered as electricity zipped across the surface. She was also dressed in a very stiff uniform. That would have been normal, except this pokegirl’s uniform only ran from the bottoms of her surprisingly large breasts to her groin, and covered not an inch more. He could see everything. The intricate patterns of fur curling across her skin. The yellow bands cutting through the fur covering her arms and legs. Most importantly, he could clearly see both of her nipples standing proud.


          “I… apologize, but do you mean today’s specials?” he managed to say slowly.


          The girl cocked her head, her eyes crinkling together as she gave him a beaming smile. “Oh! This must be your first time allowing us to serve you, master. The food specials will be provided when I seat you, but I’m referring to our menu. Here at the Milky Maid every master should be allowed to choose who serves him.”


          “That’s… fine, thanks,” Nicholas replied. “Whoever you have is fine.”


          The girl bobbed her head and scooped up half a dozen menus. “Then please follow me to your table, master!”


          Nicholas trudged along behind her, making furtive glances at the other tables. It was easy to identify the waitresses – each one was in uniform. Functionally nude. Some of them completely, he realized, as he passed where some kind of cat pokegirl was talking to her table. Her uniform wasn’t exactly like the greeter’s. Hers had no groin, and she was going on as one of the two men she was talking to fingered her.


          He saw another scene not too far from where he was sat, and that one wasn’t merely fingering. “Here we are, master,” the greeter declared, laying out their menus and bobbing back with a bow. “Your maid will be here momentarily.”


          “Yeah. Thanks.” Nicholas watched her sweep back to her podium. “What a place.”


          He’d hardly sat when a presence made herself known at his shoulder. “Welcome to the Milky Maid Café, master.” He turned to see a pokegirl he didn’t recognize curtsying at him. Well, he hadn’t recognized the greeter, either, but he’d taken a guess that she was a Shinx. This one he had no idea. She was covered in a spectral white fur that seemed to disappear when he looked at it from an angle, making her appear as if she had no fur at all. Only the hair on her head was dense enough to be seen easily, and most of that probably had to do with the wide shock of red that highlighted it. Red and white, that seemed to be her coloration, including red eyes. Like the greeter she had a pair of furred ears and a tail, though hers was much, much bushier and tipped in the same bright red as her head. “Please allow me to serve you drinks before you order.”


          “Erm, sure,” Nicholas replied. This pokegirl’s groin was fully exposed but he made no move at her. More out of confusion than anything else. “I’m good with water, I think… girls?”


          The waitress nodded as she listened to each order, pausing when she heard Sohn’s. “Milk, miss? I assume bottled, unless you’d like it fresh?”


          “Err… what’s the difference?” Sohn asked.


          The girl clasped her arms behind her back, thrusting her own generous breasts forwards. In fact Nicholas hadn’t seen a waitress without a massive pair. “Your first time with us, miss? Master?” When Nicholas nodded she giggled. “Here at the Milky Maid we’re happy to serve our masters – and mistresses, miss – with only the best. Would you like a taste before you decide?”


          Realization slowly dawned on Nicholas. “Fresh would be your breast milk.”


          “Precisely, master!” The girl exclaimed. “It’s quite safe if you’re worried, mistress. The effect won’t be passed on to you.”


          “The effect?” Sohn squeaked.


          Their waitress whipped out a glass and held it under one breast, teasing her nipple until a spurt of milk came out. She pulled out enough for a few sips before withdrawing the glass and jabbing her thumb in place to stifle the stream. “The effect of drinking milk from one like your sister, there, mistress. Luckily only a Miltank’s milk stimulates us to lactate. Mine is quite safe.”


          Nicholas shot a glance at Cathy. She didn’t seem to be taking offense so he returned his attention to their waitress and the glass she held out. “So you – all of you – are lactating? From drinking Miltank milk? I drink it all the time, heck many of my pokegirls have and they’ve never started lactating.”


          “It would have no effect on you, master, and for the mistresses I am sure they drank it once it had been bottled and shipped; treated to remove the magic. Only fresh Miltank milk produces this effect.” She winked slyly. “It’s in quite easy supply here, you see, master. Now don’t go telling anyone our secret.”


          “For some reason I feel like it’s not a secret at all,” Nicholas grumbled to himself. “Well, Sohn? What would you like?”


          Sohn swallowed. “Erm… I’ll take the taste so it doesn’t go to waste, but I think I’d like some bottled milk, please.”


          The waitress gave her a knowing smile and set the glass in front of the Monferno. “Of course, mistress. I will be back shortly with your drinks and for your order, master.”


          Nicholas slowly looked around once the girl had left. “I’d like to be clear that I had no idea, and I’m not about to… join in with whatever they’re doing over there.” He gestured slightly at the table he had seen while being seated, where a waitress was now bouncing on her customer’s cock. “It’s a very interesting establishment. I’m sure it’s extremely successful. We’re just here for some food.”


          Zisela toyed with the tablecloth. “I do not believe any of us would begrudge our Master some fun, my drake. Our server is quite fetching.”


          “Yeah, as they all are,” Nicholas retorted. He could see other Shinx walking around, a few fluffy cat girls, he even saw a large bushy tail on some kind of rodent girl. “That’s their whole thing. A restaurant where you eat and fuck.”


          Sohn had taken a few cautionary sips before throwing her head back and downing the rest of their waitress’ breast milk in one gulp. “It tastes rather good,” she admitted when the others looked at her. “Different from normal stuff.”


          “And probably different from the greeter’s, or any of the other waitresses,” Nicholas muttered. “Hence her question as to if I wanted a menu before we sat.”


          It didn’t take long for the oddly colored pokegirl to return with a tray and begin passing out drinks. “Now then, if we can begin with the mistresses?” She gave Nicholas a coy look out of the corner of her eye. “I will save the best for last.”


          Nicholas resisted the urge to roll his eyes and waited for the others to place their orders, closing his menu when the waitress finally turned to him. “Just a nice burger for me, please. Medium rare. Toppings on the side.”


          “Of course, master,” the waitress beamed. “Will that be all? Or would you like to… order some other meal to compliment your food?”


          Nicholas kept his eyes on hers, ignoring the provocative poses she was taking. “No, thank you. Just the food.”


          The girl’s face fell and with a pout she snapped up their menus before flouncing off towards the greeter.


          Nicholas felt an elbow in his side. “I think you hurt her feelings, my drake,” Zisela chuckled. “She was an interesting one. I would not have minded adding her to my harem.”


          “Yeah, right,” Nicholas snorted. “I fuck her and all that would happen is my wallet would get a bit lighter. She was never on the menu to join us.”


          Zisela shrugged. “Now you will never know for sure.”


          They passed the time with small talk, though Nicholas couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering. There was just so much activity in the restaurant, from the exposed pokegirls flaunting themselves to anyone who would look, to the scenes that accompanied the low moans and cries punctuating the drone of conversation. He was firmly aroused and his pokegirls knew it, too, though the only wandering hand he’d felt had been fended off with a stern look.


          “What’s taking our food so long?” Nicholas asked. Another table that had been seated after them was actively being served, plates steaming. “I don’t think we ordered anything out of the ordinary.”


          Sammy leaned over the table and pointed. “Look, Master.”


          Their waitress could barely be seen on the other side of the bar in the middle of the restaurant having a heated conversation with a more mature looking pokegirl, though this one was also in the regular uniform, her even larger breasts spilling forth. Unfortunately, Nicholas was too far away to hear what they were saying.


          “I want another table,” the white-furred fox girl was saying. “That one doesn’t want extra service!”


          “Not every table will,” the other pokegirl replied. “It’s part of your zone.”


          “If Jackie would do her job properly she wouldn’t have put them in my zone,” the fox girl spat. “I want another table. I’m losing money serving a tamer that won’t give me a second look.”


          The older pokegirl sighed. “There are no other tables.”


          Their waitress glanced around the restaurant. “What about Quinn? She’s got a table over there and I can see the guy eyeing her ass.”


          “Which doesn’t mean he’ll eye yours.”


          “Damn it Maria,” the waitress hissed. “Just let me try Quinn’s table. More money for me is more for the café, isn’t it? Quinn isn’t going to upsell. Let her have the boring table. Give me hers.”


          Maria’s eyes flicked to where an almost human pokegirl stiffly spoke to a table of hungry eyes. “Fine. Get their drink order from her and tell her to take the food to your table. I’ll explain there first and meet you when you have the drinks.”


          Nicholas watched their waitress move off and out of sight. “There she goes. Maybe our food’s finally ready.”


          A minute later he saw the older pokegirl approaching and straightened, clearing a bit of extra space for the tray he could see bobbing behind.


          “I beg your forgiveness, master.” Nicholas turned to see the older pokegirl bowing to him. “Your servant has been called away, but I bring you this one to replace her. I pray she is satisfactory.”


          Nicholas’ eyes flicked down. The pokegirl emerging from behind what had to be the maître d was in the slightly more conservative version of the wait uniform that hid her groin. They’d shuffled a pokegirl who wasn’t on the menu to him since he’d expressed no interest in ordering. “I am sure she will be. Thank you.”


          “Your food.” The girl had been silent until her boss left, at which point she spoke in a quiet, almost surly tone. “I have fish. Salad.”


          Nicholas helped distribute the plates before thanking her and turning to his meal, as did most of the others. But one pair of eyes didn’t turn away. As the girl folded up her tray and began to leave Cathy leaned out.


          “My sister likes the taste of fresh milk,” she rumbled. “Could she have a sip of yours?”


          The new waitress, Quinn, stopped. Her back was completely turned so nobody could see her face when she replied. “I am afraid I don’t even have enough in me for a taste, miss- I mean, mistress. I will leave you to your meal.”


          Sohn spoke around her mouthful as Cathy returned to her seat. “I wasn’t really thinking about another sample, Cathy, but thanks.” She swallowed. “Still, she was empty? With those huge things?” She snickered. “She was twice the size as any of the other waitresses without any milk swelling her up!”


          Cathy didn’t respond, turning to her food, leaving the rest of the harem to jabber amongst themselves.


          “You know, Zisela,” Nicholas said as they ate, “if you look around you’ll see a perfect example of how clothes can make a pokegirl look even better than if she’s naked.”


          “I would hardly call the outfit they wear ‘clothing’, my drake,” Zisela sniffed.


          “It’s more than you wear.”


          As they wound down the new waitress appeared again, clearing plates and filling glasses before slipping away so quickly nobody could say anything to her.


          “Honestly, not bad at all,” Nicholas observed. “At least my burger wasn’t. Girls?” He nodded at the chorus of assent. “Glad to hear. Everyone ready to go?”


          The group filed out, Nicholas searching for either the new waitress or the maître d to pay his bill. He saw their original waitress on the way out and rolled his eyes as they passed. She was squeezed under a table, her tail flicking in the air while she sucked off her customers.


          He spotted the maître d first. She was speaking to a table and he angled her direction, getting a good look as he did. Even though she wasn’t a ‘cutesy’ breed like the other waitresses she still wore her uniform quite well, radiating an aura of mature beauty. The shimmering rainbow scales covering her body and the double-tipped tail, thick with fins fluttering along the sides, identified her as some kind of Water-type, though he felt he’d seen a pokegirl like her before.


          As he got closer and she turned away from the table he realized. Milotic. Cynthia had had one too.


          “Ah, good master.” The Milotic bobbed her head when she saw Nicholas coming towards her. “I pray your maid satisfied.”


          “Yes, everything is fine. I’m just looking to get back on the road, so can I pay my bill?”


          “Of course. I will have your maid bring it to you immediately, unless you would prefer my service?”


          Nicholas shrugged. He kind of would like this pokegirl’s ‘service’, if he was being honest with himself. She appealed to him even more than any other of the waitresses he’d seen. Ah well. “If you could service me with my bill that will be enough.”


          The Milotic bowed. “Of course, master. Please follow me.”


          Nicholas followed her to a register, taking care of things and not noticing the approaching figure until she shoved her way in between him and the Milotic.


          “Maria!” Quinn glared up at her impassive supervisor. “I can handle my own tables, even if they’re not even mine to begin with. Where’s his bill? Let me take care of it.”


          “Watch your tone, maid,” Maria retorted with a curt snap. “I beg your forgiveness, master,” she said, addressing Nicholas, “I will personally see to this maid’s further training.”


          “For-“ The girl spun, resisting as Maria tried to push her out of the way. “Hey! Sir. Or master, whatever. How was your meal?”


          Nicholas held up a hand, causing Maria to go still and stop shoving the other girl. “My meal was excellent. As was the service. This maid was prompt and attentive. I have no complaints.”


          “It’s Quinn,” Quinn piped up.


          Nicholas nodded. “Thank you, Quinn.”


          “I… uh, thank you, master,” Maria stuttered. “Unfortunately this maid’s… Quinn’s… demeanor is not often, uh… acceptable.”


          Nicholas nodded and glanced at the other girl. Quinn was still holding her ground and he decided to help steer the situation. “Maria here had already started processing my bill, so do you mind if she finishes in the way she’d prefer? I’ll make sure my tip is credited properly.”


          Quinn cracked a grin but slid out of the way as he’d asked. “It would take more than your tip to finish Maria, sir.”


          The Milotic slid her eyes shut with a pained sigh. “Quinn, please get back to work.”


          “He was my last table. Shift’s done.”


          A thick arm added itself to the mix. Cathy slipped forwards, drawing Quinn aside as she bobbed her head to Nicholas.


          Quinn let the Miltank separate her and gave Cathy a look. “If you’re going to ask for a sip again, I’m off duty and still empty.”


          Cathy shook her head. “No. No, and I didn’t expect to get one before.” She gazed down at Quinn. “You don’t fit in here, do you? Unwanted. Merely tolerated.”


          Quinn slapped Cathy’s arm away. “It’s a job. I don’t need you to remind me how much I hate it, especially-“


          “Especially when you’re not being paid to listen?” Cathy finished quietly. “I know. Until recently I was in the same situation. Putting up with something I hated to get to what I wanted.” Her brow crinkled as she looked at Quinn quizzically. “What is so important to you that you would be here?”


          Meanwhile Nicholas was finishing up paying the bill. “I never ordered, but how much would… hm, let’s say full and complete service from my maid have been?” he asked Maria.


          Maria took a moment to calculate. “One fifty, good master.”


          Nicholas returned his attention to the tip line of the receipt. The food for him and his entire harem had come out to just under a hundred dollars and Maria’s eyes went wide when he scrawled a two and two zeroes under it. “That’ll do then. Quinn’s service was better than anything that white fox girl could have done.”


          “Er… I… am happy to hear that,” Maria stammered. “Please, um… let us service you again soon, master.”


          Nicholas raised a hand as he led the harem outside.


          Scattered laughter followed him and he took a moment to look around at the grinning faces of his harem. “Was I wrong?”


          Sohn laughed out loud and clapped him on the shoulders, hard. “Ha! Not at all. That Quinn girl was there to do her job, not suck your dick. I liked her.”


          “I wonder which reason why?” Nicholas teased. “Alright everyone. We’re out of the fog, so if you want to walk you can. If you don’t that’s fine too.”


          Zisela was looking over the jostling pokegirls. “My drake, Cathy is missing.”


          Nicholas glanced around. She was right, and he wondered how he hadn’t noticed the missing Miltank before. “Huh. Did she not see us leave?”


          Sammy sprang back towards the restaurant. “I’ll find her Master!” She’d almost reached the doors when she slammed on the brakes, scrambling away again when Cathy shoved outside hard enough to slam the doors against their stoppers.


          Nicholas chuckled and waved. “Hey hey there she is. Thought I’d lost you, Cathy.”


          Cathy shrugged as she followed Sammy back to him. “I knew you wouldn’t leave without me. It took me a minute to convince her she didn’t have the time to change first.”


          Nicholas looked past the Miltank. Quinn was slowly following along, a bag slung over her shoulder and the girl still in her uniform. “Oh?”


          “Miss Cathy said you were in a hurry,” Quinn explained quietly. “She said it was better for me to talk to you looking like a slut than not at all.”


          Nicholas’ eyebrows rose. “I see. And why did Cathy want you to talk to me? I made sure to leave you double what that white fox would have made off me if she’d gotten into my pants. Teach her a lesson.”


          Quinn blushed, her head bobbing as she fought to control her emotions. “I… heard. Sir. Maria told me. Showed me.” She took a moment to compose herself before raising her head to look him in the eyes. “Before anything, I guess, I want to say thank you. I got lucky, I guess, getting shuffled over to your table. The regulars are always disappointed when they get stuck with me.”


          Nicholas shrugged. “I’ve learned long ago a little kindness can make the world for someone. If you don’t like working there so much why do you? I’m not judging you - just because pokegirls in general love to have sex and all that doesn’t mean what’s going on in there is for everyone. You obviously aren’t happy selling your body. That’s why you’re actually wearing panties, right? You’re not on the menu.”


          Quinn shook her head. “Sometimes… sometimes I’ll do it. It makes more money than just serving food. But I don’t like it. No.” She hesitated until Cathy nudged her gently. “I… I’m a Kirlia.”


          Nicholas nodded. He’d identified her during the talk with Maria, picking out the red hiding under her sea green hair and drawing the connection to Morgana with this pokegirl’s other features. Or lack thereof. “I’d guessed. Why do you mention it?”


          Quinn gestured bitterly at her massive breasts. “I haven’t drunk any milk in weeks. Not like the others. Most of them are tiny, even flat without the help. With it, I’m still twice their size.” She shook her head again. “At least I can lie, say I’m lactating and Maria won’t question me. I look like I must be, right? But no. I’m just stuck with these stupid fucking things.” She shot a glance at Cathy. “Hers are so small, for a cow-“


          Quinn gasped when Cathy’s hand suddenly shot out and gripped her by the upper arm. “Careful, girl,” she growled. “This isn’t about me. Tell him.”


          “I- ow!” Quinn buckled when Cathy’s grip tightened. “I, I’m sorry? What did I say!”


          “Cathy, enough!” Cathy released Quinn’s arm at Nicholas’ command. “Cathy really doesn’t like being categorized by her breed. Still, that’s hardly justification to hurt a stranger, Cathy,” he scolded. “Apologize.”


          “N-no- wait.” Quinn was rubbing her arm as she stared at the glowering Miltank. “It’s because I said cow. Right?”


          “I am a bull,” Cathy snarled.


          “You are a bull,” Quinn breathed. She glanced at Nicholas. “You, you’re her tamer right?” Nicholas nodded. “What is she?”


          “She’s… a bull?” Nicholas said, confused. “I mean, she’s a Miltank, sure, but she is absolutely a bull. Why?”


          Quinn was fidgeting. “You encourage her?”


          Nicholas snorted. “Of course. I couldn’t change who Cathy is even if I wanted to. You still haven’t answered my question - why?”


          Quinn took a shaky breath. “No wonder she was so insistent on having me talk to you.” Her eyes were cautious as she turned her full attention back to Nicholas, filled with a cautious hope. “Who she is, you said. Not who she says she is. Is. Period. You- you accept her as who she is.” Nicholas remained silent. He was getting his answer. “I… I’m a Kirlia. I’m expected to be something. My body, it grew to fit that expectation. Huge breasts I can barely manage. Everyone… everyone always said I’d make a beautiful Gardevoir. Unmatched. Stunning. ‘With a chest like that she’ll have tamers falling over themselves!’… they said. It’s… it’s all they ever said. They never asked me if I wanted this.”


          Nicholas pointed to a secluded spot behind the restaurant. “I’m going to head over there and take a rest. I’m sure I’ll be there long enough for you to get changed.”


          Quinn clutched the bag hanging from her shoulder. “Thank you, but… no. I need to know. I need you to see me like this and still say what I need you to say.” She took a deep breath. “I’ve worn an everstone ever since I felt the first tingles. I’m terrified of it falling off, because I don’t know how to stop what would come next. I don’t want to be this. I don’t want to be what- what this body makes me. I want to be what I am.” She raised her eyes again, now full of desperation. “I accepted the job here because it paid the best. Out of everywhere in town. I know there’s something that can save me, something more than this everstone that cost me almost a year’s tips to buy.” She laughed bitterly. “Something I might never be able to afford. I… I can’t stand it here anymore. Please. Help me.” She dropped her bag and reached down, fumbling with something at her groin. “If you do I’ll-“


          She’d glanced down to get a better view of what she was doing so the hand that caught her wrist came as a surprise. Quinn’s eyes snapped back up, her breaths coming heavy, to see Nicholas gazing at her. After a few seconds he gently pulled her hand away from where she’d been exposing herself. “None of that is necessary right now. All I want to know is whether you’re asking to join my harem.”


          Tears beaded in Quinn’s eyes. “Yes.”


          “Then welcome to the harem, Quinn.”


          Quinn let out a hitching sob before throwing herself at him, squeezing as tightly as she could manage. Nicholas barely felt it but he didn’t say anything, letting the sobbing Kirlia work out her feelings in peace. Once her grip had slackened he returned the favor, embracing her firmly but not squeezing as he spoke. “I know what you’re talking about. It’s called a Dawn Stone and it’s very rare and expensive, like you said. I’ll find you one. I promise you.”


          Quinn’s face was pressed against his chest. “What do I have to do?” She whispered.


          “Be my pokegirl. I do whatever I can to help my pokegirls,” Nicholas replied. “If you’re a member of my harem you’ll have everything you can ever want. Especially something like this.”


          He heard Quinn hesitating, words starting then dying before they could leave her throat. Eventually she choked some out. “I… I’d like to get changed. Please. M-Master.”


          Nicholas released her. “I don’t demand that Master crap from any of you. I think you’re probably quite sick of it from your time working at that restaurant, aren’t you?”


          Quinn took an unsteady step back. Her puffy eyes didn’t mar her beauty in the slightest. The uniform obviously helped - having a corset of sorts lifting her breasts into the air made them look even bigger than they actually were, and the rest of the tight uniform accentuated her other curves nicely. Still, he had a feeling this might be the last time he’d see Quinn in these clothes so while he admired the stunningly sexual Kirlia he didn’t make this his mental image of her. That came when she impulsively thrust the whole getup down, ripping it free and taking a desperate gasp of air.


          The only thing left on Quinn’s body now was a thin choker, set with a dull grey gemstone that nestled into the hollow of her neck. The everstone she’d mentioned. Quinn was catching her breath, staring at the uniform in her hands, so he got a moment to appreciate her nude body. Quinn was nothing like what Morgana had been as a Kirlia. Stockier, much better proportioned, somewhat like Morgana’s sister Gwendolyn. But there were differences. He hadn’t seen much of Gwen, being Wally’s pokegirl, but he’d noticed the differences between the sisters in Hoenn and he used those observations now to take stock of Quinn. Her breasts, obviously, were much larger than Gwen’s had been, and the overall toning of her body seemed… softer. Gentler. Beyond that she was a prime example of a Kirlia, her hair and eyes matching the ranges he’d expect. Morgana’s had been special, but not Quinn. She had nice normal sea green hair and nice soft red eyes. Though, there was one other thing different about her - the structures atop her head. Her horns were nearly hidden by her hair, much shorter than he was used to, and in return her furred ears stretched tall, almost as if they’d grown in place of her horns. An interesting oddity.


          He spoke when her fingers let go of the uniform and it crumpled into the dirt. “I’m sure you have things to take care of. Let me know when you’re ready to go.”


          Quinn mutely shook her head, opening her bag and withdrawing a regular outfit. “No. I told Maria if I didn’t come back inside to change, that was it. She wouldn’t be seeing me again.” She looked up as she slipped into her underwear. “She knew. She said she’d send my paycheck later today. Payday’s next week.”


          Nicholas nodded. “You didn’t really hate her, did you?”


          “Hah.” Quinn was shimmying into a comfortably loose pair of khaki shorts, not unlike many of the pairs Nicholas wore. “No. No, she was a good friend. To all of us.” She stuffed her uniform into her bag, zipping it up and tossing a shirt over her arm. “We just had to fight on the floor. She’s the picture of perfection, has to be.”


          Nicholas nodded. Quinn was pulling her t-shirt on and even though it had to have been tailored specifically for large breasted girls like herself he still could clearly see the outline of her bra with how tightly the material pressed against her chest. “We’re headed to Veilstone next. A large city like that, I guarantee we’ll find a shirt for you that fits better.”


          Quinn hesitated. “Eh, actually… I kind of like it tight like this. Helps with the weight.”


          “Oh. Bra not enough?” Nicholas asked as they got on the road, Quinn’s bag back over her shoulder. “My Gardevoir never had that issue, but then again she probably held herself up with her telekinesis.”


          Quinn turned to him in surprise. “You have a Gardevoir in your harem?”


          “Sure do. It’s how I know so much about what you’re hoping to become. Her sister evolved into a Gallade.”


          A smile slowly spread across Quinn’s face. “Thank you, Zelara. You bitch.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “The fox?”




          He threw an arm around the Kirlia, chatting as they walked. “What was she, anyways? Never seen anything like her.”


          “She called herself a Zorua.”


          “Zorua.” Nicholas frowned. “No, not ringing any bells, so she must not be from Sinnoh.”


          “She said she was.”


          Nicholas shrugged. “Well, whatever. She’s not in my harem. You are.”


          Quinn hung back for a moment, forcing Nicholas to look her way to see what she was doing, and he made a surprised noise when she pulled herself up to kiss him.


          After a few seconds she fell away, cheeks burning. “I am. I’m so lucky to be. Master… no. You said I didn’t have to say that anymore.” Her smile shone as she returned to the crook of his arm and nestled close. “I’m so lucky to be, Nicholas. Thank you.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge

          Relic Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 35

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 35

          Miru, Buneary – Level 34

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 32

          Cathy, Miltank – Level 30

          Quinn, Kirlia – Level 32



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 12







          Quinn moaned into her pillow as Nicholas continued kneading her breasts. They really were too much for a girl her size. All the better for him.


          Quinn’s cries, and Nicholas’ grunts, provided a low backdrop to the otherwise silent campsite. It had taken the Kirlia a few nights to work up the nerve and approach him for a taming, but she had gotten there eventually and so he was very busy setting her expectations high. The rest of the camp was asleep. All but one.


          A shadow furtively slipped around a slumbering Cathy, the Miltank always demanding to sleep in the open when it wasn’t her own turn with Nicholas. Part of her protective streak, being the first line of defense. The shadow moved on, moving strangely but always without sound as it twisted, turned, and tumbled to its destination.


          Eventually it made it. Hands rummaged in the bag of supplies, withdrawing a self-chilling thermos and cracking it open. The contents were down to only about a quarter full and the figure pondered the thermos for a few minutes before bringing it to their mouth, gulping the chilled milk until it was almost gone. Then they found another thermos, this one marked with a bright red cap, and carefully twisted it open. The contents of the second joined the remains of the first until the cold thermos had been brought back to the same level as before, at which point the shadow replaced both, taking great care that everything was as it had been. Only now did the figure make any noise, an almost silent giggle breaking free as it fled, its dexterous tail twisting behind.


          The camp slumbered, or in the case of Nicholas and Quinn, fucked on through the night. The two in question didn’t even slow down until, as it so often happened, Nicholas pulled out of a completely exhausted Quinn. She mumbled when he wrapped his arms around her, taking advantage of the contented state the Kirlia was in to use her chest as his pillow as he, too, drifted off to sleep. When morning came he broke camp while the others cooked breakfast.


          “Oh!” Sohn held up the cold thermos of milk and swirled it. “I was going to pour myself a glass but we’re out of milk. Should I open the other one?”


          “The other one…?” Nicholas thought out loud. With a gasp he whirled to see Sohn struggling with the red capped thermos. “No! Sohn!”


          Sohn yelped when he lunged at her, bobbling the newly opened container and wailing when it slipped from her fingers. She managed to scoop it back up but not before most of the milk inside had spilled out over the ground. “Oh, why’d you do that! Now this one’s half empty too.”


          Nicholas shot Cathy a guilty look. “That one was. Uh. Cathy’s. I marked it red after we learned what would happen if any of you drank her untreated milk.”


          Zisela, Miru, and Quinn all lowered their drinks in unison. “You kept a jug of that?” Nicholas turned to see Cathy staring at him over the top of her own glass. “I thought. After we left in such a hurry… You kept some?”


          “We had a spare thermos,” Nicholas replied lamely. “I thought it was great. Refilling our stocks.”


          “Um. The other one was treated, right?” Quinn asked nervously. “Now that I think about it the glass today tasted… familiar.”


          “Only the red cap thermos had untreated Miltank milk, I’m sure of that,” Nicholas replied. “Quinn, you’d know how to make it safe - what’s the secret?”


          “Heating it,” Quinn explained. “I don’t know the exact temperature, but not boiling, just heat. Heat breaks down all the chemicals and stuff that trigger the side effects… though that also kills most of the good parts of the milk too. If it’s fresh it’s as good as any potion, just… well. With that small side effect.”


          Nicholas appraised Cathy. “Really now. Healing milk?”


          Cathy shrugged and took another sip. “So I’ve heard.”


          “Sohn, go ahead and turn that thermos to heat,” Nicholas instructed. “It may only be half full but that’s better than nothing. We should be arriving in Veilstone in a few more days.”


          Sohn nodded and manipulated the thermos’ controls while he turned to the rest. “I should explain something before we get there. For you, Quinn, and Cathy. I’m here in Sinnoh to investigate the Galactic criminal organization. Veilstone is their headquarters.” He looked around. “We should expect they won’t like when I show up.”


          Cathy growled low in her throat and Quinn stood with a huge smile. “I’ve always wanted to fight for someone. I’m happy that it’ll be for you.”


          Nicholas smiled back at her. “Thanks, Quinn. How do you do that though? I haven’t seen any real signs of you using your psychic powers on the road.”


          Quinn bit her lip. “That’s because… I want to fight with my hands. And all that. Gardevoir use their minds and the energy stuff. I don’t want to be a Gardevoir.”


          Quinn tittered when he stretched over to give her a kiss. “Understood. I’m sure Zisela will help you with that.”


          Zisela nodded and jabbed a thumb in Sohn’s direction. “The two of you both. You’ll become a fine fighter, Quinn. Won’t you.”


          Quinn had learned early on how the Gabite spoke and she nodded back. “Yes Alpha. Thank you.”


          “Great. I look forward to seeing what you go with.” Nicholas moved to pack up. “Back to the road!”







          A few more days found them standing at the outskirts of Veilstone City. In the distance skyscrapers reached out, one in particular emblazoned with a stylized Saturn. Nicholas kept his eye on it as they moved into the city proper but soon enough it was hidden by the buildings around them. “The Galactic Building, as it’s called. We’ll have to find a way inside.”


          Zisela grumbled as they walked. “I think something bit me in that swamp we passed through. My breasts itch.”


          “Mine too, Alpha,” Miru whined. “All that mud in my fur…”


          Sohn scratched her side. “I must have gotten lucky. Maybe some poison ivy?”


          Quinn was also about to voice her own complaint when she cursed. The group stopped as the Kirlia yanked her shirt over her shoulders, pulling one breast free of her bra and pinching her nipple. With a defeated moan she raised her sticky fingers into view. “It’s not something from the swamp. I’m lactating.”


          Her discovery caused the other three to check themselves, Sohn coming away clean, but both Zisela and Miru dribbling milk. Nicholas was fighting back his laughter as the three affected pokegirls stared forlornly at each other.


          “You didn’t heat it enough Sohn,” Quinn moaned. “Ohhh…”


          “I certainly did!” Sohn cried. “I drank that heated milk myself, you all saw me! Why would I not be affected? I bet you three had an orgy with Cathy last night while I was with Nicholas!”


          “The enzymes need about three days before they take effect,” Quinn replied. She’d put her bra and shirt back on but now that she’d agitated her breast the compression was bringing more milk oozing out to stain the fabric. “Three days… that was the morning we all drank the last of the treated milk.” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I don’t remember you taking any for yourself, Sohn. Odd. You love drinking milk don’t you?”


          “Yeah but we’d run out. You got the last of it,” Sohn sniffed. “I nearly took a big gulp of that red thermos before Nicholas stopped me and since there was no treated milk left I was forced to go milkless for breakfast that morning. This is the thanks I get for my sacrifice? Accusations?”


          “I haven’t accused you of anything,” Quinn replied, her voice having dropped dangerously low.


          “Sure you have! You’re saying it’s my fault you’re all lactating, just because I’m lucky enough not to be,” Sohn replied. “Well I think it’s hilarious you’re all sticky now. Ha! Ha ha ha!”


          Nicholas hid his grin. “Swapping containers and making your harem sisters lactate is quite the prank. You’re sure you’re not to blame, Sohn?”


          “I didn’t pour that milk, and I drank the heated stuff just the same as everyone else,” Sohn sniffed. “Frankly I’m hurt at the accusation.”


          Quinn raised a quivering finger. “Yeah, we all poured our own. But when Zisela offered you a glass you had an excuse, didn’t you. Then conveniently we’d run out by the time it came to your turn. And then you spilled the other thermos, making it impossible to know how much was left. You swapped it! Somehow, sometime, I don’t know. But this is your fault!”


          Both pokegirls went silent when an ear-rending wail came from behind Quinn. Miru was pawing at her chest, trying in vain to stifle the trickle of white soaking into her fur. “Sh-sh-she DID?” Miru’s eyes were filled with tears as she stumbled past Quinn and started flailing against Sohn. “MEANY! MEANY! You- you big MEANY!” With a scream she tore herself away and began running down the street.


          “What- Miru!” Quinn made a move to chase but she stopped when she saw Sohn. The Monferno was staring after Miru with anger all over her face.


          “That manipulative little…” Sohn fell silent. “She’s ruined it. Again. As usual. Damn it.” She glanced back sullenly. “How much would one glass do to you.”


          Quinn’s eyes narrowed again. “So you did pull this prank.”


          “I’d have had to own up to it eventually,” Sohn muttered. “I just wanted a bit longer. That damn rabbit ruined the fun.” She turned to Nicholas. “I know the rules. Don’t worry.”


          Nicholas nodded. “How long, Quinn?”


          Quinn was debating whether to slap Sohn but she decided something was up with the sullen Monferno so she didn’t. “I don’t know. Maybe the rest of the day? At the restaurant we were expected to drink every day to keep things flowing.”


          “Sohn?” When Sohn looked at him he nodded at Quinn and Zisela. “For the rest of the day they’ll need to be relieved and kept clean. That’s your punishment.”


          “It will not be all she does,” Zisela snarled under her breath.


          Sohn eyed Quinn, growing a sly look after a minute. “Relieved? I don’t have any tools so my mouth will have to do.”


          “Hey you- HEY!” Quinn finally slapped Sohn when she lunged forwards and shoved her shirt over her head. “How the hell is this punishment for her! NICHOLAS!”


          Nicholas snickered when Quinn’s protests turned to screams of pleasure, Sohn doing much more than just relieving the milk in her breasts. “It’s called trick and treat. Welcome to the harem, Quinn- get used to it.” He looked at Zisela. “You haven’t been on the receiving end of a Sohn prank up until now either, have you?”


          Zisela shook her head, some of the anger fading as she came to understand the dynamic in play. “No, my drake. An interesting system. So is this meant to be our apology ‘treat’ from Sohn?” When he nodded she smirked and circled around to be behind where the Monferno was pleasuring the Kirlia. “I accept.”


          Sohn’s eyes bugged and she squealed. Suddenly she was the one on the bottom, Zisela twisting the tip of her tail into Sohn’s pussy and rotating the squirming Monferno until she was pressed to the Gabite’s breast with nowhere to run.


          Nicholas watched Quinn recover and join in tormenting the prankster. Why had Miru run off? She’d used this moment as an excuse. It must be for some reason. He glanced back, looking in the general direction of the Galactic Building. Of course. It was showtime. He’d wait here.







          Sohn couldn’t decide if she was in heaven or hell. Two unique flavors filled her mouth as she suckled from her Alpha and newest sister, yet simultaneously every inch of her body was being violated by the vengeful pair. How long had it been? Nicholas had said she’d be subjected to this… for the entire day???


          Nicholas sat on the sidelines with Cathy and Sammy. Sammy hadn’t drunk any milk, and neither of them were sure if she’d be able to lactate even if she had, so she was spared. Cathy of course was unchanged from Sohn’s prank. It was her own milk after all. She produced enough of it already.


          She was back to being as empty as possible though after a short session with Nicholas. He hadn’t explained why, but she understood. This city held battle. How much, where, when, she didn’t know. But she knew she would be ready for it.


          Nicholas tapped his foot as he watched the three pokegirls wrestle. It had been a few hours now since Miru had run off screaming. She hadn’t returned. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.


          “Kalmiya. Remind me about the gym here?”


          “Of course Master. The Veilstone Gym specializes in the Fighting-type. Sammy and my new sister Quinn are our strongest challengers.”


          “Mmm, except Quinn doesn’t want to use her psychic powers,” Nicholas mused. “Guess that leaves Sammy. Hey, you wanted to show me something back in Celestic, didn’t you? What was that?”


          Sammy perked up. “You want to see, Master?”




          Sammy shot to her feet without any further prompting and twirled, ending up facing him with her hands outstretched. “Okay! So. So. You remember my fingers, right? Right Master?”


          Nicholas nodded. He wasn’t looking at her fingers. Not with the naked Rotom standing over him.


          “…You don’t remember,” Sammy pouted. “Or you haven’t noticed?”


          Nicholas tore his gaze away from her body to give the fingers in question a quick glance. “You covered them in…” he trailed off. Sammy’s waggling fingers were all completely clean of metal. “Hey, where’d it all go? All the stuff you ate after?”


          Sammy clapped excitedly. “Yes! Right! Where did it go? Where oh where?” She giggled. “Watch this, Master!”


          Nicholas watched. Sammy was keeping her hands held out and soon he saw her sparks zipping around, but they were slowly fading from view. With a start he realized her arms were growing a metallic sheen and a few seconds later Sammy threw her arms back to reveal that they had been coated all the way past her elbows and nearly to her shoulders.


          “Ta-daaa!” Sammy cried, flourishing her arms like they were the product of a magic trick. “Metal!” When she reached for him Nicholas could feel how solid her grip was and he rubbed the metal coat in wonder.


          “This is incredible, Sammy,” he praised. “So this is your new skeleton?”


          Sammy pulled back and shook her head. “Not quite, Master. But it… it does feel good.” She shivered, metal fingers flexing in the air. “Touching everything like this… It’s like I really exist.”


          Nicholas gave her a sad smile. “Sammy. You exist just fine as yourself.”


          Sammy wrapped her arms around her body. “I… I know, Master. I know.”


          “So eventually we’ll get you enough to coat your entire body, right?” Nicholas asked. “Then what?”


          Sammy hesitated. “Actually, Master, I’m not sure if I need that much anymore. Because playing with my body like this I discovered something.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Go on?”


          Sammy nodded and raised one arm. Nicholas could see sparks flurrying about the seam where it met her shoulder until with a pop Sammy’s arm came free.


          Nicholas’ jaw dropped but that wasn’t the only thing Sammy was doing. There was a low whine through the air as sparks shot from her severed stump and connected to the falling limb, bringing it to a halt in midair before it raised up and began articulating as if it had never been removed.


          “S-See?” Sammy asked, her voice a bit strained. “With… with my body, the gooey me, I just fall apart when I do something like this. But the metal-“ the limb floated forwards and Sammy caressed Nicholas’ cheek, “with this… I can, can still look… like me.” She gasped, a snap echoing when the trailing electricity imploded and the metal arm rocketed back into place. Sammy was panting from the exertion but her eyes shone as she gazed at Nicholas. “I can still hold my form, no matter how much of me I’m letting free.”


          “That’s so incredible, Sammy,” Nicholas said happily. “I’m so, so proud of how far you’ve come.”


          More hours passed. Long enough that Sohn wasn’t fighting anymore, having been exhausted to the point that she just lay there while Zisela used her face as a seat. Quinn had decided to refrain from continuing to punish the Monferno for her prank, retreating instead to where the others sat. She’d been very slow in asking but eventually she’d curled up in Nicholas’ arms as he gave her the same treatment he’d given Cathy earlier. It was a massive gesture of trust from the Kirlia and Nicholas knew it.


          Eventually, though, Miru returned.


          Nicholas heard the hiccupping Buneary before he saw her. After a minute Miru stumbled into view, eyes red, the fur of her stomach wet and sticking together. He was making to hail her when another pokegirl came into view right behind.


          Nicholas’ call died on his lips. This pokegirl was… he took a moment to compose himself and finally hailed Miru. “Miru! Miru, oh Miru. Why did you run off like that? Come here.”


          “This your tamer?” The other pokegirl watched Miru nod and begin stumbling in Nicholas’ direction. “I found her down by the warehouse district, sir. Making all sorts of racket.”


          “I- I lost it,” Miru sniffled as she crawled into his lap. “She didn’t find it.”


          “She keeps talking about ‘it’,” the pokegirl supplied. “Didn’t want to leave the area either. Some kind of trinket?”


          Nicholas scratched behind Miru’s ear. Sure enough he could feel that her gun holster was missing. “Just a little thing she carries around. We’ll go find it for you, okay Miru? All of us together. Come on.”


          “I’ll come with you,” the pokegirl said. “My Master asked me to keep an eye on that area anyways.”


          Nicholas nodded, hardly daring to speak. Neither he nor any of his watching pokegirls could mistake the uniform this pokegirl was wearing. She was Galactic.


          The silent group wound their way through the city with Sohn back in her pokeball so she could rest. Nicholas could see Zisela’s nipples starting to puff up again but neither he nor she gave them another thought.


          “It was around here,” the pokegirl supplied. Miru was stumbling around, aimlessly turning over piles of litter and kicking rocks as she drew the party further down a hidden alleyway. “What’s she looking for, anyways?”


          Miru stopped near a box. “I was looking for an excuse to drag you away from your Master.”


          The moment Nicholas heard Miru’s voice shift he dove to block the exit. The Galactic pokegirl was just confused, head tilted as she gazed at Miru, but when the Buneary reached behind the box and withdrew her pistol her face went white. “HEL-!”


          Her words were stifled when Miru leapt at her, shoving the barrel of the gun into the girl’s mouth and silencing her instantly. “Nice reflexes, Champion. CLEAR!” Miru snapped her fingers and suddenly the alleys were alive. Figures appeared, two securing the pokegirl while Miru cleaned her gun and put it back where it belonged. “I had the exit covered, but it’s good to see you haven’t grown soft.”


          Nicholas looked around. Dozens of uniformed police officers. International Police. “Your old friends?”


          Miru chuckled. “A few. My old partner is slinking about somewhere; I’ll have to introduce you later.”


          For most of the harem this entire sequence was a shock. Not Sammy. The Rotom shuffled forwards cautiously. “…Numbers?”


          Miru grinned and clapped the Rotom on the shoulder. “Yeah, Sammy. Numbers is back. You did real good, girl. Thank you.”


          “Miru.” Miru turned to see Zisela staring at her. “This is the secret. Isn’t it? I knew you were never one of mine.”


          Miru sighed, scratching the base of her ear in an attempt to cover the awkward moment. “Yeah, you had me from the start. You and those Celestica. All of you… perceptive, aura-whatevers. Thank you for not asking too many questions.”


          Zisela glanced at Nicholas. “I did, but my drake told me to stop.”


          Miru nodded and gestured at Zisela’s breasts. “I see Quinn is normal. I assume you had something to do with it, Topolski. Fix her up too - we’re on a tight schedule.” With only a backwards wave Miru had vanished into the crowd of officers.


          Cathy and Quinn huddled around while Nicholas tried convincing Zisela to let him milk her. “Is that really Miru?” Cathy asked, her voice hushed. “Our Miru…?”


          “It is. She’s actually an investigator with the International Police. I wasn’t expecting her to break cover, even now. Zisela!”


          The Gabite slapped his hand away again. “I’m fine, my drake. I’d rather deal with this myself than let all these eyes see my shame.”


          “Stubborn girl,” Nicholas growled. “Fine. But I don’t want to hear you complain.”


          A few minutes later Miru had returned. “You done yet?”


          Nicholas turned. “More or less. What’s going on?”


          Miru beckoned them forwards. “Your plan worked perfectly. Galactic’s attention has been split for the last few months and it’s given all parties a chance to move in secret. Champion Cynthia is set to walk in their front door at the top of the hour.”


          Nicholas’ jaw dropped. “Cynthia is here?”


          “We all are,” Miru replied grimly. “Looker’s coordinating his team to sweep from the main building. Two other captains are getting ready to pincer the warehouse district. My old partner’s one of them.” She looked around. “These fine people asked to come with me. Us. We’re knocking down the front door.”


          “The front door of some warehouse, I assume,” Nicholas replied. Miru was moving fast and he had to jog to keep up. “Priority target?”


          “It’s Galactic’s main warehouse. Yes. Priority target.” Miru had cleaned up in the minutes she’d been gone and even though she was still suffering from Sohn’s prank she was all business. None of the strike team gave her a second glance. “Show time, people! All hands take your positions and follow me!”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge

          Relic Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 37

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 35

          Miru, Buneary – Level 34

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 35

          Cathy, Miltank – Level 33

          Quinn, Kirlia – Level 34



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 14