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Chapter 4

All Business




          “You going to wash up or stay like that overnight?”


          Nicholas was speaking to Miru. The group had basically swum back to the boat once Nicholas and the dual legendaries had finally been satisfied due to the tide having covered the majority of the island. Sohn and Miru had been in a shocked state of complete silence the entire time, and now that they were back at their hotel Nicholas was cleaning up. Sohn had followed and was now laying on their bed naked, still quiet, while Miru had walked into the room and then just stood in a corner. Her fur was sticking out wildly from the dried salt water and it was strange for her to just be ignoring that, with how she had used the salt as an excuse before.


          Miru didn’t respond. Nicholas walked over and waved a hand in front of her face. “Hey. Did you hear me? Shower’s open.”


          Miru finally blinked, her head turning slightly to look at him. “Sorry. What did you say?”


          Nicholas stared at her. That hadn’t been the fake personality Miru used, it had been her regular, abrasive tone… but in the smallest voice he’d ever heard.


          “Bathroom’s open if you want to get the salt out of your hair.”


          Miru blinked again. “Okay.”


          Nicholas watched her pad over to the bathroom, the door closing very softly behind her. Well. He’d been trying to shock her.


          He turned his attention to Sohn. Climbing onto the bed he chuckled and reached out to tease her a bit. “Hey. How’s the new body feeling?”


          Sohn kept her eyes on the ceiling even as Nicholas’ hands stroked her. “How the hell am I supposed to respond to that, Master?”


          Nicholas stopped in surprise. “What?”


          “How can you- How can you ask me something so, so… normal?” Sohn’s eyes dragged down but she couldn’t hold them on his face. “I… What I just watched, I don’t even understand.”


          “You wanted me to be me,” Nicholas replied. “I’d been hiding myself from you. Now you’ve seen the truth.”


          Sohn snorted. “I don’t even know what I’ve seen.”




          “How much about pokegirls do you know?” Sohn interrupted.


          Nicholas frowned. “Well, I’m a researcher. I focused on pokegirl evolution, but over the last few years of being a tamer I’ve had the opportunity to learn about lots more. Why?”


          “I matured just over two years ago,” Sohn said. “Two years, Master. That’s why I was… why I had no idea what I was doing. I hadn’t had a real tamer for two years. But I have you now… at least, I think I do.” She screwed her eyes shut. “Do humans not have these feelings? Is that why you can be who you are, or are you even human at all?”


          “What feelings, Sohn?” Nicholas asked gently. “I know what just happened must have shocked you but I am not trying to scare you.”


          “Ever since I was born I’ve… known, things,” Sohn said in a faltering voice. “Known things I have no idea how I know. Memories that I forgot about until something… like, triggered them, or something. When I evolved, I remembered. Things fell into place. Before, when you and that other human were talking, memories were swirling then, too. Memories of… of fear. Of the eternal ones. Of what they are. They are… they are our gods, Master. Are they not humanity’s gods? Is that how you can just… just treat them like you treat me?”


          “First of all, no, most humans don’t have genetic memories like pokegirls do," Nicholas replied. "However, I do. But as far as I know, I am still human. Just a different one.” He paused to ponder the rest of what Sohn had said. “The eternal ones. I think to some part of humanity they are still the gods. But humanity is also very defiant. Some humans have created their own gods and chosen to dismiss the eternal ones. Either they choose to believe that they’re just stories, or they claim that they’re simply powerful, unique pokegirls. I believe that they are powerful, unique pokegirls, but I also have a special viewpoint. I know that there are a few who are so powerful calling them gods may as well be the truth.”


          “They… they weren’t enough for you?” Sohn whispered.


          “To be honest, Sohn, no,” Nicholas replied. “You would have met them eventually, so I may as well tell you now. There are a few eternal ones who are my partners, my allies, as I told Cresselia and Darkrai. Do your memories know names, or just powers?” His eyes flicked to the bathroom door. “Miru, there’s no need for you to eavesdrop. Nothing that I say will be new to you.”


          The bathroom door clicked and slowly swung open as Miru emerged, her body still wet. “We had written off your statements as fairytale.”


          “Without trying to be rude, Special Investigator, you’ve stepped into a brand new world,” Nicholas replied. “You’re a pokegirl, aren’t you? How the hell did you manage to justify ignoring your own instincts?”


          Miru sat on the edge of the bed. “My instincts were beaten out of me over the past fifty years. The only things that mattered were what was in front of me.” She glanced at him. “Well?”


          “Well now the stories have come true in front of you,” Nicholas replied.


          Miru grunted.


          “Where was I.” Nicholas looked back to Sohn. “What do you remember, Sohn?”


          Sohn shook her head. “I don’t know if I want to.”


          “If I say the name Celebi, call her the chronicler of time, do you remember?”


          Sohn remained silent for a few seconds before speaking. “That isn’t a scary memory, Master. Who is she?”


          “I was hoping it wouldn’t be. She’s a very nice girl. She’s a time traveler who has watched the world since the beginning. But that’s all she does. She watches. Her purpose is to record all time.”


          Sohn’s eyes opened. “Why do you mention her?”


          “I’m her tamer.” Nicholas smiled when Miru flinched. “In fact, I would say she’s part of my harem. Because we see each other as equals. Just like I see you and I, Sohn. What she is doesn’t change anything.”


          “What about… those two, today?” Sohn whispered.


          “I’ve never met them before. But I think we’re all friends now.”


          “Yeah. ‘Friends’,” Miru snorted. “You know, part of me wanted to call an emergency strike team to contain you.” Her eyes darted over to look at him. “Fortunately, the part of me that isn’t terrified realized doing so would be a terrible, terrible mistake.”


          “I appreciate that.”


          “Consultant be damned. You’re our most valuable asset as of this moment.” Miru looked away again. “Which means… I’m open to discussing our plan of action. Together.”


          “Well. We have a location of interest,” Nicholas said, “Mt. Coronet. Anything else?”




          “Then we’ll go after the gym here tomorrow. That way we’re progressing my cover story. Afterwards, I’ll see if I can find some more information.” He smiled. “I have more contacts. More normal ones, this time.”


          Miru just nodded. “I’ll contact eight three six. See if he’s discovered anything.” She waited for a few seconds before speaking again. “My number is one three zero nine. I don’t have a name, so just call me Miru.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Would you prefer if I addressed you differently during situations like this?”


          Miru chuckled softly. “This again. Calling me SI is fine. I don’t need to remind you to call me Miru when I’m acting as a bimbo.”


          “Nope.” Nicholas hopped further onto the bed and closer to Sohn. “Hey. You hear that? Gym battle tomorrow?” Sohn shivered when he returned to stroking her. “You ready?”


          “I’m still confused,” Sohn whispered back.


          A smile grew across Nicholas’ face. “Are you, now. Stop me if I’m wrong.” Sohn’s eyes snapped open when she felt something push at her folds. “You’re jealous. Jealous of seeing your tamer with other pokegirls.”


          “I- I-“ Sohn blustered, squirming a bit but otherwise making no move to escape, “I- I could never be, um, jealous of- of eternal ones…”


          Nicholas snickered. “You’re a pokegirl. That instinct is as normal as anything else you’re feeling, Sohn.” He smiled down at her as Sohn moaned happily. “How about you, SI? Need me to chase that feeling out of you too?”


          Miru snorted and slid back off the bed, leaving a wet spot behind. “I’m soaked because of the shower, not because of that dick of yours. I don’t need it. The bimbo does. She’ll let you know when it’s time.”


          Nicholas rolled his eyes and brought his attention back to Sohn. “Fine. I’ll shoot some messages off after we’re done.” He looked down at the mewling Monferno. He had someone he thought Sohn would benefit from talking to, as well.


          Miru walked off, listening to Sohn’s happy cries behind her. No, she felt no need to join the newborn. None at all.


          And she believed herself, too. Even though her body had nearly dried while her slit still glistened.







          “The Canalave Gym.” Nicholas stood in front of the towering building with his hands on his hips and a smile on his face. “Steel-type specialty. Sohn, this is your opportunity to show your new power.”


          Sohn’s fingers clenched tighter around her hand wraps. “Got it.”


          Nicholas chuckled when the tip of her tail burst into flame again before the Monferno could bring it back under control. “You’ve got a new tell now. Your tail keeps catching fire when you’re excited.”


          Sohn gritted her teeth as she fought not to allow her rising emotions to break free again. “I’m sorry.”


          “It was a very pleasant warmth, Sohn. You weren’t trying to burn me, so you didn’t.” He shifted, pretending to walk forwards so that she did the same before his hand shot out and caught her tail. The moment he touched her Sohn squealed and the fur in his hand blazed. “See?”


          Sohn ripped her tail from his grasp and shot him a mortified look, keeping it curled up near to her body until the laughing man had ACTUALLY walked into the gym in front of her.


          Indigo had had greeters for each major gym. In Hoenn the gyms had spoken for themselves, due to the region’s focus on battling as part of their way of life. Nicholas took in the clinical appearance of the Canalave Gym lobby. It… was nothing like what he’d seen before.


          There was a human woman behind the counter dressed in a sharp suit and she raised a hand in greeting, immediately giving away her actual species when she revealed the spikes Nicholas had seen on Erin, Riley’s Lucario. “Good morning, tamer. Welcome to the Canalave gym. Do you have an appointment?”


          Nicholas walked over, glancing around at the empty lobby as he did. “No. Do I need one?”


          “We prefer all tamers submit their challenge in advance, just like all Sinnoh gyms, in order to prepare a proper match. However, we are willing to provide for walk-ins as long as they understand the risks.” She held out a hand. “Pokedex, please.”


          Nicholas handed it over. “Sorry. I should have done more research, this is my first time in a Sinnoh gym.”


          The Lucario blinked at him, connecting his pokedex to her computer with practiced ease. “You’re rather old to be a first timer, sir. Out of region?”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Yep.”


          The Lucario glanced at her screen when a bell chimed. For a few seconds, without moving. Then her eyes snapped back to Nicholas. “Just one moment. Sir.”


          The girl vanished through a door behind her desk, leaving Nicholas standing in the empty lobby. She hurried through a few more doors, eyes searching, until she emerged into a large open area. The sounds of battle echoed but she ignored the cacophony, zeroing in on a cluster of figures in the distance.


          “SIR!” One of the men turned when he heard the call, watching as a stray attack zipped through the air and towards the approaching receptionist. With no more movement than was necessary the Lucario leaned out of the way, letting the beam impact behind her and send a spray of rubble across the floor. “Leader Byron, Sir. The man you’ve been waiting for has appeared.”


          The man slowly grinned. “About damn time.” He stroked his chin. “What’s his level?”


          The receptionist shrugged apologetically. “You are his first challenge of the region, Sir.”


          “Bah.” Byron ran his eyes around the battles. “What do you say? Feel like stepping out from behind that desk for once?”


          The Lucario’s face split into a beaming smile. “I would be honored to fight for you, Sir.”


          “Excellent. Send him to arena three, then meet me in the staging room.” His grin widened when the receptionist sketched a quick bow and raced back towards the front of the gym. Finally. Time to see what this new blood was made of.


          Nicholas turned when he heard the door open again and the Lucario popped out. She took a moment to catch her breath before turning back to her computer. “You have been assigned to arena 3, sir. Please follow the marked doors to your staging room.” She handed the pokedex back and for just a moment her professional air vanished. Her lips curled back, turning her smile into a challenging grin. “I look forward to seeing you there.”


          Nicholas blinked. Taking his pokedex he glanced around, drifting towards what appeared to be the right door, before glancing back at the counter. The Lucario was gone.


          “That was… interesting,” Nicholas grumbled, leading Sohn and Miru through the halls. It didn’t take long for him to find the correct door and the trio stepped into a massive arena.


          They milled about, Nicholas kicking his toe against the marked tamer’s box and chatting with the pokegirls until a door opened on the far side of the arena. A man stepped out, followed by three pokegirls of his own and Nicholas turned his attention to his opponent.


          “Nicholas Topolski.” Nicholas nodded when the man called his name. “Welcome to Sinnoh. I’ve heard you took a visit to Iron Island before coming to see me.”


          Nicholas frowned. “I did, yes. You have me at a disadvantage. You are?”


          The man stepped into the arena, prompting Nicholas to move forwards to meet him. “My name is Byron. I’m the leader of this gym.” Byron’s hand swallowed Nicholas when they shook, his skin as tough as leather. “Tell me. Find anything interesting on the island?”


          Nicholas hesitated. “Eh, I guess. I was really there to train.”


          “Nothing wrong with that. I was just wondering if maybe you’d seen any good fossils.” Byron chuckled and released Nicholas’ hand. “I’m something of a collector. Some of them are more interesting than others.” He grinned, turning slightly to show the pokegirl that was approaching. “Some of them hold viable dna.”


          Nicholas eyed the pokegirl that stopped next to her master. “Another extinct breed, huh.”


          Byron cocked an eyebrow. “You’ve seen extinct pokegirls before?”


          “Seems everyone’s using the league’s cloning technology to revive fossils,” Nicholas replied. “I’ve seen them in every region I visit.”


          “This is Bailey, a Bastiodon,” Byron explained. The girl huffed. Her body was covered in jagged grey armor, including a wicked helmet covering her face and only segmented to allow her jaw to move, with only the joints of her body showing the lighter skin underneath. Her chest was patterned with spots that were the same color as her skin, but Nicholas wasn’t fooled. This pokegirl was a walking tank. “She’s my Alpha.”


          “A pleasure to meet you, Bailey,” Nicholas said, tilting his head at the Bastiodon. “I hope your girls will go easy on us.”


          Byron laughed. “I checked your profile. You insult me, champion. Bringing only two pokegirls? I wanted to meet you in full battle, not like this.”


          Nicholas shrugged apologetically. “Someone had to be my first challenge.”


          “True. You should have gone to my son.” Byron winked to show he was just joking. “Ah, well. I still intend to force you to prove your strength here today, Nicholas. Let me introduce you to these two – you’ve already met Erica, and next to her is one of our Bronzor in training, Carri.”


          Nicholas glanced at Erica. It was the Lucario receptionist, but her suit was gone and she was instead in full battle gear. She grinned at him when she caught him looking. “Hello, sir.”


          “Erica’s interning here from Riley, actually,” Byron explained. “She’s the latest one of Erin’s daughters to do so.” He turned to address Erica. “You just evolved from a Riolu last month, right Erica?”


          “Yes Sir. The experience you’ve given me here has been wonderful,” Erica replied happily. “I hopefully should be finding a tamer soon.”


          Byron shot Nicholas a meaningful grin. “Every challenger is a new candidate after all.”


          Nicholas rolled his eyes. “The girls behind me are Sohn, the Monferno, and Miru, my Buneary. Now that introductions are out of the way can we begin?”


          “Gwahahahaha!” Byron threw his head back as he laughed. “Indeed! Let us begin, Nicholas! Show me you can break our defenses!”


          Nicholas retreated and waved Sohn forwards. “We’ll start with you, Sohn.” He stole a quick kiss on the cheek when she stepped past him. “I believe in you. Just do what your body wants to.”


          Sohn felt herself shiver from his encouragement. None of this was necessary. He had had every opportunity to turn his back on her. The doubts, the sting of betrayal she still harbored from Nicholas’ actions in Jubilife, they were pushed aside and forgotten when her feet landed on the arena floor. He had said trust was impossible to replace, but she trusted him now. He’d destroyed every reason she had not to.


          The tip of her tail burst into flame as Sohn raised her hands to her opponent. It was Carri, the Bronzor, a smaller girl whose feet skipped across the ground as she levitated into position. A similar pokegirl to a Magnemite, Nicholas thought, as he listened to Kalmiya’s analysis. “Let your flames burn hot here today, Sohn. They are nothing to be ashamed of.”


          Sohn nodded. She wasn’t ashamed of her flames. She was just ashamed of how easily she fell for his teasing. A hot blush spread across her cheeks before she managed to focus back on the battle in front of her. She… liked falling for it. Didn’t she.


          With a scream Sohn slapped her face, holding her hands there until she felt the burning sensation throughout her body transition into literal burning flames that burst from her skin. Now wasn’t the time to dwell on her feelings! She’d… she’d pull a prank on him after winning this battle. Yes, that would work. After. She would do it after.


          “This battle will have free substitutions. On my mark. Three. Two.” Byron raised his hand. “One. Begin!”


          Sohn dropped her hands from her face, the fires licking across her body catching more and more of her alight. Her emotional high had turned into a thrumming sensation of power that she had never felt before. All because of him.


          Carri drifted sideways a bit as she took in the burning Monferno. Sohn followed her, debating how best to approach before she shook her head and just went for it. Charging across the arena, the flames picked up as they raced towards her readied fist, a battle cry escaping Sohn’s lips as she closed in.


          Carri stopped moving and thrust both hands forwards. Psychic power glowed from the runic patterns across her body, but nothing seemed to happen. Carri held her pose for a few more seconds before shrieking in a panic, diving in an attempt to avoid Sohn’s punch and failing miserably. The flaming fist smashed into her side, sending the levitating girl bouncing across the ground before she managed to pull herself back into the air again.


          Sohn shook her head to chase the strange buzz that had started halfway through her attack. Her flames were burning too hot to let it distract her.


          Nicholas pumped his fist when Sohn connected. “Yes!” He frowned when Carri moved again, more power forming before she fired a beam of dancing energy. “Psychic-type, you said, Kalmiya? Sohn’s going to get hurt.”


          “Master. I anticipated Sohn’s strike would cause much greater damage than it seems to have. This pokegirl has tough defenses.”


          “Well duh, Master,” Miru snorted. “She’s like, all metal and rocks and stuff. She’s hard.”


          “And fire weakens metal,” Nicholas replied.


          “Mhm. Mhm. Does it?” Miru asked cryptically.


          Nicholas’ eyes narrowed. True. Byron didn’t seem worried in the slightest to have seen a Monferno take the field. “Kalmiya, what abilities do the Bronzor line have?”


          “Checking… levitation, and… heat resistance, Master.” Kalmiya cursed softly. “Sohn is weak to her and she’s not weak to Sohn.”


          “PUNCH, MONKEY GIRL!” Miru screeched. “BAM! BAM! BOOM!” She threw a hard punch into the air and yelped when her momentum threw her off balance, causing her to faceplant with her ass stuck straight up in the air.


          Nicholas couldn’t help it. He snickered at Miru’s display before dragging himself back to Sohn’s predicament. He was so grateful that Miru was actually taking interest in Sohn now. Their start had been so rocky before.


          A lot of things were changing in the Buneary’s attitude, actually. It was like his actions the day before had shattered the bubble she’d tried to live within. If it was reforming, he and Sohn were now on the inside.


          Sohn reeled back as the buzzing in her mind turned into a cacophony of shrieking metal. It nearly overwhelmed her before she dragged her focus back to Carri, watching the levitating girl ready another barrage of energy. This was her fault. SHE was doing this, screeching in her head. BITCH!


          Carri gasped. Sohn had taken a step, then another, before her legs had tensed and she’d launched herself forwards. The Bronzor gagged, twisting off of Sohn’s fist and trying to fire before Sohn could attack again, but Sohn remained right on top of her. Her flames still burned but it was Sohn’s fists that did all of the work now as she pummeled Carri into oblivion.


          Byron recalled the fainted Bronzor and held up his hand. “Erica. Your turn. As discussed.”


          Erica grinned and sprang forwards, stalking Sohn as she tried to retreat and clear her head at the same time. “Yes Sir.”


          “Lucario. We know about those,” Nicholas grumbled. “Sohn, just do your best! You’ve taken some hits already so don’t worry about winning!”


          Sohn winced. The screeching sound reverberating through her skull was getting worse. It was getting hard to focus on the approaching pokegirl.


          “Carri really rattled you up, huh,” Erica said as she came to a halt. “Sorry, girl. I would have had fun fighting you.”


          Sohn’s eyes widened. One moment, she was trying to chase the sounds away while keeping an eye on the Lucario. The next, Erica’s fist was all her eyes saw. The Lucario was fast-!


          Nicholas cursed as Erica’s punch crushed Sohn’s face before snapping her head back much too quickly. Sohn had been completely unprepared for the hit. If she wasn’t unconscious now she probably wished she was.


          Sohn crumpled to the ground, the flames across her body sputtering as they threatened to go out. Erica took a half step back before grumbling and moving towards the flickering Monferno cautiously. She wasn’t out.


          Sohn didn’t move as Erica got close, dead to the world until the Lucario was just about to hit her. Then she stirred, a last-ditch effort as she sprayed embers from her shattered mouth.


          Erica immediately dropped Sohn and cut off the desperate flames, but she’d still been hit by a few. She flexed her fist, wincing when the burnt skin protested.


          Nicholas had already recalled Sohn. “You can do it, Miru! Don’t let Sohn down!”


          “Yes, Master!” Miru yelled, bounding forwards and seeming to slip before she found her footing. She blinked a few times before squaring up against the Lucario, eyes wide and focused on her opponent.


          Erica growled and took a more defined stance, sliding forwards to test Miru’s reactions. Miru squealed when Erica feinted, flinging her own arms out wildly in what at first appeared to be random strikes but which the Lucario had no way of punishing. Every time she tried to slip in a limb was flung in her face. Erica fell back, her growls growing more frustrated before she planted her feet and drew both hands together, glowing aura beginning to form.


          “EEK!” Miru squealed when she saw Erica charging her attack and suddenly she was sprinting forwards in an apparent panic. “NO NO NO NOT THAT!”


          Erica yelped when Miru crashed into her. The aura snapped off as her head smacked the ground and she was reaching to grapple the Buneary when her eyes crossed and her entire body went limp.


          Miru rolled off the unmoving Lucario and scrambled back to her feet. “Wh-what?”


          Nicholas smirked. The punch had been so swift and well hidden in the scuffle that he’d have missed it if he wasn’t watching for it. As far as Byron should have seen, Miru had won by dumb luck.


          Byron cursed and recalled Erica. “Damn! How’d she do that?” He glanced at Bailey. “Bailey…”


          Nicholas frowned. Byron had stopped mid sentence. Finally he turned back to the arena with a sigh. “No. No, I won’t make your Buneary try to break through Bailey’s defense. That’s not fair. Damn!” He slammed his fist into his palm. “I was expecting Erica to take more than one hit. Your Monferno must have burned her. GRAHHH!” Byron roared his displeasure before finally slumping, defeated. “Fine. It was shorter than I wanted it to be but it’s over. You win, Nicholas Topolski.” He cursed again, his Bastiodon offering her hand for him to punch and get his frustration out. “Damn it, damn it, damn it. This is just so unfulfilling!” He leveled a quivering finger across the arena. “I’ll have you fight me again, champion! The old guard can’t just be beaten by you young’uns this easily!”


          Nicholas finally broke into a smile when he realized that Byron was just throwing a tantrum and wasn’t actually angry at him. “I promise we’ll have a true battle one day, Leader Byron. One where Bailey can show off everything she is.”


          “GAHAHAHAHA!” Byron grabbed Bailey by the shoulder, though the sturdy pokegirl wasn’t the one who was shifted when he did. “I’ll hold you to that, champion! You find me when you can give us a good long fight!”


          Miru slowly wandered back to him, her eyes stretched wide. “M-Master? I… I did it? I won?”


          Nicholas winked before grabbing her sides and pulling her mouth to his. “You did it, Miru! You won.” He chuckled softly when she kissed him back. “You did so well I’m going to give you a great reward later.”


          “Oi!” Byron had approached and was holding out his badge. “Fuck the rabbit AFTER you leave my gym, okay? A freaking Buneary. Erica fell over to a freaking Buneary…”


          “She’s a bit ditzy but she’s a powerful little pokegirl,” Nicholas chuckled back. “She’ll grow out of her clumsiness one day, and then I know I’ll have an excellent Lopunny in my harem.”


          Miru stared up at him. “Master…?”


          “Gah, get, get!” Byron shooed Nicholas and Miru away. “Seriously, wait until AFTER you’re outside to let her jump you. A freaking Buneary…”


          Nicholas held his grin until they had exited the building, at which point he couldn’t hold his mirth any longer and collapsed with laughter. “Ahahahaha! Oh, god, Miru, you were amazing!”


          His laughter cut off when he felt something soft and warm enter his mouth. Miru kissed him again, her breathing heavy as she grinded against his body. “Master… Master said…”


          Nicholas cupped her face and kissed back. “Master did say. Let’s head back to the hotel, Miru.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge



          Sohn, Monferno – Level 15

          Miru, Buneary – Level 14



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          Nicholas juggled the keycard with one hand, the other fending off Miru’s escalating advances. He finally got the door open, staggering inside and swinging the door shut with his foot before Miru drove him to the floor.


          Miru’s panting snapped off with the click of the latch. Nicholas waited for her to pull herself off him before standing up and straightening his clothes. “Damn.”


          Miru smirked as she dropped into a chair and lounged back, spreading her legs as she did. “Look Nicholas I’m waiting for you.”


          Nicholas rolled his eyes and swatted her leg. “Stop that. You’ve turned off the bimbo so I know better.”


          Miru snickered but at least brought her legs back together and snuggled into her chair. “I have to admit. The newborn played her part well.”

          “Yes, because she had the strength to hold her own,” Nicholas replied. “I’ve been telling you this whole time. My story is more effective when I have a capable harem, not just a single lucky pokegirl.”


          Miru’s smile faded a bit. “Lucky. That’s right, I’m pretending to be lucky. I thought you were just a lucky human, too.”




          Miru grunted. “I know better now.” She nodded when Nicholas pulled out his pokedex. “Any news?”


          Nicholas scrolled through his messages. “Personally? Yes. Relating to the investigation? Not so much.” He stroked his chin as he read through everything. “Hm. There’s an odd one here. It reads like spam but my filter didn’t stop it.”


          Miru raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”


          “Most of it is gibberish, but… ‘Listen after the wall falls’.” Nicholas tapped the screen. “The number is a government area code. So it’s either random spam with a spoofed number, or some kind of coded message.”


          “Assuming it even is a coded message, we don’t have a cypher. And the inclusion of plaintext means that it’s likely just a cryptic, not encoded.” Miru grumbled to herself. “Eight three six hasn’t gotten back to me either. Though my message probably hasn’t even made it to him yet. We’re on our own, and you just did the only thing keeping us in this city.”


          “Guess the only option is to continue the cover?” Nicholas asked.


          Miru nodded. “Fine by me. I’m going to shower. Yell if you need something.” She stood, making a face as she dipped her fingers into her vagina and displayed the sticky liquid coating them. “I hate how my body actually responds when I act.”


          Nicholas watched her leave before settling down with his pokedex. He needed a destination for them. And Sohn was still incapacitated within her pokeball. “Kalmiya? How’s your interface with the new systems coming along?”


          Kalmiya’s hologram formed in front of him. “I’m sorry, Master. I’ve been very distracted with the new processes I’ve unlocked.”


          Nicholas shrugged. “That’s fine. I’m happier to hear that you’re healing. I hope one day you’ll be even stronger than you were before Team Rocket hurt you.”


          Kalmiya smiled warmly at him. “I don’t mind even if I never reclaim what I lost, Master. I am fulfilled every day I am with you.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Of course you are. Now put on some clothes.”


          Kalmiya laughed at their recurrent banter. “Master locked in this form. Appearance is considered core data, and requires Master’s confirmation to change.”


          “Yes, yes, I know it does.” Nicholas gazed at his pokedex. No matter what he chose to do next they’d need to head back to Jubilife first. There really wasn’t much to decide, then. “We’re going back to Jubilife.” He glanced at Sohn’s pokeball again. It would be so nice if that upgrade actually worked, and now might be the best time for a test. They were seconds away from a pokecenter if something went wrong. “I’d like to bring the energy transfer system online.”


          Kalmiya sat back slightly. “I understand, Master. Will I be strong enough?”


          “I want to be very clear. If I didn’t think you were, I wouldn’t be asking this.” Nicholas looked into Kalmiya’s eyes. “If there is even the possibility of this overloading you I will destroy the system with my own hands. I will not let you be used as nothing more than a tool, ever again.”


          Kalmiya smiled and bowed her head. “I know, Master. I will initiate an interface with the system.” She remained silent for almost a minute before looking up again. “This unit is standing by for confirmation.”


          Nicholas lightly slapped her cheek. “Stop that. I want Kalmiya, not some unit.”


          Kalmiya’s eyes flickered and she shuddered. “I- I’m sorry, Master. I was afraid.”


          Nicholas put his pokedex down and reached out to embrace her. “I’m asking you to drain yourself until you can no longer function. I would be afraid too. We don’t have to do this. I’m happy to just have you.”


          “…No.” Kalmiya trembled in his arms but her voice was set. “I am not a combatant. It does me no good to be alive as my Master is lost.” She hugged him back. “If I can sacrifice myself for one of my sisters and save you in the process I will not hesitate.”


          “You are not going to be sacrificing yourself. Am I clear?” Nicholas growled back. “If I find out that you went too far and died on me I’ll drag your corpse to Bill and have him resurrect you just so I can strangle you myself.”


          Kalmiya choked as she tried to laugh, her face twisting between laughter and tears. “Yes, Master. Understood.”


          “Good.” Nicholas pulled back. “Then does the addition of a new system require confirmation?”


          Kalmiya’s lips flickered in a smile. “Self-preservation orders do.”


          “Of course. That’s core data.” Nicholas kissed her before he pulled his pants off. He was still half-erect from Miru’s display and he used Kalmiya’s warmth to bring himself the rest of the way before penetrating her. She hummed as she gyrated her hips, working his dick deeper towards her core and bringing her body back with every motion to let her breasts swing free. They thumped against Nicholas’ chest as she moved and he let her do what she wanted no matter how much he wanted to grab them.


          “You’re usually more active than this, Master,” Kalmiya said. Nicholas glanced up to see her with one eye cracked open. “You designed me, after all. Has my body lost its charm?”


          Nicholas’ face set with a smirk. She was taunting him and he’d be damned if he let his beautiful sexbot do that unpunished.


          Kalmiya giggled when his hands shot to her breasts and Nicholas brought one to his mouth. She moaned appreciatively as he sucked, her gyrations continuing until she’d found the right spot so that every time she moved his dick tapped against her core. Nicholas was focused completely on pleasuring her so Kalmiya took the initiative and climbed a bit higher on top of him, positioning herself before dropping and stretching until she felt his dick push inside. She gasped, electricity surging through her as her core sucked at her Master’s dick. Nicholas took over when she slowed, pushing up and down to stroke Kalmiya’s insides until she screamed, an electronic sound that coincided with her entire body shimmering with static. Nicholas chose that moment to come inside of her, pulling out as he did to create a thick white trail through the flickering Porygon until his dick flopped out and his semen began dripping from her cunt.


          Kalmiya was taking shuddering breaths and Nicholas heard just a tinge of her basic voice come out as she recovered. “Core. Directive. Updated.” She let out another moan before her body relaxed and her voice returned to normal. “Master confirmed. Self-preservation orders… confirmed.”


          “They better be,” Nicholas murmured to her.


          Kalmiya scooped up the traces of semen that had escaped her pussy and brought her fingers to her mouth, making a happy noise as she licked them clean. “I’m ready, Master.” She slid back, watching with a smile as Nicholas cleaned himself off. “Please connect the pokeball to be recharged.”


          Nicholas nodded and flipped the pokedex over while Kalmiya vanished back inside. He located the cable Bill had pointed out when he’d picked the ‘dex back up from him and twisted Sohn’s pokeball around until he saw the tiny port he was looking for.


          He hesitated just a moment before connecting the two devices. The amount of energy a healing machine took to do this was astronomical. Would Kalmiya have enough power within her?


          “Initiating energy transfer.” Nicholas turned the dex back over and stared at the screen. A blinking progress bar had appeared. Kalmiya’s voice sounded strained the next time she spoke. “Energy transfer… in progress. Transferring. Trans-“ a hiss sounded from the speakers and Nicholas’ grip tightened when he heard Kalmiya in pain. “Ener- Energy-“


          “Kalmiya, enough!” Nicholas cried, grabbing at Sohn’s pokeball. “I’m breaking the connection-“


          “No- No! Master.” Kalmiya had no form but she had grown so much that she still simulated her panting voice through the speakers. “I just wasn’t… wasn’t prepared. Transfer at… twenty percent.” Her voice lilted to confused surprise. “Pokeball charge at… two percent?!?!”


          “Abort. NOW!” Nicholas yanked the cable free to a squeal from the speakers. He nearly shook the pokedex in his worry. “Kalmiya, answer me! Are you okay!”


          It took three minutes for Kalmiya’s face to appear on the screen. “Master.”


          “Answer me, Kalmiya. Are you okay?”


          Kalmiya’s avatar closed its eyes. “I’m sorry, Master.”


          “ANSWER ME, DAMN YOU!”


          Kalmiya’s eyes opened again. “I am, Master. I was not strong enough.”


          “I could care less about whether you were fucking strong enough I care whether you’re still alive!” Nicholas roared.


          Kalmiya blinked at him. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.


          Nicholas’ head drooped. “I… I know. Rest. Get some rest.” He put his pokedex down as the screen went blank. A factor of ten. Kalmiya would have drained herself to death and Sohn would still have been unconscious. He was never going to ask her to do that again.







          Nicholas eyed the café where he had first sat down with Miru and Looker. It felt like ages ago but in reality was only about a week. Only a week. What a week.


          “So from here we can head east to Oreburgh, or north to Floaroma and from there to the gym in Eterna city…” Nicholas grimaced. “Oreburgh is closer…”


          He felt someone grab his arm and looked down to see Miru clinging to him. “Can we get something to eat first, Master? Can we? Please?” She grinned and jumped up and down. “That place over there was so yummy the last time!”


          Nicholas nodded. “Sure. We can do that. Let’s get lunch.”


          “YAYYY!” Miru let go and scampered off to the café, babbling excitedly at the bemused hostess when Nicholas walked up. “For four! Wait. No. Three! Three?” Miru turned and made a show of counting Nicholas and Sohn. “One, two… no, two?”


          “Is this your Buneary, sir?” The woman asked with a laugh. “Would you like a table for three?”


          “Four!” Miru cried.


          Nicholas laughed and pulled her back to his side. “A table for three, but we’ll take four chairs.”


          The hostess laughed with him and made a show of picking up four menus. “Of course. If you could please follow me…?”


          Miru was as bubbly as ever while they were seated and ordered drinks, but she didn’t do anything else strange until a waiter approached to take their food orders.


          “Let’s start with you, sir,” the waiter said, smiling expectantly at Nicholas. “We can delay for your friend to return from the restroom. What will you be having today?”


          “Oh, the seat- actually that’s just because she kept counting our three as four,” Nicholas said with a chuckle and gestured at Miru.


          “He had to use the toilet!” Miru burst in.


          Nicholas ignored her. “Let’s just go with a nice sandwich. A kalosian drip?” he asked.


          The waiter nodded. “Excellent. Madam with the long tail?”


          Sohn blinked. “Me? Uh, a sandwich sounds nice. Can I have a burger? Medium.”


          The waiter nodded and wrote her order down. “I’ll tell the cook to prepare it medium, and to err on the side of rare. I’m sure you’ll be able to bring it to your perfect sear.” He winked at Sohn and turned to Miru. “And you, miss rabbit?


          Miru hemmed and hawed as she peered at the menu. “All these things… Um, what does that mean? There’s no number by the im-po-tad-thingamajig.”


          “Imported seafood is priced daily,” the man replied without losing his smile. “Which fish were you curious about?”


          “Um.” Miru jabbed her menu. “That one.”


          “The price for that today is $7.99 per pound.”


          “Um, that one.”




          Miru squinted at the menu. “Thhhhat one.”


          “Ah, an excellent choice.” The waiter straightened. “Pricing for that today is $8.36 a pound.”


          “Hmm.” Miru rested her hand on her chin. “I want it but that’s a big number. Master probably wouldn’t like it if I ordered that.”


          “Well if you’re unsure I can come back later,” the waiter offered. “Your friend might be back by then as well.”


          “Last time we were here that number was bigger, wasn’t it Master?” Miru asked Nicholas. “Like. It was ten and. Ten and… a three…?”


          Nicholas took a sip of his drink. “Thirteen and change, yes, but I can’t remember the change.”


          Miru brightened. “It was small! Um, one, two… nine!” Her hands shot up, all fingers stretched out. “I remember because I can count that high!”


          The waiter’s smile never wavered. “Yes, our prices for fresh fish do change frequently. Have you decided to order it after all?”


          Miru glanced at Nicholas. “Uh… Master might not like it if I did. But the mister likes fish, right Master?”


          “Uh-huh. The mister in the bathroom loves fish,” Nicholas replied with the tone of someone just trying to escape a conversation.


          The waiter nodded. “Of course, sir. I’ll write that item down for him. In which case what would you like to order, miss rabbit?”


          Miru looked back to her menu for a moment before she blinked and a grin spread from ear to ear. “Yeah! Master and sister Sohn are getting sandwiches so I will too! The tomato lettuce thing!”


          “And one BLT.” The waiter finished writing his notes and gathered all four menus. “Your orders will be ready shortly.”


          Nicholas watched him leave. “Eight thirty six for fish. What has the world come to.”


          “I knew you wouldn’t like it if I ordered that, Master,” Miru said seriously. “Is the B and D thing good?”


          Nicholas had been reaching for his drink again and at Miru’s question he choked, dropping the glass and spewing water across the table. “BLT! BLT, Miru, holy fuck…”


          “BLT? Master, what’s wrong? Master?” Miru babbled as Nicholas continued coughing.


          “B and D. I’ll show you how different from a BLT that is when we go to bed tonight,” Nicholas gasped.


          Sohn sunk deeper into her chair.


          A few minutes passed and the waiter returned with an apologetic smile. “Please extend my apologies to the gentleman in the restroom but we are actually all out of the fish. Please carefully inspect your final bill to ensure I have refunded you properly.” Then he was gone again.


          Nicholas was still coughing but he shot Miru a look. She didn’t seem perturbed so he assumed everything was going the way she wanted it to.


          Their food came and they ate, and when Nicholas called for the bill the waiter didn’t reach over the table to him. Instead he handed the book to Miru, who slipped something out before passing it along to him and standing with an excuse that she had to use the restroom. The rest of the meal went perfectly normally and Nicholas didn’t speak again until they were back on the street.


          “Mmm. Great café,” he groaned, stretching as he did before letting out his breath and looking around the city. “So. Oreburgh?”


          Miru grumbled. “I don’t want to fight another gym badge so soon. Why don’t we go somewhere far away, Master? That way we can walk and train and fuck a lot.” She grinned. “I like that idea.”


          Nicholas snickered. “Then we’ll head towards Eterna City. It’s the closest far away gym we've got."


          Miru clapped excitedly. “Yay!”


          “And tonight is Sohn’s turn to be tamed,” he said mock-seriously, jabbing Miru’s breast and making her squeal and dance away. “You can’t just ride my dick whenever you want. Once there’s an Alpha she’ll be the one telling you that and then it’s not even the dick that’s telling you no.”


          Miru stomped her foot. “Masterrrrr,” she whined petulantly, “that’s so meeeeaaaaannn.” Her eyes lit up. “But if I’m the Alpha I can say I fuck every day!”


          “Well you’re never going to be the Alpha,” Nicholas growled back, “so you can forget about that ever happening.”




          “Um. Before we go?” Nicholas turned to see Sohn staring at him. “Can I… no, it’s silly…”


          Nicholas frowned and stepped closer. “What’s up, Sohn?”


          “I…” Sohn’s cheeks were starting to flush and she cleared her throat again. “I just…”




          “I…” Sohn turned away, fully blushing now, and held out her closed hands. “I wanted to give you something.”


          Nicholas blinked and reached out. In a flash Sohn struck, shoving his hands together before cackling and dancing away. Nicholas stared at the finger trap she’d slipped on him and growled, pulling at it before giving up and giving chase. “YOU MANIPULATIVE LITTLE MONKEY!” Sohn roared with laughter, leading a merry chase through the city as Miru scrambled along behind them.







          Nicholas stroked Sohn’s hair while she serviced him. It was late that night and this was her way of treating him after her little prank. Really it was just extended foreplay before he tamed her. “So what did the message say.”


          Miru’s eyes didn’t open, the Buneary curled up beside him, but she did respond. “There’s trouble up north. Looker wants us to scout the situation and report to him before the police move in.”


          Nicholas nodded. Scouting, he could do that. They could. Hell, Sohn might even get a chance to participate this time.


          And then once that was over, they’d likely continue on to Eterna. Another gym, and there was still the question of the mysterious message on his pokedex. Who had it been?








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge



          Sohn, Monferno – Level 16

          Miru, Buneary – Level 15



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5