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Chapter 2





          Nicholas grunted and released Sohn. He’d taken a slight detour to get her healed before taking Miru to a hotel. “Hey, Sohn. How are you feeling?”


          Sohn grumbled and rubbed at her head as she looked around the room. “I’m okay.” She took in the state he and Miru were in before sighing and plopping down in a chair. “I’ll head back to the lab. It’s okay. I’ll just get in the way around here.”


          “Sohn, that’s not necessary at all,” Nicholas protested. He shot Miru a look and the Buneary shrugged before leaving to give the two privacy. “I thought we were going to laugh together.”


          “I’ll just be dead weight,” Sohn replied. “Miru’s all you need. She’s a much stronger pokegirl than I am.”


          “She’s also not mine,” Nicholas replied softly. “She’s traveling with me, us, that’s true, but she’s not a part of my harem. It’s all an act, Sohn. You, you’re actually one of my pokegirls.” He smiled. “I want to go all the way to the top with you, Sohn. Isn’t that what you want too?”


          “You know, you say I’m yours and all, but am I really?” Sohn looked at him. “You keep calling me Sohn but my name is still the same as it’s always been. Susan. I’m Susan. Susan the Chimchar. That’s what your pokedex calls me.”


          Nicholas stared at her quizzically. “Because that’s your name…?”


          “NO!” Nicholas flinched back. “YOU SAID- YOU SAID YOU WANTED SOHN!” She blinked angrily as tears began to well in her eyes. “YOU SAID THAT BUT ALL YOU WANT IS SUSAN, DON’T YOU!”






          “SOHN!” Nicholas jumped forwards and before Sohn could react he’d grabbed her by the arm. “Has everything we’ve experienced really meant nothing to you? The days we took getting to this city. The moments before and during that journey. Those were real, Sohn. I shared those moments with Sohn!”


          “You say that. But it was Susan who walked with you. It was Susan who popped up on a little screen in the Jubilife pokecenter afterwards.” She gave him a flat smile through her tears. “I didn’t realize until just now. You call me a cover. A disguise. All you care about is that my little profile thing says ‘Susan – Chimchar. Met in Sandgem Town at Rowan’s Lab’.”


          “Sohn that is just not true,” Nicholas begged. “Please. Don’t leave because of a misunderstanding.”


          “Oh because then you’d lose your disguise, right?” Sohn snapped. Her tears were quickly fueling her anger. “Hey. Guess what – we lasted together longer than any other tamer I’ve had. I was almost happy for once.” She yanked at her arm but Nicholas clung to her. “Let go of me!”






          Nicholas tightened his grip. “Kalmiya. You have full control of my Sinnoh profile. Right?”


          Kalmiya’s voice answered him. “Yes, Master.”


          “Then make it right.”


          Kalmiya formed and attempted to hand him the device. “Immediately, Master.”


          Nicholas took it and glanced to make sure Kalmimya had understand what he was asking before he turned the screen to show Sohn. “I’m calling you by your name, Sohn.”



Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Sohn, Chimchar – Level 7

          Miru, Buneary – Level 6



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5



          Sohn’s struggles slowed as she read the profile. “Cool. You changed a few letters.” She finally managed to rip her arm from Nicholas’ grasp. “Is that supposed to fool me?”


          “Susan is more than welcome to return to Sandgem Town. I told her the same thing there – she’s not my type. I wanted the Chimchar Sohn in my harem.” Nicholas watched Sohn take a few steps towards the door. “We were going to journey together. We were going to laugh together. We were going to become strong, together.”


          Sohn’s steps faltered and she stalled a few away from the door. Nicholas waited before approaching her again, taking care not to leave her sight as he did. “We were going to go buy new clothes together. To celebrate a new beginning. To get to know one another better. No, I didn’t tell her the whole truth. But I never lied to her. Sohn is my starter pokegirl here in Sinnoh. The first, and currently only member of my Sinnoh harem.” He stopped next to her. “We’ve only been together for a few days, but Sohn is special to me. I never had to bring her with me, but I did. I chose Sohn. I could have chosen instead to leave her behind.” He glanced away. “I could care less what Susan decides to do. All that matters is what Sohn wants.”


          Sohn gritted her teeth. “Maybe you should have left me behind.”


          “Huh.” Sohn kept her eyes fixed forwards, the two standing silently for a bit. Eventually Nicholas walked away and made his way to a chair. “You know, this is the second time I’ve met a fiery pokegirl and immediately made an ass of myself.” He settled into the chair with a long, drawn-out sigh. “Go on. I was stupid for thinking I could start a championship harem at the same time as this investigation. I need to stop believing I can do it all.” He waved his hand. “Go, find a real tamer. I’m sure you’ll find somebody worthy before I make it back to you.”


          Sohn didn’t move. After a minute Nicholas heard her speak. “The second time, you said,” she said softly. “What was the first?”


          “Her name is Elaine,” Nicholas replied. “At the time, she was a Torchic I thought had a superiority complex. She was dumped on me to be a prop. A barely willing actress in a promotional propaganda film.” He idly moved his fingers across his leg as he remembered. “I was only in Hoenn on vacation. I was an unwilling actor in that film myself. So, I didn’t exactly try to look past Elaine’s actions. I decided she needed something she very desperately did not.” He shook his head. “I almost destroyed who she was. It was a long, long time before she healed enough for us to try again. By then, the true Elaine was almost gone. It was only a miracle that brought her back.”


          Sohn slowly turned to him. “A prop. Like I’m a cover for you.”


          Nicholas lowered his eyes. “I can’t deny it. That’s what I called you. That’s what I told Miru, and Looker you were. For a few short days you thought you were my pokegirl, part of my harem. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to tell you that it wasn’t an illusion. That it was real, that you can be my cover while still being a part of my harem. No matter how many times I say it it’ll sound fake. I’m just making excuses, trying to keep you happy. I’ve broken the trust between us, and trust is something that can never truly be rebuilt.” He put his head in his hands. “I spoke and acted without thinking about your feelings. I’m sorry, Sohn. I guess I can’t blame you for wanting to leave.” He grimaced. “It’s my fault. What I did was wrong.”


          Sohn eyed him for a few seconds before glancing around the room. “I almost forgot my bag.”


          “Oh. Right.” Nicholas wiped his face and pointed at where Sohn’s gear was sitting next to his. “It’s over there. Do you need help getting back…?”


          “I’m perfectly capable of keeping myself safe,” Sohn curtly interrupted. “You trusted me to get you to your Buneary, after all.”


          Nicholas flinched at the acid in her voice. “Right. I’m sorry.”


          “Hey.” Nicholas looked up to see Sohn standing in front of him. After a moment she extended her hand. “I wish it had been real.”


          “It was,” Nicholas barely whispered.


          “Good luck with whatever it is you’re really here to do,” Sohn replied. “No hard feelings. I’ve been rejected enough times that it really doesn’t phase me anymore. This was the farthest I’ve gotten, at least.” She cracked a smile. “You even pranked me once.”


          “…Yeah. I did.” Nicholas finally reached up to take Sohn’s outstretched hand. “Maybe one day I can-“


          The moment his hand wrapped around hers Sohn’s fingers clenched down around his wrist. With a scream Nicholas shot out of his chair, crashing to the floor and spasming as he was subjected to a staccato electric shock.


          “YES! YES!” Nicholas felt Sohn release him and the shock instantly stopped, leaving him to force himself back onto his hands and knees and look up to see the Chimchar doing flips around the room. “ONE FOR ONE! YES!”


          “Did- Did you just-“ Nicholas’s jaw dropped. “You sneaky little BITCH! I was SERIOUS!”


          Sohn turned and Nicholas fell back when she jumped into his face. “Susan wanted to leave.” Tears began to drip from Sohn’s eyes as she got closer and closer. “Susan can leave. I don’t care what Susan wants anymore. My… My Master, you want Sohn. I’m Sohn.” She sniffled and rubbed her eyes, the shocker she’d palmed flashing in the light for a second. “Sohn doesn’t want to leave. Sohn never wanted to leave. Sohn doesn’t care if it’s all a lie. She’d… She’d rather live a lie with you than sit and rot as Susan any more.”


          Nicholas closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s not a lie. It’s not a lie, Sohn. You want to laugh together. You want to laugh with Champion Cynthia one day. We will, Sohn.” He opened his eyes again and gripped her tightly by the shoulders. “The best way to make a cover story convincing is to live it. Yes, I’m primarily here to investigate a criminal syndicate. Miru is my partner in doing that. But I also intend to challenge and defeat Cynthia someday. There is no reason I can’t make my cover story real.” He smiled at her. “It will be hard, Sohn. Very hard. But if you are willing to be my partner in that goal, I’m sure we will succeed.”


          Sohn screwed her eyes closed and took the last few inches between them to desperately kiss his mouth. Nicholas made a surprised noise when he felt her tail going for his crotch. “’oh-“


          “Trick and treat,” Sohn choked as she continued working her kiss. “I tricked. I-“


          Sohn gasped when she felt the human underneath her bring her to a complete halt. Nicholas firmly pushed Sohn away from him with a solemn expression. “I forfeit my treat. With what I’ve done to you, I don’t deserve one. You do.” Sohn was stunned to feel Nicholas completely overpower her and she remained that way as he got to his feet. “MIRU!” When the Buneary poked her head into the room he jabbed a thumb at the door. “I’m treating Sohn to a shopping spree that’s long overdue. You want anything?”


          Miru shook her head, her loose ear flopping about as she did. “No, Master. I look cuter and cuddlier when I’m naked.” She beamed and cocked her head. “See?”


          “You mean you look more innocent and harmless,” Nicholas replied. “That’s fine. Come on, Sohn.” He extended his own hand with a massive grin. “Let’s erase Susan completely.”


          Sohn was still a bit shell-shocked as she reached up to take Nicholas’ hand. And a second later so was he, as the shocker Sohn still wore sent him right back to the floor with a panicked shriek from the Chimchar.







          Nicholas watched Sohn dig through the small pile of clothing between them. Things had gotten very quiet very quickly after leaving the hotel. He was sure Sohn was thinking many of the things he was right now.


          Sohn glanced up when Nicholas stood. “Hm?” She squeaked quietly when Nicholas stepped around the pile and engulfed her in a hug. “W-What…?”


          “I’m sorry,” Nicholas murmured, his face pressed into her hair. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I… I’m sorry.” His hug tightened as he tried to make Sohn physically feel his emotion. “I betrayed you. I’m supposed to be the tamer. The Master, the one you can trust in. I’ve ruined that. I’m sorry.”


          He felt Sohn sigh. “It was my fault,” she said, muffled from where she was wrapped in his body. “I didn’t ask the right questions.”


          “What? No,” Nicholas protested, releasing her now and staring into her eyes. “Don’t say that, please. All of my pokegirls try to say that, to take blame when I make a mistake. I get that it’s probably an instinct to protect the whole… ‘Master is infallible’ idea, but no. I was wrong, Sohn. Me.”


          “I understand that,” Sohn replied softly. “Don’t you get it? I understand that you did something wrong. I understand that you want to take the blame, and want to make things right. In my heart, I understand. I forgive you.” Tears were welling and she sniffled. “Because I forgive you, whatever you did had to have been good. That means I did something wrong instead. Can’t you see?”


          Sohn yelped when Nicholas crushed her in his embrace once again. “Why can’t you just let me be wrong?” Nicholas choked.


          “Because I’m a pokegirl. And you’re my… my Master,” Sohn sobbed back. “I don’t want to lose you.”


          It was a long time before Nicholas’ trembling arms let go. When he did Sohn moved back to see Nicholas getting onto his knees in front of her.


          “I will do anything to be worthy of your trust,” Nicholas said. “Anything. You think you asked the wrong questions, so this time I won’t make you ask. I’ll just tell you everything. Anything. If there’s something I can’t tell you I’ll tell you why. I… I form bonds with pokegirls rather quickly, you see,” Nicholas finished with a quivering smile. “I took to you from the moment we met.”


          Sohn blinked away her tears. “I want the same thing I wanted before. I want you to be yourself.”


          Nicholas bowed his head. “Then I should tell you everything about who I am. I’ve been a tamer for-“


          “Wait.” Nicholas quieted when Sohn spoke. “We have somewhere to go, right?” She put a smile on her face. “You’ll have lots of time to talk on the way.”


          Nicholas slowly got back to his feet. “That’s true.”


          “I… I want to talk right now,” Sohn whispered. “Can I?”


          “You never have to ask that question with me,” Nicholas replied.


          “Would you be angry if I said I didn’t want your gift?”


          Nicholas looked at the pile of clothing. “You mean new clothes.”


          “I’ve never worn much. I like to move, to be… free. To do what I want. Most stuff just gets in the way.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Okay. Would you prefer to be naked then? Miru will be. I have no problem with my pokegirls choosing nudity.”


          “Not exactly,” Sohn explained. “I don’t like being completely naked. Humans always stare. Humans who aren’t… aren’t my Master.” She smiled slightly and ducked her head in embarrassment. “Sorry.”


          Nicholas gently cupped her cheek and kissed her forehead. “I’m honored.”


          Sohn’s cheeks burned. “So… So I want to wear something. What I have now is enough.”


          Nicholas looked down at her light covering. “If that’s what you want that’s what you’ll have. The only thing I will insist on is that we’re getting you material that will last.”


          Sohn glanced up. “Last? I’ve had this stuff for years…”


          “And how many battles has it survived?” Nicholas asked. “It’s just cotton and spandex, right?”


          Sohn blinked. “I… don’t know.”


          “Well. I do,” Nicholas chuckled. “I’ve been doing this since before you were born, Sohn. I know clothing-grade fabric when I see it. If you’re going to be a pokegirl in my harem I won’t let you settle for anything less than combat-grade.”


          Sohn awkwardly chased him as he began searching the department store. “Is that really necessary?”


          “It is if you don’t want to be nude,” Nicholas replied. “One hard fight and your outfit there would disintegrate. And I’m not going to buy you a replacement set every time you fight. I’d just punish you by making you stay naked.” He glanced back and leered at her. “Because I’d find it funny.”


          Sohn’s face flushed red. “Jerk.”


          “Am I though? It would be a punishment of your own stubbornness,” Nicholas chuckled. “My conscience would be clear.”


          Sohn growled softly and quickened her pace to keep up with him. “I want your gift.”


          Nicholas laughed out loud at her quick reversal and led Sohn to another section of the store. Soon she was inspecting what amounted more to accessories than clothing but she seemed happy and Nicholas found a seat to wait. He didn’t have to wait long before he saw Sohn’s head turn in his direction.


          “I have a question.” Sohn hesitated but, when Nicholas nodded, she forged ahead. “You said you’ve been a tamer since before I was born. Have you really?”


          “I assumed I have. You’ve been in the starter program for about a year, that right?” Nicholas asked. “I assume you didn’t take long to get in.”


          Sohn scuffed her feet. “No. I guess that’s true.” She nodded decisively. “Then, you know more than I do. Is what I want really best for me?”


          Nicholas blinked. “You mean your choice of clothing?”


          “Yeah.” Sohn gestured at herself. “You’re right. I’ve never fought a real battle. I don’t even know how I want to fight. What if I’m choosing something that will hold me back?”


          “Hm.” Nicholas stroked his chin. “Honestly, I’m not sure how less clothing could be a bad thing. I don’t think you have to worry.”


          “Well, I am,” Sohn giggled nervously. “Can you help me?” She slowly smiled and her eyes shone when she finished her sentence. “Master?”


          Nicholas couldn’t help but smile back. “Okay. Let’s start by deciding what you want. How much is too much?”


          Sohn ran a hand over her chest wrap. “I like to move. I think anything that could stop me moving is too much.” She twisted an arm behind her back and stretched. "I want to be able to do this."


          Nicholas nodded. “Okay. Next we should figure out how you’ll fight. You like to move, don’t you? Do you think you’ll be moving a lot when you fight?”


          Sohn blinked a few times. “Maybe? I thought you’d teach me how to battle. As my tamer.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Sure, I can help, but who and what you are decide how you’ll battle more than anything I’ll do.” He pulled out his pokedex and began reading. “Give me a minute.”


          Sohn took a seat on the floor while she waited. “I can’t even remember what I tried to do to Miru,” she murmured. “It was all over so fast.”


          Nicholas grunted. “Miru should be your goal. She’s as powerful as many of the girls in my championship harems. She’s the one I was hoping would help make you stronger, remember? What I said on the way here.”


          Sohn nodded. “I remember. You didn’t have to say that. If I was just meant to be a disguise, there was no reason to… to make a promise like you did.”


          Nicholas lowered his dex. “You believe me.”


          “I have to.” Sohn gave him a crooked smile. “I forgave you.”


          Nicholas coughed and brought his attention back to his pokedex. “The dex says… It says most Chimchar fight with their bodies. Fists and feet. Martial arts. Makes sense.” He stowed the device again and waited for Sohn to get back up. “You like to move. Martial arts are all about moving your body and using it as a weapon. It sounds like a perfect fit.”


          “Would the clothing I want be good for fighting with martial arts?” Sohn asked curiously.


          “Yes and no,” Nicholas replied. “The issue with using your body as your weapon is that you’ll also be feeling the strikes you make. There are definitely ways to get around that, but if you hit something hard enough you’re going to feel it hit back.”




          “We can get around that a bit, though,” Nicholas mused. “Proper training will be important. If you hit things properly you won’t feel much at all.” A smile flicked over his lips. “You won’t be the first pokegirl I’ve taught how to punch, either.” He snapped his fingers. “Ah, and Miru will be an excellent training partner for you! I think this will work out fine. All we need to do is add a bit of protection while you learn.”


          Sohn watched him start shuffling through the shelves. “Protection? Like, shoes and gloves?” She made a face. “I don’t want to wear stuff like that.”


          “You might change your mind. Here.” Nicholas held up a pair of gloves. “Let me demonstrate.”


          Sohn stepped over when he beckoned. Nicholas held up one of his hands. “Go ahead and push your fingers into my hand. Especially the back and joints of my fingers.”


          Sohn gingerly started probing until Nicholas growled at her. “I said push! Not poke. Go on, PUSH!” He winced when Sohn’s fingers dug between his tendons. “Ow. Okay, stop.” He shook his hand a few times to chase the sensations and pulled on the glove. “Now try again.”


          Sohn started gingerly again, afraid to hurt him, and blinked when she felt her fingers barely press into the fabric. She dug in, surprised to feel how much harder it was even with such soft gloves.


          Nicholas removed his hand and curled it into a fist. “It was harder, wasn’t it? I didn’t feel a thing.” He threw a few quick jabs before pulling the glove off. “Hands are fragile things. Lots of little bones. I assume your feet are the same way, considering how articulate they are. We can add a little structure, a little protection to make it much less likely for you to injure them.”


          Sohn nodded eagerly. “I see! But… I really, really don’t want to wear shoes.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “There are all sorts of ways to do this. We’ll find the best one for you.”






          “MIRU!” Nicholas tossed a shopping bag on their room’s table and yelled into the bedroom again. “WE’RE BACK!”


          Miru poked her head out after a few seconds. “Are we moving, Master?”


          “Yeah. I’ll get packed up. While I do I want you to show Sohn how to properly wrap her hands and feet.”


          Miru let him step past her before turning to look at Sohn. The Chimchar stood nervously, apparently still dressed the way she had been before going shopping.


          “Wrap?” Miru stepped out and glanced at the shopping bag. “You look the same. What did he even buy you?”


          “I don’t really know myself,” Sohn replied shakily. “Um. If you don’t want to…”


          Miru opened the bag and peered inside. “Master gave me an order. I follow Master’s orders.” She nodded. “I see. I was expecting you to have shopped for clothing, not gear.”


          Sohn watched Miru upend the bag, the assortment of gloves and coiled lengths of cloth spilling over the table. “I…” She took a deep breath to steady herself. “I want to be as strong as you. Nicholas said you fight the way I want to fight. Can you teach me?”


          Miru grunted. “You’ve got guts, little girl. I’ll give you that. But I’m not here to show a newborn the ropes.” She flicked one of the wraps at Sohn before pausing, her hand on another. “Hm. I was about to just show you how to wrap these but you’re so weak it might be better to add a bit more.”


          Sohn bristled. “I’m weak but I don’t want to be!”


          Miru’s eyebrow shot up. “Are you really trying to talk back to me?”


          Sohn set her feet, her fists clenched. “I’m not afraid of you. I will be stronger one day, and one day I’ll make you respect me. No matter how long it takes.”


          “Hahahaha!” Miru threw her head back as she laughed, one hand slapping her forehead in her mirth. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh.” Her hand dragged down her face and as it passed her expression went from cheery to a flat stare. “I understand what Nicholas sees in you, but it doesn’t matter. Stay out of the way. He’s going to be distracted with your antics and I can’t have that.”


          “So you won’t teach me?” Sohn growled.


          “It will be better if you remain weak,” Miru replied.


          Wisps of smoke puffed between Sohn’s clenched teeth as she fought to control her anger. “Fine. You won’t teach me. But he ordered you to show me how to protect myself, right?” She held up the wrap Miru had tossed at her. “You can’t disobey an order.”


          “I certainly can,” Miru replied quietly. “Geez, you’re going to be infuriating, aren’t you? Bah.” She rubbed her head. “You’re lucky I’ve decided to act the part. Miru doesn’t disobey her Master’s orders, and that’s who I am right now.” She sighed and finally stepped towards Sohn. “Sit. I’ll show you with your hands first and you can do your feet yourself.”


          When Nicholas came back out a while later Sohn was testing the fit of the cloth wrapped around her hands and feet. Miru was waiting at the door and when he finally reappeared, she turned to leave.


          “Nicely done on the wraps, Sohn,” Nicholas said as the trio exited the building. “Did Miru do all of them for you?”


          Sohn shook her head. “No. I redid them all myself after she showed me one hand. I redid them a lot to make sure I got it right.”


          Nicholas frowned at her tone. She sounded very resolute. “That’s good. Now we just need to teach you some of Miru’s techniques.”


          “That’s fine, Nicholas,” Sohn replied. Miru’s ear twitched as the Chimchar scowled at the Buneary. “I don’t want to inconvenience Miru any more than I have to.”


          “I mean it’ll be great to give you a head start…”


          “No.” Sohn’s eyes were locked on the back of Miru’s head. “I’ll be fine on my own.”


          Nicholas glanced between the two, finally noticing Sohn’s scowl. Great. They weren’t getting along. He’d been hopeful, but nothing could ever be easy. It was already a miracle for Sohn to have forgiven him so quickly.


          “I’ll find some time to go over things with you, then,” Nicholas offered. “I want to get you stronger as quickly as possible.”


          “It will be hard to find time if you’ll be focusing on your surroundings, Master,” Miru called back. “It wouldn’t be good to be distracted.”


          “Hm.” Nicholas thought for a bit before responding. “I’m sure there will be opportunities. I’ll just have to work even harder to make them work alongside my… ‘sightseeing’.”


          Miru’s lip curled back and a barely audible sound came from between her teeth. “Tch.”







          Nicholas took a deep breath of the sea air. They’d arrived without incident in Canalave City.


          Miru smoothed her hair for the last time before angling away from him and Sohn. “As we discussed, Master.”


          Nicholas nodded. Miru vanished into the alleys as he and Sohn began leisurely picking their way to the other side of the city. The map showed the gym as being in that direction.


          Not long after Miru had vanished Sohn spoke up. “Do you think I’m ready for a gym battle yet?”


          Nicholas frowned. “Even if you’re not, Miru-“


          “I didn’t ask about her,” Sohn interrupted. “I asked if I was.”


          Nicholas looked over. “Hm. You’ve been doing fine with the wild pokegirls we’ve met so far. But a trained pokegirl, especially a gym battle, might be a bit too much.”


          “Why not?” Sohn asked. “What do I need to do better?”


          Nicholas slowed. “Sohn, what’s going on between you and Miru?”


          Sohn avoided his eyes. “We’re pokegirls. I want to be better than her.”


          “You’re not stupid,” Nicholas replied softly, “so I know you understand how far out of your league she is. Why haven’t you been asking her to train you? Why has it only been me? She would be able to increase your experience much more than anything I can do or say.”


          Sohn grimaced. “I’m not interested in having her train me.”


          Nicholas scrutinized Sohn for a few seconds before sighing and speeding back up. “You should be. You could learn a lot from Miru.”


          Sohn’s grimace stretched down into a scowl. She knew that. She would love to learn from the Buneary. But Miru didn’t share that feeling.


          Sohn’s scowl softened as a crafty glint flashed into her eyes. Miru didn’t want to train her, but there was nothing stopping her from learning from the Buneary anyways.


          “There it is!” Nicholas pointed as a towering building came into view. “Let’s scout it out while we wait.”


          “You never answered my question, by the way,” Sohn said as the two crossed the drawbridge connecting the two sides of the city. The canal they were walking over similarly connected the open ocean to the sheltered harbor and shipyards that made up the heart of Canalave. “If I’m not ready for a gym battle what do I need to do better?”


          “Well…” Nicholas hesitated for just a moment before shaking his head and forging through. “To be blunt, Sohn, you’re too weak. You barely have any experience – just over a week of fighting the lowest levels of wild pokegirls. You can beat those, sure, but you have an incredible advantage over them. You’re tame. You can think, and you have Miru and I to back you up. And even though you have all that advantage, you’ve still been taking major hits in those fights. You’ve still been struggling.” His voice turned apologetic. “I’m sorry, Sohn, but you’re just not strong.”


          “I’m not strong, or I’m inexperienced?”


          Nicholas ground to a halt before turning to her with a surprised look. “I’m sorry?”


          “Those are two different things,” Sohn said. “Is it one or the other? Or is it both?”


          Nicholas blinked a few times. “It’s… both?”


          Sohn nodded decisively. “So I’m weak and I don’t know how to fight. I mean, it makes sense. I’m just barely good enough to join a tamer in the first place.” She gave Nicholas a challenging smile. “But I have one of, if not the best tamers of them all. Being weak is an insult to him. And being inexperienced is something he can fix. Right?”


          Sohn listened as Nicholas chuckled softly. “I’m being schooled. Barely a few days under her belt and this Chimchar is making me look the novice.” He took firm hold of Sohn’s shoulders and smiled at her. “Thank you, Sohn. For not giving up on me. You want me to be myself, and I’ve held back, afraid of scaring you again. But you’re absolutely right. Your inexperience is something I can very easily fix.” He let go and swept back the way they had come. “Forget the gym. You’re not ready, so let’s make you ready. You wanted to evolve – let’s make that happen.”


          Sohn eagerly scrambled after him. “How?”


          “Kalmiya!” Nicholas called with a laugh, “You’re up! I want the best place around Canalave for Sohn to learn how to be a pokegirl.”


          “I assume you mean you want the roughest place she can train without it killing her, Master,” Kalmiya replied in amusement. “There just happens to be a perfect place. An entire island not too far offshore that advertises itself as a training dungeon.”


          “A dungeon?” Nicholas asked. “Elaborate.”


          “Like in a video game,” Kalmiya replied. “It’s called ‘Iron Island’ – an abandoned mine now teeming with wild pokegirls. There are guided tours of the mine, as well as day passes you can buy to come train with your harem. The website advertises two levels of difficulty within the mine, and features dozens of endorsements, some from the Canalave Gym’s tamers.”


          “I think if the gym tamers train there it’s more than good enough for us,” Nicholas replied with a grin. “Figure out how we get there and purchase us a full day pass for tomorrow.” He looked back at Sohn. “The rest of today will be spent making sure Sohn is ready.”


          A few hours later Miru found them in an arena behind the pokecenter.


          Miru watched with her head tilted as Sohn ran heavily past Nicholas once again. “Master, what’s going on here?”


          “Endurance testing Sohn.” Nicholas followed Sohn’s path around the arena. “Get back to that line! Don’t drift inwards.”


          Miru walked up to him as Sohn moved back to the outside of the marked battle lines she had been inching over. “I have some ideas where we can go tomorrow, Master. How was the gym?”


          “We never made it there. I’ll worry about it once Sohn is strong enough.”


          Miru’s one loose ear folded in half and her persona dropped with it. “Nicholas. If she is not strong enough then don’t rely on her. Let her lose, then I can easily make the victory look deserved.”


          “I’m sure you could,” Nicholas replied. “However, as I’ve explained to you many times by now that just won’t work forever. A Buneary isn’t suspicious. A Buneary that can consistently sweep gyms alone is.” His eyes followed Sohn as she passed in front of him again. “Sohn will get stronger. Strong enough to compete. She, and any other pokegirls I add to my harem here, must be able to stand up to scrutiny. They must meet my standards.”


          Miru grunted as she slipped a bit more of her false personality back into her words. “Any others. The one is bad enough, Master. I don’t like you taming any Sinnoh pokegirl but me.”


          Nicholas grunted right back. “I guess it’s a shame then that you’re the pokegirl and I’m the tamer. Huh, Miru.”


          He heard Miru hiss softly before her ear slowly rose back to its former position. “Yes, Master.” Her voice had maintained some of her annoyance but it was mostly vapid again. “I’m sorry for questioning you Master.”


          “But it’s not fair to spend all my time on Sohn,” Nicholas said. “Where would you like to spend the day tomorrow?”


          “I want to go on a boat, Master,” Miru replied. She lightly cleared her throat before slapping a goofy smile on her face and falling back into her act completely. “Go on a boat and bounce bounce bounce. Like me! Bounce bounce to a fun island somewhere.”


          “It just so happens I was planning on that,” Nicholas replied. “Anywhere specific in mind?”


          Miru rapidly shook her head. “Nope! Maybe a few islands. Maybe a lot a lot a few until we find a real fun one to play on.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Sure. We’ll leave first thing in the morning.” He reached out and intercepted Sohn as the gasping Chimchar finished another lap. “Good endurance!” He threw her over his shoulder and began jogging towards the pokecenter, Sohn only feebly able to protest her rough treatment while Miru tailed.


          He initiated part two of her endurance testing once the three were safely behind closed doors.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Sohn, Chimchar – Level 12

          Miru, Buneary – Level 11



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          “So is Iron Island the only place you ferry to?” Nicholas asked their boat captain. Miru was nonchalantly sitting around as she took in the information Nicholas was teasing out of the man. “Any other good islands to visit?”


          “Oh, all sorts’a places to see ‘round here,” the man replied. “I run tours on the daily. You looking for a trip?”


          “Maybe tomorrow,” Nicholas replied. “I bought a full day pass to Iron Island. Do you stop at other islands or just do a boat tour?”


          “Depends. You looking for a ride or a way to spend your day?” the man chuckled.


          “A way to spend my day,” Nicholas said with a small grin. “Do most folks just go for a ride?”


          “It’s a mix. Lately I’ve had more tourists just looking. Apparently they’ve been hearing tales of monsters around the bay.” The man snorted. “Crock of shit, that. There are legends ‘round here but Canalave has always been a peaceful city. No monsters to be seen.”


          “Huh.” Nicholas leaned back. “Wonder who’s been spreading stories, then.”


          “Who knows. Rumors start easily with empty-headed morons,” the captain growled. “Luckily it isn’t peak season or I might have seen a drop in my income. The guided landings are my main attraction.”


          “What kind of legends are the real ones, then?” Nicholas asked curiously.


          “Heh.” The captain gave Nicholas a side-eyed smile. “Tell you what. Rent my boat and I’ll give you a nice informative tour of everything that actually lives in this bay.”


          Nicholas smirked and half-spread his arms. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”


          That was all he managed to get out of the captain and Nicholas walked away as the boat began turning in towards one of the larger islands. Miru waited for him to stop next to her before speaking. “That all sounds like sooo much fun, Master! Can we do it? Can we?”


          “I think it’s a great idea,” Nicholas responded. “I’ll look into taking that tour tomorrow.”


          Soon enough Nicholas, Miru, and Sohn were stepping onto the dock at their destination. Iron Island was covered in old mining equipment and piles of tailings, rough steps having been hewn in the trash rock piles to form a path up to a yawning cave mouth. At the bottom was a sturdy log cabin, and that was where the trio headed first.


          “The website said there are guided tours of the mines every day,” Nicholas said as they approached the cabin. “I don’t think we need a tour, but we should probably figure out where most people go.” He smiled slightly. “And where people aren’t supposed to go.”


          A bell jingled when they entered. The interior of the cabin was bathed in a warm light from the numerous lamps along the walls and most of it was set out as a sort of waiting area. Nicholas wandered through the empty room, inspecting the framed news pages and mineral samples on display. He was just peering at a twisted hunk of ore when he heard a door open nearby.


          “Ho! Welcome to Iron Island, welcome, looking for a tour?” Nicholas turned. A man in a blue suit had emerged from a back room and was mussing his black hair into place. “Or are you the gentleman I had down as reserving a training day pass.”


          “That’s me. Nicholas Topolski.” Nicholas extended his hand and shook. “I figured I’d stop in and figure out where to go. I take it you run the tours?”


          “Mmm.” Nicholas blinked. The man was looking straight through him. And the handshake, this interaction with a simple tour guide, had suddenly grown a much different weight to it. “I run tours, yes. You’re here to train, you say?” He finally released Nicholas’ hand. “If that’s what you say then that’s what I’ll hear. The main entrance is above; feel free to wander about as you wish.”


          “Ah… I was hoping to get a more concrete answer than that,” Nicholas stammered. “I don’t want to just wander somewhere I’m not supposed to be.”


          “No? I believe you wish to wander precisely where I tell you not to,” the man replied. “So I will not tell you where to go, or rather not. Truthfully, I would much prefer you stay in this cabin, Sir Topolski.” He moved behind a nearby counter and casually leaned over it while he watched Nicholas. “Though, if you wish to ‘train’, I’m sure you’ve seen the cave above.”


          “Who are you?”


          The man smiled. “A tour guide, aren’t I? An employee here. And you are a passing tamer, here to train your…” His eyes flicked to Miru before continuing to Sohn. “…Your Chimchar, there.”


          “I’m gonna train too!” Miru cried with a stomp of her foot. “You’re so mean Mister, only looking at her!”


          “Wonderful.” The man returned his gaze to Nicholas. “If you are only here to train, you can take your ditzy Buneary and get started.”


          Nicholas barely shook his head. “May I ask your name, please?” He held out a hand to stall Miru or Sohn from following the man’s advice and leaving. “I’d like to train Sohn while I’m here, but I’d also like to ask you a few questions if possible.”


          “Questions? I’d be happy to give you a tour…” the man started.


          “Okay. Fine.” Nicholas dropped his arm with an exasperated sigh. “I’m here looking for suspicious characters. Miru, what was the information you got?”


          Miru stared at him with wide eyes. “In-for-ma-tion? Master, what are you talking about? You said you were taking us to go fighting!”


          “Sir Topolski seems to have figured things out much faster than you did, Miss Buneary,” the man called in a perfectly flat tone. “Don’t tell me that your stupid act isn’t just for show.”


          Complete silence filled the cabin. Miru was frozen staring at Nicholas but after a few seconds her eyes narrowed. Gone was any hint of her false, innocent persona as she snapped around to face the man, her loose ear wrapping around her skull as her entire body tensed. “Who the fuck are you?”


          “You keep avoiding that question, actually,” Nicholas pointed out. “Could we all reintroduce ourselves, you think? I can go first.”


          The man chuckled. “What a reasonable offer. Please do.”


          “I’m Nicholas Topolski. You might have heard my name as a Champion,” Nicholas explained. “According to the world, I’m here in Sinnoh to claim Champion Cynthia’s title as well. In reality, I’m here to investigate the rumors of a doomsday cult infesting the region.”


          “I-I’m, I’m Sohn,” Sohn stammered when Nicholas shot her a meaningful look. "I'm just one of his- of Master Nicholas’ pokegirls, honest.”


          “I believe you,” the man replied. “And who are you, Miss Buneary? Because you are most certainly not ‘one of Master Nicholas’ pokegirls’.”


          “One of Nicholas’ pokegirls,” Miru growled back.


          “That’s fine. I have some things to discuss with your Master, then,” the man replied. “Since you’re just one of his pokegirls I’ll have to ask you and the Chimchar are returned to your pokeballs so I can speak to him.”


          “Miru is-“ Nicholas started before Miru barked at him.


          “BE QUIET!” She snapped. “You still haven’t introduced yourself, human.”


          The man settled further into his relaxed posture. “Neither have you.”


          “Alright. Enough of this,” Miru snarled under her breath. “If you won’t talk I’ll make you ta-“


          Nicholas blinked and it was over. Miru had begun to reach for the casually lounging man, obviously intent on ending his word games, when a snapping noise could be heard and she was flung through the air to crash into one of the displays.


          Nicholas whirled back to take in the man. He hadn’t moved an inch. “What the hell was that?”


          The man glanced at him. “If she’s just one of your pokegirls, you should really discipline her better. Attacking me in my own home?”


          Nicholas swallowed. His home. “That is Special Investigator Miru of the International Police, my partner in our investigation of the rumored doomsday cult.”


          “Ah! Well now everything begins to make more sense,” the man chuckled. “The International Police always think they can do as they please. I suppose they can, to an extent. A benefit of answering to nobody.” He shook his head. “Are you calm now, Investigator? Or,” Nicholas jumped backwards when he realized a new figure was standing quietly beside him, “do I have to ask Erin to calm you?”


          Nicholas took a few more steps away from the pokegirl that had appeared. She was quietly imposing, standing well below Nicholas’ height and yet still radiating confidence. Part of that was undoubtedly from her appearance – Sharp red eyes blazed from within a dark-on-bronzed skin pattern that split her face and twisted around her exposed skin, creating the illusion that the pokegirl in nothing more than shorts and a t-shirt was fully clad in martial arts gear. Though, those aspects were the only few that might have been considered human. Her long, jet-black hair was pierced by a pair of alert, blue-furred jackal’s ears and her fur could be seen covering numerous places across her body, including creeping down her arms to the backs of her hands, where it was interrupted by a large metal spike on each. As Nicholas had come to expect from pokegirls, a similarly furred tail could be seen hanging behind the girl, though it was not moving at this moment, the opposite of what he was used to seeing from the feline and canid pokegirls he’d met up to this point. Perhaps that lack of movement and unnatural stillness was what pushed the silent pokegirl over the edge to ‘threatening’.


          Miru was slowly extricating herself from where she had landed. “I’ll be calm if you explain what the hell is going on,” she growled cautiously.


          “I suppose it’s only fair to finish our introductions. I am Riley. The owner of this island, though that isn’t important to you. What is important is that I am a special human.” His eyes locked onto Nicholas’. “You and I are quite alike.”


          “You have some kind of power, then,” Nicholas replied.


          “No more power than any human has,” Riley replied. “I simply am able to harness it. You, on the other hand, have quite a bit more.” He frowned slightly. “I see it but I do not feel it. Are you perhaps unable to harness it?”


          Nicholas turned to the door and securely fastened the locking bar. “If it’s fine with you, I’d like to have a long, long talk.”


          Riley smiled and straightened as his pokegirl moved to one of the couches. “Pull the string on the right. It’ll drop a sign stating we’re closed.” He watched Miru give Erin a wide berth as the others drifted towards the couches. “Have I introduced myself properly now, Miss Investigator?”


          Miru grunted and came to a halt, but didn’t sit. She was watching Erin closely even as the other pokegirl seemed to flop onto her preferred seat and give the wary Buneary no heed. “You’ve given me your name, sure. I want to know what makes you say you’re special.” She took a moment to glance at where Riley was just as nonchalantly making his way to the meeting area. “I’m supposed to know about humans like you.”


          “Mmm, I wasn’t aware the International Police cared about ‘humans like me’,” Riley replied. “They’re always so interested in the mundane.”


          “Times change,” Miru replied. “The incident in Hoenn forced us to think bigger.”


          “Ah. So you’re here because you believe something similar may happen again.” Riley took a seat with his pokegirl and began playing with her hair. The girl betrayed her true state of mind by having no reaction whatsoever to the attention. Her body was relaxed, her eyes wandering, but they were not distracted. “To answer your most pressing question, yes. I believe there is a real possibility of it happening again.”


          Miru nodded. “What makes you believe you can say that?”


          “Because I am the last Aura Guardian of this world,” Riley replied simply. “Though, maybe that is about to change.”


          A frown flickered across Miru’s face. “Aura Guardian. We’re aware of what the Aura Guardians were, but they vanished from history centuries ago. You’re claiming that’s not true?”


          Riley gave her an embarrassed smile. “Caught me. I’m actually still in training, with no teachers to guide me. I suppose the proper way to introduce myself is as the first Aura Guardian of the present day, not the last of the past.”


          “Someone will be in touch,” Miru said.


          Riley laughed. “I’m sure they will. It is my proficiency with aura, the energy of all living things, that allowed me to see through each of you today. To me, Investigator, you are a raging bonfire, nothing even remotely close to the meek ember you were presenting yourself as. And you,” he said, turning once again to Nicholas, “are something quite interesting indeed. Do you want to reveal everything about yourself, or should I begin guessing?”


          Nicholas barely shook his head. “I want to be here all day, but I know I can’t afford to be. Guess, and I’ll fill in the blanks.”


          Riley nodded. “I can see that you have vast potential within yourself, Sir Topolski. Your aura glows bright, an ocean of untapped power. If you were to become an Aura Guardian you would undoubtedly be as powerful as the legends of old. But, your power is still contained, held within yourself. You have not awakened. And yet, though that is true, there is another aura covering yours, an awakened power, in some ways restraining yours within you. A much, much different aura, that still flows with your own. Someone else’s, perhaps? A gift?”


          “Spot on,” Nicholas replied. “What you are seeing is the blessing of the legendary pokegirl Ho-oh. My own power stems mainly from my heritage, a direct line from the original Draconid clan.”


          “I see,” Riley murmured. “You are special indeed.”


          Nicholas sighed. “So I’ve been told. I’m still working on harnessing my own power, though. I’ve found a good teacher.”


          “Good as your teacher may be, they are not unlocking your full potential,” Riley replied seriously. “I can see clearly that your lifeforce is refined. I am sure that in regards to the powers all humans share, the use of your energy, your will, to empower your pokegirls, your teacher is a master. But our aura can be used for so much more. Yours especially has so much more potential than that.”


          “I, I’m just human,” Nicholas faltered.


          “Yes. You are.” Riley rose. “So am I. And yet, I can do this.”


          Nicholas slowly got to his feet as the air around Riley began to warp, a shimmering, semi-translucent blue energy beginning to form. After a few seconds Riley extended his arm and the energy moved, streaming away from him and beginning to trace patterns through the air. He could feel this. It was real, and it was not within his mind, intangible to the outside world. Within himself, Nicholas had thought he was harnessing his energy. His origin energy, his lifeforce, what he used to craft the bonds that burned between him and each of his pokegirls, and what he fed them to trigger their mega evolutions and otherwise empower them.


          He had thought wrong. This was a human – a human without any special heritage, if Riley was telling the truth, who had truly learned the secrets of the power hidden within himself. It was like something a pokegirl would do.


          “Aura is what connects every living thing, human, pokegirl, animal, plant, all of it,” Riley was saying. “An energy beyond what fuels pokegirls or humans. A fundamental force of our reality.”


          Miru was watching Riley’s aura fill the room. “That’s what I felt when you hit me.”




          “So you’re saying I have… some kind of great potential to harness this aura?” Nicholas asked. “I don’t understand why I haven’t heard of it before now.”


          Riley lowered his arm and the energy he had been manipulating dissipated. “The energies of humans and pokegirls are two sides to the same coin. Aura is what links the two sides together. Without an understanding of the side you do not naturally possess, you will never understand what connects them.”


          Nicholas screwed his eyes shut. “I have so many questions. But-“


          “It’s okay. I understand.” Riley smiled. “I will welcome you with answers at any time, Sir Topolski.”


          Nicholas opened his eyes. “Thank you.”


          “I think it’s time for a tour,” Riley said, Erin rising alongside him. “I keep very, very close track of everyone on my island, you see.” His eyes narrowed when he turned to address Miru. “There are uninvited guests here. I have no doubt you’ll want to meet them. Come. We will discuss your mission further on the way.”







          Sohn’s head was spinning as she listened to the conversation around her. Most of what the others were saying was completely new to her – and yet it evoked instinctual thoughts deep within herself. That alone scared her more than anything they actually said.


          “It is widely believed that Sinnoh is the seat of creation,” Riley was saying. “Some of the most powerful legends are said to rest in this land. Forces such as the continent shaper herself, the embodiment of our moon and manipulator of the tides, and some even believe Sinnoh is the place God grew the earth from.”


          “We’ve received reports that there is a cult believing Sinnoh also holds the secrets to unimaginable cosmic power,” Miru replied. “Galactic, they call themselves. They preach about the coming end of days and rebirth of reality, but we have reason to believe they’re searching for the means to actually make their prophecies come true.”


          “It sounds insane, doesn’t it?” Riley mused. “To believe there is something on this planet that can grant the power of all creation. Let alone that a human could access it. But there doesn’t have to be. Overwhelming power can look quite similar to infinite power, as long as you see it through meager human eyes. We’re almost there.”


          Nicholas grunted. “What do you think these doomsayers are looking for here?”


          “A servant of the continent shaper.”


          Nicholas ran through the stories in his head. “One of Regigigas’ servants? I thought they had been…”


          Riley turned with a look of surprise. “You what?”


          “Er, sorry.” Nicholas shook his head. “Not too long ago I got a message from Steven Stone, the Hoenn Champion. He and another strong tamer had discovered pokegirl golems in ancient tombs scattered throughout Hoenn. Apparently, the other tamer had even succeeded in awakening one.”


          “Brandon of the Hoenn Battle Frontier,” Miru replied. “He’s awakened all three of the golems he’s found, actually, and has taken to using them to demolish challengers. They aren’t quite as ‘overwhelming’ as we expected a servant of an eternal one to be.”


          “Whoah, whoah, hold on.” Nicholas came to a halt. “The International Police know about all that? ALREADY? Steven sent me his message just a few weeks ago.”


          Miru smirked but kept walking. “Our agent at the Hoenn Battle Frontier sent the information directly to my unit. Seemed like something we’d want to know.”


          “I’m hardly surprised the International Police inserted an operative at that place,” Riley said. “It’s the first of its kind, a hotbed for potential threats. So? This Brandon has awakened three, has he?”


          “What exactly are they?” Nicholas asked as he hurried to catch back up. “I thought the ‘servants of Regigigas’ would be eternal ones themselves. Right?”


          “The golems Regigigas created are in her image. They are the first artificial pokegirls,” Riley replied, “and they were not nearly as strong as she was, though they were not weak, either. What made them legendary was their numbers. Regigigas sculpted dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of her servants, and together it is said they made the fine adjustments that Regigigas’ brute strength could not achieve.”


          Nicholas’ mouth popped open as he realized. “So the three in Hoenn…”


          “Are just three of many, yes,” Riley replied. “Another slumbers below this island.” He slowed and pointed at where the cave seemed to fall away into an empty void. “There. Intentionally hidden by the darkness is the tomb of a steel golem, Registeel.”


          Nicholas walked up to the edge and gazed out. He couldn’t see any sort of path forwards. “How do we get there?”


          Riley flexed his hand and a pale blue glow blossomed. “The way is hidden. Follow me.”


          The party slowly worked their way into the darkness, Riley’s aura highlighting invisible holds on the wall. About an hour passed before they were safely on the ground again and Riley pushed forwards, his pace quickening slightly when towering columns emerged from the gloom. “There are three inside.”


          “Investigator?” Nicholas asked.


          Miru’s body language tightened as she prepared for combat. “My turn.”


          “I’m more than willing to-“


          “I have not required a handler for many years,” Miru interrupted. “Your interference would only hamper me. Stay here with the Chimchar.”


          “Erin, let Miss Officer lead the charge. I’ll be right behind you.” When Miru glanced at Riley he smiled. “Don’t be mistaken. As far as I’m concerned, you’re on your own. But I always am there for Erin.”


          Nicholas grimaced. It only made sense for Riley to work with Erin, his pokegirl and partner. But Miru, the Special Investigator, didn’t see him as anything other than an asset. He hoped she wouldn’t get hurt because of it.


          Sohn seemed to be thinking and as the other three moved further into the ruined architecture she grabbed Nicholas’ arm. “We should help.”


          Nicholas barely shook his head. “You remember what we talked about, Sohn? You’re not strong enough yet. Not for competitive battling, and certainly not for real combat. I just met you.” He pulled his arm back slightly to force Sohn a few inches behind him. “I’d rather not watch you die.”


          Sohn stiffened as shouts began from the darkness in front of them before screaming and dragging Nicholas with her behind cover as the area exploded with light. Nicholas sheltered her with his body as he listened to the sounds of roaring pokegirls, yelling humans, and the distinctive popping of gunshots. He could feel Sohn trembling in his arms and he shifted himself to more fully embrace her. She wasn’t ready for that. But he would make her ready. They would start today.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Sohn, Chimchar – Level 12

          Miru, Buneary – Level 11



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5