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Chapter 1

A New Enemy




          On screen the host leaned excitedly towards his guest. “It’s such an honor to have you here with us today, Mr. Topolski.”


          Nicholas smiled back. One of the buff, scantily clad pokegirls occupying the set handed him a small microphone and he settled back as he replied. “It’s a pleasure to be here, Conan. Thanks for having me on your show.”


          “A two-time Indigo Champion, and now a Hoenn Champion as well?” Conan chuckled. “The pleasure is all mine. You know, after your announcement a few years ago people were rooolling their eyes. ‘An Indigo tamer? Thinking he can challenge the world?’ and I’ll be honest I was there with them. Indigo is more of a political power these days, not a taming one. Not since Samuel Oak. But then again, Indigo is what spawned Samuel. There hasn’t been a tamer like him since.” Conan winked. “Not until you. I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


          Nicholas laughed along with the audience. “Samuel Oak is the hero of the Indigo League. But in his day there were only three leagues to worry about - Kanto, Johto, and the newly incorporated Hoenn. I have twice that.”


          “True, that’s true. But then again, you’re not like Samuel either, are you.” Conan smiled at him. “I’m sure by now that almost all of my viewers have seen the pictures, read the stories. And many of them probably have no idea what ‘Draconid’ means. I know I didn’t. Could you tell us why you’re special?”


          Nicholas nodded and turned into the camera, which zoomed in on his face to better capture his eyes. “Out of all pokegirl breeds, the Dragon-types stand alone. Vicious, unrelenting, and to many, untamable. To me, they are the same as any other. I am a dragon master; the same as many famous tamers. Lance Blackthorn. Drake. Drayden. Drasna. One day, I’ll be meeting each of you in battle. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”


          “Chills. Chills!” Conan clapped. “So, which of them need to be most worried right now?”


          “I’ve already faced Lance and Drake,” Nicholas replied. “Right now, there are no dragon masters who need to be watching their backs.” He grinned, and as the camera swapped back the vicious expression on his face could clearly be seen. “Like the dragons I tame I am vicious. Unrelenting. Next, I come for you, Champion Cynthia. You and your Garchomp will soon understand the true power of the dragon.”


          “My god! There it is!” Conan spun to his camera as the studio audience began applauding. “Don’t change that channel. Conan the Barbarian will be back with my lovely ladies after these messages.”







          Nicholas muted the news show he had been watching as his interview cut away to a number of talking heads. As far as the world was concerned, that was why he was seated in this truck, bumping his way towards Sandgem Town. Just another challenge.


          He fingered the upgrades to his pokedex that he’d received from Bill. Just another challenge. After her excellent performance on the Battle Frontier he knew he could trust Sasha to take care of the harem while he was gone. For how long, this time he had no idea. Probably a year, if Johto was anything to go by. Sinnoh was twice the size with twice the problem.


          Well, he should focus on his now. Nicholas shut off his pokedex as the truck turned towards a few scattered buildings. He might receive a pokegirl here if he couldn’t deflect well enough. He’d make it work, though. Hopefully she wouldn’t be completely green, and from here he needed to head straight to Jubilife. His partner was waiting for him.