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Chapter 1

A New Enemy




          On screen the host leaned excitedly towards his guest. “It’s such an honor to have you here with us today, Mr. Topolski.”


          Nicholas smiled back. One of the buff, scantily clad pokegirls occupying the set handed him a small microphone and he settled back as he replied. “It’s a pleasure to be here, Conan. Thanks for having me on your show.”


          “A two-time Indigo Champion, and now a Hoenn Champion as well?” Conan chuckled. “The pleasure is all mine. You know, after your announcement a few years ago people were rooolling their eyes. ‘An Indigo tamer? Thinking he can challenge the world?’ and I’ll be honest I was there with them. Indigo is more of a political power these days, not a taming one. Not since Samuel Oak. But then again, Indigo is what spawned Samuel. There hasn’t been a tamer like him since.” Conan winked. “Not until you. I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


          Nicholas laughed along with the audience. “Samuel Oak is the hero of the Indigo League. But in his day there were only three leagues to worry about - Kanto, Johto, and the newly incorporated Hoenn. I have twice that.”


          “True, that’s true. But then again, you’re not like Samuel either, are you.” Conan smiled at him. “I’m sure by now that almost all of my viewers have seen the pictures, read the stories. And many of them probably have no idea what ‘Draconid’ means. I know I didn’t. Could you tell us why you’re special?”


          Nicholas nodded and turned into the camera, which zoomed in on his face to better capture his eyes. “Out of all pokegirl breeds, the Dragon-types stand alone. Vicious, unrelenting, and to many, untamable. To me, they are the same as any other. I am a dragon master; the same as many famous tamers. Lance Blackthorn. Drake. Drayden. Drasna. One day, I’ll be meeting each of you in battle. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”


          “Chills. Chills!” Conan clapped. “So, which of them need to be most worried right now?”


          “I’ve already faced Lance and Drake,” Nicholas replied. “Right now, there are no dragon masters who need to be watching their backs.” He grinned, and as the camera swapped back the vicious expression on his face could clearly be seen. “Like the dragons I tame I am vicious. Unrelenting. Next, I come for you, Champion Cynthia. You and your Garchomp will soon understand the true power of the dragon.”


          “My god! There it is!” Conan spun to his camera as the studio audience began applauding. “Don’t change that channel. Conan the Barbarian will be back with my lovely ladies after these messages.”







          Nicholas muted the news show he had been watching as his interview cut away to a number of talking heads. As far as the world was concerned, that was why he was seated in this truck, bumping his way towards Sandgem Town. Just another challenge.


          He fingered the upgrades to his pokedex that he’d received from Bill. Just another challenge. After her excellent performance on the Battle Frontier he knew he could trust Sasha to take care of the harem while he was gone. For how long, this time he had no idea. Probably a year, if Johto was anything to go by. Sinnoh was twice the size with twice the problem.


          Well, he should focus on his now. Nicholas shut off his pokedex as the truck turned towards a few scattered buildings. He might receive a pokegirl here if he couldn’t deflect well enough. He’d make it work, though. Hopefully she wouldn’t be completely green, and from here he needed to head straight to Jubilife. His partner was waiting for him.


          “We’ve arrived, sir,” the driver called, and Nicholas stretched as the truck came to a halt. “Have a nice day.”


          Nicholas stepped out and grabbed his bag. Sandgem Town. Home to Sinnoh’s leading pokegirl researcher. Every time, it seemed his challenge began at a lab. It made some sense, at least, since he’d need a pokegirl to start with. That meant a researcher with spare assistants, or a halfway house where pokegirls down on their luck might stay. That, or he could wander random cities until someone tagged along. Nicholas chuckled. He’d stick with arranging things with other researchers.


          The lab he was here for was quite easy to find, being one of the only large buildings in town. Nicholas walked in and caught the attention of a pokegirl, who directed him to another, who directed him to what appeared to be a human woman, who finally sent him down a hall and into a large auditorium.


          There Nicholas found a handful of researchers monitoring a group of pokegirls. As he approached he could see the man he was here for. “Professor Rowan!”


          Rowan turned at the call. “Yes…? Ah, Nicholas Topolski! You made it!”


          Nicholas walked up to shake his hand as well as the others when they made quick introductions. “Bit of a trip after getting off my boat in Canalave but I did indeed. I gotta say, as I was passing through Jubilife I was getting excited. I kind of want to get straight back on the road.”


          “Well I am so glad you managed to restrain yourself long enough to get here,” Rowan chuckled, “because otherwise how would you have gotten your starter?”


          “I mean I’m sure I could find someone in Jubilife…”


          “No!” Rowan cleared his throat. “I mean, ah, since you’re already here it would be a waste not to…”


          Nicholas frowned. What was Rowan trying to hide? “Is there a problem with me getting a pokegirl in Jubilife? I don’t have to steal away one of the girls you’re helping meet new tamers.”


          “Well, that is… I was really hoping you’d give her a chance, at least,” Rowan replied nervously.


          Nicholas sighed. Here it was. “Okay. I’ll bite. Who’s your problem pokegirl.”


          “She’s a Chimchar named Susan,” Rowan explained. “She usually goes by her self-made nickname though, which is not Su, as you might guess, but Sohn.” He shrugged. “She’s… been brought back by four tamers now. They all said they couldn’t handle her.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “If she’s not suitable for the programs you have here…”


          “She is. That’s the entire problem,” Rowan said glumly. “She wants desperately to join a tamer. But she can’t help who she is. They get along fine here, match up, and then within a few days on the road she’s driven her new master insane.”


          “And you keep putting her back in the pool?” Nicholas asked. “Why not just send her to a different program? If she’s been with four tamers already she can’t still be an inexperienced pokegirl. Why is she still in this matching program for newbies?”


          “Because she is one.” Rowan gave Nicholas a nervous smile. “She’s part of a clutch that only started qualifying for tamers this past year.”


          Nicholas blinked at him. Then again, slowly. “What kind of girl runs through new tamers that quickly?”


          “Want to find out?”


          Nicholas slowly nodded. “I think I do.”


          Rowan led him to another section of the facility where Nicholas could see dormitories splitting off every few hundred feet. They entered one, walking through the empty common room until Rowan came to a sudden halt.


          Nicholas turned with a questioning look and the professor pointed at a room next to them, the door slightly ajar. “That’s hers.”


          “Should I knock first, or…?”


          “No, no. Go right on in.” Rowan didn’t budge from his spot. “All the girls in the starter program know they could get visitors at any point.”


          “Well… okay then.” Nicholas pushed through the door.


          He felt a strange resistance as the door swung and he shoved a bit harder.




          Nicholas stood stunned as the door finally swung all the way, much easier now that the bucket of water that dangled over his head was empty. As he looked up to take in the intricate pulley system that had triggered the trap he heard screaming laughter from inside the room.


          “It worked! IT WORKED!” A girl leapt from her bed and began throwing herself between dozens of exercise bars that were secured all over the walls, chattering excitedly the whole time. “How’s THAT for a first impression? Huh?”


          Nicholas carefully wiped his face. “I think I understand why she keeps getting brought back, Rowan.”


          “And why I made sure to stay out here,” the professor chuckled. “Susan, this is Nicholas Topolski. He’s a veteran tamer.”


          “A veteran huh.” Nicholas blinked when Susan’s face appeared in front of him upside-down. “Guess that means I’ll never fight in a gym battle.”


          “Well first of all I haven’t agreed to be your tamer yet,” Nicholas said. “And besides that, if you did come with me, you’d see your share of combat. I hold no Sinnoh badges.”


          Susan’s head tilted. “No badges? How can you be a veteran with no badges?”


          Nicholas gestured. “May I come in so we can talk?”


          Susan blinked and dropped to the ground, nimbly twisting as she fell so she landed on her feet. “Uh, sure.”


          Nicholas walked in after her, taking in the long brown prehensile tail the Chimchar had as she moved back to her bed. He was approaching the empty chair when Susan suddenly spoke. “Not that one! Clear off the other one.”


          Nicholas glanced at the chair piled high with parts and half-finished mechanisms and turned, locking eyes with Susan as he dropped firmly into the empty chair.


          Susan flinched when a massive fart noise ripped through the air, fidgeting as Nicholas’ chair slowly deflated without the man breaking eye contact for a moment. “Why?”


          “I guess… no reason.” Susan pulled her legs up crisscross and breathed a sigh of relief when Nicholas turned back to look at the bucket still hanging over the doorway. “So, a veteran. Without any badges.”


          “Oh, I have badges. I have 24 of them.” Nicholas pointed. “I like the pulley system you designed there. Most people would just put a pulley wherever the rope needed to turn but you understood that there needed to be a block to lower the force required to lift such a heavy bucket.”


          Susan was growing red. Almost as red as her hair. “Um… thank you. You’re the first person to fall for one of my tricks and then praise me for it.”


          “I can see you spent a lot of time on it. Everyone else only cared that it was done at their expense, didn’t they.”


          Susan nodded slightly. “They all say I’m laughing at them, but I’m not. I’m just laughing. If nobody ever fell for the joke then what’s the point?” Susan drew her legs up under her chin, her arms hugging them to her chest. “But they never laughed with me. They just got mad.”


          The room was silent for a few minutes before Susan heard someone begin to chuckle.


          Nicholas was shaking his head as he continued to laugh. Susan stared as the man leaned back, triggering another short fart from his chair which only served to make him laugh harder. “Why are you…?”


          “Because that was FUNNY!” Nicholas dropped his head back and roared with laughter. “Making me drop a bucket of water on my head! It’s a classic! And then your chair is what, did you replace the seat with a whoopee cushion or something?”


          Susan hesitantly smiled. “I used the original protective lining and sealed a plastic spring in it to make it inflate, then melted a few valves from fart cushions into the seam on the back.”


          “It’s a work of art.” Susan’s face began to light up as Nicholas continued praising her work. “What else have you done?”


          “Um, well, I snuck out of my pokeball once and filled it with glitter. When my tamer. Well, he was then. Um. When he woke up he went to release me and got completely covered.” She started giggling at the memory before trailing off. “He… was still picking pieces out of his stuff when he left me here again.”


          “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.” Nicholas shifted and grinned when the seat farted. “Man. This thing really can keep going.”


          Susan giggled and her smile returned a little as she looked down. “I never hurt anybody. But they always act like I did. It sucks.”


          “Why did you glitter-bomb that tamer?” Nicholas asked. “Just for the laugh?”


          Susan shook her head. “I wanted to laugh with him. I liked him. He…” she began to grow red again. “He felt good.”


          Nicholas smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Susan. Or, Rowan said you preferred Sohn?”


          “Sohn is a bitch who chases away every master she’s ever had,” Susan mumbled.


          “So you’re Susan?” Nicholas looked at the hanging bucket. “And Sohn set that trap?”


          Susan hid her face behind her legs. “Yeah.”


          “That’s a shame.” Susan straightened up, her eyes wide. “I’d love to meet Sohn. I think we’d have a lot of fun together.”


          Susan swallowed. “You mean that?”


          “I do. I can see that she cares a lot about the people she tricks. And because she cares about them she wants to make sure they don’t get hurt while she’s tricking them.” Nicholas looked up at the bucket again. “Usually you just sit the bucket on the top of the door. Sometimes it falls and soaks the person walking in, sometimes it hits them on the head and hurts them really bad. Sohn made sure that whoever walked through that door wouldn’t be injured. She wanted to laugh with them, not at them. I understand that. I’d like to laugh with Sohn.” He smirked. “Of course, there is such a thing as too much. I’m confident Sohn is willing to respect the people she laughs with and will back off if they ask her to.”


          Susan shot to her feet. “Yes!”


          “So when can I meet her?” Susan’s tail curled up when Nicholas made a show of looking around. “Sorry, Susan, but you’re just not my type.”


          The Chimchar’s fingers dug into her bedspread. “She’s…” Nicholas waited while she hesitated. Finally, her tail uncurled and she let out a trembling sigh. “I’m Sohn. It’s… it’s a pleasure to meet you, Master.”


          “Oh, Sohn! I didn’t see you behind Susan.” Sohn squeaked when Nicholas leapt to his feet and got very, very close. “You’ll come with me then? You’ll join me on my Sinnoh gym challenge?”


          Sohn hesitantly took his hand. “Can I laugh with you on the way?”


          Nicholas took firm hold of her hand and smiled. “I can’t wait to laugh with you, Sohn. We’ll be laughing so much that one day, even Champion Cynthia won’t be able to help but laugh with us.”


          Sohn squeezed him as tears began to bead in her eyes. “You promise?”


          Rowan chuckled and walked away when Nicholas leaned in and tenderly kissed Sohn. After a few moments he broke away and a shiver ran through her body. “I promise, Sohn.”


          Nicholas peeled off Sohn’s t-shirt first. He could feel her toes undoing his pants even as her fingers were going for his shirt and within seconds he was standing nude. He’d barely gotten the Chimchar’s shirt.


          With how quickly she was going he barely had time for stray thoughts. He still took a good long look, though, as Sohn’s tail joined her feet in working his erection. He was cautiously optimistic about this young pokegirl. The ingenuity and intelligence she’d shown so far was very promising. So, even though she was, ultimately, just a cover story, he wanted to give her the attention she deserved. After all, there was nothing stopping his cover story from becoming a valuable part of his harem.


          Dark tan skin. Smiling brown eyes. A head of bright red hair that tumbled over her shoulders. In many ways, he was reminded of Elaine. Though, the Torchic’s tail had been stumpy and feathered. Sohn’s was long, furred, and much, much more functional.


          As were her feet, and the two together made him come for the first time with her. Nicholas pulled back a bit to get a closer look at Sohn’s feet and grew a wry grin. They were articulate and dusted lightly with brown fur. Completely and obviously inhuman.


          Sohn giggled when Nicholas fell on top of her and reached for his mouth again, kissing him as he finally pulled her shorts off. He’d have to get a better look at her later. Pick out some of the finer details. Because the moment Sohn was naked Nicholas felt an uncontrollable urge to claim the petite pokegirl staring up at him. Foreplay be damned.


          A few other doors cracked open when Sohn’s squeal echoed through the dorm. Nicholas didn’t stop. Whatever thoughts might have been on Sohn’s mind were blown away as he slammed the full length of his thick cock into her pussy. Only one managed to remain, though it very quickly was replaced by something better. A bittersweet memory of Sohn’s latest tamer, and the pleasure he had made her feel. It had been nothing like what she felt now.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Susan, Chimchar – Level 5

          qzOX, LtZ9wpm – CyjRj kT – Error, Data Corrupted



          Kalmiya sighed as the pokedex system tried to update Nicholas’ new Sinnoh profile again. She’d been warned that editing the league database manually would be a chore, but it was the only way. Maybe the old her could have done something more.


          Kalmiya watched as yet another system asked for a verification and the edited data began glitching. It would be so much easier if she could just edit the root database directly. But that was asking far, far too much. That would be attempting to bypass Sinnoh’s security. Security headed by Porygon much less ‘corrupted’ than her.


          Kalmiya’s eyes widened. The few repaired pieces of her mind had crossed to create one brilliant idea. And in doing so, a new subprocess had been born.


          She immediately set to work deleting the data she had been attempting to inject and turned instead to something new. If she could learn- no. If she could recover what she had already known, she would be more useful to her Master than ever before.




Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Susan, Chimchar – Level 5



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          Nicholas kept an eye on Sohn’s tail as it curled and twisted behind her. Even if the Chimchar herself was holding herself neutrally, he knew from experience that a pokegirl’s non-human aspects often gave away how they were truly feeling.


          With how much Sohn’s tail was moving and curling, he had a feeling she was giddy with excitement.


          “Thanks for taking her,” Rowan said. He glanced at Sohn. “I’ll keep your room empty, Susan. Just in case.”


          “Sohn’s already packed up,” Nicholas retorted before the Chimchar could respond. He’d seen her tail droop at Rowan’s words. “Everything important is in her bag. The rest is in the trash. She won’t be returning.” He didn’t turn, but his eyes did flick over to gauge Sohn’s expression. “Unless she chooses to.”


          He needn’t have worried. His words had brought life to Sohn’s eyes and her lips were turned up in a happy smile.


          “Well…” Rowan stammered, repeating himself, but neither Nicholas nor Sohn listened. Eventually the two found themselves standing in the street.


          Nicholas stretched, listening as Sohn’s breathing fluctuated. Calm, quick, a pause, he glanced over. She was staring straight ahead with each hand clutching one of the straps of her backpack.


          He should say something, but before he did he decided to use this opportunity. She was standing completely still. He could get a closer look at this new pokegirl.


          He’d already taken in the more obvious aspects of her body – her prehensile tail, her red hair, her dark tan skin, but there was more to her that he could look at now. Like her ears. They were a bit longer than a human’s, and slightly pointed, too. He’d seen and felt her articulate feet, but now he took another glance at all of her limbs. Sohn didn’t own any shoes and her toes were curling into the dirt in her nervousness. Running up the front of her leg, the top of her foot, as well as the backs of her hands and arms was the light brown fur he’d seen already – the same color that more heavily covered her tail. It was easy to see that her limbs were the only parts of her body with fur considering her ‘outfit’ consisted of nothing more than a strip of cloth wrapped around her small chest and the tight, dark blue spandex short shorts covering her ass and groin.


          He’d had ample opportunity to confirm that she wasn’t hiding any fur underneath those.


          “I’m sure you have many questions for me,” Nicholas said, and Sohn’s attention snapped to him when he did. “I only answered a few of them in your room. We got a bit distracted after that.”


          Sohn ducked her head. “Right. Distracted.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Let’s get moving. You can ask me anything you’d like after you answer a question from me.”


          Sohn followed him down the road. “Um, okay.”


          “It’s a simple one, really.” Nicholas smiled at nothing in particular. “What do you want from me as your tamer, Sohn? I have pokegirls that treat me like their god, I have pokegirls that constantly butt heads with me, I have everything in between. What about you?”


          “What I want?” Sohn swallowed. “Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?”


          “Ha! Every tamer is different. Sure, some will try and mold their pokegirls to whatever image they’d prefer, but not all of them. I’m not like that.” He glanced back, still smiling. “As we travel together you’ll see that. What I want from you is to be yourself.”


          Sohn hesitantly nodded. “Then… Can I want you to be the same?”


          Nicholas chuckled and turned back to the road. “Asking that without knowing who I am. You’re a brave one.”


          Sohn couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle. “Really?”


          “That’s all I wanted to ask you right now,” Nicholas said. “What about you? What questions do you have for me?”


          “Um, well, now I’m wondering who you are,” Sohn replied. “Earlier you said… you’re a veteran, but you don’t have any Sinnoh badges, but you have… a lot of them?”


          “Right.” Nicholas glanced back again. “Do you not watch the news or something?”


          Sohn shook her head. “It’s not interesting. I’d rather spend the time messing with stuff.”


          Nicholas grinned. “Fair enough. Well, my name is Nicholas Topolski. I’m the two-time Indigo League Champion, and defeated Steven Stone of Hoenn last year to claim another League Championship title. I’m here in Sinnoh to defeat Cynthia, too. One day I’ll be the World Champion.”


          Silence fell over the pair for a few minutes. Eventually, Sohn spoke in a very, very small voice. “…what?”


          “I already told you that you and I will be laughing with Cynthia one day,” Nicholas teased. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”


          “There’s no way you’re a Champion,” Sohn whispered. “Why would you… Why would you just appear and find me?”


          “I had to find someone to start my journey in Sinnoh with,” Nicholas replied. “You can call it luck if you want, but somebody was going to be in your position. I hope you’ll be satisfied with being my pokegirl.”




          Nicholas waited but Sohn wasn’t saying anything else so he returned his attention to the road.


          It was midafternoon when Sohn spoke again. “How many pokegirls do you have?”


          Nicholas thought to himself for a moment. “Do you want an exact number? I’d have to count.”


          Sohn rolled her eyes. “I guess not. Who was your first?”


          “And why does that matter?” Nicholas chuckled. “She’s a Venusaur named Dahlia. Well, at the time she was a Bulbasaur.”


          “What’s a Venusaur?”


          Nicholas blinked. “Oh. I forgot how far from Indigo Sinnoh is. There must be all sorts of different pokegirl breeds here.” He scratched his head. “Um, she’s a Grass-type with a massive plant on her back. A flower with vines and stuff.”


          “Ah. Like Torterra,” Sohn replied. “A flower sounds pretty. Is she pretty?”


          “All of my pokegirls are pretty,” Nicholas replied. “Every single one.”


          Sohn refused to let his compliment make her blush. “Who’s your favorite then?”


          Nicholas grinned to himself. “Whoever is asking me that question.” When he heard Sohn grumble to herself he laughed. “If you’re trying to measure yourself against my entire harem, Sohn, you should stop. You have your own special place.” He stopped and turned, reaching out to pull her into a hug. “You are the first member of my harem from Sinnoh. Whoever else joins me here, that’s something you’ll always have. All of my pokegirls have a special place with me. I make sure of it.”


          Sohn’s tail relaxed as Nicholas held her. “Okay.”


          Nicholas patted her head before he let go. “Come on. I want to be in Jubilife by tomorrow.”


          Sohn nodded. As she followed she skipped an extra step before leaping out in front of him. “If you’re really a Champion you’re good at training pokegirls, right?” When Nicholas nodded she grinned. “I wonder how quickly I’ll evolve. I’m kind of excited.”


          Nicholas smirked. “Quickly, if I have anything to say about it. There’s also someone in Jubilife who will help.”


          Sohn blinked. “Someone in Jubilife?”


          “Mm-hmm. Hopefully the two of you get along.” Nicholas winked. “Well, they do say opposites attract. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”







          “SOHN!” The Chimchar startled awake, pawing around her and finding no Nicholas. His voice yelled again from outside the tent. “WAKE UP ALREADY! BREAKFAST IS GETTING COLD!”


          Sohn grumbled, crawling to the door without bothering to put anything on. She was exhausted. She’d spent all night sneaking…


          Her sleep-addled brain caught up just a few seconds too late. Sohn shrieked, falling back from the half-open door as the water balloon trap she had rigged to catch Nicholas came swinging in and smacked her in the face instead. Nicholas roared with laughter, listening as Sohn sprayed water across the tent interior. Seconds later a soaked and screeching pokegirl shot out into the open. “YOU-!”


          Sohn froze. Nicholas had slipped off his chair with how hard he was laughing and as she finally realized the sequence of events that had led to this moment she felt warmth swell inside her.


          “Whoah!” Nicholas felt Sohn tackle him and he kept laughing, staring up at the dripping Chimchar as her own lips began twitching. Soon she joined in, joyously laughing and grabbing at him at the same time. Before long she let out a happy scream and Nicholas felt her kiss him, hard. She was crying when he finally pushed her away and he smiled gently at the sobbing pokegirl. “Got you.”


          That only made Sohn cry harder. “Y-Y-You did,” she bubbled. “I… I wasn’t sure if…”


          “Catching the string in the zipper was a good idea,” Nicholas said. “Only problem is tent doors have two zippers.”


          “You slipped out underneath,” Sohn choked as she tried to laugh while crying. “You got me.” She scrubbed her eyes before beaming through the tears. “I’ll get you next time. I will.”


          Nicholas smiled slightly and Sohn gasped when she felt his fingers touching her naked body. “Good luck.” She whimpered when he trailed past her nipples, pushing into the underside of her petite breasts for a moment before pulling back. “You better dry off. You’re all wet.”


          Sohn’s hands slammed into his shoulders as the Chimchar glared down at him with a scowl. “Now I am.”


          Nicholas grinned back and Sohn yelped when his hands returned, firmly grabbing her ass and slipping between her trembling lips. “Trick and treat.”


          Sohn moaned as he teased her. “W-What?”


          “I want to make a bet with you, Sohn,” Nicholas replied. “Trick and treat. Whoever tricks the other has to give them a treat to make up for it." He leered up at her. “I won. Here’s your treat.”


          Sohn’s tears dripped onto his shoulder. “I think it’s a great idea.” Her breath caught when his hands shifted. “I’ll win next. Just you wait.”







          Sohn had managed to salvage her cold breakfast with her flames and they’d gotten back on the road after a few hours. Nicholas felt his stomach gurgle as the skyscrapers of Jubilife could be seen through the trees. “Jubilife! And just in time for lunch.” He unconsciously touched his pokedex. No, he remembered the restaurant he was supposed to go to. It was lucky they’d made such good time. He’d be able to make the meeting window today instead of tomorrow.


          Sohn was bouncing along beside him as he led the way into the city and to a small café. She dropped eagerly into a seat and stared at the menu. “Can I get whatever I want?”


          “Mm-hmm.” Sohn blinked and looked at Nicholas. He was looking around the café and not paying her any attention. “Go ahead.”




          Nicholas blinked and turned to her. “Sorry?”


          “What’s up?” Sohn cocked her head. “Oh, am I…? I’m sorry.” She put her menu down. “I’ll get whatever isn’t too expensive.”


          Nicholas blinked at her again before a wry smile flicked across his lips. “Oh. That’s what you’re thinking. No, don’t worry about money, Sohn. Get whatever you’d like. I’m not a teenager with no income like your previous tamers probably were. In fact, if you want, while we’re here in Jubilife I'll buy you new clothes."


          Sohn stared back before hesitantly picking up the menu again. “Then what’s wrong?”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Yeah, I saw how intelligent you were from the start. I should have known you’d pick up on it quickly.” He returned to watching the café around them. “There’s nothing to worry about. Everything will make sense soon.”


          Sohn returned to the menu but she kept glancing at Nicholas. Their waiter came and went, both ordered, and Sohn listened as Nicholas ordered an extra meal. ‘She’s in the bathroom’, he’d told the waiter, but she had no idea who he was talking about.


          It was 1PM on the dot when Sohn heard a happy voice behind her. “I’m sorry I took so long, Master. I ran into your friend.”


          Sohn twisted around with wide eyes. There was a naked Buneary approaching with a beaming man right behind her.


          “Well would you LOOK at that,” Nicholas said, putting a strange emphasis on the word look. “It’s been too long, Ken.”


          “There are no eyes here. We have made sure,” the man replied in a strange accent. “Will the waiter return?”


          Nicholas checked the table. “Not for a while.”


          “Good, good.” ‘Ken’ sat down and the Buneary took the last seat. “No names, please, even the fake one.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Sorry, Looker. You said there are no eyes here?”


          “We are safe,” Looker repeated. “Who is this?”


          “This is Sohn. My cover pokegirl,” Nicholas replied. “Sohn, this is Chief Inspector Looker of the International Police. And the Buneary is Senior Inspector…?”


          “I will be going by the name Miru, Nicholas,” the Buneary replied in a clipped voice. “I am sure I do not need to remind you not to use my title so casually.”


          “It’s our first meeting here in Sinnoh. I wanted to be respectful,” Nicholas explained. “I mean, you’re calling me Master already.”


          “Doing so is a vital part of my disguise,” Miru said. “You using my title is unnecessary.”


          “Sure. Fine.” Nicholas shook his head. “Anyways. If there are no eyes is it safe to take care of everything right here?”


          “The open is sometimes best for things,” Looker replied with a chuckle.




          Sohn’s wide eyes only grew wider when the Porygon formed next to Nicholas’ chair. “Yes, Master. Chief, Miru, it is good to see you again.”


          Miru nodded at her. “Is my disguise set on the electronic end?”


          “It will be very soon,” Kalmiya replied. “May I see your registered pokeball, please?”


          Miru slipped a hand behind one of her ears and procured a pokeball. “Right here.”


          Sohn stared at Miru while Kalmiya took the pokeball. “Where did that come from?”


          Miru glanced at her. Now that she’d pulled out the hidden pokeball the long ear she’d been using to hide it had relaxed, though the other was still scrunched up. “Sohn, was it? From my ear. Where else?”


          Kalmiya cleared her throat. “I am now adding this pokeball to Master Nicholas’ profile.” A heartbeat passed and she began to smile. “Sinnoh’s registry has accepted my modified packet with no questions. Your disguise is whatever we want it to be, Miru.”


          “A good thing you are on our side, Nicholas,” Looker said. “A Porygon is a valuable asset, one that the leagues want to control.”


          “Go ahead and set my supposed power level to one step below this Chimchar’s, Kalmiya,” Miru said. “That should be sufficient.”


          “Would you like that to always be true?” Kalmiya asked.


          Miru raised an eyebrow. “If possible.”


          “It’s easy to do. I just set the variable to call Sohn’s data…” Kalmiya squeaked when Nicholas reached over and swatted her side. “Master?”


          “You can tell me all about how clever you are later,” Nicholas said. “I can hear it in your voice. You’ve done something you want to be praised for.”


          “W-Well,” Kalmiya blustered.


          “Later,” Nicholas repeated, and waited for her to vanish again. “Well that’s that. What’s our next move?”


          Looker stood. “Miru will tell you where to go. I have been on the lookout for characters arousing my suspicion and now go to follow them.”


          Nicholas watched Looker leave. “Miru?”


          “Our first target is Canalave City, to the west,” Miru replied. “There have been rumors of shady operations in the area.”


          “Then we’ll head that way…”


          “Um, excuse me.” Sohn had awkwardly raised her hand. “What’s going on?”


          Nicholas turned to her. “I told you I was here to defeat Champion Cynthia, didn’t I?”


          “Um, yes.”


          “I lied.” Nicholas shrugged. “Well, sort of. I’d definitely like to defeat Cynthia at some point, but my Sinnoh League Challenge is just a cover story. I’m actually here along with the International Police to investigate a terrorist cell.”


          “Nicholas has lots of experience hunting down organized criminal elements,” Miru explained. “Don’t worry. You won’t have to be in any danger. Just pretend I’m your little Buneary harem sister.”


          Sohn puffed up slightly. “But you are just a little Buneary.”


          Miru gazed at her for a bit before standing. “Master, is it time to go?”


          Nicholas glanced at her plate. “You haven’t touched your food.”


          “I ate.”


          “We can head to a hotel for a taming-“


          “I was tamed yesterday. I only need one once a week to stay focused.” Miru was still looking at Sohn. “I would like to train now.”


          Nicholas sighed. “Fine. Let’s find somewhere private.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Susan, Chimchar – Level 7

          Miru, Buneary – Level 6



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          Sohn slammed to the hard dirt and went still.


          Nicholas shook his head as he watched Miru step back and brush dust from her fur. It couldn’t be helped. Sohn had been thrust into a shitty situation and now had to figure out exactly how to deal with it. This had been why he hadn’t wanted to take a starter from Professor Rowan.


          “We’re alone now, Kalmiya,” he said. “Get out here and tell me all about how proud of you I should be.”


          Kalmiya quickly appeared. “Well, Master, my task was to modify Miru’s data profile to keep her true pokeball scan from being advertised. At first, I believed I would have to create a false profile, but that created a buggy mess that the registry systems refused to accept properly. However, while attempting that, I had an idea.” A smile spread across her face. “Or, to be more accurate, I remembered an idea.”


          Nicholas’ eyes widened. “You remembered?”


          “Yes, Master,” Kalmiya replied happily. “I remembered. It’s all thanks to you allowing me to be so active. I don’t believe the subprocesses would have repaired themselves if there wasn’t as much activity around them as there was.”


          “Kalmiya I am so happy for you,” Nicholas gushed. “What did you remember? Obviously something to help you solve this problem.”


          Kalmiya’s eyes twinkled. “I remembered what it means to be a Porygon, Master. I am still actively rebuilding my processing power but I already feel so, so much better than before.”

          “Sorry. Can you explain what you mean?” Nicholas asked. “I’m not very familiar with the Porygon breed.”


          “To be a Porygon is to be in control of technology,” Kalmiya replied. She raised a hand and pressed two fingers to her temple. “A Porygon is a technological pokegirl. So, to be a Porygon, means to be in control of myself, and of any computer I touch.” She laughed. “I had forgotten the language of all technology. That is what I remembered. That is what has freed me.” She looked over at where Miru stood. “Once I understood again, it was simple. I looked at the way the league registry updated itself then hijacked Miru’s registry update. Now, the registry believes the profile on your pokedex is the league’s record. And I have free access to your pokedex.”


          “You can tell the Sinnoh League anything you want?” Nicholas asked in surprise.


          “I have only taken control of your tamer profile,” Kalmiya explained. “It is a relatively low-security system. I don’t believe my code was noticed by any of Sinnoh’s Porygon.”


          “Right but you could, for example, make the league registry believe I have… Oh, say a full harem of that rodent girl we were running into on the way here. Bidoof, I think it was.”


          “I’m not sure why you’d want that but yes, I suppose,” Kalmiya replied.


          “It’s not that I want that specifically but that you’re saying you can tell the registry anything you want,” Nicholas explained. “We could hide Miru completely. I could make people think I have a full harem of dangerous pokegirls. We could make people think I have no pokegirls at all. The league registry is public information. I’m positive my enemies will look into it once they realize who I am.”


          Kalmiya nodded. “I see.”


          “Are you able to edit my earned badges as well?” Nicholas asked curiously. “That’s actually very useful if you can.”


          Kalmiya frowned. “I don’t believe so, Master, as those are verified by each individual gym, not the tamer’s profile.”


          “Damn.” Nicholas shrugged. “Adding a badge from a city on the other side of the continent from where I actually am could have been a great way to mislead someone. Ah well.”


          Kalmiya grabbed his hands. “I am rebuilding my processors every day, Master. I will find a way for my abilities to be useful. I swear it.”


          Nicholas smiled and leaned in to kiss her. “Your abilities are incredibly useful even now, Kalmiya. You shouldn’t believe otherwise.”


          Miru had turned away from Sohn and was approaching them. “Master,” she called, “I wish to speak with you.”


          Nicholas kissed Kalmiya again and watched her dissolve. “So do I. Mind if I go first?” When Miru came to a silent halt in front of him he did. “You’ve already started acting in character, but what kind of expectation do you have on my side? Are you my brand new Buneary Miru no matter what?”


          Miru nodded. “It is probably best for you to act that way at all times unless I say otherwise. Our goal is to maintain cover for as long as possible, after all.”


          “Even right now? During conversations like this?” Nicholas asked.


          Miru shrugged. “I will not be offended if that’s what you’re worried about. In fact I would appreciate your dedication.”


          “If you were just another one of my pokegirls I’d be eyeing your naked body and potentially trying to tease it,” Nicholas warned. “You’re sure that’s fine?”


          Miru’s semi-serious expression vanished in an instant and she batted her eyes while pressing her arms together, forcing her breasts forward. “Master wants to tease me?”


          Nicholas shivered as he felt his dick twitch. “What did you want to talk to me about, um, Miru?”


          “I wanted to talk about my harem sister, Master,” Miru said with a pout. “Is she really necessary? I’m sure I’m all Master could ever need.”


          “She’s my cover. She’s a registered starter pokegirl which validates my story of being here for a gym challenge.”


          “But, Master,” Miru whined, flouncing against him so hard Nicholas had no option but to crash onto his ass. Miru landed on his lap and her voice lowered as her tone became just a bit less cutesy. “She’s worthless in battle. I know all about you, Nicholas. You’ll be busy looking after her and I can’t let you be distracted.”


          “If you know all about me you know what I can do,” Nicholas replied just as quietly. “She’s staying. I need her, and I want her in my harem. Plus, I will be moving from gym to gym while I’m here. The gym challenge is the cover story but in order for it to be a convincing one I need to actually challenge gyms. Wouldn’t it be far more suspicious if all I had was a cute little Buneary?”


          Miru stared down at him for a few seconds before letting out her breath in one loud huff and throwing her body on top of him. “Master is so MEAN!”


          “Master is terrified,” Nicholas mumbled back. He could feel the rock-hard musculature pressed against his body. She might only be a first stage pokegirl, but Miru’s strength was on par to most of his harem. “This is the strangest working arrangement I’ve ever had to deal with.”


          Miru sighed and her voice returned to her normal clipped tone again. “I suppose I expected too much. You’re not trained in covert operations. Look.” She sat back up but didn’t get off of him. “Our disguise is as tamer and pokegirl. All you need to do is treat me like you treat that Chimchar.”


          Nicholas let his head fall back a bit so he was looking into the sky and not up at Miru. “I understand that. The issue I’m having is that if I were to do that our relationship would quickly fail to be professional. Like you said, I’m not trained in this kind of thing. If I started acting like you were a pokegirl in my harem I don’t believe I’d be able to actually hold back and would truly treat you like a pokegirl in my harem, as opposed to treating you as my partner from the International Police, here in Sinnoh to investigate and potentially dismantle a criminal syndicate.”


          Miru began laughing. “Yes, I read that in your file too. Such an open-minded and caring human. How about this, Nicholas.” Nicholas jerked upright when he felt a hand cup his groin but Miru’s other held him down. “Unless I specifically tell you, there is no SI here. As far as you’re concerned, I am Miru. A Buneary you captured in the alleys of Jubilife City.” She closed her eyes and when they opened again they were bright and bubbly, with no trace of her serious demeanor. “I’m your bunny Buneary, Master! Yay!”


          “I need to hear that Miru will stop me if I cross a line,” Nicholas murmured.


          Miru giggled and the hand at his groin began fondling his penis. “Miru has no lines,” she said happily. “Miru will do whatever Master wants her to.”


          “Fine.” Nicholas laid back. “I hear you, loud and clear. Leave the subterfuge to you. I’ll focus on making our cover as realistic as possible.” When Miru nodded enthusiastically he glanced at her again. If that was the case, he should clear his mind and start over. Rebuild the image he had of the Buneary sitting on him.


          …He couldn’t do it. He knew what Miru actually was underneath the cuddly exterior. He’d have to separate her exterior and her interior. Like what Miru had said. The SI wasn’t here right now. ‘His pokegirl’ Miru was the one perched on top of him. This was the first time he’d met ‘His pokegirl’ Miru.


          It took him another few seconds but finally he looked at Miru and felt his eyes drawn to her body. ‘His pokegirl’… Miru. Miru was rather sexy. There was a naked Buneary sitting on him. As long as he focused on what was in front of him he could pretend that the patiently waiting pokegirl was what she appeared to be. He could make this work.


          Now when he ran his eyes over the Buneary he began taking in her appearance just like every other pokegirl he’d tamed. She had a rather nice body, that was for sure. Brown fur covered Miru’s body – it covered her limbs and back, her long rabbit ears, and heavy fur sprouted between her breasts before running down her stomach to join the fur on her legs at her waist. The thick brown wasn’t everywhere, however. Multiple places had a lighter, almost blonde fur that faded out from the brown, and some areas were bare skin, including Miru’s face and breasts. The sides of her stomach were covered in the lighter colored fur as well as a lighter spread across her collarbone.


          This time when he looked into Miru’s light pink eyes again he just saw an excited Buneary and a smile tugged at his lips. Yeah. He could make this work.


          “I treat all my new pokegirls to a long taming, Miru,” Nicholas explained. He reached around to stop her hand from fondling him anymore. "Not here. Somewhere with a nice bed."


          Miru let him push her away and cooed when his hand slipped into the brown fur that spread from her ears and threatened to overtake her blonde hair. Nicholas scratched the base of her relaxed ear a few times before starting to move onto the one Miru still had folded up but froze when he felt something hard hidden there. He glanced down to see Miru looking up at him with a raised eyebrow and quickly moved on. “Don’t forget Sohn, Master,” Miru reminded him and Nicholas recalled the unconscious Chimchar before the two left to find a hotel.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski






          Susan, Chimchar – Level 7

          Miru, Buneary – Level 6



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5