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Chapter 19

The Key of Eons




          Elaine tumbled across the arena floor, picking herself up and spitting blood. The yellow and black-furred pokegirl across from her growled angrily, rubbing her fists together as arcs of lightning zapped between her bulbous horns.


          “Come on, Elaine!” Nicholas roared. “SHOW ME YOUR POWER!”


          Elaine screamed, her flames covering her legs as she charged towards the waiting Electabuzz. Fire engulfed the Electric-type when Elaine kicked and the girl was blown back but she wasn’t down. As Elaine hurriedly tried to return to a defensive stance the Electabuzz caught herself, feet scrabbling as she fought the momentum from Elaine’s kick and came running back with a scream of her own. The lightning zipping between her horns shot down her body and into her fist, adding a thunderous aftershock to the strike that sent Elaine flipping across the floor to finally lay still.


          Nicholas recalled her. She’d taken down a Magneton all by herself and then taken a chunk of this Electabuzz with her. In fact, all of the pokegirls that had fought in this gym battle so far had performed similarly. Bea had led and downed an Electrode before falling to a Manectric. Morgana had finished that one off before swapping out to Elaine so the Blaziken could destroy the Magneton. Now she was going to close out yet another gym battle, all without her vulnerable sisters having to face the electricity that they feared.


          Nicholas laughed and released Morgana. “Finish this, Morgana! Protect Aria and Marin!”


          The Electabuzz staggered backwards with a curse when the towering Gardevoir appeared. Morgana didn’t hesitate before raising one arm above her head, power forming as Nicholas watched. The Electabuzz quickly shook herself, lightning arcing from her hands and playing out over the floor around her as she similarly charged an attack. She was the one to fire first, a bolt of lightning sinking into Morgana’s chest and causing her to seize. But it wasn’t nearly enough to incapacitate her and Morgana brought her arm down, the glowing sphere in her hand shooting towards her opponent.


          The Electabuzz was slammed backwards by the strangely solid energy ball and tumbled, catching herself before screaming when the blast caught up to her and this time detonated, engulfing her in shimmering energy that finally faded to show the Electabuzz on the ground.


          “With a score of four to two!” The referee raised a flag in Nicholas’ direction. “Victory to the challenger!”


          Nicholas resisted the urge to run to Morgana and recalled her instead, maintaining his composure as he met Wattson to receive his badge and use the healing machine Wattson had set up in his gym. He held off until he’d walked back to the park that formed Mauville City’s heart before his face split into a grin and he released the Gardevoir. Morgana squealed when she materialized only to be slammed into by her tamer and quickly embraced him back, losing her balance after a moment and tumbling to the grass with a laughing Nicholas on top of her.


          “You’re crazy, Morgana!” he cried. “What was THAT, huh? I’ve never seen you use an attack like that before!”


          Morgana was giggling as he clambered up her body to get to her mouth. “You liked it, Master?” She hummed happily when he finally found her lips and the two kissed. “Tricks and traps. That is how I fight, right Master? I just did what is natural.”


          “You are so hot,” Nicholas murmured, kissing her again before having to shift his body a bit to avoid the structure poking between her breasts. It was what had replaced her red horns after her evolution, though it was small enough that Morgana’s cleavage usually hid it from view. Not when she was on her back, though. Her breasts were pulled to the sides in this position. “And Elaine was, too.”


          Morgana giggled and kissed back. “She’s a Fire-type, Master. She’s always hot.”


          “Oh hush.” Morgana sat up as Nicholas slid off of her. “I didn’t ruin your dress, did I?”


          Morgana beamed at him. “I wouldn’t care even if you had, Master. I can always make it again.”


          Nicholas nodded and was getting to his feet when he heard a voice behind him. “Quite a scene.”


          Nicholas turned in surprise. Steven Stone was walking in his direction. “What-? Steven?”


          “Afternoon, Nicholas,” Steven replied. “I’d heard a rumor after you left that your Kirlia had become a beast of a pokegirl.” He nodded at Morgana, watching as the Gardevoir got to her feet. “Of course, she’s not the only powerful Ralts evolution I’ve met here in the last few days. Maybe it had something to do with their parents.”


          “Actually I’m pretty sure Morgana became like this because I overcharged her during her evolution,” Nicholas replied. When Steven raised an eyebrow he shrugged. “I know that these days I’m something else, but I used to be an evolutionary researcher. Back in Indigo a few of my pokegirls evolved in strange ways, always from being overwhelmed by ‘primal’ energy. Morgana takes strength from the emotions of those around her, right?” Nicholas smiled when Morgana blushed. “During her evolution there was a lot of strong ones flying around. I think that’s why she got so big.”


          “Master, you’re doing it again,” Morgana muttered.


          Nicholas winked at her. He relished the strong positive feelings that he felt towards the Gardevoir. She found it embarrassing to feel them from him but he didn’t care. If he was right, they made her stronger. And the stronger she was, the happier he’d be.


          “Definitely an interesting idea,” Steven replied. “But like I said I met another relative of hers here a few days ago. And she wasn’t a Gardevoir, but she was just as imposing as yours is.”


          Morgana and Nicholas both blinked. “Another relative…?” Nicholas smacked his fist into his palm. “Oh! You met Wally, then, and Gwen?”


          “I did. I’d been looking for him ever since you told me that he’d obtained a Mega Stone,” Steven explained. “I caught up to them just after they’d earned the Dynamo Badge.”


          Nicholas’ jaw dropped. “The Dynamo Badge? Wattson’s badge?”


          “That’s right. I think I saw you coming from that direction too?” Steven asked curiously.


          “Yeah, we just defeated the gym as well,” Nicholas replied. “He’d really done it?”


          “Well, yes,” Steven replied in confusion. “What’s wrong?”


          “It’s… nothing.” Nicholas composed himself with a small smile. So Wally had finally done it. He’d started his journey. “You said you’d been looking for him because of his Mega Stone. Why?”


          “To see if I needed to retrieve it from him,” Steven replied grimly. “Like I told you before, this is not the kind of power that should be given to just anyone. Sure, that boy might not have had a Key Stone, but if he’d let the Mega Stone fall into the wrong hands it would be disaster. I needed to see if I should take it into safe keeping.” Steven glanced away as Nicholas and Morgana both started to glare at him.


          “Wally isn’t a bad person,” Nicholas growled. “I-“


          “I know,” Steven interjected, “which is why our meeting ended with me handing him a Key Stone.”


          Nicholas’ words died on his lips and he was left spluttering. “-will… he… what?”


          “It was his pokegirl,” Steven explained. “A Gallade twice my size, who stood in front of her Master not because it was her duty, but because he had earned her loyalty.” Steven glanced at where Nicholas and Morgana stood. “Only truly strong tamers have pokegirls that act that way, Nicholas. You’re one of them. I’d like to pretend I am too. But that boy, even as young as he was, had inspired those actions in his own harem. I couldn’t ignore that.”


          “What did you tell him?”


          “That there was a much larger world out there,” Steven replied. “He took it well. Very well. So I explained the relationship between a Key Stone and his Gallade’s Mega Stone, and sent him on his way.” Steven shrugged. “My father loves to talk about how I’m part of the next generation to shape the world, but that boy was part of a strong new generation of tamers here in Hoenn. Him, Norman’s daughter, those are just two that I’ve met who scare me.” He chuckled. “When you get around to challenging the Hoenn Champion it may no longer be me.”


          “Guess I’d better hurry up, then,” Nicholas replied.


          “Ha! I guess so.” Steven pulled off his bag and gestured towards a nearby table. “Your Gardevoir there already has her Mega Stone, right?”




          “Bring out your pokegirls that don’t yet,” Steven said. When he reached the table he opened his bag and withdrew a locked case. “I want to see if any of my collection resonates with them.”


          Nicholas exchanged a look with Morgana before recalling her, taking Elaine, Bea, and Marin’s pokeballs from his belt and triggering them. The three materialized and only Elaine seemed unconcerned with who was standing in front of them. Bea couldn’t help but let a bit of her emotions slip out before she wiped her face clean and joined Elaine, but Marin didn’t bother disguising her curiosity. “Who is this, Nicholas?”


          “This is Champion Steven Stone,” Nicholas replied. “You’ll probably be fighting his pokegirls one day.”


          Steven nodded when Marin grinned. “She’s new. Pick her up off the coast of Petalburg?”


          “On the way to Mauville, actually,” Nicholas replied. “She was terrorizing the estuary. Now she’ll terrorize my enemies.”


          Steven burst out laughing when Marin’s grin turned savage from Nicholas’ words. “I can see why she seems to have joined you so easily. You and your silver tongue.” He shook his head and fiddled with the locks on the case, opening it after a few seconds to show half a dozen gemstones. “I’m sorry, Bea, but Tetsu’s stone is the only one of its kind I have. I’m hoping that each Mega Stone is completely unique, but…”


          “Gwen’s was nearly identical to Morgana’s,” Nicholas interrupted.


          “I saw.” Steven looked up from the box of gems to gauge the three pokegirls’ reactions. Bea was obviously forcing herself not to interact with him so he looked past her. Marin was gazing into the box curiously, but that was it. Elaine…


          Elaine shuffled forwards another step. “What is this, Master?”


          Nicholas followed her gaze to a tan gem with explosions of red and black blazing through the opaque interior. “Honestly, Elaine, it looks like you.”


          “I was hopeful that she’d take to that one,” Steven said as Elaine reached into the box and withdrew the stone. “There’s still so little we know about these gemstones. Do they somehow resonate with a single pokegirl, or a type, like elemental stones do? Or does a pokegirl’s biology resonate with each stone in a different way, making it based on their breed? Could Bea use Tetsu’s?” He shrugged. “Well, I’m not going to be able to test that. It seems that once a pokegirl finds a stone she likes she refuses to give it up. But I had a feeling that your Combusken – or, sorry,” Steven nodded at Elaine, “your Blaziken there would resonate with a stone that looked like it was frozen in the process of exploding.”


          Nicholas chuckled softly. Steven looked between Marin and Bea a few more times but when neither made any moves towards the others in the box he closed it back up. “I think that description you just gave is more accurate than you realize.”


          Steven glanced at him. “Hm?”


          “Nothing.” Nicholas leaned over to get a closer look at the stone Elaine was holding. “We’ll head to a jeweler after this. I know exactly how you’ll be wearing that, Elaine.”


          Elaine’s fingers wrapped over the stone and she nodded.


          “Now then. As for you.” Nicholas turned back to Steven and watched him pull out a smaller box. “All of these stones are just pretty accessories without one of these.”


          Nicholas accepted the ring Steven pulled out and looked it over. The smooth finish was offset by swirling patterns that seemed to run through whatever metal the ring was made out of. “This is a Key Stone?”


          “The ring is made out of Key Stone material, yes,” Steven replied. “The more material you use as a focus the more energy you can transfer, but the more dangerous it is. That’s about as much as a human should ever hold.” He tapped his own pin. “Mine is about the same amount.”


          “I see.” Nicholas slipped the ring on his finger and clenched his fist a few times to feel how it sat. It was cool to the touch. “And you said you wouldn’t be giving me any tips, right?”


          “You now have everything you need to trigger the mega evolution process,” Steven replied. “As I told you, the true test is to figure out the secrets yourself.”


          Nicholas nodded. After a few seconds of concentration he felt the ring growing warmer and he relaxed with a smile, waiting for it to cool again before reaching out to shake Steven’s hand. “Thank you.”


          “Use it well,” Steven replied. “If you’re going to be our first line against those cults and their leaders, well, you’ll need it.”


          Nicholas nodded. He waited for Steven to start packing up before he turned to where Elaine, Bea, and Marin waited. “Right. Before we leave Mauville I need to get you sorted out, Elaine. While I’m at it, Bea, Marin,” he looked at the other two, “you’re both running around naked. Would you like me to fix that?”


          “If that’s what you want,” Marin replied.


          “No, no,” Nicholas replied. “I know you’re still getting used to how I do things Marin but that’s not how this works. If you want something, you let me know, and then I decide how to best satisfy you. Sometimes that works out great for both of us, sometimes you’ll walk away disappointed. But I will always, always allow my pokegirls to talk to me.”


          Marin shifted her stance with a grunt. “And if I don’t want to be disappointed?”


          “I believe we’ve already been over that, Marin,” Nicholas replied with a smile. “In fact, I remember disappointing you from the very beginning.”


          The Sharpedo grinned and relaxed again. “Yeah, yeah. You did. Sure, I could do with a new look. I didn’t care that much in the wilderness since I could just smash anyone who tried to look at me funny but you won’t let me do that anymore, will you.” When Nicholas shook his head she snickered. “Pity.”


          “What about you, Bea?” Nicholas asked. “I could always buy you some pure metal for you to mess with if you want to go that route again. Your last experiment kind of blew apart.”


          “I do not want to be restrained by clothing, Master,” Bea replied. “However, with that said, I believe it would be best if the Alpha was not the only one of your pokegirls choosing to go nude.”


          Nicholas nodded. “So?”


          “I would like a bodysuit to cover my upper body,” Bea said.


          “Hm.” Nicholas nodded. “So like what you had before-“


          “No, Master.” Nicholas quieted. “What I had before my evolution was restrictive. Tight. It was a garment meant to form my body to its shape.” Bea nodded at Elaine. “I want something not unlike what Elaine has. A second skin that will cover me without affecting my movements.”


          “Ah, I understand.” Nicholas turned and started scanning the various advertisements around them. “Let’s find a jeweler first and then we can head to a store for the two of you.”


          “Hello, welcome, welcome!” A bubbly woman exclaimed when Nicholas and Elaine stepped inside her shop. “How can I help you? Looking for something made? How about some beautiful earrings for the pokegirl, I have-“


          “Do you do custom settings,” Nicholas interrupted.


          “Why of course, of course. If you’ll step over here you can see our selection of fine stones…” the attendant was bustling to another part of the counter when she heard the clack of something against the glass display case. Turning back she saw Nicholas waiting patiently with his hand on the counter. “Sir?”


          “I just need a setting for a stone I own,” Nicholas replied. “That’s it. One setting, and one fastener for it. I am not interested in anything else and if you continue to try and upsell me I will find another jeweler.”


          The woman quickly returned to where he stood. “Of course, sir. My apologies.”


          Nicholas handed her the Mega Stone and waited as the woman inspected it. “This is a rather rough stone, sir,” she observed. “I understand you are only looking for a custom setting but would you like me to cut it into a more pleasurable shape?”


          “Nope.” Nicholas jabbed a thumb at Elaine. “I just want to see it hanging from her collar.”


          To Elaine, the world around her faded at his words. Her collar. He wanted to see it… her…


          Elaine took a trembling breath. I want to mark you with something you can wear with pride, Nicholas’ voice whispered to her. This stone, this power the humans had spoken of, and he wanted it to be displayed so… so publicly?


          On full display. Something she would wear, not in shame, not given to her in anger, but something he… something her Master wanted her to be proud of. A thing that marked her as his. A thing that made her his. A thing that, through him, would make her strong.


          Nicholas accepted the pendant the jeweler handed back to him with a nod. “I’ll need a fastener for it. A metal ring or something.”


          The jeweler checked her station and handed him an open loop as well as a pair of pliers, watching as he approached Elaine and threaded the loop through the empty ring there before squeezing it shut.


          Elaine blinked when she felt the slight tug and came back to reality, watching as Nicholas stepped back to admire her new accessory. “Looks good,” he said, turning back and moving to pay the woman.


          Elaine turned towards a nearby mirror. She was no longer plain, his only by the bondage beneath her clothes. Now she would always be marked. The twinkling stone above her sternum promised that.


          Elaine dissolved into light as Nicholas returned to where Marin and Bea waited for him. “So?” he asked when he arrived. “Find anything you two want to check out?”


          Marin bobbed her head. “My Alpha has allowed me to choose, so can we go there?”


          Nicholas turned to look where she was pointing and laughed. “You would. Okay, sure. Bea?”


          “I’m hoping I can find what I want there as well, Master,” Bea replied.


          “Then let’s take a look.”


          The store in question was a lingerie store. One that had apparently decided to expand its business by catering towards pokegirls – and potentially the few human women – who wanted to dress in a much more revealing way during their day-to-day lives. The lifelike mannequins inside were displaying more skin than product.


          Bea quickly found a section with all manner of bodysuit and busied herself with finding one she liked while Nicholas scanned the store for Marin. With a sigh he left Bea behind in order to track down the wayward Sharpedo.


          “MARIN!” Nicholas walked through the store, scanning the aisles for any sign of her. Marin was taller than he was and he was already able to look over these displays so she couldn’t be THAT hard to find.


          He was right, but when he found her his jaw dropped at what he saw.


          Marin drew her fingers through her bangs when she saw Nicholas staring at her. “Did Bea find what she was looking for already?”


          Nicholas forced his mouth closed and walked closer. Marin had apparently also taken inspiration from Elaine, or perhaps that was all this store had available. The shirt she had on wrapped around her breasts just like Elaine’s, though Marin’s blue top had sleeves that at least reached her elbows. The hem was much shorter, though. It barely extended below the bottom of her breasts. On a similar note was her choice of pants. Shorts? Nicholas came to a halt and took a closer look at what was covering Marin’s groin. Hell, they were barely shorts. Just like the top they covered from her waist to the bottom of her torso and nothing else. And yet, even with almost nothing to hold up, Marin was still wearing a black leather belt.


          “That’s what you’re going for?” Nicholas asked in disbelief. “You’d cover more with a bikini.”


          Marin laughed and turned back to what she had been doing before Nicholas interrupted, her tail swishing back and forth happily. “No, this is just the clothing.” Nicholas threw up his hands in disbelief when she called the two-piece ‘clothing’. “I still need to accessorize.”


          “And what exactly will those be?” Nicholas asked.


          “Well this belt,” Marin replied, “will hold up… probably, these.”


          Nicholas blinked when she turned back around. Marin was holding up a pair of white stockings made from some kind of heavier material. Leather, maybe, or something synthetic. “Those?”


          “Could you hold me up, Nicholas?” Marin asked and Nicholas moved to her side, keeping her upright while Marin slid her legs into the stockings. “Maybe I shouldn’t go for these…”


          “Why not?” Nicholas asked, stepping back once Marin was just fiddling with some straps on top of the fabric. She pulled those straps up, hard, slipping them beneath her shorts and fastening them to the belt. The stockings compressed slightly as she did and Nicholas admired the way they squeezed her thighs.


          “Well when I shift they’ll probably be destroyed,” Marin replied with a sigh.


          “Hm.” Nicholas scanned her legs. “Maybe.”


          Marin frowned. “Maybe?”


          “Well, probably, but do you like the look?” Nicholas asked. “I can try to make it work if you do.”


          Marin looked down at herself, bending her legs in a few directions before nodding. “I do. And I think…” she turned to a mirror and studied her reflection for a bit before nodding and moving back to her pile of clothing. “I think this would tie it all together.”


          Nicholas chuckled when he saw her pulling on some open-back black gloves. “You think?”


          “Black like the belt,” Marin replied, posing in the mirror again. “What do you think?”


          “I think you look incredible,” Nicholas replied. “When you all walk around naked my first thought is usually of sex. Looking at you like that, and that’s only second on my mind.”


          Marin laughed and turned to him with her hands on her hips, her tail curled up behind her. “And what’s the first thing.”


          “How I can’t wait to get you naked,” Nicholas conceded. When Marin roared with laughter he grinned and reached out to buck her shoulder. “No, it’s that you look powerful and DAMN good while doing so, that’s what I think. It makes me very glad that I let you all have free reign in choosing your own outfits.”


          “Ah, well…” Marin’s grin faded a bit. “I hope you still say that after seeing how much this all costs.”


          Nicholas grinned to himself. “We’ll see. Hey, grab a spare set of those stockings.”


          Marin blinked and found what he was asking for. “Why?”


          “You’ll see.” Nicholas led her back to the front and gestured at her when he got the register. “Hey there! I need to pay for this outfit real quick.”


          The man behind the counter nodded. “Do you have the tags?”


          “Marin? Do you have the tags?” Nicholas asked.


          Marin patted herself down before a light blush began to spread. It was the first time Nicholas had seen the Sharpedo embarrassed. “I didn’t take them off.”


          “Just hop up on the counter then, miss,” the man replied, getting to work with a hand scanner when Marin jumped up. She ducked her head when he pulled away and pressed some buttons on his terminal, causing the scanner Marin was sitting on to activate and beep. “And there we go. Got your shorts, got the shirt, stockings, gloves, belt, anything I missed?”


          “For some reason I don’t think she grabbed any underwear,” Nicholas chuckled.


          “Then your total will be two thousand, three hundred and forty-two dollars and change, sir,” the man replied.


          Marin was looking apprehensively at Nicholas but he just pulled out his pokedex. “At that price I sure hope these are battle rated.”


          “We only stock battle-rated items on our sales floor, sir,” the clerk replied. “Our primary market is pokegirls, after all.”


          “Glad to hear it.” Nicholas paid and motioned Marin to join him, which she did after sliding back to the floor. “You got those spare stockings?”


          Marin held up the item in question. “Here.”


          “Cool.” Nicholas looked back at the clerk. “Hey, I assume you can do alterations, right?”


          The clerk nodded. “Of course. What did you have in mind?”


          “Not quite sure yet. Hey, leave those with him, Marin.” Nicholas led her out of the store before stopping. “Here, now we have space.” He turned to her. “Shift into your aquatic form.”


          Marin blinked. “Here?”


          “Yeah. I want to see what happens to those stockings. And the rest of your outfit, considering I’m preeeetty sure you get bigger when you transform.”


          Marin swallowed nervously. “I was planning on stripping before doing that.”


          “And if we’re swimming somewhere and get jumped, you’re going to strip before fighting off whatever is attacking us? Attacking me?” Nicholas asked.


          Marin smiled winningly. “I would have already stripped before getting in the water.”


          “Just transform, Marin,” Nicholas replied in exasperation. “You can be careful with your clothes all you want, one day you’ll have to transform while dressed. I’d like to find out what happens NOW, when we’re still at the store, than whenever it is.”


          “But…” Marin swallowed again. “The price, Nicholas. I’m so thankful that you didn’t argue with what I chose, but…”


          Nicholas stepped back with his hands on his hips. “Marin.” Marin quieted. “I order you to take your aquatic form. Right now.”


          “Yes… Master,” Marin muttered, leaning over before focusing on her transformation so that when her legs were absorbed she was already landing on her tail.


          Nicholas nodded when he heard the sound of ripping fabric. As expected Marin’s stockings had exploded when her legs had fused with her tail. However, he noticed something interesting. As she landed everything else seemed intact. Probably a bit strained, because she was definitely larger in this form, but the high quality fabric had held up.


          Marin winced. “A bit tight.”


          “Still, looks like only your stockings were ruined,” Nicholas observed. He walked down her body to inspect her tail and blinked at what he saw. “Well I’ll be damned.”


          “What?” Marin asked, twisting but on land she was as helpless as the Carvanha had been on the beach. “What is it?”


          “Go ahead and shift back.” Nicholas paid special attention to Marin’s ass as her tail separated again. “Shoot. So close.”


          Marin felt the seat of her shorts fall away and sighed. “My pants too?”


          “I think we can make this work,” Nicholas replied. “Look at your feet.”


          Marin looked down and her mouth popped open. Her stockings were still looped around her toes. “What?”


          “Your feet become the lower fins on your tail,” Nicholas explained. “I saw the remains of your stockings still looped around their base. As for your shorts, I guarantee you this store can do something about that.”


          “You… you bought these for me, expecting to destroy them?” Marin asked incredulously.


          “Bingo. You’re not my first shapeshifting pokegirl,” Nicholas explained. “Sure, I could have asked for alterations ahead of time, but I’ve learned that the only way to really get a good idea for what is needed is to, heh, break a few eggs.” He motioned her back inside. “Come on.”


          Marin followed but she was still in shock. “You spent all that money…”


          “Oh, please. That was what. A few hundred?” Nicholas reached back and patted her on the arm, specifically on the sleeve of her shirt. “Most of it was just fine. We just need to modify what wasn’t.”


          The clerk chuckled when Nicholas returned. “I see the results, sir. How would you like to proceed? I would like to be clear that our warranties do not include damage due to…”


          Nicholas held up his hand to stop the man. “I intentionally destroyed my purchases, which is the entire reason I made sure I had purchased them before the experiment. Now that I have the results I would like to order some alterations.”


          The man nodded and picked up a phone. “Give me just a moment and I’ll call one of our seamstresses to the floor.”


          Marin looked down at her broken stockings. She’d acted without thinking in choosing what she had. She’d expected Nicholas to balk at the money required. Instead, he’d… done this.


          She looked back up to see him chatting with a pokegirl. She’d never met any human like him.


          “Yes, I see,” the pokegirl hummed, stepping around Marin as she surveyed the remains of her clothing. “I can easily modify the shorts, but not this pair.”


          “That’s fine. I intend to purchase new base items for you to work on,” Nicholas replied.


          “Oh that makes this easy,” the girl scoffed. “Looks like the inner leg was where the issue was on those stockings? I can easily modify the design to remove that part.”


          “Sounds perfect.” Nicholas glanced at Marin before grinning. “Could you do some color work on them as well? White is great, but could you make the back a bit darker? Maybe the same color as her shirt and shorts?”


          “Ah ha, matching her skin pattern? I can definitely do that,” the pokegirl replied. “Well miss if you would come with me?”


          Nicholas waved as Marin was led away to find a new pair of shorts and he made his way back to where he had left Bea.


          The Metang was waiting for him with a smile on her face. “Marin couldn’t figure out what to do, Master.”


          “Oh, you watched all that?” Nicholas chuckled. “I’m trying something out on her before I use it on Aria.”


          Bea’s smile faded. “Oh?”


          “I want to try and get through Aria’s bitch complex gently instead of waiting for you to beat it out of her,” Nicholas explained.


          Bea snorted and glanced away. “Why am I surprised. Of course you know about all that.”


          “I let it happen. Every day she was taunting you and the others I was holding back.” Nicholas shook his head. “I was testing you. Can you forgive me for that?”


          “Forgive you? Master your test helped me realize things about myself,” Bea retorted. “I should be thanking you. And beating up Aria.”


          “Well like I said I’m going to try to make the beatings unnecessary,” Nicholas replied. “Anyways. I take it that’s what you’ve chosen?”


          Bea nodded and lifted her arm. She was wrapped in a charcoal black bodysuit that ranged from her groin to her neck, as well as running out along her arms and ending in a pair of finger loops that Bea had slipped her middle fingers into. “It feels good.”


          Bea sighed when Nicholas reached down to rub her clit before quickly pulling back with a laugh when she kicked him. “No underwear here, either. Is Morgana the only one of you who wears them? And even then she only does it to enhance her look.”


          “I believe Aria wears underwear and uses it for its intended purpose,” Bea replied. “Now please, Master. Don’t tease me in public. I have an appearance to maintain.”


          “Right. That’s the whole point of you getting this in the first place,” Nicholas conceded. “Still, you’re sure? There’s something about fucking one of my pokegirls in her new clothes…”


          Bea put her hand in his face when he tried to get closer. “I remember what you did to Elaine, Master. Please refrain from doing that here today.”


          “Fine,” Nicholas huffed. “Last time I said this in this city it turned out not to be true but you’ve really grown, Bea.” He smiled when she lowered her hand. “I’m proud to call you my Alpha.”


          Bea blushed and looked away. “Thank you, Master.”


          “So this looks pretty similar to what you had before but it’s not the same, right?” Nicholas asked, tugging lightly at the bodysuit. It lifted easily in his fingers before dropping back against Bea’s skin when he let go. “The old one was elastic, if I’m remembering correctly.”


          “That’s correct, Master,” Bea replied. “It would always pull on me when I moved. But this one simply fits.” She demonstrated by lifting one arm all the way behind her back without the bodysuit displaying any kind of stress. “Though… my breasts, are still…” Nicholas grinned when she scooted backwards and the motion made her chest jiggle. “I think I’ll try and incorporate my idea alongside the bodysuit, Master. The metal support ‘bra’.”


          “Sounds good to me.”


          “So are we just waiting for Marin to be finished now?” Bea asked curiously. “What’s the plan after that?”


          “The plan is to travel east,” Nicholas replied. “There’s an entire half of the region that I haven’t looked at yet. Who knows what the cults might be doing over there. And there are three gyms on that side of Hoenn as well, so it brings us closer to our ultimate goal.”


          Bea nodded. “The championship.”


          “You got it.” Nicholas slapped her shoulder and stood. “Let’s go wait for Marin up front.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge

          Dynamo Badge



          Bea, Metang (Alpha) – Level 38

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 39

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 38

          Aria, Altaria – Level 38

          Marin, Sharpedo – Level 36


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          “Right! Marin!” Nicholas pointed at the river rushing by. “You’re up.”


          Marin nodded and ran forwards, diving into the waters next to their campsite. She showed no hesitation anymore in taking her aquatic form, even fully clothed in the outfit he had bought for her in Mauville. A testament to that pokegirls’ alterations, he supposed. Marin knew that they’d hold up.


          The stockings looked good on her transformed tail, too. Each wrapped around about a third of the Sharpedo’s lower body, splitting perfectly down the middle and ending halfway along the tail so that her fins were unobstructed.


          “Now then.” Nicholas looked around himself. Morgana and Elaine were seated beside him, Aria was circling overhead, and Bea was somewhere in the forest around them. “Elaine, Morgana. I want to try and trigger your Mega Stones.” He gauged each of their reactions. Elaine instantly nodded and voiced her assent, but Morgana took a moment more so he focused on her. “What’s wrong, Morgana?”


          “It’s just…” Morgana trailed off. “What mister Stone told us, Master. How it would be… painful, if our souls were not in tune.” She winced. “I’m trying, Master. But there is still some doubt in me.”


          Nicholas reached over and gave her a quick hug. “I won’t rush you. If you’re not ready you’re not ready.”


          Morgana began laughing. “I’ve heard that before, Master. But this time…” She straightened, pushing her chest out and taking a deep breath so that her breasts rose even further before letting it out and smiling. “I feel like I am so close.”


          “Soon, then,” Nicholas chuckled. “Elaine?”


          “I have not had doubt for weeks,” Elaine replied quietly. “Master, when you marked me with this stone, I was ready.”


          Nicholas blinked at her. “Oh.”


          “I surrender myself to you, Master, in body and soul,” Elaine recited. She lifted her chin so that her Mega Stone was more prominently on display. “I am ready.”


          Nicholas nodded. “I’ll see if I can target you then.”


          “Have you figured out the secret already, Master?” Morgana asked curiously. “It’s only been a few days.”


          “I figured it out as soon as Steven handed me this ring,” Nicholas chuckled. “I have theories. But before I start talking about them I’d like to give this a try.” He turned his body so that he was squarely facing Elaine and lifted his ring. “Tell me immediately if you feel any pain, Elaine.”


          Nicholas focused intently on the Mega Stone hanging from Elaine’s neck. He let his energy rise, pushing it through his body and down his arm as the ring on his finger began to grow hot. To the outside eye, not much was occurring. But as more power built sparks began zipping along Nicholas’ skin.


          Nicholas gritted his teeth as the heat on his finger grew even worse. He had all this power, yes, but it refused to go anywhere. Why? He was looking right at Elaine.


          With a sigh Nicholas realized his mistake. Steven had talked about being in tune with his pokegirl, in tune not with her body, but her soul. He closed his eyes, and reached out, not physically, but willing the hand that burned with power to reach out over the bond they shared. It was a rough path. Broken apart from the pain he and Elaine had each endured as they battled one another. But it was whole, repaired and strong thanks to their efforts ever since Lavaridge. A bond that may not have been as functional or traveled as the one he shared with Morgana, but certainly one that existed. A special bond that tied his inner power to her.


          Elaine released her breath as she felt warmth spreading from the stone resting against her skin. It felt… like her Master. The presence that filled her was Nicholas’. And she relaxed, embracing this strange new power as her Mega Stone began to shine.




          Nicholas’ eyes popped open when he heard the explosion. Elaine was standing now and the air around her was dancing. Warping from the incredible heat that bled from Elaine’s skin. Another boom and Elaine’s hair began to rise, the feathers across her chest swelling as the wind around her filled them. And then the stone on her collar flashed, the light from it expanding outwards until Elaine had been fully engulfed.


          Nicholas clenched his fist. He could feel the link holding steady and he pushed more power towards Elaine. “GO!”


          With a bestial roar Elaine burst from the light, fire blasting in all directions before the Blaziken’s body relaxed.


          Morgana had a stunned look on her face as she got to her feet. “Elaine?”


          Nicholas stared. Elaine’s body was bare. He couldn’t even focus on what was different about her because her clothing was gone. All of it. Even the harness and Mega Stone.


          “Where’d it go?” Nicholas jumped to his feet and moved to inspect Elaine’s chest. “The stone, Elaine, where is it?”


          He was peering at the new explosion of feathers that covered her breasts when he heard Elaine begin to laugh. He glanced up in confusion. Her voice was completely changed. Deeper. Huskier?


          “It’s right here, Master,” Elaine replied, bringing his hand to where the stone had been resting before. As she did Nicholas could feel the energy pulsing just beneath her skin. “I would not let it go that easily.”


          “That wasn’t my…” Nicholas trailed off. “Question. Elaine, you’re taller.” He stepped away from her again and this time he scanned the changes to her body. “Your feathers here…” his hand slipped into the downy mass covering her chest and he chuckled when he quickly encountered resistance. “Well at least your boobs are the same size.”


          “You would look at them first, Master,” Elaine laughed. “This feels incredible. Like you have made me whole.”


          Nicholas finally moved his attention to the rest of her body. The feathers that had ringed her wrists had become jets of flame that burned so hot as to become invisible just inches from her skin. They were definitely there, however. The feet of smoke trailing behind each of Elaine’s wrists showed that.


          Moving further down he skipped over her stomach and groin without seeing any changes before slowing when he reached the feathers that covered her knees and below.


          Before, these had been a fiery red, fading into yellow as they approached her feet. But now they seemed charred. The fiery red had become a deep black, and they faded now not to yellow, but to a brilliant red.


          Nicholas brought his attention back up to Elaine’s head. He’d seen her hair standing up before she’d evolve and now he could see the results. Elaine’s long blonde was even longer, piles of fluffy hair cascading all the way to her ass, but it was her head that had seen the most change. Where her hair once sat naturally it now levitated from the extreme heat cloaking her body, giving the distinct appearance of a pair of wings sprouting from her skull.


          “Elaine?” Morgana called again. “Is… is that really you?”


          Elaine turned to the Gardevoir with a frown. “Who else would I be, Morgana? Did I accidentally singe your brain with my new flames?”


          Nicholas blinked and stepped back. “No, hold on, Elaine. I brushed it off when I heard you laugh but you sound different. Not like yourself.”


          “Not like myself?” Elaine asked incredulously. “Master, this… what I’ve become, what else could I possibly be?” Nicholas took another step back when Elaine followed him. “Why are you running, Master? Everything I’ve become is thanks to you.”


          “Master, it’s Elaine, but she has no fear. No anger. No… pain.” Morgana moved to Nicholas’ side. “This is not simply peace, like Elaine had before. It is something far beyond that.”


          “Of course I don’t have any of those weak emotions,” Elaine laughed. “How could I?”


          “Because you have struggled with them for as long as I have known you,” Nicholas replied quietly.


          “I remember that,” Elaine replied without missing a beat. “But none of that matters now. This is what I am. And,” she raised one hand to her face, flames flickering between her fingers until she lowered it again to show a mask of fire covering her eyes, the flames converging above her nose and curling back in the shape of a horn, “what I am does not fear.”


          Nicholas gritted his teeth, tears welling in his eyes. This was Elaine. This was the Elaine that he had seen in fits and spurts. The flicker behind the Torchic’s eyes, the flame that had rekindled a broken Combusken. The Elaine that had been beaten and broken until only an ember remained. An ember that had taken refuge in her soul until his power had called her back out.


          Elaine frowned when she noticed the tears. “Why are you crying, Master?”


          “Because I know this can’t last,” Nicholas replied bitterly. “I feel the drain on my body already. When I sever the bond what will happen to you? Will you go back to the way you were? Desperately clinging to me so that you will not break again?”


          Morgana stepped away from him when Elaine moved forwards, getting on one knee and smiling. The flame mask she had formed blew away as she got closer so as not to burn him. “I understand. You were always a crybaby, Master.” Nicholas felt the tears fall when Elaine stroked his cheek. “I won’t be going anywhere, Master. I will never leave your side.”




          “Shh.” Nicholas slid his eyes shut when Elaine kissed him. Tenderly as he so often did, and he choked when he realized that she had reversed their positions. She was the one comforting him. “Perhaps this moment can not last. That is why we make new moments, right Master? I’ll be here. All you have to do is ask.”


          Nicholas clenched his fist. The Key Stone was cold to his touch. “It’s not that simple.”


          “You think I don’t understand that?” Elaine asked softly and Nicholas’ eyes shot open to see a sadness in her own expression. “I am still Elaine. That pokegirl was me. This pokegirl,” Elaine said as she gestured at herself, “is me.” She shook her head and her smile returned. “Until the day comes when that pokegirl and I are the same, I will be here, waiting.”


          Nicholas clutched her and kissed desperately. He felt a twinge in his chest and the world swam when he let go of Elaine again. “Elaine, I…”


          “It was a nice moment, wasn’t it Master?” Elaine asked quietly. “Because of you, even if it was only for a moment, I could be strong.” When her smile blossomed again it was full of the confidence he’d heard in her every word. “I trust you, Master. I know this won’t be the only moment we share.”


          Nicholas dropped to his knees. Elaine’s body flickered when he released the power, her entire form fading away to reveal Elaine, the Elaine before she had mega evolved, kneeling underneath. Clothes and all. And as he fought to remain conscious Elaine crumpled with him.




          Nicholas looked up. His tears were blurring his vision but he could see well enough to make out Elaine’s worried expression. With a wail he wrapped his arms around the Blaziken before finally letting his mind slip away.







          Within his mind’s eye Nicholas stood and surveyed the path he had discovered. It was a strange thing. He couldn’t remember anything like what he shared with Morgana and yet here it was, a bond between him and Elaine. Quite a strong one, too, too have survived the energy he forced down it today. He turned away, pushing his consciousness through the void around him. Morgana’s bond shone brightly in the darkness but he ignored it, casting about instead. These bonds of power had the same foundation. Could it be, then, that they were…?


          Nicholas reached out when he felt the slight disturbance in front of him. And sure enough, as he followed the translucent string in his hand he felt Marin’s unmistakable presence. It is an energy we can not usually control, Steven said, but it is one that controls primal energy. It is what allows humans to control pokegirls.


          Nicholas fell back and expanded his awareness as best he could. There, another. And another. And another. As he lifted his eyes he could see dozens of threads of power, some nearly invisible, others as solid as what linked him to Morgana and Elaine. And the truth washed over him.


          It was subtle, so subtle so as not to be noticed except by those who looked. This was humanity’s energy, binding their pokegirls to their will.


          Nicholas opened his eyes. So that was the path mega evolution hijacked. The hidden strings between a human and their pokegirl. And the process could only succeed if the thread was strong enough. He’d seen Elaine and Morgana’s. Marin had felt far too flimsy to survive. What of the others? Bea, Aria. Had they been some of the strong bonds he had felt?


          He smiled and closed his eyes again. And though pain flashed over his expression for a moment he allowed himself to relax, feeling the warm bodies all around him. He knew what to look for. For now, he’d rest.


          He needed to get stronger. Stronger so that he could sustain the transformation permanently.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge

          Dynamo Badge



          Bea, Metang (Alpha) – Level 38

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 39

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 38

          Aria, Altaria – Level 38

          Marin, Sharpedo – Level 36


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5