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Chapter 18

Power Struggles






          Nicholas smiled up at Aria’s back. The Altaria had a look of pure bliss on her face as she rode his cock, her breasts bouncing steadily. A normal scene, except…


          Lucy leaned against a nearby tree, her expression unreadable. And seated around Nicholas were the rest of his harem. It was the morning after the Petalburg gym battle and Aria was receiving her reward.


          Bea was the angriest of the watching pokegirls by far. Nicholas could understand why. Aria had no doubt requested this as her reward specifically to increase her power within the harem. Sure, all of them knew that he tamed the others. But for Aria to so blatantly flaunt a moment that none of them would share, well. He grinned.


          It was just like the situation when Lili had evolved, he realized. Aria was making a move to become the dominant pokegirl. She knew she couldn’t beat him so she was using him as a tool to advance her own goals. Just as Lili had. Kary had been able to maintain her grip then. What would Bea do now?


          This was an excellent test to see if she was truly fit to be his Alpha.


          Bea was fuming. She didn’t even try to listen when Nicholas began outlining the day’s plan while he fucked Aria. She couldn’t blame him. He had promised the victor of the gym battle a reward. It was Aria who had chosen this one.


          She should have been more wary of the then Swablu during their time in Lavaridge. As far as this Altaria was concerned, she was the queen of the harem. Second only to her Lord and Master. And this power play was a massive blow to her legitimacy as his Alpha. What Aria had received… it was a privilege that only the Alpha should ever enjoy. Or, at the very least one that only the Alpha should ever be able to request.


          Her nails dug bloody lines in the palms of her hands. Should she demand the same? No, that would make her weak. It would be worse than if she did nothing at all.


          She had to pretend, somehow, that this privilege Aria had stolen was nothing special.


          “I want to be at the inlet north of Oldale Town by next week,” Nicholas was saying. “By that time I expect you to be able to carry me, Aria.” He reached up, groping the Altaria’s breasts and holding her firm when she tried to bounce again. Aria sang out in ecstasy when he came inside of her, a blissful smile on her face while she basked in the afterglow. “It would be even better if you were strong enough to carry me right now. Our trip back to Mauville would be over quickly.”


          “I… ah… I wish to try, Lord,” Aria replied. “Please, let me show you the power of your dragon.”


          Bea’s teeth creaked. Aria had smiled as she finished her sentence and she knew the Altaria’s eyes had flicked in her direction. It’s not like she could deny what Aria was. The fangs that glistened in the light with every word she spoke were proof of that.


          What could she do? How could she stop Aria’s coup?







          “I’m glad we’re flying over this inlet and not taking a swim,” Nicholas observed. He and the harem were having breakfast and watching the activity in the water. “Looks like multiple schools of aquatic pokegirls all fighting over the territory.”


          Aria laughed happily and sprang to her feet. “Leave it to me, Lord!”


          Nicholas chuckled when her wings unfolded and she shot into the air. “Aria’s sure been in a good mood.”


          Bea scowled at her plate. She just couldn’t do it. No matter how many snide jabs the Altaria made she couldn’t bring herself to fight back. What was she afraid of? Was her hesitation maybe because she still doubted her own worth as his Alpha?


          Aria was humming as she twisted and turned over the sparkling waters below and was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the dark shadows flickering just below the surface. Her altitude kept dropping as she focused less and less on her wings and soon she was only a few dozen feet above the waves.


          She was banking back towards the shore when it happened. A shadow appeared underneath her, the back of a pokegirl breaking the surface of the water. And suddenly attacks were flying through the air.


          Aria screamed when jets of water sliced through her body. Nicholas shot to his feet at the sound, whirling to see the Altaria start to twist in midair. Red stained her wings as she fell towards the roiling sea.


          “ARIA!” Nicholas took a step before freezing in place. The Altaria was a hundred yards away. There was no way he could help her, except… he ripped her pokeball from his belt and took careful aim. Would it even work at this range? He had to try.


          Danger. Bea was halfway to the shoreline before her brain processed what her body was doing. Well, that wasn’t quite true. Ever since her evolution she’d noticed that sometimes she took actions before deciding on them. As if her unconscious mind was as much in control as her conscious one.


          Without fail, once she caught up she agreed with the actions her body took. It didn’t matter that Aria was in the process of eroding her authority. The injured pokegirl falling from the sky was still a member of her harem. She was her Alpha. She had a duty to save her.


          Bea heard Nicholas shout her name but she tuned him out. In between her and the wounded Altaria was nothing but water. Water infested with aggressive, probably feral pokegirls. Even if she could make it in time by swimming the act would be suicide.


          Nicholas’ jaw dropped. Bea’s feet hadn’t slowed when she crossed the shoreline. And now the Metang was sprinting across the surf.


          Just stay on top, Bea thought to herself as she ran. The magnetic currents pulsing around her feet spread, forming a cushion underneath her that propelled Bea forwards and towards Aria. She was going to make it in time. She had to make it in time.


          Bea hissed when the water in front of her exploded and a massive shape breached. “Out. Of. My. WAY!” With a scream she smashed headfirst into the challenging pokegirl, bouncing off before shaking herself and redoubling her efforts with a roar. Behind her a stunned Sharpedo slipped back beneath the waves.


          Aria felt an impact and groggily opened her eyes. She was about to be torn apart, wasn’t she?


          Aria stared up at the face hovering over her. Bea’s eyes were wild, the Metang’s lips pulled back in a snarl. Aria could feel wind blowing over her.




          “Hang on,” Bea snapped. “These bitches are persistent!”


          “Morgana, grab them with your telekinesis, now!” Nicholas barked. Bea had lost a lot of speed between catching Aria and turning back towards shore and now she was desperately dodging as dozens of pokegirls all tried to drag her underwater. Robbed of their prey the hungry pokegirls had entered a frenzy and the water around Bea’s feet was foaming red, blood spilling from the bodies of the pokegirls unlucky enough to get in the way of their cohorts’ attacks.


          Morgana reached out. She could feel Bea and Aria just outside of her range. All she’d accomplish right now was tripping the belabored Metang.


          Bea cried out in pain when fins flashed between her legs, carving chunks out of her flesh.




          Bea felt something tug on her and she jumped. For a moment, nothing happened. Bea and Aria hung in the air, about to crash back down hard enough that Bea would surely lose her footing. Then Bea felt Morgana’s power wrap around her and the two rocketed towards the shore.


          Aria was crushed under Bea’s body as the two slammed into the dirt but they were alive. Behind them, in the bay, the remains of two scaly, mermaid-esque pokegirls could be seen briefly before the school devoured the ones that had been killed in the fray.


          “Elaine, Morgana, defend us!” Nicholas barked. He could see members of the feral school, those who hadn’t been able to get a piece of their sisters’ bodies, swimming closer to where they were camped.


          Bea crawled off of Aria as Lucy rushed to their side but was forced to stop when she felt a hand holding her arm. She looked back to see just one of Aria’s eyes lifted enough from the dirt to look at her. “W…w…wh…”


          Lucy had arrived by now and was straightening Aria’s wings, plunging her hands into the bloody feathers and beginning to heal them. Bea took a moment to check on Elaine and Morgana but the two seemed to be holding the ferals at bay for now so she crouched closer to Aria. “What?”




          Bea frowned. She’d barely heard Aria’s whisper. “Why?”


          Aria slowly blinked.


          “Why.” Bea gazed at the injured Altaria. It was a good question. Why had she saved Aria? All she’d had to do was not run as fast. Allowed herself to be stopped by the Sharpedo that had attacked. Nicholas wouldn’t have blamed her. And she could still have been the hero, snatching Aria from the brink of death. She could have used the feral school as a way to punish, or even remove, this pokegirl. This threat.


          Why? Because she was part of her harem? That didn’t give her a free pass. If Nicholas took in a pokegirl that then tried to harm him it wouldn’t matter that she was a ‘part of the harem’. Bea would not hesitate to treat her as a threat. Aria was a threat to her position. Was it really that different?


          Aria gazed up at Bea. The Metang had been silent for a long, long time.


          Bea looked away from Aria, bringing her gaze around to watch as Elaine and Morgana fended off any feral that got too close. She had once been a threat. Maybe not much of one, but she had once been a threat to an Alpha’s position. Her own mother’s.


          Bea reflexively touched her throat. That’s right. It hadn’t mattered how small, or weak, or insignificant her threat had been. Her mother had responded immediately. With overwhelming force.


          Bea’s fingers curled. “Because I am not my mother.” She laughed quietly and looked back down at Aria. Lucy was working on healing the injuries Bea’s crash landing had inflicted and the Altaria was breathing easier now. “I will always make the choices that are best for this harem and its Master. I do not have to be Alpha for that.” Bea turned away, leaving Lucy to her work. “No, I am satisfied simply knowing that everything I do is for the good of the harem.” They sat in silence for a while before Bea began walking away. “What about you?”


          “Alpha!” Morgana spun when she saw Bea walking towards them. “They won’t leave!”


          “Tch.” Bea stared out over the water. Ferals constantly circled just beneath the surface. “Are either of you hurt?”


          Elaine shook her head. “None of them seem to be able to walk, Alpha. They were just throwing themselves onto the beach. Easy targets.”


          “How’s Aria?”


          Bea glanced at Morgana and back to the circling ferals. “Lucy’s healing her now. She’ll be fine.”


          “And you, Alpha?”


          Bea looked down at her own legs. A bit of blood still oozed from the wounds she had sustained during her rescue but she didn’t feel any pain. “I’m fine as well.”


          Morgana breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad. You should have Lucy heal you too.”


          Bea shrugged. “I said I’m fine.”


          “We can’t have our Alpha walking around injured,” Elaine piped up. She grinned when Bea raised an eyebrow. “If you fall then who’ll save the rest of us from those fucking sharks?”


          Bea finally smiled back. “Thank you, Elaine.”


          “We’ve both had to watch as you tolerated that new bitch,” Elaine replied. “If you ever want me to break her wings for you just say so.”


          Bea snorted and turned to retreat back to where Lucy waited. “I’m hoping what just happened will slap some sense back into her without me having to do it myself.”


          Elaine nodded and watched Bea return to the Chansey’s side.


          “You remember it?”


          Elaine nodded again at Morgana’s question. “Yeah, I remember what you’re talking about. When we first met her.” She turned back to the water. “We were all quite different back then, weren’t we?”


          Morgana smiled. “You certainly were.”


          “So were you, little miss human,” Elaine retorted. “We’re just a bunch of stupid pokegirls, aren’t we?”


          Morgana raised her hand, the grass under her feet slicing out to discourage one of the ferals from getting closer. “I suppose we all are. One big stupid harem.” She shook her head. “Whoever else tags along will probably be stupid too.”


          Elaine breathed embers into her hands, juggling them back and forth as she waited for the next feral to attempt an attack. “Think it’ll be one of these fish? They seem stupid enough.”


          Morgana rolled her eyes. “Maybe if one shows up that your fire doesn’t immediately blow away.”


          “Umm…” Elaine stopped juggling her flames and focused in on a much larger shape approaching them. “You just had to say something.”


          The arrival of the larger feral seemed to have frozen the rest of the circling school. All movement in front of Elaine and Morgana stopped as the figure slid closer and closer until a head broke the surface.


          Elaine slowly breathed out when a pokegirl stepped from the water. She looked smaller now but the fact that she was walking was bad enough. None of the smaller ferals had been able to shapeshift.


          Nicholas stepped forwards when he saw the pokegirl approaching. Everything up until now had been Carvanha, unevolved pokegirls that Elaine and Morgana had easily taken care of. This one was obviously a Sharpedo. Evolved and, more importantly, absolutely covered in battle scars.


          Lucy had finished healing Aria and was working on Bea’s legs when Nicholas walked past them to join Elaine and Morgana. The Altaria struggled to her feet but she was obviously hesitating and her indecision lasted long enough for Nicholas to arrive at his destination before she could catch up.


          The Sharpedo’s narrowed red eyes flicked to the human for only a moment before she returned to the two threats. “You’re the tamer?”


          Nicholas’ mouth thinned. This pokegirl wasn’t feral, not by a long shot. “I am.”


          “Good.” The Sharpedo grinned. “You’ll do as payment.”


          “Payment for what?” Nicholas asked.


          The Sharpedo scowled. “For taking our prey.”


          “Aria is my pokegirl,” Nicholas replied. “You tried to take her from me. You are the one who should pay.”


          “That bird entered my territory,” the Sharpedo retorted. “You claim her as yours?”




          Nicholas frowned when the Sharpedo began to laugh. “If she is yours, then she was not prey. Oh no.” Her lips curled back. “Her intrusion was an attack.”


          Nicholas’ eyes flicked to the water behind her. It was no longer full of the weaker members of the school, forced away from the feeding frenzy. Now the water was almost black with bodies. When the Sharpedo vocalized a number of heads began surfacing. Not Carvanha, this time, who would be easily disposed of on land. These were all Sharpedo.


          Nicholas considered their options. By now Bea and Aria should be healed. Even if they hadn’t been he was really the only one to worry about; the pokegirls all had pokeballs that he could carry. The question was whether he could get to safety fast enough.


          They’d have to sacrifice the camping gear and all their supplies but it was likely worth avoiding this fight.


          “Are you the Alpha?”


          Nicholas looked back. Bea was approaching and the look in the Metang’s eyes was not kind.


          The Sharpedo puffed out her chest. “Yes. Once this tamer pays me-“


          “No, no. I wasn’t asking to figure out which of you to ‘pay’,” Bea snapped. “I was asking to figure out which of you to beat the shit out of first.”


          Nicholas stared at her. It was rare to see Bea lose her composure.


          “Are you okay?” Nicholas asked softly as Bea stepped up next to him.


          Bea nodded. “I am, Master. I just… have had to think about some things that I was trying not to remember.” She shook her head. “I still have so much to learn. Once this is over, will you teach me?”


          Nicholas smiled and captured her hands. “Of course.”


          Bea nodded. Turning back to the waiting Sharpedo she walked forwards. “So. You want my tamer, don’t you.”


          The girl nodded. “I won’t keep him. Just a… tax, of his dick, and my school will leave you alone.”


          “And if we refuse?”


          A smile. “You all do. I still get what I want.”


          “That’s hardly fair for me,” Bea replied. “I lose even if I win? What, will your school attack me? Shouldn’t I get a reward instead?”


          “I will be sitting on that human’s dick, one way or another,” the Sharpedo hissed.


          A smile flickered across Bea’s face. “I see. Then I suppose I have no choice.”


          The Sharpedo had puffed back up. “None.”


          “Elaine!” Bea turned and nodded at the Combusken. “Take care of this for me, would you?”


          The Sharpedo was as shocked as Elaine was. “What?” Elaine spluttered.


          “You- you still wish to fight, but won’t even face me yourself?” the Sharpedo stammered. “You’d send this…” she looked over at the flames still dancing in Elaine’s hands, “…this fire-bird? Against me? Me?” She recovered quickly and continued laughing. “I see! Pitiful. You should just step aside, so-called ‘Alpha’. I have never seen an act so cowardly in my life.”


          “Elaine!” Bea gestured. “Will you hurry up and shut her mouth?”


          “Your leader sends you to fail, fiery one,” the Sharpedo called. “She sends you so that when I am victorious she can pretend you are the only one to blame.” She looked at Bea in disgust. “Just step aside if you wish to give up.”


          Elaine walked over to stand in front of Bea. “I trust my Alpha,” Elaine replied. “If she believes I am all that you deserve, then I am but her weapon.”


          “No.” Bea patted Elaine’s shoulder. “You’re Master’s weapon. But you’re more than that to me. Okay?”


          Elaine slowly nodded.


          “Aria’s had her moment. Morgana’s had hers.” Bea tightened her grip on Elaine for a moment before smiling. “I’ll be honest, Elaine. I don’t want to be the violent one. It’s not that I don’t want to fight; I don’t want to be seen as an Alpha that only leads through strength. Like my mother.”


          Elaine turned back to Bea. “I understand, Alpha. And I think Master does too.”


          “Yeah, well… Aria’s bullshit has made me realize that sometimes we can’t all get along with words alone,” Bea muttered. “I know I’m asking a lot of you to clean up this mess instead of doing it myself…”


          Bea trailed off. Elaine had wrapped her arms around the Metang. “I would do so much more than this for you, and you know that,” Elaine whispered into Bea’s ear. “I will never be able to repay you for what you’ve done for me.”


          “Are you done?” the Sharpedo called in a bored voice.


          Elaine released Bea and turned to glare at the wild pokegirl. “I think I’ll shut that mouth of yours now.”


          “You’ll try, fire girl!” the Sharpedo cried back. Elaine was beginning to approach when the Sharpedo’s thick tail began thrashing. Elaine slowed, watching for whatever the Sharpedo was preparing to do, but she was completely unprepared for what came next.


          Jets of water fired from the Sharpedo’s back and hurled the pokegirl forwards at an incredible speed. Elaine felt the Sharpedo’s fist crushing her throat and she gagged, her half-formed defenses shattering under the blitz strike. It wasn’t over, either. Even as Elaine fell the Sharpedo’s other fist came crashing down, this time swirling with elemental energy.


          Elaine smashed into the dirt, bouncing twice. The Sharpedo straightened back up, water running down her body and giving a slick sheen to her skin. When Elaine didn’t stir she grinned.


          “I warned her,” the Sharpedo said, turning to stare at Bea. “Now step aside, failure. Or will you go back on your word?” The girl’s eyes narrowed. “Well?”


          “First of all, I never said I’d let you near him if you won,” Bea snarled right back. “And second of all…” She sneered at the Sharpedo. “Elaine’s not even close to being done.”


          The Sharpedo whirled to see Elaine forcing herself back to her feet. “Impossible. My water should have extinguished your flames.”


          Elaine panted, getting her balance again before shaking her head. “I’ve had worse.”


          “Tch.” The Sharpedo spat on the ground between the two pokegirls. “Very well. I underestimated you. I will put you to sleep with the next-“


          The girl’s eyes bugged out when Elaine’s foot impacted against her face. “Has anyone ever told you,” Elaine asked, prancing forwards as the Sharpedo reeled, “that you talk too fucking much?”


          Blood sprayed through the air when Elaine kicked again, but it wasn’t from the Sharpedo. The damage she had sustained was obvious as she slammed to the ground but the blood was from Elaine’s foot. The Combusken’s skin was stripped away, hanging from the rough scales that covered the Sharpedo’s skin.


          Still, her injury didn’t stop Elaine as she followed the staggering Sharpedo. Another kick, and another, and at this point she was just beating on a sandbag. The repeated blows to the head had already knocked the Sharpedo unconscious.


          Bea moved to the water’s edge when she began hearing angry noises from the watching ferals and she was astonished to find Aria standing right with her. After a moment Morgana joined them, leaving Elaine to stand over her downed opponent.


          “YOU WANT SOME?” Bea roared, throwing her arms out and staring defiantly around the school. “COME ON!”


          Silence. A few of the more aggressive Sharpedo drifted forwards but they slowed when Morgana held out a hand. When her power began to gather and the space around her began to warp, they turned tail and ran.


          Morgana sighed and closed her fingers around the singularity she had been forming. “What would we have done if they’d attacked, Alpha?”


          Bea glanced at Aria and smiled when the Altaria made no move to speak. “What else? We’re pokegirls.” She turned to survey the unconscious Sharpedo. “We’d fight.”


          Lucy was busy regenerating the skin Elaine had lost so Bea moved past them and stopped in front of Nicholas. The man had a smile that she returned after a moment. “Master.”


          “I’ll be honest,” Nicholas confessed, “for a moment I was wondering if I was about to get raped.”


          Bea laughed softly. “You know I would never let that happen, Master.”


          “No, but that Sharpedo looked quite experienced. As strong as any of you are,” Nicholas replied. “Sending Elaine to beat her was an excellent move. If you hadn’t those others might have been brave enough to try their luck.”


          “She’s strong,” Bea replied, turning to look at Elaine. “Stronger than she knows. Isn’t she, Master.”


          Nicholas chuckled when he saw Elaine lift her eyes to the sky and the light begin to shine. “I guess she is.”


          “Oh, and Master?” Bea looked away from the evolving Combusken. “According to the Sharpedo her prize was you, win or lose.” Nicholas blinked when Bea smirked. “I believe she said that she’d ‘be sitting on that human’s dick one way or another’.”


          Nicholas burst out laughing as he realized what Bea was saying. “Well. I was just talking about how strong she seemed.”


          “I’ll leave her to you then, Master,” Bea teased. “And Elaine too.”


          Nicholas rubbed his hands together gleefully. Elaine’s evolution was fading and he was happy to see that her outfit was still intact. In fact, it appeared as if her previous evolution, from Torchic to Combusken, had repeated itself. A few new streaks of feathers, especially on her limbs, but otherwise she was just a larger version of herself. On one hand, he’d just gotten her this new fit. On the other, he’d be lying if he said that he hadn’t preferred her overly tight look from before.


          Nicholas chuckled as a thought struck. “I wonder if Elaine would like to help bring her new harem sister in line. She did such a good job bringing her down, after all.”


          Bea giggled. “Ask her, Master.” She waited for Nicholas to head in that direction before the happy expression wiped itself from her face and she turned to where Morgana and Aria still stood.


          “Both of you.” Morgana snapped to attention when she heard Bea call. “Follow me.”


          Nicholas saw the three leaving but he was too interested in the Blaziken and Sharpedo in front of him to pay them any mind.


          “Yes, Alpha?” Morgana asked as the three picked their way through the forest.


          “There was a clearing nearby wasn’t there, Morgana?” Bea asked.


          Morgana nodded. “This way.”


          The three emerged into the clearing in question and Bea kept walking before turning when she reached the halfway point. “Aria.”


          Aria nodded slightly. “Yes?”


          “Do you have an answer for me?”


          Aria blew air out her nose and looked away. “I am what is best for this harem.”


          Bea grinned. “You know, part of me was hoping to hear you say something like that. See, that part of me has watched you erode my authority, steal favor from my Master, and most importantly attempt to humiliate me in front of my harem.” Her grin dropped as quickly as it had come. “I should be thanking you. Without the shit you’ve been pulling I would never have considered the solution to that Sharpedo problem. Strength rules for you wild pokegirls, doesn’t it? And when you evolved you got it into your head that you’d become stronger than me.”


          Aria looked back. After a moment she spoke, enunciating clearly so that her fangs were visible. “I am my Lord’s dragon. You are not.”


          “It’s true that a dragon rules this harem,” Bea replied. “But you are not that dragon. That dragon is our Master. You are nothing but another one of his pokegirls. I, on the other hand, am the one he has trusted to lead.” She raised her arms. “Come on. Say it. Say it, or shut the fuck up.” When Aria glanced at Morgana Bea gave her a grim smile. “That’s right. We have a witness. Kneel.”


          Aria’s wings rustled together as she turned back to Bea, giving the Altaria the appearance of being much larger than she actually was. “You will kneel to me.”


          Bea pointed cheekily at Aria’s display. “Cute trick. I’m sure it works great on mindless ferals.” She waved Morgana away and the Gardevoir quickly fled to the edge of the clearing. “If that’s all you see me as then I am going to enjoy this.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge



          Bea, Metang (Alpha) – Level 36

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 37

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 36

          Aria, Altaria – Level 38

          ???, Sharpedo – Level 35


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          It was late afternoon by the time the Sharpedo opened her eyes. She lay still for a while, taking in the sounds around her and getting her bearings before attempting to roll over.


          The tug of chains behind her made her pause.


          She returned to just listening. A male voice, seemingly talking to itself. Feminine moans. She tried to move again and felt the chains pulling each of her limbs as the others flexed. She was chained to herself, then. In that case…


          The Sharpedo bent her whole body backwards, gaining as much slack as possible before trying to wiggle her way free. It only seemed to make her bondage worse so she gave up, taking a break before changing strategy and shifting to her feet, finally getting into a crouch after a while and looking around.


          The human was nude and watching her.


          Nicholas gave a small wave when the Sharpedo’s eyes locked onto him. “Hey there.”


          The girl looked past him. The fire bird was bound, gagged, and suspended from a tree branch. Apparently the human had just finished with her because she could see his semen hanging from the Blaziken’s cunt.


          “That’s the kind of human you are, huh?” the girl growled.


          “Hm?” Nicholas glanced at Elaine before looking back with a shake of his head. “Oh, no, no. Elaine likes it that way. As for you, I haven’t touched you. Well, except to put Elaine’s spare gear on you. So you wouldn’t be able to jump me.”


          The Sharpedo scowled. “I will break these chains and tear you to shreds.”


          “Mmkay. Hold that thought.” The Sharpedo gritted her teeth when Nicholas turned away from her and walked back to where Elaine was trapped. “Look at you. Helpless. On display.” Elaine shivered, her moans barely audible through her gag as Nicholas played with her breasts. “Unfortunately you’ll just have to wait.”


          Elaine rolled her eyes pleadingly but Nicholas ignored her, procuring a blindfold and wrapping it around her head even as Elaine began thrashing against her bonds.


          “Oh. But I can’t let you be lonely,” Nicholas purred, and Elaine’s motions slowed as she tried to figure out what he was doing from sound alone. “I’ll be back soon. Have fun together, okay?”


          Elaine shrieked when she felt the egg vibrator press against her clit. Even though it wasn’t even on yet she still came from the anticipation alone, her body shaking as Nicholas got to work securing it against her skin. He stepped back to survey his work, making sure the tape wasn’t coming loose as Elaine moved her legs, before raising the wireless remote and activating one of the preprogrammed cycles.


          “Now then,” Nicholas said, turning back to the Sharpedo as Elaine’s body arched, “where were we?” He snapped his fingers. “Ah, right. You were threatening my life.”


          The girl’s scowl had faded slightly. “You are either an incredibly brave or incredibly stupid human to be acting like this in front of me.”


          “I wouldn’t say I’m either, really,” Nicholas replied, walking over and crouching down in front of the Sharpedo. “Are you brave or stupid when you show your dominance of your school?”


          The Sharpedo’s eyes narrowed. “That’s what this is, human? A display of ‘dominance’?”


          “Well my Alpha told me that you were very clear in your goals,” Nicholas explained. “That you’d be bouncing on my dick. One way, or another.”


          “Sitting!” The Sharpedo bared her teeth with a hiss. “I said sitting, you damn human.”


          “Whatever,” Nicholas grumbled. “The point is, miss Sharpedo, you had decided to get a taming. Your original plan was to rape me, but fortunately for you I’m not planning the same thing.” Nicholas stood back up and approached the Sharpedo. “No, I plan on giving you a choice. Leave, or sit on the dick you were so intent on.”


          The girl shifted when he moved behind her. “Get away from me.”


          Nicholas stepped back with a sigh. “I can’t release you without touching you.”


          The Sharpedo froze. “You’re what?”


          “Releasing you. Like I just said, you have two options. You can’t take the first one all chained up like that,” Nicholas explained.


          “You must be stupid,” the Sharpedo said. “The moment you release me I will be taking both options.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “You think you can rape me AND get away with it, do you?”


          “You’ve bound your own pokegirl and foolishly stand in front of me,” the Sharpedo scoffed. “I can do whatever I want.”


          “Hmm. Yeah, that does sound plausible,” Nicholas chuckled. The Sharpedo felt the cuffs around her wrists pop open and she rose, stepping away from the chains as Nicholas released her legs. “There.”


          He straightened back up with a smile. The Sharpedo was standing in front of him without any indication she was going to attack. A perfect time to appreciate her body. After all, if she was going to run she’d have done so already.


          She was quite the dangerous looking pokegirl. Jagged fins ran the length of her forearms and calves, as well as along her tail and up her back, and even on the ‘soft’ parts of her body the scales covering her skin promised a painful encounter. Not on her nipples though, Nicholas noted. Nipples that hung from two decently sized breasts. Not enormous, not at all, but on this large pokegirl’s body they were still rather sizable.


          Her coloration was dangerous, too. The Sharpedo’s front was a very light blue, almost white, but her back was a deep gray. Camouflage so that her prey wouldn’t see their death approaching. It was only slightly ruined by the short mop of speckled blue hair on her head.


          “Nothing restraining you now,” Nicholas offered. “Totally free. Ocean’s behind you, human’s in front of you.” He continued to watch the stationary pokegirl. “Here’s what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking, ‘Wow. He really is this arrogant and foolhardy. I can have my way with him and get back to ruling over my school of mindless followers.’. But a part of you, a little itty bitty part, is wondering if maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong.” Nicholas took a step closer. The Sharpedo didn’t budge. “That part is thinking, ‘There’s no way a human could ever match me. Could ever match a pokegirl. But this one thinks he can.’.” Nicholas came to a halt just inches away from the motionless Sharpedo. “And it’s wondering if it’s all just a bluff.” He smiled up at her. This close their slight difference in height was more pronounced. This Sharpedo probably stood around half a foot over him and he’d seen how a Sharpedo’s battle form was even larger than their human one. The length and girth of her tail was evidence of that.


          “I am wondering again whether you are brave or stupid,” the Sharpedo retorted.


          “Mmm, I don’t think so. If that’s all you were wondering you’d have jumped me by now,” Nicholas replied with a smirk. “I offer you two choices. Which will it be?”


          The Sharpedo began to laugh. “What is your name, human?”




          “I am Marin.” Marin leaned forwards and though he tried to hold his ground, Nicholas was forced to drop one foot back to brace against her strength. “I am not leaving without my prize. If you truly believe you can stop me,” Marin grinned, flashing her razor sharp teeth as she did, “then do so.”


          Marin’s grin was wiped from her face when she tried to shove Nicholas to the ground. Her strength was enough to throw him off balance, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was how the human had grabbed her arm at the same time and she was being pulled off her feet as well.


          Marin slammed face first into the dirt with an angry scream, straining as she tried to pull herself from Nicholas’ grip. “You said you were going to sit on it but I think we’ll have to flip that around this time,” Nicholas hissed. He’d used Marin’s body as a counterweight to recover from her shove and as Marin started to get to her hands and knees she felt him move behind her, forcing her arm painfully against her back. “Don’t blame me. You chose not to run.”


          Marin squealed when Nicholas sank into her pussy, her head and tail both shooting into the air. Nicholas kept the hand not holding her arm locked ready just in case the tail started swiping at him but it appeared he had nothing to worry about. Marin’s apparent defiance had vanished at the moment of penetration.


          “Release me or suffer!” Marin roared but there was no anger in her voice. “Now!”


          “Really? That’s what you want?” Nicholas slowly drew his dick out, letting Marin’s labia rest against the head of his penis as he spoke. “What a shame. And you were rubbing your tits all over me too.”


          “I certainly was not-“ Marin’s sentence was cut in half by another squeal when Nicholas slammed his dick back where it had come from. “NICHOLAS!”


          Nicholas chuckled and finally let go of Marin’s arm when he heard the joy behind Marin’s exclamation of his name. “Now I understand. That other part of you wasn’t just hoping you were wrong.” Marin moaned as he began to find a rhythm in his thrusts. “It was waiting for you to be.”


          “I… I don’t… know…” Marin panted.


          Marin yelped when Nicholas slammed his hips against her and sent her back to the ground, his dick still fully inserted. She twisted her body when Nicholas grabbed one of her legs and pulled, rolling onto her back with a few protests as the fins on her back were crushed and her tail got caught underneath her ass, shoving her hips towards the sky. But they faded when Nicholas draped himself on top of her stomach, moving carefully to avoid hurting himself on her scales as he picked back up with his movements, this time with the two facing each other. “You’ve already been honest with me, Marin,” Nicholas murmured, staring down at the panting Sharpedo. “That’s the reason you keep attacking tamers, isn’t it? You’ve been searching for one who can control you.”


          It was evidently the wrong thing to say because Nicholas suddenly found himself staring into a mouth of sharp teeth. “I am not like your fire bird,” Marin snarled.


          “…oh. Sorry,” Nicholas amended. “You’ve been searching for one who-“ Marin yelped when Nicholas’ hand shot out, holding her head still as he pulled himself closer, “-is stronger than you.”


          Marin’s noises were silenced when Nicholas wrapped his lips around hers. After a few seconds he felt her arms slam into his back, squashing him against her stomach while the two kissed.


          He found her thighs with his legs and used them as an anchor, locking himself in place, holding Marin in a kiss, his dick buried deep, until he felt a sigh ripple through the Sharpedo and her death grip on him relaxed.


          As he broke the kiss he could see the bliss in Marin’s half-shut eyes. “Well?”


          “It has been decades since a human was able to overpower me,” Marin replied happily. “You said your name was Nicholas?”


          “That’s right.”


          “Please, lay back and allow me to do as I wanted to,” Marin said. “My scales must be cutting your skin already, and I do not wish to harm my new tamer.”


          “You just don’t understand, do you?” Nicholas asked with a laugh. When Marin opened her eyes with a questioning expression he pushed himself off of her body and pointed. The skin Marin had been worried about was covered in red lines but no blood and they were already fading. “You’re a bit rough but that’s not going to stop me.”


          Marin stared. It only took seconds for the human’s skin to return to normal. “How?”


          “How, indeed,” Nicholas muttered to himself. “It’s really the little things, isn’t it. Slightly tougher skin. Slightly more stamina and strength. A slightly larger dick.” Marin blushed when he said that. “All of these things are just slightly beyond what a human should have. So how indeed, Marin? You talk as if you’re experienced. What do you think?”


          Marin tested pushing him away but with his legs curled around hers he was anchored and her strength was matched by the human perched on top of her. “I know I am not a weak pokegirl. And I know I did not let you overpower me.”


          Nicholas cocked an eyebrow. “So?”


          “What are you, Nicholas, my tamer?”


          “Human, right?” Nicholas replied with a grin. When Marin continued staring at him he shifted, pulling out of her at last and getting to his feet. Marin also got up but only into a sitting position as she stared up at him. “Do you want an explanation or a demonstration?”


          A frown flicked across Marin’s lips. “I did not believe your boasts until you showed me.”


          “Yes, but that was then. You’ve seen proof that I’m not lying to you,” Nicholas replied. “Will an explanation be enough for you now?”


          “I am not like my school.” Marin paused. “What was once my school. I have made sure I remain tame, and I know that humans do not rule by strength alone. But, forgive me, Nicholas.” She grinned and Nicholas could feel a bit of the wild Alpha in her resurfacing. “I will never be a pokegirl that takes someone’s words at face value. Not even a human who has proven himself able to be my tamer.”


          “No wonder you took over that school,” Nicholas chuckled. “You’re a tame pokegirl with the instincts of a wild one.”


          Marin chuckled back. “I am still a wild one, Nicholas. I do not remember being forced into a pokeball.”


          “Fine, then. Demonstration it is.” Nicholas looked over the grinning Sharpedo. The dragon in him was enjoying itself with this one. It saw a rival in her, something only a few others in his harem had achieved. “I am human.” Marin watched as Nicholas seemed to grow, his eyes finding hers and a shimmering aura illuminating the draconic influence. “Blessed with ability from Rayquaza, and power from Ho-oh.” He blinked as a thought suddenly struck. Ho-oh’s power would have to be primal energy. How could he wield it, if Steven had said humans couldn’t? Because of Rayquaza’s blood? But then what had he been doing before…


          His musings were chased away when he heard the growling in front of him. Bringing his attention back to Marin he was shocked to see the Sharpedo slowly getting to her feet, her eyes locked on his as his aura built.


          Nicholas yelped when she dove at him but Marin wasn’t trying to reverse their previous position. She stayed on her feet, effortlessly carrying Nicholas as she ran towards the waves.


          Before Nicholas could attempt to stop her he had been thrown into the water, struggling back to the surface to see Marin slice in beside him with a perfect dive. He watched as her body expanded and ducked below the water, squinting in an effort to see through the brackish liquid.


          The figure that drifted out of the darkness was enormous. Nicholas watched as Marin circled him, her aquatic form barely moving and still sending the Sharpedo cutting effortlessly through the waves.


          With a start he realized she was waiting for him. Every time her body passed in front of him she turned, presenting her stomach before flipping and going again. The next time she did Nicholas struck out, catching one of the fins running down her side and pulling himself to her.


          He’d guessed what she was looking for by now and slid one hand into her vagina, still visible just above where the Sharpedo’s legs and tail had merged together. With a shudder Marin’s tail flicked, shooting the two deeper into the bay. Nicholas was just starting to wonder how he was going to breathe when bubbles streamed down Marin’s body, pooling in front of him until there was a shimmering wall of air that he gingerly pushed his face into. The scent that hit him was the Sharpedo herself and he took a deep breath, letting it out as he watched more bubbles stream from Marin’s jaws to replace the stale air he had breathed.


          “Nice trick,” Nicholas called, his voice echoing in the pocket of air. Still, it was secured to Marin’s skin so he nestled closer, kissing her belly before pulling himself further up her body. By the time his dick was rubbing against her slit his head was only just tapping the underside of her breasts and he let his breathing settle, the hollow he had found quickly filling with the oxygenated bubbles Marin was sending his way. With a laugh he nipped one of her boobs, receiving a startled jerk from the body he was clinging to in return, and penetrated her. Underwater sex. It reminded him of the ‘fight’ he’d had with Koryu.


          He let the water rushing past him act as his method of pulling out, focusing all of his strength on every inward thrust and slamming his dick as deep into Marin as it could go. He knew he was doing something right when the Sharpedo suddenly changed direction, rocketing towards the surface and breaching in an explosion of water. He took the brief few seconds to laugh and as Marin slammed back down he heard her jubilant cries as well. The experience quickly led to his first orgasm and he made sure to keep himself inserted, spurting his load deep in Marin’s pussy before beginning to thrust anew. Marin’s entire body shuddered when he didn’t stop and she carried him, sometimes slowing to savor his thrusts, sometimes speeding through the water so fast that it was all Nicholas could do to hang on, until he felt the largest tremor yet shake her body and Marin went limp, her tail only barely moving to push the two along. It took her forever to carry him back to the shoreline and when he finally saw the bank approaching Nicholas pulled out, letting go of Marin’s body and striking out towards shore.


          He crawled onto the sand and turned to look for the Sharpedo. Finding her just floating nearby he waded back in and grabbed the closest hold he could find, grunting as he dragged the exhausted pokegirl back on land. When he had finally gotten her mostly out of the water Marin’s body shimmered, shrinking and separating until she was back in her humanoid form with a blissful smile on her face.


          Nicholas sat back and surveyed her. He’d outlasted a Sharpedo in her native element. Sure, he’d done it before with Koryu, but she’d been a dragon. It had been more of a test than anything. This time had been a true battle, one between him and the wild Sharpedo.


          He still didn’t understand everything that Ho-oh had given him. Was this what she meant by ‘his own destiny’? The strength, the power, of a pokegirl?


          He didn’t know. But what he did know was that Marin was going to be an excellent addition to the team.


          He was moving towards his gear when he noticed the limp figure nearby. With a curse he scrambled towards Elaine, looking for the vibrator remote before abandoning the search and ripping the still buzzing device from her groin. The Blaziken’s legs were soaked with her juices and he quickly set her free while apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, Elaine I’m sorry, things went longer than I was expecting, hey, can you hear me are you okay…?”


          Elaine could barely lift her head but when Nicholas removed the gag she still had enough energy to smile. “Mas-ter…” she croaked.


          “I’m so sorry. Lucy. LUCY!” Nicholas scanned the area but the Chansey was nowhere to be seen and neither were any of the others. “Damn it. Let me find you a potion, Elaine.”


          Elaine gulped down the liquid when Nicholas returned, her limp muscles starting to move again. Nicholas finished releasing her as she recovered. “I’m so sorry. Leaving you like that was too far. Way, way too far.”


          “…I said I would trust you,” Elaine whispered.


          Nicholas grimaced. “You did. Gagged like that you couldn’t… you couldn’t use our safe word, and I…”


          He didn’t see the crazed look in Elaine’s eyes when she finally opened them, too busy making sure the bonds she’d been in hadn’t chafed her skin too much. But he noticed when the Blaziken threw herself on top of him.


          Nicholas was pushing Elaine away when he saw how she was hunched over his body. Elaine’s breaths came in ragged gasps, her eyes focused on only one thing. Nicholas groaned when she grabbed his penis, massaging it a bit before Elaine whirled and sucked the flaccid length into her mouth. Instantly she began coughing, reeling back and spitting to clear the salt from her mouth. “What… Master…?”


          “Sorry-“ Nicholas started.


          Elaine spat again and went right back at it. Nicholas groaned when he felt her tongue wrapping around him and he started to come back erect, helped along by the warmth of Elaine’s mouth. He was starting to feel an orgasm build when Elaine spat him out, shifting forwards and dropping her pussy straight onto his shaft.


          Instantly she came, the strength she had taken from the potion not keeping her upright and slamming her against Nicholas’ chest. He gently stroked her body, listening as the Blaziken gasped, her vagina clenching as she came again from the slightest touch. “So… much…” Elaine gasped, crying out piteously when Nicholas’ twitching dick triggered another orgasm. “So… long…”


          “Come here you,” Nicholas whispered, wrapping Elaine in a hug. Elaine continued to come almost without stimulation, her body overtaxed from the vibrator’s abuse. Nicholas couldn’t help himself either; his own orgasms filled Elaine’s vagina until semen began dripping back out. That was how the others found them hours later, Elaine still twitching in the occasional orgasm, Nicholas holding her tight, fluids everywhere and an unconscious Sharpedo lying nearby.


          “Well it looks like you had fun, Master,” Bea observed.


          “A bit, yes,” Nicholas replied. “Where have you been?”


          “Just giving you space to do this,” Bea replied flippantly. Nicholas was stuck underneath Elaine so he couldn’t do much more than glance in her direction to confirm that it was indeed Bea speaking. Still, there was something different in her voice. “Will we be taking the rest of the day to recover?”


          “Aye,” Nicholas grunted. “Also, grab a pokeball for Marin, please. The Sharpedo.”


          Bea nodded and headed towards his bag.


          Today might not have ended in getting them closer to his goal of Mauville City, but it sure had ended with a more powerful harem, Nicholas thought to himself. Elaine’s evolution, the addition of Marin. He craned his neck just enough to see the others. Bea was striding around with a new confidence, and Aria kept avoiding her eyes. He smiled. ‘Just giving him space’, huh. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be seeing any rebellion from the Altaria for a while.


          That was good. He’d allowed Aria’s manipulations specifically to help Bea grow. She was firmly on the path to joining Dahlia and Miyuki now. It had been hard, hiding his anger as Aria went back on the vows she had made to him in Lavaridge, but he’d trusted Bea to handle the situation. She hadn’t let him down.


          Aria, on the other hand… Nicholas let his eyes wander towards her. She was turning out to be quite the problem. Only Kary had been this strong-willed and even then she had bowed to his decisions without complaint. Maybe because she had been influenced by Victoria. A dragon who had been part of the harem before her, weaker, perhaps, but a role model for her to follow.


          He sighed. That couldn’t be all there was to it. Lili had been the only dragon in his Johto harem, hadn’t she?


          He frowned as a thought passed. No, she hadn’t. Like Kary, she had been a strong-willed dragon. And also like Kary, she had had a slightly weaker dragon as a role model. Hana.


          Nicholas brought his attention back to the pokegirl in front of him. Aria had no role model to show her how to act. And unlike Hana or Victoria she was a true dragon, a Dragon-type, and was as headstrong as any of the others. Especially so due to her feral-born origin. Maybe he’d been treating her all wrong. He snorted. Wouldn’t be the first time in this region.


          Maybe, just maybe, what she needed was a guiding hand, not a heavy fist.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge



          Bea, Metang (Alpha) – Level 38

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 37

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 36

          Aria, Altaria – Level 38

          Marin, Sharpedo – Level 35


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          “Are we sure this damn mountain is active?” Maxie snarled. The cultist in front of him nearly fell over in his haste to bow. “All that primal energy and the best I see is a magma FLOW instead of a magma POOL?”


          “We’re searching for the cause, lord Maxie, please, we swear it,” the cultist blabbered. “It doesn’t make any sense. Aqua may have been chasing us-“


          “I don’t want to hear ANOTHER WORD about those heretics!” Maxie roared. Courtney stirred, lazily looking at the petrified man in front of them. “Mention them again and you will be searching for the cause directly.”


          The cultist gulped. He could see the leader’s Camerupt eyeing the nearby magma. “Y-Yes, sir,” he stammered. “Please, by your leave, I, I will see if any of the exploration teams have found anything yet.”


          Maxie grunted, more than enough for the terrified cultist to sprint down the tunnel and out of sight.


          “I can not believe we sacrificed that meteorite, such a powerful object, to get nothing in return,” Maxie hissed to himself. “With that stone I could have crafted Key Stones for my lieutenants. Even a single holder would have turned this war squarely in our favor.”




          Maxie growled when another cultist came sprinting into view. “Watch your tone, you-“


          “We found it! It’s Her!”


          Maxie’s reprimand died on his lips and he hurried forwards. “What?”


          “The volcano does not erupt because She is here,” the cultist repeated, his eyes shining.


          Maxie pushed the cultist to get him moving back the way he had came. “Don’t just stand there. Show me!”


          Maxie followed the man through the twisting caverns, picking carefully through openings that other teams of cultists were working to widen, and as he followed he felt the heat of the mountain intensify. Soon he could barely breathe, sweat pouring down his face, until the cultist led him into a massive chamber.


          Maxie slowed to a halt. Below him was a perfectly still lake of molten magma. But that alone could not be the cause of this murderous heat. No. There was only one thing in this room that could be the cause.


          It looked almost like a statue, the female figure half submerged in the pool of magma. But Maxie knew it was not. She was small, smaller than the legends described, but he knew her appearance well. All around the cavern the exploration team that had first stumbled across her stood in rapt wonder. As they beheld the unmoving form of their goddess.


          The primal legendary, Groudon.


          “Of course,” Maxie whispered, inching forwards to the edge. “She has been sealed away, drained of her energy, just as the ancient stories said. The mountain did not eat the energy of that meteorite. She did.” He shook himself and turned to the cultist that had brought him there. “Put out the call. This mountain, these caverns, are now our home. We will not rest until she is resurrected once more!”







          Archie was gazing over pages of documents, Shelly playing idly on the couch in his office – sometimes with her tail, sometimes the couch, sometimes herself – when he heard an urgent knock on his door. Shelly quickly got to her feet while Archie straightened his uniform, gesturing after a few moments with an indifferent call. “Enter.” He nodded when he saw the two men entering. “Good. Is our latest survey completed?”


          “Sir.” One of the two glanced at the other. When he received a nod he looked back at Archie. “We found the wellspring.”


          Archie had been returning his attention to his desk but at the cultist’s words he shot to his feet. “You’re sure?”


          “Currents emanating from a chasm so deep our pokegirls could not safely ferry us inside,” the cultist reported. “Even our Wailmer reported that, after leaving us behind, they could not make it to the bottom.”


          Archie dropped heavily back into his chair. “So there is no proof.”


          “Sir, what else could it be?” the cultist pleaded. “The location She was sealed in was supposed to be so far beneath the waves no human or pokegirl could reach her to undo the seal. Where else could this be?”


          Archie grunted. “I understand that. But we currently have no way of reaching this place.” He bent over and began rifling through old reports. “Continue your search. Scour the ocean floor until there is nowhere left to look but that.” The cultists both saluted and left his office, leaving Archie to thumb through his documents. Finally he found what he was looking for and smiled. “Shelly. Find Matt, and bring him here.” The Sharpedo bowed and exited as well. With a chuckle he dropped an old weather report onto his desk. “We need more data before making our move.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge



          Bea, Metang (Alpha) – Level 38

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 38

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 37

          Aria, Altaria – Level 38

          Marin, Sharpedo – Level 36


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5