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Chapter 9





          In the beginning, there was nothing.


          Celine’s eyes had drifted beyond either of the two figures in front of her. “I was not there in the very beginning. Of course I wasn’t. But I was one of the first. The very first was one without name. A glorious pokegirl, pure and radiant. She was light, in the dark. Something when all was nothing.” Celine cleared her throat. “But She did not create this world, or any world, for that matter. She created those who did.”


          “The ones to come next became the very foundation of all reality. Humans seldom remember the Creator, but they remember them. Palkia and Dialga they are called, mistresses of space and time. They have a sister, too, one all but forgotten. Humans control history, you see, and humans do not often pay heed to that which they cannot observe.”


          Nicholas frowned. “Who is the sister?”


          “She is known as Giratina. While Palkia and Dialga formed the bounds of everything around us, she held it together. Unseen, unknowable, and yet possibly the most important of the three, for without her Palkia’s space and Dialga’s time would unravel.”


          “Like… antimatter?” Nicholas asked.


          Celine raised an eyebrow. “As in, the opposite of matter?”




          “Humans have such a concept?” Celine asked in surprise. “Yes, I suppose that is a simple way of explaining Giratina’s domain. Since when has humanity known of her?”


          “Well, I don’t know whether humanity is aware of Giratina, but some scientists recently have concluded that there has to be something else out there,” Nicholas explained. “I don’t really know that much about it, but astronomers, mostly. It was a big buzz around Alola and the observatories there when I was still at home. How there’s something out there that can’t be explained by what we observe. They’ve called it antimatter. Or dark matter I think I also heard, since we can’t see it.”


          “Interesting,” Celine murmured. “As always, humanity finds new ways to surprise me. I suppose that is why you are Her favorite creation, and not those She modeled directly after Herself.”


          Nicholas frowned. “The creator pokegirl? But didn’t you say she didn’t create anything, only those who did?”


          “Ah. Yes. I was distracted.” Celine cleared her throat. “She did not directly create anything other than Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, but Her will did not simply vanish once She had. Those three still answered to Her, and they were Her creation. It’s silly to think that they simply acted on their own design. No, everything that came after was Her design, even if it was not crafted by Her hands.”


          Nicholas nodded slightly. “That makes sense.”


          “So, then, we come to my own birth,” Celine said quietly. “I was born into the void along with my sister Hoopa. I created by Dialga, mistress of time, and my sister created by Palkia, mistress of space. Before anything else came into being we were there, created with one purpose. To watch, and to record. And then, Palkia spoke, creating matter, and Dialga spoke, giving birth to eternity. And the matter began to change, light and heat giving birth to stars, dead stars breaking and giving form to planets, until the universe took shape. This isn’t the only planet with life, you know,” Celine added almost as an afterthought. “It is the only one with humans, but it is not the only one with life. I have visited planets teeming with animals, some even with pokegirls you would not believe. But again. I am getting ahead of myself.” She laughed. “You are curious about this planet. Earth. And you should be, for as I said earlier, it is home to the Creator’s favorite creation.”


          “After a time Earth formed. As I said quite a few planets held life, and Earth was but one of many back then. Seeded, as it were, with different materials and left to grow, to evolve. Pokegirls do that well, you see.” Celine nodded. “Let me see… The first, the very first on Earth was Xerneas. She is the most akin to the Creator, I would say, out of all those who came after. For she is life and light incarnate. And in her presence others sprang up. Her counterpart, of course, soon followed. Yveltal, the aspect of death, and from their warring power was born Zygarde, who quickly grew stronger than life or death, for she was balance, and brought order to the world and all of the things in it. She, incidentally,” Celine said, looking up at Kali, “is one of the two still roaming this Earth I know would be beyond you, daughter of Mew. If you ever drew her ire, at least. She does not interfere unless something terrible draws her attention.”


          “Xerneas and Yveltal are no longer around, then?” Nicholas asked.


          “They still exist. If they did not nothing would live or die,” Celine replied. “But no, they no longer walk the earth. It is Zygarde herself you have to thank for that.”


          Nicholas chuckled nervously and looked over at Kali. Her expression was unreadable. “Try not to get on her bad side.”


          “After them came the first of the favored creations,” Celine continued. “While the world was still forming, a pokegirl was born of Xerneas and Yveltal’s power. Her name…” Celine trailed off. “No. I will not speak it. She is gone now; humanity killed her, and it is their greatest sin. I would not have mentioned her at all except for one thing. She was the first dragon.”


          Nicholas’ mouth trembled. Celine’s refusal to even name this mysterious pokegirl made him desperately want to know more. But she looked so, so very sad that he swallowed his curiosity. “The very first?”


          “Yes.” Celine took a trembling breath. “From her was born Rayquaza, who I believe you know well.”


          “Ehm… Yeah, that’s one way to put it,” Nicholas replied.


          “The planet was still in chaos then. Not the pokegirls, the eternal ones, legendaries, that had appeared upon it, but the planet itself. Order was required, but rock and water do not care what the ‘natural order’ thinks of it, and so Zygarde was powerless. Rayquaza, however, was not.” Celine smiled at Nicholas. “From the primordial land and sea rose two others. Kyogre, mistress of water, and Groudon, mistress of land. Zygarde could do nothing to stop their raging battles. Continents rose and fell. Oceans formed and evaporated, all sometimes within the same rotation. The same day. And so there was no hope for anything to survive on the planet. Zygarde, maintainer of balance between life and death, had no life besides Xerneas, Yveltal, the original dragon, Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre to maintain. A half dozen entities. And two of them were the reason that no more could survive.”


          “So what happened then?” Nicholas had a feeling he knew the answer, but Celine hadn’t mentioned humans existing yet so the murals must not have been from this ancient time but another one after when Groudon and Kyogre woke again. “You said Zygarde couldn’t stop Groudon and Kyogre. But Rayquaza?”


          “Yes. Rayquaza calmed those rampaging aspects of land and sea. Suppressed them, so that the world might slowly find balance. And so it did. From the sea came life; Manaphy, spreading the ocean’s bounty along her currents, and from Groudon’s wake stepped Regigigas, a titanic pokegirl that arranged the continents Groudon had left behind into an orderly form. The ones you see today. From the land, too, came life – Heatran spread the molten core of the planet through volcanic eruptions. The currents of the earth, just as Manaphy formed the currents of the ocean. Once Regigigas had finished her work she slept, thought not before forming half a dozen others in her image, tasked with maintaining the shape of the world in her absence. I believe they also slumber now, though like many of the sleeping ones I am sure they would awaken if they were needed to fulfill their purpose.”


          “And so, slowly, the world took form,” Celine said. “Now, with order in both creation and the planet everything sprang forth. Just as Groudon and Kyogre had given rise to life, so too did Rayquaza. Landorus linked the earth and sea, spreading life between each and helping the explosion of evolution that followed. There are too many for me to name here. Dozens of eternal pokegirls. If you wish to know about them, I am sure you can read of their existence. For humanity appeared at this time too. As did one very, very special eternal one.” Celine nodded at Kali. “Your mother. Mew. All other pokegirls are descended from her.”


          “So that is the beginning of recorded history,” Nicholas breathed. “But even before that there was what. A dozen of you?”


          “Approximately, yes,” Celine replied. “You were curious as to which two eternal pokegirls were more powerful than Kali. There are very few of the oldest ones still acting upon this earth. And the two that remain, those who exist to maintain balance, are the two I speak of. I have already named Zygarde. And the other, Kali, Nicholas,” Celine stared deep into Nicholas’ eyes, “is the one whose blood runs in your veins. Rayquaza. The emerald dragon.”


          “Every other pokegirl that came after the planet stabilized is not stronger than Kali.”


          Celine shook her head. “Some might be able to put up a fight. But none will ever reach the same heights she will. The oldest among them, Lugia, Ho-oh, humanity’s guardians, the aspect of the moon, Mew, they are millennia old. They are powerful, and all still walk the earth. But they are not as powerful as Kali is or will be.” She sighed. “Truthfully, Kali, you are an abomination. As powerful as the oldest ones. I am unsure if Zygarde would tolerate you if you ever met.”


          Kali snorted. “I am not afraid of her.”


          “You are afraid of nobody,” Celine replied, “but you must be wary of her, if you ever cross paths. If she believes you threaten her order, she will move to destroy you without hesitation.” Celine gazed at Kali, the rising sun sending a few rays over her face. “And she will succeed.”


          Nicholas cleared his throat and got to his feet, stumbling as blood rushed back into his legs before he caught himself and started rubbing feeling back into his limbs. “You said she doesn’t seek out problems.”


          “No,” Celine conceded, “no she does not. Kali should be safe.”


          “What about from Rayquaza?” Nicholas felt a flash of fear for some reason but it passed quickly. “What… would she do, if she met Kali?”


          “Rayquaza?” Celine asked in surprise. “You don’t know? I would think you, of all her descendants, would know what Rayquaza would do if she met Kali.”


          Nicholas frowned slightly. What she would do? He wasn’t the legendary herself. How would he know? But as he thought, slowly an answer came to him and he winced. “She would see a challenge. Not a threat, like Zygarde might, but a challenge.”


          “She would indeed,” Celine replied. “And so the result might be the same. Not because Rayquaza sought to kill you, Kali, but because her power is beyond you. Yours would be a fight to survive either way.”


          Kali growled. Her tail was slowly twitching behind her. “Let them try.”


          “No. Let’s not let them try,” Nicholas countered. “Let’s never put you and either of those two in the same area. Even if you’re not afraid of fighting them, any battle would likely obliterate everything around you for miles. That’s way too much work to clean up.” Kali shot him a look and Nicholas winked at her. “Yes, I’m being a selfish human. We’re good at that.”


          Kali snorted again but a wry smile was tugging at her lips. “You are quite that, my Master.”


          “I sure am.” Nicholas stretched. “Now I’m going to be selfish some more. I’ve got a soft bed and many soft pokegirls to return to. If you could? Celine? Kali?”


          Kali stepped forwards and ensnared him in her arms. “Of course, my Master.” She wavered for just a moment. “Besides. If you left me here, the calling would take hold again.”


          “If that’s the excuse you want to use to get in bed with me I won’t argue,” Nicholas chuckled. Celine watched the two teleport away before getting to her feet as well. She remained on the beach for a few minutes, waiting as the sun rose, before she, too, vanished.







          The weeks passed uneventfully. Nicholas and his harem took part in a few battles around the frontier, mostly with hopefuls looking to become one of the Frontier Brains, though the majority of their time was spent together. Spent being together.


          All was peaceful. Or at least, so it seemed.


          It was a night like all the rest when Dahlia snuck her way towards his bedroom. The door had been unlocked every single day so that any of his pokegirls could slip in and spend the night. Usually someone would make her intentions known during the day and the others would stay clear unless they had a reason, but today nobody had mentioned that they were going to join him. So the Venusaur had decided that she would surprise her Master.


          She pushed the door open with a flourish. “Master! I can’t let you suffer the night alone-“ her flamboyant speech cut short when she saw Nicholas, alone on his bed, holding something up in the air above him. “Master?’


          Nicholas had jumped at her entrance and he scrambled to hide the object beneath his pillow. “Uh. Oh, hi, Dahlia. Wasn’t expecting anyone tonight.”


          Dahlia’s eyes narrowed. Nicholas was still fully clothed. Laying on top of his blankets, hours after he had supposedly gone to bed. “Master.”


          “Come on in,” he called nervously. Dahlia closed the door behind her and moved forwards, her vines curling across her body. “Would you just like to cuddle, or are you hoping for-“


          “I’m hoping you’ll tell me what you were looking at. Master,” Dahlia cut in with a low growl.


          “Nothing,” Nicholas immediately replied. “Let me get undressed…”


          “There’s something on your mind.” Nicholas stopped when Dahlia’s vines curled around his arms and kept him from taking off his shirt. “You were supposed to have gone to bed hours ago. I was expecting to burst in on you when you were asleep.”


          “Hours? I don’t think it’s been hours,” Nicholas blustered. “Come on, let go. I hate having to buy new clothes every time one of you rips mine off.”


          Dahlia slid up onto the bed and rested a hand on his knee. “Master.” Her firm tone made it clear that she wasn’t going to let him distract her. “You’ve been preoccupied ever since returning to us. What were you looking at?”


          “I told you. It was nothing.”


          “Master.” Dahlia looked up at his pillow. “I could just look.”


          Nicholas turned away. “Dewford’s gym badge.”


          Dahlia stared at him for a bit before her eyes softened. Her vines released and she crawled further onto the bed, cuddling up to him with a sigh. “Oh, Master.”


          “It’s tempting me, Dahlia. It has been ever since I let Champion Stone talk me into going for it.”


          “You’ve never been happy doing nothing,” Dahlia murmured, running her fingers over his face and punctuating her words with gentle kisses. “From the beginning you’ve been on the move. Always, always looking for something new to do. Of course you’d want to travel Hoenn, challenge their gyms. Even if you had never made that announcement after defeating Lance you’d end up here eventually. Because it was new.”


          “Dahlia, it doesn’t matter if I want to do it or not. I can’t sustain a badge challenge right now.” He sighed. “I left you, and Ashley, and Elizabeth, Victoria, Cassidy, Kary, Galina, Sasha, Maka, all of you. I left you behind. For a year. I… I tortured you for a year. I won’t do it again.” He wrapped his arms around her the best he could. “I refuse to do that to any of you again.”


          “So you’ll just give up?” Dahlia asked. “You’ve decided to do something that’s not meant to be easy, Master. No tamer was ever meant to hold the title of Champion in any more than a single league. And yet you’ve decided to do it anyways.” She smiled when Nicholas grumbled to himself. “I did not choose to go with a Master who gives up when we first met, years ago. I chose to go with one who has always kept true to his word, even when it has been hard.”


          “Dahlia this isn’t about me giving up,” Nicholas retorted. “This is about you. About all of my pokegirls. If I can’t find a way to be with you during a badge challenge, then I won’t do it. I won’t leave you alone.”


          “Then find a way.” Dahlia pulled back and gazed into his eyes. “Find a way to do both. Don’t make excuses, Master, do what you do best and fix the problem.”


          “I don’t know how.”


          Dahlia frowned. “Have you even thought about it?”


          Nicholas hesitated. “…no.”


          “Then how can you say you don’t know how?” Dahlia laughed. “You’re just using the problem as an excuse if you haven’t tried to fix it.”


          “Maybe I am,” Nicholas sighed. “I’ll start worrying about it tomorrow.”


          Dahlia giggled and kissed him again, pressing her body against his in the process. “I’m glad. That means you can focus on other things tonight.”


          Nicholas chuckled in return and pushed his hands up her chest, playing with her breasts while Dahlia made happy noises. “I suppose so.”


          “There’s another- ah- another reason for you to solve this problem,” Dahlia gasped, her vines beginning to pull their clothing away. “The new girls you brought with you… They have not experienced what it means to be a pokegirl, to have a Master. They are like children compared to the rest of us.” She caught his arms for a moment so that he had nothing else to focus on but her serious expression. “They do not fit in here. They are outsiders.”


          Nicholas sighed. “I was afraid that would be the case. You’ve been talking to Bea, then.”


          “To Bea, Morgana, and even Elaine, when Miyuki has not been with her,” Dahlia replied. “They are all confused, Master. They need time with you, time without the rest of us nearby.”


          “They’ll get it whenever I figure things out.”


          “They need it now,” Dahlia replied softly. “You need to figure it out now.”


          Nicholas squeezed her hands. “I’ll start thinking about it tomorrow. I promise.”


          Dahlia nodded and leaned back into him, capturing him in a long, deep kiss that only ended when Nicholas’ erection, freed from his pants by Dahlia’s vines, pushed its way into her folds and caused the Venusaur to break the kiss with a muffled gasp.


          Nicholas didn’t let her get far, pulling her with him as he fell back onto the mattress. “Tomorrow,” he repeated when Dahlia relaxed her legs and slid completely onto his shaft. “Tonight is for my first pokegirl.”


          Dahlia cried out in pleasure, her bliss coming from more than the penetration. No other would ever be his first. And he loved to remind her.







          “Alpha, here!”


          Nicholas whooped as Miyui spun, ducking past Galina’s grasping hand and launching the ball into Nessa’s arms. The Feraligatr wrapped her arms around it, charging towards the goal on the other side of the field as Victoria planted her feet, spreading her arms and tail in preparation for Nessa’s attack.


          The two Water-types feinted a few times before Nessa seemed like she was focusing in on a corner of the goal that Victoria wasn’t covering. With a scream she launched her arm forwards.


          Victoria dove but it had been another trick and she desperately tried to get her feet back under her as Nessa revealed the ball in her other hand before sending it flying to where Victoria had been just a moment ago.


          Roars erupted from the watching harem as the ball drove home deep into the corner of the net with Victoria crashing to the ground. Nessa let out her own roar of victory, turning back to the field and racing to celebrate with Miyuki.


          “The score is tied!” Nicholas yelled over the noise. “Three minutes left!”


          Galina jogged up to where Victoria was still laying on the ground, grabbing the ball at first before noticing that the Gyarados wasn’t getting up. “Victoria?” She reached down. “It’s fine, you did your best.” Victoria hissed when Galina tried to pull her upright and she immediately let go. “Are you okay?”


          Victoria rolled over, one of her legs barely moving as she did. “I think I broke something,” she forced out, face twisted in pain. “Every time I move my leg…”


          “MEDIC!” Galina screamed, turning to where Nicholas sat and waving her arms urgently. “Victoria is hurt!”


          “Do we… have one of those?” Nicholas stammered. He shook himself and hurried over with Victoria’s pokeball. “I’m here! What’s happened?” He paled when he saw Victoria’s leg. With the Gyarados having rolled over it was clear to see that she had broken it. Everything below her knee was twisted the wrong way.“Let’s get you healed,” Nicholas said, and before Victoria could try to protest or further aggravate the injury he recalled her.


          “Is Victoria okay?” Miyuki and Nessa had followed him, their celebration forgotten, and Nessa in particular looked worried. “I wasn’t trying to hurt her-“


          “You did nothing wrong, Nessa. Injuries happen.” Nicholas looked around at the three. “Timeout. We’ll resume once I can get Victoria healed.”


          He’d taken two steps away when he heard Miyuki speak. “Respectfully, Master, but an injury timeout only lasts as long as it takes to get the injured player off the field.” Nicholas turned back. “It can’t be any longer.”


          “Miyuki her leg is shattered,” Nicholas replied in disbelief. “She can’t play. She has to be healed.”


          “Then find a substitute while she is.”


          Nicholas couldn’t believe his ears. Miyuki, ignoring an injured harem sister? “What is going through your mind?”


          Miyuki lowered her voice. “Master. I am a pokegirl. This is a competition.” She glanced at Galina. “My team has just swung the momentum back. A delay would benefit my opponents. Of course I will do whatever I can to avoid it.”


          “Huh. I understand where you’re coming from but this tournament was teams of two. There is no substitute, for any team.”


          “Draft one,” Miyuki replied, “or Galina will have to play without her teammate until Victoria gets back.”


          Nicholas stared at her for a few seconds. “I need a substitute!” He turned to the crowd and cupped his hands around his mouth. “We need a substitute while Victoria is injured!”


          A few hands shot up but one was more than just a hand. “MEEEEE!” The crowd yelled when a girl shot into the air, running, or in her case slipping, over their heads and shoulders until Sasha had crashed into the playing field. She was drawing herself back up into a solid form instantly, the Ditto’s black eyes sparkling in her excitement. “I can do it Master!”


          “You think you can play with Galina?” Nicholas asked. “No offense, but your slime doesn’t exactly seem very, well, tough.”


          Sasha pouted at him. “You’re so mean, Master. I’m tough!”


          Nicholas reached over and lightly punched her chest, causing his hand to sink into her body before he pulled back. “Really now.”


          Sasha looked like she was blushing but it was impossible to tell since her body was naturally pink. “Um. You surprised me, Master.”


          “Yeah. I think Galina needs a better partner. Sorry, Sasha,” Nicholas replied. “Let’s see…” he had turned back to the crowd when he heard Sasha growl. For a moment it was her voice. Then the noise deepened. And grew much more intense.


          Nicholas spun back and his eyes widened. Standing where Sasha had been a moment ago was Victoria. A nude Victoria, without her usual swimsuit, but it was unmistakably the Gyarados. All but her beady black eyes.


          Sasha worked Victoria’s mouth a bit before speaking in a voice that was almost a perfect mimic. “I want to do it, Master.” She slammed her fist into her stomach, grinning when a solid smack echoed from the impact. “If I can’t do it as me, I’ll do it as Victoria!”


          Nicholas looked over at Miyuki. “Uh, is that acceptable?”


          Miyuki was already dancing back towards her side of the field. “Nessa!”


          Nicholas shrugged and looked back at Sasha. “Okay, guess we’re good. Galina, I’ll give you a moment to coordinate with Sasha, and then we’ll resume.” He walked back to his seat, waiting for Galina to raise her head and wave at him before raising a hand. “The match will resume from where we left off! Bone Dragon ball! Ready! Begin!”







          “I’m so sorry Galina,” Sasha was blubbering. “I was so close…”


          Galina hugged the slime girl. “You were. You did the best you could and I couldn’t be happier.” She pulled back and smiled. “If you hadn’t filled in I wouldn’t even have had a chance. Thank you.”


          Sasha stepped back when she saw Nicholas approaching and with a flash of red light Victoria appeared. “I- I should go.”


          “SASHA!” The Ditto froze when she heard Victoria’s roar. Slowly the Gyarados walked up to her and Sasha was stuck stammering apologies until Victoria reached down and drew her into as much of a hug as she could manage. “I heard what you did. You honored me.”


          “E-E-Eh?” Sasha stammered. “I- I lost.”


          “You stopped three attacks and only let the last one through because Galina had fallen. There was no way you were going to be able to go one on two.” Victoria let go and grinned, her sharp teeth glinting. “I don’t think I could have done any better.”


          Tears welled in Sasha’s eyes. “You mean it?”


          “I do.” Victoria clapped her shoulder but the gesture was ruined when she sunk into Sasha’s body. “Uh- Yeah.” She pulled herself free. “I do.”


          “Thank youuu!” Victoria awkwardly raised her arms when Sasha glopped onto her in a slimy hug before disengaging and running off in fits of uncontrollable giggles.


          Nicholas watched her go. She’d gotten so much better in her shapeshifting while he’d been away in Johto. She’d almost mimicked Victoria perfectly, from her body, to her voice, even down to the way she had moved on the field…


          In fact, if he hadn’t known it was Sasha, he might have mistaken her for Victoria entirely.


          Sasha was literally bouncing off the walls of her bedroom in her excitement when she heard someone open the door behind her. “Ah!” She whirled. “Hi-“ her happy face brightened even further when she saw Nicholas stepping inside. “MASTER!”


          Nicholas chuckled when she draped herself over him. “Hey, Sasha. Well done out there.”


          “YOU THINK SO TOO?” Sasha cried. “Oh, oh, Master, I’ve been working so hard and- and everyone thinks I did good! I did good!”


          Nicholas kissed the approximate location of her lips. “You did very good. You’ve gotten so much better at shapeshifting it’s amazing.”


          Sasha screeched happily and Nicholas coughed when her body deformed even more than usual, turning her from a vaguely humanoid slime into a mass that covered him. At least her face was mostly intact. “It is! I am!”


          “Okay, but hey!” Nicholas began pushing slime off of him. “Calm down a little!”


          Eventually Sasha flowed off and reformed her regular body but maintained her beaming smile. “Yes, Master.”


          Nicholas chuckled and kissed her again now that he could tell what he was aiming for. “In fact, you did so good I had an idea.”


          Sasha gasped and clasped her hands to her chest. “An idea, Master? An idea about me?”


          “You’ve never come with me during a badge challenge,” Nicholas replied. “You still aren’t interested in fighting, correct?”


          Sasha quickly shook her head, bouncing around the tentacles that made up her hair. “No, Master.”


          “In that case, I think there’s something else you might be able to do for me.” It was hard to imagine Sasha’s excited expression growing any more so but those words certainly seemed to do the trick. “Something special. That only you can do.”


          Sasha sprang forwards and engulfed his hands in hers. “Tell me!” She was bouncing in place at this point. “Tell me, Master!”


          Nicholas grinned. He swung the door to her room shut with his foot and Sasha gasped when he pulled a hand free to begin removing his shirt. “We’ll start here and then I’ll explain,” he said with a wink. “After all. I think you deserve a special reward for being such a good substitute.”







          Night had fallen and the harem had all gone to their respective rooms. A few had gone to the wrong rooms, but that happened every night. It was no mistake.


          It was to the muffled sounds of pokegirls preparing for the night that a figure crept down the hallway. It paused at a few doors, listening, moving on whenever it heard more than one voice, hesitating when it heard only movement. “Where is she…?” it muttered. “Down here…?”


          The figure paused at another door and listened. A relieved sigh. Then a short zipper noise. With a grin it cracked the door open.


          Cassidy was peeling off her bodysuit, her massive breasts hanging out, when her antennae twitched. “Who’s there?” The door creaked open and Cassidy looked up with a frown. She hadn’t sensed anyone nearby… her eyes widened when she saw Nicholas slip into her room and gently close the door. “Oh! Master.” She made an abortive motion to pull her bodysuit back on before abandoning the idea and leaning back so that her chest stood proudly in the air instead. “You’ve gotten so good at hiding your mind I didn’t even sense you.”


          Nicholas’ eyes were transfixed on her boobs. It took a few seconds before he managed to shake himself and look at Cassidy’s face instead. “Um.” His voice was hoarse. “I. Hi.”


          A sultry smile spread across Cassidy’s lips and she took a deep breath, her chest heaving and dragging Nicholas’ gaze right back to it. “Why are you here, Master?” she asked coyly. “Did nobody come to your bed tonight?”


          Nicholas slammed his eyes shut and shook his head rapidly. “N-No. That, that’s not…”


          Cassidy finished pulling her arms free of the bodysuit and leaned back, letting out soft moans as she peeled it past her stomach and groin. Nicholas was helpless. He managed to keep his eyes shut for a while but the noises Cassidy was making were too much and he peeked. Immediately he was staring again, this time at her perfectly smooth skin and trembling pussy.


          “We both know why you’re here, Master,” Cassidy purred. “Come on… I’m almost done getting undressed.”


          Nicholas’ pants dropped so fast Cassidy didn’t even see him unbutton them. And somehow his shirt had vanished in the next second as he lunged for her.


          Cassidy squealed in pleasure when Nicholas landed on top of her, hands kneading her breasts, crotch grinding into her groin. He was only just starting to get hard and it gave her a wonderful sensation as he rubbed his stiffening member across her labia. Almost like he was scissoring her but with the added benefit of a hard dick soon to come.


          Above her Nicholas was like a man possessed. No more words. He attacked her over and over, fingers, mouth, tongue all doing their part to pleasure Cassidy’s nipples and breasts. She gasped when he wrapped his lips around her breast again and began licking her. It was beyond anything she’d felt from him, or any lover for that matter. His tongue curled around her nipple, not just running over it, but wrapping it in a warm, moist feeling that hit the right spots so well Cassidy was unable to hold back a breaking scream that culminated in her legs spasming and hips bouncing off the mattress before her orgasm was done.


          Nicholas let go and looked like he was considering going for her other nipple before a crafty smile spread across his face. Cassidy was still recovering, her gasps clearly audible, when she felt the now erect penis rubbing against her groin pull away. It took a few seconds for her to find the air to speak and finally she managed two words. “Why… are…”


          She should have saved her breath because as she gasped the second word she felt Nicholas’ tongue run from her taint to her clit.


          Again. She had never felt anything like it. Maybe because she was coming down from such a powerful orgasm but as he ran his tongue up her slit again she felt everything. Every taste bud it felt was another bump giving texture to his tongue. “Master-“ she tried. “I’m. I’m-“ she sobbed in the overwhelming pleasure when he licked her again, this time giving her clit extra attention and sending waves through her trembling body. “Sensitive…”


          And still Nicholas said nothing. Cassidy tried to scream when his tongue wormed into her but she barely had enough air just to breathe. With his tongue now licking her walls the bumpy feeling she had had before seemed multiplied tenfold. And every lick rubbed so close to her g-spot that she could hardly think straight. Nicholas’ head moved back a bit when she pressed her hips into him, desperately trying to make it so that his tongue could reach. She cried piteously when another lick tickled the edge, making her walls tremble but not pushing her over the edge.


          “Deeper,” she sobbed, moving her legs to press into Nicholas’ back, anything to get that last tiny bit of distance. “Master, deep-!”


          Nicholas grunted. And Cassidy felt his tongue stretch just a little bit farther on the next attempt.


          She blacked out momentarily. Just a split second when his tongue dragged over just the right spot. Bumpy, firm, it pushed against her g-spot and she felt another incredible orgasm come over her. Her legs which had been pushing against him went limp. Her hands, which had started fondling her breasts completely unconsciously fell to the mattress. She forgot how to breathe for a few seconds, staring up at the ceiling with her mouth hanging open until Nicholas probed her again and the shock broke her out of her stupor.


          It didn’t matter that she was already breathless. The pleasured scream she let out was not one that she had any say over.


          Nicholas pulled back when he heard Cassidy begin to choke, popping his head up with a worried look. “Cassidy?”


          With a massive gasp Cassidy’s chest heaved, tears streaming down her cheeks as she took the reprieve and used it to feed her starving lungs.


          Nicholas waited, still worried, until Cassidy’s eyes slid shut and her breaths began to slow.


          “I’m… okay, Master,” she managed. It took her almost a minute before she spoke again. “That was so…”


          “Should we stop?”


          Cassidy’s eyes snapped open and Nicholas yelped when her hand lunged for his arm. It missed, but Cassidy, still gasping for air, shouted at him. “NO! Don’t stop, Master. Please! Don’t stop!”


          Nicholas glanced behind him at the door before returning his full attention to Cassidy. “Roll over.”


          Cassidy craned her neck to look at him. “What?”


          “Roll over.” Nicholas grabbed her and pushed Cassidy onto her side. She struggled to comply, grumbling when her breasts began to painfully press against the mattress until she felt Nicholas tap her arms. “Up.”


          Cassidy stopped. She was still trying to catch her breath. “Why?” she coughed. “Master, I…”


          “Up,” Nicholas repeated, and Cassidy mewled when she felt his dick push against her cunt.


          She finally got her arms and legs under her, breasts hanging to rest on the mattress, and bowed her head in an attempt to keep recovering. She felt Nicholas running his hands over her ass before his tip pushed between her folds. Finally, it was something familiar as he pushed his length into her pussy. Her desperate gasps began to calm as she felt him slide inside. For a moment, the feeling of his dick settling into her vagina brought her peace.


          And then Nicholas gave her a hard thrust. Cassidy’s arms nearly gave out immediately but she clenched her fists, willing herself to hold on as he pounded her mercilessly. This was a completely different pleasure from his tongue or fingers. In some ways even more overwhelming.


          Nicholas barely turned his head when the door opened behind him, giving the newcomer a nod before returning his attention to Cassidy’s ass. He’d taken a firm grip around her hips as he thrust and he maintained his hold as the second figure walked around to the other side of the bed where Cassidy’s head hung. Removing their clothing and letting an erection spring to life.


          Cassidy was panting, her breasts swinging with every thrust and nearly smacking her in the face as they did, when she felt a finger slide under her chin. Confused, she lifted her head to see who else was there. She still didn’t feel anybody…


          Nicholas smiled gently down at her. Cassidy’s brain flatlined. She could feel him pounding her. Every few seconds came a new thrust and yet in front of her eyes was-


          “Damn Sasha you really went to town,” Nicholas laughed. Cassidy was still stunned when he bent down and kissed her; her mouth hung open when he pulled away and with a grin Nicholas lined up and stuffed his dick down her throat.


          Two identical dicks skewered Cassidy for a while. Sasha, in Nicholas’ body, continued her attack on Cassidy’s pussy while Nicholas fucked her mouth. Cassidy herself was gone. Unresponsive until Nicholas grunted, grabbing her head and pushing his dick deep down her throat as he came. The motion finally broke Cassidy from her stupor and she spluttered, fighting Nicholas until he finally let go and she was able to throw herself back, away from Sasha as she hacked and coughed and tried to recover.


          “Master-“ she gagged, some of his cum dribbling out of her mouth before she managed to swallow the rest. “How-“ her eyes darted to who she had thought was Nicholas. Sasha was grinning at her, penis still at full mast. “Who-“ finally her brain caught up and she blinked. “S-Sasha?”


          The Ditto giggled in her own voice. “Hi.”


          “You couldn’t tell, could you,” Nicholas chuckled.


          Cassidy threw herself to the mattress with a wail. “MASTER I’M SO SORRY-!”


          “Sorry?” Nicholas lifted her chin and Cassidy could see a confused look on his face. “Why are you sorry?”


          “I thought- I thought it was you,” Cassidy cried.


          “That’s excellent!” Cassidy blinked away her tears when Nicholas grinned at her. “Excellently done, Sasha.”


          Sasha clapped her hands. She was still a spitting image of Nicholas all the way down to her erection, which showed no signs of softening. “That was so fun!”


          Cassidy’s eyes flicked from her to Nicholas. She’d returned to speaking in his voice and only now that she knew the truth did Cassidy notice Sasha’s eyes.


          “What’s going on?” Cassidy asked. “Why? Why did she… why is she, why does she look like you?”


          “A test.” Nicholas sat on the edge of the bed and nodded at Sasha. “I had the idea today. If I’m ever gone for a while, and can’t get back to you, there needed to be someone who could give you what you needed. A substitute.” He grinned at Sasha. “It’s kind of unnerving how perfectly she mimicked me.”


          Sasha flicked her penis a few times. “Everything was easy except this thing, Master. And it feels weird.”


          “Feels good, I hope,” Nicholas replied.


          “Weird,” Sasha repeated. “It’s like my clit.” She rubbed the shaft a few times with a low moan. “Y-Yeah.”


          Nicholas glanced at Cassidy. “Feels better inside of something though, right?”


          Sasha nodded, still stroking herself.


          “Well there’s someone right there,” Nicholas chuckled. Cassidy turned to him with wide eyes. “I just got here and I’m nowhere near satisfied.”


          “H-Hold on, Master,” Cassidy blustered as he spun his legs onto the mattress and began crawling towards her. “I don’t know if I can handle any more.”


          “Tough,” Nicholas whispered, catching her when she tried to flee and spinning her onto her back again, “because I still haven’t had my chance to tame my big breasted beauty.”


          Cassidy tried to push him away with her telekinesis but it didn’t work and she moaned when he slipped inside her. Nicholas carefully worked his penis deeper. Cassidy may have been soaking wet but that was no reason to be rough.


          Cassidy melted at his touch. She knew why she couldn’t push him away. With the realization that it hadn’t been her Master this whole time her body was crying for more. For him. She was enjoying the feeling when she heard someone clear their throat and opened her eyes to see a dick hovering over her face.


          Sasha grinned down at her. “I saw what Master did. I want to try.”


          Cassidy tried to glare at her even though her expression held all of the pleasure from Nicholas’ thrusts. “We’re done.”


          Sasha waggled her hips, causing the dick to wave in front of Cassidy’s eyes and she giggled when the Alakazam couldn’t help but follow it. “You would deny your Master’s penis?” She poked Cassidy’s cheek. “Ahhh.”


          Begrudgingly Cassidy opened her mouth and Sasha pushed inside. Cassidy couldn’t help but notice that the feeling was identical to when Nicholas had done it and she found herself running her tongue over the shaft without thinking.


          Nicholas watched the show with a strange smile on his face. It wasn’t him currently getting a blowjob, he was busy fucking Cassidy’s pussy. And yet it looked like he was. A very interesting feeling.


          Cassidy was stuck between the two for a long time before Nicholas switched it up, putting her on top in a cowgirl position. For a moment Cassidy was hopeful that this meant Sasha’s time was over. Her hopes were dashed when she felt Sasha plop down behind her. A few adjustments and she bit back a scream when she felt a second dick pushing into her ass.


          “Ready?” Cassidy thought Nicholas was talking to her and she was shaking her head when she heard Sasha respond. With a grunt he thrust, lifting her up before dropping down, pulling his dick free while Cassidy slid back down onto Sasha’s. With a confused cry Cassidy slumped forwards, nearly pulling herself off of Sasha before the Ditto sat up to follow her. She bounced back and forth between the two dicks, one in her vagina, one in her ass, unable to tell which part was pleasure and which was pain. In her slumped position her breasts waved in front of Nicholas’ eyes and he caught one every few thrusts, sucking on her nipples as Cassidy, exhausted and unable to protest anymore, was fucked unconscious by two copies of her Master.







          It was a nice sunny day outside and quite a few pokegirls were taking advantage. Most of all Dahlia, the Venusaur blissfully soaking up the sun’s rays.




          Dahlia opened her eyes when she heard Nicholas call. “Master?” She looked for him and cocked her head. “You sound sick.”


          Nicholas rubbed his face, listening in through Sasha’s radio. “Guess the voice still needs some work.”


          Sasha coughed. “I’m… fine.” She adjusted the sunglasses she was wearing and jabbed a thumb back towards the apartments. “Do you have a moment?”


          Dahlia sighed and settled back down. “Is it important?”


          “Well, er,” Sasha began.


          “Tell her that you’re been thinking about your conversation,” Nicholas urged.


          “I, I’ve been thinking about what we talked about,” Sasha repeated.


          Dahlia’s eyes opened again. “You have?”


          “Yeah. I, uh, think I’ve figured something out.”


          Dahlia immediately got to her feet. “What?”


          Sasha gestured lamely again. “Privately…?”


          This time Dahlia followed when Sasha moved towards the building. She was surprised when Sasha walked past the door and instead stepped around the corner, out of sight of the all of the other pokegirls. “Really private, huh Master?” she teased, walking around and grinding to a halt.


          “This is my idea,” the two Nicholases chorused in unison.


          Dahlia slowly raised a finger to point at them. “What is going on here?”


          “If I can be in two places at once,” one started, “then I can do a badge challenge and still be here for you,” the other finished. That Nicholas turned to the other with a frown. “Except then I wouldn’t be here for you.”


          “What? I’m the one who would need to be here for you,” the first replied.


          Dahlia screwed her eyes shut and pressed her hands to her ears. “Stop! I can’t listen, Master, it’s too confusing. How are there two of you?”


          “Sasha?” Dahlia opened her eyes again to see the first Nicholas deform, even his clothing melting into his skin until the Ditto was left grinning at her. “Could you tell the difference, Dahlia?”


          Dahlia slowly shook her head. “The voice. That’s it.”


          “And the eyes, we’ve found out, which is why I had Sasha mimic these sunglasses,” Nicholas replied, pulling his pair off and waving them in the air. “But otherwise, the copy is nearly perfect. Sasha’s incredibly skilled.”


          “Does she copy everything?”


          “Yep. Everything, all the way down to my penis.” He chuckled when Dahlia reddened. “This wouldn’t have been any good without that. Me fucking you is half our relationship.”

          “It’s far more than that, Master,” Dahlia replied haughtily, but her thighs were squeezing together and none of the three believed her words for a moment.


          “Uh-huh. We tested everything last night on Cassidy.” Nicholas laughed when Dahlia looked curious despite herself. “It was the strangest threesome I’ve ever been a part of.”


          “…wait.” Dahlia turned to Sasha. “You, and Master, with Cassidy?”


          Sasha leered. “Two dicks. One pokegirl.”


          “I’m going to be honest.” Dahlia turned away from Sasha. “I had no idea Ditto could transform into humans, let alone males. I mean, it makes sense, but it kind of… scares me.” She glanced at Sasha again. “The fact that she seemed to have enjoyed having a penis a bit more so.”


          “What.” Sasha’s grin had faded into a scowl. “What’s that supposed to mean?”


          Dahlia blinked. “Uh…?”


          “Just because we’re known as being the world’s egg dump doesn’t mean I have to only enjoy taking it,” Sasha snapped. “That’s rude, Alpha.”


          “…I didn’t mean it like that,” Dahlia tried to explain, but she was saved when Nicholas waved his hand.


          “The Ditto’s ability to breed with… or I guess, be bred by?” Nicholas glanced at Sasha and continued when she nodded slightly. “Be bred by any pokegirl species is just that. An ability. It’s not what’s important right now. Okay?” He looked between Dahlia and Sasha. “Let’s move on.”


          Sasha huffed. “Fine, Master.”


          Nicholas nodded. “We were discussing how, with Sasha mimicking me, I can be in two places at once. Dahlia, you couldn’t tell the difference at a glance, and Cassidy certainly couldn’t. As far as she knew I was the one taming her at first.”


          “But then, like you said before.” Dahlia frowned. “How does Sasha stay satisfied?”


          “I’ll be fine,” Sasha said with just a bit too much satisfaction. “I’ve been wanting to go wild from the day I joined the harem.”


          Nicholas shot her a look. “Suddenly I’m remembering you taking my shape before. Back before I left for Johto.”


          Sasha shrugged. “Barely. Back then it was just your build and face, Master. I still had my pussy.” She winked. “I hadn’t had all the practice and time you gave me to make anything else.”


          “I warned you then, and I think I need to warn you again,” Nicholas replied. “If I come back to find the entire harem pregnant-“


          Sasha’s roguish grin dropped again. “You said it yourself, Master. Ditto are only good for being bred. Didn’t you notice? I had your wonderful penis last night but I couldn’t cum. Not once.” She looked down at her body forlornly. “Maybe if I keep a vagina I can at least have some release…”


          Nicholas groaned. “Please. Sasha. Stop talking, because now I’m imagining that. I don’t want to.” He shook himself and looked back to Dahlia. “Okay. So it’ll be fine, then. Sasha says she’ll be fine, and she’ll be able to give everyone else what they need while I’m gone. It’s our solution.”


          Dahlia nodded. “So you’re leaving, then.”


          “Well…” Nicholas trailed off. Did he want to do this? Sasha provided him an answer to the problem stopping him, but did he want to?


          …he did. He couldn’t sit still anymore. The thought of Dewford’s Knuckle Badge kept him up at night. Steven’s harem, the towering, imposing pokegirls watching him in that cave, he itched to meet them in battle.


          “…I guess I am.” He sighed. “Obviously I need to tell Miyuki. But, do I announce this to the harem?”


          “Nobody will be surprised,” Dahlia replied. “We all knew that this vacation wouldn’t last. Sasha, are you planning on walking around as Master at all times, or only when someone wants to tame?”


          Sasha scratched her chin. “I’m not sure, Alpha. What do you think?”


          “I’m not sure what I think,” Dahlia admitted. “Oh, Ryuko. Will she let you have sex with her?”


          Nicholas grimaced. “I completely forgot to think about that. She doesn’t even look at anyone but me. How about, in order to keep this from getting weird, you just be yourself, Sasha? Obviously if someone asks you to you’d take my form but otherwise be whatever you like.”


          Sasha beamed. “Thank you, Master. That sounds great.”


          “It’s decided, then.” Nicholas took a deep breath, holding a few seconds before letting it out. “I need to find Ryuko. And then gather Elaine, Morgana, and Bea.”


          Dahlia gave him a tight smile. “It’s good that you’re doing this. Those three need their time.”


          Nicholas barely nodded. “I know. I was hoping they could learn some things from the rest of you but if you say they need time alone with me more than anything, well… a badge challenge is exactly that.”


          Dahlia nodded and stepped forwards, kissing him before sighing and pulling away again. “Even if Sasha is as talented as you claim, I’ll miss you.”


          “Mmm, maybe not,” Nicholas chuckled. “Just ask Cassidy.”


           Dahlia squinted at him. “I will. But I mean you-you. Talking to you. Being with you.”


          “I know,” Nicholas murmured, drawing her back into a hug. “I don’t like leaving you either. You know I don’t.”


          “I know,” Dahlia sighed, “but that doesn’t make it any easier.”


          Nicholas squeezed her and looked at Sasha. “Mind coming with me to find Ryuko?” When Sasha nodded he let go of Dahlia. “Dahlia, can you tell Miyuki and then spread the word?” He looked out towards the ocean. “After Ryuko and finding the others, I have someone else I need to talk to.”


          “Of course, Master.”







          “Damn it, Kali!”


          Kali glanced over her shoulder to see Nicholas scrabbling down the cliff towards her. “Hello, Master Nicholas.”


          “I thought you said you needed to stay at my side!” Nicholas jogged up. “This is literally as far away from me as you could get.”


          “And?” Kali fixed him in her gaze. “Do you take me for a weak pokegirl, unable to control herself?”


          Nicholas straightened up and lowered his voice to a calm, clipped tone. “I take you for a legendary who is experiencing something she does not yet understand. You asked me to stay near you, Kali. I am just trying to do what you want.”


          Kali turned away. “I’m fine, master Nicholas. I’m still here, aren’t I?”




          “If I am unable to control myself when you are a mile away, how would I be able to when you are a continent or more?” Kali interrupted.


          Nicholas went silent. “You… already know.”


          “Of course. I am what I am, Master Nicholas,” Kali replied.


          “You were testing yourself.”


          Kali was quiet for a bit before she nodded. “I was.”


          “I promised you. And what I’m about to do changes nothing. Wherever you need to go, I will go with you. I will stand at your side.”


          Kali’s eyes slid shut and she took a trembling breath. “Go, Master. I will be fine.”


          Nicholas surveyed her. She was wearing her hoodie, at least, with her tail wrapped around her waist as usual. “Are you sure?”


          “I am.”


          Kali breathed out when she felt him take her arm and pull her down to his height and a few moments later his lips were pressed to hers. “I promise you,” he whispered again, working the tender kiss, “I will be with you. All you have to do is ask.”


          Kali tried to lose herself in his touch. But still, at the edge of her awareness, the sickly sweet smell beckoned. As the lies left her lips, her attention was pulled away from him. West. To the west…







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge



          Elaine, Combusken – Level 16

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 14

          Bea, Beldum – Level 15


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5