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Chapter 8

Ripples Into Waves




          Nicholas pushed into the Dewford gym with the three pokegirls close behind. Steven was waiting just inside with Tetsu, along with a young man in exercise clothes and spiked hair. “There he is! We thought you’d gotten lost on the way to the pokecenter, Nicholas.”


          “Yes, well, it took a few minutes longer to get to know Bea than I had anticipated,” Nicholas replied. He intentionally didn’t elaborate on Sapphire’s new name, letting the strange word confuse Steven and Tetsu a moment as he turned his attention to the grinning man next to them. “I assume you’re the gym leader.”


          “Yeah dude! I’m Brawly. When Steven told me who he was bringing to visit I couldn’t believe my ears!” Nicholas took the enthusiastic handshake Brawly offered as he listened. “It’s just awesome to come face to face with a cresting wave like you, man. Even if I get swamped today it’ll be an experience, that’s for sure.”


          “Uh… right.” Nicholas gave a tentative smile. “A cresting wave? What do you mean by that?”


          “I mean you’re on the way up, man! Racing towards the shore and starting to build bigger and bigger. Nobody knows how big of a wave you’ll be yet, and that’s what makes this so exciting! Are you going to break when you hit me? Or just keep going?” Brawly laughed.


          Nicholas let go of Brawly’s hand and flicked a finger up and down his body. “The getup. You’re a surfer, aren’t you?”


          “You know it. Dewford’s been my place from nearly the beginning and she’s home to some rough waves. I’ve taken the lessons I learn while surfing to my battles, too.” Brawly cracked his knuckles a few times. “Man I just can’t stand still. Let’s get this started!”


          “Just a moment before you do,” Steven interrupted. “Nicholas, who’s Bea?”


          Nicholas looked back at Bea. “My Beldum.” When he turned again it was hard to read Steven’s expression. “So you just want to get right into it, huh Brawly? These girls here aren’t really highly trained yet so you’ll need to go a bit easy on us.”


          Brawly shook his head. “Steven told me that they’re new but that’s no excuse. I won’t drown you but I won’t go easy neither. I better see some good moves in the arena!”


          “Just as long as you don’t whip out your Alpha or something,” Nicholas grumbled.


          “That, that would be pretty sketchy, yeah,” Brawly agreed. “No, I’ll leave Roana out of it. But battling, like surfing, isn’t all about raw power. It’s about technique. Skill. Even the roughest waves can be conquered if you know what you’re doing.”


          None of these pokegirls know what they’re doing, Nicholas thought with a wince. We haven’t trained at all.


          “Yo, Champion!” Brawly struck a pose towards Steven. “I’ve always wanted to say this. Would you officiate my battle?”


          Steven laughed and moved towards a referee’s square. “My pleasure, Leader Brawly. This will be a three on three battle between Leader Brawly of the Dewford gym and Challenger Topolski! Tamers, are you ready?” Nicholas and Brawly both nodded, with Brawly pulling his shirt up a bit to show a dive belt modified to fit pokeballs. “Then on my mark! Three! Two! One! Begin!”


          “Let’s start with something you’re familiar with!” Brawly cried, releasing a Machop. “We’ve got a challenger from Kanto with us today, Jesse!”


          Jesse was far more reserved than her tamer as she twisted her palms together to make sure her hand wraps were seated properly. “Yes sir!”


          “Something familiar, huh.” Nicholas looked at Bea. “How do you feel about leading us off?”


          Bea looked nervous for a moment before clapping her hands together. “I’ve… never fought anything before, Master.”


          “Listen to Kalmiya.” Nicholas nodded as Bea stepped forwards. “Kalmiya?”


          “Bea. As a Beldum, you have different options to fight, just as Master has talked about your different facets,” Kalmiya said through Bea’s radio. “Do you believe you will do better fighting with your body, or your mind?”


          Bea blinked. “My mind?”


          “How does your- how does Tetsu fight.”


          Bea glanced over at where her mother was watching. “Punches. She’s always hitting something.”


          “And do you think you want to fight like that?”


          Bea’s uncertainty vanished in an instant. “No,” she growled. “It’s too simple. Easy to predict.”


          Though she wasn’t materialized Kalmiya always maintained an image of herself within the pokedex and a smile flickered across her lips. “For now, you may have to punch as well. But not fully with your body.”


          Jesse spiraled inwards when Bea entered the field, throwing a few probing strikes before setting up and sending a haymaker rocketing straight at Bea’s nose. She hissed when Bea threw her arms up, causing her strike to bounce slightly off the Beldum’s tough body. Bea immediately fell back, shaking her arms as she fought off the force of the blow. It had hurt!


          “Focus.” Bea’s motions slowed when she heard Nicholas speak. “Kalmiya has told me the plan. It’s going to hurt a lot more than that punch did.”


          Bea came to a stop and raised her own arms to mirror Jesse’s stance. The Machop surveyed her for a moment before moving in again, sending two quick jabs into Bea’s guard before ducking to the side in an attempt to find a soft spot. Bea quickly spun away but she was just on the run, letting Jesse take all of the momentum again and Bea gasped when the Machop slammed between her arm and chest, wrapping an arm around her before driving her remaining fist deep into Bea’s stomach.


          Bea gagged as the strike snuck in under her faltering elbows and nearly passed out right there. But when she heard Nicholas roar she tensed up, curling her arms around her surprised opponent before bringing her forehead down as hard as she could.




          …Too hard. Kalmiya had told her to focus on her forehead, to try and reinforce it using her energy, but she had gone way past that. As Bea’s head came down her skin exploded with energy, crashing into Jesse’s face with more power than the Beldum could handle. She was unconscious as soon as she impacted, and that was a kindness. Jesse was still able to feel as her skull shattered.


          Brawly was recalling her before Jesse could make more than a few strangled notes and watched Nicholas do the same for Bea. “And sometimes you cut straight through the wave.” He whistled softly. “Still. Trade like that and you’re not getting my badge.”


          “Don’t want it anyways,” Nicholas quipped, but he was shaken just as much as Brawly was. Bea was turning out to be a completely loose cannon. “Hm. Morgana?”


          Morgana quickly moved forwards as Brawly released his next pokegirl. “Meditite,” Kalmiya reported. “Warning, Morgana. She is likely as skilled in Psychic-type assaults as you are.”


          “B-but I can’t punch and kick,” Morgana stammered. “Master? What do I do?”


          “Kalmiya pull up the Ralts’ pokedex entry. In its entirety. Now.” Nicholas whipped out his pokedex. “Morgana. You can use your ability to Trace hers, right? Do it. Do whatever feels right.”


          Morgana focused in on the approaching Meditite. The girl was dressed in a flowing gi that almost looked like it billowed around her and she could sense the psychic energy that cloaked this pokegirl, just as her own now started to come forth. The difference was that Morgana had none of the physical confidence that the Meditite had. So she focused, picking up on her opponent’s stance and slowly sliding into an aggressive posture.


          The Meditite hesitated when she saw the unassuming Ralts take an awkward but unmistakable striking pose. Meanwhile Nicholas was feverishly scrolling through the pokedex entry, searching for something, anything that Morgana could use to take an upper hand. Finally he found it. “Morgana! Dance with her.” He looked up as a grin began to grow. “She may be strong, but you’re flexible. Let her wind up and then dance away!”


          The Meditite struck and Morgana dropped her arms, twisting away just as Bea had but with much more success as the Meditite’s fist sailed harmlessly behind her back. She turned back, eyes glowing for a moment before prancing a few steps away when the Meditite returned the psychic probe with a yell and burst of her own, causing the air between the two pokegirls to gust outwards when the two waves of energy collided.


          “Kalmiya. Vira’s Sylveon, she was a Fairy-type as well, wasn’t she?” Nicholas asked as Morgana whirled past another punch. “What techniques did she use to defeat Lili?”


          “Ones Morgana is nowhere near able to use, Master,” Kalmiya replied. “However…”


          Nicholas nodded while Kalmiya explained the strengths of the Fairy-type to him. He’d known about the rare typing before meeting Vira and her Sylveon, Eve, in battle, but like the legendaries that embodied the typing back in Alola it had never been more than a footnote in his life. After all, why learn about a type of pokegirl that you might see a handful of times, when learning about the Water-type or the Flying-type was much more useful due to the overabundance of them on the islands? Now, though, hearing her describe it he understood why Vira had such a delicate looking pokegirl in her harem. A Champion’s harem, he reminded himself, and if Morgana could match up to half of the potential her biology provided he was sure she’d become just as valuable to him.


          In the arena Morgana finally couldn’t dance away anymore and with a soft cry the Meditite’s fist crashed into her chest. It…


          The Meditite cursed in frustration when her arm bounced back from the shimmering light that covered Morgana’s body. Morgana raised a quick hand to the impact point in total shock that she barely felt a bruise. She’d been hit head on, hadn’t she?


          The Fairy-type serves as an antithesis to everything that seeks to control the natural world. Fairy-type pokegirls embody this by easily standing up to Dark, Fighting, and Dragon-type assaults, using their aura, not necessarily their physique, to turn an opponent’s strength against them.




          Morgana turned to look back at Nicholas when he called her name. “M-Master?”


          “Do it again,” Nicholas urged. “Focus on her, and take her strength. Take it from her, Morgana! You can do that. Steal her power and use it for your own!”


          Morgana glanced back at the Meditite. The girl looked… nervous. Take her power? Could she really do that?


          “Focus!” Brawly barked. “Hit her now, before she can recover!”


          Morgana paled when she saw the Meditite go completely still and energy begin flowing down her arms. The last hit might not have hurt, but if she let this one connect-!


          She wasn’t strong like Bea, or Elaine! Morgana screamed, charging at the glowing Meditite with tears flicking from her eyes. Against these pokegirls that attacked her body she couldn’t do anything!


          The Meditite lost concentration when Morgana slammed into her and punched down, deflecting an ineffective strike off of Morgana’s horn while the Ralts continued to cling to her and sob. “What the- get off me!” she yelled, bouncing an elbow off Morgana’s nose next before futilely trying to pull Morgana’s arms from around her body. “What the heck are you doing!” Her eyes widened when Morgana suddenly lunged upwards, tears still streaming down her cheeks as she pressed her mouth firmly to the Meditite’s.


          Morgana had no idea why she had kissed the Meditite but when the next strike came she redoubled her attack, forcing her tongue deep into her opponent’s mouth and adjusting her hug to curl more up the Meditite’s back.


          It felt like a long, long time before Morgana realized that the blows had stopped coming. Carefully she pulled back, finally releasing her opponent to watch in shock as the unconscious girl crumpled to the floor. “W-What-?” She swallowed and once again traced a hesitant hand over her body, this time her lips. What had she done? Why was the Meditite unconscious? She hadn’t hit her at all!


          Nicholas pumped his fist in the air when Brawly recalled his pokegirl. “YES, Morgana! Do it again!” His grin wavered when Morgana spun around and ran back to his side. “Morgana?”


          “W-What did I just do?” Morgana cried. “Master I don’t understand!”


          “You, uh, beat her?” Nicholas replied lamely. “A technique, I’d assume…”


          “The technique is called Draining Kiss,” Kalmiya explained. “While not the most powerful of Fairy-type techniques, it is certainly effective. And like most Fairy-type techniques, it hides its true intention until it is too late for the victim to react.”


          “Hides…?” Morgana stepped back and Nicholas was surprised to see a look of heavy distress on her face. “All I did was kiss her.”


          “Morgana are you okay?” Nicholas asked softly. “This is a battle. Your body did what it knew to win.”


          “She’s realizing that she’s not the happy, nice, innocent little pokegirl she wants to be,” a voice sneered. Nicholas turned to see Elaine smirking at Morgana, seemingly reveling in her pain. “Of course I’ve known from the beginning. Behind her smile lies a viper’s fangs.”


          “NO!” Morgana slammed her hands over her ears and dropped to her knees as she cried. “NO! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!”


          Steven had raised his hands to stop the battle before Brawly could release his third pokegirl. “Challenger Topolski!” When Nicholas ignored him at first he raised his voice. “CHALLENGER TOPOLSKI! Is your pokegirl able to battle!”


          Nicholas tried to take Morgana’s arm but she shook him off and further curled up into herself so he shook his head. “No.”


          “This battle is still ongoing. Release your next pokegirl.”


          “Unlike you, I know what I am,” Elaine goaded, stepping over Morgana and baring her claws towards the bulky pokegirl that materialized across from her. Nicholas raised an eyebrow slightly. That was a lie. “Don’t bother talking to me, Master. I don’t need a human’s help like you claim.”


          And now she was crossing the line to stupidity. “Want it or not you’re going to get it,” he replied. “I remember making that clear yesterday.”


          Elaine’s face flashed into an angry scowl and she screamed a battle cry, setting her arms before sprinting towards her opponent.


          “This is a Makuhita,” Kalmiya reported as Elaine struck, her slicing claws whistling past the Makuhita’s face as the girl ducked and weaved much more fluidly than her bulk would have suggested. “Another brawler like Machop, but focused more on endurance than power.”


          Nicholas had recalled Morgana since she hadn’t moved from her spot on the floor since collapsing and now rubbed his face tiredly. “Elaine is going to wear herself out.”


          “Unfortunately it would appear so, Master. If she continues with her reckless attacks, which is all I have seen her do since joining the harem, she will lose.”


          “Bea is a loose cannon who doesn’t understand how to hold back. Morgana doesn’t want to accept what kind of pokegirl she is. And Elaine is…” he shook his head. “Gods this harem is a mess.”


          “You certainly have work to do, Master.”


          “Good thing I’m in no rush,” Nicholas sighed. “Elaine, you may not want to listen to me, but you still have to hear me. You are doing it again. Completely one-directional, swinging without any plan or strategy.” He watched the Makuhita deflect Elaine’s claws, opening bloody streaks on one arm, but the girl had taken the glancing blow in order to return the favor with a heavy gut punch that doubled Elaine over. “Get over yourself and LET ME HELP YOU!”


          “I DON’T NEED YOU!” Elaine screamed, forcing herself back upright and driving her claws into the Makuhita’s breast. “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO STOP ME!”


          “I should let you get beat up right here you stubborn girl,” Nicholas muttered under his breath. “Fuck.” He shook off the thought and focused on the Makuhita’s movements. She’d settled into a pattern thanks to Elaine’s predictable movements and he silently counted the sway of her body before yelling. “NOW LEFT NOT RIGHT!”


          Elaine, of course, completely ignored him and drove her right foot directly into the Makuhita’s set block, squawking when she was counterattacked and shoved a good three feet away without doing any damage.


          “ON YOUR RIGHT!” Elaine was pushing in with a left jab when Nicholas yelled again and this time it was more than just a shove; her fist sailed harmlessly through the air a few moments before the Makuhita’s uncontested blow connected directly with her temple.


          Elaine crashed to the ground with her vision gone. Everything was white, or black, or was it even there at all? What was the ringing she could hear? What was anything? Pain broke through the haze when the Makuhita kicked her in the gut and she spasmed, blood mixing with bile when she puked.


          She took another kick before she could recover enough to stop it and the Makuhita reset when her third kick met Elaine’s closed fist, preparing to finish off the weakened Torchic before she could get back to her feet.


          His stupid voice was in her ear again. Elaine retched, keeping a shaky arm up in an attempt to ward off the Makuhita while she tried to get her feet back underneath herself. Taunting her, most likely.


          “Good! Keep that arm up!”


          Elaine blinked as the words began to make sense. He… wasn’t?


          “Look out!” Elaine pushed past the pain and got both arms into position a moment before the Makuhita closed on her; the girl quickly stepped back, circling while she looked for a new opening, but Elaine could feel her senses returning to normal now and she hissed, slowly rotating with the Makuhita as she got to her feet.


          She’s going to come in with two palm strikes to shove Elaine off-balance, Nicholas thought as he watched the Makuhita charge straight forwards. If Elaine responds like she has been, she’ll guard completely, and the Makuhita will just slip around to hit her in the back again. Please, Elaine. Listen to me.


          Elaine was starting to raise her arms when she heard Nicholas speak. “Don’t guard. Kick!” She tried to push his voice away but he spoke again as the Makuhita neared. “Elaine if all you do is focus on what’s in front of you you will always lose! Please!” Nicholas clenched his fists when he saw Elaine’s arms completely lock in front of her face and upper body. “KICK NOW!”


          The Makuhita was grinning as her palms thrust forwards. Make sure she focused on the block, and then…


          Suddenly Elaine’s arms tensed. With a surprised gurgle the Makuhita was stopped dead in her tracks, her raised arms wavering slightly before drooping over the leg extending from her stomach. Elaine lowered her own arms, revealing a twisted, tortured expression, and with a strangled yell drew her leg back before twisting and sending her foot crunching into the Makuhita’s chin.


          Now it was the Makuhita’s turn to drop to the ground. Except she didn’t get back up. Elaine dove on her like a feral, claws and feet tearing into the stunned Makuhita, even a few bursts of flame joining in the assault until Brawly recalled his pokegirl. As soon as she vanished Elaine dropped to her hands and knees, mirroring Morgana’s position as she screamed. It was pure pain, the noise that came from her mouth. Not from her injuries, but from the mental anguish her decision had caused.


          She had listened. To a human.


          Nicholas had taken a half step towards her when he saw the steam rising. Then, the light. As Elaine continued to scream her body began to glow. With her position the only things Nicholas watched change were her tail and hair, both seeming to gain a few inches along with the general body growth he’d come to expect from a pokegirl’s evolution. Though as the glow faded he did notice new feathers ringing Elaine’s ankles, a downy white ring that separated her feet from her legs.


          “Challenger Topolski is victorious with a score of three to two,” Steven barked, raising a hand in his direction. “The battle is over!”


          Nicholas wasn’t sure if he should approach Elaine anymore. She still screamed, barely pausing for breath now as the steam returned and small fires began breaking out across her exposed skin and flickering in her hair. Brawly similarly looked at a loss for what to do, both tamers choosing instead to stare at the newly evolved Combusken between them.


          Nicholas jumped when a hand clapped his shoulder and he looked away from Elaine to see that Steven had snuck up on him while he was distracted. “Well directed, Champion Topolski.” He glanced at Elaine for just a moment before returning his attention to Nicholas. “I’ve seen what I wanted to see. It’s no fluke that you dominated Indigo. You’re the kind of tamer that forces the best out of his pokegirls, forces them to grow. Whether they want to… or not.”


          Nicholas didn’t respond as Steven let go of him, watching as he and Tetsu left the gym.


          “So-o-ooo…” Nicholas heard Brawly clearing his throat. Elaine was finally starting to lose a bit of steam and her voice was cracking. “Ehm, congratulations, challenger. You’ve, uh, earned the Knuckle Badge.”


          Nicholas walked around the outside of the arena to meet Brawly and accept the badge. “Thanks. I think.”


          Brawly nodded slightly. “I think your wave is breaking a bit, but the conditions are still right. The next one could keep going.”


          “There’s a lot I have to do before even considering a badge challenge here in Hoenn,” Nicholas replied. “Least of all what you saw today.”


          “I gotcha, man.” Brawly looked over at Elaine one last time before turning back and clapping Nicholas’ hand. “Best of luck, brother.”


          Nicholas moved closer to Elaine when Brawly walked off. She was finally down to gasping hiccups now and he squatted down at a safe distance. “Elaine?” The evolution really hadn’t done much even now that he was in a position to look her over. General growth, but nothing explosive. Even her clothes still looked like they fit. Much, much tighter around her chest and ass, but nothing had ripped. “Um… Can I return you to your pokeball?”


          Elaine’s fingers curled up but she otherwise didn’t respond.


          “…Look, you can’t stay there forever,” Nicholas said. “And, now that we’re done here on Dewford… I want to get back on the boat.”


          Eventually Elaine’s clenched fists relaxed again and Nicholas saw her bow her head slightly so he triggered the recall. So much had just happened. It was going to be a long trip back to the Battle Frontier.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge



          Elaine, Combusken – Level 16

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 14

          Bea, Beldum – Level 15


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          For the entire four days it took Mr. Briney to sail to the Battle Frontier, none of the three pokegirls spoke to one another. In fact, besides Nicholas checking on them and the occasional taming, all three tucked themselves into their own corner of the boat and refused to come out. It was obvious that the gym battle had shaken each and every one of them out of their comfort zone and it was going to take time for them to recover.


          Four days, however, was starting to get to be a bit much. So when Mr. Briney called to Nicholas to notify him of the cliffs of the Battle Frontier ahead, he went to find them.


          Multiple calls to members of his full harem, and multiple nights of thought, had gotten him to the point where he thought he at least knew what each girl was struggling through. Fixing those problems, that was a different story, but all he needed to do right now was address them and get this struggling harem off the boat.


          He started with Elaine. While she was going to be the hardest to approach, he knew it was going to be easier if he did it alone. Morgana might try to tag along with him if he cheered her up enough, and Bea, well, he had no expectations as to what Bea might do. So Elaine it was.


          The newly evolved Combusken had taken up residence deep in the ship’s hull, effectively creating a lair with only one way in. Nicholas paused at the entrance, where supplies and equipment transitioned from Mr. Briney’s organizational style to a much more jumbled mess that Elaine had created while carving out a space. He could see her curled up on a pile of blankets and clothing, hidden just far enough around a corner so as to give her some privacy while allowing her to keep a keen eye on anyone approaching. In fact her eyes were locked on his even now.


          So, since she hadn’t made any move to chase him off and she obviously knew he was there, Nicholas didn’t say anything, simply pausing for long enough to give her a generous window to react before walking further down the hall towards her. When he got a few feet away he saw her shift and slowed, coming to a halt when she sat up. “Hey, Elaine.”


          Elaine’s eyes had drifted off of his during her transition from lying down to sitting up and now she stared at nothing in particular. “Hello, Master.”


          “Are you more comfortable like that, or would you like to put your clothes on?” Nicholas asked. Elaine was completely nude besides the collar, but he wasn’t here to focus on that, even though he thought her body had filled in very nicely compared to what she had been as a Torchic. She actually had breasts now, for one. “I think… I’d like to talk, and I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything.”


          Elaine remained staring at the wall for a bit before tilting her head slightly so that she could gaze sidelong at him. “Pressured?” Her eyes, though still as blazing red as they had always been, almost seemed dull. “There is no more pressure, Master.” She cracked a bitter smile. “Master.”


          She was using the title as a statement of fact instead of a mocking term and Nicholas was well aware of it. “That’s part of what I want to talk about.”


          Elaine looked away again. “It doesn’t matter.”


          Nicholas sighed. “Okay.” He gathered his thoughts before continuing. “I’m here because I think it’s time we stopped lying to each other.”


          Silence. If Elaine was surprised by what he had said she had made absolutely no motion to show it. Neither did she argue, though, so he forged ahead. “Over the last few… has it been weeks now? A month? I’ve been pretending to be something I’m not. Multiple things, actually, all conflicting and confusing and… I’ve hurt you because of that.” He shook his head. “From the beginning I should have done this. Sat down with you, and told the truth.”


          “You knew I was awake.”


          Nicholas cleared his throat. Elaine was still not looking at him. “You mean the night in Rustboro. Yes, I did. I was hoping I could trick you into thinking you were overhearing something I was trying to hide.”


          “Because you had me in chains then.” Elaine’s finger moved up to her collar. “You’d done to me what every other Master I’ve had has done. You couldn’t back down, not then. But all I saw was weakness.” Now, finally, she turned fully towards him. “That next morning, you… when you smiled at me. What was that?” Tears were beginning to bead in her eyes. “Was it real?”


          “You believe me?”


          Elaine let out a barking laugh. “It doesn’t matter if I believe you, Master. You are my Master. What you say, whatever you do, that is my truth. Sure, I can posture. I can pretend. But everything I do, everything I am is at your indulgence.”


          Nicholas winced. That was precisely not how he had wanted this conversation to go. He latched onto her question instead. “The morning after. When you stood up to me.” He nodded slightly. “That… was approval. It was real. I was happy that you had taken strength from my trick and I thought, stupidly, I guess, that it would allow you to feel empowered. That this conversation would happen earlier, and without… what happened in the gym.”


          “I didn’t understand,” Elaine replied with a distant smile. “All I cared about was that you had shown me weakness. That you were vulnerable.”


          Nicholas frowned. “That’s why you were so… forceful, in the caves.”


          “I know better now,” Elaine whispered. “It was never weakness. No. I was weak for ever believing that I could fight you.” She let out her breath, shoulders falling back to display her naked body in its entirety. “You said you wanted everything I am, Master. Here it is.”


          On one hand, shell cracked, broken, completely torn away, Nicholas thought bitterly. On the other, it’s fully turned her from a defiant spitfire to a… submissive pokegirl. She’s given up. He didn’t take Elaine’s offer, instead getting back to his feet. “I just wanted you to know the truth. And, if you’ve decided that I am your truth… Remember one thing, straight from my own mouth.” He took a deep breath. “I’m not always right.” He looked away from her inviting pose. “We’ll be reaching the Battle Frontier soon. The others are excited to meet you.”







          Morgana was the next one to hear someone approaching and she rolled over on her bed, reaching out with her mind to verify that it was indeed her Master that was standing just outside. “Master Nicholas?” Her voice was hoarse, abused from days of tears and disuse.


          Nicholas cracked the cabin door and peeked inside. “Hey, Morgana.”


          Morgana sniffed when he stepped in. “Hi.”


          “I wanted to check in and see how you were doing.” Nicholas sat on the edge of the bed. “We’ll be reaching the Battle Frontier soon.”


          Morgana nodded slightly. “That’s… good.”


          “Yeah. There are a lot of pokegirls who are eager to meet you.”


          “I can’t wait.”


          Nicholas nodded. She wasn’t interested in carrying the conversation so it would all be up to him. “Do you remember what you told me the day we bought you that sundress?”


          Morgana shook her head. “Why do you ask, Master?”


          “I was scared. About to lean into aspects of myself that I didn’t like. And I was worried that I would lose what I wanted to be if I did.” Morgana flinched. “You said something to me when I was afraid.”


          Morgana remembered. Her new Master, his uncertainty. “I… I did.”


          “I couldn’t hide from what I was. And you told me that, even though I was afraid, what I wanted to be had not gone away. That I was still me. More than what I wanted, perhaps, but accepting what I am did not mean I couldn’t hold onto what I wanted.” He reached out to stroke her shoulder. “You don’t like what you are either. I’ve seen it from the beginning. But just like me, that isn’t all you have to be.”


          Morgana crumpled at his touch, tears leaking from her eyes as she climbed into his lap. “I don’t want to be,” she sobbed. “I, I want to be nice, and happy, and gentle…”


          Nicholas chuckled and squeezed her. “I hear an echo in here. Morgana, you are a pokegirl. You, as a person, want to be kind and loving. There is nothing wrong with that. But it is not your nature. In Granite Cave, when all you wanted was to help Elaine. Remember that? You wanted to help her. You wanted her to know love, my love. You wanted that as a person. But as a pokegirl, do you remember how you suggested it should happen?”


          “No,” Morgana replied, muffled from her position curled against him.


          “You said that if you were just a bit stronger, you could use your psychic powers to force her to see the truth.” Morgana went completely still for a moment before Nicholas felt a tremor shake her entire body. “Yes, Morgana. That was what you said. That was how a pokegirl would do it. That was how you would do it.”


          He patted her when Morgana moaned and pressed even tighter against him. It took a while but eventually she began to relax again and Nicholas took the opportunity to kiss the top of her head and finish talking when she did. “When I first met you, it was obvious to me that you were a sultry, beguiling pokegirl. The way you walked, the way you talked, the way you even looked at me after I tamed you was undeniable. But as you woke up from being feral, Morgana, you told me that the way you are isn’t the way you want to be. And so I bought you a cute sundress, instead of a sexual outfit, and you began making efforts to move beyond your nature. There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be something else. I want that too. But both of us, we can’t just ignore what we are. I… I can’t ignore my heritage. Every day I get urges, urges to dominate and take control of you, of my other pokegirls, of my life. You saw what I did to Elaine back then. You saw me, for a few minutes, give in.” He shook his head. “You slipped a bit on that island. So what. It’s going to happen. How we each deal with those moments will be what matters, not whether those moments happen at all.”


          He felt Morgana pulling back as he finished and looked down to see her staring up at him with puffy red eyes. “I said… you were still you,” she croaked, “that there was just more to you than you showed.”


          Nicholas squeezed her. “Yes.”


          “I’m… still me.”


          “You are.”


          “…Thank you,” Morgana hiccupped. “Thank you, Master.”


          Nicholas squeezed her again before letting go. “One day I hope we each figure out how to incorporate who we are with who we want to be. For now, though, I won’t give in if you don’t. Okay?”


          Morgana nodded. “Okay.”







          Mr. Briney looked over when Nicholas emerged onto the main deck and began making his way towards the bow. “The south side, you said?”


          Nicholas paused for a moment. “That’s where the port is.”


          “South it is.” Mr. Briney adjusted his steering. “If you’re looking for that metal girl, last I saw she had stolen Peeko’s perch.”


          “Is that my Master?” Nicholas turned back to the narrow gangway he had been about to walk to see Bea standing at the other end near the bow. “It is. Hello, Master.”


          “Hey Bea.” Nicholas waited to see if she was coming to him and stepped out onto the gangway when she stepped back. “Hey. I wanted to talk to you.”


          “I’m here.”


          Nicholas sighed as he carefully chased her. “And I don’t want to fall in the ocean, so stay there.”


          He made it to the bow and saw Bea sprawling back onto what would be the roof of the boat’s interior right next to a skylight. “Where else would I go?”


          Nicholas sat down next to her. “Mr. Briney said he saw you in Peeko’s perch.” He looked up at the top of the extended cabin but didn’t see the Wingull. “I don’t know, you might have started climbing up.”


          Bea grumbled to herself. “When I tried that yesterday the bird started swooping at me.”


          Nicholas couldn’t help but chuckle at her petulant expression. “Well it’s her spot.”


          Bea grunted.


          “Anyways. Since we’re almost to the Battle Frontier I figured it was about time we talked,” he continued. “Talked about. Well. That crazy day when you joined my harem.”


          A satisfied smile grew across Bea’s lips. “When you became my Master.”


          “Yup. That one.”

          “What is there to talk about?” Bea asked happily. “I became a Champion’s pokegirl… And he claimed me, took the disgusting thing I had been called and made it his own. My… My own.” Her smile flickered for just an instant. “And soon I will take my place at your side, and together we will-“


          “Mhm. Let’s pause right there,” Nicholas interrupted. “I have had two different harems. Each of them have had a different Alpha. Neither of them ‘took’ that position.” He looked over at Bea. “I designated both of them. Your mother was designated by Steven. The Alpha of my harem here in Hoenn, whenever I come back to do the badge challenge, will be no different. I will decide. And my decision will be the final one.” He looked away again, out over the waves that broke across the bow. “But congratulations. You identified precisely what we needed to talk about right away.”


          “’Whenever’,” Bea muttered. “Whenever, whenever. You keep saying whenever, eventually, all these words. You are here. Now.”


          “I can’t blame you for not eavesdropping on my conversation with Steven back in that cave, so I’ll repeat the important bit for you now. I have two full harems, and more, of pokegirls who I will not abandon to go adventuring across a new region.” He kept his eyes forwards when Bea shifted unhappily. “Pokegirls don’t require constant taming, or interaction with their tamer, because otherwise us squishy frail humans would be able to handle only one or two of you unless we made taming a full time job. No, you can manage. Survive without my dick inside of you every day. But answer me. Would you be happy if I wasn’t giving you consistent attention?”


          Bea’s movements slowed. Eventually she growled softly. “No.”


          “I have…” Nicholas took a moment to take stock. “I have around twenty pokegirls. Twenty, Bea. Twenty girls who have joined me because they think I am the human tamer and Master that they want. I have been away from them already for weeks. That is far too long, and any badge challenge I do will keep me away from them for even longer. Months at least, even if I found times to take a break and return to them. It isn’t fair for them, and it wouldn’t be fair for whatever pokegirls I was forming relationships with during the challenge.” He looked at her again. “It wouldn’t be fair to them and it wouldn’t be fair to you.”


          “I am a Champion’s pokegirl-“


          “And what do you think that means?” Nicholas interjected again. “A Champion’s pokegirl. What do you think I am, when you call me a Champion?”


          Bea frowned. “You are strong.”


          “What is a strong tamer, then?” Nicholas asked. “Champion is a human title. Why does a pokegirl care about it?”


          Bea shot him a disgruntled look. “Master, you are being ridiculous.”


          “Answer me.” Bea’s expression faded when she heard the edge to his voice. The command. “What does my being a ‘Champion’ matter to you.”


          Bea hesitated. He was staring at her and it… made her uncomfortable. His question, wasn’t it obvious? He was strong. That’s what mattered.


          But she had already said that and he hadn’t been satisfied. What did he want to hear? What should she say?


          “It matters because… I want a strong Master,” Bea tried slowly.


          “And why do you want a strong Master.”


          Bea fidgeted. “Um. Because…”


          “You want a strong Master, you chose me, a Champion of human tamers, because all you give a shit about is being better than your mother,” Nicholas said. “You think that if you’re my Alpha, a completely arbitrary title, that you’ll magically be better. You’re wrong.” Bea jerked as if stung. “You may never be better than her, Bea. I am willing to be your tamer, to help you grow, but if you can’t put her behind you then you will remain exactly as you are. Exactly as your mother said you were.” He got to his feet. “Inexperienced and stupid.”


          Bea didn’t respond; Nicholas hadn’t expected her to. He was stepping all over her hopes and dreams. Bea needed to accept the truth – that she was a weak and inexperienced pokegirl who had no hope of standing up to her mother, or any decently trained pokegirl for that matter. If she wanted to be better she would need to find her own path just like Steven had said.


          “We’ll be arriving at the Battle Frontier soon.” Nicholas nodded at the cliffs that they were moving past. “My Alphas are Miyuki, a Glaceon, and Dahlia, a Venusaur. If you’re so caught up on being my third Alpha you’ll need to talk to them. Learn their lessons.” He glanced at Bea but the Beldum was frozen. “Because right now, you have no hope of ever ‘taking your place at my side’.”


          He left Bea with her thoughts and returned to the main deck. Soon he felt the engines throttling back and looked over the side of the boat to see the yawning harbor opening in front of them. Before long he could see the docks and the massive crowd gathered there.


          Foremost among the crowd, and with a healthy space around her, was Ryuko. Even before Mr. Briney had landed she was standing poised and ready, and the instant the boat was in range she leaped through the air to land almost on top of him.


          Nicholas took her hand when she reached for him and the two stood motionless for a few seconds, Ryuko’s armor in her light battle configuration so that her face was uncovered. Her eyes drilled into his, her usual intensity punctuated by a deep longing that Nicholas knew would not be fading soon.


          “I’m back,” he said, taking her other hand and pushing his mouth to hers. Ryuko melted into him, feverishly returning his kiss until she felt him let go of her hands. “Ryuko.” Ryuko, trembling, pulled back to see him smiling at her. “Leave some for the others.”


          “…My Master,” Ryuko whispered, taking the smallest of steps back. “If you say so.”


          Nicholas gave her another quick kiss before stepping back himself. “I do. Once I’ve greeted the harem I will give you all all the time you wish.”


          Ryuko tried to salute and take a bodyguard pose but her trembling legs betrayed her true feelings. “A-As you command.”


          Mr. Briney expertly looped lines around the dock’s pilings, landing even with Nicholas and Ryuko standing directly in his path. “Give me a minute to secure ‘er,” he called, waving a hand when Nicholas’ harem started to drift towards the boat. “Oy, not yet!”


          Nicholas looked over. “I’ll be off in a moment!” He gave Ryuko one last grin and nodded towards the dock. “Wait for me. I need to gather your new sisters.”


          Ryuko barely maintained her composure but nodded, letting him walk away and duck under the deck.


          Morgana was stepping out of her cabin already so Nicholas pointed her above and went to find Elaine. The Combusken didn’t acknowledge him when he called, even though he could see that she was awake, so she was recalled and Nicholas moved back up to see if Bea was going to act the same way.


          He needn’t have worried. Bea was already on the dock when he got back up, Ryuko and Morgana also among the crowd. Bea apparently had already made her targets clear because he could see Dahlia talking to her, the Venusaur’s vines forming a buffer that separated the two from the rest of the harem. She… didn’t exactly look happy.


          “I’ll be hanging around for a week or so to recover from that trip,” Mr. Briney called when Nicholas made it back on deck. “If you want to leave when I do…”


          Nicholas shook his head. “Thanks, but I doubt that’ll be the case. I’m not intending on leaving for quite a bit more than a week.”


          Mr. Briney chuckled. “Fair enough. It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Nicholas. Thank you for everything you did for us.”


          Nicholas nodded and climbed off the boat. Instantly he was surrounded, pokegirls on every side as excited voices clambered for his attention. Laughing, he grabbed the closest body he could, pulling Galina forwards as the surprised Marowak crashed into his chest. “I’m back!” Galina let out panicked gasps when Nicholas’ rough handling nearly dragged her on top of him; a few seconds later they were a different kind of gasp when his hands, working up her back, twisted into her chest wrap and pulled it almost painfully tight across her breasts. She was squeezed tighter and tighter against him, her chest ballooning out against his, as he took her in a kiss almost deeper than the one Ryuko had received. Then she was free, head spinning, when he moved to his next target. The excited harem quickly turned to a lustful mob, a few sets of limbs trying to return Nicholas’ grabs but he avoided every one, working his way through the crowd until he could see the stairs up to the main level. Then, with an excited laugh he jumped free, sprinting away from the harem as the pokegirls scrambled to follow. Sera and Ashley were first in the air and first to catch up to him but he deftly played them onto each other, leaving the two squabbling as he broke for the large apartment complex he had left all those weeks ago.









          Nicholas didn’t hear the voice coming from under the pile of clothes near the bed. His dick was still deep in Hana, after all, and he had far more interesting things to capture his attention. Like the abs his fingers were massaging, one hand moving down to Elizabeth’s snatch and joining his tongue in sending the Nidoqueen into a backbreaking, screaming orgasm. Or the two pokegirls who were pleasuring each other while they waited for him to move on from Elizabeth; Nessa and Galina, who had formed her signature bone club in a much more… suggestive shape. She had it buried in Nessa’s cunt even as the Feraligatr’s tail pushed at the Marowak’s groin.


          “Master,” the voice came again. Nobody heard it, so a few moments later light sparked and the pile of clothing bulged up as a body took shape.


          Kalmiya sputtered, fighting her way free before turning to look for Nicholas. Seeing him in the middle of turning his attention from a gasping Elizabeth to the moaning Ampharos underneath him she cleared her throat. Loudly. “Eh. HEM. MASTER.”


          Finally she got his attention and Nicholas looked over. “Kalmiya?” He grunted when sparks cascaded across Hana’s body and a few sank into his stomach, causing his hips to jitter and send his dick thrusting rapidly for a second before the muscles relaxed again. “I’m a bit busy.”


          Kalmiya snorted and walked over to the bed, wrapping her fingers around his penis and shoving him away from Hana. “I have a message.”


          Nicholas caught himself from falling off the bed and caught himself again as he prepared to cuss her out for the interruption. Kalmiya’s personality was evolving to be an extremely free spirit, but she would never go this far without reason. This was something important. “Explain.”


          “Celebi requests her Master join her immediately.”


          Nicholas frowned slightly. “What does Celine want?”


          “No, Master.” Kalmiya turned to fix him in a serious gaze. “Celebi calls for her Master.”


          Nicholas frown deepened. “Can it wait, or does she need me right now.”


          “She asks for your immediate presence. She awaits you outside this building.”


          “Tell her I will be with her as soon as I can. If she needed me immediately, she should have come in person.”


          Kalmiya bowed. “Yes, Master.”


          Nicholas turned back to the group of pokegirls on the bed when Kalmiya dematerialized. Hana wasn’t done, and Nessa and Galina were staring at him expectantly. He’d said it to Kali, and he’d said it to Celine. If they wanted to be a part of his harem, he would treat them as such. Which meant giving those who were first their due time.







          Celine’s head snapped to the door when it opened and Nicholas walked out. “I’ll be honest,” she growled, “I’m rather impressed that you would snub me like that.”


          Nicholas slowed his approach. Just as Kalmiya had said. It wasn’t Celine, the Bellossom, that was standing in front of him under the moon. It was Celebi. Her illusion was nowhere to be seen. “I knew you’d come and get me if it really was that vital.”


          “I nearly did,” Celine retorted. “But you’re you, so despite everything I found myself waiting.”


          “What’s going on?” Nicholas asked quietly.


          Celine turned, her wings fluttering slightly as she lifted up to eye height. “Follow me.”


          Nicholas followed her to the western shore of the Battle Frontier, hesitating a moment when she disappeared over the edge of a cliff before hearing her curt call and moving forwards to see her hovering expectantly. He stepped out, Celine catching him without even the slightest dip in her flight before she dropped, weaving down the jagged rocks and pulling up near the shore. Nicholas put his feet down when she stopped, looking around and following her again when she moved off.


          “Kali!” Nicholas raised an eyebrow when he heard Celine call. “Your Master is here. You better still be.”


          A blob near the tideline moved. Nicholas slowly made out Kali, the shadow of the cliff hiding the moonlight from view and covering her completely in darkness. “Master?” Nicholas could make out nothing but the shape of her tail as it slowly twitched behind her. “Why…?”


          Nicholas barely had time to take in how her voice, for the first time ever since he had met her outside Cerulean City, held a hint of doubt before Celine raised her hand. Light burst forth, illuminating the three and a dozen feet around them. “Tell him.”


          Nicholas blinked. Now that her face was illuminated he could see Kali’s expression. The slanted brow, the wide eyes. She did not look like a legendary, like the superweapon she was. She looked like a worried pokegirl.


          And she was completely naked as well, the hoodie he had given her, something she almost never removed, nowhere to be seen.


          “Master…” Kali’s eyes wavered. “Why, chronicler? Why did you bring him here?”


          “Because a stupid pokegirl needed her Master,” Celine snapped. “Tell him.”


          “You said you would not interfere.”


          “Arceus help me,” Celine cursed. “I am not interfering. You are the daughter of Mew, the Predecessor Pokegirl, and if this human truly is all it takes to stop you then you are an embarrassment to your mother’s legacy.” She stiffened. “Eh, no offense, Nicholas.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “None taken.”


          “…Maybe he is,” Kali whispered.


          “For the love of-“ Celine threw her hands up, making the light flash across the surfaces around them until she returned the hand casting it to its original position. “He’s something else, yes, but he’s not THAT!”


          “I am so much weaker than you, chronicler,” Kali whispered, her eyes moving to Celine. “You have reminded me of that many times. Is it truly so unbelievable that the human who has captured you can overpower me as well?”


          “Yes. Because you are making excuses,” Celine replied. “You are not weaker than me. Perhaps you are in this moment, because you are young. Twenty years if that, while I am almost as old as time itself. And you still overpower most of those awake in the world. The sisters Ho-oh and Lugia, they are not weak. They hold dominion over others like them, like us. You stand above them. You stand above the elements, the roaming swords. All of them. The guardians who defend this reality from all others, I would say you stand above even them. There are very, very few – perhaps only two – that I would say stand above you today.”


          “Who are they?”


          Celine looked back at Nicholas’ question. The man was standing with a curious expression. “Who are…?”


          “The ones you say are stronger than Kali.”


          Celine shook her head. “I did not bring you here to tell stories. I brought you here because Kali needs a voice she will listen to.”


          “I’d like to know,” Nicholas said apologetically. “I mean, I have two legendary, unique pokegirls in my harem. And everything I’ve done has been mixed with the tales of the ‘others like you’ – as well as a few of them in person.”


          “Calm her,” Celine replied, gesturing at Kali, “do what I brought you here to do. And I will tell you whatever you want to know.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Kali?” Mewtwo glanced at him. “What’s wrong? You’re definitely not acting like yourself.”


          Kali grimaced. “I do not know.”


          “Okay.” Nicholas nodded at her nudity. “Where’s your hoodie, then? Usually the only time you take it off is when you’re looking for a taming.” He waggled his eyebrows teasingly. “Was that why Celine brought me here? Hmm?”


          Kali tore her eyes away from him. “No. No, I… I…” Her hands clenched into fists. "I... Ever since I, we, came to this island… something has called to me.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Called to you?”


          “The hoodie… your scent…” Kali trembled. “It was… distracting me from it.”


          Celine gestured urgently towards Kali and Nicholas took the hint, walking up to her and standing as close as he dared. “Distracting you?”


          Kali looked like she was struggling to breathe for a few seconds before she gasped, her body relaxing as she breathed in. After another few breaths her head drooped, tears beading in her eyes and Nicholas felt her tail wrap firmly around his waist. “Master.”


          “I would rather hope that my scent would be distracting,” Nicholas said firmly. “And that my presence here next to you would be even more so.”


          “It is,” Kali whispered. “The calling is gone.”


          “And what is calling you?” Nicholas asked. “If you can’t say, then what do you feel in this… call?”


          “I feel… longing,” Kali replied. “I feel like where I am now is not where I should be.”


          “With me?”


          “On this island,” Kali replied. “No, Master. From the moment you found me at your side is where I was meant to be.”


          “But this call makes you long to be standing somewhere else, while still as my pokegirl.” Nicholas threw a hand over his heart. “Thank goodness for that.”


          Kali smiled and Nicholas felt her pull him closer with her tail. “Yes. My Master.”


          Nicholas snickered when her pull pressed him into her body and his face ended up between her breasts. “I just came from a small orgy. You’ll have to give me a minute, Kali.”


          “And yet I can feel you,” Kali whispered. “If I asked, you would give me what I desired, and you would do so as if I had been the only one you laid with tonight.”


          “That is the power in his blood,” Celine called. “Have you calmed down now, Kali?”


          Kali swallowed and looked up to where Celine hovered. “In one way I have, chronicler.”


          “Good.” Celine pushed a hand in between Kali and Nicholas and slowly pulled him away from her. “Now unless you wish to ask, let him go. I promised to answer his questions.”


          Kali didn’t let go immediately. “Master?”


          Nicholas reached up to stroke her cheek. “Yes, Kali?”


          “The call will not go away, even with you here.” Her eyes watered. “If you step away from me, it will return.”


          “If you ask me I will go with you. Wherever this longing takes you,” Nicholas replied. “I will not leave your side unless you tell me to.”


                    Kali curled her arms against her chest and sniffled, fighting the tears in her eyes for a bit before her tail released him and he stepped back to look at her. After another minute or so her eyes opened, blinking away her tears and locking onto his. She was back to normal as her arms relaxed, falling back to her side as she lifted her chin. “I would expect nothing less from my Master.”


          Nicholas smirked and gently shoved her shoulder. “I bet not. Celine?”


          Celine drifted down to a large stone, taking a seat and resting the arm she had been using to cast light on her knee. “What do you wish to know, Master?”


          “Everything.” Nicholas turned to her, finding a seat of his own while Kali remained standing. “You often say that you are as old or almost as old as time itself. I want to know everything.”


          Celine gazed at him. “The sun will rise before I am finished.”


          Nicholas smirked. “Sleep is for those without our blood.”


          Celine gave him a small smile. “Very well. My Master, scion and inheritor of our ancient power. I will tell you all that I know.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge



          Elaine, Combusken – Level 16

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 14

          Bea, Beldum – Level 15


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5