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Chapter 7





          Nicholas shot upright gasping for breath. His skin felt cold and he fumbled with his blankets, finally extricating himself from them and shoving out of the tent.


          He staggered a few feet before the adrenaline finally started to wear off and he slid to the ground, chest heaving. Finally, as his mind began to catch up, he scrubbed at his arms in an effort to quell the goosebumps rising across every inch of his skin.


           He’d been sleeping. He swallowed, shivering now that his body was adjusting to the actual temperature in the cave. He’d been sleeping. Why did he feel so afraid?


          A nightmare, it must have been. Nicholas grimaced, holding himself tightly until a new wave of tremors passed. A pretty bad one, if his reaction to it was as violent as this.


          But still, only a nightmare. He looked around the dark cave. Technically it wasn’t pitch black anymore – Steven had placed a very low light outside of his sleeping area to help his harem keep watch and with it Nicholas was able to make out the shape of his tent a few feet away.


          …Just a nightmare. Nicholas shivered again as he slipped back into his tent. He still needed to sleep, so hopefully whatever had caused it had passed.


          Above him, as he settled back down and dozed off, the low light highlighted the ancient carvings… and the distinct lack of a third figure among them.







          When Nicholas next poked his head out of his tent the lights were back on and Steven and his harem were gathered together around something that was sending wisps of steam towards the roof.


          Perhaps unsurprisingly it was the pokegirl who appeared to be covered in eyes that noticed him first and got Steven’s attention. The man glanced over and, seeing Nicholas looking in their direction, raised his hand in greeting. “Hey, Nicholas! Good morning.” He glanced up at the tongs he was holding before looking back down with a grin. “Hungry?”


          Nicholas ducked back into his tent to finish getting dressed before emerging and wandering over to the group. “If you’re offering.”


          “There’s more than enough to share. Your pokegirls as well,” Steven explained. The steam was coming from a large portable griddle which was completely covered in slabs of meat Steven periodically shifted to keep from burning. “Where are they? Still in bed?”


          “Oh, uh…” Nicholas glanced back at his tent. “They slept in their pokeballs last night, actually. It would have been Elaine’s night in the rotation, but…”


          Steven pulled one of the steaks off the heat and tossed it at a vicious looking pokegirl with a jagged blue exoskeleton, neither he nor she bothering with any of the utensils scattered around as she grabbed her meal in both hands and began tearing bites away. “But?”


          Nicholas shook his head. “It’s complicated. I’ll go get them.”


          When he returned with Morgana and Elaine Steven had passed out a few more steaks, one to a Skarmory who was busy slicing it into ribbons with her metal feathers and another to Tetsu who was the only one so far to have taken her portion on a plate with a fork and knife. Nicholas accepted the three plates Steven passed him and glanced around at the rest of his harem out of curiosity. The Skarmory was at least holding her meal on a plate, the blue armored pokegirl was halfway through devouring her steak with juices splattered all over, and out of the four others he only saw two more plates between them.


          Nicholas blinked when he noticed the seventh, smaller figure sitting silently between the Skarmory and an utterly gargantuan pokegirl who looked more like a metal statue than a living being, though she was shifting slightly every minute or so. “So-“ Nicholas glanced over at Steven. “I don’t think we made any introductions last night.”


          “Food first, talk later,” Steven chuckled. “My girls can get quite unhappy if their meals are delayed.” A smile flickered across Tetsu’s lips when the blue pokegirl let out an agreeable growl. “Do you want anything other than a steak? I’ve got some garnishes in my bag but the girls usually just want meat.”


          “We’re heading back into town after this I believe,” Nicholas replied. “If we want something else I’m sure there will be an opportunity.”


          Morgana silently made a face behind him and jumped when Tetsu spoke. “Perhaps a few potatoes, Master.”


          “Sure, sure.” Steven turned away to rifle through his bag and deftly began chopping two potatoes into cubes. “One, two…” he suddenly grabbed another finished steak from the griddle and sent it spinning into the air. Another of his pokegirls, this one only barely looking humanoid due to the tentacles that covered her body, came alert when she saw the flying steak and a dozen tentacles shot out to snare her meal before anyone else could steal it. The meat quickly vanished underneath a squirming mass somewhere near where Nicholas assumed her mouth would be and he quickly looked away from the spectacle when he saw two blazing yellow orbs staring at him from the shadows covering the girl’s face.


          Steven was chuckling. “Thought I’d got you off guard for once, Nene.”


          The tentacles slowed for a moment as the girl responded, her voice decidedly alien. “No, Master,” it hissed. One tentacle sneaked past the girl covered in eyes to try and worm into Steven’s belt before he slapped it away. “Never, Master,” she said with what might have been a laugh.


          Steven was humming happily even as he fended off another sneaky tentacle, Nene suddenly having come alive now that she had her food and even Nicholas had to deflect one of her exploring appendages before the rest of the meal had been doled out. The girl covered in eyes hadn’t received anything, and Morgana had nervously refused her steak before asking in a very quiet voice if she could have any of the potatoes, which Steven handed over without hesitation. The rest was divided between the two humans and silence reigned, broken only by the occasional tentacle – until Tetsu cleared her throat to send all of Nene’s appendages curling back around her body – as the group ate.


          Once the plates were being handed back in to be repacked Nicholas took another look around the group. The seventh pokegirl, the one he hadn’t noticed the night before, almost looked like she was trying to hide between the Skarmory and statue-like girl. “Thank you very much for the meal, Steven.”


          “My pleasure, my pleasure.” Steven finished packing up the cookware and clapped his hands together. “Now that everyone is fed, introductions! Nicholas, if you would lead?”


          Nicholas nodded and gave a small wave. “Hi. I’m Nicholas, the Ralts here is Morgana, and the Torchic is Elaine.” Only three of the girls made any motion in return; Tetsu waved, the statuesque girl inclined her head slightly, and the Skarmory bobbed her head in greeting. “How about you, Steven?”


          “You of course already know Tetsu. Beside her there, as you may have heard me say, is Nene, my Cradily. Between her and I is Vala, my Claydol.” Steven swept back around to the other side of the group. “The girl with the exoskeleton is my Armaldo Xena, then the one with the wings is Tori, my Skarmory, then we’ve got Sapphire and finally my Aggron, Dorah.”


          Nicholas frowned slightly. Steven hadn’t identified the smaller pokegirl besides her name, Sapphire. “What is-?”


          “My name,” came a growl from between Tori and Dorah, “is NOT SAPPHIRE!" A pained look crossed Steven’s face as the girl pushed forwards a bit to glare at him. “My Master has yet to give me a real name.”


          “Simply because he is my Master does not make him yours, Sapphire,” Tetsu interjected in her motherly voice. “Besides-“


          “Stop CALLING me by that- that IDENTIFIER!” Sapphire screamed. “Just because you are my mother-“


          Sapphire abruptly went completely silent even though her mouth was still moving. After a few seconds she realized that she wasn’t making noise and grabbed at her throat, whirling to look at Tetsu with a furious expression. Tetsu’s eyes were glowing and she looked past the angry pokegirl to address Nicholas. “Sapphire is one of my daughters, and a Beldum. She is the last of her sisters to find her Master.” Sapphire unexpectedly lunged at Tetsu before freezing completely in midair when Tetsu returned her full attention to her. “Now, Sapphire? In front of a guest?”


          “Erm-“ Nicholas glanced away from the scene to see Steven pointedly keeping his own eyes averted. “Why does she, uh, say that isn’t her name?”


          “Because she’s just like her mother,” Steven replied with a sigh. “It would be so much easier on all of us if she would just find a tamer and go.”


          Nicholas had a sudden sense of foreboding and moved quickly to change the subject. “I’m… sorry to hear that.” He cleared his throat. “So those are introductions…” Sapphire’s motionless body levitated back towards where she had been sitting, Dorah grunting as she adjusted her body to more thoroughly block Sapphire from Tetsu before the psychic hold vanished and Sapphire dropped to the floor with an angry grunt. “…I guess… now that they’re over with, I’ll start heading back to the Battle Frontier.”


          Steven shook his head and looked up at Nicholas. “You won’t help. You won’t even just be a pair of eyes travelling Hoenn. You could finish the badge challenge while you travel. You wouldn’t even have to challenge me at the end of it if you wanted to wait.”


          “Trust me, if I started earning badges here in Hoenn, I wouldn’t want to stop until we had faced each other,” Nicholas replied. “So…” he trailed off. He wanted to say no. As he opened his mouth, ‘No’ was on the tip of his tongue. But for a moment the word wouldn’t come. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. “I… shouldn’t.”


          Steven perked up. “Shouldn’t?”


          Nicholas grimaced. Just say no! “I mean I- I mean I can’t!” There was visible relief as he managed to spit out at least some sort of hard negative. “I can’t leave my harem alone again. I said that last night, didn’t I? I need to figure out a way to do these challenges and be away from them while still fulfilling my duties to them as a tamer.” He settled back. “So I can’t.”


          “Until you figure that out you can’t.”


          Nicholas’ relief wavered slightly but he held on. “Right. Who knows how long that will take.”


          “But once you figure out that issue. Then you can.” Steven leaned forwards. "Will you?"


          Nicholas’ expression had fallen again. He still couldn’t bring himself to say no. It was as if something closed his throat every time he tried to form the sounds. “…Steven, I can’t make you that promise right now,” he finally said. “Please don’t pressure me anymore.”


          Slowly Steven returned to a neutral position. “All right. Fine. I won’t.” He glanced at Nicholas’ harem. “Can I pressure you to do something else, then?”


          Nicholas sighed. “What.”


          “If I’m not going to battle you as a Champion for a long time, I’d like to at least witness you in battle now.” He looked back at Nicholas. “Something to remember you by.”


          Nicholas looked around at Steven’s pokegirls. “Yeah… If you came to the Battle Frontier I might be able to give you a good fight.”


          Steven shook his head. “That would be fighting me as a Champion. No, I mean those two you have now.” He gestured at Elaine and Morgana. “Why don’t you show me how you command newer pokegirls?”


          “Against… what?” Nicholas asked. “You can’t expect them to face off against your harem.”


          “Well, there’s a gym here in Dewford,” Steven proposed. “Why not try there?”


          Nicholas immediately shook his head. “I told you. If I get started on a badge challenge I’m not stopping until I’m facing the region’s Champion. I can’t right now.”


          “Just one gym battle.”


          Nicholas gave Steven an annoyed look. “I can’t start a gym challenge right now.”


          “But you’re already here,” Steven almost whined. “It’s not like you’re going out of your way to start anything. Just exit the cave, stop by the gym, get on your boat. It won’t take more than an hour extra.”


          Nicholas grumbled to himself. It was true. It wouldn’t take much time at all. And Morgana and Elaine… Especially Morgana. They hadn’t had a real challenge yet. If he took them back to the Battle Frontier now they wouldn’t share any common ground with the others. They’d be completely green, untested.


          “…plus if you do win, you can take the badge and not have to worry about Dewford whenever you actually are ready to start,” Steven added. “Seven instead of eight. That would be less time to have to worry about being away from your harem, wouldn’t it?”


          “…It would,” Nicholas sighed. “And win or lose, there’s nothing making me continue, or try again. Just one battle.”


          “Just one battle,” Steven replied eagerly. “Officially start your Hoenn harem and challenge. Then complete it whenever you’d like!”


          Nicholas gave him a begrudging smile. “Which incentivizes me to figure out my problems, and make it sooner rather than later.”


          “Sooner would definitely be good,” Steven agreed. “I mean, too late and who knows what will be left.”


          Nicholas snorted. “I believe in you.” He stood. “Fine. One battle. Morgana, Elaine?” He looked around. “How about it? Want a challenge?”


          Morgana immediately shot to her feet while Elaine had a much more sedate pace. “I’d love to, Master!” she exclaimed.


          “Yeah. But don’t expect me to wait around for your orders,” Elaine grumbled.


          Nicholas nodded. “I guess that’s decided. Let’s go take on a gym.”


          “When will you give me a real challenge, Master Steven?” Sapphire could be heard muttering under her breath. “All you do is drag me around to look at rocks.”


          Something about Sapphire’s latest comment had crossed a line. Steven’s harem went from being relaxed in their positions to suddenly coming alert, Dorah in particular undoing her stretch and getting completely out of the way of Tetsu and Sapphire. Even before the hulking Aggron had moved Tetsu’s eyes had locked onto her daughter. “You can’t have it both ways, child,” Tetsu said very, very quietly. “If you insist that Master Steven is also yours, then I am your Alpha. If I am not your Alpha, and merely your mother, then Master Steven is but another human to you.” Sapphire tensed when Tetsu stepped between her and Steven. “If he is your Master, then you will obey me. If you will not, then you will not call him as such.”


          Sapphire’s hands curled into fists. “He is my Master.”


          “Then I am your Alpha.”


          Sapphire gritted her teeth and got into a fighting stance. “You are not. I will be his Alpha.”


          Silence for a few seconds before Tetsu began to laugh. It was not a happy noise. Instead it mixed the warm, motherly tone Nicholas had heard Tetsu use when she was calm and the dangerously soft one that she adopted when she was serious to create a sinister noise. “Oh, Sapphire,” she laughed. “You truly are my daughter.” Sapphire looked like she tried to attack but she was frozen in place once again, only this time it was just from the neck down. Her head twisted, impotent curses spewing from her lips as Tetsu walked forwards and gently stroked her cheek. “But you are untempered by time. And so you believe your inexperience to be confidence; your stupidity to be power.” Sapphire gurgled when Tetsu pushed her head back, her eyes growing hard as her fingers closed around her daughter’s throat. “You will never replace me.”


          Steven cleared his throat and for the first time looked directly at the two. “Tetsu.” His voice was no louder than it needed to be, perfectly calm and firm. A tamer’s command in just her name.


          Slowly Tetsu relented, her hand finally letting go of Sapphire’s throat to leave the Beldum gasping for air. “Master.” She barely looked back, keeping one eye on Tetsu while she addressed Steven. “I am defending my position.”


          “Your position is secure, Tetsu. None but I can take it away from you. And you know that.” He gazed at her with the same power that his voice had conveyed. “We both know that you do not feel threatened by your daughter.”


          Tetsu growled quietly and a moment later Sapphire staggered, free again from the psychic bonds. “I am. Because in her I see myself.”


          Steven nodded slightly. “That is true. Saph- She always was the one who took after you the most.” He shook his head. “Maybe that is why I have been so hesitant to push her away as I did the others.”


          “Master?” Sapphire croaked, still massaging her throat.


          “No. I am not your master. To me, you are nothing but Sapphire, the last of Tetsu’s daughters, and nothing more,” Steven replied in the same even voice. “You will never be satisfied here. It is time for you to leave. To find your own path, your own place.”


          “My place is-!” Sapphire tried to cry before doubling over with a horrible cough when the outburst aggravated her damaged throat.


          “Your mother’s place is here at my side,” Steven replied quietly. “Yours is not.”


          Nicholas quickly threw up his hands when Steven turned to him. “Hey now.”


          Steven cracked a smile at that. “Nicholas Topolski.”


          “Ohh, no.”


          “Sapphire needs a tamer. A strong master who can help her grow.”


          “No no no.”


          “I have no other candidates. Nobody I know who can honor her will like I know you can.” Steven extended his hand. “Please. Be her tamer.”


          “No no no no no no-“ Oh sure, I couldn’t say no a minute ago and now it’s all I can babble! Nicholas forced himself to calm down. “She doesn’t want to leave you.”


          “It doesn’t matter. She needs to leave or one day Tetsu will kill her.”


          “Maybe, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t force my pokegirls to do anything they don’t want to.” Nicholas glanced at Sapphire, still doubled up and struggling to breathe. “She doesn’t want to leave, so I’m not going to force her to.”


          “Failed… again,” Sapphire wheezed, finding Tetsu and giving her a weak, but cocky smile. “One day… One day, mother, I will-“ she gagged, nearly crumpling to the ground before she was able to clear her windpipe again and continue. “I will. Replace. You.”


          Steven held up his hand before Tetsu could respond. “You will not, Sapphire. You will never be my Alpha.”


          Sapphire was obviously shaken by his words but she held on. “I- will.”


          Tetsu suddenly began to smile. “You will not.” She ignored Steven’s look and stepped towards Sapphire. “Champion Stone’s Alpha you will never be. But.” She glanced at Nicholas and now her smile was spread completely across her face. “There is one way. One way that you can claim to have replaced me. If your Master is the Champion. What does it matter if his name is Stone, or something else?”


          Nicholas stared back at her as he realized what she was doing. “You bitch.”


          Sapphire had gone still, her eyes darting up to look at him. And slowly she began to grow her own crafty smile. “…Master.”


          “FUCK!” Nicholas spun to fix Steven with the angriest glare he could muster. It was no use. The man was barely hiding his grin. “I said I wouldn’t take her from you.”


          “I don’t think you have a choice anymore, Champion Topolski,” Steven snickered. “I think she’s decided she’s GOING with you. No taking required, or even desired!”


          Nicholas made a move as if he was going to punch him but didn’t even make it a step before Vala was blocking the way to her Master. Nicholas growled softly but let off. He was pissed, that was for sure. But not enough to try to punch through a pokegirl that looked like living stone.


          “She wanted a real challenge as well, didn’t she?” Steven asked as Sapphire staggered in Nicholas’ direction. “Now you have a third pokegirl to challenge the gym with.” He began searching his bag as Sapphire got closer.


          Sapphire came to a halt and lifted her glittering eyes to his. “Master.”


          Nicholas stared down at her. How had he gone from one new pokegirl to three. “If you think,” he growled, “for even a moment, that you are going to pull any of the same attitude I just witnessed with me then you are sorely mistaken.” He bent down in Sapphire’s face. “I will allow you to join me. Understand? My choice. Not yours.”


          Sapphire grinned but before she could force out anything more Steven was tossing a pokeball to Nicholas; he deftly caught it, triggering Sapphire’s recall before releasing his anger in the form of a slew of profanities.


          Steven waited for Nicholas to turn back to his tent, the man aiming a kick at one of the supporting poles and sending the unanchored structure flipping across the floor when he connected, before turning to where Tetsu watched him. “Did you really have to go that far?”


          Tetsu turned away. “I did as my Master asked of me. She has finally accepted a tamer.”


          “Tetsu-“ Steven watched her push out of the harem’s loose circle and begin gathering their own equipment. She never ignored him.


          Turned away so that none of her harem or her Master could see two heavy tears rolled down the Metagross’ cheeks.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Elaine, Torchic – Level 14

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 12

          Sapphire, Beldum – Level 15


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          “I believe the gym is this way…”


          Nicholas maintained his path when Steven started to turn. “I’ll meet you there. I need to visit the pokecenter first.” He glanced over. “My new pokegirl is injured, you see.”


          Steven winced. “Oh. Yes, I suppose she is. All right, I’ll be waiting.”


          Nicholas continued on his way with Morgana and Elaine tagging along behind “Let’s get you both freshened up as well,” he said as they entered the building. “Sound good?” He didn’t wait for either of them to respond before triggering their recalls. “Good.”


          He was still angry and it made him restless. While the nurse behind the counter monitored the healing machine he paced, back and forth, back and forth, his thoughts dominated by the churning emotion and nothing else.


          When he heard the machine ding he returned to the counter before the nurse had even removed the pokeballs and took them with only the slightest word of thanks before drifting towards the seating area. Usually he would have asked for a room, spent some time getting to know his newest pokegirl, and taming if she wanted it. But he wanted to spend no more time on this island than he had to. Sapphire would just have to wait.


          He rapid-fire triggered all three pokeballs and pulled his pokedex from his belt as the girls began to materialize. “Kalmiya. I want to know everything about the Dewford gym.”


          “The gym specializes in Fighting-type pokegirls, Master,” Kalmiya replied. “According to other challengers the building has no windows and the light level inside is controlled by the assistants. This simulates Dewford Island’s many cave systems and the conditions you would find within them.”


          “Great. More blind fighting.” Nicholas sighed. “On the plus side it’s a Fighting-type gym. We’re its worst nightmare.” He nodded, some of the anger fading as he began to focus on the upcoming challenge. “I’ll be relying on you to communicate with the girls while I offer commands. This is our first gym battle together where you’ve had your whole strategy subprocess active. Oh.” He turned to Sapphire, who had materialized and now looked between him and the talking pokedex in confusion. “That reminds me. You’ll need an earpiece.”


          “Uh-“ Sapphire shook herself and focused on Nicholas. “Master?”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Yes. I have decided you can be my pokegirl.”


          “Yes… Master. Um. Who are you talking to?”


          “…You?” Nicholas replied. “You’ll need an earpiece to listen to our radio conversations.”


          “No, erm…” Sapphire gestured at the pokedex. “Who is that.”


          “Oh.” Nicholas picked the pokedex back up from where he had set it on the table, but it was only so he could pull out an earpiece before he set it back down. “That’s Kalmiya.”


          “Oh.” Sapphire accepted the earpiece. “I thought, maybe… You were calling me Kalmiya.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Hm? Oh, right. You don’t have a name, do you.”


          Sapphire’s eyes brightened. “Ah, no, Master. I have never been given one, and…” she hesitated before forging ahead. “As I have never before had… a Master.”


          “Isn’t it…?” Elaine started to mumble before Morgana shoved her just hard enough to throw the Torchic off balance.


          “Well you obviously can’t be my pokegirl without a name,” Nicholas replied. “I’ll need to think about it a little bit. I’m sure you’d prefer one that actually has meaning behind it.”


          Joy filled Sapphire’s eyes and she clasped her hands together, making an abortive short bow before lunging forwards and wrapping Nicholas in a tight hug. “Yes. Yes, Master, thank you!”


          Nicholas was taken aback by the crushing grip Sapphire wrapped him in, the Beldum’s joy only increasing the pressure she used to squeeze him. Thankfully it was over in seconds as she pulled back and began fiddling happily with her earpiece.


          Nicholas gingerly touched where she had grabbed him. He was certain that he’d be bruising soon. “So… right. I’ll try to think of a good one before the gym.”


          Sapphire nodded a few times before blinking and turning back to the pokedex. “Oh. Right. Kalmiya is your… pokedex?”


          “Kalmiya lives in my pokedex, though I suppose she’s basically my pokedex, yes,” Nicholas explained. “She’s a pokegirl called a Porygon.” He frowned. “Actually, I don’t think I’ve introduced her to any of you. Elaine? Morgana?” Both girls shook their heads. “Huh. Kalmiya, would you like to greet them properly?”


          “Of course, Master.” Sparks spread from the pokedex as Kalmiya took form. “Greetings, Elaine, Morgana. And my soon to be named sister,” she said, bowing at Sapphire.


          Sapphire giggled. “I guess you don’t need clothes if you live in a pokedex.”


          Nicholas grumbled. “She’s SUPPOSED to have designed an outfit for herself by now. Kalmiya, it’s been almost a year since I rescued you?”


          Kalmiya straightened back up. “As Master says, I am a Porygon that he rescued. I now serve him.” There was a mischievous twinkle in her eye when she continued. “Master is also who designed my body. No matter what he says he is not unhappy that I have chosen to continue appearing nude.”


          Sapphire’s jaw dropped. “He ‘designed’ you?” she asked in shock. “What a pervert!”


          “And there it is again,” Nicholas sighed. “Sure, yes. I designed her body and yes, a part of me is very happy every time she materializes without clothes on. But I have told her, multiple times, to STOP DOING IT!”


          Kalmiya twisted to look at him with a grin. “You have yet to order me, Master.”


          “Get back in the ‘dex,” Nicholas snapped. With a laugh Kalmiya complied, dissolving back into sparks and returning to her home. Nicholas scooped up the pokedex and hooked it back on his belt, using the opportunity to adjust his erection. “Fuck’s sake. Anyways, she controls our radios and everything electronic I do. I trust her to keep private conversations private and if any of you want to talk to each other from a distance just ask Kalmiya to connect your radios directly. If you were worried I could order her to ignore your privacy, as you’ve just seen she doesn’t listen to a word I say.”


          Morgana burst into a fit of giggles at that but it didn’t get the same response from the other two. However, Sapphire had finished settling her earpiece into place and now she had returned her attention to him. Nicholas didn’t notice at first, too busy moaning about Kalmiya and distracted as he organized his thoughts, but her eyes had started picking over his body and they came to a halt when she reached the bulge at his groin.


          “Now that’s out of the way we should head to the gym. Gym, gym, gym…” Nicholas muttered. “Before we get there I need a name for you.” Now he looked at Sapphire and noticed that her eyes were looking slightly downwards. “Hm?”


          Sapphire swallowed. “I have never had a tamer.” After a few seconds she glanced up at his face, her brilliant red eyes glimmering. “Now… you are my tamer.”


          Nicholas had seen pokegirls do this dozens of times before. In fact there were very few he’d brought into his harem without them getting horny within the first few hours. It was probably hard coded into their biology, to seek out validation from their new tamer as soon as possible.


          He’d intended on making Sapphire wait at least until they’d made it through the gym battle. But with the way he could see her getting now, there was no way she’d be able to focus on anything else until he took care of her need. One that, if he thought about it, likely hadn’t been satisfied since her birth, however long that had been.


          He sighed to himself as he watched Sapphire’s tongue run over her lips, her eyes wavering slightly whenever they returned to his face. His plans never went the way he wanted anyways.


          “Excuse me?” Nicholas turned to address the nurse. “Do you have rooms available that I can use?”


          “Door on your left. Take any you want.” The woman cocked her head slightly a moment after she finished speaking before letting out a quick laugh.


          Nicholas didn’t have time to do more than frown at her strange reaction before he felt a very assertive pair of hands begin to grab at him. He barely resisted what could only be Sapphire’s grip and twisted around, fending off the Beldum’s hands again before grabbing one of her arms and using that hold to lock her up momentarily.


          “Hey-“ up until now the best look he’d taken of Sapphire had been a glance a moment ago as she had spoken to Kalmiya. Every other moment had been full of action or other distractions. Now that his attention was focused solely on her he understood why she had slipped under his radar, so to speak – both her skin and long hair were a varying shade of dark blue, just like her mother’s and she was wearing a black leotard which had served to turn her body into a single seamless shape. Except… for what she had done now. Because while the leotard was still on her body, she had pulled one of the sides across her chest to reveal a naked breast. Even though it had been freed from the leotard it was still quite small which fit her diminutive body.


          “You’re not making it to that room are you,” the nurse called cheerfully when Sapphire’s free hand slammed into his chest and drove him to the pokecenter floor with her riding on top.


          “Saph-!” Nicholas bit his tongue before he could finish the word. She had been very clear that it wasn’t her name. “Hey! Are you kidding me? Here? NOW?”


          Sapphire was panting and her fingers dug into his shirt. “I’m touching my tamer.” A wild smile spread across her face and she began laughing as she ground her groin against his thigh. “It feels… It feels so much better when it’s with my Master.”


          “We barely get anybody in here in the first place,” the nurse called as Nicholas struggled to get out from underneath Sapphire. “Might as well be a private room. Don’t mind me.”


          “For the love of-“ Nicholas tried to throw Sapphire off of him but she was so much heavier than her five foot and change frame suggested. With her hovering over him he had a very clear view of her aspects though. And though he had gotten hard when Kalmiya materialized, he couldn’t deny that his erection now was for a very different pokegirl.


          Elaine had walked away and plopped down in a chair, seemingly unconcerned as Sapphire did what she wanted. Morgana fretfully looked between Elaine and Nicholas, frozen by her indecision as to whether she should help get Sapphire off of him or follow Elaine’s lead.


          “I wanted to give you privacy,” Nicholas growled, releasing the arm he had been holding off before rolling to his side and hooking one leg around Sapphire’s ass as he returned her attack with one of his own, ending up holding her relatively steady with his forearm pressed against her collarbone. "But fine."


          Morgana drifted backwards when she saw him getting into it and joined Elaine, half sitting in another chair as she watched the two wrestle.


          Sapphire’s leotard had snapped back into place during the scuffle but it didn’t really matter. The Beldum had forgotten about foreplay beyond the struggle she was locked in. By hooking his leg around her Nicholas had twisted his hips away from her groin, leaving her to fruitlessly push for his dick and find nothing. Her thrusts grew increasingly frantic until she let out a howl and strained against the arm holding her back.


          Nicholas’ face went white when she managed to shove forwards, changing the force on his arm into one that made it collapse inwards and very, very far from anywhere it should be. His elbow and shoulder screamed in protest as Sapphire forced her way in, grabbing his head and pressing her mouth to his with no hope of escape.


          Her move had also managed to pull her butt from Nicholas’ leglock and now, free to do whatever she wished, there was the sound of creaking fabric before Nicholas yelped in pain as her hand smashed into his balls.


          His shorts popped open from the pure strength of the yank Sapphire gave and she pushed her fingers into his boxers, freeing his erection to slap against something warm. With a final victorious scream she dropped on his dick, the scream turning to one of frustration when her first attempt sent Nicholas’ penis sliding up her leotard instead of into her pussy, but with another crack she yanked her leotard further out of the way and easily sank his shaft deep into her cunt on the second attempt.


          Immediately her supporting limbs gave out and Sapphire dropped fully onto Nicholas with a strangled noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan. He couldn’t even take advantage of her paralysis with how heavy the Beldum’s body was. It was all he could do to use his good arm to reach down her body and squeeze her ass.


          After a minute Sapphire came down from the initial high and stirred, lifting herself a bit with a contented moan as Nicholas’s dick dragged along her walls. He waited for her to give him some space before grunting and Sapphire let out an ear piercing squeal when he firmly grasped her butt and lifted his hips to push his dick right back as deep as it could go.


          He’d been prepared for her to collapse again but instead he gasped when her own hips slammed down, bouncing him out a bit in a terribly rough thrust before she was the one to rebury his length. Nicholas blinked when he felt something splash against his cheek and craned his neck up to see tears shaking free with every rough motion Sapphire made.


          “My… tamer,” she cried, continuing to ride him as her vagina clenched and she cried out, faltering slightly when she shook in orgasm before getting right back into a rhythm. “My… Master.” Nicholas let go of her ass now that she was moving on her own and reached up, twining his fingers into her hair and pulling her down for another kiss.


          Morgana’s ear twitched. Beside her Elaine was pointedly looking away from the two, a slight frown on her face as she did her best to ignore the scene. “Elaine-?”


          “Oh, be quiet,” Elaine growled.


          Morgana wisely left her alone and returned her attention to Nicholas.


          It wasn’t much longer before he felt his own orgasm building and Sapphire screamed in pleasure when his hands took firm hold of her again, not quite taking control but certainly reminding her that he wasn’t going to simply remain passive.


          Still, he was unable to do much but feel her reactions, trapped as he was underneath her surprisingly heavy body. And it wasn’t until she shuddered, the sticky mess of their combined ejaculations beginning to slip down his softening shaft, that it felt like any sort of control was returning to him.


          Her eyes slid open and moved down to find his, the brilliant red pupils searching for a validation she had never received before, and he gazed back, carefully untwining his fingers from her hair and beginning to softly stroke her as they basked in the afterglow.


          A name. For some reason as he stared into her eyes he thought about that question again. She had been basically dumped in his lap without any consideration for either his or her wishes. She had basically been tricked into wanting him, and all because of a name. Sapphire. He understood why Steven may have called her that – Sapphire being a type of gemstone, and he had seen the Stone family’s fascination with them. But she had called it nothing more than an identifier. Probably because that’s all it had been, something to identify her by what Steven knew best. A rock, the color of her skin or hair, something like that. Nicholas had no idea how many years Sapphire may have held that ‘identifier’ but it was very true that it had never been a name. And for any sapient creature, pokegirl, human, or otherwise, being unnamed, especially by the person Sapphire had so desperately hoped to be her Master, must have been heartbreaking.


          “…You need a name.”


          Sapphire had been regaining her breath but when she heard Nicholas whisper everything flew back into action. She blinked, steadying herself before nodding as tears threatened to spring back into her eyes. “Yes, Master.”


          All he could focus on were her eyes. The intense red. Much more than the burning red Elaine had, these sparkled, her tears sending flashes of light dancing through them almost exactly like a multi-faceted gemstone. And something came to mind, a useless fact, or so he had thought, that he had seen on a display in Joseph Stone’s office, a display with two brilliant gems, one red, and one blue.


          “Did you know,” he murmured, pushing her bangs away when they started to fall over her face, “that the gemstone known as a sapphire is not actually its true name?” Sapphire blinked a few times, more in confusion than anything. “If all you cared about was identifying a rock you had, then you’d call the blue gem a sapphire. But if you were to look just a bit deeper, you might see more.” He gazed deep into her eyes. “The same gem could hold traces of gold, of brown, of no color at all. But sometimes, like these eyes of yours, it could be red.” He chuckled. “I’m not Steven Stone, and I think it’s ridiculous to have identified you by a single facet of who you are. You’re so much more. I name you…” he mouthed the word ‘Ruby’ once before shaking his head and dropping the first syllable. “Bea. Not a sapphire, not a ruby, not whatever the actual mineral is called, because,” he chuckled, “I certainly am not going to call you that. But Bea. Bee-ah? Beau. Bee. Hm. What would be the best way to pronounce it…”


          “…Bee-ah,” Bea choked out. Her tears were falling fast. “That- that’s my name.” Nicholas grunted when she squeezed him tightly. “Thank you. Thank you, Master. Thank you.”


          “I know I came up with it because of the other one but…”


          “It doesn’t matter,” Bea cried. “You make it sound so beautiful.” She pulled back before letting out another happy cry and burying her face in his chest. “Bea. More than just one facet of who I am.”


          When they started to get up Morgana was right there, her own eyes dancing. “It fits you so well, Bea,” she gasped happily. “Oh, you feel so happy…” Nicholas let out a disgruntled noise when his dick came sloppily free but the two pokegirls were too caught up in each other to pay him any heed. “Welcome to the harem, Bea.”


          “Once you’re done being all happy I can run your girl through a cleaning cycle,” the nurse called. “Give you some time to wash up yourself.”


          Morgana blinked and looked down when she realized her embrace had gotten some of the mixed liquids on her sundress as well and purpled. “Ah-“


          “Sure. You two done? Yes?” This time Nicholas waited long enough for Bea to wipe her eyes and nod before finding their pokeballs and handing them over to the attendant. “Thanks. I’ll just be a moment.”


          As he was turning towards the bathroom he saw Elaine watching him out of the corner of her eye. He stopped, they stared at each other for a second. And she snorted, turning away to stare at the wall instead, leaving him to stand awkwardly with his penis hanging out.


          Nicholas sighed and went to wash up. Well. It wasn’t as if he expected anything different from her.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Elaine, Torchic – Level 14

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 12

          Bea, Beldum – Level 15


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5