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Chapter 3





          The Ralts slowly opened her eyes. Her memory was blank, empty since her birth except for slight flashes, and she straightened up, letting the blankets covering her fall away.


          Something was… missing.


          Her brow furrowed. She felt… safe. She was not concerned with being in this room, wherever it was, whyever that was. But something was missing…


          With nothing else to hold onto she reached for the brief flashes. All that they were were emotion. Innocence. Curiosity. Happiness. Contentment. Annoyance. Anger. Calm. Joy.


          There was a lot of joy, especially in the flashes that seemed to be more recent. That was what she was missing. She did not feel fear in this room, or anger, or any other negative emotion, but she did not feel joy.


          Nicholas turned towards the bedroom door when he heard movement. The Ralts was waking up. “Take your time.”


          The Ralts turned towards the voice. There was a human outside this room. Calm… Confident. That is what she felt. Her memories of confidence were tainted with pain, but this human’s confidence felt warm.


          Nicholas smiled when the door opened and the Ralts peeked out. “Good evening. I’m Nicholas.”


          The girl blinked, slowly, as if trying to understand what she was seeing, before stepping out of the bedroom. “You are… Master?”


          Nicholas nodded. “If you’ll have me.”


          The Ralts’ ears, hidden again beneath her hair, quivered. Still calm. Still confident. And… towards her, the warmth. It was no emotion she knew to name, but she could feel it directed at her by her Master.


          “You are… Nicholas. Master Nicholas. Master.” The Ralts bowed slightly. “Thank you.”

          “You seem to be a little confused still after taming,” Nicholas explained. “You were fully feral when I found you. How do you feel now?”


          The Ralts padded towards him and Nicholas leaned back when she plopped squarely onto his lap. “I feel… calm.” She sighed. “I feel… empty. Missing something.”


          “You’re looking for the other Ralts.” The Ralts stiffened. Memories flashed, knitting together better as Nicholas spoke. “You were living with another Ralts. In fact when we attacked you I remember seeing you run to each other, instead of away from us.” He chuckled.


          “Sister.” The Ralts blurted out. “I remember. Sister. Where is she?” Nicholas grunted when she spun on his lap. Her eyes were filled with purpose but it didn’t change the fact that she was still nude – and ended up orienting herself into a dancer’s pose. “Please, Master, tell me where she is!”


          Taming shock is fading. Nicholas looked into the Ralts’ amber eyes. “Nearby. I can take you to her.”


          Joy filled the Ralts’ expression and she embraced him. “Yes! Please, Master!” When she pulled away again she daintily lifted one leg all the way to her shoulder, giving Nicholas a solid few seconds of her stretching her pussy and tits in his face before bringing it down with her other leg so she sat sidesaddle. With one more kiss she slid off his lap and left Nicholas with a confused but raging erection.


          It was like every movement she made was sexual. The way she pranced towards the front door, how she stopped with her hand on the knob and bent back more than necessary so that her chest was on display again. None of it seemed like a compulsion but the Ralts was certainly doing her best to invite him in.


          “Do you have a name?” Nicholas asked as he reached past her to open the door. The two stepped into the hallway and began walking towards the stairs. “Or a better question, do you intend to stay with me?”


          “You are the only Master I have known,” the Ralts giggled. “All I ask is that you do not abandon my sister, Master, and I will be happy.”


          Nicholas made a face. “We’ll figure it out.”


          The Ralts poked her head forwards so she could look at him with questioning eyes but Nicholas ignored her and continued towards Wally’s house. “I have no name, Master,” she offered. “I would love if you gave me one.”


          “Hm.” Nicholas glanced back at her again. The Ralts was walking with her hands held behind her back, thrusting her chest out and making every step swing her body like a pendulum. “Morgana.” He turned back to the road with a shake of his head. “Because just like that famous sorceress, you are sex incarnate.”


          “Morgana.” Morgana clapped excitedly. If her chest had been any bigger she would have bounced. “I love it, Master! But, what do you mean, ‘sex incarnate’?”


          Nicholas rolled his eyes. “You’re kidding. You’re running around with nothing on and making every effort to display your naked body to anybody watching. How else could I describe that?”


          Behind him Morgana looked confused for a few seconds. Then, almost as if a switch had been flipped she let out a squeal and scrunched up, covering her nipples and groin with her hands. “MASTER! I- I’m NAKED!”


          Nicholas came to an incredulous halt and turned to her. “Excuse me? You didn’t realize?”


          “Th-This is how I’ve always been!” Morgana stammered. “But this is- naked! I can’t be naked!”


          Nicholas had no idea how to respond to that. It was as if his comment had stripped her of a feral innocence and given her the knowledge to understand her new situation. In just a few words. Was she maybe still in a bit of taming shock? With how fluently she’d spoken a few seconds ago he’d assumed she was tame at one point before, so this might just be her slowly recovering her old personality.


          But… “…how you’ve always been?” Nicholas probed. “If you went around nude before why is it a problem now?”


          “…I did not have the mind to care,” Morgana explained. “Now that I do, I… do.”


          “The mind to care, the way you speak… Morgana do you remember ever being tame before? With or without a human Master.”


          Morgana slowly shook her head. She still held her arms across her body in her best attempts at covering up. “I remember my birth, Master. I remember nothing since.”


          “Sera. Sera.” Morgana watched in confusion as Nicholas paced. “She was feral-born too. Ugh, but the first time she was tamed was still in the wilds, and she picked up enough there…”


          “Who is Sera, Master?” Morgana asked curiously.


          “A Crobat of mine,” Nicholas explained. “You’ll meet her eventually. If you were born in the wilds how can you speak so well? You couldn’t do it while feral, that was for sure. You just fretted around making noises.”


          This time he was watching her and saw the shift when her thoughts organized. “I do not know, Master.” She looked at him and her confusion faded when her eyes met his. “There is a warmth that I feel from you, and as long as I embrace it, my mouth forms these… words, from my thoughts.”


          “Kalmiya,” Nicholas asked tiredly. “What is going on here?”


          “This is beyond the abilities I have recovered, Master,” Kalmiya replied apologetically. “I can not guarantee any hypotheses to be accurate. I have only just begun to regain tactical functionality with your help.”


          “Just give me the best one you have. You’re the one who’s living in a pokedex, not me.”


          “Yes, Master.” Kalmiya let the data she had swirl around until one scenario floated to the top. “It is possible that this is an example of the Ralts’ signature ability. Known as Trace, it allows Ralts and their evolutions to copy the abilities of their opponents.”


          “You feel modesty and know how to speak because I do?” Nicholas asked Morgana in surprise. “Does that seem right?”


          Morgana stared at him. These were things that her Master knew, and so… she did too. But if she were to turn away… she glanced down the road and her arms slipped along with her focus, allowing her nipples to stiffen in the slowly descending chill. Nicholas watched Morgana’s eyes grow blank for a while before she blinked and quickly returned her attention to him. “I-“ it was as if she was in taming shock again, stumbling over her words and resorting to simple sentences. “I, am confused. Master. Master Nicholas.” She blinked a few more times until the life had fully returned and with an embarrassed squeak her hands flew to cover herself again. “…I do not like how I feel.”


          “Come here.” Morgana gasped when Nicholas scooped her into his arms. “This way you won’t have to focus on anything but me. For now, just do that. Tomorrow I will help you learn the things you’re borrowing from me now.” He glanced down at her. “Tonight you need to see your sister.”


          Morgana shivered. That was right. Her sister, the memories of joy. She snuggled closer to her Master’s body, focusing on the beat of his heart as he carried her through the darkening streets.


          It did not take long before she felt something out in the darkness. Faint at first then growing stronger she felt a rising euphoria threatening to overcome the thoughts of her Master. Nicholas felt Morgana begin to fidget and pulled her closer with a whisper. “We’re almost there.”


          His voice, his reassurance calmed her but it did not chase away the sensation she felt. Like a beacon her sister’s presence drew her in until she began to hear whispers in her mind.


          These she knew. With a gasp of relief she called out and without language the two Ralts exchanged thoughts. Morgana was shocked to find that her sister seemed calm. I thought I had lost you, her thoughts cried out. How could you not worry as I did?


          A grand feeling of contentment flooded the link and Morgana’s grip on Nicholas tightened when she felt her sister share everything. The confusion of being alone, quickly turning to fear when she saw the strange human. Brief panic, just as she had felt, but then… the human had opened his mouth. And beneath the fumbling words had been a voice so pure that even the sound of it had stilled her sister’s angst. There had not even been a hint of animosity in this human’s thoughts when he looked at her.


          Morgana moaned softly as her sister let go of the memories and instead shared her now. The clumsy thrusts, the awkward but gentle attempts across her body, and Morgana felt tears bead in her eyes. She needed her sister. But…


          Nicholas looked down when he heard Morgana’s quiet panting. “Are you okay?”


          Morgana’s fingers curled into his shirt. “My sister.”


          “We’re almost at Wally’s house-“ Nicholas started.


          “No,” Morgana whispered. “She… is busy.” Nicholas watched her lift her face to his and saw tears glittering on her cheeks. “I understand now. Why you did not tell me sooner.” She hiccupped, still feeling her sister’s joy, not because of her, but because of the human. “I… have you. She… has him. We… we no longer have each other.”


          Nicholas tenderly stroked her tears away. “You can still have each other.”


          “…Not tonight,” Morgana choked out.


          Nicholas nodded. Turning back to his hotel he carried Morgana all the way, only setting her down once they were back in his bedroom. He left her on the bed and was moving about, tidying up, when he felt a hand catch his arm.


          Turning he gazed into Morgana’s still glistening eyes and listened as she spoke back in broken sentences. “She… him. Me… you.” Morgana’s grip tightened and began pulling him towards the bed. “Joy… her… no. You, Master, joy.”


          “I will be,” Nicholas replied softly, resisting her pull just enough so that he stopped at the edge of the bed, “but she will always be your sister. No matter how far apart you are, that will not change. And all you will need to do is ask me, Morgana. Ask me and I will find her so that you may be together for however long you wish.”


          Morgana’s face slowly morphed into one of pure grief before she let out a wail and dove forwards, burying her face into his chest as she let out great hiccupping sobs.


          “JOY!” She screamed through the tears, her hands clutching at his back. “MASTER, PLEASE! JOY!”


          This is the tamer I want to be, Nicholas thought as he pressed Morgana to the bed. I want to help my pokegirls. And Elaine… she needs my help. Not this kind of help, he admitted, not this gentleness and love. Not yet. Morgana’s sobs slowly settled as he serviced her body, making sure that every stroke of her skin, every tease of her nipples or clit, every time he cupped her chin and kissed her lips that he was fully engrossed in his calm and caring thoughts. Allowing Morgana to take refuge in his mental sanctuary, away from her own tumultuous emotions. But one day. He cupped Morgana’s cheek again, gazing into her now soft eyes before growing a teasing smile and moving the finger that had been slowly trailing across her belly down and over her slit so that his thumb sank between her lips. Morgana let out a trembling sigh as he did so, her eyes sliding shut, completely at his mercy in a complete reversal from earlier. One day, Elaine. Please, let me give you this same happiness one day.


          Miles away and across the ocean a figure stood completely still by the water’s edge. One hand covered the hilt of a sword hanging at her side, while her hair waved in the light sea breeze that teased up the rocky shoreline where she stood guard. Facing west by northwest like a statue, unwavering in her watch.


          “I didn’t expect to find you out here, child.”


          Above the unmoving figure and away from the salt spray another turned at the call. This one’s long tail curled around her waist, securing the long hoodie she wore into a makeshift skirt. “Perhaps I do not wish to be expected by anyone.”


          Celine stepped up next to Kali. “I do not expect anything, daughter of Mew. I only observe.”


          “Observe someone else then, ancient one,” Kali grumbled. “I am not interested in being watched tonight.”


          Celine laughed softly. “Perhaps not. But at such a time is when observations become most interesting.”


          Kali scowled and turned back to the ocean. “I am not in the mood to humor anyone tonight, not even you.”


          “You believe you must ‘humor’ me?” Kali flicked back at the dangerously soft tone Celine had adopted. “There are powers in this life far beyond you, daughter of Mew. There are those that are far beyond even me. You may one day stand at the pinnacle of this earth but do not fool yourself into believing that is all there is.”


          Kali clenched her teeth together. “Why are you here.”


          “To observe,” Celine repeated. “You do not miss our Tamer, though we both wish he were here, and not away. But…?”


          Kali wrenched her eyes away and stared over the dark waves. Another brief hint of the sea breeze wafted up and her nose wrinkled. Beneath the pungent odors of the ocean was… something else. Something that sent a deep aching through her very soul. “I am not sure.”


          Celine nodded. “I will not interfere, Kali. On our Tamer I swear. But I will observe, for it is what I was created to do.”


          Kali glanced at Celine but she had vanished without another sound. Slowly turning back to the ocean she waited along with Ryuko until the dawn broke behind her and cast her shadow across the water. West. She took a deep breath, her eyes sliding shut as the unknown smell filled her lungs. The breeze came from the west. Whatever called to her came from the west.


          She must go west.








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



          Elaine, Torchic – Level 11

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 8


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5







          “…and the language trainer,” Nicholas muttered, easing the specialized TM out of its case. “Only a cheap one, so close your eyes for this one as well.”


          Morgana barely nodded, keeping her eyes closed as he pressed the disc to her forehead. After a few minutes the rush of information ebbed and she opened her eyes with a shaky breath. “Thank you, Master.”


          “It worked, then?” Nicholas asked as he cleaned up the pieces of the used TMs. One that had been advertised as a feralborn primer, and the one to teach Morgana English that he had just used. “How do you feel?”


          “I…” Morgana trailed a hand down her naked skin. “I understand, now, the things I felt from you yesterday. And now I understand how my thoughts become sounds. What each sound means.” She blushed. “Ah, I understand the words, I mean. Sorry, Master.”


          “You may have all the knowledge but that doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect,” Nicholas replied. “It’s fine. Everyone speaks a bit differently, after all. As long as we can understand each other that’s all that matters.”


          Morgana’s hand fell and she beamed at him. “Yes, Master.”


          “Nicholas,” Nicholas replied. “Master, Master Nicholas, Nicholas, whatever you feel most comfortable calling me. I assume that first disk probably held a few lines that act like a taming cycle and reinforced the whole Master thing, but I want you to know that I will not make you call me anything you don’t want to.”


          “You are my Master,” Morgana replied. “That is the truth, and I am happy in it.”


          Nicholas smiled back. “Very well. Now that you understand the emotions you felt last night, would you prefer to be as you’ve always been, or should we get you some clothes?”


          Morgana absentmindedly ran her fingers across her skin again. “You said, Master, that… I am named for another. Who is ‘sex incarnate’.”


          Nicholas chuckled nervously. “That was because of the way you were acting last night, before you held these new urges.”


          Morgana stopped her motions and looked at him. “How was I acting?”


          “Well, er…” Nicholas tried to use his body to mimic the way Morgana had been moving and posing but couldn’t quite do it right. “Like… this?”


          Morgana watched him for a few moments before sliding off the bed. Her face relaxed and she stretched, hands and feet coming together and displaying the slender toning of her body before she lowered her arms and swayed towards the bathroom exactly as she had walked outside the night before. Nicholas stared as she stopped in front of the mirror, one foot in front of the other, and slowly moved her hands behind her back. Morgana’s face very quickly turned red when she saw the way her natural posing was flaunting her body and she whirled, rushing back to Nicholas and grabbing his hands. “Please, Master, some clothes!”


          Nicholas stared back at her. “…What kind?”


          “This is… I…” Morgana glanced back towards the mirror before whirling to him with a wild shake of her head. “No, no! Cover me, Master. I wish to be more than… than ‘sex incarnate’.” She squeezed his hands desperately. “I do not yet know what, but I wish to be more.”


          Nicholas squeezed her back. “Okay. But please, Morgana, I did not name you that to shame you. You can’t help the way you are.” He gave her a swift kiss on her lips with a chuckle. “And I love the way you are.”


          Morgana’s blush darkened a bit and she ducked away with a squeak, leaving Nicholas to get up and get ready for the day.


          His fingers bumped against his belt as he was getting dressed and he stopped, half naked, to look at Elaine’s pokeball. He still hadn’t released her since that morning. Was she all right?


          Morgana’s ear twitched and she turned to the closed bedroom door. Her Master’s steady emotions had flickered and she carefully got up and knocked on the wood. “Master?”


          “Just getting dressed, Morgana,” Nicholas called. “What’s up?”


          Morgana peeked in. “I just felt…” she trailed off when she saw Nicholas holding the pokeball. “…is everything okay, Master?”


          “Heh.” Nicholas looked back down at Elaine’s pokeball. “I did some reading about the Ralts after you fell asleep last night, so I know why you’re asking. The warmth you talk about, it’s your connection to me and my emotions as your tamer. I reflect into you, right? So when I just felt worried for a second, you couldn’t help but feel the same.” He stroked Elaine’s pokeball. “This… is another of my pokegirls that you haven’t met yet. But unlike the others she’s as new as you are.”


          “Is she feral as well, Master?” Morgana asked curiously. “Why does she worry you?”


          “Feral? No. But she’s hurting, and I have to help her.” He squeezed the pokeball. “The problem is that she isn’t hurting like you were last night. It’s a different hurt. I know what I have to do to help her and I don’t want to do it.”


          Morgana slipped inside but left the door open behind her. “You don’t want to.” She raised her chin. “I feel your turmoil, Master, and shiver when I explore further. But I do not feel the hostility I know from my feral memories. You ache for this pokegirl and wish to help her. Your intentions are pure.”


          “Even pure intentions can lead to the wrong decisions,” Nicholas replied bitterly. “I don’t want to make the wrong decision.” He suddenly snorted and gave her a wry smile. “Damn. I thought Cassidy was bad enough reading my thoughts. You straight up feel my emotions.”


          Morgana giggled. “They are good emotions, Master.”


          “Yeah, yeah.” Nicholas looked back down at Elaine’s pokeball. “I don’t know if you should be around for what I have to do. I’ll be forcing her out of a shell she built out of her own pain. It will hurt you as much as it hurts her.”


          Morgana shivered. “Are you going to do it now, Master?”


          “…I was going to wait until after we got you some clothes,” Nicholas replied. “Get you comfortable, then put you back in your pokeball so that you don’t have to experience it.” He absentmindedly rolled the ball between his fingers. “Every pokegirl I’ve asked says that being in a pokeball isn’t bad. Like you’re dreaming, or the time passes almost without you realizing. But even if it’s not unpleasant it might not be what you’d prefer, is it? I mean, I suppose I’d rather experience each day instead of just sleeping through them.”


          Morgana waited patiently as he mused. She knew that he was talking about this other pokegirl just as much as her. When he looked up at her again she nodded. “It’s true, Master. Even if you could protect me from this pokegirl’s pain, I wish to experience it. She will be my new sister, after all. I do not wish to leave my sister alone.”


          Nicholas blinked a few times before nodding back. “I understand. Thank you, Morgana.” He stood still for a bit before sighing. “Should I introduce you now?”


          Morgana nodded slightly. “I would like that.”


          Nicholas turned and readied the pokeball. “I may… change, a bit, when this begins. Will you be okay?”


          “Change?” Morgana asked. “You will do what you must, but change?”


          Nicholas looked back at her. After a few seconds Morgana felt something mingling with his warmth and shuddered. It was still her Master looking at her but his expression and body language had gone carefully blank. She still did not understand much, even after the TM had helped her learn. But she understood this. This was a primal feeling that she understood quite well from her time as a feral. “You are more than my human Master.”


          Nicholas turned back to Elaine’s pokeball. “But will you be okay?”


          “It is still you,” Morgana replied. She watched Nicholas stare at the pokeball while she spoke. “You have not changed, Master. There is simply something more to you than what you show.”


          Nicholas’ fingers tightened around the orb. “I want to be joyful. Loving. Gentle.”


          “You are,” Morgana whispered. “Even now I feel that from you.”


          Nicholas closed his eyes. When he opened them again they were firm. “Thank you, Morgana. I thought you might help Elaine through this, but you’ve helped me. And that may have been what she needed.” He gave her one last look before turning and triggering Elaine’s release.


          Elaine materialized standing up. After a few days in her pokeball she was fully recovered and at the height of her energy so she immediately began scanning for him. When she saw Nicholas standing in front of her shirtless a sneer grew across her face. “You kept me locked in there for a while, didn’t you, coward? Couldn’t decide what to do with me, is that it? Had second thoughts? Don’t bother. The next time you try to force me into that thing I’ll shatter it and whatever appendage you try to use it with.”


          Morgana trembled. Nicholas was calm. Too calm, as he listened to this pokegirl hurl insults. But he, at least, she could feel. Elaine was a blank wall. An unreadable cloud. The only things she had to go on were the Torchic’s actions.


          Elaine caught a glance out of the corner of her eye and turned to look at the naked Ralts. “Oh. I see, you’ve already found my replacement.” She snorted. “She fits you much better. Small and weak and unable to bruise your fragile ego.”


          Nicholas let out the breath he had been holding. “Elaine. You will not insult Morgana. Especially not when you haven’t even met her yet.”


          Elaine turned her attention back to him. “What does it matter? You’re getting rid of me. Your only mistake was letting me out again. Should have taken your chance while you could.” She flexed, readying her talons as she hissed her next words at him. “Now that I know your true intentions I will not let you lay another hand on me. You did not break me before, human. You never will.”


          Nicholas nodded slightly. “Excellent. I would have it no other way.” He spared a glance at Morgana before turning his full attention to Elaine. She had said that he was still himself. But more than what he wanted to be. It was that understanding he latched onto as he reached for the power in his blood.


          A time and place for love, for gentleness, for everything I want to give them, he thought. Right here, this is not that time or place. Right here, right now, I must do what Miyuki said to do. Elaine does not need a friend. She is a pokegirl who needs a Master. He slowly breathed in and out, allowing the burning sensation to spread from his core and throughout his entire body. And I am her Master.


          “I’m sorry,” Elaine barely heard him whisper.


          “Ehhh?” Elaine cocked her hand behind one ear. “What are you mumbling about?”


          Nicholas locked eyes with her. “I warned you. I gave you your chance to run. And I see now that I was too hasty, too… excited, when I took you as mine.” His lips curled back and just out of sight Elaine thought she saw the tips of wicked fangs. “A mistake I will now rectify.”


          Elaine was well trained, even though she was, as Mariline had put it, ‘weak’. The fighting stance she pulled back into guaranteed that even if Nicholas attacked perfectly he would still be cut by her talons or in some way injured. There was a heavy intent in the way she looked at him this time and he knew that if she could, she wouldn’t just be scratching him. No. She intended to make him bleed for the perceived slights he had given her. He had many, many objectives now. But above all, he needed to win this fight. Sexually or otherwise, the only way he was going to crack open Elaine’s shell was if he well and truly beat her here. Broke her, as he had promised to do days prior. He didn’t like it. But it really was the only way forwards for them.


          How, though? He needed to find some weakness to target. Otherwise nothing would change.


          …Weakness. Elaine was obsessed with it. She was strong, and everyone else was weak. It was so twisted in her mind that even though he had, technically, forcefully tamed her their first night she still saw it as his weakness - that he had failed to break her and make her beg, and instead lost to her will. It didn’t matter the end result, just that she had a victory at some point. That was how deeply ingrained her defenses were.


          So if any victory, no matter how small, would be enough to hold her shell together, then he couldn’t give her any. That meant not even getting a scratch from her claws. And that was going to be quite a challenge in itself.


          The restraints. Nicholas flashed back to the look Elaine had held when she first materialized in that room full of chains and toys. For a moment, she had almost looked… scared.


          A plan was taking form but he was unprepared to implement it. He knew Elaine meant it when she said she’d shatter whatever he used to try and recall her, so he wasn’t even going to try. He needed to move her away from the bed and buy a few seconds to search it. The hotel he’d booked was a decent one, with many amenities, so there was a good chance that the bed had restraints built in. Many models did these days, simply because it was such a common kink and the practical demand was high. If it had been a cheap motel he’d have given up on the idea immediately but here there was a chance.


          Step one. Force Elaine out of her corner without getting hurt. Step two, buy a few seconds to get the restraints. And step three, get Elaine into them, also without getting hurt. Once he had secured her with his own power he would have time to think.


          Elaine watched him warily. Nicholas still had made no move towards her but the way he surveyed her made her uneasy. “What are you waiting for?”


          “Hmph.” Nicholas slowly walked to the other side of the bed, placing Elaine between himself and Morgana. As he moved she followed him completely but her attention was forced to split as Morgana went out of sight and she began fidgeting, pressing as far into the corner of the room as she could while her eyes flicked rapidly between him and the Ralts. “Morgana-“


          Instantly Elaine lunged out of her corner, whirling to where he had been at first so that she had both of them in sight again. “I won’t let you,” she hissed.


          Nicholas was carefully feeling under the bed with his foot while keeping his eyes locked on Elaine and staying as still as possible so that she didn’t suspect anything. “Won’t let me what?” He mentally sighed in relief when his toe hooked into a pull strap and teased it out, finding the cuff and making sure that the strap it attached to was already secured to the bed frame. Fortunately, it was. Unfortunately, that meant there were most likely four straps, one for each corner of the bed, and where he was standing he only had access to one. It would have to do. “What are you afraid of, Elaine?”


          Elaine’s fists clenched. “I said I won’t let you lay another hand on me. Cheating with this-“ she glanced at Morgana, still silently standing… in the doorway. An open doorway… A few seconds of hesitation passed before she focused back on Nicholas. “-This pokegirl. You wanted to distract me so that she could attack.”


          “Oh, no,” Nicholas replied quietly. “Morgana has nothing to do with this, Elaine. It is time for you to learn your place. What you want means nothing to me. I am, and always will be, your Master.” His eyes smoldered as he battered Elaine with his words. “You cower and hide from the truth, but no longer. I will use you, and I will use you however I so choose. I do not care if you never submit, Elaine.” He eased her pokeball into view and lifted it so she could see. “I do not need your permission to control you.”


           “Put that down,” Elaine warned. “I swear, I will shatter it and that arm you hold it with.”


          Nicholas smirked and raised the pokeball towards her. “Make me.”


          Elaine screamed. Nicholas didn’t flinch as she charged, ducking away from the pokeball’s emitter as her hands came around in an attempt to foul his aim. Just like their first encounter she was focused completely on what was in front of her. A tactical flaw that he hoped to one day correct.


          Elaine’s grasping claws were inches from the pokeball when she felt something catch her wrist. With a surprised squawk her arm was yanked back, sending the rest of her body to crash into the wall next to the bed. Groaning she turned over, trying to reach for Nicholas as he moved away but feeling the same arm catch again. Twisting, she tried to reach out with her other hand before the firm pull halted her progress.


          “What is…” she started, glancing back and trailing off when she saw the thick leather strap running from her wrist to the bed. “W-What?”


          Nicholas quickly found the leg strap while Elaine was distracted and pulled it ready. “Too easy,” he taunted. “Now you can’t stop me.” Elaine whirled towards him as he raised the pokeball again and with a desperate scream whipped her leg up in a last ditch attempt to reach him.


          Nicholas barely managed to get the strap up in time to block her kick and wrapped it a few times around her leg before Elaine could wiggle free, giving him just enough time to secure the cuff before she squirmed out. Now she was stuck on one leg, with one arm restrained behind her head and the leg she had used to kick suspended a few inches above the floor. But she was still on one side of the bed, as far away from the other two straps as she could be.


          He stepped back as Elaine struggled but the straps were more than enough to keep her bound, for now. Her free hand was in range to try and release her bound hand, but at the moment that would be rather difficult due to the way she was twisted up against the bed and the way the cuff was secured. He was pretty sure that she couldn’t release the tension enough to slip it free.


          Morgana whimpered. Suddenly, fear…


          Nicholas walked around the bed, making sure to stay out of reach, and stopped in front of Elaine’s face. The Torchic was panting, sweat beading on her skin from the exertion of trying to escape the straps and when he got into view her eyes focused on him with a burning hatred. “Do it, then,” she gasped. “Stick me back in that… that prison.” She strained against the straps with a scream. “DO IT!”


          Nicholas glanced at the pokeball in his hand before looking back at Elaine. “Perhaps I did not make myself clear.” Elaine gasped when he suddenly swept his foot into her remaining leg, sending her body spinning as the straps tried to straighten and bludgeoning her against the bed frame. With a pained moan she twisted her neck to find Nicholas again and saw him holding the pokeball over her face. “I do not need your permission.”


          Elaine squeezed her eyes shut. But when she didn’t feel the recall beam she slowly opened them again.


          Nicholas stepped away when Elaine opened her eyes again and she blinked when she felt how the tension on her bound limbs had increased. “What have you done?”


          “Morgana?” Nicholas placed Elaine’s pokeball on the bedside table, within her view but well out of reach. “I’m done with her for now. How about we go buy you some nice clothes? Have breakfast?” Elaine stared as he seemed to completely forget about her and continued getting dressed. “You’ve been a good girl, so you’ll get to choose what kind of clothes you get.”


          Elaine stammered when he turned away from her completely and pulled on a shirt. “You’re just- leaving me here?”


          “You didn’t want to go back into your ‘prison’,” Nicholas replied without turning. “Consider this my mercy.” And with those final words he ushered Morgana out the door and shut it behind them.


          Elaine’s panting gradually slowed and she tested the restraints again, giving up when she realized that Nicholas had removed all slack from them. She was stuck. Hanging a few inches above the floor, her only comfort the side of the mattress, and her remaining, unbound leg to help support her weight. Couldn’t he have put her on top? Tears began to bead in her eyes as the minutes ticked into hours with no sign of Nicholas returning. He’d really just… left her here. Alone.







          Morgana and Nicholas were silent for quite a long time during their shopping trip. Morgana could feel her Master’s doubt over what he had done and did her best to silently cheer him up, though her attempts only received a single smile from him when she took a moment to consider a sheer black dress he had slipped into her pile of discarded garments before flinging it haughtily aside. It wasn’t until she had chosen a modest yellow sundress and was working on fixing her hair that he spoke.


          “Did it work?”


          Morgana ran her fingers through her bangs. “I felt… something, Master,” she replied quietly. “But not for long.”


          Nicholas sighed. “I think… she keeps talking about being abandoned, and that might be what I need to target. That’s why I wanted to leave her bound like that. It makes her helpless, and technically I’m abandoning her there, but she knows I’ll have to come back eventually.”


          Morgana let her bangs fall back over her eyes. “You enjoyed what you did.”


          Nicholas didn’t respond at first. “I enjoyed it without liking it.”


          Morgana barely nodded before turning to him. “I know.” She gave him a quick hug before stepping back and spinning, happily flaring the sundress out at the sides with a giggle. “I like this, Master. Even when I walk I just look… cute.”


          Nicholas smiled back. “I’m glad that you like it. I’ll get you in that dress one day though.”


          Morgana laughed happily and stuck her tongue out at him. “Will not.”


          “Will too,” Nicholas chuckled back. “It fits who you are.”


          Morgana pouted. “I want to be more than that.”


          “Yes, I know.” Nicholas’ smile began to fade as his thoughts moved on. “Morgana, am I doing what’s right for Elaine? Breaking down her willpower, her pride, showing her… how helpless she truly is?”


          Morgana looked away. She didn’t know how to respond. But she had an idea. “Master, I… when I first woke, I did not know what I wanted. I was confused. But you were there. You calmed me.” She looked back to him. “I believe you can calm Elaine too.”


          “But is this the right way to do it?” Nicholas pressed.


          “I don’t know, Master,” Morgana whispered. “All I know is that you believe it is. And I believe in you.”


          Nicholas flicked some of her discarded clothes. “Stop me instantly if you feel me going too far. Please.”


          Morgana reached around and grasped his hands firmly. “I will, Master.” Her soft smile calmed him. “I have felt the love you yearn to share with her. I will make sure she receives it one day.”







          Elaine stirred. A door had opened. A few minutes later she heard the bedroom door open and Nicholas walk in. “Still here?” He looked over the edge of the bed. “Good. If you had gotten away from me I would be very upset.”


          Elaine did her best to glare at him but the prolonged period she had hung from the restraints meant that any new movement sent stars dancing across her vision. “Wouldn’t want you upset.”


          “I’m so glad that we understand each other,” Nicholas replied with a smile. “Now. First things first.” Elaine watched him open a bag he had been carrying and start rummaging through it. “I am willing, even after what you have done, to give you some privileges. But there will be rules.” He pulled a pair of gloves from the bag and showed them to her. “You will wear these whenever you are not in battle. These, as well,” he continued, pulling out a matching pair of shoes. “I will not lock them, not at first. That is the privilege I am willing to give you. A small measure of trust.”


          Elaine eyed the gloves. “Why?”


          “This is why.” Elaine grunted when he reached up and grabbed her bound wrist, jabbing her talons into the gloves over and over before dragging them over the tips and moving them back so she could see the undamaged material. “You will not cut anything unless I allow you to.”


          Elaine stared at the gloves for a bit longer before snorting and looking back at him. “Do I have a choice?”


          Nicholas still held his smile. “No.”


          “Do it-“ Elaine stopped mid sentence. After a healthy pause she cleared her throat. “I mean, yes, Master.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Interesting. You can learn.” Elaine remained silent while he put the gloves and shoes on her, tightening the straps but leaving the clinking metal loops open. She only spoke again when Nicholas went back to his bag. “More?”


          “Of course. You didn’t expect to be let off that easily, did you?” Nicholas rummaged a bit more before pulling out a heavy black case. “Besides the gloves and shoes, you will also wear this. At all times.”


          Elaine watched him open the case to reveal a set of coiled leather straps. She felt a chill run through her when she saw the gag lying on top and realized. “Y-You’ll make me wear… that?”


          Nicholas teased a collar out from underneath the gag and held it up. “Only this, but always. And as long as you behave, it will be all you require. But remember.” He pulled a long coil of leather out of the case and unrolled it to reveal a leash. “One mistake, and you lose your freedom.” He smiled without warmth. “Disobey me, and not even those thin clothes you enjoy will be left to you.” He lowered the leash again and held up the collar. “This, I will lock. Because there will never be a reason for you to remove it. You are mine, Elaine. Mine to do with as I please. Forever.”


          Elaine very, very slightly lifted her chin and Nicholas set to work attaching the collar. The silver buckle he turned to the front of her neck, tightening the leather enough so that there was no hope of slipping it off before procuring a punch and swiftly making a hole right at the edge of the metal which he threaded with a heavy steel ring. Elaine’s free hand reached up to inspect the collar when he pulled back and no matter how she wormed her fingers into the seams it held fast. “This is…?”


          She jumped when Nicholas clipped the leash to the ring. “One mistake, I told you.” He pulled on the leash to force Elaine’s head up. “You were told that I will do what I wish with you, regardless of your permission. And yet you still questioned me.”


          “I-“ Elaine grabbed at the leash with her free hand. “I- I didn’t! Master!”


          “You did.” Elaine felt the strap holding her leg release and she scrambled up, still held back by one hand but now able to ease the pressure the collar was putting on her neck. “We’re leaving now. Behave, and I may allow you off your leash once we leave the city.”


          Elaine swallowed hard, waiting for him to release her fully from the restraints before crawling up onto the mattress. Nicholas held her leash tightly, leaving her without much room, but it was enough for her to begin recovering from her extended bondage while he repacked the rest of his bag. After a few minutes he tugged lightly and nodded towards the door. “Let’s go.”


          Cameron stared as Nicholas joined him at his table. Leash in hand, a sullen Elaine on the end of it, and Morgana daintily bringing up the rear. “…What the hell happened yesterday?”


          “I tamed my new pokegirl,” Nicholas replied with a smile. “Now, as we discussed, you’re not trying to raise the age rating on this film, are you?” When Cameron shook his head he looked at Elaine. “Then we can’t have you on your leash when filming. That means you will behave, or I will return you to your pokeball.”


          Elaine didn’t look at him for a while but when she eventually did Nicholas’ eyes widened. Her intense gaze had cracked, a vulnerability caused by her complete and utter defeat at his hands. Behind her Morgana had a hopeful expression on her face as Elaine quietly spoke. “I understand, Master. Thank you for giving me another chance.”


          Nicholas could only hold his breath. Had it really worked? Had he broken through? What had been the trick? He glanced at Cameron and cleared his throat. No, it was still too sudden. She had simply swung all the way to the other end of the spectrum instead of stabilizing near the middle. He still wasn’t going to make any real progress with Elaine until he could get her alone for an extended period of time.


          Still. The fact that she had cracked without breaking as he had feared filled him with hope. He could help her. With Morgana’s help especially, he could help her.


          “…So anyways, we’re just heading to Rustboro now, yes?” he asked. “Do a bit more battling along the way for your footage, but otherwise just a straight shot?”


          Cameron nodded. “Yeah. The other two will be arriving there within a few days. By the time we arrive they should have finished filming.”


          “We better make good time, then,” Nicholas said with a chuckle. “Make sure all the filming wraps together.” He glanced at Elaine and back to Cameron. “Will you want any scenes with Morgana, my new Ralts, or only with Elaine, since she was who we started with?”


          Cameron’s eyes flicked between Nicholas and the leash. “Uh, probably just Elaine, but we’d have to explain her… changes.”


          “She understands what she must do to be let off her leash,” Nicholas replied coolly. “As for her gloves and shoes, they are there to teach her discipline. I will allow her to remove them during combat. The collar, however, will stay. A collar isn’t that much of a visual change, correct? Many pokegirls and humans wear one as fashion.”


          “…I suppose that’s true,” Cameron conceded. “But I more meant her…” he gestured aimlessly at Elaine. “She went from like… an eleven to a three.”


          “We still have some work to do,” Nicholas replied, “but I remember you being frustrated with how wild she was. Is this not better for you?”


          Cameron looked like he was struggling to figure out what to say but eventually he just sighed and shook his head. “I just wasn’t expecting it, I guess.” He glanced away. “Didn’t take you to be one of those tamers.”


          “I didn’t want to be.” Elaine grunted when his grip on the leash tightened. “But sometimes to be a good tamer you have to do what is necessary.”


          “…I guess that makes sense.” Cameron shook himself. “Ready to go?”


          “Of course.” Nicholas stood. “Morgana, please make sure that you follow Cameron’s instructions. I want you out of your pokeball as well so you need to avoid the camera when possible.”


          Morgana gave a quick curtsy. “Yes, Master.”


          “To Rustboro!” Nicholas smiled and gestured to lead the way when Cameron stood as well. “The end of this short journey approaches.” As Cameron worked his way out of the restaurant Nicholas dropped his voice so only Elaine, held close by the leash, could hear him. “But Rustboro is no longer a possible end to our journey together, Elaine.” Elaine trembled as he ran his fingers up the leather and hooked them into the metal loop on her collar. “No. You are mine.”








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



          Elaine, Torchic – Level 12

          Morgana, Ralts – Level 10


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5