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Chapter 2

Becoming A Tamer




          “Restraints? Gags? Sex toys? What on earth are you planning?” Birch stammered. “I mean, of course we have things like that around here, but… why?”


          “I’ve decided to challenge myself,” Nicholas chuckled. “I chose Elaine.”


          Birch’s mouth popped open. “O-Oh.”


          Nicholas arranged the pile of gear Birch had provided around the taming room. He had everything from light handcuffs to heavy metal chains that he could barely lift, a selection of bindings that similarly ranged from simple cloth gags to a full-body latex suit, and a lineup of various accessories that Birch had gathered from all across the complex. Dildos, vibrators, clamps, a few whips… just about every conceivable piece of taming gear was here. All that remained was the pokegirl.


          However, none of the equipment that he had gathered would be seeing use today. It was all for show. A collection of props to show Elaine that he was prepared to enforce his position as her new tamer and Master.


          And if he had been wrong, if everything had been a misunderstanding and she had no interest in him after all… The door was open.


          Taking his seat among the equipment, as far from the door as possible, Nicholas aimed and triggered the release on Elaine’s pokeball so she materialized well out of reach. Instantly the Torchic’s eyes had locked on his. “How dare you… fucking…” slowly her gaze moved to the gear all around Nicholas, “…what the hell?”


          “The door is behind you, Elaine,” Nicholas said coolly. “Just in case I was wrong about you.”


          Elaine’s focus darted back to him. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”


          “Wrong about whether you want to be my pokegirl,” Nicholas explained. “Wrong about whether I saw what I thought I saw. Heard what I thought I heard. If I was wrong, then leave. If I was not…” He smiled. “This time, you will approach me. Approach. And submit.”


          Elaine never even attempted to look behind her. “I’m tired of repeating myself, human. Make me.”


          “You do not want me to make you,” Nicholas hissed through his teeth. “If I did you would beg me to stop. You would end up broken, as useless as Marybelle is to me. But I would not hesitate. If it was necessary.” He leaned forwards with a smirk. “Submit, Elaine. Submit to your Master. This is your final warning.”


          Elaine snickered and began undoing the light clothing covering her body. “Fat chance, moron. You say you’ll break me? I’d like to see you try.” Her shorts fell and she stalked forwards, talons flexing with every step. “I will not submit until you have taken me in battle.”




          Elaine came to a surprised halt. “Huh?”


          “Safe word. Apple?”


          “Safe word? What the fuck are you babbling about?” Elaine shook her hands at Nicholas. “I thought you were going to break me, pussy!”


          “Elaine, I know I’m breaking the mood, but this is important.” Nicholas settled back again so that he held a less threatening posture. “I want to be able for us to go without reservation. Without holding back. But there could be a line, one we think won’t ever get crossed, or one we don’t realize we have, and if that line is crossed today there needs to be a signal. A safe word. If either of us say it, that means this is over, no matter what we’re doing at the time.”


          Elaine’s hostility drained away as she slowly straightened up. “What kind of sappy bullshit is this?”


          Nicholas chuckled. The flicker again. Somewhere behind her façade was the true Elaine and he looked forward to discovering who she was. “My sappy bullshit. If you don’t like it, I already showed you the door.”


          Elaine eyed him for a few seconds. “If you need such a cowardly rule, then… so be it.”


          “Good. In that case.” Nicholas rolled his shoulders before stripping his shirt off and surging to his feet. “You won’t submit? Then you will beg, Elaine. And I will deny you.” He winked. “Unless you’re begging for apples.”


          Elaine affixed a scowl to her face. “Me? Beg? The only pleas I will hear are yours as you beg for mercy. And I will deny you.”


          “Big words, from such a soft pokegirl,” Nicholas laughed. “Protest all you wish. You will break.”


          “Then break me,” Elaine hissed in return. “Do. Your. WORST!” And with that scream she lunged at him.


          Ever since Ho-oh’s magic had awakened his draconic blood Nicholas’ responses to both excitement and sexual arousal had amplified. Usually they were normal – it took an extreme situation, such as his first time claiming leadership of the harem Weyr, or his battle with Koryu, to reveal the dragon that lurked under the surface. But over time ‘normal’ had also changed. Just as the Blackthorn elder had warned, Nicholas’ awakened blood was transforming him.


          The pokegirl leaping at him was no dragon. She would be a challenge, perhaps, for a human to tame, with Elaine’s inflated temper and vicious individuality, but she was still a normal pokegirl. At her core she wanted a human Master. Eventually she would submit.


          The dragon had no interest in ‘eventually’.


          Nicholas met Elaine in midair with a scream of his own. Her talons sliced into his fingers, sending drops of blood spraying through the air before Elaine reached past his grasp and latched directly onto his bare skin.


          Pain. Elaine scrabbled to get a grip on him, each new attempt slicing more cuts into his torso. Soon Nicholas’ body was covered in streaks of red blood, more trickling from the dozens of claw marks with every passing second. Hot blood. Burning blood. Even though Nicholas could feel the dull pain from so many cuts, it was nothing compared to the growing ecstasy that threatened to take over his mind.


          Elaine was lifting one foot, her talons aiming to begin shredding the shorts Nicholas still wore, when she heard him cackle. Suddenly his entire body weight had been thrown against her and she fell, feeling her breath forced from her lungs when he landed on top of her. Stunned, she struggled to breathe, scrabbling at his body in an attempt to push him away and opening more cuts. “You- bastard-“


          A hand slammed into her chin and she choked when it began curling around her neck. “Your claws tickle,” Nicholas mocked. “What’s wrong, little bird?” Elaine gagged when his thumb began to almost teasingly push into her throat. “Weren’t you going to kill me?”


          Elaine jerked her head back enough to steal a breath and managed to get a look at Nicholas’ eyes. The inhuman eyes that stared down at her. His warning, his threat, pounded in her ears as he continued to squeeze.


          In a flash her survival instincts took over. Her hands wrapped around him in a parody of a lover’s embrace and Nicholas howled when her talons ripped across his back, sending bloody rivers dripping down his body. Somewhere in the fight Nicholas’ shorts had popped open and Elaine hissed when she felt his member press into her bush.


          Nicholas could no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain but when Elaine’s claws raked his back again he paused. Elaine’s face swam in his vision as he spoke, a raspy, guttural sound that was no longer human. “Submit.” Elaine grunted when his dick began to slowly drag across her clit, the heat from it pulsing in time with his heartbeat. “You have lost.”


          Nicholas barely flinched when Elaine spat in his face. “Make me,” she wheezed. “Coward-“


          With a pained scream Elaine’s back arched. Nicholas drew back slightly before slamming his dick into her again, his teeth bared in a furious snarl while he rutted Elaine. Claiming her with every merciless thrust.


          It wasn’t long until Elaine’s noises changed from pain to laughter. “You… lose,” she managed to gasp, still crushed under his body, unable to defend herself from Nicholas’ continuing attack. “You…”


          With a roar Nicholas lifted her off the ground, semen dripping from Elaine’s ravished cunt as he held her up in front of him. “Lose?” he snarled. “YOU have lost. I am your MASTER, and you have been able to do NOTHING to stop me!”


          “Master… yes,” Elaine gurgled. “But… you never… made… me… beg.”


          Nicholas was still. Elaine feebly pulled at his fingers around her neck, her smug half-smile taunting him. And, in the instant before he moved again, she saw him smile at her.


          Elaine slammed face first into the padded floor when Nicholas threw her. She had a few seconds to catch her breath, racking coughs pushing air past her bruised throat, before he had caught up again. Elaine hissed when he pressed her cheek to the ground, holding her head still as he shoved her knees under her body so that her ass stuck into the air. “SUBMIT!”


          “NO!” Elaine screamed when Nicholas brought his hand across her ass, her tears of pain soaking the floor beneath her. “I…” she screamed, “Will… NEVER!” With each word Nicholas slapped a brutal strike into her butt, so much so that after only four spanks there was the beginning of two red handprints. “If I do…” Nicholas paused when Elaine sobbed. “I won’t… let you throw me away.”


          “Throw you away?” Elaine whimpered when she felt him press against her tender asscheeks and after a moment Nicholas’ member was sliding between her engorged labia. “You won’t be so lucky, Elaine. I will use you until I am satisfied, but that will not save you. No. You have brought this hell upon yourself.” Elaine squeezed her eyes shut when he whispered into her ear, his breath tickling her. “You had your chance to get away.”







          Nicholas hissed as he gingerly got dressed. He could still feel the cuts all over his body from Elaine’s talons. Every time he so much as moved the scabs pulled at his skin.


          Elaine was, as could be expected, entirely unapologetic. “Why so slow, ‘Master’?” she taunted. “I thought you were fine.”


          Elaine’s smirk vanished when he grunted, pulling his arms together and breaking half a dozen of the scabs across his back. Blood oozed down but all Nicholas did was hold the pose for about a minute before pulling his shirt on over the drying blood. “I am. I don’t need to be put in a machine that heals my every boo-boo like a pokegirl.” Now he was the one smirking, Elaine bristling in response to his jab. “I’m in control here, Elaine. Don’t you forget it.”


          Elaine growled quietly. “For now.” She’d returned to the same outfit as the previous day, a small red sports bra and tight exercise shorts. That was it. The shorts clung to her ass and groin and her nipples were clearly visible beneath the cloth of the bra, making Elaine effectively naked.


          Nicholas grabbed his bag and swung it onto his back. The impact agitated a few of the scabs but he ignored the brief flashes of pain and exited the tent while rotating his torso every few steps to keep his healing skin flexible.


          Shockingly Elaine remained quiet the entire time he was breaking camp. Cameron waved when he emerged from his own tent, and soon the group was eating breakfast in an empty clearing.


          The injuries Nicholas had sustained had necessitated a night to heal at Birch’s lab so now he was about twelve hours behind May and Brendan. They would most likely be arriving in Petalburg that night while he, Elaine, and Cameron wouldn’t make it until at least the next morning.


          “Today I want to get some shots of Elaine battling,” Cameron explained when they got back on the road. “Preferably with you giving her orders.”


          “Hmm, might want to keep my Master silent,” Elaine said from her position in front of the humans. “He’ll sound smarter that way.”


          Cameron looked up from his camera with a groan. “She’s got quite the mouth on her.”


          “Is it a problem?” Nicholas asked.


          “Well, I mean… yes?” Cameron replied. “I expected, you know, discipline from a League Champion’s pokegirl.”


          “If you wanted a script followed you should have let me bring my established harem,” Nicholas replied, “or made sure I picked a Torchic that fit your expectations. Elaine is Elaine. Work with it.”


          Elaine was glad that she was turned away from the humans. Hearing Nicholas defend her - her cheeks flushed slightly. “Yeah,” she called. “Get fucked.”


          Cameron groaned again.


          “We should be able to find a few fights between here and Petalburg,” Nicholas continued. “These light forested areas usually have an abundance of swarm pokegirls. Kalmiya, what are the ones endemic to Hoenn?”


          “Terrestrial species include the Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Seedot, Wurmple, and Lotad,” Kalmiya replied through the pokedex speakers. “All but the Lotad would be a simple challenge for a Torchic.”


          “The Lotad’s a Water-Type, then?” Nicholas asked.


          “Correct, Master.”


          “Notify me if we’re about to battle one,” Nicholas replied. “What do you think, Cameron? Do we go looking for a fight or wait for something to show up on the road?”


          Cameron shrugged. “Up to you. As long as we get a few battles filmed today.”


          “We’ll keep up our pace, then,” Nicholas decided. “Stick to the road Elaine. But if you see something don’t hesitate to go after it.”


          Elaine snorted. “First order you’ve given that I’ve agreed with.”







          “She’s got an interesting fighting style,” Cameron mused, tabbing through the footage he’d gotten over the course of the trip.


          “What’s that supposed to mean? Want to see it up close?”


          Nicholas glanced over but when Cameron ignored Elaine’s outburst he returned his attention to her. “Stop avoiding the question. I want to know why.”


          Elaine averted her eyes. “A pokegirl needs a Tamer.”


          “Debatable. A tame pokegirl can do just fine without ever going near a human again. So why did you, a pokegirl who seems to want nothing to do with anyone else, seek me out?” Nicholas waited for a moment to see if she would respond. “It wasn’t me, either. You wanted to get away from Birch’s land. You had no idea what kind of tamer would be coming along – just that there would be one coming to take a Torchic away.”


          “A pokegirl needs a tamer,” Elaine repeated without looking at him. “I didn’t have one.”


          “Supposedly you didn’t want one.”


          “And look where that got me.” Elaine finally looked back at him. “I couldn’t stop you from taking what you pleased. You will never break me, human, and I will never let you forget it. But what does my pride mean if it can not protect me?”


          I am so confused, Nicholas thought as he watched Elaine walk away. Your mask seems to fluctuate at random. Do you want to be my pokegirl? Did you just want an excuse to escape whatever life you had? Have I misjudged this entire situation? I need answers. His eyes flicked to Cameron as a stray thought hit. I don’t think I’ll be getting them if he’s watching, will I.


           Cameron looked up in surprise when Nicholas called. “Eh? Leaving already?”


          “I want to get this chore over with,” Nicholas replied. “Let’s go. We’re not doing any real filming in Petalburg Woods, are we? Just in Rustboro?”


          “Er-“ Cameron scrambled to pack up when Nicholas took off. “Well, I wasn’t planning on any, no.”


          “Elaine!” Nicholas turned to the Torchic. “Keep up.”


          Elaine scurried back to his side and shot him a sideways glare. “Excuse you?”


          “I wanted you out of earshot from Cameron,” Nicholas murmured, the two gaining a bit of ground while Cameron fumbled. “Once we reach Rustboro and I fulfill my obligation to these people I don’t know what I’ll do next.” He glanced at Elaine for a moment before returning his attention to the forest path. “I don’t know what you want and you don’t seem comfortable telling me, so once we get there I’ll be happy to help however I can. Whatever choice you want to make. If that means finding you a new tamer, or giving you some money so you can be free-“




          Nicholas snapped back to her. Elaine had a sneer across her lips as she spoke again. “And to think I started to believe you. You’re just like all the rest.”




          “Just throwing me away the first chance you get.” Elaine’s eyes glistened. “Bastard.”


          “Elaine I’m not-“ Nicholas reached out but Elaine was gone and already three steps ahead.


          Nicholas gave chase, Cameron letting out a panicked shout and giving up on properly stowing his gear so he didn’t lose them.


          How dare he? Steam rose from Elaine’s skin as she began running faster and faster away from Nicholas. She’d thought a Champion would be different. That maybe, just maybe, he’d want more from her than a cock sleeve. But he’d barely lasted four days before deciding to throw her away.


          She was blinded by the beading tears in her eyes and didn’t see the two figures in the bushes ahead of her until she was almost on top of them.


          “Take a deep breath,” one was urging. The jagged stripes in her hair and quivering tail identified her as a pokegirl. The other appeared to be a frailer looking teenager. “Remember, you don’t have to do anything. Your pokegirls will help you.”


          “Erm… Pokegirl, right?” teenager stammered. “I mean, I don’t think I’m healthy enough to be taming more than one…”


          The pokegirl’s tail flew into motion as she embraced the boy. “You will be fine, Wally!” she cried, her wagging tail thumping against his knee. “Believe in yourself.”


          Wally looked over her shoulder at the preening bird pokegirl they were stalking. “O-Okay.”


          “Now.” The girl released him and turned back to her target. “Once your pokegirls- pokegirl, gets into battle…”


          Heavy footsteps drew the girl’s attention and she turned to see Elaine sprinting right towards them. “Eh?” she blinked, taking a precious second to process the approaching pokegirl. With tears in her eyes- “hey! Watch out!”


          Elaine faltered, bringing one hand to wipe her face but neither party was able to react in time to avoid the crash. Wally cried out as the two pokegirls tumbled through the bushes, nearly landing in his lap before rolling into the open. With a squawk the wild pokegirl shot into the air, avoiding the mess as she fled.


          “Watch out! What are you doing you clumsy- guh!” The pokegirl doubled over when Elaine’s elbow sunk into her stomach. “Oh no, the Taillow-!”


          “Me? What are- Why-“ Elaine stammered through her words as she desperately tried to recover. “Get out of my way you stupid bitch!” With a shout she threw another strike, attempting to knock the pokegirl down.


          Suddenly she wasn’t entangled anymore. A few moments of confusion hit before she felt the pokegirl’s grip tighten around her chest and sharp pain lanced through her skull. Then, darkness.


          Nicholas ran up to see the pokegirl getting off Elaine’s unconscious body. “Hey! Is everyone all right?” He double checked the sprawled-out human first. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


          “Was that your pokegirl, then?” Nicholas turned at the crisp voice to see the diminutive pokegirl watching him with her hands on her hips. “What’s she doing trampling across the path like that?”


          “Elaine? Well…” Nicholas glanced at Elaine’s unmoving form. “Honestly I don’t know. I was trying to talk to her.”


          “Mmm. Well done, that,” the girl said sarcastically. “Wally! Are you okay? Did we run into you?” She rushed over and began checking Wally from where he still lay on the ground. “Can you get up? Here, let me help you…”


          “Th-Thank you, Mariline,” Wally stammered. “Oh, oh, the pokegirl, the-“


          “She flew off but it’s fine, we’ll find another,” Mariline soothed. “Take it easy…”


          Nicholas stood awkwardly as Mariline helped Wally to his feet. “N-No, I-“ Wally shivered. “I want- I want to go home.”


          “We will, once we’ve caught you a pokegirl, remember?” Mariline hurriedly replied. “How about we try to find a Zigzagoon like me, maybe? You know how soft and gentle-“


          “N-No.” Wally blinked to clear his watering eyes. “I just want to go home.”


          Mariline sighed but embraced Wally. “Okay. Okay, we’ll try again tomorrow.” She shot Nicholas a dirty look as Wally began stumbling back towards Petalburg. “Well done, whoever you are. You’ve probably set me back a week with that stunt.”


          “Erm… I’m, sorry?” Nicholas offered. “Who are you?”


          “Mariline. That poor boy’s caretaker. And if I thought you’d done that on purpose you better believe I’d be sending my Master after your ass,” Mariline threatened.


          “I didn’t, I promise,” Nicholas stammered. “I’m so sorry. What was going on? I mean, I know there was a wild pokegirl, but caretaker? Is he an orphan?”


          “You don’t know who Wally is?” Mariline squinted at Nicholas. “Hm. Must not be from around here then. What’s an older tamer like you doing with such a weak pokegirl?”


          Nicholas blinked. “Weak?”


          “Yeah. Weak. She took one hit to the head and crumpled.” Mariline glanced at where Elaine still lay. “I’d think someone as old as you would have at least tried to train your pokegirls.”


          “This is Indigo’s Champion Topolski,” Cameron interjected, reaching out to shake Mariline’s hand enthusiastically. “We’re here filming a movie that covers a beginner tamer’s journey. You said that boy was trying to catch his first pokegirl…?”


          Mariline’s expression instantly morphed into one of disgust when she saw Cameron’s movie camera. “Stop touching me. I hate paparazzi. Awesome, so you’re not some idiot, you’re a lost fool. Well stay away from the area tomorrow.” With that she slipped out of Cameron’s handshake and began stalking back towards Petalburg. “If you scare my boy again I’ll make sure Master Norman makes you regret it.”


          Master Norman…? “Wait, you’re the gym leader’s pokegirl?”


          Mariline glanced back at Nicholas’ call. “And?”


          “…I think we’ve managed to get off on the worst foot here,” Nicholas tried to say happily. “If there’s anything I can do to fix this, please, tell me.”


          Mariline watched him for a few seconds before snorting and turning back towards Petalburg again. “Wally isn’t an orphan. But he’s a weak human and needs help, companionship. If you really want to help him you’ll meet me in front of the gym, tomorrow morning at six, and be prepared to spend as long as it takes to get him what he needs.” She sighed, her bushy tail slowly flicking behind her. “If you really are a powerful tamer then you might be just the role model he needs.”


          “We’ll be there! What an excellent opportunity-“ Cameron started to exclaim before Mariline barked at him.


          “And keep him quiet!” she snapped. “Wally doesn’t do well in crowds. Especially not annoying noisy ones.” She glanced back one last time to survey Nicholas and Cameron. “Six AM. Keep your disaster of a Torchic in her pokeball too.” With that she disappeared around a bend in the path.


          Nicholas sighed and bent down next to Elaine, checking her before pulling out her pokeball and returning her as Cameron excitedly ranted in his ear. “A mentorship! For a true beginner tamer! Why, this is such an excellent opportunity. And it can lead into the Rustboro Tamer School segment…”


          “I’ll be showing up to help because it’s the right thing to do. Not because it’s a filming opportunity.” Nicholas got to his feet and locked eyes with Cameron. “And you will be respecting Mariline’s wish if you want to be there to capture footage. You will not speak a word, not to me, to Mariline, or to that boy Wally. You will respect his space and their wishes. Or I will walk away right then and there and you will lose the opportunity you’re so excited for. Got it?”


          Cameron looked surprised but nodded. “Sure. I get it.”







          Nicholas took another deep breath. It was late, and he should have been asleep. If he was going to be coaching Wally the next morning in capturing a pokegirl then he'd need the rest. Though Mariline would likely take charge he needed to figure out what was going on with Elaine. And their relationship held so many questions.


          Those questions were why he was still awake and sitting in front of his pokedex, gazing at Miyuki’s face.


          “You said you’ve tried talking to her?” When Nicholas nodded Miyuki continued. “I know what you mean when you say that… if she hasn’t opened up to you after talking then there’s definitely something big that she’s hiding.”


          Nicholas smiled slightly and glanced at the desk. “You flatter me, Miyuki, but-“


          “No buts,” Miyuki interrupted firmly. “You are special. As you ‘talk’ to us, your harem, we experience that. I know very well how gifted you are with pokegirls. I was there, when my once Mistress bestowed you with her power. And I have been here, meeting the extraordinary pokegirls you call yours. I know you care.” Miyuki ran her thumb over her own screen to mimic stroking his face. “No buts, my Tamer. I know that you are trying so, so hard to reach this Elaine and help her as you help us all. And you are doing it with all of your love.”


          Nicholas let out a trembling sigh and shifted again, this time moving his eyes to stare past the camera. “I am. But it’s like she doesn’t want help. Like… she’s in this shell of hers, behind this mask, and she’d rather stay there than come out. I haven’t experienced that yet.”


          “Had you experienced a pokegirl like me before we met?” Miyuki asked. “Had you met a pokegirl, born into a hated destiny, and ripped that destiny apart with nothing but your own will?” She leaned closer so that her whisper was picked up clearly by her microphone. “I doubt it. And yet that is what you did for me, Nicholas. My Tamer. My Master. My savior. I may not have had a shell but I was in bondage and you tore me free. How is this any different?”


          “It’s different precisely because of that,” Nicholas replied. “You were bound but wished to be free. I don’t believe Elaine wants to be free of whatever it is keeping her bound. I think they are chains of her own making.”


          “Do they benefit her?”


          Nicholas blinked. “What?”


          “Her chains. Her shell, mask, whatever you wish to call it. Is it what is best for her.”


          Nicholas stared at her for a bit. “How would I know that?”


          “Because you are her Master,” Miyuki replied simply. “It is your duty to always know what is best for your harem. No, you are not omniscient. At least, not yet.” She winked. “However even if you are not you still will know what is right. That is the power you hold.”


          Nicholas blinked a few times. Miyuki’s body language had shifted over the course of their conversation until- “ah. You have ‘faith’ in me, don’t you.”


          Miyuki kept her face still but he still heard faint laughter as her chest trembled. “As your High Priestess I can have nothing else.”


          “Well. I didn’t call expecting to be talking to my High Priestess, but I suppose she has a point.” Nicholas sighed and leaned back in his chair. “The shell Elaine has created would have been to protect her from something. Until she opens it enough to tell me what that was, I can’t help her.”


          “You believe that once a crack is formed her shell will fall away.”


          “Well, sure.” Nicholas continued looking at the ceiling. “That was how… ah, Galina was. She survived a major trauma before I found her. But she made that crack, allowed me inside, and now she’s recovering.”


          “Then it seems you know what you need to do.”


          Nicholas looked back at the screen. “Eh?”


          “Once a crack is formed…” Miyuki prompted.


          “Sure, but I told you. She refuses to let one form. I’m not just going to force myself… on…” Nicholas slowly trailed off. That first night… there had been a crack. He’d thought that he was just playing a part with the bondage gear, and the acting, but Elaine had responded, hadn’t she?




          Nicholas snapped back to Miyuki. “Sorry?”


          “I said, I know that you don’t force yourself on us. Even when I have seen you tame my feral sisters, like Hana, I have watched you treat them as if they were as human as you are. We love you because you do. But right now, this Elaine, this Torchic, this pokegirl, she needs to be treated as one.” Miyuki bowed her head. “You don’t believe that her shell is healthy for her. If she will not begin to break it herself, her Master must do what is best regardless of her own wishes.”


          “Miyuki, I…” Nicholas trailed off helplessly. “You’re asking me to… to…”


          “I am asking you to save my newest harem sister,” Miyuki said quietly. Slowly she raised her head again and when she looked at Nicholas her bright blue eyes pleaded with him. “You know it is what must be done. For her sake. So that she may heal and know your love.”


          “I don’t know if I can do what you’re asking of me,” Nicholas whispered.


          “You must.” Miyuki squeezed her screen, willing him to see the pain in her eyes. “No pokegirl deserves to suffer like you have told me she does. And if I, or the others, can not be there for her, it falls to you.”


          “And if I force her shell open. If I break it and she breaks with it. What then, Miyuki?” Nicholas glared back at her. “What then? Will you take responsibility for her? If she will never look at a human again without screaming in fear? If she would choose willingly to go feral, to commit suicide rather than continue existing with her pain? Will you still say it was what had to be done?”


          “I-“ Miyuki shivered. Even though it was only through a pokedex screen his wrath had slammed into her. She had dared question her Lord and Master. But- “yes. I will.” She locked eyes with him and took a steadying breath. “At her core she yearns for a Master. Be hers. Be as excellent a Master as you are to the rest of us, and I know she will not break as you fear. She will heal.”


          Nicholas looked away from the screen. Could he do it? Not just pretend like he had on that first night, but truly control Elaine. Truly break her as he had taunted. It was supposed to have just been a show. Roleplay, to match her attitude and have some fun. Could he do it for real? How would she even react? And more importantly, would he be able to stop if necessary?


          The fleeting visions he had, his excitement at the Miltank ranch in Johto, his fantasies, the yearning in his blood that had grown so, so tempting ever since meeting Ho-oh. It wasn’t just a small part of him that would relish going too far. Would he be able to keep himself under control?


          …he had to. These urges that he worried about were not going to go away. If he couldn’t control them now, when they were relatively weak, one day they would fully control him. And he was afraid of what he would do to them if that ever happened.


          “…Elaine doesn’t deserve to be a test subject,” Nicholas murmured, “but I really have no choice.” He looked back at Miyuki. “I’ll be returning to the Frontier within a few weeks. I want you to tell everyone what I’m trying to do. If I get there and any of you think I’ve gone too far you are to stop me. If that means Kali and Celine using their true power to make me see reason again then so be it. If it means hurting me then so be it. Am I understood? This will be my own test as much as it will be Elaine’s. You must not let me give in.”


          Miyuki slowly nodded. “I promise. We will help you, Nicholas, as you work to help her.”


          “Thank you.” Nicholas closed his eyes and when he opened them again he reached for the call disconnect. “I need to rest. Is there anything else I need to know on your end?”


          Miyuki barely shook her head. “Everyone looks for you every day, but we will survive. After all, it’ll only be another few weeks.”


          “Right.” Nicholas stopped with his finger hovering over the button. It would just be a few more weeks. Eventually he would need to leave them again for more than just a few weeks, but for now, at least, it wouldn’t be long. A trial run of sorts. It would be fine.







          Mariline watched Nicholas and Cameron silently approach her. “You actually showed up.”


          Nicholas nodded. “It’s my fault that Elaine was running around yesterday so I need to make things right.”


          Mariline cocked an eyebrow. “I admit it, I’m impressed to hear you say that. Ready to back up those words?” When Nicholas nodded again she beckoned them towards some of the houses down the road. “Wally hardly sleeps so if he’s awake we’ll see if I can convince him to go for a walk again. If not we’ll try again once he wakes up.”


          Mariline walked up to one of the houses and snuck next to a window, lifting her tail and slowly dragging it along the glass to make a soft brushing noise. She repeated the motion a few times before there was movement and Nicholas saw Wally getting up inside.


          “He’s awake.” Mariline peeked through the window, smiling and waving at Wally as he approached. The two seemed to be conversing in a language all their own until Wally’s shoulders finally drooped and he began shuffling through the house still dressed in his pajamas.


          “Hey, Mariline,” Wally muttered when he opened the front door. “Can’t I just stay home today?”


          “Your parents are anxious to see you and you know that you’ll need someone with you to make the journey,” Mariline said soothingly. “Even though I’d love to go with you I can’t. I’m Master Norman’s pokegirl. You need one of your own.”


          Wally’s body language was completely dejected. “Okay. Fine. Let’s go.”


          “You need to put some clothes on,” Mariline chided gently. “You can’t go into the woods in your PJs.”


          “Yes I can.” Wally sniffled, rubbing his nose and glancing at Nicholas. “Isn’t he the guy from yesterday?”


          “I’m Nicholas Topolski,” Nicholas replied, folding his arm slightly as he inclined his head. “I’m going to be there to help you in any way I can so that you don’t need to stress.”


          Wally sniffled again. “Mariline can help me.”


          “But I’m not a human,” Mariline replied. “Nicholas can give you tips I can’t.”


          Wally shuffled in place for a while before bowing his head. “Okay. Let’s go.”


          “I told you you needed to put some clothes on,” Mariline huffed, pushing Wally back inside and closing the door behind them. After a while she reappeared with Wally still in his pajamas but at least wearing a jacket and with real shoes on. “Fine. But if you get sick again because you’re cold I’m not making excuses for you.”


          Wally giggled. “But you’ll still snuggle with me.”


          Mariline mock glared at him before her face softened. “You know I will.”


          Nicholas let Mariline lead the way, this time to the east instead of the west of the city. “So… Wally. Mariline has told me you’re looking for a pokegirl partner. How old are you?”


          “I turned eighteen last month,” Wally replied. “I’ve always wanted to travel with a pokegirl, but I can barely travel on my own… And Mariline has always taken care of me, even when I’m stuck in my room.” He coughed a few times. “S-Sorry, I’m feeling better today but-“


          “Don’t push yourself,” Mariline interjected. “If you start feeling like you can’t breathe you tell me right away, got it?”


          Wally nodded sheepishly. “Okay.”


          “We’re finding you a pokegirl. Today,” Mariline stated firmly. “A nice, gentle one who will always be there with you. Okay?”


          Wally barely nodded. “Okay.”


          “Now.” Mariline raised her nose and took a few quick breaths of the air. “Hmm… We can look for another Taillow…”


          “Er… Mariline?” Wally blushed when Mariline turned to him. “I, I know it’s silly, but can we look for a cute pokegirl?” He buried his face in his hands. “Like you?”


          Mariline blinked a few times. “Like… me?”


          “I, I don’t think I could want any other Zigzagoon,” Wally was mumbling, his face beginning to glow red. “And Taillow and Poochyena are too energetic… I know you’ve tried so hard to find me a pokegirl so I didn’t want to say anything yesterday…”


          “Well, I, uh,” Mariline stammered. “We, uh, have to find something first.”


          “It’s silly, I know,” Wally mumbled.


          “No! No, Wally, we’ll find a pokegirl you’re happy with.” Mariline patted him on the shoulder with a smile before clearing her throat and beginning to quickly scan the area. “Right! What could even be around here…?”


          “Master.” Nicholas cocked his head slightly when he heard Kalmiya’s voice in his ear. “I have been listening to the conversation. There may be a specific pokegirl breed that Wally would like.”


          “There is? Does it have habitat around here?” Nicholas asked.


          “It does, though is known to be very hard to find. It is called the Ralts. Often described as being ‘small’, ‘cute’, and other similar words, it is a breed that resembles a young, vulnerable human. I believe that Wally would find one to be agreeable and not too ‘energetic’ as he has said.”


          “Mariline?” Nicholas waited for the Zigzagoon to turn to him before continuing. “My pokegirl says that there’s a less common kind of pokegirl around here that Wally might like. Ralts?”


           Mariline blinked a few times. “Ralts? Why would Wally like one of them?”


          “Well, they’re very gentle,” Nicholas replied. “And since they’re very near human in appearance Wally should be able to relax around one, right?” He smiled. “There wouldn’t be any fur to make him feel like he’s cheating on you.”


          Mariline blushed but didn’t respond to the rest of his statement. “Gentle. Gentle is good, but I don’t think I know the scent of a Ralts.”


          “That’s fine.” Nicholas raised his voice slightly to get Wally’s attention. “Wally, I think I have an idea to look for, but we might be walking for a while. How are you feeling?”


          Wally seemed to visibly perk up. “You have an idea?”


          “I do.”


          “Then… I’ll make it.” He smiled nervously. “I promise.”


          Nicholas grinned back. “Awesome. We can get to know each other better while we search.”







          “…I don’t think I’ll ever be something like a Champion,” Wally said dejectedly. He and Nicholas were taking a rest under some trees while Mariline patrolled the area around them. “You’re incredible, Nicholas.”


          “Yes, well, I could never have done what I’ve done without my pokegirls,” Nicholas replied. “That’s really what being a tamer is all about, I think. Trusting your pokegirls. Letting them help you just as much as you help them.” He went silent as his thoughts returned to Elaine. “Sometimes you have to be the strong one, though. I hope you’re prepared for that.”


          Wally drew himself up the best he could. “I think so.”


          Nicholas smiled and lightly bucked Wally’s shoulder. “Mariline seems to really believe in you. So I will too.”


          Wally blinked a few times to fight back sudden tears. “Th-Thank you.”


          “Wally!” Nicholas looked over when Mariline’s head and upper body burst out of the bushes nearby. “I found some! Come on!”


          “Ralts?” Nicholas asked as he got to his feet and helped Wally up as well. “And more than one?”


          “Yes, two!” With how excited Mariline looked Nicholas knew her tail was probably going crazy just out of sight. “Come on, come on!”


          Nicholas lead the way, pushing through the undergrowth so that Wally had an easy path to follow. Only a few minutes into the walk Mariline popped back into view, hurrying towards them and making shushing motions with her hands.


          Nicholas slowed, crouching into the bushes as he peered in the direction Mariline indicated. Sure enough he could just make out two petite forms in a small clearing ahead. “Is this as close as we can get? I can barely see them.”


          Mariline glanced around and motioned at a thicker patch of vegetation. "That way."


          Nicholas slowly pushed forwards with Wally just behind until he cleared the trees that had blocking his original view. Two nude pokegirls, because they were obviously pokegirls with their vibrantly colored hair and short horns, were laughing and playing with each other. One had bright green hair, the other a sky blue, but they shared the same pasty white skin and each had small red horns poking out of their hair.


          “Crazy hair colors,” Nicholas whispered in surprise. “Well, Wally? Do they look good enough to you?”


          Wally was sitting completely entranced. “…cute,” he finally managed to murmur. “But why are they different?”


          Mariline poked her head into view but before she could speak Nicholas was explaining. “Well as I’m sure you know pokegirls of the same species, or breed, will look very similar. But there’s always going to be some variance. For example Mariline has black and tan fur, but while she has brown eyes another Zigzagoon might have a darker brown or black, or maybe even blue. But you’d still recognize them as a Zigzagoon.” He gestured at the two Ralts. “Same here. Different hair colors but they’re obviously the same kind of pokegirl.”


          “Actually, Master, blue hair is not a normal trait for the Ralts,” Kalmiya interrupted. “Hair coloring can run the range of greens and some blue tinting but to have such a vibrant blue is very rare.”


          “Oh.” Kalmiya had spoken through his pokedex so Wally could hear as well. “Well, never mind then, Wally. I guess that blue hair one is special.”


          Wally was staring at the Ralts in question. “…I don’t want a special pokegirl. I just want a normal one.” He winced. “I’m… special enough on my own.”


          “Green haired one.” Mariline blurted out. “Got it. Are you ready?”


          Wally nodded. “I think so. Do I really have to pretend to order you around?”


          “It’s not pretend,” Mariline replied. “It’s practice. You can do it, Wally. I believe in you.”


          “Should I go first?” Nicholas asked. “Mariline, do you think you can keep both under control until Wally feels comfortable?”


          Mariline brightened at that suggestion. “I can and will! Show him how to battle.”


          Nicholas nodded and checked the information Kalmiya pushed to his pokedex screen. “Sure. Okay, we’re not trying to really go too crazy here, just shake them up so they can be captured. So don’t use any techniques, Mariline. Just tackle that blue-haired Ralts!”


          Mariline growled softly as she settled into an attack position before letting out a squeal and diving through the bushes. The two Ralts instantly panicked, nearly running into each other in their haste to escape from the approaching threat and Mariline easily cornered her target before slamming her to the ground. The horns on the Ralts’ head began glowing as the pokegirl tried to muster a defense but a quick punch from Mariline into the Ralts’ sternum left the wild pokegirl gasping for air.


          “Okay, Wally, look!” Nicholas pointed at the struggling Ralts. “Mariline has hurt her a bit so she’s not focused on resisting a pokeball. Now’s the perfect time to throw one!”


          “W-Wait, throw?” Wally asked in a panic, watching Nicholas pull a ball from his pocket and take aim. “I have to THROW the pokeball?”


          Nicholas stopped with a frown. “Well… I guess not, you can just point it, like this, but if the pokegirl escapes…” he cursed when the Ralts let out a panicked cry. “Ah, I’ll explain later!”


          Mariline bounced to her feet when Nicholas’ thrown pokeball sucked up her first target and turned to where she knew the second Ralts had tried to slip away. “Wally! Your turn!”


          “Point it?” Wally stammered. “Like?”


          Nicholas pulled out another pokeball and showed Wally the various triggers on the outside. “Point the emitter, this thing, towards the pokegirl and press that button.” He watched a capture beam snake out and fade. “Yes, just like that. Usually we throw them, though, because a pokegirl can break out if you’re unlucky. And you don’t want her in your lap if she comes out angry!”


          The color had drained from Wally’s face. “So-“


          “WALLY!” Mariline leapt past the cowering Ralts, driving her back into the clearing. “Just do what Nicholas did! You can do it!”


          “Ah- Ah-“ Wally fumbled with the ball before seeming to remember the first step. “Mariline! Uh, tackle, the Ralts?”


          Mariline let out an excited yip and tackled the second Ralts to the ground. This girl didn’t try to summon any technique, instead desperately trying to squirm free while Mariline wrestled with her.


          “Tell Mariline to hit her,” Nicholas urged Wally. “Look at how much the Ralts is squirming! She’d definitely try to break free if you captured her right now.”


          “…Right. Mariline!” Wally cleared his throat. “Just, uh, punch her, or something!”


          Mariline opted instead to bash her forehead into the Ralts’ face, pulling back as the girl began coughing and struggling to breathe past her shattered nose. “Got her!”


          “Okay so… I should throw the ball.” Wally hesitantly took aim before deflating. “I’ll miss.”


          “Just trigger the beam, then,” Nicholas said. “It’s okay. I think you’ll be fine.”


          Mariline jumped to her feet when the capture beam took the Ralts. “You didn’t-?” She turned to see Wally holding the blinking pokeball. “AH! WALLY, THROW IT AWAY!”


          With a yelp Wally chucked the pokeball into the clearing. After a few shakes it stopped blinking. “Mariline???”


          “Oh, please, NEVER hold a wild pokegirl in a fresh pokeball like that!” Mariline cried, running over to make sure the pokeball had stopped shaking before picking up both. “If you’re not going to throw it right away you MUST throw it away after! If the Ralts broke out she could have hurt you from that close!”


          “Yeah… Nicholas told me,” Wally replied sheepishly. “Sorry, Mariline. I forgot.”


          “Oh but you did so well,” Mariline gushed, embracing Wally and giving him a wet kiss on the cheek. “You were so brave.”


          Wally blushed. “Thanks.”


          Nicholas heard a happy sigh from behind them and a click as Cameron stopped recording. “Congratulations on capturing your first pokegirl, Wally. You’ve officially become a pokegirl tamer today.” He reached out and shook Wally’s hand firmly. “Don’t keep her waiting now.” Wally seemed to be confused so Nicholas chuckled and lowered his voice. “You’re all grown up. I’m sure you know what a tamer does with his pokegirls.”


          “Er- yeah. I do.” Wally clutched the pokeball Mariline had retrieved for him tightly to his chest. “I promise. I’ll take care of her like you’ve told me to.”


          Nicholas laughed. “Try to enjoy yourself in the process, alright?” He smiled when Wally’s face glowed red and he began making furtive motions to leave. “What are you going to do with that other Ralts, Mariline? I could ask Professor Birch if he wants to have her in his little wild area.”


          Mariline cocked her head. “You aren’t taking her?”


          “Oh.” Nicholas blinked. “I… I’m not really adding to my harem right now, no.” Mariline waited while Nicholas stared pensively off into the forest. “Although… maybe that’s what she needs.”


          Wally continued edging back towards the path while Nicholas was lost in thought. Finally after about a minute he sighed. “I guess I should take her, actually.”


          Mariline handed over the pokeball. “Thank you for coming with us today.” She looked over at Wally with a soft expression. “This is the most energetic I’ve seen him in years.”


          Nicholas nodded. “It was the right thing to do. Especially after what happened yesterday.”


          Mariline nodded slightly herself. “It was. Thank you.” She looked back with a smile. “Take care of your new pokegirls as well as you took care of my Wally.”


          Nicholas smiled back. “I hope I can.”







          “I assume you’ll be busy the rest of the day, then?” Cameron asked. The two men were having a late lunch at a small outdoor restaurant in Petalburg. “I know you wanted to get to Rustboro as soon as possible yesterday, but hey, things change.”


          “No more film opportunities, no,” Nicholas replied. “Unless you wanted to change the age rating.”


          Cameron chuckled and shook his head. “No thanks. Should we meet back up tomorrow?”


          “You’re actually offering to back off for a bit?” Nicholas asked drily. “Ever since we met you’ve been there, sticking your camera in my face.”


          “Well, ah… I figured out when you’d start to push back,” Cameron replied with a nervous smile. “I just thought you wanted to move quickly, with what your pokegirls were saying and all.”


          “Hm.” Nicholas swirled the ice in his drink thoughtfully. “In that case let’s meet back up for lunch tomorrow. We can get back on the road afterwards.”


          Cameron quickly raised his glass in a toast. “Sounds excellent. I’ll see you then.”


          Nicholas half raised his own. He remained distant until Cameron made his excuses and left, only then reaching into his pocket to withdraw the Ralts’ pokeball.


          Why had he taken her from Mariline? He didn’t want another fresh pokegirl right now. He had no intention on starting a new badge challenge. He wasn’t some sort of collector; sure, he wasn’t going to turn away a pokegirl that wanted to go with him but capturing a wild one? He hadn’t done it for himself. Had he?


          He’d done it… because he held a fleeting hope that having a peer with her would give Elaine the opportunity to open up naturally. But that wasn’t for Elaine – that was him being selfish. Hoping that maybe he wouldn’t have to do what needed to be done.


          Slowly he ran his fingers over the surface of the pokeball. Elaine had been right. He really was a hypocrite.


          His grip tightened for a moment before he got to his feet. There was someone he wanted to be. But unfortunately for him there was also someone he needed to be. He still hoped that this Ralts, once tamed, would be someone who could help Elaine in the weeks before he could introduce her to the rest of the harem, but she was never going to be everything Elaine needed. She would need him to do what had to be done.


          “I’m sorry,” he murmured, feeling where Elaine rode in her pokeball at his waist. “Just hang in there one more day.”


          He didn’t waste any time. Straight from the restaurant to the pokecenter to run the Ralts through a cycle, then immediately back to his hotel. He wanted to have the entire morning to dedicate to Elaine.


          The Ralts did indeed look quite cute when she materialized across the room from him. All of the dirt that she had accumulated from the wild was gone thanks to the cycle, allowing her pale skin to almost glow in the light and her brilliantly blue hair to have fallen down over her face. He could see her amber eyes barely peeking through her bangs as she took in her surroundings.


          And… her appearance was more than just ‘cute’, like Wally had wanted from his pokegirl. No, there was something else. The Ralts’ seeming helplessness didn’t evoke pity from him. The opposite, in fact. It was drawing him in, and when the girl raised a slender hand to pull her hair back enough to look at him he felt an urge to rush in and have his way with her. These weren’t his own feelings, either – he felt completely in control. This pokegirl was manipulating his instincts simply by existing. A Psychic-type, most probably. She was dangerous.


          The girl blinked and Nicholas felt another surge. He quickly shuffled backwards, putting some more distance between them, before speaking. “I’m your new Master, if you want me.” The Ralts kept a curious eye on him while Nicholas nervously cleared his throat. “My name is Nicholas. Do you have a name?”


          Something flickered behind the Ralts’ eyes and suddenly Nicholas could breathe again. The girl glanced around the room again, the barest hint of a frown crossing her lips as she did. Nicholas watched as she scanned the room again, and again, and with her attention taken off of him he no longer felt whatever power she had, allowing him to survey her normally.


          The Ralts was short. At most five foot, with barely shaped breasts and rather narrow hips, for a pokegirl. As Kalmiya had said she almost appeared to be a young, vulnerable human. If not for her odd coloration and red horns she probably could have passed for one.


          He shivered as a thought passed. A pokegirl that seemed able to manipulate emotions, who looked like a vulnerable and easy target... his intuition was right. This was a dangerous breed. They likely hunted by luring their prey in before striking.


          But the one in front of him had lost interest in him and actually seemed to be growing more agitated with every pass of the room. Finally Nicholas spoke up when he saw the Ralts flick around in a matter of seconds. “Do you understand me?”


          The Ralts’ eyes snapped back to him but he didn’t feel her compulsion this time. Instead there was… fear? Panic? “Whe?”


          Nicholas blinked. It hadn’t been a word but the Ralts was obviously in distress. “Sorry?”


          “Whe?” The girl cast about again, now taking half steps in each direction as she did. “Whe?” She let out a quick cry when she stepped in front of the bathroom door but it quickly trailed off before she got more than a few steps in.


          Nicholas carefully peeked his head over to the Ralts’ new position so he could see what had gotten her excited for a moment. There was nobody in the bathroom, just the towel he had used to dry off with that morning… he blinked as he watched the Ralts in the mirror. Turning, turning, her eyes flashing past his twice as fast, once when they looked at him, once when they looked at his reflection…


          Had… she seen her reflection? Had that been what got her excited? Was she trying to find another pokegirl?


          He could release Elaine. But no… that’s right, this Ralts had been with another out in the forest. Maybe she was looking for the one Wally had taken?


          It would make sense since she had gotten excited at her own reflection. The problem was that there was no way he was going to take a wild Ralts to see Wally. Not while he was trying to tame the Ralts that THIS Ralts was trying to find. So if he couldn’t take a wild Ralts, she’d have to be a tamed one.


          And the problem with THAT was that the Ralts was now untamed, in distress, and had been out of her pokeball for long enough that the shock from the taming cycle was almost certainly gone. She was feral, that much was clear, which meant there was only one thing to do. Nicholas braced himself and lunged when the Ralts was turning away from his reflection.


          The girl let out a scream when he tackled her to the hotel floor. Immediately Nicholas noticed her red horns begin to shimmer and he twisted, avoiding as she tried to capture his eyes with hers and fumbling with his pants. Once he had them off he threw himself sideways, dragging the Ralts out of sight of the mirror and securing his grip around her stomach so that she was sitting right in his lap. He hadn’t noticed yet but now that the Ralts was starting to struggle even more he could feel very, very faint flashes of fear and animosity searing his mind. Clamping down on his thoughts he tightened his grip and gritted his teeth, bringing his mouth up to the squirming girl’s ear. “I. Am trying. To help you.” He winced when a stronger flash got through his defenses and swirled his hips so that his penis began to harden and push up towards the Ralts’ pussy. “I’m not trying to hurt-“


          It was impossible to describe the feeling. A thunderbolt, maybe, or as if someone had slammed a door in his face, but Nicholas couldn’t move. He couldn’t even breathe as he stared at the glowing amber orb reflected in the window of his hotel room.


          The Ralts had gone still now that she had captured him. On top of her head, previously hidden below her hair, two trembling, seemingly furred ears, similar but unlike any feli or cani feature he had seen on a pokegirl, had come fully erect. He felt fear pit in his stomach as his grip began to loosen and the Ralts started slowly squirming free. He’d messed up.


          The girl paused a moment with a low noise. Nicholas felt his dick twitch again when she rubbed against it and mentally frowned. It was moving. Sure, it might be reactionary, but no other part of his body could move. Why?


          The Ralts seemed confused as well. She nearly broke her eye contact before returning her focus to his reflection and letting out another low groan when Nicholas twitched again. She hadn’t moved an inch since the first twitch and Nicholas swallowed when he felt her gingerly push against his member. He could feel light folds of skin as she rubbed her labia across his twitching shaft but she never went beyond the surface.


          Both she and Nicholas were startled when his fingers caressed her side. The Ralts yelped, coming even closer to breaking eye contact this time before forcing herself to lock eyes with him again. Nicholas blinked a few times as his fingers slowly passed over the Ralts’ trembling flesh. He could… move? Why?


          The Ralts whimpered and Nicholas felt her slide slightly forwards, pushing his dick between her folds and into her warm vagina. It was just her grinding on the shaft, not penetration, but with what parts of him could move and the Ralts’ actions he had an idea what was going on.


          His fingers had moved because he wanted to stroke her as foreplay. That had been the thought he’d had. Maybe he was moving because the Ralts was locking down his controlling movements. If he moved without any intention of hurting or restraining her, but only to tame her…


          The Ralts cried out when Nicholas’ arms, previously gripping her tightly to his chest, fell away. He managed to lift one to her chest before it froze again and he smiled. “I won’t hurt you,” he murmured, surprised to find himself able to speak easily. “I promise. What I want to do will be nice.”


          The skin under his frozen hand trembled with the Ralts’ fluttering breaths. He felt like he might be able to make contact but he waited, not wanting to startle her. Eventually the Ralts almost seemed to nod and Nicholas gently pressed his fingers into her breasts.


          Her hold vanished as she cried out, her eyes squeezing shut and breaking the connection. But Nicholas didn’t change what he was doing. He teased the Ralts with the lightest of touches, pausing whenever she moaned, barely even running his fingers over her nipples whenever they got close.


          The Ralts leaned into him for a few minutes before a jolt ran through her body and she shot away, whirling with her amber eyes spread wide. Nicholas felt her power wash over him but he just smiled when it didn’t take hold again. “I’m telling the truth.” He held out his hands, palms up. “May I be your tamer?” He relaxed, pushing away any emotions that might scare the Ralts and filling his thoughts with happy, safe… he felt a hot blush spreading across his face… sexual thoughts. That wasn’t what he should be projecting.


          Just as he chided himself he felt hands pushing across his face and looked up, startled, to see the Ralts reaching for his mouth. Her own face matched his and when she kissed him it was his own lust that pushed her tongue into his mouth for a deep French kiss.


          The moment Nicholas started to kiss back though the Ralts pulled away. So he settled back and let her guide him, staying passive as she explored his body, until she took his hand and moved it to her clit while also pushing forwards so that his member began poking into her. Then he took over, his measured thrusts sending the Ralts to a shaking orgasm multiple times through the afternoon.








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



          Elaine, Torchic – Level 11

          ???, Ralts – Level 8


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5