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Chapter 31

Epilogue: Promises




         Nicholas’ thoughts raced as the battle unfolded. It was a base instinct that fueled his commands, turning the roiling fight into an elegant dance as he and his harem maneuvered around Lance.


         Sera fell, then Nessa, but Lance was taking heavy losses of his own. His Kingdra, Tyranitar, and Gyarados had all fallen. Now he was trapped.


         Lance hissed when Miyuki appeared and began freezing the floor beneath her. He only had one option and as soon as he took it-


         Miyuki vanished in a cloud of mist when the Charizard materialized. Her primary threat had been neutralized, but there was still one left. Lili.


         The Tyranitar appeared where her Alpha had vanished and immediately prepared to attack. Doremi roared, attempting to rattle her, but Lili ignored her. Focusing solely on Nicholas’ voice in her ear she charged.


         Doremi reared back, a blistering inferno gathering in her jaws, and released it with a mighty flap of her wings. The firestorm instantly filled the arena, engulfing Lili and everything else in sight.


         A deafening crack rent the air and the Charizard screamed when massive pieces of stone punched holes through the flames and smashed into her. She managed to avoid taking hits to any critical areas but Lili’s projectiles still tore holes in her wings and left gaping wounds all over her body. The Tyranitar herself emerged from the sea of fire, clothing burnt to ash, skin charred and blistered, but still stalking towards Doremi with raw fury in her eyes.


         Doremi tried to gather a new attack and Lili struck, her glowing hands carving into Doremi’s body until the Charizard crumpled to the ground.




         There was still too much fire burning across the arena so Nicholas let Lili fight to her last breath. She did very well considering her own wounds, bruising the Dragonite before falling to spears of crackling ice.


         But neither Rika nor her sister Kyrie had any hope against Miyuki. Nicholas knew it. Lance knew it. And though Rika and Kyrie fought their best, harnessing their energy to send fire chasing the Glaceon, the two Dragonite were generalists. Nothing like their sister Sharra, a Dragonite that focused purely on her draconic might and had taken both Victoria and Kary before falling.


         As the blizzard of ice and snow engulfed Kyrie and Miyuki lowered her hands to rest on her hips Nicholas finally began to hear the crowd again. They weren’t cheering. They were screaming. An overwhelming noise without any direction.


         He thought he could hear the announcer trying to shout over the crowd but it was a losing battle. Nicholas walked forwards when the arena walls dropped, grabbing Miyuki and kissing her before continuing to where Lance waited.


         “You’re the true Champion. And a stronger dragon master than I am,” Lance said. “You deserve this, Nicholas.”


         Nicholas glanced around. At the screaming crowd. The dozens of cameras, some which had left the stands and were approaching them. He saw one being carried by a levitating pokegirl that got right up next to the two tamers. “I’ve beaten the best of the Indigo League twice now. But I don’t want your title, Champion Blackthorn.” He grabbed the camera from the pokegirl and stared right into the lens. “I WANT YOURS! CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD LEAGUES, I CHALLENGE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! I AM NICHOLAS TOPOLSKI! AND I WILL BE YOUR WORLD CHAMPION!”


         A moment of stunned silence. Then the arena erupted.







         “…and I will be your world champion!”


         “That was Nicholas Topolski, Indigo League Champion and coming up we’ll have our exclusive interview…”


         Sabrina muted the news. She hadn’t expected this. Had Nicholas been planning it from the beginning?


         She walked to the window and looked out over Saffron City. He’d vanished after his battle with Lance and nobody she talked to knew where. He must have gone back to his mansion at some point because members of his harem were missing, though the rest refused to tell her what he was up to.


         World Champion. She watched some wild pokegirls jump over the rooftops, a uniformed pokegirl chasing them, and shook her head. He’d changed so much on his latest journey. She’d fallen for a man who helped others because he couldn’t help himself and now he’d finally gotten the help he needed. He’d evolved.


         Sabrina laughed to herself. Evolved. As if he was a pokegirl. Well, it made some sense. Humans evolved too, just over a longer period of time. It had taken her boyfriend a few years to get there. But he had.


         Hopefully he’d be back soon. She turned back to the television, unmuting the reporter and listening as Nicholas gave his interview. She wanted to celebrate with him.


         Many miles away Nicholas walked through the streets of Cherrygrove with Kali and Nessa at his side. “Which house?”


         Kali’s tail pointed further down the street. “The one with a red tile roof, Master Nicholas.”




         A man opened the door when Nicholas knocked. “Hell-“ he stopped when he saw Nicholas. “You- you’re the Champion.”


         “It’s been a while.” Nicholas smiled. “Do you remember the first time we met?”


         The man slowly nodded. “I realized once I saw the news. You were the trainer I gave her pendant to.”


         “I- well, we wanted to show you what your pokegirl has done,” Nicholas said. He nudged Nessa forwards and the man’s eyes were drawn to the teardrop pendant she still wore around her neck. “She’s been all across Johto and even fought the Elite Four.”


         Tears were welling in the man’s eyes. “You knew?”


         “I did,” Nessa replied quietly. “I can feel her essence within the pendant. She’s helped me so much.” She looked down when the man burst into tears. “But our journey is over now. So-“


         “No,” the man choked, waving his hand in an effort to compose himself. “No, no. Keep the pendant. Please.” He sniffled, rubbing his eyes as he sobbed. “Keep it. I can’t- knowing that, that you took it, took her…” Nicholas took the man by the arm and pulled him into a rough embrace. “Oh creator, thank you. Knowing she’s still out there living her dreams…”


         “I promised you that I’d cherish my pokegirl,” Nicholas muttered. “And I swear that I will continue to cherish Nessa as much as you obviously cherished yours.”

         The man hugged him tightly, all four just standing on his doorstep as he cried.







         “You’re sure that you don’t want to visit, Master?” Kary asked. She angled slightly in her flight so that he could see the mountains that hid Blackthorn City. “It’s not far out of our way.”


         “We’ll visit, you, me, Victoria, all of us. But not today. We have one goal in mind for this trip.”


         “One goal and a few stops, hm Master?” Kary teased.


         “I made these people promises,” Nicholas replied. “I need to fulfill them now.”


         “What did this Koryu make you promise, anyways?” Kary asked. “You haven’t told us yet.”


         “To return,” Nicholas said. “It’s already been long enough.”


         Kary frowned at his vague response but when Nicholas didn’t offer any more she shrugged and returned her attention to flight.


         Nicholas turned the scale over in his fingers as Kary flew further north. So much had changed since he had met Koryu at the Lake of Rage. He’d gone and studied with the Blackthorn clan, learned what he was, finally stopped Team Rocket, become blessed by one of the oldest legendaries and become a literal legendary tamer… He wasn’t afraid of what Koryu would demand of him for harming her pack, but he didn’t know how she would react to what he was now.


         And then, once he had fulfilled his obligation to her, he had one more. He turned to look up the mountain range, all the way to the highest peak. Mt. Silver, the peak where Ash supposedly had gone to. Both physically and metaphorically placing himself at the top of the food chain of the mountain, a place that only veteran tamers even dared to go. The wild pokegirls there, even feral, fought with a deadly cunning and strength that should only be seen from a tamed girl.


         He blinked to clear his thoughts and looked ahead to the great lake that had begun to appear through the trees. He would worry about that later. Right now he had to focus on Koryu.


         About an hour later Kary started her descent towards the lake and Nicholas lowered his legs when she landed, breaking free of her grip and taking a few quick steps to decelerate. Kary growled, shaking her wings to keep the blood flowing as she slowly folded them back against her body, and looked around. “Where is this Koryu?”


         “Probably somewhere in the lake.”


         “Should I go swimming, Master?” Kary asked.


         “No.” Nicholas walked towards the bank. “I have a better way.”


         Kary watched curiously when Nicholas waded into the shallows and came to a stop. He pulled the scale out of his pocket, still turning it between his fingers as he stared into the deep waters.


         After a few seconds Kary shivered. Something had passed over her. If the trees around them weren’t perfectly still she would have thought it was the wind.


         Around Nicholas’ legs ripples began to spread, pulsing across the lake surface as he finally stopped fidgeting with the scale and raised his voice. “Koryu! Ruler of the Lake of Rage, ancient vassal of the Draconid line. I have returned as promised.”


         It didn’t take long before Kary saw a shadow flash in the depths and a massive red Gyarados surfaced, waves breaking on the shore as she approached Nicholas. With a crash her feet caught the ground, her tail sweeping up behind her and sending water soaking the earth all the way to where Kary stood. “Draconid. You have returned.”


         “Per our agreement, I have returned to pay my reparation for my actions.” Nicholas held his head high and matched Koryu’s eyes. “Be warned, Koryu. I am not the same human who left this place. I will honor our agreement, but do not dare take more than you are owed.”


         Koryu’s lips curled back into a toothy grin. “And if I dare, Draconid?”


         “Must you test me?”


         Koryu’s eyes smoldered. “You speak truth. You are not the same as when you left. I wish to see how.”


         “Very well.” Nicholas glanced back at Kary. “Kary. Do not interfere.”


         Kary stiffened at the direct order. “Yes, Weyrleader.”


         Koryu’s eyes narrowed slightly when Kary went completely still. “Interesting.”


         “You wish to see how I’ve changed, correct?” Nicholas asked as he returned his attention to Koryu and spread his arms slightly. “Then dare, Koryu, and test your might against a son of Rayquaza.”


         Koryu’s eyes continued to narrow until she was glaring down at him. Breath slowly hissed between her teeth, her own body slowly going still as she focused intently down on Nicholas. Nicholas returned the look, standing mostly relaxed but ready to spring at a moment’s notice. Suddenly Koryu lunged, her hand reaching for his arm and Nicholas whirled, slipping through Koryu’s fingers and throwing an elbow into her tail when it tried to whip around and stun him. Koryu let out a roar, striking in a flash as her fingers finally found Nicholas’ wrist. Nicholas was yanked into the air and Koryu tried to release him halfway through the arc, intending to send him sailing into the lake, but he’d already grabbed her own arm and swung all the way around to slam his feet into Koryu’s back. Suddenly the massive Gyarados was the one on the defensive, twisting her body in an attempt to shake Nicholas off as he forced her arm towards the opposite shoulder. With a roar of pain Koryu threw herself into the water, rolling and rolling as Nicholas held grimly on, the arm he had trapped straining against him. Within the maelstrom of water Kary watched her Weyrleader’s aura surge just as it had on that night.


         Koryu felt the presence clinging to her and fought back, her will pumping her own aura to push against Nicholas even as she continued to writhe. And it was too much for Nicholas to fight. He felt the heavy energy around him and tried to focus more on resisting it, loosening his grip on Koryu’s arm. Koryu felt the pressure slack and yanked herself free, throwing Nicholas into the water as she did. He spluttered, grabbing a half breath of air before he felt Koryu slam into his stomach.


         Kary twitched when the two vanished into the water. She had been ordered not to interfere, but she would not allow this outsider to kill her Weyrleader.


         She could still sense him under the waves. The instant his presence faltered she would strike.


         Nicholas twisted in Koryu’s grip as the Gyarados dragged him further and further below the waves. He needed to break out before they went too deep or he’d be completely at her mercy!


         “Save your breath, Draconid,” Koryu hissed as he started jabbing her hands. “You’re in my domain now.”


         His hands and feet were free. Koryu held him tightly around his waist. What could he do to fight? “YOU DARE TOO MUCH!” Nicholas shouted with some of his air, clamping his mouth shut again before it all could escape.


         “Then stop me, Draconid,” Koryu hissed in response. “Or I will take what I wish. Even if that is your life!”


         He was helpless in her hands. He couldn’t break free, and even if he did they were deep enough at this point that she would just recover as he swam for the surface then snag him again. So if he couldn’t escape…


         Bubbles hissed out of his nose and Koryu grunted when she felt his hands wrap around her neck. She ignored the squirming human until his body pulled up and her eyes widened when Nicholas forced his lips to hers.


         Kary’s tail slowly waved behind her. She had wanted to dive into the lake after the first ten minutes. But Nicholas’ aura hadn’t faltered. In fact she had felt it grow stronger as time went on, pulsing through the waters and reassuring her of his safety.


         It had been nearly an hour when she saw the water swell again. Koryu’s tail breached first before the Gyarados vanished back into the deep and Nicholas surfaced a few seconds later. Kary trembled as she watched him swim towards shore. “Master!”


         “Kary! Give me a hand, would you?” The words had hardly left his lips when Kary was diving into the water next to him, her body shimmering with the energy she had used to speed to his side. “Hey.”


         “Are you injured, Weyrleader?” Kary asked quickly, supporting him with one hand while the other ran over his naked body. “Where are your clothes?”


         “Gone,” Nicholas replied. “I’ve got a few extra sets, it’s no big deal. Let’s head to Mt. Silver.”


         “Mt. Silver? What about-“ Kary looked around but the lake was still again. “This Gyarados, Koryu?”


         “I have fulfilled my side of our agreement,” Nicholas replied. “Maybe we’ll come back sometime. Vika and Victoria would probably like to learn from her.”


         Koryu held her position far below Kary and Nicholas, her eyes never wavering from his body as he and Kary finally struck towards shore. It had been many years since she had met a true Draconid, a direct descendent. The Blackthorn clan was diluted after so long in this land. She shivered as she felt her pussy trembling. He had won. Punished her for daring to stand against a human. A satisfied grin spread across her face as she fell into fantastical daydreams, her fingers sensually slipping in and out of her cunt to mimic his thrusts.







         Nicholas stared through the drifting snow above him. He was perched on a rock, Victoria, Kary, Elizabeth, Hana, Lili, and Kali all spread around him, keeping guard and fighting off the ferals that constantly harassed them.


         It had been three days since they had been at the Lake of Rage. Since then they had trekked all across Mt. Silver, searching the lower peaks for any sign of Ash as they made their way to the summit. Everyone knew that they’d find whom they were searching for there, but the slow ascent had given the group time to know each other. To train, and for Hana and Lili to familiarize themselves with the others. Now they were on the final approach.


         Nicholas got to his feet when Hana nodded at him. “All clear?”


         “Yes, Master Nicholas.”


         “Any more Snorlax?” Nicholas asked while the group picked their way further up the mountain. “I caught one once, you know. I wonder if she came here after she left me.”


         “Anything is possible, Master Nicholas,” Kali replied. “Do you wish for me to search the minds around us for hers?”


         “…no,” Nicholas said after a moment. “She made her choice. I’m not going to force myself on her again.”


         Kali smiled and nodded. As the group hiked further and further towards the summit the density of feral pokegirls began to decrease. Snowy forest gave way to rocky crags and cold winds nipped at any exposed skin. Nicholas shivered a bit when a gust got under his jacket and pulled it down, lifting his head as he did to the path ahead of them.


         Then he saw Kali turn her head. Then Elizabeth, leading the group, slammed to a halt. Above them, perched on one of the rocky cliffs, a pokegirl crouched. Unmoving. Unblinking. Staring at the intruders.


         She was a rather small pokegirl, wrapped in high quality clothing that fit around her body and yellow lightning bolt tail like a glove. As soon as Elizabeth stepped towards her she vanished, nothing but a slight snap of electricity to herald her departure.


         Kali’s eyes had narrowed. “That was… a powerful Pikachu.”


         Nicholas adjusted his clothing again as another chill ran through him. This one wasn’t from the cold. “Guess we’re close.” He gave the harem a reassuring smile and nodded in the direction the Pikachu had gone. “Almost there.”


         The girls nodded. Climbing around the rocks they continued through the increasingly barren landscape, trudging through the snow and towards a set of rough plateaus that stepped towards the peak.


         Another flash of movement. Nicholas turned to watch as a massive pile of snow exploded to show a Snorlax sprinting faster than the breed should be able to go. Sprinting ahead of them. Then another pokegirl, barely even noticeable as she flashed through the air, but the quick burst of warmth and orange coloration easily identified her as a Charizard. Charizard, Snorlax, Pikachu. Only the Snorlax was native to Mt. Silver. And all three were in the harem of Ash Ketchum.


         Nicholas took the lead as the group approached the first of the plateaus and pulled himself up the path. Barely visible in the fallen snow was a set of hewn rock steps and Nicholas followed the path until he finally stepped onto the flattened peak of Mt. Silver.


         The three pokegirls he had seen were there, as were three others, and one final figure. Nicholas glanced around at the carefully watching eyes. Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Snorlax, Espeon, and of course, a Pikachu. “Ash!” The final figure didn’t even move. “I’ve been told you’re the strongest tamer in Indigo. I’m the two-time Champion.” Nicholas grimaced when Ash still didn’t so much as twitch. “One of my pokegirls here, Kali, has told me that I must be the strongest. Otherwise I must always be fighting the strongest.” Ash tilted his head ever so slightly and Nicholas could see him watching out of the corner of his eye. “So here I am.”


         Slowly Ash turned around. Nicholas frowned at the blank expression on the man’s face. He barely looked human. Wild eyes, flicking rapidly between the pokegirls behind Nicholas. Wild eyes… Nicholas looked at Ash’s harem. Each and every one of them had the same eyes. A battle lust filled them. “Ash, I’m also here to bring you home.” Nicholas grimaced when Ash went still again. “I made a promise… a promise to your friends. That I would try to convince you.” Ash’s harem began shifting and Nicholas was pushed back when his own got in front. “If we can beat you, will you do it? Will you leave this mountain?”


         Still no words were spoken by any of the seven figures here on the top of Mt. Silver. But one stepped forward with a hiss. The meaning in her action was clear. Nicholas watched the Pikachu take another few steps and flinched back when a blast of electric energy exploded from her skin. Even though the discharge was indiscriminate Nicholas still felt sparks sizzle through him as the girl settled into a battle position. Something below the clothes on her chest was shining a bright yellow and it seemed to strengthen the arcs of electricity that went from her to the ground.


         “No talk, then?” Nicholas asked one more time. When the Pikachu’s tail laid flat against the snow he nodded. “So be it. This wouldn’t have worked any other way.”


         Kali’s lips had curled back and her own tail curled in anticipation. “These are a worthy challenge, Master Nicholas. Perhaps too worthy.” She glanced back with a grin. “Perhaps I chose my Master too hastily.”


         “You know you didn’t,” Nicholas replied. Kali purred when he reached out and firmly stroked her cheek, locking eyes with her as he called upon the power in his blood. “And right here. Right now. I will prove it to you.” He looked over at the Pikachu, and at Ash, still standing completely silent behind her. “Elizabeth! You’re the only one here who might stand up to that power. Don’t fail me.”


         Elizabeth spat into the snow and stomped forwards, bringing her arms slamming together with a crash and extending every single one of her spikes in preparation. “Can’t shock me, bitch,” she snarled. “So charge me. Fight me, slap me with that tail of yours, and I’ll slap you back until you can’t think straight.”


         There was no arena here on the mountain. No protection for either tamer. Ash didn’t budge. Nicholas didn’t either. But between them, two pokegirls prepared to fight with everything they had. Lightning arced between Mt. Silver and the nearest peaks. The earth began to shudder from Elizabeth’s power.


         A heartbeat. Two. Three.


         With a roar that shook the entire mountain range the final battle began.








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



         Kali, Mewtwo – Level 82

         Kary, Dragonite – Level 80

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 78

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 79

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 74

         Lili, Tyranitar – Level 81


Non-Com Harem:

         Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5