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Chapter 29





         “ASHLEY!” Nicholas searched through another set of rooms with no luck. The Pidgeot was nowhere to be found. “I swear if I’m late because she’s off doing something… Kalmiya does she not have her radio with her?”


         “No, Master. My hails are not receiving any reply.”


         “Son of a bitch.” Nicholas turned to Ryuko. “As soon as we find her we’re leaving. Is it okay if I put you in your pokeball now?”


         Ryuko bowed. “Of course, Master. I thank you for honoring my request.”


         “Hey. I know how you get when we’re separated.” Nicholas recalled her and turned back to the halls. “ASHLEY FOR FUCK’S SAKE WE NEED TO LEAVE!”


         “Master?” Elizabeth poked her head out of the kitchen, the Nidoqueen watching him bustle about with a frown. “Is everything all right?”


         “My ride is nowhere to be found so no.” Nicholas spared Elizabeth a glance. It had been chaos when he’d returned two days prior. Nothing but sex for nearly all forty-eight hours straight. When he’d started his journey through Johto he hadn’t considered that the others might have such a negative reaction to not being around him. He should have. It was another failure of who he used to be that would not be happening again. “Hey, think if you start mouthing off she’ll come zipping in to retaliate?”


         Elizabeth grinned. “We’re not enemies anymore Master, you know that.”


         “Sure but I’m trying anything I can at this point.”


         Elizabeth laughed. “Ashley is a chicken. Good for nothing but getting plucked and-“


         “And shoving her wings down your throat,” a voice answered. The Pidgeot walked around the corner and glared at Elizabeth. “That’s rude, Liz.”


         “Blame Master,” Elizabeth giggled.


         Ashley sighed and turned to Nicholas. “I’m sorry for the delay, Master. Sera asked me to show her good flying spots. We left at dawn.”


         “You’ve been flying since dawn?” Nicholas asked in surprise. “Are you okay to carry me to Cerulean?”


         Ashley smiled. “I’m hurt that you would even ask, Master.”


         “Okay, okay…” Nicholas headed to the door but not before waving at Elizabeth again. “See you in a bit.”


         Elizabeth waved back. Once they were out of the house Ashley swept him into her arms, her massive wings spreading behind her. “Sera told me that you’ve shared our secrets.” Nicholas shivered when she nipped his ear. “Made her promises.”


         “It wasn’t going to stay a secret for long, Ashley.” Nicholas ran his fingers down her stomach and gently teased her clit. “You don’t wear anything down here. So after one of our flights, everyone knows.”


         Ashley cooed. “Because I want them to.”


         “Uh-huh.” Nicholas felt her wrap her arms around his chest. “Is Cerulean City far enough for you to be satisfied?”


         Ashley’s bright, predatory eyes locked onto his. “You’re back with me. Nothing will be enough, Master.”


         Nicholas kissed her as her wings pumped and sent the two rocketing into the sky. “Then let us fly, my beautiful bird.”







         “Nicholas! Hey!” Nicholas looked up from his food to see Gary Oak approaching with a smile. “Misty told me she’d invited you. Good to see you again!”


         “Gary?” Nicholas swallowed. “Good to see you too, but what are you doing here? Special invitation as well?”


         Gary laughed. “Yes and no. I’d forgotten you’ve been out of contact for months. No, I’ve actually been instated as the Viridian City gym leader.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Wait. Really?”


         “Yeah. The League wanted a tamer who could live up to the shadowy legend of the previous gym leader. You know. As the most powerful gym leader in Indigo.”


         Nicholas nodded slightly. Very few people had known that it had been Giovanni leading Team Rocket as well as acting as the Viridian gym leader. The government had been very keen on keeping it that way. Of course now, after he had been deposed and with the Rocket attack in Johto, the secret was pretty much out. Team Rocket had broadcast a message naming Giovanni as their leader and asking him to return. A few rumors could be dismissed. But this had been impossible to deny.


         “Well congratulations, Gary,” Nicholas replied. “How’ve you been?”


         “Pretty good. Nothing too exciting for us, just cleaning up Kanto.” Gary pulled up a chair and nodded at Ryuko. The Scizor barely acknowledged him, completely engrossed in her role as a guard. “You, though. Is it true that you hold every badge now?”


         Nicholas opened his pokedex to show Gary. “Yeah. Sixteen in total.”


         “Well done.” Gary was gazing at the badges pensively. “You’ve beaten everyone in Indigo at this point. What else is there for you to do?”


         “I don’t know.”




         “Hah,” Nicholas snorted. “Unlikely.”


         “Whatever you do, don’t end up like him.” Gary was looking back at Nicholas with a solemn expression. “Don’t forget who got you here.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Gary?”


         “We’ll talk later.” Gary got to his feet. “Looks like you’ve got some pretty girls coming to say hi.”


         Nicholas turned when Gary slipped into the crowd, a smile growing as he saw whom Gary had been talking about. “Sabrina!”


         Sabrina giggled and embraced him when he shot to his feet. “Hey, Nick. Glad you got the invitation.”


         “Well, I figured after everything that happened in Johto I deserved a little break,” Nicholas chuckled. “But I thought you were still recovering? I knew you were back in Kanto, but-“


         “Oh, no. I’ve been back in action for weeks.” Sabrina pulled back and smiled at the figure beside her. “I’m actually the one who suggested Misty invite you.” She turned. “I hear you two have already met?”


         Nicholas looked at the other woman. She seemed vaguely familiar, but she was covered up with a facemask on…


         Ryuko hissed and he looked at her questioningly. “I’m not here for a fight.” Nicholas swiveled back as he recognized Janine’s voice behind the mask. “I know you don’t trust me, Ryuko, blade of your Master. But I beg you.” Janine bowed. “Allow me to speak with him.”


         Ryuko slowly calmed. Her hand didn’t move from her sword but she went quiet and Janine breathed a sigh of relief as she straightened again.


         “Thank you for controlling yourself,” Nicholas murmured. “Janine. Why are you here? Why the mask?”


         “You don’t know, then.” Sabrina sighed. “Koga did it, Nicholas. He’s joined the Elite Four.”


         Nicholas paled. “What? But you said current gym leaders couldn’t-“


         “Current. Yes.” Sabrina turned to Janine. “Meet the leader of the Fuchsia Gym. Janine.”


         “But Janine, you told me… how could you let your father do that?”


         “I was tricked.” Janine winced. “I thought I would find an opening. Instead I gave my father the one he was waiting for. I’ve become nothing but a puppet to him.” She looked back up and Nicholas could see the pain in her eyes. “I’ve lost.”


         “What do you mean?”


         “I have been unable to raise allies. And he knows of my helplessness. I’ve had no choice but… but to serve him. Support him.” She winced when Ryuko’s grip tightened on her sword. “I know everything. He’s told me how it’s all come together. And I am powerless to stop it.”


         “The RTF can’t move on Janine’s word alone,” Sabrina explained. “Koga waited until the Elite Four selection to make his move. He’s too influential now. As a Gym Leader it would have been hard, but possible, to take him down. Now? He might not even be forced out if he started walking around in a Team Rocket uniform.”


         “We’re sure his allies are Team Rocket, then?”


         “He says his allies have risen in Johto. That within weeks the region will fall. And he will welcome them to Kanto with open arms.” Janine looked at Sabrina. “Sabrina has told me that those allies that have risen are Team Rocket. And that Johto is in chaos.”


         Nicholas frowned and looked at Sabrina. “But-“


         “I couldn’t tell the truth until I knew the situation was stable.” Sabrina smiled when Janine looked at her questioningly. “And I needed to make sure the RTF was clean. It wasn’t, by the way, but it is now.”


         Nicholas slowly smiled as well. “You scheming woman.”


         Sabrina giggled happily. “Janine is so confused. Nicholas? Could you explain to her what you’ve been doing for the last few months?”


         “Gladly.” Nicholas grinned at Janine. “I traveled to Johto under the pretense of my badge challenge. However, my main activity while there was the complete eradication of Team Rocket. As far as we know there are no more strongholds in the region. Their leaders have been captured. And the major assault, the one that threw Johto into chaos? It lasted about a day before I put an end to it. Johto is safe. Team Rocket is dead.”


         Janine gasped. “Then- Why does my father believe that they’re in control of Johto?”


         “Because I let him think that,” Sabrina replied smugly. “The moles in the RTF were making reports and we’ve hijacked those lines of communication. As far as anyone knows, Koga or any fragments of Team Rocket that still exist, Johto is burning. They’re waiting for the signal to strike.”


         “Mistress Sabrina.” Ryuko stepped forwards. “Forgive me. But you should not be revealing these things to this woman. She has admitted to working with your enemy.”


         “Sometimes you don’t have any other choice.” Nicholas looked at Janine. “Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for others. Sometimes you have to do whatever you can to survive. I refuse to judge Janine for that. If I did I would be a hypocrite.”


         Tears welled in Janine’s eyes. “Thank you.”


         Sabrina nodded slightly. “The RTF is preparing for an assault. This afternoon we will have every combat tamer, every pokegirl we have ready to infiltrate Fuchsia and seize the city. If we do it right, Koga won’t even know it’s happened.”


         “The RTF? But you said they were fighting in Johto…” Janine gasped. “Then… The desperate plea?” She whirled to Nicholas. “The last-ditch assault?”


         “Unnecessary.” Sabrina clapped Janine on the shoulder with a grin. “Nicholas. Ready to destroy an empire?”


         Nicholas chuckled. “Nothing would make me happier.” He sat back down with a contented sigh. “I thought it was over in Johto, but I guess I shouldn’t have been so naïve.”


         “Team Rocket is dead,” Sabrina corrected. “You destroyed them. But Koga is his own threat. There will always be threats, you know.”


         “Yeah, yeah. But I’m not the Champion anymore so I don’t have to care.” Nicholas winked. “Though, this one’s personal. Do we need to move right now?”


         “No. And I don’t want you on the front lines anyways, darling. I’ve got a special assignment for you.”


         Nicholas was raising an eyebrow questioningly when he heard a voice. “Attention, please! Everyone may I have your attention please!” Everyone turned as Misty stepped up to a pedestal and began clapping her hands. “Now that we’ve all arrived I would like to begin this gathering properly! Let us welcome Janine as the new Fuchsia City gym leader!”


         Scattered cheers broke up the applause and Misty waited for it to die down before continuing. “Now, the League has gone through many trials these last few years. But new Champions have risen to meet them. And so I would like to recognize Nicholas Topolski!” More applause. “Today, as we gather to celebrate Janine joining our ranks, we unfortunately must also prepare. Because not everything is right in the League. Janine’s predecessor, her father, has long been a defiant man. Seemingly forcing his own ideals on the League. Even today, weeks after he was selected to join the Elite Four, his influence remains across Kanto. But most importantly, it remains in Fuchsia City. And it is not a good one.” Misty found Nicholas’ eyes. “Team Rocket attempted to return after Champion Topolski scattered them years ago. If not for his continued actions they may have succeeded in fracturing the Indigo League. A future that Koga hoped for. We are not sure if he calls himself Rocket, or if he merely worked with them to his own ends, but one thing is clear. There is still an enemy in Kanto. And now he is more untouchable than ever.” She smiled at Nicholas. “Untouchable, but only to us.”


         Sabrina nudged him. “Feel like kicking Koga’s ass?”


         “Me?” Nicholas looked around in surprise. All of the watching gym leaders had turned to him. “Why me?”


         “He said ‘why me?’,” Sabrina called with a laugh. “That’s Nicholas for you. Protesting to the end.”


         The group laughed and Misty shook her head with a grin. “As gym leaders of Kanto we are shackled by politics. Gym Leaders and other high ranking tamers are forbidden from openly challenging one another. But you, Nicholas, you are no longer the acting Champion. There is no rule keeping you from challenging Koga and the rest of the Elite Four.”


         “Oh.” Nicholas nodded. “I get it. The girls will be excited to battle again.”


         “You mean your Kanto harem?” Matis crossed his arms. “That’s no good. Everyone knows your Venusaur, Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Gyarados, Alakazam, and Dragonite. If you challenge Koga with them it’s just a former Champion testing the current Elite Four. You’d be expected to win. No, we need you to break Koga.” He chuckled. “Sabrina and the RTF are ready and waiting to storm Fuchsia City and scrub every last trace of Team Rocket from this League. Once they do, Janine will be able to step in and take control as the new gym leader. But she’ll need time. Until she can solidify her power she will be vulnerable. We need to make sure Koga isn’t even looking in Fuchsia’s direction until it’s too late.”


         Nicholas frowned. “Then what am I supposed to do?”


         “You’ve got a new harem, don’t you?” Sabrina asked, looking at Ryuko. “Untested. Sure, they’ve proven themselves to Johto. But to the Indigo League?”


         Nicholas blinked. “Challenge the Elite Four with them?”


         “Can you imagine? Random, unknown pokegirls demolishing the new Elite Four. Koga won’t know what to do.”


         “I thought our journey was over with the eighth badge,” Nicholas admitted. “I was already planning trips… Nessa and I need to visit Cherrygrove again, for example.”


         “The longer we wait the more comfortable Koga will get,” Sabrina warned. “When I heard you were coming back home I asked Misty to arrange this gathering so we could start to prepare.”


         “Well… I guess things can wait,” Nicholas admitted. “When should we submit the challenge?”


         “Well.” Brock laughed. “Right now, Nicholas, I’m sure your new harem could give any of us a run for our money. But they need to be better. What Matis and Sabrina are talking about needs to be absolute. So,” he uncrossed his arms and put one hand on his belt, “we figured we’d train these new pokegirls of yours until they can train no more.”


         “Ah.” Nicholas looked around at the grinning faces. “A gauntlet. Of all of you. At… full strength?”


         “Koga won’t be holding back.” Brock pulled out a pokeball and triggered it. A savage looking pokegirl appeared, tilting her head to her Master before looking at Nicholas and spreading leathery grey wings. “You’re not the only one who tames dragons.”


         A brief wave of heat blasted the area when two Charizard appeared from Gary and Blaine, Misty releasing her Gyarados and adding her to the crowd as well. “And if Koga won’t be holding back, then neither should we,” she explained. “How about it, Nicholas?” She settled back with a satisfied grin. “Ready to prove your strength?”







         “I told you once and I’ll say it every time!” Matis roared. “GROUND-TYPES ARE AN INSULT!”


         “A tamer must use every tactic, every advantage available to them in battle,” Nicholas replied calmly. Kalmiya had set up all of the humans with radios so that they could exchange advice during their matches. “Why should I hold back, Lieutenant? Did you show restraint against your enemies in the war?”


         Matis began to laugh as his Raichu, Rachel, sprinted towards Lili. “No. I certainly did not.” When he calmed himself Nicholas could see the manic glee in his eyes. “I have been WAITING for this day, Nicholas Topolski! WITH NO RULES TO HOLD US BACK! SHOW ME! SHOW ME YOUR POWER!”







         Brock’s Aerodactyl screeched as she flew through the air. Nessa, his best option against Brock’s Rock-types, hadn’t been able to get even a single hit against her. So now it was dragon versus dragon.


         Lili staggered when the Aerodactyl took another pass, her talons ripping through the ground and battering her with rocks. The hits didn’t hurt very much but they were adding up.


         She had to fight back. With a cry she punched her fist into the broken ground. The Aerodactyl was wheeling, ready to dodge, when spears of rock shot from the ground around her. She dodged a few but the barrage of projectiles was bound to find its mark eventually.


         Lili hissed, feeling her strength sapping away as she poured her energy into the attack. But it had worked. The Aerodactyl plummeted and she bowed her head, waiting for her Master to recall her.







         Lili whimpered in pain as the flames washed over her. Blaine’s Arcanine kept up the assault, intent on melting the cowering stone before her.


         “Hang in there Lili!” Nicholas watched Wendy slip to the side, her hands twisting as she manipulated the streams of fire and dodged Lili’s desperate attacks. This display was the closest to what he had seen originally from his journey through Kanto. Wendy hadn’t held back then, and she wasn’t holding back now.


         This was a moment where he needed to be a tamer. Lili had lost concentration. He pressed his earpiece and focused his full intent on her, hidden in the firestorm. “Lili. I order you to break the earth.” He raised his eyes to Wendy. “Abandon your fear, little dragon. And STRIKE!”


         Lili heard his voice fighting the pain and heat from her burns. For an instant, the fire cleared to show her the Arcanine. She was bigger than her. Stronger than her. Doubt fought back against Nicholas’ words and she whimpered. How was she meant to fight something like this?


         “ORDER you-


         With a single word Nicholas’ voice shattered the pain and doubt in her mind. Order. Order. His words flooded her mind and she howled, driving everything she had into her legs and slamming them into the ground.


         This time, nobody was spared. Nicholas, Blaine, and half of the crowd were thrown to the ground as the shockwave ripped through the area. The ground beneath Wendy cracked, throwing the Arcanine off balance, before it dropped from underneath her.


         Lili fell to her knees as she listened to Wendy scream in pain. The Arcanine had ended up battered through the air until she fell into one of the cracks Lili’s Earthquake had created. One leg was twisted backwards, the arms she had used to try and catch herself mangled under an avalanche of earth.







         Lili blinked at the darkness around her.


         She was so tired. They all were. Her Master had promised that this would be hard, but it was beyond anything they had experienced before. Battered, bruised, broken. She and her harem sisters had fought these pokegirls for hours. Now they faced a new threat.


         Not a physical attacker, or a projectile one. Not one that used techniques, their elements, to exploit her weaknesses. No. The void she stared into wasn’t real. But it was all she could sense.


         Nicholas grimaced as Lili fell over without even a twitch. “Is this really necessary, Sabrina? Having Diana attack her mind?”


         “Psychic-types aren’t limited to shooting pretty rainbows,” Sabrina replied. “Diana is attacking her mind directly, true. But Koga will attack their minds. He will try illusions, deception, anything to confuse your pokegirls. They need mental fortitude.”


         “Okay but look at her.” Nicholas gestured at Lili’s body. “She’s already unconscious.”


         “She is not.” A bead of sweat dripped down Diana’s nose. “She is… fighting. I’m losing her. Mistress, she is-!”


         Lili examined the void around her. For some reason, even though she knew what was happening to her, she didn’t feel any fear. The darkness that embraced her felt comforting. It felt… right.


         She’d been in darkness ever since evolving. The carapace isolated her from the world as her energy built. She had tried her best, to fight, to serve, but she had always been trapped. Trapped in the dark.


         She needed to break free. Lili reached out, and as her hand moved she felt the void around her push back. It tried to stifle her, confine her. “Why are you struggling?” A voice seemed to ask as the darkness wrapped tighter around her. “You are safe here. Safe within your shell.”


         Memories flooded her mind. Of her first Master. Normal memories that quickly transitioned to ones tinged with fear. With pain. With anger. With horror. A flashing light filled her eyes and she screamed as the knife cut into her again, tearing through her flesh.


         “If you break free it will happen again.”


         Lili’s movements slowed. The void pressed in, using her fear to wrap tightly around her body until she was completely immobilized. The knife…


         Then a new memory surfaced. It was hazy, almost as if the darkness was trying to drown it out, but it was there. A human, stepping into the cave she had hidden in for so long…


         With a scream Lili’s eyes snapped open. The darkness tried to control her again but it was futile. The memory, of Nicholas, her Master, her WEYRLEADER, seized control of her thoughts. “NO!” Lili ripped her hand through the clinging shadows, freeing herself before lunging forwards with another scream. “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!”


         More memories flooded in. Nicholas taming her for the first time. How he had named her, comforted her, bonded with her. And how she had closed up. Anger dominated her as she continued to scream, the noise slowly transitioning into a furious dragon’s roar.


         The shadows around her withered, her frenzied assault tearing them away until she saw light.


         Diana cried out when Lili’s body began glowing. The Pupitar contorted, a whistling scream beginning to come from her mouth before one hand snapped up to her face and ripped her carapace apart.


         Shards of the rock-hard material sprayed across the ground as Lili’s fingers clenched around the piece she had ripped free and crushed it to dust. Just like before her evolution was violent. She emerged from her shell, still glowing, as a rapid barrage of cracks heralded the destruction of her carapace. Pieces flew through the air as she tore off anything that didn’t break free of her swelling body on its own. Freed from her confines her body grew until she towered over everyone else, at least seven feet tall, if not more, with massive spikes running down her spine to meet her growing tail. Now, finally, as she sent the last bit of her carapace slicing into the ground with a wickedly fast kick, a roar could be heard. From any other pokegirl, Nicholas would have called it a growl. But the noise emanating from Lili’s chest was undoubtedly a roar. It built in strength and volume until the newly evolved pokegirl reared back, her head tilting to the sky as a beam of energy speared into the clouds.


         Lili snapped her mouth shut, cutting off the noise, and brought her eyes back to Diana. The Alakazam took an involuntary step backwards. “Mistress. Her mind, it- it has closed to me!”


         “That’s a fucking dangerous pokegirl,” Sabrina hissed, raising Diana’s pokeball. “I can’t pierce her mind either. I don’t like it. Caliopa will test her.”


         Diana was nodding as the recall beam arced out. But Lili wasn’t going to let her prey escape. Diana screamed when she charged, shadows bursting from her grasping hand to wrap around the terrified Alakazam. “What are you-!”


         The recall beam faltered as it tried to pierce the orb of darkness that Lili had surrounded Diana with. Before it could break through, Lili was on top of the Alakazam.


         Diana felt a crushing weight shatter not just her bones but her very soul when Lili struck. Her fist was like an entire mountain as it sank into her chest and Diana, mercifully, fainted before her body could smash into the ground. Finally the recall beam found its mark but it was far too late as it recalled the unconscious Alakazam.


         Lili slowly straightened back up. The shadows that had surged from her hand swirled around her now, slowly fading as she breathed. Eventually the air cleared and Lili seemed to relax slightly, her heavy breathing slowing with no additional enemies in sight.




         Lili stiffened. In a flash she had whirled, sprinting at Nicholas with a fierce expression. He barely had time to raise his hands in an attempt to cushion the impact before she slammed into him. His breath whistled out of his lungs when Lili squeezed, effortlessly lifting him off the ground as she cried out. “Weyrleader!”


         Nicholas’ eyes bugged as Lili continued to squeeze. “L-Lili! I, I can’t- breathe!”


         As abruptly as she had charged her arms released and Nicholas dropped back to the ground. He landed awkwardly and started to tumble, throwing his hands out in an attempt to cushion his fall. But he didn’t go far. His flailing arms smacked against something soft, yet extraordinarily firm, and he grabbed on before slowly lifting his eyes to see Lili staring down at him.


         It was her body that he had caught himself with. Nicholas’ fingers pressed into her skin, feeling where her muscles stretched up her sides, and he slowly got his feet back underneath him. “Well look at you.”


         Lili gently ran her hands up his arms. “Weyrleader. I… I am so grateful, that I am yours.” Tears beaded in her eyes and Nicholas grunted when she grabbed him in another hug. Gentler this time, but as her arms crossed behind his back and pressed his entire torso against her naked body he was left with just as little room to move as before. “Thank you.” A tear dripped onto his shoulder as Lili sniffled. “Thank you.”


         “Congratulations.” Lili turned, still gripping Nicholas to her chest, to see Gary approaching them. “You’ve got a fine Tyranitar there, Nicholas.”


         “Tyranitar?” Nicholas asked, his voice muffled by Lili’s stomach. “Is that the hug pokegirl?”


         Gary laughed as Lili peeled him off her skin. “No, but yours seems to be.”


         “Ehm… Sorry, Weyrleader,” Lili said awkwardly.


         “Hey. We can hug all you want.” Nicholas finally extricated himself from her arms and took a few steps back to get a real look. Lili had grown, obviously – it had been the first thing he had noticed. Well over a foot. The light tan skin that she had had as a Larvitar was still there, and her black hair, but besides that she could have passed for a completely different pokegirl.


         Her red eyes were now green, the same color as the scales that covered the spikes running down her back, as well as her tail. The small protrusion had grown by at least a foot as well, now hanging to her knees with a wicked bone spur poking from the tip. Her hair had similarly grown, maybe from her time in her carapace, maybe from the evolution, he wasn’t sure, but after breaking free it now cascaded almost to her ankles. Gone was her short cut. Gone was her tomboyish frame. The pokegirl towering above him was chiseled, with perfectly defined abs, rippling arms and legs, and most importantly, he thought with a slight smirk, with a sizeable pair of breasts.


         Lili let out a trembling breath when Nicholas reached up and kneaded her chest. “You’ve grown all over, haven’t you, little pebble?” He raised his eyes to hers, finally noticing the crown of spikes that poked from her hair. “Little pebble. Ha. Not so little anymore.”


         “N-No, Weyrleader,” Lili stammered, making a slight whimper as Nicholas massaged her breasts again, before glancing away and bringing her hand to her mouth when he showed no signs of stopping. “I will always be… my Weyrleader’s… ah… little pebble…”


         Gary tapped his foot, drawing Nicholas’ attention and giving Lili a reprieve. “I know we’re all friends here, Nicholas, but are you really getting ready to tame her in front of all of us?”


         Nicholas glanced up, noticing Lili’s flushed cheeks before he let go of her breasts. “Oh. Uh, right. Sorry.” He stepped away and looked back at Gary. “I don’t really know what came over me. Sorry, everyone.” He glanced around before bringing his eyes back to Lili. “Sorry, Lili.”


         Lili’s breath was coming in short gasps and it took a few seconds before she finally brought her eyes back around to him. “My Weyrleader… Wants me.” Fresh tears filled her eyes. “Whatever I am.”


         Nicholas gave her a gentle smile. “That’s right, Lili. I do.” His eyes flicked to her scar before he blinked and pulled his full attention to her side. The scar was gone. Her skin was unblemished. The tearful pokegirl in front of him was… whole.


         “Need a room?”


         Nicholas jumped. A female voice had come from behind him and he turned. “Well-“


         Vira was smiling and she spoke when he froze. “Congratulations, Topolski. You’re a much different tamer from the reluctant Champion I met right over there.” She gestured out over the bay towards the Cerulean Cave. “Gary. How’s it going.”


         “Good. Wondering what brought you here.”


         “Oh, you know. Keeping myself busy,” Vira said, deflecting Gary’s probing question. She walked over and ran her eye over Lili. “Well, she looks powerful.” She turned back to Nicholas with a glint in her eye. “But is she?”


         Nicholas matched her gaze. “Do you want to find out?”


         Vira chuckled. “We’ve never fought, have we, Topolski? How much about me do you know?”


         “That you’re a strong tamer. You were the Champion before Gary.”


         “Yeah, I was. But here’s the thing. I was reluctant too.” Vira pulled a pokeball from her belt. “You’ve beaten Gary. He’s the weakest of us three.” Gary rolled his eyes but didn’t interrupt. “I forfeited my title to him, because he wanted it. I didn’t.” She tossed the ball a few times with a smile. “Sound familiar?”


         “I was the same way a few years ago.”


         “Yeah, you were. And you’re not anymore. So.” Vira caught her pokeball and pointed it at him. “Do you think you’re the strongest tamer in Indigo, Nicholas Topolski? Because if you can’t even defeat me… you’re not even close.”


         “Vira, he’s gone.”


         “Just because we haven’t been able to reach him doesn’t make him gone,” Vira snapped back at Gary. “I’m not giving up on Ash. If Topolski can beat me maybe he can beat him.”


         “Ash?” Nicholas frowned. “Your friend?”


         “Yeah. My friend.” Vira turned her attention back to him with a scowl. “Battle me.”


         “I don’t think this is a good idea,” Gary soothed, stepping in between Vira and Nicholas. “I was hoping this wasn’t why you came.”


         “Gary, get out of my way unless you want Kamie to move you instead,” Vira growled. “I’m damn serious. I am fighting Topolski. I need to.”


         “Nicholas has every right to decline,” Gary replied without moving. “Please, Vira, calm down. Nicholas doesn’t even know why you’re so worked up.”


         “It’s because Ash left, isn’t it?” Gary looked over to see Nicholas watching them. “I heard it from Matis. He tore through the Indigo League, achieving every badge, defeating the Elite Four and everyone else in his way. And then he left.”


         “He refuses to come home,” Vira choked. Angrily she pushed back her tears. “He hasn’t even called his family in years. YEARS! Every time someone tries to convince him to come back he bets on a battle. He always wins. And he’s- he’s different now. More vicious. He needs to come home.” Vira tried to shove past Gary. “FIGHT ME, DAMN YOU! IF YOU CAN BEAT ME-!”


         One of the pokeballs on Gary’s belt popped open and an Umbreon formed. “Mistress Vira.” Vira gasped when the Umbreon grabbed her and held her arms steady. “It is best if we all calm down.” The yellow rings around her body glowed softly and slowly Vira’s struggles ceased.


         “Look, I’m not opposed to battling you,” Nicholas said. “But I’d like to know more about all this. What happened? Why did Ash leave in the first place?”


         “Ash started out with us,” Gary recalled. “We were friends… and so Grandpa invited us as a trio to his lab for our first pokegirls. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander. We stayed in touch, mostly, as all three of us began training and fighting gym battles. But… we were younger. Stupid teenagers.” Gary sighed. “I started to feel like Ash was challenging me, and I started acting more and more like a jerk. Hormones, or something, but one thing led to another and when my grandfather invited us to help him with some evolution research, well… we had a fight.”


         “Evolution research?” Nicholas questioned.


         “Eevee, to be precise,” Gary replied. He gestured at his Umbreon. “With how many eeveelutions that have been found already grandpa was wondering if we’d find more. After our fight Ash got more and more withdrawn. He stopped talking. Only focusing on his harem. And it worked, at least if he was trying to become a stronger tamer. He found a Squirtle and Charmander somewhere, I don’t know exactly, but it was obvious what he was doing as he shut Vira and I out. He was showing us that he could do it better.”


         Vira wiped her eyes. “We all drifted apart after that. And then he became Champion. And then… he vanished.”


         Gary skipped over that ‘fight’ pretty quickly, Nicholas thought. “Gary, eh… there had to have been a reason Ash reacted so negatively. What exactly happened between you two?”


         Gary played with the hem of his shirt for a while. “Grandfather only had one Eevee working with him when he contacted us. Ash volunteered first, but I got it in my head that I should be the one who got her. Just so I could be first, I guess.” He looked at his Umbreon. “I wasn’t a great person back then.”


         His girl patted his arm. “You’ve grown, Master.”


         “I know.” Gary looked back at Nicholas. “So I effectively stole Ash’s pokegirl. That’s what started the fight.”


         “That’s it?”


         “Isn’t that enough?” Gary asked. “Nicholas, our friendship was already unstable. I’m the reason Ash has become the way he is. It’s my. Fault. I triggered it and I was unable to stop it.”


         “I get it,” Nicholas replied softly. “Sorry for prying.”


         “It’s fine.” Gary rubbed his face. “Vira, this isn’t right. Nicholas isn’t like Ash. Besides. He’s got a different opponent to worry about right now.”


         “Hey, hold on a moment, Gary.” Nicholas walked forwards. “Today’s gotten a bit complicated, but I think there’s a good way to satisfy everyone.”


         Vira sniffed. “How?”


         “Sabrina?” Nicholas turned to her. “How do you think we’re doing?”


         “Your harem? Are you kidding?” Sabrina glanced at Lili and back to him. “Even without… whatever she’s evolved into the rest are trading blows with our pokegirls. If we keep going it’s going to be all of us who can’t train anymore.”


         Nicholas looked around at the other Gym Leaders, listening as they all voiced their agreement. “So I’m ready?”


         “As ready as any of us would be.”


         “And that’s not good enough.” Nicholas turned back to Gary and Vira. “We need my harem to be able to destroy Koga. Not just match him.”


         “What are you saying?” Gary asked.


         “Vira claims to be stronger than you. My harem needs to be stronger than you.” Nicholas focused completely on Vira and crossed his arms. “If we can beat her, we can beat Koga. And if we can beat her… we might have a chance against Ash.”


         Vira stared at him for a few seconds before fresh tears welled. “You’ll help?”


         “I’ll try,” Nicholas replied. “That’s all I’ll promise.”


         “That’s enough,” Vira choked. “Thank you.”


         “I think we shouldn’t do this today, though.” Nicholas glanced up at the low hanging sun. “The assault begins soon doesn’t it?”


         “Preparations should be complete, but we were going to begin when you went to fight Koga,” Sabrina replied. “If you want to wait until tomorrow that’s fine.”


         “I should give my harem some rest.” Nicholas glanced at Lili. She was standing almost completely still as she kept herself calm and he could see a light flush coloring her skin. “How about tomorrow morning, Vira? We can have a good battle and, if I win, I’ll know I’m ready to go for Koga.”


         Vira dabbed at her eyes. “We won’t hold back.”


         “Good. Because we won’t either.” Nicholas turned back to Lili. “Sabrina, make sure the RTF is ready tomorrow afternoon.”


         Sabrina smiled. “Are you sure? What if you can’t beat Vira?”


         Nicholas had reached Lili, taking her by the arm and pulling her away from the group, and he didn’t even turn back as he replied. “We will.”


         Lili was trembling as he spoke to Kalmiya. His certainty echoed in her ears, feeding the image she held of him and causing the heat in her chest to swell. He wanted her. He was her Weyrleader. He was…


         His hand against her stomach snapped her out of her trance and she jerked her head down to look at him. The sun had set? No… she blinked as she realized that they were no longer outside. “I’m so sorry to have teased you like that,” Nicholas murmured. “This whole time you’ve been struggling to hold back. It must have been torture.”


         “Where…?” Lili started to ask.


         “You were so focused you didn’t even flinch when we teleported.” Nicholas pulled back and Lili followed him to see the interior of his bedroom. “I called Cassidy. It took a few hops, but she got us home.”


         “Home…” Lili began to relax as her mind caught up and she whimpered when the heat in her chest surged until every inch of her body burned. “Weyrleader…”


         “You don’t have to hold back anymore, Lili,” Nicholas whispered. He took her trembling hands and pulled them to his lips. “My little dragon.”


         “M-Master.” Lili sank to her knees but even still her head reached his chest. “Master… Weyrleader… I…” her desperate eyes lifted to his. “My body is burning.”


         “Oh, Lili,” Nicholas teased. “You’ve grown so big and you sound so small.” Lili let out a slight cry when he let go of her hands and moved his to her sides. Nicholas massaged them slowly, listening to Lili’s moans as he slowly pulled his fingers up. When his thumbs first stroked the underside of Lili’s new breasts she gasped, quickly transitioning into pleasured panting as he worked his full hands onto them, continuing what he had started in Cerulean.


         “You’re still the same Lili, aren’t you,” Nicholas murmured as Lili slid to the floor, her entire body shaking from the pleasure his touch had given her. “I admit, I was a bit worried as you evolved. But now that you’re out of your shell…” He looked down and let go of where he had been teasing her nipples. Lili was so lost in her pleasure that she didn’t notice that he had let go until a new signal surged into her brain. With a scream Lili’s back arched, her hips shaking as she squirted in a powerful orgasm. Nicholas lowered the hand he had used to protect his face and doubled down on the other, hooking his fingers into her pussy while his thumb mercilessly attacked her clit. Lili’s screams rose in volume, her limbs clawing at the ground, but Nicholas didn’t let up even as another spray of liquid shot through the air.


         Lili was gone. Completely overcome by the pleasure she was unable to respond to his attacks and could do nothing but lay there and take it.


         Then she felt something press against her lips. Lili’s eyes snapped open and she gasped, feeling Nicholas’ tongue working into her mouth. She let him kiss her and, broken free from her stupor, her hands scrabbled at his body. Pants were easy to remove but Nicholas’ shirt wouldn’t be going anywhere with them still intertwined.


         Nicholas chuckled when he felt Lili’s claws dig into the fabric and with a loud ripping noise the shirt was pulled free. “Needy dragon. Have you forgotten?” He felt the power in his blood surge and he grinned down at her, the slight verticality of his pupils highlighted by the energy that fed his aura. “I am your Weyrleader.”


         Lili shoved her hips up with a jubilant cry. “YES!”


         “I am your MASTER!”




         “And we’re on the hard floor.” Lili froze up when Nicholas broke the mood with his offhanded comment.


         “Eh-?” With a surprised yelp Lili was tossed into the air. Nicholas caught her, whirling to his bed and heaving her to crash into a pile of pillows. Lili was spluttering, getting her wits back about her, when Nicholas dove on after her.


         Lili’s head slammed back when he pinned her arms and one of Nicholas’ legs swept her leg and tail away as he pressed his twitching member against her stomach. “There.” He leered down at her. “Where were we?”


         Lili’s eyes shone as she laughed. “Weyrleader!”


         “Yes, little pebble?” Nicholas laughed back.


         “I… am yours?” Lili tried to move her arms but to her surprise and joy Nicholas held her tight. “Yours…”


         “You. Are. Mine.” Nicholas bent down to kiss her again. “My dragon. My pebble. My pokegirl. My. Lili.” Her teeth nicked his lip but he didn’t pull away. “I claim you as mine.”


         Pure euphoria filled Lili’s mind and it, along with the still-constant lust, was too much to bear. Her inhibitions shattered, and it didn’t matter that in her mind the human pinning her down was meant to dominate her; she had waited far too long to hear those words. Nicholas never stood a chance when Lili tensed, the entirety of her new, colossal strength coming to bear and flipping him on his back. Lili immediately slammed down onto his rock hard erection, letting out a roar as she buried him as deep as she could. Nicholas felt a twinge of pain when Lili’s ass crushed his balls but it was chased away immediately and he returned her roar with one of his own, grappling with the Tyranitar as each sought to top.


         Elsewhere in the house Kary stiffened. She had heard… something.


         Nicholas snarled as he tried again to get up but Lili slipped his grapple. His dick was still firmly seated in her pussy, the taming session having turned into a sex-fueled battle of dominance between two dragons. It didn’t matter anymore that he was the human and her the pokegirl. Neither was thinking about that. Nicholas’ blood, the blood of Rayquaza, ran hot as it fed him the strength he needed to fight, just as it had done for the first dragon masters. And slowly he began to gain ground.


         The door burst open. “Master-“ Victoria froze when she saw him struggling with Lili. “What in the-?”


         She gasped when Nicholas roared again. He finally slammed Lili back to the mattress, slamming his dick in and out of her as Lili screamed happily. She had thought there was something different about him when he returned. But this…


         She stumbled forwards as instinct took over. Nicholas was still pounding Lili’s pussy, driving her to her second orgasm, when the cool hands pushed against his back. He whirled, seeing a wide-eyed Victoria. “Victoria?”


         Victoria was panting and Nicholas grunted when she wrapped her hands around his head and pressed her lips to his. She wasn’t trying to fight, but rather submit, he realized instantly as Victoria settled down behind him. Her kiss held him against her and so as she pulled him down his dick popped out of Lili, triggering an unhappy growl from the Tyranitar. Within seconds Nicholas had been pushed aside and Lili was approaching Victoria as both dragons hissed.


         Oh, hell, Nicholas thought desperately when Lili got even closer. He was still fully erect but it seemed like the time for taming had passed. Now he had two pokegirls squaring up on his bed.


         His mind raced. Lili had broken her composure and he had fought back, just like he had against Ho-oh. So… she had challenged him and he had probably succeeded in pushing back? Then why was Victoria here? He grimaced. He had been yelling and she had no doubt heard him. She was a dragon too. Of course she would sense the changes he had gone through.


         Which meant…


         Nicholas took a deep breath. Lili froze when a snarl ripped through the air behind her and both pokegirls turned to stare, wide-eyed, at Nicholas as he quieted. “I will not tolerate fighting within my Weyr,” he hissed. “You will stand down, Lili.”


         Lili started a growl that quickly faded away when Nicholas met it with one of his own. Slowly she slunk back, giving Victoria some space but remaining between her and him.


         “Victoria.” Nicholas turned to the Gyarados. “You are interrupting Lili’s time. Leave.”


         Victoria shuddered. “I- yes, Master.”


         “…Master?” Nicholas turned to the door to see two pokegirls standing there. He recognized Kary immediately but the lamia next to her was…? “What is going on?”


         Nicholas turned to Lili. “Wait for me.” Lili grinned as he slid off the bed and approached Kary. “Kary. Why are you here.”


         “I heard…” Kary swallowed. “I heard you.”


         “I heard my Master,” the other pokegirl said in a hushed voice. “You are…?”


         “You must be Vika,” Nicholas replied. “I am your mothers’ Master. So yes. I’ve been told that makes me yours as well.”


         “What happened to you, Master?” Kary whispered in awe. “You’re… glowing.”


         “During my journey I awoke the power in my heart,” Nicholas replied, his aura casting the glow she could see. “Now leave. All of you. I am celebrating Lili’s evolution and induction into my Weyr.”


         “Your Weyr…” Kary murmured. The word tugged at a long forgotten memory. “Your power…”


         “You are my Master.” Vika reached towards him with a stunned expression. “At last-“


         “I said LEAVE,” Nicholas snarled, causing Vika’s hand to snap back and Kary to jump. “This is Lili’s time. Not any of yours.”


         “Weyrleader.” Nicholas turned to Lili. “It is my time?”




         “For you to welcome me, the new me, to your Weyr.”


         Nicholas nodded. “That’s right.”


         “Then I wish for my sisters to witness it,” Lili said. A crafty look had crept across her face. “So there is no question as to whom I belong.”


         Kary’s eyes narrowed and even Vika looked unhappy. Nicholas, however, slowly smiled. “Very well.” He turned back to the two. “Come on in, Kary, Vika. You’re welcome to stay as well, Victoria. But none of you can interfere. Not until I say so.”


         Kary slowly turned her head to look at him. Nicholas was smiling. He knew what he was doing. And she knew what had changed.


         Her Master, nay, her Weyrleader had become a dragon in human skin. And she was but one of his weyr. A weyr he unquestionably ruled.


         Even if a human could bond with more than one dragon, eventually only one would remain. That was the true secret to the difference between a dragon tamer and a dragon master. When dragons clashed the strongest would take control. If the strongest was a pokegirl, she would push out any competitors regardless of her Master’s wishes. But if the strongest was the tamer…


         Every pokegirl in the room was calculating their options. Lili, with the high ground, had made sure to solidify her position within the Weyr. On the opposite end of the spectrum sat Vika, still an outsider, not even tamed by Nicholas. She had no other option but to meekly bow her head and follow his order.


         Victoria slid off the bed with a smile. She was secure in her own way. Not anywhere near the top of the Weyr’s rapidly evolving power structure, but not at the bottom, either. She was happy to simply be, as long as it was with Nicholas.


         Which left Kary. Two choices were foremost in her mind. To submit, following Nicholas’ orders and, by extension, Lili’s, or to disobey, drawing the ire of her Weyrleader but refuting Lili’s power grab.


         She could not submit. Kary growled low and stepped forwards. “This is her time with you, Master, by your order. But I will not simply witness.” She removed her clothes and circled the bed, flaring her wings slightly when she got closer to Lili. “I must welcome my new sister to our Weyr.”


         The other two watched as Lili bristled. Kary had deftly sidestepped Nicholas’ authority and challenged Lili directly. But she was playing a dangerous game by doing so. If Nicholas favored Lili over Kary, she would have just destroyed her own status.


         Kary felt his hand brush aside her wing and she tensed. The longest seconds of her life ticked by as he got closer. And then…


         “All in good time, Kary,” Nicholas murmured. Kary shivered when he stroked her hair with a gentle touch. “You will have your chance to welcome Lili into the Weyr. But first I must give her what I promised.”


         Kary couldn’t help but smile. Lili was scowling. She had done it. “Yes, Master. Weyrleader.” She slid back. “I look forward to welcoming you in my own way, new sister.”


         Lili’s narrowed eyes tracked her. She couldn’t say anything, not with Nicholas so close, but they both understood her intent. This is not over, her gaze said. And as Nicholas returned to Lili, stroking himself back erect and picking up where they had left off, Kary’s smile firmed in response.


         Bring it on, it replied.








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Zephyr Badge

         Hive Badge

         Plain Badge

         Storm Badge

         Mineral Badge

         Glacier Badge

         Rising Badge

         Fog Badge


         Miyuki, Glaceon (Alpha) – Level 54

         Nessa, Feraligatr – Level 54

         Sera, Crobat – Level 54

         Ryuko, Scizor – Level 55

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 53

         Lili, Tyranitar – Level 55


Non-Com Harem:

         Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5

         Celine, “Bellossom” – Level ??