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Chapter 28





         Nicholas wasn’t sure why he followed Suicune through the streets of Ecruteak City, residents gathering outside of their houses in awe as the legendary passed by. He wasn’t sure why he followed her into a small pagoda, passing guards who bowed low. Why he followed her into the secluded Bell Tower, to the center of the structure, where she stopped, waiting for the three to gather around her.


         He’d always been joking when he said he was the chosen one, the legendary tamer. When he’d soothed his harem. When he’d challenged Miki’s threat in the Ice Path. He’d only intended to humor the kimono girl, or girls, as it turned out, and to learn the truth.


         And now he stood next to yet another legendary as she extended her hand. “My Mistress fast approaches, chosen one. I ask you: will you meet her?”


         Nicholas blinked. “I get a choice?”


         “Much has happened since we last spoke,” Suicune replied. “If, as many claim, you truly are the human spoken of in legend, then I have been wrong not to treat you with respect. I have been wrong not to treat all humanity with respect, no matter my history and pain. I will have to atone for my own mistakes once this is done.” She inclined her head slightly. “Will you meet her?”


         “…the human would heal the wounds torn between humans and pokegirls by the fire…”


         Nicholas slowly reached out to take Suicune’s hand. “I would be honored.”


         Relief could be seen momentarily in Suicune’s expression before she extended her other hand to the two pokegirls. “Hold onto me, sacred daughters. We ascend.”


         With a massive gust of wind Suicune surged upwards, bringing the three along with her. Not carrying them, but lifting them within her wind, so all of them stood together when she landed on the top floor.


         Nicholas let go and looked around. The tower was still in good shape and he turned back to see Suicune approaching an opening in the wall. “Where are we going?”


         “My Mistress’ perch,” Suicune replied, stepping out onto the roof and beckoning for them to follow her. Nicholas stepped out after the two pokegirls, keeping his eyes up instead of over the edge to the forest far below.


         Suicune led them up a set of hidden stairs and to the peak of the tower. From the ground Nicholas had appreciated the beautiful statues that crowned it but now that he was here he could see a grand room hidden within. Suicune stopped at the doorway, bowing twice before stepping inside and gesturing. Wind blew from her hands, flinging windows open and exposing the entire structure to the open air.


         “Come!” Suicune gestured along the flat path that encircled the room. “Step to the peak. Do not enter, but stand ready. For the first time in centuries my Mistress returns home.”


         Nicholas stepped up after the other two and moved to the side to leave Miyuki next to Kuni. Kuni hadn’t stopped trembling and he could see Miyuki fighting her own doubts as the sun fell towards the horizon.


         The blazing orb had just touched the ground when a distant cry echoed. It continued to sink until it appeared to simply stop. Nicholas blinked. The shadows were still growing longer, but the sun blazed as brightly as always.


         No, he realized. Not the sun but something flying in front of the sun. Another cry, louder this time, and he could see movement break free of the light.


         Even with his weak aura sight the being that approached was incandescent. He could see a shape taking form, a great bird wreathed in rainbow flames that grew at incredible speed. Within seconds light burst over Ecruteak City as Ho-oh swooped towards the tower. Nicholas wanted to look away, to cover his eyes in the face of the blinding light, but it didn’t hurt. He could see the great phoenix clearly. And within it, a woman stretched out.


         As the last rays of sun slipped below the horizon she extended one foot, wings of fire extended behind her to slow her descent. The moment her toe touched the tower the light vanished. The sun had set. But as Ho-oh came to rest, her arms lowering to her sides and second foot twisting around the first, her own might illuminated the tower clearly.


         Nicholas blinked as her aura faded, the fiery phoenix vanishing. What was left behind was a mature woman in a flaming orange kimono, swirling patterns transitioning between flames and clouds as they twisted across her body.


         Many pokegirls, both his and those he had met, had talked about ‘feeling’ the strength of another. Nicholas felt that now. The pokegirl perched before him was incredible. A power that simply… existed. As if nothing would ever threaten it. Truly legendary - and ancient.


         “Mistress,” Suicune intoned, sinking to her knee to match Miyuki and Kuni. “I bring to you the fruits of our search.”


         Ho-oh gazed at Nicholas thoughtfully. “It is true that this human holds an open heart. But I can not say the same for you, my daughter. What has occurred in our years apart? I sense pain, arrogance-“


         “I gave into my despair,” Suicune replied bitterly. “I failed you, Mistress.”


         “Oh, my daughter.” Ho-oh stepped forwards and held out her hand, the flames that burned there radiating more than just heat. Nicholas felt his anxiety burning away before them as a gentle peace suffused him. “Be…”


         Suicune slowly looked up when Ho-oh stopped talking. “Mistress?”


         “No…” Ho-oh turned back to Nicholas. “I feel it. You do not require my touch. Another has already healed you.” She closed her fist to snuff out the flames and reached to brush Nicholas’ cheek. “Healed… by something more than an open heart.”


         “Um… nice to meet you,” Nicholas said awkwardly.


         “And I you, child,” Ho-oh replied with a smile. “But first. I see there are sacred daughters here, my daughter. Why have you brought them before me?”


         “These are Miyuki, Mistress, and Kuni,” Suicune said, gesturing to each in turn. “Your High Priestess and the one of another.”


         “Beautifully named, as should be,” Ho-oh replied and stopped in front of Miyuki. “May I be so bold as to assume that you are mine?”


         Miyuki looked up with wide eyes. “Ah-“


         “Miyuki is my High Priestess,” Nicholas interjected before Miyuki could respond. “Kuni is sworn to be yours.”


         “To have stolen such a brilliant servant from me…” Ho-oh glanced back at him and winked to show she was teasing. “Kuni. Benevolent child.”


         Kuni’s head bowed lower. “Y-Yes, Mistress.”


         “Your love burns bright. As bright as my flames. My most beloved servant brings you to me to be blessed. Beyond that which she can give.” Ho-oh extended her hand again as the flames returned. “Do you accept my eternal grace?”


         Kuni clenched her trembling knees. “I… I do, Mistress.”


         “Then may my flames burn within you,” Ho-oh intoned, and Nicholas watched as the same orb Suicune had taken from the others was pulled from Kuni’s mouth. But Kuni herself didn’t flinch, at least not until Ho-oh brought the orb to the fire burning in her palm.


         With a strangled gasp Kuni jerked upright, the light blue color of the orb swirling until it was overtaken by a fiery orange. Once it had Ho-oh gestured and it returned to Kuni, the Vaporeon collapsing when it was reabsorbed.


         “She will serve well.” Ho-oh frowned when she saw the three orbs behind Suicune. “What are those, my daughter?”


         “Servants who failed in their duty,” Suicune replied. “I have removed their blessings and will search for their replacements.”


         “As is your duty,” Ho-oh replied. “Now take my High Priestess somewhere she may rest.” She turned to Nicholas. “What comes next is not meant for your eyes.”


         Suicune sank into a deep bow before moving forwards, bundling Kuni into her arms and leaping off the roof. Nicholas could see her floating back to the city as he brought his attention to Ho-oh.


         “Now that we are alone.” Nicholas was shocked when Ho-oh stretched, letting out happy noises as he heard her back crack. “Ah! Much better. Standing like that makes me so stiff.” She stepped into the room and gestured for him to follow. “Please, enter. And you, Miyuki.”


         Miyuki slowly followed Nicholas into the furnished room. “Mistress… Er, Miss… Ho-oh?”


         “I have many names. Some ancient. Some that humanity still remembers.” Ho-oh smiled. “Ho-oh is fine.”


         “No, I mean…”


         “I think you’ve shocked her a bit by relaxing,” Nicholas offered. “You did it to me as well.”


         Ho-oh laughed. “I am the guardian of land and sky, child. Freedom and grace. I am happier among friends than among my followers.” Her smile faded slightly. “Though these days there are not many of them left.”


         “Well, uh… I never thought this would actually happen,” Nicholas admitted. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to you.”


         “What do you believe you must say?” Ho-oh asked curiously. “I do not even know your name, child.”


         “Oh- I’m Nicholas,” Nicholas replied. “And… I guess I want to ask why me.”


         Ho-oh nodded. “You were chosen by my daughter because of your heart. I can see it clearly, the love for others, the pain that has taught you mercy… you are a human I have waited centuries for.”


         “Okay but why me?” Nicholas asked again. “I’m positive that other humans are good people.”


         “Hmm.” Ho-oh smiled. “They may be. But they hold a flaw you do not. You are honest.”


         “I’ve lied before.”


         “I do not mean honesty in your words or actions,” Ho-oh replied. “Honesty in your intentions. A human who does not falter. A human who does not surrender.” She searched his eyes. “One who is human, and more. The embodiment of the bond our species share.”


         “Humans and pokegirls?”


         “Yes.” Ho-oh settled back on her pillow. “What legends have they created since I left?”


         “Dozens,” Nicholas replied. “Miyuki?” When she turned her wide eyes to him he nodded at Ho-oh. “She’s asking about the legends around the legendary tamer.”


         “Er, well…” Miyuki swallowed. “There were so many of them I can’t possibly remember them all.”


         “Humor me, sacred daughter.”


         “Right,” Miyuki whimpered. “Um, the human would be a great hero… they’d be born of pokegirl blood… uh, they would walk among the eternal ones.” She swallowed again. “I’m sorry Mis- Ho-oh. Ma’am. I really can’t remember.”


         “Wasn’t there something about them being ‘above all other humans’?” Nicholas prompted. “Heh. Stupid prophecies.”


         “Are you a great hero, Nicholas?” Ho-oh gazed at him. “Do you desire to stand above all others?”


         “People keep calling me a hero but I don’t really think I am,” Nicholas said. “And stand above all others? That’s…” he trailed off. What was a world champion if not…? “…I guess I’ve thought about it.”


         “Allow me to tell you the prophecy my dearest sister spoke to me,” Ho-oh said quietly. “’A year will pass, then a hundred more. Thrice will this occur before a human, born of our blood, rises to repair these fractured bonds. A hero among heroes. A leader of champions. One day, he will find you. And when he does he will become as we are.’”


         “Thrice, a hundred years…” Nicholas trailed off. “How many years has it been since the tower burned down?”


         “Three hundred and three.”




         “You are human. Male, as the prophecy mentions. A hero among heroes? A leader of champions?” Ho-oh pressed. “Are you these things?”


         “A hero among heroes.” Nicholas chuckled nervously. “I guess people believe that about me.”


         “A leader of champions?”


         Nicholas took a deep breath. “The human governments have titles called ‘Champion’. I… have been thinking of going further. Claiming the title of ‘World Champion’, which I guess would mean I’d be the leader of champions.”


         “Born of our blood.” Ho-oh pushed back up and scrutinized him. “As far as I know, no pokegirl has ever mated with a human. Not successfully. And never one of ‘our blood’, we who have existed from the beginning.”


         Nicholas’ eyes slid shut. “I have recently learned that I am descended from the first clan of dragon tamers. A group of humans blessed by Rayquaza, whose power runs through my blood.”


         Ho-oh’s eyes widened. “The emerald dragon’s power runs in your veins?”


         “Yeah. It sure does.”


         “Three hundred years.” Nicholas opened his eyes to see Ho-oh reaching for him. “Three hundred years of despair… but here you are.”


         Nicholas leaned back slightly when she got too close. “Uh. What was the last part again?”


         “That you will become as we are.” Ho-oh stopped her advance. “Hm. But how?”


         “Maybe it just happens,” Nicholas joked. “Poof! Now I’m… whatever.”


         Ho-oh studied him. “You sit at ease. You speak as if I do not concern you.” She cocked her head. “How? Do I not overwhelm you? Is that what my sister meant?”


         Nicholas let out his breath. “Truthfully, you completely overwhelm me. It’s all an act. And, I guess because I’ve run into other legendaries before, and even have one in my harem, that I’ve learned to just… pretend.”


         “When that day comes,” Ho-oh murmured, “he will become as we are.” She looked up at him. “Become. You are not yet, but you will be.”


         Nicholas chuckled nervously when Ho-oh slipped her hand beneath her kimono. “What are you doing?”


         “My sister’s prophecy speaks of a human with many qualities who will meet me. You have done so.” Her kimono slid from her shoulders to pool at her feet. “But the human who meets me is not the prophesied one. Not yet. You are correct that there may be many who fit the qualities of the prophecy. Only one will ‘become as we are’.” She held out her hand. With the kimono removed Nicholas couldn’t help but stare at her. Kali’s body was ‘perfect’; firm, toned, a pokegirl designed to be the best at both sex and battle. The only other legendary he had been fortunate - or unfortunate, as the case had been - enough to see nude was Articuno. A weaker legendary, apparently, who bowed to the one before him.


         He could see why. Articuno was young. In legendary terms probably only millennia old. Ho-oh described herself as having existed ‘from the beginning’. That age translated to her body, from the slight chub padding her stomach and thighs, to the large, soft breasts that hung on her chest. If Kali was a wet dream, the fantasy of an exciting night, then Ho-oh was who you hoped to wake up with in the morning.


         He was startled out of his reverie by a hand taking his. Ho-oh smiled gently when he tore his eyes from her body to her face. “Humans have many legends about me. Some say that any who even lay eyes on me will be granted eternal happiness. Of course, as legends have, that one has shifted over time.” Nicholas felt a heat spread from the hand she was holding and seconds later he felt the night air on his bare skin. His clothes had burned away. “Happiness is fleeting. But a human who gains my favor will be granted their heart’s greatest desire. Now, naked in body and spirit, we stand together.” She gently pulled him forwards. “I have chosen you, Nicholas, tamer of prophecy. There may be many who are like you - pure of heart, kind, valiant. But I have not chosen them.” Nicholas tilted his head back when she gently kissed his lips. “I have chosen… you.”


         With the kiss he felt the heat entering his body. “I give you my favor. Let my flames purify you,” Ho-oh whispered, “and be reborn.” The fire seemed to burn at his very soul, dominating his senses until even the world around him disappeared.


         A second source of heat stirred. Nicholas grimaced as his blood began to boil in response to Ho-oh’s power and screams echoed he clutched his hands a voice begged to his chest roars echoed over the thunderous storms.


         Nicholas’ eyes snapped open. The world was falling apart. Rain fell so thick that the air was water. The ground erupted, plumes of lava rising high. It was as if the elements were fighting each other.


         “Please!” Nicholas found himself screaming against his will. “Save us! Give us a way to survive!”


         Thunder crashed and he looked up to see a dark shape twisting through the clouds. With a deafening boom, the ground around him shattered.


         Nicholas braced for impact as he fell but instead of hard stone he felt soft scales against his back. Slowly opening his eyes he stared into the slit yellow ones above him.


         “Your prayers have reached me,” Rayquaza rumbled. “To you, human who has braved my sisters’ fury, I grant my power.” Nicholas felt energy flowing into him. “You have a dragon’s heart. Now I grant you the ability to use it.”


         Nicholas’ eyes blinked open. Ho-oh was just starting to break the kiss when she felt him wrap his arm around her. “Huh-?” Miyuki watched in shock when Nicholas pressed forwards, keeping his lips to the legendary’s as she tried to pull away. With a shocked gasp Ho-oh fell, sprawling across the pillows when Nicholas finally let her go. “What are you doing?”


         Nicholas took heavy breaths. Deep in his chest he could feel Ho-oh’s flame burning. Spreading from it, through every vein, he could feel another power. Combined the two filled him with strength. When he next looked at her Ho-oh could see his pupils shifting. Ever so slightly stretching vertically. Still human… but no longer just.


         “What have you done to me?” Nicholas raised a trembling hand. Why had he kissed her back? She was going to incinerate him-


         Ho-oh’s legs had splayed out, displaying her downy feather bush. “I granted your heart’s desire,” she replied. “And your dragon’s blood… the blood of Rayquaza has awakened.” She shivered. “The prophecy has come to pass.” Nicholas lowered his hands. “The emerald dragon’s blood. My flames. Your will. I look at you now and see an equal, Nicholas, tamer of legend. You have truly become as we are.”


         “Miyuki?” Nicholas asked in shock.


         Miyuki had fallen to her knees. “My… my Master.” Nicholas’ aura swirled around Ho-oh’s, each equally matched. “It’s true. Your energy, it… it matches hers.”


         “You will never be helpless again,” Ho-oh said. “That was your desire, Nicholas. It has come true. I do not know what powers you may gain, but I know this - none of my eternal sisters will hold sway over you ever again.”


         “The legendary tamer,” Miyuki whispered. “You’ve truly become the legendary tamer.” She suddenly began giggling, a nervous laugh that broke into genuine joy when Nicholas looked at her. “Legendary tamer! Haha, haha! You- you tame legendaries!” She collapsed, tears beading in her eyes from her mirth. “Kali first, and now-! Mistress Ho-oh, watch out! He’ll tame you next!”


         Nicholas gave her a disgruntled look. “Thanks, Miyuki.” He glanced back to Ho-oh. “What n-“ he swallowed before he could finish his question. Ho-oh’s legs were spread. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing on her body. It was as if she was inviting him in.


         Did she actually want him to…?


         “Wait, this- this isn’t what I thought that meant,” Nicholas stammered. “Um, Ho-oh, Ma’am, please put some clothes on.”


         There was a hungry look in Ho-oh’s eyes when she replied. “Is your High Priestess incorrect? I have never had a human lover, Nicholas. Any who have tried have been incinerated. Burnt to ash.” Nicholas nervously stepped back when she got to her feet. “But now… could you withstand the fire within me?”


         This is a dream. A nightmare, Nicholas thought desperately. This isn’t my heart’s desire. I wanted to have nothing to do with any more legendaries, not become - not become a literal legendary tamer!


         Ho-oh cornered him against the wall and slowly pressed their bodies together. Her breasts were so soft they ballooned over his chest, the feathers spread across her groin tickling his penis. Nicholas shivered when he felt the heat radiating from her body. She was incredibly warm and growing more so. “Ho-oh…”


         “Is my body not to your liking?” the legendary asked quietly. “There are many who would gladly give their life to be in your spot, Nicholas. Pleasing their Goddess.”


         “And apparently some have,” Nicholas replied. He needed to push back. He wasn’t going to let her just take control that easily. Energy surged through him and he shoved off the wall, throwing Ho-oh off balance and sending her stumbling back towards the center of the room. “But I won’t be one of them.”


         “You refuse me?” Ho-oh snarled. Her kind and gentle demeanor had vanished in her lust. “You may be the ONLY human who will ever satisfy me, Nicholas. I will not let you get away that easily!”


         Miyuki screamed in horror as flames engulfed Nicholas, but her screams slowly petered out when she saw him step out of the inferno and approach Ho-oh. The legendary hissed, taking a half step forwards before stopping to reconsider. Nicholas took his opportunity and grabbed her arm, sinking his other hand into her breast and spinning Ho-oh around. With a surprised cry the eternal phoenix fell, landing face down on the pillows as Nicholas trapped her arm against her back.


         “Release me!” Ho-oh cried. “How dare you treat me in this manner!”


         “Only if you behave,” Nicholas growled.


         “Behave?! I am older than human memory! I will not be lectured by-“ Ho-oh’s body jerked and she screamed in surprise and pain when Nicholas spanked her ass. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”


         “I said to behave,” Nicholas replied. He had no idea why but doing this felt… right. “Otherwise your punishment will continue.”


         “Punishment??” Ho-oh squirmed underneath him. “You can’t do this to me! I am freedom incarnate! I am- I am-!” Nicholas spanked her again and this time her scream held less pain. “I- I am-!”


         Nicholas brought his hand down again but this time he caressed her ass. “You are what?”


         Ho-oh trembled. She had never felt this way before. Arousal, yes. She had had sex before. But as Nicholas held her firm something else blossomed. “I am… ah!” Her back arched when Nicholas squeezed her butt. “I am sorry!”


         Miyuki fainted from the shock of seeing him dominate Ho-oh. Nicholas slid his hand lower, teasing her asshole before sliding a finger along her cunt. The heat radiating from it was sweltering. “Will you behave, Ho-oh?” He frowned. If he tamed her, then would that make him her…? He sighed and decided to at least go all in for now. “If you do… your Master will reward you.”


         Ho-oh squealed and Nicholas felt her burning folds shudder. A few seconds later her body relaxed and he let go of her arm.


         Ho-oh panted. After a moment she rolled over with wild eyes. “Fuck me!” Nicholas felt her grab his arms desperately. “It has been ten thousand years since I have felt a human’s embrace!”


         “Will you behave?” Ho-oh froze when Nicholas growled at her. “Because if you don’t, I will punish you by not taming you.”


         Ho-oh trembled. In the back of her mind was the rational Ho-oh, in awe that this human was wrapping her around his finger. But the Ho-oh that was in control only wanted one thing and her eyes squeezed shut. “I-I-I will behave.” She shivered when Nicholas ran his fingers through her feathers. “…M-Master.”


         The embodiment of freedom is weak to being dominated, Nicholas thought with a wry smile. Ironic. Though once she’s less horny I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t bite my dick off and cauterize the stump.


         Was that the power he had been given? Nicholas pondered as he penetrated Ho-oh. The heat reduced to a perfectly comfortable temperature as he slid in even though he could still feel scorching temperatures when her clit tapped his stomach. Either every nerve in his penis had been destroyed or his body had adapted to hers. He took a quick glance the next time he pulled back. There didn’t seem to be any damage.


         So he had been granted strength, enough to match one of the older legendaries, as well as an ability to withstand their power. But then why had he started spanking her? How had he known that she would react well to it?


         Maybe that was a side effect from his dragon’s blood, he realized. Ho-oh had gifted him the ability to stand up to the legendaries. Rayquaza’s blessing gave him the instinct to… ‘fight back’. Just as it apparently gave him increased sexual endurance. Nicholas shook his head in amusement and returned his focus to Ho-oh when she cried out in pleasure. Why would the power of Rayquaza be so inherently sexual?


         “Pokegirls,” Nicholas grumbled, chuckling when he felt Ho-oh shake with another orgasm. “That’s always the reason. Pokegirls.”


         He felt his own orgasm approaching and pulled out of Ho-oh to release his load all the way up her stomach. A few drops splattered her face and Ho-oh gasped, slowly coming down from her high as Nicholas rested his softening member against her slit. A bit of his cum painted her labia as he ground his hips against hers. “How was that, hm?” Nicholas reached up and caressed Ho-oh’s cheek. “A human has tamed you. And still lives.”


         “…am I meant to bow to you now?” Ho-oh asked curiously. When Nicholas chuckled and sat up she pushed upright as well. “Ah…”


         “Please. I can barely get Kali to listen to what I have to say,” Nicholas laughed. “Even if I wanted to try and control you I would fail.”


         Ho-oh slowly nodded. “I suppose that is true. I do not wish to be shackled by a human… even if that human is you.”


         “This was fun.” Nicholas looked over and sighed when he saw Miyuki’s unconscious form. “Oops. I think we broke her.”


         Ho-oh glanced over as well and giggled. “Oh, poor girl.”


         Nicholas reached for his belt before remembering that Ho-oh had incinerated his clothes. “Uh-“ he searched the floor and sighed in relief when he saw his belt and pokedex on the ground. “Oh thank goodness.”


         Ho-oh watched Miyuki be recalled. “Fun. You are no longer afraid of me.”


         “I was a bit nervous right after the whole blessing bit, but now?” Nicholas looked at her with a smile. “I think I understand what’s happened. I… I don’t have to be afraid anymore.” He flopped back with a happy smile. “I’m still not stupid enough to go searching for legendaries to test my luck but if one decides to find me again, I know I’ll be able to fight back.” His smile faded. “Or if I find one again…”


         Ho-oh frowned. “Hm?”


         “…it’s nothing,” Nicholas muttered. Celine smiled at him, giving him encouragement, and he felt as those positive feelings were plunged into turmoil as Celebi revealed herself. And then again, he turned away from her as she tried to warn him. Her warning had helped him. It had prepared him for what had led to this moment. In the beginning, too, she had helped him. And every time he had attacked her. Chased her away.


         Tears dripped down his cheeks. “I’m such an idiot.”


         “What troubles you, Nicholas?” He felt Ho-oh’s soft body slide up his legs as the legendary moved to cuddle him. “My, hehe, my tamer?”


         Nicholas rubbed his eyes. “She just wanted to be my friend. I was too… too afraid to realize that.”




         “Another legendary.” Nicholas blinked. She had said… “Ho-oh? Will you be leaving to journey again?”


         “Perhaps after some time,” Ho-oh replied. “This tower… I believe enough time has passed that I may make it my home once again.”


         “Could you ask your followers to do something, then?” Nicholas smiled bitterly. “When they visit the forest shrine, can they add this to their prayers? ‘A message, from Nicholas Topolski to the eternal one known as Celebi… I-‘“ his voice caught. “‘I’m sorry.’” The tears flowed freely now and he squeezed his eyes shut. “‘Can you ever forgive me?’”


         Tender hands wiped the tears from his eyes. “Always.”


         Nicholas’ eyes shot open in surprise. Celebi’s eyes glistened as she stared down at him. “It has finally come to pass.”


         “Uh- hello, chronicler,” Ho-oh stammered, scrambling off of Nicholas. “Why are you here?”


         “Why else?” Celebi turned and smiled at the other legendary. “To witness this glorious moment. You, eh, you’ve got a little something…” she flicked her finger down her front. “All over here.”


         Ho-oh flushed and grabbed her kimono, pulling it down to hide Nicholas’ cum. “Well you have. Please leave.”


         “If you insist. But your time is up.” Ho-oh pouted and Celebi turned back to Nicholas with a smile. “Will you come with me, Nicholas? My…” she hesitated. “My friend?”


         Nicholas blinked away his tears and reached up to take her hands. “What kind of a friend would I be if I said no?”


         Celebi sniffled. They teleported and Nicholas looked around to see her forest shrine. “At last.” She pressed her forehead to his. “At last you have become what I first saw.”


         “Ho-oh’s blessing?”


         “It is more than that,” Celebi whispered. “It is so much more. Your journeys will be hard, Nicholas. But you will survive them. You will become a shining beacon for all humans and pokegirls alike.” She pulled back. “Your future is out of my control now. Today was the first I could not change. Because you exist beyond even my power, Nicholas. You exist beyond any of us. That is the gift you have been given. Your destiny is yours, and yours alone.”


         “But why me?”


         Celebi laughed and cried in the same breath. “That question! So many times I have heard you ask it. The answer is always the same.” She kissed his nose. “Because you were the right choice.”


         “Wait. You know what’s happened to me? You understand it?” Nicholas watched Celebi float back. “How?”


         “I am a witness, Nicholas,” Celebi replied. “That is my duty, the one I was charged by my creator. I witness events in time. My mirror sister witnesses events through space. Together we chronicle eternity.” She shook her head when Nicholas opened his mouth. “No, do not ask. None should be aware of their future. Not even you. Not even me.”


         “Then… what now?” Nicholas asked. “What do I do now?”


         “Whatever you wish,” Celebi replied with a smile. “Isn’t that what you’ve wanted? No being on this planet can control you now. You are free. Truly free, able to fulfill whatever destiny you choose.” Her eyes watered. “I hope we will meet again.”


         “WAIT!” Nicholas threw out his hand when Celebi started to fade away. “You chronicle things, right?” Celebi wavered back into existence. “But you can’t jump through my future, because I’m outside of time, or whatever.”


         “Not time. Just my manipulation of it,” Celebi replied.


         “So you’re going to what? Blindly jump around until you find me again?”


         “It is all I can do.”


         “It’s not.” Nicholas turned his hand so his palm was up. “There’s another way to jump through time. One that will ensure you don’t miss a thing.” He smiled when Celebi looked at his hand in confusion. “If you move one second forward at a time, you’ll be able to follow everything I do.”


         Celebi slowly looked from his hand to his eyes. “What do you mean?”


         “Come with me.” Nicholas smiled when Celebi’s eyes widened. “I’ve… made some mistakes, chasing you away. I may not have had the chance to get to know you yet, but with enough time, that will change.” He grinned happily. “Enough time. Get it?”


         The man laughed and took her hand. “So you don’t know me yet? That’s hilarious! Once you get back I’ll have to tell you about this.” He laughed again when she made a confused noise. “Stay with me for a while. With enough time, you’ll get to know me.” He turned to the pokegirl beside him. “Enough time! I told that joke to her back then too!”


         The girl shook her head and shifted her white hoodie over her face. “You’re as idiotic as usual, Master Nicholas.” She looked back to Celebi when the man sputtered. “But he often knows best when it comes to those like us, sister. Come.” Her purple tail flicked as she turned towards a sprawling mansion that sat above glistening white beaches. “You are one of the ancient chroniclers, yes? There are many stories here for you to be told.”


         Celebi brought her thoughts back to her present and stared at the younger man holding his hand out to her. This had been the moment he talked about. When he had first met her.


         No… not simply met. She took his hand, allowing him to pull her closer. He was smiling and laughing now, no trace of the fear and distrust that had controlled him before. Her eyes watered and she shook her head, smiling her own happy smile as tears streamed down her cheeks.


         She had not made many friends in her long life. Even among those treasured moments the memories of one man, one place, blazed brightest.


         Celebi bent down, her body floating closer to the ground as she tenderly kissed him. Nicholas kissed back, the two embracing in front of her shrine, until Celebi felt him slide his hand to her ass.


         With a happy gasp she returned his advance. At last. Her friend… her tamer. They were together again.







         “So uh… Sera, Nessa, you’ve already met… Celine,” Nicholas said awkwardly. The glimmering pokegirl next to him smiled and waved at the harem. “She’s… going to be traveling with us from now on.”


         “It’s so good to see you two again,” Celebi said happily. She’d taken the appearance of a nude Bellossom, a Grass-type pokegirl with red hair that formed large flowery shapes and a wreath of swaying petals around her waist that mimicked a skirt. The glimmer was to mimic the appearance of the sweet smelling pollen that Bellossom constantly emitted. “Please, everyone, I hope we can get along!”


         Sera and Nessa shot glances at Nicholas while the others introduced themselves. “She’s joining the harem?” Nessa asked quietly.


         “She’s not joining this harem, but… yes. She’s joining mine.” Nicholas shrugged. “She’s said that she doesn’t intend to fight or anything so that solves that question right away. Uh, Cele- Miss Celine?” Nicholas shook his head when Celebi turned towards him. “Sorry.”


         “Don’t you remember?” Celebi stepped back to him and cupped his cheek with a smile. “What I asked the first time we met for real. I’m happy just being Celine with you.”


         “…right.” Nicholas smiled back. “No Miss, no… anything else.”


         “No.” Celebi kissed his lips. “My name is Celine.”


         “Celine will not be a part of the harem,” Nicholas continued, looking around at the others. “She’s not here to push anyone out, and I wouldn’t have let her travel with us if she was.” He didn’t see anything but smiles around him and he grinned himself. “Sound good?”


         “We all know you’re still her Master, Master,” Hana teased. “Welcome new sister!”


         “Oh, no- I, I’m really not joining the harem,” Celebi – Celine mumbled anxiously. “I know that there’s already six of you…”


         “Seven if you count Kalmiya. But she usually doesn’t leave Nicholas’ pokedex,” Miyuki replied with a smile. “Regardless of why, it is obvious to us all that you are our Master’s pokegirl.” She stepped forwards and pecked Celine on the cheek. “As his High Priestess I welcome you, Celine.”


         “Ah… thank you,” Celine stammered. “M-Miyuki.”


         “Could you try to be friends with Nessa?” Miyuki asked quietly, leaning back a bit so that Celine could see the Feraligatr clearly. “One of her best friends is a Grass-type like you. Unfortunately she was claimed by a rather… harsh tamer, and Nessa is still struggling to accept it.”


         Celine looked over and nodded. “I can try. But if she is not ready to heal, then nothing I do or say will help.”


         Miyuki looked at her in surprise for a moment. “That’s… very wise. But I was thinking just having you around her, since you’re a Grass-type and so happy and cheery…” Miyuki made half-aborted motions with her hands. “Sorry. Maybe it’s a bad idea.”


         “No it’s a fine idea, Miyuki!” Celine replied with a delighted smile. “I will do my best!” She whirled away, her petal skirt dancing as she shimmied over to catch Nessa’s attention.


         Miyuki let out her breath. “Phew.” She noticed Nicholas watching her and turned with a frown. “What’s up?”


         “Sorry.” Nicholas hid his grin. “Just enjoying watching you work.”


         Miyuki squinted suspiciously. “Are you hiding something from me?”


         “Oh, definitely,” Nicholas replied. “But telling you the secret would ruin the fun of making you figure it out yourself.”


         “Hrrmmm.” Miyuki glared at him a moment before turning to scrutinize Celine. “Well, whatever. What’s the plan now?”


         “I seem to remember that we have one last gym badge to earn in Johto,” Nicholas replied. “Are you ready to head back to Ecruteak again?”


         Miyuki grumbled. “We were just there and I can only remember half of what happened. How’d we wind up all the way down here in Azalea anyways?”


         “Oh, I rode an eternal one,” Nicholas replied flippantly. He saw Celine twitch and chuckled. “I know you saw the start of all that.”


         Miyuki whined and shoved him down the road. “HUSH!” She hurriedly gestured at the others. “WE’RE LEAVING, GIRLS! COME ON!”


         Nicholas laughed, chasing her towards the forest as the harem trailed behind. It would take at least a week to walk back to Ecruteak and he was looking forward to another extended period of relaxation.


         Everything seemed okay in the world. Nicholas took a deep breath of the crisp air and let it out with a smile. A lot had happened in the last few days. There was still chaos – not all wounds could heal overnight, after all. But they were healing. Johto had survived, and so had he. Team Rocket was dead.


         Half a continent away a woman knelt in the shadows. “Yes, Father?”


         “Janine.” Koga turned to his daughter. “Events have been set in motion that will lead to great things for our family. It is time for you to take my mantle. To finally join me in power.” He extended his hand. “I know you have had doubts, Janine. But I can’t do this without you.”


         Janine looked up. “I know, Father. I’ve suspected something ever since I was little.”


         “Join me.” Koga cocked his hand. “Our allies have risen in Johto. Within weeks we will be poised to unite the Indigo League under one banner. Our banner.”


         Janine stood and accepted his hand. “Of course, Father. Once we have, will we have a name again?”


         Koga’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, my daughter. We will. And the league, nay, the world will learn it.”


         “Tell me what I must do.”








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Zephyr Badge

         Hive Badge

         Plain Badge

         Storm Badge

         Mineral Badge

         Glacier Badge

         Rising Badge


         Miyuki, Glaceon (Alpha) – Level 47

         Nessa, Feraligatr – Level 43

         Sera, Crobat – Level 43

         Ryuko, Scizor – Level 44

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 42

         Lili, Pupitar – Level 46


Non-Com Harem:

         Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5

         Celine, “Bellossom” – Level ??







         Lili spun back as the shadows of the arena surged above her. Everything she could see was black. Black as the void.


         She shifted nervously. Her opponent was strong. According to her Master, she had defeated two of her sisters with ease.


         But Lili was not her sisters. She growled, energy building in her limbs as she focused on the ground beneath her. She was a dragon.


         Nicholas was staring at the Gengar’s shadowy sphere with some trepidation. This had been the strategy she had used to isolate, confuse, and defeat both Sera and Nessa in their previous battle. Now it was Lili’s turn to experience it.


         He’d sent her in for a reason, though. With the reduction in agility her evolution had brought she’d begun focusing solely on area of effect attacks. Precisely what was needed to hit an opponent that was all around you.


          The Gengar poked her head out behind Lili. Her armored opponent wasn’t moving and she grinned, her tongue lolling out as she did. Another easy knockout.


         Lili’s breathing shifted when she felt the presence behind her. There!


         The Gengar started to retreat when she saw Lili’s foot raise but didn’t pay it much heed. She’d spread her body so thin that there was no way a single kick would-


         With a roar Lili slammed her foot into the ground. The shockwave ripped through the floor, tearing the Gengar’s shadows apart as the girl herself screamed in pain. The sphere collapsed; the Gengar wasn’t even able to pull herself back together before she fainted with a sigh.


         Lili whirled towards the noise and was raising her foot again when she saw her motionless opponent. “Down! Leader Morty is unable to battle!” The gym assistant officiating raised his hand towards Nicholas. “Challenger Nicholas is victorious!”


         Morty recalled his Gengar and stepped forwards to meet Nicholas. “Well fought, Nicholas,” he said quietly. “I see the same trick couldn’t catch you twice.”


         “It never will if I can help it,” Nicholas replied.


         Morty nodded slightly. “A good battle, nonetheless. Seeing Miyuki at full strength, and the harem you’ve built…” he trailed off. “The score says it was close but we both know otherwise.”

         “I think it was.”


         “No. It wasn’t.” Morty stowed his Gengar’s pokeball with a sigh. “There was a reason you were chosen. And I was not.”


         “Morty.” Nicholas reached out to clasp the man’s shoulder. “I didn’t want this.”


         “And I did. Which is why I didn’t get it,” Morty replied. “I understand that now. I understand the mistakes I made.” He shook his head. “The great phoenix has returned home and I am but another human in her eyes. You are her favored, her chosen. I feel jealousy, and so I know that she made the right choice.”




         “No, this is something I must handle myself,” Morty said. “Here. This is yours without question.” Nicholas accepted the badge from him and watched Morty walk away. “Carry your blessing proudly, Nicholas Topolski.”


         “Sometimes the most devoted are the least virtuous,” Celine said as Nicholas recalled Lili and walked out of the arena to rejoin her. “It is no fault of yours, Nicholas.”


         “I know. But I still don’t like seeing him hurt like this.” Nicholas glanced back but Morty was long gone. “His heart wasn’t in the battle. I could tell.”


         “A hollow victory, then.”


         “Yeah.” Nicholas sighed and gestured as he moved towards the door. “Do you know if there are any public teleportation services here in Johto?”


         Celine frowned. “I am sure there are travel agencies in Goldenrod, but can’t I just-?”


         “You’re a Bellossom. You can’t teleport,” Nicholas interjected. “Right?”


         Celine blinked a few times. “Ah.”


         “I’ll have to look into it. Kalmiya, can you read me that message again?”


         “Of course, Master. Begin message. ‘Greetings Nicholas. I hope this message finds you well. With the changes in the Indigo League structure I have asked all of our gym leaders to attend a meet-and-greet at my gym on the last Saturday of the month. I would love to see you there as well. I think that there is a lot for us all to talk about. Signed, Leader Misty.’”


         “The last Saturday of the month. Isn’t that this coming Saturday?”


         “Yes, Master. The meeting is set to be held in four days.”


         “Four days to figure out a way to Cerulean City,” Nicholas mused. “I could just get Cassidy over here through a pokeball transporter and have her teleport me back… I guess it’s not that big of an issue.”


         “Should I send a message, Master?”


         “Yeah. Might as well.” Nicholas smiled and took Celine’s hand. “We can head home. Introduce you to the others.”


         Celine blushed and clasped his hand between both of hers. “I’m desperately looking forward to it.”








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Zephyr Badge

         Hive Badge

         Plain Badge

         Storm Badge

         Mineral Badge

         Glacier Badge

         Rising Badge

         Fog Badge


         Miyuki, Glaceon (Alpha) – Level 48

         Nessa, Feraligatr – Level 45

         Sera, Crobat – Level 46

         Ryuko, Scizor – Level 45

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 44

         Lili, Pupitar – Level 48


Non-Com Harem:

         Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5

         Celine, “Bellossom” – Level ??