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Chapter 27

The Legendary Tamer




         “Streets are clear.” Nicholas looked around the quiet city. There was nobody, absolutely nobody, to be seen. Not even Team Rocket. A testament to John’s single-minded crusade. “I’m going to the radio tower to stop this. Can you make it somewhere safe? Maybe the police station?”


         The radio director nodded. “I will. I’ll bring them as soon as I can.”


         “Be careful. Until I stop the broadcast pokegirls could become enraged without warning.”


         The director looked at Miyuki. “Why doesn’t she?”


         “Allow any command besides my Master’s to affect me?” Miyuki’s icy blue eyes challenged the radio director. “You insult me.”


         “…because she’s more devoted than most,” Nicholas replied lamely. “Stay safe.”


         The director shook his hand. “And you, Nicholas. Good luck.”


         Nicholas waited for him to be out of sight before glaring at Miyuki. “Really?”


         She giggled. “He dared question you.”


         Nicholas rolled his eyes. “Yes, Alpha. Thank you, Alpha.” When Miyuki giggled again he gently shoved her shoulder. “Move. We’ve got to get back to the radio tower.”




         “Oh. Right.” Nicholas released the Scizor, prepared to catch her if she collapsed, but Ryuko caught herself before she could go too far.


         She took a few seconds to recover before straightening and looking at him. “Master. I was not fast enough.”


         “You’re forgiven. How do you feel?”


         Ryuko stroked her stomach. “The pain is gone.”


         “Good. It’s just you and Miyuki left; we don’t have time to find a healing machine. Are you ready?”


         Ryuko nodded at him. “Always, my Master.”


         Nobody tried to stop them on the way back to the radio tower and Nicholas only fell back once they were inside, allowing Ryuko to lead the way back to the fifth floor.


         The ice Miyuki had used to restrain all of the pokegirls and Petrel was still in prime condition and Nicholas shivered when they stepped into the frozen room. “You’re terrifying, Miyuki.”


         Miyuki stroked the ice shard between her breasts. “It’s because of this. Whenever I focus through it my ice is more powerful.”


         “Something to look into, I suppose,” Nicholas mused.


         “Hello?” Nicholas heard Petrel calling from within the frozen office. “Is someone out there? You have to help me!”


         “It’s us again, Petrel,” Nicholas replied as he rapped on the frozen window. “Quiet down, will you?”


         “Oh. It’s you.” Petrel grumbled and Nicholas could hear him moving around. “You could have at least given me a coat. I’m freezing!”


         Nicholas glanced at the entombed Koffing. “Could be worse.” He ignored as Petrel began spluttering and moved to the locked door. One swipe from the director’s keycard and the lock blinked green. Nicholas took a deep breath before he pressed the button to open the door. Behind this door would be Archer. And possibly the female admin as well, Ariana.


         As the door slid open he saw a woman with red hair and a white coat sitting behind it and he jumped back. “RYUKO!”


         Ariana leaned back as Ryuko lunged at her throat. “Lower your sword, pokegirl.” She glanced at Nicholas, almost completely ignoring the metal blade pressing into her skin. “I have no pokegirls. No weapons.”


         “No? Where’s the ambush then?” Nicholas barely stepped through the door and scanned every visible inch of space. “You love those.”


         “No ambush. My harem sacrificed themselves in our last encounter,” Ariana replied. “I knew you’d be coming. I just didn’t expect you this soon.”


         “Yeah, well, surprise,” Nicholas growled. “Miyuki, find something to tie her up.”


         “Why bother? Archer has already won,” Ariana said. “Why don’t you join us instead? Your strength as a tamer is extraordinary. You would easily become an admin.”


         “No thanks.”


         “Why not?” Ariana raised an eyebrow. “You would have power. Control. You could strike back against the government that tossed you aside.”


         “That’s tempting. But I can do that without your ‘power’,” Nicholas replied. “No, I’ll never join Team Rocket. You know why? Because you hurt the people I care about.” He raised his fingers and began counting on them. “Directly, you have hurt Galina, Dahlia, Elizabeth, Kali, Sabrina, Sera, Nessa, and every other pokegirl in my harem indirectly. You’ve hurt me with every encounter, every abuse you’ve forced me to witness. Even if I could forget the hundreds and thousands of people and pokegirls you’ve harmed, I could never forget the ones who were important to me.”


         Ariana shifted when Miyuki returned with some cables. “I understand. You’re doing this because of your beliefs and morals. I suppose it would never work; I’ve done many things that I didn’t understand. I just put my faith in Giovanni and did as I was told.”


         Miyuki was securing Ariana to her chair with the cables as Nicholas stepped past her. “A soldier can always disobey their orders.”


         “Perhaps. Perhaps that’s why you’ve been able to defeat me.” Ariana watched him move towards a nearby elevator. “But Archer… he holds that same will. And now he’s succeeded where even Giovanni failed.” She smiled as Miyuki finished securing her ankles and stepped back, leaving Ariana completely bound and unable to move. “Go on, Topolski. Nicholas Topolski, Champion of this league. Face Archer. And fall into despair.”


         Nicholas ignored her and opened the elevator. Ryuko and Miyuki joined him and he pushed the only other button available. The observation deck.


         “The signal has grown stronger, Master,” Kalmiya reported when the elevator doors slid shut. “The source is getting closer.”


         Nicholas held himself steady as the elevator rose. After a minute it dinged and the doors opened again.


         Miyuki and Ryuko surged out, scanning for threats as Nicholas stepped out after them. They had emerged facing one side of the observation deck, walls of glass displaying Goldenrod City below. But no welcoming party.


         The group cautiously circled around the elevator until the main observation deck came into view. Benches lined the outside, a few tables and chairs near the middle, and it was on these that a strange device had been assembled. Nicholas scanned the wires that reached from it to multiple, smaller radio dishes set up in a circle, before slowly approaching the main unit.


         “Master.” Ryuko stopped him. A pokegirl was watching them, hidden in the shadows of the tables, and as they waited another two pairs of eyes appeared.


         “Master Archer,” the lead pokegirl called, stalking forwards as her canine features became apparent. “You have… visitors.”


         “I am not to be disturbed, Rias,” a voice replied from nearby. Nicholas followed it back to see Archer looking out of a shattered window on the far side of the room with his hands clasped behind him. “Understood?”




         Archer turned when Nicholas yelled. He almost seemed confused, picking over Nicholas and the two pokegirls in front of him, before a smile began to grow across his face. “Well, well. I take it back. This is precisely the disturbance I’ve been waiting for.” He snapped his fingers. “DOWN!”


         The approaching pokegirls slunk back as Archer approached. “I’m taking you down, Archer,” Nicholas snarled, “just as I took down Giovanni.”


         “Yes he’s a bit late to the show, isn’t he?” Archer mused. “A region in chaos. The hero arriving and, well, arriving to his doom.”


         “A handful of… Houndour?” Nicholas surveyed the watching pokegirls. “Houndoom maybe. That’s my doom?”


         “Well it’s in the name, isn’t it?” Archer chuckled. “But no. You’ve arrived too late. The chaos, the fear, that was only our message. ‘Team Rocket has returned’. Many of our people hoped Giovanni would hear our broadcasts and come back to lead us. But I was hoping he wouldn’t. The age of Giovanni is over. The age of ARCHER has begun!”


         “Pretty short age.” Nicholas waved Ryuko and Miyuki forwards. “Unless you count the years you’ll be in prison.”


         Archer smiled. “A Scizor and a Glaceon. Rias and her pack would make short work of them, but I won’t give you a chance to pull any tricks. Not like last time, Nicholas. Nicholas Topolski. Finally I have a name for that damned face.” He raised a remote. “REJOICE! FOR YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE IN THE NEW AGE OF TEAM ROCKET!”


         Nicholas braced, expecting a trap, but when explosions came from above them instead he looked up. The central unit was pointing at the base of the radio antennae, and in between… he saw electricity crackling, forming a net that… something thrashed behind. The explosions popped around the center of the roof, breaking whatever was creating the electric web, and the current vanished to more clearly reveal the thrashing figure.


         A figure with a long purple tail…


         “Even a Champion doesn’t hold enough power to stop her,” Archer taunted. “That was the true purpose of our research. Why we hid, allowing the world to believe that Team Rocket had been destroyed. All so we could forge the means to bring her back under our control.” He raised the remote again and a piercing scream echoed from above. “It may not be as elegant as Silph’s Master Ball but all that matters is the result.” Nicholas’ eyes widened. He hadn’t recognized the pokegirl hovering above him due to the heavy grey armor covering her head and body, but Archer could only be talking about…




         That was why Archer had so many Dark-types. It hadn’t been for Sabrina. It had never been for her. It had been for Kali. Nicholas backpedaled, watching Kali contort in pain as she fought the influence of whatever device Archer had managed to fit her with. The Rocket Admin obviously believed she was under his control. He needed to act accordingly.


         “Miyuki-!” Nicholas grimaced when he saw Miyuki clutching her skull. “Don’t you DARE fall now, High Priestess! Your MASTER commands you to RESIST!”


         Miyuki snarled. There was a dull throbbing behind her eyes whenever she tried to think. This close to the signal emitters not even Kalmiya’s blocking could help. But he was right. She focused on the watching Houndoom. “I’m not fully in control,” she hissed, feeling her fingers clench and relax with every breath. “But I will handle these.”


         “Miyuki-!” Nicholas tried to reach for her but it was too late. With a tortured battle cry Miyuki sprinted towards the three waiting pokegirls.


         “Alpha!” Ryuko took a step towards her before something made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Slowly she turned towards the center of the room.


         Kali had begun descending, her head turned towards Nicholas. Ryuko shuddered when she felt a crushing presence roll over her mind. This was an eternal one. And she was not.


         No… She couldn’t think that way. Not anymore. Ryuko threw out her hand, forming her sword and stalking forwards. “Mewtwo. The eternal one of my Master.” She grimaced when Kali’s attention shifted from Nicholas to her. “You betray him? You dare turn against him?”


         Archer raised an eyebrow. “What’s she babbling about?” He looked at Nicholas, ignoring the brawling pokegirls across the room. Miyuki wasn’t doing very well. “She thinks you control Mewtwo?”


         Nicholas was pushed back when Ryuko stepped in front of him. Archer was supremely confident, and he had every right to be. He couldn’t feel even a shred of the Kali he knew from the pokegirl hovering in front of them. It wasn’t even like how it had been during their first meeting, in that cave by Cerulean City. Kali had been reduced to nothing but a weapon wielded by Archer. As she had originally been designed to be.


         “Fight it, Kali,” Nicholas whispered. “Fight it! You broke free before!”


         “Why have you stopped?” Archer raised his remote again and Kali contorted. “Destroy that Scizor and kill him!”


         The remote. Nicholas’ attention flicked to Archer when Kali renewed her approach. If he could get to Archer… but Kali would be ordered to stop him, and Ryuko…


         Ryuko braced herself. Mewtwo was almost on top of her. The unstoppable power of an eternal one. The power that her Master, the legendary tamer, had once tamed.


         A doubt, buried and thought erased, bubbled up in the face of this enemy. She couldn’t match an eternal one. She should never have pretended otherwise.


         No! Ryuko’s eyes narrowed and she tore the thought apart. She couldn’t think that way! She was worthy! For if she wasn’t, then her Master would be wrong.


         Ryuko’s teeth clenched. Her knee bent, sword twisting back as she focused purely on the approaching figure.


         He. Was not. Wrong.


         …Ryuko wouldn’t be able to fight Kali, was what Nicholas had been about to think, before the Scizor flashed forwards and brought her sword slicing down. Kali instantly retaliated, blocking the strike before raising one hand. A blast of psychic energy engulfed Ryuko and immediately the Scizor broke through, one eye staining red from a burst blood vessel but still completely mobile. Somehow even Kali seemed surprised when Ryuko closed in, pushing right into her space before bringing her sword slashing upwards.


         “NO!” Archer clenched his fist when he saw sparks spraying from Kali’s helmet. “I SAID DESTROY HER, MEWTWO! YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE POKEGIRL!”


         She’s slower than usual, Nicholas realized. She’s still fighting his control.


         “Master! My sisters will not last much longer!” Kalmiya’s voice shocked Nicholas into action. Miyuki had somehow managed to drop one of the Houndoom but the other two advanced on the wounded Ice-type with flames licking from their jaws. Ryuko somehow pushed Kali back a step, a crack on her helmet, but she was rallying back from the surprise attack. Ryuko was simply not powerful enough to threaten Kali for long.


         The remote. Nicholas found Archer again. If he could get the remote, he could stop whatever was controlling Kali. He could stop the signal, allowing Nessa to join the battle and bring her water to help fight the Houndoom. Everything came back to Archer. Nicholas steadied himself. Ariana had claimed Archer had already won, that he had been too late. And maybe if he had been a bit slower he would have been. If Kali had been broken completely there would never have been a chance. But there was an opportunity here, rapidly shrinking with every passing second.


         He ran.


         One of the Houndoom saw him breaking through and began aiming an attack before a wall of ice sprang up between her and Nicholas. Distracted by her desperate action Miyuki screamed when flames licked over her body.


         Ryuko watched Kali’s head tilt ever so slightly to focus on something behind her and she screamed, charging before Kali could attack Nicholas. Her battle cry quickly turned to agony when her body contorted, bending and twisting in horrifying ways under the influence of Kali’s telekinesis.


         Archer growled when he saw Nicholas sprint past the main control unit. “So it comes to this.” Neither human saw the cascade of red and blue that shot from Nicholas’ pokedex when it bounced off the computer and Archer raised a hand, meeting Nicholas’ punch and shoving him back. “You’re so desperate you would come at me directly? Ha! Come on then, Nicholas! Defiant until the very end. A true adversary.” He threw the remote away, grin widening when Nicholas tracked it before sinking his fist into Nicholas’ stomach while he was distracted. “Uh-Uh-Uh. Eyes on me, Champion.”


         Nicholas doubled over in pain. He’d lost focus for a moment and it had been enough for Archer to nearly win the fight. One mistake had slammed the window of opportunity shut. Another and it would be over.


         “So what exactly is the legend I’m supposedly fulfilling?” Nicholas asked.


         “After the Brass Tower burned, and Ho-oh revived the legendary beasts, a number of prophecies arose,” Miyuki explained to him. They were sitting on a grassy hill north of Olivine City, watching the sun set as the others made camp. “All spoke of a human who would gain Ho-oh’s favor, but the details never matched. Some claimed this human would become as the eternal ones themselves, some said the human would be above all other humans, some that the human would heal the wounds torn between humans and pokegirls due to the fire. There were other details too of course - the human would be a great hero or savior, or somehow born of pokegirl blood, but the only consistent part of the legend was that this great human would be the one Ho-oh left to search for.” She shrugged. “Over the years the legend evolved and all of the conflicting prophecies began to merge into one. By this point the legendary tamer wouldn’t even be human.”


         Nicholas chuckled. “Well. Unfortunately for the legend I’m very human.”


         Miyuki nuzzled his cheek with a happy growl. “And we’re all thankful for that.”


         Nicholas’ breath hissed between his clenched teeth. The pain was bad. Very bad. But if he let it stop him then everything was lost.


         Archer calmed himself when he saw Nicholas force himself upright. “Still pushing. Honestly I admire you, Nicholas. I wish you had joined me instead of having it come to this.” He looked over at the battles. Miyuki had collapsed. Ryuko hung, frozen, in midair. “But this is over.”


         “No,” Nicholas rasped. He didn’t know how long he had before Kali turned her attention to him. But it hadn’t happened yet. “I’m still standing.”


         Archer sighed and stepped closer. “Just lay down and die, Nicholas. You’ve accomplished nothing.” Nicholas ground his teeth together as he heard Petrel’s mocking words. “Nothing you’ve done today has changed a thing.”


         With a roar Nicholas swung.


         And behind him there was an explosion.


         Ryuko slammed to the ground, choking, as Kali slammed her hands over her ears in pain. Nicholas whirled to see the main control unit burning, blue and red sparks spraying out of it as another piece warped from a muffled explosion. Blue and red. “KALMIYA!”


         Silence from the Porygon-Z. Nicholas watched in horrified fascination as the signal generator self destructed. A few spray sparks followed the cables and the secondary emitters soon followed suit.


         “No…” Archer stared in shock. “What happened? It was built to survive anything, even Mewtwo was unable to break it…”


         Nicholas felt adrenaline revitalize him as the explosions continued. If the signal had been stopped then- he grabbed Nessa’s pokeball, not even triggering the release - instead he hurled it at Miyuki’s unmoving body. “SAVE HER!”


         Nessa appeared and tripped, looking down to see her Alpha’s burned and broken body. A heartbeat. Two. Then she looked up, finding the wary Houndoom as her eyes flashed pure red.


         Ryuko struggled to get up, feeling her broken bones and twisted limbs. She couldn’t fall like this. Kali still screamed, clutching at her helmet as the feedback overloaded her senses.


         Ryuko focused, feeling every break, every injury she had sustained, no matter how small. And she pushed her metal into them, forcing the broken bones to snap back into place. The dislocated joints to find their homes. The pain was beyond anything she could ever have imagined. But she ignored it. Tightening her armor around her in a makeshift cast she stood, approaching Kali with her sword held straight out in front of her. She couldn’t bend her arms. She couldn’t bend her knees. She could barely find her target through the red haze across her vision. With one final effort she lunged, sinking the sword into Kali’s chest and through the extended breastplate. Immediately Kali went still and Ryuko followed, crashing to the ground as consciousness abandoned her.


         Nicholas whirled back to see Archer already in mid strike. He took the punch to the chin, staggering back as stars cascaded across his vision. Archer swore, continuing forwards to pummel Nicholas again and again. “DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU, NICHOLAS TOPOLSKI! YOU WILL NOT STOP ME HERE!”


         His eyes widened when Nicholas caught his fist. Archer quailed as Nicholas slowly looked up to lock eyes with him. They were no longer blue. Yellow had crept across the iris, distorting the pupil into a vertical slit.


         “It’s over,” Nicholas hissed. “As it was always destined to be.” He increased his grip, watching Archer buckle. “You kidnapped her. Abused her. Broke her.” He felt something rising in his chest and he roared, anger and pain feeding the noise as Archer tried to pull away. “SHE WILL BE THE LAST POKEGIRL YOU KILL!”


         Archer’s head snapped back when Nicholas punched him and he slumped, eyes fluttering as he was dragged towards the broken window. “You… you can’t…” he blinked woozily when he felt a breeze cross his face. “Stop me…”


         Nicholas snarled. All it would take was one quick push. A hundred feet up. He grabbed Archer by the shirt. He didn’t deserve to live.


         “He doesn’t deserve to live!”


         Nicholas started. Why had he heard a voice?


         “Do you really want to become like him?” Nicholas shivered as another voice answered the first. “To become a murderer. That isn’t who you are.”


         Slowly Nicholas lowered Archer to the ground, the blue in his eyes pushing back until they were back to normal. He remembered now. The Lavender Tower. Meeting Galina, watching her come as close as he just had to murdering the Rocket grunt that had killed her mother. He’d stopped her then. Saved her. Now her memory saved him.


         Nicholas let go of Archer and turned back to the observation room. Nessa was the only pokegirl still standing. Miyuki had collapsed, Ryuko, even Kali wasn’t moving. She looked at him and he saw the red in her eyes but unlike her evolution in the well she was in control. “Nicholas, she’s still breathing.”


         Nicholas immediately ran to her side. He found Miyuki’s pokeball first, recalling the badly wounded Glaceon before finding Ryuko’s and doing the same for her. Nessa gently handed him her own pokeball when he turned back. “I don’t have a headache.” She blinked but the red didn’t fade. “Does that mean the signal is gone?”


         “It is.” Nicholas turned to look at the pile of twisted metal that had once been the signal generator. “Kalmiya… Kalmiya sacrificed herself to destroy it.” He clenched his fists, tears beginning to fall. “She’s gone too.”


         Nessa caught him when he suddenly collapsed. “Nicholas?!?”


         “Just-“ Nicholas coughed. The adrenaline surge was wearing off, leaving every injury he had sustained behind. “Give me a minute.”


         Nessa wrapped him in her arms. “All of the minutes.” She took one last look around the destroyed room. “We won.”







         Nicholas slowly opened his eyes.


         A warm body on his left. A warm body on his right. A cool body across his chest.


         The entire harem was curled around him. Or at least most of it was. Lili wasn’t in the pile, nor was Sera, but as he pushed himself up a bit he noticed the Larvitar lying on the floor.


         His motion jostled Miyuki slightly and she stirred, rubbing her face against his skin until she realized that the body underneath her was moving. In a flash she’d shot upright. “Nic- WOOP!” Miyuki floundered, the soft mattress and jumble of limbs around her leaving no solid foothold and she crashed back down onto the pile. Immediately the air was filled with grumbling pokegirls as they awoke to find a foot in their face or knee pressed into their back.


         That was, until Nicholas let out an unhappy grumble of his own. “Clumsy woman. Be more care-“ his sentence was cut off by a spontaneous wave of joy and within seconds Miyuki wasn’t the only one awkwardly tangled around him - Nessa, Ryuko, and Hana had all joined her. Nicholas grunted as all manner of body part battered him. A few were pleasant; a breast squished into his face, a hand caressing his body, but most were not. He finally raised his voice after the third knee sank into his stomach. “OFF!” He struggled to extricate himself from the pile of naked pokegirls, pulling himself back enough so that he could sit against the headboard and glare at the excited four. “What was I, dead?”


         Giggles broke out and Ryuko raised herself above the pile with a smile. “No. But we worried for you, Master.”


         “Worried for me?” Nicholas reached out and stroked her cheek. “Ryuko I watched you get folded in half. I thought Miyuki might have died.” His other hand grasped the Glaceon’s arm. “You can’t imagine how afraid I was.”


         “But we can,” Nessa whispered. “I knew. And I told them.” She giggled again when Hana wrapped an arm around her, the Ampharos’ breasts squishing up against her as she tried to nibble on Nessa’s ear. “So our Alpha came up with a plan.”


         Nicholas felt his growing erection sliding along someone’s leg as he watched Hana push further, pressing her chest against Nessa’s when Nessa turned and began to kiss her. “A plan.” He glanced at Miyuki. Her injuries, too, were gone, and she only had the arm he was holding visible. The other… “Isn’t this more for your benefit than mine?”


         Miyuki’s hand fondled his shaft. “Maybe,” she murmured, “but I wanted to chase away the fear.”


         “Sera, then? And Lili?” Nicholas nodded at the resting Larvitar. “You shouldn’t exclude them.”


         “I’m sure Sera will join us,” Miyuki replied. “And you will give Lili her time after us. She’s very hard you know.” She giggled again. “I didn’t think you wanted a statue bouncing around up here.”


         “You know, with the amount of elbows and knees that we already have, I can appreciate that idea,” Nicholas admitted. “But Sera?”


         “Working with Mister Bill,” Miyuki whispered, sliding over his dick and swirling her hips to seat him inside. “He has a surprise for you.”


         “A surprise-?” Nicholas gasped as Miyuki pushed down onto his erection.


         “Shh.” Miyuki smiled and kissed him. Ryuko’s hands could be felt as she massaged his thighs and next to them Nessa and Hana continued to rub against each other. “It’s been a long day without you, my Master. But there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore.”


         She was right, Nicholas realized. “The tower? Kali? What about-“ he was silenced when Ryuko abandoned her massage, slipping through the group to press her lips against his. Nicholas gasped when she pulled back and before he could reorder his thoughts she had straddled his chest, rocking forwards and backwards as she rubbed her clit.


         “Your harem does not wish to talk, Master,” Ryuko murmured. “Do I need to gag you?”


         Nicholas slowly smiled up at her. “Just you try-“


         Ryuko grinned and shoved her cunt into his face to cut off the rest of his teasing words. Nicholas let out a muffled exclamation at first but relaxed, eyes rolling once before Ryuko began to moan appreciatively.


         Usually a harem orgy would pass by without him realizing, time melting together until he found himself alone among the exhausted pokegirls. But today it was different. It felt different. So when he pulled Lili onto the mattress, among her happy harem sisters, nobody complained. Lili seemed almost overwhelmed as naked pokegirls swarmed over her, each taking one of her limbs and spreading her on her back. Nicholas moved over her, stroking the carapace over her face with a smile. “It’s just not right to exclude you,” he whispered. “I wish I could kiss you. To give you the attention I did before.” His fingers trailed up her groin and Lili shuddered, spreading her carapace as his fingers reached her vagina.


         “What are you-“ Lili protested, feeling as Hana and Miyuki, the two holding her legs, pulled them towards her shoulders. “S-stop.” Nicholas slid a finger between her quivering petals, adding a second as Lili moaned piteously. “Master…”


         “Hold her just like that, girls,” Nicholas chuckled. By raising her legs Lili’s pussy lips had pressed together and now he caressed her, sliding his hand between her labia as it swelled with blood. Lili could barely control her cries as the sparks of pleasure overwhelmed her and Nicholas twitched back slightly when clear liquid sprinkled his face.


         “I- oh Master, I just-“ Lili tried to move her arms but Ryuko and Nessa held them steady so her tortured voice, flooded with embarrassment, was all she could manage. “I’m so sorry…”


         “Don’t be ashamed.” Nicholas wiped his face and leaned closer to her. “To get such an honest reaction out of my little dragon… I couldn’t be happier.”


         Lili screamed when he penetrated her. Her vagina was so sensitive that she came again, and again, before he had even finished his first thrust. Nicholas slowly slid back, feeling her walls clenching around him, before beginning slow thrusts. Whenever he heard Lili’s panting slow he increased his pace, keeping her right on the edge of orgasm until he was slamming his dick deep into her vagina. Finally Lili screamed, arching her back as liquid sprayed across his chest, and Nicholas returned the favor by pressing down, locking his penis inside of her as he came. Minutes passed before he leaned back, stroking himself as he pulled out so that he left a white trail down her taint.


         Lili shivered as a wave of pleasure ran through her. The others waited but, when Lili’s body began to relax, they let go of her to let the Larvitar’s limbs thump back onto the mattress. When she didn’t even twitch again Nicholas saw four sets of hungry eyes turn to him.


         “Room for a few more, Master Nicholas?” Nicholas turned and smiled happily when he saw Sera standing, already nude, in the doorway.




         The Crobat stalked forwards, crawling onto the bed to give him a kiss. “I can’t believe you started without me.”


         Nicholas kissed back and reached out to fondle her breasts. “Blame your horny sisters.”


         Sera chuckled softly and broke away. “How could I? They had the right idea.”


         “Where have you been?” Nicholas moved to lift her but Sera shrugged out of his grip. “Hm?”


         “I have to give you this first,” Sera replied, revealing his pokedex from behind her back.


         “My pokedex? Just throw it on the table and let’s get started,” Nicholas chuckled.


         “No. Mister Bill has been working tirelessly. Ever since he told me how hard it is to kill a Porygon… and I flew to the top of the radio tower.”


         Nicholas stopped in his tracks. “S-Sera?”


         Sera raised the pokedex. “The broadcasting device’s transmitters were destroyed. But the memory unit was intact. Wiped clean, of course, because it was needed to hold something else.” She smiled when the screen lit up. “When I plugged your pokedex in she came racing home.”


         Nicholas felt tears beading his eyes as he looked at Kalmiya. “I- I thought you were dead.”


         The Porygon-Z gazed back with wide eyes and within seconds she had materialized, crashing into him and riding his body to the mattress. “Master!”


         Sera tossed his pokedex away as the two embraced. The message she had been given at the top of that tower could wait. Right now, as Nicholas cried tears of happiness, and the others moved in to have their first taming session with Kalmiya, he had better things to be worrying about. With a smirk she pushed into the group, finding his leg and grinding her own aching pussy against it. Better things like her.







         Nicholas accepted the sealed letter with a frown. “What’s this?”


         Sera tucked one foot under her butt as she sat down. In fact the entire harem was sitting funny after the orgy. All except for Lili - the Larvitar was still passed out in the bedroom. “There was a woman waiting at the top of the tower. A woman in a kimono.”


         Nicholas slowly popped the letter open. “Did she say anything?”


         “She just handed me that.” Sera watched him pull an ornate parchment from the envelope. “What does it say?”


         “It’s addressed to the hero of Johto,” Nicholas replied slowly, “and extends an invitation to a private display… of the rainbow dance.”




         “It doesn’t say.” Nicholas folded the letter back up. “I hope they enjoy waiting. We’re still recovering.”


         Sera frowned. “Who?”


         “You? Miyuki, Ryuko?” Nicholas gestured. “All of you sustained horrible damage during the battles two days ago. The healing machine may have fixed the physical wounds but I know the mental ones are still fresh.”


         Miyuki staggered to her feet. “Oof. If this is an invitation to a dance then there won’t be any battling. Right?” She frowned. “It’s over. Team Rocket is destroyed. Those people came today and took them all away.”


         Nicholas settled back. It was true - the RTF had swept through the city two days after the events at the radio tower, relieving the Goldenrod police of Archer, Ariana, Petrel, and Proton, along with the remains of the broadcast device and the armor made to control Kali. According to Nessa, Kali herself had recovered and vanished before he had even been carried from the tower. Leaving with only a single sentence: ‘Tell him I’m going home.’


         He was still worrying about her and had considered calling Dahlia to see if she had arrived yet but so far he hadn’t. He had been busy, after all, and he didn’t want to bother the Venusaur for no reason.


         “…I guess you’re right,” he admitted. “But something is going to happen at this ‘dance’. This woman has been stalking me for a reason.”


         “Miki believes you to be the legendary tamer,” Miyuki replied. “I don’t know what the rainbow dance is, but it’s probably one of the sacred rituals. We can play along with her and then leave.”


         Nicholas nodded thoughtfully. “So her name is Miki.”


         Miyuki frowned. “Sure. I told you when we met her.”


         “Because I saw her again, two days ago,” Nicholas mused, “and she said it wasn’t her name.”


         Confusion flickered through Miyuki’s eyes. “It was her? You’re sure?”


         “Well it was a woman in a kimono,” Nicholas replied. “Could there be multiple of them?”


         “Well, of course there are many dancers,” Miyuki said slowly. “There are five who serve actively, and dozens in training or ready to step in if necessary.”


         “But every time I’ve met her, she’s talked as if we’d met before,” Nicholas murmured. “But could they have been? Could they have been different people?”


         “Miki is one of the five,” Miyuki sighed. “If only I hadn’t been there only once. I would have recognized them.”


         “I have a feeling I’ll learn the truth at this dance,” Nicholas said, holding up the letter. “Are you sure that you’re okay to move? I mean,” he chuckled, “beyond being a bit sore.”


         Miyuki rolled her eyes. “Yes, Nicholas. Your harem is ready.” She looked around. “Correct, girls?”


         “Yes, Alpha,” came the chorus of replies.


         Nicholas looked around as well before shrugging. “If you’re all sure. We can head to Ecruteak in the morning.”







         Nicholas approached the door of the dance theater and tried it. Locked. He looked over the walls, checking the various schedules with a frown. According to them the theater should be open right now.


         Then again, lots of things were closed. The aftermath of Team Rocket’s attack could still be felt across Johto. Thankfully there hadn’t been many fatalities, but they had still occurred as the region’s pokegirl population effectively all went feral at once. The damage was only just being estimated, let alone repaired.


         Well. He shrugged and turned away, shaking his head when Miyuki raised an eyebrow. He’d try again later.


         A click from the door pulled him back and he turned to see it opening. After a moment an Eevee in a priestess gown poked her head out. “Wait! Are you the Hero of Johto?”


         Nicholas sighed. “According to some.”


         “The sisters have been expecting you,” the Eevee replied, bowing and beckoning him inside. When she saw Miyuki though she hesitated. “Ah… only the Hero of Johto has been invited, um… sister.”


         “I am not your sister,” Miyuki replied evenly.


         “And if she isn’t welcome, then neither am I,” Nicholas added. “The five will have to perform their dance without their hero.”


         The Eevee paled. She was caught between two conflicting orders and it took a minute before one won out. “Please, enter,” she whispered, her ears drooping.


         As Nicholas and Miyuki walked inside the Eevee closed the door behind them, averting her eyes and dashing through a nearby curtain. Nicholas could hear a door open and slam shut and he frowned. “Why did she do that?”


         “She looked away before I entered,” Miyuki replied. “If questioned, she will be able to truthfully say that she told me to stay out and was unaware I had come in.”


         Nicholas shook his head. “Otherwise she would be punished for doing so. Am I correct?”


         “You are.”


         “Ridiculous.” Nicholas considered just leaving then and there but his curiosity won out. “Let’s head into the theater.”


         The lights were dimmed, only a single spotlight illuminating the main stage. Nicholas was deciding between a front row seat and a random one farther back when a figure stepped into the light. “Nicholas Topolski. We welcome you to our…” the kimono woman trailed off when she saw Miyuki. “What is this? Only the Hero of Johto was invited. We have nothing for a child who has lost her way.”


         “And I need nothing from you, Zuki,” Miyuki replied evenly. “I am here to support my Master. Nothing more.”


         “So this is Zuki.” Nicholas peered at the woman. She looked identical to all of the others. “Not Miki. Has it been a different one of you every time?”


         “We have all watched your journey,” Zuki replied, holding a hand out towards him as four more figures spread behind her. “Come. Join us.”


         “I think I’m good down here, thanks,” Nicholas replied breezily, taking a seat and smiling at the five kimono girls. “I’ve been invited to watch a dance.”


         Zuki’s fingers curled back but she kept herself composed. “What will happen today can not happen without the tamer of legend. You must join us.”


         “I must do nothing,” Nicholas said. “You seem to be under the impression that I am yours to control.” His eyes narrowed and Miyuki struggled to hide her delight. “You are incorrect.”


         “You are Ho-oh’s chosen!” Zuki snapped. “We are the ones to herald her return. You MUST follow our instructions or the ritual will fail!”


         “Hm. One moment.” Nicholas glanced up at Miyuki, smiling when he saw her stifling her giggles. “Oh, High Priestess?” His smile widened when he heard angry hisses from the stage. “Does the Legendary Tamer bow to mere heralds?”


         “Of course not, my Master,” Miyuki laughed. Finally she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and she turned to the stage, throwing her arms back as her laughter echoed through the theater. “You bow to no one! Not even Ho-oh herself.”


         “BLASPHEMY!” Zuki slammed her foot against the stage. “When I was told of your flight, sister, I despaired. I thought you lost. But when our sister Miki returned, telling me of your continued purity, I began to gain hope. I see now it was misplaced. You have turned your back on our Mistress. Turned your back on your duty!” She pointed a quivering finger at Miyuki. “You have broken every sacred oath. Allowed this human to shape you instead of the rainbow one!” She snarled and Nicholas blinked in surprise when he saw fangs in her mouth. “You will be punished for this heresy, my former sister. Then we will fulfill our duty. Without you.”


         Miyuki snarled back, ice creeping along the seats around her. “So be it, Zuki. I always knew you hated me. At least the others didn’t hide it.” Nicholas’ eyes widened as the five women on stage tore their kimono off in unison, their headdresses crashing to the floor in a crescendo of bells. But the action hadn’t been what shocked him.


         What shocked him were the five tails that had been revealed. The five sets of ears, freed from their confines, flattening as the five pokegirls prepared to attack. Five evolved forms of Eevee. “Miyuki-?”


         “I was born the sixth Eevee to our blessed mother,” Miyuki spat. “You went from being the eldest to being second best, Zuki. Jealousy was inevitable.” Miyuki bared her fangs. “How many years! How many years did you try to break me? It almost worked. Until this tamer, MY MASTER, came to save me. You accuse me of heresy? ME? My sisters,” Miyuki raised a hand swirling with ice, “it is you who have turned your backs on the rainbow one.” A heavy presence filled the theater as Miyuki’s challenge rang loud and clear. “SUBMIT TO YOUR HIGH PRIESTESS!”


         Nicholas threw himself backwards when all five eeveelutions dove at Miyuki with a scream.


         Except, Miyuki’s sisters were untrained. Following Zuki, fueled by emotion, they charged one Glaceon - who had long since thrown away the shackles these pokegirls had imposed on her. It did not matter that it was five against one. The one fought for six.


         Miyuki slammed her hand onto the floor as Zuki approached, a crackling Jolteon and shimmering Espeon right behind her. Zuki’s black skin glowed with yellow light, forming patterns as she prepared to strike.


         The wall of ice that burst from the ground beneath them caught them completely by surprise. With panicked screams the three were driven into the air, ice spreading over their bodies before they could even try to escape. Miyuki was still snarling as the ice crept towards Zuki’s neck but had to dive away when a blast of fire washed over the seats around her, catching many ablaze until water extinguished them.


         Miyuki landed and squared up against the Flareon. “Hello again, Miki.”


         Miki sneered. “Even now, sister. Repent. We do not wish to see you dead.”


         “No. You wish to see me under your control. Just as you seek to control my Master. The Legendary Tamer.” Miyuki raised her head high, her eyes cold as they skewered Miki in their gaze. “It is not I who will bow.”


         With a roar fire burst from Miki’s mouth, the flamethrower playing over the theater as Miyuki jumped from seat to seat. Miki was about to attack again as Miyuki jumped past one of the decorated support pillars when a voice cried out. “Miki, no!”


         Miki screamed in frustration when water intercepted her attack. “KUNI! YOU PROTECT HER?”


         “You’re burning the hall!” the Vaporeon cried out. “This is not the way, sister!”




         Kuni hesitated. “This isn’t right…”


         “We will deal with you later, sister,” Miki growled, turning to continue the fight. “But stay out of my-“


         A blast of cold air washed over her, instantly snuffing out the flames that licked from her hair. Miki gasped, trying again and again to form flames, before crumpling to the ground as her entire body shook.


         Kuni turned with wide eyes. Miyuki stalked towards her, keeping the flurries of frozen air swirling around Miki as she did. “Will you fight me too, Kuni?” Miyuki came to a halt and raised her other hand. “Or will you bow to your High Priestess.”


         Kuni trembled. Her eyes flicked to the struggling girls entombed in their ice, to Miki, violently shivering within her personal blizzard, and back to Miyuki, to her youngest sister, standing taller than any of them. Slowly she sank to one knee, bowing her head as she spoke in a whisper. “I… I surrender, High Priestess.”


         “Traitor!” Zuki rasped. “I will-“


         Ting! Ting! Ting!


         The sound of bells filled the entire hall, silencing even Zuki’s angry tirade. All eyes turned to the stage and the silver and gold bells that hung above it. The golden bells were shaking, sending clear musical notes through the air.


         “The bells…” Zuki’s struggles increased. “Release me! You must!”


         Suddenly wind gusted through the hall. Even Miyuki had to protect herself from the biting chill it brought and Nicholas slowly got to his feet when he saw a figure alight on the stage.


         Suicune’s hair blew out behind her as she turned to survey the aftermath of the battle. Her eyes were sad when she turned to Zuki. “What have you done, moon child? This is a sacred place and you have desecrated it.”


         “N-No! It wasn’t me, it was her!” Zuki desperately tried to nod in Miyuki’s direction. “I sought to defend this place.”


         Suicune’s eyes glowed. “Lies. You should know better than to speak them before me, once-blessed child.” Zuki gasped, her eyes rolling back as an orb of light floated out of her mouth. Suicune turned to Miki next as Zuki fainted and the Flareon choked, an orb leaving her as well before Suicune turned back to the wall of ice.


         The Espeon had tears streaming down her face. “I trusted my sister, purest one. Have mercy.”


         A tear fell from Suicune’s cheek as well but she still raised her hand. “You are least guilty of all, sacred daughter. But you still hold guilt.” The Espeon slumped when her orb was taken and Suicune glanced at the Jolteon next as all three orbs moved to hover behind her. “To you I show mercy, obedient child. You will atone by serving your High Priestess with all your heart.”


         The Jolteon bowed her head. “Yes, Mistress.”


         “And you.” Suicune turned to the trembling Vaporeon. The bells still rang, providing a melodic backdrop to her words. “You will come with me.”


         The Vaporeon looked up. “M-Mistress?”


         “Our Mistress approaches. She will wish to meet her new High Priestess.”


         The Vaporeon’s eyes widened in shock. “But I am not…”


         “She is a High Priestess, but not yours,” Suicune replied, finally turning to Miyuki. “She serves another.”


         Nicholas felt Suicune’s attention on him even though she was turned away. “What is going on?”


         “I hoped the ones trusted to carry my Mistress’ love would perform their duty,” Suicune replied quietly. “Unfortunately some of them could not. Come, all of you.” She turned to the doors and they blew open. “I have called, and she has answered. My Mistress approaches. The fated day has finally come.”









Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Zephyr Badge

         Hive Badge

         Plain Badge

         Storm Badge

         Mineral Badge

         Glacier Badge

         Rising Badge


         Miyuki, Glaceon (Alpha) – Level 44

         Nessa, Feraligatr – Level 42

         Sera, Crobat – Level 42

         Ryuko, Scizor – Level 43

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 41

         Lili, Pupitar – Level 43