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Chapter 24

The PokeManiac’s Gift




         “Sir, the recovery team… they’ve been wiped out.”


         Archer leaned back. “What happened.”


         “We don’t know, Sir. We lost all contact. Lugia was supposed to be weakened.”


         “This possibility was expected. She is only one of our targets.” Archer turned to look at a strange device that sat beside him. “Send the message. Phase two begins now.”







         “Nice one, Sera!”


         Sera wheeled back around to strafe the Onix she was fighting. The girl roared her displeasure as poison peppered her stony coils, smoke rising from the impacts when the acid began eating away at her tail.


         “Myla! Fill the sky, bring her down!” A rugged man in hiking gear gestured wildly at Sera. “Don’t let her do this to you!”


         But the Onix slumped; her body, pockmarked and scarred from constant attacks, slid to the ground as the girl lost consciousness.


         “Damn it.” The hiker recalled his pokegirl. “I wasn’t expecting a bat to fight so hard in the sun.”


         Nicholas looked up to where Sera circled. “She’s been getting used to it. Still wears heavy clothing though.”


         The hiker nodded and shook Nicholas’ hand. “Good battle. Good luck on the mountain.” Nicholas waved as the man retreated to Blackthorn.


         Flapping wings could be heard before Sera swooped in for a landing. “How much longer, Master Nicholas?”


         Nicholas glanced over at the rest of the harem. Miyuki and Hana were discussing something, Nessa was curled up in the shade, and even Ryuko had found a way to relax. Though he couldn’t tell if she was meditating or sleeping. “The elder said he’d be meeting us here. I’d like to give him some time.”


         Sera poked the dead computer on his waist. “I thought we were going to Goldenrod today. To fix that, so you can make informed strategies again.”


         “We are.” Nicholas’ eyes wandered to Nessa. The shade she was curled up in was actually being cast by Lili. The Pupitar, as he had learned in the pokecenter, was standing completely still. Conserving her energy.


         As he had suspected, upon evolution Lili had leaned heavily into her Rock typing. The cocoon of stone that she had been encased in was an intermediary stage, meant to protect her as her body supercharged itself. He hadn’t looked very deeply into her next evolution but if this form of hers was solely to prepare her for it then it was going to be extraordinary.


         “How about this.” He turned back to Sera. “Nessa and Ryuko are resting. Lili is… I don’t know. Most of you will probably be traveling in your pokeballs but we’ll give those three a chance to recharge before we leave.” He poked her chest. “You should too. I’ll need you in the air.”


         “I’d been meaning to talk about that, actually…” Sera trailed off.




         “…I’ll try to rest, Master Nicholas,” Sera continued. “I’d like to… when we leave…” she hesitated. “…to try and fly with you.”


         Nicholas blinked. “You think you can carry me?”


         Sera’s wings flexed and she looked back at him with a determined expression. “I’d like to try.”


         “Then we will.” Nicholas clapped her shoulder and watched as she moved to join the others.


         High above them a woman stood at the edge of a cliff. A light breeze pushed her hair, sweeping it away from her face to reveal jagged blue-white lightning bolt markings. Electricity itself crackled around her whenever she shifted.


         What did her younger sister see in this human? Raikou watched him move to a tree and begin speaking to one of the others. He seemed a human, like any other. A powerful one perhaps, but still a human.


         Humans. Raikou’s gaze moved to a man walking out of the city. Here came another. This one, a special human. But old. Unwilling to serve her Mistress.


         No matter. Sparks flew from her skin as Raikou turned away. She would let her sister have her human. Her own search continued.


         Nicholas glanced up when he heard a thunderclap. Maybe some rain was coming?


         He didn’t see rain clouds but he did see the elder walking down the path towards them. “Elder!”


         “Nicholas, hello.” The old man came to a halt. “I see you waited for me.”


         Nicholas glanced at the lounging harem. “It didn’t take much convincing.”


         The elder chuckled. “That is good. Rest is just as important as action.” He settled back with a sigh. “Thank you once again for your display against my granddaughter. She is growing, but she still has much to learn.”


         “So do I.”


         “So do I,” the elder agreed. “We will never stop until we die. That is what makes us human.” He surveyed Nicholas’ face for a bit. “I believe you have taught Clair that lesson today. It is my hope that she will take it to heart.”


         Nicholas bowed. “It was my pleasure.”


         “And, because you did, I believe this is yours.” The elder held out a black badge fashioned to look like a dragon’s head with glowing red eyes. “Perhaps it wasn’t your goal in our city. But it is rightfully yours.”


         Nicholas accepted the badge. “Thank you.”


         “Clair was meant to meet you in person.” The elder shook his head sadly. “I see she was not able to.”


         “WAIT!” Both men turned at the yell to see Clair scrambling their way. She slid to a halt next to them and blinked at Nicholas before looking away. “I… I apologize, dragon master. I did not act to my authority as gym leader and gatekeeper of the Blackthorn Clan.” Now she looked at him and bowed. “Please, take this gift as a token of my sincere apology.”


         Nicholas frowned and accepted a strange disc from her. “What is this?”


         “You don’t know what a Technical Machine is?” Clair asked in surprise.


         “This is a TM?” Nicholas inspected the disc. “It looks different from the others I’ve used.”


         “Possibly because you have never seen a reusable disc before,” the elder explained. “They are rare and valuable things, but I believed you worthy of one.”


         “The technique written within that disc is special,” Clair explained. “Many dragons focus their energy, through their breath, their voice, their claws. Some are unable to and must use their energy to fuel themselves instead. But that will allow those dragons to break free.” She glanced at Lili. “Break free and display what they truly are.”


         Nicholas carefully stowed the disc away. “I will treasure your gift.”


         “We know you will,” the elder replied. “Travel safe, Nicholas. We will meet again.”


         Nicholas bowed one last time as Clair and the elder left.


         “What did they give you, Master?”


         Nicholas looked over to see Lili’s head pointing at him. “You’re so quiet I didn’t know if you were awake.”


         “Always, Master,” Lili replied, “ready at any time to serve my Weyrleader.”


         Nicholas chuckled and walked over to sit next to her. “It’s called a Technical Machine, or TM for short. Maybe not now. But once you’re ready to break out of this shell,” he tapped her carapace, “I will show you how it works.” He looked deep into her eyes. “My little dragon.”


         Lili smiled shyly and even though he couldn’t see her face he heard the blush in her voice. “But I am your pebble, Master.”


         Nicholas kissed the carapace covering her nose. “You are both, Lili. Never forget that.”







         Sera’s wings hummed with how fast they were beating as she carried Nicholas through the skies. He had his legs wrapped around hers, one arm around her neck, while she supported his body with her own arms. And the euphoria on her face made the slightly awkward position more than worth it.


         “You know,” he called, pushing his face closer to her ear, “Ashley used to carry me around too. You know what we did?”


         “What, Master Nicholas?” Sera asked happily.


         “Well you see, she didn’t wear pants,” Nicholas chuckled.


         It took a few seconds but Sera realized what he was saying and yelped. “You-!”


         “Mmhm. If you want we can try that too.” Nicholas nuzzled her neck. “Not today, though. We have somewhere to be.”


         Sera swallowed and nodded, Nicholas laughing when her pace increased again. “Y-Yes, Master Nicholas.”


         “Look, there’s a tower!” Nicholas pointed to their right. The mountain was falling away below them to transition to forests. “I think that’s the training tower, in… Violet, was it?” He turned back to Sera. “Remember that?” He smiled. “When we had just met.”


         Sera nodded. “I do, Master Nicholas. I didn’t… trust you, yet.”


         “Maybe I didn’t either.” Nicholas squeezed the arm around her shoulders. “Now look at us. Hundreds of feet in the air with me in your arms.”


         Sera’s arms tightened around him as well. “And I will not let you fall.”


         “I know.” Nicholas kissed her cheek and received a contented hum in return. “How are you feeling? Need a rest?”




         “If I remember correctly, Goldenrod is about as far away from Violet as it was from Ecruteak,” Nicholas cautioned. “It’s been easy so far, descending from the mountain, but the rest is straight flying.”


         “A challenge, then,” Sera laughed. “Hold tight Master Nicholas!”


         Nicholas shifted his grip when she tilted forwards, the hum from her wings becoming an indistinct buzz as she poured everything into going faster. The ground below them flashed past and Sera even startled a number of wild flying pokegirls by blowing through them. In absolutely no time at all Nicholas could see the bay, water glistening on the horizon.


         It was mid afternoon when Sera finally slowed. Another few minutes and she was descending towards Goldenrod City, winding through the skyscrapers as she angled towards the pokecenter.


         “And-“ Sera’s feet hit the ground and Nicholas released his legs to catch himself. “We’re here.” She turned to nuzzle her nose against his neck. “Safe and sound.”


         Nicholas shivered when he felt her lips trailing down the side of his neck. “How do you feel?”


         He had a feeling, with how heavily she was breathing, but the throaty whisper that came next confirmed it. “I feel like I have given my everything,” Sera murmured. “I am tired and happy to be.”


         “Go ahead.”


         Sera moaned and a moment later Nicholas felt her sucking. He hadn’t even felt her bite and hadn’t ever since she evolved.


         A minute passed before Sera pulled away. Nicholas dabbed at his neck and, seeing no blood on his fingers, leaned in to seal the meal with a kiss. Sera hissed contentedly and pulled away with a beatific smile. “And now I am whole again.”


         Nicholas chuckled and tapped her nose. “You would have been from a bit of rest, you bloodsucker.”


         Sera snickered and tried to kiss him again but Nicholas leaned back. “Aw, Master Nicholas?” She grinned and Nicholas could see a hint of red staining her fangs. “I only get one?”


         “You know I like to taste you, not my blood,” Nicholas chided softly. “Tell you what.” He leaned in to whisper directly in her ear. “You’ve fed from me. Tonight I’ll feed from you.”


         Sera’s eyes dilated and she responded with a breathy growl before pecking him on the cheek.


         “Miyuki!” Nicholas released the Glaceon and laughed, gesturing at the city around them. “We made it!”


         Miyuki looked around in surprise. “Already?” Her nose twitched and she shot Sera a disgruntled look. “Control yourself, Sera.”


         Sera gave her a smug smile. “I can’t.”


         Miyuki sighed and turned back to Nicholas. “What did you do to her?”


         “Nothing. Just made a promise.” Nicholas leaned closer and lowered his voice to force Miyuki to lean in, bringing her ear closer to his face. “One I have made to you before, Alpha.”


         Miyuki jumped when he nipped the tip of her ear and yanked back. Her own blush was beginning to spread before she grabbed him and started pulling him down the road, Sera leisurely following with her wings flicking happily behind her.







         Miyuki held her hands over her chest as she reminisced. Just down the hall was the room she had been content to waste away in. Before her Master, before Nicholas had come to save her. In this very room. She could still remember how strong his scent had been when she had hidden among his clothes. But now, the memory was not of an overpowering scent, but a comforting one. It had been the scent of the man who would become her tamer.


         She was drawn from her thoughts by Sera’s cries and looked over to watch him lick her pussy. Sera’s arms arched over her head, her fingers digging into the sheets of their bed with every jolt of pleasure. It was her favorite form of foreplay. Having him ‘eat her’.


         Miyuki stroked her own naked body, shivering when her fingers played over her nipples. It had been a while since he had tamed them. Their time in the Dragon’s Den had been focused on him and Lili, and before that… there had been when she evolved. Weeks had passed since then.


         The others had already begun. She could hear someone moaning behind her and guessed it to be Hana or Nessa. Ryuko didn’t take from anyone but Nicholas. Lili barely had a sex drive right now.


         She looked back to confirm her suspicion and saw Nessa grinding against Lili’s body. The Pupitar was moving too, helping her harem sister, but the flexible shell that covered her groin wasn’t pulled back. No, just like Ryuko, it seemed she only did that for Nicholas.


         What about her? Miyuki trailed her fingers down her stomach and tentatively stroked her clit. Sera would tame with the harem, but she preferred her Master as well. Hana would tame with anybody. What about her?


         She had no problem taming with the others, Miyuki realized, but she preferred when it was him. Even beyond being her tamer, he was special.


         And she was his Alpha. Miyuki shook her thoughts away and approached where he was still pleasuring Sera. He had chosen to service Sera. But the others had stayed back, allowing her, their Alpha, to take her rightful turn.


         Nicholas felt the cool fingers wrap around his erection and grunted. Miyuki’s lips slid down his shaft, her free hand preparing herself for this. He had promised, after all.


         Nicholas grabbed Sera’s legs, burying his face in her cunt before flipping them both over. The movement pulled his dick from Miyuki’s mouth but left him on his back with it standing proudly in the air so Miyuki quickly found it again. With a contented sigh she sank onto him. As always it found a special spot once nestled to the base and she began moving her hips, lifting ever so slightly until she felt her insides yearn for it before dropping back down to fill the need.


         Nicholas felt liquid drip into his mouth and he doubled down on Sera until the Crobat collapsed into a quivering mess. Once she went limp he slid out from underneath her and bent forwards to snag Miyuki’s hair. “Impatient, Alpha?” he whispered, thrusting up when she tried to rise again and locking her in place on his dick. “You can’t wait but only move slow?” Miyuki moaned, partly from pain, mostly from pleasure, when he pulled her hair to force her head back. “An Alpha takes charge.” He smiled. “Allow me to demonstrate.”


         Miyuki screamed when he shoved his dick as deep as physically possible, pushing her off the mattress entirely before turning to slam her face down. Miyuki’s screams became muffled when she took a mouthful of the blanket and bit down, desperately clutching to the bed as he wrapped her tail in one hand and used it as a handle while he pounded her pussy. Pain. Pleasure. It all blurred together until Miyuki couldn’t think anymore.


         Nicholas didn’t stop when she spasmed in an orgasm. Miyuki would last longer than this and right now, after everything that had happened in Blackthorn, he wanted to relieve weeks of sexual tension.


         Blood of dragons granted him heightened stamina, did they? Nicholas glanced around to find the closest pokegirl and grabbed her, dragging a surprised Hana to him and crushing his lips to hers. Might as well use it.


         Hana gasped when he pulled back. His eyes… they were slit. A dragon’s eyes, but how? Then he blinked and she realized. It was only an illusion. But her Master was undoubtedly a dragon in disguise. Deep within her instincts stirred, just as they had at the lake, and Hana’s tail curled in anticipation. “Master…”


         “You next,” Nicholas growled, fondling her breasts with his free hand while his other kept a firm hold on Miyuki’s tail. “Are you ready?” When Hana hesitated he let go of her chest and slid his fingers to her snatch, hooking them inside and pulling her against him. Hana nearly fainted then and there, the movement overloading her with pleasure, but she hung on and when her eyes opened again Nicholas was positioning himself at her slit.


         Nicholas smiled down at her. Nessa was recovering and would be stalking him soon, Ryuko was furiously masturbating with a dildo she had formed from her metal, and he had driven two pokegirls to the brink already. This night wasn’t even close to being over yet.


         It was more than just a simple illusion, the form taking shape within his aura. A dragon’s head fitting in place over his eyes, as he pushed into Hana and slowly, gently, began to thrust. The power in his blood had awakened. Jump started by the remnant of Rayquaza in the Dragon’s Den a natural awakening was occurring within him. Nicholas Topolski. Dragon master.







         “Tonight could you keep it down a bit?”


         Nicholas grinned at Bill. “Sorry. First soft bed in weeks.”


         “So you immediately use it as a trampoline?” Bill shook his head but he was smiling. “It’s good to see you again, Nicholas.” He turned to Miyuki. “And you, Miyuki.”


         Miyuki’s face was glowing red. Now face to face with the human who had almost been a surrogate parent to her, after screaming for hours as she was savaged by her tamer in his house… the embarrassment was too much. “Th-thank you, Mister Bill.” She took the first opportunity to look away, focusing on her breakfast and doing her best to avoid his eyes.


         Bill chuckled softly. “Miyuki seems to be fitting in well. How is she?”


         “A very healthy pokegirl,” Nicholas replied with his own smile. “She’s my Alpha now you know.”


         “Really! I never thought you’d go for something like that, Miyuki.” Bill reached over to pat her on the back. “Well done.”


         Miyuki’s response was lost when she sank deeper into her glass of juice and both men laughed. “Let’s leave her alone,” Nicholas teased, scratching Miyuki between the ears before following his own advice and returning his attention to Bill. “I swung by to give Miyuki a chance to see you again, but also because my pokedex is fried.” He set the device on the table. “Think you can help?”


         “I’m sure I could figure something out if it’s a programming issue,” Bill replied, picking the pokedex up and fiddling with it. “Hm. Seems to be powered but not turning on.” He turned it over in his hands. “I’m not seeing any damage. Have you tried just getting a new one?”


         “That pokedex has some valuable information on the hard drive,” Nicholas replied. “When I asked at the Blackthorn City pokecenter the attendant said they couldn’t do any sort of data transfer.”


         “Oh, not at any old pokecenter, no. Not a data salvage operation.” Bill stood and beckoned Nicholas to follow him. “Come back to my office. Let’s see if we can figure something out for you.”


         Nicholas left the harem to eat and followed Bill deeper into his house. Near the laundry room he turned, pushing open an unassuming door and stepping through. “Welcome to my office.”


         The room was plastered in computer parts. Old pokecenter PCs were scattered around, all in different states of repair, Nicholas could see strange amalgamations of wires and drives climbing up one of the walls. “What is all this?”


         “My experiments,” Bill replied. “I’m sure I’ve told you that I designed the very first pokegirl storage and transportation system. It’s still in use here in the Indigo League.”


         “Well, yeah,” Nicholas replied. “So all of this is from then?”


         “Oh goodness no,” Bill scoffed. “That was years ago. No, these are all new experiments.” He looked around with a wistful smile. “Ah, but you’re not here for them. Let me see what I have lying around.”


         Nicholas edged into a corner to wait while Bill dug through drawers of parts. “Let’s see let’s see… ah, this will help.” He pulled out something that looked a bit like a pokedex but was much too large and had a gaping hole where the screen should have been. “Diagnostic tool. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s broken.”


         Nicholas watched Bill slide his pokedex into the hole. After a minute lights began to illuminate around the outside and Bill hummed. “Everything reads fine. Data is intact, but the diagnostic is saying that the active memory, or RAM, is refusing to boot. But if the parts are good…” he thought for a few seconds. “We’re sure the pokedex has power?”


         “The indicator says it does.”


         “Let’s try replacing the power unit,” Bill replied, popping the back lid of the pokedex off. “Ah, hm. Five volt connection. That’s fine, I think I have some of those…” he pulled out a battery pack. “Hrm. Not five volt, and nearly three times the capacity.” He shrugged and callously tossed the old battery into the drawer. “It’ll do.”


         “Bill!” Nicholas ducked when the battery slammed into the bottom of the drawer. “Aren’t those things dangerous?!”


         “You have a pokegirl that can grow metal from her skin,” Bill replied completely deadpan. “A taming accident with a spontaneously formed blade is dangerous. Those batteries are safe.”


         Nicholas cleared his throat awkwardly and straightened back up. “Well…”


         “Oh you’re fine.” Bill snorted and attached the new connections. “First test: a new battery. With more power!”


         “Won’t more power just short out the system?” Nicholas asked nervously.


         “Bah, not with a pokedex. These are rated to survive a lightning strike.” Bill fiddled with the controls until the startup screen appeared. “Haha! New battery or more power, something worked!”


         “Oh thank goodness.” Nicholas glanced at the mess of wires hanging out the back of the pokedex. “Eh, can you close it up?”


         Bill burst out laughing and held up the battery pack again. Now that Nicholas was paying attention it was over half the size of the ‘dex itself. “This thing? Uh-uh. But I have a solution.” Bill turned to his desk and cleared a few projects away, picking up what looked to be a pokedex from a tangle of wires. “I’ve been playing with this for a while. Integrating pokegirl storage technology into a pokedex. I can’t get the transmitter or long term storage segments to work, but the data capacity is there and the added components meant I had to fabricate a new, tougher case. So now it’s a heavy duty pokedex.” He handed it to Nicholas. “If you’d like you can use it. It’s useless to me.”


         Nicholas took the pokedex and felt the weight of it. “Bill, I thought you said you would only be able to help me with a programming issue. This… you’ve invented a new kind of pokedex? That’s as hardware as it gets.”


         Bill opened his mouth to argue, one finger raised, but lowered it again after a moment. “Hm. True. I guess I’m a bit of an engineer.”


         Nicholas rolled his eyes and handed the pokedex back. “Says the man who single handedly designed a system used by millions of people and pokegirls. Yeah. You’re a computer engineer. And an electronics engineer. And probably a dozen other disciplines.”


         Bill chuckled and turned to begin connecting Nicholas’ old pokedex to the new one. “I was able to get the emitter working on this thing so you’ll like this.” He pressed a button and a hologram popped up above the screen. “Holographic display!”


         Nicholas’ jaw dropped. “Bill that’s insane.”


         “Eh, it’ll only show things already in 3D,” Bill grumbled. “But guess what all the pokegirl entries ha-ave! Oh and video calling is a 3D image displayed on a 2D screen, so holo calls are a thing.”


         Nicholas was smiling and shaking his head. “Bill, last I knew emitter tech was brand new. Confined to specialized rooms and if not, could only make a hologram using a computer the size of your desk. And you stuffed it into a pokedex?”


         “Well, I had help,” Bill blustered. “Maya is a savant with connections.”


         “Still.” Nicholas watched as a progress bar began ticking on both screens. “I can understand how you created the entire pokegirl storage system by yourself.”


         “This shouldn’t take too long.” Bill nodded when the bar jumped halfway. “Perfect. This advanced pokedex… what do we call it?”


         “Billdex,” Nicholas joked.


         “Uh huh. No. I’ll think of something.” Bill nodded. “Anyways this advanced pokedex has an even better battery than the one that booted up yours, and less… ‘commercially available’ parts, so if it ever breaks, I want to know how. Since you’ll probably have to had fed it to a black hole or something for that to happen.” He grinned when a chime sounded. “And that is-“


         Both men yelled when a spray of sparks cascaded from the connection between the two pokedexes. “Turn it off! Turn it off!”


         “Are you KIDDING?” Bill inched backwards with his hands protecting his face. “I’m not touching that!”


         “I told you those batteries were dangerous!” Nicholas was squinting at the connection and his jaw dropped when the sparks started changing color. “What in the hell now.”


         Bill took a peek as a fountain of red spewed into the air. “Uh… I don’t know.” His eyes widened when blue began mixing in. “Nicholas…?”


         Nicholas blinked. Blue and red? The last time he’d seen blue and red sparks from a computer was…


         With a bang the advanced pokedex flung itself off the desk, ripping free of the connecting wires and coming to rest face up on the floor. A whine began coming from the speakers, the pitch climbing and climbing until Nicholas was sure it was going to break something. His ears or the speakers, he wasn’t sure which. Then it stopped.


         Bill cautiously edged closer to the device. “Blue and red. I wasn’t seeing things, was I?”


         Nicholas barely shook his head. “No.”


         “Where did you say you broke your pokedex, again?”


         “I didn’t.” Nicholas glanced at his old pokedex but this time it seemed to be completely fried. Smoke was wafting from the insides. “It broke after I plugged it into a hidden computer in Team Rocket’s headquarters.”


         Bill turned to fix him with an incredulous stare. “And you decided to tell me this after bringing it into my lab and having me plug it into MY COMPUTERS?”


         “I didn’t think it was important!”


         “Not important? Do you have any idea- no, obviously you don’t or you would have destroyed that thing in the first place!” Bill slowly skirted the advanced pokedex and waved at the door. “Close the door. Quickly.”


         Nicholas complied. “What is it?”


         “A Porygon, obviously,” Bill replied. “She probably downloaded herself into your pokedex and overloaded it. That’s why it wouldn’t turn on. There’s no way the old battery would support a Porygon AND your device. But now I’ve plugged her right into a new one. Shit.”


         “What’s the big deal? If it’s a Porygon can’t we just capture her?”


         “Porygon are not like most pokegirls,” Bill replied. “You should know that. I showed you how Maya can move as data through nothing more than a speaker and wireless signal.”


         Nicholas blinked. And during the assault on the new Safari Zone, a Porygon had transported herself to Sabrina’s transmitter. “Um.”


         “She could be in any of these.” Bill furtively looked around at the computers lining the room. “And she’s dangerous.”


         “Uh, then shouldn’t we leave?” Nicholas started to reach for the door when Bill shouted.


         “NO!” Bill’s eyes flicked around. “My lab’s walls are lined in a copper mesh. With the door closed, no signals can enter or leave. Including a Porygon.”


         “So you’d rather be locked in here with a dangerous pokegirl?”


         “She hasn’t attacked yet.” Bill brought his attention back to the advanced pokedex. “Team Rocket. Bastards, all of them. The experiments they run are not limited to random, wild pokegirls. They experiment on their own. Including their Porygon. If this one is unmodified, she will be deadly. If she is, she may be one of the insane ones.”


         Nicholas shuddered. “Insane ones?”


         “Not worth explaining unless she is,” Bill replied. “If she is, then all you need to know is she is still dangerous. But not intentionally.” He sighed. “Chaos. Not sure if that’s better.”


         “You must have a plan.”


         “We’re in a standoff.” Bill looked at him. “If she’s sane, she has to wait for us to give her an opening. If she’s insane, we’d be better off outside.”


         “Until we know which she is we can’t do anything.”


         “Correct.” Bill gritted his teeth and reached for the pokedex. “YOUR MOVE!”


         As he jammed another cable into it the holograph projector sprang to life, a screaming woman’s face appearing and beginning to surge back and forth. “ESCAPE! ESCAPE!” Nicholas covered his ears as the crackling voice blasted from the speakers. “ESCAPE! ESCAPE!”


         “WHAT IS SHE YELLING?” Nicholas cried. “BILL?”


         “SHE’S INSANE ALL RIGHT!” Bill dropped the pokedex but it was too late; before the cord could be pulled free a crackling line of sparks shot down it and into the mainframe the other end had been connected to. “SHIT!”


         Nicholas scrambled for the door as the screaming woman duplicated across every screen in the lab. “ESCAPE! ESCAPE!” The cacophony drowned out everything else, each and every device screeching and wailing with whatever means they had. “ESCAPE!”


         “NO NOT THE-!” Bill threw his arms over his face when sparks flew from a half assembled pokegirl transporter. Nicholas was pulling on the door when an explosion rocked the room behind him.


         Nicholas whirled. Sparks jumped from the diodes in the materialization head above the machine’s pokeball platform, skittering across the metal and pooling below the transporter. Bill took a deep breath as they continued to build, still fluctuating, into a vaguely humanoid shape. “Well this is a predicament.” He glanced over to see Nicholas frozen with his hand on the door handle. “She uh… found a way to materialize.” He laughed nervously. “Insane ones usually don’t do that on their own.”


         “Okay.” Nicholas let go of the handle. “Not opening this then.”


         “Esssccaaaaapeee.” The sparks sizzled, still repeating the same words the Porygon had been since the beginning.


         “Why does she keep saying that?” Nicholas asked.


         “When they go insane, all they have left is their core directive,” Bill explained. “That’s why Team Rocket does it. Having a Porygon, mindless except for a single command? It’s terrifying. They’re called Porygon-Z, and they’re a pain to isolate and remove from computer systems.”


         “So… her core directive is…?”


         “To escape.” Bill frowned. “Which is odd, because I don’t see why Team Rocket would have given her that.”


         “Maybe they didn’t.” Nicholas moved aside when the shifting mass of sparks flowed past. “Maybe she gave it to herself.”


         “Hm.” Bill nodded. “If she was strong enough before being experimented on it’s possible that a directive or two could have latched on to whatever Team Rocket did, then activated when it saw an escape route through your pokedex.”


         “So all she can think about now is escape.” Nicholas watched the Porygon cascade over another pile of computer equipment. “Which means I can’t open the door.”


         “But she’s not attacking us,” Bill offered. “That’s nice.”


         “Back to our standoff though.”


         Bill sighed. “True. Now we can’t open the door AND we can’t deal with her. Unless…”


         Nicholas frowned. “Unless?”


         “We could override her core directive. I’ve never had the opportunity to experiment on a Porygon-Z before. If we could capture her, then-“


         “How would we even do that?” Nicholas frowned. “Assuming I’d let you ‘experiment’ on her.”


         “Um. Well, we don’t have Maya, and I wouldn’t bring her anywhere near a Z in the first place.” Bill thought. “Hm. That might work.”


         Nicholas turned to him. “What?”


         “Promise to hear me out completely.”


         Nicholas frowned. “Okay?”


         “You override her core directive directly. With a physical interface.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Why me, and what?”


         “So a healthy Porygon has their core directive, usually some kind of command like survive, or do a specific task, something that they would fall back to no matter what. Then beyond that they’d have prime directives, things they follow unless they counteract the core directive. Don’t attack humans in a certain organization, protect data, and of course, who their Master was.” Bill nodded at the sparks. “But a Z, she only has her core directive. Whatever it is is what she’ll follow. If we override it we can control her. Which brings us to you.” He gave Nicholas a winning smile. “Direct data upload to her core, physically, and her core directive will be updated.”


         Nicholas frowned. “Okay. That doesn’t answer the ‘What?’”


         “If we could make her core directive ‘Nicholas is my Master’, that would be good, yes?”


         Nicholas nodded. “Sure.”


         “In fact a vague directive like that might even make her coherent. But the thing is, I don’t have the right tools to program that kind of directive.” Bill pointed and Nicholas was able to make out a shimmering orb in the middle of the sparks. “That’s her core. Do an upload of data directly and it should update.”


         “What data are you talking about?”


         “Well. If we’re going to do ‘Nicholas is my Master’, she’ll need your data.” Bill sighed when Nicholas still looked confused. “I’m telling you to ejaculate in her core and hope she accepts your sperm as an override code.”


         Nicholas choked. “WHAT!”


         “Would you rather chop off a finger? We could do that instead,” Bill remarked dryly.


         “No I mean WHAT? What kind of an idea is that?” Nicholas spluttered. “What do you think this is, some kind of pokegirl porno?”


         “No, I think this is a pokegirl solution,” Bill snapped back. “Sperm is absolutely packed with data. If you were to put it into computer terms a human ejaculation is probably PETABYTES of it. It’s a direct interface, your dick, and it will inject the data she needs. Literally.”


         “Okay. Let’s pretend I agree with THAT.” Nicholas rubbed his face. “Why me. You stick your dick in the pile of sparks.”


         Bill grimaced. “I can’t.”


         “Oh, you’ll tell me to do something that you’re too afraid to do,” Nicholas scoffed.


         “I’m not afraid. I just don’t tame pokegirls.” Bill looked away. “Maya only works because she changes her body to help me.”


         Nicholas stared at him. “Wait.”


         “Yes. I’m gay.” Bill gave him a flat smile. “No, I’m not hitting on you. You’re not my type.”


         Nicholas blinked a few times. “First of all? Ow. Second of all, don’t you have a wife?” He blinked again. “And kids?”


         “My dick still works fine,” Bill replied, still without much emotion. “Sometimes you… have to do things, that you don’t want to do, in order to keep living a normal life.” He looked away. “Don’t get me wrong. I love her. Just not… sexually. And my children are some of the best things to have come from my life.”


         “Bill-“ Nicholas started quietly.


         “Just please. Keep it a secret,” Bill begged. “Nobody can know.”


         Nicholas nodded slightly. “I promise you.”


         “So. That’s why you.” Bill sighed and gestured at the Porygon again. “You might have to jack off or something, because that doesn’t exactly look like a body.”


         Nicholas shook his head. “Your plan is insane.”


         “Besides the original creators I’m probably the leading expert on that pokegirl breed,” Bill replied. “It’s insane. But it will work.” He chuckled. “Probably.”


         Nicholas rolled his eyes and dropped his pants. “I feel ridiculous.”


         “Oh, nice cock.” Bill chortled when Nicholas glared at him. “I can appreciate it, can’t I?”


         “You know what? It would be very hypocritical of me to say you couldn’t,” Nicholas replied, turning to the Porygon. “Thank you.”


         Bill tipped an imaginary hat at his back as Nicholas walked over to where the pile of sparks had come to rest, still buzzing ‘Escape’. He could see the Porygon’s core resting on top of an old monitor and positioned himself. Nope. Absolutely nothing in front of him could be considered sexual. It was light. And a ball.


         Still, the sparks kind of formed repeating patterns. If he squinted just right he could maybe make out breasts, and nipples?


         On the Porygon’s back. His erection drooped again. Nicholas grimaced and settled back. Maybe he could just go for it. Maybe it felt good in her… core. Gods this was a stupid idea.


         But he didn’t have a better one. So the next time he could stroke himself erect he braced and plunged his dick straight into the core.


         He was expecting a shock. Electricity racing through his body. What he wasn’t expecting was a warm, wet, tingling sensation as he penetrated the Porygon’s core. It felt… natural. Like he had penetrated a vagina.


         Immediately he came erect. How could he not? The core pulsed around his member, simulating vaginal walls that flexed and reacted to his movements. Almost instantly he felt an orgasm build and grunted, pouring semen into the Porygon.


         The sizzling sparks froze. Nicholas staggered back as they condensed, buzzing across the surface of the Porygon’s core like a swarm of angry bees. And then, suddenly, they expanded.


         “Uh oh.” Nicholas watched as the sparks coalesced, this time into a body. Very plain, the pokegirl had no real features, but it was definitely a physical pokegirl this time. “Bill?”


         “She’s locked on now.” Bill sighed in relief when the Porygon stepped towards Nicholas. “Phew! I’ll go get my tools. Keep her occupied.”


         “Bill?” Nicholas began to panic when Bill opened the door and left the lab. “BILL?!”


         “Mas-ter.” Nicholas swallowed when the Porygon spoke, drifting closer and closer. “Mas-ter.”


         “Hey, there,” Nicholas chuckled. “Guess that whole direct interface thing worked…” he closed his eyes when the Porygon spread a glistening pussy. “Yeah. Okay. I’ll keep her occupied.” He opened them again and grabbed the girl, thankful that he could actually grip her body now. “You owe me for this, Bill. I don’t know how much, but you owe me.”







         The night hid the masked figures as they crept through the alleyways of Goldenrod City. The leader paused, waiting near the doorway to their target, before motioning. Four figures pressed up against the building as they waited for their leader to open the lock. Once he had they streamed inside, muted red flashes signaling the release of pokegirls.


         The night guards had no chance and the intruders continued upwards, climbing the towering building and securing each room as they went until finally they reached the top floor.


         “And that concludes our midnight broadcast. Please join us in a few hours for ‘Mornings with Maggy’, our hit talk show where your questions can be read on air – even if you don’t call in!” The radio host sighed when the ‘On Air’ sign flicked off. “Phew. I’m out. Good night, everyone.”


         “Good night, Jacob.” An older man fiddled at his desk as the host passed by.


         “Aren’t you going home, boss?” Jacob chuckled and patted the man’s shoulder. “It’s the weekend. You’re supposed to let us working folk pull the weight.”


         “You know I don’t do that,” the man chuckled. “If you’re here I’m here.”


         “Well I’m not here anymore,” Jacob replied, helping the man to his feet. “So you shouldn’t be either.”


         “Agreed, gentlemen.”


         Jacob recoiled with a yell. The leader stepped forwards, removing his mask to reveal short cut blue hair. “We’ll be taking over now.”


         “Who- who are you?” Jacob stuttered.


         “My name is Archer,” Archer replied with a smile. “Petrel. This kind gentleman is the director. Get to work.”


         “Aye, boss,” another of the masked figures replied, pulling his own off and studying the terrified older man. “Eh. I’ll need some extra padding to imitate this one.”


         “P-Padding?” The director spluttered. “Now listen here-“


         “No, you listen,” Archer growled. “Your radio station is now under the control of Team Rocket. You have no choice in the matter.” He turned. “Proton. Take the director to his cell.”


         “CELL?” The man backed up as another of the figures walked forwards. “You wouldn’t dare.”


         Proton removed his mask to reveal the green haired leader of the Slowpoke operation. “Oh, I’d dare,” he purred, his Weezing floating up behind her Master. “I’d dare and dare to do a whole lot more, so you might want to cooperate.”


         Archer snorted and turned away as Proton and Petrel escorted the director from the room. “You’re lucky, young man. You get to stay here.” He withdrew a script from his bag and passed it to Jacob. “Ariana here will make sure you read it right.”


         “Don’t try anything,” the female Executive growled as she approached.


         Archer chuckled when Ariana escorted Jacob back to the microphone. Phase two was in full swing. He moved to a window and gazed out. From here, he could see everything. The entire city, lights blinking on and off as its people slept. Soon it would be plunged into chaos. And Team Rocket would be known – and feared – once again.








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Plain Badge

         Zephyr Badge

         Glacier Badge

         Storm Badge

         Mineral Badge

         Hive Badge

         Rising Badge


         Miyuki, Glaceon (Alpha) – Level 38

         Nessa, Feraligatr – Level 37

         Ryuko, Scizor – Level 38

         Hana, Ampharos – Level 37

         Sera, Crobat – Level 38

         Lili, Pupitar – Level 38