Terry was getting tired of panicking when he woke up. This time the source of his shock was a gentle shake from Sarah. In his foggy mind the Deosaura was a monster and he slammed his head against the headboard as he tried to crawl away from her.


The pokegirl laughed at him, annoying him, but reminding him that she wasn’t a threat, not an active one at least. “I suppose I should be offended, but your reaction was priceless so I’ll let it slide. Master says we’re heading out within the hour so if you want to take a shower and eat before we leave you should get up now.”


Sarah didn’t wait for him to curse her out, exiting as quickly as she came. Terry was left alone with his aching head, bruising hung over and still upset to be stuck in fucking pokeland.


Moping about his situation wasn’t going to get him anywhere, but he still indulged for a few minutes before getting up and looking for the Bathroom. He found it when the naked Nurse Joy walked out, her body still glistening from the water, her only towel wrapped around her head. If she cared at all about being caught naked by him, it didn’t show. “Good morning Sir, how are you feeling?”


“Fine,” Terry said, as he did his best not to stare. It was no easy thing, the woman looked pretty close to the Nurse Joys from the show, but he didn’t remember them having tits like her’s.


“Are you sure?” She said stepping forward. “You look like you have a hangover, you might be a little dehydrated too.” She reached out towards his head. “If you’d like I could-“


“I’m good.” He said a little forcefully as he stepped back. “I just need to use the shower.”


She seemed confused by his reaction, but didn’t protest. “Okay, there are towels in the cabinet if you need them, breakfast should be ready soon too so-“


“Got it.” Terry said as he brushed past her and into the room. He paused and wondered what he was doing. It’s not like he never saw a naked woman before. She was fine, really fine, but that wasn’t what bothered him.


He stripped down and looked at his bruised body remembering what the ranger had said about taming and bonds. The rabbit fucked him and then she latched onto him like he was her first crush. Then there was the obvious thirst he felt between Eric and the pokegirls, the way the Joy just flaunted everything she had without a second thought. Terry remembered what Eric had said about taming and bonding and he realized they were more related than he thought.


He stepped into the water and thought it over. Did owning the rabbit, the Mini-Top, mean that he was going to have to fuck her? He remembered her full hips and toned figure, her flawless face and deep soulful eyes. His cock began to stir. Certainly there was a part of him that didn’t hate the idea. But if the idea of owning a slave made him feel disgusted the idea of owning a sex slave was nearly enough to make him vomit. He could never claim his hands were clean, but his dick was. Terry had never taken a bitch to his bed who didn’t want to be there. But the Mini-Top seemed to want him so what was the problem?


He didn’t find an answer for his plight in the shower, but he felt a little better after getting cleaned up. He got dressed, He wore the same pants and boxers. Eric had offered him underwear, but Terry wasn’t about to wear another man’s draws, especially his fucking briefs.  He did borrow a shirt though, he was a little taller than Eric, but they were about the same build. It was a tight fit, but it was better than nothing and apparently he didn’t look too bad based on a couple of the glances he got at breakfast.


That was the first time he really got to see Eric’s entire harem. There was Sarah the Deosaura, Tiffany the Pidgeota, Cindy the Smartass and Grace the Nurse Joy. Those girls he’d known before, but there was also Lapis the Sorceress, Juniper the Venuswhore, Bessie the Milktit and Maya the Tigress. They barely seemed to notice him as they ate. A few stared, he couldn’t blame them, he’d been staring himself, but he didn’t receive a ton of questions. He guessed he had the psychic to thank for that, not a lot of need to bother the stranger when you can have someone pick his mind for answers. Cindy gave him a knowing smile.


‘So you just gonna’ go ‘round telling my business to everyone?’ He thought at her.


Cindy’s voice resonated through his head even as she took a bite of an apple. ‘You’re an interdimensional traveler with a history of violence and disregard for your own laws.’ Cindy countered. ‘Your business is both a matter of national security and the safety of my master and sisters. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t look and I wouldn’t be much smarter if I only kept the information to myself.’ Terry didn’t like her mental tone or her argument even if he couldn’t argue against it. ‘It’s not like I know every last thing about you, I looked into your abilities to make sure you weren’t a threat and what you knew of your world to make sure you weren’t just the start of an attempted invasion.’


Terry fought back a laugh, the idea of him leading an alien invasion was pretty funny. ‘Fair enough.’

Still a part of him wondered about other psychics, would they just go digging around in his brain on a whim. ‘Sometimes,’ Cindy answered even though the question wasn’t directed at her, ‘we’re a curious bunch. Most girls won’t go deep diving without a purpose because it takes too much time and the results aren’t always pleasant, but surface thoughts are usually fair game. If you want to avoid it the best thing you can do is try not to stand out. That and get a psychic type of your own who you trust to shore up your mental defenses.’ Terry didn’t know why these girls seem so sure he was down to own his own pokegirls. ‘We’re just being realistic; you’ll have to do the same eventually.’


Before Terry could counter the ranger stood up from his seat. “Well if everyone is done eating and talking,” He said, giving Terry and Cindy knowing looks. “I think it’s time we head to town.”


Terry watched them as they cleaned the dishes and then Eric returned most of the girls to their pokeballs, but Cindy and Lapis stayed out and with him as he led Terry into one of the rooms.


Terry paused when Eric opened the door. It was an empty room, with a simple stone floor, but it was the markings on the floor that worried him. An intricate circle with overlapping lines and mysterious symbols painted around its border in red. He was pretty sure he’d seen something like this inside one of those pamphlets at church, the kind that warned people about satanic cults and D&D.


Before he could even ask he heard Cindy snort behind him. “Don’t worry it’s not gonna steal your soul or something. It’s an enhancement array.”


“What does it enhance?”


It was Lapis who answered him this time. The blue haired Sorceress looked at him proudly. “It’s my own design. Normally Cindy and I could only teleport about five miles away at the most, shorter still while carrying a human with us. But the enhancement array allows us to merge and amplify our powers and synchs up to a matching array back in town to deliver us safely to our location.”


“Walking could also deliver us safely to our location.” Terry suggested.


“There’s about fifty miles of feral infested woodland between us and New Vine” Eric explained, “and things a lot tougher than a single Catgirl in them. My girls are strong and would probably get me home safely, if it’s the both of us that’s a bit more dangerous and a much longer trip.”


“But if you really want to walk it on your own…” Cindy started.


Terry cut her off as he stepped into the circle. “Fine, I get it. Let’s just get this over with. This better not be some The Fly shit...”


The pokegirls ignored his muttering, instead waiting for the nod from their master before joining their hands at the center of the circle. There was a minute where they stood in silence before the runes on the floor began to glow with a purple light and Terry gasped. The light grew brighter, filling the room until it was near blinding and Terry started to have second thoughts about agreeing to this. But before he could run out of the circle he was hit with a feeling of weightlessness that made moving impossible. Well, it made it impossible for him to move willingly. He had actually travelled quite a bit.


When the weightlessness left Terry and the others were standing in a different room, this one with a wooden floor and white painted walls. There had been a runic circle like the one he just stepped into, but now it was fading away, burnt out from their trip to… wherever they were.


Cindy walked towards the door and grabbed the handle. “See?” She said as she swung the door open, as she did a dozen pokegirls marched into the room, all of them were dressed in hazmat suits and most of them were armed, guns at the ready as they eyed him warily. “Perfectly safe.”



Terry slumped forward onto the table in front of him, physically and mentally exhausted. It had been six hours since Eric, Lapis and that bitch Cindy had thrown him to the wolves. From there he was dragged out of Eric’s house, packed into a van and ghosted somewhere, he wasn’t allowed to see where they were headed. He guessed it was some kind of secret government lab from the experiments they put him through. He was hit with a barrage of questions, had God knows how many spells cast on him and they took samples of everything they could. The closest thing he had to relief since he got there was being jerked off by a Nurse Joy for a semen sample and even that had the pressure of being filmed.


When they were finally done with him he was bundled back into a van and driven to another building. He was led into what looked like an interrogation room to wait on someone. They gave him a decent meal which he scarfed down and the sensation of his tired body and full stomach was nearly enough to knock him out. But before he could finally get some much needed rest the door opened and a man and pokegirl walked in.


The man appeared to be in his forties, with a tired face and fat figure. His short black hair was slicked back, brown eyes and blinding teeth forming a well-practiced, but obviously false smile. He wore a simple black suit and he was really only a pair of shades away from looking like an MiB.


The pokegirl that followed him was some kind of Cow girl. She had small horns coming out of her long black and curly locks with cow ears coming out of the side of her head. A cow tail emerged from under her skirt and her own shirt and black jacket were strained against her massive tits. Her golden eyes looked through Terry like he wasn’t even there and she moved to the side of the room while the man reached out to shake his hand.


“Good afternoon Mr. Reed. My Name is Agent Pecker; I work with the Topaz League Department of Extradimensional Affairs. I understand the last two days have been rather exciting for you.” He said. Before Terry could answer the older man was already on his way to take his seat on the opposite side of the table. “Well hopefully you’ll be able to put the unpleasantness behind you soon. That’s actually why I’m here. So far our tests have revealed little to no reason to isolate you from society, no extremely contagious diseases, no magical or telepathic threat, some of your history with law enforcement is concerning, but as you’ve been told your record in another dimension doesn’t matter too much provided you stay clean going forward. So what I’d really like to talk with you about integration into League society.”


“I’m not really trying to integrate into League society.” Terry countered. “I’d like to go home as soon as possible.”


“Most visitors would like to do the same, but wanting and getting are two different things.” Pecker said casually. “I understand Ranger Johnson already explained the odds of safely returning to your world to you?”


“He did, but he mentioned some place called High Haven-“


“Which is on the other side of the league.” Pecker interrupted. “There’s over a thousand miles and dozens of towns between you and your destination no matter which way you go and even when you get there you could be stuck there for years before you find a way home, if you find one at all. So in the meantime let’s talk about how you don’t wind up starving or in jail, shall we?”


Terry sighed leaning back in his chair. “Alright. What do you want?”


“Well first let’s talk money. The League is willing to give you a generous donation of forty-thousand credits and free room and board at the local Pokecenter for at least the next month, to help you get on your feet. Your semen sample has proven you to be a compatible human donor and going forward we would give you twenty-thousand credits a month if you provide a sample to at least one pokecenter a month. It’s not enough to make a living on, but it’s a generous amount of pocket money.”


Terry didn’t know what the conversion rate on dollars to credits was, but anything in the thousands couldn’t be that bad. And yet, “I’d rather not.”


 The agent blinked, Terry noticed the cowgirl fidget behind him. “Any particular reason why?”


“Because it’s my seed and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it?” Terry replied.


The agent held up his hands defensively. “You’re right, sorry if that’s too personal, cultural differences, you know? Well then let’s just get to job opportunities. Well before that, I’m thirsty. Betty could you get us some coffee? You want some coffee right?”


Terry wanted to go to bed, but he got the feeling that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. “Sure.”


He gave the cowgirl his order and she left the room while Agent Pecker told Terry what he already knew. “So your education level doesn’t really offer most businesses anything they couldn’t get elsewhere and your inability to submit a proper background check would also limit you job options significantly. Government jobs would be more forgiving since we already know your story, but there’s only so much power we can give to an off-worlder. You’ve also shown interest in travelling so you need employment you can sustain while on the move. Have you considered becoming a tamer?”


“A lot of people have considered it for me.”


“Well they’re right to. You’re young, fit, apparently you have decent aim and you already managed to bond with a powerful pokegirl that Ranger Johnson is generous to let you keep if you want it. Lucky bastard must be in a good place if he can afford to give away a Mini-Top.”


“Is she really that strong?”  Terry asked. He knew she was stronger than him, but he had no idea what that meant to other pokegirls. Considering Cindy put her down with a stare she didn’t seem that high on the pecking order.


“They’re not invincible by any means, but your average Mini-Top is about five times stronger than the strongest of humans and five times faster as well. They’re unusually intelligent and adapt well to combat. I hear they can be a bitch to bring in line, but with the right taming cycles and a firm hand you should be able to make it work. Even if you didn’t want the trouble you could sell or trade her for a more manageable girl, maybe multiple depending on what you want.”


“I’m not selling her.” Terry said firmly.


“Then I guess you are becoming a tamer because you can’t keep her otherwise.” Agent Pecker said casually. When Terry perked up he continued. “Almost anyone can own pokegirls, but the type of pokegirls allowed to you is determined by your profession and record. Tamers are allowed more powerful pokegirls than most people because they take on a militaristic role, if a mostly unprofessional one. They’re regularly fighting and catching ferals. If you’re just going to get a desk job why do you need a murder bunny?”


Terry didn’t know. He didn’t even really understand why he wanted her. Was it just his dick thinking, her big brown eyes making him stupid? Maybe it was just the idea of selling her off. He didn’t want that on his hands, but if he took this job what would he be doing?


He remembered a strong arm wrapped around his own, soft, warm and protective. “Alright, so this tamer job, what do I have to do?”


Before the agent could answer the cowgirl was back. She placed a mug in front of him, a light tan that looked like more cream than coffee, but he was too tired to complain. He took a sip from his mug and listened as Agent Pecker spoke, then the cowgirl spoke and then he went to sleep.