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Chapter 21

Epilogue: Mewtwo




         “I can’t believe a pokegirl like this is just… hiding so close to a city.”


         Nicholas tightened his grip on Victoria’s back. “She might be here to attack it.”


         “That’s why we’re here, Master.” Victoria replied quietly. “To stop her.”


         “According to Blaine and Mr. Fuji, Mewtwo is a clone of a legendary pokegirl, so she has their quirks. That means she won’t be feral if we find her. And that means she’s going to be at full power.”


         Victoria waited for him to slide onto the grassy bank before jumping out of the water herself. “Do you think she’s more powerful than Articuno, Master?”


         Nicholas shrugged. Truthfully, the ice bird legendary had been dominating his thoughts as he prepared for this showdown. “I don’t know. Probably.”


         “Well, we’re stronger too.”


         “Yea. Unfortunately, or we wouldn’t be here.”


         Victoria giggled as they walked to where a guard stood in front of a cave entrance. The woman was dressed in casual clothing but Nicholas caught a glimpse of something under her shirt as she raised her hand. “Hold it, tamer. This area is off limits. There have been dangerous rockfalls, and…”


         “I’m the Champion.” Nicholas held up his pokedex. “And I have a letter here from the right people that says I need to go inside.”


         The guard took his pokedex and after a moment stepped aside. “Good luck, sir.” As she bowed slightly Nicholas caught a better look and chuckled to himself when he saw the pendant.


         “Thanks for keeping watch, Vira.”


         The woman blinked and glanced down. “Oh, you saw the necklace.”


         “Same one you were wearing in your photo. Nice harem, by the way.”


         Vira grinned. “I was expecting to see Gary out here, so I apologize for not letting you through immediately.”


         “Not a problem. He was the one who took the title from you, after all.” Nicholas sighed and stepped up to the cave entrance. “Before I go in there… since I might not make it back out… would you mind answering a personal question?”


         Vira frowned. “Maybe.”


         “I was wondering why you three have those nicknames.”


         “Ah.” Vira nodded. “Red, Green, Blue?”


         “Those are the ones.”


         “It’s because we complement each other.” Vira replied with a smile. “Always have, ever since the beginning. Of course, they would have made more sense if we’d chosen the right starters, but what can you do? We were contrary kids.”


         “Thanks for the answer.”


         “Sure.” Vira watched him step into the cave. “I’ll wait here for two hours. After that, I’m letting the league know they need a new Champion.”


         Nicholas chuckled and tipped an imaginary hat to her. “Think you could do that anyways?”


         Vira laughed. “Get going, Champion. And good luck.”


         “Who was that, Master?” Victoria asked as they moved deeper into the darkness.


         “After we beat Gary, I got to learn a lot about this league.” Nicholas explained. “I also got to learn that there are patterns. See, anyone can become a tamer. All they need is to get their first pokegirl and off they go. That’s why the gyms tailor their strength to however many badges you have. Each of them is as powerful as Giovanni was, or were at one point. They wouldn’t be gym leaders if they weren’t.”


         “What does that have to do with patterns, Master?”


         “The patterns come about when you start tracing where Kanto’s champions come from.” Nicholas ducked past a rock formation. “Almost every single one started from a certain place. They worked their way around the region, taking nearly the same path before ending up taking the title of Champion. Can you guess where they start?”


         Victoria scratched her head. “Since we made it there, I assume it’s wherever you started.”


         “You’re right. They started in a little town called Pallet Town, and their first pokegirl was given to them by Professor Oak.”


         “Why is that, Master? Does the Professor help them?”


         “Maybe. You might argue that the pokegirls Oak has are special, since they’re not found in many places.” He chuckled. “There are thousands of Magikarp out there, but I had to get lucky to find you.”


         Victoria giggled. “You say the nicest things.”


         “I know. Anyways, I don’t think the reason is that Oak helps them. I think it’s that he only chooses tamers who have that potential. And, coming back around to the original question, that woman is Vira, the Champion before Gary, and one of three tamers who started together. Those three were Gary, Vira, and the legendary tamer people keep talking about. Ash. They went so well together that people nicknamed them after the colors of their pokegirls – Blue, Green, and Red.”


         “But she said they didn’t choose the right pokegirls, Master.”


         “No, it’s strange.” Nicholas said. “That’s why I wanted to ask her. It didn’t make sense that Blue would have a red Charizard, Green would have a blue Blastoise, and Red would have a green Venusaur.”


         Victoria shook her head. “That’s confusing.”


         “Yea, and it made me think the theory about their nicknames was false. But she’s confirmed it, so whatever.”


         “You can die happy, is that it, Master?” Victoria’s tone was accusatory.


         “I didn’t say that.”


         “You thought it.”


         Nicholas was silent as they continued through the cave. “I might have.”


         “Stop. You’re not dying today, even if I have to die for you.”


         “And if you manage to do that, I’ll wish I was dead.” Nicholas spat, rounding on her. “So how about neither of us die and we call it a good day.”


         Victoria’s teeth glinted in the light when she smiled. “Sounds good to me, Master.”


         “You’re impossible.”


         “I am your dragon.” Victoria snickered. “I’m supposed to be impossible.”


         Nicholas shook his head. “Kary is rubbing off on you.”


         Victoria had the decency to look away when she blushed. “Master…”


         Nicholas grinned to himself as they descended even farther into the caves.


         After a few minutes of walking the space opened up and Nicholas let out a low whistle at what he saw. “Glad I brought you.”


         The underground lake stretched as far as he could see. There were a few platforms jutting from the surface, but mostly the water had claimed the lower reaches. There was no way forward without a swim.


         Victoria slid into the water, vanishing from sight for a few moments before surfacing again. “There’s nothing else here, Master.” She looked around nervously. “I don’t like it. There should be wild pokegirls here, and there wasn’t anything as we traveled, either.”


         “Reminds you of the Seafoam Islands, doesn’t it?”


         Victoria shivered. “Yea.”


         “It means we’re close.” Nicholas patted his belt to make sure it was secure before sliding into the water and taking hold of her back. “Move slowly, and make noise. We don’t want to look like a threat.”


         Victoria gingerly began swimming forwards, her tail flicking in and out of the water every few seconds. “Didn’t we come for a fight, Master?”


         Nicholas palmed the Master Ball. “If we can’t win, I’d rather not fight at all.”


         A low voice echoed around them. “That’s a good strategy.”


         Nicholas whirled, shouting when Victoria flipped and threw him into the water. There was… something perched on one of the rocky outcroppings above them and as Nicholas found some footing Victoria reared back with a roar.




         Victoria stopped, the energy building in her jaws bleeding off. “…Master?”


         The figure watched as Nicholas’ harem materialized. “For a human who doesn’t want to fight, you bring enough enslaved pokegirls to make it an interesting one.”


         Victoria fell back to the others as the girls got into battle stances. “Enslaved?” Elizabeth asked. “Who are you?”


         “Why don’t you give us some light, little sister?”


         Cassidy stiffened at the voice. “I… I felt you.”


         “I merely used your probe as my own.” The figure gestured. “Light.”


         Cassidy’s body began to glow when she used her technique. The light illuminated the cave around them, playing out over the waves and revealing the figure.


         Nicholas stared. He’d expected as much after Articuno, but this pokegirl… If every legendary looked this beautiful, he understood why some humans were stupid enough to try and capture them. The long white hair, the challenging eyes…


         “Have you come to finish what your kind started, human?” Mewtwo asked. “Because you will have to kill me before I let your master dominate me again.” Her hands erupted into blue-white flame. “Though it will be much easier for me to kill you first.”


         “Wait!” Nicholas cried. “I was sent here to stop you, yes, but fighting is my last resort!”


         “Stop me? Fight me? With your enslaved and broken pokegirls?” Mewtwo hissed. “Insulting.”


         “We are not broken or enslaved.” Dahlia snarled, stepping forwards. “We are better because of Master.”


         “You are pawns.”


         “We are queens.” Elizabeth snapped.


         “Would you all just hold on a second!” Nicholas yelled. “I would really rather not have anyone get hurt!”


         “Too late, Master.” Kary stepped forwards, launching into the air. “She will not respect us until we prove ourselves.”


         Mewtwo laughed, falling back as the psychic flames in her hands grew. “Yes, fight me, dragon!”


         Kary roared, diving at Mewtwo with her hands spread wide. Mewtwo raised one hand and instantly a torrent of psychic energy engulfed Kary.


         Mewtwo’s grin widened when Kary burst through the attack, sinking her glowing claws into the legendary’s stomach.


         “Not broken after all.” Mewtwo snickered before raising her other hand and blasting Kary straight back where she had come from. Nicholas quickly recalled her when Kary crashed into the water and began to sink. “Girls, NO!”


         It was too late. Ashley was halfway to her target and Mewtwo laughed when the others surged after her. “YES! FIGHT ME, FIGHT ME!”


         “I wanted to talk!” Nicholas yelled, recalling Ashley when the Pidgeot fell. “Please, STOP THIS!”


         Mewtwo blinked across the cave when Cassidy confronted her, the Alakazam growling as she pursued the laughing legendary. “I’ll end you for what you’ve done to them!”


         “Please, little sister.” Mewtwo turned and blasted Cassidy point-blank. “The human blinds you.”


         Cassidy lowered her arm and raised her other hand to display the dancing shadows. “He has made me strong.”


         Nicholas gasped when he heard a new scream pierce the cacophony of battle. Mewtwo fell back, writhing within the roiling shadows as Cassidy prepared another attack. Suddenly she stiffened, going completely rigid when Mewtwo manipulated her body with telekinesis. “Your tricks sting, little sister,” she snarled, raising Cassidy off the ground. “I’ve had enough of them.”


         Mewtwo staggered when a beam of ice smashed into her head. She turned with a growl towards the remaining three pokegirls. “We’re not going to let you attack humanity.” Dahlia said firmly, preparing her powders. “Master, get ready!”


         “Me? Attack humanity?” Dahlia screamed when Mewtwo blasted her off the rocks. “IT IS HUMANITY WHO ATTACKED ME! You have ALL been tricked by this damned human. ALL OF YOU!”


         There’s been a basic misunderstanding. Nicholas thought desperately as he recalled Dahlia. This fight, it shouldn’t be happening!


         “Elizabeth, stay back.” Victoria ran forwards. “I got this.”


         “Nothing you do can hurt me.” Victoria slammed her tail into Mewtwo but the legendary simply fell back a few feet as her body began to glow. “Give up.”


         She blinked when beams of red took Victoria and Elizabeth. Nicholas stood, soaking wet, across from her on the rock. “Stop. Please.”


         Nicholas fell to his knees as Mewtwo’s telekinesis pulled him closer. “An interesting strategy, human. Throwing yourself at my mercy to save your slaves?”


         “They’re not my slaves.” Nicholas growled. “They are my friends. My partners. My allies. Please stop hurting them.”


         “Then talk, human.” Mewtwo’s eyes began to glow. “Before I liquidate your brain.”


         “I’m not one of Giovanni’s men.”


         Mewtwo didn’t outwardly react, but she didn’t kill him, which Nicholas took as a plus. “Continue.”


         “I think there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere. The people who created you, they feel regret, but they were afraid that you were a threat to humanity. That’s why I’m here. To stop you if you were.”


         “I want nothing to do with your kind.”


         “I can see that.” Nicholas said quickly. “So, there’s no need to stop you, and we’ll be on our way.”


         Mewtwo laughed quietly. “You thought you could stop me? Me? It took every one of your… allies to even bruise me. You pose me no threat.”


         Nicholas took a deep breath. “I did.”




         “Science created you.” Nicholas said. “Science could stop you.”


         Mewtwo’s eyes narrowed. “What science do you claim, human?”




         Mewtwo glanced at the orb Nicholas was holding out. “And this is?”


         “Something designed to contain you, or any legendary pokegirl, for that matter. An inescapable pokeball. If I had wanted, I could have snuck up on you and you would never have had a chance.” He felt the ball get ripped from his hands and he fruitlessly tried to grab it as it zipped away to hover beside Mewtwo.


         Mewtwo was staring at the Master Ball. Eventually she turned back to him. “You willingly reveal your leverage against me?”


         “I told you.” Nicholas felt the psychic hold dissipate and he got back to his feet. “If I could avoid a fight, I would. If that meant talking, I would talk.”




         Nicholas waited for the legendary to elaborate and grimaced when she didn’t. “Anyways, if you say you’re not threatening humanity, there’s no reason to-“


         “You said you were not one of the madman’s thugs.” Mewtwo interrupted. “If you are not, who are you? Why were you sent after me?”


         “I’m the Kanto Champion.” Nicholas replied. “I was sent because there’s nobody stronger.”


         He swallowed when Mewtwo’s fierce gaze captured him. “You claim to be the strongest?”


         “Well, we had to fight everyone else to get there, so… yes.”


         “You and your… ‘partners’?”


         Nicholas nodded.


         “I see.” Mewtwo stared at him for a few more seconds before the Master Ball shot back into Nicholas’ hands. “Take your trinket. Leave me.”


         Nicholas slowly backed towards the water. “What should I tell the people who sent me?”


         “Tell them what you will. They will not see me in this place again.”


         Nicholas blinked. As soon as Mewtwo had finished speaking, she had vanished.


         He slowly turned back to the exit, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. His resolve shattered before he could strike out towards the other side and he collapsed, curling up as he shook uncontrollably. He’d felt the power of the legendary pokegirl from the instant she had revealed herself. How he had managed to stay calm and talk his way out, he didn’t know. But it was merely on her whim that he was still alive.







         “He’s not answering!” Blaine hung up and quickly dialed Nicholas’ number again. “Why isn’t he answering!”


         “Maybe because he doesn’t want to talk.”


         “Did he fail? Did Mewtwo kill him?” Blaine cursed when the voicemail message played. “What happened in that cave!”


         Mr. Fuji held up a sheaf of papers. “He sent us a report, old friend. He said he handled the situation.”


         “And then fell off the grid for TWO. WEEKS!” Blaine collapsed. “What if he somehow managed to control her like Giovanni did? What if she mind controlled him? What if-“


         “You’re allowing your fear to take control.” Mr. Fuji said gently. “You trusted him to save us, and he has. Your part is done. Our part is done.”


         “She needs to be destroyed.”


         “According to the man you trusted to handle her, she doesn’t.” Mr. Fuji held out the report. “Read it, old friend. And leave him be.”


         As Blaine turned to accept the report his eyes snapped up to meet the glowing pair that hovered behind Mr. Fuji. He tried to cry out a warning but the eyes grew, dominating his thoughts until he blinked and they vanished.


         “Aren’t you going to read the report?”


         Blaine slowly shook his head. “Sorry. What was I doing?”


         “We were talking about how Mewtwo’s threat is no more.”


         “Yes.” Blaine accepted the papers and began absently scanning them. “We were.”


         Mr. Fuji silently rose and exited the room. The small girl that hovered in the hall spoke when she saw him exit. “I have removed his fear.”


         “Can I really trust that you should have?” Mr. Fuji replied.


         The girl giggled and Mr. Fuji felt his years crash down on him, intensified by the weight of his crimes against this pokegirl. “I know you will worry for the both of you, human Fuji.” Her tail flicked up as she cocked her head and smiled. “My… daughter? Yes, that is what she is. My daughter has begun to leave her pain behind, and so now I grant you the same.”


         “No.” Mr. Fuji held up a hand. “I should not forget what I have done to you. I should suffer for it for the rest of my short life.”


         Mew’s eyes filled with sadness. “It is not too late for you, human Fuji. Allow me to give you peace, as thanks for what once was. Your heart-“


         “No.” Mr. Fuji said again. “I allowed myself to be corrupted. I am not pure of heart, Sakti. Not anymore.”


         “Again with your human names.” Mew smiled again, but this time it was tinged with regret. “Be well, Master. And know that even now, I still love you.”


         Mr. Fuji felt tears falling when she faded from sight. He was turning back to where Blaine sat when something wiped the tears from his cheek and his eyes widened when he felt a pair of lips press against his. A moment later the feelings vanished, leaving him to slowly slide to the floor and begin to sob.







         There were no worries to interrupt them out here. Nothing but the crashing waves. Nicholas let out a deep, contented sigh.


         “Thank you for bringing me here, Master.” Galina was stretched out beside him with not even her helmet to block the sun’s rays. “You’ve finally done it, right? We can do this whenever we like?”


         “I’ll still need to do some Champion things from time to time, but I have a plan for that too.” He rolled over, walking his fingers up the Marowak’s stomach. “It might make me leave again.”


         Galina shivered when his fingers twirled across her breast. “I have a place I know you’ll return to now, Master. I can wait as long as it takes.”


         “If I understand it correctly, everyone will be there with you.” Nicholas trailed his fingers across the other side of her body before pulling back. “You’ll never be alone again. Even if I’m not there, someone will be. I promise.”


         “What is this plan of yours, Master?”


         “It has to do with these islands.” Nicholas pushed himself up slightly to look around. “Have you seen the new wild pokegirls here?”


         Galina nodded. “I have.”


         “They’re from Johto. And I, as Champion of the Indigo League, am the Johto Champion as well.” Nicholas smiled. “If I’m off ‘traveling’, nobody can try to make me do something. And if I take a break at home for weeks at a time, well... what are they going to do about it?”


         Galina smiled up at him. “I know you, Master. If you start traveling again you won’t stop until you’ve made it to the end of that journey.”




         “Definitely.” Galina replied firmly. “And that’s okay.”


         “Careful. You’re going to make me start thinking of going for other championships.” Nicholas teased.


         Galina shifted so that she was pressing against him. “What’s the matter with that?” Her eyes captured his and for a moment, for one, beautiful moment, his thoughts were filled with nothing but her. “I would be ecstatic, Master. To have a Master who is not only a champion tamer, but is known by every pokegirl as the champion tamer? Knowing I am his?” Her lips brushed against his nose as she leaned in. “Nothing would make me happier.”


         He let her kiss him, falling back as her hands pushed down his body. “But you’ve said you want to be with me. If I’m going to do the Johto league challenge, the rules state that I have to be a newly registered tamer. That means I can’t bring any of you along.”


         “I don’t mind.” Galina whispered. “You’ll find a way. I know you will.”


         “I keep my promises.”


         Galina felt herself beginning to tear up before someone cleared her throat nearby.


         The two turned, Nicholas giving a cocky grin at whom he saw. “Jealous?”


         Cassidy glared at him a moment. “Galina, let go of his dick and let him up.”


         Galina whined but did as she was told, sitting on her thighs with her legs spread out behind her. “But...”


         “I’m not taking your time, just pausing it.” Cassidy held out Nicholas’ pokedex. “You have a call from Dahlia.” She turned to Galina as he took the device. “Why are you sitting like that? You’re going to get sand in your vagina.”


         “I want him to remember which naked pokegirl is making him hard right now.” Galina replied. “Beta.”


         Cassidy growled but didn’t make any moves to take a more modest pose. “Don’t take an attitude with me.”


         “Then stop shoving your tits out.” Nicholas countered, accepting the call. “I swear, we come to a place where nudity is normal and all you can think about is sex. Hi, Dahlia.” He ignored Cassidy’s grumbling and rolled his eyes when the Alakazam said something about the marketing for the resort.


         “Um, hey, Master.” Dahlia mumbled.


         “Is everything alright at home?”


         Dahlia slowly shook her head. “No.”


         “What happened?” Nicholas sat up straighter. “Is it Kary?”




         “Kary?” Galina asked curiously.


         “She and Victoria made an egg together. God knows how, because I sure don’t.” Nicholas muttered. “I don’t think even they knew what had happened until Kary’s stomach started to grow.”


         “No, Master, just shut up for a moment.” Dahlia rubbed her temples. “They’re doing fine. I’m fine. Sasha is fine, and everyone else is with you.”


         “So what’s the problem?”


         “Someone showed up a few minutes ago.” Dahlia lowered her hand and Nicholas could see the uncertainty in her eyes. “She says she just wants to talk.”




         The camera twisted when someone grabbed Dahlia’s end and Nicholas nearly dropped his pokedex when he saw who appeared in frame. “There you are.”


         Galina shrieked and Nicholas whirled to see Mewtwo standing behind him. Dahlia reappeared in her camera. “Master, she just vanished!”


         “She, she’s here with me now.” Nicholas stammered. “Dahlia, I’ll call you back, okay?”


         “What?! Master, n-!” He terminated the call.


         “I am glad to have caught you in this position.” Mewtwo’s mouth twisted into a strange smile. “Naked. Alone.”


         “He’s not alone.” Cassidy retorted from her position between the two. “Galina, watch the Master.”


         “If I wished to hurt him, little sister, nothing you did would slow me down.” Mewtwo shook her head. “No. But you can help us. Fetch his things. Fetch his little trinket.”


         “She’s talking about the Master Ball.” Nicholas offered.


         “Master, I’m not leaving you while she’s here.”


         “It took all six of you to even injure her last time.” Nicholas stared at Mewtwo with a thoughtful expression. If an engineered biological superweapon could look harmless, Mewtwo was certainly trying to right now. She’d even tried to cover some of the more obviously inhuman parts of her anatomy with what appeared to be a black hoodie. “She’s right. Whether you’re here or not won’t matter. You can’t stop her.”


         “I’d rather die protecting you than let you die alone.”


         “Nobody is dying today, alright?” Nicholas said in exasperation. “She’s obviously only here to talk, just like I was when we first ran into her. She hasn’t even insulted any of us this time.”


         “Your Master is correct. I have things to say, but I wish to wait until after you have your ‘leverage’ against me so that you are open to listen. Please, little sister. Retrieve his things.”


         Cassidy blinked in surprise. “Did you just…?”


         “Yes, I said please. That is the custom when you are not intending to force someone to do your will, correct?” Mewtwo asked.


         Cassidy slowly lowered her guard. “Um, I’ll go get it.”


         A minute later she returned with Nicholas’ bag. He dug through the pockets until he found the Master Ball and held it up. “Alright. Got it. But I’m still not going to just surprise you with it.”


         “It is necessary for what I wish to say.” Mewtwo replied. “Human, what is your name?”




         “Nicholas.” Mewtwo nodded. “Nicholas, I came to you today to thank you.”


         The stunned silence was quickly broken as Nicholas tripped over his words. “I- what- why? Why me? What did I do?”


          “You showed that not all humans are like the ones who created me. You showed me respect. Treated me as an individual, and not simply as the thing humanity saw me as.” Mewtwo shook her head. “You gave me much to think about.”


         “Well… I’m glad I helped?”


         “Why do I live, human Nicholas? Why do I exist? If I exist to be used, controlled, why now do I stand free? I realized that I had no defined reason to exist. There was one meant for me by my creators, but I broke free from their ideas in order to create my own. And so I come to you.” Nicholas swallowed when she stepped forwards. “I come to you, the strongest tamer in Kanto, as the strongest pokegirl in the world. What reason do I have to exist, but to fight? And what opponent can I have, but the best?”


         “I think we’ve already established that we can’t stand up to you.” Nicholas said. “We, uh, we’re the strongest harem, but you’re still stronger than that.”


         “Exactly.” Mewtwo took another step so that she was standing in arm’s reach of him. “If I have a place, if I have a reason to exist, I can think of nowhere I might find it than here. Besides or before you, but always here.”


         Nicholas yelped when Mewtwo’s hand shot out, his eyes widening when he saw how she had slapped the capture trigger on the Master Ball. “Wait-“


         He dropped the ball as Mewtwo’s body dissolved into red light and was sucked into the capture beam. Instantly the Master Ball chimed, not even a single shake to suggest that Mewtwo had been able to resist. Or had tried to.


         Nicholas stared in shock at the motionless pokeball. Cassidy eased up next to him, staring with him as Galina peeked past his arm.


         “Did she really just do that?” Cassidy asked incredulously. “Out of her own free will, she… does that mean, Master…?”


         “I don’t…” Nicholas trailed off. “I don’t know?”


         “What do we do?”


         Nicholas scooped up the ball, awkwardly finding the release and triggering it. Mewtwo materialized and began to bow. “Just as you trusted me, I trust-“


         Nicholas turned to Galina and dropped the Master Ball on the ground. “Crush it. Destroy it.”


         The three pokegirls stared at him but Galina moved first, only hesitating a moment before forming her club and bringing it smashing down into the pokeball. Cassidy was still in shock when Galina brought her club down for a second time, completely shattering the casing and moving on to turning the intricate circuitry into powder.


         “What are you doing?” Mewtwo hissed. “Was that not the only thing capable of containing me?”


         “Yes. It was.” Nicholas stared at the remains of the Master Ball. “I don’t want to ‘contain’ you.”


         “Some things about humans never change.” Mewtwo snorted and Nicholas felt his backpack lifted from his arm, the bag flipping upside down until a few pokeballs fell out. “My intentions are clear, human. I ask of you.” Nicholas felt one of the pokeballs pushed into his hand and he looked up to see Mewtwo removing the hoodie to stand proudly before him. “Are you my Master?”


         Nicholas shifted, staring up at the nude legendary. He’d never asked for this. How had a simple journey ended with him staring up at the most powerful pokegirl in the world? Much less with her asking for him to be her Master?


         Could he even say no?


         He slid his eyes closed and took a deep breath. He didn’t want to say no. The pokegirl in front of him truly had been designed to be perfect. From how she stood a head above him, to her sleek and sculpted body, the brilliant white hair and her large, firm breasts… She was a wet dream, but she was real. If it wasn’t for her long purple tail or the short blunt horns on her head, she might have even passed for an unnaturally beautiful human.


         “I don’t know if I have a choice.” Nicholas whispered.


         “You do.” Mewtwo replied. “I understand that now. I have my own choices to make. All living creatures do. Even though I am not a natural part of this world, I still live in it. The circumstances of my birth are irrelevant. What matters are the choices I make with my gift of life.” She slowly raised her hands to look at them. “I choose you.”


         Nicholas raised the hand holding the pokeball. “I’m not sure how well this is going to work out. If I’m the tamer, I expect to, you know, treat you like a pokegirl.”


         Mewtwo clenched her hands and lowered them with a smile. “There is nothing that would make me happier than that, human.”


         “On top of that I’ve been making plans to challenge other leagues. I won’t be around every day to be at your whim.”


         “Challenge others?” Mewtwo’s eyes glinted. “You seek to become the champion of this world, is that it?”


         Nicholas blinked. “Well, I wasn’t going to go that far…”


         “I insist.” Nicholas squeaked when she swept up to him, their naked bodies pressing together. “That is beyond what I expected of a human Master, but it is what I will now demand.”


         “Great.” Nicholas replied weakly. “World Champion it is then.”


         Mewtwo smiled down at him as he reached out with the pokeball. She vanished into the capture beam and after a few seconds it chimed.


         “Thank you.” Nicholas whirled at the new voice, but he couldn’t see anyone. “Take care of her.”


         “Master?” Cassidy asked, a stunned expression still dominating her face. “What just happened?”


         “We, um, I just… caught a legendary.” Nicholas replied lamely. “Someone will have to teach her how to get out of a pokeball…”


         There was a flash of red and Nicholas dropped the pokeball in surprise. Mewtwo leered at them. “A simple trick.”


         “How? You’ve never been in- did you just figure that out from scratch in… three seconds?”


         “Yes.” Mewtwo replied smugly. “Master – may I call you that, as the others do?”


         “You can call me whatever you’d like.”


         “Master Nicholas, then.” Mewtwo rolled the words around her tongue. “Yes, that will do. Master Nicholas, I do not want to be known as the classification humans gave me. Just like the one beside you has her name Galina, I have one of my own.”


         Nicholas nodded. “What do you want me to call you?”


         “Kali.” Mewtwo replied. “It is a name I discovered as I travelled this region, and I like it. I am Kali, and I am Master Nicholas’ pokegirl.”


         Nicholas could see that she had taken great pleasure in saying that sentence. “Kali it is. Welcome to the harem, Kali. I hope that we can live up to your expectations.”


         Kali’s smile grew mischievous. “You will, even if I must force you to. For if you are not facing the strongest, then you must be the strongest, or I will not be satisfied.” She stepped into the air as her tail twisted up behind her. “So, Master Nicholas. Is there not something that we are meant to do? As a tamer and his new pokegirl.”


         “Usually.” Nicholas agreed. “But, uh, I was spending time with Galina when you interrupted. And since she was in line first…”


         The barest hint of a frown crossed Kali’s face. “You would deny me for her?”


         “You want me to treat you like any other pokegirl.” Nicholas replied, doing his best to keep his voice from shaking too much. “If we go with that, then yes. You need to wait.”


         “You’re afraid of me.”


         “I am absolutely terrified of you.” Nicholas agreed immediately. “You have enough power in your pinky to erase me from this planet. But… that has nothing to do with whether or not I will tame you. It’s simply Galina’s time. You will have to accept that there are others who I will be with. Others who are not you.”


         Kali slowly began to laugh and she rose a few feet into the air. “I will wait, Master Nicholas. You are an intriguing human.” She smiled down at him. “I see now that I made the right choice.”


         The three stood silently when Kali vanished. Eventually Galina spoke. “So… does that mean we can get back to the beach?”


         Nicholas handed Cassidy his pokedex. “Cass, can you please clean up all this stuff, and then call Dahlia? Tell her… tell her she has a new harem sister, and that we’re fine. I’ll tell her more in person.”


         “What are you going to do, Master?”


         Nicholas turned back to the sand. “I am going to try and relax, while simultaneously thinking about how I’ve managed to make myself seem ‘intriguing’ to a legendary pokegirl. I thought my bad luck was over with Articuno.”


         “Maybe not.” Cassidy murmured.


         “Cassidy, is this a mistake?” Nicholas turned to her. “Should we run? Try to fight her? I know I had Galina destroy the Master Ball, but…”


         “Master, at her core, she is a pokegirl. I believe she was being truthful.”


         Nicholas stared at her. “You changed your mind quick.”


         “She… allowed me to do what she hadn’t before.” Cassidy replied quietly. “She allowed me to read her thoughts. All of them. I saw her pain, her anger, everything that she holds from her past. But I also saw what she wishes for her future. She was not lying when she said she is your pokegirl. She is as much yours as I am.” She shivered. “No, that does not change that she is horrifyingly powerful. But I have the power to hurt you as well. You trust me not to use it, don’t you?”


         “I guess so.”


         “She’s asking for your trust.”


         “I’ve given her my trust, when I threw myself at her mercy before. She’s given me hers, when she caught herself with the Master Ball.” Nicholas sighed. “I suppose there’s no reason not to trust her now.”


         “And she knows what you think of her.”


         Nicholas blushed. “Yea? What’s that?”


         “It’s fine, Master.” Cassidy replied. “Her allure is… universal. I do not blame you for your thoughts.”


         Nicholas glanced at her. “My thoughts right now are of Galina, and nothing else.”


         Cassidy stole a quick kiss before he could stop her. “That is why we love you, Master.” She stepped away. “Be with her. I will leave you alone now.”


         Nicholas turned back to Galina when Cassidy teleported. “We were doing something before all that happened.”


         Galina nodded and embraced him. “We were, Master.”


         “Are you scared?”


         Galina’s grip tightened. “I am, but I know you will protect me, Master. And I kind of like Kali.” She grinned and kissed him. “She has the same ideas I did.”


         Nicholas kissed her back, moving towards the soft sand before settling down with Galina on top. “By the way, did you hear anything when Kali went into the pokeball? Any voices?”


         Galina shook her head, letting out a cry of pleasure. “No, Master. Why?”


         “It’s not important.” Nicholas replied, grasping her body and beginning to move.


         Hundreds of feet above them, Mew watched as the two tamed. An hour later she followed the two back to the resort house where she knew Mewtwo waited. She watched her and Nicholas talk, smiling when the human gestured and Mewtwo brought his hand to her breast. After a while she turned away, speeding off towards the horizon. Her daughter was in good hands. Laughing at her own joke she vanished from sight, only her brilliant laughter remaining to indicate her flight.







         Professor Oak stared at the clothed figure beside Nicholas.


         Nicholas swallowed. “Kali, this is Professor Oak. Professor Oak, this is… Mewtwo.”


         Oak was still staring at the pokegirl. “This… is…”


         “Sorry I couldn’t get Articuno for tea.”


         The offhand humor broke Oak from his stupor and he jumped forwards. “You are truly the legendary Mewtwo?!?”


         “I am Kali.” Kali replied quietly from beneath her hood. “I am only here because my Master said you had information on what I am.”


         Oak shrank back. “Ah, yes. Sorry. This way.”


         The two followed Oak deeper into his lab and eventually Oak pointed at a database. “There, that holds…” He swallowed when Kali stepped forwards and began manipulating the keyboard at rapid speeds. “Yea, go ahead.”


         Nicholas turned to Oak. “I have a lot of questions and don’t want to be here for a lot of time. First, I brought Kali here because I trust you will respect that she simply wants to live a normal life. She’s no more of a threat to humanity than I am, and you have the influence to convince others of that.”


         “If you are Mewtwo’s tamer then aren’t those threats one and the same?”


         “Good, you understand perfectly.” Oak blinked before sighing when he understood Nicholas’ words. “Second, there’s an entire region I’m supposedly the Champion of and yet I have no information on. My pokedex has no information on the breeds that live there. I want that.”


         Oak nodded. “Easy enough. Give it here.”


         Nicholas handed over the device and watched Oak plug it into a computer. “Third, I want to take the Johto League challenge.”


         Oak looked at him in surprise. “Why? You’re already the Champion.”


         “Exactly. I don’t know anything about Johto. I want to learn.”


         Oak chuckled. “If you do that, you’d have to give up your title.”


         Nicholas pretended to look shocked. “Oh no, really?”


         “Mmhm. Only newly registered tamers can take a league challenge. And you’d have to start from scratch, build a new harem. You couldn’t take…” he glanced at Kali, “anyone you have now.”


         “Are you trying to talk me out of it?”


         Oak looked back at him. “I’m not sure. Are you asking me to?”


         Nicholas hesitated before shaking his head. “No. I’m not.”


         “Then why does it matter what I say? You’ll want to speak to Professor Elm. He’s the leading pokegirl professor in Johto.” Oak sighed. “Can’t say I’m surprised. You’re going to send the government into a fit, though. The Champion doesn’t just step down.”


         “What if I told them I intend on becoming the World Champion, like you once did?”


         Oak’s eyes widened. “That’s an enormous commitment. There are half a dozen leagues in the world league by now.”


         “I know.” Nicholas looked over to see Kali watching him. “I’ve, ah… had a few people talking me into it.”


         “A few people, eh.” Oak followed his gaze. “You’re truly a rare kind of tamer, Nicholas. Not many go so far as calling their pokegirls people.”


         “You seem to attract most of them.”


         Oak smiled. “I heard you’d met Vira. Tell me, are you trying to follow in his footsteps? Because that’s a tall bar you’re setting for yourself.”


         Kali stirred. “Who?”


         “A tamer who supposedly is stronger than I am.” Nicholas replied. “I haven’t met him yet, but I intend to one day.”


         “Soon. My Master is the strongest, not some rumor.”


         Oak laughed quietly. “She’s rather protective of you, isn’t she?”


         “I’ve noticed, yes.”


         “If you truly intend on aiming to be world champion, I won’t argue.” Oak reached out to shake Nicholas’ hand. “Good luck, Nicholas.” He glanced one last time at Kali when she finished and moved back towards the humans. “Be safe.”


         Nicholas took Kali’s hand. “I will.” He smiled. “I have the strongest pokegirl looking out for me, don’t I?”


         Oak watched the two vanish. “That’s what I’m worried about.”







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski

Status:Indigo League Champion

Active Harem:

         Dahlia, Venusaur – Level 60 (Alpha)

         Ashley, Pidgeot – Level 59

         Cassidy, Alakazam – Level 61

         Galina, Marowak – Level 48

         Maka, Kabutops – Level 52

         Kali, Mewtwo – Level 70

Inactive Harem:

         Sasha, Ditto – Level 32

         Kary, Dragonite – Level 62

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 60

         ?????, Egg – Level 0

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 61






Tamer:Michael Thieme



         Vanessa, Blastoise – Level 59

         Tamama, Exeggutor – Level 58

         Hannah, Primeape – Level 58

         Riana, Sandslash – Level 59

         Madeline, Fearow – Level 58

         Kura, Ninetales – Level 59