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Chapter 12

Pokegirl Safari!



         Nicholas watched the ground below them flash past. “This is completely different from when you were a Pidgeotto.”


         Ashley’s arms tightened around him for a moment. “Better, Master?”


         “I know what you want to hear, and yes. I enjoy it this way.”


         Ashley trembled slightly. “I’m so glad to hear it.”


         “We’ll have to try that other thing again.” Nicholas continued. “I was terrified yesterday. I know it worked out for you but I was too busy trying not to fall.”


         Ashley rested her head on his. “I wasn’t going to drop you, Master.”


         “You knew that, but I didn’t know it yet. I thought the moment you came we’d fall from the sky!”


         Ashley giggled. “Sorry.”


         “It’s alright. Like I said, we’ll have to try it again sometime.”


         Ashley let out a happy growl. “I can’t wait.”


         After that first heady flight, he and Ashley had finished traveling to Fuchsia before almost immediately taking off again. Now they were racing the sun to Oak’s Lab.


         It wasn’t long before the ground gave way to the ocean, and quickly after that Ashley winged over the shoreline towards Pallet Town. At first Nicholas braced himself for another Lavender Town-esque landing, until Ashley twisted back and lifted his legs into her arms. As the Pidgeot made an easy landing Nicholas found himself blushing at her teasing smile.


         “Why’d you have to do that.” He mumbled.


         Ashley giggled. “What’s wrong, Master?”


         “This position...” Nicholas replied, “...it’s what humans do after they get married.”


         “I didn’t want your feet to hit anything as we landed.” Ashley replied innocently. “I’m just protecting my wonderful Master.”


         “...You can put me down now.”


         Ashley snuck one last kiss before letting go. “Thank you for flying with your beautiful bird. I look forward to our next flight together.”


         “I do too.” Nicholas replied with a smile. “Now, I should-“




         Nicholas whirled and took a quick step back when he saw Galina charging towards them. “Hey hey HEY GALINA SLOW DOWN!”


         He saw stars when she slammed into him and the two crashed to the ground in a flurry of tangled limbs. Ashley couldn’t control her laughter while the two struggled to extricate themselves. “It feels like it’s been so long.” Galina moaned when she finally found his face and desperately grabbed hold. “I’ve missed you.”


         “I’ve missed you too.” Nicholas replied as they kissed. “How is everything? Are you finding ways to keep busy?”


         “Yes! The girls have been including me in their activities.” Galina explained. “Did you know they used to be the World Champion team?”


         Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “No, I didn’t know that. I figured Oak must have done something crazy to have such a strong harem, but the World Champion? Not just Kanto?”


         “Yea. Of course, back then they said the only leagues in the ‘World League’ were Kanto and Johto.” Galina laughed. “Apparently now there are tons of them.”


         “Yup. It feels like a new league joins every few years.” Nicholas sat up and waved when Oak walked up. “I knew Amanda had been telling you stories, but I didn’t think she’d gotten that far. Nicholas, it’s good to see you again.”


         “Just for a few days, I think.” Nicholas replied. “And I have a few more girls I’d like to leave with you if that’s alright.”


         Oak waved dismissively. “Of course! It will be good for Galina to have peers to be with.”


         Galina gave Nicholas a hurt look. “You already replaced me, Master?”


         “No, of course not.” Nicholas snorted. “One of them came to me, the other was a very powerful battler. Neither of them are a wonderful Marowak named Galina.”


         Galina exhaled with a smile. “Thank you Master.”


         “Yea, actually... Professor, do you have a taming machine here? I caught a wild Snorlax and I don’t want to risk her being feral.”


         Oak paled. “A Snorlax? She’s not- you’re not leaving her behind, are you?”


         Nicholas frowned. “Why?”


         “I should have kept my mouth shut!” Oak moaned. “Oh no, another Snorlax. I’ll be eaten out of house and home!”


         Nicholas let out a nervous chuckle. “Maybe I’ll take her with me. But I need to tame her first.”


         “I have a machine.”


         “Alright. I’ll take care of that first.” Nicholas triggered the rest of the harem’s releases, laughing when Victoria squealed in excitement and slammed into Galina. “We’re here, girls!”


         Galina squeaked as the crowd pressed in on her and her panicked shouts were quickly drowned out by the excited pokegirls. Nicholas watched with a goofy grin until he turned away to follow Oak into the lab.


         “We’ve missed you so much!!” Dahlia cried, rescuing Galina from the throng and holding her up with her vines. “Have you seen Ashley yet?”


         “I, well, I did...” Galina looked down at the grinning Venusaur. “Hey wait! You’re different!”


         “So am I!” Ashley laughed as she winged into the air and began flying circles around Galina’s head. “Look! I evolved too!”


         Nicholas handed Oak the Snorlax’s pokeball and watched him insert it into a machine. “I’ll have to talk to them both before deciding, but I’ll need to leave at least one of my new pokegirls with you. Otherwise I’d have seven in my harem.”


         “I can handle a Snorlax.” Oak sighed.


         “Thanks.” Nicholas chuckled nervously. “Oh, and the other one I caught is a Ditto.”


         Oak turned in surprise. “A Snorlax and a Ditto? How in the world did you find them? Those are two rare pokegirls.”


         “The Snorlax was asleep in the road,” Nicholas explained, “and the Ditto snuck into my camp one night.”


         “So pure dumb luck.” Oak laughed. “You’re a tamer, alright.”


         “Do you have any advice on either of them?”


         “Well, let’s see.” Oak thought for a few moments. “You’ll probably be leaving the Ditto here. They are decent battlers, but have almost no strengths to speak of in their regular bodies. They need to transform first, and that takes time that their opponent can use to get an advantage.”


         “I see. And the Snorlax?”


         “That’s a powerful breed.” Oak replied. “Very powerful. As long as she wants to fight, you can’t ask for a better pokegirl.”


         Nicholas sighed. “As long as she wants to?”


         “Well, Snorlax aren’t exactly competitive. They usually would love to do nothing more than eat, sleep, and tame.” Oak explained. “If you can motivate one she’s a monster. But if you can’t, well... she’s dead weight.”


         Nicholas shook his head and took the Snorlax back from him. “Alright. With any luck she’ll be a competitive type.”


         “Good luck.”







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

Active Harem:

         Dahlia, Venusaur – Level 32 (Alpha)

         Ashley, Pidgeot – Level 37

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 28

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 28

         Cassidy, Kadabra – Level 29

Inactive Harem:

         Galina, Marowak – Level 29

         Sasha, Ditto – Level 25

         Abigail, Snorlax – Level 30








         Nicholas gazed dejectedly at the two waving figures in front of him.


         Three days. That’s how long they had been here this time. The first day had been chaotic, with Galina enjoying being with the harem again and Nicholas meeting the Ditto and Snorlax. Afterwards he’d taken time to be with Galina, and the other two had started meeting the harem.


         The next day he’d been approached by Sasha, the Ditto. They’d spent the better part of the day talking and getting to know each other. Just as he had thought, Sasha was a quiet, loving girl who had approached him because she wanted a tamer. A family, as she put it. She wanted to be with someone even as a feral. The two had hit it off quite well even with Sasha’s semi-constant shapeshifting shenanigans.


         Things had fallen apart when he’d approached the Snorlax the next day. Abigail, as she’d demanded he call her, was less than thankful for being captured. A stubborn, headstrong girl, she’d taken his words and seemingly ignored every one. Thankfully by the end of the day she’d seemed to have come around.


         Or so he thought. When he’d woken up that morning the Snorlax was nowhere to be found. Oak said she was still around, but Nicholas had asked her to meet him out front if she was ready to go. Apparently, she wasn’t.


         “I’ll see you soon, Master!” Galina called happily. “Thank you for visiting!”


         Sasha waved along with her new harem sister. “I’ll find Abigail, Master.” Her voice was bright and happy as she continued to wave. “She didn’t give you a chance. You’re so wonderful, I want her to see that.”


         “I’m just normal.” Nicholas protested.


         “Many masters would force me to fight, even if I didn’t want to.” Sasha replied. “You asked me first. You asked!” She smiled when he looked embarrassed. “Go and fight, Master. I’ll look after them for you.”


         “Hey, I thought that was my job.” Galina laughed.


         Sasha smirked and turned to give Galina a surprise kiss. “Sure it is.”


         Nicholas ran forwards and swept the two into a hug. “Help each other.” He murmured. “We’ll all be together somewhere one day. Alright? I promise.”


         “As long as you promise me you won’t give up.” Galina whispered back. “I’ll wait for you as long as it takes.”


         Nicholas tightened his hug momentarily before letting go. “I promise, Galina.” He looked towards Sasha. “Thank you, Sasha. I’m so lucky you decided to join me.”


         The Ditto bobbed her head. “I am too, Master.”


         Cassidy was waiting when he returned to her. “Ready, Master?”


         “No, but it’s time to go.”


         Cassidy gave him a small smile before reaching out to take his hand.


         The scene shifted to the Fuchsia Pokecenter and Nicholas let go of Cassidy. “I left her again.”


         Cassidy reached back out to grasp his hand. “You gave her a friend, Master. And saved Sasha while doing so.” She cocked her head slightly. “You’re worried about Abigail.”


         “I managed to catch one that doesn’t like me.” Nicholas replied drily. “Shit.”


         “I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t like you, Master.” Cassidy explained. “I think she’s never been tame before. It’s a new experience.”


         “Was she more comfortable around you girls?”


         “A bit, Master.” Cassidy replied. “She was trying her best.”


         Nicholas scuffed his toe against the floor. “And I didn’t give her enough time.” He shook his head. “Can you take me-“


         “No.” Cassidy’s grip tightened. “She has Galina and Sasha to help her. Give her time, away from you. Let her be.”


         “You’re being a therapist again.”


         “I can’t help it.” Cassidy murmured. “If you are in turmoil, all I hear is your pain. I want you to be content, Master, because it brings me peace as well.”




         Cassidy smiled and kissed his cheek. “It’s okay. Do you know what we’re doing next?”


         “I have no idea.” Nicholas laughed. “But I want to take a vacation. With all of... with the harem. The combat harem?” He thought for a moment. “The active harem. That’s what it should be called. That way, the others aren’t left out. They’re still part of the harem.”


         Cassidy giggled and her ears began twitching happily. “I like it, Master. Where are we going to go?” She paused. “Oh, you should be talking to Dahlia about this, not me. She’s the Alpha.”


         Nicholas smiled slightly. “Let’s ask her.”


         Cassidy looked confused when the Venusaur materialized. “Ask her about what we’re going to do, right?”


         “Dahlia, Cassidy doesn’t think I should be talking to her about our plans.” Nicholas teased. “What do you think?”


         Dahlia settled back with a frown. “Why wouldn’t you be talking to her about things, Master? You ask everyone for their opinions.”


         “Sure, but you’re our Alpha.” Cassidy replied. “I don’t want to be seen as undermining that.”


         “Oh. I understand the problem.” Dahlia glanced at Nicholas and grinned when he nodded. “You’re worried that I’ll see you as a threat and do something about it, is that right?”


         “Um... I didn’t say that.” Cassidy stammered. “I just-“


         “Cassidy, you’re the only one I fully trust to look out for the harem above anything else.” Dahlia replied with a smile. “When I’m not around, I know you’ll back me up.”


         Cassidy blushed and looked away. “Well, yes, but... that doesn’t mean I should replace you.”


         “I wasn’t asking you to replace me.” Dahlia said gently. “I want you to be my Beta.”


         Cassidy blinked and turned back with her mouth hanging open. “Wait what?”


         “Dahlia and I talked a bit during our hike to Fuchsia.” Nicholas explained. “She was having trouble finding time to inform me of harem things, and it was starting to cut into our personal time together.”


         “We came up with the idea of a second in command, a Beta for the harem.” Dahlia explained. “I’m sure we’re not the first. It will be your job to be Master Nicholas’ voice in the harem, as well as being someone the girls can approach if they have a problem with me and don’t want to bother Master.”


         “...I see.” Cassidy replied. “I’ll do it. Thank you for the opportunity, Alpha.”


         Dahlia’s eyes danced. “You’re welcome. Now, Beta, what did I miss?”


         Cassidy straightened. “We were talking about what to do as a vacation, Alpha. Master Nicholas doesn’t wish to throw us into battle just yet.”


         “He’s too soft.” Dahlia teased, causing Nicholas to throw his hands in the air. “But I suppose we can take some more time off.”


         The two pokegirls were laughing as Nicholas pretended to throw a fit. “Soft! SOFT! I try to do something nice for my harem and I get called soft!” He laughed along with them before settling down. “There has to be something around here that we can do which doesn’t involve battling.”


         “We won’t know if we don’t look, Master.” Dahlia replied. “We’re in Fuchsia, right?”


         “We are.”


         “Then let’s explore.” Dahlia took his hand and gently pulled him towards the door. “Come on.”


         “Shouldn’t I be...” Cassidy trailed off as a happy smile appeared. “Right.”


         Nicholas laughed and caught her under his arm as the three exited the pokecenter.


         “Something to do, something to do...” Nicholas was muttering while they walked. “Maybe we should ask a local.”


         “There’s someone, Master.” Dahlia pointed at a man sitting behind a fence.




         The man looked up. “Hullo! Oh, a tamer! How are you doing today.”


         “Looking for something to do, actually.” Nicholas explained as they walked up. “Do you know of anything in Fuchsia?”


         “Ah, I’m not the one you should be taking to, then.” The man chuckled. “I’m just a fisherman. I fish for fun.”


         “Oh. Well I do like fishing, but I can’t exactly do that with my entire harem.” Nicholas chuckled.


         “So you are a fisherman, then?” The man asked. “Ferals or fish?”


         Nicholas blinked. “Huh? Fish. You fish for feral pokegirls?”


         The man grinned and waved him over. “Come on inside, my house is open. If you’re a tamer and a fisherman you’ll want some special tackle.”


         Nicholas glanced at the other two and walked forwards when Dahlia shrugged. “I guess we go in? I’m a bit curious what he has to say.”


         They walked into the house and Nicholas nodded at a younger man sitting inside. “Hi, sorry to intrude. The guy out back said...?”


         “Oh, did he start yakking at you?” The man asked. “You must be a fisherman, then. And a tamer, with the girls you have following you.”


         “That’s right.”


         “Come in, come in!” The other man cried as he pushed into the house. “Brother, this tamer is-“


         “I know.” The younger man replied. “Hey, what’s your name?”


         “I’m Nicholas.”


         “What kind of tackle do you use, Nicholas?” The younger man asked. “Around here I get some good results with flashy colors, like pink or yellow.”


         “Oh, I don’t have any tackle on me right now.” Nicholas replied. “I didn’t pack any for my trip.”


         The younger man nodded. “Most tamers don’t. You should find time and get some fishing gear, to relax.”


         Nicholas shrugged apologetically. “Yea, I might if I knew where to get some.”


         “You can have some of mine.” The man stood and walked over to a wall rack. “Let’s see... here, this has a decent reel. And I’ll let you have a few lures.” He glanced back. “You want prey lures or sex lures?”


         Nicholas took a few moments to process what he’d been asked. “I’m sorry, sex lures? What?”


         The other man chuckled. “He says he’s only fished for fish, brother. Not ferals.”


         “Oh, sorry.” The younger man laughed. “So you want some smaller stuff then.”


         “No, no, I’m really curious about what you mean by fishing for pokegirls.” Nicholas replied. “Water-types, I assume, but you just... fish for them like you’d fish for a trout?”


         “Of course. How else would you find them? Some of the fish pokegirls can live all the way at the bottom of the ocean.” The younger man turned and showed Nicholas a waggling... he coughed and looked away. “I’ve got a few girls of my own, but I’m not going to send them out into the open water to find a fight. You want to lure them back to shore.”


         “...I’ll take a few prey lures.” Nicholas replied. “I’ll feel like an idiot tying a dildo to my line.”


         The younger man laughed. “Fair enough. You want to practice the technique? Our harems are swimming in the pond out back with some wild pokegirls.”


         “I’ll pass.” Nicholas replied. “I think I can handle one of these.” He inspected the soft rubber lure. “No hooks?”


         “Ew, no. Squeeze it.”


         Nicholas did, pulling his fingers away and inspecting the slime. “And this is what?”


         “That one has a water-activated adhesive. Something bites, and as long as you set the lure it should stick to her mouth. Now you might get some pokegirls that tear themselves free, but it’s a lot less painful for them if they lose a bit of skin rather than tearing a hook through their face.” He held up one of the other type of lures. “These you don’t want sticking to anywhere... intimate, so there’s a pheromone mix we bait them with.”


         Nicholas shuddered. “That’s a much better way to do it.”


         “Some people still use hooks.” The man shook his head. “Assholes. Why would you want to scar a pokegirl that you’re probably going to tame later?”


         “Well, I appreciate the gear.” Nicholas replied, folding up the pole and putting it into his backpack. “I really do. Oh, while I’m here, do you know of somewhere I can go to relax with my harem?”


         The younger man nodded. “Why not check out the Safari Zone? You’re not allowed to fight in there, but it’ll be a relaxing time for you and your girls. And hey, you can practice fishing while you’re there!”


         Nicholas frowned. “The Safari Zone?”


         “North side of town. Pokegirls who are looking for tamers are given a place to live there while they wait, and it’s become a tourist attraction for the city. There are even some pretty rare breeds that hang out up there.”


         Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “I see. But no fighting?”


         “They’ll tell you all about it when you get there.” The younger man replied. “I’ve been a few times just to relax, it’s pretty nice.”


         “We’ll have to check it out.” Nicholas nodded at Dahlia and Cassidy. “Sound good?”


         Dahlia nodded. “Let’s take a look, Master.”


         “Enjoy the rod!” The brothers called. “Have fun!”


         “They were nice.” Cassidy said as they left.


         “I had no idea this was how most people caught water-type pokegirls.” Nicholas chuckled. “Did you see some of those, um... lures?”


         “I did, Master.” Cassidy breezed. “Thank you for choosing something more normal.”


         Nicholas laughed at her flushed cheeks.


         As they walked north through the city the buildings began to thin and soon they disappeared completely to reveal a bunch of fenced areas arranged in front of the tree line.


         Nicholas paused next to one as they passed. “Hey, isn’t that a pokegirl?”


         At his voice the girl turned before smiling and flaunting her naked body. “Good afternoon, sir.”


         “Oh, um, hi.” Nicholas stammered. “What are you doing out here?”


         The girl gestured at a sign nearby. “I am on display, sir.”


         Nicholas glanced over to read the sign. ‘Electrode. The ball pokegirl.’ He scanned the rest of the information on the Electrode breed. “Oh, I see. So you’re Mia, and looking for a tamer.”


         The Electrode blinked coquettishly. “That’s right, sir.”


         Nicholas looked around at the other displays. “Is everyone here looking for a tamer?”


         Mia shook her head. “No, sir. Some are here to help with the displays.”


         Cassidy nudged his shoulder and pointed at a nearby sign.


         “Fuchsia City Taming Zoo.” He read.


         “Yes, sir. Are you just looking, then?” The girl sat back on her ass. “I’d be alright if you just wanted to tame me...”


         “Back off, girl.” Cassidy snapped. “He’s not looking to tame any random pokegirl.”


         Mia glared at the Kadabra. “I didn’t ask you, bitch.”


         “Cassidy is my Beta, so you did ask her.” Nicholas replied coldly. “Good bye.”


         He ignored Mia’s stuttering calls and strode through the other displays, glancing around at a few as he did. “I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be for these girls.”


         Dahlia glanced around at the nude pokegirls. “Why, Master?”


         Nicholas looked at her in surprise. “Why? To be in the open like this, no clothing, with any stranger who wants able to watch you. I get that these girls are looking for tamers or a taming, but this is demeaning!”


         “It’s normal, Master.” Dahlia replied quietly. “Pokegirl ranches fill up quickly. There are more wild and feral pokegirls than there are spaces for them in a tamer’s harem. If you had no hope of finding a master, you’d gladly accept anything that gave you an extra chance.” She gazed at the fences. “No matter what it was.”


         “You’d willingly become... livestock? Put on display like an animal?”


         “Isn’t that what some people think we are?” Dahlia whispered.


         She yelped when he rounded on her and roughly grabbed her arm. “NO. You are NOT, Dahlia. Never say that again. You are not human, but you are not a simple animal. You live, think, feel, everything a human does. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” He pushed in to get right next to her face. “Do you understand me? They. Are. Wrong.”


         Tears filled Dahlia’s eyes. “Thank you, Master.”


         “I’ll never force you, any of you, to do something like this.” Nicholas stared at the pens in disgust. “We shouldn’t even go into this Safari Zone if this is how it’s advertised.”


         “I think we should still give it a shot, Master.” Cassidy said gently. “I know you find these displays... disgusting, but none of the pokegirls are being forced to be here.” She smiled sadly and flicked her ears. “I checked.”


         “Because it’s their only option, like Dahlia said.”


         “For some, that’s true.” Cassidy agreed. “But others are here for sex. And a few are employed by the city, actually being paid to be here.”


         Nicholas slowly calmed himself. “You’re saying it’s not as bad as it looks.”


         “No, Master. And you should know as well as anyone.” She smiled and shook her bare hips. “Pokegirls love to find excuses to get naked.”


         Nicholas sighed. “Fine. Let’s see what the Safari Zone is all about.”







         Nicholas gazed out over the calm water’s surface. The harem was relaxing around him, there were dozens of other tamed pokegirls to watch, and he was enjoying playing with the strange new tackle he had received. He silently thanked Cassidy for convincing him to take a chance on this place.


         Another hit! Nicholas started reeling in the lure, feeling whatever was on the other end tugging lightly back and forth.


         He jumped when Victoria burst out of the lake next to him and gave him a goofy smile. “Haii~”


         Nicholas chuckled and kissed her nose. “Hi yourself.”


         The Gyarados made a happy noise and plopped onto his lap, instantly soaking his pants. “How’s it going, Master?”


         “I was great until you got me all wet!” Nicholas cried, yanking his shirt up before it could absorb too much water. “Why’d you do that!”


         Victoria ran her dripping fingers up his stomach, giggling when he pulled his shirt further and further towards his head. “Just take it off, Master.” She teased. “Relax.”


         Nicholas finally pulled his shirt off and Victoria laughed when he dropped the fishing pole to begin mercilessly tickling her. “You damn wench!”


         Victoria squealed happily while she fought to get free before finally wrenching loose and vanishing back into the water, leaving the lure behind. Nicholas was laughing too as he sat back up, staring into the rippling waters with a teasing smile.


         “Where’d you go~ooo.” He chuckled. “Ooh, I know.” He grabbed his pole and cast the lure into the depths. “I know there’s a Gyarados in here somewhere...”


         “What happened over here?” Nicholas looked up and smiled when he saw Elizabeth standing nearby. The Nidoqueen has taken off her armor to enjoy the peaceful environment and she appeared very relaxed. “You’re all wet.”


         “Victoria is playing.” Nicholas explained. “She keeps pretending to be a wild pokegirl on the end of my line.”


         “Ah.” Elizabeth laughed. “I’m glad she’s happy, Master.”


         “What about you?” He asked. “When the admissions people told me that the Safari Zone was basically a massive public park, I was hoping everyone might be able to find a way to enjoy it.”


         Elizabeth dropped her eyes with a small smile. “I’ve met some other Nidorina, Master. We were having a good time until I realized they were treating me like... well, like a queen. They weren’t being my friends.” She looked back up at him. “I finally understand how everyone felt around me. I don’t like it.” Nicholas was surprised when he saw a dark blush spreading across her cheeks. “I want... I want friends, Master. Will they be my friends?”


         Nicholas raised an arm and wrapped it around her as Elizabeth fought back her tears. “You haven’t lost your chance, Elizabeth.” He said softly. “Talk to them. Be honest with them. You are wanted here.”


         Elizabeth’s body shook with a sob and she began wiping her wet eyes. “Th-Thank you, Master.” She sniffed one last time before pulling away. “I’ll go- I’ll go find Cassidy.”


         Nicholas chuckled. “Alright. I’ll probably be here if you need me.”


         Elizabeth nodded and tearfully ran off.


         Nicholas was gazing after her when he felt a tug on his line. “Hey hey, there you are.” He chuckled. “Heeeeere, dragon dragon drag-“


         Suddenly there was a massive tug and Nicholas instinctively tightened his grip on the fishing pole before it could be yanked out of his hands. There had never been a fish strong enough to pull him over, after all.


         But it wasn’t a fish on the other end of the line and Nicholas slammed into the water with a muffled shout. Bubbles whirled around him as he tried to get his bearings, the tug on the other end of the line never letting up.


         With a start he realized he had already been dragged a few feet underwater and began weighing his options. He should probably let go of the pole, because if he got pulled any further down he might not make it back to the surface. Hopefully it was Victoria on the other end and she’d bring it back. If not, well, it was just a fishing pole.


         Before he could let go he felt the pull begin to lessen and within a few seconds the line went slack. He stared into the depths but even with the clear water and midday sun he couldn’t see the other end of the line.


         With a shrug he began swimming towards the surface, not noticing the large shape that had appeared beneath him.


         Nicholas broke the surface with a gasp, looking around for the shore. He was maybe twenty feet away and kicked out, pole still clutched in one hand.


         He had made it a few feet when he felt the line slide up his leg. And then again, even though it should be trailing behind him.


         He slowed and gasped when he saw the shadow circling him. “Hey, Victoria, you’re funny. But cut it out!” He paled when he noticed the shape of the pokegirl swimming around him. That wasn’t Victoria.


         He barely managed to take a gulp of air when something grabbed his leg and yanked him back underwater. Nicholas whirled, casting about for whatever was hunting him.


         The girl was inches away and he jerked back with a few bubbles escaping from his mouth. The pokegirl grinned, her long, snake-like body twisting behind her to keep her close. “This yours?” She called, her voice muted by the water as she held up the lure stuck to her hand.


         Nicholas nodded and the girl got a bit closer. “I can’t get it off.” She smirked when Nicholas gestured at the surface. “You’re fine, tamer boy. What were you doing, throwing something like this around?”


         Nicholas shook his head, pointing at the lure and back at the surface again. The girl frowned. “What?”


         Nicholas felt his lungs start to ask for air and he glanced up, kicking twice towards the surface.


         He grunted when the girl grabbed him and held him down. “I asked you a question.”


         Nicholas made frantic motions at his mouth and finally the girl seemed to relent. He started to kick for the surface again before his eyes widened when she grabbed his head and pressed her lips to his.


A few bubbles escaped from her nose as she cleared the liquid from her mouth and Nicholas gasped when she forced her tongue past his lips. The girl carefully exhaled, breathing in time with him until Nicholas felt his lungs fill with reoxygenated air. When he stopped struggling the girl broke away and grinned at him.


         “Better?” She teased.


         Nicholas slowly nodded.


         “Then let’s get back to my question.” The girl waved the lure in his face. “How do I get this off?”


         Nicholas gingerly grabbed her hand and held it towards the surface. When the girl gave him a confused look he carefully blew a few bubbles over her hand and tugged at the line.


         The girl blinked. “Oh! It comes off in the air?”


         Nicholas made a relieved noise and nodded.


         “I’ve seen tamers trying to attract pokegirls here before, but they always use chase bait.” The girl grinned at him. “You must not be a great fisherman if you need to trap your targets.” Nicholas rolled his eyes and she giggled. “Still, you’re kind of cute.”


         A few bubbles escaped when he recoiled in surprise and the girl smiled. “I don’t have any more air to give you, and I’d hate for you to drown.”


         Nicholas gasped when she got under him and surged out of the water. In a matter of seconds he was rolling onto the bank with the girl sliding up behind him. She started pressing the water out of hair as he caught his breath.


         “I’m Kary.” The girl said. “What were you fishing for, sir? Looking for a keeper?” Nicholas let out a nervous chuckle when she slid up his legs and gave him a teasing smile. “Or just catch and release?”


         “I was playing with my Gyarados, actually.” Nicholas stammered. “Sorry to have, um... inconvenienced you.”


         Kary paused. “A Gyarados? So she was...”


         “Yea, not sure where she’s swam off to...”


         Nicholas caught his breath when he felt Kary move her body... tail? He’d never interacted with a serpentine pokegirl before, so he didn’t know where her body ended and the tail began. All he knew was that it was beginning to wrap around him.


         “I’m looking for a tamer, you see.” Kary murmured as she ran her hands down his chest. “Do you think you might want little old me?”


         “Little? You’re twelve feet long.” Nicholas laughed nervously.


         “Does that make you uncomfortable?” Kary gazed into his eyes sadly. “Is my body-?”


         “No, I never said that.” Nicholas quickly replied. “Um... I just didn’t come here expecting to add another pokegirl to my harem.”


         “Then why did you come here?” Kary asked. “I thought, after waiting for so long...”




         Nicholas glanced over to see Victoria leap out of the water. “Oh, Victoria! This, uh, we were just-“


         Victoria ignored him and grabbed Kary’s shoulder, pulling the girl back. Nicholas was about to yell for her to stop when Victoria leaned in and began whispering in Kary’s ear.


         He shook his head resignedly when the realization hit. “Kary, this is Victoria. I believe you’ve already met.”


         Victoria stopped whispering and gave him an embarrassed look. “Um, shh, Master. Pretend I’m not here.”


         Nicholas pretended to close his eyes.


         Kary slowly nodded as she listened. “Okay... Okay. Got it.”


         Nicholas waited to hear Victoria splash back into the water. “Can I open my eyes now?”


         “Uh huh.”


         When he did he could see Kary gazing at him in embarrassment. “Um, apparently begging like that is the wrong way to go.”


         Nicholas burst out laughing. “Is that what she told you? Oh, Victoria.” He looked out at the lake, knowing that the Gyarados was likely hiding just out of sight. “I love you, you silly woman.”


         “So, uh...”


         Nicholas struggled upright and pulled the drying lure off of Kary’s hand. “Want to start over?”


         Kary rapidly nodded. “Yes. Yes please.”


         “Hi. My name is Nicholas.”


         “I’m Kary.” Kary replied and let out a huge sigh. “I’m looking for a tamer.”


         “I have five pokegirls in my active harem.” Nicholas replied. “So I guess I’m looking for a pokegirl.”


         Kary nodded. “Okay.”






         They stared at each other for a minute before collapsing with laughter.


         “I think you’re pretty cute, too.” Nicholas chuckled. “And that move you pulled to steal a kiss wasn’t half bad.”


         Kary giggled nervously. “I was trying to come up with a way to say something like ‘Oh no, I can’t get free. You caught me.’ but you started drowning and I panicked.”


         Nicholas chuckled and patted her arm. “When you first pulled me down, you could have said ‘You should be careful what you fish for.’ and then led that into something about how I have no choice but to make you my pokegirl since I caught you.”


         Kary gaped at him. “Holy shit, that’s perfect. I was too busy trying to figure out why the lure was stuck to my hand to come up with a smooth line like that.” She settled back. “Got any more?”


         Nicholas tapped his chin. “One you would say, or are you asking me to say one.”


         Kary smiled nervously. “I want you to be honest with me.”


         Nicholas gazed at her. If Victoria had sent Kary in his direction, he’d trust the Gyarados’ judgment. It helped that the pokegirl in front of him was rather fetching.


         Now that she was ‘sitting’ upright he was able to see what was her body and what was her tail. She had about a nine foot tail, tipped with a set of dark blue orbs, and the color scheme continued from there with a blue stripe running the length of her entire body. He assumed it continued all the way up her back. Her chest, stomach, and underside of her tail was an off-white color, except for her nipples, which had a very slight pink tinge. He didn’t see a visible groin, which was a bit strange, but he ignored that to focus back on her chest and head.


         “You obviously embody the power of the sea,” he said softly, “with your glorious white hair and deep blue eyes more beautiful than any cresting wave could ever be.”


         Kary’s breath caught for a solid few seconds. Finally she choked, clutching at her chest and gasping for air. “Oh. My god.”


         “And before I hear you complain, I’ve said the same damn things to you, Victoria!” Nicholas yelled.


         He knew he heard her laugh and turned back to see Kary staring wide-eyed at him. “Is that good enough?”


         “You don’t actually think that.” Kary choked out. “Doyou?”


         Nicholas nodded. “I do. Is it true though? I’m going for the league challenge; I’m looking for pokegirls who want to fight with me.”


         Kary slammed her hands onto his shoulders. “I don’t care what you’re doing.” She growled. “I’m going with you.”


         Nicholas chuckled. “One compliment and you’ve decided?”


         “I talked with the Gyarados - Victoria - for a while.” Kary whispered. “She told me the fishing tamer was a strong, respectful man who valued his pokegirls.” Nicholas leaned back as her face got closer and closer to his. “You want me to fight? I’ll fight anyone in your way. I’ll fight anything. I’ll do nothing but fight, as long as it’s for you.”


         Nicholas felt his head hit the ground and he stared up at her crazed expression. “She must have said more than just that.”


         “She told the truth about you.” Kary replied. “Enough that I believe the rest.” She started to kiss him before shrinking back. “Oh. Um. Sorry, I didn’t ask... Will you be my Master?”


         Nicholas reached out to stroke where her ass should have been. “I will, Ka-“


         He didn’t get a chance to finish her name before she was smothering him with a kiss.


         When she finally came up for air he took hold of her arm. “We should do this somewhere more comfortable.”


         “We’re doing it here.” Kary replied, heaving back and throwing them both into the lake.


         Nicholas sighed to himself as he felt her wind around his legs. When their heads broke the surface he spoke. “How? I was looking at you before. Everything from your stomach to the tip of your tail is smooth skin.”


         “This is who I am.” Kary replied quietly. “A dragon, not yet able to fly. But I am still a dragon.”


         Nicholas frowned. “What does that mean?”


         “You have accepted me as I am.” Kary continued. “You were willing to love me as I am.” She smiled at him. “But I have my own tricks.”


         Nicholas blinked when he felt the tail around his legs get thinner. “What are you doing?”


         “Weakening myself.” Kary replied with a whisper. “For you. For us. So that we may be as one.”


         Nicholas felt something new wrap around his thighs and with a start he realized it was a pair of legs. “What!”


         Kary giggled and kissed him softly. “My secret.”


         Nicholas chuckled and kissed her back. “I see. So you have a second form, one more like Victoria.”


         “But unlike her, I do not have my strength while in it.” Kary murmured. “One day, I will grow my wings and fly. But today, I put all of my trust in you.” Her eyes burned with passion and determination. “All of it, Master, in you.”







         Dahlia was chatting with the rest of the harem when she heard Nicholas call. “Master! Have you seen-“ she stopped when she saw his disheveled appearance and the pokegirl clinging to his arm. “Victoria...? Who is that?”


         “Victoria’s here.” Nicholas offered, gesturing at where the Gyarados walked on his other side.


         “Yes, I can see that. Who is she?”


         “This is Kary.” Nicholas replied, gesturing between the two. “She’s a Dragonair. Kary, this is Dahlia, your Alpha.”


         Kary was back in her lamia form and she approached Dahlia before making a slight bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alpha.”


         “I take it from the way Victoria is grinning that she’s to blame for this?” Dahlia nodded when Victoria giggled. “Cool, thought so. Well we did need a sixth.”


         “Kary is, um, very enthusiastic about fighting.” Nicholas explained. “Of course, we’re not allowed to test that until we leave the Safari Zone.”


         “Then full introductions will wait for later.” Dahlia replied. “We think we’ve found the goal for that exploration contest the signs were advertising.”


         Nicholas clapped. “Nice! Didn’t the ticketing attendants say the reward for that is a powerful HM?”


         “They did, Master.” Dahlia replied happily. “Let’s get it!”


         As the harem laughed and began moving Dahlia drifted over to where Kary had started talking with the others.




         Kary turned and smiled when she saw Dahlia. “Alpha?”


         She let out a surprised squeak when Dahlia took her by the arms and kissed her lips. “Welcome to the harem.”







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

Active Harem:

         Dahlia, Venusaur – Level 32 (Alpha)

         Ashley, Pidgeot – Level 37

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 28

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 28

         Cassidy, Kadabra – Level 29

         Kary, Dragonair – Level 34

Inactive Harem:

         Galina, Marowak – Level 29

         Sasha, Ditto – Level 25

         Abigail, Snorlax – Level 30



Tamer:Michael Thieme


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

         Celadon City – Rainbow Badge

         Fuchsia City – Soul Badge


         Vanessa, Blastoise – Level 39

         Tamama, Exeggutor – Level 40

         Hannah, Primeape – Level 37

         Riana, Sandslash – Level 41

         Madeline, Fearow – Level 39