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Chapter 6

Train! Train! Train!



         “Hey, let me get that.” Nicholas called, trying to push past their bustling host. “There’s a dozen of us, it’s not right for you to…”


         “Nonsense! You are my guests, making tea is the least I can do.” Bill retorted, planting himself firmly between Nicholas and the stove. “You go and sit down with your friend and harem, and I will act as your host.”


         Nicholas tried one more time before giving up and wandering over to where the others sat.


         Michael was chuckling as he sat down. “You’re a good guy to try that but Bill’s more stubborn than you.”


         “Yea, I’ve figured.” Nicholas grumbled. “So, how long have you been up here?”


         “A few days. It’s a good thing I came along when I did, too. Bill had had a little… accident.”


         “Yes, quite embarrassing that was.” Bill breezed. “Still, it is a proof of concept towards furthering my research.” He turned, beginning to hand out cups. “Tea, everyone?”


         Nicholas accepted his with a word of thanks. “What kind of accident?”


         “I don’t think we need to talk about that.” Bill replied before Michael could speak. “In fact, I would be very happy forgetting that it ever happened to me.” He raised the kettle, pouring tea into the waiting cups. “Anyways, Nicholas, was it?”




         “Michael here has told me a bit about you. So, you’ve each entered the pokegirl league program, coming off of a few years of dedicated study.” He took a sip from his own cup. “Michael said he worked on pokegirl classification, namely rare, unique, or new breeds. What about you?”


         “Uh, biology.” Nicholas replied. “Evolution stuff, mostly. Nothing practical though – I can tell you what materials act as catalysts, or why, but I haven’t like, memorized every pokegirl evolution.”


         “Ha, I wouldn’t expect you to.” Bill replied. “That’s very interesting. As you each may know, I am a more technical professor. Matter conversion and energy research.” He nodded at a large machine nearby. “That’s my old prototype pokeball transporter, for instance.”


         Nicholas got up and began inspecting the device. “I can see how it became what we have today. Didn’t you say that you were also behind the pokegirl storage system?”


         Bill chuckled. “I was part of the research team that developed it, yes. An incredible piece of work, that. Though I am very glad that the government regulates licenses – it may be an incredible achievement, but it also has incredible potential for harm.”


         Nicholas frowned and looked back at him. “How’s that?”


         “You there, young lady, what’s your name?” Bill asked Michael’s Mankey.


         The girl blinked slowly. “Hannah.”


         “Hannah, what do you feel when you are inside of a pokeball?”


         Hannah frowned slightly. “I feel… relaxed, sir. Sometimes I can tell what’s going on but mostly it’s like being asleep.”


         “And what’s the longest time you’ve been inside a pokeball?”


         Nicholas and Michael exchanged a glance. Where was he going with this? But Hannah swallowed. “Almost a week, sir.”


         “I imagine that wasn’t very nice.”


         Hannah shook her head. “It wasn’t horrible, sir, but I would have rather had some time outside.”


         “As long as it is powered, a pokegirl storage unit will keep a pokegirl in that state indefinitely.” Michael jumped when Hannah made a sharp gasp. “Yes, and unlike a pokeball, there have been no examples yet of a pokegirl releasing herself from storage.”


         “Trapped.” Hannah choked. “Fo-forever?”


         “And that, Nicholas, is why I am glad that the government regulates storage.” Bill replied grimly. “Under the law every pokegirl must be materialized for at least twelve hours each week. Even that I feel is not enough, but it is more than nothing.”


         “Hey, it’s alright.” Michael soothed, holding onto Hannah. “I won’t do that to you.”


         “…you said that unlike a pokeball, pokegirls can’t release themselves from storage.” Nicholas said. “There are reports of that happening with pokeballs?”


         “Well, of course.” Bill said in surprise. “Pokeballs are not perfect capture devices, you should know that. A pokegirl can break the containment field if she is strong enough, or still has enough stamina to fight it. That’s why we have had to develop stronger and stronger versions of the pokeball, and even the strongest on the market doesn’t work every time.”


         “But once the girl is captured?”


         “A pokeball doesn’t suddenly become perfect when it’s registered to a pokegirl.” Bill chuckled. “And neither does that pokegirl suddenly become unable to fight the containment field. I haven’t met many pokegirls who intentionally release themselves from the pokeballs they’re registered to, but they do exist, just as pokegirls who are strong enough to completely destroy their pokeball exist.”


         “Wait, destroy their pokeball?” Nicholas asked.


         “We’re getting a bit off topic here, but yes. For instance, I once met a Pikachu who absolutely refused to let a pokeball hold her. It didn’t matter the strength of the field she was subjected to, she would always break free and destroy the ball in the process.”


         “Wow. Was she wild?”


         “Oh, no. She is very much a member of a harem.” Bill replied. “And terrifyingly powerful, at that. But again, sidetracked.”


         “Right, we were talking about… research.” Nicholas mumbled.


         “Yes, you work with evolutions, and Michael is a taxonomist.” Bill said. “You complement each other’s work quite well.”


         “And now we’re league tamers.” Michael replied, still cuddling Hannah. “We’re meant to battle for a job.”


         Nicholas heard something in his voice and turned. “That right?”


         Bill chuckled and put his tea down. “Michael, please. A friendly rivalry is one thing, but you are all enjoying peaceful time here. There’s no need to throw yourself at Nicholas just because he’s happened to come across your path.”


         “Actually, I think there is.” Michael replied. “I haven’t been able to beat him yet, and I intend to change that.”


         Bill sighed. “The cape is large enough for a nice battle.”


         “Sorry, Bill, but we’ve been itching for this rematch ever since we took on Brock.” Michael said. “Nick, you down for a match?”


         Nicholas glanced at his harem and shrugged. “Don’t think I have much of a choice.”


         “I intended to continue on our journey soon anyways.” Michael explained. “This is just a good way to get back into it.”


         “Is that so.” Bill looked around and grabbed something from one of the piles of paper. “In that case, take these.”


         Michael took one of the slips, Nicholas walking over to take his. “What is it?”


         “I get a lot of invitations as a ‘famous person’. These are a few of the few dozen tickets I received to the latest ‘Sail Around the Harbor’ cruise on the S.S. Anne.” He gestured at the tickets. “Two day, one night trip around Vermilion harbor. Sightsee, rest…” He shook his head. “And battle, probably. These things are always crawling with tamers.”


         “Really.” Michael looked at his with interest. “And you’re just giving them to us?”


         “They’re barely worth the paper they’re printed on in the first place. The cruises are first come, first served unless you have a ticket.”


         “So we could have just gone on if we were there before it filled up.” Nicholas said. “And with these, we don’t have to worry about being first.”


         “Exactly.” Bill turned away. “Now, I think you two were about to fight. I hope your journey is enjoyable; I’ll be here, continuing my research.”


         Nicholas watched Bill disappear into another room. “He doesn’t seem happy that we’re leaving.”


         “I think he’s a bit lonely.” Michael sighed. “I haven’t seen a pokegirl anywhere.”


         “She’s here, Master.” Vanessa whispered. “I think he just was happy to have some peers visit him.”


         “Oh. Well, we can’t stay forever.” Michael muttered awkwardly. “Alright, um, let’s do this, Nick.”


         “So what’s the plan?” Nicholas asked as the group moved onto the large grassy area in front of Bill’s house.


         “I was thinking four on four, with points.” Michael replied. “If we have a tie the winners would battle.”


         “So, you blind pick someone, I blind pick someone, and we continue until one of us has more points?”




         “Sounds interesting. Let’s do it.” Nicholas came to a halt, Victoria, Ashley, Elizabeth, and Dahlia spreading out behind him. “I’m warning you though, we’ve been training pretty hard.”


         Michael mirrored his position. “I can see that. You’ve got two new faces, and neither of them look like a pushover.”


         Elizabeth and Victoria grinned almost simultaneously.


         “I could say the same for you.” Nicholas replied. “Although I suppose I’ve seen Hannah before.”


         “Right, you were there when I caught her.” Michael glanced at the Mankey. “Still, you haven’t seen what she can do.”




         “Alright, Nick! Let’s get this started.” Michael fiddled with his belt before holding up a pokeball. “To avoid cheating, let’s pick the pokeball of the girl we’re sending in, instead of saying names or something.”


         “Eh, we could count down and shout at the same time.”


         Michael shrugged. “If you’d rather do that.”


         “Bill’s lecture about pokeball limbo has me a bit spooked.” Nicholas explained. “On the count of three, ready, one, two, three!”






         Ashley winged forwards, grinning at the nervous Rattata. “I’ll be gentle.”


         “Petunia, don’t let her scare you! Dodge her attack then use Hyper Fang!”


         Ashley’s grin vanished and she blitzed forwards, flicking her wings to send her spiraling around the panicking Rattata. After a moment she came to a halt and fired a Gust attack.


         Petunia yelped and flipped away, Ashley frowning when her attack sailed wide. “You’re fast.”


         Petunia landed and zipped forwards, jumping at the Pidgeotto before Ashley could react. “Sorry! I’m sorry!” She was yelling as her jaws popped open and she sunk her incisors into Ashley’s leg.


         Ashley screamed and fell to the ground, energy spewing from where Petunia doggedly held on. Ashley wrenched herself away, smacking Petunia with a kick on the backswing that sent the small girl tumbling away.


         “The fuck was that!” Ashley cried, trying and failing to stand on her bitten leg. “That hurts like hell!”


         “Petunia, keep moving, don’t let her hit you!”


         “Ashley, get in the air!” Nicholas yelled.


         Ashley tried to climb but Petunia didn’t let her. Every time the Pidgeotto rose more than a foot off the ground the Rattata dashed in to drive her back down. Finally Ashley gave up, perching on one leg. “You haven’t used that bite again.” She growled. “Why. Everything else you do tickles.”


         “Everyone’s getting stronger and stronger and it’s taking everything I have to keep up.” Petunia called miserably. “Why? Why are you so strong?”


         Ashley’s eyes narrowed and Petunia screamed when the Pidgeotto suddenly flew forwards, slamming into her and sending both pokegirls to the ground in a flurry of wings and claws.


         Both tamers watched nervously until the fighting ceased. Eventually Ashley popped her head up, blood dripping from the numerous scratches she had sustained. “Um, she’s down.”


         Michael recalled Petunia while Ashley staggered upright and began hopping back towards Nicholas. Before she made it too far Nicholas recalled her as well. “Is that a point for me?”


         “It is.” Michael replied. “I’m proud of you, Petunia.” He whispered at the pokeball. “You fought well.”


         “Alright, next?” Nicholas called.


         “Three, two, one!” Michael yelled back.






         Nicholas grinned when the Sandshrew stepped forwards. “I was hoping you’d pick her or Vanessa.”


         Michael smiled slightly. “And I was hoping you’d pick Dahlia.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Huh?”


         “Riana. Dig.”


         “Dahlia, she should be weak to your-“ Nicholas stopped when the Sandshrew disappeared underground in a spray of dirt. “...what?”


         Michael laughed. “Can’t hit what you can’t reach.”


         Dahlia looked around nervously. “Master, I can... I can feel her tunneling.”


         “Keep... keep moving?” Nicholas replied uncertainly. “Maybe get ready to snare her when she emerges?”


         Michael’s eyes glinted. “Sorry, Nick, but I’ve trained her specifically to fight Dahlia. Dahlia might get a good hit in and win, but if we never give her the chance, it doesn’t matter.”


         Nicholas swallowed. “Dahlia, run!”


         Dahlia stumbled forwards, looking about uncertainly at the featureless grass. “Where?”


         “I don’t-“


         Dahlia screamed when the ground beneath her feet erupted, Riana surging from the hole and battering her body. Dahlia managed to uncurl her vines and attack, but the Sandshrew easily blocked the strike before focusing power into her claws and ripping them into the Bulbasaur’s torso.


         Dahlia gasped, one hand fluttering towards the massive wounds across her sternum. Nicholas fumbled with her pokeball and triggered the recall as her body spasmed and blood dribbled down her chin.


         Riana walked back to her Master’s side. After a moment Michael spoke. “I believe that’s a point for me.”


         Nicholas felt his breathing grow heavy, anger threatening to cloud his judgment. That hadn’t even been a fight.


         With a start he realized that this must be how the tamers he had destroyed felt. He’d even called them weak, laughing about them with his pokegirls. He didn’t think Dahlia was weak, and yet she had been taken apart in the same way.


         “Ready for the next one?” Michael called.


         Nicholas was starting to speak when Elizabeth shoved past him. “Ashley had a good fight.” She planted her feet and glared at Michael. “My sister did not.”


         I wasn’t aware you held her that highly, Nicholas thought. Or is it just that you see Ashley only as a rival?


         Michael stared at the Nidoqueen. “Nick, on three?”


         “I think my choice has already been made.” Nicholas noted.


         Michael frowned. “This lets me choose a favorable matchup.”


         “I don’t care who you believe can beat me.” Elizabeth growled. “Bring it on!”


         “Vanessa.” Michael called. “Show her what you can do.”


         Nicholas watched the turtle girl step forwards. She was different than the last time he’d seen her and he took a moment to scan her with his pokedex.


         “She’s a Wartortle now. I see.” He sighed. “Elizabeth, remember when Victoria hit you with that Water Gun?”


         Elizabeth glanced back at the watching Gyarados. “Yea?”


         “She’ll do worse.”


         Elizabeth grimaced. “What can I do, Master?”


         “I don’t know.” Nicholas replied. “After this battle, we’re all going to find ways to counter our weaknesses. I haven’t focused enough on that kind of training.”


         “I should be able to take a few hits.” Elizabeth muttered. “Maybe I can hit her harder?”


         “It’s your call.”


         Vanessa came to a stop. “It hurt to see Dahlia like that.” She said quietly. “I’m glad to know she has found friends... sisters who care about her like I do.”


         Elizabeth scowled at the Wartortle. “Who are you?”


         “Her friend.” Vanessa replied. Her voice rose as both pokegirls braced for combat. “But that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.”


         Vanessa crouched when Elizabeth charged at her. Right before the Nidoqueen could throw her strike Vanessa spun, the large shell that now covered her entire back side meeting Elizabeth’s spikes. Elizabeth howled in pain, staggering back and pulling at the shattered shards that had been driven into her arm.


         Vanessa continued her turn, her stance lowered greatly so that even her arms and legs sat within the area her shell covered, and her cheeks bulged in preparation to fire an attack.


         Elizabeth managed to shake the tips of her broken spikes free before diving to the side, avoiding the torrential jet of water that shot through the space she had been occupying moments earlier. Next to Nicholas Victoria ducked, letting the water fly over her head.


         Elizabeth stumbled but managed to stay upright as she turned, charging back at Vanessa with a roar. The Wartortle braced and Elizabeth went for her regular kicks before she focused, energy gathering in her foot until she whipped forward with a howl.


         But the technique had taken a few seconds to charge, and to Vanessa that was more than enough time to prepare. As Elizabeth’s Mega Kick whistled towards her the Wartortle calmly sidestepped before popping her jaw open and lunging straight at Elizabeth’s chest.


Elizabeth staggered, her face going white when she felt Vanessa’s teeth sink into the softer scales around her breasts. Her mind flashed to Victoria’s teeth crunching through her shoulder and she came to a halt, grabbing Vanessa in an attempt to keep her from doing any more damage. “H-hold on, now-“


         Vanessa snorted with laughter and Elizabeth screamed when the Wartortle tore her head back. Thankfully her teeth slipped free before she could take a bite out of Elizabeth’s flesh, but the spurting wound that she left was hardly any better.


         Elizabeth pressed her hand against the bite and did her best to slow the bleeding. She noted angrily that the Wartortle’s teeth had sliced right through one of her many scars, scars that she kept to remind her of situations just like this one. “HOW DARE YOU!”


         Vanessa made a face, running her tongue around her bloody mouth. “Yech. You taste horrible.”


         Victoria snickered but Elizabeth purpled, screaming her fury and lowering her head so her horn was aimed directly at the Wartortle’s chest.


         Vanessa watched her begin to charge and shook her head. “Look after Dahlia for me.”


         Elizabeth was halfway to her target when the deluge of water enveloped her. Nicholas was forced to jump to the side as it blasted past and after a few seconds Vanessa let off the attack to reveal a heavily wounded, unmoving Elizabeth in the dirt.


         Vanessa coughed, spitting a few times before shuddering. “Oh, that’s why she tasted so bad.”


         Nicholas recalled Elizabeth, watching Vanessa retreat and be handed an antidote. “You’ve come a long way since I last saw you in Pallet Town, Vanessa.”


         Vanessa turned to him. “Thank you, master Nicholas.”


         “I don’t know if even Dahlia would be able to break your defenses, not with how you manipulate your shell.”


         Michael held out a hand to forestall any more conversation. “Looks like it’s come down to our last girls, Nick. And even though yours looks terrifying, I think she’ll meet her match in Hannah.”


         “I know very well that the gentle ones can be just as vicious in battle as the angry ones.” Nicholas replied. “But you haven’t seen Victoria at all. I’ve seen Hannah briefly.”


         “You’ve seen nothing.” Michael retorted. “Hannah is my strongest Pokegirl.”


         That got Nicholas’ attention. “You can say that for sure?”




         Nicholas glanced at Victoria. “Well, that’s a bit of an issue, considering I think all four of you are evenly matched.” He muttered.


         Victoria’s eyes narrowed as she watched the Mankey nervously hop around. “I disagree, Master. I think it’s an opportunity.”


         Nicholas smiled when she strode forwards, her tail proudly swishing along behind her. “Michael! Human friend of my Master.”


         Michael looked at her in surprise. “Eh?”


         “For a long time, I was nothing.” Victoria said. “Weak. Beyond hope. Master Nicholas has helped me to become something incredible, and I intend to show you what that is.” Her eyes pierced into the watching gazes of Riana and Vanessa. “You have insulted my sisters with your strength. Allow me to show you the true power of my Master!”


         “A bit overly dramatic, don’t you think?” Nicholas called with a chuckle. “This is a friendly bout.”


         “No, Master.” Victoria replied. “Have you not seen it in their attacks? This is real. They fight for their pride just as we do.”


         Nicholas paused and looked over at Michael and his harem. Come to think of it, the last time he had seen Vanessa she was spunky, but not this... intense. And even Petunia, though she had lost, had seemed to be fighting beyond her own strength.


         “Victoria, I leave this to you.” He called. “Show them the power you’ve worked so hard to attain.”


         “Yes, Master.” Victoria replied.


         Hannah had gone unnaturally still during the exchange and now that Victoria was ready she spoke. “May we begin?”


         Victoria growled, her blood red eyes zeroing in Hannah. “We may.”


         Hannah stepped forwards and Victoria screamed, her fangs gleaming as she reared back and roared a defiant challenge at the Mankey. Hannah’s face paled slightly when Victoria’s bloodlust washed over her but she still ran forwards, energy collecting around her body. When she got close she struck, bouncing two chops off of Victoria’s scales before desperately throwing herself back to avoid a lunging bite.


         Victoria’s teeth snapped together from the miss and she hissed.


         Hannah ended her retreat with a flip, landing and gesturing at Victoria. “Come on, big girl.”


         Victoria’s tail lashed but instead of charging she focused, feeling the pressure in her mouth build until she pursed her lips and sent a burst of water at the Mankey.


         Hannah rolled out of the way of the first attack but the second burst caught her shoulder, spinning her across the ground. Eventually she caught herself and snarled, staying low to avoid the next Water Gun and dashing towards Victoria on all fours.


         Victoria let her strikes land, the Gyarados’ increased bulk allowing her to shrug off the damage and retaliate. Hannah cried out as Victoria’s arms and legs pummeled her body, staggering back and deflecting Victoria when she went for another Bite.


         Surprisingly, Victoria didn’t press her advantage, leaving Hannah to catch her breath. The two pokegirls gazed at each other for a few seconds before Victoria lunged forwards again. Hannah easily dodged her gnashing jaws and popped a kick into her side, sighing when Victoria barely even flinched.


         They traded blows for a minute more, but the explosiveness was gone. Every hit had weight behind it with no technique.


         Both tamers were staring at their pokegirls when each straightened. “Hannah, what’s wrong?” Michael called first.


         “To continue would insult your power.” Hannah bowed to Victoria. “I hope a day will come when we may fight again.”


         With a start Nicholas noticed how heavily Victoria was breathing, and after he looked closer he could see Hannah’s shirt straining as her lungs desperately searched for oxygen. The two pokegirls weren’t letting it show, but they were exhausted.


         Victoria gazed back and after a moment bobbed her head. “And I recognize your power.” She rumbled, both watching pokegirls not missing when her eyes glanced their way. “The day will come.”


         Michael started whispering to Hannah when the Mankey returned to his side and Nicholas did the same when Victoria walked back.


         “What went wrong?”


         Victoria was staring into the distance when she replied. “I’m sorry, Master.” She shook her head ruefully. “I’ve been saying that a lot, haven’t I?” She turned to give him a smile. “Before I evolved and after.”


         “I don’t think anything you’ve apologized for has actually been an issue yet.” Nicholas replied. “What is it this time?”


         Victoria’s eyes fell and she smiled to herself. “I didn’t win.”


         “We won’t always win.” Nicholas replied gently. “What went wrong this time?”


         Victoria glanced over to where Hannah was standing with Michael. “She was just too strong, Master. I couldn’t bite her, and nothing else I did was strong enough.”


         “But you didn’t lose, either.” Nicholas replied. “This wasn’t like when I called off the battle between Elizabeth and Ashley. You both went all out, and neither of you could find a way to come out on top.”


         Victoria was still staring at Hannah when she replied. “I suppose that’s right, Master.” She smiled. “It’s very strange, feeling these emotions. I’m so used to fear. Despair. But I look at her and feel only excitement.” Her lips curled into a ferocious grin. “We must train, Master. I will only accept a victory the next time we fight.”


         Michael shrugged and turned away from Hannah. “NICK! How are we supposed to score that? Hannah backed down first.”


         “We have a tie.”


         Michael sighed. “Yea, I guess so. Alright, winner’s bracket, Va-“


         “No, not the match.” Nicholas interrupted. “That fight.”


         Michael blinked. “So…”


         “You win.” Nicholas said. “2.5 to 1.5.”


         Michael slowly began to grin. “We win?”


         “I told you that I didn’t have to beat her, Master.” Nicholas heard Hannah mutter.


         Michael managed to compose himself. “Hrm! Nicholas, good match.” He couldn’t help but start grinning again immediately. “So, we actually…?”


         “We’re tied in overall matches now.” Nicholas replied. “One each.”


         Michael nodded, recalling Hannah and Vanessa but leaving Riana at his side. “Maybe, but I won’t be satisfied until I’ve beaten you in an unlimited battle.”


         “Keep dreaming.” Nicholas retorted but grinned back. “Where you heading next?”


         “I thought we could check out this cruise thing.” Michael waved his ticket in the air. “What about you? Want to come along?”


         Nicholas pondered the offer. “Travelling together, you mean?”




         “Yea that might be fun.” Nicholas jabbed a finger over his shoulder. “Back to Cerulean first? We should get our girls healed, and I caught a new girl right before we ran into each other. I want to get to know her right away.”


         Michael chortled. “Yea, get to know her? I know what that means.” He began walking, Nicholas catching up a moment later. “So, what have you been up to…?”







         “Did you see all the police outside?”


         Nicholas sipped his drink. “Someone blew up a house yesterday.”


         Michael blanched. “What?”


         “Yea, on my way out of the city I heard a boom.” Nicholas set his cup down. “Say, when you came across the bridge, did you run into anyone… odd?”


         Michael snorted. “The asshole stopped you too?”


         “Victoria ran him off, but yes.”


         “It’s kind of worrying, Nick.” Michael sighed. “This ‘Team Rocket’ seems to be just a normal part of life in this region. It scares me.”


         “How do you think it happened?”


         “Hell if I know.” Michael replied. “The same way anything happens, I guess. Those in power let it happen.”


         “I can’t imagine the league would just… let a bunch of criminals run around.”


         Michael raised his own cup and mumbled something into it.


         Nicholas blinked. “What?”


         “I said, unless they’re in on it.”


         The two sat in silence for a few minutes before Nicholas stood. “Gym Leaders are an important part of the league government. Right?”




         “I may have only seen Brock so far, but he didn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d tolerate a bunch of criminals like Team Rocket.” Nicholas shook his head. “Until I’m shown otherwise, I’ll assume that these people are exactly what they seem to be. An organized gang that operates in Kanto.”


         “Hopefully you’re right.” Michael leaned back. “Where are you going?”


         “I’ll see you at the east gate in a bit. I need to meet my new pokegirl.”


         The other man waved as Nicholas left.


         The NurseJoy on duty smiled when he walked into the Pokecenter. “Good afternoon, sir. How may I assist you today?”


         “I have a wild pokegirl that I need to tame.” Nicholas pulled out the Abra’s pokeball. “The problem is, she’s an Abra. I’m pretty sure she’ll just teleport the instant I release her.”


         The NurseJoy nodded. “It is a common issue with that breed, sir. Luckily, wild Abra can only teleport to locations that they can see. If you used one of our interior rooms, she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.”


         “Oh, that’s handy.” Nicholas glanced at the pokeball he held. “Why is that limited to wild ones only? Because the teleports are by instinct?”


         “That’s right, sir.”


         “Excellent.” Nicholas handed her the pokeball. “Just to be safe and so she doesn’t turn my brain into soup, would you mind putting her through a level 2 cycle?”


         The NurseJoy chuckled. “Of course, sir.”


         Once the cycle was done Nicholas headed towards the room the NurseJoy directed him to. Stepping inside, he took a few moments to familiarize himself with the amenities before turning and locking the door behind him.


         He hesitated with his hand on the doorknob for a few moments before turning back to the room. He actually felt a little… uneasy, trapping her in like this. It didn’t make sense – the other three pokegirls he’d caught were trapped in their own way, but…


         Well, not exactly. Elizabeth had been released in the open after her capture. Ashley as well. Victoria hadn’t even been wild, and Dahlia had voluntarily gone with him.


         He played absently with the ball. He felt uneasy because this girl literally ran away when he tried to capture her. She hadn’t fought him and been taken in battle, she had been trying to avoid him and he’d chased her down.


         But she was wild. She’d be thankful that he brought her back, right? No pokegirl would want to be mindless…


         After a minute he tossed the ball onto the nearby bed and turned to unlock the door. If she had been feral, he needed to at least take a small precaution. If not, he wasn’t going to have their first interaction take place in a locked room.


         He took a few more minutes figuring out the best way to keep himself from looking threatening and eventually settled on a chair at the wall opposite the door, pushing a few of the other pieces of furniture in the room up against the bed so that it wasn’t instantly accessible. Finally he sat, picking up the pokeball and triggering the release.


         The Abra materialized and slumped down, still fast asleep. Nicholas stared at her slumbering form for a minute before clearing his throat. “A-hem. Hello?”


         The girl made no response and Nicholas shifted uneasily. He had no way of gauging her behavior, so he had no way to know if she was feral or not. If she was, once the shock from the taming cycle wore off he’d have a powerful psychic-type feral trapped in a room with him. That was far from ideal.


         If she wasn’t, he didn’t want to rudely wake her up, especially as their first meeting.


         Self-preservation won out and he bent over to grab her shoulder. “Hey.”


         The girl twitched when he shook her a bit and slowly her eyes opened. “hullo?”


         Nicholas breathed a sigh of relief. Ability to speak coherently, that was a good sign she wasn’t feral. “Hi, sorry to wake you.”


         The girl took an agonizingly long time to sit up, her eyes still bleary. “Hello?” She mumbled again before breaking into a massive yawn.


         Nicholas flipped open his pokedex and checked the Abra entry. “Again, I’m really sorry to have woken you up, but I’m your new tamer. Figured you might want to meet me.”


         The girl stared at him for what seemed like forever. “Tamer.” She finally said. “I’m tired, Master. What time is it?”


         “Uh, mid-afternoon. Around three, I think?”


         “Then why am I tired.” The girl muttered, rubbing at her eyes. “I always wake up by noon.”


         “Well, I caught you. You were going wild.”


         The girl continued rubbing. “Obviously, Master. That does not explain why I would forsake my routine.”


         Nicholas was surprised to hear the crisp tone from such a small girl. “Well, um, when a pokegirl goes wild-“


         “I am well aware of what happens when I, or any other pokegirl, loses human contact for an extended time.” The girl snapped. “What I do not understand is how I could so easily abandon my own routine. I do not care if I was feral before you found me, there is no excuse for such failure!”


         Nicholas just stared at her. “Um…”


         “Whatever. I will simply have to work to be better.” She straightened. “Master, what is your name?”




         “Master Nicholas, thank you for claiming me. It was horribly boring to be without purpose, simply existing in the world.”


         “I’m-“ Nicholas stopped. The girl stared at him as his face slowly furled into a scowl. “Hold on.”


         The Abra cocked her head. “Yes, Master?”


         “That’s a little too convenient.”


         The Abra blinked. “What is, Master?”


         “You just happen to feel the exact way I hoped you would?” Nicholas growled. “Or maybe you’re choosing your words because you’re in my head.”


         The Abra’s face was unreadable. Eventually she shrugged. “I appear to have been found by a smart Master. Very well; apologies for the intrusion, Master. I am not happy that I went wild at all, but I truly am thankful that you have brought me back. It is something I would not have been able to do on my own.”


         “Fine.” Nicholas grumbled. “Would you like to go back to sleep?”


         “No, Master. In fact I would be happy if I evolved very soon so I no longer have to recharge for so long.” The Abra made a face. “Losing half of the time I could be spending bettering myself is not pleasurable.”


         “Err… Alright. In that case, what would you like to do?”


         The girl had turned away slightly and at his question she glanced back. “That is a silly question, Master. What would you like to do right now?”


         Nicholas opened his mouth to respond but his words died when the Abra turned fully to face him. She wasn’t as small as Ashley had been when he had first met her, but it was close. Five foot and change, perky breasts… Something about her was incredibly alluring as he ran his eyes over her golden skin and returned, finally, to her face.


         The Abra blinked, the catlike ears on her head popping out from her white hair for the first time. “Is that right, Master?”


         “Well,” Nicholas replied, “yes. But can you stop reading my thoughts? It’s a little unsettling.”


         “It’s not something I can just stop, Master. I can stop reacting to them, if you’d like.”


         “No, no. I’ll deal with it.” Nicholas shook his head. “If it’s part of who you are, that’s all there is to it.”


         The Abra remained silent for a while before finally speaking. “While I can’t seem to stay out of your head, Master, I believe I can tune your thoughts out. If you wish, I will do the same with the other… with any harem sisters I may have.”


         Nicholas smiled slightly. “You already know who they are, so you don’t have to pretend. And if it’s too much trouble for you, forget it. I’ll get used to it eventually.”


         The girl shook her head. “It matters to you, Master, so I will do my best.”


         “Thank you.” Nicholas sighed. “Do you have a name?”


         “I do, Master, but I do not believe you will like it.”


         “Already learned that much about me, huh?” Nicholas grumbled. “What is it.”


         “Well… Cassidy, Master.”


         Nicholas scratched his head. “Why would you think I don’t like that name? What in my head led to that conclusion?”


         For the first time Cassidy looked uncertain. “Well…”


         “I think it’s a beautiful name. Do you like it?”


         Cassidy dipped her gaze as a blush began to spread across her cheeks. “It’s not that I didn’t think you wouldn’t like it, Master, it’s that… Well, as a pokegirl… Tamers will usually change a pokegirl’s name as a matter of principle, Master.”


         “Stupid practice.” Nicholas replied casually. “I think Cassidy is a perfect name for you as long as you feel the same.”


         Cassidy nodded and looked back up at him. “I do, Master. Thank you.”


         “Then in that case,” Nicholas said, “it’s a pleasure to meet you, Cassidy.” He reached forwards, teasing the tip of her ear before beginning to gently rub them between his fingers. “Is this alright?”


         Cassidy was speechless, her legs trembling as Nicholas continued stimulating her sensitive ears. Eventually she managed to speak. “Y-yes M-M-M-“


         “Did you know that I find you quite alluring?” Nicholas murmured, moving forwards and sweeping her up in his arms. “Isn’t that incredible?”


         Her analytical mind had shut down when she’d given in to the stimulation and so Cassidy could only reached up to embrace him. “Yesh.” She muttered drunkenly, her eyes staring into his. “Mashterrr…”


         Nicholas cocked an eyebrow but continued carrying her to the bed. “Well that’s interesting. I hope I didn’t break anything.”


         Cassidy giggled when he set her down, her fingers clutching at whatever part of him they could reach. “Mashterr… Mashterrr… Nee-co-lass.”


         “Maybe this will do the trick.” Nicholas teased as his pants fell to the ground.


         A moment later Cassidy gasped, her eyes snapping back into focus “Master-!”


         “Thought it might.” He laughed.







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Dahlia, Ivysaur – Level 20

         Ashley, Pidgeotto – Level 20

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 20

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 21

         Cassidy, Abra – Level 14







         “Yo!” Michael grinned when he saw Nicholas walking up. “I win.”


         Nicholas frowned but his confusion cleared when Vanessa snorted and bucked her Master’s shoulder. “Fine, Master. I’ll do it.”


         “Were you betting on me?”


         “Vanessa thought you’d be here half an hour ago.” Michael replied smugly. “I knew better, of course.”


         “Yes, Master.” Vanessa grumbled. “Is this your new pokegirl, master Nicholas?”


         Nicholas glanced over at Cassidy. “She is.”


         “I’ve noticed your pokegirls enjoy being nude, sir.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Oh. Oops, I hadn’t…” He turned to Cassidy. “I’m so sorry, I forgot to ask if you wanted some clothing.”


         Cassidy stirred. “Do you have an extra t-shirt, Master?”


         Nicholas pulled off his pack and dug around until he found one. “Yea, here, but…”


         Cassidy took it from him and slipped it over her head. With their height difference the shirt made it all the way below her groin. “No thank you, Master.”


         Nicholas looked confused but still turned to continue talking with Michael. “Anyway…”


         Vanessa smiled slightly when as soon as Nicholas looked away Cassidy brought the neck of the shirt up and buried her nose in the fabric.


         “Yea, the gate is locked down by the police.” Michael was explaining. “I saw the house you were talking about, too. It’s bad, Nick. Looked like half a wall was just gone.”


         “Think they’ll let us out of the city?”


         “Hopefully.” Michael replied. “Alright, Vanessa, let’s go. Nick, you’re sure there’s nothing else around here you need?”


         Nicholas shook his head. “You’ve reminded me about clothing, but if Cassidy is fine the only other thing I need is a new swimsuit for Victoria. I’ll probably have more luck finding that in Vermilion.”


         “Cool! Let’s move.” The four set out towards the eastern side of the city.


         As they approached the makeshift guard post a police officer stepped forwards. “Sirs, please stop right there.” When they did he continued. “I need some identification and a reason for travel today.”


         “Here you are.” The tamers handed over their cards. “We’re headed down to Vermilion.”


         The officer checked their ID and handed them back. “Thank you, gentlemen. If you see any suspicious characters, please report them directly to the police.”


         The two nodded, walking out of the city.


         “South, right?” Nicholas asked.


         “Yea. We’ll pass through Saffron City first, then make it to Vermilion.” Michael pointed at where towering skyscrapers sat in the distance. “That’s Saffron, there.”


         It took the rest of the day but finally the four were standing outside Saffron City’s outskirts. Nicholas stared at the checkpoint. “Remember when you hoped I was right about Team Rocket being just a regular gang?”


         Michael sighed. “Lots of security. I can guess why.”


         The guard inside sat up when they entered. “Hold! I’m sorry, gentlemen, but all traffic is closed for the time being. You’re going to have to turn around and go back where you came.”


         Nicholas stared at the man. “You’re kidding me. We can’t get into Saffron?”


         “I’m afraid not.”


         “Why?” Michael asked.


         The guard shrugged. “Just following orders, sir.”


         “Look, we’re just trying to get to Vermilion.” Nicholas explained. “Can’t you just, I don’t know, escort us through or something?”


         “If you’re trying to get to Vermilion, take the underground pass.” The guard retorted. “Entrance is just outside. The city is closed. Good day.”


         Nicholas was winding up to continue arguing when he saw Michael walking out. “Mike?”


         “Let’s just go, Nick.” Michael replied.


         Nicholas exploded once the doors had shut behind them. “Closing an entire city? What bullshit is this! What if there’s a gym in that city? Are we supposed to just never challenge it? Never make it to the end of our challenge because someone has decided they don’t want visitors? Fuck!”


         “We’ll worry about that if we need to.” Michael replied. “Didn’t you hear the guard? There’s an underground pass.” He looked around before pointing at a nearby building. “There, that’s probably the entrance.”


         They walked over and Nicholas pulled the door open to reveal a well-lit flight of stairs heading into the ground. “Guess so.”


         “Hopefully no wild pokegirls down there.” Michael noted. “Want to make camp and head through in the morning?”


         “I kind of want to…” Nicholas trailed off when he saw Cassidy yawning. “Yea, let’s do that. We’ll get to Vermilion tomorrow.”







         Both humans pulled up when they saw what waited for them. “Wow.”


         The S.S. Anne dominated their vision, the small fishing town of Vermilion laid out to either side of the main road so as not to block the cruise ship. Nicholas slowly looked around. Pokecenter, market, he could see that, but otherwise it seemed like the town only existed for the port.


         “That’s it, huh?” Michael whistled. “Think they’re boarding yet?”


         “Hopefully.” Nicholas replied. “The cruise starts today, right?”


         “That’s what the tickets said. Today is one of the departure dates.”


         “Let’s head on over, then.”


         They were almost to the docks when something caught Nicholas’ eye and he looked over to see a large building hidden behind a row of trees. “Hey, Mike.”


         Michael looked over. “Yea?”


         “Is that a Gym?”


         Michael frowned. “It looks like one, doesn’t it? But how are you supposed to get to it?” He glanced down at the water. “…swim?”


         “Maybe.” Nicholas replied doubtfully. “Whatever.”


         The sailor at the end of the dock waved when they got close. “Morning, gentlemen. Here for the harbor cruise?”


         “Yea, we’ve got tickets.” Nicholas replied, both holding up their slips.


         The man nodded and stepped aside. “Then welcome aboard the S.S. Anne.”







         “Cassidy, teleport left!”


         Cassidy vanished right as the Tentacool she was fighting could wrap her tentacles around the Abra. The jellyfish girl whirled, bringing the appendages back before whimpering when she saw Dahlia charging towards her.


         The sailor cursed when his Tentacool flew backwards. “Nice sub! Sandy didn’t have any time to react.”


         “I was hoping Cassidy could take her, but I guess she can’t yet.” Nicholas replied good-naturedly. “Thanks for the practice.”

         “Sure, man! Enjoy the rest of the cruise.” The sailor recalled his pokegirl and ran off towards one of the healing stations.


         “I thought we were done carrying people with Victoria.” Dahlia teased.


         Cassidy yawned. “’m just tired.”


         “Sure you are.” Dahlia chuckled. “Master, is there anything special going on today?”


         “This is it, I think.” Nicholas laughed. “So let’s make the most of it!” His eyes lit up when he saw another sailor walking around with the wristband denoting them as a tamer. “HEY!”







         The battles had come fast and heavy all through the night, even as Nicholas and his harem had tried to make it back to their assigned cabin. They’d even had to fend off a tamer as they opened their door!


         But apparently, the chaos had left all of the tamers on board in a similar state. Tired, maybe even relaxed. Nicholas took a deep breath of the sea air, gazing over the rolling waves with a small smile. Today, the second and final day of the cruise, he was sharing the front deck with a handful of other relaxing people. There were pokegirls out, but nobody seemed willing to be the first one to break the peace.


         It was… nice.


         “Master Nicholas!” Nicholas turned and grinned at the girl running towards him. “Master, Elizabeth is eating too much at the breakfast buffet! She’s going to-“


         “Oh, come here.” Nicholas chortled, sweeping Dahlia under his arm and pulling her to the rail. “What’s this about Elizabeth?”


         “She’s stuffing herself and nobody can get her to stop!”


         Nicholas chuckled. “And you really think I could?”


         Dahlia blinked. “But, if she eats too much, she’ll get sick.”


         “We’re on a boat.” Nicholas laughed. “She’ll get more than sick, she’s going to get completely seasick and it will be hilarious.”


         Dahlia’s mouth popped into an o. “What do you mean?”


         “I mean you might want to get back there so you’re in time to laugh.” Nicholas teased. “Just don’t stand too close.”


         “But, shouldn’t we stop her?”


         “It’s Elizabeth.” Nicholas remarked. “You’ve already tried. Enjoy the show.”


         Dahlia pondered for a moment before shaking her head and snuggling closer under his arm. “No, I think I’ll stay here instead.”


         “I don’t blame you.” Nicholas watched movement in the water around the boat, a number of pokegirls flashing through the waves. “How’s Cassidy?”


         “Fast asleep.” Dahlia replied. “As expected. She seemed very grumpy last night.”


         “She says she’s tired of, well, being tired.” Nicholas replied. “I hope she evolves soon. She seems very willing to fight, she just can barely do anything except in short bursts.”


         “There’s so many of us here now.” Dahlia whispered and Nicholas felt her squeeze his arm. “So much has changed since I walked out of Professor Oak’s lab with you.”


         “But one thing has stayed the same.” Nicholas replied firmly.


         “What’s that?” Dahlia asked, her voice barely above a whisper.


         “I know I can count on the beautiful Dahlia at my side.”


         Dahlia shivered. “Thank you, Master.”


         They stood by the rail until shouting began to emanate from below deck.


         “I think that’s Ashley.” Nicholas chuckled. “Who did you leave Elizabeth with?”


         “The others.” Dahlia giggled. “Should we see what’s going on?”


         “Oh, I’m sure I know.” Nicholas replied. “But sure, let’s go laugh at the carnage.”


         Dahlia wormed her fingers into his hand as they turned. “Thank you for leading us, Master.” She murmured. “We’ll go all the way to the top.” She turned to him with a fire in her eyes. “I promise you.”


         Nicholas bent down to kiss her. “Thank you, Dahlia.” He glanced up when Ashley’s shouts turned panicked. “Uh oh. Time to go.”


         The two hurried down towards the mess, Dahlia’s hand still firmly within his own.







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Dahlia, Ivysaur – Level 23

         Ashley, Pidgeotto – Level 22

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 21

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 21

         Cassidy, Abra – Level 15



Tamer:Michael Thieme


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Vanessa, Wartortle – Level 25

         Petunia, Raticate – Level 22

         Hannah, Mankey – Level 24

         Riana, Sandshrew – Level 20