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Chapter 4

Team Rocket



         Ashley finally managed to blow the latest Geodude away and groaned. “Master…”


         Nicholas wiped his brow. “I know.”


         The tunnel they had found just would not stop. It kept going down, down, far under the mountain and Ashley was far from comfortable in the confined spaces. She didn’t fight well like this, not with how her wings and arms were one and the same. She couldn’t easily use them to make attacks in close quarters - unlike the flying-type Nicholas had seen outside of Viridian Forest. And it was awkward for her to use her feet, as well.


         But Victoria was doing well. There was that upside, the Magikarp finally getting to the point where she and Ashley were almost fighting together.


         “I really, really want to evolve, Master,” Ashley groaned, “but I can’t fight like this. They’re all rock-types, and I can barely move, and…”


         “I’ll have Elizabeth bring us out of the tunnels, alright?” Nicholas asked. “Once we’re in a large cave again you can take back over.”


         Ashley nodded in relief and Nicholas made the switch.


         Elizabeth looked around. “Eugh. Bit tight in here, don’t you think?”


         ‘That’s why you’re up.” Nicholas pointed down the tunnel. “Ashley could barely fight.”


         “Got it.” Elizabeth glanced at Victoria. “How about you, Victoria? Holding up alright?”


         The Magikarp nodded. “I’m getting there, I think.”


         Elizabeth hmmed. “You still sound scared. That’s fine, I’m sure once you find your confidence you’ll be a great fighter.”


         Victoria blushed when the Nidorina moved off. “Is it that obvious?” She mumbled.


         Nicholas smiled and walked up to pat her shoulder. “I thought you’re doing well.”


         Victoria shivered. “But I am still afraid, Master. I’ve never been able to fight. Ever. Just because I’m learning now, doesn’t mean… I’m still weak, aren’t I?”


         “For now, you are.” Nicholas agreed. “But I think you can change that. Don’t you?”


         Victoria hesitated before nodding. “I do, Master.”


         “Attagirl.” Nicholas patted her again. “Now let’s catch up to Liz.”


         The Nidorina was waiting for them at a bend in the tunnel. “I heard voices. Actual voices, not some wild pokegirls.”


         “Probably the police.” Nicholas mused and began to push forwards.


         Elizabeth grabbed his arm. “And what if it isn’t.”


         Nicholas paused. “Huh.”


         “Master… Is this safe?”


         Nicholas took a deep breath, glancing between the two worried pokegirls. “As long as I’ve got you two, it should be fine, right? Even Victoria would be able to fend off any human. Right?”


         “Maybe, Master, but…” Victoria swallowed. “Won’t they have pokegirls too?”


         “Let’s be very, very careful.” Nicholas whispered back.


         The three edged down the tunnel until Nicholas could see the natural glow begin to be overtaken by artificial light. Slowly they peeked into an opening.


         Nicholas sighed in relief. The talking group of men and women were wearing blue uniforms. “Hello! I’m a tamer!”


         One of the officers whirled, a hand drifting towards his belt before he relaxed. “You there, come over here and present some identification.”


         “I’m Nicholas Topolski.” Nicholas called back, pulling out his I.D. and holding it towards the officer. “I’m just trying to get to Cerulean.”


         The man scanned the card before handing it back. “It’s a bit dangerous down here, Nicholas. We’ve been chasing Team Rocket through the mountain. They’re doing something, and we haven’t been able to figure out quite what.”


         Nicholas frowned. “Team Rocket?”


         “Never heard of them?”


         “I’m not from Kanto originally.” Nicholas explained.


         “Ah, that’d be why, then. Team Rocket is a organized crime syndicate that operates in the region.” The officer shook his head. “They’re the organized crime syndicate. Nothing happens in Kanto without them having at least knowledge of it. It’s a major problem.”


         Nicholas nodded. “It sounds like it.”


         “Regardless, it’s not your problem.” The officer chuckled. “You’re on your way to Cerulean to challenge Misty. The way through is clearly marked, follow the signs and you’ll be fine.” He waved. “We’ve managed to corner Rocket down some of the side passageways, so you should be safe. Good luck!”


         “You too.” Nicholas replied.


         Elizabeth punched him when they had gotten out of sight of the police. “Master, were you really eyeing their pokegirls?”


         Nicholas chuckled. “I appreciate a woman in a tight uniform.”


         Elizabeth glared at him. “Master.


         “Oh, calm down. They’re taken.” He glanced at her. “Or are you mad because you’re seeing me appreciate something that’s the exact opposite of your nudity?”


         Elizabeth’s face worked for a few seconds before she settled into a neutral grimace. “Let’s go, Master.”


         “Why are you teasing her, Master?” Victoria asked quietly.


         “She has some sort of obsession with clothes, or the lack thereof. That’s why.” Nicholas chuckled. “I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to get you out of yours. Maybe she just hasn’t had a chance.”


         Victoria shook her head.


         “Whatever, let’s keep going.” Nicholas said.


         The open areas persisted for long enough that Nicholas swapped Ashley back in, the Pidgey happily fighting the wild pokegirls in an environment that allowed her to move.


         “Hey, someone’s up ahead.” Nicholas called brightly. “Wonder if they came from the other side and can tell us how much farther to go.”


         The resting man jumped when Nicholas called a greeting and he turned in a panic. “Oh, shit!”


         Nicholas stopped with a frown. “Hi? Is something wrong?”


         “You won’t take me!” The man cried, fumbling with some pokeballs before releasing something. “Get them!”


         Nicholas shouted and dove to the ground when the pokegirl flew towards him. “ASHLEY!”


         The Pidgey quickly dove in, grappling with the levitating girl until she could finally throw her off. “Master?”


         “The hell are you doing, dude!” Nicholas screamed. “If you wanted a battle you should have just asked!”


         The other man froze. “Wait, you’re not a cop?”


         “No, why the FUCK would you attack a-“ Nicholas was shouting before the realization hit. “Oh god you’re part of Team Rocket.”


         The man began nervously retreating. “No, I’m really not…”


         “ASHLEY! DROP HIS GIRL AND GET HIM TOO!” Nicholas roared, grabbing at his other pokeballs.


         The man ran and Nicholas released Dahlia. “Bind him!”


         Dahlia stared at him in surprise. “Master? Attack a- attack a human?”


         “He’s part of Team Rocket!”


         “But still, Master…” Dahlia hesitated. “Attacking a human… I can’t do that! Don’t you remember the guy outside Pewter? If you tell me to attack him, then…”


         Nicholas grimaced. She was right, but… If the grunt got back to his backup, they were screwed. He might have to be worried about breaking the law, but Team Rocket probably used pokegirls to hurt people all the time. They wouldn’t care.


         “Ashley, knock out that… whatever she is!” Nicholas yelled, watching the Pidgey fight the strange pokegirl. “We’re running!”


         Ashley hissed when the pokegirl blew a purple mist into her face and a moment later began to cough. “Ack! That smells horrible!”


         The girl burst into laughter which quickly turned into a scream when Ashley managed to finally get a good hit in and knock the levitating girl to the floor where she lay, stunned.


         “Are you alright?” Nicholas hurried over, watching in a panic when Ashley began crying and clutching at her throat. “Ashley!”


         “It burns.” Ashley moaned, her breath beginning to come in desperate gasps. “It hurts!”


         “Hold on.” Nicholas dug through his bag, frowning when he noticed how low they were on medical supplies. “Here, drink this.”


         Ashley gulped down the vial, eventually breathing in relief and letting go of her throat. “Thank you, Master.”


         “Alright, now we need to go-“ Nicholas nearly screamed in frustration when Ashley’s body exploded with light. Yes, hooray, she was evolving but NOW WAS NOT A GOOD TIME!


         “You know what, we don’t have time for this.” Nicholas snapped, recalling the evolving Pidgey and turning to Victoria. “I need an honest answer, right now. Can you run, and can you at least fight wild pokegirls.”


         Victoria’s face drained of color. “I-I-I-“


         “Come on, Victoria! It’s you or Dahlia, and Dahlia is exhausted from all the Geodude we ran into!”


         Victoria’s expression flickered and she took a deep breath. “Yes. Yes, Master, I can do it!” She glanced at where Elizabeth had materialized and was watching them and did her best to put on a brave face. “I can do it!”


         Elizabeth grinned at the Magikarp. “That’s the spirit, girl. Master! What’s the plan?”


         “We need to move faster than that guy.” Nicholas hurriedly explained. “We might need to fight, too, if there are any more of them between here and the exit.”


         Elizabeth nodded grimly. “Understood.”


         The three dashed through the cave, Nicholas doing his best to direct them away from any possible wild pokegirls, but a few still managed to surprise them. Nicholas pulled up with a shout when the ceiling in front of him came alive, a Zubat dropping with an excited cry.


         “MASTER!” Elizabeth roared, digging in to stop her momentum and turn around, but Victoria was already at his side. The Zubat squealed in pain when the Magikarp launched herself forwards, slamming into the bat pokegirl and falling to the ground in a jumble of wings and flailing fists. After a moment Victoria popped back up wearing a surprised expression. “Um, sh-she’s down, Master?”


         Nicholas pulled her to her feet as he ran past. “Yea she is! See, you can do it!”


         Victoria continued to run beside him, her mind racing. She had felt… good. The Zubat had fought back and she had been able to take the few hits before actually knocking the wild pokegirl out! She felt nothing like she had her whole life. Weak? No! Useless? NO! She had finally found a Master and he hadn’t thrown her away like all the others had, he had helped her, believed in her!


         It was subtle, but as she ran and as her confidence began to grow Victoria’s posture straightened, her head coming up and her eyes burning with determination.


         Nicholas swore when another Zubat appeared from nowhere. “Liz-“ He stopped and watched Victoria storm past him. The Magikarp actually ducked the Zubat’s first bite, her fists flying up and smacking the Zubat back.


         Elizabeth slowed, watching the Magikarp fight. Eventually she slid back towards Nicholas. “Master?”


         “Looks like Victoria has found her poise.” Nicholas replied, watching with a smile when the Magikarp managed to chase the Zubat off. “It’s hard to imagine that just a few days ago she was a hopeless crybaby.”


         Victoria turned back to him with a determined look. “I’ve got you, Master.”


         “You do.” Nicholas grinned.


         They continued moving through the cave, Victoria fighting off a handful of pokegirls while Elizabeth handled the bulk.


         “Hey, something’s up ahead.” Elizabeth hissed, dropping back to where Nicholas and Victoria walked. “Take a look, Master.”


         Nicholas peered into the gloom. There was a lot of movement around some rocks ahead of them and he frowned. “I don’t like it. Too many people.”


         “So what do we do?”


         “I don’t know. That’s the way out.” He shrank back when he heard shouting from nearby. “Hide!”


         The grunt from before came sprinting into view. “GET EVERYTHING PACKED!”


         One of the working figures straightened. “What’s the big deal, mate? The cops are searching the decoy, we’ve got time.”


         “No, no, they sent someone down this way!” The grunt gasped. “You haven’t seen anyone strange, right?”


         “’course not.”


         “I made it before they did, then.” The grunt gasped. “You’ve gotta get stuff moving right now!”


         “Fine, we’ll start packing up.” The man gestured. “Jeffrey, Nathan, grab your loads and we’ll get to the hiding spot.” He turned to the grunt. “Get back to your post!”




         “I SAID GET BACK!” The man roared.


         Nicholas watched as the group began to disperse. “No way.”


         “What is it, Master?” Victoria asked.


         “They’re leaving.” He watched as two of the figures hefted large boxes and followed a third. “I don’t know what they’ve got but they’re taking it with them.”


         “Do we wait?” Elizabeth asked.


         “Let’s see what happens.” Nicholas muttered.


         The group moved quickly and Nicholas slid forwards when there were only a few figures left. “Okay, let’s go. Quietly.”


         He only saw one uniformed man digging through the pile of stones as he approached. He wasn’t paying any attention but a pokegirl nearby noticed Nicholas sneaking by. “Master, there’s someone here.”


         The man glanced up. “Huh? Hello?”


         “I’m just going to Cerulean.” Nicholas called, holding his hands slightly in the air. “Don’t mind me.”


         “Just going to Cerulean?” The man grinned and stood to reveal his uniform. “Don’t know how you managed to wander down here buddy, but you’re not going anywhere. At least not with your pokegirls.”


         Nicholas grimaced. “Look, I don’t want any trouble…”


         “Too bad, because we’re Team Rocket! Prepare for trouble!” He triggered a pokeball. “Hand over your pokegirls or prepare to fight!”


         “Shit.” Nicholas growled when another pokegirl joined the first and both began to advance. “Elizabeth, Victoria, we’re leaving!”


         “GET THEM!”


         Victoria squealed, trying and failing to avoid the Rattata that jumped her. Elizabeth fared slightly better, fending off the advancing snake pokegirl before hissing when her opponent managed to sink her fangs into her arm.


         Elizabeth took a solid hit. Victoria is struggling. These enemies have some skill!


         Nicholas swallowed and began shouting orders. “Liz, spikes! Don’t let her grab you for free! Victoria, keep avoiding her until she makes a mistake!”


         “A mistake? Hahahaha!” The Rattata hounding Victoria gloated. “What kind of a mistake can I make against a weak little-“

         Her words were cut off when Victoria shouted, pivoting around the lunging pokegirl and delivering a massive strike to her face.


         The Rattata squealed in pain, cracking to the ground and clutching her jaw. “BIFVH!”


         “Can’t let her show me up.” Elizabeth growled, pounding the snake girl until she felt the coils around her tense.


         “ELIZABETH!” Nicholas screamed when the enemy pokegirl wound up and sent Elizabeth crashing into the pile of loot.


         Elizabeth felt the air expelled from her lungs as she hit and without even checking she knew she had cracked a few ribs.


         “VICTORIA!” Nicholas screamed again, watching the diminutive girl get tossed about like nothing. “H-HANG IN THERE!”


         “Just walk away.” The Rocket grunt gloated. “If you try to recall them, my pokegirls will just take the pokeballs from your corpse.”


         Elizabeth moaned, the sparks of pain radiating from her chest flaring every time she tried to move. They were getting so bad she could see sparks running across her vision.


         She gasped when one of the sparks of light zipped past her eyes and sank into her shoulder. She had felt that.


         She shifted again and another flurry of sparks burst from around her before sinking into her body. As she tried to understand what might be happening she felt the pile of rock she had impacted begin to heat up.


         “Victoria! J-just retreat!” Nicholas felt for his other pokeballs. Ashley had just evolved, so she’d either be the burst of power they needed… or she’d be an ungainly mistake. He stared desperately at Victoria, watching the Magikarp fall back. Elizabeth had taken her hit and hadn’t moved since. He wouldn’t be surprised if she was unconscious.


         The heat against Elizabeth’s back was growing, but somehow it wasn’t painful. It was almost like… The heat was entering her, suffusing her with strength again. She felt her aches wash away and slowly began to stand, surprised when her ribs didn’t protest. Her chest felt heavier, but that was it.


         “Last chance, tamer.” The grunt gloated. “Walk away now and you’ll live to regret it.”


         Vitoria gave him a desperate look but Nicholas didn’t know what he could do or say. He was going to lose them.


         The action froze when a guttural growl sounded through the cave. A hulking form raised itself off the ground, its eyes glinting in the low light.


         “What the- girls! Turn around!” The Rattata and snake pokegirl whirled at their Master’s yell. “Take care of whatever that is!”


         Nicholas’ eyes were drawn to the sparking pile of rubble the form stood over. “…Elizabeth?”


         Elizabeth roared, lowering her head and charging at the snake. The pokegirl screamed when she was bodily lifted off the ground and launched at the cave wall, her coils slapping against the solid rock with a loud crack. The Rattata leapt forwards, her fangs scraping against Elizabeth’s new scales before she, too, was swatted away and crashed to the ground.


         “Go, go, VICTORIA, GO!” Nicholas roared, shoving the Magikarp before breaking into a run of his own.


         He could hear angry shouting coming from behind them and willed himself to move faster, glancing back every few seconds to make sure Victoria and Elizabeth were keeping up.


         “Master!” Victoria screamed and Nicholas brought his head back to his path just in time to see a canvas tent rapidly approaching.  With a curse he stumbled around it, barely managing to keep his balance. Victoria followed but Elizabeth had no time to slow down and she plowed straight through the flimsy material.


         “What the- HEY!” A man in a lab coat shot to his feet nearby. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE-“


         “Sorry!” Nicholas yelled, grimacing at the crashing sounds from whatever Elizabeth had just run over. “SORRY!”


         “MY SAMPLES!” The scientist screamed, but the trio had already sprinted past.


         “There, I see sunlight!” Nicholas gasped, pointing at a few drifting beams of light. “Come on!”


         They burst into the open, Nicholas falling to the grassy earth and sucking huge breathes of air in an effort to feed his starving lungs. Victoria did the same, the Magikarp gulping air beside him.


         Elizabeth stood next to them, her eyes staring back into the mountain. “They’ll still chase us, Master. We can’t rest yet.”


         “I need a moment.” Nicholas wheezed back. “What happened to you?”


         Elizabeth looked at him in confusion. “What? Has something happened to me, Master?”


         Nicholas bit back his response and looked around instead. “There! Buildings. Let’s get to that city.”


         “What’s happened to me, Master?” Elizabeth repeated as they began to move again.


         “You’re right, we need to get to safety first.” Nicholas replied, recalling Victoria and leaning on Elizabeth for support. “Just go.”


         Elizabeth nodded, helping him stagger down the road.







Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Dahlia, Ivysaur – Level 17

         Ashley, Pidgeotto – Level 18

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 19

         Victoria, Magikarp – Level 18







         Elizabeth materialized and immediately repeated her question. “What’s happened to me, Master?”


         Nicholas sighed and sat back against a nearby tree. He had rushed immediately to the Cerulean pokecenter, healing all of his pokegirls before finding the local police station and making a report. That had tied him up for hours, making statements, providing descriptions, all of it. He was tired.


         “I can’t believe you haven’t noticed.”


         “Noticed what!”


         “Take a fucking look at yourself, Liz!” Nicholas yelled.


         Elizabeth blinked at the anger in his voice and slowly lifted her arms to look at them. “Um…”


         Nicholas closed his eyes wearily. “I’m sorry. You don’t deserve that.”


         Elizabeth was too busy staring at the light blue scales that now covered her limbs. “…what happened to me?”


         “You evolved. Again.” Nicholas opened his eyes to look at her. “You’re a Nidoqueen now.”


         Elizabeth stared at him in shock. And rightfully so, he thought, considering how much she had changed. Her entire body was covered in the scales except for her face, breasts, and groin, where they faded into what looked like lighter scales and skin. The short horn on her forehead had grown at least a few inches and was now joined by a shorter set that sat on top of her skull. But that wasn’t the biggest change. She had grown. She was nearly taller than him now, around six foot, and her tits had grown to match – easily an entire cup size from before, maybe two.


         “E-evolved? How?” She whispered.


         “Team Rocket must have been mining Moon Stones.” Nicholas explained. “That was what you got knocked into, and it just so happens a Moon Stone is what you needed to evolve.”


         “That’s…” She trailed off.




         She sniffed and Nicholas frowned when the tears began to drip down her cheeks. “I didn’t… didn’t expect you to be so, so right.”




         “I lost, but I’m stronger.”


         Nicholas’ brow furrowed and it took him a while before he realized what she was trying to say. “Oh, um… You mean what I was talking about a few days ago? How you’d be stronger whether you win or lose?” He chuckled at her nod. “This isn’t exactly what I meant by that, but I guess it works.”


         “Then… then what did you mean, Master?” Elizabeth asked. “I still don’t understand.”


         “You look awkward standing over there.” Nicholas smiled and held out his arms. “C’mere.”


         Elizabeth cuddled up against him, taking care not to prick him with her horn. “What does it mean?”


         “You’re still thinking of it as literal strength.” Nicholas explained gently. “But let’s say there are two pokegirls. One of them is afraid of the dark, and the other isn’t, because she’s learned that the dark itself can’t hurt her. Follow me so far?”


         “I guess so.”


         “I’d say that the second pokegirl is stronger, even if the two were identical in every other way, because she’s overcome her fear. She doesn’t let it control her. She’s stronger than that fear.”


         Elizabeth kept quiet for a bit. “I was so worried about being strongest. Being called the strongest.”




         “I… was afraid of being weak.”


         Nicholas only nodded.


         “Am I not afraid of that anymore?”


         “That’s something only you can know, Elizabeth.” Nicholas replied. “I hope you will be one day, but the only one who will be able to tell if that’s happened will be you.”


         Elizabeth shifted, pressing her chest more firmly against him. “I don’t think I’m scared of that anymore. Not when I’m with Master.”


         Nicholas chuckled and ruffled her hair. “It’s a start.”


         Elizabeth nodded slightly.


         “I’d love to sit like this all day, but I need to check on Ashley as well.”


         “Ashley?” Elizabeth pouted. “Why?”


         “She evolved during the chaos as well, remember?” He grinned at her pouty face. “Yes, that’s right. I’m worried about your rival when you’re curled up in my lap.”


         Elizabeth growled softly and tried to get even closer to him. “You’re mean, Master.”


         “I’m not making you move quite yet.” Nicholas teased. “I’ll let her see you there first.”


         Elizabeth’s pout broke into a smile. “Thank you, Master.”


         “Uh-huh.” He chuckled and triggered the release.


         Ashley materialized and immediately began scanning the area. Seeing that they were out of the caves she whirled towards Nicholas. “Mas-“ She froze when she saw the girl in his lap. “Umm…”


         “Elizabeth evolved again.”


         Ashley peered closer at the Nidoqueen. “Ah, I see.” Her eyes flashed for a moment before she got ahold of herself. “I see we made it out, Master.”


         “And you evolved, which is wonderful!” Nicholas cried. “Looks like a similar evolution that the others got as their first, you’re a bit taller, a bit… bigger…”


         Ashley glanced down at her body, moving her wings a bit to get a feel for them. “Something’s different though, Master.”


         Nicholas glanced up at the shock of red hair that sprouted from her dirty blonde. “Well, you did grow some new hair.” He nearly choked when Ashley’s wing shot towards her groin. “ON YOUR HEAD! YOUR HEAD!”


         Ashley stopped and moved her other wing to feel her hair. “Oh. I thought I was going to have to start shaving.” She blinked. “Well, shave more.”


         Nicholas covered his face with his hands. “For crying out loud.”


         Ashley shot him a grin and lowered her wings. “I think I figured out what’s different, Master.”


         “Yea?” Nicholas called, his voice muffled.


         Ashley spread her wings, turning them so that he could see her arms. “Look.”


         He ran his eyes down the length, stopping when he got about two thirds of the way down. “Hey, the feathers grew.”


         “More than that, Master.” Ashley moved her fingers. “Look. My hands aren’t part of my wings anymore.”


         Nicholas watched the feathers stay perfectly still as she made a fist. “So they aren’t. I wonder if the next time you evolve, they’ll separate completely?” He blinked. “Actually, I know they will. I saw a bird pokegirl with both arms and wings back outside Pewter.”


         Ashley gasped excitedly. “I’ll be able to fly, and use my arms at the same time?”


         “Eventually, I think so.” Nicholas cocked an eyebrow. “What would you need to use your arms for while flying?”


         Ashley jumped. “Well, um… to… hold… …things.”


         “Like what?”


         “Like… holding something… against my chest, and… front…” A deep blush was spreading down her face and disappearing into the new plumage that crossed her collarbone. “Instead of against my back.”


         Nicholas looked mystified until Elizabeth spoke up. “She wants to fuck you in midair.”


         “Liz!” Ashley squealed before burying her face in her wings.


         Nicholas couldn’t help but start laughing at the sight. “Ashley, are you serious?” When she didn’t respond he gently pushed Elizabeth to make room. “C’mere you horny bird.”


         Elizabeth spared the Pidgeotto a withering glance when she dove into the spot Nicholas had created for her. “Easy, girl. Don’t break him.”


         Ashley cooed as Nicholas nibbled her ear. “She would never.” He smiled. “I’m so thankful we got out of there unscathed. I came so close to losing you.”


         Elizabeth was shifting uncomfortably from her new spot. “Um, yea.”


         Nicholas looked over at her. “You alright?”


         “I think I sat on something.” Elizabeth grumbled, worming her fingers down her leg. “OW!”


         Nicholas blinked when she held up a wicked looking claw. “What the hell is that?”


         “I don’t know.” Elizabeth replied with just as much surprise. “It was stuck in my leg.”


         “It’s not one of yours, right?”


         “No, it’s not.” Elizabeth held the claw up against the tip of her finger. “It’s smaller. And it looks like stone?”


         “Hmm. Give it here?” Nicholas inspected the claw. “It’s interesting, that’s for sure. Want me to hold onto it for you?”


         “Sure, Master.” Elizabeth rubbed at the sore spot. “Are we doing anything else today?”


         “No way. We need rest.” Nicholas replied.


         Elizabeth shared a glance with Ashley. “Well then, Master,” she purred, sliding towards him, “won’t you help us learn about our new bodies?”







         Nicholas opened his eyes and surveyed the scene around him. Naked women everywhere, all the result of yet another full harem orgy. He groaned and rubbed at his eyes as he tried to wake up. Twice in one week. He wasn’t sure if he could keep up with them at this point.


         Victoria stirred, raising her head and blinking blearily at him. “Master?”


         “Good morning, Victoria.” Nicholas got up and walked to the window of their hotel room. After the stress of Mt. Moon, he had decided having a real night’s sleep would do them good. “Tell me, do you like the clothes you have?”


         Victoria frowned to herself. “Not really, Master. They’re itchy and…”


         “All you had to say was no.” Nicholas interrupted. “Ashley wants something so I was going to take her shopping today. Want to tag along?”


         “Um… Sure, Master.”


         “You’re going shopping?” Dahlia sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Can I come too?”


         “Clothes shopping. Haven’t you decided that you’re going nude?”


         “mmm. Then get me some new panties.” Dahlia yawned and turned back over.


         Nicholas stared at her slumbering form. “…huh?”


         “Maybe she’s just going to go topless, Master.” Ashley remarked, stepping into the bedroom with a piece of toast in her hand. “I cooked a light breakfast if you’re hungry.”


         “I was wondering where you’d gone.” Nicholas replied, padding over and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Alright, we’ll eat and get moving.”


         An hour later the three were walking through the Cerulean City shopping district. Nicholas saw signs for all sorts of shops, advertising bicycles, armor, even a well-fortified weapon emporium. But right now they were interested in clothing.


         They checked out three outlets before Victoria found what she was looking for.


         “Really? In here?” Nicholas scratched his head as he looked up at the sign. “This is a sports store.”


         “I’m sure, Master.” Victoria pushed inside and looked around nervously. “Because if it’s a sports store, it should… have…”


         Nicholas watched her head straight for a swimwear section. “Ah.”


         She was sorting through the various swimsuits when he and Ashley caught up and she immediately turned to show him one. “What do you think?”


         Nicholas took the one-piece and held it up. “I didn’t know this was your style.” He shrugged and handed it back. “Then again, the only clothes I’ve seen you in were the ones that salesman stuck you in.”


         Victoria nodded. “Yea.”


         “But this style, black and silver? I never thought you’d be that kind of girl.”


         Victoria stared at the black swimsuit, her fingers rubbing along the silver accents. “I like it.”


         “And that’s all that matters.” Nicholas smiled when she looked up at him. “Victoria, I’m sure you’ll look stunning in anything you wear.”


         Victoria dropped her eyes back to the clothing. “Thank you.”


         “You’re welcome.”


         They paid for the suit and a few others Victoria wanted, the Magikarp keeping silent as they left. She remained quiet until Ashley found a clothing store she liked and went inside.




         Nicholas looked back at the Magikarp. “Yea?”


         “I’ve… never gotten a chance to say this before now.” She looked up at him. “I’m so, so thankful that you bought me. I feel like I’m living in a dream, like I’m… You make me feel like I’m worth something. Anything.”


         Nicholas kneeled down to be closer to her height. “Victoria, I might be supporting you, but I’m not making you worth something. You are. Nobody in this world decides your value except for you.”


         Victoria’s eyes filled with tears and she angrily wiped them away. “That’s what I mean.” She sniffed. “I would never have thought I was worth anything if you hadn’t told me I was wrong.”


         Nicholas smiled and kissed her nose. “I guess I’ll take credit for that one, then.”


         Victoria reached out when he started to pull back, bringing him into a real kiss. “You should.” She smiled shyly. “Master.”


         “I think I hear Ashley yelling in there.” Nicholas chuckled, standing and holding out his hand. “Ready to join her?”


         Victoria took his hand and they walked inside.


         “THERE YOU ARE!” Ashley screeched. “Master, I need your opinion. Wrap, or tie?”


         Nicholas looked at the selection of clothing that had been laid out. “What’s the difference?”


         “Wrap, I do this.” Ashley grabbed a wide strap of cloth and fastened it over her breasts. “This kind of style, where it’s just my upper chest covered.”


         Nicholas nodded. “Alright?”


         “Tie, I do this.” Ashley draped something over her head, grabbing the ties and pulling them around her waist. “My chest and stomach is covered, but only on the front.”


         Nicholas frowned. “Hmm. What do you feel more comfortable in?”


         “Whichever one you want me in.”


         “Probably a wrap, then.” Nicholas mused. “The tie style makes it look like you’re wearing an apron. Or pajamas.”


         Ashley nodded and took off the clothing. “I think so too, Master. Thanks!”


         Nicholas watched her begin browsing the shelves. “Oh, right. I need to buy Dahlia some underwear.”


         “I think that’s over here, Master.” Victoria noted, pulling him through the store. “Do you think she’d like these…?”







         Dahlia stared at the piece of clothing in her hands. “Um… This is what you got me?”


         Nicholas could hardly keep a straight face and could see both Victoria and Ashley losing it in the background. “What? You never specified what kind of panties you wanted.”


         The Ivysaur slowly held up the g-string. “THIS IS WHAT YOU GOT ME?!”


         The pure shock in her voice finally broke him and Nicholas collapsed with laughter, almost crashing into the table as he did. “HAHAHAHA! I- I guess you should have come with us if you wanted to choose!”


         The tiny bottom didn’t even have enough weight to fly right, so when Dahlia tried to fling it at him it just pathetically spun to the floor. “MASTER!”


         Nicholas was lost in his mirth so Ashley spoke for him. “Dahlia, we- ha- didn’t buy just that.” She pointed at a half-hidden bag. “Check in there.”


         Dahlia shot her a disgruntled look and stomped over, rifling through the bag for a moment before she sighed. “That’s better.”


         Nicholas watched her pull out the dark green panties. “Yea?”


         “I guess I should say thank you, Master.” Dahlia grumbled, sliding the silk up her legs. “They’re nice.”


         I couldn’t resist a bit of a joke, Dahlia.” Nicholas chuckled. “I’ll return that thing later.”


         “…No, that’s alright.” Dahlia snagged the g-string off the ground. “Um, I’ll keep it. As a backup.”


         “Oh will you.” Nicholas teased.


         Victoria composed herself as he got off the ground. “So where to next, Master?”


         “Where indeed.” Nicholas chuckled. “Well, there’s a gym in town. We could always just charge in without preparation, like we did in Pewter.”


         The girls exchanged looks. “I think we should probably not do that, Master.” Ashley replied. “Even though Liz is a lot stronger now.”


         The Nidoqueen shot Ashley a look. “My name is Elizabeth.”


         Ashley returned her glare with a bland look of her own. “Yea. Liz.”


         Elizabeth growled. “That’s not my name. It’s Elizabeth.”


         “You said Liz was fine, so I’m using it. Liz.”


         “That’s enough.” Nicholas interrupted when Elizabeth shot to her feet. “Elizabeth, you did tell us that if we had to we could shorten your name to Liz.”


         Elizabeth stared at the Pidgeotto. “She’s called me nothing but Liz since she fucking evolved.”


         “Are you saying you don’t want to be called Liz anymore?”


         Elizabeth’s mouth broke into a snarl. “No. I’m saying she will call me by my full name.” Her eyes burned. “You will.


         “Hmm.” Ashley smiled at Elizabeth. “And what if I don’t?”


         “I will make you.”


         “Ooh, scary.” Ashley giggled and turned away. “Well as long as you’re not changing your mind…”


         “I said Liz could be my nickname.” Elizabeth hissed. “That’s it.”


         “If~ You~ Say~ So~” Ashley sing-songed.


         Nicholas shook his head slightly when Elizabeth began moving towards where Ashley stood. “Ashley, I don’t think that’s a fight you can win right now.”


         Ashley glanced at Elizabeth. “I wasn’t aware I was fighting anyone. Liz.”


         Elizabeth roared and a hand blurred out but Ashley easily deflected her strike. “Master, weren’t you just saying we need to train?” She asked as she dodged away from another lunge. “There are things I feel like I need to practice now that I’ve evolved. How about doing that? Now?”


         “Elizabeth.” The Nidoqueen slowed at his voice. “Alright, Ashley. Both of you, we’re heading outside.”


         Victoria hung back, sidling up next to Dahlia. “What’s with them?” She asked curiously.


         “I’m not… really sure.” Dahlia replied. “I mean, I know that Ashley is competitive. She was a very territorial wild pokegirl and it’s easy to see how that translated into her competitive streak.” She frowned. “Elizabeth is a strong pokegirl, and acts like one, so I guess Ashley sees her as a natural rival.”


         Victoria looked at the back of the Ivysaur’s head. “You talk about them like you’re not the same.”


         She couldn’t see when Dahlia’s lips twitched into a smile. “Oh I’m not, really. I’m too gentle to be like them.”


         Victoria stared at her suspiciously. “If that’s true, why did Master make you a part of the harem?”


         “Ooh, there they go!” Dahlia cried, hustling away from the Magikarp.


         Victoria’s eyes narrowed and she gave chase.


         Nicholas followed Ashley and Elizabeth back down the western road, catching up to them a few hundred yards out of town.


         “Master, please let me fight alone.” Elizabeth immediately asked. “Don’t say anything.”


         “Same here, Master.” Ashley continued. “Please just watch.”


         Nicholas glanced back when Dahlia and Victoria caught up. “Alright, girls. Show me what you can do.”


         Ashley flapped her wings, shooting away from Elizabeth. The Nidoqueen watched her for a moment before sprinting forwards, her hands reaching to either grapple or just strike the Pidgeotto.


         Ashley quickly took more space before flapping, hard, and shooting into the air to avoid Elizabeth. Elizabeth skidded to a halt, watching with a growl when Ashley flipped overhead.


         “Don’t run, little bird.”


         Ashley twisted in midair, her body coming around as she gave Elizabeth a savage grin. “I’m not.”


         Elizabeth barely got her arms up in time to block Ashley’s talons and Ashley flipped away with a laugh when Elizabeth’s spikes came to life.


         Elizabeth jumped forwards, punching at Ashley’s legs before managing to snag one of her feet. With a roar she pulled the Pidgeotto from the sky and drove her fist into Ashley’s stomach.


         Ashley gagged, falling back and whipping her wings into a frenzy. Elizabeth howled in pain when the razor sharp winds battered her but still kept moving forwards, lowering her head and slamming her horn into Ashley’s breast.


         Ashley screamed and wrenched herself free, clutching at the bubbling hole. After a moment she grimaced, her fingers tightening when pain began to radiate from the wound.


         Elizabeth smirked at her. “How’s that feel, Ashley?”


         “Feels fucking great.” Ashley retorted. “I’ve got a hole in my lung and poison in my blood. How the FUCK do you think it feels?”


         “Oh, I wouldn’t know.” Elizabeth crowed, licking one of her barely bleeding cuts. “After all, you’re tickling me.”


         Ashley dove forwards with an angry scream and Elizabeth’s self-satisfied expression disappeared when she had to block. Even still Ashley wormed her foot past, the talons on her toes tearing at the soft flesh of Elizabeth’s breasts.


         Elizabeth howled in pain and threw Ashley away, clutching at the gushing wounds across her chest. “What the FUCK!”


         “Scales ain’t shit when they don’t cover everything.” Ashley snarled.


         Nicholas watched them continue to fight, but his mind was wandering. The two pokegirls were almost evenly matched in strength, so the battle was coming down to whether or not Ashley would win before the poison progressed too far.


         Something caught his eye and he looked over to see a man leaning against a nearby tree. After a moment the man noticed him looking and waved.


         “Who the heck is that?” Nicholas muttered.


         Ashley screamed and crashed to the ground. Elizabeth’s chest heaved, slowly catching her breath before returning to a neutral position. “That all you… got?”


         Ashley moaned, struggling upright and staring at the panting Nidoqueen. “Me? Your strikes have been getting weaker and… ugh, weaker.”


         Elizabeth gestured aimlessly. “You’re on your last legs, aren’t you? Come on, give… give up.”


         Both girls jumped when Nicholas shouted. “The battle is over!”


         Ashley fell back at his shout, her breath hissing out. “Fuck.”


         Elizabeth watched him walk towards them. “But… neither of us won.”


         “You’re right. Neither of you did.” Nicholas rummaged through his bag and withdrew a few potions and an antidote. “You’re evenly matched, which is why you’re both so frustrated. It’s not obvious who’s better.”


         Elizabeth watched him tend to Ashley before walking her direction. “But…”


         “But nothing. You weren’t fighting to see who was stronger anyways.”


         Elizabeth took the potion he handed her and looked towards where Ashley sat. The Pidgeotto was staring at her. “Ashley?”


         Ashley continued staring for a few seconds before speaking. “Thanks for the fight, Elizabeth.”


         Elizabeth blinked. “Um… You- you too.”


         “Quite the show that was!” All three turned when the watching man began walking towards them. “I haven’t seen two pokegirls that passionate in weeks!”


         Ashley got to her feet while Elizabeth was distracted and moved closer to Nicholas. “Master.”


         Nicholas glanced at her. “Yea?”


         “Why did you call it a draw?” Ashley’s eyes bored into him. “I would have…”


         “I know.” Nicholas looked away from her again. “The poison was too much for you. You would have collapsed within another minute at best.”


         “So why?”


         “Because I don’t want my pokegirls fighting each other like that.” Nicholas replied quietly. “Competition is great, but we don’t fight each other to the end. That’s not right.”


         Ashley watched him walk away and reflexively touched where Elizabeth had gored her.


         “My name’s Nicholas.” Nicholas introduced himself, reaching out to shake the man’s hand. “And you are?”


         “A nameless wanderer.” The man grinned when Nicholas didn’t look convinced. “I’m serious. I gave up my identity to roam Kanto and teach the most powerful martial arts techniques.”


         “AS IF!” Nicholas jumped when another man ran into view. “YOU teach the most powerful technique? HA! Your punches could barely break wood!”


         “My Mega Punch technique is more accurate and superior to your stupid kicks!” The man yelled, getting right up in the newcomer’s face. “You can barely use it before you’re out of stamina!”


         “BECAUSE it’s more powerful!” The newcomer yelled. “Anyone can punch a bunch of times, it takes a TRUE MASTER to land a Mega Kick!”


         “Errrrm…” Nicholas trailed off.


         “Tamer! Let me teach one of your pokegirls my Mega Punch technique!” The first man yelled. “It’s far superior to this fool’s kick!”


         “No! Let me teach one my Mega Kick technique!” The second man cried. “This soft clown has a weak technique!”


         “Look, I’d love to listen to you both argue all day,” Nicholas stammered, “but have you taken a look at my pokegirls at all?”


         The first man snorted. “Of course I have!”


         “Obviously not.” Nicholas pointed. “I have a bird. With wings. An Ivysaur who uses her vines. A FISH. And you want to teach them to PUNCH?”


         The man blinked and looked around. “Oh. Uhhhh… That one! Yes, that one over there!” He cried, waving at Elizabeth. “I’m sure she could use my technique!”


         Elizabeth looked at her hands and back at the man. “Um…”


         “Hate to break it to you,” Nicholas whispered, “but she fights with her feet.”


         The man purpled. “FINE! I’ll remember this, mark my words!”


         The newcomer laughed gleefully when the first man ran off. “Yes! That fool. So, tamer, shall I teach someone my technique?”


         “Like I just said, I doubt you could-“


         The man waved a hand dismissively. “I’m not as stupid as that punching goon. That girl over there, you said she fights with her feet, yes? I’m sure she could learn the technique I offer.” He stepped past Nicholas. “What’s your name, girl?”




         “Elizabeth. I can teach you to gather your energy, your Ki, into a devastating kick that will leave any foe defeated. What do you say?”


         “Oh, I already know how to do that.” Elizabeth snorted, energy flaring around her legs. “See?”


         The man peered closer. “Hm, hm, a good start.” He grinned. “BUT! Hardly what I can do.”


         Elizabeth snorted. “Yea right, human.”


         “SO YOU DO NOT BELIVE ME!” The man jumped into a ridiculous stance. “SEE FOR YOURSELF!”


         “What in the world are you doing.” Elizabeth sighed.


         “If you are so proud of your kick, then show me what you can do!” The man roared.


         Elizabeth stared at him. “Master?”


         “Hey dude, you do know that she’s a pokegirl, right?” Nicholas asked. “She’ll break your bones.”


         “NONSENSE!” The man cried. “Go ahead, KICK ME!”


         “Just… do it, Elizabeth.” Nicholas sighed.


         Elizabeth shuffled forwards and threw a kick at the man.


         “ROARGH!” The man yelled, one leg blurring up and meeting Elizabeth’s kick with his shin.


         Elizabeth’s eyes widened and she fell back. “What the-“


         “HA! Weak, as I thought!” The man cried. “Now, feel the power of my technique!”


         Elizabeth awkwardly tried to block but the man slid past her, one of his legs shimmering with light. “FEEL THE POWER OF MY MEGA KICK!”


         Elizabeth’s eyes bugged when the man made contact and she blasted backwards, barely able to keep her footing until her momentum stopped and she fell to her knees. “How-?”


         “Ha!” The man crossed his arms and grinned at her. “Now are you interested in my technique?”


         “Y-yea.” Elizabeth stared down at her feet. “That was it, right?”


         “That’s right!” The man posed again. “Now, first-“


         “Okay, got it!” Elizabeth cried, her eyes darting up before she began sprinting towards the human.


         “Hey, you have to listen to my teaching!” The man cried. “Your meager attempt won’t-“


         Elizabeth planted, one leg lifting up as energy began to build. The man barely had time to brace before the kick smashed into him.


         “PERFEEEEECT!” The man screamed as he was thrown through the air. “JUST LIKE THAA…“


         His scream faded away as he crashed through the nearby trees and Nicholas stared at Elizabeth. “Uh.”


         Elizabeth stared at the broken path of branches. “Um. Oops.”


         They all stared in the direction the man had flown for a minute before Nicholas started slowly backing towards the city. “Let’s, uh… Go.” He began jogging backwards when a female scream sounded from the trees. “Quickly.”




         “That’s his pokegirl and she’s pissed!” Nicholas cried, spinning around and sprinting towards safety with his harem close behind.







         “Alright everyone, ready to head out?”


         The girls nodded, watching Nicholas turn to the bridge that led north from Cerulean. “Lots of training, right Master?” Victoria piped up.


         “The townsfolk say that this bridge is a rite of passage for anyone living here.” Nicholas replied nervously. “It’s going to be tough, but good practice for the gym.”


         “We can do it, master.” Elizabeth replied, hopping slightly to feel her new weight. “I feel really strong!”


         Nicholas chuckled when he heard a few more voices join her. “Alright, girls. Ready? Let’s-“


         He stumbled when there was a loud explosion from down the street and they turned to see dust billowing out of a house. As they watched a figure dashed inside, someone stumbling out right after.


         “…uh.” Nicholas started.


         Almost immediately he heard sirens, a large group of police zooming towards the still expanding cloud.


         “…that’s not our problem.” Nicholas quickly amended. “Police are handling it. Let’s go!”


         Dahlia stared at the scene for an extra few moments before Ashley grabbed her and pulled her along, the five jogging towards the bridge with the sound of chaos urging them forwards.







Tamer: Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Dahlia, Ivysaur – Level 17

         Ashley, Pidgeotto – Level 19

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 19

         Victoria, Magikarp – Level 18



Tamer: Michael Thieme


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge


         Vanessa, Wartortle – Level 22

         Petunia, Rattata – Level 19

         Hannah, Mankey – Level 22

         Riana, Sandshrew – Level 18