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Chapter 1

Three Years Ago

Jakob Elbright skidded to a stop in front of Natalie’s house, spending a few moments regaining his balance on one foot before leaning forward and sprinting again. He vaulted the front gate but messed up his landing, a boobisaur watering some bushes near the wall shouting in indignation as he stepped on some basil. Jakob hastily corrected his path, jumping over parts of the garden as he made the straightest possible route on the tightly winding path that led to the front door. Once he reached the door, he turned the knob without hesitation, bursting into the grand foyer, where he was greeted by a tall, stern-looking woman who looked completely at odds with her frilly maid uniform. With her sharply peaked eyebrows, glasses, and painfully tight bun, she would have looked far more at home in a suit, or at least a more plain maid uniform. If Jakob had a pokedex, he could have found out she was a G-Poindexter, but he’d never really cared anyway.

“Master Elbright. Right on time.” She tucked her clipboard under an arm and moved in front of Jakob with unnerving speed, especially considering she was wearing heels. “I will remind you again that you are trespassing-”

“Technically not! Natalie invited me!”

The G-Point’s already severe eyebrows raised a quarter inch, “-and if you’re caught by her parents, I will deny ever seeing you.”

“Fine, then we’ll make it believable!” Jakob laughed as he grabbed her glasses as fast as he could, pocketing them as he rushed up the stairs, the pokegirl’s shouts of indignation fading behind him by the time he’d turned onto the hallway with Natalie’s room.

A man Jakob didn’t recognize was walking toward him. As they passed each other, the man reached out, but grasped only air as Jakob ducked to avoid his hand. Jakob only heard him say, “I don’t think she wants-” before he’d turned the knob and shouldered the door open.

In the room, where Natalie usually sat, was a strange shape. It was nude, bloody, and had way more arms than any creature ought to have. Jakob did the only thing that seemed right in that moment.

He screamed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Jakob entered the pokegirl’s quarters with the same haste he’d remembered having while going through the main house, and again opened the door to Natalie’s room. Her room was now much smaller, though still quite nice by pokegirl standards. Her parents had moved the head maid into a large, though underused closet in the main house and given their daughter the G-Point’s old room; basically the only favoritism she’d been shown after her threshold. Natalie was sitting in a chair in front of the window as she always had, and still turned to see Jakob, but her eyes were puffy and tears glistened on her face, trailing next to a bruise Jakob hadn’t seen yesterday. His free hand balled into a fist, the knuckles turning white, but he kept up a smile.

When she saw him, Natalie stood, rubbing her eyes with two of her hands, pulling the blinds with a third hand, waved in greeting with a fourth, and used her last two to straighten out her clothes. “So? How’d it go?”

Jakob held up his new Pokedex with pride, “Passed! I even got high enough to get an uncommon ‘girl!” he held out a pokeball triumphantly.

She smiled sadly at him, “I’m so glad all your studying paid off! When are you setting off?”


“Excuse me?” She tilted her head in confusion, her hands nervously seeking out and straightening creases in her clothes. “We who?”

“You and me. Why did you think I studied so hard?” Jakob grabbed two of her hands and held them in his, “Will you come with me?”

New tears flowed from Natalie’s eyes. As she wiped them away, she said “I’d love to, Jakob, but I’m not supposed to leave. I’m...never supposed to leave. We wouldn’t get three steps out of this room before someone stopped us.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Jakob grinned and hit the release on the pokeball.

A Spinnertit materialized, and except for the shape of some parts of her face and a couple inches of height, she looked like Natalie’s clone. She faced Jakob, bowing at the waist. “Hey, uh, sir. I suppose yer my master now?”

“Not quite.” He motioned toward the ‘girl. “See?”

The Spinnertit looked at Natalie, then back to Jakob, “You some sort of collector? Ya even got my hair to look like this dyke’s. Freaky. Um, sir.”

Jakob shook his head. “It’s not perfect, everyone will notice as soon as she opens her mouth, but I think this will give us a good few hours of a head start.”

Natalie seemed to pick up what was going on. She had a big smile on her face. “At least a day, Jakie. None of the girls talk to me, and daddy hits me if I open my mouth around him. If any of the girls notice, they might be so happy I’m gone they’ll forget to tell anyone else!” She looked pointedly at the Spinnertit, hoping she took some of what she said as a warning, then grabbed a few of her most treasured possessions before turning back to Jakob. “Ready, Jakie. I mean, 'master'.”

“Ew, don’t start that with me. You’re not like, a REAL pokegirl.” He dug through his bag, his fingers quickly closing around another sphere. He held it out. “Last chance. You sure?”

The other Spinnertit was looking back and forth between the two. “Hey! You just leaving me here? I’m Princess Silkytits’ what, her decoy?”

“Yup. Glad you get it.” They both responded, before Natalie looked back at Jakob, “Positive.” She triggered the capture mechanism. The ball rocked twice, then beeped a successful capture.


Name: Jakob Elbright

Age: 18

Badges: N/A


Natalie (Alpha)     Level 1 Spinnertit