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Chapter 08



         Barry grumbled when the dancing light flashed across his eyes. “Whzer?”


         The beam flashed again and he shielded his face, slowly opening his eyes and blinking to adjust them to the early morning sun. Mina nodded when she saw him move, the blinds she had been manipulating falling still. “Good morning, Master.”


         “Mina?” Barry glanced down at his chest, brushing Rebecca’s hair from her face. “What are you doing here?”


         “I wanted to give her as much time as I could.” Barry glanced up at her tone, frowning when he saw her face. “I-“


         “Mina, what’s wrong?” Barry asked.


         The Ka-D-Bra hiccuped, rubbing at her eyes. “I felt everything last night Master, I-“


         “Come here.” Barry raised an arm, allowing Mina to squeeze up against him. “I was hoping you wouldn’t.”


         “I knew.” Mina cried. “From the start I knew you hurt but somewhere, deep deep down I knew you were a good Master. They shouldn’t have hurt you. They hurt you.”


         “No.” Barry replied forcefully. “Timothy and his Snugglebunny helped me. I didn’t want you to feel what I was feeling so I avoided you. I’m sorry.” He felt Rebecca move and lowered his other arm to let her escape. “Stay with me a while.”


         Mina sniffed, looking up in confusion when she felt someone kiss her forehead. “Mas-“


         Rebecca stared back, her blue eyes twinkling with suppressed laughter. “Hey.” She whispered. “We’re both in bed with Master again.”


         Mina growled, pushing the giggling Pirouette away and climbing up so she was cuddling next to him. “Get lost.”


         Rebecca slipped to the side, kissing Barry’s cheek. “Thank you, Master. I’ll see you later.”


         Barry wisely didn’t respond, keeping his gaze fixed on the ceiling until she had left. Slowly Mina’s breathing slowed, until the two were simply holding each other.


         Barry gently stroked her hair, waiting while Mina adjusted. “What was it you said when you first saw me?”


         Mina sniffed. “That you are fair.”


         “Fair.” Barry shook his head. “What does that even mean?”


         “That you would try your best, Master.”


         “Ridiculous.” Barry muttered. “Every decision I made back then was because I wanted power. Even now, all I want is for you to evolve so that you’ll be stronger. It’s the only reason I chose you, you walked into that room radiating sex and confidence. The choice was obvious.”


         “Yes, Master, but even then, I could see you cared for us in your own way. Why else would you still have Rebecca, even after she so utterly failed in your eyes? You want us to succeed. To be better.”


         “Not for your sake.” Barry grumbled. “If you fail it means I was wrong. I don’t like being wrong.”


         Mina kissed his cheek. “Maybe not, but no matter the reason, you want the best for us. That’s all I could ever want from my Master.”


         Barry made an affirmative noise and sat up. “I’m never going to win that argument with you. Well, Alpha, what do you think we should do today?”


         Mina blinked before smiling happily. “I would like to see if the others are available for training.”


         “Which others?”


         “The other harem, master... Mark, was it?”


         “Oh. Him.” Barry winced. “I don’t know if he’ll want to talk to me.”


         Mina watched him get out of the bed and walk towards the bathroom. “Why, Master?”


         “I said some stupid things.” Barry confessed. “Things I thought I believed until that fucking rabbit rooted through my head.”


         “You still hate her, Master?” Mina asked quietly.


         “No matter what she was trying to do, and how she may have helped, she still did it without my permission.” Barry pulled at the door slightly harder than he needed to. “I won’t forgive her for that.”


         Mina waited for him to slam the door shut before crawling towards her own bags, withdrawing her dress and staring at it. She could feel him holding himself together for her. For them. He was close now, so close to the loving Master she had first felt hiding behind his unfeeling exterior. She needed to help him past the rage, and the sadness, and to a place where he was comfortable. But she didn’t know how.


         She carefully put the dress away and pulled out a misshapen top instead. She didn’t know how, but she would stand by him until she did. He deserved... demanded her to do as much.


         Barry reemerged a few minutes later, grabbing his underwear and quietly getting dressed. Finally he turned, staring directly at her. “Where’s the dress?”


         Mina hugged her bare stomach. “They... Master Timothy gave me these on Friday.” She looked at him nervously. “He said I needed a real set of exercise clothes.”


         Barry grunted and turned to the door. “You look good.”


         Mina followed him out the door, the two walking purposefully through the hallways. “Mina, I haven’t seen Cammie or Merineth recently.” Barry called back to the Ka-D-Bra. “Once we figure out where Mark is, can you gather the rest of the harem?”


         Mina nodded. “Of course, Master.”


         They walked past the cafeteria before Mina paused. “Master!”


         Barry stopped and turned, looking at her. “Yea?”


         Mina pointed inside. “He’s having breakfast.”


         Barry walked back and glanced inside. “Oh, cool. Can you go find the others? It’s probably a good idea for everyone to eat.”


         Mina smiled. “Yes Master.”


         Barry stepped inside, walking over to where Mark sat. As he approached he could see Lagearna glance in his direction before turning her attention back to her food.


         Barry came to a halt across the table, watching Mark ignore him. “Hey, can I sit down?”


         Mark put his fork down and looked up. “Why do you care what I think? You’re just going to do what you want, right?”


         Barry broke eye contact and stared over his head. “I’m sorry for what I said yesterday. It wasn’t how I really felt and I was lashing out. Can you forgive me?”


         Mark raised an eyebrow. “Where’s this coming from?”


         “I’m not going to talk about it.” Barry replied. “I’m still very unhappy with the pokegirl that caused it, but I can’t deny that I feel better.”


         Mark shared a glanced with Lagearna. “Sit down, man.”


         Barry released the breath he had been holding and pulled out a chair. “I invited my harem to join us, if that’s alright.”




Barry sighed. “Yes. I asked them. You told me I was being a righteous piece of shit and two others backed you up. I’m still going to be a piece of shit, but not to them. They don’t deserve that.”


         Mark cracked a smile at that. “That’s the guy I remember. So what’s the plan today?”


         “I was hoping you could tell me. My Alpha wants to train with you.”


         Mark nodded. “I see. She wants that?”


         Barry shot him a look. “Stop that.”


         Mark smirked. “Sorry. Well, we’re not training today. At least, I don’t think we’re going to be doing our normal routines. I put in a requisition for a new pokegirl last night and she’s supposed to be ready sometime around noon.”


         Barry frowned. “You’re buying a new pokegirl? Why not just catch one from off the mountain?”


         “First, because you can’t choose what you find up there. Second, because you’d have to be stupid to try and rehabilitate one of those ferals.” Mark shook his head. “They’re as close to animals as you’re going to find in a pokegirl. Deadly bitches. We send all the ones we catch off to a special ranch where they bring them back in line.”


         “Why not just L5?”


         Mark’s mood instantly darkened. “Because the whole reason they’re valuable is the experience they’ve gained out there. When you L5 a pokegirl, you kill her. I never thought I’d hear you suggest doing something like that.”


         Barry glanced at Lagearna and stood. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, and now she wants to kill me. I’ll tell Mina you’re not available today.”


         “No.” Lagearna rumbled. “Sit.”


         Mark shook his head and gave Barry a small grin. “Well?”


         Barry slowly sat back down, watching the Cerberass warily. “Yes?”


         Lagearna stared at him and snorted. “Good idea, poorly thought out. The mountain is nothing like you know. There is no weakness there, for if you show it, you die.” She looked around before pointing at a nearby table. “Her. She came from the mountain.”


         Barry glanced to where she was pointing and cocked his head quizzically. “Isn’t that a regular Catgirl?”


         “No.” Lagearna growled. “Tigress. Stronger than me by more than I can imagine.”


         Barry surveyed the eating pokegirl again. “She doesn’t look like it.”


         “That’s the point.” Mark replied. “She’s not stronger physically, but she would beat Lagearna in a fight ninety-nine times out of a hundred. I mean, she has. That’s one of the strike groups’ Alpha.”


         Barry frowned and looked back at Mark. “Strike? I thought there were only three types of Hunters here. The patrols, scouts, and defenders.”


         “You need someone to follow up on a scout report.” Mark replied. “We can’t patrol the area until we know it’s stable. That’s where strike teams come in, they soften up the population for the patrols. It’s the worst job you can pull. Highest mortality rate.”


         “And you’re a defender.”


         “Yea, I watch the wall. But you can’t just be one thing, so I’m helping the scout groups too.”


         “So the defenders communicate with the scouts...”


         “Who assign patrols, and the patrols rely on the strike teams. Yup.”


         Barry whistled softly. “So the strike teams are the front line.”


         “Yea.” Mark shrugged. “Like I said. Worst job.”


         “Wow.” Barry shook his head. “So anyways, if I wanted to get a new pokegirl, how do I go about that?”


         Mark frowned. “Looking for a new one already?”


         Barry quickly shook his head. “Not especially, but I’m curious. Mina and I had a conversation a while back and we outlined a few breeds that would help round out the harem.”


         Mark nodded. “Sure. Well, the easiest way is just to get a day trip approved and go find one at a ranch. I’d recommend against that except as your last resort, though, since you’re just going to get an inexperienced pokegirl. The Eva I bought is through a private sale with a high ranked Tamer. She’s not great, but she’ll be able to stand even with at least Tara when she gets here.”


         “Which is better than a ranch girl.” Barry surmised.




         “So you recommend searching private sales.” Barry mused.


         “Yea, or check the high level resales.” Mark explained. “I mean, we send our ferals out, but they have to go somewhere. The ranches that buy from us usually have a few ready to be resold. Sometimes they’re even domestics. I saw a listing a week ago for a domestic Neo Iczel on there, thought she vanished pretty quick.”


         “What if I wanted a common breed, like a Goblina?” Barry asked.


         Mark frowned. “Goblina are actually pretty easy to find on the mountain, yea. Unfortunately they’re mostly feralborn. From the looks of your harem I assume you like domestics better.”


         Barry nodded. “I would.”


         “Then I’m not sure. Maybe checking ranches or a private sale.”


         Barry sighed. “It’s not a big deal. I’ll figure it out when I get there.”


         “Sure.” Mark glanced behind him. “Oh boy.”


         Barry twisted, staring at the procession that had just entered. Mina led the way, a smug smirk on her face while she directed the half dozen pokegirls behind her.


         Lagearna’s eyes narrowed and she stood, brushing past Mina and separating Mark’s harem from the gaggle. “Mina, what is all this?” Barry asked in resignation.


         Mina grinned. “I found everyone, Master.”


         Barry slowly lowered his head into his hand. “I meant Cammie, Rebecca, and Merineth.”


         Mina nodded. “And I found them, Master. I also found Shibara, Aerisafa, and Tarene.”


         “You.” Mina glanced back and squeaked when she saw how close Lagearna was standing. “You are trying to take my harem?”


         “Oh, here we go.” Mark muttered.


         Lagearna leaned towards Mina. “You have your own. Keep your Sphinx. Keep away from mine.”


         Mina ignored Barry’s protests and stepped towards the Cerberass. “I don’t want yours. Mine’s better.”


         Barry joined Mark in defeated silence when Lagearna began growling. “They are not good enough for you?”


         “You can have them.”


         “GI,” Mark barked, staring up at his Alpha, “stand DOWN. She’s taunting you. She wants this fight, so back off.”


         Lagearna sneered. “If short girl wants a fight, she will lose.”


         “You’re resorting to insults because you know you can’t win any other way.” Mina retorted.


         Mark threw his hands up in defeat when Lagearna’s eyes flashed. “Outside, small bug.”


         Mina looked shocked as she waggled her antennae. “Bug? You’re going to pay for that, you overgrown mutt.”


         There was a collective sigh from the assembled pokegirls when Lagearna disappeared in a flash of red light. Mark stood. “Barry, your Alpha really wants to train today.”


         Barry’s head was buried in his hands. “Appears so.”


         Mark gestured. “Girls, get some breakfast and meet outside the wall. Barry, we’ll see you there.”


         Barry didn’t raise his head for a few minutes, finally looking up to see his own harem seated around him. “Why did you do that, Mina?”


         Mina giggled and rubbed his back. “I saw her looking at Merineth a few days ago, Master. She wants to fight, and I know we can win.”


         “No we can’t.” Barry wailed. “They’ll take us apart. It won’t be training. It’ll be a slaughter.”


         Mina’s smile faded when she felt how serious he was. “If it is, we’ll still learn something. Pain is how we grow.”


         “You are a freaking dominatrix.” Barry hissed. “Did you even consider how the others are going to feel?”


         “I relish the challenge, Master.” Rebecca held her head up proudly. “Even if this is only to show me how far I have to go.”


         Barry skipped over Merineth’s hungry expression. “Cammie, please. Tell me you won’t fight.”


         Cammie’s tongue flicked and she gave him a toothy grin. “Alpha says fun. Master likes fun. I like fun.”




         “Breakfast!” Mina barked. “Let’s eat and get ready!” She reached over and embraced him when the others scattered. “Don’t be mad.” She whispered. “All of us discussed this before we arrived.”


         Barry just shook his head.








         Mark stood next to Barry, watching their respective harems glower at each other. “So. I was told we were set up.”


         Barry refused to look at where Mina kept trying to catch his eye. “I heard the same thing.”


         Mark blew air out his nose and turned to him. “I’m going to give you a handicap. I’ll choose first, and you can decide the best matchup.”


         Barry glanced at him. “You think I’ll need it that much?”


         Mark had an apologetic smile. “I do.”




         “Lagearna, you’re going first!” Mark called.


         Barry watched the Cerberass stride out into the open field and wait for someone to join her. “I know who she would like to fight.” He rolled his eyes when Mark laughed. “Rebecca. You’re up.” He held out his arm to stop her when she started moving. “You’re probably going to lose.”


         Rebecca blinked at his whisper. “Thank you, Master. I will do my best.”


         Barry nodded slightly. “Your advantage is her size. Whatever you do, don’t let her grab you.”


         Rebecca gave him a smile and stepped out, matching Lagearna’s stare. The Cerberass glanced up when Rebecca got closer. “I want to fight the Alpha.”


         “I’m giving them the advantage.” Mark called. “Do what we’ve trained for.”


         Barry could hear the Tesslass whispering something that caused Mark to shrug, but he couldn’t catch the words. “When you’re ready,” he called, “begin!”


         Rebecca settled her stance, cautiously moving towards her opponent. Lagearna watched her approach, throwing a half-hearted strike that Rebecca sidestepped. The Cerberass slowly began growling, lowering herself to Rebecca’s height as her fur began to smolder.


         Rebecca slowed, beginning to circle Lagearna. She was settling into a rhythm when she abruptly stopped, cocking back a hand and throwing a Water Gun attack.


         Lagearna raised her arm to block the attack, lowering it after a moment to roar her displeasure. The water in her fur began rising as steam before she Ignited, flames surging across her body.


         Rebecca danced back when Lagearna struck, her clawed hand swiping through where the Pirouette had just been standing. She spat when Rebecca threw another Water Gun, clearing her mouth. “Weak.” She growled. “You tickle.”


         Rebecca’s mouth thinned and she continued retreating, her body beginning to glow when she focused her Ki. Lagearna chased, shadows swirling around her body and mixing with the flames.


         Rebecca cried out when a spear of darkness skewered her leg, Lagearna’s throwing motion barely perceptible. She stumbled, the gathering Ki fading slightly before she focused again.


         Lagearna had used the time to get closer and she swung, the flames burning in her hand wavering and failing when they entered Rebecca’s aura. The Pirouette parried, ducking Lagearna’s blow and thrusting her palm into the Cerberass’ sternum.


         Lagearna growled in pain, pulling back from Rebecca’s glowing hand and grabbing at her.


         Rebecca deftly avoided the Cerberass’ grab, whirling and driving her foot into Lagearna’s side. Her eyes widened when Lagearna took the hit, trying to pull back but falling for the trap. Lagearna wrapped her arm around the Pirouette’s leg, easily yanking her off her feet and slamming her back to the ground.


         Rebecca tried to twist free, swinging randomly above her. Lagearna didn’t even flinch when the Pirouette’s fists grazed her, using her greater strength to ratchet down on Rebecca’s leg. Rebecca screamed in pain when her bone snapped, trying to twist on the break before the pain nearly made her lose consciousness. Above her Lagearna drove her free hand down, sinking her claws deep into the Pirouette’s chest.


         Barry was pulling out the pokeball to recall her when Lagearna jumped away, holding her arm over her midsection. She wasn’t standing straight but managed to walk over to where the humans stood.


         Barry recalled Rebecca and glanced over to see what had happened. Lagearna shot him a glare before collapsing, her arm moving slightly to show a nasty bruise that grew larger as he watched.


         “That’s definitely some interior damage.” Mark muttered, digging through his pockets and pulling out her pokeball. “I know you wanted to watch, but you’re in pain.”


         Lagearna grunted her assent before he triggered her recall and turned to Barry. “Your Pirouette did well.”


         “What did she do at the end there?”


         “Kicked.” Mark replied. “Put all her power into one big kick. It helps that the Pirouette is a Cerberass’ worst fear with the type advantages.”


         “Even still, she couldn’t take Gi down.”


         “I didn’t expect her to.” Mark replied. “By your own admission your girls haven’t been training like we have.”




         “Tara!” Mark looked around and focused in on the Tesslass. “Your turn.”


         “Then Cammie, you’re up.” Barry replied, reaching back and pulling the Mossmelon to her feet. “This one’s going to be pretty tough too. The environment is terrible for you.”


         Cammie nodded, staring out at the plains sadly. “There’s nowhere to hide.”


         “I don’t think you’ll be able to use your camouflage.” Barry explained. “And she’s faster. She’ll try to flank you, in order to avoid your abilities.”


         Cammie’s eyes narrowed while she surveyed the battlefield. “I have an idea, Master.”


         “Then do it.” Barry slapped her back and hooted. “Go get ‘er!”


         Cammie wasted no time, running out into the field and beginning to fade from sight. Unfortunately as Barry predicted there wasn’t enough cover for her to successfully hide, and Tara easily followed the Mossmelon’s movements.


         “Begin!” Mark called.


         Tara instantly dashed forwards, her armor snapping into place. As she ran towards the wavering image of Cammie her arms began to spark, the Arc Shield technique spreading from one arm to the other and forming a solid barrier in front of the charging Tesslass.


         Cammie came back into focus when she saw her opponent charging, throwing her arms over her body before ripping them away, the lines of scales that crisscrossed her skin lighting up with energy.


         Tara planted her feet when Cammie released the Razor Leaf attack, hissing when a few managed to cut past her barrier and scored shallow streaks along her body. She renewed her assault when Cammie paused, the Arc Shield fluctuating and snapping to one arm as she began charging what appeared to be an Arc Blade in her other hand.


         Barry flinched when the scanner in his goggles squawked a warning and he turned to Mark. “Is she using...?”


         “Tara’s pretty special.” Mark grinned. “I expect her to evolve sometime this week.”


         Cammie paid no heed to her Tamer’s shouting, leaping aside to dodge the Tesslass’ strike. As she landed her hands were a blur, energy sinking into the ground before she flipped and kept running.


         Tara skidded to a halt, flipping her techniques so the blade was in her lead hand again, and chased after the Mossmelon. When she stepped on the ground Cammie had touched there was an explosion, energy and wood spraying out from the hidden Seed Bomb.


         Tara screamed as she fell, landing hard. Her techniques disappeared when her concentration broke and she screamed again, grabbing at the shredded foot that had stepped on the bomb.


         Cammie turned, running in a semi circle while her body began to glow. She made her turn and began sprinting towards the struggling Tesslass, vines beginning to sprout from her skin and snake forwards.


         Tara parried Cammie’s first strike but was engulfed by the mass, her shouts muffled behind the roiling vines. Cammie flipped past her, stumbling slightly but pulling a few more seeds from her skin to lob at her opponent.


         Mark waited a second before recalling Tara. “Smart girl.”


         Barry frowned and pulled out Cammie’s pokeball when she sank to the ground. “Camilla? Are you ok?”


         Cammie looked up at him, twisting to show a gash running across her back. “I can heal, Master.”


         Barry shook his head and recalled her. “Looks like yours got at least one good strike in.”


         Mark chuckled. “Yours got too close with her finisher. Tara was crippled, there was no need to get fancy. Gave her an opportunity to strike back.”


         “I’ll tell her that.” Barry replied. “Well? Who next?”


         Mark grinned. “Aeris!”


         Barry pursed his lips when the Pidgette launched into the air so fast that she was a blur. “Shit.”


         He heard movement behind him and glanced over to see Merineth walking forwards. “I will fight, Master.” Her eyes tracked Aeris through the sky and she growled. “She will break.”


         Mark carefully watched her leap into the sky, only speaking after she was out of earshot. “She’s the one I was worried about.”


         Barry grinned to himself. “NEITH! Do as you will.”


         Merineth was matching her Master’s grin while she climbed, quickly reaching the same height as Aerisafa. The Pidgette winged to a halt, watching the humanoid Sphinx warily.


         “BEGIN!” Barry screamed, hoping they could still hear him.


         Aeris immediately dove, tucking her wings in and picking up speed. Merineth watched in confusion for a moment before she realized what the Pidgette was doing and tucked her own wings to match. The humans watched in awe as Aeris flew by, the wind from her passing blowing them back slightly. Merineth snarled as she gave chase, bouncing up and down through Aerisafa’s slipstream.


         The lighter Pidgette easily took the distance she was going for before opening her wings, translating her speed into height. Merineth let her slow considerably before teleporting, coming out a few feet away and pushing towards the surprised Pidgette. She managed to cut one of Aeris’ arms before the Pidgette dove away, spinning slightly until she could steady herself.


         Merineth roared in frustration when Aeris flicked back towards her, dodging past the Sphinx’s outstretched claws and peppering her back with a Feather Shuriken.


         “She’s more agile.” Barry muttered. “What are you going to do?”


         Merineth flinched when Aeris peppered her again, glaring at the flitting bird pokegirl. She drifted to the side to avoid another attack before pumping her wings, boosting higher and higher into the air.


         Aerisafa slowed, lazily flapping after the climbing Sphinx until both were barely a speck in the sky. Barry activated the magnifier in his goggles, watching Merineth slowly circle higher.


         “If she’s trying to get to an altitude where Aeris can’t go, she’ll fail.” Mark grumbled, shielding his eyes against the glare of the sun. “She’s been training at high altitude for weeks. Your Sphinx will tire well before she does.”


         Barry chuckled when something at the edge of his vision caught his attention. “That’s not what she’s doing at all.”


         Aeris cut through the growing wind, harassing Merineth as the two climbed. Finally Merineth leveled out, her wings snapping out and beginning to glow.


         Aerisafa used the opportunity to land a solid Feather Shuriken that bloodied the Sphinx’s front, watching in confusion when the wounds knit back together.


         Merineth was growling low and deep in her chest as she absorbed the energy from her Glorious Sun technique. “You should not have followed.” She rumbled. “You have lost.”


         Aeris banked, intent on striking a solid blow on the motionless Sphinx, but as she got close Merineth closed her wings, plummeting straight down. Aeris watched for a second before she felt the wind explode, the sudden current catching her tail feathers and sending her into an undignified spin.


         Merineth’s wings glowed as she fell, feeding more and more energy into the Vortex attack she had been building. Above her Aerisafa screamed, the winds throwing her back and forth inside the whirling walls of clouds that sucked her straight towards the ground. She desperately tried to fight the pull, to straighten her wings, to escape, but it only made her situation worse when a cross breeze caught her half extended wing and snapped her forearm.


         Crippled, she could only follow the mercy of the winds, falling further and further after the diving Sphinx.


         Merineth leveled out when she reached the bottom of the column of air, maintaining the vortex until her battered opponent was in range. As soon as she was Merineth flew back up the technique, her claws glowing with energy that cut deep into Aerisafa’s body, causing the Pidgette to release a bloodcurdling shriek before she fell out of the air.


         Mark recalled her the instant she hit the ground, the impact raising a cloud of dirt that Merineth landed in. She snapped her wings back open, allowing her technique to dissipate into a stiff breeze.


         Mark stared at her when she walked back to them, her skin unblemished thanks to her healing technique. “Aeris isn’t really a fighter...”


         Merineth blew her bangs from her face and gave Mark a savage grin. “She should learn.” She glanced at Barry, her grin widening when she saw the pride in her Master’s eyes, and stepped back behind him.


         Mark shook his head slightly and waved. “Well. You’re in the lead now.”


         “Some of my stronger pokegirls took out your two new ones.” Barry replied quietly. “I’ve had the type advantage every time, and yours have still put up a damned good fight.”


         Mark smiled. “You’re learning.”


         “This is going to end in a tie.”


         “You have no confidence in your Alpha?” Mark asked, the two remaining pokegirls walking into the field.


         “I think she’ll do well,” Barry replied, feeling Mina’s whispering in the back of his mind, “but your Venuswhore is too tanky. She’ll outlast, just like Gi did.”


         “Then begin!” Mark yelled.


         Shia immediately dropped to the ground, vines snaking from her bulb and sinking into the dirt around her. Mina unconsciously stepped back at the sight before her eyes began to glow, attacking the stationary Plant type with Confusion.


         True to Barry’s prediction the Venuswhore shrugged off the attack and Mina was forced to flee when the ground around her broke apart. She teleported away from the squirming vines, reappearing and staring intently when she used Foresight.


         Shibara began shaking her body, her ass and breasts swinging side to side in a hypnotic motion while powder puffed out of her flower and began mixing with the wind. Barry stepped back, as did Mark and Merineth, when the remnants of the Sphinx’s attack began drawing the powder out in an ever growing circle. Mina howled in frustration, sending wave after wave of psychic energy into her opponent, each attack barely having any visible effect.


         Mina cried out and whirled, blasting the vine that had snuck up under her with raw energy, forcing it back underground and earning a grunt of pain from Shibara. She turned back to the Venuswhore but slipped, steadying her legs and staring down at her ass. The Buttsprout powder the vine had carried was taking effect, causing Mina to wobble unsteadily when she tried to stand.


         Shia moaned in pain when Mina renewed her assault, a slight trickle of blood dripping from her nose, but the Ka-D-Bra still wasn’t putting out enough damage. The sun was high, and Shia’s natural regeneration was negating any extra effect Mina’s attacks may have had. Mina coughed when the cloud of dust reached her, desperately holding her hands over her nose and mouth but to no avail. She collapsed when the mixture of dusts and powders entered her body, her breasts and ass beginning to grow to ludicrous sizes even as she suffered from the poison coursing through her.


         Barry massaged his nose when the ground around the struggling Ka-D-Bra erupted, Shia’s vines grappling and spreading Mina’s body with no hope of escape. “Told you.”


         Mark looked at him in confusion when Shia began violating Mina’s body. “Aren’t you going to recall your Alpha?”


         Barry winced when Mina snapped at him via her Telepathy. “In a second. She gave up when the vine got her the first time. She’s enjoying herself now.”


         Mark stared at him, mouth agape. “She wanted to lose?”


         “She better not have,” Barry replied, “but she understood she had lost when Shia proved she could powder her at any time. She still tried, going all out with her attacks and trying to race the powder cloud.”


         Mark glanced over at the convulsing Ka-D-Bra. “You’ve got some weird pokegirls, Barry.”


         “Yea, but they’re mine.” Barry recalled Mina after her fourth orgasm. “Well Mark, good fight. It’s a tie.”


         Mark grinned and shook his hand. “Good fight.” He glanced at Shia when the Venuswhore began picking herself up off the ground. “We’ve each got an unhurt pokegirl left.”


         Barry blinked and grinned. “Pass. Let’s leave it where it is.”


         Mark chuckled. “Don’t think your Sphinx can take her?”


         “I don’t want to be left outside the wall without a pokegirl to protect me.” Barry countered.


         Mark smirked. “Alright, fine. But we’ll be doing this again. And next time, you don’t get a handicap.”


         Barry reached to shake Mark’s hand. “Deal.”








         Timothy rolled over in bed, swatting at the beeping device next to him. “I’m sleeping. Leave it for tomorrow.”


         A female figure materialized above the screen. “Sir, we have a problem.”


         Timothy sighed and sat up. “Report.”


         “Moments ago a second warehouse in Goldenrod was raided thanks to information taken from Rocket Team members. No casualties were sustained, but transportation records show a large number of missing Diamond, Venom, and Mana stones.”


         “So what’s-“ Timothy stopped. “Oh, gods.”


         “All Tamers with Spinnertit, Arachnae, Trollop, Giant Trollop, and Harlequin are being identified and tracked.” The VideoGirl reported. “Current number estimates show an attack could unleash hundreds of Menaces, with at least a dozen possible Widow.”


         “That could be a total destruction event.” Timothy breathed. “Do we know a target?”


         “Unknown.” The VideoGirl replied. “However, the Ultima Melee is to be held in three month’s time. An attack during that event would be highly disruptive.”


         “Agreed.” Timothy leaned back while he thought. “If they’re aiming for the Melee, they’re going to be starting now. They may have started already.” He looked at the hologram. “Scramble the teams. I want double patrols until we have more information.”


         The VideoGirl inclined her head. “Yessir.”








         Cammie was letting out a low rumble, her eyes half shut in bliss. Barry chuckled as he continued stroking her hair and tail, watching Mina and Merineth talk in front of a meditating Rebecca.


         Mina glanced in his direction and began walking over, Merineth a step behind. “Master, we think we know a good job for Camilla.”


         “If you two have come to a conclusion, I’d be stupid to ignore it.” Barry replied with a smile.


         The two pokegirls glanced at each other. “We think she should be by your side with Rebecca, Master.” Mina explained. “If we still wish to get a Goblina, and evolve her to Whorc, she would help create a near perfect bubble to protect you. Cammie’s mines and, eventually, her command of plants - including her vines - will act as a good first line of defense. A Whorc would be a strong and solid fighter to defend you, Rebecca, and Cammie from Electric or Flying types that get too close, and Rebecca’s aura would be an early warning against invisible or ranged threats, provided she can react in time.”


         Barry looked down at Cammie. “What do you think, Camilla? Good idea or no?”


         Cammie cracked an eye open and nodded. “I would like that, Master.”


         “Then it’s decided.” Barry looked over to Merineth. “For both of you.”


         Merineth looked at him in confusion. “Master?”


         “You work well with Mina.” Barry explained. “And I’ve seen you standing to protect the harem after only a week with us. Rebecca likes you, Cammie likes you,” he glanced down, “I think, and I know you’ll become a vital piece of the harem. You should be Beta.” He looked at Mina. “Any objection?”


         Mina grinned. “None, Master. I agree.”


         “Merineth’s a pussy.” Cammie mumbled, giggling at her joke before yelping when Merineth reached forwards and dragged her off Barry’s lap.


         “Run.” The Sphinx growled playfully, jumping after the Mossmelon after a moment and chasing her around the training room.


         “That was smart, Master.” Mina watched Cammie use her tail to change direction, deftly avoiding Merineth’s pounce. “Spirits are high.”


         Barry was staring off into the distance. “They are. All I had to do was take a step back and watch you all bloom.”


         Mina glanced at him, reaching out to grasp his hand comfortingly. “I know you still don’t know what to do.” She murmured. “Thank you for letting us discover ourselves just as you are.”


         Barry used his other hand to clasp hers distractedly. “My sister didn’t change when she thresholded, but the world thought she did. If they were wrong about her, I’m willing to see if they were wrong about you.”


         Mina breathed out, tightening her grip. “That’s more than any of us can ask for, Master. Thank you.”


         Barry nodded absently, making an impressed noise when Cammie managed to evade Merineth again. “You were talking about finishing my bodyguards with a Whorc.”


         Mina cocked her head. “Yes?”


         “If we do that, she needs to start training with us immediately.”


         Mina nodded. “Should I ask where we can find unclaimed pokegirls, Master?”


         “No need.” Barry replied. “Mark already gave me some ideas. I’ll start looking for one at lunch.”


         Mina turned back to the room. “Please let me know when you make a decision.”


         Barry gave her a bland look. “Why would I make a decision without my Alpha?”


         Mina purpled, waiting a second before she turned and kissed him. “Thank you, Master.”








         Mina perched on her chair attentively. “Ready, Master.”


         Barry made sure Rebecca was ready as well before lifting the first pokeball. “Okay, Goblina number one. She is nineteen years old and comes from a training ranch.”


         Mina watched the girl materialize, allowing her to take in her surroundings before speaking. “Good afternoon.”


         The girl turned and bowed. “Good afternoon, Miss. Are you my new mistress?”


         Barry sighed and recalled her, tossing the ball to the side. “I don’t want a pokegirl that can’t recognize another.”


         Mina was holding back laughter. “She wasn’t the brightest, Master.”


         “She materialized looking straight at me.” Barry groused. “Whatever. Number two. Same ranch, eighteen. Hopefully she’s not an idiot.”


         The second Goblina materialized and scanned the room, paying special attention to where Rebecca lounged. “Hello.”


         “Good afternoon.” Mina repeated, drawing the Goblina’s attention.


         “Good afternoon.” The girl glanced over at Barry. “Who is she, Sir?”


         “That is my Alpha.” Barry replied. “And you’re already doing better than the first girl.”


         The Goblina frowned before she noticed the pokeballs on the table. “Oh. Is this an interview, Sir?”


         Mina nodded approvingly when Barry replied. “It is. I was told you come from a ranch where fighting is encouraged, is that true?”


         The girl nodded. “Yes, Sir. I am trained to handle feral attacks on the miners.”


         Barry raised an eyebrow. “That’s it?”


         The girl blinked. “Uh...”


         “She only wants to dig, Master.” Mina called. “I don’t think she would enjoy work on Mt. Silver.”


         The Goblina blanched. “No Sir, please Sir. I’m not strong enough for that mountain.”


         Barry nodded and recalled her. “I was told I wasn’t going to find what I wanted at a ranch.”


         Rebecca laughed quietly. “I liked her otherwise, Master, until she was afraid to really fight.” She rubbed absently at where Lagearna had broken her leg the day before. “I want one who will face a wolf like that and laugh, not cry.”


         “We’ve got two more.” Barry replied. “Alright, this one is more what I want. She’s a domestic born rehabilitated feral.” He checked his notes. “And the last one is a full domestic that’s being sold by a roaming Tradesman. Both are nineteen.”


         “I want to see both, Master.” Mina called. “Please?”


         “At the same time?”


         Mina nodded.


         “Alright.” Barry triggered both pokeballs and sat back. The Goblina both materialized looking at him before they realized they were next to each other.


         The redomesticated Goblina immediately turned. “Who are you.”


         The other stepped back. “Uh, hi?”


         Barry cleared his throat, causing both Pokégirls to turn back to him. “Good afternoon. You’re my last two choices. How are you today?” He felt his eyes drawn to the second, her odd coloring at stark contrast to the other Goblina he had already seen. 


         “Well, Sir.” The second Goblina said carefully. “You will only choose one of us, Sir?”


         “That’s right.” Barry looked at the first. “And you?”


         The first girl grunted. “Hello.”


         “Did either of your owners tell you about me?” Both Goblina shook their heads. “Alright. I’m a Hunter, and we’re currently stationed in Zerobulo. I want a pokegirl who isn’t afraid of fighting-“


         Mina reached over and grabbed the first Goblina’s pokeball, recalling her before Barry had even finished speaking.


         “She was afraid.” Mina explained to him. “When you mentioned where we were her first thought was fear. Hers, on the other hand,” Mina turned and beamed at the other nervous Goblina, “was thrill.”


         The girl glanced between Mina and Barry. “Uh...”


         “I liked the other one’s figure better.” Barry grumbled under his breath.


         Mina rolled her eyes. “She’ll change when she evolves.”


         “Fine. Go return these three.” Barry handed Mina the first two pokeballs. “And then you’re free for the day.”


         Mina nodded and slipped out, leaving Barry and Rebecca with the increasingly flustered Goblina.


         “S-Sir, what’s going on?” The girl whispered.


         “You come from a Tradesman, yes?” Barry asked.


         The girl nodded hesitantly. “Y-Yes, Sir. I have been traveling with Master Mike for around two years now.”


         “And he never sold you before now?”


         The girl shook her head slightly. “He said I wasn’t yet ready, Sir.”


         “Ready for what?”


         The girl shook her head. “Just ready, Sir.”


         “Hm.” Barry looked her up and down. “So you’ve been training for a few years.”


         The Goblina shrugged. “Sometimes, Sir.”


         “I think I know what Mike was waiting for.” Barry muttered. “Rebecca, what do you think of her?”


         Rebecca looked up. “She seems very nervous, Master. I don’t know if she could handle a real fight.”


         The Goblina’s demeanor instantly shifted at Rebecca’s words and she stared directly at the Pirouette. “I can fight.” She replied vehemently. “I want to fight.”


         Barry began to laugh at the sight, as even with Rebecca’s shorter height, the Goblina was still looking up at her. “I like you. Welcome to my harem.”


         The Goblina looked back and beamed. “Master?”


         “My name is Barry.” Barry replied. “Do you have a name?”


         The girl frowned. “Mas... Mike called me Alexis.”


         “I like it.” Barry replied. “How about I call you Lexi for short?”


         Alexis nodded. “I like that, Master.”


         “Very good.” Barry reached over, grabbing her hand. “Rebecca, do you have any other questions for Alexis?”


         Rebecca snickered. “I want to meet her after you’re done, Master.”


         Barry chuckled. “I’ll send her to the training room when I’m done with her.”


         Alexis allowed him to pull her along, craning her head back to see Rebecca cleaning up the room they had vacated. She looked around when they finally reached his bedroom, taking in the items strewn about the room.


         “So,” Barry turned, shutting and locking the door behind him, “I think I know what your old Master was waiting for.”


         Alexis leaned on the bed, glancing back at him. “What is that, Master?”


         Barry pulled his shirt off, taking his goggles and pulling them down as well. “He was waiting for you to be strong enough where you were ready to evolve. I want a Whorc, not a Goblina, and you’re right on the edge of being there.”


         Alexis felt a chill run through her body, something deep inside awakening from his words. “You... want...”


         Barry closed his eyes momentarily, meditating on the feeling he had always had when directing or taming his harem. If it was his gift, he would practice it, and embrace it like Timothy said.


         Alexis shivered when he opened his eyes again, the draconian pupils drilling into her gaze. “I want you.” He growled. “And I want more.”


         Alexis felt her knees give way, falling back half on and half off the bed. She was too short for it and started to panic when she began to slide before her heart rate spiked when Barry reached out to catch her.


         She stared up at him, lost in his gaze, barely feeling when he picked her up and put her gently on the mattress. She didn’t even react when he moved her, easily lifting her 4’ frame and sliding underneath.


         Somehow he had taken off his pants, but she didn’t know when. The first thing that broke her away from his intense gaze was the feeling of his member rubbing against her slit. She tore herself away from his eyes, staring down and feeling the creeping fear that seemed to hover over her any time she did something new.


         Barry slowed, noticing how Alexis’ chest heaved when he pushed forwards. “Are you alright?”


         Alexis glanced back up at him. “Wi-will it fit?”


         Barry frowned. “You must have been tamed before.”


         Alexis looked back down and shook her head. “Not for a long time. Not by Master Mike. The others tamed me.”


         Barry chuckled and stroked her cheek. “It’ll fit.”


         Alexis bit her lip when he moved again, sliding beneath her until the tip of his penis was pushing against her clit.


         “Are you scared?”


         Alexis’ eyes narrowed at his question and she looked at him. “No. I want this, Master.”


         Barry began chuckling at the look on her face. “I see. You don’t like it when people question your bravery, do you?”


         Alexis’ resolute look wavered slightly. “I-is that alright, Master?”


         “It’s fine.” Barry soothed. “You just remind me of Rebecca. She acts tough, but on the inside, she’s hopeless.” He reached out, grabbing her waist. “If you’re really not sure, sit up a bit.”


         Alexis slowly raised her hips, feeling his grip tighten when his dick swung free. “Ready?”


         Alexis’ breathing quickened as he lowered her down, sliding his cock into her pussy at an excruciatingly slow rate. He stopped when she moaned, waiting for her to awkwardly grab at his member for a few moments before moving again after she stopped.


         Barry watched her bend in half when he had only gone halfway in, her eyes wild. He was debating whether to keep moving slowly before deciding the panting Goblina probably just needed to get it over with.


         Alexis was catching her breath when he let go, the unexpected move leaving her wholly unprepared. She screamed when she fell, his cock slamming home and sending a nearly forgotten wave of pleasure through her. She felt herself collapse, going limp on top of him. Barry carefully held her arm, watching the Goblina carefully. Eventually she stirred, moaning when she twisted on his dick and triggered another surge of pleasure.


         “Well?” He asked quietly.


         Alexis didn’t respond, her eyes half shut while she absorbed the feelings. Barry shook his head slightly, letting go of her arm and twisting.


         Alexis screamed when he moved, flailing and falling to the side, Barry’s dick almost staying inserted but popping out when she bounced. She reached for him, yelping when she felt him push past her grasp and lean against her chest.


         “You’re too slow.” Barry rumbled, penetrating her again and looking down at the squirming Goblina. “I tried to give you the top but you were too slow.”


         Alexis felt her mind melt away when he began to move, each thrust pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm she hadn’t had in months. Barry felt her begin to move with him, pushing harder as he neared climax. Suddenly he felt her tense, the tiny girl rising and pushing him back. She made sure she stayed up against him, riding his body back down to the mattress.


         Barry grinned up at her, the fire in her eyes that had leaked through before now in full force. Alexis grinned back, her pointed teeth giving her smile a fierce look that didn’t diminish when she quickened her pace. Barry cried out when he came, Alexis rotating her hips as she pounded up and down.


         Alexis stared down at him, feeling her own orgasm just out of reach. She growled, moving her hips back and forth in an attempt to find the right spot, her frustration only growing when Barry began to soften.


         Barry looked up, noticing her frustration and reaching up to grope her small chest. Alexis gave him a frustrated look, the emotions inside of her mixing into a disorganized mess.


         “It’s not- coming, Master.” She hissed, slowing her movements when she felt him continue to deflate. “DAMNIT!”


         Barry looked shock that the tiny girl was making so much fuss, but tried to compromise. “I can finger-“


         “NO.” Alexis slammed him back down, roughly grabbing his dick and beginning to work her hand along it. “Stay. There.”


         Barry tried to push her away but the Goblina was simply stronger, keeping him in place until he began to get another erection. She leaned down, working him in her mouth until he was hard again before decisively slamming her pussy back over his cock.


         Barry grimaced when he felt the remains of his first orgasm squish against his penis, resigning himself to her motions. Her hand never left his chest, keeping him pressed firmly in place while she desperately bounced on his dick.


         Alexis slid her eyes shut when she felt the feeling return, her mouth dropping open as the constant pounding finally pushed her over the edge, releasing Barry and falling back off his dick with an audible pop.


         Barry grimaced, grabbing the blanket and doing his best to clean off his penis before giving up and heading for the bathroom. By the time he had cleaned off Alexis had recovered, cupping her crotch and waiting next to the door. Barry let her pass, watching the Goblina dash to the toilet and walking over to strip the bed.


         Alexis walked back out to see Barry bundling the sheets and stopped, waiting for him to speak. He turned to her, frowning for a moment before nodding. “Right. You have no idea where to find Rebecca.”


         “No, Master, but…” she trailed off, watching him continue to clean up, “I want to stay with you, for a while.”


         “Well, I’m going to find her.” Barry replied. “So I suppose that works out fine.” He grinned. “What, afraid to begin training with her?”


         Alexis’ head snapped around and she started to retort before she noticed the laughter twinkling in his eyes. Begrudgingly she nodded. “Not afraid, Master, but rushed.”


“That would be because I’m rushing you.” Barry chuckled. “Did I forget to explain who I was? I thought I did back when you first saw me.”


“M-maybe, Master, but I... uh... wasn’t really paying attention.” Alexis hung her head in embarrassment. “I was more worried about... That other one, beside me.”


         Barry frowned, finishing with the sheets and tossing them to the side. “Really? Why’s that?”


         “Because... when she confronted me, you didn’t look at me, Master. You were watching her.” Alexis sighed. “You were the third Tamer I’d met since master Mike. They all turned me away.”


         “You thought I was looking at the other one?” Barry asked curiously. “I was looking at you.”


         Alexis started, looking at him in awe. “You were?”


         “You don’t look like most Goblina.” Barry smiled. “Where exactly do you come from?”


         “I’m- I’m from Blackthorn, Master.” Alexis murmured.


         “Blackthorn.” Barry scratched his head. “Is there a ranch out there?”


         Alexis shook her head. “Not, really, Master. My father is... was... a retired Tamer.”


         “Oh.” Barry frowned. “So was your mother like you?”


         Alexis hesitated a moment before speaking. “She was, Master. But, I never thought she was different until I began meeting Tamers and seeing other Goblina.”


         “I wonder where she was from.” Barry mused. “That kind of a difference is usually a regional thing.”


         “It’s not my normal coloring, Master.”


         Barry halted. “Eh?”


         Alexis nervously rubbed at her arms. “I’m more... red, than this, Master, like my hair. But, when I, uh...” she trailed off and finally shook her head sheepishly. “My mom liked to eat rocks, so I do, too.”


         Barry’s eyebrows rose. “When you eat rocks, your skin loses the red tint?”


         “Something like that, Master.” Alexis whispered.


         “It’s probably something to do with minerals.” Barry looked around, grabbing his pokedex. “Ground type. You’re a Ground type, so eating rocks isn’t really that strange. Your skin changing color because of it is, but not exactly something to be ashamed of.” He looked up. “Would you say your skin gets darker when you eat enough minerals?”


         Alexis bit her lip. “I think so?”


         “You’re just doing what a Whorc does.” Barry held out the pokedex to show her. “They eat minerals to keep their skin and bones strong. You’ve just got a head start.”


         Alexis looked at the screen for a moment before pressing at the flesh of her arms. “But, I don’t feel tougher, Master.”


         “It’s probably not something that can be measured,” Barry agreed, “but if you and another similar Goblina were tested, I’m sure you’d be able to withstand more punishment than she could.”


         Alexis slowly nodded before brightening. “That’s why the others didn’t hurt so bad.” She looked up at him with a grin. “That’s good, right Master?”


         Barry grinned back and clapped her shoulder. “That’s right. Now let’s go meet the harem.”







         Barry was watching Rebecca and Alexis spar when he heard footsteps. After a moment the door opened, Mark’s head poking in and looking around. “Barry?”




         Mark looked over and waved. “Hey, evening. What’s this I’m hearing about you getting a new pokegirl?”


         Barry rolled his eyes and pointed. “That’s her.”


         “Barry, you were just swearing you didn’t want another.” Mark chuckled, peering over at Alexis. “Swore that... Barry, did you get a Goblina?”


         “Yea she doesn’t look like-“


         “I told you taking a feral from the mountain was stupid.” Mark growled. “And I know you didn’t get her from the Tradesmen we resale to, because I didn’t tell you who they are. How’d you find her? You better not have left the station without backup.”




         “I told you they were common but fuck, man, that’s stupid.” Mark finally looked at him. “How’s she so calm? Usually those ferals won’t play nice for weeks.”


         “I bought her.” Barry finally explained. “I didn’t go out into the mountain, that’d be suicide.”


         Mark blinked, glancing between him and Alexis. “What? From our resale?”


         “I have absolutely no idea who that would be.”


         Mark stared at Alexis for a few seconds. “Ok, I’ll bite. Where’d she come from?”


         “Why do you think she came from the mountain?”


         “Look at her.” Mark gestured. “That’s what the Goblina and Whorc on Mt. Silver look like. Deadly little bastards, they blend right in until it’s too late.”


         Barry looked over at Alexis. “Her color?”




         “She said her mother was the same.” Barry explained. “Something about eating minerals.”


         “Ok, no.” Mark scoffed. “I’m telling you, that’s a Mt. Silver Goblina. If she didn’t come from the mountain, her mother did.”


         “Is that bad?”


         Mark chuckled. “I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I don’t touch anything that comes out of those mountains unless it’s unconscious and inside a pokeball, or dead. I mean it when I say those ferals up there are the scariest things you can find apart from a Menace.”


         “I’m going to say it’s good, then.” Barry decided, turning back to watch Alexis struggle against Rebecca. “If it means she’s stronger, I want her.”


         “Fair enough.” Mark pulled back. “Well, you’ve stumbled upon another little mystery, but she doesn’t seem like she’ll kill you in your sleep just yet. Lagearna was really pissed that I tamed my new Eva last night, so I need to go apologize.”


         Barry gave him a bland look. “Why apologize?”


         “Because she’s over seven feet tall and my Alpha.” Mark replied evenly. “If I don’t remind her that I know she’s my top dog, my life will get very, very scary.”


         Barry snickered and waved him off. “Go.”


         Mark waved, ducking out and hurrying down the hall back towards the cafeteria. Nearby, Timothy sat with Claire at his side, both looking at a set of holo feeds.


         “Your Snugglebunny’s data was very helpful.” One of the men said, glancing over at his assistant. “Jerry, please tell Mr. Gardner what we discovered.”


         The second man cleared his throat. “Using your data, we have identified over a hundred potential carriers of the bloodgift, and more are filtering in every minute. It appears the markers were similar enough to regular psychic or dominant gifts to go unnoticed. However, we have yet to find another with the exact same pattern as your Hunter.”


         “So he has a variant.” Timothy replied. “A mutation.”


         “It would appear so.” Jerry looked down at his notes. “If we were to extrapolate the function, I would propose that this mutation does not require a pre-existing bond, like the base form seems to. This could mean the mutant could control any pokegirl.”


         “He can’t.” Timothy interrupted, forestalling any other response. “My Snugglebunny... accidentally caused him an extreme amount of stress. She felt no compulsion to listen to his commands during the incident, and I hypothesize that whatever compulsion he creates is relatively weak - it may not require a preexisting bond to function, but it is not as strong as that same bond I hold with my pokegirl. Just as it is his willpower that drives the gift, I believe it is the willpower of his target that must be overcome. That would mean he would be unable to control previously bonded pokegirls, especially strong feral pokegirls, and definitely not... any of them.”


         Jerry shook his head. “That’s just your hypothesis.”


         “And you have yours.”


         “We will take both hypotheses into consideration.” The first scientist replied, interrupting Jerry’s angry retort. “For now, we have classified this gift as ‘Alpha Will’, and tentatively have ranked it as Rare. All information related to this research has been classified under L4 clearance.” The man winked. “And you don’t have to lie to us, Tim. We’re very grateful your pokegirl stressed the subject and tested his gift. We need all of the data we can get.”


         “I am still bound by the laws of the league.” Timothy replied coolly. “My pokegirl accidentally accosted Mr. Messer. Do you require any further tests or samples from my Hunter?”


         The scientist shook his head. “This team has no current need for that, Mr. Gardner. However, if you witness any other incidents while in the field, please keep us informed.”


         “Of course.”


         Timothy waited for the feeds to clear before he relaxed. “Fuck those people.”


         Claire stroked his arm gently. “At least the leader remembered you outrank him this time.”


         “I’m more worried about that assistant,” Timothy chuckled, “but you already know that. Hopefully Barry doesn’t do anything crazy for the next few months.”


         Claire nodded, squeezing his arm gently. “He’s in a whirlwind. Let him be for a few days.”


         “I’ll try to.” Timothy stood. “I’m going to get dinner. Want to join me?”


         Claire shook her head, her ears flopping against her skull. “I need to catch up on training, or Samantha will put me on bitch duty again.” She made a face. “Yes Beta. No Beta. Three fucking bags full, Beta. I’m sorry that I had a mental breakdown and had to psychoanalyze myself, Beta. You want to try?”


         Timothy waited for her to vanish before leaving the conference room, closing and locking the door behind him before heading off in the same direction Mark had taken.









!!Details Locked to L4!!

Tamer profile of Bartholomew (Barry) Messer

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         Pokegene 1 – Flarebra


         Alpha Will – Feral



         Minerva (Mina) – Ka-D-Bra, Alpha

         Merineth (Neith) – Sphinx, Beta

         Rebecca (Revvy) – Pirouette

         Camilla (Cammie) – Mossmelon

         Alexis (Lexi) – Goblina




!!Details Locked to L1!!

Tamer Profile of Mark Wehrmen

Age: 16

License: Hunter – Level 1

Clearance Level: 1


Blood Traits:




         Lagearna – Cerberass, Alpha

         Shibara – Venuswhore

         Aeriesafa – Pidgeota

         Tarene – Tesladama

         Friesca – Eva




!!Details Locked to L5!!

Tamer Profile of Jonah Bates

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:
         Psychic Invisibility


Information blocked.

Restricted by ~hs2D5gj8~



         Lucy – Xerablondi, Alpha

         Jane – Grotitle

         Mary – Hotgoblina

         Nina – Dragoness

         Becky – Maggieton





Tamer Profile of Eric Holiday

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         !!Tamer’s Disease – Severe!!





         Clara – Ice Battle Angel, Alpha

         Candace – Vixxen

         Megan – Iron Chef

         Ashley – Warcat

         Laura – Griffon


Tamer has severe Tamer’s Disease. Do not keep from taming in excess of two days. If Tamer has not tamed for three days, prepare for Frenzy.






!!Details Locked to L3. NonCom Locked to L5!!

Tamer Profile of Timothy Gardner

Age: 27

License: Hunter – Level 4

Clearance Level: 4


Blood Traits:

         Monster Out – Full Metamorph

         Rage – Fighting/Fire

         Fast Healing – Magic

         Recovery – Potent x2

         Boost – Fighting/Fire

         Pokegene 3 – Blazicunt



         Claire – Snugglebunny, NonCom


         Leizi – Lopiki, Alpha

         Samantha – Shednobi, Beta

         Sapphire – Wyveri

         Noir – Z-Bra

         Hestia – Blazicunt

         Martina – Enchantress