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Growing Pains Chapter 05



         “Young master!” Alana knocked, waiting for a response for a minute before knocking again. “Young master! A package has arrived for you!”


         The girl brightened when the door opened before blushing. Cammie stared back at her quizzically. “Yes?”


         “Um, a package arrived for master Barry.” Alana nervously held up a small box. “Are y-you his pokegirl?”


         Cammie nodded, taking the box. “Thank you.”


         She watched the girl run off, closing the door after a few moments with a confused look on her face.


         “A package came for you, Master.” Cammie walked into the living room, handing the box to Barry. “The delivery girl was very scared of me. I’m not sure why.”


         “I think it was because you were naked.” Barry maneuvered his arms around Rebecca and checked the tag. “Wow, already? I ordered these less than a week ago.”


         “What did you get me?” Rebecca muttered, turning so she could see what he was holding.


         “Not for you.” Barry chuckled, pulling out a thicker pair of goggles. “For me.”


         Displeasure flashed across her face for a moment. “I like you without them.”


         “I’m used to wearing them, and these ones will be useful.” He slid the frames on, stretching and adjusting the strap. “I wonder how she set it up.”


         “Set what up?” Rebecca slid to her feet. “Who’s she.”


         Barry pulled the goggles off and put them away. “I’ll mess with those later.” He stared back at the defiant Tomboy. “‘She’ is the owner of the shop I went to, Carmen. She’s the one who made my original goggles, and she’s done a lot of work for my family. Jewelry, electronics, glass, that kind of things.”


         “What kind of pokegirl is she.” Rebecca muttered sullenly. “Do you like her that much?”


         “She owns the shop.” Barry replied, putting a slight edge to his voice. “So she couldn’t be a pokegirl. She’s human, and no, I don’t want to sleep with her. She has a husband and I’m not even on her radar.”


         Rebecca calmed slightly, staring over at where Cammie and Mina were watching them carefully. “What.”


         Barry sighed, standing and walking over to his bag. “Girls, Rebecca and I are going to go spend some time alone. Mina, can you start cleaning up from breakfast?”


         The Ka-D-Bra bowed her head slightly. “Yes Master.” She watched him pull a small box out and slide it into his pocket. “After I’m done Cammie and I will train. We both need to practice with our new techniques.”


         “Sounds good.” Barry gestured, walking into the master bedroom. “Come on, Rebecca.”


         The Tomboy stepped in behind him, gently closing the restored doors. “Are you finally going to tell me what you and Mina talked about a few days ago?”


         Barry had pulled off his shirt. “Strip.” He kept his pants on, waiting while the Tomboy complied. “I am, but not the way you’re hoping for.”


         Rebecca sighed, climbing onto the bed. “So?”


         “Come here.” Barry sat down on the edge, waiting for Rebecca to join him. He put his arm around her shoulders. “We talked about this on Sunday, and I’ve made my final decision.”


         Rebecca tensed. “You have, Master?”


         “I love you.” Barry said simply. “You were my first pokegirl a month ago and I want you to be here just as much as I did then. I find you just as attractive as I did then. Neither Cammie nor Mina will be able to change that.” He shook his head. “However.”


         Rebecca felt her eyes tearing up when he began listing what she had done wrong. “In the last week, you’ve fallen apart.” Barry began ticking on his fingers. “When it was just Cammie, it was cute. You thought you could show me you were the better pokegirl by overpowering her, and I didn’t say anything at the time. I should have. I’m not sure if the issue is your breast size, or your clashing personality, but the instant Mina walked in that room, back at the ranch, you failed. She was someone you couldn’t just intimidate right away, and not only that, she had the unfair advantage of being able to look past your facade and realize what you hid. She’s a dominating personality, and when she saw that at heart you were not, you had no chance.”


         Rebecca’s tears began to flow and she shook her head. “I couldn’t handle it.” She whisper-cried. “I felt everything slipping away.”


         “And that wouldn’t have been an issue if you had just asked for help.” Barry gave her a bitter smile. “But you didn’t. You broke down, and you lashed out, and I will not risk the stability of my harem to soothe your ego. An Alpha that is unable to work for the others has no right being in the position.” He soldiered on when her sobs grew louder. “But I gave you another chance. Over the last week or so you’ve gotten better. You’ve shown that you at least could have been the Alpha, if you weren’t so hung up over forcing your status – that you deserve a place here. You’re not a failure, Rebecca, you just failed. Singular. This does not mean anything for your future. Our future.” He gently stroked the sobbing Tomboy’s hair. “The final issue was Wednesday, when Cammie and Mina evolved. You acted very well, made sure Cammie was ok, but once the danger was over your jealousy came right back. Mina and I had a very long and important conversation after you ran off, a conversation I should have been having with my Alpha.” He shook his head. “You were nowhere to be found.”


         Rebecca bowed her head, gritting her teeth in despair. “You did have it with your Alpha.” She whispered. “She is better, Master. She should be Alpha. I knew it from the start.”


         Barry sighed. “It wasn’t true from the start, Rebecca. You made it that way. And I haven’t made my decision on who will take your place yet, but I have decided it will not be you. You are no longer my Alpha.”


         He held her while she cried, waiting for her sobs to calm before he spoke up again. “You alright?”


         “No.” Rebecca sniffed, pressing her face against him. “But I’ve accepted it.”


         “That’s good.” Barry let go of her and reached into his pocket. “Because now that those two have gotten used to their evolutions, it’s your turn.”


         Rebecca gazed down at the small box uncomprehendingly. “Me?”


         “Rebecca,” Barry said softly, “I’m not lying to you. I still want you here. I still want you. I just don’t want you as Alpha. Mina will probably take that role eventually but for now it will remain empty and you will all stand as equals in my harem.”


         Rebecca traced a shaking hand over the box. “You… always… meant it.”


         “I told you before, didn’t I?” Barry asked with a smile. “I want to treat you all well. That means not lying when it matters most. It means moving forward, and making each of you just as strong as you can be.”


         Outside, Mina was staring at the ground and Camilla slowed, looking at the Ka-D-Bra in surprise. “You alright?”


         Mina shook her head slightly, a tear glistening in her eye. “What is he? I can’t help myself, the way he’s treating her, even after what she did, I… How can I get that from him?”


         Camilla walked back to the other girl, hugging her tightly. “Easily.” She whispered. “Be his, and it will happen.” She pulled back and smiled. “I haven’t been here much longer than you have, but he already treats me better than anything I could ever imagine. He has his reasons, of course; he’s a male. But I can accept them if it means I can be happy.”


         Mina blinked away the tear. “What are his reasons?”


         “He wants us to be happy so we will be our best for him.” Camilla giggled. “He doesn’t hide it, either. He allows me to speak my mind. He feeds me the same food he eats. He wants me to be willing to die for him, and I would do it without hesitation.”


         Mina slowly nodded. “I see.” She turned, glancing back at the house. “I think I’m beginning to feel the same way.”


         “C’mon!” Cammie laughed, flicking a seed at the Ka-D-Bra and grinning when she teleported away. “Train! Train!”


         Rebecca sniffed when she heard the laughter from outside. “They’re having fun.”


         Barry gently opened the box and showed her the blue stone inside. “Want to have some of our own?”


         Rebecca reached out, her fingers hovering over the stone. With a nod she took hold of it, jerking back as the energy surged through her.


         Barry shielded his eyes when the stone burst into blinding light, watching as Rebecca clamped her other hand over it. She glanced in his direction but could only stare through him, her eyes completely unfocused. As the light from the stone slowly lowered in intensity, the energy draining into her, he could see her body changing, filling out across her chest and solidifying the toned muscles he had already seen.


         Rebecca slowly leaned back when the light faded, breathing hard. “Master.”


         He stared at her face, picking out the slight light blue shift her eyes had gone through and quickly looked her over, calming when he didn’t see any other major changes


         Barry reached over, running his hands over her abs in wonder. “You’re so soft.” He slowly crept his touch up to her now ample breasts, leaning back in surprise when she slapped him away. “What’s wrong?”


         Rebecca was still staring at the ceiling. “Please wait.” Her breathing grew shallower as she focused. Slowly Barry felt something swirling around him, gently twisting and sliding across his entire body.


         Rebecca winced. “I can’t make it stop. What is this?”


         “I feel... something.” Barry rubbed his hands over his arms. “This is really weird, are you doing this?”


         “I feel you doing that, Master.” Rebecca grimaced, holding one arm to keep her new breasts from flopping around while she sat up. “I don’t understand how but I do.”


         “I think that’s your ki.” Barry explained. “I read about it in the Pirouette entry. It’s like a sixth sense, you can always feel if something is nearby you.”


         “It’s overwhelming.” Rebecca muttered. “I can feel the bed, and the floor, and a bit of the ceiling, it’s like I’m constantly reaching out and touching everything around me.” She shuddered. “And I feel you moving, back and forth and your chest as you breathe and-“


         “I was going to tame you right away,” Barry said, standing, “but I think I should wait until you’ve learned a bit more about this. Take some time, try to figure out how to use it without having it overwhelm you.”


         “Thank you, Master.” Rebecca began slowly turning and moving her arms through the air as he left.


         Barry wandered over to the kitchen, making sure everything was put away correctly and grabbing a cookie. He tore off a half and looked around, trying to find the other two pokegirls. He was finishing off his snack when he noticed Cammie lying unconscious outside and started that way, chewing thoughtfully.


         Mina was sitting behind the door and she glanced up when Barry walked outside. “How did it go, Master?”


         “She needs some alone time to get used to her new ability.” Barry explained, walking over and squatting next to Cammie. “What happened here?”


         Mina gestured at the slumbering Mossmelon. “She wouldn’t stop chasing me, so I put her to sleep.”


         Barry snorted and shoved at Cammie. “I don’t blame you.” He waited for her to start moving before roughly tackling the chameleon pokegirl, laughing when her limbs all came to life in a flailing mess. “Good morning!”


         Cammie struggled to her feet, looking around wildly. “WHAZZAT?” She looked down, her face flushing from a mixture of embarrassment and confusion. “M-Master?”


         Barry was doubled over with laughter at the Mossmelon’s distress. “Wakey wakey.” He crooned.


         Cammie glared at Mina, the Ka-D-Bra smiling but refraining from laughing along. “That’s hardly fair.” She stressed. “She did something to me!”


         “Of course she did.” Barry glanced over to the doorway when Rebecca slowly walked to the opening. “She has the ability to do that. Rebecca, how are you feeling?”


         Rebecca shook her head. “Hi Mina.”


         Mina’s eyes widened from her position behind the open door. “How did you know I was here?”


         Rebecca reached around the door and waved at the Ka-D-Bra. “I feel you over there.” She looked at Cammie and Barry. “But you’re far enough away.”


         Barry nodded and stepped closer, noting that he didn’t feel anything running over him as he did. “You’re starting to get used to the feeling, then.”


         Rebecca slowly nodded. “It’s strange, but I kept my eyes closed for a while to isolate it. It’s there, like my eyes, but all around, always looking, even behind me or above me. I stopped trying to define it and let it flow and now it’s just... there. As long as I don’t focus on it it doesn’t overwhelm me.”


         “Well,” Barry muttered, glancing back at Cammie, “I’m standing next to three naked pokegirls. That’s starting to overwhelm me.”


         Rebecca’s eyes slid shut when he began massaging her breasts, a happy moan escaping from her mouth. “Ohhh, Master...”


         Cammie started to step towards them but found herself unable to move while Barry continued running his hands over Rebecca’s body. She could see Mina staring at her, the Ka-D-Bra’s purple eyes glowing with the power she was using to hold the Mossmelon in place.


         Cammie felt Mina’s hold vanish when the door swung shut, Barry and Rebecca disappearing inside. She watched Mina warily when the Ka-D-Bra got to her feet. “Why did you stop me.”


         Mina rolled her shoulders and smiled. “They had just taken a break. She would have been unhappy if you had tried to join in, and he probably would have turned you away.” Her smile began to widen and Cammie felt a tinge of excitement at the predatory undertone. “But most of all, I felt her need. And I didn’t want to satisfy my own all alone.”


         Cammie squealed and fell back when Mina jumped her, the two jockeying for a few moments before devolving into raw lust.


         If the walls of the house had been made cheaper, there might have been some overlap between the screams, but as it was each pair was lost in their own world, pleasuring each other as the sun marched doggedly on.







         Rebecca moaned again, pushing up against Barry’s hands. “Right there, Master, there!”


         Barry dug his knuckles into her back, ignoring the twinges in his groin. “We should really do this before sex next time. I think I’m getting another erection.”


         Rebecca giggled, shimmying her hips in pleasure. “Mmmf, that’s the spot. I like this after, Master. I get more time with you this way.”


         “Hmm. That’s another reason we should consider using this as foreplay.” Barry rolled his eyes when Rebecca made an unhappy noise. “I can’t play favorites with you anymore, Rebecca. You lost those privileges.”


         Rebecca quieted. “I know.” She whispered sadly. “But we both enjoy this. Maybe, when I can have extra time, we can do it then.” She twisted and gave him a hopeful look. “Does that sound fair, Master?”


         “I can do that.” Barry moved up to her shoulders. “I can’t get over how smooth your skin is. I though I was going to need lotion or something but my hands are just sliding along.”


         Rebecca nodded, wiggling back so her ass bumped against Barry’s growing erection. “It makes it feel so good for me too.” Her breath caught when she felt his dick start to slip back and forth between her ass cheeks. “M-Master?”


         Barry chuckled and pulled away. “That’s just as slick as the rest of you. Maybe next time.” He finished massaging her shoulders and sat back. “How do you feel now?”


         Rebecca stretched, happily wriggling her fingers. “It feels so good, Master. I was getting really tense.” She stopped, staring off into the distance. “It doesn’t fix what I feel, but… it helps to know that you really do forgive me.” She sat up, gazing at him. “I’m sorry.”


         Barry sighed but smiled back at her. “And I do forgive you, Rebecca. I think I’m going to give everyone the weekend off so we can all calm down before we report to the Hunter station on Monday.” He had begun to dress when a thought struck. “SHIT!”


         Rebecaa had been vainly trying to pull on her own shirt and jumped. “Master??”


         “Your uniforms!” Barry dove for his pokedex. “I hadn’t ordered any of them because I figured Cammie was going to evolve, but I think I waited too long!”


         “Uh, I think I need new clothes as well, Master.” Barry glanced up and nearly passed out at the sight. Rebecca stared back sheepishly, her favorite tank top stretched to its limit just to cover her nipples. “These were, uh, made pretty tight when I didn’t, um, you know… Eep!”


         Barry watched the fabric snap back, dropping Rebecca’ breasts to bounce free. “New clothes.” He glanced out the window but didn’t see Cammie or Mina anywhere. “If I ever take them in public out of uniform, I guess they’ll each need a set too.”


         “That might be good, Master.” Rebecca waited for him to continue playing with his pokedex. “Should I… go start dinner?”


         “If you could.” Barry kept playing with the screen. “Fuck, they want me to bring you in for personal measurements. And their front store is closed over the weekend.”


         “What company, Master?” Rebecca asked curiously, drifting over and looking at the screen. “Who is… Seams… Unlimited?”


         “I have no idea, they’re the company that popped up when I checked Timothy’s message.” Barry shook his head. “This isn’t good, I don’t think they’ll check their messages this late either. What do I do?”


         Rebecca thought for a moment. “Is this what master Timothy sent you, Master?”


         Barry frowned. “Yes? He sent me a message with the name of the company and in…struct…ions.” He glanced down, pulling the message back up. “’Barry, make sure to follow this link to get the Hunter side of the website.’” Barry groaned. “Whoops.”


         Rebecca giggled and watched him open a completely different website. “See? I’m useful, Master.”


         “You are and I love you very much.” Barry muttered. “Oh, perfect. They’ve got an option here for emergency services. Let’s see… Hunter ID, don’t have one, put other… Breeds, name, deadline, other information…” He trailed off. “And submit.”


         Rebecca stood. “I’ll get started with dinner.” She had barely taken a step to the door when Barry’s pokedex buzzed and he looked down in surprise.


         “What the hell?” He pulled up the message. “Oh, wow. We’ve got an appointment for tomorrow in Goldenrod. How’d they know the closest city to us?”


         Rebecca gazed out the window at the sprawling forest that surrounded them. “Uh, even I don’t know that, Master.”


         Barry looked up. “Oh, right. I never really talked about my family that much.” He grimaced. “I’d rather not, actually. Regardless, yes, we’re a few hours ride from Goldenrod. Maybe I’ll do that instead of teleporting this time, like I did when we had to go to Azalea.”


         Rebecca shrugged, finally making it out the door. “I don’t care either way, Master, since I’ll be riding in my pokeball.”


         “True.” Barry scrolled through the message. “This works great, get these done, visit a store… Maybe we’ll just swing by JahannaCo. Though I’m not really in the mood to deal with that place…”







         Barry adjusted the hood over his head, pushing doggedly through the busy streets. Occasionally he checked his pokedex, taking care to reveal his face as little as possible. For the first time since he had gotten them, he also wasn’t wearing his goggles in public.


         A tense few minutes passed as he walked before he finally made it to the store. Breathing a sigh of relief he knocked, waiting a few seconds for a face to pop up in the window. “I’m here for the appointment!” He yelled, holding up his pokedex with his profile already open.


         The pokegirl glanced at the screen and nodded, unlocking the door and holding it open. “Come in, sir.” She carefully closed it behind him, watching him pull the hood down. “Were you avoiding someone, sir?”


         Barry shook his head slightly. “I have some enemies in Goldenrod, so I was just trying to avoid any trouble. I’m not in the mood today.”


         The girl nodded. “I understand, sir. A Hunter does not always make friends.”


         Barry wasn’t going to correct her and gestured instead. “Lead on.”


         “We have brought two of our best Seamstresses for your order today, sir.” The girl explained while they walked. “If it is your wish we can prepare the uniforms while you are still here; otherwise, we will be happy to ship them to a location of your choosing.”


         “Here is fine.” Barry pulled up when they entered the back room. “These are your best?”


         The first girl glanced up from her work, bowing her head slightly. “Good morning, sir.”


         “They volunteered, sir.” The pokegirl glanced between Barry and the Seamstresses. “Is something the matter?”


         “No, no problem.” Barry walked in. “If you say they are the best, then they are.”


         The second Seamstress stood, walking forward with a tape. “If you would release your pokegirls, sir, we can begin measurements.”


         “Sure.” Barry cycled his belt, pulling off his overshirt as well. “Do you need my pants off?”


         The Seamstress shook her head. “That isn’t necessary, sir.” With practiced movements she took his dimensions, barking numbers back at her seated companion. “Next, the Ka-D-Bra.”


         Mina let the girl pull the measure around her body, her antennae twitching slightly. “Cammie.”


         Cammie blinked when Mina spoke up but let the Seamstress step towards her. “I have to wear clothes?”


         “We went over this last night, Cammie.” Barry said dejectedly. “You have to wear these if I tell you to, but I don’t think that will be very often. It would be ridiculous to expect you to wear clothing in combat when your whole fighting style relies on your camouflage.”


         “That’s very smart, sir.” The Seamstress moved towards Rebecca. “PIROUETTE!” She barked. “Special order.”


         “Special order.” The seated Seamstress repeated. “Ready.”


         The girl rattled off the numbers and stepped back. “That’ll do, sir.” She smiled. “Will you be staying until we finish?”


         Barry nodded. “That’s the plan.”


         “Very good, sir.” The Seamstress stepped back to her own seat, taking the bolt of material that her associate passed her. “We will work as swiftly as we can without sacrificing quality.”


         “I can’t argue with that.”


         “You may wait back here, sir.” The receptionist gestured, pointing Barry to a small furnished room. “Your pokegirls are free to remain as well.”


         “Thanks.” Barry sat, watching his pokegirls find their own seats. “Cammie, you remember that we’re going to buy you more clothes, right?”


         The Mossmelon shook her head. “I don’t want them, Master.” She whined.


         “You don’t want to be forced to stay in your pokeball when we’re walking around, do you?” Barry asked with a tired sigh. “Because that’s what you’ll have to do if we’re off duty and walking around a city somewhere.”


         “Pokegirls don’t have to wear clothes.” Cammie replied vehemently. “If I’m supposed to be wearing whatever I want, I don’t want to wear anything.”


         “It’s not the law,” Barry conceded, “but it wouldn’t be right. Hunters aren’t just Tamers, we represent the league. You need to be wearing something.”


         Cammie’s eyes flicked around and she grabbed a loose ribbon from the floor. “There.” She wrapped it around her breasts with a grin. “Something!”


         Barry slowly closed his eyes and leaned back in exasperation. “Camilla, please.”


         Cammie blinked at the use of her full name and slowly let the ribbon fall. “It won’t be a lot.” She warned.


         “Fine.” Barry grumbled. “Micro bikini. Whatever. But it needs to be something.”


         Cammie nodded, sitting back down in a huff. Mina watched her for a few moments before turning her attention to Barry. “Am I allowed to get whatever clothing I want as well, Master?”


         “Sure.” Barry glanced over at her. “Had something special in mind?”


         Mina nodded slowly. “I did, Master, but I wasn’t sure if you’d allow it. It isn’t very durable.”


         “I’m sure that whatever design you want, we can get it made in a durable fabric.” Barry looked at her curiously. “Will it be something we need to remake after you evolve to Alaka-Wham?”


         Mina shook her head. “I don’t believe so, Master. I only didn’t believe you would allow it because it will not cover much of my body.”


         Barry chuckled softly. “Mina, the day I ask you to hide your beauty because I don’t like it anymore, I want you to leave. Just like that.” He winked at her dumbfounded expression. “I’m never going to do it, so it’s a moot point.”


         “Um… Yes, Master.” Mina shook her head slightly. “What should we do while we wait?”


         “I have some reading to do.” Barry pulled out his pokedex. “I’m not sure what you three can do, but I’ll be doing this.” He glanced up when Cammie drifted towards Rebecca. “No sex. We’re in public.”


         The Mossmelon pouted and sat back down. “Yes Master.” She gazed around the room, brightening when she saw a small chest. “Games?”







         “Sir, we’re ready for you to try them on.” The receptionist paused in the doorway. “Sir?”


         Barry looked up, tossing his cards into the pile. “We’re ready.”


         The girl looked on curiously while Mina cleaned up. “What were you doing, sir?”


         “Somehow getting roped into a card game with my pokegirls.” Barry replied, waiting for the three to get up. “I really should have stayed away.”


         “Sorry, Master.” Cammie muttered.


         “I just won’t make that mistake again.” Barry grinned. “Anyways, lead on.”


         The receptionist nodded, leading them back into the same room. The original Seamstress looked over, standing with an armful of clothing. “Here you are, sir. She has the Pirouette’s, and here are the rest.”


         Barry took the pile, separating out the two identical uniforms and holding up the two remaining. “Let’s see. This one has the bigger chest and is a bit taller, so I’m assuming that’s yours, Mina.” He handed the Ka-D-Bra her clothes and gently pushed the remaining uniform into Cammie’s hands. “Please just try it on so we know it fits.”


         Cammie huffed and took the uniform, effortlessly sliding into the pieces and sticking her hands on her hips. “Master?”


         Barry blinked at her quick don and nodded. “It fits well.” He snorted when she immediately stripped the clothes back off and let them fall to the ground. “Thanks.”


         Cammie gave him a beatific smile and flounced over to the wall, leaning back while she waited for the rest.


         Barry pulled on his own uniform, buttoning the shirt and quickly exchanging his shorts for the pants. The material was precisely fit, almost weightless on his body. He turned to the Seamstresses and bowed. “Thank you. It fits perfectly.”


         The leader bobbed her head and curtsied. “You’re very welcome, sir.” She glanced over, smiling when she saw Mina and Rebecca admiring their own clothes. “It appears all of your uniforms fit correctly.”


         “They do.” Barry slapped at his pockets, grabbing his shorts off the ground after a moment. “Here, I believe I need to give this to you.”


         The receptionist took the chip, popping it into a reader on her hip. “That’s correct, sir.” She manipulated the buttons before presenting the screen to him. “As you can see here, I have marked off three sets of pokegirl uniforms, and both sets of Tamer uniforms. All uniforms are guaranteed to last for life, and we will happily replace them if they are damaged or no longer fit due to evolution or other body modification.”


         Barry read the screen, nodded, and hit accept. “Looks good.” He took the chip back, bundling up Cammie’s uniform and throwing it at the Mossmelon. “Hold that.”


         Cammie juggled the clothes for a second before she was taken by the recall beam, Barry turning and recalling Mina and Cammie in turn. “Thank you, all of you.” He smiled at the room. “I thought I was done for.”


         The Seamstresses both began laughing and the receptionist nodded. “It was our pleasure, sir. Have a safe day.”


         Barry paused on his way out, changing back into his street clothes and slipping the uniform into his bag. Once he was back on the street he checked his pokedex, orienting towards the clothing store he had chosen.


         He had nearly made it there when a face caught his eye and he quickly turned around, ducking down a side street. He could hear the raised voice behind him as he ran down the alley, making a few quick turns before emerging back into the street. “Shit.” He muttered, glancing around wildly. “And now I’m fucking lost.”


         He checked his pokedex and began walking, taking a large, slow circle towards his original destination. This time he didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary and made it without another run-in.


         Barry released the breath he had been holding as he stepped inside, waving off an attendant. “I need some stuff customized, but give me a moment.”


         The Ingenue blinked and nodded. “Of course, sir.” She stepped past him to greet the next customer.


         Barry silently moved through the store, grabbing the smallest green bikini he could find and walking towards the custom item counter. Another Seamstress manned it and he waited for her to finish with the Tamer ahead of him before stepping forwards. “Hey. I need something from your store in a larger size, something of mine matched for a new size, and something I don’t know yet.”


         The Seamstress brightened. “I’d be happy to help, sir. What item of ours do you need sized?”


         Barry held up the bikini. “I have a Mossmelon that doesn’t want to wear anything. I managed to convince to wear something like this.”


         The Seamstress giggled. “May I take a look at her, sir?”


         “Here we go.” Barry released Cammie, watching as the uniform fell to the ground. “Cammie, here. Try this on.”


         Camme took the tiny string, grinning at it. “I wear this, Master?”


         “Probably.” Barry sighed. “Go on.”


         Cammie unhooked the strap, trying in vain to fit it around her bust. “Urf- Master, it’s-“


         “You need a double large.” The Seamstress held out her hand, taking the bikini and attaching a scribbled ‘LL’ note.


         Barry waited for Cammie to pick up the uniform before recalling her again. “Which piece next?”


         “The alterations, sir.” The Seamstress watched him pull out armfuls of clothing from his bag. “That is quite a bit, sir.”


         “I need to ask her what ones she wants.” Barry replied, turning and releasing Rebecca. “We’re at the clothing store.” He pointed at the pile of her old clothes. “Which pieces?”


         Rebecca turned, staring at the pile. “Really, Master?”


         Barry frowned. “Would you rather wear something new?’


         Rebecca quickly shook her head, grabbing her favorite outfit and two other pieces. “No, Master, I want these.” She smiled at the Seamstress. “Can you make them fit?”


         The Seamstress frowned, her eyes flicking between the tops and Rebecca’s bust. “Those… are far too small. Did she evolve recently, sir?”


         “She used to be a Tomboy.” Barry explained.


         “That would explain it.” The Seamstress took the clothing. “Well, we do carry this style in store, sir. Let’s see… She would only require a large.” She scribbled four ‘L’ notes and attached them to the pieces. “I assume you have another pokegirl that requires some new items?”


         “That’s right.” Barry recalled Rebecca and pulled out Mina’s pokeball. “Apparently it won’t cover much though.”


         The Seamstress raised an eyebrow when Mina appeared. “Sir, it would be a miracle if we covered much of a ‘Wham line in the first place.” She smiled at Mina. “What are you looking for, ma’am?”


         Mina glanced back at Barry before turning to the Seamstress. “I, I want something like… Like Mistress Marisha.”


         Barry looked at the pokegirls quizzically when the Seamstress immediately brightened. “Oh, I would love to make something like that, ma’am. And it would be perfect for you.” She seemed to remember Barry was there and quickly turned to him. “If that’s alright with you, sir.”


         Barry shook his head in confusion. “I have no idea who that person is, so go for it. Will it be expensive?”


         The Seamstress shook her head. “It shouldn’t be too bad, sir. The durable silk may be a bit pricey, but there won’t be much of it.” She scribbled down some notes. “I will put these in immediately, sir. If you don’t mind waiting, most will be done in a few minutes, and I will get started on your Ka-D-Bra’s order right away.”


         Barry shrugged. “This is the only stop I have today.”


         “Excellent, sir.” The Seamstress bowed. “I will be back momentarily.”


         Barry pointed, prompting Mina to sit in one of the chairs nearby. “So, who’s this Marisha person?” He asked curiously. “A pokegirl?”


         Mina shifted nervously. “A cartoon character, Master.”


         “Cartoons, huh.” Barry nodded. “They play those at the ranch?”


         Mina nodded.


         “Cool.” He didn’t see Mina relax when he dropped the subject. “So I was thinking. Now that you’re a Ka-D-Bra, you should have enough normal power to teleport me around, right?”


         Mina stared at him. “Um, probably, Master, but I’ve never tried.”


         “Of course you haven’t.” Barry snorted. “It’s been what, three days?”


         Mina laughed quietly. “Yes, Master.”


         “Well, I figure we’ll try after we’re done here.” He glanced at her. “You’ve seen the teleport pad at the house, right?”


         Mina thought for a moment. “I believe so, Master. At the bottom of the hill?”


         Barry nodded. “That’s the one. You won’t be able to teleport anywhere else on the grounds unless Mira gives you the family key. Which she probably won’t do since you’re so new.”


         Mina nodded. “That’s a good security precaution, Master. I assume there is also a master key?”


         Barry shrugged. “Probably. It would make sense.”


         Mina nodded again, falling silent while they waited. After another minute the Seamstress returned, handing Barry a pile of clothing.


         “Your pokegirl’s original clothes are there as well, sir.” She explained. “The sets on top are the new ones.”


         Barry thanked her, watching her leave before standing. “I’m going to go pay for these. Stay here just in case she comes right back.”


         Mina nodded, watching him leave to find a cashier. She waited while other Tamers passed by, growing more nervous when she felt each one’s eyes linger on her.


         “Any luck?” Mina breathed a sigh of relief when Barry returned, collapsing next to her and giving the Ka-D-Bra a questioning look. “Well?”


         “She hasn’t come back yet, Master.” Mina straightened happily when the hungry looks vanished with Barry’s arrival. “How did it go?”


         “Nothing crazy. The bikini was more expensive than I expected but nothing to get worked up over.” He leaned back, draping his arms over her when she lay against his chest. “Are you ready?”


         Mina nodded. “I’m excited, Master. Having a Hunter as a Master will be very interesting.”


         “I hope it will be boring.” Barry replied. “It’s going to be dangerous, and I’d rather have a boring day than an exciting one.”


         “Sorry, Master. You’re right.” Mina hummed happily when he started stroking her side. “I like nice boring days with Master.”


         Barry chuckled. “Now you’re getting it.”


         The Seamstress returned half an hour later, looking around expectantly. “Sir?”


         “Over here.” The pokegirl turned and smiled when she saw Barry and Mina.


         “I have your dress ready for you to try on, Miss.” She called. “Are you ready?”


         “Go ahead.” Barry pushed Mina to her feet. “When you’re done we’ll head back home.”


         Mina nodded, starting to unbutton her uniform as she followed the Seamstress into a back room.


         The Seamstress led Mina back, stopping in front of a covered mannequin. “I hope you like what I did.” She gushed. “I absolutely love The Mistresses and have always wanted to make one of their uniforms.” She took hold of the sheet. “Okay?”


         “Ready.” Mina replied excitedly.


         The Seamstress drew the sheet back with a flourish, gesturing at the deep black dress. “Tadaa!”


         Mina’s breath caught and she reached forward to run her fingers through the material. “You did all of the motifs too.”


         The Seamstress nodded, looking at the golden patterns that outlined the seams and splashed across the chest. “The bra is adjustable. It will be a bit snug, but you should be able to wear this same piece when you eventually become an Alaka-Wham.” She pulled the dress carefully off the mannequin and held it out. “Try it on.”


         Mina finished stripping out of her shirt and shimmied the pants down her legs. “Alright.” She gently took the dress, sliding it over her head and gently twisting to let it settle. She admired the side slits before frowning. “Something’s...”


         “Grab right beneath your breasts and pull.” The Seamstress urged. Mina complied, feeling her chest pop into place and relieve the strange tension she had felt. “Good?”


         “That’s much better.” Mina glanced down, squishing her cleavage up. “You said it’d be tight, but this is…” she giggled. “Master Barry isn’t going to know what to do.”


         “You can loosen the elastic.” The Seamstress stepped around, fiddling with Mina’s back. “How about now?”


         Mina felt the cups settle forwards slightly, allowing her breasts to separate instead of being crushed up together. “There, stop.”


         “Okay, and... set.” The Seamstress stepped back around and wolf-whistled. “Is it just me or do they look bigger now?”


         Mina gave her an embarrassed smile. “You really like it?”


         “I like my dress. But you are rocking it, girl.” The Seamstress grinned. “I saw that little squeeze. Oh man, your master is going to fuck you silly tonight. Hey,” she grabbed a pair of black silk panties, “throw these on real quick. Tamers love em.”


         Mina could feel a hot blush spreading across her face at the Seamstress’ earnest advice. “I, I don’t know if...”


         “What?” The Seamstress shot her a knowing smile. “Oh, you’re one of those kind of girls, aren’t you. That’s fine.” She flicked the panties back into the pile she had grabbed them from. “Can’t choose the wrong style when you wear nothing at all.”


         “No, I’ll wear them.” Mina picked the underwear off the pile with her telekinesis and brought them back over. “If you think it will help.”


         “You’ll blow him away.” The Seamstress gushed, watching Mina daintily slide the panties up her legs. “Now come on. Let’s do it.”


         Barry glanced up, raising an eyebrow when only the Seamstress walked out. “Where’s Mina?”


         “Right behind me, sir.” The Seamstress beckoned. “Come on.”


         Mina nervously stepped out into the store, looking at Barry expectantly. “Do you like it, Master?”


         “Uh, I, well, uh.” Barry stuttered. “Do you, uh, do we…” he shook his head violently. “Guh! How, um, how much do I owe?”


         The Seamstress slid around, gently pushing Mina forwards. “We’ll charge your account, sir. It won’t be any more than the alterations for your Slicer.”


         The mislabeling of Rebecca’s breed seemed to snap Barry out of his haze momentarily. “Pirouette.” He corrected, feeling his eyes get drawn right back to Mina’s cleavage. “Uh, she’s a… yea.”


         “Ready to go home, Master?” Mina asked quietly, the blush she had had in the back room now in full force. “Or do you need to do something else?”


         “I need to do something, that’s for sure.” Barry replied. “Let’s get home.”


         The Seamstress gave Mina an excited thumbs up and watched the Ka-D-Bra teleport away, performing a little happy dance before regaining her composure and scuttling back behind her counter.


         Mina felt the next few minutes pass in a blur, the only sensation she could focus on being Barry’s urgent pulling as they ran towards the house. He didn’t even take the time to get to the master bedroom, pushing her into his own and hungrily pressing her into the bed. Mina desperately bundled up her dress when he dove for her pussy but pulled up and gave her a wicked grin.


         “What in the world are these?” He purred, letting Mina pull the fabric over her head before beginning to massage her through the panties. “I thought you didn’t wear underwear.” He leaned down, teasing his fingers under the sides to her moans. “Where did these come from, you naughty naughty girl.”


         Mina shrieked and reflexively clenched her thighs when she felt him pinch her clit, crushing Barry’s face into her groin. He chuckled, sending another wave of electricity arcing through Mina’s body from the vibrations, and began working his way around the fabric. “Takesh off.” He managed, flicking his tongue against her labia. “Meeneh.”


         Mina braced against the pleasure, relaxing the best she could before shuddering and arching her back with a wordless scream. Barry pushed her legs open, taking a second to breathe while he pulled the panties down her legs.


         “Seriously, they looked amazing, but I wanted to dive right in.” Barry muttered, rubbing his fingers across and into her slit. “That fucking dress was too much.”


         “I’m g-g-glad, Master!” Mina moaned, her large breasts bouncing whenever she convulsed. “Did-you-AHHH!”


         Barry blinked, slowing his fingering at her scream. “Mina?” His face slowly morphed into a smile. “Did I just do something goo~od?”


         The Ka-D-Bra didn’t have a chance to respond before he plunged his fingers into the same spot, watching in glee when her entire body went stiff and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. “Oh my.” He murmured, gently teasing at her walls. “I think I did.”


         Mina’s head snapped up and Barry felt himself get pulled forwards, the Ka-D-Bra’s eyes wild with animalistic lust. He could still move his arms but his body was no longer his own, pinned to the bed by her telekinesis. He grinned up at her and watch Mina hastily position herself, sliding a few inches onto his shaft and slowly rotating until she found the same point he had been stimulating.


         Mina slowly began grinding forwards, her moans catching whenever she felt Barry’s pulse shift his dick against her g-spot. After a few seconds she continued down and Barry hissed when he felt her skin sliding along the vein of his shaft.


         The combination of being pinned down and her targeted motions brought him to climax quickly and Mina sighed when she felt him twitch inside her. Barry was starting to relax when he felt her motions quicken and he looked up in panic.


         Mina was leering, a wet squishing noise accompanying each of her thrusts. “Mina!” Barry cried, still unable to move. “I just- FUCK! Mina, I- Ohhhhhh gods.” He shrieked when she picked up her pace. “I’ve never- I, I can’t, Mina! STOP!” He strained against her bonds and grimaced when he felt the pain slowly get replaced by pleasure. “Oh gods, oh, oh… Mina, oh Mina, oh FUCK!”


         Mina screamed as she finally came, falling forwards to smother Barry with her tits. “MASTER!” She screamed happily, his dick popping out of her dripping vagina. “FUCK!”


         Barry nearly cried when he felt her psychic hold loosen, only for the feeling to transfer down and begin stimulating his penis. “Mina, it hurts.” He moaned. “Please, Mina, stop.”


         “It doesn’t hurt, Master.” Mina whispered, her antennae slipping across his head. “I would know if it did.” She reached back, adding her fingers to the sensations coursing through him. “And you don’t want me to stop. Not yet.”


         Barry’s eyes slammed shut as he felt his second orgasm come racing out, crying out from the overload. This time he felt Mina’s hold vanish and breathed a sigh of relief, believing her to finally be satisfied.


         The wet sensation across his shaft almost didn’t register until he opened his eyes to see Mina gently licking him clean. She gazed back at his shell-shocked look, smiling slightly and wagging her own sex in his face.


         Barry looked up, blinking when he saw a glistening, but clean, vagina in front of him. “You gave me so much.” Mina muttered, kissing his deflating penis gently. “It was very tasty.”


         Barry didn’t know how to respond when she opened her mouth, both of his loads swirling across her tongue. Mina giggled, swallowing and crawling back up to him. “Thank you, Master.” She whispered, nuzzling his ear. “Maybe next time, you can suck my tits like you were thinking.” She kissed him, hooking her leg over his and pulling him close. “Next time.”


         “She’s a demon.” Barry thought frantically. “I can’t feel anything. Oh gods, she’s going to kill me.


         Mina laughed to herself while she read his thoughts, happily holding him tight and drifting off to sleep.







         The man sitting by the door whispered, causing his pokegirl to burst into a fit of giggles. Across from them another worked at a computer, words flashing by faster than any normal human should be able to read.


         The one by the door looked over when it opened, pushing his pokegirl aside and getting to his feet. “Which one are you?”


         Barry started, glancing over and holding out his hand. “Uh, Bartholomew Messers, sir.”


         The Tamer took it and shook. “I’m Jake. Your handler is somewhere in the barracks, I’m waiting for that other kid. Eric, I think it was.”


         Barry brightened. “Eric got posted here too?”


         “Oh, so you know him. That’s good.” Jake waved Barry towards the back of the room. “I think Larry is handling your orientation. Shouldn’t be fucking his pony at this hour, I don’t think.” He returned his attention back to his pokegirl when Barry started walking in the indicated direction.


         The Tamer at the computer gave him a distracted salute, continuing his work while Barry walked by.


         He passed a few closets and one larger office-style door before the hall opened up into a secondary sitting room. He could see two other Tamers here, neither with any pokegirls. “Uh, hello?” He shifted nervously when they looked at him. “I’m looking for, I think Jake said Larry?”


         One of the Tamers sighed and stood. “You must be Barry. Hi.” He held out his hand. “It’s Lars, not Larry, but Jake doesn’t give a shit. Nice to meet you.”


         “Yea he, uh, said you probably weren’t… fucking your pony.” Barry sheepishly scratched at his neck. “I got the feeling he didn’t really care for you.”


         Lars rolled his eyes when the second Tamer chuckled. “Jack just doesn’t care, that’s all. He’s a good guy once you get to know him.”


         “Right.” Barry nervously shifted back and forth. “So, hi. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here.”


         Lars laughed and ushered Barry towards a side room. “Don’t sweat it, kid. I saw you came from one of our school recruiters, that right?”


         “Yea.” Barry followed him into a small dorm with a bunk bed dominating the space. “I’ve got a provisional license, whatever that means.”


         “It means you’re not a Hunter yet.” Lars replied, pulling a set of sheets out from a wardrobe. “Not a real one, at least. You’ll be following us during our daily activities, going with us to callouts, everything a real Hunter does, except you’ll be at my side instead of on your own.” He handed Barry the linens. “You got here first, so you get to choose. Top or bottom.”


         “Top.” Barry replied instantly. “I know Eric. He’ll be having sex every night so I don’t want to be underneath a creaking mattress.”


         “Ooh, yea, he’s got the orgy trait, doesn’t he.” Lars nodded up at the bunk. “Go ahead and get set up. We’ve got a regular call for a feral, so we’ll go handle that once you’re ready.”


         Barry blinked and hurriedly tossed the sheets up. “If there’s a feral, don’t we need to hurry?”


         “Whoah, slow down.” Lars stopped Barry when he tried to run out the door. “No, we don’t. It was called in as a nuisance report, not as an attack. It’s also been positively identified as a pair of Pidgy. The caller only called it in because we’ve been asking the community to send us more nuisance calls rather than have them try to handle them themselves. He’s a farmer who’s more than capable of chasing off a couple of birds.”


         “Alright.” Barry said cautiously. “I’ll be a few minutes, then.”


         “You do that.” The man stepped back, taking in Barry’s uniform for the first time. “Colors, right. Black base, red primary, and is that… what is that secondary?”


         Barry pointed at the small splotch of color in the camo. “I couldn’t do black/red/gray, so I did black/red/silver.” He grinned. “It matches my Alpha’s hair.”


         “Oh, already chosen one, huh?” Lars watched Barry climb up and start making the bed. “Usually you don’t need one with only three pokegirls.”


         “I haven’t made it official.” Barry replied as he wrestled with the mattress. “But she’s been acting as Alpha so it’s just a matter of time.”


         “Smart, going with the flow of your harem.” Lars gave Barry a hand when he jumped down. “Good?”


         “Yep.” Barry smoothed down his shirt. “Where we headed?”


         “Just the outskirts of the city.” Lars replied. “Goldenrod gets a lot of activity, but we only need to worry about the southern edge and a bit of the interior. The other stations throughout the city each cover their own zones.”


         “Understood.” Barry brightened when he saw the new figure in the common area. “Eric!”


         Eric turned, laughing and stepping forward to high five Barry. “Wassup my man! Didn’t expect to see you here.”


         “Same to you.” Barry chuckled. “Well, you were late, so you get bottom bunk.”


         “Piss.” Eric snickered. “I wonder why you’d choose top. There can’t be any reason, can there?”


         “None at all.” Barry was sharing a shit-eating grin with the other Tamer when he heard Lars clearing his throat.


         “You two can catch up later.” He called. “Barry, we need to go.”


         “See you later.” Barry called, hurrying after Lars. “Where is the call?”


         “Small farm.” Lars replied, glancing down the street before turning towards the edge of the city. “You’ll see it in a few minutes.”


         True to his word it only took around six minutes before Barry saw the start of a field and he squinted. “I think I see the ferals.”


         Lars shaded his eyes. “We’re too far away to know for sure. Come on.”


         A man broke free of the ground clutter when they approached, his dress giving him away as the owner of the farm. “Ho! You the Hunters?”


         “Yessir.” Lars called back, looking up at the slightly more defined forms above them. “Those the nuisance?”


         “Yea, couple’a pidg harassing my Venuswhore.” The farmer huffed. “She wanted ta’ knock ‘em outta the sky, but I remembered you was asking for more nuisance calls.”


         “Yep, we’ve got a wave of new Hunters.” Lars clapped Barry on the back. “Need to ease them into the work instead of throwing them headfirst into a Widow.”


         The farmer chuckled. “Sho’nuff. Well, I’m’a go calm Jali down. Lemme know when you’ve dropped those stupid birds.”


         Lars nodded, watching the farmer walk back into the crops. “So, Barry, what do you think?”


         Barry was staring up at the circling ferals. “I think I need that Flying type my Alpha wanted us to get.”


         Lars snickered. “That would make this fight a lot easier, wouldn’t it? Let me guess, you picked up a Ka-D-Bra or something for the extra set of brains.”


         “Exactly.” Barry muttered. “I don’t have anything that can reach that high.”


         “You may not need it.” Lars checked his pokeballs and pulled one out. “The farmer said they were harassing his Venuswhore. That means they had to start diving for some reason.”


         Barry blinked. “Okay?”


         “So they’ll come to us if we provoke them.” Lars stepped into the crops, watching the ferals carefully. “Stay back and watch.”


         Barry watched him slowly move through the crops, ducking beneath the surface every few steps. As Lars got closer to the center of the field he could see the Pidgy’s circles tighten, one dropping to get closer to the Hunter.


         There was a flash of red and a shouted command, a chunk of stone rocketing through the sky to strike the lower Pidgy on her wing. The feral screamed in pain, dropping towards Lars before a second stone took her through the skull.


         The second feral screamed in rage and dove, her claws outstretched. This time Barry saw the pokegirl when she motioned, another wave of rocks pelting the Pidgy and dropping her to the ground.


         “BIRDS DOWN!” Lars roared, pelting the downed feral with a pokeball and waiting for his pokegirl to retrieve it. “THANKS FOR THE CALL!”


         Barry could hear the farmer shouting back and waited for Lars to reemerge from the field. “That was… Easy.” He said carefully.


         “I used pokeballs to trick the feral into initiating a poor matchup.” Lars replied, gesturing at the pokegirl carrying the dead feral. “Lyri’s a Galem and is probably a Pidgy’s absolutely worst nightmare.”


         The Galem bowed her head slightly when she met Barry’s gaze, stepping past him and beginning to carry the corpse towards the hunter station.


         “Let’s get moving.” Lars said, pushing Barry behind her. “Don’t want to let a dead feral sit for too long or you get more dangerous ones running around.”


         “But why did you kill her?” Barry asked curiously. “You captured one.”


         “You always want to deal with one feral at a time.” Lars replied, tossing the filled pokeball between his hands. “Sometimes, if the pokegirl is valuable enough, you might want to lure them apart if there are more than one. After all, we get to sell what we catch, and who doesn’t like a nice bonus?” His eyes hardened when Barry started to agree. “Wrong. The only pokegirl that can’t surprise you is a dead one. The worst thing that can happen in the wild is the pokegirl you thought was unconscious or otherwise incapacitated to come in and attack right as you’re focusing on a different feral. That is how you get your pokegirls killed. Or worse, yourself.”


         Barry winced when the image of the alpha Doggirl that had nearly killed Cammie flashed past his eyes. “You’re right. I asked a stupid question.”


         Lars shook his head. “No question is stupid, Barry. If you don’t understand, ask. The only time I will think you’re being stupid is if you ask me the same question repeatedly without learning the answer.”


         Barry nodded slightly. “Alright.”


         “We’ll work our way up.” Lars grinned. “You know, Pidgy today, maybe some Limbecs tomorrow, a few Menaces next week.”


         “Great.” Barry muttered. “Can’t wait.”









Tamer profile of Bartholomew (Barry) Messer

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         Pokegene 1 – Dragon




         Minerva (Mina) – Ka-D-Bra

         Rebecca (Revvy) – Pirouette

         Camilla (Cammie) – Mossmelon





Tamer Profile of Mark Wehrmen

Age: 16

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 1


Blood Traits:




         Lagearna – Hound

         Shibara – Ivywhore

         Aeriesafa – Pidgy





Tamer Profile of Jonah Bates

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

Information restricted without Level 2 clearance.

Restricted by ~hs2D5gj8~



         Lucy – Tarentella, Alpha

         Jane – Turtwat

         Mary – Goblina





Tamer Profile of Eric Holiday

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         !!Tamer’s Disease – Severe!!





         Candace – Vixxen

         Clara – Ice Battle Angel

         Megan – Chikotit


Tamer has severe Tamer’s Disease. Do not keep from taming in excess of two days. If Tamer has not tamed for three days, prepare for Frenzy.







Tamer Profile of Timothy Gardner

Age: 27

License: Hunter – Level 3

Clearance Level: 3


Blood Traits:

Information restricted without Level 2 clearance.

Restricted by Timothy Gardner.



         Leizi – Lopiki, Alpha

         Samantha – Shednobi, Beta

         Sapphire – Wyveri

         Noir – Z-Bra

         Hestia – Blazicunt

         Martina – Enchantress